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Sissy panties are what you will wear to the party

I love a sissy bitch in Sissy panties who knows her place. She has had enough training that it is easy to show her off. “This is my obedient bitch” I say as I walk you into my friend’s party leashed up and on all fours. “Greet everyone the way I trained you to do” I say as I take your leash off. Then you crawl over to my first bbc friend. “Please sir, may I greet you how I was trained” you beg.

  After he looks at me and I give him the go he pulls his cock out. Right away your mouth starts sucking on his big monster black cock. “Do it right hoe ” I say, and I push you head down on his cock even further. The rest of the party cheered as they watched such pathetic slut choke on a dick. Therefore, you suck his cock deeper and faster. Finally, he explodes in your mouth. “Drink it all sissy hoe” I say proudly.

Sissy panties

All the Sissy maid training you have received has prepared you for days like this. Now it is your time to shine like a sissy slut you were made to be. So, you move on to the next dick. “That’s it you will greet everyone in the room” “when you are done greeting them you will wait outside like my sissy pet you are ” I cheer you on and say. Finally, the last party attendee is up and you make me proud once again by milking his cock.

“Tell your mistress how full your tummy is” I demand of you. “My sissy belly is full of semen sperm thanks to you mistress” you respond as you crawl outside like a sissypup. From the window you watch me until I am ready to show off your training again.

Mistress phone sex while you become a real woman as you watch me fuck one!

Mistress phone sexWhen you need some Mistress phone sex I am the go to gal. Not only do I have tons of experience training sissy cuck boys but I also fuck tons of inferior women. The best way to be trained is by a Superior who has taught all genders into obedience. Especially when you are a man trying to be educated on how to be a sub servant sissy whore; that’s the best way to learn how to be a bitch. Ask all the little fucks I train; they are all good little pussy slaves after watching me with all these sweet slutty women.

I bet you are craving some filthy Phone domination with me. I bet you are playing with that over-sized clit of yours while day dreaming about bending over and taking it up that tight boy pussy. Are you jealous of this wet little cunt and her lovely twat getting railed by me? Don’t worry baby you are going to learn how to be a real girl soon enough. If you learn how to get fucked like this bitch I promise to get you the fattest bimbo tits ever. You will be rewarded with the greatest pair and the biggest juicy lips ever. I bet you would look so good you little faggot!

The best Taboo phone chat is with you little pathetic wanna be whores. It’s always my favorite to watch you needy boys beg to be precious little sissy’s for big dick. I love dressing you up while you practice on being the best fuck slut. You get to watch me pound out a real girl as you learn all the right ways to moan, groan and take dick. Watch me pound out her perfect pussy as it glistens and drips with her sweet cunt juice. After she cums you are told to lap it up so you get the real taste of what a man wants. Maybe one day you will be just as good as a real woman bitch!

Phone dominatrix Emerson will rip that sissy hole open!

Phone dominatrixPhone dominatrix Emerson will rip that sissy hole open! One of my favorite things to do with my sissy sluts is to make them look pretty. I am the queen of make up and I take great pride in making sure that my sissy’s face is perfectly slutty. I always choose a bright red lipstick for my baby sissy’s dick sucking lips because let’s face it, a sissy’s lips should always be ready and willing to please a real man. And let me tell you, I am going to make sure that my baby becomes a pro at sucking cock and pleasing men in every way possible.

But being a sissy is not just about looking pretty, it’s also about serving and obeying your mommy. That’s why I make sure that my sissy babies are trained to be the perfect maids. You need to know how to clean and tidy up mommy’s holes! You need to know how to please your mommy. I am always filled up with cum and I need my sissy to be able to clean it all out for me. After all, that’s what good sissy maids are for.

I may sound like a strict mommy, but I promise you, I am also a very loving one. I take great care of all my sissy babies and I make sure to give them the best training possible. And let me tell you, your tongue will love it! I will show you exactly how to please and serve your mommy, making sure that you become the perfect sissy slut.

So, if you’re ready to embrace your sissy side and become the best little sissy for your mommy, then don’t hesitate to give me a call for some sissy boy phone sex. I promise to make all your sissy dreams come true and turn you into the sluttiest, most obedient sissy you can be. I can’t wait to meet all my sweet sissy babies and give them the love and training they deserve.



