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Forced Sissy training you sissy sluts

forced sissy training

I’m a dominatrix that loves to have a good fluffer by her side. My cunt gets so wet to see a sissy suck a dick and get it ready and prepared for me. 

Another situation that gets me dripping like crazy is when I have a prodigy on call and can make her learn by watching. Sometimes I even blindfold my boy toy and make my sissy suck till she gets cream in her mouth. Becoming a bad bitch requires dedication. You can bet your ass I will make sure you become the best even if it means forced sissy training.

I require my sissies to sign an agreement and follow thru. If you don’t do what it takes to keep your domme happy best believe I will let your secrets out. I’m not in the business of bullshit, so come correct when you deal with this, Mamacita Alessandra. 

It’s time you make your efforts shown to your grand goddess. So get ready to endure every command.

Sissy Maddie

sissy hypno trainingI told a sissy loser that I would let everyone know how devoted she is to the BNWO AKA the Black New World Order. We have sissy hypno training sessions every week to maintain her discipline but she’s a good bitch regardless. When she is here, big daddy and I keep her on a leash and chain while positioned on her hands and knees. That’s how she waits for her command! If she’s a good slut I’ll take her for a walk through town and let everyone see what a pretty dick eater she is. My insemination slut’s job is to take all the black seed I want to breed her with. Bad bitches like me and my homegirls don’t need no babies! So, sissy Maddie takes every last drop of cum our bucks spew out. Maddie doesn’t mind getting smeared with cum and spoon fed hot loads all day long. I mean, look how cum hungry she is! She knows that a sissy white boy’s sole purpose is to serve the superior black race. I told her I wouldn’t expose but I’m going to blast her on this sissy site all day. Everyone say hi to submissive cum rag, Maddie!

Femboy Training to Become the Best Sissy You Can Be

femboy trainingI love femboy training. I have a new sissy in my posse. Breanna needs a sexy mommy to feminize her and train her for Daddy’s cock. She likes to watch sissy hypnosis videos and think of taking cock. Breanna comes to me with no formal training, but a willingness to explore all the aspects of what it means to be a pretty sissy boi. I do love me a sissy, especially a willing one. I believe in sissy hypno videos. I think they help you realize you crave cock. All kinds of cocks too, even Daddy cock. I am a mommy sissy trainer. I have trained two sons. Now, there is no daddy in my world. I kicked him to the curb years ago, but I have many daddy friends who love to lend their cocks to the sissy training. I dress Breanna in some pretty pink sissy clothes and put on the sissy hypno videos and before long she is down on her pretty little knees sucking big daddy cock. I think my sissy girl Breanna likes to get high or intoxicated so her mind is more open to suggestion. I understand that. I do think men not accustomed to getting cock or even wanting cock need to do whatever it takes to let their minds go free. Let’s be honest for a moment. If you are on a sissy site, on some level either passively or actively, you want cock. Breanna understands her desire, she just needs that push to make it a reality. That is why she needs a sissy mom and sissy hypno training videos. Between my nurturing yet firm guidance and those sissy hypno videos, Breanna will be my real time cock sucking sissy in no time.  All sissies need some instruction and guidance to both look and act the part. That is why mommy is here for her sissy bois.

Listen To Me

Sissy hypno training

I’ve been asked is does sissy hypno training work? Well, I don’t know faggot why don’t you give it a try and find out for yourself? Unless you are too scared that there is a faggot inside of you and my voice will coax it out of you with just a little time and effort. Though let’s be real honest with ourselves, don’t you already know it will work for you? If there wasn’t a faggot itching to get out you wouldn’t be on sissy slut hut right now looking for the Queen of sissy training, would you?

A real man would never. I guess it’s easier to explore that side of you with some hypnosis work. At least it does make for a really clever easy lie to tell yourself. Especially when I compel you to dress like a girl and get fucked like one too. Some sissies need that extra push, some just need a veil to hide behind. Though the excitement of knowing I could easily expose you at any given time is very erotic for you, isn’t it? Imagine the absolute humiliation if I transformed you into a little fuckable bitch just to out you to the entire world. After all, I’m the Queen here, you are but a mere vassal begging for scraps of knowledge and wisdom from a real woman. You’ll never be able to fuck the number of men that I have, but you are welcome to do everything you can to try. 


Badass Bitch Sissy trainer

Sissy hypno training


Last night I broke in my newest sissy faggot Daniel aka “Tootsie Roll”. Tootsie Roll has some bad habits that had to be broken, but she learned quick once I inflicted some serious punishment on her ass. She straightened right up after spent a couple hours having her clean the kitty litter with her tongue. She won’t forget who’s the head bitch in charge again i promise you that!  Plus Tootsie Roll needed to pay a fine for her insubordinate behavior so I made couple ads on craigslist singles offering her mouth services for anyone interested in face fucking a sissy faggot for 50 bucks. The phone was blowing up with dudes wanting to get their cocks sucked for a decent donation. As each guy  has his own kinks and hang ups and  as a experienced sissy trainer i”m well versed in the art of seduction and   trust me it shows in my skills. I can have  a sissy like Tootsie Roll eating out the palm of my hand. All the while convincing her this is what she wanted all along ,she wasnt able to verbalize it until now. But she is a cum slut who craves a big black cock in her mouth 24/7 and she needs to serve a mistress in order to get any kind of satisfaction in her pathetic life.

