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Be My ‘VIS’ Darling!

Femboy Training

My “VIS” meaning my Very Important Sissies pay extra to have a full day of shopping with their favorite trainer! I start the day with a bit of pampering, we go get our manicures and pedicures as well as some waxing and facials before getting a massage and going for a hair appointment. It is so fun to feel so well pampered before we go spend some serious money on our clothes and accessories. We go to the luxury boutiques and spend a small fortune on shoes, lingerie, corsets, nighties and robes before venturing over to buy some pretty ready-made dresses and outfits. Our last stop is a little couture boutique where we get fitted for a couple of gorgeous custom gowns because every sissy of mine needs to be pageant ready at a moment’s notice! Don’t you want to be my VIS Darling?

Online Sissy Training Helps You with BBC

online sissy training

With me you get online sissy training. My boys, however, get a live-in sissy trainer. They are teen boys now. They live their lives as trans girls. They identify as pan sexual because they like a little bit of everything, LOL. I love helping them explore their sexuality. Now that they are at an arts school, they get to be who they want to be. They can dress how they want too. Now, the school frowns on adult boyfriends. So does the law, LOL. But mommy? I am more liberal thinking. They like black cock. They may have gotten that from me. It is no secret that their mother is a size queen. I love big black dicks. And now so do my two sissy boys. I came home from a date last night. My boys expected me home much later. I planned on it too, but a huge storm was causing blackouts everywhere, so my plans changed. Plus, I wanted to check on my boys. The house was dark when I arrived, but I could see the glow of candlelight, so they knew what to do. They were not alone, however. I interrupted them sucking on big black cocks. Both my femboys were dressed pretty and on their knees sucking two black men close to my age. The men are lucky I am so liberal. Since I am a BBC sissy trainer on the phone, I helped my pretty boys. It is not easy to swallow a foot of cock, especially when the cock is thick too. They were doing a good job for their age and inexperience. I showed them some techniques. I did not want to upstage them, but those were some big black dicks. I had them swallow a teaspoon of olive oil and hang their heads over the side of the couch so their black lovers could stand over them and slide those BBCs down their throats. Just a couple tricks made all the difference. Soon those men were pumping big thick strands of cum down my femboys’ throats. It was a proud mamma moment. Maybe I can help you too.

Full Nasty Exam

I was horny and bored waiting on my friend to get out of quick care. That is when I saw this sexy man going to the back, I decided to follow him to the back. I stole a doctor’s coat and put it on right before I walked into the room, he was in. I told him he needed to undress.

BBC sissy trainer

I watched as he took his clothes off. I examined his body and saw he had a big cock. I told him he needed a full exam and I put gloves on and told him to bend over. I stuck my fingers in his ass, he tried to flinch but I said that I needed him to relax so I was going to help him stay relaxed as my hand reached for his big cock. I stroked his cock and got it hard as I milked his prostate. I told him I needed a sample for the lab and just to keep relaxing. I kept fingerings his asshole which made my cunt dripped as I stroked his throbbing cock. He screamed that he was going to cum so I grabbed a cup and made him shoot his nut in to it. I was going to save it for one of my sissy sluts to drink later. 

Nancy Nylons with Pics!

Sissy maid training

The following is a exchange about sissy maid training and more with a real sissy and real sissy pics!

Nancy nylons : Merciless….. thanks to You handcuffing my manicured hands to my red six inch high heels in order for me to be totally under his control.

Zoey: Yes completely handcuffed and willing to be our slave. You are going to be the perfect subject for other sissy whores. Glossy precum lips! Throat full, My strapon on you pretty pink puckered. sissy hole

Nancy nylons : Do You think that I should rub my lips with the precum oozing from my member right now? Just to tease us both right now and fulfill the sissy responsibilities of eating every bit for You?

Zoey: Yes you should baby you are the perfect whore run it all in right now that’s an order! Yes your sissy responsibilities are on you right now ! Do it baby wear you sissy panties proudly as you do! 

 Nancy nylons : I’m coating my lipstick for you now and spooning it with my fingers onto my tongue! I’m so happy that You agree with all of the women who have participated with Nancy in crossdressing over the years- every one of them took it upon themselves to be up front and inform me that if boys like me wanted to dress like a slut, Nancy would be always required to eat up all the mess that Mistress allowed her to make. You are All so hot for that- I feel so small when I partake in cum eating while Women watch me! I’m sorry but I’m completely covered in my mess and must clean it up. Thank you so much and maybe we can Skype next so you can watch it and make fun of me. Perhaps You could tell me exactly how to eat it for you to enjoy the show the most— I think I could cum on my patent leather stilettos if you want to record it!!!

Sissy Training Is My Passion!

Sissy Training

My sissies are true cum thirsty sluts trained by a absolute sissy slut trainer queen! My sissies get the best advice on hair, make-up and feminine mystique available. Sissy Training is my passion and I have learned from the best women how to maintain a high standard of beauty and be flawless in my sex skills. I teach my sluts all my secrets so they can go out into the world and be gorgeous cock sucking whores. I start with the basics, helping my girls pick a flattering wardrobe that accentuates their curves and their most attractive features. If they have a great set of tits, it tell them to wear low cut v necks and wrap dresses, If they have a juicy bubble but it tell them to pick a nice short set or tight jeans to advertise their bussys. Then I make sure their hair and makeup are on point, they can either get their natural hair styled to be more fem or buy a long luxurious wig to wear that really makes them feel so pretty. Once they have the look down I get right into helping train their asses to take a big dildo, all my sissies are required to buy a big black cock dildo to practice with. I coach them on how to lube up and stretch themselves out to take all the fat cocks possible in their little tight bussies. They know the pain of having their asses trained will pass leaving only true pleasure behind. I also like to coach on wearing a cock cage so their clits shrink to a more feminine size from taking all the dick in their asses possible. It brings me such true joy to hear about all the cocks that my sissies make cum once they are fully trained in the art of pleasuring men!

