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Summer Camp Sissy Training

Last summer I was a camp counselor and I enjoyed being the bossy bitch I am and keeping these little sluts in check gets my cunt wet. On the boy’s side of the camp, I noticed there was a really prissy boy slut.  I was hearing how he was watching the other boys in the shower. I decided I would break him in. I left a note on his bed with no name to meet me in the backwoods.

Sissy girl training

When he got there, I popped out. He thought he was in trouble, and I ran with it. I told him that he would be kicked out if he didn’t do some training with me. I made him undress and bent over, grabbing his head and shoving it in between my ass cheeks. I told him to lick my ass and show me how his tongue works. Then I tied him up to the tree. We spoke about how he loves looking at cock and how he was going to get some sissy training from me for the rest of the summer. I pulled my big dildo out strap-on out and shoved it down his mouth. I made him suck it like he was going to milk it. After I put it on, I got behind him and shoved it up his sissy pussy. He moaned out and I had his little cock clitty leaking cum down his legs. I fucked him over and over against that tree calling him a little bitch slut until sun came up. That was a good way to start our sissy girl training.

It’s goddess to you!

Best sissy trainerIt’s goddess to you, you stupid little sissy slut! Why do I even have to correct you at this point?! You say you want to be my sissy pet but have shown you are not even worthy of my time! Why do you have to be told to suck the beta’s massive cock? You should be eager to get the chance to wrap your warm wet sissy mouth around his beautiful veiny rock-hard cock!  You are lucky to even be in our presence! You know you don’t even deserve that! You are scum sissy! The only thing you are good for is to be fucked and for you to suck, and you can’t even do that right?! Crawl over to me like the fucking filthy sissy slut you are! Don’t you dare look at me! You look at the ground sissy! That same ground that you should be worshiping because I walk upon it sissy! Now I’m going to sit up my throne which is your dirty little sissy face, and you are going to eat my ass! Clean this goddess’ fucking fat ass femboy! No, I don’t care that you can’t breathe! What does that have to do with me?! You better fucking figure it out sissy before I suffocate you with my dirty ass! Now lift your legs and take this huge cock deep inside your sissy hole! I would say don’t make a sound, but your face is a little preoccupied being my seat! Its ok sissy by the end of this training session you will be thanking me and kissing my fucking feet!

Humiliated by Jackie

sissy humiliation training

Not all sissies love being humiliated at first. It’s an acquired taste for some. But by the time I’m done with your sissy humiliation training, you will love it and your little clitty will get SO excited when I’m telling you what a dumb slut you are. And when I tell you how the likes of you would never be good enough to fuck me and you should just go ahead and commit to the sissy life? Well, that will just send you over the edge and you will be my little sissy slave forever. There are worse things to be, don’t you think?

You know, like the ugly man you have always been. You probably should never have even called yourself a man. It’s not like you were ever able to make a woman happy between the sheets. But you know who you CAN make happy? Me by sucking every single cock I put in front of you. And by taking every cock in your pussy that I command you to. You’re going to be a very well fucked sissy, but don’t you worry. The humiliation is always going to be there and you’ll love every fucking minute of it.


Small Dick is a Deal Breaker

sissy humiliation training

It really is a shame that you have such a small cock. You’re not half bad looking but that lil dick is a deal breaker.  What superior sexy woman do you know that’ll settle for a tiny little cock like that? You’re so fucking pathetic the only way that I would even consider speaking to you is if you paid me for it. And honestly, the conversation better be short because I don’t like to waste too much of my time on lil dick pansies. My clit is bigger than that teeny tater tot in your panties and your nuts look like two sad ass seedless grapes. LOL. Let’s just get that embarrassment of a dick locked away in Chastity so you can concentrate on worshiping my ass and twat. I don’t need your little cunt to start squirting while I grind my ass crack up and down your face. Nose dive in my perfect booty while you tongue fuck my pussy hole. I’m gonna make your ass work since you can’t make me cum any other way! When mistress begins to squirt, I’ll squat over your baby dick in a cage and let my wetness soak you. Once I’m done using you as my slutty toilet paper and cleaning my pissy cunt with your mouth,  you can use that juice to finish yourself off. You better make sure you eat up every last bit of cum after you’re done. You know I don’t like a mess!

