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Online sissy training, Become a Certified BBC sucker; Today!

Online sissy trainingFuck me harder are the only words I want to hear coming out of your mouth. I got you a new prostate massage device to keep you on your toes. I know keeping you locked away in chastity for days on end must be so uncomfortable and since you have been on your best behavior; I think you are deserving of satisfaction during Online sissy training and on your own. A sissy should never be left deprived! I like it better knowing that my sissy is helplessly having orgasms in his sleep.

The overwhelming wet dreams topped with the sensation of his new pulsing prostate massage device will keep him super horny. This means the Sissy Faggot Slut will have the urge to be dominated, hehe more money for me! That’s obviously because as all of you sissies do; he lives a double life. He would never be capable of setting these dates up on his own or even knowing what to do with their cocks if it weren’t for me, the feminized twink would be lost. I noticed the wannabe had his clit hidden in a cave so I had him slip out of his Sissy panties and taught him how to shave.

Most sissies think going bald certifies their faggotry but, straight men shave.

I wouldn’t want my Faggots misleading anyone, which is why I had him give himself a landing strip. His new black daddy enjoyed dragging his cock down the line of hair that led down to his gaping pucker, I know this for sure since I watched him be dominated live on Skype. 

There is no turning back for the Sir, Daddy of the year xD! It’s official the cocksucker has admitted to craving a prostate milking every time he gets horny. He is a certified BBC lover now and Sissy training has only just begun.

Best sissy trainer is me and you may beg me to train you.

Best sissy trainer is me and you may beg me to train you. You are under the best care. Turning you into a sissy. Training you properly.

You will be getting all those BBC’s in no time at all. Now, don’t go thinking that you don’t deserve those big black cocks.

You will see. Furthermore you need only to follow along beside ah-hem behind me to see the proper way to walk and talk.

On the negative side you don’t have the nice big tits that men love to play. On the positive side you will make a nice whore with a nice bubble butt that men loved to have their balls smacking into while fucking your sissy pussy as hard as they can.

You want them to get their cock all the way up in that sissy cunt hole of yours. It’s important to remember to beg them to cum inside your pussy.

Those cocks love to be covered in cum, and the prospect of breeding. Finally, I want you to show me what you have learned so far. Go get some cock.

Best sissy trainer

Phone dominatrix has proof that boys just make better girls!

Phone dominatrix We can drive even your daddy wild after a sissy transformation. It’s Sissy heaven in my closet, Sissy faggots love when I renew my wardrobe because then they can reuse my sexy outfits and put them to great use. Sluts should always look the part especially if they want their bodies filled with the estrogen they lack.

It’s time we get to know your sissy side and embrace it. During Sissy hypnosis training, you will be required to wear platform mules on and off the phone. I Don’t Care, how bad your feet hurt which is why I got you padlocked dazzling ankle straps, to keep those pretty little feet arched until you have learned how to walk properly sissy.

Sissies need training and practice makes perfect! Guys prefer a submissive woman who knows how to do as they are told which is why in due time we will have your masculinity wiped. Devote yourself sissy and you will soon be the woman you were meant to be.

Good girls hold onto their heels when they are pleasing daddies’ cock. Big dicks may make faggots weak but do you have what it takes to selfishly house a big dick all to yourself? A Phone dominatrix will smoothen you out, after a few sessions of being degraded by the opposite sex you will be weak and willingly capable of surrendering. The battle with the little man in your head that just won’t let you be you, will no longer be. Soon you will think, feel, walk, talk and even breathe like a girl.

Sissy hypnosis training

That tongue of yours better be as pink and wet as my pussy! Drop your jaw and ease his massive cock down your throat. Show Daddy that as a trans you can please him better than any woman ever will. In due time you will know the balance that allows a woman to have full control over a man. Being a woman isn’t something you can learn from a book. Sissy training is a requirement and only a Goddess can teach you Cock control. 

Sissy’s have more fun xD 


Sissy maid training Episodes: Shelbys Wife

Sissy Maid TrainingSissy maid training Episodes: Shelbies’ Wife! I am just busting at the seams to tell you about Shelby’s newest sissy whore updates. The last time I spoke a couple of weeks ago with this little sissy made his stepmother had took him from his wife and his boyfriend. Her stepmama was his first mistress. She back then Shelby playing her pantyhose was kept a secret: dominating little sissy Shelby away from his daddy. And when Shelby’s wife wasn’t up to training such a wonderful little sexy sissy whore step-momma stepped in and took over. There is no contact with the wife at all, well until last week…

Shelbys WIfe takes over  Sissy maid training

It seems as a wild hair got up that wife’s ass and she became the dominant mistress that Shelby needs. This time during that femboy training Shelby has a butterflies and it feels like everything is brand new. The pink hair that step mama let Shelby get is now completely shaved off and Shelby stays in a state of undress with just her sissy made outfit. I guess I had missed that the wife had a stepsister who had a sissy husband. So during the weeks apart from her sissy boy husband his wife decided to learn everything she could.

I’ve been telling Shelby that all it took was pulling from deep inside of her that dominance to make her the best damn mistress ever. And that’s funny as Shelby really technically is kind of like a lesbian housewife now. There is no fucking except for the wife fucking that sweet pussy ass. Occasionally Shelby does get to lick her out and use a chin strap to fuck his wife. Femboy training

And the wife is pretty good about going out and getting her own dick although she’s not letting Shelby participate anymore and maybe she’s scared that that dick will get taken away! The last time she brought a man over he was so enamored by Shelby’s sexy body I’m feminine ways that he stopped fucking the wife. Seems as if things are going great now and the sissy slave training is beginning all over again for sweet and sassy wonderful faggot little Shelby!
Sissy slave training

Sissy training by a black daddy in an upstate penitentiary

Sissy trainingOne of my White Sissy Bitches got turned out in a prison cell. She was dominated by Big Black Cocks! The almighty tatted-up slut, was a runner and a bloomer washer behind the wall. She even got creative and started making Sissy panties out of bed sheets. She would rinse them in dye and turn them pretty, like soft pinks and seductive red shades.

