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Fluff That Cock, Eat That Cum!

Sissy Phone Sex

It looks like you need some training my little sissy slut. Go get dressed pet, in your finest hosiery. Put on your lacy slut garter, and your high whore heels. Pull those panties up over your little clitty cage, and wear some short slutty dress for me.
Make sure your makeup is delicate, and delicious. Perfect brows, plump lips, lovely eyelashes. Today you’re going to meet a true Alpha, with a bull cock thicker than any you’ve ever seen. You’re going to get that cock nice and fucking hard for me, with your hands cuffed behind your back.
He’s going to face fuck your throat, the whole time he’s thinking of my tight little pussy. Then you’re going to eat my perfectly delicious cunt, and get me nice and dripping wet for this big fucking bull dick. Every time he cums in my tight velvet pussy, you’re going to clean him off, and suck him back hard. You’re going to clean out my slit with delicate fingers, and not spill a drop of that cum. Do you understand me you fucking fem bitch? Remember that I don’t like repeating myself. So get ready to serve Royalty.

Online Sissy Training

Phone Dominatrix Coraline

phone dominatrixI am a phone dominatrix and a sissy trainer. I turn men into girls, sissy girls. I have a knack for sizing up folks. I can take one look at a man and know he belongs in panties. Not all men are created equally. I know when a man is a sissy but trying to pose as a man. I get it. The world is cruel, especially now. Any man who is not a hunky heterosexual white man is demonized. I can be discreet. I have bankers, lawyers and doctors with dirty little sissy secrets. I also have very rich and powerful men who enjoy sucking big black dicks on the down low. I disguise them as pretty sissies when I take them to glory holes. For the ones who are too afraid to do anything outside the comfort of my home, I bring the big black cocks to them. I do expose sissies, but I do not expose my paying clients unless they want me to expose them. The best sissy trainer understands being discreet. I learned that when I was a BDSM dominatrix. I had politicians who loved to be flogged and pegged. I know famous people who like to wear panties or suck cock. I never want you to worry about your little sissy secrets. I will protect you like I do all my sissy clients unless you want me to expose you or you disobey me. I do not like disobedient sissies. Most of my sissies want to do as I tell them because they want to be sissies. The very few who are lazy, sassy or just ignore my instructions, find out what a bad ass bitch I can be. I have exposed unruly sissies. I have blackmailed them too. And I have definitely punished them. If you call me for sissy training, we will get along fine as long as you abide by my instructions and rules.

Femboy Training Mistress Diana

Nothing makes me excited like Femboy Training a little prick for their first cock sucking session. Putting on a strap-on and fucking that little princess mouth is so damned hot. I start prepping the little cuckold with plenty of make-up and princess pink lipstick. The princess pink goes on last and is the final preparation for their first big cock. I will feed my big strap-on dick in their mouth until they gag and their sissy slut lipstick is all over that big black cock. It’s exciting for them and for me. The moment I feel they are ready for the real thing will constitute in a lovely little outing with my Femboy. My sissy will be dressed as the cock slut sissy faggot she aspired to be and taken into public her first time. She has never gone past mommy’s bedroom dressed up and it always makes them nervous and excited. I give them a little ice to smoke and help them relax and take that big step. We get in my car and I get to drive them to a private glory hole that some of my other guys have put together. I have a nice following of all kinds of men and the biker gang love initiating guys getting them sucked off by one of my sissy faggots. They never know who is sucking them off and that’s the best part.

Femboy training

Femboy Training and Teasing My boyfriend

femboy training

My boyfriend tells me that he doesn’t need femboy training. I think he does and the woman is always right! I told him it was for me and my eyes only. I wanted him to be cute and girly just for 24 hours. It’s almost my birthday and I wanted to see how sexy he could get. I bought new makeup and panties and so much lingerie in his size. I can’t let them go to waste. And so what if i wanted pictures of him all dressed up sexy? If you’re reading this leave me a comment telling me to sissifiy my boyfriend to the extreme! I want to do so much more to him. Like last month I had him suck on my dildo and eat my ass.  He has watched me fuck a BBC but very shyly wouldn’t eat my pussy out in front of that bull cock.  He did eat my cream pie after my cock was done with my tight pussy and sent home, but still! I am determined to turn him into a sweet sissy girl who fucks right beside me! I need to have him submissive to big fat dick. I am a domme girl who loves to fuck hard and if you want to fuck me in front of him while he cries and pisses his little panties let me know, we can make that happen.  A strong Mistress needs domme guys fucking her on the phone so my boyfriend can see that I am much more than a sweet tease!

