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Forced feminization, hole open wide & I play with you baby!

Forced feminizationForced feminization, hole open wide & I play with you baby! I am here to fulfill all your forbidden desires and turn you into the perfect little sissy doll. I am going to take control and make you my own personal plaything. And believe me, you are going to love every minute of it. I want to see you dressed up in pretty pink frills, with your hair in pigtails and your lips painted bright red. You are going to be my Barbie doll, and I am going to be the one dressing you up and playing with you. And don’t you dare complain, because it’s what you secretly crave, my dear sissy.

But that’s just the beginning, my sweet little pet. I am going to open up your holes wide and show you just how good it feels to be filled up by your dominant mistress. I am going to get you nice and ready to bounce on Daddy’s cock. It is so big and heavy and need to release in your sweet sissy hole. I will guide it in and he will pound way until he drains his Daddy balls completely in your hole.

And while we play, I want you to remember you can never say no to Daddy. You will have to please all of my Daddys and make them happy, just like a good little girl. You will learn to be obedient and grateful for every time that sweet bussy is pounded hard and turned into a cum dump. And I will guide you and teach you every step of the way.

So, my dear sissy, are you ready for some hot Sissy phone play? Give me a call, and let’s have some fun together. You will be my pretty little dolly, and I will be your naughty, dominant big sister. And together, we will explore all of your sweet and wicked fantasies. Don’t keep me waiting, my sissy. I am eager to play with you and make all your dreams come true.


Phone dominatrix Mistress K loves Sissy girl training!

Phone dominatrix Mistress K loves Sissy girl training!  Everything about  torturing a sissy slut brings me pleasure. Are you willing to give yourself to me completely? To be dominated and controlled by a strong powerful Mistress such as myself. Our sessions will always be custom made just for you. Once im done with you, you’ll be on your hands begging for me to give you my approval. Ill have your wrapped around my finger and You wont be able to resist my commands.

Ill make you my very own sissy slut clean you up and make you pretty. Ill have you praising every inch of my body and if your a good boy ill let you clean the cum out of my tight little pussy. If your a really good boy I’ll bend your sweet ass over and use my strap on as a reward. I love hearing you moan and squeal as I’m pegging my sweet little slut it makes me gush every time. Ruling over you wont only make me happy but you’ll be in sissy heaven. Are you ready to be my little sissy?

Humiliation phone sex is on the rise, so many fags to play!

Humiliation phone sexHumiliation phone sex is on the rise, so many fags to play! I know that deep down, you are a faggot in desperate need of some cock. You may try to hide it and pretend to be an ‘alpha male,’ but I see right through you. You crave to be dominated, to be stripped of your masculinity and forced to submit to someone who is way more superior than you.

And that someone is me. I will make you my little sissy bitch and there will be no going back. I’ll force so many cocks down your throat that you will be gagging and begging for mercy. But mercy is not a word in my vocabulary when it comes to my sissy slaves. I will continue to shove those cocks down your throat until you are crying for your mommy.

I will also dominate your ass and make it sore with the biggest, blackest cocks out there. The best kind of Femboy training is really pushing you and your holes way past your limits until your just a pathetic puddle of cum.  You will feel like you are splitting apart as they ram into you over and over again. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to stretch you out so that you can take it all like a good little sissy.

Don’t be such a shy little faggot. I will make you look like a fuckable whore, plenty of cocks will stuff you slut.  I will dress you up in the most humiliating and girly outfits and make you my little sissy doll. You will learn to embrace your sissy side every time a hard cock rams into your bussy, busting it up and using you like the faggot slut you are and you, baby you will love every minute of it.

So what are you waiting for? Call me now and let me show you the way to true submission. Don’t be shy, I love breaking in new faggots. And trust me, after a Forced feminization call with me, you will never want to go back to your ‘masculine’ ways. So come and submit to your new sissy dominatrix. You won’t regret it.


My Phone Domination Will Introduce You To Sissification

Phone domination is a discreet treat for sissification. Once you realize you are more feminine than masculan your journey may begin.

One of the first signs of understanding you are meant to be a sissy, is your desire to wear panties. I have just been discussing with a young man that is in the process of being immasculated. First off he has been very naughty. This individual was caught stealing panties.

Next thing he knew he was being prosecuted for his thievery. Yes, by the neighborhood. The women who’s panties were stolen from wanted their revenge. I explained to him that panties are expensive and very personal.