Sissy Loves Humiliation

humiliation phone sex

I caught you playing with that tiny little wiener when you thought nobody was looking. Look how fucking pathetic that 2-inch cock is! Giggles. Frankly, looks like a pinky in your panties. You know mistress needs a big, long, veiny black cock to fill her up and that puny shit just won’t do! When I look at your phone, I see a photo of me. OMG. You were rubbing your clitty to my sex photos. You little dick loser! I slap your face and force you on your hands and knees like the sissy bitch that you are. I take my perfectly pedicured toes and pinch your sausage with my them as I squash those little grapes you’re smuggling in your panties. The more pressure I put on your little cock the more bitch cream oozes out of it. You can’t get enough of this humiliating phone sex, can you? You need a mistress to remind you of how much of a little sissy slut you are! Your little whimpers are music to my ears!

Straight Guys Fucking Straight Cock

Domination phone sex


The ultimate domination phone sex to me is when I help a hetero guy or two find their inner sissy.  There’s nothing more thrilling than making men who claim to not have a gay bone in their body take a surefire shaft right up the pooper.  You might say you only like to eat pussy, but after a raunchy round of MMF fucking with me, you’ll be sucking more cock than a Vegas street whore, guaranteed!  And you know Mistress K only guarantees that which she can deliver.

It’s pretty easy, I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to give a straight guy a gay frame of mind.  I’ll save you the logistics, there was quite a bit of research involved, but the simplified explanation is I just reassure them that pleasure is pleasure no matter the source.  Tell a dude that only other dudes really know what cocks like and their interest is definitely piqued, but deny them access to every inch of my body until they start exploring each other’s first and they’ll end up taking any dick I tell them to.

Yeah, it sounds simple, but there’s a lot of mental manipulation that goes on to even get two straight men naked in the same room.  They have a ton of weird hang ups.  But once I get the guy on guy action started, they never want to stop.  If I’m sitting on his face, he better not fucking stop until I tell him to, anyway!


Fuck My Pussy, Sissy


adult phone chat lines

Every caller that rings the adult phone chat line knows that Mistress doesn’t play that disobedient shit! One wrong move and I will smother you with this chocolate snatch while your little clitty jiggles with excitement. I know how much you love being slapped in the face with my ebony pussy so I’m going to grind on your face until you drown in my juices. Good sissy. Clean up this slutty mess as it drips down your chin. Your punk ass is always begging to fuck Mistress and I bet you wish your cock were big enough to fill it, don’t you? Goddess Heaven needs a big thick black cock to full her up! I hope you didnt see the title and think i was going to let you put that little dick inside my heavenly hole. Fuck no! I shove a double-ended dildo in your mouth and demand that you fuck my pussy while you gag on it! Coat this big cock with my pussy juice so it’s nice and wet before I slide your sissy panties to the side and shove it in you! My pussy juice makes the perfect lube and you’re such a slutty sissy that you take all 15 inches inside of you. You better not cum either. I want to take my time fucking ‘all your slut holes!

Sissy Humiliation At Its Finest

Sissy humiliation training


Who do you trust with your sissy humiliation training?  A newly minted mistress with one or two haggard old femi-men in her line up?  Some horny housewife with a score to settle with her cock loving little boy?  Give me a break.  Do you want to be a real sissy slut or not?  If so, you don’t fucking go to naive nipple twister or a put upon homebody…  Do you really think that June goddamned Cleaver can take you to the level of sissification that you crave?  If so, you’re as dumb as you fucking look, Jack.  Mistress K is the ONLY pretty little slave slut trainer around who knows how to properly degrade and debase a dirty dicked femboy faggot like you. 

How did your old dominatrix do it?  Dress you up in frilly little panties and make you prance around, maybe clean her house in a hot maid uniform?  Bitch, you don’t deserve those pretty panties and you damn sure haven’t even begun to work your way towards being a cock craving man-maid!  Who do you think you are?  You think that just because you call yourself a sissy it means that you can just skip all of the required training and jump right into being a hot boy whore with the tiniest little clitty around?  You really are a fucking dipshit and it seems to me that you need to be taught a lesson in respect.

