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House Sissy Shelbys Online sissy training

Online sissy training

Online sissy training for men like Shelby is just a touch-up for what’s happening in their sissy life. Can You Imagine being your step mommas sissy whore? Well, Shelby the sissy slut no longer has to worry about that. His step momma is an old school Soft domme who was aching to get her hands on her stepson. I would say now she pretty much rules his life. Although she is pretty mad that His wife isn’t stepping up to the plate in Shelby’s sissy instruction.

Just this last week Step Momma took Shelby away from his wife and made her clean the house and wouldn’t let her out of her pantyhose. That’s where this all started, a young femme boy stealing silky soft Nylons. I love Shelby step momma in the fact that she kept him safe from an ultra-conservative dad and fed his pantyhose addiction. And while Mistress Momma was doing extra femboy training she called his BBC daddy over and said he could use that whores mouth and pussy.

The wife was so jealous of that BBC-loving sissy whores body and cock skills that she threw a fit. But the time had come for Step momma to Put her best Alpha Domme skills to work. Step Momma is number one and she will not tolerate all her hard work over the years to be ruined. So she is training the wife and pulling out her domination side. Let’s just hope that wife of Shelby the cock slut with a cute clitty learns fast. Shelby always needs extra House Sissy maid training!

Mistress Arabella Loves her Sissy maid!

Sissy maid training

You know you want to be the best little sissy you can be. Well, come to my Sissy maid training.

Being a good sissy is all you can think about, isn’t it? I mean let’s face it you aren’t man enough or woman enough, are you? You better work to be the best little sissy you can be. Otherwise, you are just worthless. Now, I am sure you want to look all pretty as a sissy, but that is not where we are going to start. First, I need to see your skills. How will I do that you wonder?

All we need is slutty red lipstick and a fat dildo. HMM, have you guessed what I have in store for your very first training? We are going to see how far you can deepthroat that cock. To be honest, I need to hear you gag on it and keep going if you are going to pass my very first class. So open wide little bitch.

Sissy phone sex training has brought me a lifetime friend!

Sissy phone sexTimothy gives me — Something to believe in… He calls me up and opens my eyes to the big world, there are so many things out there that many of us turn a blind eye to. We spend lots of time together! We started our relationship by him faking he was seeking Online sissy training.. I caught on pretty quickly! I could tell by his soothing voice and masculinity that there was no way this guy was a sissy. He eventually confessed to me that he was just bullshitting around and was looking for someone to talk to..

Honestly, when he and I get to talking it’s endless our tongues just roll and words flow naturally. He’s taught me so much in such a short period of time.. This guy, I would literally spend time with even off the phone, if it were possible.. I could totally see us kicking our feet on an elevated rock looking up at the night sky staring at the satellites.. LOL just kidding the stars *eye roll* haha.. Maybe I should consider putting him in a pair of Sissy panties while we sit there chit chatting for sweet revenge..

No really, we talk for hours.. he is the man I’ve never had. Sometimes I totally question if he is even really single. It’s just so hard to believe someone so pure with an open mind doesn’t have a wife. Anyone who has had him and lost him definitely lost a gem! We know a lot about one another.. Like the honest truth! Not some made up fantasy and unrealistic bullshit, the real deal. I enjoy every minute I spend with him to the point I’ve stored his contact so I always know when it’s him calling. When my phone rings and I see that it’s him it sends me smiling from ear to ear, super excited to find out what he’s got in store for me today.

I could sit there and binge eat popcorn with my eyes widened that’s how suspenseful the information he shares with me is.. I am so intrigued by the things we talk about that I even do research outside of our conversations and try spreading the word to friends and family! I wish I could press my red heart shaped lips against his and look into his blue eyes with my glowing emerald eyes, safe in his arms. I know he will take great care of the woman who gets lucky enough to have him. Sissy phone sex training has brought me a lifetime friend!

Mistress Phone Sex: Training Sissy Fuck Toys!

Mistress Phone Sex
The truth is, sissies love calling me for Mistress phone sex because I give them real experience with fucking big cocks! Some of my best training sessions happen when I invite one of my stud cocks over for a long night of sissy girl training. I make my sissies learn exactly how I take a big hard dick; they learn fast how I manage to extract that hot creamy load every time. From cock sucking to deep anal fucking, my sissy maid training sessions aren’t for the weak unsure sissy… Of course, I train the curious faggot sluts too but my real talent is in being the wildest phone dominatrix to push even a confident sissy girl to their absolute limit. Do you dare seek phone domination from a real BBC sissy trainer?

Sissy girl training requires a shopping spree

Sissy girl training Guess who’s Sissy panties came in the mail late last night? Yup, Matt.. wait a second we do  not call her Matt anymore.. her new name is Scarlett, sexy huh? I know! She looks amazing in red.. Her knockers fit perfectly in the lace mesh slip.. and her peenie well, lets just say a thong did the trick.. She barely even had to tuck!

Thongs were totally created just for her.. Let me tell you, the little slut hasn’t taken her slip off since she’s got it. Yes, it’s that comfortable! She is accepting her new life now and is adjusting quite well.. We talked a bit today but a girls gotta work if she wants to go shopping and no duh, without funds she won’t be able to afford Online sissy training with her new goddess, Me! 

Her toy came in first but she isn’t allowed to use it until we are actively having some phone fun.. I am going to teach the skank how to properly stretch her bussy.. She will soon be an addict! begging me to help her find a mate to fuck her senseless. I can’t wait to have her strutting in a pencil dress with a bombshell bra, clear platform mules and a clutch purse.. ha! We’ve got a long way to go.. the bitch has no clue how to walk in heels yet! Don’t worry Scarlett, you soon will.. You are one step closer to victory. 