Finally he has come to the realization that indeed, Balls do not belong in panties. This is clear to him. Now he is going around with his ball sack banded. These things are swollen and sticking straight out.

Obviously it is time for the women of the neighborhood to get him tied down and to finalize the process. Then we Remove those balls. Now we take all of his man pants away. Finally, understand this: Balls don’t belong in panties. So then sissy girls don’t need them anymore.

Phone domination

Mommy Found Out About Your Sissy Phone Sex Sessions

sissy phone sex

Mommy’s found out about your sissy phone sex addiction. And I’m not too happy that you kept this a secret from me. No one would be better at turning you into a pretty little girl. When you come home a lacy pair of bra and panties are waiting on your bed. You’re confused at first. Your sissy clitty throbs when you see the soft satin. You want to feel them against your skin. You pick them up right when Mommy walks into the room.Your big titted mommy is behind you in matching lingerie and whispering for you to put them on. 

Sissy Phone Sex Makes You  Soak Your Panties For Mommy

“Be a good girl for Mommy and put on your uniform.” You’re shaking and nervous, but you do as I say. You’re dressed like the pretty, little slut that you are. Mommy looks you over and notices you’re already making a mess. That sissy clitty is leaking through those sissy panties. What a naughty little girl you are. If you want to fit in those panties properly, then that clit has to shrink back down. Mommy will take care of it. I slide my hands into those panties and wrap one around that ‘cock’ of yours.

The more I pump, the more that clitty leaks into those pretty panties. My big tits are pushed up in your face. Every time I stroke they jiggle. You can smell Mommy’s perfume. you wish you had big milky tiddies like Mommy. You sink your face into Mommy’s warm tiddies and start moaning like the pathetic little slut you are. I reach around that little body and slide my hands into the other side of those sissy panties. My finger finds that little asshole. Right when I slide it inside that clitty squirts out the rest of those cummies. From now on, I’ll be handling your sissy girl training.


Best sissy trainer makes Lil Lilly A BBC slave

Best sissy trainerI am the best sissy trainer with an expertise in training sissy girls to serve and pleasure their masters. What makes me stand out is a big silicone girl cock that I proudly display! 

Today I received a new sissy girl to train. Her name is Lily, and she has always dreamed of serving a dominant woman. Right away I am immediately drawn to her and know that I can turn her into the perfect sissy. I invite her to my home and show her my cock. She is in awe of its size and begs me to let her serve me. I take her into my dungeon and show her the ropes.

Lily does so well on my big thick strap and is so perfect for Bussy fucking! 

As Our training sessions progress, I notice that Lily had a particular interest in big black cocks. She will  often blush and giggle whenever I  mention it. So, when we receive an invitation to a party where a well-endowed black man will be present, Of course I have to take Lily along. The party is already  in full swing when me and my new pet arrive. As we mingle with the other guests, I cannot help but notice Lily’s eyes constantly wandering towards the black man. Sensing her interest, I lead Lily to a private room where the BBC is waiting.

Best sissy trainer makes Lil Lilly A BBC slave

Lily’s eyes widens in surprise and excitement as she sees the man’s massive black cock!!!. MMM I can’t resist joining in and together, we take turns sleeping his thick BBC! My  big silicone girl cock slides in and out of My submissives tight little bussy as she slurps and gulps all of his black meat!

It is a night that neither I nor Lily will ever forget. We both love big black cocks, and now we often fuck black men together. From this day on, Lilly is a BBC Lover made by my Forced sissy training and big strap girl cock! 

My Brothers Obsession With Stealing My Sissy Panties

sissy pantiesMy brother, Justin, got off stealing his sissy panties because he got off on my dirty crusty panties He has always been fascinated by women’s underwear and loved the idea of wearing them himself. Whenever he found an opportunity to sneak into my room and steal a pair of my lacy thongs or silky panties, it would send him into a frenzy of excitement. The scent of my feminine sweat and body odor on those stolen garments would drive him wild with desire.

Justin is such a pathetic little faggot that he couldn’t even find satisfaction from masturbating without using one of my soiled panties as his “masturbation aid.” He would rub himself against the damp fabric until he came all over it,. savoring the musky smell that reminded him of his sister’s dirty sweaty cunt. It was sickening how much pleasure he derived from something so filthy and inappropriate.

