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Breaking out the cage for sissy girl training with Bailee.

Sissy girl training

Sissy girl training has always been something near and dear to my heart. My favorite little sissy just brought me a fun new toy to play with the other day! I was so freaking excited, it was even the prettiest pink color to match all the pretty little outfits I make her wear. Standing in front of me she presented me with a hot pink sparkly bag which contained the prettiest little cock cage I’ve ever seen. It even had little flowers and gems glued on as embellishments. It was truly amazing.

Seeing that pink sparkly gem wrapped tightly around her little clitty made my  pussy throb, I just love the idea of a little slut whimpering being caged up and unable to do anything about it.

Do you own a cage? Come paly with me! Maybe even show me!


Femboy training is in full swing sissy slut!

Femboy trainingImagine your Femboy training allowing your feminine self to finally accept your fate. You know there is something different about you that you are so afraid to let out. The way you admire panties, craving the feeling of the fabric against you little cocky. Or the way that you get so turned on by the thought of a nice big veiny cock.

You are wondering why you keep having these reoccurring thoughts? That’s because you were born to be a little sissy slut! You are a little girl so let’s dress you up real nice! I know you like the feeling of wearing those panties you love to sniff. Here, ill take them off for you with me teeth and you can put them on baby and be a sexy girl like me! Oh, don’t forget your bra, and the pair of thigh highs too! Now go-ahead sissy slut you know what to do! Put on those 6-inch fuck me heals and strut around for me baby girl, tell me how it feels!

You are all dressed up and ready to seduce. Daddy is going to be happy babe you are all ready to be used! You don’t have to scared daddy won’t be too rough. But he is going to use so you better pucker up. Get down on your knees and beg daddy for that cock! You know your tiny little cocky is worthless and could never please a woman. That’s because it’s a clitty and you are nothing but a good little slut.

Open up wide and start bobbing your head, just like the whore you aspire to be. Suck that cock good baby, suck it as if you were me! Come on sissy slut I want to see you gag! Feel that massive cock slide down your throat going deeper and deeper until you choke! I know this is what you have been dying to do, so put on a show so daddy will want to keep using you!

Suck that big dick make him unload that massive nut! feel that creamy warm cum coat your mouth and your tongue.  Move it around enjoy the way that it feels. This is everything you wanted and you’re doing it in heals Now swallow it up we aren’t done with you yet! You know that little boy pussy needs to be pounded and breed!

Mistress phone sex will satisfy your cock worshiping needs.

Mistress phone sexYou need Mistress phone sex that will satisfy all your cock worshiping needs. You are a worthless little sissy slut and I know you are craving meat. The way your little cocky jumps, I can see exactly what you need. You are a cock whore, and you need to learn your place, which is on your knees! But don’t worry sissy slut I will make sure you accept your fate. You are a cock sleeve, who will do everything that I say. you are my sex slave, and you will please me in every way!

I am a goddess, and you are lucky to be at me feet. Why don’t you kiss them and tell me how much you admire me. I’m the type of woman that to aspire to be, so go ahead sissy slut get dressed up sexy like me. Put on your sissy panties, they are crotchless and lacy. That makes it easier for me to see that tiny little clitty of yours growing. I know you get excited at the thought of a massive black cock.  Beg daddy to let you suck it sissy, when you see it, you’ll be in shock.

Daddy has a 12-inch cock and its rock hard for you. I grab it and present it in your face. go ahead sissy sick that tip like you are having withdrawals. I want you to please daddy and make him want to make you his slut. You know all you were made for is to take that warm creamy nut. daddy’s cock is throbbing, and you know what to do. bend over sissy and let daddy do to you what he came here to do.

he spreads you ass wide and shoves that black cock deep in that boy pussy. he rams you hard and fast, he isn’t showing you any mercy. He smacks that fat ass of yours and I see that ass jiggle really nice. he speeds up the pace and rams you hard and fast till he is balls deep. you are taking every inch of that cock and like a good sissy you aren’t making a peep. you know you are lucky to be used by a real man. and he is going to fuck you so good you may not be able to stand.

This is what you were made for sissy, to be daddy’s good little girl. Now bed him to breed you sissy, while you give your hips a little swirl. Milk that bbc as you beg to be bred, after all sissy slut that’s what you deserve this is just round one of your boy pussy gets swollen and red! This Femboy training is not for the faint of hearts. and daddy knows what he wants and will take it by force!

