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Nude Pantyhose and Heels Forced Feminization

My newest sissy slut came to me in Nude pantyhose and red leather heels. He wasn’t 100% ready to be a sissy but loved the Nude pantyhose and the look of the red leather heels with them. He needed the forced feminization from his new Mistress. I have known many men that enjoyed wearing sheer pantyhose.

They claimed it kept them warm under their man suits. I once had a lover that slept in nude pantyhose. He said they felt nice and warm. He shaved everything, had long gorgeous hair and was buff. He was a swimmer and also was on the wrestling team in school. These sports helped him into this role. 

So I was not very surprised that this man came to me wearing jeans, red heels and pantyhose. He wore a masculine button up shirt. The jeans and shirt were immediately removed. I dressed him in a nude bra with inserts, and a sexy black dress. I added on some red lipstick, rouge and did his eyes. Some clip on earrings and she was good to go.  

If you ever had a curiosity in being feminized I am the perfect woman to assist you. My sissy was reluctant in the feminization. I introduced a cock cage to keep her from fondling the very thing she needs to lose. I won’t have my sissy getting erections or cumming like a man. If you are restrained enough from ejaculating and getting erections you start to lose the testosterone. That is part of our training for now. 

Forced Feminization

Forced sissy training With My Dick!

forced sissy training


You’re a slave to this little sister dick! 

Forced sissy training of my brother with my big fat rubber cock! I should feel bad for you but I don’t. 


It all started when I hooked up with this girl in college. She showed me the love for strap-ons and dildos. I love cock, but fucking a chick has its highlights! I love the buckles and leather and all the different attachments. It makes me feel more powerful that a fucking man. 

Then my brother happened. 

He had been watching me fuck this doe eyed chick multiple times one weekend our parents were away. I knew he was watching so I would thrust harder as his dick got hard. The first couple times he ran a way to jack off. By the third time I was inviting him in. His ideas from this threesome were very different from mine. I had always wanted to fuck a dude in the ass. 

My girlfriend laid it on thick, having him strip nude as she kissed him all over. I saw the smile she gave me and we set to giving him what I now know is sissy hypno training. Whispering things in his ear and rubbing on his body she began to feed him her fingers. I started softly whispering how much his ass was throbbing in time the swinging of my big rubber dick! Taste me, wrap your lips around my dick. Be a good brother and take it up the ass. 

I will never forget how his ass looked as I squeezed a gallon of lube on it and began my dildo descent. Fuckin my bothers ass liberated me. I now know men worship my cock and I am on the hunt for sissy ass!

Sissy hypno training

Let’s Discuss A FLR And How It’s Fitting For Sissy

Domination phone sex or Femdom sessions are essentially FLR (Female Led Relationships). You, as a man are giving full control over to a dominant, strong woman. In the sissy spectrum, I coerce you to becoming a sissy girl and to start dressing to please men. You will become imploringly seek out this craving online and realize that you need a Femdom to control you. This pandemic has made you in full blown lust seeking the satisfaction that can only come with serving as a cock slut. I am here to assist you, Sissy.

Domination phone sex

As a mommy of a few brats and a couple of them are training to become the best little sissy play things they can be. I am excited with how good they are at looking girly with their clit sticks tucked in pretty little panties. Their red whore lips painted as their little faces are also all made up. My offspring are my ornaments to parade about for the men that desire them. I can help you too, to become what men desire.

I Will Make You Mine

Best Sissy Trainer

I believe that there isn’t a damn man alive who I can’t break. I turn the hardest into the weakest sissies. The most worthy get to be my little cunt eating kittens. My slaves never ever get to put their pathetic cocks or clitties anywhere near my perfect, juicy cunt. These pathetic beta boy bitches get to clean all this nasty cum out of my cunt after I’ve taken a steaming load from a nasty bull. My bitches stay locked up in a chastity cage. They wear fat fucking ass plugs, suck the juices greedily out of my dirty panties, and of course, they get to wear make up. All sissies should wear too much lipstick so it can smear when they’re kneeling, showing me how to serve a queen.
He begs me not to out him, but how can I not? He may dress in a sharp suit to his day job, but underneath those cuff links he’s in my dirty panties and has a cork screw ass plug in his anal fuck hole. He’s my slutty bitch, and tonight he’ll be coming over to get his ass gaped out by this BBC Alpha Bull who loves drilling into beta bitch bois. I’ll play with my cunt while I watch his fuck hole demolished all merely for my entertainment.

Dressing You Up with Forced feminization

Forced feminization

He came to me asking about the biggest bull dick I have ever taken. What an opening for forced feminization if I ever saw one! 

A sly grin Came to my face. I might be young, but not too young to know that you’re thinking about my tight cunt getting fucked and gapped by a big cock. Do you think you are going to get to see my Fuck buddy fuck me while you in mans clothes?

You need to be dressed up and ready to take a dick in your mouth for me. Stripper heels and a pair of my panties would fit you just right.

Tuck that cuck cock in and get on your Knees for Princess Zoey! After I am done getting fucked you will suck my pussy juices and that left over cum out of that cock for me!

I have already been fucked and had a nice cum load shot in me, now you must worship the princess Mistress pussy. Lick every last drop out. For every sissy task you complete I give you some more dress up time! You are my cuck sissy in pretty clothes and you will be my slave sissy now!

