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I put a spell on you

Forced feminization

All you can think about is cock now! That’s no coincidence. I have totally hypnotized you and put you under my spell. I want you to think about being a slut 24/7, no more pretending you’re a man. You’re a slut!!! A cum whore at that. A real man doesn’t like to feel and look sexy for other men. An actual man has a cock that’s a decent size to provide women with amazing orgasmic pleasures. All you can do is wear slutty outfits and be for some forced feminization.

I want you ready to be gangbanged and fucked and used up like a little cum dispenser. I want your sissy pussy to get all sore and filled with endless amounts of cream. Plenty of BBC and all kinds of cocks bigger and better than you could ever even imagine all around you, ready to pounce on you. Once my spell goes thru, you will have nonstop urges of getting fucked and used. Men all around will be able to sense your sissy ways. Get ready to be their toys slut


Goddess Ember

Small Clitty, soft Clitty, Lil’ Worthless Clitty

Domination phone sex

Some sissy bois have little soft clittys that hang limp as they get ass pussy fucked! Oh, where are my manners? Why do I always skip to the pussy fucking in Domination phone sex? It’s my insane desire to watch a man get fucked. Not to say that I don’t adore playing dress up in some soft femme or even slutty outfits. Men who go ultra femme and even whorish are my biggest love when it comes to dominating and seducing to the pegging and cock taking side of sexual pleasures! I just tend to get fixated on that ass fuck. Now, that is a close second to some hot sissy cock sucking. Okay that may be my absolute favorite. Seeing a man choke on a big ass dick just does something to me. Many men tend to think a 20 something, or even teen sissy trainers don’t have what it takes to be in control of a good sissy whore! Being in control of my pleasure is something I come by naturally. And the fact that I love big cock and dominating sweet soft clitty having femme boys. Stop by and see a sassy bratty sissy owner who loves femboy training! What can you do for my sweet and bratty self today? 

Can I own you!? 

Rachels Sissy Phone sex

sissy phone sexSissy Trans woman Rachel just the best sissy phone sex. The best part is I don’t even have to talk to him/her. I can voice type and still humiliate my sissy the way he is supposed to be. I do have to tell some sissy Rachel’s stories though. Exposing sissies is one of my great loves. Sissy Rachel is special on the way that she has turned out white bitches for black cock. As a black cock lover I know I need a Rachel in my life eventually. A man with a dick that never could cut it, turn female because of that love of black cock. Oh yes for reading my blogs and knowing of Rachel you should know that “his” perversion of wanting to fuck black cocks has Rachel making his women BBC whores. I personally think it’s a great thing that Rachel is doing More white women need to be on black dick. Black cock matters! I invite you to online sissy training with me to discover your own black cock love or your cuckold level watching a white bitch be fucked by a big black dick. Not everyone could be Rachel but maybe you just want to watch me get dick down the way I’m supposed to. He also kept big black cock, cock sucking instructions! And as always remember you can text me instead of talk to me if you’re too shy, just hit that live chat button and access you hottie Zoey!online sissy training

wear those sissy panties

sissy panties


Time to show me those sissy panties. You think you can be a great sissy, so it’s time to show me what you’re working with. After all, a great sissy won’t be too shy to show off their little lacey panties. If you’re craving to become the absolute best sissy, you must feel very comfortable strutting around in those intimate panties. Let me see what you’re working with and see if it is worth my time. Ready to show me exactly how dedicated you are to put in that work. I want to see the best sissy ever. The make of the outfits everything has to be amazing. I want to see what you can do to earn the rights to suck and fuck cock. The craving you have for a nice cock deep in your mouth is so hot. I’m sure you will bend right over for a massive gangbang, and I want to make sure you can take cock after cock, and I want those sissy cute panties drenched.


Humiliation Phone Sex Master

humiliation phone sex

There are a lot of reasons that you could be calling me for humiliation phone sex, but I’m pretty sure then it’s because you have a tiny micro penis. No woman in her right mind would want anything to do with you, so the best thing to do with people like you is turn you into a sissy. Or at the very least, you should be turned into a pegging slut. Have you ever had a strap on cock buried balls deep in your ass hole? You will if you call me. But I don’t think we should call your ass hole anymore. That whole will be referred to you from now on as your pussy. 

Please don’t try to fight me on this or tell me that you could fuck me with your tiny dick. I just don’t wanna hear it. I’m a size queen and I know for a fact that the useless piece of meat between my legs would do nothing for me. Well, unless you count all of the laughter that I will get from it. Laughter is the best medicine, but I need more than that in the bedroom. Are you ready to bend over and get that pussy plowed? Don’t keep me waiting. 

Earn Your Sissy Panties

A good sissy is a sissy that is trained well. Well trained sissy girls earn their status. They earn the opportunity to wear sissy panties. Of course you can always wear any panties you wish. But the roles of some sissy girls is them doing good to earn their special girly tokens.
My sissy in training recently earned her pretty girly panties. The very ones this sissy fantasied about earning. She earned them by being a good little cunt licker. She licked the creampies of twenty hung guys from my pussy. This was how she earned her panties. In fact not only was it the panties, it’s about what cums with the panties. That’s right, 20 loads of cum ejaculating in her panties as she puts them on and wriggles around at the glory hole.

