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Sissy girl training for Lauren’s boy-pussy & new plumped lips!

Sissy girl trainingThere is nothing that gets me more in the mood than Sissy girl training with my inferior bitch boys. This big dicked sissy Lauren is one of my favorite little toys to play with. She is so good at instructional play and submission in all aspects. She grew her hair out like I told her to and got her sweet lips plumped up for me. We had big things planned out for this pathetic fuck doll. She was so excited that we could now pimp her slutty body out to all the nasty men out there now. 

I told her she needed to get some augmentations and surgeries done before we could make money off her. She took it seriously and will soon have some big fat fake bimbo tits on her chest. Her lips a plumped and juicy for cock sucking and her ass hole is waxed and smooth. Now we can officially call it a bussy when she gets her hole fucked by my strap on and some big cock. If you are in need for a Phone domination session I am your girl. You should be getting your pansy ass dressed up like Lauren and call me. 

 You better have that cock out and lots of toys to use on yourself for me. I am here to rage fuck your worthless body and turn you into the perfect cock sleeve servant for me. You will be fully trained and ready to be pimped out for men as soon as I am done with you bitch!

Mistress Phone Sex Means You are My Bitch Not My Lover

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex women are dominant. No ifs ands or buts about it. You cannot call a mistress and expect to call the shots. Most men know this. But some men see a sexy woman and just lose their shit. Now I know I have tits and ass and a pretty face. I give off Goth babe vibes. But I do not do fuck calls.

Unless the fuck call involves a strapon and your ass, LOL. And I do not do small dicks. So, let me save you some trouble. If you have a small dick and you are not a sissy, get off my page. I will not fuck you.

However, Troy seemed genuinely surprised that I did not want his tiny inch worm. He used big and 5-inches in the same breath. And I lost my shit. Uncontrollable laughter. However, Troy did not get the memo that 5-inches is not big. Not to a phone domination lady like me. Not to any woman I have ever met either.

Let me share something with you. I like big black cocks. And when I mentioned that to Troy, he called me a race traitor. His mind appeared smaller than his dick. So, I had some fun with him.

A Dominant Mistress is a Size Queen and She is In Control Too

When you buy a call, I usually collect enough information to be able to look you up. The Internet is amazing. So much info there. I told Troy all that I found out about him. Honestly, I am surprised he did not hang up. He did not get the fuck call he wanted. And I did not give the call I wanted either.

Trust me. I prefer to be a nurturing sissy trainer. I do not like to be mean. And I do not like to blackmail men. But I will. And I did with Troy. Set him up on a nice little tribute plan or I let his wife and coworkers know what a misogynistic piece of shit he is.

If you call me, it better be for sissy training. It is my specialty. I am not here to fuck you. And I don’t want to fuck you either unless I am using a strapon. However, I do want to feminize you and teach you how to suck cock.

Sissy Phone Chat with Mistress Genesis

sissy phone chat


Dear all Sissy & Fem Boys

I want you to be my good little sissy phone chat slut. I want you to be a good little femboy and go pick yourself out a gorgeous little mini skirt and cute crop top. One that is nice and tight that accentuates your tiny femboy body. That’s a good little slut. I want you to grab those pink lace panties too and slip them on over your jiggly ass. Now, call me for some erotic siss phone chat.

Mistress Genesis will dominate you

We’re going to make you into my own little sissy doll. I’m going to parade you around all over town, on a leash. You’ll do everything I ask you to do. We’re going to g shopping, and you’ll try on everything that I want you to try on. Everyone’s going to see what a good little sissy femboy that you are. Last stop for the day is Sephora. We’re going to go and get you color matched for the perfect foundation.

Let’s grab everything else while we’re here too. The whole sha-bang. Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyelashes, Lipstick, Eyeshadow. Then take it back home and give you a complete make over. Turn you into the most perfect, sexy fem boy there has ever been. Then maybe once we’re done, I’ll let you serve me in bed.

