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Training My Sissy Steve: A Desperate Pleaser

 Forced feminization

Steve, my sweet little sissy, was a mess when he came to me. A Man with a desperate plea for help, or rather, submission. He knew he was different, yearned to embrace his true self, but needed guidance.

Let’s just say, his pleads for training gave me a delicious idea. I saw the potential in his wide eyes, the eagerness to learn and please. So, I crafted a special lesson plan just for him.

Our journey began with basic grooming—a good trim and a sexy makeover to highlight his feminine features. I showed him how to walk, talk, and flirt like a real sissy. The high-pitched giggle that escaped his lips was music to my ears!

But Steve needed to learn some discipline too. So, I introduced him to my special toy box, filled with delightfully wicked devices. We started with a mild spanking, his cute bottom reddening with each strike.

As the sessions intensified, Steve’s true colors shone through. He became my eager little slut, begging for more and calling me Mistress. The roleplay was heating up, and Steve’s sissy side blossomed.

I taught him how to deep throat and took him shopping for some new, skimpier lingerie. His desperation to please was evident with each new task, and he wounding me with his adorable moans.

Steve’s transformation was a sight to behold. Frilly dresses hugged his curvy frame, and his makeup was on point—a true masterpiece. But Steve yearned for more, and I was happy to oblige.

So, I introduced him to my domme friends, and the real fun began. They say sharing is caring, right?

Steve’s journey was a delightful adventure, a tale of submission and sissy discovery. And he’s still learning—my little desperate pleaser!

Sissy slave training is what you were made to get I’ll train you

Don’t waste my time unless you are ready to fully submit to my Sissy slave training. Once you become a pet in training, everything about you belongs to me. “You will dress like a used-up hooker” I say as I hand you a pair of panties. As I watch you undress, I have you sign your life to me. You easily do it because you have been wanting this for a long time. Once you are dressed in panties and heels, I bend you over my knee.

“I will give you the spanking your mommy should have given your sissy ass. As I spank you, I laugh and say, “you were born to be a sissy girl”. Your spankings will last until your ass is red then mommy will show you what you were made for. After you whimper and thank mommy I stand up and show off my big monster strap. “Mommy mistress will break you in with her favorite toys” I say sternly. “Make it wet and slippery” i demand of you to do. It doesn’t take any forcing for you to open your mouth.

Sissy slave training

Just like a nasty slut you slurp on my strap cock. But you are a worthless slut, so I grab you by the hair. “Choke on it bitch” I say as I grab you by the hair and push you down on my cock. Once you choke and gag on it, I start to smile. Finally, it is slippery and wet. “Bend over” I instruct you to do. Then I slip your Sissy panties to the side and make you beg for it. “I am your mistress please bless me and fuck my pathetic hole” you whimper. When you beg and submit is what makes me happy.

Therefore, I slam inside your sissy cunt. It was so hard that you fell down but I just kept ramming you. I rammed your sissy hole the way mine was by a big white cock when I was young. I learned pathetic white clitty bitches like you need to be trained and broken in by cocoa girls like me. “Can I leak mistress, please?” you beg as I pound you to the ground. After some time, I finally let you cum. As soon as you exploded on the floor you knew this is all you ever wanted. “Clean up, I have something else I want you to wear” I say as I pop my strap out your sissy cunt. You will clean up all the cum mess and get dressed like the barbie whore you are.

Online Sissy Training Teaches You How to Handle Big Cocks

online sissy trainingI enjoy online sissy training. So many men struggle with their sexual identity. Am I straight? Am I gay? Why do I want a big cock?  Am I a sissy or just a cock sucking faggot. And most men who struggle with their sexual identity have a wife at home who has no clue her husband thinks about cock.

Most of the sissies who call me live the Norman Rockwell life. And they work hard for a living and have a job they love. They live in a house with a picket fence and a few fuck trophies. And they wear panties and dream of cock. However, no one would ever guess that just looking at them. I love helping men explore their femme side. And I enjoy helping closeted sissies learn to suck cock. I am the best sissy trainer for cock sucking sissy boys.

And I helped Martin set up a Grinder account a few weeks ago in anticipation of his wife going on a cruise with her sister and mother of 2 weeks. Martin has a picture-perfect family. He is the guy in a Norman Rockwell painting. However, he dreams of sucking dick all the time. But up until recently, he has only ever flicked a dick when he was in high school.

I Help Closeted Sissie Get Real Cocks in Their Sissy Holes

But I schooled him on how to dress for his Grinder account and what to say. And he finally got a big cock in his mouth and in his sissy hole. A lot of cocks. All last week, Martin went to work and came home, fed his teenage daughter and son. Then got on Grinder and got cock later in the evening. His son and daughter can be left alone for extended periods of time.

