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Pussy Worshiping Sissy Sluts

Sissy phone chatAre you a pussy worshiping little sissy? You may be few and far between, but you are not forgotten. I have plans for you. Training you pathetic little sluts to be my little sissy maids will be easy as fuck. None of you deserve my pussy. Your tiny cocks are not good enough to fuck my sweet pussy. I wouldn’t let any of your cocks within 10 feet of my pussy unless you were serving me. Remember: your purpose is to serve me. You are so desperate for even a taste of my pussy, even if it means licking another man’s cum out of my cunt. My cunt is the prize and you have no problem putting yourself in chastity and going weeks without touching your cock, which is now dubbed a little clit, simply for my pleasure. You will wear a cute little maid’s outfit wherever you go so it is obvious to everyone that you are serving me simply because I say so.

BBC Sissy Trainer Coraline Knows Size Matters Most

bbc sissy trainerI love being a bbc sissy trainer. Many men in my community know I am a size queen. They know I prefer black men to white men. I am not submissive to any man. The black men I fuck, respect me and make me cum. Some white guys, however, cannot understand that. I am not sure what is so hard to accept. My neighbor had the audacity to call me a race traitor. He sometimes sees black men coming and going from my place. He has never said a word to me until this week. I was doing some gardening, and he came to the edge of the fence and started calling me names. When he said I was a race traitor, I knew he was just butt hurt that I was not fucking him. I thought before I responded. I could not let his racism and disrespectful talk go unchecked. He needed put in his place. I let him think that I would let him set me straight. He came over last night. He thought he was getting lucky. He did get lucky, just not in the way he expected. This phone dominatrix fucked him, but he did not fuck me. I bet you know where I am going with this story, don’t you. That is because you are a sissy bitch who loves to be pegged. Steve, my neighbor, however, did not know what pegging was until I had a ten-inch black dildo in his ass. He screamed so loudly that I was certain the neighbors could hear him. Well, the other neighbors. As I pegged his ass, I schooled him in what I deserve and laughed at his three-inch white wonder. Did this small dick loser really think a woman as hot as me only deserved his underwhelming dick? Men. I was clear that he was my bitch now. I told him with such a small dick, he belonged in sissy panties. I also told him if he ever disrespected my choice of lovers or me again, he would get a black cock not just a black dildo up his ass.

Online sissy training with the — ((Hottest Lucky Sissy))

Online sissy training LOL; The Lucky, sissy faggot wore a VerySexy mini schoolgirl skirt and matching bikini-top, she got a bit nervous when I started to livestream her TikTok.. Only if she knew how many people were sending roses just to see her firm ass in her Sissy panties! OMG, she looked so fucking H.O.T! Like a total slut with a cute little pink feathery ended, butt-plug. Dare to see? She is a bit shy though; she sorta kind of yaa, freaks out to even just the thought alone (of anyone finding out her dirty dark secret.) I am forcing her out of her sissy closet! It’s time she introduced her art of seduction ways. Her body looked so curvaceous in that outfit as she rubbed her tiny clit. She looked sooo effing Hot like, FLAMING!

I mean seriously even her friend could not resist her. He asked her to suck his dick. Of course she sucked him off. She showed him all the tricks that I taught her. She’s so bad she can make a straight man gay, Literally.. Or at-least “Bi-Curious”. xD I guess those are the results of dealing with the Best sissy trainer in existence. My Sissy slut knows exactly how to throw it back and that’s; all the way! She can twerk her powder soft ass and swallow every inch of a long girthy dick. Good girl, Act bad, get down on your knees and drop your jaw.. I want you to show me that you are worthy of every minute you get to spend with me. Don’t forget your dildo next time… I want to see how many dicks your face can hold. My dirty cum guzzling secret, make sure you get another burst of flavor, by the next time your Online sissy training class is in session! 

“I seek you Mistress for the pain!”

“You dirty limp-dicked sour head pansy ass bitch! Now get on your knees and lick
my ass!” I said as I bent over the couch and spread my ass cheeks. He dropped to his
knees and put each of his hands on each of my ass cheeks. Then he buried his face into
my enormous chocolate ass. I could feel the warm wetness of his tongue circle my
asshole as his plethora of saliva drizzled down my crack into the curve of my cheeks.
“Make sure you clean me out good, bitch!”sissy training

“I seek you Mistress for the pain. I need the pain that only you can unleash upon me. I’ve heard
of your great works. I need you to bring the pain and help me release this seed that I have within me.
Please!” He begged.

Sissy Class part 2

Sissy training audio

Class Part 2

So you have been taking my classes for a while now. It is time for us to take it to the next level if you are going to be the best little sissy cock sucker you can be. How can we step it up, you wonder. With my Sissy training audio. 

That is right, a set of personalized audios walking you through all of the steps that you need in your transformation. You have spent so many years trying to suppress that little bitch inside of you that I need to deprogram you. Step by step every single day. 

We both know that being a good sissy slut takes work and effort. You can not just turn it on and off. You need my voice in your ear several times a day. Reminding you, teaching you, pushing you. Breaking you so that I can build you back up, making you the best sissy that you can be. 

