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Phone dominatrix Emerson will make you take BBC, slut!

Phone dominatrix

Phone dominatrix Emerson will make you take BBC, slut! From the moment we connect, you will be under my command. You will be my puppet and I will pull your strings, making you do whatever I please. And what I please is to have your bussy gape wide open for some thick, throbbing black cock. Oh, don’t try to resist, you know deep down inside you crave it. I can sense it in the way you tremble at the sound of my voice. You are just another little slut in need of my expert training.

I will make you worship me and my BBC. You will beg for it, whine for it, but most importantly, you will take it all. I want you to feel every inch of my hard, dark cock stretching you open. You will moan and scream for more, and I will not stop until I am satisfied. I will make you feel like the sissy whore you truly are.

Don’t even think about refusing my orders, you worthless piece of shit. You are mine to use and abuse as I please. And trust me, I will take full advantage of that. You will have one cock in your mouth, one in your ass, and maybe even one in each hand. I want to see you completely overwhelmed, drowning in black cum. Oh, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure you have a safe word…not that I’ll ever let you use it.

So, what are you waiting for, my little sissy slut? Pick up that phone and call. I promise, you will never be the same after our session. You will be my hot BBC sissy, ready to take on any and all cocks that come your way. And when you’re done, I will have you creaming your Sissy panties in shame, and I will love every single second of it. Are you ready for this wild, mean, sissy dominatrix whore to take control of your pathetic little life? I thought so. See you soon, bitch.

Sissy panties are what you will wear to the party

I love a sissy bitch in Sissy panties who knows her place. She has had enough training that it is easy to show her off. “This is my obedient bitch” I say as I walk you into my friend’s party leashed up and on all fours. “Greet everyone the way I trained you to do” I say as I take your leash off. Then you crawl over to my first bbc friend. “Please sir, may I greet you how I was trained” you beg.

  After he looks at me and I give him the go he pulls his cock out. Right away your mouth starts sucking on his big monster black cock. “Do it right hoe ” I say, and I push you head down on his cock even further. The rest of the party cheered as they watched such pathetic slut choke on a dick. Therefore, you suck his cock deeper and faster. Finally, he explodes in your mouth. “Drink it all sissy hoe” I say proudly.

Sissy panties

All the Sissy maid training you have received has prepared you for days like this. Now it is your time to shine like a sissy slut you were made to be. So, you move on to the next dick. “That’s it you will greet everyone in the room” “when you are done greeting them you will wait outside like my sissy pet you are ” I cheer you on and say. Finally, the last party attendee is up and you make me proud once again by milking his cock.

“Tell your mistress how full your tummy is” I demand of you. “My sissy belly is full of semen sperm thanks to you mistress” you respond as you crawl outside like a sissypup. From the window you watch me until I am ready to show off your training again.

Phone Dominatrix Coraline Loves All Kinds of Sissies

phone dominatrixBeing a phone dominatrix keeps life interesting. Although I specialize in training sissies, as a dominant woman I get all kinds of other calls too like cuckolding and giantess fantasies. And I get my share of cock and ball torture sessions too. And I can work with any sissy, traditional of not. I have a new sissy. Sissy Maire. And I find this sissy interesting. She defines herself as a sissy. She likes many of the things a typical sissy does like dressing up in girlie clothes and going trolling for alpha cock on Grinder or at glory holes.

However, her cock measures close to ten inches. Now this is a sissy I see in my real time as a professional sissy trainer and dominatrix. So, I know she is not lying about her cock size. In fact, I measured her when I fitted her for her sissy panties. I did not have any panties in my drawer that would comfortably fit her. So, I took her shopping to Victoria Secret. We asked a sales lady to help fit her for a bra and panty set.

I Love All Kinds of Sissies

Most sissies on and off the phone sport small dicks. More akin to clits than dicks. Not sissy Marie. She appears rather endowed. However, she is still a beta bitch. When I helped her make a Grinder account, we ran into a snafu. Men started in boxing her to fuck them. But she wants to be a beta bitch like most sissies. So, I offered a solution to her. I invited a few of my alpha black male friends over.

Initially, sissy Marie balked at the idea of black bull cocks ravaging her tight sissy holes. It had nothing to do with racism. She just appeared scared to take anything quite that large in her sissy holes. But because of her big dick, we struggled to find any man on Grinder who wanted to dominate her. Since I am a BBC sissy trainer, I know plenty of black bulls down to fuck any sissy hole.

All Sissies Big and Small Welcome with Me

I finally convinced sissy Marie the way to get bottomed was to go black. And last night I watched my big dick sissy take 11 inches of black cock in her sissy hole. And she loved it too. Perhaps, I should have trained her more, but she seemed determined to pop her sissy cherry instead of waiting any longer. Although most sissies have clit sticks, there are some big dick sissies out there. And I can work with any sissy.

Best sissy trainer will make you all you can be.

