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His first Sissy training session went well

Sissy trainingThere is a new sissy in town and he’s going to be squeezing his little link into his first pair of Sissy panties! He was at work when his asshole started feeling all slimy, he couldn’t help the tingly sensation that ran through his body.. He needed a fix, even if that meant in the parking lot of his place of employment.. Risky business! He took his 15 and called me up from the back seat of his compact car..

He didn’t have any toys so we settled with his fingers! He slicked his tips up by slurping and sucking them, like they were a fat cock.. Then smacked the excess saliva that he scooped up from his chin onto his manhole.. The windows of his car were not tinted but they did naturally fog after a while of his huffing from the sensational fuck he was giving himself; while I whispered humiliating things into his ear.. He or should I say she?

Anyway, the faggot is aware of his position.. Not every call will he get off; sometimes he may even just have to sit back and listen to me breathe.. I mean whatever it takes to talk to a hottie, you couldn’t stand a chance with in reality! uhh, the good in fantasy, huh? haha, Sissy training has only just begun, we went shopping for some fun stuff..

So far we’ve gotten a clear 7.3in soft realistic dildo to gag his bussy with and a plus size contrast lace mesh slip with a matching thong… It’s even got a satin bow that sits right between his knockers. I can’t wait until it arrives so I can show the world that a Sexy BBW does exist.. His juicy phat ass is going to look amazing sucking up a g string.. He has never had his man hole stretched with anything besides his finger.. Lucky him, I am the sexy bitch who’s going to break him in. Welcome bitch, You’ve got yourself the Best sissy trainer on the net, Good taste!

Domination phone sex Open Psyche

Domination phone sex

Sissy cunts need Domination phone sex in order to know their places. So many sissies running around here needing a proper mistress to fill their promiscuous cup.  Some men run around thinking they are capable of handling what they lack inside by pretending to be something they aren’t. Capable. They have no sense of direction and they will die lonely old men never knowing the satisfaction of submitting to a highly anointed mistress. The sub that can close his eyes and travel within to the darkest corners of his perverted sissy cunt. Realize he still have more within him that he could give over. Here in the beginning with Genesis the male sissy can carve out his space to blast open his psyche and realize what all can make his cock hard. What all can stimulate his pathetic mind into controlling or loosing control? What does a Femboy cunt feel to fill whole?

OMG! You Just Woke Up as an Anime Girl!

Sissy training audio


In this listening session, all you need to do is sit back, relax and listen to the sound of my words. 

You slowly wake up and stretch, ready to get washed up and dressed. As you get up, you notice your body feels different than usual. You look down to see what is going on and you see a massive pair of tits on your chest. You run to the bathroom, desperate to see if someone has pulled a prank on you as your giant tits bounce up and down with each step. With one glance, you realize that you have been transformed into a beautiful anime girl. You have big bouncing boobs that jiggle when you breathe, a tight slim waist, and a nice round ass. You are ultimately feminine, beautiful and fuckable. You walk out of the house with your night clothes on, consisting of only a see-through white tank top and tiny shorts, and you capture the attention of all the men in the neighborhood. Seeing you in this outfit makes their cocks hard and they rush after you. You try to go back inside, but it’s too late. They have already grabbed you and started ripping your clothes off. 

You can’t fight back as they fuck you every which way. They stuff their cocks in your pussy and your ass, something you have not experienced before. Your new virginity does not matter to these men as they use you as a cock sleeve. One of the men starts playing with your tits, squeezing them and bouncing them up and down. No need for that as the men behind you are pounding you so hard your tits bounce on their own. Open wide! An army of big cocks are ready to force themselves down your tiny throat. 

Forced Sissy Training With A Goddess Will Show Your True Colors!

Forced Sissy Training

I love training my sissies and dressing them up in all sorts of sexy and slutty outfits. Making them wear slutty dresses and super slutty make-up and super high, high heels is only part of the joys of sissy training though. The rest is all about who we get to join in on our naughty fun together. I always have a ton of guy friends willing to break a new sissy in.

