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Best sissy trainer for Secret Sissy Scotty on Cam

Best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainer Lessons for A Secret Sissy is right here!  This Brunette Femdom loves to watch sissy Scotty on Cam! Late nights and early mornings when he is all alone and the blow has made him emasculated is our time!  Drugs make a normal or slightly less-than-average dick shrink and hang limp. I know that when he is not doing all kinds of dope he pretty much feels like a man. Although the thoughts of his current girlfriend going back to her ex black boyfriends play in his head often.

And that all accumulates to the sexy outfits and butt plugs that come into play! The thing I love about Sissy Scotty is that he is so secret he is always on guard for someone catching him. The neighbors might see Sissy Fag, get away from the windows! Oh, and you only have thirty minutes before your girlfriend picks you up for golf!  What would she say if she caught you in lingerie and a unicorn horse tail butt plug!

It’s all good and fun as I turn my lush vibe up and cum. My sissy Scotty gets his little dick off while fucking his ass hole! I love that new cum flavored lube he is using to fuck himself with! Maybe one day a chance encounter with the  Big Cocks he thinks about will send him over the edge!  

He’ll be exposed and have no choice but to be a sissy slut.

He’ll be seen and known by everyone. Having Sissy be humiliated and embarrassed is the ultimate goal.

Toys are fun for your butt. But those big black cocks your girlfriend has had might be worth learning how to suck cock for!  Let me bring you a real cock and you might just find yourself addicted to the real thing. If not, you can always go back to your toys. But you’ll never know until you try it.

Sissy humiliation training

Humiliation Phone Sex Rocks My World

Humiliation phone sex as I’ve come to learn can mean so many different things.  Maybe it’s your mommy’s or your neighbors silky panties that you get caught not only sniffing hard but then catching you putting them on.  How humilating would it be to be dressed in full sissy gear getting caught by your wife or girlfriend?  Would you want everyone to know how much you call your dommes to get instructions on how to be an even better sissy? It’s not enough that you are pathetic enough to put on girl clothes on and prance around like a little whore that you are, you have to be trained to do things by someone like me. I mean, I am pretty much awesome but I am also not a free date.

Would it be humiliating if I showed your parents or siblings how much you spend talking to phone dominatrix goddesses like me?  Whatever the amount is, I love humiliating little sissy sluts by sending their money spent on me to anyone I can. Sometimes I even share with my Facebook friends if I am in the mood to do so).

I will make you change your name, give me access to everything in your life, names, addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts of everyone you know. I think it would be quite humiliating wouldn’t it to expose my little sissy’s?

Or maybe you are thinking more along the lines of humiliation on levels of walking you out in front of all my hot friends dressed in sissy outfits of my choosing.  I love watching hot women point and laugh and my guys and see how pathetic these worthless cocks really are.  You pathetic sissys love it don’t you? Not all I have up my sleeve, let’s play sometime and see!humiliation phone sex peace

Sissy phone sex for betas and coked up cucks

sissy phone sex

Sissy Phone sex with Coked up beta cocks is exhilarating. The amount of verbal abuse I give to a panty slut is astounding at times. I am tempted to feel bad once in a while. But in all seriousness, I throw that thought right out the window.

Smoke and snort and let that dick shrink up until you feel like a shrimp dicked little bitch. 

I know the ins and outs of Beta boys like the palm of my hand. So sissy girlies prefer to be hypnotized by sissy porn. And Some need a mistress to fuck them. I do it all. Not limited to encouraging you to bang your bussy with dildos, riding my mistress strap-on, and Sucking and getting fucked by BBC! 

Cuckold fetish got you fucked up? 

Or maybe it’s just the thought of your girl getting her pussy fucked by a real man that turns you on? Cuckolding and humiliation go well together as I help your woman get gangbanged by BBC! 

I have a couple of sissy sluts who are reluctant to try real cock. But being a BBC sissy trainer by default has me worming my way into their stupid little sissy brains My black daddy fucks me so well, that I must share the experience. Yes, sex toys are fun, but the real thing can never be replicated! if the thought of a real cock turns you off I understand. But how would you know if you never tried it? 

I promise to be gentle…Not! 

What I do know is that my strap can milk your prostate and that my big black boyfriend is aching for your woman’s pussy. let me entice you into becoming a full-fledged member of the sissy world. One step at a time. I promise to leave you leaking and breathless and use Sissy hypno training if I need too! 

Femboy training of a full time sissy whore

Femboy training

Femboy training of a man who has been dressing up since he was a youngster. She has taken on the persona of Elsa. A demure, yet fierce queen who needs regular direction. It all started when she was a sweet-faced teen. One who could not resist his sister and mommy’s clothing and makeup. The desire never faded, only becoming more intense as puberty took hold. This is a person who in another time would have transitioned completely.

