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Daddy rips your Sissy panties off

“You love when daddy rips those Sissy panties off” I cheer on as I watch your daddy get ready to use you. Since I am the best at training a sissy bitch, he came to me for your training. First you wear an outfit made for a sissy hoe. It is sissy pink to show you are such a bitch hoe. “You look great in panties” your daddy says to you. “Open your mouth and I will show your daddy what your training consists of” I demand of you. As soon as you open your mouth, I have your daddy place his cock right in it.

Sissy panties

“Show daddy you submit sissy slut” I demand of you. Therefore, you start using your mouth on your daddy’s cock like if you were sucking your first lollipop. You loved it. I can tell you were made for it because your little clitty was hard and leaky. “Soon your panties will be drenched” I say teasingly. “Time to break your sissy son in” I tell your daddy as I start to slip your girly panties off. After I manipulate your body to the perfect fucking position, your pa aligns himself in between your legs.

“Fuck your sissy son like a hooker slut and he will forever submit to you” I say to your daddy as I guide his cock in your cunt. Once he feels the opening of your sissy hole taking his daddy cock, he rams it deep. You let out a squeal and I just stuff your panties in your mouth. “Shut up and take it sissy whore, you belong to your daddy now and only him and I can give you instructions” I say proudly.

For a while your daddy rams you hard. While your clitty was hard you had tears that streamed down. “That virgin pussy is milking daddy like it is supposed to” I cheer you on. “Daddies sissy whore is doing so well” your daddy moans as his balls start to empty inside you. “Part of your training will be to clean after the messes you make” I say pointing at your daddy’s dirty cock.

Sissy hypno training for men who like idea of sissification.

Sissy hypno trainingSissy hypno training for men who have been fascinated by the idea of sissification. There’s a power I have over men, especially those who are feminine in their ways. I know exactly how to make them embrace their true selves and become cock-loving sissies! 

One day, while I go out shopping for lingerie, there’s a man who catches my attention. He’s browsing through the same section as me, and I couldn’t help but notice how feminine he is in his mannerisms and the way he speaks. I struck up a conversation with him and soon found out that his name was Alex. As we talk, it becomes apparent that Alex had no idea about his true sissy boi desires. He was just a regular guy, or so he thought!  You know I love an opportunity to put my sissy training skills to use.

Sissy hypno training for men who have been fascinated by the idea of sissification.

I invited Alex back to my place, promising to show him something that would change his life forever. Bitch Boi Alex was hesitant at first, but he was also curious. He followed this sexy bitch to my house, unsure of what to expect.

Once they were inside, I wasted no time in hypnotizing Alex. Luring him with some gooner sissy porn and sing-song sexy words was just the start! How I enjoy using my hypnotic Sissy girl training to make him embrace his true femme slut self and become a cock-loving sissy. His panties were soon off and he was on all fours, begging for my cock. I made him my bitch and he took my cock with pleasure. He was the perfect sissy and I loved every second of it.

A domme like me has him wearing sexy lingerie and dressing up in female clothes in no time. Soon,  I can’t resist putting a strap-on to play with his ass, something he has never even imagined doing before. My goal of sissy Alex transforming into a cock-sucking sissy is just beginning! Alex and I will continue to meet up regularly, with him trusting his Mistress Zoey to guide him through his Femboy training journey.

Sissy slave training

Sissy slave training


So, is it sissy slave training that you are wanting tonight? I want you to be brand new to the slave world so I can mold you into exactly what I want. First, I have to break you. I need you to relax and completely submit to me. I need you to bow down before me. I need you to serve me and know that I’m worth your while and you won’t regret it.

                Go walk and stand against the wall facing the wall, legs and hands spread apart. I have multiple toys and devices to use on you. I have whips and floggers to whip across your back, ass and legs. When you turn around, we can use that flogger against your cock. I see how turned on you are by watching that fat cock grow and rise.

                 I keep using the whips and floggers on you harder and harder until I watch you fall to your knees. You fall on your knees with your head down. That’s how I know you are completely submitting to me.

BBC sissy trainer and cock size queen loves filling sissy pussy!

BBC sissy trainer

BBC sissy trainer and Cock size queen Zoey is here to make you eat cum. Your cum on the phone, and some big black cock at the glory hole. I just had the chance to breed a Sissy ass who I haven’t seen in a while. 

