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Humiliation Phone Sex: ON your knees like a little bitch!

Humiliation Phone SexLet’s play a game little dick, one of humiliation phone sex roleplay fun. We will pretend I am the prison warden and you are the little punk prison bitch meant to be sodomized at my will. That means you will have to be a good little snot and obey each and every command I give you or your back pussy is going to be beaten to fuck by lots of thick studly man meat. I’m sure the thought of you being gangbanged by that many studs makes your widdle dicky twitch a little in excitement anyway. 

You can start by worshipping the ground and the sexy heels I walk on. On your hands and knees put that pretty little ass in the air for all the prison guys to look at and cat all. Kiss my heels. Suck on my heel like it was a cock that you were trying to bring pleasure to. Kiss up my legs wrapping your thighs around my heel so I can step on your pathetic bean bags while you thank me. You are lucky to serve my perfect hot young body. 

Service my perfect ass hole. Perhaps if you are lucky I might place a toot on your tongue. Men would line up to lick my anus and you are doing it for a chore. Let me use your tongue like a dick fucking you deep inside my ass. Lord knows it does more for me than your worthless little dick does. If you are a good little worthless worm you can lick my ass hole while one of my prison studs services my dripping wet cunt. We may even laugh as I drown you in my squirting pussy juices from fucking his perfect cock. No cumming for you of course otherwise you take my stud next time.


Forced feminization for sissy whores

Forced feminization

Forced feminization is for sissy whores. You’ve never dressed up like a sissy whore before? Well, I’ll rebuild you from the concrete dust and up. I’m going to take away everything that you’ve ever stood for as a man. I undress you and force you onto the floor, my heels digging into your should blade. I’m your new phone dominatrix and whatever I say goes from now on. I’m going to force you into some extreme sissy girl training. I pull out my favorite pair of sexy lingerie see through, now sissy panties, and put them on you. I dress you up in a training bra, and some sexy 6-inch-high heels to go along with it. Those look so sexy on you! I force you to prance around in that sexy lingerie. I then put a frilly dress on you and tell you that you had better wear that outfit for my guests that are to arrive soon or else I will push you to the breaking point in this sissy humiliation training session. Sissy slave training is what I do best I tell you as I lay down a huge dildo on the bed, I inform you that my guests are coming equipped with strap ons and that we are all going to have so much fun with you. I hear the doorbell ring… Are you ready for what I have instore for you?

Gotcha Professor; A Sissy Phone Chat Roleplay That Will Make You Hard

Sissy Phone ChatSissy phone chat will suck you in when you are a cross-dressing faggot craving the penetration of a superior women’s strap-on. I know that when you admire a beautiful woman it is not the sexual desire of ravaging her body that plagues your mind. Instead, it is envy that pierces deep within your soul knowing that you, a man, just wish you could be in that pretty lady’s clothes. That is why whenever you show up at that college party, I can tell by the way you are looking at me, Professor, that you want to be naughty but not like all the other professors with their horny teacher’s assistants. 

It doesn’t take much convincing for you to take me back to your place. A single-person basement efficiency. You make good money working for the school, so why live in a dump like this place with thrift store furniture? I know it isn’t because of fancy clothes, because you would rather dress like a whore. However, the air smells of sweet perfume. Hookers. You do like to get your rocks off. You have no wife so it must be an embarrassing fetish that keeps you blowing your bullseye with women of the night. 

You lead the way to the bedroom showing me to the bed before excusing your way to the bathroom. Lingerie hangs ever so slightly from the top drawer of your dresser. Now I can’t help but snooze, stepping up to my red healed platform wearing feet and slowly and quietly pulling out that drawer. It brings a subtle giggle to my sexy lips. Panties, and lots of them. Some bras too. Inside the drawer was a variety of pretty panties all tangled up as if they were having an orgy of their own. You enter the room mid-conversation pausing, words stuck on your lips. Slowly I hold up a lacy pair of purple panties lined with a lilac silk pouch that would be against a pretty puss. 

It’s honestly adorable the way you stumble over your words slowly sulking closer to the ground. Your panties are still in my hand as I slowly walk your way. I reach down and lift your chin, ordering you to your knees. Gently I kiss your forehead and order you to dress up nice and pretty for me and you may get a reward. I order you to show me the rest of your toys, and of course, you do holding up a big 10-inch black strap-on dildo. I can hardly hold my excitement as you dress in your best lingerie. All the naughty nothings that I will be doing to you with this deep dick penetration of mine. I’ve got you now professor, you are mine all mine.

Femboy Training: Do you have what it takes to be my slut?