But I tell him that it is okay to keep his male privilege and dress and slut out on occasion. Elsa has evolved to live more as a sissy than a man. I do not count time spent on the clock because from the waist down Elsa is in full drag.

Elsa needs fulltime sissy training

Zoom only captures his top during meetings. I love that he bounces on his butt plug while wearing stockings, garters, and panties under his desk. And when the meetings are over my sissy whore wears her long nightgowns circa 1950’s. Daily my slut is dressed. I am talking head to toe, even getting into couture and all the latest fashion trends when he began working. Orgasm is his sweet release valve, Isn’t it everyones?

Femboy training of a full time sissy whore

  I suspect that release needs to be cut off for at least six months. Some men need constant training and this is one of those times. Most can go a week, or even two between sessions. But I do have a few little girlies who need me a couple of times a week. But intense training sessions without getting off? Those are my absolute favorites. 

Even more so having a permanent online sissy girl who is my personal property and just a possession makes my cunt so wet. To take orders between our sessions on how to dress and when to dress makes me happy. If this sounds like you we need to have a Sissy phone chat!


Mistress Z.

Forced sissy training will end your confusion, cocksucker xD

Forced sissy trainingWhile I, whisper words of encouragement into your ear during Sissy training I want you finger fucking your tight pink hole. But, first take it in your mouth… Don’t you just love sucking cock for me? Good faggot slut, take that fucking cock make sure you suck all over his juicy bulb-ed shaft with those whorish lips of yours… Get it all the way down your throat and take his Big cock like a good fucking faggot!

It taste so good doesn’t it…. It feels good to have your sissy mouth stuffed with cock… You fucking sluttish sissy whore admit it! Open your whorish mouth and confess it. You look so sexy with a cock in your mouth sissy.

Get ready for Sissy slave training slut because daddy is going to cum all over your faggot face… You enjoy being a dirty slut don’t you? Suck daddies cock and make sure you get him nice and wet. You will truly be My Sissy Faggot Cum-Slut when I witness you swallow your first load…even if it is your own. You fucking Sissy faggot you are such a whore you know you will do anything for the burst of flavor that hoses your mouth when daddy is through with Facesitting… Look at that nice juicy cock, I don’t even have to make you suck it.. its mouth watering isn’t it? During Forced sissy training there is No Stop Word.

Open wide and take it all the way down your throat. Fondle with his scrotum while you suck his cock for me… Make daddy cum all over your face..

Are your ready for it?

Sissy Panties are made for sissy boys of all Kinds

Sissy Panties

Sissy panties come in all Variations. I love the ones with sexy slut sayings and pussy forms for my sissy sluts. You know the ones that make you have camel toe in some sexy leggings? Anything to make my sluts feel more girlie! I love helping you shop for the best pair of panties and all the sissy gear! We live in a time where you can buy most everything right off the world wide web. I am fully educated in the ways of sissydom.

I know that every sissy is slightly different and has circumstances that differ. Zoey is here to pull all of that feminine spirit right out of you. I love getting lost in calls where a man is thinking about his shame. Hesitant to give me the full details of his life. The newbies who have barely begun this lifestyle are candy to me.

How can I be the best Mistress for you?

Oh; and let us not forget and the old sissy whores who need a bit of Forced sissy training. The men who neglected that side of themselves to have a family and career. Now as retirement sets in they can be free to be a sissy! Now with my expert hands, we can finally make them into the doll-like cum whores they were always! I take my time feel you out and guide you as best I can.

I have men who just were cucks for the longest time. Living in tease and denial oftentimes. Knowing what draws you to me is this . I have never been hardcore or very mean. I let you bloom and lead you down the feminine way. Not to say that humiliation by my hand is nonexistent. Just that you will be surprised by the turn our call makes at times.

What turns your sissy ass on?

Being the best sissy trainer for you is based on so many factors, Let’s see if we connect. Some of my personal favorites are BBC Worship, Sissy dress up, and Sweet Teasing. Oh and don’t forget me and My girlfriends have a massive collection of toys and strap-on attachments that fit any sissy pussy. So call me and let’s compare cock stories and more. Zoey is sure we will find some common cumming grounds. 

Forced sissy training

Phone dominatrix has proof that boys just make better girls!

Phone dominatrix We can drive even your daddy wild after a sissy transformation. It’s Sissy heaven in my closet, Sissy faggots love when I renew my wardrobe because then they can reuse my sexy outfits and put them to great use. Sluts should always look the part especially if they want their bodies filled with the estrogen they lack.

