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Cuck John In His Sissy Panties

sissy panties

I have something awesome that you really need to hear about. So, last week, John took me out shopping for sexy lingerie because I had a date later that night with a really delicious, hot black man. John has what I’ll just go ahead and call an unfortunate dick. He knows that he’ll never have the chance to fuck me and loves to pamper me and get me ready to go out and fuck a real man. Big black cocks are my absolute favorite, and he knows that I always want to look my best before I get this hot white pussy banged.

But you know, when we were out, I told him that he should try some lingerie on. He seemed a little bit too excited and that’s when I knew that I wasn’t going to have to try too hard to transform him into a sissy slut. I held up a pair of black lacy sissy panties in front of him and told him that he would look amazing in them. He bought them, along with all of my sexy lingerie, and we went back to my apartment. Do you want to hear about what happened when he tried them on and all of my plans to turn him into a sissy slut? 

Forced sissy maid training

sissy maid trainingYou know you deserved every last second of the sissy maid training you received! How dare you go through my pretty things and decide you were going to wear my stuff! Oh, but you were so surprised when Your best friend’s sister caught you wearing her panty hose, and trying to stuff your feet in my expensive high heeled shoes! I loved how your whole entire body got, as you stammered, “when, when did you get home?” I was the one asking questions as I peeped a teenage sissy boi, enjoying a set of satin pantyhose and panties rubbing his nubbiet! It’s very rude to go through my things and let alone you are in my room, a woman’s sacred place. Now that you had violated me, it was time for your duties. I would blast these pictures all over campus, social media and make your senior year of highschool a living hell! I bet they didn’t want no sissy la-la on the football team either! I told you if you wanted to be a fairy then you had to act the part. The deal was I would dress you in some of my bigger clothing. I had lost weight and I had some pretty sexy things to dress you in. Then the chore list began. Watching you scrub my toilet and trying to keep your outfit clean was entertaining. But my favorite was putting you in a nice new chastity cage and stuffing your ass with my jeweled but plug. The house looked amazing and I have so many pictures of our fun times together! I wouldn’t be the best sissy trainer if I didn’t keep a little evidence for days when my piggy bank ran low! Speaking of, that little sportster would look so good with me in it. Hand over the keys were are going for a whole different kind of ride, one you will enjoy, Though!best sissy trainer

Janie And Presley’s Cum Farm

Sissy Slave Training

My sweetheart Janie and I opened up a little Cum Farm lately to help keep all of our Cum Cows fed as well as train our sissy sluts, and milk those bull cocks too! We breed, feed, and steed here, and you really can’t ask for much more than that. All of our little sissy whores get milked daily; whether it’s an act of pleasure or punishment is up to them! You see, we have needles and can drain their saggy coin purses ourselves. That ensures they receive nothing but edging on those pathetic tiny cocks, and we can still mix all that sissy cum up for Cum Cow feedings.

Sissy training audio

Janie is the hot, classy teen Domme you wish you could have. Together we bring in giant BBC’s to help with size training for our sissies. I find prostate milking is just as good as any! Either our pathetic cum churners help get and keep the bull cocks hard so Janie and I can get fucked or we let them practice themselves. These sissy sluts just don’t understand that practice makes perfect, and swallowing or bottoming out on massive meat sticks is no exception!

Sissy Maid Training

I have Janie to play with all day long; she has the most delicious body! But, business comes first, though our business is pleasure. All sissies enacted in our service need to provide one gallon of cum per day, especially if we’re to keep up with our forced cum eating for these little Cum Cows in training. If they can’t milk it out of their own sacs, either through forced orgasm or medical extraction, then they’ll have to milk enough big cocks and collect enough cum to pass. Else wise, we’ll be putting those little sissy sluts up for a bare bottom paddling and ten months in a tiny cock cage!

Domme orders need no affirmation, do they!? You do as we say, when we say. Janie and I think today we need some cock training, some stretching out of those anal sissy faggot holes, and maybe even some over stimulation for milking those sad, beta cocks. Remember, size does matter! Keep training, you sissy fag.

Sissy Panties

Forced Feminization For Fags

Forced Feminization
Any of my filthy fag fucks know that they’re going to experience some fun forced feminization. it’s fun for me, anyway! I love tormenting my little cock slaves into submission.

I have to make sure every one of their nails is manicured perfectly, every eyelash is coated in the correct amount of mascara layers. Each slut I own must be inspected by me, and always pushed further. If he chooses a hot pink thong, he gets the soft frilly lavender panties instead. Thongs are only for hot girls, aren’t they sweetie? That’s right now. If you choose thigh high Egyptian cotton nylons, I’ll put you in sunset orange fish nets. You never pick the girliest option, so I have to force you into being my little cock whore.

Three inches on your sparkly silver pumps aren’t enough babe. You need at least five, seven if you really want to impress me. You belong to me now, so there’s no reason to still try and fight it. Get down, and put on these Hello Kitty panties made for little whores just like you. Now tell me, how well can you choke on a cock? Well of course sweetie. Once I perfect your appearance, you’re ready for cock training after all.

Sissy Maid Training

Sissy Maid Training To Serve

Sissy Maid Training
It’s your place as my wanna be slave to undergo rigorous sissy maid training. You have to understand I expect you to obey me in every way; that means from the way you dress and groom yourself to your cock training. You are going to have to go through intense throat training.

