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Sissy Hypno Training Makes You Worship Big Dick and Cum

What could be better than subjecting yourself to a little Sissy hypno training? I mean come on, here you are on a sissy blog site. Obviously you are piqued a little for embracing your feminine whiles.

Sissy Hypno Training

Let’s celebrate with Pride and enjoy some personal reflection. Many of my sissy girls are closeted older men that love dressing and crave dick. Maybe you love to dress up and watch big black dick porn as you finger your sissy cunt.

How about a little mind control. A subconcious exploration of the craving for a big dick in your mouth. Maybe imagine if you will that big meaty dick head passing between your lips. Use your tongue and take a lick of that wonderful fleshy texture. Slide it over the dick hole and lick.

Now how is it feeling? Are you beginning to throb in your panties? That is a great start to nudge your embarkment on some kinky phone hypnosis with a true Black cock sissy trainer.

BBC Sissy Trainer

Best sissy trainer Zoey Adores Crossdressers and SPH

 Best sissy trainerBest sissy trainer Zoey Knows that crossdressers need to have a place where they can show off all of those sexy outfits.

From a Hong Kong man who cheats with me with his girlfriend’s panties, To the sensual and seductive ultra-high femme I adore them all.  I have collected a list of female clothing from more than a few crossdressers over my last few years. Ever curious, I love the pieces my “Girls”  collect and love to show off.  That includes a menagerie of cages, and dildos that my fem bots collect as well. 

Best sissy trainer Zoey for Crossdressers, SPh and more

The evolution of a small dicked man is another topic, but often entwined with my love for crossdressers! Some men just need a wake-up call about that clit between their legs, and a nice pair of panties engulfing that mini ween is perfection. Crossdressing and SPH help cum to terms with size. And For all my other girlie boys, I still can humiliate you in other ways. 🍭

Not all my callers started out wearing frilly Sissy panties. Some took a while to put on lace and satin. Others were quick to go rummaging through dressers and laundry hampers. I really love getting photos of my men-in-panties! Wink, wink! “Mistress, what Shall I wear for my session?”A meek fem-boy chats with me. “Anything that makes you feel girlie and slutty.” is always my reply to newbies. 

And for my established baby dolls, I always seem to find the perfect outfit for them. I’m a master of making my fem-boys look and feel like princesses.  Give me an inventory, and I’ll be happy to have you dress in session with me. Remember, a cyber chat is an excellent way to get all ready before our training sessions! Let me dress you up.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.

BBC Sissy Trainer Genesis Loves making Men into Sissy Slaves

BBC Sissy Trainer

So, you think you’re such a big strong man, do you? Well, I’m a BBC sissy trainer, and I’m about to teach you how to take the biggest black cock you’ve ever seen. I’m the one in control here you pathetic useless piece of ass. You’re not good for anything other than getting all your holes filled with a BBC.

I’m going to dress you up in a nice slutty mini skirt, and a cute little V-neck crop top. You better keep your trap shut; you don’t speak unless spoken to. You’re going to wear a thin little lacey bra underneath, along with those sissy panties.

Every time you disobey me, I’m going to get my switch and spank you with it. I’ll spank you into submission if I have too. Once I’m done with you, you know that I own you. Goddess Genesis is going to train you just how to be a good little sissy fem boy. I’m going to give you little taste of what a real BBC would feel like in your mouth.

As I strap on my huge purple strap on, I want you to get on your hands and knees in front of me. Kiss my feet and thank me. Thank me for even letting you be in my presence. Thank me for teaching you how to be the perfect sissy boy that you truly are. You’re no longer a man, you’re a girl now. A good little sissy girl, aren’t you? Yes, Ma’am; is how you’ll answer me from now on.

Get Ready to Suck It

Now open your mouth up nice and wide, I’m going to see just how big we can stretch this pathetic little mouth open. You’re going to take my big purple strap on into your mouth as if it were a real cock. Gag on my cock. Suck it like you’ve never sucked before. I want to see the tears ruining your make up. I want that mascara running down your face. Suck it you little pathetic sissy.

