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Best sissy trainer gets you addicted

When you have been trained by the Best sissy trainer, you become a cum addict. All you think about is the next moment mistress Gypsy will use you to milk a BBC. Since I work with BBC trainers I will always keep you full of cum. I want you in your sissy uniform I have picked for you and on your knees waiting to serve us in any way. Tonight I wanted to have you dripping before you milked any cock. I love seeing what a good cum whore you are. We teased you by making you suck on each and everyone of our toes like they were dick you needed to milk. I made you lick my asshole while my BBC trainer friend put his toes inside your Sissy panties and teased your sissy pussy. That had your clitty hard, especially when he shoved his toes in your pussy. You start begging me to let you milk my BBC buddy. As I laugh, I open your mouth and guide your head on his thick long cock. Right away he face fucks you hard, making you gag and choke until you have tears flowing down your face. Your little clitty leaked through your panties and when he started filling your mouth up with thick yummy cum, your clitty squirted. That shows me you are an addict to the cock.

Best sissy trainer

BBC sissy trainer lets me use his sissy slut

I love when a BBC sissy trainer let’s me take over. I love making a sissy bitch fall to her knees and beg me for anything especially to suck a big black Dick I love knowing I can use a cock and a pair of cute pink panties to control you. You will pay me to degrade you and put you in your place just like your big dick trainer. When I get spoiled that is when I give you the best commands. I might task you into sucking 10 big dicks and you will do it because part of your slave training is that you must do anything I want. Last night I planned a blow job party with all my favorite BBC friends. Like a good bitch you wore what I made you wear and you pranced around like a horny teenager waiting for the moment you got to suck dick. When that moment came you didn’t let me down. You sucked all their big black dicks until they were dry and empty of semen. Your clitty leaked all over your Sissy panties the whole time you took every drop of semen down your throat.

BBC sissy trainer

some mean domination phone sex

domination phone sex

Some mean domination phone sex after a long day. It would be best if you told me what to do. It’s time you learn from a bossy babe how to be the best sissy. A little rough attitude and strict rules will keep you in line.

Yes, you know you’ll enjoy my big dildo because seeing you deepthroat on such a massive plastic cock gets my wet cunt going and getting it off.

There’s a reason why I like to make men sissies. Emasculating a man is one of the most powerful things a woman can do. Making you choose between your manhood and a world of submission is easy. Yes, you may have reservations, but you will never be a man again after signing up for my sissy lessons.

Sissy slave training is what I do naturally

When you have been around enough sissy bitches like I have, Sissy slave training is natural. So when I was at a party and bumped into a wimpy boy I knew he could be trained easily. I looked in his eyes and called her a little slut. His eyes twinkled, I told him to get on his knees and kiss my feet. Once he did he became my new sissy. I told her that she would undress and crawl on all fours for the whole night. She became very obedient, I brought out a strap and I put it on. I made my sissy open her mouth and take my cock in her throat. She did and everyone watched as she got throat fucked. Her clitty leaked  for my strap cock in her mouth. She was so excited that I was able to rub my cock on her sissy pussy and have her push back on it. This started as Forced sissy training but it finished with me making her leak in front of everyone while I fucked her.

Sissy slave training

Forced sissy training for Submissive Sub

Forced sissy training

Most subs crave Forced sissy training, but few can handle it. So many wanta be subs cry and beg for you to make them your sissy but most are too blind and inattentive to become a slave for a powerful mistress like myself. Most submissive males are voyeurs and not participants because they just can’t get out of their own way and submit to the pleasure zone. It requires a big commitment on the part of the mistress and slave. While I may use my cunt to obtain a following don’t be fooled. This cunt requires hours of service if you are to be collared by me. My slaves all know the different sensations of pleasure I demand. Not all pleasure is cut out equality and some pleasures have many layers underneath the top layer of pleasure. The question is are you ready to commit to exploration of pleasure? Are you ready to find out how pleasure can be used for and against yourself? Do you have the ability just to take another breathe and ride the waves of desire and pleasure only a mistress can bring to her submissive?

