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Sissy Panties

Sissy Panties

Domination is what I live for. It gives me such a thrill looking at the army of subservient sex slaves I have created. They are my own personal collection and they absolutely worship me. I am their Goddess and Commander. Anything I say they will do. Particularly, I am specialized in training sissies and they love the humiliation. I dress them up in pretty, lace sissy panties and laugh at their puny little cocks. It isn’t enough to satisfy a woman and they know it. They come to me for validation. During my last training session, I had a sissy boy practice fucking one of my other pets. Mistress Genesis is definitely a voyeur and I love having my slaves perform for me. When you’re ready to give yourself over to your Mistress, let me know. I am always eager for new slaves to join my army.

He doesn’t need A Magnum Condom

Humiliation phone sex

He’s not  even worthy of my attention. Do you know why I enjoy humiliation phone sex so much. Becasue men think they can try to fuck me woth a tiny dick. My last date was paying for dinner and a magnum condom fell out of his back pocket. I began laughing so hard right in the restaurant. He said to hush what was wrong with such a cherry red face. I know men with big dicks and this aint one!  When we got to the car I told him! “Your going to be a  little sissy slut in lipstick and high heels and suntan sheer to the waist pantyhose with no panties- in order for Everyone to clearly see how hard and wet she gets wearing pantyhose that constrain her dripping cock while continually teasing her sensitive member for viewing and denying her total release!

I know men who think they can fool a bitch like me, 

You are just submissive sissy and crave to be verbally degraded by a woman who is drawn to crossdressing sissy males and simultaneously turned on sexually by the way faggot cocksucker curious girls like you obey and beg for opportunities to please others while being teased and denied by Femdom Superiors who truly enjoy edging and edging slutty crossdressing bitches like you!

You need forced feminization in the worst way!

Sissy Humiliation Training

Sissy humiliation training is my calling. I’ve grown accustomed to dominating men. Particularly, the needle dick “men” who are unable to satisfy a woman.I have always been hungry for control and domination. I have trained a small army of sexual slaves who have a sole purpose of pleasing their Mistress. I like to dress them up in little dresses or a tight pencil skirt. Add in a pair of tiny little panties to humiliate them. I like to show them who’s really in charge. Making sissies worship me is so fucking easy but I still get a thrill from it. First I make them lick the arches of my feet and order them to their knees. Then, I attach a collar around their neck and walk them around on a leash. I train them how to suck cock like the pathetic sissies that they are. If I decide that you are worthy, you may be allowed to join my sissy army. Sissy Humiliation Training

Forced Feminization of my Own Brother

forced sissy training

My brothers an ass, a complete dick head! He is so masculine that the thought of Forced Feminization makes me giddy inside. I have been taunting him just by wearing my t-shirt and panties around the house. And when he says something about it, I ask if it’s me and my body, or the thought of panties that makes him have a hard dick!

 Of course he gets pissed off and more and more of my dirty panties go missing. I decided to solve that the other night though. I brought home a big bottle of Jack Daniels Honey and an ounce of some fire Weed. OG Kush! I know that makes me incurably horny and my brother couldn’t turn down a night of getting drunk and high with his hot sister! 


As he was feeling super good, I sat on his lap and slid my skirt up showing off my new Gucci panties, one of my sugar daddies had bought me. The way my brother fingered the trim and stitches of these panties and didn’t go for my cunt told me everything I needed to know! He was the kind of man who needed to be dressed up in pantyhose and stilettos more than anything else!

It would be up to me and my girlfriends to completely bring my brother into the world of sissy femboy training, and more!

Adult Phone Chat Lines

Adult Phone Chat Lines

Adult phone chat lines are an excellent way to get out all of your sissy boy frustrations. Mistress Genesis knows how much you enjoy being told what to do. You need commands and discipline. Be a good boy for me and put on a pair of those satin panties I bought for you. I love to see you dress up for me and prance around like a good sissy boy needing domination. I’ve always been a woman that lives for control and you need a firm hand. Be an obedient boy for Mistress Genesis and dress up the way that I want you to. We will begin your training with a few spankings for not listening to me. I want you to bend over the sofa and take your whippings for me. Humiliation is the only proper way to train you. I will laugh while you pull out your puny, pencil-sized cock. You think you’re enough to please a woman? Think again, Sissy. You’ll need a few more training sessions.

