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Sneaking for me in sissy panties

sissy pantiesSissy panties for males in a completely hairless body. I want to dress you up in some sexy clothes and parade you through your own neighborhood. Take pictures and videos or even get live with me as I dare you to walk outside dressed like that! I do warn you I might get giggly and maybe even snort when you come running back in the house because you think your finance just pulled down the street. What is the worst that can happen to you if she finds out? She has agreed to marry you knowing you have less than most men. Well, I take that back you have less dick, but more money. So what if she happened to see you dressed up like a Barbie? But you’re so right, you’re not married yet. I enjoy the names we have come up with for you? Sir cumsalot in his panties. Prince of petite penis. My very favorite is tinky winky princess star. Giving me telli-tubie vibes. I have an idea for your dilemma though, princess. You really should just sell your company and use the money to be a full time sissy maid. Do all the house chores and service your mistress wife dressed in lace and full make-up. Then it will be her choice to keep you or sell you off to the highest bidder!

Just a Fuck Toy in Sissy Panties

First thing a sissy must understand, this is especially so once they put on their sissy panties, is that they do not have a cock. That thing in front is called a clitty. You have a sissy clitty and it is useless. Sissy clitty in pretty panties may, on occasions leak. Become clear that in fact, you do not have a cock and you do not cum.

Secondly, you are a slave. A sissy slave. All sissy girls are slaves. Your rightful place in the world is to be enslaved by cock. You fuck cock, you suck cock, and your place is to please cock. Masturbation is not an option for sissy slaves. I believe you should be allowed to hump your pillow, bed or stuffed animals. But to touch your sissy clit as though it is a cock is forbidden.

If you grasp and understand your place we can start training. I will expect you to learn the chant though. The chant of a sissy is as follows:

I am Sissy _insert sissy name_ and I serve Mistress Addilyn

My life is revolved around being a sissy slave to my Mistress

In fact I do not have a cock and I am not a man.

My Sissy clit stick is of no use and I am to never touch it.

I do not have a cock, dick nor a penis.

Worshipping and pleasing cock is my place as a Sissy slave.

Mistress Addilyn is my Goddess and the real woman that guides and trains me

I am Mistress Addilyns’ Slave and I must always obey my Goddess.

Understanding that I am a Fuck toy in panties is my first step to being a good sissy slave


Sissy panties

Forced sissy Training diaper chastity!

forced sissy trainingForced sissy Training with diaper chastity! I have a sweet and sassy man who is a big sissy baby. He says he loves how cute and girly he can be in adult baby gear. And since he has a tiny dick it only makes sense that he is a baby boy. I completely agree and the pictures I get sent are so adorable, I just can’t help but giggle each time he sends me a sissy baby pic. Now I have to tell my wittle boy is a queer and loves to suck cock and get fucked. For all the sweet giggles and small dick humiliation there’s another side of my dollbaby. The cute outfits and small penis make my big sissy la-la diaper slut! She is just a little girl who needs a daddy dick.sissy phone sex

Sissy baby girl says she shouldnt touch her clitty anymore and needs to be locked in her diaper and forbidden to be changed or uncaged. That is until a daddy dick appointment! And only then should she be allowed to be changed because daddies don’t like poopy butts unless they make a baby girl squit out her bussy! The cage will stay until I say so, and I better have proof that she got as much daddy dick as she says she has. I count her diapers and I am emailed a log of her eliminations. There’s no way around chastity diapers during sissy phone sex with me!

Learning to be the best slut ever wtih sissy hypno training

Sissy hypno trainingI know what you really want, Sissy hypno training. I know what you really need me to do. Invite you for a session. I will be your sex therapist for sissy hypno training. I promise it is a craving that you have had in the back of your mind. I assure you it is a craving that once fulfilled will blow your mind. Sit in my chair and follow my necklace and sissy charm. Back and forth, back and forth you will start to get very very sleepy. Your eyelids will get heavy and you will start to drift off. That is not sleep coming as the awakeness leaves your body. That is the fake manly urges that you have falling to the wayside for the sissy awakening that you need. 