Femboy TrainingI know that femboy training you are craving from a hot young babe like me, and it is really starting to drive you nuts. You see hot barely legal babes like me every time you are out shopping. We look so sexy with our tight clothes and platform heals, giggling and laughing our perky tits bouncing under our shirts. It drives you wild and that is okay with me. Not wild because you wish that you could be with us, stuffing your throbbing hard cock deep into our dripping wet bald pussies. Instead, you wish you could be us. A feminized fuck boy willing to take a stiff hard cock just like a pretty bimbo slut. It is time you give over control of your pathetic life to a beautiful vixen with higher powers like me. Showing you the ropes of what it takes to be a femboy slut is what brings joy to my Superior life. Get ready to drop those man clothes at your feet and be adorned with the feminizing women’s clothes that your body has craved to wear. You will be my bimbo plaything. Get ready to have the most fun. 

Forced sissy training

Forced sissy training

Forced sissy training really makes my pussy wet! I know your dirty secret. You like the humiliation that comes with forced feminization. This sissy whore you see in the picture above, that was her in the very beginning. She had no idea all the dirty things I was going to make her do. She loves to wear her sissy panties along with frilly dresses. I know what you want, go ahead and bend over for me. I want you to get out all of your sex toys and I want you to fuck yourself hard. In this sissy humiliation training, that’s just the beginning, I’m going to laugh at your little clitty and humiliate you. My friends will come over, and I’ll have them watch you fuck yourself with your toys. This phone dominatrix won’t let you off easy for going through her panty drawer. Forced sissy training is what I do best, cum and play baby. 

BBC Sissy Trainer: Happy Black History Month!

BBC Sissy Trainer


Online sissy training

February is a wonderful month for BBC sissy training. Part winter weather, part spring, and full of lots of love. Love for one another, love for those you don’t know, and love and appreciation for black culture and everything it has done for our great nation. Black history month is a time of reflection. What have you done to contribute to the betterment of black problems, and what can you do in the future? One thing I know you can do to rid yourself of your white guilt is to give up your sissified asshole to the superior penetration of the black race. After all, we both know that what your pathetic pucker hole has been craving is the deep penetration of real stuff. A big buff black man with a giant mandingo cock to pierce your soul deep with every pound forced further inside of your stink hole. So celebrate this Black History Month the right way and submit your sphincter to the real alpha, black men.



Cherry picking sissies

sissy phone sex

I went to a sissy expo that brought potential sissies to goddesses like me. It’s best to go and cherry-pick what I want to deal with in a group of sissies. 

My favorite kind of sissy will do whatever at the drop of a hat. I’m going to train only the worthy. Get ready for some real training. A nice cock sucker that will walk in high heels. 

Time to pick out some makeup and visit the surgeon and doctors because this mistress believes in a total transformation. Hormones and a nice tuck of the tiny cock you have to make that go away. 

It’s going to be quite the ride together. We will have so much fun transforming you into a total girly girl.

Sissy panties is what you wear when around me

There is nothing better than picking a new pair of Sissy panties for a good sissy slut. My favorite sissy and I found the perfect pair to fit his chastity. I like to put my sissies in a chastity to teach them how their clitty should be caged up until I am ready to play with it. I make sure that I use your tongue to clean my heels before I bend you over my knee. I use my favorite wooden paddle with the word slut studded on it to start his spankings. Every time my paddle hit his ass, my sissy needed to count and thank me. Every sissy bitch knows you must thank your mistress for everything she gives you. After a while I could see the word slut welting on his ass. That is how I knew my sissy slut was ready for my favorite strap, I named captain coleman. All I had to say was the captain is coming and my sissy bitch got very excited. She wiggles her ass in the air and shows how much Sissy slave training she has really gotten because she right away sucks my toes and licks his way up my legs to the captain. I love grabbing her by the hair and fucking her mouth open. I know it gets her quite excited but that is why she wears her chastity

Sissy panties

. She turns around for me, wiggling her ass in the air again trying to make sure I see her sissy pussy. If she has been good, I will reward her with Captain Coleman and shove my strap deep in her hole. I tell her to wiggle it like she was before and by that time she is begging me to let her clitty leak sometimes I do sometimes I don’t. But she always thanks her mistress for anything I give her.

Sweet Sissy Boy

Best Sissy Trainer

This best sissy trainer has some big plans for you! I love tying you up like the little piggy that you are! I have you dressed in your slutty and sexy clothes baby! You have your ass hole stretched out with a dildo. I have a few big black nigger cocks ready for you to be played with. I have you on your hands and knees ready to take them in your tight fucking shit hole. I let them come in and on gets on his knees and tells you to open your whore mouth. You do as he says, and he uses that fucking throat to thrust his hips into to! Don’t worry baby there’s plenty more to come!

Best Sissy Trainer and Friends

Best Sissy Trainer

My girlfriend and I are probably the best! You know already that I am the best sissy trainer but how much fun would you have with two of us? I brought a special girlfriend of mine, and you see she is dressed in all latex! It’s her kink to be dressed in it, it makes her feel good and sexy and in charge! She even has her own whip for sissy boys like you who like to misbehave! Now bend over the couch in your pretty, pink, girly, sissy panties and take your punishment like a good boy! I get on my knees and get my face into her crotchless latex pants and start sucking on her clit while she raises her whip and begins your punishment!