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Tiffany Jane Loves Online sissy training

online sissy trainingOnline Sissy training is very fun for me! Tiffany Jane is a wonderful older tranny sissy who loves bbc and having clothing assignments. I love picking out her clothes for the week with the nice spread sheet of hers! We even go shopping online and talk about the men she has had in the past. Our BBC stories and clothing scandals are the best. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a sissy understand how much work it takes to be a woman in this men dominated world. A satisfied woman at that! I love how we talk about our toys that get us off and slip into a nice hypno session once and a while. I understand how a long term sissy would love the fantasy of not being able to control herself around Big black cock. Once you immerse yourself in the sissy world the possibilities of a sissy trainer and you all cum to the light. Or dark if your talking BBC!

BBC Sissy hypno Training

sissy hypno trainingBBC sissy hypno training is the fucking best for my tight cunt! I get off so much on going into a presumably straight white boys mind and finding the sissy hiding! BBC cock slut. Deny who you are for long enough and you start to believe it! Men who have a secret come to me and need to let the Black cock lover out. I am but a white whore who understands what pleasures await at the end of a pre cum dripping African American cock! Let me relax your body and mind so much that you let out the BBC fag who needs to drilled down.  Whore who needs filled with Black cum. Of course we can start slow, Or fast (wink, wink) with you riding My black daddy strap as I open you up like a Z-28! Let me go 190 MPH in you sissy hole as you scream what a BBC whore you are! I promise to get you turned out for that monster cock. The fact of the matter is every white boy needs to turn out to be a sissy for black cock! Sissy whore for BBC! And I won’t stop until I have a harem of sissy whores who admit that Mandingo love! Cum and see your BBC sissy trainer and let me show you a thing or two! Follow the sound of my voice into the kingdom of BBC lust!bbc sissy trainer

Rainbow Kisses

Sissy hypno trainingLet me use my sissy hypno training to force you to give my bull BBC rainbow kisses. Now a dark cock is the best for this game. Oh yes baby it’s just a game between two friends! Now you see I have seven shades of lipstick right here. I want to dress up and there is nothing you wouldn’t do to please me. So if i put you in a pair of panties and put on some ruby red lipstick you will do it. Why? Because I hold the power of hypnotic suggestion. It gets so bad as I am teasing you with my pussy that I even let you taste my sweet spot! Now for more slut red across your lips. I tell you that I saw what we shoved in those itty bitty panties! And that dick isn’t for pleasing a hot bitch like me. So my Friend Joe comes over just to show you how big a real man’s dick is. You say that’s not fair! He’s a black man. And I look right into your eyes and see how jealous you are. So under my spell you just get right on your knees and I tell you to pay homage to a real man’s cock! Suck it my sweet little fag. And over the course of the night we change your lipsticks seven times. And by the end of the night you are proudly posing with smeared lips and that BBC rainbow cock! What makes it better is you have added white to your master piece.

Admit you lust after cock

Domination phone sex

Domination Phone Sex is how you can ease into the sissy fun. So I have guys that call up and pretend they aren’t sissies deep down. If you are reading this, chances are you are a sissy, and you don’t want to admit it and try so hard to hide it, but you love it so much. You want to flaunt it around and make everyone know you want cock. You want to twirl in dresses, feel sexy and pretty, and have cocks. You’re a cock loving sissy that must have his way. It is your time to shine, but first and foremost, you have to admit to yourself who you are, and then it will be a cakewalk. Get it together with this fiery redhead who will turn you into one hot cum loving sissy.

SDH and online sissy training

online sissy training Look at you over there thinking you’re a real man. You don’t even know you need online sissy training do you. How many times are you going to look at that little dick of yours and wonder if you can ever give a woman a penetration orgasm? I bet you’re known for eating pussy, and being a foreplay extraordinaire. Do your fingers give her more satisfaction than your dick?

You know the answers and you are ashamed by what God didn’t bless you with. Sure you move mountains and have made a life for yourself and your wife. You have a happy little family, but your wife, she isn’t happy in the bedroom. She tells you all the time it was good and not to worry about your dick size.

But if you have seen porn with BBC and white women and you always wondered if they exaggerate on camera, nobody could scream from just penetration! I’m here to tell you yes getting fucked with a big dick, black or white as long as it’s bigger than 8 solid fat inches feels amazing and I can squirt just from getting fucked doggy style! It’s time for you to begin your lessons and the first lesson is called sissy humiliation training.

You’re going to have to realize that your cock is not in fact a cock at all.

