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Sissy hypno training for men who like idea of sissification.

Sissy hypno trainingSissy hypno training for men who have been fascinated by the idea of sissification. There’s a power I have over men, especially those who are feminine in their ways. I know exactly how to make them embrace their true selves and become cock-loving sissies! 

One day, while I go out shopping for lingerie, there’s a man who catches my attention. He’s browsing through the same section as me, and I couldn’t help but notice how feminine he is in his mannerisms and the way he speaks. I struck up a conversation with him and soon found out that his name was Alex. As we talk, it becomes apparent that Alex had no idea about his true sissy boi desires. He was just a regular guy, or so he thought!  You know I love an opportunity to put my sissy training skills to use.

Sissy hypno training for men who have been fascinated by the idea of sissification.

I invited Alex back to my place, promising to show him something that would change his life forever. Bitch Boi Alex was hesitant at first, but he was also curious. He followed this sexy bitch to my house, unsure of what to expect.

Once they were inside, I wasted no time in hypnotizing Alex. Luring him with some gooner sissy porn and sing-song sexy words was just the start! How I enjoy using my hypnotic Sissy girl training to make him embrace his true femme slut self and become a cock-loving sissy. His panties were soon off and he was on all fours, begging for my cock. I made him my bitch and he took my cock with pleasure. He was the perfect sissy and I loved every second of it.

A domme like me has him wearing sexy lingerie and dressing up in female clothes in no time. Soon,  I can’t resist putting a strap-on to play with his ass, something he has never even imagined doing before. My goal of sissy Alex transforming into a cock-sucking sissy is just beginning! Alex and I will continue to meet up regularly, with him trusting his Mistress Zoey to guide him through his Femboy training journey.

Sissy slave training: Destruction and Blackmail if you defy!

Sissy slave trainingLet’s get you ready to serve and be the sissy whore you’ve been destined to be for Big black cocks. Get down on your knees and suck my strap-on sissy… Your Sissy slave training is well overdue! Anal destruction for a beautiful sissy slut like yourself is what every ladyboy needs. A rough fuck while being degraded and reminded over and over that your cock does not measure up to any woman’s needs, is all part of stripping you of your manhood.

If you ever dare to disobey, blackmail will come into play. I am sure you don’t want everyone in your small town to find out about your faggot ways… Do you? I didn’t think so, it’s too late now; the slut in your head tends to get the best of you. You’ve already shared so many pictures and videos…

How many thrusts will it take for you to be an obedient slave during Sissy training?

I know that sassy little brat in your head tends to forget whose in charge. No worries I’ve got the perfect size rod to set that faggot ass of yours in place. Here is a friendly reminder, that you are nothing more than a servant… You serve as entertainment! A bit of dirty talk while you get your pussy stuffed with Big black dicks, comes with a fee. Do you want your sissy pussy owned? Do you want to learn how to be me?  I will teach you how to be a real Sissy slave during Online sissy training!

Your secret is only safe with me… – IF –  you do as I say!


Sissy hypno training melts you into a submissive whore!

Sissy hypno training

Sissy hypno training melts you into a submissive whore! I’ll take control of your body and mind, molding you into the perfect submissive whore. I will use my power and it will melt away all your inhibitions and leave you a mindless puddle of obedience.

Are you ready, my little bitch? Close those eyes and take a deep breath. Let that slutty body of yours relax as I whisper commands into your ear. I’ll guide you deeper and deeper, until you are fully under my control. And when you open those eyes, you’ll see yourself in the mirror, transformed into the slut you truly are.

Your purpose in life, my dear, is to slobber on cock. And I will make sure you do it to perfection. I’ll push your limits, break down your barriers, until all you can think about is pleasing me. You’ll beg for my approval, my attention, my touch. And I’ll give it to you, only when you’ve proven yourself to be a good little whore.

