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Summer Camp Sissy Training

Last summer I was a camp counselor and I enjoyed being the bossy bitch I am and keeping these little sluts in check gets my cunt wet. On the boy’s side of the camp, I noticed there was a really prissy boy slut.  I was hearing how he was watching the other boys in the shower. I decided I would break him in. I left a note on his bed with no name to meet me in the backwoods.

Sissy girl training

When he got there, I popped out. He thought he was in trouble, and I ran with it. I told him that he would be kicked out if he didn’t do some training with me. I made him undress and bent over, grabbing his head and shoving it in between my ass cheeks. I told him to lick my ass and show me how his tongue works. Then I tied him up to the tree. We spoke about how he loves looking at cock and how he was going to get some sissy training from me for the rest of the summer. I pulled my big dildo out strap-on out and shoved it down his mouth. I made him suck it like he was going to milk it. After I put it on, I got behind him and shoved it up his sissy pussy. He moaned out and I had his little cock clitty leaking cum down his legs. I fucked him over and over against that tree calling him a little bitch slut until sun came up. That was a good way to start our sissy girl training.

It’s goddess to you!

Best sissy trainerIt’s goddess to you, you stupid little sissy slut! Why do I even have to correct you at this point?! You say you want to be my sissy pet but have shown you are not even worthy of my time! Why do you have to be told to suck the beta’s massive cock? You should be eager to get the chance to wrap your warm wet sissy mouth around his beautiful veiny rock-hard cock!  You are lucky to even be in our presence! You know you don’t even deserve that! You are scum sissy! The only thing you are good for is to be fucked and for you to suck, and you can’t even do that right?! Crawl over to me like the fucking filthy sissy slut you are! Don’t you dare look at me! You look at the ground sissy! That same ground that you should be worshiping because I walk upon it sissy! Now I’m going to sit up my throne which is your dirty little sissy face, and you are going to eat my ass! Clean this goddess’ fucking fat ass femboy! No, I don’t care that you can’t breathe! What does that have to do with me?! You better fucking figure it out sissy before I suffocate you with my dirty ass! Now lift your legs and take this huge cock deep inside your sissy hole! I would say don’t make a sound, but your face is a little preoccupied being my seat! Its ok sissy by the end of this training session you will be thanking me and kissing my fucking feet!

Good Sissy Bitch

Mistress phone sex Sky

Stand in front of the mirror- naked, tell yourself you’re a beautiful woman. Remind yourself of that gorgeous long hair, and cute cunt you will soon have. The panties you wear make you sexy and the heels you put on, make men jealous that only I can fuck you. Every night when you get ready for bed- you dress yourself in the lavender laced nightgown that I picked out for you. Look at the calendar reminding yourself of the date your breasts will soon be as enhanced to be as big as mine. Prepare your hot pink fishnets and 6 inch high heels for tomorrow-Don’t forget that sexy knee slit, skin tight black dress that falls right above your sexy ass. My men will need a fucktoy in the morning-and you my sissy bitch are just the perfect treat. You’re going to suck every single cock I put in front of you to get them ready before they fill my fuckholes. I’ll make sure you eat my ass too- you were made to satisfy me and any man I put in front of you.

Me & My Favorite Sissy Goldie!

BBC Sissy Trainer

I’ve been feeling very generous towards my sissies this month! The summer time means the days are full of fun time by the pool for Mistress Raine and the nights are filled with sissy training and cock taking. Just this weekend I invited my favorite sissy over to help me take care of one of my BBC Stallions by draining his big black balls completely of cum. My stallion has a insatiable craving for sissy pussy and he knows I will always provide him with the sluttiest sissy whores to take his cock. Me and my favorite sissy Goldie got all dressed up in lovely pink lingerie and did some poppers before our stallion arrived. We were feeling nice and loose by the time the BBC was whipped out right in front of us. I sucked that BBC hard and guided the thick pink mushroom head into sissy Goldie’s tight little fuck hole. She went wild on that BBC when he started pounding her bussy. I was so proud to see my Goldie taking all 11 inches of that amazing black cock and juicing those balls for all the nut they were worth!

Sissy you don’t need your Wife

Sissy Panties sky

You came here because you know you want cock in your ass and you don’t know how to tell your wife. I got you to wear my favorite pair of sissy panties, and that beautiful set of pink fishnet stockings, along with that creamy lavender cocktail dress. Oh my sissy girl you came in worried that your wife found our photos of you in my favorite red dress and stiletto heels puckered up feeling like my mistress-now look at you strutting proudly in front of my men ready to be dominated. You got your ass poking out, your makeup done so well just to be dripping all over your face in seconds. You’re more than ready for your training session, I force you onto your knees and you already have your mouth wide open to get face fucked. Honey you already know what needs to be done with that  BBC- now show me what a good fucktoy you were born to be!

Walking My Sissy Bitch

I took my sissy for a walk today. I put on her sissy collar and only sissy panties. I made sure to shove my favorite plug in her little man pussy. I made it clear my sissy slut had to crawl on all fours like a dog bitch she is, while at the park i made her sniff people’s asses just like bitches do. I even made her eat treats out of their hands before I was going to show off how good her mouth is. I pulled my dildo out my bag and my sissy slut opened her mouth wide open. I shoved it down her slutty mouth so everyone could see how far down her throat she could take it. She was putting on a good show, but it wasn’t enough for me. I pulled her panties down and pulled the butt plug out of his man pussy.