Shut your fucking mouth and take off all of those horrible clothes.  You look like you shop at flea market bargain bins, is that a fucking “Esprit” shirt?  Was the Goodwill having a giveaway for dumb cunts, or something?  Don’t talk, just strip, fagboy!  Ever hear of a rhetorical fucking question?  You really are the dumbest sissy bitch around, aren’t you?

Ugh, I almost want to make you put your clothes back on, you look like a full on retard.  No, don’t pick them back up!  What’s you’re fucking problem, whore?!  I’m burning those rags, you just take a seat on the floor, pick up that magic marker and start writing on yourself.  I know you don’t know what to write, you’re a dumb fucking whore!  I’ll tell you what needs to be scribbled on your skin, moron, do you think I’m going to let you humiliate yourself?  Your parents must’ve hated having to raise such a pathetic piece of shit like you, I bet they’ve been disappointed in you since the day you were born.  Do you think you can even spell correctly?  I’m not here to fucking teach you how to spell words, but if anything I tell you to write is misspelled or written backwards, I’m really going to let you have it, bitchface.  You better get it right or this is going to be a long and painful process for a stupid slut slave such as yourself.  Now pick up the fucking marker!  Why did I have to tell you twice, cunt?!

I’ll start off easy for you since I’m sure you’re going to fuck this up.  Draw a few concentric circles… what do you mean “What’s concentric?”  Oh.  My.  God.  I have to teach you the fucking meaning of words?!  Like a dartboard, moron, you’re making a cum target on your belly button.  When you’re done with the circles, label it real big on top so everyone knows where to blow their load.  Oh, fuck me!  Did you really just write out a backwards “G” just after I told you to be sure to spell that shit right?  That’s it, I’m getting my cattle prod.  You’re going to listen to me, whore boy, one way or another.


Humiliation Phone Sex for Sissy Hoes!

Humilation phone sex


Look how good this big black cock looks gliding in and out of my twat! Don’t you wish your dick could fill my superior twat up like this? Your little white dick could never make me moan like this, sissy. The only thing your punk ass can do is hold my man’s throbbing black peen while I suck on the fat mushroom tip. I’m drinking down his yummy precum while your rub your little thumb across the sad little vienna sausage in your panties. It looks like you’re fingering a clit down there! Since you’re so helpful, I’ll let your pathetic drink the spit that trickles down his shaft and onto his balls. Make sure big daddy’s swollen nuts can feel your red lips smearing across his ball sack! While you’re sucking his big chestnuts, I’m easing my coochie down his pole and filling up my twat. I want to feel your nose bumping up against my asshole as take a ride on his disco stick! You should be embarrassed at how pathetic you look lapping away at the drippings from my pussy. You make humiliation phone sex easy!

My Sissies Need BBC

BBC sissy trainer


If you’re looking for a BBC sissy trainer with access to the thickest, fattest jet black fuck sticks around, then you’ve come to the right place.  Mistress K has every big black cock in town ready and waiting to break you and your slutty sissified ass.  They’re going to ream you out like they have a score to settle with your girly ass cheeks, guaranteed!

I know because I took on every last one of those colossal anacondas a few times over.  Gotta pay the price if you want to hire the proper players, and these ebony gods are exactly what I wanted.  Chiseled muscles, cold attitude and each one with a bone bigger than my forearm.  When I see perfection, I go for it and those onyx dongs are absolutely perfect for nailing and submitting all of my girly little cakeboys just like they did to me.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Don’t worry, when you’re done you’ll get permission to have a black spade with a big Q in the middle tattooed on your ass as a badge of honor, just like all of my other BBC loving queenies.  Then you can show everyone that you’re a black guy banging he-bitch with pride!  Can you think of any better way to advertise to all of the buff black dudes around that you’re down to be taken to pound town?

My sissies need to take BBC and tons of it.  Not just for my entertainment, it makes them better little fairies.  You should see how they prance around after taking a mandingo load or two right up the poop chute.  Better yet, you should take a juicy load of your own and prance around with them.