Femboy training


Femboy trainingHey there, this is Mistress K. My real name is Tamika, but you can call me that. I’m a naughty, kinky dominatrix, and I love to keep my sissy slaves in line. Remember, I’m always in control and there’s nothing you can do about it. Make sure you fulfill every kinky, nasty demand I make, because you are a slut and I’ll mold you into an obedient one. I love teaching my little pets as long as they aim to please. Never forget that Mistress K owns you. If you think you’re ready for a challenging and fun role, be my sissy slut. Show the world your status in a cute lace panty set and thigh-high tights. Just follow my rules, but beware, as I don’t play. Break them and be ready for consequences that range from mild to severe. If you’re a good little sissy slut, come play with Mistress K. Forced feminization

Phone Dominatrix Tits Covered in Cum for Your Sissy Training

Phone Dominatrix Wants You to Clean These Tits

I need my filthy little fag to clean these phone dominatrix tits. It’s the only reason I keep nasty little sissy piggies like you around. I dress you up in a pretty pink maids’ outfit and force you onto your knees. Then put a pretty pink, open-mouth gag pushed in deep. You’re going to be drooling and panting like a good little pet. You’re going to stick out your tongue and I’m going to use it to get my pussy wet. Lick my fucking cunt you filthy little fag. You’re going to be a sloppy messy sissy slut. 

phone dominatrix

Open Wide for Cuckold Sissy Maid Training

You’re not licking my pussy for no reason. I have a friend coming over. He has a thick meaty cock that will need to be sucked, and I don’t want to mess up my lipstick. So I’m going to force his cock down your throat. You’re going to love the taste of that dirty, sweaty cock. This is what a real man looks and feels like. Get his cock nice and messy for me. He’s going to slide that fat cock into my pussy while you sit there and watch. I’ll even be nice and stroke that cock through your cute little sissy panties. 

He’s going to bend me over and push his cock into my cunt. Then I’m going to put these fat tits in your mouth and make you suckle while he fucks me. Perfect reward for your sissy maid training session. You’re lucky you’re even allowed to touch me. Lucky to have these big mommy milkers bouncing in your face while I get fucked down by a real man. He’s going to pull his cock out of my cunt and stroke his dick on to those fat tiddies. He’s going to ice them in cum, and then you’re going to lick his load off of them. Stick out your tongue you cum eating little sissy. 

Phone dominatrix Emerson needs a new maid to tend to her every need!

Phone dominatrix Phone dominatrix Emerson needs a new maid to tend to her every need! I am the one and only Emerson, your sexy sissy maid trainer. I have been in the business of dominating and training sissy maids for years now, and let me tell you, I know exactly what I want. And what I want right now is for you to clean out my holes.

Yes, you heard me right. I want you, my little sissy slut, to take care of my pussy and asshole. I know they might be a bit messy right now, but that’s why I have you. Your job is to clean out all the cum that’s been dripping out of me. And let me tell you, there is a lot of it.

But don’t worry, I won’t make it easy for you. I want you to use that tongue of yours and lick every last drop of cum from my holes. I want to feel your slutty tongue deep inside, cleaning and pleasuring me at the same time. You’ll make sure I’m squeaky clean before I allow you to take a breath.

I can just imagine you, kneeling in front of me, your face between my thighs, your tongue working tirelessly on my pussy. I’ll moan and scream, guiding you with my hands, making sure you don’t miss a single spot. And just when you think you’re done, I’ll turn around and offer you my asshole. I know how much you love it, sissy slut, so don’t even try to resist.

You’ll worship my asshole with your tongue, making sure it’s as clean as my pussy. I’ll guide you with my words, telling you how to move your tongue and how hard to press. And as you are eagerly cleaning my holes, I’ll be sure to stuff that sissy hole with a hard thick cock.

But don’t think this is just about cleaning. No, my sissy slut. This is about obedience and submission. This is about me showing you who’s in control and you willingly surrendering to my desires. This is about you being the best sissy maid you can be.

So come on, pick up that phone and call me for some hot sissy action, you slut! Trust me, by the end of our session, you’ll be creaming your sissy panties and begging for more. And let’s not forget, you’ll have done your job of cleaning out my holes like a good little sissy maid should. I’m waiting for your call, my slut. Don’t keep me waiting.


Sissy panties must be crotchless while I condition u for BBC

Sissy panties Put your sexiest Sissy panties on and be a very submissive and obedient slut for BBC. Those panties better be crotchless, Daddy wants easy entry! Get on your knees and behave yourself show daddy that you are a naughty little Cock worshiping slut and you are willing to do any and everything for his Biggest cum shot to fill your throat.

Drop your jaw so that daddy can tickle your tonsils with the head of his big black dick.

Gloss your heart-shaped lips with the precum that drools from his massive cock. A good slut swallows every inch! After many sessions of Online sissy training with me you will be more than ready to do just that. His big heavy balls smooshed up against your chin while you gag, slobber, and drool like a good bitch, is what daddy needs. Such a filthy faggot slut you are…

The more he slams his big cock into the back of your throat the wetter your mangina will be.

Don’t you just love the feeling of gagging and feeling you bussy gape at every slurp… Once you’ve got his massive cock extended to its max capacity.. Bend over, reach back, and spread those tight ass cheeks. Feel the head of his massive shaft stretch through the first layer of your ass… Daddy is going to take it nice and slow, feel your body tense up as your eyes roll back. It’ll be worth it slut when you feel daddy’s balls explode.

That warm creamy thick cum that fills your bussy will be spoon-fed to your when he is through.