Sissy Brandi had a hot spurt of her sissy jizzy to eat for me tonight. She had on her favorite pink little panties jerking her sweet baby girl clitty so hard and fast. But you know I made her pull out her XXl black dildo so I could breed her sissy pussy over the sissy phone line.  Brandi was moaning and begging for my cock to fill her up. She came so hard and then begged me to fill her with my seed. It was so hot. I was more than happy to oblige and have her eat  the cum she craved. In a perfect world, I would have creampied her sissy pussy With BBC.

BBC sissy trainer and cock size queen loves filling sissy pussy!

Hopefully she will be so jonesin to be stuffed with a big black cock she goes and gets BBC now!  I played with my cunt as she and she thanked me over and over. All I have to say is Brandi has a great pussy and eats cum like the best of the cum whores around. Stay a sexy Sissy whore my Pretty Sissy Brandi!

Eat cum for me and be bred on a BBC! 

Femboy training for my little sissy sluts


If your looking for some hardcore femboy training Im your girl! if your scary and not ready to be whipped into shape you chose the wrong blog. I am looking for Sissy sluts ready and willing to be trained by a true goddess. If your new to this thats okay Ill be as rough as I can be so you can learn your place easily.

Pink and purple are my top two favorite colors of choice for my sissy sluts. Ill choose your style of course, although you will be able to tell me what you like it still has to be in my favorite colors. If your a good little slut Ill let you choose the tights and heels you like to match your pretty outfit. You will perfect your posture and your walk. I love when my sissies are Mistress K’s Next top Model. If your any good i may keep you around. Never forget im always in charge and youll love it here. If you cant follow my rules you will be punished according and depending on the offense it can go from a level 1 to a level 5 quickly. I love spanking my misbehaved whores so be good!

Sissy Boy Trainer

I am a mistress and expect my slaves to give me unconditional obedience. My slaves all wear panties. Little pink ones to remind them they are little sissy boys that have to do what I say. My specialty is training little femboys. I make them dress up for me in a slutty outfit complete with heels and lingerie.

femboy training

Then I do their make-up with bright red lipstick and blue eye shadow. Then I find some cock for them to suck. A sissy boy looks best with a big black cock in their mouth or other ass. The bigger the cock the better. Sissy boys look so sexy with cum dripping out of their ass and all over their faces. Then after I decided they had enough cock I make them eat my pussy to thank me for training them.

Sissy slave training will have you cleaning with your tongue

When I give a slut whore Sissy slave training, I like to wear my biggest strap. Knowing you have submitted to me makes me happy. That is why I train you to be a perfect sissy cum slut. “Lick my fucking toes bitch” i say as i stuff my pretty feet in your mouth. “Listen close you will be cleaning up my messes today bitch” I demand as you suck every toes. Then I spread my legs, and your eyes open wide. Since you are a sperm hungry hoe, I know you are ready to lick every drop out of me.

Sissy slave training

Your tongue dives right in my cunt and starts scooping gooey juices out of my cunt. “Clean up and feed hungry sissy, I have lots of cleaning in store for you” I say sternly. After my cunt was all clean, I left and came back. “You will use your mouth to clean every one of these toys” I instructed. The night before I had a sissy slut party where some of my hoes were used for entertainment. All my toys are covered in dried up juices. “Come on maid slut get to cleaning” I laugh and say.

Since you are a well-trained sissy bitch, you get right to work.  That sissy tongue starts to lick every inch of my first filthy toy. I grabbed my dirtiest toy and shove it in your mouth. “Suck it clean slut” I laugh over and over. your pathetic mouth makes that toy get really clean. By the time you were done cleaning every filthy toy, your sissy clitty leaked all over the floor. As I laugh, I point to your mess, “clean it up slut”. The Sissy maid training you have had makes you so happy.

Mistress Phone Sex Babe Offers Cock Control to Losers

mistress phone sexYou need mistress phone sex. Perhaps, you are not a classic sissy. But I bet you have other issues that require some control. I doubt you posses any self-control when it comes to touching your dick. Most sissy trainers like me offer cock control too. No woman wants to stay with a man who cannot cum because he beat his meat too much watching porn. Or plays around with phone sex babes all day. But when it counts, he cannot cum.

So, I offer cock control lessons. But I do punish men who do not listen to me. Nothing worse than an unruly slave. Take Bryan for example. He sought my help to stop beating his meat and controlling his phone sex habit. I would call him a chronic masturbator. Truly, never met anyone like him. He spams girls demanding they be mean and cruel to him, then cums at hello. What a loser. And get this, he goes off on women. He gets mean and derogatory after telling girls he wants to serve them. If a girl takes another call, he loses his shit.

