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Online Sissy Training Field Report BBC Spotted

online sissy trainingSo recently, I had this awesome guy Skype with me who was looking for some online sissy training before a big night.  We’ve chatted before and I got to see how sexy he looked dressed in his thigh highs, tiny little skirt, thong that covered his cute little cock and crop top shirt.  Butt plug and all he was really buying into the sissy lifestyle and I was here for it.  I told him a few weeks ago when we talked, the next step was to get a black cock over there to really take his sissy to the next level.  The last we talked I told his faggot ass to get on a dating site and get him a black cock, pronto.

My poor little sissy slut was nervous but took the expert advise I gave her and found a big hot black cock. They had been texting back and forth and prepared to meet up the other night.  I loved seeing my hot little sissy dressed up for her date, just like if I was there dressing her up. We went on Skype so I could see every detail of the fishnets, layered stockings, tini little tutu, and more. I loved seeing the nice shaved pussy for our BBC friend.  The twerking into the video on Skype to see that smooth sissy ass, I know this black cock was going to be pleased.

Sissy said it was just going to be a blowjob to sart but I’m secretly hoping that sweet little pussy got some love too.  I am axiously awaiting to see if we get more of the deets.  I’m dying to know how the first cock was in my sissys little mouth.  How did the cum taste of this big stallion of a man? Did my sissy get a second date or was it mentioned? Ahh I hope it went well and our training paid off, I’ll keep y’all updated!

Forced feminization is getting that sissy ass into a skirt

Forced feminization

Forced feminization is getting that sissy ass into a skirt and heels. First, we are getting you completely nude and inspecting your sissy ass. Going to tie up that little clitty of yours. Even have a nice little lock box for it. Next, we are going to find a nice tight skirt, thong panties, and mesh thigh high stockings, three quarter bra, and mesh top. Really make you look like the little slut you are.

You are not to be trusted with getting ready on your own. Seeing as you seem to buck against what you are being told and for this reason you will be helped into those clothes. When it becomes necessary, I will slap your behind. You are going to be feminine and not sit with your legs spread wide.

In a word you are getting feminized and will act appropriately. Now that we have established that we are going to work on your standing and walking. You need to keep your back straight, shoulders back. Even line all the way down to your heels. After all a true woman stands straight and tall. Proud of her carriage.

In the long run you will thank me for making you do all this work to be a sissy little whore.

Sissy Slave Training for a Piss Boy Sissy Faggot

You are now my pathetic piss boy little bitch. And you better get ready for your sissy slave training, you faggot. On your knees. Now! You pathetic waste of space. Look at your tiny prick. It’s laughably tiny. Tuck that pricklet back into your panties. You’re going to have to make it up to me for reminding me that a cock that tiny exists. It’s depressing. The only hope is turning you into the sissy fag you were meant to be.

sissy slave training

Get on your knees gooner. I want you on all fours barking like the little bitch you are. Bark for your mistress mutt. I want to be entertained and you are going to beg for humiliation phone sex. That’s all you deserve. that and my piss soaking into your face. I’m going to mark you as my property and give you a whore’s shower. Open your mouth wide, pet. I want you to catch my piss in your mouth and swallow it up.

Look at you drenched in piss and shame. You’re disgusting. I can see the tic tac in your panties getting hard. You’re having too much fun faggot. I wonder if you will be just as horny when I slide my 12 inch stiletto up your ass and fuck you with it. That ass is begging for a brutal fucking.

Sissy Humiliation Training By Yours Truly

sissy humiliation training peace

I don’t care if you like it, sissy humiliation training is what you need to be a true sissy.  Everything you don’t want, forget about it. I don’t care. I don’t care if you turn beat red to match the blood rushing to your worthless cock as I show everyone my new little sissy toy.  You have given me the rights to your cock, your pussy (formerly knows as your asshole) and your last little slut hole, your mouth.

