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Taking My Sissy Slut On A Walk

Sissy slave training

I took my sissy slut for a walk like my little puppy hoe she is. I dressed her up in a tight short pussy pink dress with pink stocking and a pink collar and leash. I made her walk on her hands and knees and of course she had no panties on. You could see the butt plug I had shoved up that man pussy of hers and how red her round ass was from the Spankings she got. My sissy slut knows I can do whatever I want to her. So, I made her play fetch with a big 10-inch black dildo I had brought with me. When she brought it back, I shoved it down her throat making her gag and her little clitty hard. When I saw it was hard, I pulled the butt plug out and started fucking her with the dildo right there in the park where everyone can see how much of a sissy slut she is. When everyone was looking, I kept going and didn’t stop until my sissy slut was begging for me to let her little clitty cum. I finally started pulling and tugging it and allowed her to cum all over my hand. After that she lapped my hand and made sure it was nice and clean. 

Sensual sissy hypno training

sissy hypno trainingI love making a man my cuckold and bitch during sissy hypno training. See, there is a fine art to losing oneself under the hands of a woman who only wishes to see you enslave yourself. Soft, sweet and sensual seduction under my voice and hypno suggestion. As I go through making you into a panty wearing cock seeking sissy missile! All’s fun is a sissy world with me baby! There has never been a more perfect time to let yourself fall in the black hole of sissy love. I have all you need to create the perfect sissy-verse. Skills in helping pick out clothing, make-up tutorials, and cock sucking teaching. I need you to be my bitch. Under my hands you will know when a man has a big cock and be able to deliver him to your wife/mistress and watch as she gets the deep womb excavating that she has always needed. A little forced sissy training is all you need to get a jumpstart on living the true sissy life.
I understand what you need, I really do, I’m including a picture of my latest BULL so you can see what a man looks like and then you decide if you can hold a handle to a real man’s cock. If not your doomed to sissy life!forced sissy training

Do You Belong in Sissy Panties?

sissy pantiesDo you belong in sissy panties? I am going to ask you a couple questions. Do you have a small dick? I am talking shrimp dick more like the size of a pinky. What sissy trainers like me call a clit stick. If you measure under 4 inches you need panties. You will be lost in boxer shorts or even boxer briefs. The second question is do you think of cock? I mean sucking cock or even getting it in your back door? Even if just a fleeting thought when high or drunk, you are likely a cock sucking wannabe faggot. That means you are not a man. Not in the traditional sense at least. If you think of cock like in servicing men, you might be a sissy. You just need some sissy training to see your true potential. I love sissies. I have made a career out of being a sissy trainer too. A very profitable career. I even train my twin boys. They are not manly men. Not only do they have small clit sticks, they also love to dress. It began with them raiding my closest. They would wear my panties. Then they would try on bras and garter belts. I would catch them in my makeup. Eventually, I put them in wigs and gave them the full femboy treatment. That includes cock training too. Now, they live their lives as fem gurls. They go to an arts school, so they fit in better. They can suck cock almost as good as me because I trained them. No one is as good as me, however. My middle name is Hoover, LOL. If I can train my boys to be perfect cock sucking sissies, imagine what I can do with you? Online sissy training needs to be on your list for 2022. This is the year to be a cock sucking sissy faggot.

Cheating women / Taboo phone chat

Let’s have a taboo phone chat about cheating women. Something that you can barely confess to yourself has your panties in a bunch. It goes a sexy little something like this.
taboo phone chat
You start kissing down her body, You tickle her navel with your tongue. Down more you go, thinking to yourself that she smells extra heavenly tonight. You must really have turned her on tonight. You notice a bruise on her hip, and as your tongue flicks her soft pubic hair you catch a small taste of something. You know her taste, you have been here every day for a year, kissing, sucking and getting her off. You know already that you must eat her, you love it, but there are other reasons. Her pussy must be plump to barely enjoy you rutting for 15 minutes on top of her. You have to have her sedated with pleasure to let you inside her. Don’t mind me darling, just speaking your truth. Let’s go on down deeper into that pussy you were enjoying. She tastes different, she smells musty and there are bruises where a mans thumbs would be if he was fucking her doggy style. She never lets you fuck her doggy style, though you both know you could get a better nut that way. Maybe even be a little less embarrassed of how much you’re trying to get off inside her.
Why don’t you stop and ask your woman if she fucked around on you?
Because your so fucking turned on right now. Your dick is hard as you smash your face into her cunt and eat her so deep and wild she is a wild cat under you. As she cries out again and again, you tell her how good she tastes. She gets off on you eating about another man’s cum. She knows you know! You know she knows you know! But you can’t admit it. The best sissy trainer knows that this is how it all starts sometimes. A man eating out his woman with the satin of another’s semen, begins a spiral of sissydom few talk about! I do, and I understand every stage of cuckolding and sissy life. You could say it’s a passion of mine!