Eating Pussy is all a part of Forced Sissy Training

Make you eat my wet pussy till I tell you to stop. Lubed your nice tight sissy cunt up and shove my bright red strap on right up your ass. Let you sit on top of me and ride me, taking every inch f this big strap on. Stretching your ass nice and wide. Wanna know a little secret to why I want your asshole nice and stretched? Because I called a good friend of mine earlier and asked him to come over!

The BBC sissy trainer

Devante’ is a really good friend of mine. His skills in fucking good little fem sissy sluts into submission, are amazing. He could turn the straightest of me into a good little sissy fem boy, with his huge black cock. I want to see you get on your knees and show him just how well you can suck his big black daddy dick.

Sissy hypno training will make you fuck, will make you suck

Sissy hypno trainingYour favorite sexy ass Mistress Emerson is going to force you to submit to Sissy hypno training. You will you suck, you will fuck and you will submit to any cock that comes your way. All under my hypnotic spell and you cannot escape my control. 

I know you need a dominant woman to take control of your life and rip your sissy hole wide open and I’m your Mistress, whore. I’m known for my strict training regimen, which will have you begging to be my sissy slut in no time.

Now, let’s cut to the chase. You’re here because you want to submit to a bad ass Mistress like me. You want to be transformed into a submissive sissy, ready to please and serve at my every whim. And I’m happy to help you with that. 

With just a few sessions, you’ll be crawling on the floor, eager to please me and follow my every command. I’ll have you calling me Goddess, wearing lingerie and makeup, and getting ready to be feminized completely. And trust me, once you start, you won’t want to stop.

My Forced feminization training goes deep, rewiring your brain to your inner bimbo. With just a few sessions, you’ll be begging to be turned into a sissy, with no escape in sight. And that’s just how I like it. I’ll take complete control of your transformation. 

Now, I know some of you may be hesitant to take the plunge. You may be worried about what others will think, or whether you’re truly cut out for the sissy lifestyle. But let me tell you, once you submit to me, all those worries will melt away. 

You’ll be too consumed by your desire to please me, to be the best sissy you can be. And trust me, the reward is worth it. So, take the plunge and submit to hypnotic Forced sissy feminization! Call me now and let’s start your transformation. I promise you, it will be a wild and exciting ride. And you’ll never look back.

Best sissy trainer Peace Ready to Do Her Thing

sissy girl traiingI am the best sissy trainer because I know exactly how to push a man’s buttons and make him submit to his feminine side. I love seeing them squirm as they try to resist, but ultimately fail under my command. My techniques are designed to strip away their masculinity and replace it with an overwhelming sense of shame and humiliation.

Firstly, I start by dressing them up in lingerie, high heels, and other feminine clothing that accentuates their curves – or lack thereof. Then comes the makeup; heavy on the blush, eyeliner, mascara – anything that makes them look as ridiculous as possible. Once they’re all dolled up like little dolls ready for playtime, it’s time for some verbal abuse! Calling them names like “faggot,” “sissy slut,” “cocksucker,” or even referring to their pathetic cock size is just part of breaking down their ego. It might sting at first but trust me when I say this kind of degradation only serves one purpose: making sure these worthless cocks know who’s boss here!

Next step? Teaching them how to please a woman…or rather another man dressed as a woman since most men can never truly understand what we go through in bed anyway! This usually involves using dildos which always come handy in my purse (for practice sessions). Watching these big strong men struggle with something so small yet so powerful is quite satisfying indeed! And if things get too rough? Well then maybe some black friends could come over and help fuck their sissy asses. I love seeing the fear in their eyes as they realize there’s no escape from this new life of servitude and degradation. They’ll be trained to do our hair, makeup, cook for us – anything we desire!

But don’t worry about them enjoying it too much because that would defeat the purpose of turning them into obedient little sluts who can only think about pleasing others. Instead, focus on making sure they understand that being a sissy is all about serving those around you; whether it’s through sexual favors or simply looking pretty for your mistress. And if they ever forget? Well then maybe another round of verbal abuse will remind them where they stand in this twisted game called life…as my plaything!

