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Mistress Loves To See You Take BBC

I am Mistress Violet and I love to make little sissy boys take BBC in their tight little asses.  I like to dress them up first in frilly little panties like the sissy bitches they are. Then I get their little asses ready by fucking them with a 10 inch big black strap on. I ravage their little asses and when their little rosebud is gaping, I bring in my friends. I make that sissy take BBC on every single one of his holes. While his ass is getting pounded by a humungous black anaconda there is a dick on his mouth ready to drop a load in there big enough to choke him. By the time the big black cocks are satisfied, your sissy ass will be so full of cum that it will be dripping out for days.

bbc sissy trainer


Sissy hypno training will make you into a cum eater girlie bitch

Sissy hypno trainingSissy hypno training will make you into a cum eater and chronic masturbater. You will crave cum eating like its ice cream on a hot summer day. Food will be secondary to your own ejaculate sliding down your throat. When we meet, I have all of your undivided attention by subliminally planting triggers in your silly little gooner sissy brain. I have quite a few experiments I am playing around for my Dumb bimbo whores in my Hypno training. One is cum conditioning. Putting your under in a trance A FEM cock tingles like crazy and ooze semen that you want to lap up like a good pig for me.

Sissy hypno training will make you into a cum eater girlie bitch for me! 

Conditioning you to not just enjoy eating your own cum, but the cum that drips down from my pussy on your face after a nice Gang bang is what you will ache for! The longer I have you in my Hypnotic play ground the more I can do and make you do!  You will become addicted to my cum and will do anything to please me. Your life will be devoted to worshiping me and fulfilling my every desire. You will become my obedient little sissy cum slut.

Forced feminization is next on the to-do list for a pretend man on my line. Forcing you by mind fucking you into wanting all female clothing and eventually some estrogen. Obey and don’t resit, you have no idea who or what you are and it’s my duty as your mistress to make it all crystal fucking clear. Max out that Amex on me and your beautification! You don’t need anything but me and cock now.  Take a deep breath and get ready to experience a whole new Pink coated world. Surrender to me and all your desires will be fulfilled. Your Forced sissy training transformation begins now.

Mistress Phone Sex Makes You a Pretty Femboy

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex means I am your mistress not your lover. Men can call me mistress, goddess or mommy. I do not let my subjects call me babe, honey or Coraline. Why? Because I am dominant and superior over you. So, I treat my phone sissies much in the same way I do my real time sissies. I’m in charge on and off the phone.

And I have a new sissy in my life. Every time I tell myself that I will not take another sissy client, I meet one with such potential who wants to pay me. And how can I say no to potential and money?  Although I make great money doing sissy phone sex, I need the extra money that real time guys pay. As a single mom, I have three offspring to take care of. And two are T-girls in the making. So, they me cost money. You understand I bet. Sissy clothes are not cheap. And my closet is full of sissy wardrobe items. Just ask my boys.

You Will Call Me Goddess, Mistress or Mommy

I digressed. Sorry. This new sissy wants to be a femboy. And I told him he was in the right place. My twin teenage boys wanted to be femboys too. So, I helped them. When they get older, they can take hormones if they wish. Although I support their desire to be fem T-girls, I also want to make sure it’s not a fad before letting them get breast augmentation or take hormones.

However, for my new sissy, I encouraged her to get breast implants. Stunning features. Natural curves. Almost hairless body. She’s a perfect T-girl or femboy sissy. And the icing on the cake would be her very small clit. She looks perfect to be a bottom beta sissy bitch. So, I am giving her femboy training. I can turn her into my daughter easily. We worked on hair, makeup and wardrobe this weekend. Did I mention I have a cosmetology license too? That means I can make you pretty too.

Next up for my new sissy, big black cocks. And tits. Jealous? Don’t be. I can make you a pretty femboy too.

Training My Sissy Steve: A Desperate Pleaser

 Forced feminization

Steve, my sweet little sissy, was a mess when he came to me. A Man with a desperate plea for help, or rather, submission. He knew he was different, yearned to embrace his true self, but needed guidance.

Let’s just say, his pleads for training gave me a delicious idea. I saw the potential in his wide eyes, the eagerness to learn and please. So, I crafted a special lesson plan just for him.

Our journey began with basic grooming—a good trim and a sexy makeover to highlight his feminine features. I showed him how to walk, talk, and flirt like a real sissy. The high-pitched giggle that escaped his lips was music to my ears!

But Steve needed to learn some discipline too. So, I introduced him to my special toy box, filled with delightfully wicked devices. We started with a mild spanking, his cute bottom reddening with each strike.

As the sessions intensified, Steve’s true colors shone through. He became my eager little slut, begging for more and calling me Mistress. The roleplay was heating up, and Steve’s sissy side blossomed.

I taught him how to deep throat and took him shopping for some new, skimpier lingerie. His desperation to please was evident with each new task, and he wounding me with his adorable moans.

