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Best sissy trainer gets you addicted

When you have been trained by the Best sissy trainer, you become a cum addict. All you think about is the next moment mistress Gypsy will use you to milk a BBC. Since I work with BBC trainers I will always keep you full of cum. I want you in your sissy uniform I have picked for you and on your knees waiting to serve us in any way. Tonight I wanted to have you dripping before you milked any cock. I love seeing what a good cum whore you are. We teased you by making you suck on each and everyone of our toes like they were dick you needed to milk. I made you lick my asshole while my BBC trainer friend put his toes inside your Sissy panties and teased your sissy pussy. That had your clitty hard, especially when he shoved his toes in your pussy. You start begging me to let you milk my BBC buddy. As I laugh, I open your mouth and guide your head on his thick long cock. Right away he face fucks you hard, making you gag and choke until you have tears flowing down your face. Your little clitty leaked through your panties and when he started filling your mouth up with thick yummy cum, your clitty squirted. That shows me you are an addict to the cock.

Best sissy trainer

Sissy Training is My Specialty, and So is Being a Loving Mommy

sissy trainingSissy training is my specialty, but I get a lot of mommy calls too. I guess you could call me a sissy mom. I have two trans sons. When I first started this job, my boys were schoolboys. Just young boys who liked to play dress up in mommy’s clothes and play with make-up. I knew then that they were special. I mean boys their age played with cars, Legos and trucks. They wanted to wear jeans and t-shirts. I let them be who they were. I think it is harmful to stifle a young one’s natural exploration to find out who he or she is. Most women are not as enlightened as me, though. I get all sorts of sissy phone sex callers who talk to me about how they were shamed and ridiculed, even punished by their parents when they got caught wearing mommy’s pretty things. Some of these men are pretty fucked up because their parents just did not understand.

I like to recreate the mothering experience with callers. Be that nurturing, loving, encouraging mother that they should have had. The kind of mother my boys have. My twins are living their lives in that in-between world that scares so many people these days. They go to an arts school where their creativity  can blossom. They go to a school where they can wear dresses and makeup to school daily. They have friends. They have boyfriends. They thrive socially. Regular school was not so welcoming, but I recognized that immediately and switched their schools. What mother does not want her offspring to thrive? When they are 18, they can decide if they want to have sex reassignment surgery, or become trans girls. Whatever they choose, I will support because that it what a good parent does. They support their offspring. And the best sissy trainer supports you. Nurtures you, encourages you and only punishes you in order to train you properly.  Mommy is waiting for you boys.

His first Sissy training session went well

Sissy trainingThere is a new sissy in town and he’s going to be squeezing his little link into his first pair of Sissy panties! He was at work when his asshole started feeling all slimy, he couldn’t help the tingly sensation that ran through his body.. He needed a fix, even if that meant in the parking lot of his place of employment.. Risky business! He took his 15 and called me up from the back seat of his compact car..

He didn’t have any toys so we settled with his fingers! He slicked his tips up by slurping and sucking them, like they were a fat cock.. Then smacked the excess saliva that he scooped up from his chin onto his manhole.. The windows of his car were not tinted but they did naturally fog after a while of his huffing from the sensational fuck he was giving himself; while I whispered humiliating things into his ear.. He or should I say she?

Anyway, the faggot is aware of his position.. Not every call will he get off; sometimes he may even just have to sit back and listen to me breathe.. I mean whatever it takes to talk to a hottie, you couldn’t stand a chance with in reality! uhh, the good in fantasy, huh? haha, Sissy training has only just begun, we went shopping for some fun stuff..

So far we’ve gotten a clear 7.3in soft realistic dildo to gag his bussy with and a plus size contrast lace mesh slip with a matching thong… It’s even got a satin bow that sits right between his knockers. I can’t wait until it arrives so I can show the world that a Sexy BBW does exist.. His juicy phat ass is going to look amazing sucking up a g string.. He has never had his man hole stretched with anything besides his finger.. Lucky him, I am the sexy bitch who’s going to break him in. Welcome bitch, You’ve got yourself the Best sissy trainer on the net, Good taste!

Be my sissy

phone domination

Do you want phone domination by a goddess who will make you quite the sissy? I know you want to be able to suck cock freely and become a full-time sissy. Let’s get you over to hustlers so we can get you some outfits to try on. You’ll be my sissy slut and be fucking for the dollar. Most sissies like to have a firm, stern goddess to guide them. You know I am the epitome of tough love. I am not mean because I want to be; I am only trying to make the best sissies possible. Only the strong will make it and can conquer all the sissy tasks put in play. When you do what I say, you become one of the greatest sluts.

