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Taboo phone chat is where i got a new sissy trained with Sissy panties

Taboo phone chat is where I met my new sissy. He played like he didn’t like someone to tell him what to do and put him in his place. I knew he was; I could smell a sissy a mile away. I gave him a look and told him to kiss mistress feet and dropped like the proper hoe he is.

Taboo phone chat

I gave him some pink Sissy panties and told him to put on what a bitch like him deserves to wear. I had just gotten fucked by a big black cock, so i had a pussy full of creamy load. I grabbed his face, and I told my new sissy bitch that his job for mistress was to be a Sissy maid and needed to clean all my cummy messes. I grabbed my sissy bitch by the hair and rubbed her mouth all over my cunt. She opened her mouth, and I squeezed some left-over nut right in her mouth. After she swallowed it she went to lickin! She licked mistress’s cunt so good I came inside her mouth before I was all the way clean. Mistress gypsy will give this sissy the best training.

Sissy Training With Mistress Carmalita, I’ll Make You A Good Sissy Slut Slave

Training these Sissy Slaves can be quite challenging these days. These little heffas want it all and they want it now. Game recognizes game, however, and if we could wake up and have it all, well, we would wake up and have it all. But you and I both know that’s just not how things work in the real world, do they?  You gotta put in the work to be successful and you gotta keep your eyes on the prize! Your appearance, is it up to snuff? Makeup on point? Clothes tight-fitting and sexy? Jewelry not too much just enough to accentuate your beauty. Can you handle a butt-plug?Cause trust me when you have to take some BBC if you’re not ready that BBC will destroy that boy pussy, I mean obliterate it. So you have to train and learn how to take at least 8 inches of BBC.Sissy Training

Are you docile, obedient and willing to learn? Are you willing to put in the time to learn how to take some Big cock in your sweet little boy pussies? This ain’t for the faint of heart you better understand that. I been in this game a long time and the studs in my stable go deep in that boy pussy, can you handle it?

You better.


Sissy gets punishment for fucking a BBC sissy trainer without

BBC sissy trainer

My sissy bitch has been naughty and let a new BBC sissy trainer fuck him without asking mistress for permission. So, I decided to show her what dirty disobedient slut gets. I have planned a gangbang. My sissy came over in her slutiest dress and her clitty cage on nice and tight. When she walks in, she sees all the big black bulls, she gets on her knees and starts to thank mistress. I told my sissy bitch to not thank me, yet I was going to use her little hole until she couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed my sissy down on the ground and pulled her panties down and spread her ass. His little clitty in his chastity was so cute but I loved how it looked when I aimed the first dick towards his asshole. Right away the BBC bull started pounding him and like a wave the rest came. My sissy bitch slut was getting gangbang. She was going to get her Sissy panties soaked with cum. My sissy whore kept getting pounded and filled up until she fell flat on her belly. I know my bitch was getting tired but i wanted her to know she gets fucked when i say so only. When we finished my sissy bitch knew from her Sissy maid training to clean up all the cummy mess.

Sissy Slave Needs to Be Properly Punished

Online Sissy Training


I caught you, you sneaky little thief. You were dressing up in my clothes, draping your body in my tight bodycon dress and adorning your feet with my 8-inch heels. You need to be punished for going through your Mistress’ things. Get on all fours now! I’m going to spank your ass until it’s red. Feel the cold, hard wood of my paddle smack your ass until it burns.  Oh, I see that you are enjoying this. Your cock is now in chastity, so you won’t be able to jerk off after your punishment. Now, it’s time for me to pull out my 11-inch dildo. It’s time to teach your ass a lesson. Feel every inch of this dildo as I slide it in slowly. Now keep taking this cock as I fit the entire thing in your ass, pounding you until you feel it in your stomach. You are getting so hard and you are about to cum when I stop and pull out of you. You are horny out of your mind and beg for me to make you feel good. It’s time for you to be my sissy maid and do some chores. If you’re good, I’ll let 5 guys that I know show you a good time.

Halloween creamy treat

femboy training

A real Halloween treats occurred. I love to have my sissies turn up the femboy training. My ex-husband once had a creamy mouth full of jizz after a Halloween party I went to, and he had no idea I had gotten raw dogged by one of my exes. Talia was a built Italian station with a huge cock that I could never fucking forget. Now that I was married, I felt I had to honor my marriage at the time, but I knew I’d be breaking that commitment.

All it took was seeing him at that Halloween party and him staring right at me. It was like the sexual tension never left. We fooled around, and I kept telling him we shouldn’t, but he kept bringing up how he knew I missed him and that my old fart of my husband had no dick and got me ready to let him fuck me raw.

When I made it home, my husband got on his knees for me and ate me out. I start my training with them worshipping me, then gradually turning it into making them do whatever I damn, please.

