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You need to be a sissy

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The words I tell sissy kelly all the time is she’s my piggy sissy. She will spoil me and make me the happiest sissy domme. There’s so much to do, and it will take sissy Kelly a lot to be my number one sissy slut. So far, we have made some progress. She sure has spoiled me to an extent. I will ensure she keeps it going, and I will teach her all the fundamentals of being the hottest sissy. 

I know how badly she wants to suck cock and use her sissy ways to lure some hot rods in her sissy ass. Sissy’s assignments will prove whether she’s ready or not. In the meantime, she will be doing her best to satisfy her domme mistress. It’s time she puts those sissy panties on and gets hypnotized by the domme barbie herself. 

Best sissy trainer watches

best sissy trainerBeing the best sissy trainer is so much fun. I get to watch men like David jack off while I dominate them. David si what I call a soft man. Six pack, Asian with a pretty dick. I’m guessing his cock is average for Asian men! But it sure is sexy! I have a dildo that reminds me of David’s dick. Only I have a couple inches and more girth to my toys. Does that stop me from knowing that David wants to fuck? He wants to have sex with big tittied, slick pussy women who tease and deny him. David is in love with UWU girls, You know a girl who makes the emoticon cum to life and draws on the sexualization and suggestion of Young anime girls! That tongue sticking out and eyes rolled back as they get some dick!
David is one of my foreign boys who relies on a strong hand to spank his ass and control his masturbation’s. Are you an edger like My David? Can you make your dick jump by rubbing your nipples? Show me how hard you get for a sexy domination phone sex specialist like this Gamer girl! Il be sure to tell you about all the big dick I get.
Look for My new series on sissy hypno porn coming soon, just like you! If I let you cum that is!

Mistress phone sex will satisfy your cock worshiping needs.

Mistress phone sexYou need Mistress phone sex that will satisfy all your cock worshiping needs. You are a worthless little sissy slut and I know you are craving meat. The way your little cocky jumps, I can see exactly what you need. You are a cock whore, and you need to learn your place, which is on your knees! But don’t worry sissy slut I will make sure you accept your fate. You are a cock sleeve, who will do everything that I say. you are my sex slave, and you will please me in every way!

I am a goddess, and you are lucky to be at me feet. Why don’t you kiss them and tell me how much you admire me. I’m the type of woman that to aspire to be, so go ahead sissy slut get dressed up sexy like me. Put on your sissy panties, they are crotchless and lacy. That makes it easier for me to see that tiny little clitty of yours growing. I know you get excited at the thought of a massive black cock.  Beg daddy to let you suck it sissy, when you see it, you’ll be in shock.

Daddy has a 12-inch cock and its rock hard for you. I grab it and present it in your face. go ahead sissy sick that tip like you are having withdrawals. I want you to please daddy and make him want to make you his slut. You know all you were made for is to take that warm creamy nut. daddy’s cock is throbbing, and you know what to do. bend over sissy and let daddy do to you what he came here to do.

he spreads you ass wide and shoves that black cock deep in that boy pussy. he rams you hard and fast, he isn’t showing you any mercy. He smacks that fat ass of yours and I see that ass jiggle really nice. he speeds up the pace and rams you hard and fast till he is balls deep. you are taking every inch of that cock and like a good sissy you aren’t making a peep. you know you are lucky to be used by a real man. and he is going to fuck you so good you may not be able to stand.

This is what you were made for sissy, to be daddy’s good little girl. Now bed him to breed you sissy, while you give your hips a little swirl. Milk that bbc as you beg to be bred, after all sissy slut that’s what you deserve this is just round one of your boy pussy gets swollen and red! This Femboy training is not for the faint of hearts. and daddy knows what he wants and will take it by force!

Sissy hypno training is going to be fun sissy pet

Sissy hypno trainingHello sissy pet! Welcome to you first session of Sissy hypno training. We are going to have so much fun playing with and stretching out your tiny tight boy pussy. Now you know you have some rules to follow! Most important being you have to do as I say! That pretty little ass is mine and we are going to fuck it all day!

You mustn’t cum, so don’t think about touching that cocky! But if that pussy getting pounded feels too good, and your clitty does explode, you know what to do. Smack your cock and balls hard like I taught you to. You must punish yourself while I watch you suffer. You are a weak worthless excuse for a fuck toy! I don’t know why I even bother!

