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Gypsy Loves Sissy Slave Training

Femboy training

I love sissy slave training, especially when I get to dress you up in slutty outfits or pink tutus. I always make sure to have really big dildos or cocks around so I can fuck your man pussy hard and fast. I want your ass open like a filthy whore, because that is what you were made for. If you squirm or anything I will paddle you or use the flogger on you until your skin is red and swollen. You will do as Mistress Gypsy asks of you with no hesitation, so if I tell you to open your mouth I need to pee. You will open your mouth and let me piss all over your face and in your mouth. I do ask I want with you because you’re my sissy slave who was made to be used in any way. I will make sure your mouth and ass are always filled with hot cum, you will feel it dripping down your legs. Most importantly anything I do, you will enjoy! 

Sissy slave training with Miss Remi


Everyone has heard about Miss Remi’s sissy slave training, but not many sluts make the cut. I have a long waiting list of sluts that want my guidance but I only take on the best cock suckers to train. Once they prove their worth as a dirty cum guzzling slut, it’s time for their next lesson. Time to transform these half fags into proper, cum addicted, sissy bitches! After I dress them up in the sluttiest outfits, I make those sissy men bend over, pull their sexy little panties to the side and beg to  get fucked like a real whore. I may look sweet and innocent but that’s not what you’ll be thinking while you’re getting rammed with my big, thick strap-on. If you whine and cry, I will only go harder, so don’t even start that shit. If you do, I’ll pull out my whip and really teach you. You’ll feel the sting of that leather across your little bitchboy buttcheeks right before I let my bull studs ream your tight pussy hole. If you’re ready and can obey like a good slut, hit up Miss Remi so your training can begin!

My Sissy Slut Cleans Up My Mess

Mistress phone sexI had my sissy bitch tied up and just wearing a tutu, and I made sure he knew I was going to use him. I made him suck my strap hard while I stepped on his little nuts, squeezing them in between my toes while I told him how much of a sissy slut he is and how he is made for me to use and punish. Then I signal for my black hard cock playmate to join me and he right away shoved his cock in my sissy sluts’ ass. When I heard him squeal, I stepped on his balls harder and shove my strap deeper in his throat. I wanted him used so I scream for him to get fucked hard and harder and he did, ass I saw his ass being pounded hard I started cumming. My juices started dripping down my leg so as my friend filled his ass with hot cum, I made him clean up my juices that had dripped down. I love using my sissy slut to clean up my cum messes and he loves it too.  

Forced To Do As Told

I exposed one of my filthy cum whores, he was being a bad slut and talking back instead of fucking and sucking the cock like what is made for. He normally is a very good obedient slut, but he had separated from his wife recently. So, I knew if I told him that I was going to tell his wife and anyone that knew him that he loves being a filthy cum whore that he would do whatever I wanted. Right away he started sucking the big black cock just like I wanted him too, and I made sure his ass was going to be ready for pounding. I spread my fingers while pumping his ass with my fingers, as soon as I knew it was nice ready, I made sure he took that cock hard I made him get pounded over and over while licking my ass and saying how much he loves getting fucked and filled with cum. The pounding didn’t stop until his ass was filled and dripping cum out and I made him clean up the mess. From that day own he did what I said when I said it no hesitation. Domination phone sex

Arabella Loves Ass Virgins!

I have a friend who is the sweetest sissy in the whole world!Sissy Training

He has always fantasized about being able to have his man pussy fucked by a meaty hard cock but he is very nervous about being an ass virgin.

Of Course…I jumped at this! I can help!

So I gave him a little wine just to help him relax…ok…a whole bottle…but he was ReAlLy nervous!

Then I started stroking his cute little cock through his sassy little sissy panties but he was not getting very hard…he said he just isn’t into pussy!

I kinda giggled and told him…he wasn’t getting my pretty pussy and I pulled out my giant strap-on!

I have never seen a cock plump and jump so fast!

He couldn’t bend over fast enough!

He even pried those sweet cheeks open and let me lube that sweet rosebud…but I did have to fight the urge to tongue fuck that tasty fuck hole!

Then i put the big hard pink head between his hot ass, rubbed that puckered man pussy and pushed that long hard strap-on in inch by inch by inch until the entire cock was swallowed by that cock eating cunt!

He was pushing back against me like an anal fuck whore by the end of the night!

God I love ass virgins!