Sissy Slave Training With Sissy Panties From Your Phone Dominatrix

Sissy slave training with the Best sissy trainer will have your clitty in a chastity and your boypussy sore. You have to be a good little girl for this Phone dominatrix mommy and put on the outfit she picked for you. I want you to put on your sissy slut dress and sissy panties. You will do anything your mistress mommy wants you to do.

Sissy slave training

Mommy needs you to be her Sissy maid and clean up her cummy cunt mess. You get to your knees in those pretty stockings, and you lick mistress mommies’ cunt. You can taste the salty thick gooey nut and it makes you slurp your Phone dominatrix mommy cunt harder and harder, making sure you get every drop of nut out. Mistress mommy loves the way you lick me clean. I reward you by squirting all over your face. When I am done, I make you bend over mistress mommies’ knee, and I spank you while you count and beg for more. I make you lick my asshole to always remind you that you are my sissy bitch before I tuck you into bed.

BBC Sissy Trainer Fucks And Fills Up Sissy For Mistress

I got to watch a BBC sissy trainer fuck my young sissie’s asshole. Sissy slave training is what my sissy was getting at home, he knew he had to wear his panties and do as the Best sissy trainer asks. This time I wanted my sissy to squirm a bit more than usual.

BBC sissy trainer

After he took his Sissy panties off, I gave him some spankings as he counted and asked for more. That is when my BBC sissy trainer friend walked in. He took the paddle and started whaling on my sissy’s ass. He laughed and I knew it made his big black dick hard, I could see it poking from his pants. I just told my BBC sissy trainer friend to fuck him and show him what a good cum bucket he can be. He didn’t hesitate to pull his BBC out and move those Sissy panties to the side before slamming his cock deep inside his sissy pussy. I watched and played with my cunt as I watch a big BBC sissy trainer fuck my young sissy like a dumb whore. I came so hard on my fingers watching my Sissy get fucked and filled up. Her Sissy training has been working.

Halloween Porn with a sissy

sissy phone

My sissy slut has to be my assistant. It means my sissy has to do whatever I say whenever I say so. , I like to tease my sissy and show her that if she wants to be an actual good, she must learn all the ropes. 

I’m always having fun shooting little videos and taking pictures. I make sissies dress up and watch and gravel at the cocks that come our way. A little bit of teasing goes a long way. If you want to taste this dick, you must work your way up and show me you can.

I will show you why I am the head bitch in charge when I make your wishes come true. It will be quite the Halloween party when your fantasies become nightmares. Plenty of cocks will come for you to suck on, and you won’t be set free till you make each one jizz all over your face. Slurp it up. Your trick or treat is real life now.

Sissy phone fun is better than you ever even could have imagined.


Best Sissy Trainer Finds A New Pay Piggy Sissy Bitch

Finding a sissy bitch pay piggy is easy when you are the Best sissy trainer. I just went out with my leash and whip at hand, only a horny sissy bitch’s mouth will water when they see that. Right away a good one kneeled at my feet and begged to buy me a drink. I laughed and told him to do better.

Best sissy trainer

That is when he replied with “pay your rent ” and I was happy to invite him over. Once he gave me my rent money, I pulled out my box of toys and sissy panties. I made sure he knew he was my bitch and was going to be Cleaning all my messes while giving me anything I wanted is what Sissy training is about. He nodded and licked my heels clean which is part of his sissy maid training. I paddled his round getting that man pussy ready for me. I was going to break him in and show this pay piggy who he belongs to. With every paddle to his ass, he gave me money knowing he would get his pussy pounded. I finally rubbed my big black cock strap on, on his tight man pussy as he gave me his wallet begging me to fuck him. That was it once I got his wallet, he got my dick hard and fast until his clitty leaked all over! He left with an empty wallet and a big smile.

Sissy Panties And Reparations During Sissy Slave Training

Last night I got reparations for my favorite BBC bull. My sissy begged to please let him show off his new sissy panties.

Sissy panties

Since I am the Best sissy trainer, I enjoyed him begging me. I made him bend over so he could show off those sissy panties to my BBC bull friend as soon as he walked in. When he walked in and saw him bent over like a little bitch he laughed and told him how his ass looked good enough to sell. I spanked my sissies round as and told me to scream who he belongs to and who the superior breed is. He begged and screamed so well that it got my BBC bull excited. I grabbed him by his sissy ponytails and walked him out to the street. I have a bunch of BBC neighbors. I told them they could do whatever they wanted with my sissy whore. Right away they pulled their cocks out and slapped him with it. They called him a pale face whore who needed to be a fuck slave to pay back what they are owed. He got his little dick kicked while he was forced to suck cock, he even got a big cock in his pussy all at once. He gets enough Sissy girl training to know he needs to take it and not disappoint me. He was doing such a good job milking their big black cocks they started paying my BBC bull money and giving him party gifts for providing suck a perfect Sissy slave training session for the neighborhood.