And Martin decided to explore his sissy cock sucking faggot side with a new man every night. However, one guy wants him to be his permanent side piece. Lots of men appear on the down low. Dominant daddy types who just want a tight asshole and a wet mouth to park their cocks.

But I told Martin to play the field. When you are a married cock sucker hiding your true identity, you need flexibility. So, I believe random encounters like you find at glory holes or on Grinder work best for married sissies. Let me help you explore your cock sucking fantasies. Sissy training with me includes lessons on taking big cocks in your sissy holes. But Martin loves sucking cock on the down low. And you can love it too.

Being A Phone Dominatrix Is Hot As Fuck

I am a phone dominatrix. I want complete and total control. If to get that control I have to humiliate you, so be it. If I have to hurt you that is ok with me too. I will force you to prance around wearing fishnets, frilly panties, and red lipstick, all while there is a butt plug deep in your ass.

phone dominatrix

I will force you to bend over the bed and take a 10-inch strap on right up your ass. I will open up that ass and ravage it till I get tired. I will make you watch a real man, fuck me, your pathetic ass can’t fuck this pussy good enough to make me cum.  Then you will clean my pussy and his cock with your little sissy tongue. Then you will have to give up your ass to the cock I have brought home. He is going to fuck your ass hard and fill it full of cum. When he is done fucking your little ass you will clean his cock for him and thank him for fucking you. I am your new mistress and you will do as I say or you will pay.


Mistress Tamika’s Sissy Training


Oh, you cute little twink. You’re mine now, and I, Mistress Tamika, am going to enjoy every minute of owning you.

I’ll start by stripping you of your false manhood. You’re a sissy bitch, and everyone can see it. No use denying it. I’ll dress you up in the sluttiest attire—crotchless panties and fishnets—turn you into the slut you’ve always wanted to be.

But here’s the thing, sissy. I want you to witness my dominance first-hand. Get on your knees and behold the power of a real woman. I’ll have some BBC bull over to show you what real manhood is. Watch me closely as I slurp and deepthroat this huge cock. See how it throbs and pulses right in front of your desperately horny eyes.

Your little clitty will be so hard, poking out of those panties. You’re a cock-loving faggot, and you know it. Time to embrace it—on your knees, where you belong.

I’ll teach you how to service a real man’s cock. Wrap those girly hands around it and stroke it towards your yearning mouth. Feel the head burst into your throat as you suck and lick it. Can you taste that manly cream? Good.

Now, open that throat of yours and take it all. I’ll push your head down till that BBC is down your neck, and you have no choice but to swallow every single drop of that delicious cum.

When that BBC bull leaves, you’ll still be craving more. Such a little whore. But Mistress Tamika will take good care of you. I’ll pimp out your sissy pussy and make sure that belly of yours is full of jizz.

Kneel, sissy, and worship the superior female dominance.

BBC Sissy Trainer Peace Trains With Big Black Cocks and Sissy Holes

BBC Sissy TrainerBBC Sissy Trainer Peace, at your service love.  You know how much I love me some big black dick.  Took a few loads of cum myself from some new neighbors this morning.  Young brothers who knocked on my door and next thing I knew had two big black dicks in neighboring holes throbbing against the other dick as they started cumming.  First and foremost, I made you eat the cum out of both holes when I arrived for our sissy training session.

I had some other BBC that was heading to our training. I couldn’t wait!  And when it comes time for me to give them their first big black cock? Well, let’s just say that nothing gets me going quite like the sight of a beautiful slut taking what she wants from those big old chocolate king size bars of heaven.  Watching a big black cock use a tight pussy of a faggot.  The black cocks just want a hole, they don’t care who or how.  They will just treat that hole like the cum dumpster it is meant to be.  Giving sissy’s the full experience of getting used like a bad whore.  Just as many women get their fucking holes used when they bend over and spread their legs for any cock, any day.

I love how pathetic they are as they take my huge dick deep inside them. They moan and whimper like little bitches while I pound away at their tight asses or wet pussies (depending on how far along in transition they are). Their eyes roll back into their heads as if begging for mercy but really craving more of this forbidden pleasure we share together. It makes me feel so powerful knowing I am in control of what goes inside the hole.

I tell the big black cocks when to shove their dicks down the sissy’s throat or shove it deep in their ass, I mean pussy hole.  I tell them not to pll out and to shoot their loads in the holes, we aren’t here to make a mess, we are here to get cum in holes and train some faggot bitches.

