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Sissy training by a black daddy in an upstate penitentiary

Sissy trainingOne of my White Sissy Bitches got turned out in a prison cell. She was dominated by Big Black Cocks! The almighty tatted-up slut, was a runner and a bloomer washer behind the wall. She even got creative and started making Sissy panties out of bed sheets. She would rinse them in dye and turn them pretty, like soft pinks and seductive red shades.

Ms. PrisonBae is considering going on a walk downtown in a miniskirt with her mangina peeking out, willing to take the risk of indecent exposure. Anything to get that cock craving pussy of hers stretched again. The slut has a family at home who she was released too. She doesn’t know how to tell her wife that she wants to be bent over and treated like a sissy bitch. We just started Online sissy training!

As of now, we are working on her portfolio… Decisions were made and her wifes’ lingerie fits her quite well. I had her bent over with her panties held off to the side by her grape smuggling sack. Her pretty little gaping pussy stared right into the camera lens. There is no denying from the slickness of her mangina and the glare in the final shot; that she is wet and ready to be fed a thick creamy load of jizz.

In the meantime, we have her anal stretching 3 times a day. Once in the morning, after lunch, and of course dessert after dinner… Who wouldn’t want a creampie? For now, she will be whipping her clit and eating her cum, but this is for now. Our first Sissy training session is out of the way and everything is set up. During our next session, I will be witnessing her slide her pussy back on a big black cock; to satiate her cravings. 

Femboy training, do you have what it takes?

Femboy training, do you have what it takes to be my private little femboy? Let me take my private she-stick and make you beg me for it. You are gonna have to wait for it. I don’t just give my lady stick to anybody. Adore me, worship me  BEG me and you’ll still have to wait. Don’t think I’ll be easy Sissy panties, I’ll bust you wide for my pleasure. Do you want to please me, give me what I want  when I want it. You are gonna have to earn everything you get from me.  If you’re ready to please, don’t ask questions don’t speak unless spoken to and do everything I tell you during Mistress phone sex. Please me give me what I want and I’ll have you trained right to be my femboy.

Mistress Arabella makes you into the Best Sissy Faggot ever!

Sissy training audio

You want to be the greatest little fag. You work so hard but no matter how hard you work at it you are not even close. Did you know that you can order a custom Sissy training audio from me. That is right you can have me in your ear all the time. 

I will remind you of what a little slut bucket you really are. Let me set the stage for you. You wake up in the morning and prepare for your day. Your earbuds are in and I am telling you exactly what you need to put on under that suit. It’s now the middle of your day and even though you are supposed to be working all you can think about is having a giant cock in your mouth. You head to the bathroom and pop in your ear buds and listen as I instruct you how to play with that little pussy. 

You can have me there for you anytime you need me. Guiding you to be the best sissy ever. 

Clueless Sissy Whore Follows Fag Hypno Instructions

Sissy hypno trainingHello there! Welcome to track 1 of the Complete Training Program for Sissies, Fags and Future Trannies. This track is made specifically for making you think about cock all the time. I’m sure that a cock whore like you thinks about cock constantly. It may take up a lot of your day. If you have not had a cock inside of you in the past two days, your urge for cock needs to be strengthened. You were born a fag and a whore. Nothing should come in the way of your desire for cock. Now, lay back and listen to my affirmations. You want to suck cock every single second of the day. Your tiny clit gets hard whenever you think of getting fucked in the fuck hole. You will go to any lengths to please a big cock. When your Mistress brings a group of men with cocks big enough to choke you into your vicinity, you have no shame. You desperately try to take off their boxers and watch those cocks spring out, licking them and swallowing their cocks until you reach their balls.

Sissy training is a requirement Lucky, it is not optional!

Sissy trainingLucky sissy is off in the Bahamas somewhere looking for any excuse to get away from his girlfriend. He is eager to dress-up like a cock sucking slut and worship big black cocks for me.. Can you believe he was late for Sissy training this week?! Do you guys think I should cut him some slack?! Although all I have been doing is thinking of all the filthy ways I plan on exposing him and having his v card stolen.

I spoke to Stanley the day before yesterday and instructed him to stop by the faggots house. I wanted to reassure myself, that he is really on vacation and not trying to find his way out of being the faggot that he should embarrass that; (he is.) Could you imagine how deprived his man pussy must feel, right now..

Lucky, if you are reading this Slut put a butt  plug in your ass tonight and hide Sissy panties underneath your trousers.. I want you rubbing your anus on any hard surface your can find… Whether while out to dinner with your “girlfriend” – Or – after a romantic evening you two spent looking up at the stars. IDC –> Do as you’re told slut or suffer the consequences; all is fair in love and war! <– If I am going to let you slut out with this so called “girlfriend” *eye roll* and not tax you………….

Then you are going to have to repay me in some way! (: Faggot, Goddess is craving your attention. I hope you aren’t jealous of me because you’ll never have a Bonus~hole LOL… Told ya that man pussy of yours is more than enough especially when you are assumed in  doggystyle position with your ass arched up in the air. You are going to be put over my knee and spanked Lucky, so I can give you a taste of my attitude as a Phone dominatrix if you don’t call me S.O.O.N.