I am your Phone dominatrix Goddess, and you are nothing but my obedient servant. You will serve me in every way I desire. Your body, your mind, your filthy desires, they are all mine to control. And believe me, I will control every inch of you.

So get on your knees, my slut, and prepare for the ultimate domination. I’ll have you on your knees, surrounded by thick hard cock and that hole will have no rest, neither will your throat. You will be gasping for air in between face fuckings. When that cum shoots down your throat, you won’t be able to swallow it before another is forced in your mouth. Since you are such a good little submissive sissy you know better than to beg for mercy, unless you crave extra punishment.

I will break you to embrace your inner slut, my dear. Embrace your desires, your fantasies, your need for submission. Because I am here to fulfill them all. And once you start this wild ride with me, there’s no turning back. You’ll be mine, completely and unconditionally. So embrace it, embrace me, and submit to my every command. You know you want to.

Phone dominatrix Goddess Emerson brings you to your knees!


Phone dominatrixPhone dominatrix Goddess Emerson brings you to your knees! Just wait for the amazing torture and pleasure I have in store for you. Are you ready to be completely dominated and controlled by a powerful Goddess like myself? I thought so.

Let me paint you a little picture of how our sessions will go. You’ll be on your knees, begging for my attention and approval. I’ll have you wrapped around my perfectly manicured finger, and you’ll be helpless to resist my commands. I’ll make you feel like the weak, pathetic excuse for a man that you truly are.

But don’t worry, my little sissies. I’ll take good care of you. I know you crave thick cocks to pummel your bussy and I’m more than happy to oblige. I’ll make you wear frilly dresses, lace panties, and high heels. You’ll be my pretty little doll, ready to be played with and abused.

I’ll make you my personal sissy maid, cleaning up all that cum that’s deep in my holes. You’ll worship every inch of my body and do whatever I desire. And if you’re lucky, I may even let you worship my strap-on. I most definitely love pegging my sissies. The sound of your submissive screams make me cum.

You are nothing but my whore and deserve sweet Sissy phone rape. Your throat will be fucked so hard you wont be able to scream anymore. You holes will be filled at all times and I’ll make sure you get some good hardcore double penetration.  I love taking control of your body and using it for my own pleasure. You’ll be my little cum dumpster, begging for more as I take you to new heights of ecstasy. And you know what the best part is? You’ll thank me for it afterwards.

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to be my sissy slut, my obedient little pet? Then pick up that phone and dial my number. I’ll be waiting to bring you to your knees and show you who the real dominant is here. Call now, and let Goddess Emerson take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

Sissy girl training will nurture that tight bussy!

Sissy girl training

Sissy girl training will nurture that tight bussy! I know your dirty little secret, I know that deep down inside you crave to be a submissive slut for me. And let me tell you, I am more than willing to take on the challenge of turning you into the perfect sissy bitch.

First things first, you need to stop pretending to be something you’re not. I can see right through your facade, baby. You can try to hide it all you want, but I know that you secretly dream about being a sissy slut for me. Embrace that desire, let it consume you. Because with my guidance, you will become the slutty little whore you were always meant to be.

We will start off slow, my little sissy. I will ease you into it by finger blasting that tight bussy of yours. Oh, how I love to see your eyes widen with intense pain and pleasure. Every nerve ending in your body is stinging because at the core you are my whore and your holes are here to serve. 

I will take my strap-on, slide it deep inside you, and pound you for hours until you are begging for mercy. But mercy is not in my vocabulary, my dear. In fact, I will bring in my BBC friends to give you a real taste of what it means to be dominated.

Just imagine it – my friends surrounding you, each one with a thick, dark cock ready to fill your sissy hole. And as they take turns pounding you, I will make you lick and suck every inch of them, cleaning up all their hot, sticky cum like the good little sissy you are.

You see, being a sissy for me is not just about the physical sensations. It’s about being completely submissive to me, both mentally and physically. In my presence, you are nothing but a lowly sissy bitch, ready and willing to do whatever I command.