My Perfect Wife

Forced Feminization



I love a forced feminization roleplay. I want you to dress up for me in your best corset and panties, garter, stocking and heels. Wear that red lipstick that I like and put your hair in curls. Have a stiff drink waiting for me when I get home. I want to walk through that door and take a sip of scotch while you go tend to dinner in the kitchen. That meal should’ve been plated and ready for me to dive into, but I’m in a good mood today so I’ll let you slide. You go back into the kitchen, your heels clicking on the floor. I take another sip of my drink and look at you standing at the stove. Your ass looks amazing in that thong and your corset is laced up expertly. I take off my pants and whip out my lady dick. Daddy wants some right now. I come up behind you while you’re at the sink and run my hands down the front of your thighs. I nuzzle your neck and give you light kisses as my strap-on pokes into you. Like the obedient bitch you are, you part your legs and bend over for me. I pull your thong to the side, spit on your asshole and insert myself into you. It’s been a long, hard day and I need to fuck my frustrations out. I don’t go slow, I don’t care about your gasps of pain…in fact, I like them. They make me fuck you harder. Your ass is all mine and I’m punishing it. I press you down deeper into the counter, lifting my leg to really get deep inside you, and dunk your head into the sudsy water. Your flailing turns me on and I pound that ass harder and faster, cumming when your movements start to slow down, right before you lose consciousness. I pull my dick out and as you’re sputtering I shove my cock into your mouth so you can clean all the shit and blood off of it like my good little whore. Once I’m clean, I leave you a heaping, wet mess on the floor, sit at the table and demand my dinner. You are the perfect housewife.  

Sissy hypno training is going to be fun sissy pet

Sissy hypno trainingHello sissy pet! Welcome to you first session of Sissy hypno training. We are going to have so much fun playing with and stretching out your tiny tight boy pussy. Now you know you have some rules to follow! Most important being you have to do as I say! That pretty little ass is mine and we are going to fuck it all day!

You mustn’t cum, so don’t think about touching that cocky! But if that pussy getting pounded feels too good, and your clitty does explode, you know what to do. Smack your cock and balls hard like I taught you to. You must punish yourself while I watch you suffer. You are a weak worthless excuse for a fuck toy! I don’t know why I even bother!

Now part two of the accidental explosion means you have to jerk your clittly till I say you can stop. Use that warm creamy cum as lube and rub it just right. Get yourself ready to pop! Oh, but remember there is absolutely no cumming. I’ll tell you when you can cum, and you better do so on command. However, I don’t mind if I have to take the punishments onto my own hands

Now look at this big dildo and your chastity cage. We are going have so much fun with the games I want to play. Your sissy panties look cute, and you are dressed up nice. I want you to be a good slut and I don’t want to ask you twice. Now put on the cage I know that its tight. It will stop your sissy urges to touch i.t You know you find that urge hard to fight. Now grab the big dildo and slide two fingers in that tight hole. Stretch it out a little, make it nice and wet. I ready to see that cock inside you my beautiful sissy pet!

This cock that you are going to fuck yourself with will have you ready to beg. You’re going to want mercy, but you will get none! This is my hole to train and stretch for daddy so he can use you to cum! You will shove that dildo deep in your pussy, ramming until I say you are done. Now take that big, long dido and position it at your ass. Shove it in deeply and I don’t want even as much as a gasp! But don’t worry this time ill let you use lube. Now spread your round ass open and begin to slide it in!  Oh, don’t wince femboy! This is level one; this cock is thin!

Sissy Training: It’s time for you to get dicked down by Big Daddy.

Sissy Training

“It’s time for your sissy training, Molly” I called out my heart racing with excitement as I waited for my pretty little sissy slut to skip down the stairs happily wearing her new pink dress. She was so proud of it, all of the ruffles surrounding it as she giggled seeing the black leather outfit I had chosen for our adventure. Seeing the deep red blush creeping across her face instantly aroused me. However, it got even better. There was a knock at the door. Her face instantly changed as I walked over opening the door, seeing her stare up at the big huge BBC man standing in the doorway was amazing. She was practically drooling with fear at the massive bulge in his pants.
The best part was when he popped it out and she instantly fell to her knees with a little hard-on of her own. Just waiting anxiously to be used like the dirty little whore she was.

Forced sissy training thrills

forced Sissy TrainingForced sissy training thrills with Mistress Zoey! I’m one bad bitch and I know what you need!!! 

