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Sissy Panties For Saint Nick

sissy panties

It’s time to put on your sissy panties for Santa, you dirty little whore! Have you been a good girl or a bad girl this year? I don’t think it matters whether you have or haven’t. You’re going to be getting a spanking from Santa either way. You know he has to deal with those naughty elves all year long, and Mrs. Claus would not really be okay with him doing that to them. But when he stops by your house, she won’t be there, and he’ll be able to do whatever he wants with you. Isn’t that SO exciting?

I think maybe you should dress up as an elf so that when he shows up, you can role play and he can act out what he wants to do on your naughty little ass. Once he puts you over his knee and spanks you, then he will tell you to bend over, pull your pretty panties to the side, and then he will slide his jolly old dick all the way inside you. Are you ready for his festive load of cum? Today is a good day for us to talk about what you truly want for Christmas!

Sissy Maid Training for the Holidays

sissy maid training

For some reason, some of you who call me for sissy maid training think that you’re going to get out of doing the actual maid work. When a man brings a sissy maid into his home, it’s NOT just for cock sucking and fucking. So, you need to just get comfortable with the fact that you’ll be doing more than looking cute in your outfit. Your new Master might want you down on your hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen or bathroom floor with a toothbrush before he fucks you. And if that is what turns him on, then you’d better be down on your knees doing as you’re told.

Once you’ve done your chores, then you might get lucky and get his dick shoved down your throat. And if you are a VERY good girl, then you might even be permitted to swallow his cum. But if you resisted him in doing your chores, you might still get that load, but he might shoot his load on the dirty floor and make you lick it up from there. I think the best thing for you to do right now is call me so we can get you trained properly!

Met a fan at the club

online sissy training


I had so much fun at the club last night. I love twerking and moving my body and getting all sexy and dressed up. I’m such a hot babe that I can have anyone I want. Indeed, I had even married guys all over me like white on rice. It was quite a memorable night.

You know that I can’t stop myself from having a great time.  All eyes on me are what I want, and I usually always make that happen. When it’s my turn to dance and steal the show, all the guys come up to me to want to get lucky.

Last night something interesting happened. I had a secret admirer. When he approached me, he didn’t want to dance he was instead talking about how he’s looking for an online sissy training princess. He wasn’t from Vegas but wanted to keep in touch to keep him trained. I accepted, and now I am excited to see how deep into some sissy fun he can get.

Wicked Sissy Hypno Training

sissy hypno training


I never get tired of repeating myself, and that’s how you get sucked into my sissy hypno training. Some of y’all bitch boys beg to be put under hypno, and don’t even realize that by doing this you have already put yourself in a  state of acceptance. 

You need to be under my spell, because you can’t take the fact that you crave cock. It’s just too much on you, and it has to be the work of some witch or woman who has cursed you. Why does liking cock have to be a curse, you can be a beta male to some big dick once in a while and still go home and fuck your wife. 

Through repetitive affirmations you can start to see the true side of what you are. A sissy and a cock lover. My main goal in life is to have you bring the Lady in your life along for your metamorphosis and show her just how devoted you are to her and only seek to please men because you know it turns her on. She will know the truth and you will know she knows, but under the guise of sissy maid training and hypno therapy you will be able to relax and let go of all your CIS Male inhibitions. Even if its just a phone sex girls voice and subconcous suggestions to begin to unleash your full potential of cock pleasing!

sissy maid training

Sissy Panties

Sissy Panties

Domination is what I live for. It gives me such a thrill looking at the army of subservient sex slaves I have created. They are my own personal collection and they absolutely worship me. I am their Goddess and Commander. Anything I say they will do. Particularly, I am specialized in training sissies and they love the humiliation. I dress them up in pretty, lace sissy panties and laugh at their puny little cocks. It isn’t enough to satisfy a woman and they know it. They come to me for validation. During my last training session, I had a sissy boy practice fucking one of my other pets. Mistress Genesis is definitely a voyeur and I love having my slaves perform for me. When you’re ready to give yourself over to your Mistress, let me know. I am always eager for new slaves to join my army.

Nancy Nylons with Pics!

Sissy maid training

The following is a exchange about sissy maid training and more with a real sissy and real sissy pics!

Nancy nylons : Merciless….. thanks to You handcuffing my manicured hands to my red six inch high heels in order for me to be totally under his control.

Zoey: Yes completely handcuffed and willing to be our slave. You are going to be the perfect subject for other sissy whores. Glossy precum lips! Throat full, My strapon on you pretty pink puckered. sissy hole

Nancy nylons : Do You think that I should rub my lips with the precum oozing from my member right now? Just to tease us both right now and fulfill the sissy responsibilities of eating every bit for You?

Zoey: Yes you should baby you are the perfect whore run it all in right now that’s an order! Yes your sissy responsibilities are on you right now ! Do it baby wear you sissy panties proudly as you do! 

 Nancy nylons : I’m coating my lipstick for you now and spooning it with my fingers onto my tongue! I’m so happy that You agree with all of the women who have participated with Nancy in crossdressing over the years- every one of them took it upon themselves to be up front and inform me that if boys like me wanted to dress like a slut, Nancy would be always required to eat up all the mess that Mistress allowed her to make. You are All so hot for that- I feel so small when I partake in cum eating while Women watch me! I’m sorry but I’m completely covered in my mess and must clean it up. Thank you so much and maybe we can Skype next so you can watch it and make fun of me. Perhaps You could tell me exactly how to eat it for you to enjoy the show the most— I think I could cum on my patent leather stilettos if you want to record it!!!