BBC Sissy Trainer

I am a BBC sissy trainer. If you do not know what I mean, I mean I will have all your holes filled with big black cocks. There is a reason they say once you go black you never go back. The reason is these cocks are huge. The first thing I do is dress you up like the little slut you are. Some cute lingerie including frilly panties and a garter belt.  Then I will put some bright red lipstick on those slutty lips.

bbc sissy trainer

You will look like the trailer trash you are. I will take you down to a bar where I know that lots of black guys hang out there. I know it will be humiliating walking around in lingerie and red lipstick but the more embarrassed you are the wetter my pussy gets.  At the bar, I am going to bring three guys home with us and you are going to watch them fuck me. After they have filled my ass and my pussy with cum you will take your tongue and clean me out. You will eat every drop of cum they left in me. Now it is your turn to take all the black cock. I force you to bend over the bed and open up your ass cheeks. One of the big black men impales your ass with his huge cock, then another one puts a cock in your mouth. I have every single one of your holes filled up with a big black cock. It is just the beginning of the night and I have so many more big black cocks for you.

Femboy training is what you get from me

When a sissy bitch needs some Femboy training they come to a sexy dom like me. “A good slut wears the cutest panties” I say with a smile. As I hold up your uniform, I see a little twitch in your bottoms. “We must put your cage on first ” I demand as you undress. “A pathetic little sissy whore can’t let her clitty get too excited” I tease as I cage you up. After you are dressed up, I make you bend over my knee for your dirty slut spankings.

Femboy training

“Thank your mistress for wasting her time and training you” I demand as I start to spank you. “Thank you, mistress, I am not worthy of you” you whimper over and over. Finally, your ass was red and marked up. “Lick my fucking boots bitch” I say as I start to strap up. Right away you start to licking. You know that if you follow tour training, you will be rewarded. “Take those panties off and bend over slut” I say as I lube my strap up.

“Thank you, mistress, for training me, I am yours” you whimper to me. Then I ram my strap cock depending on you. “I’m your owner bitch” I say as I pound your hole. That’s what you need and why you become my slave. “Mistress can I leak for you?” You ask. I want you to squirm, so I start spanking you over and over. “Leak for bitch” I demand of you. After you make a mess, I say “clean up bitch”. Then I throw your Sissy panties at you.

BBC Sissy Trainer Shames Loser White Boys

bbc sissy trainerI am a bbc sissy trainer for a reason. That’s because I know a lot of black men. I’ve been a BBC slut for decades. And nothing I enjoy more than a BBC sissy or cuckold. Many of the black studs in my posse never mind lending their big black cock to the training of some BBC sissy bitch boy or loser cuckold.

Last night, Jackson lent his 13-inch big black dick to Dave’s education. Dave is a cuckold wannabe. His wife won’t cheat on him. Not even with his permission. So, he sought me out after he saw my ad on Fet Life. He lives locally, so I told him he found his surrogate slut wife. For a price of course. As either a phone dominatrix or a sissy trainer, I charge a fee. Call it an annoyance tax. You must pay a hot bitch if you have a pathetic inch worm hiding in your pants.

And I thought I knew what a small dick looked like. But Dave had the smallest dick I have ever seen. This pathetic little thing did not even measure a half an inch soft. So, at best when erect he has an inch worm. I think my sons who are schoolboys have bigger dicks. And they are still growing. Hell, my chihuahua’s dick is bigger. I broke out into uncontrollable laughter. If his wife will not cuckold him, I was happy to do so.

I am a Black Cock Sissy Trainer

So, I made him sit in the corner and watch me with a real man. Both Jackson and I teased him about his frightened turtle hiding in its shell. The loser appeared all potatoes and no meat, LOL.  I made him sit on his hands while I slurped on a cock at least 12 times bigger than his little nub. But I could only torture the looser for so long. His little balls turned blue.

Jackson never minds a white loser sucking his massive cock. He can cum and cum all day long regardless if he just came. The man is a beast in bed. So, little loser Dave got to play with his frightened turtle while sucking on his first big black cock. And I cannot wait to see him again. I told him that the next visit he best be in sissy panties because that little nub could get injured in his boxers.

Best Sissy Trainer

I am the best sissy trainer you will ever have. I fucking know how to make the sissies do whatever the fick I want them to. The first thing I do is make them wear some nice pink panties. There is something so fucking hot about a cock in some pretty lacey silky panties.  Then the time comes to dress my sissy slutty. I want them to look like the trash that they are. I put on lots of red lipstick and blue eye shadow. I want them to look like a cheap ten-dollar crack hooker. I find a guy with a huge cock not like the little micro dock my sissy has. I take this guy home and fuck him while my sissy watches.  When the guy fills me with cum I make the sissy eat my pussy and clean the cum. Now it is my sissy’s turn to take a cock deep in his little slutty ass and mouth.

best sissy trainer