I Will Help You with Sissy Slave Training

sissy slave trainingDo you need sissy slave training? Trust me, you are not alone. Most of my callers are starting from ground zero. Maybe when they were younger, they played with mommy’s panties or sucked some fellow schoolboy dick. Those memories have lingered for years, even decades. The need to dress. The need to suck cock has intensified over the years. Then one day they happen upon my sissy site and decide they are willing to commit to the life.  One of my favorite things to do with sissies is to help them get the items they need to be a sissy girl. We start with dress. I take them shopping online for panties and other sissy clothes. Dresses, ruffled panties, petticoats, hose, lingerie and high heels are all sissy clothing requirements. We even shop online for sex toys. If I am your sissy trainer, you need toys for your ass. Butt plugs, prostate wands and dildos are all essential sissy items. One of my favorite online shops is Bad Dragon. They have some creative, even scary dildos. Huge ones with lots of intricate designs and horror and sci-fi themes. Bad Dragon sex toys will work your sissy hole out well. I also like to help sissies get cock. Once I help you look the part, I need to help you live the part. Based on where you live, cock is not hard to find. You can get cock discreetly. There is Grindr for booty calls. An adult bookstore or a local truck stop usually offer up a glory hole. Then if you really need discretion, you can hire a dominant male gigolo. I love sissy training men just like you. Men who are married and need to be discreet cock sucking faggots are in the right place. I will keep your dirty secrets and help you be the best sissy version of yourself.

Sissy training Orgasm Denial

sissy training

Let’s talk about orgasm denial during sissy training, shall we? You were born with a millimeter peter. A sissy stick, clitty, battery dick… I could go on, and I do. But for now let’s talk about any sissy who needs direct orgasm denial. (yes, I have sissies with big fag poles they try to hide in there panties. Take sissy Jay he is just a big ol fag who loves shoving his cock in a pair of Silkin undergarments. But sissy Jay doesn’t get to cum. I can be a real bitch. 

Then there is David, his dick isn’t that smallest, but its not big enough to fuck this sissy trainer.  David is a cute Asian who loves to come on camera for me to watch. (I Only watch sissies and can tell you how to link your stream.) He shows me cute porn of women who he cant have in this lifetime and I actively edge Sissy David every chance I get. And when I say get your hands off that dick, he is such a god boy for me and almost cries out loud, but the moans and the begging are enough. I ask David what he wants, and I get a satisfying answer. “I want to FUCK Mistress, I love you please.” Which I erupt into laughter and tell him he can jack it as I count down and I am never predictable. My calls with sissies go how I like them and I am always in control. And you sissy fags (and sweet sissy boys like David) love every second of it. So who is down for some JOI or orgasms denial tonight.  And remember I do offer Sissy hypno training sessions for those shy men who need to be simulated in the cerebal cortex!

Sissy Maid Training To Serve

Sissy Maid Training
It’s your place as my wanna be slave to undergo rigorous sissy maid training. You have to understand I expect you to obey me in every way; that means from the way you dress and groom yourself to your cock training. You are going to have to go through intense throat training.

What’s that entail you ask? It means six hours a day of raw throat fucking five days a week for five weeks. You have to get good at what you do, honey. We’re going to have to bully that gag reflex out of you. Can’t have you puking all over superior BBC Alpha cocks, now can we? Sissy maids not only take care of the sexual needs of my pussy when I don’t have a bull stud present but also my home. You’re expected to clean in your uniform, yes even the seven inch pumps.

Those help with your posture, dearie. After throat training comes sissy pussy stretching where I will force you to raw dog massive cocks. You will never sit the same again, I promise you that. But you want to be a good sissy girl for me, don’t you love bug? You don’t want to disappoint me. I’ll chop off that pathetic excuse for a “cock” you have.
Sissy Training Audio

Gold digger Sissy girl training

sissy girl training

They might call me a gold digger, I have no clue why.🤷‍♀️ If you come to me for sissy girl Training you should expect to spend money with me! Your wife is the gold digger! She knows you have a little dick and she spends all your money while she goes and fucks bull cocks.

Your lucky if you get to see her fuck on or two at a time in front of you! You spend all your money making sure she has the most expensive slut wear for her cuckolding games. My sweet sissy, you have spent so much money on these things and now you decided to stockpile Designer stocking and hose.

I know about those panties size 8/ Your wife is a size 6 like me. They are for your sissy faggot ass aren’t they? You are becoming a different kind of gold digger. And ass hole eater for your mistress and the men you suck off in the adult book store.

That’s right, eat that gold out of that ass cavity as you get a big set of balls on your face. Let my voice hypnotize you into spoiling me and being the best girly you can be for me! 

And when it comes to my ass, eat it nice and deep and open your wallet! Or just send me an amazon gift card to fund my own slutty attire when I fuck those BBC! 💲

best sissy trainer

Femboy Training with Tamika

femboy trainingMy favorite calls are femboy training sessions that leave my pussy dripping. I love showing men how inferior they are to women like me. My favorite way to keep my little boy toys in line is through humiliation; I’ll humiliate my small cock boys especially. I love little dick teasing. I know exactly how to put these bratty subby boys in their place. No man under seven inches could possibly please my perfect princess pussy. You things get put right into chastity cages, and I throw away the key! I dress you up for sissy maid training. You need to learn how to get bent over and have your anal fuck hole destroyed while balancing in pretty stiletto heels. Then, you’ll need some cock training. It’s a fine art, sucking cock and getting throat fucked. It takes a certain elegance and grace. You crave a woman like me to force you to your knees and hold your mouth open while I make you eat hot load after creamy load of Alpha Cock cum. Best learn to love the taste, that cum is the majority of your diet now/ My wet pussy is dripping. Get up here and eat my bush, make me scream and cum, and maybe I’ll reward you. I’ll ass fuck you with your pretty pony butt plug. Don’t test my FemDom temper. I will consume you.