My Sissy Cuckold Slut Cleans My Mess

My ex was a big sissy slut cuck whore. Whenever I was in the mood, I would dress him up in slutty clothes and heels. I would make him clean the house like that and randomly bend him over and stick my fingers or toys up his man pussy. One day my favorite big black bull was over and he had fucked me so good with his big black cock and gave me a good creampie my pussy was sore.

Sissy maid trainer

I made my sissy slut dressed like a whore clean my pussy up.  suck the creampie out of me and make my cunt feel good. While he did that, I got a great idea I told my bull my cunt was tired but he could use his man pussy. As he cleaned my cunt, I spread his ass and my bull rammed his massive cock right in him. He tried to scream but my pussy was smothering his face. He didn’t stop fucking my sissy cuck whore until I squirted on his face and he filled his ass up. He always gets dirty when cleaning up my messes.  

Cuck John In His Sissy Panties

sissy panties

I have something awesome that you really need to hear about. So, last week, John took me out shopping for sexy lingerie because I had a date later that night with a really delicious, hot black man. John has what I’ll just go ahead and call an unfortunate dick. He knows that he’ll never have the chance to fuck me and loves to pamper me and get me ready to go out and fuck a real man. Big black cocks are my absolute favorite, and he knows that I always want to look my best before I get this hot white pussy banged.

But you know, when we were out, I told him that he should try some lingerie on. He seemed a little bit too excited and that’s when I knew that I wasn’t going to have to try too hard to transform him into a sissy slut. I held up a pair of black lacy sissy panties in front of him and told him that he would look amazing in them. He bought them, along with all of my sexy lingerie, and we went back to my apartment. Do you want to hear about what happened when he tried them on and all of my plans to turn him into a sissy slut? 

Forced sissy maid training

sissy maid trainingYou know you deserved every last second of the sissy maid training you received! How dare you go through my pretty things and decide you were going to wear my stuff! Oh, but you were so surprised when Your best friend’s sister caught you wearing her panty hose, and trying to stuff your feet in my expensive high heeled shoes! I loved how your whole entire body got, as you stammered, “when, when did you get home?” I was the one asking questions as I peeped a teenage sissy boi, enjoying a set of satin pantyhose and panties rubbing his nubbiet! It’s very rude to go through my things and let alone you are in my room, a woman’s sacred place. Now that you had violated me, it was time for your duties. I would blast these pictures all over campus, social media and make your senior year of highschool a living hell! I bet they didn’t want no sissy la-la on the football team either! I told you if you wanted to be a fairy then you had to act the part. The deal was I would dress you in some of my bigger clothing. I had lost weight and I had some pretty sexy things to dress you in. Then the chore list began. Watching you scrub my toilet and trying to keep your outfit clean was entertaining. But my favorite was putting you in a nice new chastity cage and stuffing your ass with my jeweled but plug. The house looked amazing and I have so many pictures of our fun times together! I wouldn’t be the best sissy trainer if I didn’t keep a little evidence for days when my piggy bank ran low! Speaking of, that little sportster would look so good with me in it. Hand over the keys were are going for a whole different kind of ride, one you will enjoy, Though!best sissy trainer

Janie And Presley’s Cum Farm

Sissy Slave Training

My sweetheart Janie and I opened up a little Cum Farm lately to help keep all of our Cum Cows fed as well as train our sissy sluts, and milk those bull cocks too! We breed, feed, and steed here, and you really can’t ask for much more than that. All of our little sissy whores get milked daily; whether it’s an act of pleasure or punishment is up to them! You see, we have needles and can drain their saggy coin purses ourselves. That ensures they receive nothing but edging on those pathetic tiny cocks, and we can still mix all that sissy cum up for Cum Cow feedings.

Sissy training audio

Janie is the hot, classy teen Domme you wish you could have. Together we bring in giant BBC’s to help with size training for our sissies. I find prostate milking is just as good as any! Either our pathetic cum churners help get and keep the bull cocks hard so Janie and I can get fucked or we let them practice themselves. These sissy sluts just don’t understand that practice makes perfect, and swallowing or bottoming out on massive meat sticks is no exception!

Sissy Maid Training

I have Janie to play with all day long; she has the most delicious body! But, business comes first, though our business is pleasure. All sissies enacted in our service need to provide one gallon of cum per day, especially if we’re to keep up with our forced cum eating for these little Cum Cows in training. If they can’t milk it out of their own sacs, either through forced orgasm or medical extraction, then they’ll have to milk enough big cocks and collect enough cum to pass. Else wise, we’ll be putting those little sissy sluts up for a bare bottom paddling and ten months in a tiny cock cage!

Domme orders need no affirmation, do they!? You do as we say, when we say. Janie and I think today we need some cock training, some stretching out of those anal sissy faggot holes, and maybe even some over stimulation for milking those sad, beta cocks. Remember, size does matter! Keep training, you sissy fag.

Sissy Panties