It’s time we get to know your sissy side and embrace it. During Sissy hypnosis training, you will be required to wear platform mules on and off the phone. I Don’t Care, how bad your feet hurt which is why I got you padlocked dazzling ankle straps, to keep those pretty little feet arched until you have learned how to walk properly sissy.

Sissies need training and practice makes perfect! Guys prefer a submissive woman who knows how to do as they are told which is why in due time we will have your masculinity wiped. Devote yourself sissy and you will soon be the woman you were meant to be.

Good girls hold onto their heels when they are pleasing daddies’ cock. Big dicks may make faggots weak but do you have what it takes to selfishly house a big dick all to yourself? A Phone dominatrix will smoothen you out, after a few sessions of being degraded by the opposite sex you will be weak and willingly capable of surrendering. The battle with the little man in your head that just won’t let you be you, will no longer be. Soon you will think, feel, walk, talk and even breathe like a girl.

Sissy hypnosis training

That tongue of yours better be as pink and wet as my pussy! Drop your jaw and ease his massive cock down your throat. Show Daddy that as a trans you can please him better than any woman ever will. In due time you will know the balance that allows a woman to have full control over a man. Being a woman isn’t something you can learn from a book. Sissy training is a requirement and only a Goddess can teach you Cock control. 

Sissy’s have more fun xD 


BBC sissy trainer Gives SPH and Blown out ass freely

BBC sissy trainerBBC sissy trainer Gives SPH and Blown out ass freely!!! I know all your little dicked men need a good BBC lover to help push you into ass fucking! Not every one of my sissy cunts loves dick, but I have enough fags who want that semi-sweet dark chocolate cock! Zoey must always pay ode to all my BBC whores out there. One thing is for sure my tight sissy trainer cunt loves big black dick! Oh, how Black men choke and fuck you so hard! It feels like your insides are being blown out. Especially if they are of true African descent with a massive 11 inches or above. Men who need blown out back doors almost always need a BBC to do the job. Now back up, I’m not saying that there are not big white cocks out there. Big white cock is just harder to find to fuck a sissy pussy. The black men I know have been to the pen. This causes Black cock to not be choosy when it comes to holes, I guess! But more importantly, the retributions of a small faggot cocks are more likely what they seek. Worship mandingo cock and pay homage to the suffering you white boys have caused the african american race! And if you have a small cock it is your job to dress and act the part of a feminine whore ladyboy. One who will always be willing to be blown out and fucked hard and put up wet. Black cock Mistress phone sex for all you whores on your sissy period needing some chocolate! 

Sissy training by a black daddy in an upstate penitentiary

Sissy trainingOne of my White Sissy Bitches got turned out in a prison cell. She was dominated by Big Black Cocks! The almighty tatted-up slut, was a runner and a bloomer washer behind the wall. She even got creative and started making Sissy panties out of bed sheets. She would rinse them in dye and turn them pretty, like soft pinks and seductive red shades.

Ms. PrisonBae is considering going on a walk downtown in a miniskirt with her mangina peeking out, willing to take the risk of indecent exposure. Anything to get that cock craving pussy of hers stretched again. The slut has a family at home who she was released too. She doesn’t know how to tell her wife that she wants to be bent over and treated like a sissy bitch. We just started Online sissy training!

As of now, we are working on her portfolio… Decisions were made and her wifes’ lingerie fits her quite well. I had her bent over with her panties held off to the side by her grape smuggling sack. Her pretty little gaping pussy stared right into the camera lens. There is no denying from the slickness of her mangina and the glare in the final shot; that she is wet and ready to be fed a thick creamy load of jizz.

In the meantime, we have her anal stretching 3 times a day. Once in the morning, after lunch, and of course dessert after dinner… Who wouldn’t want a creampie? For now, she will be whipping her clit and eating her cum, but this is for now. Our first Sissy training session is out of the way and everything is set up. During our next session, I will be witnessing her slide her pussy back on a big black cock; to satiate her cravings. 

Femboy training, do you have what it takes?

Femboy training, do you have what it takes to be my private little femboy? Let me take my private she-stick and make you beg me for it. You are gonna have to wait for it. I don’t just give my lady stick to anybody. Adore me, worship me  BEG me and you’ll still have to wait. Don’t think I’ll be easy Sissy panties, I’ll bust you wide for my pleasure. Do you want to please me, give me what I want  when I want it. You are gonna have to earn everything you get from me.  If you’re ready to please, don’t ask questions don’t speak unless spoken to and do everything I tell you during Mistress phone sex. Please me give me what I want and I’ll have you trained right to be my femboy.