So there you have it! My methods might seem cruel but trust me when I say they work wonders in creating the perfect sissy slut. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love having someone completely devoted to their every whim and desire? Not only do these pathetic creatures provide endless entertainment but also an outlet for all my sexual frustrations. After all, not every man can satisfy a woman like me…but maybe one day my little sissy boy will try his hardest!

Sissy humiliation training need to thicken that skin.

          Sissy humiliation training need to thicken that skin. Before long, you are going to be begging to be humiliated in public. Dressed as a slave maid. Bowing your head. Watching your feet. Slow small steps. Six-inch heels. Pussy faggot stretched out. Pinks, purple, among other queer colors, always on the outside looking in. Never fitting in because you have a minute sized fucking penis. Shriveled little, short sissy boy faggot. No crown for you. Don’t deserve.

          Instead, smeared makeup. Making you look like the town trollop. That is what you aspire to be. A trollop a whore of the lowest order. Cry you fucking baby. You can only aspire to be a trollop. Nothing more than a lowly backwater nothing from nowhere wanting to be a girl. At the same time knowing you NEVER be a girl. Not now, not ever.

          You are just a stupid little queer, with a penis so small it amounts to nothing. You can’t even call it clit. It doesn’t have the one thousand nerves that a real woman has. No, you will never amount to anything.

          Sissy maid training you need to know you are less than us.

          All in all, you will wear the French style maid outfit. Stocking that are fishnet, a sure sign that you are trash. Ruffled ass. Hands and knees. No pads for you unless they are maxi, you going to be bleeding bitch. Make sure of it.

          To point out that you are a maid is just the beginning. You will continue to be humiliated daily. Hourly. Never leave what you are now. Just a slave that is in training to be the maid of the year. Aspire to be the trollop.

          It must be remembered you will never be a girl. Just a sissy bitch fucking queer whore.Sissy humiliation training

Forced feminization Is a skill for all Boi Toys!

Forced feminizationForced feminization Is a skill all young women should have for her begging boi Toys! MMM, To push your buttons makes me so happy!  With you I will become an expert at the art of forced feminization and sissification. Cum, Mistress

Zoey will guide you through each step of the Femmi process and help you become the ultimate femboy. Tell me baby boy, are you ready to take the plunge into sissydom and start your transformation today? The world is a shit hole, you should finally be at a place you can let your little whore out to play! I know exactly how to mold and fold you into what you lust and daydream about?  You won’t be the same after I’m done with you. I’m your only hope to be the perfect sissy you want to be. 

Forced feminization Is a skill all young women should have

There are some things I learned long ago and will always integrate in my sissy la-las. Forced sissy training Is something that breaks down the ego and obscures the roles of masculinity! No longer do you have to cater to the horrible roles of society and find your pretty and cock loving world with me.  Time for me tomold you into the perfect sissy and you’ll be thankful for it.

Let go and have Zoey teach you to love cock and take on your true feminine identity. With me, you become the whore of the hour you really  want to be. From the bi-curious, to crossdressers who love pussy you understand that sometimes you need a seductive strong sexy hand! Come with me to sissy la-la land! 

For the Ultimate Femboy training Let Zoey Lead the way almost gay!

Phone Domination: A Slut’s Training

Mistress phone sex

As your mistress, I’ve got something extra dirty and horny planned for you tonight. Look at you, my little slut, all eager and wet. Let’s just say you’re about to become my latest plaything. But this time, I’ve got a special treat–a brand new bull-stud to break you in and turn you into my personal cum dumpster.

I’m gonna dress you up like the little bitch you are. Think frilly lace and silky stocking. Oh, and some crotchless panties too, ’cause we both know how much you love showing off your little pink slut bubble. While you’re at it, practice your gag reflexes ’cause you’ll be putting those to good use soon.

I’ll prime your slut hole with a thick plug while you slip into some sexy lingerie. And don’t forget the lipstick, gotta make those lips pretty for the main event.

