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Do You Need Sissy Panties?

sissy pantiesDo you have a pair of sissy panties? Every sissy needs panties, especially sissies with small willies. I sell my panties and I have a variety of panties too. I like to see sissies in feminine panties. Pastel colors or bold reds or purples. Maybe some animal print or floral panties. Lace, silk or cotton all feel good on your little dicklette and look good on you too. I have a panty obsession. I am addicted to Victoria Secret panties. They have such variety. My sissy boys love to play with my panties. That was how I knew they were not like typical boys their age. Most boys steal mommy’s panties to smell her pussy. They jack off in them because they are thinking about mommy’s wet pussy against their young cocks. My sons were wearing my panties because they were panty boys not because they wanted to be inside my pussy. My little boys wanted to dress up frilly and feminine to get cock. That is something I know how to do. The day I caught my twin boys wearing my panties and sucking on my dildos, I knew they needed sissy training. They started off just wearing my sexy panties and sucking on my strap-on dick. Now, I dress them up as pretty girls and I take them to glory holes to suck cock. Sometimes, I bring cock home for them too. Panties transform a boy into a sissy. They will transform you too. Panties keep your clitty feeling secure. Panties make you feel feminine. Panties also help you walk more like a woman. They hug your hips and make you feel girly. I will help your pick out the perfect pair too. We can shop online, or you can buy a pair of my sexy panties. Trust me, you belong in panties.

Dildo Sissy Training 101

sissy training

In the early morning or late in the night is when sissy training on the dildo is best. Some of you fags have wifes that have no clue what your are into. SHAME, shame, I would enjoy being married to a sissy fag hag who loved bouncing on a dildo for me! I love being a sissy trainer the mornings after my sissy bois wifes and girlfriends  go to work. I know my sweet sissy men love  having the place all to themselves,  I don’t want you to have to be quiet if you don’t want to be. I love it when I get past the fingers and insert the first dildo in…it’s amazing feeling myself twitch. Now it’s your turn, Slide fingers inside yourself with a bit of KY. No cheap lube here! Soon you will learn to use your sissy leaks to lubricate but for now KY is best! But then the fucking begins, enjoy girls! And of course you boys with small dicks who might not be a complete fag! That dildo is going to go inside your ass pussy. Be thankful I am not there. (I have my strap attached most calls, and love stroking it as I help that ass get fucked for me.) So I always want to dick you down. But for now you just pull down those sissy panties and let me help you get fucked the best way I can! Slow and steady until we pick up the tempo! Moan for me sissy Bitch! Please send pictures of big sissy dicks and I guess tiny sissy clits. I just want to see you fucked BITCH! 


PSA : Now accepting Appointments for sissy dildo and Sissy clothing shopping during the day. You need a hot bitch to push you to buy the right things. I am not one to ever miss out on a shopping spree with a sissy! While your shopping my favorite color is Amazon gift codes! 💋👌😊

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Easter Sissy Training with Frilly Dresses


sissy trainingIt is Easter Sunday and there is no better time for sissy training. My sissy boys love Easter. Not because of the baskets but because of the dresses. It is the one day of the year they can dress in their best dresses. When I was their age, I loved wearing my Gunnie Sax dresses. They were all the rage in the 70s and 80s. They were floral hippie style dresses that all the girls wanted for dances and Easter Sunday. My sissy boys love Easter dresses too. I took them shopping last week for their Sunday best. We are not religious, but I take them to church every Easter just so they can show off their frilly dresses. They got matching dresses. Pink dresses with lots of frills and bows. Matching ribbons in their hair and white fluffer sissy panties. Shoes to match with cute little white ankle socks with lace trim. I did their make-up too. Honestly, I do not think anyone would know they were not born girls. That is how good of a sissy trainer I am. I can make even the butchiest looking man a femboy. We went to church this morning for Easter sunrise service, and no one knew they were not little girls. Of course, at a certain age it is easy to make a little boy look like a little girl. They felt like the belles of the balls. We got home and had a nice brunch. I had a special surprise for them too. One of my black lovers came by. I told them to go into the bedroom for their Easter baskets. There was my stud naked with two Easter baskets dangling on their cocks. It is not Easter without some chocolate, right? Since their mommy is a bbc sissy trainer, they have a love for those big black dicks. It was a perfect Easter Sunday.