How about a bratty sister who knows exactly what you are. How we grow up together and I know you’ve been stealing my panties you little motherfucker. I also know you have pictures of Black cocks on your computer. What is your sister walks in to find you in her panties jacking off to some BBC? Would you be completely humiliated and embarrassed? Good that’s my plan that way I can keep you under my power. Because sister is going to go and make you a fancy pussy little sissy! I will force you because I know your secrets. I will manhandle you until you give in. And you’re such a twink and a submissive little bitch that I won’t take much. 

I warn you once you steal my panties and I know that you like big black cocks… 

You will become my sissy slut slave.  Forced feminization With Zoey!

Do my homework clean my room and do the dishes. I won’t have to lift a finger. And then I’ll have sweet little sissy test for you. Making you do things like wear panties under your jockstrap. You’re also going to ask the homecoming queen out. And I’ll be there when she rejects you and makes everyone laugh. I know going back to your teen years is going to be so horrible. But I promise to make your sissy clit squirt. All it takes is one buckle and a strap and a big fucking dildo to have me fucking you crazy. So be sisters little bitch come explore all you can with my online sissy training! 

Humiliation Phone Sex with Heaven

Humiliation Phone Sex

You are such a pathetic waste of space. I need to get off and I was going to let you fuck me but now that I see you completely naked, there’s no point. You deserve every bit of this humiliation phone sex. You call that a cock? I can barely see it. It’s a bean. What the fuck are we going to do, scissor each other? I wanted to cream on a big hard dick, and you present me with…that?! I might as well just cut it off…it’s not like it’s of much use anyway. What purpose is it serving? You’re nothing but a sissy bitch whose only value is my cruel amusement; I can’t use you for sex. Well, since you can’t fuck me, I’m going to fuck you. One of us is getting our holes filled tonight! Help me into my strap-on, get on your knees and present your mouth to me. Suck my lady dick like the obedient sissy cunt you are. Gag on my dick as I skull fuck you hard, holding your face against my pelvis until you can’t breathe. You don’t need the oxygen anyway; it’s not going to good use. I love hearing you sputter and fight your gag reflex…but if anything comes up, I’m making you eat it off the floor and whatever is left on my dick will be used as lube for your ass.

Forced feminization is so fun even though you are scared

Forced feminizationForced feminization can be so fun, even though you are scared to admit you need sissy training. You fantasize about being the true whore you are; teasing and pleasing daddy. Your tiny, worthless, white cock jumps as your mind goes through it. you want to dress up and make daddy excited how cute this pretty femboy is. But then you dread it getting out and all the embarrassment that it can breed. Don’t worry I’m the Best trainer around and ill teach you how to meet daddy’s needs.

You will be so excited to be a good girl you won’t care who sees you get used. You will be proud to be daddy’s little slut and you know no matter what you will be used. A massive, big alpha cock throbbing just for you. Take it into you pretty mouth and milk it with your hand. Lick and suck that pre-cum up, that’s the nectar of a real man! Now you got a taste, you sissy whore, are we still scared like the little wimpy, sissy bitch you are?!

It’s not my concern that you are so soft you a pathetic excuse for a man. That is why you are my sissy slut, and you will do as I fucking say. You are weak and worthless and a waste of time, you’re lucky I’m even speaking to you, ok?! So, get on your knees and beg daddy please, rape my tight boy pussy. And when daddy does, I don’t want to hear a peep! You better only speak to thank us.

You are so blessed to have this sexy big black dick ripping through you pussy. You know daddy wants to breed you you whore, and the thought make your cocky want to cum. The feeling of that warm creamy cum filling you up to the rip. You are officially a dirty cum dumpster for him!

Best Sissy Trainer Mistress Carmalita Here! Let Me Get You Sissy Boys Together!

Mistress Carmalita is in the house you tired little Sissy Boy Sluts! It’s time to meet the Best Sissy Boy Trainer out here and that’s me! Not getting the desired results as a Sissy Boy Slut? Well, I  mean most of you tired little slaves are poorly trained or have no training at all.

Then you wonder why you have no success as a Sissy Boy Slut.

Best Sissy TrainerMistress Carmalita is here to give you the direction and training that you need. How to dress like a good little Sissy Boy Slut. How to serve and please, how to be docile and servile. How to moan and beg properly.How to find joy in watching Mistress Carmalita get all the big black cock you dream about. And when Mistress Carmalita deems it. How to suck and get fucked by some big black cock . And you better learn your place and not be thinking you can wake up one morning and be Mistress Carmalita,. I will have to spank those tender cheeks ’til they turn red .You exist to serve and obey. Nothing more, nothing less.Your life should be devoted to me! And only me.

Got it?

Now be a good little slave and go fetch me something cool and refreshing to drink, I’m parched.