After pimping out Tootsie Roll the other night I had a grand total of 300 bucks.  She got her first real taste of nigger dick down her throat and what it  feels like to be held down and have no control left . She managed to make me proud and take all that cock and at the same time earn some cash for her mistress. She was a good little cum dumpster and let each guy dump load after load of hot frothy dick dribble  without missing a beat.

Smell your sissy panties

I want you to smell your sissy panties. Do you think you have what it takes to be a devoted sissy? Get on your knees and sniff your panties. I was hoping you could wear them all day long and inhale them when you get home. You know I don’t care if anyone sees you be a sissy whore. All I want is for you to listen to every command that comes from my pretty mouth. Prove to me that you have what it takes to be my whore. Show me how you can make your sissy clit throb by eating your sissy cummies.

A real sub knows how to please every command and makes sure to listen obediently. The ball is on your court, sweety. Show me you can hang out.

Sissy Maid Training

Sissy Maid TrainingPut on the sexy sissy maid training uniform that Goddess got you and serve her all throughout the  house. When I am sitting on the sofa your task is to be my whore ottoman. That means you will position yourself bent over with your ass perched so that my feet have somewhere lovely to rest. I need to kick back and relax between our fuck sessions. Your job is also to make sure that my goo filled strap stays empty. It takes about 45 to fill back up with a white sissy treat so in the meantime I’ll allow you to get yourself together. I don’t give a fuck what you have to do. Make it your business to keep that cunt clean and ready for me. If your cunt isn’t hot and ready when my dildo refills I’ll just start going hard on that throat of yours!

Sissy Hypno Training Porn

sissy hypno training

Do you really think anyone is going to believe that you watched a sissy hypno training porn that tricked you into liking cock? You keep trying to sell your wife that outlandish story and she doesn’t believe you. She’s still devastated after seeing photos of you bent over wearing panties on your phone and thinks you’re just a sick little dick loser. Everyone is going to think you dream of being a sissy girl getting stuffed with Domme Mistress Heaven’s cock.  You’re a nasty slut! I love watching you beg your friends and family to believe that your dick addiction isn’t your fault.

Truth is, it’s my fault. 

I force you to watch hours of porn with subconscious training images. That’s why you dream of my strap-on tearing your pussy apart! That’s also why you feel sick whenever you go too long without sucking my BBC! That shit is so wild,  who is really going to believe you though? One look at the empty space between your legs and everyone will assume that you’re just a dick sucking sissy slut by nature.  Nobody is forcing you to come crawling to me and beg for my veiny black cock in your mouth. Being my slut is your favorite thing to do and it’s because I trained your mind to crave my black body!

Get Fucked Up & Cum

Phone domination Sky

                Sit the fuck down on the bed when I tell you to, Once you walk through that door you become my bitch. I never like to play it safe, the sun covers the room but it’s not hot enough, lay your head back as my pussy comes up to cover your face. Lips spread wide open- go on use your tongue the way I taught you-yes deep just like that. I’ll ride you until you need to fuckin breath-go ahead and count the minutes in your head. Let me treat you and suck your dick maybe we can level out the pleasures as the before price of coke goes up. I need you to get up while I back my ass up onto that cock, move it up whip my ass just right. Slip inside me-fuck me better than the bitches from the other night, I need your cock to fill me up for the next bad bitch I’ll give you to can be satisfied. Take another hit with me and Babe don’t make me get on my knees to bite your cock-fill me deeper, stroke it toward the right, around in a circle, toward the left- find my spot and make me cum. Oh yes that it- just right-I don’t want to hear you fucking back talk unless you want me to gag you. We have both been waiting for our fix, neither one knew it we’d end up cumming all fucked up like this ahahaha!

Mistress K’s Clitty Clips

Sissy training audio



If you have any doubts at all as to whether my carefully selected sissy training audio clips are worth it or not, just take a good look at my most successful sissies.  Every last one of them pays the extra charge for my femboy forming affirmations and they are all the best little bitch boys they can be for it.

Mistress K’s Clitty Clips® are great for the moments in between our tramp training sessions when you need a little boost in your bitchification.  You need to be reminded that you’re nothing but a slutty fuck hole that’s only good for pleasing cocks and collecting cum regularly.  You have to hear that every big fat cock in the city is going to want you to be real prissy and look so pretty if they’re going to stretch your asshole out wider than it’s ever been.  You know you’re going to need to hear my voice tell you to clamp that clitty of yours down in a cage and to be certain to sit down when you have to piss, just like a real lady.

My specially designed and completely individualized tramp training audio is an absolute must for any softy who is serious about turning into a super fabulous fagboy.  Just check out these testimonials!


“I used to be afraid to let my freak flag fly, but now I let my sissy side out more than the socially accepted side and I don’t give a FUUUUUCK!  I love Clitty Clips!”  – Sasha


“My ass would never have been able to take as massive insertions as it can now if not for Mistress K’s daily asshole stretching affirmation audio.  Thanks for the fissure tips, K!”  – ChiChi


“Before I started subscribing to Mistrss K’s Clitty Clips® I was only taking one, maybe two big black cocks a month.  Now I take on four or five BBC’s at a time a few nights every week.  K’s the best sissy trainer there is, hands down!”  – Martinique


“I listen to the ‘Suck Every Cock’ series on a daily basis and now I have the courage I need to ask a total stranger if I can suck his cock no matter where I am.  You really saved my life, Mistress K!  – Phil


If being the absolute best sissy slut in the land is what you’re after then I have the perfect system for you!  You really have to dedicate yourself to it and listen with regularity but you’ll be a much happier little he-whore for it.  Call and order today!!!