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Sissy slave training will get you exposed and for

What a filthy undercover whore you are!” I said as I forced this sissy to do what Sissy slave training demands of her. You must wear your sissy outfit I picked for you if you want me to use you. First you have to know you are worthless and that your sissy hole was made to be filled up with thick cummy loads. Secondly you have to follow every direction I give you, like “suck the left-over nut out my cunt”.

Your tongue needs to scoop every drop of semen in my cunt hole if you are a good whore maid. The point of you being a whore is to do what I say. Tonight, you will be broken in by a big cock. A sissy whore gets nothing, but a big cock. Even if it is a toy dick lick mistress has, you must take all of it.  First, I brought my favorite “Suck black daddy’s cock while I spank that ass and clitty in those Sissy panties I picked for you”. 

Sissy slave training

I moaned out. It sent you in overdrive and you tried to suck the cum out of his big black dick. “Don’t you dare, you filthy slut”. “We know you are hungry for that semen, but you won’t get that tummy full”. Then I spanked your ass with my paddle, shoving your mouth on the cock harder. After your ass was red, I ripped those lace panties off. “You will fuck this cock like I know you want”.

“Can’t hide who you are any more”, is all you hear as i stuff you with my friend’s bbc. “Oooh” you moan out loud. That was my reasons for training you so you can be who you are meant to be a sissy bitch who gets fucked. Finally, I see his big balls tighten up “you are about to get filled up”. “Don’t stop until you get every drop of nut out”. Then I see you getting filled and your clitty sprays all over. “Good job whore”.

Serve Your Mistress Bitch

Mistress phone sexThat’s it you good little toy!! Lick my cunt just like that! You have gotten so good at licking my pretty clit and fuck hole with that nice tongue of yours. You really are learning how to please your mistress exactly how she needs. I remember when you first started training to be my fuck toy boy and you had no idea how to work that tongue. Lots of practice on my pussy and cock fixed that issue didn’t it bitch? I think all that cock in your holes really fucked some sense into you. Now I can’t stop cumming and your reward is stroking your cock as I sit on your face. Maybe if you swallow my piss I will let you slap your cock on my pretty little slit. Call me now you little fuck toy bitches. I am ready to be served and pleased!

Mistress Phone Sex Can Be Outside the Box for Me If I’m in Charge Still

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex means I am in charge. Everyday I get some moron who can only think with his tiny dick. He wants to explore a rape fantasy with me or something else that makes me submissive. However not happening, losers. I am not that woman. Now, I can do some outside the box type of calls that still put me in the driver seat like a mommy son fantasy where mommy wants a daughter and not a son or mommy gives small dick humiliation to her puny son.

Although I am a sissy trainer, I am still just a dominant woman and able to roleplay any scenario that respects that I am a dominant woman. This morning I got to do an out of the box roleplay that went more extreme than I ever go, but since I could still be in control, I was game. A caller wanted to be my perverted son who fucks his sisters. Mommy finds out and punishes him.

I Enjoy All Sorts of Dominant Roles

That setup, I do often. However, the punishment acted as the twist to my typical call. Mommy got to castrate her bad boy. Just like you neuter a horny dog, I neutered my horny son. And I used a castration band called The Elastrator band around his nuts. I told him I planned to turn him into my daughter. Why have 2 daughters and a son when I could have three daughters, right?

That Elastrator worked quickly cutting off the blood and oxygen supply to his worthless nuts. Perhaps, mommy enjoyed this too much. As he laid there strapped to his bed, I waited until his balls turned black before I used the knife and the soldering pen to seal the wound. My perverted son no longer exists. I turned him into a ballless wonder quickly.

However, once I castrated him, the punishment was not finished. The femboy training came next.  I dressed him in panties, and a frilly dress. And followed it up with some humiliation. Now, I have a daughter with a big clit who will cause no harm to anyone. And I love it. So, what kind of outside the box role play do you have for me?

Sissy phone with the boss

sissy phone

Sissy phone fun with my boss makes all the dwelling hours go by fast. I do like making him suck on big strap-ons and making him my little slut. Making my boss wear panties and making him a beta slut has worked to my advantage. Now his wife has no Idea he frequents massage parlors and dresses up as a whore.  I’ve got my boss doing molly and living it up and taking loads of BBC cum. His career and family life would be in shambles if the truth were to come out.

After all, I am the head bitch in charge now, and I enjoy making him work hard to please me and draining his wallet, turning him into a sissy. No one knows the truth but him and I, and that’s how it will stay until I train every penny of his net worth. When I have a goal, I will do whatever it takes to make it successful, and I usually do.


Wanting All The Sissy Cucks Out There

sissy training


I am calling out to all you little sissy cuck boys who need some training on how to make your queen happy. Your job is to please and make me feel good so let’s get you started. See here is one of my favorite cuck boys Tyler. He watches a real man fuck me right. I train him daily on how I expect to be fucked since he can’t do me right. I make him even get down there and lick on a big pair of balls sometimes while he plows my holes. Tyler is now fully trained on how to be a good clean up sissy slut as well. There is nothing better than a cuck boy who can get down and clean out my gorgeous pussy and ass hole after taking a big load from a superior cock. If you are ready to be told how to make me happy, call me! I am ready for you stupid cuck boys!