Now, here’s the fun part. I’ll lead you by your leash to two BBC studs longing to tear your body apart. But first, you’re gonna earn your keep and suck them off. That’s right, get on your knees and show me what a little fluffer you are. While you’re sucking, I’ll be right there, soaking wet, watching those huge cocks piston in and out of my cunt.

And when those studs are good and hard, I’ll present you like the whore you are, bend you over, and let them loose on your tight little hole. They’ll pound you senseless, making you squeal like the bitch in heat you were born to be. And when they’re done stretching your pussy, they’ll prolapse that little cum star of yours.

You’re gonna love it, my nasty little slut. Now bend over and prepare for the ride of your life. Your mistress is in charge, and tonight, you’re gonna learn why I’m the phone sex trainer extraordinaire!

Zori will own you through Online sissy training! You will be her slut!

Online sissy training is so easy to do. I will have you doing whatever I say when I say.

Online sissy training

Look at my pretty black pussy and round ass and imagine how something as pathetic as you would never have the chance to touch something so beautiful.

Only time you will be allowed to touch me is when I’m using your tongue as my toy for my superior pussy and asshole. When you make me cum, only your tongue will be allowed to touch me to clean up my cum, occasionally I will give your face the honor of touching me when I want to sit on it and fuck it till your nose is all up in my pussy and I’ve came on it and all over your sissy face. You will stroke your cock until your close to cumming but I will stop your right before you do.

You’re not allowed to cum, your only allowed to be used. I’m going to have my big, dicked boyfriend come show you why he is worthy to use all of my holes and yours and use up all of your money. You’re going to get on your little hands and knees and open that mouth wide. He is going to fuck the shit out of your throat and make you gag and choke all on his big black manhood. Sucking his cock will make your sissy pocket wet.

This is good because when you least expect it my big dick king will take it out of your mouth and shove it right in that sweet shit hole. He is going to bend you over and fuck you until your screaming and crying for him to stop. Even then he won’t! Sissy phone sex can be so hot and nasty, just like you!

Femboy Training Making You Peace’s Sissy Slut Bitch

Femboy trainingI love Femboy training where I can see you’re such a pathetic little sissy, aren’t you? Always trying to steal my panties and wear it like some sort of perverted fetish. It’s disgusting, really. But since you seem so eager to be my personal faggot, I might as well have some fun with you.

I walk over to the mirror and hold up one of your panties for everyone to see. “Look at this,” I say mockingly, “Isn’t it just adorable how desperate you are for a taste of femininity?” I then sniff them lightly before putting them on myself, making sure they cling tightly against my body.

Next up are your bras; lacy and delicate things that barely contain my ample breasts but still manage to look cute on me nonetheless. As I put them on over my own chest, I can feel the material rubbing against my nipples which only serves to arouse me further knowing that these were once yours – something belonging exclusively to another woman now being worn by me!

Now that I’m all dressed up in your lingerie (and looking quite stunning if I do say so myself), it’s time we head out into public where everyone can see just how much of a slutty faggot boyfriend you truly are! We go shopping together where people will laugh at how ridiculous we look together: The tall dominatrix striding confidently beside her tiny crossdressed sissy slave who is nothing more than an accessory at her side – hers alone!

Oh, don’t worry about that. You’ll get plenty of practice taking cocks up your ass soon enough. For now though, let’s focus on making sure you look the part.

As we walk through the mall together with me in your lingerie and high heels (which are surprisingly comfortable), I grab a dildo from my bag and hand it to you. “Here,” I say nonchalantly as if this is something normal people do every day, “Why don’t you try shoving this up there while we shop?”

You hesitate at first but eventually comply because after all – it is what your slutty girlfriend demands of her faggot boyfriend! As you struggle to insert the toy into yourself for everyone around us to see (and hear), I casually browse through some clothes without any concern for our public display of humiliation or degradation. It feels so good knowing that everyone can see just how much control I have over you! Oh, look at that! A real man coming over to say hello. How exciting for both of us. “Hey there,” I greet him with a sultry smile as he approaches, completely unaware of the scene unfolding before him.