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Forced feminization is getting that sissy ass into a skirt

Forced feminization

Forced feminization is getting that sissy ass into a skirt and heels. First, we are getting you completely nude and inspecting your sissy ass. Going to tie up that little clitty of yours. Even have a nice little lock box for it. Next, we are going to find a nice tight skirt, thong panties, and mesh thigh high stockings, three quarter bra, and mesh top. Really make you look like the little slut you are.

You are not to be trusted with getting ready on your own. Seeing as you seem to buck against what you are being told and for this reason you will be helped into those clothes. When it becomes necessary, I will slap your behind. You are going to be feminine and not sit with your legs spread wide.

In a word you are getting feminized and will act appropriately. Now that we have established that we are going to work on your standing and walking. You need to keep your back straight, shoulders back. Even line all the way down to your heels. After all a true woman stands straight and tall. Proud of her carriage.

In the long run you will thank me for making you do all this work to be a sissy little whore.

Phone domination for Mistress Genesis pleasure

Phone domination

Sissys needs Phone domination. I use it for my pleasure. Men have history proven their worth through acts of deeds. Now adays, you have so many pathetic excuses for a cock to be attached to a body. If men are serious about being an actual sissy, they must submit to my pleasure. There is no excuse for excuses. Your life serves no purpose if you cannot satisfy my every desire. These days, I desire to use that stick attached to my body. If you can keep your mouth shut, that’s even better. The only thing I need to hear is Yes, Mistress. Sitting my ass on your face will make your meat stick hard for me to use. Smashing my juice ass all over your face and the delectable smell of my rosebud and seductive cunt stimulates your cock out of your control. Then it’s all mine. None of it is left for your pleasure, so don’t imagine it is.

Femboy training to get you whipped into the perfect sissy.

Femboy training to get you whipped into the perfect sissy. First, we are going to shave, wax, and oiled. Legs, back, ass, spread your ass cheeks and spread the wax between. Once those are all waxed, we will get rid of your armpit hair, chest, and face. Finally, when you are completely shaved going to oil your entire body and really work it in. Want you silky smooth and soft as a little one behind. Pluck the eyebrows. Use some fake eyelashes to give you long luxurious lashes.Femboy training

Second thing we need to do is get your little cock all tied up. I am thinking a cage around it is best. A silicone cage is the best. To point out the reason it is best because I want it to collapse enough that when you are in your panties it can be mashed down and leave even lines.

Now, that we have two of the harder things accomplished. We have hit phase three. It is time to pick out your outfit. We will want slimming and slutty. You are going to be wonderful little slutty sissy whore. The colors of the undergarments to start with are going to be red, lace, silky nylon. The bra is a three quarter. You can see your nipples poking through. Panties we have are bikini lace, with a matching garter belt.

Fourth item on the list is the stockings. We want the thigh high black, with red lace trim on the top. Going down black heels, with red soles and open toe. A black short skirt with a slit on either side of your thigh. We want to see the garter belt straps peeking through and the red lace top of the stockings. We will be picking out a red blouse with cap sleeves. Button down.

Finally, we are at the wig, and it is going to be a red wig. You want a red wig. It will accent your figure. Red and black to begin with. Now, you are ready to see if you can get that sissy pussy fucked.

BBC sissy trainer finding Raw sissy boy talent









BBC sissy trainer


BBC sissy trainer finding Raw sissy boy talent is a gift only the best sissy trainer can possess. I found a sex soft-bottom sissy today. Boy o boy was that sissy eager to please a cock, not just any cock but one with massive size. Cute mini dresses, high thighs, and heels already this sissy knows how to flaunt slutty ass around to ignite boners on site. Good sissy that pass my test get to meet Rocko, He is the biggest bull in my stable. If you can handle a visit from rocko’s enormous shaft, then you are considered as talent in the eyes of the mistress and you have gained her attention. Her knowledge and expertise then become available to you.

Sissy phone with the boss

sissy phone

Sissy phone fun with my boss makes all the dwelling hours go by fast. I do like making him suck on big strap-ons and making him my little slut. Making my boss wear panties and making him a beta slut has worked to my advantage. Now his wife has no Idea he frequents massage parlors and dresses up as a whore.  I’ve got my boss doing molly and living it up and taking loads of BBC cum. His career and family life would be in shambles if the truth were to come out.