Take that cock deep down your throat. Show me what a pathetic piece of shit you are. I’m going to stretch your little mouth open as far as I can get it. You’ll have to do this every single day so we can get you ready for a real BBC. Now stand up and tell Goddess Genesis that she’s the best sissy trainer you’ve ever had. 

Mistress Tamika’s Sissy Training


Oh, you cute little twink. You’re mine now, and I, Mistress Tamika, am going to enjoy every minute of owning you.

I’ll start by stripping you of your false manhood. You’re a sissy bitch, and everyone can see it. No use denying it. I’ll dress you up in the sluttiest attire—crotchless panties and fishnets—turn you into the slut you’ve always wanted to be.

But here’s the thing, sissy. I want you to witness my dominance first-hand. Get on your knees and behold the power of a real woman. I’ll have some BBC bull over to show you what real manhood is. Watch me closely as I slurp and deepthroat this huge cock. See how it throbs and pulses right in front of your desperately horny eyes.

Your little clitty will be so hard, poking out of those panties. You’re a cock-loving faggot, and you know it. Time to embrace it—on your knees, where you belong.

I’ll teach you how to service a real man’s cock. Wrap those girly hands around it and stroke it towards your yearning mouth. Feel the head burst into your throat as you suck and lick it. Can you taste that manly cream? Good.

Now, open that throat of yours and take it all. I’ll push your head down till that BBC is down your neck, and you have no choice but to swallow every single drop of that delicious cum.

When that BBC bull leaves, you’ll still be craving more. Such a little whore. But Mistress Tamika will take good care of you. I’ll pimp out your sissy pussy and make sure that belly of yours is full of jizz.

Kneel, sissy, and worship the superior female dominance.

Femboy training will enforce your inner whore to submit


Femboy training

Well, hello there, my little sissy sluts! I’m here to give you a taste of what life is like under my Femboy training regime. I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath to hear all about how I’m going to enforce your inner whore and make you submit to my every desire. Well, wait no longer, my precious pets, because I’m about to spill all the juicy details.

First things first, let’s talk about what it means to be a sissy. Some of you may be new to the scene, while others have been worshipping at the altar of sissification for years. But no matter where you fall on the spectrum, one thing is for sure: being a sissy means embracing your inner femininity and submitting to a dominant force. And who better to be that force than me, your Mistress Emerson?

When you first come to me for training, I’m going to start by assessing your level of submission. This means asking you some probing questions about your desires, fantasies, and limits. Don’t be shy, my little sluts – I want to know everything about you. The more I know, the better I can tailor your sissy training to your specific needs.

Once your Phone dominatrix have a good understanding of where you’re at, we’ll start with the basics. This means learning how to walk, talk, and behave like the sissy slut you were meant to be. I’ll teach you how to sway your hips, lower your voice, and serve your Mistress with the utmost respect and devotion. And if you think this is all just fluff and no substance, think again. Training is a serious business, and I expect my sissies to take it just as seriously as I do.

Of course, no regime would be complete without some good old-fashioned punishment. I am a master of punishment. Whether it’s spanking, corner time, or verbal humiliation, I know exactly how to make my sissies squirm. And trust me, you’ll be begging for more.

.I’ll teach you how to touch yourself in all the right ways, how to tease and tantalize your body until you’re begging for release. And when that release finally comes, it will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Let me assure you, my little sluts, that I am more than equipped to handle all your needs. I have a whole arsenal of toys and tools at my disposal, ready and waiting to pleasure your body in ways you never thought possible. And if you’re a good sissy whore, I might even allow you a little mercy.

So, there you have it, my precious pets. A taste of what life is like under my sissy regime. If you’re ready to embrace your inner whore and submit to my every desire, then I’m ready to welcome you into my world. Just remember to hold on to your Sissy panties, because things are about to get very, very explicit.


Sissy hypno training do as I say…You are mine

          Sissy hypno training do as I say…You are mine to do as I tell you as soon as you have been put under my spell. Listen to my voice, feet flat on the floor. One hand resting on the table. The other in your lap. Now close your eyes. Your arm is getting lighter and lighter, light as feathers.  The other is getting heavier and heavier.

