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Humiliation phone sex

Humiliation phone sex


As I slowly walk up to you, with nothing but pure confidence shining through, I make you get on your knees and tell you to get ready for some exciting humiliation phone sex. I put a blindfold on you, so you don’t know what’s going to happen next, and that just adds to the excitement. I can see your dick rising, and I laugh to myself, oh just you wait.

                I have you wearing the blindfold, a pair of panties and leather straps on your ankles and wrists. You never know when those straps could come in handy. I lead you back to a filthy alleyway where there is a random mattress on the ground. I push you down onto the mattress and tell you to get on your hands and knees and to face the wall.

                I whistle and a line of random people come into the alley single file. You wonder what on earth is about to happen. You hear me say, “okay guys, have at it.” Not even seconds later you feel paddles, hands, spankings, groping; all over your body and you know you’re in for a long night.

Best sissy trainer will make you all you can be.

          Best sissy trainer will make you all you can be. The first thing you need to learn is that I am not your friend. I am not your Mommy. Will not be holding your fucking little hand and telling you that you are going to be able to do this. I am going to be your worst fucking nightmare and drill Sargent. Making you grovel, crawl on the ground. Spread that sissy fucking ass and turn you into a slave for all the big ass cocks.

  Best sissy trainer        It must be remembered that you will not ask questions. Make me repeat myself and there is a punishment to be had. Don’t like it then don’t disobey. Not here to be your friend. All things considered I am your BBC sissy trainer and making you be feminine. You don’t have a choice. Forcing is the name of the training. That is why I am the best.

          For the most part you are going to hate me. This is good. You will come to address as me as Master Mistress or as Master Sargent. Whooping your ass and getting between those cheeks. Caging your little pecker. Tell me it’s not little and it may just go bye-bye as a punishment. This is not a game. You will be trained properly.

          The clothes you wear are going to be the clothes that I pick out for you. The panties you wear or don’t wear will be the ones I order you to wear. If I tell you to get a 15-inch dildo and you buy a 9 inch because it is just too big. I will beat you with the 9 inch and then tan your ass and force fuck you will other objects that are even bigger.

Best sissy trainer will make you all you can be.

          Listening to me in the final analysis is what is best for you. Not listening is going to get you punished severely. That is why you are a slave to me and to whomever I choose. If you want pink to be the sissy faggot, then you need to earn it. Finally, you will learn control from me and only squirt from your pussy and learn to beg those big cocks to take you hard and deep. In conclusion you will be all you can be one way or another I am going to get Cha.

Femboy training

Femboy training


If you’re going to call me today, you’d better be ready for some hardcore femboy training. If you’re not already, you will be whipped into shape by the end of this. If you have never done this before, you will be in a girly nightgown and panties by the end of the night.

                Black and red are my favorite colors of choice. You can pick out your own style, but it must be black or red. And if you’re really feeling brave, we can add stockings and your choice of regular heels or stiletto heels. I want to watch you practice walking in them as well. If you succeed the first time, I’ll give you a surprise taste. But if it takes longer, it takes longer.

                If you don’t listen to or follow my specific rules, there will be some punishments handed out. I haven’t fully decided what those will be yet, but the lightest punishment will be a hard spanking on bare skin. And I want to hear you scream when I do it.

Online sissy training

Online sissy training


Good morning ladies and gents. Are you here for your online sissy training today? By the end of this session, you will be on your knees, begging me not to stop and crying for more. We have to get to know each other so we know how to make each other tick.

Is this your first training session, or are you coming back for more? I might start easy on you at first, but I promise by the end of this, nothing will be easy about it. The first thing I want to do is put you in this rhinestone leather collar and attach my leash to you. I’ll parade you around town so that everyone knows that you are my pet!

Once we are in the bar, with you mostly naked, and the collar and leash on you, I’m going to let the guests play with you. You are my pet, so they can do to you what they please. Anything from groping, grabbing and spanking. It all goes, and you will love it!