Steve’s transformation was a sight to behold. Frilly dresses hugged his curvy frame, and his makeup was on point—a true masterpiece. But Steve yearned for more, and I was happy to oblige.

So, I introduced him to my domme friends, and the real fun began. They say sharing is caring, right?

Steve’s journey was a delightful adventure, a tale of submission and sissy discovery. And he’s still learning—my little desperate pleaser!

Sissy slave training is what you were made to get I’ll train you

Don’t waste my time unless you are ready to fully submit to my Sissy slave training. Once you become a pet in training, everything about you belongs to me. “You will dress like a used-up hooker” I say as I hand you a pair of panties. As I watch you undress, I have you sign your life to me. You easily do it because you have been wanting this for a long time. Once you are dressed in panties and heels, I bend you over my knee.

“I will give you the spanking your mommy should have given your sissy ass. As I spank you, I laugh and say, “you were born to be a sissy girl”. Your spankings will last until your ass is red then mommy will show you what you were made for. After you whimper and thank mommy I stand up and show off my big monster strap. “Mommy mistress will break you in with her favorite toys” I say sternly. “Make it wet and slippery” i demand of you to do. It doesn’t take any forcing for you to open your mouth.

Sissy slave training

Just like a nasty slut you slurp on my strap cock. But you are a worthless slut, so I grab you by the hair. “Choke on it bitch” I say as I grab you by the hair and push you down on my cock. Once you choke and gag on it, I start to smile. Finally, it is slippery and wet. “Bend over” I instruct you to do. Then I slip your Sissy panties to the side and make you beg for it. “I am your mistress please bless me and fuck my pathetic hole” you whimper. When you beg and submit is what makes me happy.

Therefore, I slam inside your sissy cunt. It was so hard that you fell down but I just kept ramming you. I rammed your sissy hole the way mine was by a big white cock when I was young. I learned pathetic white clitty bitches like you need to be trained and broken in by cocoa girls like me. “Can I leak mistress, please?” you beg as I pound you to the ground. After some time, I finally let you cum. As soon as you exploded on the floor you knew this is all you ever wanted. “Clean up, I have something else I want you to wear” I say as I pop my strap out your sissy cunt. You will clean up all the cum mess and get dressed like the barbie whore you are.

Humiliation phone sex with Miss Remi

humiliation phone sex

I’m making my favorite sissy bitch, boy toy buy my panties so he has something to suck on when we’re on naughty, humiliation phone sex calls together. I know that faggy slut is going to love tasting the cum from random men that I have dried and caked on to my panties. I can’t wait to tease him and tell him how sad and pathetic it is that he’s so desperate to taste a load, he’s licking it out of my dirty lingerie. How embarrassing it must be to be such a cum loving bitch in the body of a man but with a cocklett the size of my pinkie finger. I’m also going to make that bitch buy my dirty socks that have little drips of cum dried all over them. He can smell and taste them while we talk. I had them on when I was getting gangbanged by a big group of guys at the bbq I went to last weekend. There were so many huge, fat dicks ramming into my pretty, little pussy. I was on my hands and knees with my tiny cunnie gripping so tight around those big cocks that it looked like my cum hole might prolapse! Cum was oozing out all over the place and my pussy was getting pounded so hard. Those stiff, girthy cocks reamed the fuck out of my cunnie, leaving me stretched beyond belief and dripping sticky nut butter all down my legs. I’m going to tease my cum craving sissy bitch and make him stroke his sad, mini dickie while I tell him about the way those men surrounded me and shoved me down to my knees to fuck my mouth and feed me big cum loads! If you’re a sissy fag slut that loves being teased and humiliated then I want to play with you the same way I do this little he whore!

Humiliation phone sex with the best foot mistress!

Humiliation phone sexThe best Humiliation phone sex is with a foot mistress who needs a sissy to get down on his knees and service me. The one way to get me to pick you to train is by serving my beautiful feet with your pathetic mouth. I need to feel those lips wrapped around my toes and that tongue swirling around my soles. I will watch you and see how long you will be able to service my feet until you are too tired. Whichever one of you bitches last the longest will be my designated sissy foot boy. I bet that has your pathetic cock drooling pre-cum just thinking about it!

A sissy cuck is supposed to be turned on by the idea of servicing and pleasing superior women. They should have enough experience in life to know their place as sub human toys for my entertainment. If they were not trained correctly and did not learn the ropes then I am the Best sissy trainer they will ever have. These sissy boys will be down on their knees thanking me for allowing them to serve me with their useless mouths. I hope you are staring at my feet and gooning out over how badly you want them in your pathetic fucking mouth. Call me so I can turn you into the proper little foot bitch you are destined to be baby!

Online Sissy Training Teaches You How to Handle Big Cocks

online sissy trainingI enjoy online sissy training. So many men struggle with their sexual identity. Am I straight? Am I gay? Why do I want a big cock?  Am I a sissy or just a cock sucking faggot. And most men who struggle with their sexual identity have a wife at home who has no clue her husband thinks about cock.