          Feel it bending at the elbow. Coming closer to your face. When you feel your fingers touch your face…bop you are now under my power, and you will remain under until I bring you out. Once you are out you will remember nothing of what I told you just the changes that I have given to you.

          You will not remember what I made you do while under hypnosis only that you like it very much. You may be wondering why you are in a skirt, a maid outfit, or the marks from claws, whips, among other marks covering your body. Using your Hypno training to turn you into the slave that I want you to be means that you are going to be begging me to give you the Sissy slave training that you so richly need and deserve.

          Before you know it, you will be completely under my control. Your pussy will be mine to use and abuse. Turning you into the sissy you were meant to be.Sissy hypno training

Sissy Slave Training with Goddess Genesis

Sissy Slave Training
Sissy slave training with Goddess Genesis will become part of your nightly routine. You’ll become addicted to my voice. You will do as I say, because you’re my pathetic little sissy fem boy. I’m going to dress you up in a nice pretty pink dress. One that hugs all your luscious curves. Make sure to put a thong and lace bra underneath first.

I’m going to make you wear some shiny leather platform pink thigh high boots. Your leash and collar come next. I need that so I can take you out around town and parade you around like a good little sissy that you are. Your cute little jiggly ass pokes out underneath your short dress for everyone to see your sissy panties.

Out on the town with your Mistress Genesis

Once we’re out in the city, everyone will see that I own you. I own every last little bit of your pathic self. From the tip of your pathetic tiny little clitty that’s caged up. To the top of your beautifully curled long wing that I put on you before we left the house. Today we’re taking you shopping. You need more outfits to prance around in when I take you out and show you off.

Everyone knows that I’m the best sissy trainer in this town. Pathetic men call and email me all the time so I can teach them how to be a good little sissy. So, you’re lucky that you’re even getting time with me today to go shopping. I’m usually always booked up; my phones are always ringing when I’m doing my phone sex gig at night.

Never Say No to Mistress Genesis

So, if you see me online, you better message me fast before someone else does. You better thank me when I answer your call, like a good little sissy boy. Otherwise, you’ll be punished. My sissy girl training is an art in its own form. I will turn you into my own little barbie doll, dress you and teach you all the things you need to know how to do to pleasure your Goddess.

Now pick up your phone and call me. That’s a good little sissy barbie boy. Let Goddess Genesis transform you into the pathetic little bitch that you are. Maybe I’ll even let one of my enormous BBC friends come over to teach you how to deep throat a good cock. 

Sissy girl training in diapers for little bitches who need it!

Sissy girl training Sissy girl training  in diapers for little bitches who need it! I’m Mistress Zoey and I love Girly sissies that enjoy dressing up and wearing adult diapers. Yes darling Diaper brat I will instill both discipline and a mommy type comfort for my little bitches, combining the girliest of outfits with the bondage of adult diapers.

The perfect sissy girl embraces both her femininity and a need for diapers, with or without shame! Diaper humiliation is definitely fun for the boys who are new to wearing padded leaky di-di’s!

Sissy girl training in diapers for little bitches who need it!

The scent of baby powder and floral perfume fill the air as the sissy girls prepare for their training. The diapers bulge under frilly bloomers!

“My pets, and Princesses, today you choose diapers over pussy!” I laugh and line up my baby doll sissykins! “Now we begin our Forced sissy training In diapers and frillies, obey me, and you might get a reward.” 

Next, this ABDL Mistress leads her sissy girls to a room filled with rows of frilly dresses in pastel colors and shelves stocked with an assortment of adult diapers. Each sissy girl picks out their outfit for the day, carefully selecting matching bloomers to go over their thick diapers.

The room is filled with giggles and soft rustling as they change into their chosen costumes!  Mommy Mistress then leads her girls out of the room, each one feeling the heavy weight of the diapers on their bottom and the feeling of being completely helpless. They giggle with excitement as they anticipate the day’s fun activities!