After all, I am the head bitch in charge now, and I enjoy making him work hard to please me and draining his wallet, turning him into a sissy. No one knows the truth but him and I, and that’s how it will stay until I train every penny of his net worth. When I have a goal, I will do whatever it takes to make it successful, and I usually do.


Domination phone sex now get on your knees before me.

Domination phone sex: now get on your knees before me. By all means talk back and not do as you’re told. You will see just how quickly I paddle your bottom. Like having your bottom paddled. That can be remedied to loving it.  Among my great many attributes the foremost one is my ability to dominate.

In a word, I own you. If I want to turn you into sissy little whore, then that is what I will do. Now it may be that I feel like giving you a spanking because of disobedience. It will bring you pleasure.

Perhaps it will be that I want to give you a blowjob. I am in complete control. Given these points I do believe that it is about time that you started to call me Mistress Francine or Goddess Francine.

Praise your Goddess on your knees.

Domination phone sex

Best sissy trainer is me and you may beg me to train you.

Best sissy trainer is me and you may beg me to train you. You are under the best care. Turning you into a sissy. Training you properly.

You will be getting all those BBC’s in no time at all. Now, don’t go thinking that you don’t deserve those big black cocks.

You will see. Furthermore you need only to follow along beside ah-hem behind me to see the proper way to walk and talk.

On the negative side you don’t have the nice big tits that men love to play. On the positive side you will make a nice whore with a nice bubble butt that men loved to have their balls smacking into while fucking your sissy pussy as hard as they can.

You want them to get their cock all the way up in that sissy cunt hole of yours. It’s important to remember to beg them to cum inside your pussy.

Those cocks love to be covered in cum, and the prospect of breeding. Finally, I want you to show me what you have learned so far. Go get some cock.

Best sissy trainer

sissy phone sex with the Mistress is a privilege

sissy phone sex


sissy phone sex with mistress Heaven is your introduction to Forced sissy training. Allow Heaven to make you into a proper slut. Do as your told and rewards flow, if you disobey the mistress prepare for punishment. It really is that simple when it comes to your hands on training with the mistress, and her success rate is perfect. Before long you will be taking cock like no other, gobbling and swallowing massive sized BBC day after day with absolute no gag. The mistress loves all her sissy boys and wants them to be all they can be, refined femboys and sophisticated sissies with the charm to get whatever it is the want, from whomever they want with the skills Mistress heaven teaches.

BBC sissy trainer will have your pussy filled with cum

BBC sissy trainer will have your pussy filled with cum. Going to whip you into shape in no time. All you need to do is listen to me. Now, the first thing we are going to do is get you some crotch less panties. In a word you need to have easy access to your sissy pussy. 

At the least they need the easy access. Which means that we need to work on the clothes. Thigh high stockings. Red, black, white, pink garter belts are a must have. Next, you need to be available. Get out there and let them know that you want them. 

Bend over in a short skirt, showing your sissy pussy to them in your crotch less panties. It must be remembered that being approachable and available are invaluable assets. For now, I want you to practice this and as your trainer; I will observe and offer more advice. BBC sissy trainer

Forced Feminization now get your sissy ass in those panties

Forced Feminization

Forcing you to come to terms with your feminine side will help you see what a sissy you really are. In due time you will see that this is the right of things. First and foremost is to get you into the right clothes. Which is to say get out of those guy clothes. 

Happy to see that you don’t have much of a penis and hence nylons would hide it easily, even a nice pair of panties. These are the ones you will put on now.  A nice red pair of lace thongs. I want to highlight that pussy ass of yours. It will cover your non existent little thing. Now, the scarlet red garter belt, black stockings with a lace top. 

Now you see it don’t you. The more you get dressed as a sissy bitch the more you see that you are meant to be a little whore for every cock that comes a calling. Square your shoulders and stick out your breasts. The high heels lift your ass and show it off and easier to assert to men that your pussy is available for their use. 

You will be feminine and admit you love it.