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My Sissies Need BBC

BBC sissy trainer


If you’re looking for a BBC sissy trainer with access to the thickest, fattest jet black fuck sticks around, then you’ve come to the right place.  Mistress K has every big black cock in town ready and waiting to break you and your slutty sissified ass.  They’re going to ream you out like they have a score to settle with your girly ass cheeks, guaranteed!

I know because I took on every last one of those colossal anacondas a few times over.  Gotta pay the price if you want to hire the proper players, and these ebony gods are exactly what I wanted.  Chiseled muscles, cold attitude and each one with a bone bigger than my forearm.  When I see perfection, I go for it and those onyx dongs are absolutely perfect for nailing and submitting all of my girly little cakeboys just like they did to me.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Don’t worry, when you’re done you’ll get permission to have a black spade with a big Q in the middle tattooed on your ass as a badge of honor, just like all of my other BBC loving queenies.  Then you can show everyone that you’re a black guy banging he-bitch with pride!  Can you think of any better way to advertise to all of the buff black dudes around that you’re down to be taken to pound town?

My sissies need to take BBC and tons of it.  Not just for my entertainment, it makes them better little fairies.  You should see how they prance around after taking a mandingo load or two right up the poop chute.  Better yet, you should take a juicy load of your own and prance around with them.



Stepbrother Forced Sissy Training

I walked in on my stepbrother after he hopped out the shower and I saw how little his white dick was. I started laughing at him pointing at his big clit. I walked up to him, pulled my panties from the hamper, telling him he will dress as a bitch because that is what he is. Being a girl is fun i told him you get fucked and filled up. I stroked his little dick trying to get pre-cum out and when he started leaking, I wiped some with my fingers into his mouth making him lick my fingers clean. “Oh yes a good sissy bitch knows how to clean a cummy mess”. I knew my boyfriend and his big black cock were coming over so i made it clear to my sissy white stepbrother that he is my bitch toy to us as i want and to not say a word. I blind folded my boyfriend and walked him into my room.

Forced sissy training

There I pulled his big black cock and grabbed my stepbrother’s head and pushed it down, making him suck his BBC. My boyfriend called him a good cock sucker and slut. Then i bent him over and told my boyfriend to fuck me. I guided his cock into my stepbrother’s asshole. I played with my cunt as my forced stepbrother was getting fucked and filled up by my BBC boyfriend and it made me so very horny.

Sissy Maid Training

Best sissy trainer

Welcome to the sissy slut hut! Becoming a woman will require a lot of training. There are so many things we will need to touch base on.

1.) Starting with Male to female voice training.. This is something that should always come first in-order to dress like a woman or even sex like a woman.. You have to be able to speak like one.. That would include Context, Style of talking and your tone.

2.) A good way to help learn squealing would be the second thing on our todo list having a Feminine Pop hit list.. To sing along to something that makes you feel completely vulnerable.

3.) Our priority task “Daily Blowjob practice” this is a crucial sissy task!! What use for a woman who can’t give a toe curling Blowjob!

4.) Mm A juicy BBC is going to stretch that jaw and require deepthroating his 11-14 inch cock! A cock that big will require two hands… This means we will have to put a lot of time on focusing hand movements… gotta keep it sexy!

5.) Don’t forget to watch those teeth slut!! Majority of men do not want to feel your teeth scraping their cock!

Give me a call so we can start your specialized course and turn that sweet ass into the perfect pocket pussy!

I have a pussy and you don’t

sissy phone sex

I have a secret weapon that makes these sissies cry. Look, I know the ultimate dream is to be like me. A cute young spinner who can get all the delicious cocks in the world. The problem with that is you are a natural-born male. Shocking how I tell you the truth. See, most the trainers will have you think you are a “real woman” the thing with that is that it is pretty misleading and a big fat lie! Yes, I am going to be mean. You wish you had a pussy. The sad part is even if you bought a fleshy pink cunt and had the modifications and surgeries, don’t be a ” woman,” let me tell you, and you’re not a woman. You will never have a natural-born pussy. You can never get pregnant by semen. It might hurt to hear the truth, but you will never be me. Once you realize the reality, which you know all too well already, you will face the fact that you are only a man in drag that will be used to pay up and add to my funds. You want  sissy phone sex huh? now this is the pinacle of sps.

Mistress phone sex slut Remi

mistress phone sex


I’ve been by the pool all day, watching my little sissy bitches serve drinks to a bunch of studs. I’m a kinky, mistress phone sex slut but I’m even more kinky with the 2 sluts I keep and train at home. Today, I made them wear skimpy, little bikinis and serve me and my studs while I had a pool party! I got really turned on when I was making them rub me down with tanning oil. I spread my legs and made them lick my hot, little cunt. While they were on their hands and knees, eating my wet pussy, I made them pull their bikini bottoms down. As soon as my stud buddies saw this, they were right behind those little sluts, pumping their tight, sissy pussy holes! There is no better feeling than having a sissy cum whore, moaning into my cunt while he takes a load from a massive, fat dick! The pool just opened but I can already tell that it’s going to be a hot summer!