Or we could go to the club to break in the new sissy pussy. Knowing full well that your erect clit is only that, a clit not a cock. Maybe I’ll even put it in a little chastity cage so you won’t be able to touch it, just simply enjoy being fucked and squirt while that enormous cock pounds your pussy hard. Let me watch as it drips in excitement, and you get stuffed full of cocks.

I have both shemale friends and male friends who would both be open to popping your cherry my love. And you’ll love every fucking second of being used like the sex puppet you are. You’re my little sex doll that I get to make over and dress up then have fucked silly. I want you fucked so good that you call me for more, longing to be a better sissy than before.

My online sissy training will leave you drained and squirting like no tomorrow. So get in line and pick your favorite dress and we will have some naughty fucking fun.

Forced feminization for sissy whores

Forced feminization

Forced feminization is for sissy whores. You’ve never dressed up like a sissy whore before? Well, I’ll rebuild you from the concrete dust and up. I’m going to take away everything that you’ve ever stood for as a man. I undress you and force you onto the floor, my heels digging into your should blade. I’m your new phone dominatrix and whatever I say goes from now on. I’m going to force you into some extreme sissy girl training. I pull out my favorite pair of sexy lingerie see through, now sissy panties, and put them on you. I dress you up in a training bra, and some sexy 6-inch-high heels to go along with it. Those look so sexy on you! I force you to prance around in that sexy lingerie. I then put a frilly dress on you and tell you that you had better wear that outfit for my guests that are to arrive soon or else I will push you to the breaking point in this sissy humiliation training session. Sissy slave training is what I do best I tell you as I lay down a huge dildo on the bed, I inform you that my guests are coming equipped with strap ons and that we are all going to have so much fun with you. I hear the doorbell ring… Are you ready for what I have instore for you?

Sissy humiliation training Size Queen

Sissy humiliation training This sexy vixen delights in sissy humiliation training. You should all know by now that I’m a size queen mistress who keeps it as real as she can for you. It serves you no use for me to deceive you or make you feel better about your tragic disability. Besides, come to think of it, I’m the one who deserves pity. What am I expected to do with your tiny cock? Even the term “little” is praise. It’s more like to a guy clit. A disappearing micropenis. It’s pointless massaging or sucking it to get it hard since even hard, it’s a pitiful small pathetic pinky.

Sissy Humiliation Training for small dicks

If this big dick queen is going to devour a cock, it had better be a long, thick hunk of meat! Have you got it? No! I also don’t want to see you jerk your puny winky in front of me, foaming at the mouth and gyrating like you’re having a seizure. Disgusting!

Here’s what I do with guys with little dicks like yours. I dressed you in pink pantyhose and crotchless sissy panties with a little hole in the back for your male pussy. I tell all the Alpha males I know that I have a special sissy girl that needs her ass cherry popped for them to fuck. You should see all of them line up! They understand that if this huge dick lover is pimping out a sissy fag like you, you must be one of the worst losers. And they like assisting their favorite size queen and mistress phone sex in degrading and humiliating little dick sissies like you!

Just being honest! All sissy sluts and faggot prostitutes, unite! It’s time for you to come out of the closet, and I’m just the cunning whore who can bring you there. Nothing excites me more than preparing you to be the sissy girl of your fantasies. I also specialize in: spanking, pegging, sph, bisexuality, smoking, foot and shoe, and BBC, as well as chastity, bondage, humiliation, teasing, and denial! 

Adult Phone Chat Lines With Emerson Will Leave You Longing For More!

Adult Phone Chat Lines

 I love my silky panties the most. I love all my panties, but the silk ones are absolute tops. The way they rub and press against my tight wet cunt just makes me feel so much like a woman. They touch me like a man touches me and I love it. So gently and caress my every curve of my pussy.

Let me take these silk panties off then stuff them in your face for you to smell and taste. I know that’s what you crave, secretly. I know you get into my panties when I am away, I’ve seen the massive amounts of cum in them that you like to leave behind.

