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Adult phone chat lines

Adult phone chat lines

Adult phone chat lines are some serious, sexy business. Our clients always know exactly what they want and I make sure they get it. I have always loved a confident man. Don’t get me wrong though, I love being a phone dominatrix. I’m a very sexy woman and I always get my way! My way with femboys and sissies.

                I want you down on your pathetic knees so you can bow down before me and worship me like the queen I am. When you make me happy, I will turn around and please you in return. When you are down, I’ll unbutton your pants and take out your dick. I’ll grope it a few times and rub on it and then start sucking.

                I get on a sex swing, fully naked with my pussy hanging out. You come to me, put your hands on the swing, and lean in towards me and start fucking me. I want you to fuck me nice and hard baby! My lead leans back and my legs spread wider as my pussy swallows your cock, balls deep.

                I turn around in the swing so I’m lying on my belly. I grab the swing and brace myself, getting ready for a hard and fast pounding. I feel that dick go in my asshole slowly. I bite my lip to keep myself from screaming.

Sissy girl training first we force you into forms.

Forced sissy training          Sissy girl training first we force you into forms. Next, we use the shapers to give you some hips. Now if you are going to be asking what are forms and shapers. That just means we have we have a lot of work to make you into a sissy girl. Forcing you into the feminization that you need to know to be a believable bitch whore. Otherwise, you are just a gay fucking little faggot boy. I am the best and as the best you will obey me, or you will be forced against your will.

          To begin with I’m going to force you into forms. They are tight, binding, and going to shape your waist, as shown above the waist needs to be smaller than the hips. Now as a gay faggot boy which is what you are right now. You don’t have hips. You will sleep in this. Learn to like it and finally love it. Get your ass bigger.

          Before you know it, you are going to have a nipped in waist. That is only the first step in your training. Forced sissy training is a necessary thing when it comes to little faggots. Teaching you to be all the fucking cock sucking BBC worshiping little whore that you can be.

          The second thing we are going to be working on to make you into a sissy girl is going to be training you to wear all the right clothes. This includes panties, bras, bra forms, skirts, stockings, just to name a few. Now the bra forms are heavy, and they take some getting used to but at the same time those BBC cocks just love to fuck a whore with big butts and bigger tits.

Your Sissy girl training is going to keep moving on.

          The third thing is going to be the make-up and teaching you to apply it. Need to look like the whore you are. Deep charcoal around the eyes, ruby red lips. Meant to leave rings around the cock. Making sure everyone knows that you were there.

          Having the know how to open your as of now faggot pussy open and when you need it to be a sissy girl pussy then you will have learned how to flex the muscles around the dick. Being able to pull it in deeper. Begging them to fuck you hard. Take you like the whore you are. Then you will be closer to being a sissy girl. Your training will be complete, and they will be lining up to fuck the sissy girl whore who was once a gay little faggot boy.

Humiliation phone sex

Humiliation phone sex

How many times have you been treated by a little bit of some humiliation phone sex? I’m sure those other doms can’t get you hard the way I’m about to. I know you love to be dominated, otherwise you wouldn’t be coming to me.

                I’m always working down in my dungeon, so I ask you to come meet me here. I remember you told me that you can’t even please your girlfriend anymore because your dick is so small. She would never be able to feel that tiny thing, even at its hardest, so I brought you a surprise.

                When you come inside, you see your girlfriend and a few huge, muscular black guys, standing naked, with their bbc hanging low. Your girl starts to suck that huge hanging dick. Then she bends over the bed and one of the men gets behind her and starts plowing that bitch. You hear the way she moans and screams for him, knowing she’s never done that for you, but strangely you are getting aroused.

                She squirts and pours her cum everywhere and you are the cleanup crew. I order you to eat her pussy out and clean out all the cum. Every single ounce of it. And after she is clean, I tell you to get on your knees so you can properly clean the 2 men as well. They are still semi-hard, and they stick their dicks deep down your throat, one at a time. You clean the creamy white cum off their dicks as they choke you with it.

                After you have cleaned everyone to my satisfaction, I tell you how pathetic you are and I send you home.