Attitude Adjustment on Sissy Girl

Best sissy trainer

All of my sissy boyrs are so good and sweet but some love a little punishments ! Sissy boy Marc had some attitude for me today so I took him to our playroom! I stripped him to just his pink panties and spread his little ass hole and ass cheeks nice and wide! I pushed in a thick and long dildo that I could make in about eleven inches by just a push of a button. He moaned with a little pain and began to take the flogging to his sweet and cute ass that sometimes hit a little sweet spot, pushing his dildo in deeper! I laughed and watched as he came all over himself, I shoved his face in it and watched as he licked and cleaned up his mess!

Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexI told my little slut to come here and suck this big black cock the way I trained her to. She put her big dick sucking lips to work right away like a good little femboy. I got her all dressed up in pink panties and bright red lipstick for tonight’s occasion. She was going to make me a shit ton of money with her tight ass body whether she wanted to or not. I yanked her up by her fucking hair and told her to be a good little sissy and lay on the bed. She started stroking her small cock so of course I punished the bitch. I went over and slapped the bitch in her face and pulled her legs open revealing that tight dirty asshole he wants. I told him to shove it in her as hard as he fucking could and then maybe she’ll learn her fucking lesson. He shoved his dick in so fucking hard she screamed so I had to sit on her face to shut her the fuck up. He fucked her so hard and fast that he came inside her tight dirty asshole and of course she thanked him for it after like a good little bitch would.

Sissy Slave Training

Best sissy training


Wow, this BBC is super long and juicy! I could use some assistance… Come here sissy and show this sucker what you got. Wrap that beautiful mouth around the shaft and massage the frenulum with your tongue. Ease that cock down your throat you little slut! You better learn how to do it like me.. Make sure that man can’t get enough! You only have so much to compensate for, you do lack all the great qualities of a real woman! Don’t worry one session with me will help you gain all of the qualities you will need. Turn you into the perfect fuck slut! You won’t even need to attend gay bars; you will be able to walk that ass straight into a club and have the ability to snatch the souls of husbands that sit right next to their wives. Have you in the bathroom fucked by men who never thought to even question their sexuality.



In a short time you will be the iconic sissy slut you aspire to be!

Time for Your Sissy Slave Training

What time is it? Well for you, little man it’s time for your transformation with a session of Sissy slave training. That’s right, you really are not a man and you should certainly not be treated like one. You are a peon, a bitch, a little sissy slut.

I’m Addilyn, and I am going to be in control of you from now on. That’s right, you will be my Bitch, crawl to me. How does it feel to be a worthless fuck slut that is about to be groomed for Big black cocks to own your holes, Slut? When you stare at yourself in the mirror what do you see? A loser? A wimp? It’s certainly not a man. Wouldn’t you agree? Of course you would. I’m more than you could ask for and I know what you need. Anything worth having is not free and that goes for me owning and training you. Nothing is for free, and my skills, beauty and your craving is definitely going to require dedication, gratuities, spoiling and of course my fee before you will even begin with me.

Sissy slave training

Mistress K’s Sissy Maids

Sissy maid training


I like sissy maid training because it’s just fucking fun!  I get to dress up a bunch of femboy freaks and make them prettier than they’ve ever been in their entire lives and get paid to do it!  What do you do for a living, drive a big dumb truck across the country 8 million hours a week or push stacks of paper, ad nauseam, back and forth on a desk for a thankless company?  Fuck that!  You can keep your normie career and your, no doubt, mundane life.  My sissy maids keep my life really fucking interesting and my apartment clean as hell!

Every pussy coveting parlourmaid of mine has to adhere to Mistress K’s strict standards and they’re happy to do it.  They put on every hot little uniform and tight and tiny clitty clamps I tell them that they need and they’re better sissies for it.  They clean every nook and cranny I command them to with any size dildo jammed way up in their asses that I deem appropriate for the job with a big smile on their faces.  They always take every single schlong that I throw at them and even make sure they clean up every drop of cum that might get away from them when it explodes out of those dicks and shoots all over them.  My favorite is when they thank me for the opportunity to fuck a fat cock while they lick and slurp gelatinous globs of jizz off of the floor.

You might like your job and you might even have a maid.  But does Consuelo let you strip her down, abuse her naked body then doll her back up in a hot french maid uniform?  Does she stuff her holes full as she cleans your toilet with her mouth?  Does her little clitty go drip-drip-drip when you tell her you’re going to make sure her asshole is gaped out big and wide before her shift is through?  Does Consuelo pay you for the opportunity to clean your place while you degrade her?  No?  Sucks to be you, Bro.