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Depraved Domination: A Sissy’s Descent into Humiliation


David, my pathetic little sissy, needed a strong hand to keep him in check. His weak demeanor and submissive nature were an itch I had to scratch. Bound and gaged, he was mine to dominate as I pleased, and oh, did I please myself!

I started with some light torture, ensuring his compliance. A little pain never hurt anyone, and the way David whimpered only egged me on. I ran my fingers along his body, savoring the shivers that rack his frame. He was mine to control, and the power was an aphrodisiac like no other.

I made him beg for my touch, pleading for release. But David wouldn’t find any until I was good and ready. The humiliation etched across his face only deepened my desire. I owned him, body and soul, and the thought of it made me drip with anticipation.

My fingers explored his sensitive spots, and his helpless moans encouraged my every filthy desire. I’d make him suck my fingers clean, like a good little sissy. The sight of him on his knees, eyes downcast, was a sight to behold.

I mounted his useless frame and rode him rough, making sure to remind him of his place. And the whole time, David took it—the submissive little worm!

This is our little secret. David’s too scared to ever admit what a filthy, submissive sissy he is, and I intend to keep it that way…

Mistress has spoken!

Sissy panties need to be ripped off that sissy ass

As a mistress sometimes you get in the mood to just rip some Sissy panties off and ram your strap toy in. I give you lots of training and always use my favorite bbc to break you in. Therefore, I grab my biggest strap. “Get on your knees,” I instruct you to do. After I lube my toy up, I rip your panties off. Right away your clitty twitches. “You are such a pathetic little slut” I grunt as I push deep in your sissy cunt. I start humping away at you and I could feel my start rubbing on my clit.

Sissy panties

The harder I fuck you the better it feels rubbing on your mistress clitty. “Fuck back at me like I trained you to do with big black cock” I demand of you. Since I have trained you well, you fuck back my cock strap hard. “Your sissy ass was made to be used by anything, look how well every inch of my strapcock disappears inside you. As my clitty gets rubbed by my toy, yours leak from the abuse your mistress is giving your manhunt. “Mistress can I please cum” you beg as I fuck you. I love seeing you squirm. Stopping you from cumming is one of my favorite tortures.

So, I just keep pounding you harder. The best way is to put my foot on your back and just ram you like I have had many bbc bulls do to you. “Mistress please let me orgasm” you beg squealing like a fuckpig. As I laugh, I tell you how pathetic you are and how fun it is to have you flopping underneath me. “Let your pathetic clitty make a big mess for you to clean up” I instruct. I watch as you limp up and explode all over the floor. “Now clean up the mess you have made, mistress needs your mouth” I say as I lay back and expose my wet cunty.

Panty-Balled Princess: A Sissy’s lesson

 Sissy training

You’re a lucky, lucky bastard, about to embark on a journey of pure, unadulterated degeneracy. And trust me, it’s gonna make you cream your pants.

Imagine a delicate little thing, a sissy slut dressed in pretty pink panties, soft as a newborn’s butt. This sissy’s got a cute, round ass that’s just begging to be spanked, and a panty-clad crotch that’s dripping with need. Sound delicious?

This mistress has been put on this earth for one reason only: to make you her own personal plaything. And boy, do I love it. My good sissy girls, ready to serve, with a little twerking ass that’s a joy to behold.

I’m talking ass cheeks that spill out of those panties, just begging to be pulled apart and dominated. Go on, imagine yourself as my Slave,  My friends with massive black cocks taking you from behind and preparing to turn your sissy ass into his personal cumdumpster.

Oh, he’s a desperate one, facing you now with a faint glaze of pre-cum marking the outline of his cock. Yeah, he’s ready—ready to be humiliated, used, and abused. That’s the way he likes it.

But will this sissy get the attention he craves? Only after he’s earned it. So bend him over, smack that ass, and prepare for a twisted journey of sissy domination.

Enjoy the ride, you nasty pervert, as this Mistress is about to show you the time of your life. And remember, she’s always ready for another round—with a true cumslut, just how I like ’em.

Taboo Calls: My Kinky Domination Story

 Taboo phone chat


I live for the power exchange. Being a phone dominatrix lets me unleash my inner domme, and goddamn, is it empowering! My rule is simple: you’re mine, and I’ll do as I please with you. If humiliation is what you get, consider yourself lucky.

I remember this one submissive dude, so desperate to please me. Lucky him, I had a kinky idea in mind. I ordered him to dress up like a little sissy, all dolled up in fishnets, frilly panties, and red lips. But that’s not all. I wanted his ass prepared for the ultimate invasion, so a butt plug became his new best friend.