Humiliation Phone Sex: ON your knees like a little bitch!

Humiliation Phone SexLet’s play a game little dick, one of humiliation phone sex roleplay fun. We will pretend I am the prison warden and you are the little punk prison bitch meant to be sodomized at my will. That means you will have to be a good little snot and obey each and every command I give you or your back pussy is going to be beaten to fuck by lots of thick studly man meat. I’m sure the thought of you being gangbanged by that many studs makes your widdle dicky twitch a little in excitement anyway. 

You can start by worshipping the ground and the sexy heels I walk on. On your hands and knees put that pretty little ass in the air for all the prison guys to look at and cat all. Kiss my heels. Suck on my heel like it was a cock that you were trying to bring pleasure to. Kiss up my legs wrapping your thighs around my heel so I can step on your pathetic bean bags while you thank me. You are lucky to serve my perfect hot young body. 

Service my perfect ass hole. Perhaps if you are lucky I might place a toot on your tongue. Men would line up to lick my anus and you are doing it for a chore. Let me use your tongue like a dick fucking you deep inside my ass. Lord knows it does more for me than your worthless little dick does. If you are a good little worthless worm you can lick my ass hole while one of my prison studs services my dripping wet cunt. We may even laugh as I drown you in my squirting pussy juices from fucking his perfect cock. No cumming for you of course otherwise you take my stud next time.


Online sissy training with Tiffany got kinky

Online sissy trainingHer first week crossdressing was a success! We’ve already found her a BBC Master to keep her tamed.. She is a slave to his Big black cock, left with no choice but to surrender when he destroys her bussy and leaves her with a creampie!

She has adjusted quite well to her new duty as a Sissy slut being dominated by an alpha male.. She called me up for intense Online sissy training and sent me some personalized photos so we could work on getting her up on as many sites as possible. This made our hunt for the biggest cock we could come across, easier…

She’s already been anal stretching for a while so she is no newbie to ass play. She has just finally accepted her fate, being better at servicing a man than a woman.. Plus, she’s already done so much damage that she has managed to destroy her nervous system.. her dick has shriveled up and shrunk about 3 inches.

These are the consequences sissies accept when they find out how good an anal orgasm feels. To her I am already the Best sissy trainer in existence.. Yet, training has only just begun! She seems to take orders quite well and isn’t a mouthy little bitch. Sometimes sissies forget their purpose is to serve and tend to be far too needy. She’s quite different. She knows I am who she idolizes and in order to be the best she can be she is going to have to follow my lead. In due time she will have what it takes!

Bareback breeding is my gift to her whenever I see overall improvement. An entirely new wardrobe is what we are currently working on, all she needs is guidance. Forced feminization isn’t necessary!

Best Sissy Trainer Coraline is Part Phone Sex Therapist Too

best sissy trainingI am not so egotistical to say I am the best sissy trainer here, but I am one of the best. I think what makes me good is that I am equal parts sissy trainer, mom and phone sex therapist. There is no cookie cutter sissy caller. You must know how to listen to a sissy when she is talking. Some do not want cock, some are all about the cock. Some want sissy humiliation, others want encouragement and nurturing. Some like to dress up in frilly dresses and be exposed as sissy faggots. Yet others just want to wear panties and stay in the closet. A good sissy trainer does not treat all her sissies the same way. I am part sissy phone sex therapist. I listen to my sissies. I help devise a sissy plan that best fits them. Jake for example, lives in a rural city. He wants cock, but it is hard to get cock in a small town. It is also hard to dress up and go to glory holes when your town has no glory holes and everyone in town knows everybody else. I have been encouraging Jake to travel. He finally did and he called me from San Francisco the other night. He wanted some encouragement on where to begin. In a large city full of gay men, sissy faggots and all kinds of alternative folks, Jake could blend in. I sent him to a glory hole first. I found an adult bookstore near his hotel and instructed him to go there. I was with Jake the entire time. He wanted me to hear him suck his first real cock and I did. I was like a proud mama bear. My months of sissy training finally being put into practice. It was hot hearing Jake swallow cock after cock. I helped Jake get what he wanted out of the sissy life. His journey is just beginning, however. Maybe I can help you with your sissy journey too.

