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Sissy Humiliation Training Isn’t Babysitting!

Sissy humiliation training


Do you faggots really expect me take your sissy humiliation training seriously if you’re wearing a fucking diaper?!  I’m a hardcore, no nonsense sissy slut trainer, not a fucking daycare provider!  I’m here to turn you into the best femboy cock pleaser you can possibly be and that’s it.  I’m not your stupid babysitter and I’m sure as fuck not your mommy!

If you want someone to wipe and powder your ass then you need to go somewhere else.  I don’t do diapers, that’s part of the reason I never wanted to have crotch goblins of my own.  I’m not cleaning up anybody’s shit!  I’m sure that the ammoniatic aroma of your hot piss that soaked into your Pampers alone would make me gag and toss my cookies everywhere and, I promise you, if you make me puke, I’m going to do it right in your hands then make you clap them right in front of your face.  You’re lucky if I don’t wrap that dirty diaper around your stupid fag face and make you sit there with it.  Dirty mother fuckers!

Plus, I don’t do babytalk, Pal!  You can take your “wittle cwitty” and cage it up yourself for all I care.  I’m not your big, your not my little and I’m not going to “wead you a booky” so you can go “nigh nigh” or whatever the fuck!  You walking cum dumpsters have been coddled and caressed by your caretakers for too long.  I’m going to yell at you, humiliate you and talk to you like the undeserving gutter slut you are.  The only binky you’ll get from me is a giant BBC plunged deep into your whore throat to shut you the fuck up!  What do you think of that, ass fuck?!

You want to play around like some pathetic, unevolved youngster then you can do it on your own time.  I’m here to sissify you, not babysit you.  Don’t show up to my place with a diaper bag full of toys and tushy cream unless you plan on all of them going directly up your ass.  I’m not kidding.  If you even mention diaper changes on the phone with me, I’ll make you wish you never had the balls to call my Sissy Slutline® for sissy humiliation training in the first place.


Forced Sissy Training for BBC

I’m a very dominant sissy Mistress that works with humiliation. With Forced sissy training and putting cock sucking panty wearing closeted faggots in their place. Best ones are the married ones with a wife that cuckolds them. I love a good powerful woman that knows how to treat her pets. Men are pets, period. Well, most anyway. I mean I am weak for that big throbbing black, tan and a few white cocks that are monstrous. Hahah. Yes a size queen like me loves to dominate and torment little men.

You understand that you are pathetic when you call me. Your wife may have even directed you to call me. This is because you are nothing more than a little cucked married bitch boi and now it’s time for you be become trained properly.

Forced Sissy trainer

Forced feminization

Best sissy trainer

My bimbo whore of a sissy loves getting fucked by daddies big black cock. She always shows daddy how much of a naughty little whore she is. Last night daddy was watching the game with his best friend and that filthy whore of a bimbo just couldn’t keep her clit in her pants. She came downstairs in net stockings and a pair of high heel platform mules and began begging daddy to suck his dick. Daddy force fed that bitch his cock! He had me tease her by riding his juicy big black dick while she was left to feed off of his pussy juice covered balls. His friend rammed that bimbo whore from behind and shot a thick load of creamy cum inside of her tight little pussy! We make the perfect slutty duo! I sucked all of his cum out of her pussy while daddy pissed in her mouth! He made her gargle his piss… Her beautiful blonde hair was covered in cum when we were through having our polygamous orgy! Daddy loves sharing his whores with other men!

Online sissy training

Suck the Cream out of my Cock

MIstress phone sex Sky


                I know my 9 inch pink strap on has always been your favorite so get on your knees sissy and open up! Oh I just love gripping the mouth open wide while I stroke this cock deep in your throat, gliding my hands on the back of your head. Now spit it out and bend over so I can glide that dress up on your back you beautiful sissy. Mmm, you are going to take this big 8 inch cock until your nice and stretched out for the double dildo baby. You are one of the best I have trained and I am so proud of wet you make my cunt. You eat me so deeply soaking me for the other dicks in the room to penetrate me as you gobble their balls. I need to take you shopping for more makeup since you have been so obedient. Make you look like a good young girl while you fuck me with that bit of cock you hold onto. I know you love wearing my panties sweetie- it is the sexiest thing I caught you doing this week up until now.

It’s goddess to you!

Best sissy trainerIt’s goddess to you, you stupid little sissy slut! Why do I even have to correct you at this point?! You say you want to be my sissy pet but have shown you are not even worthy of my time! Why do you have to be told to suck the beta’s massive cock? You should be eager to get the chance to wrap your warm wet sissy mouth around his beautiful veiny rock-hard cock!  You are lucky to even be in our presence! You know you don’t even deserve that! You are scum sissy! The only thing you are good for is to be fucked and for you to suck, and you can’t even do that right?! Crawl over to me like the fucking filthy sissy slut you are! Don’t you dare look at me! You look at the ground sissy! That same ground that you should be worshiping because I walk upon it sissy! Now I’m going to sit up my throne which is your dirty little sissy face, and you are going to eat my ass! Clean this goddess’ fucking fat ass femboy! No, I don’t care that you can’t breathe! What does that have to do with me?! You better fucking figure it out sissy before I suffocate you with my dirty ass! Now lift your legs and take this huge cock deep inside your sissy hole! I would say don’t make a sound, but your face is a little preoccupied being my seat! Its ok sissy by the end of this training session you will be thanking me and kissing my fucking feet!

