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Mistress K’s Sissy Maids

Sissy maid training


I like sissy maid training because it’s just fucking fun!  I get to dress up a bunch of femboy freaks and make them prettier than they’ve ever been in their entire lives and get paid to do it!  What do you do for a living, drive a big dumb truck across the country 8 million hours a week or push stacks of paper, ad nauseam, back and forth on a desk for a thankless company?  Fuck that!  You can keep your normie career and your, no doubt, mundane life.  My sissy maids keep my life really fucking interesting and my apartment clean as hell!

Every pussy coveting parlourmaid of mine has to adhere to Mistress K’s strict standards and they’re happy to do it.  They put on every hot little uniform and tight and tiny clitty clamps I tell them that they need and they’re better sissies for it.  They clean every nook and cranny I command them to with any size dildo jammed way up in their asses that I deem appropriate for the job with a big smile on their faces.  They always take every single schlong that I throw at them and even make sure they clean up every drop of cum that might get away from them when it explodes out of those dicks and shoots all over them.  My favorite is when they thank me for the opportunity to fuck a fat cock while they lick and slurp gelatinous globs of jizz off of the floor.

You might like your job and you might even have a maid.  But does Consuelo let you strip her down, abuse her naked body then doll her back up in a hot french maid uniform?  Does she stuff her holes full as she cleans your toilet with her mouth?  Does her little clitty go drip-drip-drip when you tell her you’re going to make sure her asshole is gaped out big and wide before her shift is through?  Does Consuelo pay you for the opportunity to clean your place while you degrade her?  No?  Sucks to be you, Bro.


Sissy phone sessions

sissy phone

Get ready for some wild sissy phone fun. I’m going to use terms that will be hypnotic. You will be my sissy slut who will do whatever I say. Once you do what you want, you will move on to the next level. Sissy tasks tend to be all about what makes your mistress happy. What makes me happy is a fluffer and a vacuum cleaner. Go ahead and suck a cock till it’s hard, and clean up the effect. Take notes and learn what will make you the best sissy slut.

It is an honor for you to learn the best tricks and tips for becoming the best cock sucker and the number deepthroater. you are so lucky to enjoy training from the best red headed goddess around.

Maid Training Mistress

sissy maid training

You probably already know this, but one of the things I love most is when I get to do sissy maid training with a new caller. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love all of my longtime sissy maids. But everyone loves the feeling of something new and I’m no different. Helping a new sissy maid pick out a cute uniform, sexy heels, hair, makeup… that’s just one of the most fun things to do. I love the excitement that brand new sissies have. And so many just love taking care people, so being a maid works very well for them.

Do you want to go with the classic French maid uniform? Or would you like to try some different looks to see what looks best for you? You definitely need the cute little feather duster so you can just prance around in your heels like a dainty little lady. But we all know that you’re going to be used like a nasty slut. You might try to play it off like you don’t like it, but we all know that you do. I hope you’re ready for the very best sissy maid training around!


Sissy hypno and lessons

best sissy trainerHypno for Sissy Tj is all too much fun for me. Casting my special spell to sissy all over the world.
The best sissy trainer is a control freak. And as a sissy hypnotist I’m all about that control over my sissy subjects. Now sissy Tj is a bit of a BDSM freak with her spanking skirts and bondage gear ready for her to be disciplined. This sissy loves to be paddled and locked in chastity with the key thrown away! A very special encounter had Miss Tj buying an expandable butt plug for us to continue our lessons. Trust me I have this sissies clothing and toy inventory and i will dress sissy Tj up and have lessons of humiliation, public and self. And just some basic sexy things I need my controlled chastised and slutty sissy whore to do for me! Would you like to be added to the corral of sissy whores like my sexy and slutty Tj during Femboy training?

Sissy Slut Earned His Punishment

Nothing better than a mistress that knows how to punish you in the best way you love. I know how to put you in your place. My sissy maid hoe that is all you are. If you forget to clean something right or you don’t milk my BBC bull friends right, I will bend you over my knees and give you a sissy slut spanking. I won’t stop until your ass is red and swollen.

Mistress phone sex

That is when I will put my big strap-on on and fuck you hard, showing you who you serve and who you belong to. You little clitty leaks all over my hand when I touch your chastity belt. I don’t stop until I make you scream who you belong to. Hearing you say you belong to me and having the end of the strap rubbing on my clit as I fuck you, I don’t wait, and I pull out and spray you all over with my cunt juices. When I am done you right away get to cleaning my mess with your mouth like I like, and I know my punishment worked.  