Sissification For My Sluts

Sissy Phone Sex

I only live to rule this Kingdom, and give you the best sissy phone sex you’ve ever had. You need to be trained properly. You walk around during the day, a man. Everyone knows your name. But, when you come to me, I strip all that away. I force you into the femboy I need you to be. I will take away your suit, your tie, your boxers. Your “manhood” will be mine.
You’ll become addicted to the sway of my hips, the lure of my lips, and the intoxicating scent of my royal cunt. When you prove yourself to be truly devoted to me and your training, I’ll gift you a new name. Some beautiful name that is truly all femme with no trace of man left in you all in honor of your tru beginning to online sissy training; you will be my beautiful little princess with her clit in a cage, taking her hormones to be my perfect little slutty princess.
Stockings, and garters, and heels for my bitch. Dresses, and bralettes., and lacy little panties to cover your clitty cage. When you come into my castle, everything you are belongs to me. Every ounce of sleep, every time you cum (which you won’t until I say), every breath is for the Queen. Are you ready for submission to the ultimate servitude? Really darling, how many can say they served a true English Queen?

Online Sissy Training

Sissy Phone Sex Isn’t For Weak Bitches

Sissy Phone Sex

Even though we’ve been through several rounds of sissy phone sex training together, I know you aren’t ready to go to the royal ball or to worship the balls of royalty! I don’t trust that you could carry yourself with poise, little girl. I know you crave to be a little fem boy bitch, and that’s exactly what I’m going to make you. But you’re going to need lots of practice sucking cock before I even think about letting you step foot inside that Ballroom.

You need to learn how to deep throat it, fluff it up so it’s all nice and ready for the Queen to get her royal cunt fucked perfectly. Think about how it would look if I brought some under trained sissy out to suck the cocks and worship the balls of my guests. The kingdom would revolt, and then I would have to punish you. Oh I could flay you, or beat you, but my favorite thing to do is to edge you endlessly.

That’s right, if you displease me after I finished training you for this, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life. The last time you came will be the last time you ever cum. I’ll keep you locked up, tight under key and shackle in my dungeon, and you’ll be stimulated everyday all day on that pathetic clit of yours. Why? Just to drive you crazy.

So, stand up straight, give me your best sissy girl smile, and get ready for the most dangerous thing you’ve ever had to do; please the Queen.

Online Sissy Training

Sissy Phone Sex Birthday Celebration with BBC

sissy phone sexIt was a sissy phone sex celebration this weekend. My sissy boys had a very special birthday. I wanted to celebrate in a way they would appreciate. Friday, it was a pampering day. I took them first to get their hair done. They have grown their hair over the years, and it is longer than mine now. They wanted some pink hair, so I splurged. They have pink hair with some curl. Our hairdresser put some layers in their hair to give it some bounce. That was followed by getting their nails and toes done. They love glitter polish. Saturday in the afternoon, we went shopping. They each got some pretty new clothes. I even took them to Victoria Secret to get some undergarments too. It really is the bra and panties that make the sissy. There was a reason I wanted to pamper them. At their party Saturday night, I invited a few black lovers to join the festivities. I am a great BBC sissy trainer because my sissy sons share their mommy’s love for big black cock. My black studs love fucking my sissy boys. I bet you would too. I played with my pussy as their little backdoor pussies got thick and long black dong. I had enough black lovers in attendance that my sissy boys could take black cock at both ends. It was a proud sissy mom moment.  My sissies loved their special birthday weekend. They got pampered and they got fucked. I was so impressed with them. I have been training them for years to be black cock sissies. I can train you too. One of the nice things about black men is that they will fuck any tight hole. They do not care if it is a sissy ass or a milf pussy. If I can make my sissy sons black cock  sissy fags, I can you too.

Harold and Arabella’s Fun in the City

Sissy TrainingSissy training is so fun!

