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Online Sissy Training Available

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training has quadrupled in popularity during the quarantine months. Even though things are opening back up in most states, guys are still leery about going to professional mistresses. An online mistress is cheaper and safer. More discreet too because you can talk to us at your convenience. My busiest times are late at night and early mornings when the rest of your house is sleeping. I like my night sissies who can sneak into their wife or daughter’s panty drawers undetected.  If you are a sissy who is married and need to keep your lifestyle a secret, an online sissy trainer can work with what you have. You can steal panties out of the hamper or your wife’s drawer. You can borrow some make-up and some clothes. Maybe some jewelry and shoes too depending on your level of desire for the feminine look. Household items and food can become sex toys. Most sissies aspire to being cock sucking faggots and back door sissies. A cucumber or zucchini, even a water or beer bottle make excellent makeshift cocks. Many wives have a hidden toy in the house I can help you find too. I have helped men shave their bodies with online training. I have helped them find places near them where they can get some discreet faggot action. I have feminized them head to toe too. Just because you cannot safely go visit a sissy trainer, does not mean you cannot get sissy training. Phone sex sissy trainers and mistresses are here to make you the best sissy you can be.

Sissy was my little bitch

best sissy trainerSissy was my bitch last night, well honestly she’s a little bitch every day but yesterday in particular I had her working hard. Once of my friends was having trouble with a couple of his employees, they were slacking off and being dicks so he thought he would punish them by making them fuck a little sissy slut. Make it a blow to their egos to have to fuck a lil faggot like that. Well, they were all pissed off about it and even tho sissy was dressed in her best they were calling her all kinds of names and I knew they would be fucking her roughly as punishment. That was perfect for me because this little sissy bitch is a whiner and a complainer so she needed a good rage fuck to make her learn her place. They used her for hours, fucking her lil pussy and her mouth until their boss was finally satisfied that they learned a lesson. My sissy learned one too for sure, I bet she won’t be sitting comfortably for at least a week!

Sissy Maid Training Expert

sissy maid training

I’ve been thinking of starting up a business doing sissy maid training, but then I realized I don’t need to do that when I can train sissies over the phone. I’ve been doing it for a while, so I don’t see a need to change things when they’re already working. Have you thought about becoming a sissy maid? Just think of all the rich, horny old men you would get to work for and probably get fucked by. You know those old, conservative rich men are horny and will fuck anything that even resembles a pussy.  So I think it’s safe to say you’ll get your cunt reamed pretty hard.

If you do a really good job and do special sex tricks for him, he might even pay you a little extra. If you suck his cock and tongue his asshole the way his wife won’t, you’ll likely get a bonus. If you tell him it’s okay for him to invite over his poker buddies and let them use you during breaks in their game, I bet you will score big time. All you have to do is call me for some sissy training and you’ll have your pussy full in no time!

Rub Each Others Clitties For Mistress Violet

mistress phone sex

Aww look at you. Thinking you are going to join me in the bath. You know you are not worthy of even being in my bath water dear hubby. How silly of you. However, I do have big plans for you. Well small plans actually but fun for me regardless. Anyways, go pour me a nice glass of wine and put on the surprise I laid out on the bed. There you are standing in the doorway with my glass of wine wearing a slutty maid outfit with pretty silk panties underneath, fishnet hose and pretty black heals. Is that the doorbell? You better go answer it baby. Look at who came to see us. My favorite sissy dressed exactly like you. Now hand me my glass of wine and you two sit side by side. Spread those legs wide and lift up those skirts so I can see those itty-bitty tiny cocks. Oh, how little they are. Now reach your hands and start stroking the others little clitty. Yes, just like that. Keep looking at me though. I love to see your orgasm faces. Now lean over and lick each other clean. You sissies are so entertaining. You won’t believe what I have ready for you to do for me next.

I am the Liam Neeson of Sissy Trainers

sissy panties

You are so pathetic. You belong in sissy panties. You know you do too. Your pathetic nub is so small it gets lost in boxer shorts. No girl will fuck you. When was the last time you had sex? I bet it has been ions. Even in a pandemic when women are horny and need fucked, they will not fuck you. You are a tiny dick loser. If I am your trainer, you will be a sissy and cock sucking faggot too. You see, I do not have money. What I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career of training sissies. Skills that make me a nightmare for losers like you. I am the Liam Neeson of sissy trainers. I have been putting tiny dick losers in panties for decades. I have also been feeding them cock. Sometimes, I am force feeding them cock. Other times, they are begging for it. Some of you are the biggest losers and need the best sissy trainer around. Only a few trainers can compare to me in experience. I am in my 40s and training sissies is something I have been enjoying for half my life. Now, that is some dedication. I am dedicated to training you to be a sissy. Are you dedicated to being one?