Sissy Slut Pride


Sissy Training

Sissy Slut Training gives me such joy, it is my true calling in this world! When I see a sissy little faggot taking cock like a pro I know I have done my job right. All different kinds of guys love to call me and tell me their deepest darkest desires of a taking cock in the ass, It gets me so hot I can barely manage the call without grabbing a dildo and fucking myself right along with my sluts. Many guys call me to talk about how they would love to share a big fat BBC or a long white cock with their current girlfriends! If those girls would only share the cock with their men they would be so amazed at having a sissy slut serve them!

Tiffany Jane Loves Online sissy training

online sissy trainingOnline Sissy training is very fun for me! Tiffany Jane is a wonderful older tranny sissy who loves bbc and having clothing assignments. I love picking out her clothes for the week with the nice spread sheet of hers! We even go shopping online and talk about the men she has had in the past. Our BBC stories and clothing scandals are the best. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a sissy understand how much work it takes to be a woman in this men dominated world. A satisfied woman at that! I love how we talk about our toys that get us off and slip into a nice hypno session once and a while. I understand how a long term sissy would love the fantasy of not being able to control herself around Big black cock. Once you immerse yourself in the sissy world the possibilities of a sissy trainer and you all cum to the light. Or dark if your talking BBC!

Best Sissy Trainer

Best Sissy Trainer

Welcome to your sexual training session, sissy. My name is Dominatrix Genesis and I am the best sissy trainer here to educate you in the art of sexual satisfaction. Everybody knows you’re just a puny, little limpdick excuse for a man. You have no idea what it takes to truly please a woman. For a small price – I will guide you towards a new world of pleasure and fucking like you have never experienced before. My assistant’s name is Lyla and she is going to help me since you require an eager, wet pussy to experiment on. Lyla is my submissive, young cumslut that does whatever I command. I’m going to train you how to fuck Lyla like the obedient sissy boy you are. You will follow my orders and I will have you fucking like a stallion in no time. First, we’ll make sure her tight, young cunt is wet enough for your insignificant cock to enter. I will be watching and guiding the entire time as you tease and fuck her cunt. Once I deem that you are even worth further training, we will continue.

Your Sassy and Sexy Phone dominatrix

phone dominatrix

My very own brother needs a phone dominatrix to get through his work day. And who do you think he calls? Me, his little sister who loves teasing him about wearing panties under his dress slacks while he wheels and deals. He says it makes him feel sexy and confident. Who am I to judge? I know what he does when he gets off work, he heads down to The chain Saw repair shop, A gay bar where he can whore his self out to men with the biggest dicks. I get the pictures of his outfit and the cocks he gets to suck. Tonight I saw my very own brother in wedding lingerie with his ass up and his little dick and balls bouncing as he took a mammoth cock in his sissy hole. I thought he was texting me from somewhere else, not in our parents bed! Thank god they are in Cancun! They would be shocked at the scene in their bed, good thing I took pictures so I can black mail my sissy panties wearing whore of a brother!

Sissy humiliation training with Miss Remi

sissy humiliation training

I had some kinky fun last night with a BBC loving whore. He’s my new neighbor and I invited him over to hang out with me and a few friends. As soon as I met him, I could tell how bad that little slut wanted to be dressed up and forced to take fat, hard cocks. All that cum thirsty bitch needed was some hot, sissy humiliation training from an encouraging Mistress. I embarrassed him when I asked him, in front of everyone, why he was staring at all of the guy’s dicks. My friends and I teased him and laughed at him while he turned red and tried to hide his face. I was getting turned on by this and I wanted to really embarrass him. I took him to my room and told him that we were going to play dress up. I knew he was too shy and embarrassed to say no. Plus I could see his tiny, sad dick sticking straight out. I opened my dresser drawers and started pulling out sexy lingerie. I put my new sissy, bitch neighbor in the cutest pink, satin panties with tiny bows on the sides. I made him pucker up those cock sucking lips so I could add some sparkly lip gloss. Parading my dressed up sissy whore into the room and showing him off to everyone made my cunnie so wet! The guys thought he was really cute. Cute enough to bend him over, rip those panties off and force fuck him, one by one. I’m getting turned on again, thinking of how cute he looked, with his face smeared with pink, sparkly lip gloss and cum.