Online Sissy Training for Sissies Who Cannot Get a Real Cock in Their Sissy Ass

online sissy trainingI love online sissy training men. Most of my regular phone sissies cannot really get cock, but they can pretend with this sissy mom. Yesterday, I got to talk with Margo. Been awhile since she had time to express herself. Margo is a party sissy. She loves her Tina, and she loves her mommy. Margo and I go back to the first week I worked as an online sissy trainer. Margo likes to please mommy. I pimp her out to all the black men I know, and even some I do not know. Mommy needs money. My sissies pay my bills. That is the way it should be too because mommy is in charge. I am a phone dominatrix. I am a real-life mistress too. Before I became a sissy trainer, I was a full-time mistress. I still have a dungeon in my basement, but it is part sissy room too. Now, some of the BDSM equipment has been replaced with sissy clothes and toys. When Margo first called me, she only had a few sissy items and a one dildo. Now, she can fill her own closet and has a variety of dildos. While we talked yesterday, she bounced on her suction cup dildo to simulate one of those big black cocks fucking her sissy holes. I let her do some Tina, and smoke because Tina helps open those sissy holes wide and black men love seeing a sissy bitch blow smoke rings on their big black cocks. Margo hustled for her sissy mom. She took one big black cock after another in her sissy ass. Cum was pouring out of her too. She made me so proud. It is not easy for most sissies to get those big black cocks, but calling a BBC sissy trainer like me can make it seem like you are really getting one big black cock after another up that sissy ass of yours.


Mistress phone sex applications open

Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sex open for applications from sissy bitch boys who know their place. It’s not every day that a man can be drawn into the depths of sensation and lead to submit in ways he didn’t even realize he was holding on to. Or maybe his ego had led him to believe he was capable of experiencing all sensations on his own and he didn’t think a mistress would do is life any benefit. Whatever the sad case may be, it still doesn’t over shaddow the fact that I am open to accepting applications for the sub that desires an inner knowledge and exploration of submission of the soul. I’m no ordinary mistress. I’ve known this roll was for me barely out of diapers. The chance to explore and question has always been at the center of what I do and desire. What happens when we caress here? How far can you go without coming? What benefit does your arousal serve for my greater purpose? How much tickle play before your balls explode? Why not do you CBT? So many questions, so few mistress have time to answer them.

Sissy slut needs sissy phone sex

sissy phone sex

I like when little sissies pretend they don’t want huge cocks. You can fake it all you want. You know you’re craving cock. Ever since I’ve begun sissy phone sex with specific clients, I have noticed that I am so into making a sissy like that come to their knees and begin to worship, wanting to be a sissy.

I like making sissies do poppers and talk to me all about their dirty fantasies. You know you have one too many of those naughty cock fantasies that make you want to succumb to a big dick. Open your mouth and take that jizz. It’s going to be a wild ride with a slut who can indeed teach you to swallow every load.

Now you will begin to admit that you are a sissy.

Sissy phone fun with lingerie

sissy phone

My lingerie is one of the ways I trap my sissies. Whenever I find a new outfit, I get rid of one. The collection I have is insane. I have a whole floor dedicated to my sensual cosmic playwear.

If a sissy gets gifted a hot lingerie outfit by me, they know they have to find someone willing to fuck them in that outfit.

The mission needs only a few hours to be completed. Once the sissy gets the guy who will use them for the night, they progress to the next level. A sissy phone session with me will bring up all the ways to make you the right cock sucker and to be able to enjoy the jizz factor of it all.

When a sissy becomes obsessed with wanting to be feminized, they will be able to be the perfect cum slut only if they listen to my every command.

Using these Sissies to Pay my Way

Domination phone sex


My sissies are such big sluts that I never have to pay for anything. Any time I need a service done or need to buy something, I just get one of my sissies to suck their cocks. For example, there was one time I was getting my car fixed and the mechanic asked me to pay a lot more money than was quoted. I got one of my sissy whores and told her to take care of the bill for me. She sashayed over to him, pushed her breasts against him, and then got on her knees so she could suck his cock. Before he had a chance to react, he was getting sucked off by my sissy fag whore. She put his entire cock into her mouth and bobbed her head while playing with his balls. When he finally came inside her throat, he told me I didn’t have to worry about the bill. Pimping out these sissy sluts is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.