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Sissy panties Randi Gets first cock

Sissy pantiesSissy panties Randi Gets first cock. I’m so excited. Mistress Zoey has a sexy Sissy Achievement Award to present tonight!! Dirty Little slut Randi in panties has sucked his first cock!
When I heard that Randi had her very own cock to suck for the first time My pussy just throbbed in time with my heartbeat!!!
Y’all know Randy right? The little baby dicked man who had a girl’s panties thrown at him, while she was visibly angry and still laughing. All because he had a wee little shrimp to Dickie poo! And while she was horny and he didn’t have the man meat to fill her up the way she needed to. Hell, I bet she even doubt that he would be able to rub her vagina walls!

But This weekend I Got the best news during our Mistress phone sex! Randi took his little bubble ass over to the local gay club and picked him up a daddy to suck off! And not just one time either! Eight fucking times and his new daddy wants him to suck his boyfriend off too! But What makes this so great is Randi got a nice 8 inches of cock to suck off 8 different times. 8 for 8! Or is it 8 by 8? Randi is such a little bitch over the weekend he was texting and begging his new daddy to suck his cock every chance he got! All while in her sexy lacey panties. Panties that made gay daddy so turned on! 

💗 Sissy panties Randi Gets first cock 💋

The only thing is that the new gay daddy wants to fuck Sissy Randi’s ass and he is not ready to get his ass fucked by a real cock. Let alone 8 whole inches of man meat. But time will tell and the most important thing is that Sissy Randi has started her cock sucking cum eating Journey. She says it was the best-tasting cum that’s why she keeps going back! There are so many cocks out there just waiting for Sissy Randis in panties cum whore mouth!

So now for your award SIssy Randi! For the biggest and most cock sucking of your single first cock ever! The slut Randi gets her cock! 

Mistress Phone sex

Online sissy training with VR

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training with a virtual reality headset. I have a very young sissy, about 25 or so who just loves to play online. This sissy has an older boyfriend and just can’t come to terms with the fact that he’s a little dick sissy gay man. He says that his Daddy doesn’t mind that he has a small little pee pee. But he is worried that he’s getting too feminine for his bear daddy. I tell her oops I mean him all the time that Daddy loves his little sissy princess just the way she is. But lately little sissy lala has been playing around on her virtual reality headset pretending to be a pretty little E girl. Now sissy 🦄 Unicorn has been getting a lot of attention from straight men. And all of our femboy training has ended up where my little sister unicorn wants to be a real girl! We put on a little inverted chastity button so she feels like she has a little vagina. I make her tuck her little balls Right up into her scrotum where they dropped from. (Wasn’t much of a drop if you know what I mean ;-)! )

Femboy training We only have to use two pieces of tape because little sissy lala has no balls and an itty bitty dick. Virtual Reality helps to train her in the world of male and female sex that she will have to cum accustomed too. I enjoy picking out her VR headset porn. I feel like im warping her mind more and more every day. Now, we are still having some difficulties with female pronouns but I know in the future This little whore is going to be a real girl. See it just takes a little hormone, a little nip and tuck here and there and she will be a naughty big dick lover just like me. Well she can never be me but she sure can fucking try. Miss Z. Is a safe place for all of my sissies gay boys and trans females. Come sit, talk a while and put on your VR headset to become my sissy fem slut! 

Forced sissy training My Boyfriend

forced sissy training

Forced sissy training for my first boyfriend was a taste of emasculating and humiliating. I’ve always been a dominant bitch even as a teen. My daddy was a submissive cuckold and my mother ruled the house and got anything that she wanted. And I guess it’s possible that subconsciously I went after I beta male. I didn’t realize at the time that all of his gushing and worshiping of me meant that deep down inside he was a bitch. Oh how my mother tries to warn me about men like him but I just can’t stop. I love doing anything I want and what I want and that includes fucking. So after about 3 months I realized that this motherfucker wasn’t pushing me for sex like any of my other guy friends. No one can understand how Zoey got tied down to one man. I love thinking back about all the times I snuck into a locker rooms and fucked a couple of football players here and there behind his back. I was caught but I confronted my boyfriend and ask him why he hadn’t tried to have sex with me. With tears in his eyes he pulled out his little cock and said this is why! Oh how I fucking laughed at him. It was so hard to believe that his dick never grew from when he was a tyke! My stomach hurt and tears were running out of my eyes as I couldn’t stop laughing. And when I brought the subject up to my mother she told me that I needed to enforce some sissy Maid training. I had the perfect little bitch to do anything I needed him to do My homework, My chores and eventually helping me keep cocks hard to fuck me! 