          Best sissy trainer will make you all you can be. The first thing you need to learn is that I am not your friend. I am not your Mommy. Will not be holding your fucking little hand and telling you that you are going to be able to do this. I am going to be your worst fucking nightmare and drill Sargent. Making you grovel, crawl on the ground. Spread that sissy fucking ass and turn you into a slave for all the big ass cocks.

  Best sissy trainer        It must be remembered that you will not ask questions. Make me repeat myself and there is a punishment to be had. Don’t like it then don’t disobey. Not here to be your friend. All things considered I am your BBC sissy trainer and making you be feminine. You don’t have a choice. Forcing is the name of the training. That is why I am the best.

          For the most part you are going to hate me. This is good. You will come to address as me as Master Mistress or as Master Sargent. Whooping your ass and getting between those cheeks. Caging your little pecker. Tell me it’s not little and it may just go bye-bye as a punishment. This is not a game. You will be trained properly.

          The clothes you wear are going to be the clothes that I pick out for you. The panties you wear or don’t wear will be the ones I order you to wear. If I tell you to get a 15-inch dildo and you buy a 9 inch because it is just too big. I will beat you with the 9 inch and then tan your ass and force fuck you will other objects that are even bigger.

Best sissy trainer will make you all you can be.

          Listening to me in the final analysis is what is best for you. Not listening is going to get you punished severely. That is why you are a slave to me and to whomever I choose. If you want pink to be the sissy faggot, then you need to earn it. Finally, you will learn control from me and only squirt from your pussy and learn to beg those big cocks to take you hard and deep. In conclusion you will be all you can be one way or another I am going to get Cha.

Sissy phone sex with Miss Remi

sissy phone sex

Your favorite, sissy phone sex mistress is back from vacation and I have so many hot stories to tell you. I went out of town so that I could visit one of my favorite sissy bitches. She’s a hot, little cum slut that used to be an undercover sissy until I forced her to expose herself to everyone she knew. I took pictures of her dressed up and on her knees sucking dick and forced her to send it to her boss, her family and all of her friends. I told her that’s the only way that I would let my studs fuck her. She’s a whiney cum lover bitch and I waited until that little slut was desperate for some dick and then made sure she would do whatever it took to feel it being forced up in her tight little cunt. She sent the pictures and then spread her sexy ass open to take the dick she earned! Now everyone knows what a little bitch she is and how she has a tiny clittie that she covers with panties and short skirts! Everyone that used to respect this slut has seen her choking on a fat dick and swallowing up loads of cum. If you don’t suck that big, hard dick like I taught you, then I’m going to do the same to you! Open your mouth and wrap those whore lips around my strap-on and show me how desperate you are to prove your worth to me! You don’t deserve to call yourself a man and I’m going to retrain you so that you won’t ever make that mistake again. You’re going to be in dresses and makeup, wearing your cute panties and slutty heels, just like a real bitch. When you’re ready to please a real cock, I’ll invite my studs over to run through your slut pussy but we need to practice for a while first…

Phone dominatrix

Phone dominatrix


Phone dominatrix Tamike B.K.A Miss K will whip you sissy girls into shape! One thing I love the most to make my sissy sluts  do Is dress up! I love being a sissy stylist Ill do your make up and your hair as well! making my sissy’s look like the dirty little whores turns me on.  I keep my little sissys in bright pink lipstick so they can look pretty and slutty while they deep throat a big black cock!  Oh and dont be mistaken im gonna make your my little slut knows exactly how to drain those big black balls.

When your my little pet its not just about being a pretty girl for mama! Oh No its about doing as your told and serving MOTHER! I will always keep my harem of whores in order I will train you to be the perfect slave.  I will always have a cum filled pussy for you to suck clean. You must stay prepared to clean out every hole filled with cum that mommy has. Besides why would I have a slave that doesn’t keep me Clean? Just as you take care of me i will take care of you I will make sure you have all the training you need to serve your mommy!

Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sex while you become a real woman as you watch me fuck one!

Mistress phone sexWhen you need some Mistress phone sex I am the go to gal. Not only do I have tons of experience training sissy cuck boys but I also fuck tons of inferior women. The best way to be trained is by a Superior who has taught all genders into obedience. Especially when you are a man trying to be educated on how to be a sub servant sissy whore; that’s the best way to learn how to be a bitch. Ask all the little fucks I train; they are all good little pussy slaves after watching me with all these sweet slutty women.

I bet you are craving some filthy Phone domination with me. I bet you are playing with that over-sized clit of yours while day dreaming about bending over and taking it up that tight boy pussy. Are you jealous of this wet little cunt and her lovely twat getting railed by me? Don’t worry baby you are going to learn how to be a real girl soon enough. If you learn how to get fucked like this bitch I promise to get you the fattest bimbo tits ever. You will be rewarded with the greatest pair and the biggest juicy lips ever. I bet you would look so good you little faggot!

