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Take Both Cocks Sissy Bitch

Sissy Panties Sky Making you strut around in those tight pink panties that wrap around your cock in such a fancy way. Watching those juicy balls get tugged away- and those freshly shaved legs, so soft and tender. And that ruby red corset so snug and sexy Mmmm!! What man wouldn’t want to slide his hands against those calves up those thighs tugging those panties telling you what a nasty little bitch you are hehehe. Oh working his way up that corset- tugging on it as he pulls you close and smears that dark red lipstick all over your face as you forces you onto your knees like the good little sissy bitch you are. Get his cock nice and sloppily wet for me baby. I see his cock rolling off those juice lips I need you to stroke with both your hands, soft yet aggressive, feel it throb and bend that ass over so he can stuff you like the fucktoy you are! You are my sissy bitch and will please my men as I see fit and dress as told before every session and then I will treat you to some pampering if you behave my pretty sissy boy!

fantastic femboy training

femboy training

Don’t you know that you must have some fantastic femboy training before considering yourself a certified sissy? Well, now you do! 

I’m going to have you in the strict sissy academy. I can’t wait to get you all dolled up and ready to go on field trips. You have to pass the test to be able to stay as a devoted sissy with me. 

Not only do you have to walk and talk the sissy walk and talk, but you also have to outdo yourself. I enjoy putting a sissy in a particular setup where they have to be vulnerable and choose to be a sissy over being a man. 

Get rid of your little masculinity and submit to the sissy way of life. Now you decide how you succumb to that statement. 

Will you live your day-to-day life in femme attire, or will you tell your closest family and friends, especially those you know won’t be happy with your way of life?

It all falls on your lap, and you have to make do with whatever will inch you closer to your authentic self. 

Once you’ve done the hard part, the easy part cumssssssssssss. Celebration! Yes, you deserve an endless assortment of cocks, especially those that make your sissy ass throb. We go off to the gloryholes for you.

My Cock Sucking Sissy Michael!

MIstress Phone Sex

Just this morning I had a call with one of my best cock sucking sissies Michael! He is a brother cock sucking little sissy slut who can’t get enough big black cock down his throat. See, my friend Michael grew up sucking his big brother’s cock and letting him cum down his tight wet throat. Not only is he a throat slut for his brothers dick but he also is a pervert for his mommy’s pussy! His mommy walked in on him jacking his cock and my friend Michael being the slut that he is, came hard while mommy watched him. Ever since that moment he has been craving mommy’s cunny and his brother’s cock at the same time. He knows that he is mommy’s dick sucking baby girl and that if he sucks enough hard cock, maybe mommy will let him fuck her slippery wet mommy twat!

Sissy Sucking Cock

sissy phone sexI love making money, and my sissies are so fucking good at making it for me. I love to sit back and watch one of my sissies get fucked in her tiny little fucking ass hole so fucking hard she is screaming. But she takes it like a good little bitch because she knows what happens to her if she doesn’t. Take Sissy Ken for example, she decided to back out of sucking a mans dick because he was too fucking big. I refuse to let that go. Now she has to suck every mans cock that walks in my doors until he cums, and if she decides to back out I tie her up to my fucking fuck machine. If that happens I tie her to a machine that pumps her mouth until it’s fucking bruised and I see she’s had enough. I get to watch and make sure she sucks every one of their fucking cocks until her mouth is filled up each and every fucking time.

Make Me Money

sissy phone sexYou know exactly what you have to do as soon as I enter the room with my newest client. You are already dressed up all sexy in your red lacey thong and bra set. You come in and I went and sat down ant told you to make me money. You get down and crawl towards him and pull his pants down taking out his massive fucking cock and taking it all in your mouth. I watched you take his cock all the way in the back of your throat making sure you get it all nice and wet before he makes you stand up and bent you over. He gives you a good slap on the ass before shoving 2 fingers in that tight little shit hole of yours. I watch him pump those fingers in and out of you, stretching you all the way out before taking his cock and rubbing it around your tight little hole before shoving it all the fucking way in. I smile as I watch him fuck you hard and rough, knowing that you are making me a good amount of money. I smile even wider when he fills up that tight little hole with his huge load.

Semen Servings For Sissies


There are a few tenets of sissy slave training that absolutely have to be present if you plan on successfully turning a tender femboy into a full on sissified sex slave.  I won’t give away all of my secrets, I’m not a fucking idiot.  I will tell you one of the best ways to get a girly guy to submit to your will, though.  You absolutely have to make your slutty slave girly guys gulp down gallons of their own jizz to make sure they’ve completely given into you.

Every single load you let your clitty clowns fire off that no one had dibs on needs to go right back inside of them.  Hell, even the gobs of chunky cock goo they take in their gaping backdoor fagholes should make it into their pathetic he-whore mouths, so I hold a teacup up to their raunchy reamed out rosebuds and let them push and drip every drop of shitty dong sauce out so they have some strange cum to enjoy at tea time.


Sissy slave training


The jizz they get from other guys is a given, though.  Every real slut craves it!  If you want your girlyguy slaves to show they will do whatever you want them to do, serve them a saucer full of their own sperm soup or give them a shot of warm semen ceviche soi-meme.  Cocktails full of their own clittycock spunk mixer are a really easy way to get them loosened up and full of their own ball batter.