So come to me, my sweet sissy slut. Surrender yourself to my dominance and let me show you what it truly means to be a sissy girl. I am your Phone dominatrix goddess and you will worship the ground I walk on. So pick up that phone and call me, because you deserve the ultimate domination experience with me, Emerson.


Sissy hypno training will turn that bussy inside out!


Sissy hypno training

Sissy hypno training will turn that bussy inside out! You must be craving a strong, dominant woman to control your every move and fulfill your deepest, darkest desires. Well, I am the one who will get your bussy pounded!

I will mold you into the perfect sissy, both physically and mentally. And there’s nothing I love more than seeing a man in panties, with a face full of make up, looking like the perfect sissy whore. It’s like art to me, something to be admired and worshipped.

But don’t think that’s all I have in store for you, my dear. No, no, no. You will do as I say and that means caging that pathetic excuse for a cock you have between your legs. And to keep your tight little hole nice and stretched, I expect you to stuff it with the biggest butt plug you can find. I want you to feel full and exposed, just the way I like you.

And once you are all dressed up and ready to serve me, your true training begins. Get on your knees and start cleaning out my pussy and asshole, using nothing but your tongue. I won’t go easy on you either – I have been pounded so hard by huge black cocks and I demand nothing less for you. You will be their next meal, their toy to use and abuse as they please.

Are you getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it? Do you feel your heart racing, your body trembling with anticipation? Good, that’s exactly what I want. Call me now for some Humiliation phone sex, because let’s be real, that’s what you deserve. I will push you to your limits and make you beg for mercy. So don’t keep me waiting, sissy. Emerson is ready to play.

Sissy Hypno Phone Sex With Mistress Peace

sissy hypno trainingSissy hypno training is a must in the beginning to make sure the control stays with me. Every sissy slut has a period where If you were to find yourself in my presence, dear sissy slut, your mind would begin to cloud over with desire and submission. My voice is like a siren’s song, calling out to the deepest recesses of your feminine soul. As I command you to close your eyes and relax, images start flooding into your head – visions of yourself as the perfect little sissy maid for me. You see yourself dressed in frilly panties and a maid’s uniform, eagerly cleaning up after me while wearing nothing but high heels that accentuate your long legs.

You imagine how good it feels when I order you around; how much pleasure there is in serving such an alluring mistress like myself. Your cock begins to twitch at the thought of being used as a pathetic tool by someone so beautiful and dominant as myself. In this trance-like state, you can almost feel my hands on your body; tracing over every curve and contour until they reach down between those soft cheeks where they grip them tightly apart revealing just how much more submissive training still needs doing on this worthless cock slave!

And after our passionate encounters come mornings where we cuddle together while watching soap operas while dressed head-to-toe in matching lingerie sets; sharing stories about our day and dreams over cups of tea served by none other than yourself – my loyal sissy maid who knows no bounds when it comes showing their devotion through acts such as these small gestures filled with immense meaning only understood between us two lovers entwined under one roof (or rather beneath MY roof).

So go ahead now, allow yourself to drift deeper into this hypnotic trance created specifically for YOU so that we may begin writing the next chapter together filled with endless rounds of and much more. Your holes will be open to use and you will welcome pleasing whatever comes around thosse

Phone dominatrix Emerson will make you squeal!

Phone dominatrix

Phone dominatrix Emerson will make you squeal! Hello slaves, it’s me, your lovely and merciless dominatrix. Let me tell you, there is nothing I love more than putting weak-willed, pathetic little sissy boys in their place. And by place, I mean on their knees, begging for my attention and approval.

You see, I have a thing for sissy training. It’s my specialty, my passion, and my source of entertainment. I love nothing more than taking a man and turning him into a prim, proper, and obedient sissy. And trust me, I have all the tools to do it – both figuratively and literally.