Want To Be My Little Pet Like Brandie?

Mistress Phone Sex

As you know I have a soft spot for my sweet sissy Brandie. I remember picking out her first tiny little cock cage. Her teeny little clitty being so small we struggled to find one small enough. I also loved hearing her fuck her man pussy with a big thick dildo for the first time too. She is an absolute joy and is now an absolute cum slut and cock whore. I love it. She was telling me one of her latest adventures and it is just too good to not share with you.
Luckily for Brandie she not only has me, but she has a lady that also uses Brandie for the little sissy that she is. So recently Brandie was cleaning this lady’s house while the lady was getting her pretty pussy fucked by a real man. They were on the living room floor right in front of Brandie. Brandie’s little clitty was leaking as she listened. When he finally filled the ladies’ pussy up with his warm yummy goodness, she had Brandie crawl over and lick her cum filled pussy clean. As Brandie was cleaning up her pussy and beautiful asshole, she felt it….
Without any warning the real man had shoved his massive beautiful cock deep inside of Brandie’s man pussy. As Brandie was being used like a slut and eating that beautiful pussy, she started to moan, and she couldn’t control it. She came multiple times while they were laughing at her and calling her a whore.
“One of my best nights” is how Brandie described it. My little cum loving sissy slut sure makes me proud.
And you too can be one of my little pets, just pick up that phone and give Mistress Francis a call.

Sissy Threesome

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Phone Dominatrix Coraline

phone dominatrixI am a phone dominatrix and a sissy trainer. I turn men into girls, sissy girls. I have a knack for sizing up folks. I can take one look at a man and know he belongs in panties. Not all men are created equally. I know when a man is a sissy but trying to pose as a man. I get it. The world is cruel, especially now. Any man who is not a hunky heterosexual white man is demonized. I can be discreet. I have bankers, lawyers and doctors with dirty little sissy secrets. I also have very rich and powerful men who enjoy sucking big black dicks on the down low. I disguise them as pretty sissies when I take them to glory holes. For the ones who are too afraid to do anything outside the comfort of my home, I bring the big black cocks to them. I do expose sissies, but I do not expose my paying clients unless they want me to expose them. The best sissy trainer understands being discreet. I learned that when I was a BDSM dominatrix. I had politicians who loved to be flogged and pegged. I know famous people who like to wear panties or suck cock. I never want you to worry about your little sissy secrets. I will protect you like I do all my sissy clients unless you want me to expose you or you disobey me. I do not like disobedient sissies. Most of my sissies want to do as I tell them because they want to be sissies. The very few who are lazy, sassy or just ignore my instructions, find out what a bad ass bitch I can be. I have exposed unruly sissies. I have blackmailed them too. And I have definitely punished them. If you call me for sissy training, we will get along fine as long as you abide by my instructions and rules.

Femboy Training Mistress Diana

Nothing makes me excited like Femboy Training a little prick for their first cock sucking session. Putting on a strap-on and fucking that little princess mouth is so damned hot. I start prepping the little cuckold with plenty of make-up and princess pink lipstick. The princess pink goes on last and is the final preparation for their first big cock. I will feed my big strap-on dick in their mouth until they gag and their sissy slut lipstick is all over that big black cock. It’s exciting for them and for me. The moment I feel they are ready for the real thing will constitute in a lovely little outing with my Femboy. My sissy will be dressed as the cock slut sissy faggot she aspired to be and taken into public her first time. She has never gone past mommy’s bedroom dressed up and it always makes them nervous and excited. I give them a little ice to smoke and help them relax and take that big step. We get in my car and I get to drive them to a private glory hole that some of my other guys have put together. I have a nice following of all kinds of men and the biker gang love initiating guys getting them sucked off by one of my sissy faggots. They never know who is sucking them off and that’s the best part.

Femboy training

The best sissy trainer makes you eat your cum!

Best sissy Trainer

Yes the best sissy trainer does make you eat your own cum. Just like I did for My own daddy slave a while back! He tried to tell me that I had a curfew and I told him he wasn’t even a man! I don’t get a curfew when I am out trying to get some vitamin D as in Dick! I would not be talked down to by a man who can’t even keep his wife happy. Mom has lots of lovers all over towns daddy is a closet sissy fag. I got an idea to make sure daddy never told his perfect princess she had a curfew anymore. I created a live stream with my grandparents and daddies colleagues. I told every one i had big news and to tune in in 2 hours. I had a secret about My own Daddy. Well, don’t you know that was why my own daddy is now sitting in the corner eating his own cum. Guess what? I  have the black AmEx at my disposal now. I love black mailing and humiliating my sissy sluts, I have my daddy and sweet little dicked boyfriend who give me plenty of practice for you! Jack off in your pretty panties and eat up your cum for this princess!