Gangbanged for Sissy Training

sissy training Why your cock must always be aching. Sissy training mistresses are so full of piss and vinegar for some hot fem bois! We’re flirty bitches who revel in dirty jokes, Humiliation, and small cock humiliations! And I guarantee that last night wasn’t an exception. I went out with my hot girls, and we always have a contest to see who can bring the most men home! (Hot Girl Shit!) This sexy bitch managed to coax us some hot and horny guys from the bar. I led them back to my place, and waited for my friends to arrive. Only, they never did. There were four, throbbing cocks quickly becoming tired of my sexy little minxy self. The Bulls started exchanging glances, and I was getting nervous. They moved on me like a pack of wolves, ripping my clothes away so they could finger and caress my young, naked slutty body. My sissy daddy busted in my bedroom door demanding what was going on! My pussy was starting to drip! It was so intense! I was so afraid as I realized my fucking whore friends had set me up for this! But daddy being here to witness my gangbang made me want it all the more, fear or not! Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to Black bulls to make a daddy sissy happy! That’s when the first cock was pushed into my mouth. After that, I didn’t have a ton of time to speak, or even think. I had a cock in at least one of my fuck holes at all times! Daddy was laughing and I was going to turn this gangbang on his ass soon! Sissy slave training payback’s a bitch!

The Sissy Slut I Need

Mistress phone sexI need a sissy slut boy who I can dress up and use for my pleasure. I had the perfect sissy not too long ago; he was my nephew so he did as aunty asks. I liked dressing him up in tutus and stockings with glitter tops. When he came over, I would make sure to have a big black cock hard and ready for him to suck. I made sure he deep throats it like a good cum slut he is, I would put my strap-on and fuck him in his tight ass while he sucked the balls and cock. Fucking him with my strap-on only made me more excited to see him get fucked by a big black anaconda dick. When I was ready, I spread his ass open and shoved that big black dick in him. I watched as that big fat cock pumped him over and over, it only made me wet I have to play with my pussy. I love seeing him get filled up with cum!

Red headed Bombshell

best sissy trainer

Redheaded Bombshell loves to turn you into the great sissy whore of all time. I am the best sissy trainer because I have the most experience with sissies that love huge cocks. I like to make you worship them because you must know that a real man is a far more superior than a sissy. I want you on your knees for me. The way you worship me is how I will consider if you deserve a big cock in your sissy hole. I want you to live, breathe, and need Princess Ember. Understand that you will never be anything but my little worthless bitch. On your knees, begging me to let you taste a nice load. You want that creamy lip gloss on top of the lipstick I make you wear. 

Don’t hesitate to understand that you will forever be my little loser bitch. Once you’re my sissy, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make you solidify your place as my little loser sissy.

Phone Domination and Real-Time Domination

phone domination

I love phone domination. Telling small dick losers what to do and putting them in their place is what I do best. There is nothing I loathe more than a small dick loser who does not know his place. If you have a three-inch dick, you have no business hitting on a sexy bitch like me. I am way out of the league of men with dicks smaller than 6-inches. I met this guy through friends. He seemed nice. He was handsome, gainfully employed and had a nice house that was paid off. He was not very tall, but I have met short men with big dicks. I took a gamble because everything else checked off a box of my criteria. I was disappointed when we got naked last night, and he had a limp noodle. Three-inches tops was my guess when he was hard. He turned into a different man in the bedroom. He started ordering me to suck his cock. He got rude and said I was the reason he was not fully erect. No way was that going to fly with me. I am dominant woman. I am a cock size queen. I am the best sissy trainer. I told him to lay down on the bed and I would start with a sexy massage. I put on my strap on dildo, and I gave him a surprise he will not soon forget. I mean you cannot expect me to bow down and worship a tiny dick. You should not expect any woman to do that. As I massaged his shoulders, I slipped my dildo in his ass. He let out a huge scream and tried to wrestle me off his back. After a few thrusts, however, he came and was moaning to give him more. I wanted to punish him for being a dickless dick, but unfortunately, I rewarded the SOB with a free prostate massage. I kicked him out of my house. He kept texting me he was sorry, and he wanted more, but disrespectful losers with small dicks, never get more of me.

Used Sissy Slut

I love making a man into my sissy slut, my cunt starts dripping when I get to dress you up and use you for my pleasure. I’ll make you into a cum dumpster and share you with a big black cock that will make you suck his dick dry or bend you over spread your ass and make you take his big fat cock over and over until he cums deep in your ass, I’ll play with my pussy while I watch you get used and abused. If you’re taking the cock like a good slut, I’ll reward you by shoving you face on my wet cunt and making you lap up my juices and stroke your little cock until I squirt all over your face. I’ll make you stay with my squirt on your face and if I need release, I might just squat over you and piss in your mouth or on your body to ensure you end up real wet and dirty. I know you will love it because you love when I make you into my sissy slut, I use in whatever ways I want.

Mistress phone sex