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Some After Dinner Cocks

Sissy Phone SexToday I woke up feeling horny. My pussy was begging to be fucked. I knew my husband could not please me so I would have to arrange it myself. I was also feeling naughty and not just one dick would satisfy my hunger today. I made a call to a friend and he said he would be over around dinner and bring me a few surprises. My pussy was wet just thinking about being rammed in my tight bald pussy by his fat cock. I fixed my husband dinner and as were eating the doorbell rang. I told him that I was going to be entertaining my pussy with some cock that I can feel and that he needed to finish his dinner and change into his pink nighty and join me in my room. I opened the door and there in my doorway were four men. My pussy nearly exploded with anticipation. We took it into my room, and we all undressed. I knelt between then and started sucking their cocks as they were jacking off, squirting streams of cum on me. My sissy husband showed up in his nighty and I had him help me gets these gorgeous cocks to climax. He watched as I fucked each and every one of those rock-hard cocks until my holes were completely full of their cum. After they left, I spread my legs and my sissy husband crawled over and licked all of that yummy sperm from my pussy and my ass and even licked the dried cum from my gigantic breasts. I patted his head and sent him to bed as I laid down and drifted off to sleep satisfied.

My Sissy Maid Husband

Sissy TrainingTonight, I was feeling a little more naughty than usual, so I made a call and made my sissy husband come down the stairs. He knelt in front of me like he knows he is to do. I handed him some pink silk panties, fishnets and some heels. I told him to quickly dress and meet me in my room. The doorbell rang and I let this gorgeous hunk in and escorted him back. I undressed him and sat him on the bed. I then instructed my cuckold sissy husband to come and get this dick nice and hard for me. He did exactly what I asked and started sucking that big fat dick like the little sissy slut that he is. Once it was hard, I told my husband to watch me fuck a man with an actual dick and not a little clitty like he had. I enjoyed that dick for hours. I took it in my juicy wet bald pussy and my tight little ass, allowing him to unload in all my holes. When we were finished, I had my sissy come over and clean him up nicely. I then spread my legs and motioned for him to come and eat the other man’s cum from my pussy and ass. He always does what I tell him and when he was done, I patted his head like a puppy and told him good boy. He may not be a good fuck, but he really is quite a good sissy maid.

My Sissy Cum Slut

Mistress Phone Sex My sweet sissy Ami was all ready and waiting to please me. I had given her a beautiful silver cock cage to put her little clitty in. It was one of the newer ones that had small spikes that would rub against the clitty if it started to get big. I couldn’t wait to see how it worked. I put her in thigh highs with a garter and heels and nothing else. I wanted to be able to see the cock cage at work. Ami’s weakness is cum. She can’t get enough of it. I think she would live on a cum diet if she could. But since I am her mistress I decide when sissy Ami gets some cum or not. I promised her that if she could go all day without her clitty getting hard that I would let her use a dildo on her man pussy while blowing the man of her choosing. Ami thought she had this until I yelled for her to come into my room. There on the bed lay a marvelous man with a marvelously hard dick. I had Ami sit on the bed beside him as I took that big fat hard dick and stuck it between my gigantic tits and titty fucked him. I could see Ami watching in lust every time that big head appeared between my boobs. Before long, my friend was squirting his load all over my breasts and face. Ami watched as I licked his creamy cum off his dick. I went to check on Ami’s clitty and it was still soft. I was so proud of her that I let her lick the cum off my tits. That was too much for Ami’s little clitty as she flinched in pain as the cock cage rubbed on her little hard clitty. But Ami didn’t care, she just kept lapping up that warm thick sperm from my breasts. My little sissy is a real cum slut.

Sissy slave training

sissy slave training

Sissy slave training has always been my passion. I just found my newest pet and I am so excited to turn her into the perfect little cum guzzling sissy slut. She tried to be a man before I got my hands on her. I dressed her up in the prettiest pink silky panties and matching cami. I forced that sissy slut on her knees and made her suck my friend’s thick, hard cock. She sucked that dick like her whore life depended on it. Gagging on that huge meat stick and looking up at him, she played with her little clittie through those silky panties. I could see a wet spot in her panties and could tell how turned on she was at sucking cock for the first time. I brought in a few more guys that wanted to meet my newest pet and get their cocks sucked as well. She sucked all of those dicks and drained them all, swallowing load after load of cum. I can’t believe what an eager sissy whore I am training this time! It’s going to be easy to turn her into a cum eating sissy slave.

Sissy Charlie Cleans Up Her Brother’s Cum

Mistress Phone SexI have been training Charlie to be my little sissy. She has a micro clitty, so she is of no use to me in that regards. She is so tiny that I could not even find a cock cage tiny enough for her to wear. So, I resorted to a pretty pink bow on her clitty and frilly pink panties with lace on the back. Tonight, I plan on having her be my clean up sissy. She is very dedicated, but I like to push my little trainees sometimes. I invited her brother over to join in on the fun. Kyle walked in and I immediately had Charlie come down and show off her pretty panties. Kyle got the biggest kick out of that and just laughed hysterically. Charlie just hung her little head, but I know she secretly liked it although we couldn’t tell because her little clitty is so small. I led Kyle and Charlie back to my room and had Charlie undress us both. Next Charlie was told to get on her knees and get Kyle hard for me. She was hesitant at first, so I had to smack that little clitty a few times with my hand to get her moving. But once she put Kyle’s dick in her mouth, she started giving him the best blowjob. She was taking him so deep and Kyle was starting to moan. Charlie is not worthy of bringing him to orgasm, so I had to stop her. I could tell she was disappointed as I had her watch her brother fuck me nice and hard repeatedly. He fucked me in my wet pussy and my tight ass leaving his load in both. When we were finally finished, I motioned for Charlie to come over and clean all her brothers cum from my pussy and asshole. She lapped it all up like a little puppy. As a special treat I let her lick her brother all clean too.