The smell of dirty panties is unique; it carries with it traces of our bodies  and emotions. To Justin, it was intoxicating. He loved the idea of being close to me in that way, even if it was just through my used underwear. The scent of sweat mixed with feminine hygiene products and our natural odors created a potent aphrodisiac for him. It made his cock hard as steel every time he sniffed or rubbed himself against them.

As for what he did with them afterward, well… let’s just say he had quite the collection stashed away in his room. He would keep them hidden under his mattress or tucked away in drawers filled with other “treasures” like old magazines and pornography featuring transgender models wearing lingerie similar to mine. Sometimes he would even wear them himself when no one else was around – imagining what it would be like to have soft curves instead of his bony frame wrapped up in lacey fabric designed for women’s bodies.

It disgusts me how low my brother has sunk due to his perversions but also intrigues me because I know deep down inside there’s still some semblance of femininity within him begging to be released. Maybe one day I’ll take matters into my own hands (or rather, feet) and introduce him to the world of sissy training – forcing him to wear high heels, makeup, and lingerie until he learns his place as a worthless cocksucker at my feet. Until then though…I’ll continue hiding my panties better so this pathetic excuse for a man doesn’t get any ideas about stealing them again.

Forced sissy training gets you one step closer to big cocks.

Forced sissy training          Forced sissy training gets you one step closer to big cocks. With this in mind the idea of forcing you will also in the end cause your pussy to cum as well. For this reason, we are going to make sure that you are prepared. The big cocks are not always black, but they are the most well known for being large.  In fact, they are long and wide. It must be remembered that length isn’t the only thing to think about.

          Now panties are very important to guys. To be sure that all lace is a tad impractical but at the same time men like to think they are fucking a real woman in her pussy and not some sissy little bitch whore. Which means that black, red, white (this hides the cum), and even pink lace panties are a good idea. They will be your sissy panties that you HAVE to wear when you are completely decked out.

          That is the first thing to remember. The second is that you act like a gay fucking bitch and that is how you will be treated. They will simply take what they want and leave you lying in your own filth. Act like a sophisticated sissy and you will garner respect.

          Which means that we obviously need to know what kind of sissy bitch you are going to be. A gutter snipe or one of class. Thrown out with the trash or given a modicum of respect.

BBC sissy trainer Tamika loves Taboo phone chat!

Are you ready for your BBC training?  Since your looking to be my little sissy slut I will teach how to serve and make you pretty in the process. I want you to show off for that BBC do a little strip tease. Shake that little ass and show those legs. I want to see how you get the bbc bull all revved up and rock hard.

I want you to show the bulls what I have taught you about being a good submissive little sissy. I want you to get on your knees with your mouth wide open ready to be fed that BBC while your play with that little baby dickie. Milk that BBC until it creams all down your throat like the good sissy slut I taught you to be. I want to see you getting stretched out and drained as they use you to masturbate. leaving you swollen and sore like a good little whore.

Meet Your New Phone Dominatrix Meadow – Prepare to Be Broken

phone dominatrix

Are You Ready to Meet Your Phone Dominatrix

Behind every sissy slut is a phone dominatrix with a strap on cock. And now I’m yours. You are going to love being my pet. I know exactly how a worthless little cum hungry fag should be treated. You need to be degraded, humiliated and broken. I will make you understand just ho insignificant you were as a man, so that you will be ready to accept your fate a my cumdump little slut. Are you ready to worship me for the rest of your meaningless little existence?

Submit to Your Phone Domination Like a Good Little Bitch

I’m going to start with cock humiliation and torture. That penis, as small and useless as it is, belongs to me. I want you so sensitive to my touch that you could cum from a kiss. Pump your cock to my voice. With every stroke I will remind you how worthless that cock is to women. That the best thing you could do is submit to my phone domination. You will be happier being pinned down and milked. Squirting every drop of cum out of your sissy cum sack. No other woman would ever want to touch you if she knew the filthy things you say to me.

When you’re broken mentally and addicted to your Goddess, that’s when we get to the real fun. That’s when I get to turn you into my bitch. Say goodbye to your cock. That cute clitty is getting locked into a cage until I decide that it’s useful. I don’t think that’s very likely. Too hard to unlock that cage when it’s under layers and layers of lace and satin. Those pretty sissy panties look better filled by a clitty cage anyway. I can’t wait to hear my sissy cum slut squeal for me.