A Sexy Phone Dominatrix

phone dominatrixI am a phone dominatrix and I love it. I am a take charge kind of woman. I always have been. In college, I never let men get aggressive with me. I never dated men with small dicks either. I did not come from money. I had a full scholarship to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. I have a master’s degree in Psychology. Even though room and board and tuition were covered, I needed spending money. I answered an ad in the 90s in the back of this local magazine.  They were looking for fetish models and I was confident in my curves and big tits. That photo gig led me to a career as a professional dominatrix. And that led me to sissy training because subs and sissies are cut from the same cloth. I love being a sissy trainer. I am dominant and I am a nurturer too. I have a mean streak, but I am only mean when provoked. Most sissies and subs are obedient. Where my mean streak rears its ugly head is when a small dick loser does not know his place.

I met Peter at a bar. I sized him up quickly and knew he was not worth my energy. He did not want to take no for an answer, so I brought him home. He thought he was going to get lucky with me. He did get lucky, just not with me. Before we got to my house, I texted a 911 to my favorite black Alpha man, Tyresse.  He loves helping me open the eyes of tiny dick losers. Peter was not having it when Tyresse came out with his vine swinging between his legs. I told Peter if he was at least half as big as my stud, I would fuck him. I knew there was no way Peter was 6 inches. He was more like three inches. Pathetic. Loser. I told Tyresse to fuck him. I watched with glee as Tyresse forced his monster cock in Peter’s pansy ass. Peter left crying. Poor loser. I tried to tell him to get lost. It was his persistence that got his ass fucked. I am a size queen and a BBC sissy trainer. I have no time for delusional men with pin dicks.

Suck those chocolate cocks

bbc sissy trainer

Real sissies love to have the BBC sissy trainer pave the way. I get so committed that I will show you firsthand how to handle juicy black cock. There’s nothing I like more than to show you how to deepthroat appropriately and how to make sure you genuinely are satisfying cock. You will be the object of a lot of domination. Naturally, sissies are submissive, and that’s not going to change. There must be no doubt in your mind that you want to get fucked and used like a cock craving whore. Sissies get a bad rap sometimes of being too desperate.  I will show you how to seem pleasing but not pathetic. You still have to have that factor and charm. A sexy sissy is better than a desperate one.

Sissy Training Audio

Sissy Training Audio

Are you prepared to be humiliated like the good sissy boy that you are? Bow down to Mistress Genesis as I treat you like the worthless, pathetic excuse of a man you are. You’re not even a real man. You’re my obedient sissy boy and it’s time for you to learn a lesson. I’m going to command you to do as I tell you. First I need you to put on a pair of those special, lacy panties. I love seeing you in them because it means that you are submitting to me. We both know how rock hard you get when I begin laughing and humiliating you. You can’t help it. It’s so easy to train you to respond as my slave. Sissy girl training is all you need to learn how to please your Mistress. I’m going to have you on your knees ready and willing to satisfy Mistress Genesis. My purpose in life is ultimate sexual satisfaction and I will stop at nothing to achieve it.

Best Sissy Slut Fashion Show

I was so horny and excited for the event I had planned for my sissy Tj and I. I was throwing a sexy fashion show and sissy Tj was going to be my runway model. I had invited all my big black bull friends, and they were all ready with big hard ons and balls full of nut. I had picked three outfits for her to strut her stop down the runway. First was the hobble skirt hi heels and collar with nipple clams.

Best sissy trainer

Then it was a one-piece blue lace garter set with matching knee-high lace stockings. Last was our Halloween option and I dressed her up as Marie Antoinette with a with lace once piece corset lingerie piece under neath. What no one knew was she was also wearing a “Lovense” vibrating butt plug that I had full control of, it was part of the perfect ending to the fashion show. With every step down the runway, I turned the vibration up on the butt plug. Sissy Tj knew not to squirm and to put on a good show and the end she was made to strip her Marie Antoinette costume and that is when I turned the vibration to the highest going up and down making her squirm until I had my sissy TJ begging to cum. I was going to let her cum until she swallowed every load in the room. That is what she did over until every bull in the room was drained and that is when I finally gave sissy Tj permission to cum.    

Forced Feminization of my Own Brother

forced sissy training

My brothers an ass, a complete dick head! He is so masculine that the thought of Forced Feminization makes me giddy inside. I have been taunting him just by wearing my t-shirt and panties around the house. And when he says something about it, I ask if it’s me and my body, or the thought of panties that makes him have a hard dick!

 Of course he gets pissed off and more and more of my dirty panties go missing. I decided to solve that the other night though. I brought home a big bottle of Jack Daniels Honey and an ounce of some fire Weed. OG Kush! I know that makes me incurably horny and my brother couldn’t turn down a night of getting drunk and high with his hot sister! 


As he was feeling super good, I sat on his lap and slid my skirt up showing off my new Gucci panties, one of my sugar daddies had bought me. The way my brother fingered the trim and stitches of these panties and didn’t go for my cunt told me everything I needed to know! He was the kind of man who needed to be dressed up in pantyhose and stilettos more than anything else!

It would be up to me and my girlfriends to completely bring my brother into the world of sissy femboy training, and more!