Lucky for Scarlett, she doesn’t need breast implants, she’s got at least a double D 100% natural and her manhood is so small she won’t need to tuck or transition.. Nobody will notice that little link poking through anyhow. Ya, it’s that small LOL. Sissy girl training has been a breeze for my new sissy slut but wait until she finds out what it feels like to wax all of her hair off her body.. That’s next! Oh and lets not forget what it’s like to first have her bussy stretched and the addiction to cock that’s going to come with it.. Do you have what it takes to be America’s next top Sissy? 

Welcome To Mistress Arabella’s Sissy Academy

Online sissy training

Welcome to lesson 1 of my Online sissy training academy, where boys go to become very sexy girls.

You have always wanted to be a sexy girl but unfortunately for you, you were born with that pesky thing they call a cock. Well darling today, we will begin the process of turning that cock into a glorious clitty. And ridding you of all your masculine ways.

Panties, Perfume, and fuck me heels.

Now darling I hope that you like panties, Perfume, High stripper heels and cock sucking lipstick shades. I plan on turning you into the perfect sissy slut. It will take some time, but I am sure if you put in the effort and time on your knees that you will pass with flying colors.

Embrace your inner sissy slut.

Now for lesson 1, I want you to slide into those sexy pink satin panties and say goodbye to the little cock. Feel how your sexy clitty loves the feel of satin and how she begins to drip in anticipation of what you will experience in Mistress Arabella’s Sissy Academy.


Online sissy training with Tiffany got kinky

Online sissy trainingHer first week crossdressing was a success! We’ve already found her a BBC Master to keep her tamed.. She is a slave to his Big black cock, left with no choice but to surrender when he destroys her bussy and leaves her with a creampie!

She has adjusted quite well to her new duty as a Sissy slut being dominated by an alpha male.. She called me up for intense Online sissy training and sent me some personalized photos so we could work on getting her up on as many sites as possible. This made our hunt for the biggest cock we could come across, easier…

She’s already been anal stretching for a while so she is no newbie to ass play. She has just finally accepted her fate, being better at servicing a man than a woman.. Plus, she’s already done so much damage that she has managed to destroy her nervous system.. her dick has shriveled up and shrunk about 3 inches.

These are the consequences sissies accept when they find out how good an anal orgasm feels. To her I am already the Best sissy trainer in existence.. Yet, training has only just begun! She seems to take orders quite well and isn’t a mouthy little bitch. Sometimes sissies forget their purpose is to serve and tend to be far too needy. She’s quite different. She knows I am who she idolizes and in order to be the best she can be she is going to have to follow my lead. In due time she will have what it takes!

Bareback breeding is my gift to her whenever I see overall improvement. An entirely new wardrobe is what we are currently working on, all she needs is guidance. Forced feminization isn’t necessary!

Sissy Maid: Follow My Instructions

Sissy maid training


A sissy maid that is employed by me has to do a lot more than wash dishes and do my laundry. Obviously, you will be doing any chores I assign to you, but I have a few extra activities that a regular maid will not do. You will require extensive training before you can really be called my maid. You have to take corporal punishment well, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Sometimes I just like to spank your ass. You also have to be in a chastity cage every minute you work for me. You are more of a sissy slave than a maid, and no slave needs to be getting off without my permission. In addition, a maid must be willing to vet all of my sexual partners thoroughly. That means you’ll have to be good at taking a hard fucking. None of the men that I have ever fucked (and they are few and far between) got to fuck me before showing how good of a lay they are. You don’t have to do anything but let them use you and rip your pussy apart. Once you have been sufficiently degraded, you need to report back to me how good he was. If he’s shit, he might need to practice on you until he gets it right. You’re okay with that, aren’t you, maid sex slave? 

Forced sissy training for Submissive Sub

Forced sissy training

Most subs crave Forced sissy training, but few can handle it. So many wanta be subs cry and beg for you to make them your sissy but most are too blind and inattentive to become a slave for a powerful mistress like myself. Most submissive males are voyeurs and not participants because they just can’t get out of their own way and submit to the pleasure zone. It requires a big commitment on the part of the mistress and slave. While I may use my cunt to obtain a following don’t be fooled. This cunt requires hours of service if you are to be collared by me. My slaves all know the different sensations of pleasure I demand. Not all pleasure is cut out equality and some pleasures have many layers underneath the top layer of pleasure. The question is are you ready to commit to exploration of pleasure? Are you ready to find out how pleasure can be used for and against yourself? Do you have the ability just to take another breathe and ride the waves of desire and pleasure only a mistress can bring to her submissive?

BBC sissy trainer blacks you

BBC sissy Trainer

It’s time to get and stay Blacked by your favorite BBC sissy trainer! I know how much you envy and lust after those swinging tree trunks of BBC. I too love the wonderful joy of having my ass clapped by a thundering big black dick. My thighs often break the speed of sound as my Black man fucks his snow bunny. I have that tight body of a white girl with a fat ass that black men can’t deny. I love you sissy maid bitches asking about my boyfriend. I always assume you mean Mike my black daddy. 

But yeah there’s Trent with his small dick out asking me if he can start working at the sissy maid hotel. He says it would be wonderful to work and pay my way through the salons they have created just for mistresses such as me. I get a discount and Sissy’s checks to pay for my stay. Of course, ill be staying in the BBC wing where they have Black men on speed dial for white women who need some strange, sweet-swinging dark meat. Trent is my boyfriend, I guess… But he really doesn’t get to fuck more than my ass on holidays and such. He spends more time worshiping black dick than I do. I have so much to learn! I guess I’ll keep him around to pamper me and learn the true art of being a sissy maid training to be a  queen for BBC.