Phone dominatrix turns you into a sniveling sissy whore.

          Phone dominatrix turns you into a sniveling sissy whore.  Going to dominate your fucking ass from here to Timbuctoo. You belong to me. That sissy cry baby fucking ass is mine. Forcing you to do my bidding. Else there will be hell to pay for you. You will be forced into your sissified nature. Becoming you. Like it or not. I could care less how you feel.

          By all means try and throw a fit. Just going to get you on your knees. Little penis put into a cage. With a key. A stopper in the end not even allowing you to pee. Not without consent to say the very least.  Phone dominatrix

          Forced sissy training is what you need to learn your manners. A mouth separator is keeping your mouth open around the cock that is pounding down your throat. Not able to bite, just to lick it. Wrap your hands around the cock pulling it into you. At the same time going to be getting pounded from behind. Your panties ripped to shreds.

          Spitted between two very large cocks. As soon as he cums in your ass going have you suck that cock clean. With this in mind I am going to be standing there the whole time. Applying your make-up. Making you look like the fucking sissy whore that you are turning into. Bright colors of red, magenta, all colors that common street walkers wear every day.

          Domination phone sex drives you to begging for more.

          Just when you think you can’t take any more you are going to be begging for more. Pleading with me to put you in a skirt. Pleated at that. Including the garter belt and fishnet stockings. The most compelling evidence that you wanted to be forced into this is how well you beg and already how you suck that cock.

          To put it another way you already are a whore and I just turned you into a money-making whore Panties ripped, stockings, black or red bra. Flashy colors on the streets. Being the streetwalker that you were made to be.

          Finally calling them sugar and not John’s. For the most part they aren’t going to care if you get off. Just like I don’t. There are a few though that will make sure that you do. Fuck them all like they are the best you ever had. The biggest you ever had.

          End of the day you report to me.

Online sissy training

Online sissy training

Welcome to my online sissy training dungeon. When you are done with a few sessions, you will be exactly what I want you to be. You won’t even recognize yourself. Drop all the manliness at the door when you come over the threshold of my door. If you are scared, you should be. I’ll drive you wild! Let me break you and then build you back up.

                As you walk into my room, you see all the tools of the trade that I’ll be using. But don’t worry, you’re still a beginner, so I’ll be gentle on you the first time. I’m still going to chain you up while you are on your knees. Always remember that you will submit to me and respect me always if you are working with me.

                Every time you come to work with me, I need you in the proper attire. Silky little thong panties and a silky gown at night, or a top and short skirt during the day, with the tallest stilettos you can find. You can do full makeup if you want, but I want you to look and feel your sexiest.

The Sissy Taming: A Humiliating Adventure

 Sissy humiliation training


Step into a world of humiliation and laughter, where a domineering seductress holds the reins, and a poor sissy yearns for approval…

Oh, you poor delusional creature, thinking you can satisfy a woman like me—a true goddess—with your minuscule manhood. It’s beyond laughable! I, the sublime mistress of sissy training, behold you with disdain. Your tiny cock is but a mere trifle, an insignificance cloaked in shame.

The very sight of your diminutive member makes me giggle in contempt. It’s a mere blip on the radar of manhood, an afterthought in the realm of true masculinity. Yet, like a moth to the flame, you yearn for my approval, oblivious to your inevitable burnout.

Go on, you pathetic excuse for a man, lick the remnants of another’s cum from the floor. Perhaps that will instill in you the meaning of true domination—a harsh reality check from the formidable woman you so desperately crave.

Behold, a true alpha arrives on the scene, a “Daddy-o” if you will—a moniker fitting for a man among boys. And I, the grande dame of seduction, have a plan to mold this worthless lump into something—just maybe—worth my time.

But alas, even the finest sculptors have their limitations. The task is daunting, the raw material so very lacking. My search for a real man continues untouched, as this sissy’s hopes and dreams are dashed. For now, back to the dildos and fantasy—a sad reality for our little coco sucker.

