Sissy hypno training with your fav mistress!

Sissy hypno trainingI am currently calling out all the little fem cucks who needs Sissy hypno training. I don’t know what’s taking you bitches so fucking long to contact me. My schedule should be filled up with you pathetic little dick bitch boys. I know your little over sized clit is throbbing for attention by your favorite mistress Presley. Too bad you are so pathetic I won’t even let you fucking touch it. However, I absolutely will let you get down on your sweet knees and eat my cunt while I shower. You should be fucking honored that I will even allow you to touch my trophy girl pussy. 

Once you little fag bags show up at my house I will have your outfits prepped and ready with the cutest Sissy panties for you. By the time you are fully trained and prepped you will never want to wear boy clothes again. I am going to make sure you leave my house fully dressed in the prettiest little dresses. Everyone will know you are a bitch in heat the second they lay eyes on you. So I will make sure you have the cutest butt plug in before you leave too; your little boy-pussy will be nice and gaped for a big cock all the time!

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