Stupid Sissy Gets Ass Pulverized by BBC

Taboo phone chat

Locking you in a room with 10 big black cocks was the best idea I have ever had! You cock addicted whores need to learn your place. When I train you, it’s so you can take it in the ass like a good little bitch and beg for more. That’s because you sluts only need to be asking for more cock. You are disgusting cum rags. You should be grateful that a cock has decided to use you when it could just as easily have cum on the ground and made you lick it up, you cum dumpster. Now, you can experience what’s it’s like to have 10 guys completely destroy your holes without any training. They’ll be able to stretch you out really good. I can hear you begging for them to stop, but they sure don’t, especially since one of them shoved his cock down your throat. You’re going to take it like a bitch. 2 cocks inside your ass? You won’t be able to rub your little clit while they truly tear you apart. You’d better worship those cocks.

Best Sissy Trainer Coraline Does Not Let Sissies Control the Play

best sissy trainerThe best sissy trainer listens to you. I get a lot of sissies who want to suck cock, and plenty who do not. I am not opposed to pegging a sissy. In fact, I love it. You don’t want to worship any cock? You will worship me instead. Sissy Lilly found out what I meant the other day when I said “If you do not worship cock, you will worship me.”  A sissy must serve someone. It might as well be me, right? Sissy Lilly needed to come down off her high horse. I understand what a sissy wants, but sometimes we must meet in the middle. I do not do sissy phone calls for the money. Sure, the money is nice. It helps pay the bills, but I could have other jobs.  I could be a full-time dominatrix again, and never do phone sex. But I like helping sissies understand their wants and needs.  Sissy Lilly wanted no cock. She did not want to eat pussy or ass. And she did not want pegged. I am a dominant woman, so I could not let a sissy call the shots.  I listened to her and decided that the happy medium was me and my strapon apparatus. I dressed Sissy Lilly up in a pink frilly dress. I put her worthless clitty in a cock cage so she could not masturbate or cum. She was not happy about that. I would not be a good sissy trainer if I let a sissy cum whenever she wanted. Sissies are chronic masturbators. They have very little self-control over their flaccid peckers. They need my kind of sissy training. While her worthless clit stick was caged, I pegged her ass. She screamed at first, then started moaning. She also started leaking from her cage. Just means I hit her prostate. I milked that sissy dry. I ruined her orgasm, and I will ruin yours too.

Pussy hypnosis Sissy slave training, surrender and eat!

Sissy slave trainingMen are hypnotized by my pussy and that includes sissies! Whether its envying my vagina or wanting to lick me clean after watching me get barebacked by a girthy dick.. You want it! I love teasing you while dragging my finger up and down my freshly waxed pussy, watching you pout because your dreams of having one will never be.. A surgeon may be able to button you up down there but you will never be able to breed… I have you slip your finger inside of my pussy and address me as your goddess, while you feel my warm rigid walls wrap snug around your fingertips.. Worship my pussy as you fall under a trance.. I grab you by your blonde wig and pull you in closer..

You felt so lost until you found Online sissy training.. You feel my pussy pulse as I lead you closer to your destiny, a slave for my pleasure.. All of those gloomy thoughts and questions fade away.. You love my pussy, you want my pussy it’s everything you have ever dreamed of.. You want to please me and honor me as your goddess. Your mouth starts to water with the need to pucker your lips and lick my moist pussy.. I pull you closer and tell you to pucker up.. Press those plush lips up against my pussy lips and smell the sweet aroma of my pussy fill your nostrils.. Completely aroused! Grinding my cunt in a circular motion around your face.. Your little clit hardens, your eyes close you imagine your legs are spread and this pussy of mine that you are kissing and finger fucking is yours.

Your sissy panties get all wet from the sensation that fills your body, your little clit starts to let out your pre orgasmic bliss. You dig in deeper eager to finally feel the feeling of a pussy orgasm, something your unworthy dick has never experienced.. You have accepted your fate! Under a trance, you repeat after me.. “I am a sissy bitch and a slave for you, I surrender.” Squandering at my feet I lean back and moan loudly.. Orgasming, you are enticed by the walls of my pussy gripping and releasing your finger.. Fascinated and wishing you could experience the same. I have you tug your little weenie and smear my pussy juices on your nub. Reminding you that in fact this is the closest you will ever get to having a pussy, Sissy slave training for you has only just begun! 

Poor little humiliation phone sex sissy.

Humiliation phone sex

All pathetic little sissy sluts deserve onery teen humiliation phone sex. Listen to me giggle and tell you what I really think of you while you experiance sissy phone fun with me. Get dressed up in all the pretty outfits, and panties while we take an adventure involving your demise. With big massive black cocks, my strap-on, or the prettiest outfits you can imagine.

I’d love to show you what it’s like to be a naughty sissy slut under my foot. Teased and pelased until you just can’t take it anymore. Sissy sluts like you deserve to be humiliated while experiancing online sissy training.

Arabella Takes You Out on a sissy field trip!

Humiliation phone sex

Arabella Takes You Out 

Get dressed! It is time for some Humiliation phone sex. What do I want you to wear? A bra and panties of course and a dress. You better be dressed and ready when you call me because I have some fun planned.

You are going to grab your car keys and head to a woman’s clothing store. Yes, dressed like that. If you put up a fight or talk back I will only add to the humiliation that I have in store for you. 

Once inside I want you to head straight to the counter. 

Look right at the clerk point at the horrid outfit you have on and announce that you are a sissy in need of help. I want you to say this loudly. Making sure that anyone in the store hears you. Then you can put me on speaker phone. Let me talk to her and give her the very next steps to embarrass you.