What’s that entail you ask? It means six hours a day of raw throat fucking five days a week for five weeks. You have to get good at what you do, honey. We’re going to have to bully that gag reflex out of you. Can’t have you puking all over superior BBC Alpha cocks, now can we? Sissy maids not only take care of the sexual needs of my pussy when I don’t have a bull stud present but also my home. You’re expected to clean in your uniform, yes even the seven inch pumps.

Those help with your posture, dearie. After throat training comes sissy pussy stretching where I will force you to raw dog massive cocks. You will never sit the same again, I promise you that. But you want to be a good sissy girl for me, don’t you love bug? You don’t want to disappoint me. I’ll chop off that pathetic excuse for a “cock” you have.
Sissy Training Audio

Sissy Maid Slut

Sissy phone sexBeing a dominatrix gets me wet and excited for more! I take my sissy slut training very seriously. When I get you to myself I expect you to either be dressed and ready in position for me or to let me know you need me to set out that whore outfit with the thigh high socks and mini skirt for you to wait in while you get ready to eat my cunt and take a big hard cock into your man pussy. I love turning men like you into sissy bitches! The first or the next time I have you with me, you will be thoroughly humiliated! We’re gonna take you out into an open space to be fucked and lick up all the cum your covered in and the cum landing on the ground. We’ll be in some sex bar with you dressed like a whore sissy faggot wearing that sweet maid outfit! Everyone else will be pointing, laughing and taking turns grabbing and fucking you! Calling you names and putting you in the place you belong. Now, come be a good sissy.

Best Sissy Trainer Sessions

best sissy trainer

I do not take the fact that I’m the best sissy trainer around lightly at all. I know that all of you sissy sluts out there are counting on me to turn you into the perfect little feminized whore and I will never let you down. I know what men want and I know what men do not want, so you should leave it up to me when you’re getting dressed and ready to try to get yourself a man. And before you even get dressed, you gotta make sure you look good naked, so all that unsightly body hair needs to go!

Also, you know you are going to have to get good at taking a big, fat cock in your sissy cunt, right? It will be bigger than that puny vibrator you’ve been using, so you’ll have to bend over and let me fuck you with my strap-on for a while before you graduate to a real cock. But don’t worry, I can get you ready in no time and you’ll be the most popular sissy whore in town. Just get on the phone and give me a call so we can get started with your sissy transformation!


My Little Brother Is A Panty Slut!

Sissy Panties
Princess Zoey is the sissy training bitch most men, or should I say sissy sluts, never have the pleasure of having. However, I keep catching my sweet little brother in my panty drawer, and my dirty laundry hamper! Sometimes, he’s smelling my panties. The ones that have been sitting in my hamper for a few days. The ones soaked in cum from those huge Alpha bull cocks. The ones coated in my cunt juice since I go to the gym and bust my ass every day. He wants that perfect pussy smell to get rubbed all over his face. Sometimes, he takes the silk ones and uses them to stroke his “cock.” I use quotations because we all know that tiny stick is a clit and nothing more! What the fuck could he ever do with a tiny cock like that? Nothing but lock it into a chastity cage and let it shrivel up! He liked to try and cum in them, but he never can seem to do that without deep throating my favorite dildo. I think my sweet younger brother is begging me to turn him into the nastiest little sissy slut the world has ever seen. I can’t stand the thought a minute longer. He needs his own panties, and he needs to be feminized now!

Sissy Maid Training Goddess

sissy maid training

Oh, you poor thing. You are in desperate need of some sissy maid training, aren’t you? You tried – I’ll give you that. But if you want to be a perfect sissy maid, you need to do a little better. You didn’t even shave your legs. Do you think any man is going to want you in his house to clean for him and then service him looking like that? I don’t think so. But don’t worry. I’ll send you to have your legs waxed and then you’ll look like a million bucks.

Of course, there are women who might also hire you to do their cleaning. I was thinking that it would be fun to have parties where all my girlfriends come over and you could serve us drinks and snacks and then while we enjoy them, you’ll get down on the floor and clean it with a toothbrush. Oh, there will be so many giggles and I’m sure your little clitty will be so excited. If you’re a really good sissy maid at the party, I’ll fuck you at the end of the night. I know that sounds like fun to you, so why are you not on the phone yet? I’m waiting.

Trap house sissy

best sissy trainer

Some men are destined to be a trap house sissy slut. I’m the best sissy trainer to bring you to your knees in front of a big black dealer cock. With me soon you will lose all respect for yourself and be grateful to be servicing the crack dealers for just a little dime rock. I will start you off with some pretty slutty clothing and have you do menial task and break your spirit all while telling you what a pathetic man you are. I live to humiliate you into submission.

And by getting you addicted to the glass dick and BBC you will be forever ruined for any other women. You won’t even desire pussy. All you will be able to think about is that chocolate cock and first hit of crack every evening. You will skip the street corner stays and be the trap house sissy all these men can use. Your ass pussy will be destroyed, but at least you get what you want!

And that’s a nice fat crack rock sizzling on that chore in your glass pipe as your back door pussy is filled with black cock cream!