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Daddy rips your Sissy panties off

“You love when daddy rips those Sissy panties off” I cheer on as I watch your daddy get ready to use you. Since I am the best at training a sissy bitch, he came to me for your training. First you wear an outfit made for a sissy hoe. It is sissy pink to show you are such a bitch hoe. “You look great in panties” your daddy says to you. “Open your mouth and I will show your daddy what your training consists of” I demand of you. As soon as you open your mouth, I have your daddy place his cock right in it.

Sissy panties

“Show daddy you submit sissy slut” I demand of you. Therefore, you start using your mouth on your daddy’s cock like if you were sucking your first lollipop. You loved it. I can tell you were made for it because your little clitty was hard and leaky. “Soon your panties will be drenched” I say teasingly. “Time to break your sissy son in” I tell your daddy as I start to slip your girly panties off. After I manipulate your body to the perfect fucking position, your pa aligns himself in between your legs.

“Fuck your sissy son like a hooker slut and he will forever submit to you” I say to your daddy as I guide his cock in your cunt. Once he feels the opening of your sissy hole taking his daddy cock, he rams it deep. You let out a squeal and I just stuff your panties in your mouth. “Shut up and take it sissy whore, you belong to your daddy now and only him and I can give you instructions” I say proudly.

For a while your daddy rams you hard. While your clitty was hard you had tears that streamed down. “That virgin pussy is milking daddy like it is supposed to” I cheer you on. “Daddies sissy whore is doing so well” your daddy moans as his balls start to empty inside you. “Part of your training will be to clean after the messes you make” I say pointing at your daddy’s dirty cock.

Phone Dominatrix Coraline Loves an Ass Slave Like Brian

phone dominatrixThis phone dominatrix has an ass slave. His name is Brian. And he is a far cry from my typical caller. Not only does he have a big cock, but he also as an ass fetish. He likes big, beautiful butts, for which I have an ample one. Look at this ass. You might want to be just like Brian too. Although most of my callers fall into the sissy category, I do cater to some other fetishes if I am in charge.

Brian knows he is at my disposal. So, first order of business, he licked my ass. The scent of a woman gets trapped in her lady humps. I am not a fat woman, but I am a curvy one. Back in the day, I wore those Apple Bottom jeans to accentuate the positive. And I still love to wear tight clothing that makes the ass and tit men weak. Brian fell right into my trap. As I sat on his face, I could see his big beer can thick cock grow with every lick.

This Dominant Woman Caters to a Variety of Fetish Guys

The dick size of a man calling me for sissy phone fun averages about 3 inches. Making Brian a stud in comparison. I bet I am making some of my sissies jealous and hungry bragging about his big dick. But a big dick never puts the man in the driver seat with me. No one gets to control the shots with me. You are my sissy, or you are my sex slave. But I decide which category you belong in.

After Brian worshiped my beautiful big butt, I could see his cock growing even bigger. He enjoys a good tease. And so do I. So, I twerked my lady humps on his cock, teasing it even more. I could feel how hard his dick got with each jiggle. So, I teased him some more. I made him kiss, caress and sniff my big ass. Why? Because I can. Brian is an ass slave. My ass slave He may not always get phone domination. But he always gets my ass.

Anyone else want to be my ass slave?

Humiliation Phone Sex Gets Me Off

I get off on humiliating you! I will treat you like the little femboy bitch that you are. I will make you crawl to me and then dress you all up in some frilly panties and red lipstick. I will be your mistress and you will be my slave. I will teach you your pace. After I have dressed you all up,  I will force you to lick the bottoms of my feet.  I am going to force you to bend over the bed and I am going to stretch your ass out with a strap on.  After I stretch your ass adequately, I am going to call some friends with big cocks and they are going to run a train on your slutty little ass.  Then I am going to have some of that cock in my pussy and make you clean the cum out of it with your tongue. Got it bitch!

humiliation sex

Mistress phone sex is live and a lot kinky.

          Mistress phone sex is live and lot kinky. Now I will be the first time admit that I do love training but at the same time it is just about the fucking. Not always sharing those massive cocks. After all the real deal of a cunt and ass both cumming at the same time is a slut hut appreciation.

          All in all, they have a day for everything. Why not have a day for a slut that just wants to get laid. A point often overlooked is women love to fuck too and not always into the oh let’s cuddle shit. That is me. Not into the cuddling. Into the fucking. Getting kinky. Mistress phone sex

          As long as we are both getting off then who the fuck cares. Now the getting kinky. Put you in a cage while I ride my sex swing with my strap on. Never know it’s not the real deal. You will feel it enter your anal cavity and make you cum out of your ass as hard as I do.

          By all means bring a partner and do-si-do all around. Watch fuck from behind. Fuck on top of the cage. Here a fuck, there fuck, everywhere a fuck, fuck. You, me, another bitch.

          In summary if it is just a good old-fashioned fucking as shown above still going to lead some Kinky as fuck Domination phone sex. That is how I role. Deal with it.

Femboy training for my little sissy sluts


If your looking for some hardcore femboy training Im your girl! if your scary and not ready to be whipped into shape you chose the wrong blog. I am looking for Sissy sluts ready and willing to be trained by a true goddess. If your new to this thats okay Ill be as rough as I can be so you can learn your place easily.