You don’t want anyone to know you like those big black cocks being forced down your throats, right? Too bad.  We will go out in public and find your next bbc to drool over.  Dressed in your pink little corset with lingerie lace attached skirt.  Thigh high stockings with little bows at the top and your sexy high heels prancing around town.  You may see your boss, your old girlfriend,  your best friend and I will have no mercy.  They will laugh at you for being a little sissy. I will laugh along with them.

We will watch as these big black cocks jam in your mouth and I order them to thrust in and out. You may not want anyone knowing how much you crave cock, but I do not care.  That’s not my job to care. My job is to make you a good little sissy slut.  So don’t ask me to stop embrassing you.  To stop talking about your worthless cock that does nothing to please anyone.  However, your pussy does a great job making those big cocks cum.  So you don’t have a worthless pussy hole, you mine as well be worth something somewhere so you make someone get off.

They don’t call bme the best sissy trainer in town for nothing.

Lick BBC Sissy Trainer Pussy

I’m a BBC sissy trainer to pathetic sissies like you. Ones that would be lucky to lick my cunt after I’ve been stretched out by a thick black rod. Just look at it. Your cock will never look like that. His massive pole puts your pathetic clit to shame. I wouldn’t even be able to wrap my hand around your cock. 

That’s why you’re a cute little sissy in training. Any woman who has seen a big black dick is going to be severely disappointed by your tiny little prick. Honestly, she might even laugh at your face. I would. Tiny dicklets like yours should never be inside of a pussy. They look better in a pair of panties like every other clit.

bbc sissy trainer

Be A Good Slut For Your BBC Sissy Trainer!

That’s why you’re stroking off instead of fucking me. You’re lucky to be allowed to watch. You get to fuck your hand with your useless dicklet and try hard to last as long as he can. Cumming into your panties when he pumps me full of his cum. Crawl to me you pathetic little bitch. I know you want a taste. Slide his meaty cock out of my cunt and lick him clean. And then lay there like my pathetic sissy whore and let me pour his cum in to your mouth. I want to watch you drink a real man’s cum. It’s just one step of many on your forced feminization journey.

All that testosterone turns into estrogen in your mouth. Each load you swallow gets you closer to being a real girl. You’ve already failed as a man. You will always be a pathetic little sissy. Dedicate your life to being my feminine little fuck toy. And if you are a good toilet for me, I’ll reward you with what you really want. That fat hog rammed into your horny boy pussy. You want him to push those panties aside and spread your sissy ass. Show off that slut hole and ram his cock balls deep into you. Beg that big black cock to gape your fuck hole. I want to watch you beg.

Forced feminization with a sexy pair of panties

My friend came to me and told me about her cheating boyfriend, so I decided to give him a taste of my power and some Forced feminization. Since he never met him, it was easy for me to lure him back to my place. At my place I feed you more alcohol and even some rails of blow. It is to ensure you are going to be weak enough for me to control. After you tried to kiss me, I slap you. “Bitch you are not worthy of me, I heard about what you do to women ”.

Since you are so drunk it was easy for me to undress you and put a dress on. “You won’t take it off unless you are going to get fucked” is what i say as i force make up on your face. “Look at you”.  “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig”. “Now get on your knees and squeal like a pig”. “Oink oink” is all I let you say before I start spanking your sissy ass with my paddle. I stand in front of you so you can watch me put my strap-on on. I can see you are scared.

“What are you scared of; didn’t you want a fun banging session?” After you nod you head, I smile and spank you again. “Beg for me to fuck your pussy bitch!” My paddle hits your ass over and over hard, “I won’t stop until you say it!” “Please fuck me, please”. Finally, you said it, that is when I slam my cock into your man pussy. “You are going to be my new feminine bitch and I will fuck you just like you fuck bitches behind each other’s back”.

Forced feminization

“Now show me what a slut bitch you will be for me” is what I tell you as I start to jack off your cock. I want to force you to cum as I fuck you, that way you know what a bitch you really are. Your Sissy panties are my handles to hold on to as I ram inside you. Finally, you explode all over my hand, “you filthy bitch I knew you would love it”. “Now clean your mess up!”

