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forced sissy trainingI love being a sexy ass dominatrix. I have a naughty little cunt here who needs to realize who is in fucking charge. I grab his hair and pull him down into the floor, slapping him in the face and making him kiss my fucking feet. I smack his bare ass and tell him to get up and put on that silky pink thong right fucking now. He does as he is told like the good little bitch he is and then I see him start rubbing his little clit through those panties. I grab his hair and bend him over the fucking bed and tell him he is only allowed to fucking touch his clit if I say he is. I grab his little balls and squeeze hard enough for him to apologize and tell me he wont do it again. I take my big black strap on and shove it into his asshole hard so that he screams in pain and pleasure. I fuck him like the dirty little slut he fucking is telling him that he is a sissy and no woman will ever want that tiny little cock. I laugh as I fuck him as hard as I can and tell him that he is my little fuck doll that only I can use. He cums in those tiny little panties and I make him lick them clean.

Femboy Training Begins Now!

Femboy Training

It has become very clear that I need to teach you sissy white boys how to behave in the presence of a Supreme Cocoa Queen! Luckily, I am the best at cracker femboy training. Let’s start by getting you out of those clothes and into something more slutty. My sissy toys need to be dolled up in fuck me fits. I’m going to keep you in skirts and lingerie so that when I have you facedown begging for my veiny black strap I can pull on your lacey frills as I thrust deep inside of you. I’ll use your skirt as reigns to pull you back as I ride you like a pretty pony. You’re so good at taking a thick uncut carrot! I see that you’re not wearing make-up though. Tisk tisk. The only way to make my chocolate pussy drip syrup is to smear on some sexy purple lipstick for when I’m watching you slobber down the shaft of my dick. If you suck me good enough I’ll let you drink the juice that squirts out my fruit box. Your training isn’t going to be all sex and giggles though, peckerwood! You are going to be in chastity a majority of the time because I don’t you to even think of touching that pathetic little clitty! Any backtalk is going to get that bare bottom spanked with a thick wooden paddle. You better hope I don’t squash those baby berries in your sissy panties! When I’m done with you, you’re gonna know exactly how I expect my lily-white fuck meat to worship a superior black goddess.

Humiliated by Jackie

sissy humiliation training

Not all sissies love being humiliated at first. It’s an acquired taste for some. But by the time I’m done with your sissy humiliation training, you will love it and your little clitty will get SO excited when I’m telling you what a dumb slut you are. And when I tell you how the likes of you would never be good enough to fuck me and you should just go ahead and commit to the sissy life? Well, that will just send you over the edge and you will be my little sissy slave forever. There are worse things to be, don’t you think?

You know, like the ugly man you have always been. You probably should never have even called yourself a man. It’s not like you were ever able to make a woman happy between the sheets. But you know who you CAN make happy? Me by sucking every single cock I put in front of you. And by taking every cock in your pussy that I command you to. You’re going to be a very well fucked sissy, but don’t you worry. The humiliation is always going to be there and you’ll love every fucking minute of it.


Play Time With Tiffany

sissy phone sexSissy Tiffany loves to get all sexy for me whenever I tell her to. I put a cute little white dress with panties and a bra in the bathroom for when she comes. I love to have her go change and when she comes out I can see the bottom of her ass I fucking love it. I get down on my knees and lick tiffany’s cock through those pretty hot pink lace panties. I take her cock out and start to lick and suck every inch getting it all nice and wet not forgetting about those big balls. Just when her cock is wet enough I stand up and make tiffany suck on my big black 10inch thick veiny cock making it sopping wet before I make tiffany bend over and spread those pretty little ass cheeks revealing her tight little puckered asshole. I slowly spread tiffany’s asshole with my black cock making her moan but I stop halfway in. Tiffany stands up with my cock still in her little round fucking asshole while I bend down in front of her and let her fuck me. Tiffany loves to fuck me hard and fast, pounding into my tight fucking pussy until he cums deep inside of me. I go behind tiffany and slowly take my cock out making sure he feels every single inch. I can’t wait for our next playtime tiffany.