Hypnotic Training Turns You into Sissy Cum Dumpster

Sissy Hypno Training


Come take a look at this sissy hypnotic video. Put on the headphones and stare at the messages on the screen. You are about to become a true sissy. Follow the instructions on the screen and you will be slobbering on fat cocks in no time. All you need to know is that you are a fuck toy now. You have no purpose but to be a hole to be fucked. No matter if someone is fucking your throat or shoving their cock in your hole, you are only a plaything to be used. Every morning you should open up your ass with a huge dildo and stick a butt plug up in there to keep your hole nice and ready for any cock to remove and use. Exercise your jaw so you can suck cock for hours. Obey your Mistress and any male with a cock bigger than yours (which is almost every male). Look pretty, stay sexy and remember that you are a cock sleeve and every second a cock is not inside you is a second wasted.

Learning to be the best slut ever wtih sissy hypno training

Sissy hypno trainingI know what you really want, Sissy hypno training. I know what you really need me to do. Invite you for a session. I will be your sex therapist for sissy hypno training. I promise it is a craving that you have had in the back of your mind. I assure you it is a craving that once fulfilled will blow your mind. Sit in my chair and follow my necklace and sissy charm. Back and forth, back and forth you will start to get very very sleepy. Your eyelids will get heavy and you will start to drift off. That is not sleep coming as the awakeness leaves your body. That is the fake manly urges that you have falling to the wayside for the sissy awakening that you need. 

As a hypnotized zombie, you will strip yourself of your fake man clothes, throwing them to the fireplace because never again will you need those. I will hand you a tight form-fitting pink dress and black thigh-high stockings and a thing. Put them on. Feel the stockings tight against your legs. As you look down at them you can see how tight and femme they now look. Pull the thong up your ass and tuck your tiny winky into them. It doesn’t take much work at all. The sensation of the silky pink dress hugging your body will top it all off. You are now a sissy princess, ready to take whatever I shove at or in you. 

Femboy training a pillow humper

femboy trainingFemboy training a pillow humper is comical and sexy! How do I explain my love for a femboy in Hong-Kong who lets me watch as he humps his pillows and twerks his sexy ass for me! The same sweet David who squealed and cried when he figured out I was back a couple of months ago. A mistress loves devotion and femboys who need to be watched online. I get a taste of culture differences, but even overseas sissy boys need to hide who they are. Much times it’s a bigger cost to come out and be exposed. So what we do in secret is especially valuable for a man trapped in a world of man and female sex only! Not that David doesn’t appreciate the female form, its just that he wants to be these big titted whores in a lesbian sex fest! I love watching goon and teasing porn with him as I ask him to dance for me like the pretty girls.💞
But the most recent chapter in my watching and chatting is that David has moved on from sitting in his desk chair, or sneaking in bathrooms, to full on bucking two white pillows for me. His cock isn’t as large as some mens, but it is beautiful, and for years I have watched him masturbate while encouraging him via phone connection. Nothing wrong with finding new and exciting sissy whores, but the evolution of a shy sissy to a naughty whore during Online sissy training is making my pussy wet!
David, I want to fuck! Zoey wants to have sex!
Keep those pillows fluffed for me!👄

Sissy Hypno training magic tea time

sissy hynpo trainingBaby what’s wrong? No I’m not trying my sissy hypno training on you! I don’t know why you’re accusing me of this, we have been through this before. I know you’re not a sissy! Why would you ask me such a question? You look like you might have eaten something bad! It was the tea? WOw you do look a little peaked. Sit down and let me take those clothes off of you. Aw look Mr. Pecker is waving at me. He is so cute! My nephew’s dick is almost as small as yours! Let me just give it a kiss on that small mushroom cap!
No, I’m not being mean, I think you need to relax and put something soft and silky on. No! They are not panties, maybe sexy man-panties, but I respect your boundaries baby! You say you are a man, (even though you sure don’t look like one naked!) What? Oh I said your so manly baby a pair of undies aren’t going to make you a girl! Speak up lover, you feel.. Like you’re turning into a woman? I can see that, I have waited so long for this day!

