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Depraved Domination: A Sissy’s Descent into Humiliation


David, my pathetic little sissy, needed a strong hand to keep him in check. His weak demeanor and submissive nature were an itch I had to scratch. Bound and gaged, he was mine to dominate as I pleased, and oh, did I please myself!

I started with some light torture, ensuring his compliance. A little pain never hurt anyone, and the way David whimpered only egged me on. I ran my fingers along his body, savoring the shivers that rack his frame. He was mine to control, and the power was an aphrodisiac like no other.

I made him beg for my touch, pleading for release. But David wouldn’t find any until I was good and ready. The humiliation etched across his face only deepened my desire. I owned him, body and soul, and the thought of it made me drip with anticipation.

My fingers explored his sensitive spots, and his helpless moans encouraged my every filthy desire. I’d make him suck my fingers clean, like a good little sissy. The sight of him on his knees, eyes downcast, was a sight to behold.

I mounted his useless frame and rode him rough, making sure to remind him of his place. And the whole time, David took it—the submissive little worm!

This is our little secret. David’s too scared to ever admit what a filthy, submissive sissy he is, and I intend to keep it that way…

Mistress has spoken!

Your Phone dominatrix has a sissy hole you need to suck

Sasha your Phone dominatrix is waiting for you.You need some  tough love baby. I know your hole is hungry for BBC. Go ahead, do a bump and let out your sissy. Who cares if your girlfriends out? I don’t.Phone dominatrix

I want you to show me  just how dedicated you are to your new life as my sissy whore. And what better way to prove your devotion than by tasting the sweet nectar from another one of my sissy sluts?

I think you aren’t ready yet for fat black cock, you crave it, think about it all the time to humiliate you but you gotta show me. I have another Sissy whore that also wants her life ruined. I would turn me on so much if you cleaned out her hole for me.

Don’t be shy, she’s a little sissy whore just like you, and I’m sure she’ll love every second of it. I need more of you whores under my control so I can go on a nice vacation. I will be sure to run your account dry but at least your clitty will be nice and sticky.

Believe me, you need a lot of Forced sissy training, which means you do anything I say. Show me how obedient and thirsty for sissy humiliation you really are. And trust me, if you impress me, I might just consider letting you service some of the best black cocks.

You see, Sasha, sissification isn’t just about dressing up in pretty clothes and prancing around like a princess. No, no, my dear, it’s about embracing your true nature as a submissive sissy slut who loves to serve and pleasure cock. 


Forced feminization for my daddy with Blackmail

Forced feminization Forced feminization sneaks up on you.  At first, it’s subtle. Then, it gets stronger and stronger. Before you know it, you’re a full-fledged sissy. A dare by a couple of friends in college has you wearing nylons and a dress while you chug a keg. But something clicks in your little sissy brain and suddenly you have a secret sissy clothing stash. Years of a trunk hidden in the basement conceals your secret shame of crossdressing. By the time your daughter finds it you’re getting sloppy and she looks up the stairs and sees the bottom of your ankle clad in pantyhose as you dance your way across the landing. 

Forced feminization for my daddy with Blackmail

You’re not so little girl is impressed by your collection. Once upon a time she was shocked and scared of having a pops who dressed like a woman. But now she just wants to use it against you. Perhaps you shouldn’t have taken her car keys away. But now here I come with a handful of outfits. When you return from work today, a nice sexy white outfit will be laid out while I sit cross-legged in your bed with all of my evidence. I found some play girls and a box of anal toys in the chest as well! Well daddy it’s time to play dress up for me.

Oh! Yea!  I have busted you and now whenever mommy works long shifts you’re going to be a sissified princess for me. My first real life sissy girl training is on my own pops! Cum be my second mommy and let me get my hands on your and bring you to your knees for me and my friends!  I can’t wait to make you my toy and show you how much fun I can be! Unless I should go get mommy and a couple of your co-workers and let your fem secret out to the world??? The choice is yours daddy, now make it quick!

Domination Skills for me start early with the discovery of my daddies sissy panties and clothing!

Humiliation Phone Sex With Mistress Peace

Humiliation phone sexYou’re pathetic, faggot. Your tiny cock couldn’t even find its way to my cunt if it tried. It’s so small and worthless, it looks like a piece of cooked spaghetti dangling between your legs. I can barely feel anything when you try to penetrate me with that thing. It’s disgusting and laughable how you think you could ever please a woman with something like that. Keep dreaming about being the man you wish you were because in reality, all you are is a sissy slut who can only make other men happy by sucking their cocks or getting fucked up the ass by them while wearing high heels and lingerie – just like your new mistress likes her boys to be dressed up for some real fun!h

You’re pathetic, aren’t you? I can see it now – that tiny little thing hanging between your legs. It’s barely worthy of being called a cock, more like a sad excuse for one. It looks like something you might find on a baby animal, not on an adult man. And don’t even get me started on how useless it is in bed! You think you can please a woman with that? Ha! You couldn’t even make me feel anything with that tiny pea shooter.