BBC sissy trainer will stretch out your sissy ass.

          BBC sissy trainer will stretch out your sissy ass. Open it up first. We need to make sure you can be pounded hard by the huge black cocks. Get a separator, a butt plug, and a four-inch diameter dildo that is sixteen inches long. Have a floor plug. Going to stretch that asshole for those big cocks. Take it like the sissy bitch you are.

          There is whining in training. You will suck it up. Not I am a little sissy and I want my behind played with. A sissy fucking whore like you will bitch up. You want to be a sissy whore. Then you better learn how to fucken take it like a bitch. Else it is doggy style for a bitch in heat.BBC sissy trainer

          The reason I am the Best sissy trainer is because I don’t take crap from no one. Least of all a pansy ass sissy little fucking faggot. Will knock the block off you until you learn. I will bring on the pain. No, whining. Use the separator to stretch that ass all the fuck out.

          It must be remembered that those very large black cocks don’t like whinny little bitches. No, they don’t. You don’t see a real woman crying and say I have a little clitty and like my behind played with. Fuck no you don’t. You want to be a gay faggot then that is what you will be. You have to have something else.

            A BBC sissy trainer will stretch out your sissy ass.

          Make you beg for it in a normal voice. No whining. No crying. Teach you to be a whore in more than just stupid ass little pink. Oh, I like the way panties feel on my behind. Fuck that. Going to stretch that ass until it is bleeding if you want to act like crotch goblin you will be disciplined like one.

          As soon as you start acting like a whore and listening then you will get those big cocks. You will be filled up with cum. You will finally be worthy of those cocks.

           Not before.

Adult phone chat lines dominating bitch to train you right.

Adult phone chat lines

          Adult phone chat lines dominating bitch to train you right. Listen to your master. As long as you understand that I am the one in charge. You will learn to grovel. Address me as you should. Your training will be long, intense, and most notably fun for me and humbling for you.

          First thing you are going to get is a fucking ass blistering. Pain must be remembered. On the positive side it will turn into pleasure. Pain is pleasure for at the same time as you are getting your ass blistered with a whip going to have your cock getting jerked.

          Pain is pleasure. Now settle it in your mind that this Phone dominatrix will have you screaming in both pain and pleasure. Smothering you with my tits. From time to time will even allow you to give them a kiss. It will be a reward. Henceforth you will address me as Master. Call me anything other than Master and it will be cock and ball torture. A sound lashing. Without the ensuing pleasure.

          Formerly you were free. Now you are a slave. My slave. Degrading you for the weak pathetic whining sniveling little pecker head that you are. Tiny cock and all. Obey thy will and you will have the best of both. Pain and pleasure. Choose wisely little pecker head.

Phone Dominatrix Tits Covered in Cum for Your Sissy Training

Phone Dominatrix Wants You to Clean These Tits

I need my filthy little fag to clean these phone dominatrix tits. It’s the only reason I keep nasty little sissy piggies like you around. I dress you up in a pretty pink maids’ outfit and force you onto your knees. Then put a pretty pink, open-mouth gag pushed in deep. You’re going to be drooling and panting like a good little pet. You’re going to stick out your tongue and I’m going to use it to get my pussy wet. Lick my fucking cunt you filthy little fag. You’re going to be a sloppy messy sissy slut. 

phone dominatrix

Open Wide for Cuckold Sissy Maid Training

You’re not licking my pussy for no reason. I have a friend coming over. He has a thick meaty cock that will need to be sucked, and I don’t want to mess up my lipstick. So I’m going to force his cock down your throat. You’re going to love the taste of that dirty, sweaty cock. This is what a real man looks and feels like. Get his cock nice and messy for me. He’s going to slide that fat cock into my pussy while you sit there and watch. I’ll even be nice and stroke that cock through your cute little sissy panties. 