So come and let me train you into being my perfect little panty sissy. Simply grab your favorite pair or request the ones I’m currently wearing. I will gladly take them off for you to stroke that yummy fucking cock with. Just engulf your cock in their delicious and intoxicating fabric and me sweet scent.

Then put on this dress and be a good little slut for me. I want to take you outside and have you fucked by all of my male and shemale friends. I want them to fill your cunt with cum so that I can fuck you with my beefy fucking strap on then have you suck me off.

I want to rule your entire world and have you be my perfect little sissy for the day. Wont you play along and have some naughty fun with me?

Mistress Phone Sex Raine Brings The Pain!

Mistress Phone Sex

Mistress Phone Sex goddess Raine will own you today! You will be my sissy faggot cum dumpster whether you like it or not because I’m your Mistress and I demand absolute devotion! I know just what a disobedient little sex slave like you needs, the firm hand of a dominant goddess to put you in your place. Down on your knees little faggot! Don’t look up at me unless you’ve got two cocks in your mouth and one ramming that sissy pussy open. I will make you beg for cock as you get completely owned by my strong hard cocked friends who want to use you like a cock sleeve. I’ll stuff you to your limit and train you to take it like a good little cum dump. You will be a good little sissy faggot for me or you will feel my wrath of anal pain!

Sissy Humiliation Training for Faggot White Boys

Sissy humiliation training is exactly with a little pathetic shrimp dick panty wearing bitch boi like you deserves. Let your new Mistress train you to be a good little nigger cock worshipping sissy faggot white boy.

Understand your place first and foremost. That is before me, Your Mistress and on your knees in panties. My desire is to make you a good cock sucker and I have a nice big black strap-on cock to train you on. As it is I would be ashamed to have you fail at being a good cock sucker for one on my black studs. So get that suction cup BBC dildo and start sucking it bitch.

The moment you are ready and able to really get sloppy with this cock is when I will be ready to train you on taking it in that sweet pussy of yours.

Sissy humiliation training

Sissy phone sex confessions

Online sissy trainingWhen did you recognize it? Did you just realize this recently or had you known all along? Don’t pretend to be confused, you know exactly what I am talking about, don’t you? Don’t doubt yourself.. Yep, it’s the first thing that came to that slutty mind of yours. Maybe you are still having trouble accepting it.. You don’t like being called a faggot, in no way are you gay.. Right?

Even though you slip your penis into a pair of sissy panties nearly everyday.. Still nobody has a clue! Aren’t you so tired of hiding the truth? The first step is confessing.. Don’t worry I will clear that fog up for you. You come to me for acceptance.. You love the idea of a woman encouraging you to suck and slurp..

Sometimes you may even use the excuse you want me to enjoy myself, it’ll seem as if you are sacrificing me or your girlfriend to get our pussies stretched by a BBC.. Its safe to say, you only do that for your own personal pleasure.. You keep in mind when I orgasm all over his cock you can use the excuse of being a slave for me.. That’ll make it possible for you to clean his cock up of all my sweet juices.. Manipulation?Sissy slave training

In reality we both know, you want what’s inside his gusher.  You are hoping I get so aroused watching you drag your tongue up and down his cock that I enable you to bend over.. You want your man pussy to be loaded with the creamiest thickest cum load.. I guess that’s what I am here for… To be the one who tells you it’s okay that you are intensely attracted to big cocks.. Some men have big dicks and guys like you just have little ones!

It’s totally understandable, you want to find out what it feels like to have a real man’s dick in your hand ! Maybe even have a better understanding on why your “prude” girlfriend suddenly is a nymphomaniac when it comes to a big black dick.. its okay, want to see a magic trick? kneel down before me and watch my tight snatch swallow up an 11 inch dick.. Meanwhile, I want you down on your knees sucking my cunt juices off his balls and dragging your tongue up and down his cock as it slides in and out of me. It’s time for Online sissy training… WBMT offers the best Sissy slave training on the web!