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New Sissy Came To Play

Best Sissy TrainerI had a new toy come for a visit to play recently! She was so sweet, gentle, and kind that I almost felt bad for letting my big black cocked daddy friends tear into her like a piece of meat! Just like me, she loved to dress up, she wore a black, shiny strapped garter belt, a matching pair of satin black panties, and a sexy, push-up bralette from my favorite sissy story! My daddy friends were instantly hard at the sight of her! She was bent over and had cock shoved down her throat to coat those black dicks and get them wet before they fucked her so hard she was screaming and cumming for them! I wonder who my next little slut toy will be?

Sissy Bitch Listens To Mistresses

Best Sissy TrainerI love treating little bitches like you as faggots and putting you I your place! How about you come here hun and let me show you where you belong! We can start with getting you all dressed up in a pretty pair of panties and white, lacy lingerie! I’ll show off all of my sex toys that can be used on your holes, like that faggot mouth and that tight shit hole that deserves to be stretched nice and wide. Here I have a black strap on, already attached and on while you’re on your hands and knees! Start sucking on the dildo stuck to the wall, I want to hear you choke and gag on it like the little faggot bitch that you are. 


Mistress phone sex with Remi

mistress phone sex

This Mistress phone sex slut knows all about sissy, little bitches like you! I know what you really want when you call me. You want to be my little sissy cum slut and gag on the fat fuck rods I guide down your slutty throat, dont you? Don’t worry my sweet, little cum whore. I’ll take good care of you! I love playing dress up and I’ll make sure you look super cute and slutty for my big bull studs! They’re going to love ripping and tearing your silky nightie and panties off, like they’re opening a gift! My pussy gets wet every time I watch them stretch open a sissy whore pussy like yours with their fat, hard bbcs! I can’t wait to make you my sissy bitch and share you with all of my bull stud friends!


a very sissy christmas

best sissy trainer

I want you to be a good sissy and get into the holiday spirit. You will enjoy that with having the best sissy trainer right next to you.

I’m going to show you how to blow so many cocks and make them splatter all over you that you will be known as a blowjob queen. Lucky you because you can bet you will always get frequent cock when you get that reputation. Most guys have the urge to try something with a sissy girl. I’m going to make you the freakiest.

You have to be aware that you will have quite the competition so you must be prepared to understand that in its entirety and you must stick out from the rest of the sissies especially on the holidays.

I will make you the best gift to those men who need to unwind and relax. You will be on your knees, pleasing men like the excellent sissy whore you were meant to be.

Best Sissy Trainer Loves New Toys

Best Sissy TrainerI see I have a new brat to tame tonight don’t I? Your pretty girlfriend sent you in here right? Oh yes, she’s lovely indeed! I got to have some fun with her this afternoon and sucked her pussy as she told me all about you! hahaha! Quite the screamer too. She said you were nothing but a little pansy bitch just waiting to become who you really are. So, are you ready to become the sissy you deserve to be so you can stop disappointing that sexy girl of yours? Get on your knees! Crawl naked on the floor for me on all floors! Those pink panties are laid out just for you little faggot. Try them on and come out to meet some new friends!

Humiliation phone sex with Miss Remi

humiliation phone sex


I had the hottest humiliation phone sex with one of my favorite, little sissy bitches last night. She called to tell me all about what a little cum whore she’s been and all the fat, massive dicks she’s been draining with that slutty mouth of hers. This pathetic, little whore has such a tiny clittie, she 

has no choice but to be a cum slut, sissy bitch. My hot cunnie was soaking wet after hearing about my slut bitch getting her dirty whore pussy packed with cum! I love knowing my little cum princess whore was on her knees, rubbing her tiny, sad clittie through her silky panties and swallowing thick shots of cum. She calls me every time she gets fucked like a cum dump slut, so that I can tease her and laugh at her for being such a pathetic cum slave!