Mistress Phone Sex For Training Sissy Fags

Training sissy fags is my favorite pass time. I am a Mistress phone sex mommy and I enjoy the sissy girls I train. Many come to me timid and just wearing panties. I am happy to help you realize your inner sissy. Or if you really just like wearing your mommy’s panties and bra while sucking cock that is fine as well.

My style of training is catered individually to ensure your needs and limits are met in a comfortable way. I will only push the envelope when that is your sole desire. You may not be interested in sucking dick,, maybe you just want a sensual mommy that will be nurturing of your secret needs for prostate milking, pegging and dressed like a sexy slut. This is all fantasy and pleasure.

Mistress Phone Sex

The Gift That Keeps Giving!

Sissy Phone Sex

I can’t wait to spoil my sissy sluts over the holidays! All my little sissies are clamoring to book long shopping sessions and sissy training calls with their favorite sissy trainer Mistress Raine. We talk for hours about clothes, shoes, styling and gifts! My sissies are all in perfect condition to suck and fuck and ring in the new year riding a cock! It makes my heart so warm to help my bimbos to make a great impression on the holidays, I know how important it is for my sluts to spoil themselves and their favorite people! Give yourself the gift of an hour with the best sissy trainer around! Quality time with Mistress Raine is the gift that keeps on giving through the holidays!

Punishing My Sissy Cum Slave

Sissy pantiesMy sissy slut Cassidy pissed me off the other day. She disobeyed her mistress and removed her plug before I gave her permission. To make matters worse she didn’t even use her mouth to clean it like I like all my sissies to do. She was nervous her wife might find out about it. Just for that I locked her little clitty up in an extra small cock cage and made her wear her pink frilly sissy panties home to her wife. I also put my inflatable ass spreader in her and filled it all the way up. For good measure, I made her suck on a cum ice cube on the way home too. I want her breath to smell of fresh cum when she goes home to kiss her wife.  I hate it when I have to punish my cum sluts but this mistress doesn’t take kindly to disobedience. This little sissy will learn to understand that her wife is not the one she needs to be afraid of. 


Sissy training involves me

Sissy training

You know sissy training is my jam, and I love it so much because I can put whatever kind of twist on it I desire. I’m the girl you want to learn from and to be honest I have quite the lessons to show you. Im going, to be honest. Porn is a godsend. It will show you what men love more than anything, and in my eyes, that’s pussies and boobs. Naturally, you don’t have a pussy, but you have an ass pussy, and that will do. Im going to enhance your fake boobies and help you dress to impress. iM GOing to make all the straight men give you a shot. Im a pro like that, and you will see plenty of cock for your sissy holes.

Taboo Phone Chat Gets Dark For Bad Sissies!

Taboo Phone Chat

All sissies get to endure my taboo phone chat role play when they misbehave and my dark side comes crawling out of the depths. I will bend them over a breeding bench, and have a huge fourteen inch fuck machine come in to act out my rape fantasies on their little assholes. Meanwhile, they’re being force fed hot cum straight from my Cum Cow farm, and I’m torturing their poor little clitty. Consider it your second circumcision but this time, it’s going to fucking hurt a lot worse. Let’s shave off that last inch or two, and leave you with a flat little piss hole! Go on, get the grinder so I can end what’s left of your “boyhood” before we forget you ever had balls for good. Oh your balls! Yes, those come away next. Let me get my sewing scissors.

Zoeys Sissy humiliation training

sissy humiliation trainingSissy humiliation training for sissy slaves who don’t know they are faggots! Maybe that’s a little harsh to say but it’s true. There are men out there with little dicks who occasionally likes to wear panties who don’t realize what a fagot they are. You’re not a gay man, in fact you are a straight man who loves to have cock in his throat and ass pussy. I’m not want to judge, in fact I take great pride in humiliating you for your small dick and your feminine ways. I don’t know how you feel anybody I can see straight through you you might as well go out there and just prostitute yourself on the corner. It is the holiday season. You would look so sexy dressed up as a little elf with some panties underneath. Go out and get you some dick baby that’s what you really want you want to submit to dick because a beautiful woman told you to. How many humiliate you I want to bring you to your fucking knee to shove your mouth so full of cock you won’t be able to breathe. And then I want to get in your mind and make you the most cream filled little sissy whore ever! I don’t want you to ever have pussy again, I only want you to think about hot creamy loads of cum. You’re no longer a man you are now a fagot wearing sissy panties under Zoey’s control.