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Reminded Of How Worthless You Are

sissy phone sexHave you been a good boy with your little cock stuck between your legs and cowering before your mistress? I hope so! You and your worthless dick have earned a good punish fuck from a bbc! Get on your knees and start to worship me. I want you to thank me for all the cocks, punishments and worthless orgasms I have given you. You are a real man faggot for other cocks aren’t you? You have had all this sissy boy training to become the perfect cock sucking faggot that you deserve to be! You deserve to be on your knees serving your mistress and all of her bbc friends for you to take and swallow down your throat and to also take in your ass!

Sissy slave training with Miss Remi

sissy slave training

Everyone knows that I specialize in sissy slave training. Men come to me when they know that their tiny, sad penis can’t please any woman and they have no other options. Once they agree to the terms of my training, they have no choice but to become cum slurping, sissy sluts for me and to do as I instruct them. The first few weeks won’t be easy as you adjust to taking the fattest and thickest cocks, right down your throat. I promise that you will grow to love it. Just like you will grow to love prancing around in your frilly, lacey panties and bra, like a slut. Don’t panic baby, we won’t rush right into you taking those giant cocks, just yet. First you must perfect the art of giving pleasure with your slutty mouth. You don’t have to swallow that creamy load but you will keep sucking cock for me and draining balls until you can swallow it with a smile on your face. My lessons aren’t hard for the willing slave but some of the more resistant sluts will have much harsher training. Enjoy the rest of your summer little sluts! Sissy school starts soon!


Mistress Marissa Ball Buster

sissy trainingMaking you my ball busting slave makes your mistress Marissa super wet and excited! I have been dreaming up of the perfect plan on what to do and how to torture your worthless and useless body that you have no right to even call yourself a man. Because all you are is a worthless sissy bitch boy who needs to be put in your place with some cock and ball torture techniques. Making sissy loser like you is what fills me with happiness to see you groping your own crotch after sending a high kick in my stilettos straight to your tiny dick! How do those balls fell in your stomach now sissy girl? After this session, you won’t have that pathetic cock anymore!

Punished By BBC

bbc sissy trainerYou better be down on your knees like a good sissy slut and start begging to touch your mistresses pussy, and begging to get cock from my bbc boyfriends! I love seeing you in pain as hard cocks are shoved into your pussy sissy hole and straight down your gagging throat. Keep it up with your good sissy behavior and maybe you get to clean all the bbc cum straight out of my shit hole only after begging for it. don’t froget those heels that I love so much on you. The black ones and match it with your thigh highs and sexy panty set for your unforgiving mistress! Come play and get the punishment fuck you deserve from huge bbc’s!

A Treat For My Sissy Slut

Mistress Gypsy I have been busy getting together a whole bunch of cocks and balls all kinds of varieties. I know how much of a sissy slut you are and I know you will be excited for the treat I have for you. Before we start, I want to dress you up like a filthy slut.

Sissy training

In a mini dress and no panties with knee high stockings and heels. I’m going to show you off and get you on your knees to lick and suck my asshole. I will shove your tongue in my asshole while I play with my clit. I won’t stop until I squirt all over your face. Then I will send you off to go get fucked and used by all the cocks I collected. I want to see your face get fucked and used until it is dripping with cum. It won’t stop there I want your man pussy used and filled up too just like the dirty cum dumpster you love being my good sissy slut. That is why I wanted to give you a treat.  Mistress Gypsy will give you treats when you deserve them.

Sissy girl training with Remi

sissy girl training

Put your pretty thongs on little bitches! Miss Remi’s sissy girl training class is back in session! Today we will be mastering the art of sloppy blowjobs and deepthroat cum shots. I’m going to teach you worthless, little sluts how to trace your name on those giant cocks with your tongue, while cupping and sucking. The first little bitch to gag is going to be my slutty peg piggy later on. Don’t let me catch you choking on that dick or I’m going to stretch your slutty pussy hole wide open. Your sissy classmates are going to watch you cry like a little bitch while you take my big, fat strap-on and gag on my assistant’s fat bbc. I need all my slutty sissies to sit quietly and rub their little whore pussies while I take this call and make a real man cum for me. You sissy whores wouldn’t know about that, but by graduation you will be professional cum dump sluts. Can’t wait to see you in class!