Sissy Girl Training 101

Sissy girl training

A good mistress knows, instinctively, how to train their sissy slut into the proper fucktoy. My sissy slut, Emily, is my greatest accomplishment. She came to me unsure of herself and in need of guidance and confirmation on everything. I made sure I taught her to recognize her place as a useless sissy slave worthy only of serving and pleasing her sexy seductress. I had to help her understand that her worthless, little clitty was no longer her own. It belongs to Mistress Heaven now. Sissy Emily learned her place beneath me, pretty quickly, but even she makes some mistakes and finds herself getting into trouble. When she’d misbehave or make me cross, I’d lock her little clitty up in a chastity cage and leave it there for days or weeks depending on how upset she made me. I’m not all about punishment and pain; although my tight, juicy mistress pussy does get wet when I make my slutty sissies suffer for my pleasure. I’m actually a very kind-hearted mistress that loves to take great care of all my sissy cum sluts in training. I simply demand the same in return. At the end of  each of our intense slutification training sessions you’ll be thanking me for whipping your little clittly into shape. Literally and figuratively. In the beginning of my sissy training, you will wear your precious pink chastity cage just like all the rest of my newbies. As you get better at your training, you’ll be outfitted with various cages and butt plugs. Each one color coded and sized for your individual level of sissy training. Pink cages and butt plugs size small adorn all my baby sissies. By the end of your training your little clitty won’t even need a cage. It’ll never get hard or leak any of your boy juices again. Not unless Mistress Heaven allows you to do so. You’re going to enjoy me forcing you to embarrass yourself by making you wear a red silky thong and tights to your job, then demanding random pictures to make sure you are obeying. I will get a good laugh while you whine to me about your sissy fears and embarrassment. I love hearing all about how your red panties were clearly visible at the company meeting. Then I’ll let you tongue kiss my tight pussy once I’m satisfied with your humiliation. Sure I may smack your eeny weeny clitty a few times for good measure. That’s just to remind you of why it’s important to keep that little clit locked up safely. Trust me when I say you’ll be on your sissy slut knees crying with pain, pleasure, and sincere appreciation for your heavenly mistress. 

Sissy training with Miss Remi

sissy training

Every half decent sissy training mistress knows that Christmas is perfect for finding little sluts shopping for panties and that’s exactly what I do! No one looks twice at a man browsing the silky, soft piles of women’s panties at a department store around this time of year. You might think they’re just shopping for their wives, but I know their kinky, little secret. I find secret sissy whores like that every year. I follow them to the fitting rooms and sneak in when no one is looking. A few clicks with my phone and I have pictures that can ruin them! I think they secretly love being blackmailed by a hot mistress and being forced to suck fat, hard dicks at the risk of being exposed by me! I don’t care either way, I just love turning them out!


not so forced sissy training on my new woman!

Best sissy trainer

“As a teenage boy, whose mother and older sister worked full-time, he had access to their clothes after school for several hours each day. During the summer? All day long. he dressed himself frequently. Head to toe. Panties, bra’s, stockings, pantyhose, full length body shaper, girdles, half-slips, full slips, blouses, mini-skirts, dresses, high heels and nightgowns. He even put on their makeup including polishing his nails. Did he cum when he was all dressed up? He tried not to but he did on several occasions. His most intense orgasms have always been when he is all dressed up. Didn’t they know? Of course they did. His sister caught him a few times and his mother absolutely knew. They ignored it. They pretended that it never happened. What did he truly deserve? Punishment to fit the crime. Because as powerful as his crossdressing desires are. His submissive desires are equally as powerful. (#1: You want to dress as a girl? Fine, you picked it. You made your choice.) But it will not be when you decide you are in the mood to dress this way. You will be required to dress in girls clothes quite often and will have no say in the matter. (#2: You want to cum dressed as a girl? Fine, you picked it. You made your choice.) But, you will only cum from now as a girl, A vibrator or dildo inside of you, with no touching of your cock. You are not going to just be dressed as a girl, you are going to get turned into a girl. You will have no say in the matter. Yes – he wants to look like a perfect girl just like his Master Brielle. What he cannot experience, without somebody else, is being under their strict control. This is what compelled him to contact me.”

He is the new sexy lady in town and I am his Master!!! 

Too be continued…..

Sissy panties on my favorite slut

sissy panties

The gloomy, rainy weather was getting me so down and out, so I jumped on a plane and headed to sunny Florida to play with one of my favorite sissy sluts! I spent a full week at his condo, dressing him in the frilliest, silky sissy panties and matching bras. The first few days, I was being selfish and kept him all to myself. I fucked his tight pussy so hard with my fat strapon dick and then made him suck it clean for me. I had so much fun dressing him up and fucking him like a slut, that I wanted to share his perfect pussy hole. I started dressing him up and taking him out to the clubs to find guys. Every time we went out, guys were staring and trying to get their hands on my little, sissy whore. I invited a few of the guys back to the condo with us and watched while they wrecked his tight sissy hole with their hard, throbbing cocks. I made sure that his whore pussy was used and abused since it would be a few months before I could come back to play. I just got home and already miss my sissy bitch so much! I need a cum loving sissy bitch to play with tonight!