Party Girl training



online sissy trainingI’m a party girl that attracts all the guys. I love to use my tiny body to my advantage. My perfect night out includes me going to a nice club and getting wild. I love to dance and be the center of attention. It is the Leo in me. I am all about being the star of the show. I enjoy guys wanting to fuck me and trying to buy me drinks left and right. So you want to be my sissy and indeed of some online sissy training? Well, you will have to be a good little listener and follow all the rules. It’s an honor to follow me and learn some tips and tricks to further your adventure in sissy life. You don’t want to be an average sissy. You want to learn from the best and have to emulate as much as possible a perfect princess like me. Although you will never be Mistress Ember, you can be a fan.

Online Sissy Training is the Way to Go

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training is my specialty. I have been in the domination world for twenty some years. I started out as a professional mistress in college. Men loved having a hot coed dominate them. And I loved doing it. I found out quickly, however, that sissies were a close cousin to BDSM boys. I enjoyed sissies. And when the laws for BDSM mistresses changed, I became a sissy trainer. I still have a few BDSM clients that have been with me a couple decades, but I am mostly a sissy trainer these days. It was a busy week too. I was slammed with longer callers. I picked up a few new sissy therapy callers. That is when men want to pick my brain about sissy training. I love just talking about the right clothes to wear. How to come out of the sissy closet. How to suck cock and where to get cock. I also teach sissies how to edge. Every sissy trainer does some jerk of instruction and cum eating instruction too. Little dicks tend to be quick cummers. I love talking to a variety of sissies too. I love to hear your experiences, what you crave and where you see yourself. We set a sissy plan and we make it happen. I have so many sissies, but I can never have enough. Let me be your sissy trainer. I will teach you how to dress the part. I will teach you how to look the part. And I will tell you how to act the part with cock sucking training. Cannot get the real thing? That is okay. I can still train you how to suck on a dildo or a beer bottle. I am the best sissy trainer for all kinds of sissies, but I will let you know, I am a nurturer and a sweet mommy. I can be mean and demanding, but I love to help a sissy grow with love and patience and training.

Twinks Love online sissy training

Online sissy training

Online sissy training for twinks who know they are nothing but a sweet little fag. Your little white cock had her thinking it was the best she could do.   Oh but you were seriously mistaken.  All it took was one time for her to cheat on you, and she never slept with you again. 

I hope you remember the last time your small white cock was inside your wife. You will never feel her velvet smooth walls around your embarrassingly small cock again! 

You don’t even give a fuck, You are always thinking about your co workers cock and how good it might taste. You my dear are a faggot and you need to be properly turned out.  When your wife makes you call so you can confess how fucking gay you are…. 

 I don’t think I need say more.  You are confessing your love for penis as you are made to pay and jack off with me. Your wife Laughs at you and keeps fucking all your friends and telling them how wee your weenier is! So, now what are you going to do?

Your going to need complete sissy hypno training to rid you of all that nasty and heavy male presence about you. Its time for hair removal, lipsticks and lots of exfoliants and lotion and oils. We are going to make you the sissy dream. It wont take much, you already know you love cock! 

BBC Richard Wears Sissy Panties

sissy pantiesHe comes to me wearing Sissy panties, black thigh highs with garter and heels. I tell him, “don’t take this the wrong way but you make a great BBC riding, cock sucking sissy faggot!”
Richard tells me too late I already have a Big back cock coming over to fuck me! Its a guy his ex knows and sent over to fuck Richards sissy ass!
He tells me that “She gets off on me getting fucked by less than average looking black men with massive dicks. Ones that don’t really get white women, she makes me give them the best fuck they ever had!”
Richard the sissy AKA Rachel the Shemale now says that she has kind of started liking servicing uglier BBC.
Good dick is a good dick! Right? It doesn’t matter how ugly they are as long as they have that huge swinging BBC man meat!
Rachel ex ol’ lady is too busy for a visit from this pathetic sissy, tonight. Instead she sends a ugly ass man with a 13 inch black cock over to service her sissy in waiting! She is just too busy fucking her huge black cocks. Black cocks that Richard ,the once man, turned her on too!
Can you believe he made his ex wife a true BBC cock whore in the process of trying to get a little cuckolding action. Coke dealer dick is where it’s at for this one prim and proper lady. The black coke dealers give her just enough to keep coming back. He doesn’t sell to her just makes her fuck for it. Pimping white girl pussy for coke and BBC fucking! Rachel / Richard knows that f his sissy ass had never wanted his wife to fuck BBC for him and showed her that black cock porn she wouldn’t be a BBC coke whore like she is now! HIs ex wife never knew what she was missing out with his little dick! But now she knows and this BBC sissy trainer fucking loves it!
BBC sissy Trainer