After he was nicely warmed up, I made him bend over and presented him with a 10-inch strap-on. I ravished his ass until he was begging for mercy. But mercy wasn’t on the menu, not until I was satisfied.

To make things even kinkier, I invited a real alpha male over. I mean, who needs wimps when you can have a proper man? I made my sub watch as I rode this stud, showing him what real passion looks like.

Then came his moment of truth. The guy I picked up penetrated his tiny ass, making him squeal like the little bitch he was. I made sure to remind him how fortunate he was, taking his ass for a wild ride.

Afterwards, clean-up duty awaited my sub. He licked my pussy clean, then turned his attention to his conqueror’s cock, polishing it to a shine.

This was his initiation into a world of kinky bliss. And he loved it, the little masochist.

Humiliating Your Pathetic Ass Makes Me So Wet

I love to humiliate pathetic ass sissies and their little clitty dicks.  The worst I embarrass you is the weather my pussy gets. I will humiliate you by dressing you like the trashy little slut that you are and parade you all over the neighborhood. I will take you into one of the local dive bars and make you dance around all dressed like a sissy with a slutty dress and lots of bright pink lipstick.  Then I will pick up a few men that want to fuck your sissy little worthless ass while I watch. All the while I will remind you what a poor excuse for a man you are and how tiny your dick is. I can be downright evil when it comes to humiliation.

Sissy Training: A Dominant Female’s Tale of Forced feminization

Forced feminization

I’d had enough of guys treating me like some damn princess. Time to show them who’s boss. So, I sought out a willing participant, a submissive guy who craved dominate women.

Let’s call him Steve. Meek little fucker. I brought him to my place, made him wear the skimpiest dress I could find, and that’s when the fun began.I started with some light bondage, tying his hands above his head. Then, the real fun – makeup. I painted his face like a clown, emphasizing his plump lips with bright red lipstick. I forced him to walk in his stiletto heels while I followed, a smirk on my face.

The neighborhood was my runway, and Steve’s embarrassed face was a sight to behold. But the real action happened back at my place.I made him bend over, his ass UP, and spanked him hard. Each smack echoed through the room. “You’re my sissy bitch now,” I growled, getting off on the power I held.

Then, I grabbed my biggest dildo. It was time to stretch that tight little ass. I lubed up the toy and slowly, meticulously, pushed it into Steve’s screaming hole. I pegged him hard, laughing as he squirmed, calling him a “good girl.”

His moans egged me on. I fucked him until he cried, a tears and snot mess, yet he begged for more.

I dominated that little bitch, and the feeling was intense.

That’s how I assert my dominance. Fuck being a princess; I’m the queen!

Domination Phone Sex Let’s Peace Take Control Of Her Sissy Sluts

Domination phone sexDomination Phone Sex is a real assertion of power that sissy’s seem to get off on.  They love being told what to do! As I sat on the edge of my bed, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that my sissy boy was about to get what he deserved. He had been begging for this moment for weeks, and now it was finally here. With a smirk on my lips, I reached into my closet and pulled out a black leather strap-on dildo – the perfect tool to humiliate him with.

“Get down on your knees, faggot,” I commanded as he crawled towards me like the pathetic little slut he was. His eyes were filled with anticipation mixed with fear as he looked up at me; his mistress who held all the power in our twisted relationship. “Open wide,” I ordered while pushing his head down towards my crotch area where his face met the lace of my panties teasingly covered by silk lingerie underwear from Victoria Secret’s latest collection which accentuated every curve perfectly making him even more envious than usual about not having what i did between legs.”

Without further ado, i slipped off these delicate garments revealing

my perfectly shaved pussy which glistened under the dim light of our bedroom. “Now worship it,” I demanded as he leaned in closer to take a whiff of my scent before starting his task at hand – licking and kissing every inch like an obedient little slut should do for their mistress.

As he worked his magic on me, I couldn’t help but taunt him further by running my fingers through his hair, pulling it roughly when he didn’t please me enough while whispering degrading words into his ear about how pathetic his cock was compared to mine; how worthless he truly was as a man reduced now only into being nothing more than a sissy girl who could never satisfy another human being let alone make love properly because of that tiny thing dangling between those legs that barely qualified as one anyway.