Your Mistresses Surpise

mistress phone sexYour dirty mistress has been waiting for your return. While you were away I was out collecting. I was collect balls and cocks by the dozens. All different ages, colors and sizes for you to have fun with. I’ve stopped by parks, bars, and grocery stores! I hope you’ve been preparing for your special session. You’ve been such slut for us that I think you have finally earned a good fucking! Come and crawl over to your mistress and give my pussy a nice orgasm as your final task before your special treat! mistress phone sex

You’re doing such a good job eating this cunt! I think you’ve finally deserved to get all these all the hard daddy cocks in your holes. Take one in your mouth and this little shit hole nice and tight for all twelve dicks to share and pass you around. Start rubbing on your sissy clit for us so we can watch you bust all over while you’re all filled up!

Big Clit Sissy

My cuckold sissy slut was naked with my friends examining his little dick and asking him how it stayed so small. I like bending him over my knee and spanking his ass while I pull and tug on his little cock trying to stretch it out.

Taboo phone chat

He always begs to fuck me but he knows I won’t let him since he just has a big clit, that is what I call it. But since he has been a good sissy I wanted to surprise him with a hand job by one of my other sissy sluts to put on a show for my friends and I. After I was done pulling on his big clit, I brought my other sissy slut who actually has a nice size cock and made him suck it. His big clit got hard from the taste of cock, I made him be on all fours like a little pup wiggling his ass in enjoyment. I let him get his big clit stroke as my other sissy slut got more excited, I yelled for him to fuck that big clit slut. He shoved his cock deep in his ass with one shove just like I like seeing. Pounded away until he started filling him up that is when I milked that big clit and made sure he oozed all on my hand. He licked it clean and thanked Mistress Gypsy for the great surprise.  

Sissy girl training with Miss Remi

sissy girl training

I’m the naughty, nasty little mistress that everyone knows as the best sissy girl training slut ever! My sweet, hot pussy gets so wet and excited while I’m training those little bitches to be the best cock sucking, cum eating, he-hoes ever! I make my sissy sluts watch very closely as I lick and tease a big, fat cock until it’s rock hard. I make sure that they know exactly what’s expected of them once their training with me begins. I look cute and sweet but I can be a royal bitch if my sissies don’t do as they’re told! If my whores don’t follow their training like they were instructed, I punish them in different ways. I make those sluts listen to their Mistress by holding a handful of their hair and forcing my fat strap-on down their slutty, cocksucking throat and making them gag on it. This doesn’t sound like much of a punishment, but just wait! It’s time for Miss Remi’s teacher assistant to come in with his massive BBC. Soon the little fairy fucks will realize that only my good student sluts get to suck that giant, fuck hammer and drink up all of the cum. The little sluts that don’t like to listen to Miss Remi, have to suck my strap-on and watch as their fellow wanna be sissy bitches get that warm, sticky treat!


Humiliation phone sex slut Remi

humiliation phone sex


Nothing gets my tight, perfect pussy more soaking wet than embarassing little sluts on humiliation phone sex calls. Miss Remi gets so hot and excited, listening to your pathetic ass whimper like a bitch, while I degrade you and tell you what a worthless cum slut you really are. That sad, micro dick could never please anyone and that’s why you call your favorite Mistress. Little dick men need to be reminded that they are useless and inadequate creatures, who aren’t 

good for much. Those tiny, little dickies need to be hidden away, behind lock and key! It’s not like you’re going to use it for anything and it’s not fair to leave it for the world to be exposed to. I’ll make sure that your teeny weenie won’t be an issue anymore. Don’t worry about anyone seeing your new clittie cage baby, I have the perfect panties for a girly slut like you! Once I have you locked in, with that key around my neck, you are officially property of Miss Remi. I’ll make good money on a slutty fuck hole like you!