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BJ Throat Training!

Sissy training Audio
Open up wide! It’s your turn to try swallowing down massive black cocks for me. I know you want to just be the perfect little sissy and it’s so hard when your tiny clitty is so achey. That’s why we had to put it in that bright pink cage honey. We can’t risk you letting that leaky goo out, now can we?

Now fix your lipstick, and swallow all eleven inches of that cock straight down your throat right now! No talking back, just gagging on massive black dicks. Cock size training is part of the gig sweetie, and I’ll fucking force you if I have to. I take worthless fag husbands and turn them into perfectly useful sissy cum dumps! There are three holes I use on a sissy, and yes i mean three!

If you get too leaky, you’ll need a little sounding to even you out. What’s sounding? Oh, it’s when I take a rod and shove it up your piss hole. Then, I like to electro stimulate those balls and make sure you get ooey and gooey. It’s time for a prostate exam, and I’m setting you up for failure because I will punish you if you cum!

Mistress Phone Sex

Using My Stinger

Phone dominatrix

Mistress Gypsy gets very excited when she knows her good sissy slut is ready for a ball busting session. I had him dress up in a tight short dress with no panties and heels. I thought about how I would torture him and his little cock which I like to call his big clit. I got a shocking wand I like calling my stinger and I love using my stinger on him. I made sure he knew to stand still as I squeezed and pulled his big clit as I used my stinger on his balls. Then I made him squat on the ground as I used my stinger on his asshole, I made sure to pull and pinch his balls at the same time. It got my cunt excited and wet so I made sure to sit on his face and use his tongue on my pussy and asshole while I played with my clit. It felt so good I used my stinger on his big clit and tiny balls, I started squirting all in his mouth and made him take every drop. He did good on our session maybe next time I will reward him.  

Sissy Phone Sex the dominant way

sissy phone sex

Go ahead and smile. I have quite the treat for you. Sissy phone sex has you going crazy. All you can think about is hot clothes and plenty of cocks. You want all sorts of toys to fuck you in the ass. It’s your man pussy! I mean to be fair, there’s nothing about you that is quite manly, Hmmmm how about just your asspussy? That works great. You will need to dress like a whore and learn all the glory holes around town. I don’t care that you might get caught. Shut the fuck up!!! Do it, you fucking sissy!!!!!! I love to dominate you fuckers and making you all lose any trace of masculinity you might have. Your asshole will be gaped in so many ways by so many different cocks. Well, this is what you wanted, you bottom bitch so take it and do it with a smile, my little fucking slut. Thick meat makes your clity cream. We all know it is true now it’s time you abide by my rules!!!!

Presley Dresses The Sissy Dollies

Forced Sissy Training

I love my sissy dollies almost as much as I love taking thick Alpha cock. My favorite thing to do with them is play a sweet game of dress up! My sissies thrive off of soft, feminine fashion since their goal is to be sweet sissy sluts. Not all sissies have to be thin little sticks, so I keep thicc bitch lingerie around too. Every sissy is required to dress a certain way to even think about playing in my presence.

We start by shaving the entire body except the brows and head hair, and slipping them into silky, skin tight stockings. They have to have smooth legs to spread while they take Bull Daddy cock. Sweet, crotchless panties to ensure easy anal access and a sweet garter come next. My favorite sissies get hormone replacement therapy to shrink down those useless clitties and grow in some hot tits.

I have plenty of dresses for my sweets to slip in to before giant BBC’s slip inside their throats and their anal fuck holes. Faggot holes I like to say, until my sissies become hot Tgirls. That will be the day! But they have to start somewhere, so my dollies love playing dress up with me.

Humiliation Phone Sex

A Treat For My Sissy Slut

Mistress Gypsy I have been busy getting together a whole bunch of cocks and balls all kinds of varieties. I know how much of a sissy slut you are and I know you will be excited for the treat I have for you. Before we start, I want to dress you up like a filthy slut.

Sissy training

In a mini dress and no panties with knee high stockings and heels. I’m going to show you off and get you on your knees to lick and suck my asshole. I will shove your tongue in my asshole while I play with my clit. I won’t stop until I squirt all over your face. Then I will send you off to go get fucked and used by all the cocks I collected. I want to see your face get fucked and used until it is dripping with cum. It won’t stop there I want your man pussy used and filled up too just like the dirty cum dumpster you love being my good sissy slut. That is why I wanted to give you a treat.  Mistress Gypsy will give you treats when you deserve them.