Sissy panties get ripped of as a reward or punishment

A sissy bitch always gets her Sissy panties ripped off and fucked hard every time i feel like it. Sometimes it is as a reward or a punishment, but every time I have you licking my cunt until I squirt all over you. All you are to me is a worthless sissy bitch who by chance I took pity on because your wallet was worth using. Your job is to prove to me you are worth me introducing you to my favorite BBC. He is alpha and will not accept anything less than full cock worshiping and submission from any slut he plays with.

Sissy panties

Even I had to submit and take his big black cock when I first met him. Start with you on your knees ready to use your sissy mouth. Then I will guide your mouth right on his cock ready for him to abuse it just like i to see. You better not disappoint me. Use the training and practice you have received to get his black meat throbbing. Being the Best sissy trainer has given me good obedient sissy sluts who have not let me down, don’t be the first. After you heard me, it encouraged you to suck his cock even harder.

I laid back and played with my cunt, watching you being a fucking whore always pleased me. BBC alpha bull pushed you down and ripped your panties off. It is time sissy bitch, take every inch and don’t stop until you are full of his semen load. Bounce that pussy hard and make me proud. My big dick friend pounded you hard over and over, while you squealed like a horny pig. Finally, you started feeling semen pumping inside you and you begged for me to let your clitty leak. “Ahaha you filthy slut you love getting fucked, cum now”! After I said that, your clitty leaked all over the place. What a good mess you made to clean up.

BBC sissy trainer Gives SPH and Blown out ass freely

BBC sissy trainerBBC sissy trainer Gives SPH and Blown out ass freely!!! I know all your little dicked men need a good BBC lover to help push you into ass fucking! Not every one of my sissy cunts loves dick, but I have enough fags who want that semi-sweet dark chocolate cock! Zoey must always pay ode to all my BBC whores out there. One thing is for sure my tight sissy trainer cunt loves big black dick! Oh, how Black men choke and fuck you so hard! It feels like your insides are being blown out. Especially if they are of true African descent with a massive 11 inches or above. Men who need blown out back doors almost always need a BBC to do the job. Now back up, I’m not saying that there are not big white cocks out there. Big white cock is just harder to find to fuck a sissy pussy. The black men I know have been to the pen. This causes Black cock to not be choosy when it comes to holes, I guess! But more importantly, the retributions of a small faggot cocks are more likely what they seek. Worship mandingo cock and pay homage to the suffering you white boys have caused the african american race! And if you have a small cock it is your job to dress and act the part of a feminine whore ladyboy. One who will always be willing to be blown out and fucked hard and put up wet. Black cock Mistress phone sex for all you whores on your sissy period needing some chocolate! 

sissy phone sex with the Mistress is a privilege

sissy phone sex


sissy phone sex with mistress Heaven is your introduction to Forced sissy training. Allow Heaven to make you into a proper slut. Do as your told and rewards flow, if you disobey the mistress prepare for punishment. It really is that simple when it comes to your hands on training with the mistress, and her success rate is perfect. Before long you will be taking cock like no other, gobbling and swallowing massive sized BBC day after day with absolute no gag. The mistress loves all her sissy boys and wants them to be all they can be, refined femboys and sophisticated sissies with the charm to get whatever it is the want, from whomever they want with the skills Mistress heaven teaches.

BBC sissy trainer is coming and you must milk him

My favorite BBC sissy trainer was going to be in town. I picked my young little sissy whore in training. You will wear my favorite pussy pink lingerie outfit. Be on your knees when we come in. It is part of your training; I hope you have done your exercise. When we walk in you are waiting like I asked. Good job sissy slut, open your mouth. I want you to greet my guest. Then you shook his big black cock hello with your mouth.

BBC sissy trainer

Great job sissy slut now doesn’t stop until I tell you too. You have to make me proud and show what good training you have received. My favorite part is when you gag and all your saliva wets and lubes his bbc just like we need. Bend over my sissy bitch show our bbc guest how good that sissy pussy is for milking a big cock. Then you bend over and spread your legs.

The Sissy slave training you have received will finally pay off. That young tight sissy cunt will be fucked by the best and if you are good i will let you feel his semen pump inside you. Normally I only let you get sprayed with semen, but tonight is special. Pump your pussy like I taught you to do. Finally, you start fucking back and you don’t stop until his big black balls tighten up. Your young sissy cunt is now getting filled up and I am happy to say I trained you right.

Online sissy training for Shrimp Dick Randi 🦐

Online sissy training

Online sissy training for Shrimp Dick Randi who needs to keep on sucking cock. Randi the panty slut has evolved into a complete femboy with his panty collection growing. Not only that but his expertise in cock sucking is growing as well! Too bad his little peen can’t really grow all that much! That little sissy clit in her vagina-shaped cage is all the pleasures my whore Randi gets! I have even begun bringing in other sissy trainers to humiliate and degrade my fag boy with me! Everyone needs to know about that panty-covered ass and Vienna sausage dick! 

Online sissy training

Sissy humiliation training of panty-wearing men is one of my favorite things to do. And now I heard a little rumor that my randi has found a Mistress who is going to physically put sissy girl RandI through her hoops. And I am so excited, I only wish it was my strap-on pegging that sweet tight ass!
I just want all my pathetic whores to know if you love panties and have a small weenie like Randi, cum see Mistresses Z! I have something big and fat for your ass and mouth!