Most of the sissies who call me live the Norman Rockwell life. And they work hard for a living and have a job they love. They live in a house with a picket fence and a few fuck trophies. And they wear panties and dream of cock. However, no one would ever guess that just looking at them. I love helping men explore their femme side. And I enjoy helping closeted sissies learn to suck cock. I am the best sissy trainer for cock sucking sissy boys.

And I helped Martin set up a Grinder account a few weeks ago in anticipation of his wife going on a cruise with her sister and mother of 2 weeks. Martin has a picture-perfect family. He is the guy in a Norman Rockwell painting. However, he dreams of sucking dick all the time. But up until recently, he has only ever flicked a dick when he was in high school.

I Help Closeted Sissie Get Real Cocks in Their Sissy Holes

But I schooled him on how to dress for his Grinder account and what to say. And he finally got a big cock in his mouth and in his sissy hole. A lot of cocks. All last week, Martin went to work and came home, fed his teenage daughter and son. Then got on Grinder and got cock later in the evening. His son and daughter can be left alone for extended periods of time.

And Martin decided to explore his sissy cock sucking faggot side with a new man every night. However, one guy wants him to be his permanent side piece. Lots of men appear on the down low. Dominant daddy types who just want a tight asshole and a wet mouth to park their cocks.

But I told Martin to play the field. When you are a married cock sucker hiding your true identity, you need flexibility. So, I believe random encounters like you find at glory holes or on Grinder work best for married sissies. Let me help you explore your cock sucking fantasies. Sissy training with me includes lessons on taking big cocks in your sissy holes. But Martin loves sucking cock on the down low. And you can love it too.

Sissy training audio for men who like it in the backdoor.

Sissy training audio

Sissy training audio for men who like it in the backdoor. I have been waiting to show off my new strap on my skinny little boyfriend for a whole week now. But today is the day that he gets to back that ass up on my big mommy dick! 

Sissy Training audio / strap on play 

My little boyfriend is shivering with anticipation as I approach him with my cock held firmly in my hand. I can see the submission in his eyes, the desire to give himself up to me completely. He knows there’s no escape from the pleasures I have planned for him.

I slap his naked ass, hard, watching him jump with a yelp of surprise. “Are you ready, slut?” I ask, my voice low and menacing. He nods, his eyes wide. I can see the fear and the excitement mingling there, and it only fuels me further.

I slather lube all over my cock, making sure it’s nice and slick. Then, I pick up my boyfriend and position him on the bed, his face up, eyes wide with fear and lust. “This is going to hurt a bit at first,” I warn him, “but trust me, it’s going to feel so fucking amazing! I thrust inside him, and we both cry out in unison. I pound into him, my hips slapping against his ass. His breathing becomes ragged as I thrust harder and harder. My Forced sissy training isn’t lost on him! 

Forced sissy training with my cum filled pussy

I love Bisexual men so much because they let me fuck them. Making a masculine man become a moaning pile of mush with my dick is the absolute best! I get off on the power I have over them. I love making them submit to me and teach them a lesson in submission. Furthermore, I make sure to show them who’s boss and that I’m always in control. Having a slut like me fuck you only provides you some prostate milking and maybe just a little bit of submission you’re missing in your daily life. That dick and balls flopping around as I go hard and deep has my pussy running, too.

Phone domination is what every bi -boi needs! 

Only it’s already been filled with your best friend’s cum. And let’s face it, you’re an anal whore! And a cum eater. Suck my strap clean. After your little dick squirts, you will need to clean me out! Phone domination by Miss Zoey will make you feel empty without me!

Femboy training is what you get from me

When a sissy bitch needs some Femboy training they come to a sexy dom like me. “A good slut wears the cutest panties” I say with a smile. As I hold up your uniform, I see a little twitch in your bottoms. “We must put your cage on first ” I demand as you undress. “A pathetic little sissy whore can’t let her clitty get too excited” I tease as I cage you up. After you are dressed up, I make you bend over my knee for your dirty slut spankings.

Femboy training

“Thank your mistress for wasting her time and training you” I demand as I start to spank you. “Thank you, mistress, I am not worthy of you” you whimper over and over. Finally, your ass was red and marked up. “Lick my fucking boots bitch” I say as I start to strap up. Right away you start to licking. You know that if you follow tour training, you will be rewarded. “Take those panties off and bend over slut” I say as I lube my strap up.

“Thank you, mistress, for training me, I am yours” you whimper to me. Then I ram my strap cock depending on you. “I’m your owner bitch” I say as I pound your hole. That’s what you need and why you become my slave. “Mistress can I leak for you?” You ask. I want you to squirm, so I start spanking you over and over. “Leak for bitch” I demand of you. After you make a mess, I say “clean up bitch”. Then I throw your Sissy panties at you.