Every little sissy wants to be just like me but being a perfect Barbie girl takes practice!

I know you have a tiny little, not worth mentioning cock between your legs! It really is the sadist thing I have ever seen but if you are going to be a princess like me, you need to learn to forget about that little willie!

I am going to dress you in the prettiest dresses and the sexiest lacy panties. I know they feel so silky against your skin and that makes your dick want to ooze that half a spoonful of spit But don’t! You will be punished for doing anything other than what you are told!

I had so much fun with the last sissy in training. He oozed his micro meat juice and ended up wearing nothing but sissy panties and thigh highs carrying a glittery sign through the whole city for everyone to see, “Sissy in Training”!

I made him introduce himself to all the construction workers and muscle bound thugs coming out of the gym and the big strong police officers! He had to wiggle his pretty little sissy ass and talk in his sweetest little princess voice and when he did not do it perfectly, his punishment was sucking a big police cock in the back of the patrol car!

At least he thought that was his punishment…his real punishment is me telling everyone who reads this that he is a prissy little sissy, right Harold?

Online Sissy Training Just Got Three Times Hotter!

Online Sissy TrainingWe just might be too much for you! Three Sexy Mistresses for online sissy training? You better be able to handle us. Seems as if we get a lot of three girl calls to humiliate mother fuckers like you. The Stunning Queen Bitch Arabella is skilled in the art of make-up and getting your cock up classes. Transforming you into a living breathing fuck doll. Only maybe the cock that’s getting a rise isn’t yours! Maybe that big Meaty Extra large cock is yours to please! Who am I fucking Kidding? Of course it is sissy boi! You need to look the part if you’re going to be a girly little dicked man! sissy humiliation training

Then Comes wicked Hottie Janie! The big cock size queen who knows how to pick a big dick out to humiliate your ass! The bigger the better and this Seductive Beauty Knows you could never be even half as hot as us. So as Mistress and queen of Kink Arabella is getting you dressed she is teasing you and making fun of you in drag!  Teasing your little prick and pulling out the measuring tape to document the small peen you have to carry around for the rest of your life.  Just part of your sissy humiliation Training that’s all! You have everything to be ashamed of! We know what makes you break, and you better be ready to break for your Mistresses of humiliatingly  sissy fun! sissy phone sex

Once you get a taste of us we become your addiction! Don’t worry baby, we won’t hurt you! Maybe rough you up a little and make that ass red with a little tight ass spanking! Three hotties laughing at you and making sure you get to have all the big dick you can handle, and pushing you to your knees so you can worship us and cock appropriately.  Bringing in the big guns to compare a shrimp clit sized dick with. Worship the cock that you can never have. We all three know how jealous you are. So get to cock sucking bitch. You know you deserve multi-girl sissy phone sex so you can be turned into the sissy bitch you were meant to be! 

Service Sissy Slaves

Online Sissy TrainingDoing online sissy training is not as easy as it might look. And ruling this kingdom is its Queen is even harder. I have to entertain several guests, regularly. And trying to keep those men interested is so difficult. Sometimes they bring their wives, and every once in a while their offspring.

Last night, I had a full house. It was the perfect time to show off my little sissy bitches. I dressed them to the nines, even stuffing their bra since their hormones were only just starting to work on their tits. Their little clitties were stored away in chastity cages, hidden underneath frilly silky panties. They wore sweet flowing gowns, and their hair had grown out long and was done into beautiful braids. My perfect princesses.

In the middle of dinner, I could see several of the men start to get antsy. So one by one I sent my little sissy sluts under the table. They unzipped their pants, and went to town sucking on their hard cocks. Well, the women started to wonder what was going on, and when they looked under the table and saw my pretty princesses down there slurping on their husbands cocks, well they got pretty jealous. More of my princess girls crawl under the table, moving the ladies panties to the side so they could look at their sweet pussies. Even the young ones were starting to wonder, and so I sent the last of my girls underneath of that table to play with those young sweetlings, giving them a taste of my Royal hospitality.

I know that this was your favorite lesson, being a service slave to me. I know that you still crave it to this day. To be used simply to pleasure my dinner guests, of course it can be done if that’s what I want. I’m in charge baby, and you’re forced feminization is all that I care about.

Humiliation Phone Sex