Mistress Phone Sex Can Be Outside the Box for Me If I’m in Charge Still

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex means I am in charge. Everyday I get some moron who can only think with his tiny dick. He wants to explore a rape fantasy with me or something else that makes me submissive. However not happening, losers. I am not that woman. Now, I can do some outside the box type of calls that still put me in the driver seat like a mommy son fantasy where mommy wants a daughter and not a son or mommy gives small dick humiliation to her puny son.

Although I am a sissy trainer, I am still just a dominant woman and able to roleplay any scenario that respects that I am a dominant woman. This morning I got to do an out of the box roleplay that went more extreme than I ever go, but since I could still be in control, I was game. A caller wanted to be my perverted son who fucks his sisters. Mommy finds out and punishes him.

I Enjoy All Sorts of Dominant Roles

That setup, I do often. However, the punishment acted as the twist to my typical call. Mommy got to castrate her bad boy. Just like you neuter a horny dog, I neutered my horny son. And I used a castration band called The Elastrator band around his nuts. I told him I planned to turn him into my daughter. Why have 2 daughters and a son when I could have three daughters, right?

That Elastrator worked quickly cutting off the blood and oxygen supply to his worthless nuts. Perhaps, mommy enjoyed this too much. As he laid there strapped to his bed, I waited until his balls turned black before I used the knife and the soldering pen to seal the wound. My perverted son no longer exists. I turned him into a ballless wonder quickly.

However, once I castrated him, the punishment was not finished. The femboy training came next.  I dressed him in panties, and a frilly dress. And followed it up with some humiliation. Now, I have a daughter with a big clit who will cause no harm to anyone. And I love it. So, what kind of outside the box role play do you have for me?

Domination phone sex now get on your knees before me.

Domination phone sex: now get on your knees before me. By all means talk back and not do as you’re told. You will see just how quickly I paddle your bottom. Like having your bottom paddled. That can be remedied to loving it.  Among my great many attributes the foremost one is my ability to dominate.

In a word, I own you. If I want to turn you into sissy little whore, then that is what I will do. Now it may be that I feel like giving you a spanking because of disobedience. It will bring you pleasure.

Perhaps it will be that I want to give you a blowjob. I am in complete control. Given these points I do believe that it is about time that you started to call me Mistress Francine or Goddess Francine.

Praise your Goddess on your knees.

Domination phone sex

Sissy phone fun always

sissy phone

I want to make you a sissy phone bone lover. You know you crave big juicy cocks, and you wish you were a girl like me or like one of my hot friends. All you want is to giggle and be your most feminine self.

Time to pucker up and start sucking cock that’s all you want. Leaving your lipstick mark on big dicks is the goal. I’m going to train you to be that kind of girl. When you can be that daring, you become a pretty good sissy slut.

If you think you can be a sissy, show me you will be willing to do it all for me. Anything I say goes, and you will eventually submit to forgetting all about your life as a “man.” Now you will have your sissy name and have a sissy lifestyle, and you will watch me and my hot friends have fun and try to join in on the fun too. Get ready for plenty of creamy cummy facials, too.

Best sissy trainer is me and you may beg me to train you.

Best sissy trainer is me and you may beg me to train you. You are under the best care. Turning you into a sissy. Training you properly.

You will be getting all those BBC’s in no time at all. Now, don’t go thinking that you don’t deserve those big black cocks.

You will see. Furthermore you need only to follow along beside ah-hem behind me to see the proper way to walk and talk.

On the negative side you don’t have the nice big tits that men love to play. On the positive side you will make a nice whore with a nice bubble butt that men loved to have their balls smacking into while fucking your sissy pussy as hard as they can.

You want them to get their cock all the way up in that sissy cunt hole of yours. It’s important to remember to beg them to cum inside your pussy.

Those cocks love to be covered in cum, and the prospect of breeding. Finally, I want you to show me what you have learned so far. Go get some cock.

Best sissy trainer