BBC sissy training is what you get from this sexy mistress

I love being a BBC sissy trainer for a naughty husband. When you come over, I want you to take your wedding ring and put it on your clitty. It is so small no wonder you need to be a sissy bitch. After that you put your panties and heels on. “Get on your knees and wait for my guest” I instruct you to do. Right away you get into position. When he walks in you don’t dare to look up. But when I let you, you see his big black dick is hanging low. “This is what you were made and trained for ” I say as I point his cock towards your mouth.

BBC sissy trainer

Like a hungry hoe you stuff as much as his big cock as you can down your throat. But any good mistress knows to push you past any limit. Therefore, I grab your head and push your head down more. As you choke, I use your mouth to jerk his big meat off. After a while I can see you are tasting pre-cum, because your eyes get big. Your clitty tried to get excited but your wedding ring would allow it, or it would hurt your pathetic cock. “Time to get our guest drained” I say as I push you down and spread you open.

“Fuck this cock hard and milk him just like I have trained you to do” I say as he aims his dick towards your sissy cunt. It didn’t take long before you were squealing like a fuck pig. After not being able to please your wife, you have learned because you were made to be trained by a big black cock and a sexy Phone dominatrix like me. “Drain me for every drop” my bbc guest grunts as he fills you up. “Be a perfect slave and clean our guest up” I say as I stuff your panties into your sissy pussy in order to hold all that sperm in you.

Training My Sissy Steve: A Desperate Pleaser

 Forced feminization

Steve, my sweet little sissy, was a mess when he came to me. A Man with a desperate plea for help, or rather, submission. He knew he was different, yearned to embrace his true self, but needed guidance.

Let’s just say, his pleads for training gave me a delicious idea. I saw the potential in his wide eyes, the eagerness to learn and please. So, I crafted a special lesson plan just for him.

Our journey began with basic grooming—a good trim and a sexy makeover to highlight his feminine features. I showed him how to walk, talk, and flirt like a real sissy. The high-pitched giggle that escaped his lips was music to my ears!

But Steve needed to learn some discipline too. So, I introduced him to my special toy box, filled with delightfully wicked devices. We started with a mild spanking, his cute bottom reddening with each strike.

As the sessions intensified, Steve’s true colors shone through. He became my eager little slut, begging for more and calling me Mistress. The roleplay was heating up, and Steve’s sissy side blossomed.

I taught him how to deep throat and took him shopping for some new, skimpier lingerie. His desperation to please was evident with each new task, and he wounding me with his adorable moans.

Steve’s transformation was a sight to behold. Frilly dresses hugged his curvy frame, and his makeup was on point—a true masterpiece. But Steve yearned for more, and I was happy to oblige.

So, I introduced him to my domme friends, and the real fun began. They say sharing is caring, right?

Steve’s journey was a delightful adventure, a tale of submission and sissy discovery. And he’s still learning—my little desperate pleaser!

Sissy slave training is what you were made to get I’ll train you

Don’t waste my time unless you are ready to fully submit to my Sissy slave training. Once you become a pet in training, everything about you belongs to me. “You will dress like a used-up hooker” I say as I hand you a pair of panties. As I watch you undress, I have you sign your life to me. You easily do it because you have been wanting this for a long time. Once you are dressed in panties and heels, I bend you over my knee.

“I will give you the spanking your mommy should have given your sissy ass. As I spank you, I laugh and say, “you were born to be a sissy girl”. Your spankings will last until your ass is red then mommy will show you what you were made for. After you whimper and thank mommy I stand up and show off my big monster strap. “Mommy mistress will break you in with her favorite toys” I say sternly. “Make it wet and slippery” i demand of you to do. It doesn’t take any forcing for you to open your mouth.

Sissy slave training

Just like a nasty slut you slurp on my strap cock. But you are a worthless slut, so I grab you by the hair. “Choke on it bitch” I say as I grab you by the hair and push you down on my cock. Once you choke and gag on it, I start to smile. Finally, it is slippery and wet. “Bend over” I instruct you to do. Then I slip your Sissy panties to the side and make you beg for it. “I am your mistress please bless me and fuck my pathetic hole” you whimper. When you beg and submit is what makes me happy.

Therefore, I slam inside your sissy cunt. It was so hard that you fell down but I just kept ramming you. I rammed your sissy hole the way mine was by a big white cock when I was young. I learned pathetic white clitty bitches like you need to be trained and broken in by cocoa girls like me. “Can I leak mistress, please?” you beg as I pound you to the ground. After some time, I finally let you cum. As soon as you exploded on the floor you knew this is all you ever wanted. “Clean up, I have something else I want you to wear” I say as I pop my strap out your sissy cunt. You will clean up all the cum mess and get dressed like the barbie whore you are.