BBC Sissy Trainer Believes in the Power of Sissy Hypno Videos

bbc sissy trainerI’m a bbc sissy trainer. That is my specialty and the type of call I get the most request for too. It is not all I do. I know not all sissies want those big black cocks, but if you do like them, you found your trainer. I have a sissy who has been seeing me for years. He was always adamant about no black cock. So, I avoided any talk of BBC. I certainly did not bring over any of my black lovers for assistance either. This sissy of mine loves to dress up and get pegged. I have pegged his ass over 100 times in the past years. Last session, he wanted to watch some sissy hypno videos. The problem with these videos is that they almost always have big black cocks sublimely displayed. If you have ever received sissy hypno training, you likely crave big black cocks. This sissy of mine watched 90 minutes of sissy hypno videos. He did not even realize he was watching big black cocks dance around because he was in a trance. When it came time to peg his pansy ass, he requested the big black strapon. He has never wanted my huge black strapon before. Those sissy hypno videos really work. I had this Bambi bimbo craving black cock after 90 minutes of some sissy hypno videos. I knew that my black strapon would only make him crave the real thing. It always does. Once they get past the discomfort, they start thinking about black cock spunk and how much they want it to fill their assholes. I texted one of my BBC lovers who lives around the block, and he came right over. My sissy did not protest. I watched my sissy get his first black cock. It was amazing. Years of sissy training and I could not get him to take BBC. A few minutes of sissy hypno videos and he was on his knees with 12 inches of black cock meat in his ass. That is the power of subliminal training. Think you are ready to be hypnotized?

Sissy Hypno Training is not always needed

sissy hypno training

Sissy hypno training is for some of you, others just need a helping hand from a crazy Mistress like me. 

Now I have a couple of naughty sluts in my corral who need to be as slutty as they can be. They do not need me to force anything on them but my big fat strap-on! They cum pre-sissy dressed and willing to take all I can give,

  My Faggot Scotty is all about showing out his true colors under the radar of his unknowing wife.  Faggot has a trunk full of clothes, wigs and heels, and make-up at the ready! And you know we can put together a sexy outfit before he calls. And then i get to watch him as high as hell butt fuck on a stool right in front of the cam for me. I love when coke shrinks that cock and makes men feel so girly! 

I love that he is right upstairs and he is prancing around in his sexy clothes with his dildo so he can fuck my sissy pussy! When men come to me with a masculine body and dressed in sexy sissy clothes it is the sexiest thing ever! I do give a great suggestive hypno session for those shy boys! So throw on those frillys and lace and call your mistress phone sex expert Zoey! 

Best sissy trainer Loves her Bimbettes

Best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainer Zoey looks for Barbie whores that need discipline. Are you just a bimbette trapped in a man’s body? Feeling not so fresh? Well, Miss Zoey has a tailored plan to meet your sissy lifestyle needs. Getting into the mind of a man with gender issues is one of my all-time favorite things. Whether it is me messing with your mind with some hypno porn, or just pulling bits and pieces out of you over time, I will get inside of your pretty little head. I no longer wish for you to think with your little head and only want to have you zone and goon for me.  Let me pimp you out to the pretty princess pansy you were always meant to be.

A good douche for your “bussy” (butt pussy) and some grooming will have you feeling like a miserable little girlie. But Doctor Zoey has just the medicine you need hanging between my legs. The first step is to get you accustomed to only getting cummies by bouncing on a dick. The Mistress phone sex therapy you need begins with a sexy little sissy trainer. 

Forced sissy training Live: Another Sissy faggot exposed

Forced sissy trainingMe and my friends bullied and teased a Sissy-boy.. Live: Forced sissy training! We put him in chastity and teased his clit with a Magic wand vibrator; hahaha you should have seen his clit as it extended and leaked precum all over his pretty pink polka dot cock-cage. His sexy black leather outfit with lace white trim was crotchless… He wiggled his toes in white ruffle nylon anklet socks trying to free himself from the torture… In his sweet little man pussy hid a gleaming ruby gem, we had him prop his ass up in-front of the camera and sway his booty while giving him Bare bottom spankings…

This was a Sissy training scheme; he had no idea cameras would be rolling. He felt like a total slut and was all the way humiliated; lol his face was beet red. Me and my friend Cecelia wore sexy cat outfits and had long soft pink claws, net stockings with diamonds in it and pleaser boots, duh! Cute Kitten makeup covered our faces and cat ears sat on our heads.. We giggled and laughed as thousands of viewers watched us do this to him… haha, turn him into a Total: FAG! Cecelia held his face up while I was seated on him missionary, stroking a big girthy 8inch dildo with his throat, haha… He was gagging and drooling.. He was struggling at first but now he is a well trained Big cock sucker. Sissy maid training made him a fearless sexy slut who tucks his tonsils and can swallow a cock. 

Forced feminization wasn’t necessary for my brother Chloe

Forced feminizationMy brother and I used to play dress-up when we were younger. He would do my makeup and also Try-On my shoes. He loved wearing white if not white then PINK; for Sissy panties and bows… duh, His high heels had to be platform and punk rock with cool designs.. We would skip school together and go to Fashion show exhibits at the Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston MA, and admire the beautiful Paris collections.. Dad; never knew his son was a sissy because my Gay brother could fix cars, he was a mechanic. Which was why we chose to skip class because it was the only time he was ever able to be himself.. Godly make-up, sharp lipstick’  with fully contoured faces; him and I would take on the day. No need for Forced feminization Chloe was down to play.

He would wear these Pleaser leather boots that lace up/no-zipper platform, glossy vinyl and NOT only that the 4 inch platform was Ombre; haute red into black.. He loved flair schoolgirl skirts and net stockings with rhinestones. Complete Glitz and glamor’! We would shop at this store called; Beauty World. They had sooo many wigs, styles, textures and colors; it was heaven for him. We were like the Hard Rock Cafe Punk Goth Barbie Dolls; YES we were that deep into fashion! My faggot brother finally came out the closet to dad.. I convinced him; that’s what makes me the Best sissy trainer xD