As a hypnotized zombie, you will strip yourself of your fake man clothes, throwing them to the fireplace because never again will you need those. I will hand you a tight form-fitting pink dress and black thigh-high stockings and a thing. Put them on. Feel the stockings tight against your legs. As you look down at them you can see how tight and femme they now look. Pull the thong up your ass and tuck your tiny winky into them. It doesn’t take much work at all. The sensation of the silky pink dress hugging your body will top it all off. You are now a sissy princess, ready to take whatever I shove at or in you. 

Femboy training a pillow humper

femboy trainingFemboy training a pillow humper is comical and sexy! How do I explain my love for a femboy in Hong-Kong who lets me watch as he humps his pillows and twerks his sexy ass for me! The same sweet David who squealed and cried when he figured out I was back a couple of months ago. A mistress loves devotion and femboys who need to be watched online. I get a taste of culture differences, but even overseas sissy boys need to hide who they are. Much times it’s a bigger cost to come out and be exposed. So what we do in secret is especially valuable for a man trapped in a world of man and female sex only! Not that David doesn’t appreciate the female form, its just that he wants to be these big titted whores in a lesbian sex fest! I love watching goon and teasing porn with him as I ask him to dance for me like the pretty girls.💞
But the most recent chapter in my watching and chatting is that David has moved on from sitting in his desk chair, or sneaking in bathrooms, to full on bucking two white pillows for me. His cock isn’t as large as some mens, but it is beautiful, and for years I have watched him masturbate while encouraging him via phone connection. Nothing wrong with finding new and exciting sissy whores, but the evolution of a shy sissy to a naughty whore during Online sissy training is making my pussy wet!
David, I want to fuck! Zoey wants to have sex!
Keep those pillows fluffed for me!👄

Sissy Hypno training magic tea time

sissy hynpo trainingBaby what’s wrong? No I’m not trying my sissy hypno training on you! I don’t know why you’re accusing me of this, we have been through this before. I know you’re not a sissy! Why would you ask me such a question? You look like you might have eaten something bad! It was the tea? WOw you do look a little peaked. Sit down and let me take those clothes off of you. Aw look Mr. Pecker is waving at me. He is so cute! My nephew’s dick is almost as small as yours! Let me just give it a kiss on that small mushroom cap!
No, I’m not being mean, I think you need to relax and put something soft and silky on. No! They are not panties, maybe sexy man-panties, but I respect your boundaries baby! You say you are a man, (even though you sure don’t look like one naked!) What? Oh I said your so manly baby a pair of undies aren’t going to make you a girl! Speak up lover, you feel.. Like you’re turning into a woman? I can see that, I have waited so long for this day!

Sissy Hypno training and forced Intox! 

You are going to make such a slutty girl! Here Rodgers comes over to give me my nightly cream-pie. What? Don’t act like you didn’t know. Wow, you really are dense thinking I needed help with class work all this time. And you must think I’m just a dumb bimbo! Oh, you’re sorry? Well tonight Ridger is going to cream-pie you ass. That’s how you will make it up to me. Im so excited that Im going to have a sissy boyfriend to fuck and suck with me! No Going back now! By the time your magic mushroom tea wears off you’re already going to be the biggest sissy slut ever! Forced sissy training and forced intoxication go hand in hand! Would you like some of my magic mushroom tea?


Holiday sissy chronicles

sissy phone sex

I hope you sissies had one productive Christmas. Just because its the holidays doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in sissy mode. We currently have enjoyed Christmas and new years but that doesn’t mean I don’t expect to hear some raunchy sissy phone sex stories from you dolls and heauxs. Theres a need for the holiday spirit to hit each one of my sissies. Tell me all those nasty tells about encounters you’ve had. Did you steal your daughters panties and wore them around. Sniffed her boyfriends boxers? What did you do this holiday that solidifies your spot as a sissy whore to the core?! let me know how you rang the new year did you blow cocks and let the cream snow? Whatever you did I hope it was done well.