Not the big one!

forced sissy training

I came home tonight to find you fucking my best friend. You cried and told me that you would do ANYTHING to keep me from leaving so you better be prepared to live up to that statement. I kicked you out of the bedroom for a night while I prepared my punishment. All of your clothes were lit on fire and now you have a closet full of dresses and drawers full of panties, bras and stockings. When you came in you were confused until I told you to strip, out on one of your outfits and be ready to go out in ten minutes. It didn’t take you too long to figure out that you didn’t have a choice and so dressed you came out and we went to spend some money at the adult store. I told you to carry the basket as I went around and picked out dildos, condoms, lots of lube and a new strap-on harness for me. You seemed to pale as I picked up the big black horse cock just before we paid. We went home and I told you to strip and get on your hands and knees while I picked a cock and put on my harness. I grabbed the lube and squirted some on your asshole and then proceeded to enter that virgin ass with my new cock. As you screamed I told you that I was now the man in this relationship and that this is just the beginning of your forced sissy training. Since you did so well last night I think tonight will be a lesson in deep throating! Who wants to cum help me train this new bitch?

Knocked out With Forced sissy training

Forced sissy Training

What if you were in the ring with a really hot girl in a forced sissy training scene. You think Younger hot brunettes are full of spunk and vinegar? I have to get my workout in too! Sparring with you in the boxing ring you couldn’t stop looking at my Tits! A left jab to your chin and you rushed me forcing me into the ropes. I have great legs so I hurled them around you and locked you in a leg hold. There was no getting out as I gave you a free close blow. Its when I rolled on top of you I felt you little dick get hard. I laughed and asked if you had a Power bar in your pocket? No way could that be your dick. We broke free and you were giving me quick small Jabs. You were angry now, and angry “Little” man! I should have known you needed domination! I put my gloves together and brought my whole tight body into you. I kicked your legs out from under you nd spit my mouth guard out. “Bitch boy, you belong in a glory hole or Victoria’s Secret Not sparring with me!” I hauled myself up and told you if I knocked you out You would spend the day eating my cunt and wearing beautiful panties for me!  It was a one, two, knock out in five seconds flat! 

I am going to fucking enjoy every second of our Forced feminization!

Dare to take on This Brat Trainer?

forced femininization

I’m Into Forced Feminization

Forced Feminization

My cunt gets so slick at the very thought of taking someone’s husband and ushering them into a world of forced feminization. I strip away access to their cocks with cold, steel chastity cages, and I take away their names. They can have new names, slutty girl names, when they’re all ready to be my sissy bitch lady in waiting. These bitches get waxed to the skin, and get started on hormones right away while they labor their days away perfecting the art of choking on fat fucking throbbing cocks.

Panties, a bra, stockings, and a garter for my dress up dollies. Of course they get pretty ass plugs too! Royal Women only ever took shits when appropriate, and I regulate their bathroom usage strictly. A shame when one of my sissy femboy beta bitches gets mouthy, and I force feed them prunes, or too much water. I love making those whores have nasty accidents in the middle of the castle. They always cry, so humiliated. I’ll tell you what though love, those pathetic little play things are sure as fuck going to remember their place.

BIG black cock

phone domination

You want to call for phone domination? Well here you go you white male beta loser. You will never be as superior as the big, black cock. You will never even hope to be as hard, as large or to be as desired as they are. The best you can hope for is to live in a town where women do not find out about how amazing the black beasts are. There will never be a feeling like that first hard, black prick splitting her open and filling her pussy completely.  He will cum so hard in her cunt that it is still leaking out hours later, running down her leg. Instead of BLM I think it should be changed to BCM. There will be plenty of support for that movement. Black women, white women, Latinas all out there supporting the superior black cocks and men. We all worship at the altar of the black manliness. I hope that you will continue to champion the cause and make more donations so we can continue to receive all the benefits of big, black cocks on a daily basis. Anyone want to make a donation into my tight, wet, white pussy?

Sissy Queen Makes A New Years Resolution

Online Sissy Training

My New Year’s resolution this year is to train two hundred sissy girls by the end of 2021. That’s a huge task! Lucky for me, I’ve been stockpiling little whores to bring into my service for months now. I think every single one of them has the potential to be the perfect slutty sissy companion. I’m not just out here making whores however, I’m making duchesses and countesses and princesses; I’m making future Queens. I’m teaching them the ropes now, so that I can either sell them to the highest bidder or keep them around for my own personal entertainment. How do I make some entertain me? Anywhere from sucking huge Superior Alpha cock to torment and each other. I’ve always got some sadistic plan to keep them from cumming.
What I find absolutely more amusing and arousing more than anything is when they turn their backs on each other in the hopes to get off. You see, I keep every single one of my sissy girl sluts locked up in little Chastity cages so they can’t play with their pathetic pee pees and clitties. However, they get taken out and washed by their sisters every single day. The girls like to torment each other, and I like to sit there in the bath chamber masturbating my perfect Royal pussy, and watching them beg each other to cum. None of them ever do, at least not when myself or my cool guards are present. If you think I’m cruel, you should see my guards in action. They once edged a beta boi sissy girl for 24 hours straight for 3 days. We had to get rid of that one, she was useless after that. In any case, I’m recruiting new whores for the cumming year.  Are you ready to change your life for the better you little beta boi femme bitch?

Mistress Phone Sex