Now part two of the accidental explosion means you have to jerk your clittly till I say you can stop. Use that warm creamy cum as lube and rub it just right. Get yourself ready to pop! Oh, but remember there is absolutely no cumming. I’ll tell you when you can cum, and you better do so on command. However, I don’t mind if I have to take the punishments onto my own hands

Now look at this big dildo and your chastity cage. We are going have so much fun with the games I want to play. Your sissy panties look cute, and you are dressed up nice. I want you to be a good slut and I don’t want to ask you twice. Now put on the cage I know that its tight. It will stop your sissy urges to touch i.t You know you find that urge hard to fight. Now grab the big dildo and slide two fingers in that tight hole. Stretch it out a little, make it nice and wet. I ready to see that cock inside you my beautiful sissy pet!

This cock that you are going to fuck yourself with will have you ready to beg. You’re going to want mercy, but you will get none! This is my hole to train and stretch for daddy so he can use you to cum! You will shove that dildo deep in your pussy, ramming until I say you are done. Now take that big, long dido and position it at your ass. Shove it in deeply and I don’t want even as much as a gasp! But don’t worry this time ill let you use lube. Now spread your round ass open and begin to slide it in!  Oh, don’t wince femboy! This is level one; this cock is thin!

Hypnotic Online sissy training Zoey

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training is what I do! My Hypnotic voice sends you into overdrive. I work with even the smallest of clitty stix! I am also the Femme Fatale that you come out too! There’s a fine line between gay men and sissies. Vicarious cock hung hungry with a dash of bi-curious are those I seek to change. And reality, it’s all inside of you already that taste for cum that needs to serve a mistress because you are not hung at all! Need to worship the ground that Mistress Z walks on? Slut, you better get with a program. 

I love men in crossdressing and things they have any testosterone left in their little sissy bodies. I’m also a hypnotic therapist and focus on your feminine side to bring you into balance.
Sissy Hypno training brings you into my realm without your conscious mind. It also allows me to cure sissy bois’ toxic masculinity. Fall into my voice and suggestions and find out just how much you needed me all along! Perhaps I can drain your wallet as you are under! Be careful what you wish for! 

ABDL Sissys

Mistress Zoey is looking for her diaper girls who need a momma to make theme pretty girls who like to be dressed up in utter humiliation. Nurtured, pampered, and put in diaper chastity are just a few of my favorite things!
I will leave you with a word or two of free advice.
I will never knock another sissy trainer or Mistress, I don’t catfight! But I will send every Vixen Mistress on you if needed! I require pictures and devotion. Send me your sexy Outfits and ludes. I don’t take any clit pics unless you have paid to play at least once. Wild Unasked for pictures will be used as Free domain property and you have no clue what this Mistress is capable of! See you soon Losers!
Mistress, Princess, Mommy, Mean girl Zoey!

Sissy Hypno Training Uses Magic to Make You the Best Sissy Ever

sissy hypno trainingSissy hypno training women will cast a spell on you on Magic Day turning you into a sissy boy. I have magical powers. Now, many men do not believe that. They see just a soccer mom or a sissy trainer. They do not see me for the magical witch that I am. I have been working on a new spell for sissies. There was no better day to cast my new spell than on National Magic Day, which was yesterday. I invited my newest sissy over. He is one who has a ton of disbelief when it comes to being a sissy. He knows in his head he should be a sissy. He has a small dick. Almost nonexistent balls, smooth body and feminine features, yet he struggles with doing anything a sissy would. He does not want to suck cock. He does not want to dress in sissy clothes. He does not want to get pegged in the ass. He came to me for sissy training. He knows logically that mature women make the best sissy trainers, yet he is not ready to say goodbye to his masculine self. So, I cast a sissy spell on him when he arrived yesterday. Power of suggestion goes a long way. I convinced him it was a spell I was casting, when it was just sissy hypno training techniques utilized by an experienced sissy trainer.

sissy hypno trainingI have been a sissy trainer for many years. I can make even the most unwilling sissies fem girls with the right spell. Being a sissy is magical anyway, don’t you agree. I mean I take you from a masculine looking man and turn you into a pretty girl who is begging for cock. And I do it all with the power of suggestion and some forced fem boy training. Never underestimate the magical powers of a sissy trainer. When my sissy arrived for his session yesterday, he was not prepared. He had not done anything I instructed him to do. So, I cast a spell on this unruly sissy. It was Magic Day, after all. Sissy hypno training was all the magic I needed. My pretty little boy was a girl just like that. The power of suggestion allowed me to get this sissy dressed in a frilly pink dress. The power of suggestion allowed me to put make-up and a wig on my sissy. And the power of suggestion had my sissy girl sucking an army of big black cocks down at the glory hole. I am a sissy trainer. If you come to me for training, I will use everything in my arsenal, even magic, to turn you into the best sissy ever.