Sissy Hypno training and forced Intox! 

You are going to make such a slutty girl! Here Rodgers comes over to give me my nightly cream-pie. What? Don’t act like you didn’t know. Wow, you really are dense thinking I needed help with class work all this time. And you must think I’m just a dumb bimbo! Oh, you’re sorry? Well tonight Ridger is going to cream-pie you ass. That’s how you will make it up to me. Im so excited that Im going to have a sissy boyfriend to fuck and suck with me! No Going back now! By the time your magic mushroom tea wears off you’re already going to be the biggest sissy slut ever! Forced sissy training and forced intoxication go hand in hand! Would you like some of my magic mushroom tea?


Sissy Hypno Training: Living out your life as a Sissy Slut.

Sissy Hypno Training

Sissy Hypno Training isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish over the phone. But it’s something I have spent a great deal of time learning and tweaking to use to my advantage when dealing with Sissy sluts. Even the simplest things like repeating myself over and over, slowly embedding the thoughts into your mind as you’re in a weakened horny state. Your mind is easy to bend and twist to manipulate and guide you into living out your most intimate sissy desires. Even something as easy as being dressed as a sissy slut daily, panties, makeup, dresses, heels, and hair. All a priority fed into your mind as I also manipulate your subconscious into causing you to fall totally and completely in love with me and the idea of being subservient to me. I want to be the center of your existence and will guide my way there through your desires and subconscious. Making you my weak pathetic slave that will do and say exactly what I please. Give it a try, maybe you can resist me, maybe not. Only time will tell.

Online sissy training men who goon over me

online sissy training Online sissy training men who goon over me. Like Sissy Brandi who sends me pics and calls to fuck her bussy (backdoor Pussy) with a dildo in that fuckhole!
I think she has been a good gurl and deserves to get stretched. Think Of me as the holiday fuck fairy,. Making sure you get your strokes in before Noon! Then you will turn back into a sad man. You know life is better gooning for hotties while you’re all dressed up! Gooning and masturbating asses and rubbing that clit make you my all star. Look at me, you could never have anything as fine as my ass. I would not fuck that shrimp cock for the life of me. But with magic you become desirable!
Made into a pretty girl for me to use with my big hung man of color! That’s right baby, BBC is in the sissy slut Holiday house. One of my Favorite things is she got a tramp stamp “Zoeys Sissy” with an ace of spades on it, or at least is planning on it! I demand proof! Anyways being the good Holiday fuck fairy I am for theses sissy gurls, I made sure to give her a good fucking while she was all dressed up and no where to go! Spayed open like a Christmas ham getting drilled on Christmas eve is the best place for a sissy like Brandy! So goon over my me my boys and girlies! Zoeys Sissy phone sex is year round, but gets extra special for those who Love to look but not touch!

Financial Phone Domination

phone dominationFinancial Phone Domination Thrills my pussy! Getting Tributes from gooners and losers just makes sense for a hot slut like me. Although I do enjoy the fact that paypiggy DAVID is a small penis worthless sissy slut. This waste of space has a mistress and a boyfriend. A big black dicked boyfriend. But that addiction to wallet draining overcomes his gooner brain and tiny pee-pee. Not that I ever would mind taking from someone who would never be able to fuck me in a million years. Plus I get to humiliate the fuck out of this shrimp dick sissy faggot! Somehow I find myself wet when he barks and oinks like a pig. I think That just cums with the findom getting her due payments! Because now way in hell would I ever be turned on by such a piece of shit!
Davis is a pay piggy sissy BBC Loving Loser to the fullest! My Financial submissive sissy can not even cum normal anymore, sissy jucie just leaks out of his ass on a 10 inch dildo. Although with a stub of a nubbin what is a normal cum load? He knows teh only reason women talk to him is to use him and his bank account. I’m so ready to go shopping again. My  big Amazon delivery will be here in a few hours all because this Money hungry girlie knows how to drain his wallet! Sissy humiliation training and draining for all you gooner losers out there! 

David if your reading this $end!