Sissy Humiliation training for Randi

Sissy Humiliation trainingSissy Humiliation training for Randi The sissy slut. There’s a lot to unpack here unlike his pants! Haha! So A little backstory. Randi has known for quite some time he had a mini penis, AKA babydick. Most of the time women would pity fuck him and just not return for a little penis like his. Sometimes they made excuses but there was this one time that had me laughing my ass off! Recently little Randy was going to fuck a bitch he found at a bar. But when it came time to get his cock sucked she busted out in loud Guffaws. I understand her pain, she was wet and wanted a real man. But instead she threw her soaked panties at him and just laughed as hard as she could. 

That laugh that comes deep from the belly that goes on for minutes. She left him stroking his whittle pee-pee with her panties. And Now Randi the sissy whore has been in panties and playing with his back door pussy or more affectionately called his Bussy! Like “bust it wide open” for me! On some Black dicks! BBC sissy trainer longs to get you addicted to cock cream!

Sissy Humiliation training for Randi The sissy slut.

That story had me rolling with snorting laughter! But He liked that I had fun at his little expense! Do you know that a skinny 2 and three quarters long cock cage is the closest he will ever be to feeling the insides of a woman’s cunt?
By the way Randi, I love these new sparky Lavender panties you’re wearing for me! I would love to bait you with a nice new pair of panties in the end of a BBC cock!
If You can’t deep throat to get if cant take it to base! You can’t get the panties! Balls slapping your chin time bitch! Deepthroat to show me how bad you want these pretty sissy panties!

Sissy Hypno Training: Living out your life as a Sissy Slut.

Sissy Hypno Training

Sissy Hypno Training isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish over the phone. But it’s something I have spent a great deal of time learning and tweaking to use to my advantage when dealing with Sissy sluts. Even the simplest things like repeating myself over and over, slowly embedding the thoughts into your mind as you’re in a weakened horny state. Your mind is easy to bend and twist to manipulate and guide you into living out your most intimate sissy desires. Even something as easy as being dressed as a sissy slut daily, panties, makeup, dresses, heels, and hair. All a priority fed into your mind as I also manipulate your subconscious into causing you to fall totally and completely in love with me and the idea of being subservient to me. I want to be the center of your existence and will guide my way there through your desires and subconscious. Making you my weak pathetic slave that will do and say exactly what I please. Give it a try, maybe you can resist me, maybe not. Only time will tell.

Online sissy training men who goon over me

online sissy training Online sissy training men who goon over me. Like Sissy Brandi who sends me pics and calls to fuck her bussy (backdoor Pussy) with a dildo in that fuckhole!
I think she has been a good gurl and deserves to get stretched. Think Of me as the holiday fuck fairy,. Making sure you get your strokes in before Noon! Then you will turn back into a sad man. You know life is better gooning for hotties while you’re all dressed up! Gooning and masturbating asses and rubbing that clit make you my all star. Look at me, you could never have anything as fine as my ass. I would not fuck that shrimp cock for the life of me. But with magic you become desirable!
Made into a pretty girl for me to use with my big hung man of color! That’s right baby, BBC is in the sissy slut Holiday house. One of my Favorite things is she got a tramp stamp “Zoeys Sissy” with an ace of spades on it, or at least is planning on it! I demand proof! Anyways being the good Holiday fuck fairy I am for theses sissy gurls, I made sure to give her a good fucking while she was all dressed up and no where to go! Spayed open like a Christmas ham getting drilled on Christmas eve is the best place for a sissy like Brandy! So goon over my me my boys and girlies! Zoeys Sissy phone sex is year round, but gets extra special for those who Love to look but not touch!