Submit to Your Dominatrix

phone dominatrix

When you call me up and tell me that you’re looking for the perfect phone dominatrix, you’d better really be ready to submit to me. I’m not going to like it when you call me and start trying to “top from the bottom”. You don’t get to tell me what to do. I am the one who has every single bit of the control and if you don’t like it, then you can call an inexperienced dominatrix who is cool with that. But trust me. When you give up control of your mind, body, soul, and wallet to me, good things happen.

You’ll find that when you make me happy, you’re going to have more orgasms. I probably won’t listen to you have them, but I’ll permit you to jerk off when you hang up the phone. I don’t ever want you to tell me about how good it was when you were able to cum and think about me. I know how good it is. I know my worth and I know that I’m so far beyond better than anything you’d ever deserve. So, when you’re ready to listen and obey, come find me.


Sissy Trainer Diana Seeking Loyal Sissies

Hi baby girl I know you need a Sissy mama that can train you well. I am Sissy trainer Diana and I happen to have availability for some new trainees to join me and be of service. Maybe you have a desire to be a cock sucking sissy girl and are still timid. You are hopefully already wearing those sexy girly panties that make your penis feel good. It’s ok if not we can get you there.

With a little dedication and training that penis will slowly shrink into a sissy clitty and things will get more interesting. Your task before calling me is to purchase a dildo that you are comfortable to start with. This will be for those pretty lips of yours to wrap around as you gain your cock sucking skills.

I also will require my sissy trainees that want to train for cock to purchase a buttplug. This is essential and one that you can pump and expand is a nice way to train if you want big cock. However any buttplug that calls to my sissy will do fine, after all we are just starting. This will do for now and I expect you to have those things when you call me.

Sissy trainer

Dildo Heel Fucking And Sissy Maid Training

I had a long holiday of fucking, and my sweet cunt was sore, tired and full of thick nut. My sissy maid training has taught my Femboy when mistress has a mess, he must clean it up. He started with bending over and showing me the sissy panties, I had picked for her to wear.

Sissy maid training

I spanked her sissy ass leaving my handprint right on it. I sat down and right away my sissy started licking my heels clean making sure to have them shining. My sissy made knew what to do next when I spread my legs open. She started lapping my dirty cum filled cunt. She made sure to scoop out any nut that was in me and didn’t stop until I was all clean. By then I was ready, and I pulled my dildo heels and have my sissy get in to position. I angled my heel right on the entrance of her man pussy. I started pushing until it popped right in. I started kicking my heel deep inside you back and forth making your little clitty leak. You beg for mistress to let you release but I made you hold it for a bit longer until finally I let you make a new mess for you to clean up and let you cum on the floor.  

Sissy Slut Breaks In My New Strap-On

It was time to buy a new strap-on so I decided to try out all the other strap dildos on my sissy bitch and see how much more I can demand her to take. Dildo after dildo my sissy slut took it like a champ. I have been trainer good and using her tight man pussy for mine and my friend’s pleasure. 

BBC sissy trainer

Going to the love store was easy I got the biggest horse cock I could find since my sissy slut was trained to take BBC already. When I got home, I ordered my sissy slut to lick my cunt and asshole to get me in the mood to fuck her. She lapped my wet pussy like a horny bitch and I couldn’t help but cum all over her face. I told her to bend over and I put my horse cock strap-on on. I lubed it up and pushed it against lose man pussy and it was about to get even more gapped. With some force I was able to get my whole horse dick in that ass. I fucked my sissy slut hard, telling her take every inch had her begging me to let her cum. I finally did and her clitty leaked all over. She knew to clean up her mess after.  

Zoey and Sissy hypno training

sissy hypno training

Sissy hypno training delights me in every way! My pretty pussy gets so wet when i bring you into my world by my erotic hypnosis! That pretty pussy you will never see, mind you! Unless, no you wouldn’t want to see me nailed by a nice masculine bull would you? No way I could bring you out of your shell to surrender like that. You’re not a man who likes sharing, or are you? You don’t think about that big spongy head invading my slick sweetness causing me to orgasm from penetration alone. Not you. Your a straight married man who enjoys fucking women! I can’t trick you by giving you Jack off instructions and slipping trigger words and making you my complete sissy girl. It’s my own way of forced sissy training that will have you cumming in your wife’s panties!  Come, close you eyes and relax your whole body.  Mistress Zoey is in control of your dick now.  When you wake from your slumber, you will feel connected to your sissy side!