Come Serve Your Mistress

sissy maid training

Nothing fulfills a Mistress like getting to train a sissy slut maid like yourself. The process from beginning to end is a real treat to witness. They usually come to me all insecure and shy about this role that they know they are meant to fulfill. It’s often some family man with a well respected job as an authoritarian of some sorts, who simple can’t shake the feeling that he was meant to be a submissive little sissy boy. That’s where I come in. I take great pleasure in easing you into my sissy maid training operation. Don’t get too comfortable with the word ‘ease’ either. Now let’s start with the little details you keep to yourself on a daily basis. How often do you fantasize about sucking cock? What kind of cock do you fantasize about? I’ll bet it’s often a fat, long, veiny black one! How many times have you given in to the impulse to slip into your wife’s, girlfriend’s, sister’s or even mother’s panties? These are the things we need to establish in our training session.
Tick tock, little cocked sissy boy. It’s time to step into the role you were meant to fill. The sooner you embrace it, the better it is you’ll serve.

Charlie Gets Those Dicks Ready to Please Me

Mistress Phone SexMistress phone sex with Francis is what you need to keep you in check. I love to take my little sissies and have them begging for my affection. I had Charlie come over today and be my sweet little sissy slave. I invited two of my friends over to play. They are well hung and are packing more than a mouthful. Before I fucked them, I had Charlie take those big dicks in her mouth and get them nice and hard so they could please me. I then had her sit and watch as I took those fat cocks deep inside my pussy, filling me with their warm cum. When we were done, I had Charlie clean their cocks and balls until they were nice and clean. I saved her favorite thing for last. I sat on the desk and spread my legs and let her eat my creampie pussy until every drop of their cum was out. The feel of her tongue deep inside me made me horny again so I let her lick my clit until she brought me to orgasm. I then patted her on the head as she crawled away on all fours back to her little corner to wait for my next command.

Cucksucking 101

Sissy Girl TrainingWatching a sissy suck cock can be so amusing. The cock hungry little whores just try to swallow the things which may make the guy cum but won’t necessarily be a mind-blowing blowjob. It lacks a key ingredient that linger with a man after he gets his dick sucked. That my sluts is the art of the tease. If you want to ever be considered among Arabelle’s darlings then you will listen to my advice and learn to utilize it. Any man can find a whore on a street corner to devour his cock for a quick 5 minute nut, but a real woman no matter how salacious have class. I can give a man a blowjob that will have his mind reeling because I know how to take my time. I know how to use my skills to tease every inch of his cock and balls. While still catering it to what he likes. You need to listen to the sounds he makes, test out his super sensitive areas and see how you can make him squirm beneath you for a change. That’s how you become the best cocksucker you can be.

Sissy Training my Little Cum Slut

Mistress Phone SexA good mistress knows that she must train her sissy to be a little clean up slut. To clean up all the cum and to get those dicks nice and hard for me to fuck. But sometimes I like to get those dicks hard myself. I love to 69 a guy and let him lap up my pussy while my sweet sissy slave watches on. I can almost see them drooling as I take that dick deep in my mouth and make it rock hard. If I am feeling especially naughty I have them come right to the end of the bed, so they are inches from that cock they so desire. I tease them as I lick it slowly and my man moans loudly in delight. I watch that sissies’ eyes light up as the pre-cum flows from that cock in my mouth. I lick it up and then stick out my tongue to let them see the yummy cum that I have. I have them in cock cages so they can’t get hard, but the desire is still there as they leak from their tiny cages. Lastly, I take that cock so deep in my mouth and throat fuck it so good that as he is squirting his load, I aim it right at those little sissies so that it lands on their faces. But I won’t let them lick it up just yet. I keep them on their knees begging for it before I let them clean up that dick for me so I can take it for another ride.

Tammie gets a Treat

Sissy TrainingMy sweet little Tammie has been such a good girl lately. Doing everything that was asked of her. She had been our little cum whore at my last penis party and even licked up my creampie pussy without even being asked. She stayed on her little knees and sucked every man and shemale that came to her so that they were nice and hard and ready to go. She politely lifted her sweet ass and let them take turns ramming their dicks or dildos deep inside her. She cleaned everyone up too, leaving not a drop. So, to show her how wonderful I though she had been I got her a special present. Laid on the bed was the prettiest pink dress and matching garters, a pair of silky hose, black heels, toe rings and a beautiful new cock cage. Her eyes lit up when she saw them, and I told her to put them all on. I had her twirl round and round as she showed her new outfit off. Finally, I told her to lay down on the bed because her best present was yet to come. I could see the liquid dripping from her sweet cock cage from excitement as Sandy, the biggest, blackest, most beautiful shemale entered the room. I handed Sandy the key and told her that Tammie was ready to play as I winked at her and closed the door.

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