Ms. PrisonBae is considering going on a walk downtown in a miniskirt with her mangina peeking out, willing to take the risk of indecent exposure. Anything to get that cock craving pussy of hers stretched again. The slut has a family at home who she was released too. She doesn’t know how to tell her wife that she wants to be bent over and treated like a sissy bitch. We just started Online sissy training!

As of now, we are working on her portfolio… Decisions were made and her wifes’ lingerie fits her quite well. I had her bent over with her panties held off to the side by her grape smuggling sack. Her pretty little gaping pussy stared right into the camera lens. There is no denying from the slickness of her mangina and the glare in the final shot; that she is wet and ready to be fed a thick creamy load of jizz.

In the meantime, we have her anal stretching 3 times a day. Once in the morning, after lunch, and of course dessert after dinner… Who wouldn’t want a creampie? For now, she will be whipping her clit and eating her cum, but this is for now. Our first Sissy training session is out of the way and everything is set up. During our next session, I will be witnessing her slide her pussy back on a big black cock; to satiate her cravings. 

sissyslut maker barbie


Sissy panties

You’re in for quite the adventure.

Hold on to your sissy panties.

Did you gravitate towards the Barbies instead of sports? Hmmm, that’s how you know you have sissy tendencies. It might be challenging to admit you’re not a true man and were born to be a sissy. Once you get to the realization that being a sissy is going to bring so much pleasure to you, you’re going to want to explore it some more. If you get lucky, you can always find a great sissy maker that puts you right in your place. Lucky for you, you have the best one around, and that’s me. A goddess that will get you sucking big cocks in no time. So now that you have met your sissy maker grab a pair of heels and a sissy strut. There’s a big black cock I want you to deepthroat, and there are some fun surgeries you need to get because we all know that big plastic boobies and all the hottest outfits and being a bimbo whore is a dream.

Mistress Arabella makes you into the Best Sissy Faggot ever!

Sissy training audio

You want to be the greatest little fag. You work so hard but no matter how hard you work at it you are not even close. Did you know that you can order a custom Sissy training audio from me. That is right you can have me in your ear all the time. 

I will remind you of what a little slut bucket you really are. Let me set the stage for you. You wake up in the morning and prepare for your day. Your earbuds are in and I am telling you exactly what you need to put on under that suit. It’s now the middle of your day and even though you are supposed to be working all you can think about is having a giant cock in your mouth. You head to the bathroom and pop in your ear buds and listen as I instruct you how to play with that little pussy. 

You can have me there for you anytime you need me. Guiding you to be the best sissy ever. 

BBC sissy trainer prearranged dates; be prepared cocksucker!

BBC sissy trainer I have prearranged some dates for you to go on. I made sure those cocks on preorder are no less than 8 inches… I know how bad your gaping man pussy would love to be stretched during Femboy training. uh, those anal orgasms that you have while squirting from your clit are just so intense.. isn’t it? Still, a faggot in denial questioning your sexuality, huh. It’s okay slut, you are better off being my Breeding whore anyway. If you are on your best behavior, I might lick your clitoris and explore the depths of your cave after your walls are pushed back by a BBC.

Black daddy came over early because he didn’t know for certain when to expect you but doesn’t want to miss out on a chance inside your tight pink hole after tearing off your Sissy panties. Especially because he is a prison daddy, it makes his cock so hard turning straight men into his bitch.. In other words, if you have only been bent over by a mistress but have never had a real cock before, then Daddy will ease you into submission. We can suck his cock together since I know you will be a little bit nervous… No worries, I had the same reaction the first time I ever had a phat cock standing tall in my face… It will hurt the first few times but the sort of pain that is enjoyable. Then once you get used to his big daddy cock you will become addicted to receiving Prostate milkings. That’s what a BBC sissy trainer is for, to get you comfortable slutting out in such a tough society. You will soon be the most wanted, Sexy sissy in the room.

phone domination you need

phone domination

Phone domination you need. A true submissive enslaved person would want to hear all about how they can’t be masculine. It seems like many closeted sissies try to hold on for dear life to any sense of manhood. Whatever it takes for them to ultimately e face and try to save their .

Truthfully it makes me chuckle. After all,  you sissies must eventually come to terms with the fact that you’ll be a cockscuking faggy waggy. Deny all you wantt. It makes me laugh even harder. Shut the fuck up and let me be mean to you. It’s not often I can be a mean mistress but right now, there’s a hot mean streak in me, and I am ready and set to let it out on you fuckers.

If you want a strict goddess who will want to lock you up in chastity device! Oh, you shall call me, I’ll set you straight.

Sissy maid training a fembot

sissy maid training

Sissy maid training for men who know they need a Mistress like me to serve. Spend and $send and learn some new skills with me! I adore all of your gooning and stroking that sissy stick while I take your money. I know that I have all control over your mind and body as well!

I would give my left tit for a sassy-dressed sissy maid painting my toenails right now. Save me money while you fund my ultra-femme lifestyle. I’ll even let you look up my skirt while you paint them for me. Look up and see my pussy bare with some creamy cum making it glisten. How would you like to be able to taste my pussy and clean me up? 

Sissy maid training a fembot

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