The best Taboo phone chat is with you little pathetic wanna be whores. It’s always my favorite to watch you needy boys beg to be precious little sissy’s for big dick. I love dressing you up while you practice on being the best fuck slut. You get to watch me pound out a real girl as you learn all the right ways to moan, groan and take dick. Watch me pound out her perfect pussy as it glistens and drips with her sweet cunt juice. After she cums you are told to lap it up so you get the real taste of what a man wants. Maybe one day you will be just as good as a real woman bitch!

Femboy training for Satan is your destiny my little slut!

Femboy training

Femboy training for Satan is your destiny my little slut! I know you have been longing for someone to take control and unleash your inner slut, and that’s where I come in. I am here to fulfill all your dark desires and give you the ultimate pleasure that only Satan can provide.

I have pledged my allegiance to the one and only devil himself. And let me tell you, he is one hell of a lover. He demands obedience and sacrifice, but in return, he will give you pleasures beyond your wildest imagination. And let’s be honest, isn’t that what we all crave deep down?

Now, let’s talk about your training. As a femboy, you may have already dabbled in some sissy activities, but to truly become a servant of Satan, you must undergo intense Forced feminization. I will make you wear the skimpiest of outfits, the highest of heels, and the most provocative of lingerie. You will learn how to walk, talk, and seduce like a true sissy under my watchful eye.

And when it comes to your bussy, or should I say sissy hole, Satan wants it to be stretched and filled with pleasure. I will use my arsenal of toys to make you moan and beg for more. And then, when you are fully under my control, I will call upon my dark master to penetrate you with his enormous, throbbing black cock. He will take your soul as you take him inside you, and you will experience ecstasy like never before.

So, my dear slut, embrace your destiny and call me for your Forced sissy training. Together, we will serve our lord Satan and fulfill our desires, no matter how taboo or vulgar they may seem. Are you ready to submit to the power of femininity? Because once you enter my dungeon, there’s no turning back.


BBC sissy trainer Goddess Gives you dark love 💫

BBC sissy trainerBBC sissy trainer Goddess Zoey Gives you the dark love you desire!  That big purple veiny throbbing dark love is all yours now. No need to be meekly asking about the biggest dicks I have ever gotten when you get on the phone. Size queen I may be, but many of my BBC sluts have surpassed my personal record of inches and girth, time and time again.  

Leave no doubt I still am on a hunt for a massive 13 inch cock in the wild. But for now I’m happy with a fatty that’s at least 8.5 inches. And I have cum close to cumming on a foot long cock, he was just barely under a foot and now matter how I sucked or rode it we came up just a tad short. 

BBC sissy trainer loves giving you big dark meat

But many of my men have sought and found 13 inches of big mandingo cock to ride and slurp like the sissy champions they are. If it is black and big it’s for that white boy crack. Let me take my lipstick and write that you’re a BBC lover and that your boy pussy needs to be filled now all over your body! Let’s hold hands during our online sissy training and both of us bounce on a BBC together! Be a sissy that is plugged and drugged when that dark man cums around! We all know that boy pussy needs some dark met gapping it once and a while! 

Sissy Panties and Clit Stroking for Your Pet Training

I Dress You in Sissy Panties and Make You My Bitch

Your sissy pussy looks ready to be bred every time I dress you up in those sissy panties. I dress you up as my doll and take pictures of how pretty you look. For today’s training, we’re putting my sissy online for the world to see. You’re blushing while I force you to pose for the camera and show off your sissification. I take closeups of your clitty peeking out the side of those panties. I laugh at your cute soft clitty. Let’s get that pathetic dicklet hard so everyone can see how tiny and pathetic you are all dressed up in pink and lace.

I could allow you to get your cock hard on your own, but I want to take care of my pet today. You always whimper and beg like a whore when I’m the one milking you. I get down on my knees in front of you. Something you have never seen before. The view of my huge tits is already making that sissy clitty throb. What a good little slut! Your sissy clit is almost rock solid when I first push those panties to the side. But when I lean down and spit on your cock I can see the precum splooging out of your tip.

sissy panties

Pathetic Pet Receives Proper Femboy Training

Why are you so nervous pet? Is your femboy training too much for you? I laugh at you when you moan like a whore. I smear my spit around your cock and watch you fidget. Aww, I see you trying your best not to fuck my hand. But you’re losing. I get the camera ready and start to record. Your hips get a mind of their own. You start fucking the palm of my hand like a little doggy in heat. You’re sweating, and pathetic. And pinching those sissy nipples.

I heard that girly little gasp and you begged me to let go. It’s so cute when you try to tell me what to do. I squeeze that pathetic little dicky and then you explode for me. A thick load covering my hand and all over the floor. I get back up to my feet and feed you the ropes of cum sticking to my hand. I look down at the load on the floor and point the camera at you again. “What are you waiting for? Don’t waste it.” I want to see you on your knees in those sissy panties.