She earned her panties and all the cum loads of a line of horny men. Horny hairy cocks and balls unloading against sissy jens asshole. Her pretty sissy boy pussy was not penetrated it was just coated with the jizz loads to fill her panties up.

Sissy panties

The Sissy Olympics

Sissy Training

I love my little troublemakers; they surely help me fund my high society events. I hold the Sissy Olympics every single year, and this year I’m hopeful to see one of my own personal fuck slaves win a Gold medal in the Cum Guzzling Competition. All the renown Sissy Trainers travel from far and wide to force their feminized little fuck boys to participate in my sexy fantasy games. One might wonder what winning a Gold does for the slave; the answer? He gets one night tucked up in my bed.

Yes, that’s right. I’ll allow whatever small cocked little loser that wins the Gum Guzzling Competition to play with my pretty pussy for a whole night. I know how badly you sluts want to truly be able to pleasure me. These other trainers might allow their boys to touch them, but my whores only get that royal privilege when they’re slurping sticky cum loads from my cunt. I suggest you start practicing now if you’re thinking of trying out for the team. My sissy girls Penny, Rosie, and Ginny are sure to cum in first.
I will be, in the meantime, being worshiped by sexy BBC Alpha Bulls. Extra cum for you sluts later!

Think you can beat my own little toys? Give it a shot, you beta bitch, small balled, cuck worthy loser. See if you’re worthy of Queen Presley’s cunt.

Sissy Humiliation Training

Sissy Girl Training With Jackie

sissy girl training

You’ve been doing your sissy girl training for a little bit now and I think you are just about ready to graduate from my sissy training academy. You prepared your body and shaved, manicured, and dolled up that face. You have been wearing your lingerie and dressing up in skirts and heels. You’re quite good at walking in those stilettos now and I’m very proud of you. And yes, you’ve been doing such a good job at sucking my strap-on dick and getting fucked by it. But there are just a few things left you need to do before you’re a graduate. You need to suck and get fucked by a real cock. 

You have nothing to be nervous about. I know you’re going to be a really great cock sucking bitch. I’ve seen what you can do to a strap-on and that doesn’t taste nearly as good as a real one. It doesn’t throb in your mouth and it certainly doesn’t leak pre-cum when it gets really excited. Are you ready for your final exam? When you feel like you can pass with flying colors, I will be ready and waiting to get you ready for your graduation day.

Sissy Maid Training Sessions

sissy maid trainingI smiled over the crowd, taking note of all the well-known sissy trainers present all looking for that perfect one for sissy maid training! “Welcome to Princess Z’s Sissy Slut Auction!”
I myself was looking for new sissy sluts to train as housemaids. This is where I would get to find real prized slaves trained by other mistresses and Madams of the craft! Mistresses to those femboy little queers who had been training well. Money talked here, and I would have my prized possession.

You see, My last purchase said s/he was already trained. I realized she was a stupid whore liar after she was permitted the honor of cleaning my office. First and foremost, her clothing was too modest. While dusting, the bitch had no form, and seemed terrified of the vacuum. This would not do! I needed the full experience and would not have my guest looking at this trashy whore! No breeding, no background. Just a pathetic fag in a costume! I grabbed her by the hair, threw her over my desk, and beat her black and blue for lying about her training. A few days later, I had the bitch in a proper uniform; pretty little trousers, a garter and stockings, and 7-inch stiletto heels. Yes, & inches, you wish your cock was as large as the heels you stand in! Titter, Totter Little faggot girl! She then put on a cute little maid dress. Her feather duster handle was a dildo, the vacuum had all sorts of special attachments for her pathetic clit. She was in for a world of Hell; a world of Sissy training.

On second thought, breaking a sissy is always good for a Sweet little Mistresses confidence!sissy maid training

I Love Sissy Phone Sex Callers

sissy phone sexI love sissy phone sex calls. Sissies are the best. Every woman should be so lucky to have a sissy in her life. I have many. I have phone sissies. I have real-life sissies. And I have 2 sissy sons. My sissy sons will be shemales one day. And they will have my full support too. I can make any sissy pretty. I can turn any sissy into a shemale too. I love feminizing sissies. How can you be a sissy in man clothes, right? It is just not a look that goes well together. The first thing I do with all sissies, including my sissy boys, is put them in panties. I will not say that all sissies have small dicks, but most too. I think the lack of testosterone makes dicks smaller and lends folks to be sissies. I have met a few sissies with big dicks, but they were just sort of occasional sissies. Either they just needed something taboo to push them over the edge or they were partying. Most sissies, however, have clits. Tiny little things that no woman would want or could feel. I like to make fun of small willies as I put them in appropriate under garments. Once I have panties on a sissy, I need to find matching items like a bra and garter belt. I also enjoy a dress too. Femboy training means learning to dress like a sissy, act like a sissy and living life like a sissy. Once a sissy looks the part, she can act the part. I train all sissies how to suck cock. There are a few sissies who do not suck cock, but they are few and far between. Once you feel and look girly, you want to do girly things like suck cock. I am great at training sissies to swallow cock. My little future shemales are great cock suckers.  Sissies are like dolls to me that I can dress up and play with. Think you are ready to play?