I Love Femboy Training

femboy trainingI love femboy training. My daughter has a friend who when he turned 18 got a boob job. In high school he was like my sissy twins. He was a crossdresser and wanted cock. Lots of cock. I helped feminize Nathan when he was a schoolboy. I am good with hair and makeup, and wardrobe of course. I knew what Nathan was and I excepted him. I pretty much raised him when his folks kicked him out. I never will understand parents who do not accept their offspring for who they are. Everyone is welcome in my home. Nathan goes by Natalie now and she is just the cutest little T-girl. She has bigger boobs than my daughter. She has a good job. A good place to live. She is thriving despite being cut off from her family. My daughter, Natalie and I went to Pride Festival this morning before the heat became oppressive. We were all decked out in rainbows. I gave out free mom hugs. My little T-girl surrogate daughter was the belle of the pride festival. She picked up a straight black man who had no clue. All dolled up Natalie is as hot as my daughter. She has a beautiful little clit stick too. I suggested they come back to my place. My daughter and Natalie love big black cocks. They both have Queen of Spades tattoos. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I love black cock too. I was hoping Natalie my little fem queen would share. This dude thought he was going home with three hot chicks. He was but one of us had a tiny panty surprise. I do not even think this stud realized he was fucking a T-girl. That is how pretty Natalie is. And when I say she has a tiny clitty, I mean it is tiny. Like 3-inches hard max. If this guy knew, he never let on. He fucked Natalie’s tight little backdoor pussy, and me and my daughters’ cunts. He had enough to go around. He was not stingy with his bbc either. He pumped us all full of cum. Even the best sissy trainer needs some cock occasionally. Just never thought a little femgirl would be my wingman.

bbc sissy trainer

Panties Off Sissy!

Sissy Panties Sky

I picked out some bright pink panties for you to try on today my little sissy boy! I want to watch you dress up and tease the men I bring in for us to play with today! I need you to get my cunt all wet and ready for these cocks but most importantly yours. You are my little bitch and you do as I tell you- I try not to hypnotize you since you’re my favorite; but when you don’t obey I must. I buy you all these skits, heels and lipstick- I make you look like a beautiful fucktoy every day! I want to get your breasts done but I need you to bend over for a few more Big Black Cocks. I love the way you strut around after I dolled you up-look at how hard you make my men! Let me suck their cocks with you so you know how to do it right next time. Makes sure you get their balls too and rub into their assholes-tease them. I need them eager to fuck my cunt like rabbits so I can squirt all over them and have you suck their cum out once we are done!

Don’t make me mad!

Sissy trainingAnd you think you should be my sissy pet, when you act like you can’t even suck a dick? Come on sissy pet you know what you are doing! You know how to take a cock like the little slut you are! Force it down your throat! You better not gag like a little bitch! Don’t make me mad! I do not want to have to hold your hand and walk your through! I’m so fucking sick of you! Suck it right before you embarrassed me! That’s right take that big rock-hard cock down your throat and lick the balls while you chock on it! That’s all you are good for to be fucked by the alpha dick baby! You know you are just a little fuck toy who deserves to be fucked and used so let him use you sissy pet! Now that his cock is nice and wet you better spread those fat ass cheeks and let him take you! That’s his ass, and you are his cum dumpster! Take every inch sissy, and when you think you can’t take anymore, well you better think again! Take it all like the good little whore you are!  Let him stretch out your little boy pussy and use you like you were meant to be used! Let him fuck your boy pussy and fill you up with every drop! And if you are a good boy I may let you cum! But don’t count on it! I like to see you craving release but never letting you do so! I mean after all you didn’t earn it sissy pet! You better try harder to make your goddess happy if you want me to let you let loose!

Sissy Slut Damnation

Domination phone sex


A lot of potential pussy boys hesitate to call me up for some sissy slut domination phone sex because of their misguided morals and twisted values.  They think that being dominated into becoming the little fag boy who loves to play with her creamy little clitty and takes tons of hard cock up her ass like she was meant to will land their souls in a lake of fire for the rest of eternity.  HA!  You’re not that dumb, are you?

Don’t you think that the torture and turmoil you put on yourself for not being the beautiful butt fucking slut bag you were meant to be in life is far worse than any fictitious fire that might be there when you die?  How many sissies do you know have passed over then come back to tell the tale of having their assholes reamed out by some demon in a putrid pool of filth and flames?  I’ve never heard of any and I know every fucked up femboy around.  

The real pain, the true torture comes from within.  Nothing I, or anyone else, can do to you will make you feel the agony and anguish you make yourself feel every single day.  The domination to which I plan on subjecting you won’t lead your soul to eternal damnation, it’ll set you free from now to infinity.  The misery, the grief, the pain is now.  You can be your own savior.  Besides, if we are all doomed to fester in fire forever, I’ll definitely be there putting every single sinning sissy through the eternal ringer.  Shit, the moment I set foot in hell, I’ll be the hottest fucking thing there!


Sissy training audio

Best sissy trainer

Aw Sissy, How hard it must be to be you in this world… The feeling of being anxious, nervous and scared you must feel like the entire world is closing in on you. If you can only just look exactly like a woman to the point of no questions being asked… Well, you can! That’s what sissy training is all about. Shopping isn’t just about having the perfect hot lingerie. Nobody wants to see a hairy bird chest in lace. Haha! That’s why we need to go shopping for what truly matters. Lets get that clity tucked away in a full real body doll bodysuit. That includes a perfect pair of firm tits for all those men to look at. Having exactly what a woman has or at least appearing that way would have all the men haywire over you. A pair of tits to wrap around his juicy hard cock while you suck and drool all over his shaft. Ideal! He can flip you over and place his hard cock between those warm buns and fuck you senseless. With so much needed to fully transform it’s going to take a lot more than this blog. Give me a call so you can get the best sissy training out there!

Online sissy training