Pink and purple are my top two favorite colors of choice for my sissy sluts. Ill choose your style of course, although you will be able to tell me what you like it still has to be in my favorite colors. If your a good little slut Ill let you choose the tights and heels you like to match your pretty outfit. You will perfect your posture and your walk. I love when my sissies are Mistress K’s Next top Model. If your any good i may keep you around. Never forget im always in charge and youll love it here. If you cant follow my rules you will be punished according and depending on the offense it can go from a level 1 to a level 5 quickly. I love spanking my misbehaved whores so be good!

Mistress phone sex for a young teen slut and bitch boy!

Mistress phone sexWhat I love most about Mistress phone sex is being able to confidently talk about how much I love owning a pretty little bitch and her BF. It’s so much fun when I get a young little whore to submit herself to me and let her man use my pussy right in front of her. I mean look at sweet Kayla laying there with her teen body as her pussy is ignored. I forced her to let her boyfriend use me or I would have them kicked out of their apartment. I love having a landlord for a daddy. You can do so many fucked up things to the tenants because they don’t want to be kicked out. It’s so much fun having power and controls over a couple of young sluts with sexy boyfriends.

I bet your cock is throbbing for some Taboo phone chat. You want to be manipulated by me too don’t you? Imagine me knocking on your door and making your bitch wife strip naked. I’ll lay her down just like Kayla and fuck her hot little holes with a strap on. I promise she will love women after I am finished with her. Oh and you will only fuck my pussy from now on; unless I say otherwise. So your wife is going to be a lesbian and you are going to be my bitch boy. Do as I say and call me baby!

BBC sissy trainer Tamika loves Taboo phone chat!

Are you ready for your BBC training?  Since your looking to be my little sissy slut I will teach how to serve and make you pretty in the process. I want you to show off for that BBC do a little strip tease. Shake that little ass and show those legs. I want to see how you get the bbc bull all revved up and rock hard.

I want you to show the bulls what I have taught you about being a good submissive little sissy. I want you to get on your knees with your mouth wide open ready to be fed that BBC while your play with that little baby dickie. Milk that BBC until it creams all down your throat like the good sissy slut I taught you to be. I want to see you getting stretched out and drained as they use you to masturbate. leaving you swollen and sore like a good little whore.

Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal

Femboy training

Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal for this bratty domme who loves to travel and make men her little bitches. Creating exotic beauties who know the love of crossdressing and exotic cock is the only thing on my mind today. I have my fair share of big dick lovers, but the flavor of the month should be something that we all achieve in our life. Imagine spending a week in a different country in order to wear their latest fashion and see if you passable. Our first stop should be Jamaica, and after that Thailand! 

Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal

Are you going to take the challenge with me and see how many men cum running to a sexy fembot to have that ass and mouth used up? I know that no matter the culture there will always be a sexy dick who wants to get in some american fag boy’s Bussy and throat!  We can explore the country, get drunk, and party with the locals. We can also look for the hottest guys and give them a taste of our juicy lips and tight asses. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun!

Cum explore exotic cock with me! 

You can be the maid who carries our luggage and follows at my feet like the slave that you are. Once in our quarters I will call in a few cocks and spend your Amex on some fancy drinks and the easiest drug to obtain. You will enter the country dressed as a sissy maid and leave feeling like a universal tramp! 

Femboy training gets you full of sperm

Are you ready for your Femboy training? Since you are a dainty bitch, I will make you real pretty. “You will put on a show for my favorite bbc bulls” I instruct you to do. After a while and all the guests later, it is time for the show. You start with a slutty dance. “Shake that ass slut” I cheer on. All the bulls around get a chance to get a dance from you. They groped your sissy clitty as you grinded your ass on their big black cocks.

“Time to show our guests how I train you” I tease again and say as I push you down to your knees. Once your mouth opens up, I force it down on a dick. “Choke on it bitch” I laugh and say over and over. It is too fun to watch choke on these dicks that some of our bulls’ guests got too horny. Therefore, I pulled your panties down and spread you open. The screams you had were muffled by the big black cock in your sissy mouth.

Femboy training

“Show them what a good, trained whore” I instruct you to do as you get fucked. Finally, you milked the first bull dick. I could see your sissy pussy leaking sperm before the next bbc bull was pushed inside you. “Keep going hoe you have all night to milk these dicks” I play and cheer on. For the rest of the night, you mixed every cock insight. By the time we were done you looked like a femmy used up slut, just like I like from my sissy bitches. “Put your Sissy panties back on slut, time to clean up your mess,” I say sternly. It is part of your training to clean up.  

Forced feminization little cunt whore needs it rough.

 Forced feminizationForced feminization little cunt whore needs it rough. Force you to your knees. Pull those panties off. Shove a heel right into you. Going to make you into a the feminine whore that you are. The first thing to do is show you how easy it is to take your power away. You don’t like something. You think it’s sexy to wear those panties. You don’t want to lose the power you have.

          Must be remembered you wanted to be a sissy. To wear the panties. Stockings and garter belt. Little dresses and skirts. Shove that heel in your ass. Forced you to know you are powerless. To be feminine you need to be strong at the same time. Fantasy rape is something we know can happen to a feminine woman. A little cunt whore needs to know it WILL happen.           For this reason, you will be subjected to pain and humiliation. That is to say to be a true feminine you will suffer but the rewards are not to be measured. As shown above the outfits are great, the rewards even better. The pain will at times be pleasurable. The humiliation for me at least is on the positive side of things.

          Did you know that if your subjected to rough long enough with the reward of pleasure then you will cum out of your sissy pussy at the same time the heel penetrates you. Learn to love it, to like it, to live with it.