Whatever you do, if you ever hope of becoming the best sissy trainer ever, you should start making your butt sluts slurp down their own cock snot.  It just makes good sense.  Besides, do you want to have to clean it all up?  


You are my beta bitch sissy!

You are so eager to be my sissy pet, it is kind of pathetic! I know this goddess is way more than you deserve, but damn! I see you at least follow directions! You are kneeling in front of me, eyes on the ground when I come in with a whip. Let’s see how excited you are after I’m through with you femboy!

“Now get over here slut! I’m going to put you over my knee!” I demand you as I yank your leash and drag you to the bed. I rip your lacy pink panties up your ass crack exposing your round little ass cheeks. I take my whip and smack you ass hard leaving a welt. You arch your back and moan. Oh, you like that don’t you sissy pet? You know you are a worthless little fuck toy. I’m going to punish your ass and little clitty, and you better not cum until I say so!

Femboy trainingI grip your cock from behind. It’s tucked between your legs like the little fem boy you are. I start smacking it with my whip. “Yeah you fucking slut, this is my little clitty! Look at it grow for me! Now rub your clitty sissy slut and tell me how you don’t deserve to even be in my presence! Now rub that little clitty I know you want to cum don’t you beta bitch?”

“I’m just a little slut to be used for your pleasure goddess! I am not worthy of you and your punishments! Thank you, goddess! Thank you for punishing me!” You manage to moan. That’s right you little fucking bitch you are not worthy of me, that’s why this training is going to be extra hash!

“Ready my thrown betta bitch!” I demand as I whip you again. You hurry off and lay flat on your back mouth wide open. “Thats right, clean this dirty fucking ass sissy bitch! Suffocate on this fat goddess ass! Is that what you want my little beta bitch?” I’m going to ride your face and make you stroke your cock until your balls are so full, they are sore. Welcome to Sissy girl training! Then if you are a really good little whore, I may let you cum, maybe!

Force Feminization and Face Fucking

forced feminization

It’s quite pathetic how you come crying to me when you realize that you haven’t been trained properly. First and foremost let’s get you out of these clothes and into something a little bit more slutty. Forced feminization is the best way to break a bitch like you. Now, don’t you look pretty in my lacy panties and pussy pink dress? I can tell you are uncomfortable as you tug at the bottom of your sluty ensemble. Don’t try and hide that tiny shrimp! HAHA.

Now that you’re all dolled up, I’m going to take you for a walk! While I put on your leash and collar I demand that you flatter me. You sound so fucking puny droning on and on about how you’ll worship me and let me drain your bank account. DUH. I roll my eyes as I slide on your mouth gag dildo. Forget the walk. Just shut the fuck up and lie flat on the bench. I’m going to use your face to make my pussy cream. Look at that little clitty poking through your sissy panties LOL. You love being smothered by superior cunt, don’t you? I pinch the tip of your pinky sized member as I fuck your face. Your screams are making the dildo on your face vibrate! Keep groaning as I pinch your little jelly bean balls too! I want to cum to the sound of my slut’s whimpers.

Good Sissy Bitch

Mistress phone sex Sky

Stand in front of the mirror- naked, tell yourself you’re a beautiful woman. Remind yourself of that gorgeous long hair, and cute cunt you will soon have. The panties you wear make you sexy and the heels you put on, make men jealous that only I can fuck you. Every night when you get ready for bed- you dress yourself in the lavender laced nightgown that I picked out for you. Look at the calendar reminding yourself of the date your breasts will soon be as enhanced to be as big as mine. Prepare your hot pink fishnets and 6 inch high heels for tomorrow-Don’t forget that sexy knee slit, skin tight black dress that falls right above your sexy ass. My men will need a fucktoy in the morning-and you my sissy bitch are just the perfect treat. You’re going to suck every single cock I put in front of you to get them ready before they fill my fuckholes. I’ll make sure you eat my ass too- you were made to satisfy me and any man I put in front of you.

Straight Guys Fucking Straight Cock

Domination phone sex


The ultimate domination phone sex to me is when I help a hetero guy or two find their inner sissy.  There’s nothing more thrilling than making men who claim to not have a gay bone in their body take a surefire shaft right up the pooper.  You might say you only like to eat pussy, but after a raunchy round of MMF fucking with me, you’ll be sucking more cock than a Vegas street whore, guaranteed!  And you know Mistress K only guarantees that which she can deliver.

It’s pretty easy, I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to give a straight guy a gay frame of mind.  I’ll save you the logistics, there was quite a bit of research involved, but the simplified explanation is I just reassure them that pleasure is pleasure no matter the source.  Tell a dude that only other dudes really know what cocks like and their interest is definitely piqued, but deny them access to every inch of my body until they start exploring each other’s first and they’ll end up taking any dick I tell them to.

Yeah, it sounds simple, but there’s a lot of mental manipulation that goes on to even get two straight men naked in the same room.  They have a ton of weird hang ups.  But once I get the guy on guy action started, they never want to stop.  If I’m sitting on his face, he better not fucking stop until I tell him to, anyway!