Sissy panties

I shoved the plug in her mouth and then took my dildo and started fucking her opened sissy cunt for everyone to see. Her clitty started leaking and I scooped anything with my fingers and made her lick it. I didn’t stop shoving my dildo in and out of her sissy cunt until she made a cummy mess. Just like any other messes my sissy whore cleaned up with her tongue. 

Best Sissy Trainer for BBC Sissies Like Kami

best sissy trainerI am the best sissy trainer for Kami. That is because I am her bbc sissy mom. See, Kami and I share a love for those big black cocks. I help her get those big black cocks, because I have an army of black bulls at my disposal for training little sissy faggots like Kami. If you want to be a BBC sissy faggot, you need to do more than just look the part. Look at my precious Kami. She already has her Queen of Spades tattoo. This is an important hallmark of being a BBC sissy. This lets all the dominant white men out there know your tight little sissy holes are only for the biggest and darkest cocks around. I am a BBC sissy trainer, so when I see that a sissy already has her Queen of Spades tattoo, I know I do not have to start small. When Kami arrived for her sissy session, I had some of the biggest black bulls I know around. Normally, I start small and work up, but Kami is dedicated and ambitious when it comes to those beautiful big black dicks. Kami is naturally feminine. She just needed some help to dress for her thin frame. A sissy mom knows how to accentuate small clitties and fem bodies. Kami was a little cock sucking whore for her sissy mommy the other day. From big to biggest, I had those big beautiful black cocks lined up for Kami to practice on. We have had lots of cock sucking training down at the glory hole, but those cocks are never all black. As a BBC trainer, all the cocks I train sissies on in my house are big black dicks. Kami shines with a BBC between her lips. She works it in slowly, but completely. I truly believe Kami was born for big black cocks and sissy phone sex. Kami is a tiny, feminine sissy but she can handle those big black dicks better than many naturally born women can. Behind every good BBC sissy faggot, is a skilled BBC sissy mom. BBC school is now in session.

bbc sissy trainer

New Young Sissy Toy To Train

The prettiest teen sissy slut stumbled onto my feet recently. I saw her walking down the street like a lost puppy. I told her that I like her pretty pink shoes and that only a good little slut wears shoes like that. I invited her to my place for a good sissy slut training. By the looks of her I could tell her sweet boy pussy was trained well. I made her undress down to her cute pussy pink  Sissy panties and only heels on. I asked her about her training history but it sounded like she only had been fucked before. I told her how I am a strict mistress and I better have any mess I have made cleaned up right away. I told her she came at the right time I had just had a really good fuck session that made my cunt dripping and full of hot gooey jizz. He got on his knees and licked my dirty cunt. With every dig of his tongue in my gooey pussy he pulled cum and juices into his mouth being a good slut cleaning me up.

Sissy slave training

When she was done I have her give my house a spring cleaning before I would fuck her with my strap on toy.

Breeding My Sissy Slut’s Man Pussy

I was going to get my sissy slut pregnant today! I had forced her into some feminization trying and this wad part of it. She learned how to suck big black cock until all the nut came out and now she was going to use that sweet man pussy of hers to milk my new boyfriends big black fat dick. I wanted to see her filled up by so much nut she would be pregnant by the end of the night. She wore some White lace panties and bralette set with matching stockings and high heels.

Forced feminization

My boyfriend loves slapping his cock against a sissy whore letting them know that they are only made to suck cock and get fucked. I pushed my sissy whore on to her knees guiding my boyfriends fat cock into her slutty mouth that was already watering thinking about the taste of cock. I played with my cunt as I watched a black bull face fucking my sissy. I was ready I wanted to see my sissy slave get fucked and filled up I yelled for my boyfriend to fuck her whore cunt and he pulled her panties to the side and slammed his BBC into my sissy whore. That drove me over the top and I came all over my fingers I shoved into my sissies mouth so she can clean all my juices off of them while she got used to milk a big black dick. 

Stepbrother Forced Sissy Training

I walked in on my stepbrother after he hopped out the shower and I saw how little his white dick was. I started laughing at him pointing at his big clit. I walked up to him, pulled my panties from the hamper, telling him he will dress as a bitch because that is what he is. Being a girl is fun i told him you get fucked and filled up. I stroked his little dick trying to get pre-cum out and when he started leaking, I wiped some with my fingers into his mouth making him lick my fingers clean. “Oh yes a good sissy bitch knows how to clean a cummy mess”. I knew my boyfriend and his big black cock were coming over so i made it clear to my sissy white stepbrother that he is my bitch toy to us as i want and to not say a word. I blind folded my boyfriend and walked him into my room.

Forced sissy training

There I pulled his big black cock and grabbed my stepbrother’s head and pushed it down, making him suck his BBC. My boyfriend called him a good cock sucker and slut. Then i bent him over and told my boyfriend to fuck me. I guided his cock into my stepbrother’s asshole. I played with my cunt as my forced stepbrother was getting fucked and filled up by my BBC boyfriend and it made me so very horny.