Forced sissy training In diapers and frillies

As they line up in front of me, I inspect each sissy girl with a critical eye. “Such pretty little diapered dolls you all make,” Giggling.  “Now, it’s time for your adult diaper Sissy slave training to begin.” 

Sissy slave training makes you want to be a girl in diapers and give up pussy

Clapping my hands twice, and a series of tasks appear on the screen in front of them. From walking delicately in heels to practicing proper curtsies, the sissy girls dive into their training with enthusiasm. The sound of crinkling diapers accompanied every movement, a constant reminder of their padded state. Frilly dresses swishing against their diapers with each movement making Mistress cackle. I have so much in store for my pretty diapered princesses, and it only begins here!

Sissy hypno training will make you fuck, will make you suck

Sissy hypno trainingYour favorite sexy ass Mistress Emerson is going to force you to submit to Sissy hypno training. You will you suck, you will fuck and you will submit to any cock that comes your way. All under my hypnotic spell and you cannot escape my control. 

I know you need a dominant woman to take control of your life and rip your sissy hole wide open and I’m your Mistress, whore. I’m known for my strict training regimen, which will have you begging to be my sissy slut in no time.

Now, let’s cut to the chase. You’re here because you want to submit to a bad ass Mistress like me. You want to be transformed into a submissive sissy, ready to please and serve at my every whim. And I’m happy to help you with that. 

With just a few sessions, you’ll be crawling on the floor, eager to please me and follow my every command. I’ll have you calling me Goddess, wearing lingerie and makeup, and getting ready to be feminized completely. And trust me, once you start, you won’t want to stop.

My Forced feminization training goes deep, rewiring your brain to your inner bimbo. With just a few sessions, you’ll be begging to be turned into a sissy, with no escape in sight. And that’s just how I like it. I’ll take complete control of your transformation. 

Now, I know some of you may be hesitant to take the plunge. You may be worried about what others will think, or whether you’re truly cut out for the sissy lifestyle. But let me tell you, once you submit to me, all those worries will melt away. 

You’ll be too consumed by your desire to please me, to be the best sissy you can be. And trust me, the reward is worth it. So, take the plunge and submit to hypnotic Forced sissy feminization! Call me now and let’s start your transformation. I promise you, it will be a wild and exciting ride. And you’ll never look back.

Best sissy trainer knows once a sissy 4eva a sissy, face it!

Best sissy trainerWhat makes me the Best sissy trainer is being able to get faggots to cum to their senses… I got a hopeless message from a sissy who thought it was his final farewell… Lucky sissy thought he had learned all the sissy lessons that he could from training. LOL, The faggot even thought he would be able to continue his life as a sexy man that would no longer feel the urge to have his mouth fed and bussy spread…

As if! The reality is; there is no way to leave his feminine faggot ways behind him… He has swallowed far too many loads and even upped the size of his toys. I had to show him his actions are not just sissy tendencies he is a full-blown Cock sucking slut.. His sweet ass and extensive fashionable lingerie collection are what he flaunts during Femboy training. It’s who he is and what he will always be, a –> f.a.g.g.o.t!

Did he think I’d be his Sexy therapist and side with his decision as if we were in some sort of support group? I hope not! Welp, No labels? Not even in his dreams… On his knees, worshipping cock like a Creampie slut is how he spent his day today. A nice thick 10-inch cock hosed down his face in creamy hot jizz.

That was my way of giving him a friendly reminder that he will forever be a sissy faggot Cum dumpster slut. We tried getting the fairy slut into a cock cage today but even the smallest wasn’t the fittest. His little nubby just slipped right out! I know, how pathetic. Lucky sissy must accept his fate as a widdle weeny sissy slut that will forever be on the receiving end.

If I have to remind him time after time over and over again during Online sissy training, I will. There is no way out, you will forever be a sexy ladyboy who looks much hotter in frillies, garters, and stockings. Face it! Men with small dicks are of a certain caliber – which will always lead them into submission and being degraded by Mature sexy women.

Cry about it LOL xD