My parting thoughts are never be ashamed of that BBC porn addiction, give in to your faggot side and help a white bitch get some black cock!

Mistress Phone Sex For Sissy Girls

I know you are a budding sissy girl that is full of curiosity. You are considering maybe a Mistress phone sex mommy to assist you in your exploration. Taking that step to share those inner most feelings of wanting to be as girly as you can be is difficult for many.

Reaching out to me is a bold move. I am the nurturing dominant mommy to guide you. The best start for sessions with me is where you tell me all about this journey of yours. I need to get a feeling for who you are, inside. That inner feminine that is fighting to emerge. I want to support your cravings to be a good slut. A cock whore is what a good sissy wants to become. Well, mostly. Not all sissy girls necessarily want cock. I know many want to just be girly and share their life with a supportive woman in a bit of a lesbian like relationship.

Some of my sissy  girls are just panty or pantyhose loving straight men. They want to see their wives pleasured and they just can’t do it. These men will wear panties and stockings maybe even more lingerie. They will dress and help the bull cock please their wife. It’s a desire to be the supportive lover that isn’t allowed to even cum. He is a sissy that cleans the creampies from his wife or even his mommy.

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BBC Sissy Trainer

bbc sissy trainerI am a bbc sissy trainer. If you want the bbc sissy experience, be prepared to drink a lot of protein. Black spunk is full of good protein that helps you develop a good sissy body. I make the best cum shakes too. Oliver is my newest sissy on the block. I call her Olive now. She found me through another a sissy I train. Like many of my callers, she has a fascination for those big black dicks. She watches hours of black cock porn films, including interracial cuckolding videos. I have a big bull pen of black cock studs who love to make white men black cock faggots. Trevor is a black bull who has been fucking me for years. He has no problem making white men submit to his 11.5 beer bottle thick dick either. He is a strong man. A former body builder turned personal trainer, he is a massive man who can get men and women to do anything he wants. He is not gay. He is not even bisexual. He is just a dominant black man who loves a posse of bitches and sissies worshiping his black stallion cock. Olive has only been sucking on black dildos. She has not been able to suck the real thing yet. I do not do excuses because it you want something badly enough, you will find a way to make it happen, right? Well, no more excuses for Olive. Trevor skull fucked her giving her a taste for black cock spunk. Before Olive had arrived for sissy training, Trevor had filled me up with his nutter butter. I do what all good sissy trainers do to, I pissed out the cum and made a smoothie for my sissy. Olive drank down her nutter butter smoothie while she got her anal cherry popped. Are you ready to be my BBC sissy faggot?

sissy training

Your Collection Of Sissy Panties

Sissy pantiesYou can tell a lot about a sissy based off of their panty collection. A sissy with no panties oftentimes resorts in theft. The stealing of panties from their female partners or room-mates, and even family members. You are more put in the panty boy category for me then a dedicated sissy. Now a sissy who has a collection of thongs, G-strings, and anything flimsy that’s a sissy slut. You want more than anything to be on your knees or bent over, to be treated like a whore. Your secret wish is for that attractive coworker to spot those strings over your work pants and change your life forever. Now of course we can’t forget about the ruffle darlings, with the puffy panties filled with ruffles, and lace. You want to be pretty, you want attention, someone to tease you in a caring way. Sometimes you’re a sissy darling or little one needing a strong mommy to comfort you. Of course these are generic categories I’ve come to notice over the years, you could have a mix of panties. Or be a complete panty addict. So go on and open your panty drawer, tell me about it and let’s see what it has to say about you.