He’s going to bend me over and push his cock into my cunt. Then I’m going to put these fat tits in your mouth and make you suckle while he fucks me. Perfect reward for your sissy maid training session. You’re lucky you’re even allowed to touch me. Lucky to have these big mommy milkers bouncing in your face while I get fucked down by a real man. He’s going to pull his cock out of my cunt and stroke his dick on to those fat tiddies. He’s going to ice them in cum, and then you’re going to lick his load off of them. Stick out your tongue you cum eating little sissy. 

Uncategorized; justification not needed to be nasty.

          Uncategorized; justification not needed to be nasty. Now personally I like to make it hurt. See these here boots. They are made for walking and that’s just what they are going to do. They are going to walk all over you. Heels digging into your itsy-bitsy teeny weenie shriveled short pecker.

          Come on you little bitch. Fucken beg me to hurt you. Tell you exactly how small and insignificant fools you are. Don’t you shake your head at me. You aren’t worth it. Crack a whip and hit that little thing. If I can. Obviously, I am going to need to practice seeing if I can even find it. I mean it’s just so small.

          In fact, I don’t think anyone could find it without some help. Let us give you a prince albert so it has a nice little chain to yank on it. At the same time, I think a tiny little string too small for even a mouse would work. Even be a bit too large.

          In the end if you cry enough, I may even be inclined to control you. I like giving you sissy humiliation training. Do believe that is what I will stick with.


Taboo phone chat where nothing is ever off limits.

Taboo phone chat          Taboo phone chat where nothing is ever off limits. Sounds odd. Going to hurt you. Going to make you beg? Mistress of pain and all things considered wrong. Are they though? In fact what appears wrong in one way proves to be a turn on. Like have your balls in a torture device. Now going to bet you are thinking taboo? No that’s not taboo. Beyond the normal is considered risqué. Be a sissy little fucking whore balls in a torture device. Lily white sissy pink pussy getting hammered by the biggest fucking big fucking black cock that is able to be found. Advertising it. Making it a public display for one and all to see.

          Besides being a little bitch for me, it is important to remember that I am a very harsh Phone dominatrix. Never will I give you an inch. You will do as you’re told. Else the consequences will be harsh. Promising you won’t like them very much.

          As long as I am in charge, you will do as I say, when I say, how I say. There are no questions. It IS Yes Mistress Master. Not Mommy. Not now not ever will be a Mom to a whining sniveling pathetic little pipsqueak like you. That better be completely clear.

          Now be a good little bitch and be ready for fantasy rape of your fucking pussy.

Sissy training stretch that pussy out for big cocks.

Sissy training          Sissy training stretch that pussy out for big cocks. First thing we need to do is get that pussy in shape. We are going to do some Pilates. Work those cheeks. You should be able to crack a walnut between those cheeks. Show you know that you got the stuff to tighten around a cock as massive as they come.

          Now I am not talking about the average size cock of six to seven inches and this is actual inches not man inches. About 2 inches in diameter. To begin with that will be the cock size. This is training after all. Once we have gotten you taking that cock we will continue to work it up. At the same time we are going to keep it tight.

          Obviously you can’t work it like a real woman.

Being just a sissy and all. With a penis clit size.  That means cracking walnuts. Sure, you need to work up to those as well. Start with the peanuts. Those shells are much easier to crack open. Simply stick them half in your pussy and keep tightening around it until it cracks. Shuck them and eat them.

          As mentioned above you will be working up to the big cocks. I am an all-around trainer and one part that is absolute is the sissy humiliation training. You WILL learn to take criticism. Embarrassing you is part of the process. What I make you do will be nothing compared to what they will have your doing.

          It must be remembered that you are a sissy little bitch whore who can’t fuck worth a shit and this is the best way to learn how to tighten that pussy up. Now back to stretching you our and learning to tighten at the same time. Not easy but do as you are told and come tell me your results.

          Then we move onto the next steps.