We wouldn’t want that superior cum load to go to waste, would we? Ahhh, open up bitch its time you be a good cum eating slut and show Daddy you are the Nasty freak he’s been longing for. Sissy training is a requirement, it’ll help you ease your way into the magical world of pure pleasure unlike any that you’ve ever experienced before!

Femboy training sissy sluts from the south!

Femboy training

Femboy training busts your balls down south until you get a nice black cock in your mouth!

 You would think Femboy Training is more prevalent in places like New York and California. But this southern bitch knows a thing or two about sissys in the south.  The number one myth about men in Texas is that everything is bigger there. The only thing big is the lifted trucks concealing the small dicks between those legs. Think about it, a man with a big hanging dick would never need to flash his manhood in such a way! Some sissys in the Lone Star state are packed with a punch others are not. Southern sissy sluts would rather suck other huge cock off. 

Phone domination with men all over the country and a couple overseas has educated me on conservative men who really, really just need to fag out. The southern states bring me a large percentage of my clientele. Men who need to be dressed as little hooker whores and pimped to the next available BBC have me pouncing! Knowing soon I can have a redneck bouncing on a thick black cock gets me even more wet between my legs. 

 I get so excited just thinking about my southern sissy whores.

Mommy Zoey can hardly wait to get my hands on them and make them feel like the sluts they really are. I can’t wait to show them how a real woman can take control of their pleasure.

Forced intoxication is also part of sissy maid training in the South. Seeing the humiliation and pleasure these men experience as I train them to be the perfect submissive whores. I enjoy watching them submit to my ever-loving will. Take a hit and submit to Mommy Zoey! Worship as she brings you gallons of cum from a huge swinging black cock. 

Femboy training will have u brainwashed into crav’n RealCock

Femboy training It’s time for Femboy training, good sissies make real men cum and know to swallow.

Wrap those perfect heart-shaped red lips of yours around the head of this 9-inch cock and twirl your tongue inside of his pisshole. Show Daddy how much of a slutty little anal whore you are. You are such a Dick-loving filthy little cumrag… Behave yourself sissy bitch! Naturally, lubricate his big black dick with your saliva. Show Daddy that that gaping man pussy of yours doesn’t require lube. The more you gag, the more you’ll drool. Down on your knees, look up at Daddy as he strips you of your masculinity.

We want to see those big eyes of yours rolling to the back of your head while you are releasing your most feminized moans. If you do a good job at Cock worshiping that’ll earn yourself a hot steamy load inside of your bussy. Daddy will pull those frilly little sissy panties, off to the side and slowly ease his cock inside of your sissy hole. While Daddy takes care of you from behind I will be right there with my long hot pink strap-on reminding you who’s in charge. You want his cock, yes, but you do this all for me! Sissy panties

Without me, you wouldn’t know how to manage such a meaty cock like daddies, would you? Take it faggot, it’s okay to be a cock hungry fuck slut! I understand your need for big black cocks… Your porn addiction, made you see the world from another angle. You realized that you don’t have the porn cock that women desire. After so many videos you began to realize you were no longer eying the sexy bitch but the big black dick that stretched through her fuck hole.

The sexy moans she let out triggered your curiosity! A finger dipped into your fuckhole, led to a butt plug which then left you questioning your sexuality. You came to me for your reassurance only to soon find out that I would be the reason for your cock obsession… My strap-on was only the start of your ventures but after many rounds of steamy fun, I was able to convince you to fuck a real man and swallow his cum.

Now you attend Online sissy training every week in search of validation, your mind is now completely owned by me. 

You haven’t seen pathetic until you’ve seen my sissy maid training sissy’s

Sissy maid trainingAs my sissy maid training protege, you love the feeling of serving me and making your mistress happy. It’s a rush like no other to know that you can bring a smile to my face just by doing simple tasks around the house or dressing up in feminine attire for my pleasure.  I demand that you wear stockings, heels, and frilly aprons while performing your duties as my personal servant. Sometimes I even make you wear lingerie underneath it all which adds an extra layer of excitement (and discomfort) as it rubs against your growing arousal.

I often test your obedience by asking you to perform acts such as cleaning with your tongue or presenting yoursef in various positions for inspection – always ensuring that there is some element of humiliation involved so that both our desires are met during this dynamic exchange between us. When training you further into being the perfect sissy maid, I may have you kneel at my feet while brushing them or massaging them until they reach satisfaction; these acts not only showcase submission but also serve another purpose: teasing each other sexually without directly engaging in intercourse since we’both enjoy the taboo nature of our relationship. Plus you don’t deserve anyone doing too much with that silly thing between your legs. So I know you don’t expect much, because, well, duh!

I also like it when you clean other areas of the house with your  tongue, such as scrubbing floors or washing dishes – these tasks are not only degrading but incredibly arousing for both parties involved. Overall, being my sissy maid is an exhilarating experience, or so you say all the time.  You would think one would have some self-respect and just say no but for some pathetic reason, you continue to beg me to do tasks and please me so woh am I to  filled with humiliation and pleasure that we both secretly crave in this unique dynamic between us.