Gotcha Professor; A Sissy Phone Chat Roleplay That Will Make You Hard

Sissy Phone ChatSissy phone chat will suck you in when you are a cross-dressing faggot craving the penetration of a superior women’s strap-on. I know that when you admire a beautiful woman it is not the sexual desire of ravaging her body that plagues your mind. Instead, it is envy that pierces deep within your soul knowing that you, a man, just wish you could be in that pretty lady’s clothes. That is why whenever you show up at that college party, I can tell by the way you are looking at me, Professor, that you want to be naughty but not like all the other professors with their horny teacher’s assistants. 

It doesn’t take much convincing for you to take me back to your place. A single-person basement efficiency. You make good money working for the school, so why live in a dump like this place with thrift store furniture? I know it isn’t because of fancy clothes, because you would rather dress like a whore. However, the air smells of sweet perfume. Hookers. You do like to get your rocks off. You have no wife so it must be an embarrassing fetish that keeps you blowing your bullseye with women of the night. 

You lead the way to the bedroom showing me to the bed before excusing your way to the bathroom. Lingerie hangs ever so slightly from the top drawer of your dresser. Now I can’t help but snooze, stepping up to my red healed platform wearing feet and slowly and quietly pulling out that drawer. It brings a subtle giggle to my sexy lips. Panties, and lots of them. Some bras too. Inside the drawer was a variety of pretty panties all tangled up as if they were having an orgy of their own. You enter the room mid-conversation pausing, words stuck on your lips. Slowly I hold up a lacy pair of purple panties lined with a lilac silk pouch that would be against a pretty puss. 

It’s honestly adorable the way you stumble over your words slowly sulking closer to the ground. Your panties are still in my hand as I slowly walk your way. I reach down and lift your chin, ordering you to your knees. Gently I kiss your forehead and order you to dress up nice and pretty for me and you may get a reward. I order you to show me the rest of your toys, and of course, you do holding up a big 10-inch black strap-on dildo. I can hardly hold my excitement as you dress in your best lingerie. All the naughty nothings that I will be doing to you with this deep dick penetration of mine. I’ve got you now professor, you are mine all mine.

Sissy Humiliation Training for Faggot White Boys

Sissy humiliation training is exactly with a little pathetic shrimp dick panty wearing bitch boi like you deserves. Let your new Mistress train you to be a good little nigger cock worshipping sissy faggot white boy.

Understand your place first and foremost. That is before me, Your Mistress and on your knees in panties. My desire is to make you a good cock sucker and I have a nice big black strap-on cock to train you on. As it is I would be ashamed to have you fail at being a good cock sucker for one on my black studs. So get that suction cup BBC dildo and start sucking it bitch.

The moment you are ready and able to really get sloppy with this cock is when I will be ready to train you on taking it in that sweet pussy of yours.

Sissy humiliation training

Sissy phone sex confessions

Online sissy trainingWhen did you recognize it? Did you just realize this recently or had you known all along? Don’t pretend to be confused, you know exactly what I am talking about, don’t you? Don’t doubt yourself.. Yep, it’s the first thing that came to that slutty mind of yours. Maybe you are still having trouble accepting it.. You don’t like being called a faggot, in no way are you gay.. Right?

Even though you slip your penis into a pair of sissy panties nearly everyday.. Still nobody has a clue! Aren’t you so tired of hiding the truth? The first step is confessing.. Don’t worry I will clear that fog up for you. You come to me for acceptance.. You love the idea of a woman encouraging you to suck and slurp..

Sometimes you may even use the excuse you want me to enjoy myself, it’ll seem as if you are sacrificing me or your girlfriend to get our pussies stretched by a BBC.. Its safe to say, you only do that for your own personal pleasure.. You keep in mind when I orgasm all over his cock you can use the excuse of being a slave for me.. That’ll make it possible for you to clean his cock up of all my sweet juices.. Manipulation?Sissy slave training

In reality we both know, you want what’s inside his gusher.  You are hoping I get so aroused watching you drag your tongue up and down his cock that I enable you to bend over.. You want your man pussy to be loaded with the creamiest thickest cum load.. I guess that’s what I am here for… To be the one who tells you it’s okay that you are intensely attracted to big cocks.. Some men have big dicks and guys like you just have little ones!

It’s totally understandable, you want to find out what it feels like to have a real man’s dick in your hand ! Maybe even have a better understanding on why your “prude” girlfriend suddenly is a nymphomaniac when it comes to a big black dick.. its okay, want to see a magic trick? kneel down before me and watch my tight snatch swallow up an 11 inch dick.. Meanwhile, I want you down on your knees sucking my cunt juices off his balls and dragging your tongue up and down his cock as it slides in and out of me. It’s time for Online sissy training… WBMT offers the best Sissy slave training on the web!