From dressing you up in frilly, lacy outfits, to teaching you how to walk, talk, and act like a proper sissy girl, I will transform you into the perfect plaything for any man’s desires. And don’t even think about questioning my methods – I am the one in control here.

But let’s be real, sissies aren’t just for show. Oh no, they are for fucking as well. And that’s where my sadistic side comes into play. I love nothing more than teasing and taunting you with my body, knowing that you are desperately craving the touch of a real man but can only get it from me.

I swear, hearing you moan and beg for my cock while I taunt you with my perfect, tight pussy is music to my ears. And when I finally allow you to taste it, you better be ready to use that tongue until it’s raw and aching. I expect nothing less than complete obedience and subservience from my sissies.

And don’t even get me started on your punishment when you fail to meet my expectations. From spanking to pegging, I have a wide range of tools and techniques to make you cry and scream for mercy. But let’s face it, deep down, we both know you love it. You crave it. You need it.

So what are you waiting for, sissies? Get on your knees, pick up that phone, and call for hot Sissy humiliation training!. Your training awaits, and I promise you, it will be the most exhilarating, humiliating, and orgasmic experience of your life.


Sissy hypno training leaves you helpless in my hands

Sissy hypno trainingSissy hypno training leaves you helpless in my hands. I know my voice and my barrage of sissy goon porn will spin you out! With or without the go-go juice! Sometimes letting yourself spin out for a hot Brunette is just as good!   When I am done with you you will be breathless, questioning your sanity!

But listen it’s easy for you, for now you will have no choices, and just be my Zombie sissy. No matter what your day job is, I’ll be in your head reminding you of what lies beneath your facade! Your sexy Zoey will make you feel like you have never experienced anything so exotic or erotic before. 

Sissy hypno training with Mistress Z

Sissy slave training with me will make you feel like there is no other option but to surrender to my will. Promise you one thing, You will never be the same “man” again.  Do you sometimes feel lost and confused in a man’s world? You just need a Mistress Like me to own you completely.

Through seductive hypnotherapy, I can and will control your every move. Whether it’s a cue in your daily life, or a session designed to bring out the girl in you, I know how to worm my way into a sissy brain or two! I know my pussy will have fun, will you be my pussy boy? Sissy phone sex for the man who needs to surrender!

Sissy hypno training will open you up Sissy slut faggot!

Sissy hypno training

Sissy hypno training will open you up Sissy slut faggot! I am here to guide you through the enchanting world of sissy hypnosis and transform you into the perfect sissy slut faggot that you were always meant to be. I will use my powerful hypnotic techniques to break down any resistance you may have and mold you into the ideal submissive sissy for my pleasure.

Oh, how I love to see you tremble and squirm as you listen to my seductive voice, urging you to embrace your true desires. Your eyes will glaze over as the hypnotic suggestions sink into your mind and take hold. You will feel a deep longing to please me, to obey my every command and fulfill your sissy slut destiny. There is no escaping the power of my hypnosis, for I am in control and you are nothing but a weak, eager puppet in my hands.

I will strip away all those inhibitions and doubts that have held you back for so long. You will learn to embrace your femininity and become my pretty sweet slave. And oh, how delicious it will be to see that bussy of yours spread wide open, ready to be filled with hot, thick black cocks. And don’t think for a second that those Sissy panties of yours will remain clean and untouched. No, my dear, they will be a mess, soaked and stained from the intense pleasure I will bring you.

I will humiliate you and push you to your limits, for that is what a true sissy requires. You will be my plaything, my toy, and I will delight in your submission. And when I am done with you, you will beg for more. You will crave my attention and long to please me in any way I desire. 

So go ahead, call for hot humiliation, and let me guide you deeper into the world of sissy hypno. I promise you, my dear, you will never be the same again. You will belong to me, body and soul, and together we will explore the most taboo and pleasurable corners of your mind. Are you ready to submit, my sweet sissy slut faggot? I know you are.