Jealousy, you say? Know your place, for jealousy is a sentiment reserved for equals. And you, my dear sissy, are far from equal. Yet, all hope is not lost—with my rigorous training, a glimmer of respectability might emerge. Until then, drool over your dreams and strive to be a shadow of a man.

Mistress K’s sissy orders… laughable, yet tantalizing!

Phone domination get on your fucking knees and worship me.

          Phone domination get on your fucking knees and worship me. No one ever claimed I was a nice fucking bitch. That is why I am the best at control. Pussy, sissy, cock, and every other one. Going to dominate your ass.

          Knees bitch. Worship me. In a word. Beg. Looking down on you as you look up at me. Between my legs. See how it drips ever so slightly down my leg. Run your tongue up the inside of my thigh. Tasting me.

          Crack a whip on your shoulders. Slave. You have a tiny little dick and need to be punished for being so small. Crack the whip and make you whip out your cock. Going to put it into a cage. Small cage. Under lock and key. Going to put the key on the back of your collar.  Phone domination

          Phone domination get on your fucking knees and worship me.

          Laughing as I lay it alongside of the other cocks in the room. Now look and compare how much smaller you are to them. The little cunt bitch needs a good ass whopping. Going to have them force fuck you until you are crying out. In the long run you will be used and abused.

          As can be seen you are the fluffer for me. Nothing more, nothing less. Until we all finally cum and leave you wanting more. Stuck in your cage. Not able to get hard or to cum until I allow you.

          With this in mind. We are going to play at me being your Phone dominatrix and going to control your pussy ass and keep you on your knees begging and slurping, cleaning up for me. Until you are the cum whore that you are meant to be.

Femboy training

Femboy training

Come here all you sissy boys. Are you ready for your femboy training? I’m ready to whip you into shape, make you what I want you to be and bow down before me. You’ll be on your knees in no time. Once I break you down, you’ll be so eager and begging to please me. The first thing we need to handle is how you dress.

                Go over to the dresser and pick out some panties. I see you pick out the soft and silky bikini panties. They are bright pink and lacey. How do they feel on your hard cock and ass? They should feel good and make your cock harder. I love the bulge I can see coming from them. Next, we can find you a silky nighty. I notice that you pick out the lavender nighty and it looks good on you as well.

                I love the way you are looking now and I’m ready for you to be on your knees and service me. I spread my legs wide with no panties on and you start eating out my pussy. I can’t believe how good you are at that as well!

Online sissy training for the shamed and defeated.

          Online sissy training for the shamed and defeated. After all, you are in a cest pit and have no way of getting out without my professional training help. Doing it online is easy for the shamed. Embarrassed not wanting to be seen. Blushing as red as what you want your ass to be.

          In fact, you will beg to have that spanking. Paddling your ass. Oops a finger is in your ass. Finger fucking you. At the same time pulling on your panties. Snapping your sissy bra. Online sissy training           Taking the butt plug, inserting it. Pushing you down onto the floor. Ordering you to grind your ass into it. Foot pressing in on your little clitty. Making you tell me that you need to be trained hardcore.

You need your Sissy maid training. Learn how to walk in those heels. On the whole you need me. You want to know how to tighten your pussy ass after having so many cocks all in one day. From time to time, I will show you the tricks of the trade.

A point often overlooked is that a sissified sissy really gets all the hard cocks but also all the respect. To sum up, being all that you can be. Will make it that you will no longer be shamed. To be sure you will not be defeated either. You will rise up and be accounted for.

Sissy humiliation training

Sissy humiliation training

Are you ready for your sissy humiliation training? I think I have a pretty good session for you tonight. Sissies are my favorite and I’m ready to train you, slave! The best way to train you properly, is to break you down lower than you have ever been before. I must break you so I can build you up and make you what I want you to be.

                First, you need to come to my house which is where I do my work. I’ll get you in the proper attire so we can go out and I can show you what you should be expecting if you decide you want to work with me.

                So, after you are in the proper clothing, blindfold, leather clothes, collar and leash, I’ll walk you by leash to the dark, grungy neighborhood bar. There are a lot of people in there and they will grab you and grope you all night long, and you have no say. I can tell you enjoy it though by the huge bulge in your pants.