I bet when you try to fuck someone, they probably just laugh at how much of a joke you are down there. They might as well be taking it up the ass from one of my dildos because at least those have some heft to them and can actually do something right. Your poor sissy clit must be so disappointed by your lackluster performance; no wonder she keeps begging for more toys and fingers instead of relying on your worthless cock.

You know what they say about men like you – born with their dicks in their hands but pussies for brains! That must be true since all yours does is hang there looking pitiful while the rest of us real women enjoy ourselves getting off on real dicks or using our own talented fingers if we have to. Don’t worry though, maybe someday soon enough someone will come along who feels sorry enough for your pathetic existence to take care of your needs…but until then keep practicing sucking air through those limp lips because no self-respecting woman would ever want anything close to what passes as ‘

BBC sissy trainer on the hunt for sissy ass

BBC sissy trainer on the hunt for sissy ass! I have a love for all things taboo and forbidden. I specialize in the kind of humiliation sessions that will leave your sissy hole begging for more black cock to pound your bussy.BBC sissy trainer

I take great pleasure in helping my clients embrace their true sissy selves. I understand that for many, the journey to sissyhood can be intimidating and even a little scary. That’s why I’m here to guide you through every step of the process, from selecting the perfect sissy attire to the art of taking a BBC like a pro.

But let’s get one thing straight, I’m here to push you to your limits and beyond, to help you tap into your deepest fantasies. When you call me for a Forced feminization, you can expect  to get on your knees instantly. 

From the moment you arrive, I’ll take control, instructing you on every detail of your transformation into a true sissy. Whether it’s selecting the perfect lingerie to enhance your new curves or applying makeup to accentuate your feminine features, I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

But the real fun begins when it’s time for your sissy ass to take a pounding from throbbing, feral black cock. I take pride in my ability to stretch even the tightest of holes, leaving my clients begging for more. And with each thrust, I’ll be sure to remind you of your new role as a sissy slut, here to serve and pleasure BBC.

You will never say no to my orders. If I instruct you to slobber a fat dong, your answer will be “Yes, Mistress!” I should never hear any whining that the cock is way too big. You will handle every fucking pulsating member I give you. 

Embrace your sissy side and take your sexual exploration to new heights. I’m here to help you unleash your inner slut and experience the ultimate forced feminization session. Give me a call and let’s get started on your Forced sissy training!



Sissy Training: A Dominant Female’s Tale of Forced feminization

Forced feminization

I’d had enough of guys treating me like some damn princess. Time to show them who’s boss. So, I sought out a willing participant, a submissive guy who craved dominate women.

Let’s call him Steve. Meek little fucker. I brought him to my place, made him wear the skimpiest dress I could find, and that’s when the fun began.I started with some light bondage, tying his hands above his head. Then, the real fun – makeup. I painted his face like a clown, emphasizing his plump lips with bright red lipstick. I forced him to walk in his stiletto heels while I followed, a smirk on my face.

The neighborhood was my runway, and Steve’s embarrassed face was a sight to behold. But the real action happened back at my place.I made him bend over, his ass UP, and spanked him hard. Each smack echoed through the room. “You’re my sissy bitch now,” I growled, getting off on the power I held.

Then, I grabbed my biggest dildo. It was time to stretch that tight little ass. I lubed up the toy and slowly, meticulously, pushed it into Steve’s screaming hole. I pegged him hard, laughing as he squirmed, calling him a “good girl.”

His moans egged me on. I fucked him until he cried, a tears and snot mess, yet he begged for more.

I dominated that little bitch, and the feeling was intense.

That’s how I assert my dominance. Fuck being a princess; I’m the queen!

Sissy panties are crotch-less, lacy, and colorful.

       Sissy panties   Sissy panties are crotch-less, lacy, and colorful.   It must be remembered that the first impression is the only chance you are going to get to show just what sissy fucking bitch you are. Now there are many levels but to begin with those panties will tell what type of sissy bitch you want to represent.

          Full-fledged panties. Oh, fuck might as well just say it loudly that you are a boring no adventure fucking dud. Bet you make them into tight whites as well. Thinking you want to be a sissy but at the same time you don’t want a dick unless of course it is your own mothers strap on. Next, I bet you use the whiney little voice too. You will never be a sissy. Moving onto the next…

          Second one up and running. You are showing off your lacy thong, that just so happens to be pink. Now this tells me that you are interested in showing you have a pink fucking asshole, a.k.a. your sissy pussy. You are interested in catching the eye of BBC. You look for that BBC. Forced feminization isn’t needed with you. Not at all. In fact, you work at looking good in those high heels. Drawing attention to your ass. You know where it is at.

          Finally, we come to the crotch-less, lacy, and colorful ones that you were either bikini style or thong. Those panties are versatile and never need to be taken off. Functional, sexy, and most important is eye catching, cock rising, fucking sissy slut has come to completion. You are officially a whore of the first class. Run with it.