The Best Sissy Trainer for BBC Faggots

best sissy trainerI love it when guys tell me I am the best sissy trainer for them. I take pride in what I do. I love an obedient and well-trained sissy. I love to feminize sissies, especially for big black cocks. Here is the thing about black men. They do not care where they put their cock. Have you heard the expression, “Any port in a storm will do?” Black men do not often care where they put their cocks. There are a lot of black men on the down low. They do not identify as bisexual or gay, but they will fuck a sissy bitch. Many of those black men prefer to fuck a pretty femboy. It may make them feel less gay when they are fucking an anatomically male’s back door! Business for a BBC sissy trainer is booming. Almost every sissy wants a big black cock. Hell, even a lot of men who are married or have girlfriends want big black cocks too. Black cocks are all the rage. Think about it. Shows like the Kardashians have long been indoctrinating young women with notions that sexy white women belong with black men. The porn world is full of Reparation fantasies. Are you familiar with that? That is when a black man claims your white wife as reparation for slavery. He now owns your wife, and he can breed her and fuck her at will, even in front of you! Hot fantasy, right? Cuckolding porn is also very popular, and in all those videos the hot white wife is cheating on her husband with a young black bull. Everywhere you look, white women are with black cock. No wonder so many men like you want to be a sissy for a black man. I am here for you. With my femboy training, I will have you looking and acting the part of a perfect black cock faggot.

Big Clit Sissy

My cuckold sissy slut was naked with my friends examining his little dick and asking him how it stayed so small. I like bending him over my knee and spanking his ass while I pull and tug on his little cock trying to stretch it out.

Taboo phone chat

He always begs to fuck me but he knows I won’t let him since he just has a big clit, that is what I call it. But since he has been a good sissy I wanted to surprise him with a hand job by one of my other sissy sluts to put on a show for my friends and I. After I was done pulling on his big clit, I brought my other sissy slut who actually has a nice size cock and made him suck it. His big clit got hard from the taste of cock, I made him be on all fours like a little pup wiggling his ass in enjoyment. I let him get his big clit stroke as my other sissy slut got more excited, I yelled for him to fuck that big clit slut. He shoved his cock deep in his ass with one shove just like I like seeing. Pounded away until he started filling him up that is when I milked that big clit and made sure he oozed all on my hand. He licked it clean and thanked Mistress Gypsy for the great surprise.  

Dear Secret Cuck

sissy phone sex

Dear Secret cuck,

So I heard a little secret. It will be nice to confirm it with you, but there’s a rumor going around that you can’t stop thinking about BBC. You often fantasize about your wife getting rammed by juicy black cock. All you want is a real man to fuck her and cuck you.  I can give you the best sissy phone sex advice. Give up your so-called manhood and let your wife live out the dreams you have for yourself.

I love when “men” try to say they are only cucks because they like the humiliation aspect and do not crave cock. A cuck is truly a sissy deep down inside. Please change my mind if you can. I will probably wait eternity because you might be wrong. I’m right. A cuck is simply a cock worshipper who doesn’t have the cojones to admit what they truly are and dispel everything to an erotic kinky.

You don’t fool me, sissy bitch

-Mistress Ember

Best sissy trainer Z

best sissy trainer

Are you fucking kidding me? You are seriously pulling out that itty bitty thing like you’re so proud of? Don’t you know that the best sissy trainer would never let you touch her with a pathetic little clitty? I border on being a princess and I am most certainly a brat! I only Fuck huge donkey sized cocks. If you’re under 8 inches you most certainly won’t be getting any of this prime pussy. No, you’re not a good candidate for a boyfriend…  However, it’s possible that we’ll be able to come up with something that will satisfy us both! You’re welcome to be my little cucky guy! In exchange for licking this gorgeous pussy clean after I’ve been fucked by a real man, Cream pie anyone? I’ll let you pay for absolutely everything I need or want! Isn’t it the most fun you’ve ever had?? It’s entertaining for me at least, and no one cares if you enjoy it! And really isn’t that why you cum to me for online sissy training? I love findom, cuckolds and big dicked men!

The Sissy Training You Yearn For

Having some sissy training is something you yearn for. I have no doubt you will have a great time if you just relax and enjoy the training, I give you. It will be full of orgasms and new experiences. The need you have had to be feminine and soft will be fulfilled with me.

Sissy training

I will make sure to dress you up in the perfect outfit to show of your best features. You will get the attention you want and training you want to make you feel like a perfect sissy slut. My mates I use all have big cocks so it will be exactly what you want. Having your holes filled up and use like the perfect slut is always guaranteed. Nothing excites me more than when I spank you while you use your pretty sissy lips to suck on a big cock. That only assures me that you will be able to take a cock in that tight ass pussy. You will have to show them how special you are and that is why you need mistress Gypsy.