Sissy Whore Treat

Best sissy trainer

I made my sissy little faggot dress up for me today in her prettiest lingerie! Her favorite is a lacy pink teddy. It’s like a body suit and she feels sexy in it! I am rewarding her with a dump load of cum straight out of my pussy as she is all dressed up for me. I spread my legs wide after she watches this think big black cock rail the shit out of me, and let her jerk off on her clitty to it. She listed to my moans and licked up any remaining mess. She stuck out her tongue and pushed her face in between my thighs and pressed her cute little tongue into my pussy hole! She sucked and licked all around and made sure to get as much cum as she could from my wet cunt!

Femboy Training Emergency

femboy training   I am at my limit with macho men and their toxic masculinity. I have a solution for all of you guys who think you’re the universe’s gift to women. It’s called femboy training. Maybe no one has ever challenged you when you made crude comments about their bodies before. I am here to fix that right now. The first thing I’ll do to your chauvinistic ass is put a pink sparkly butt plug in it. I use lube mixed with body glitter for an extra femme experience. Is it makeup? Is it a unicorn’s jizz? Who knows. First, the plug.

  Oh, is it a bit uncomfortable having something constantly reminding you that you are a sexual creature with vulnerable fuck holes? You are. Everything I do will be about breaking you down and making you my walking doll. You’ll be waxed, pierced, styled and dressed to MY preferences. I do like my girls scantily clad, a lot of the time. The other times I might want to go overboard with pink ruffles and ankle socks, pink Mary Janes, and pigtails. It’s all about what I want, get it? Are you sure you’re ready to face me for feminization and domination?


Help Mistress Suck BBC

bbc sissy trainer

I’m going to make you watch as I take these big black cocks in my mouth! You’ve been a naughty little bitch so you were going to dress up in your sissy panties and a sexy bra for mistress. You know our big dick daddies love a bitch that’s made up too so im gonna smear some purple lipstick on you too. Now, hold these big thick meat sticks while I lick all around the mushroom tip. Don’t you wish your dick was big and veiny so mistress can wrap her slutty lips around it? That little winky in your pants could never make my mouth this wide. You better not even think about touching that wimpy little sissy Clit while you watch mistress suck down these massive loads! you’re gonna beg for big daddy dick until we feel like you’ve earned it!

Sissy Loves Humiliation

humiliation phone sex

I caught you playing with that tiny little wiener when you thought nobody was looking. Look how fucking pathetic that 2-inch cock is! Giggles. Frankly, looks like a pinky in your panties. You know mistress needs a big, long, veiny black cock to fill her up and that puny shit just won’t do! When I look at your phone, I see a photo of me. OMG. You were rubbing your clitty to my sex photos. You little dick loser! I slap your face and force you on your hands and knees like the sissy bitch that you are. I take my perfectly pedicured toes and pinch your sausage with my them as I squash those little grapes you’re smuggling in your panties. The more pressure I put on your little cock the more bitch cream oozes out of it. You can’t get enough of this humiliating phone sex, can you? You need a mistress to remind you of how much of a little sissy slut you are! Your little whimpers are music to my ears!

Good Little Sissy

online sissy trainingYou have been such a good fucking sissy. You have been doing all of your homework like a good little slut haven’t you? Sucking every cock you can get your mouth on and making such good money for me. You’re being such a good whore for all the men that I bring and you know your place. You walk right in the room and waste no time in pulling his cock out while on your knees and shoving it deep inside of your mouth. You know he likes to hear you deepthroat it and you do just that. Once he’s had enough of that little whore mouth you bend over and give him your tight little round ass. You let him take your little ass hard and fast like a good little slut and bring me my money after. You are such a good fucking sissy bitch tonight you have made me so much fucking money.

Best sissy trainer ever!

best sissy trainer


It’s my niece’s birthday so we’re having a party this weekend. She’s a sexy, young thing and she’s getting to a sweet age. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and her answer really turned me on. She told me that she wanted a special party and for me to teach her how to be the best sissy trainer. Of course I said yes! Now, I’m throwing a kinky tea party for her and all of her slutty, little friends. I’m going to have my sissy bitches dressed up in sexy lingerie and serving our guests. I have a special gift for my niece too. I’m going to have her open up her brand new strap-on and try it out on one of our sissy servants. It’s nice and thick so I know she’s going to make those sissies squeal when she starts pumping their tight pussy holes and I can’t wait!