sissy hypno training

Femboy Training to Become the Best Sissy You Can Be

femboy trainingI love femboy training. I have a new sissy in my posse. Breanna needs a sexy mommy to feminize her and train her for Daddy’s cock. She likes to watch sissy hypnosis videos and think of taking cock. Breanna comes to me with no formal training, but a willingness to explore all the aspects of what it means to be a pretty sissy boi. I do love me a sissy, especially a willing one. I believe in sissy hypno videos. I think they help you realize you crave cock. All kinds of cocks too, even Daddy cock. I am a mommy sissy trainer. I have trained two sons. Now, there is no daddy in my world. I kicked him to the curb years ago, but I have many daddy friends who love to lend their cocks to the sissy training. I dress Breanna in some pretty pink sissy clothes and put on the sissy hypno videos and before long she is down on her pretty little knees sucking big daddy cock. I think my sissy girl Breanna likes to get high or intoxicated so her mind is more open to suggestion. I understand that. I do think men not accustomed to getting cock or even wanting cock need to do whatever it takes to let their minds go free. Let’s be honest for a moment. If you are on a sissy site, on some level either passively or actively, you want cock. Breanna understands her desire, she just needs that push to make it a reality. That is why she needs a sissy mom and sissy hypno training videos. Between my nurturing yet firm guidance and those sissy hypno videos, Breanna will be my real time cock sucking sissy in no time.  All sissies need some instruction and guidance to both look and act the part. That is why mommy is here for her sissy bois.

Listen To Me

Sissy hypno training

I’ve been asked is does sissy hypno training work? Well, I don’t know faggot why don’t you give it a try and find out for yourself? Unless you are too scared that there is a faggot inside of you and my voice will coax it out of you with just a little time and effort. Though let’s be real honest with ourselves, don’t you already know it will work for you? If there wasn’t a faggot itching to get out you wouldn’t be on sissy slut hut right now looking for the Queen of sissy training, would you?

A real man would never. I guess it’s easier to explore that side of you with some hypnosis work. At least it does make for a really clever easy lie to tell yourself. Especially when I compel you to dress like a girl and get fucked like one too. Some sissies need that extra push, some just need a veil to hide behind. Though the excitement of knowing I could easily expose you at any given time is very erotic for you, isn’t it? Imagine the absolute humiliation if I transformed you into a little fuckable bitch just to out you to the entire world. After all, I’m the Queen here, you are but a mere vassal begging for scraps of knowledge and wisdom from a real woman. You’ll never be able to fuck the number of men that I have, but you are welcome to do everything you can to try. 


Badass Bitch Sissy trainer

Sissy hypno training


Last night I broke in my newest sissy faggot Daniel aka “Tootsie Roll”. Tootsie Roll has some bad habits that had to be broken, but she learned quick once I inflicted some serious punishment on her ass. She straightened right up after spent a couple hours having her clean the kitty litter with her tongue. She won’t forget who’s the head bitch in charge again i promise you that!  Plus Tootsie Roll needed to pay a fine for her insubordinate behavior so I made couple ads on craigslist singles offering her mouth services for anyone interested in face fucking a sissy faggot for 50 bucks. The phone was blowing up with dudes wanting to get their cocks sucked for a decent donation. As each guy  has his own kinks and hang ups and  as a experienced sissy trainer i”m well versed in the art of seduction and   trust me it shows in my skills. I can have  a sissy like Tootsie Roll eating out the palm of my hand. All the while convincing her this is what she wanted all along ,she wasnt able to verbalize it until now. But she is a cum slut who craves a big black cock in her mouth 24/7 and she needs to serve a mistress in order to get any kind of satisfaction in her pathetic life.

After pimping out Tootsie Roll the other night I had a grand total of 300 bucks.  She got her first real taste of nigger dick down her throat and what it  feels like to be held down and have no control left . She managed to make me proud and take all that cock and at the same time earn some cash for her mistress. She was a good little cum dumpster and let each guy dump load after load of hot frothy dick dribble  without missing a beat.

Smell your sissy panties

I want you to smell your sissy panties. Do you think you have what it takes to be a devoted sissy? Get on your knees and sniff your panties. I was hoping you could wear them all day long and inhale them when you get home. You know I don’t care if anyone sees you be a sissy whore. All I want is for you to listen to every command that comes from my pretty mouth. Prove to me that you have what it takes to be my whore. Show me how you can make your sissy clit throb by eating your sissy cummies.

A real sub knows how to please every command and makes sure to listen obediently. The ball is on your court, sweety. Show me you can hang out.