I am In Control Always, Never Forgot Who’s the Boss

Bipolar assholes need a phone dominatrix to put them in their place. I caged the mother fucker.  Little limp dick could not please my Barbie doll. No wonder he appears so angry. His 8-inch cock turned out to be more like an inch worm, LOL.  But I knew that would be the case. No man begs to be your slave then gets aggressive with you. But a tiny dick, chronic masturbator, porn addicted loser will. I caged him up and he will never get the key.

I whipped his worthless dick too. A cat of 9 tails gets through the spokes of any cock cage. And I put Icy Hot on his balls before I pegged his ass. Nothing I enjoy more than phone domination. His little nub will hurt for a while. Plus, all locked up like that, he cannot touch his dick unless I unlock him. And because he is such an asshole, I doubt I will ever unlock that loser’s dick. Now he has the ultimate cock control.

Humiliation phone sex aww look at that little pee-pee.

Humiliation phone sex           Humiliation phone sex aww look at that little pee-pee. I do believe that my fingernail is larger than your little, tiny so-called penis. Won’t deign to call it a clitoris because that is an insult to women. For this reason, it must then be a pee-pee. Not a penis. Not a clit. Namely it means that you need to be a fucking little sissy ass faggot bitch.

          Now I’m sure you are wondering, what does this mean? It means that you are a gay sissy faggot. You are NOT a man and you to be sure are not a female. You are something else altogether. Something to be laughed at. Humiliated. Teased. Tarred and feathered. Most notably will be the public display of your worthless pee-pee.

          Next you are going to tell everyone what a worthless little pee-pee you have. Something that you will be keeping in a cage on display for one and all to see and laugh at.

          Finally, we have reached the stage where we will be discussing you Sissy slave training for that is what you will be. A slave to all the cocks that want to fuck your faggot ass. Bending you over, taking what they want and then leaving you.

          Perhaps if you are lucky, they will drop a few coins for you. After all that is all, you are worth. You are a fucking slut. A slut doesn’t get paid. A whore gets paid. You are worthless. Just meant to be used and abused. Day in and day out.

Best Sissy Trainer Peace Tells You Why She’s The Best

Best sissy tranierI am the best sissy trainer because I know exactly how to push a man’s buttons and make him submit to his feminine side. I love seeing them squirm as they try to resist, but ultimately fail under my command. My techniques are designed to strip away their masculinity and replace it with an overwhelming sense of shame and humiliation.

Firstly, I start by dressing them up in lingerie, high heels, and other feminine clothing that accentuates their curves – or lack thereof. Then comes the makeup; heavy on the blush, eyeliner, mascara – anything that makes them look as ridiculous as possible. Once they’re all dolled up like little dolls ready for playtime, it’s time for some verbal abuse! Calling them names like “faggot,” “sissy slut,” “cocksucker,” or even referring to their pathetic cock size is just part of breaking down their ego. It might sting at first but trust me when I say this kind of degradation only serves one purpose: making sure these worthless cocks know who’s boss here!

Next step? Teaching them how to please a woman…or rather another man dressed as a woman since most men can never truly understand what we go through in bed anyway! This usually involves using dildos which always come handy in my purse (for practice sessions). Watching these big strong men struggle with something so small yet so powerful is quite satisfying indeed! And if things get too rough? Well then maybe some black friends could come over and help fuck their sissy asses. I love seeing the fear in their eyes as they realize there’s no escape from this new life of servitude and degradation. They’ll be trained to do our hair, makeup, cook for us – anything we desire!

But don’t worry about them enjoying it too much because that would defeat the purpose of turning them into obedient little sluts who can only think about pleasing others. Instead, focus on making sure they understand that being a sissy is all about serving those around you; whether it’s through sexual favors or simply looking pretty for your mistress. And if they ever forget? Well then maybe another round of verbal abuse will remind them where they stand in this twisted game called life…as my plaything

So there you have it! My methods might seem cruel but trust me when I say they work wonders in creating the perfect sissy slut. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love having someone completely devoted to their every whim and desire? Not only do these pathetic creatures provide endless entertainment but also an outlet for all my sexual frustrations. After all, not every man can satisfy a woman like me…but maybe one day my little sissy boy will try his hardest!