Sissy Panties Made You Think You Were a Little Girl

Forced into Sissy Panties When You Were Little

Your sissy panties are laying neatly on your bed. Mommy always wanted a little girl to turn into my slutty little mini me. It’s unfortunate you were born with a cock where you should have had a clit. But I’m not going to let that ruin my goal of having the perfect little daughter. I started dressing you up as a girl as soon as you were born. You had no idea what the difference was for years. That was until you hit puberty. And got upset that all the other girls were moving out of training bras and growing real tits. 

sissy panties

I decided to finally tell you the truth about your forced feminization. Well, kind of. I told you that you were born with the wrong parts and mommy was going to fix it so that you would fit it with all the other girls. That’s when I put your little clitty in a cage and told you about Mommy’s magic pills. Every morning you take a magic pill that helps you look and act more like a girl. You were so happy when your tits started growing, that you didn’t even mind the cock cage underneath your skirt. 

Forced Feminization Will Make You Accept Your Change

But now you’re in your late teens. Everyone else is sucking and fucking, but I keep you locked up in that pretty pink cage. I take it off every year on your birthday and milk your little sissy clitty. Today, you admitted that the annual clit milkings weren’t good enough. You told me that sometimes your clit gets so horny that it hurts. So we’re taking the next step in your forced sissy training and teaching you how to milk your prostate. Change into those cute little panties while mommy gets her vibrator. I hope that sissy pussy is ready to be filled. 

Sissy panties should be perfect for your Goddesses!

Meadow and I have taken control of your Sissy panties, that tight fucking hole, and your life completely. A Good little bitch behaves, doesn’t she? Oh and you will obey Baby. You have no will of your own anymore. You are now our slave. We will turn you into a proper sissy slave. You will not whine or beg for mercy, you will obey.Sissy panties

We will make you look like a dirty fucking whore. You will wear a cute pink diaper, a cute little bonnet, and of course, a tight choker around your neck. You will be on a leash at all times, and when your bussy isn’t being fucked by a hard, fat cock, you will have a butt plug in. 

When we say suck, you suck, and when we say bark, you better! Don’t second guess our power. We can sniff you out in a second. We will know the moment you become a filthy little piggy. Making such a mess for your Mommy goddesses will bring you a lot of pain. You’ll be spanked through your diaper, but it will feel like your bare ass. We are not messing around here.

In addition to your new wardrobe and duties, you also have plenty of chores you are expected to do every day. Licking your Mommy Goddesses’ holes is expected. You must use your whore tongue perfectly, making sure every drop of cum is cleaned out. If you are a good sissy slave, we will allow you to touch your little clitty. Only with our permission are you able to squeeze on your little nubby.Sissy maid training

You must never fail our Sissy maid training. You will clean our house, cook our meals, you will obey Baby. Suck our pussys, all the nutrients you need is the hot cum in our holes. We are very busy Mommy’s, so you must always be on your A game. You will, you must, you will obey whore. 

If you ever disobey us, there will be consequences. We will punish you in any way we see fit. You will be spanked, tied up, and used as our personal plaything. We will make you regret ever crossing us.Forced feminization

But don’t worry, you won’t be alone in this journey. We will be by your side every step of the way, guiding you and helping you become the sissy slave you were always meant to be. We will force you to embrace your femininity and submit to our will.

So, are you ready to begin your new life as a sissy slave? If so, pick up the phone and call us. We will give you the best Forced feminization you’ve ever experienced.

In conclusion, sissy slave, you are now our property. You will do as we say, and you will be grateful for the opportunity to serve us. We will make you look and act like the dirty little whore you are, and you will love every second of it. So, submit to us, obey!

Emerson and Meadow
Property Owners’ of Sissy slave Baby



Sissy hypno training will make you into a cum eater girlie bitch

Sissy hypno trainingSissy hypno training will make you into a cum eater and chronic masturbater. You will crave cum eating like its ice cream on a hot summer day. Food will be secondary to your own ejaculate sliding down your throat. When we meet, I have all of your undivided attention by subliminally planting triggers in your silly little gooner sissy brain. I have quite a few experiments I am playing around for my Dumb bimbo whores in my Hypno training. One is cum conditioning. Putting your under in a trance A FEM cock tingles like crazy and ooze semen that you want to lap up like a good pig for me.

Sissy hypno training will make you into a cum eater girlie bitch for me! 

Conditioning you to not just enjoy eating your own cum, but the cum that drips down from my pussy on your face after a nice Gang bang is what you will ache for! The longer I have you in my Hypnotic play ground the more I can do and make you do!  You will become addicted to my cum and will do anything to please me. Your life will be devoted to worshiping me and fulfilling my every desire. You will become my obedient little sissy cum slut.

Forced feminization is next on the to-do list for a pretend man on my line. Forcing you by mind fucking you into wanting all female clothing and eventually some estrogen. Obey and don’t resit, you have no idea who or what you are and it’s my duty as your mistress to make it all crystal fucking clear. Max out that Amex on me and your beautification! You don’t need anything but me and cock now.  Take a deep breath and get ready to experience a whole new Pink coated world. Surrender to me and all your desires will be fulfilled. Your Forced sissy training transformation begins now.