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Daddy Cocks for the Sissies

best sissy trainer

Aren’t I really the pretty girl who you work with? I noticed your sissy traits pretty quickly, especially when I caught you staring at my big black boyfriend! So I sent a pair of high-heeled boots to wear to work along with a butt plug and a note telling you to wear them both to work! I have a surprise! When you get to work you see me with my boyfriend and we drag you to the back to play! we take a look at your ass and laugh and shove that dick deeper down your throat. If it’s not in your mouth, I want it all in your little tight shit hole! We laugh as he spreads you open and force fucks you.

Phone domination with Miss Remi

phone domination


I just had the most kinky and hot phone domination call ever. A new sissy whore who needed his slutty cum holes owned and used.This little sissy bitch wanted me to bring over a few of my friends to use him as their BBC cum dump slut. I made sure that slut knew that she is owned property. Everyone knows that my favorite thing to do is to dress up a sissy bitch. That’s exactly what I did. I watched and giggled as her slutty hole got stretched and destroyed by giant, hard cocks. Tiny, short skirts and bright red lipstick are the official cum slut uniform, so that’s what I put my new sissy bitch in. I got so turned on watching this sissy whore get pumped full of cum. I was teasing my hot pussy the whole time. I can’t help myself, I have to rub my wet cunnie any time a sissy whore gets dicked down right in front of me.

Be My ‘VIS’ Darling!

Femboy Training

My “VIS” meaning my Very Important Sissies pay extra to have a full day of shopping with their favorite trainer! I start the day with a bit of pampering, we go get our manicures and pedicures as well as some waxing and facials before getting a massage and going for a hair appointment. It is so fun to feel so well pampered before we go spend some serious money on our clothes and accessories. We go to the luxury boutiques and spend a small fortune on shoes, lingerie, corsets, nighties and robes before venturing over to buy some pretty ready-made dresses and outfits. Our last stop is a little couture boutique where we get fitted for a couple of gorgeous custom gowns because every sissy of mine needs to be pageant ready at a moment’s notice! Don’t you want to be my VIS Darling?

Mistresses Cock Torture

Sissy Phone SexI love punishing and torturing my sissies for being bad little faggots and not listening to me! Now it’s your turn to be punished. Take off all of your clothes and put on those stockings and skirts! You know how I love fishnets on you! Down on your knees and start sucking daddy dicks down your throat. I want to hear gagging, choking, spitting, and jerking. I want to see your pathetic sissy faggot body covered in cum as I spank your ass and kick you in those tiny, little worthless balls. Maybe if you’re a good enough faggot for me and all of these hard dicks, Ill let you eat their cum straight out of my tight and young shit hole!

Suck those chocolate cocks

bbc sissy trainer

Real sissies love to have the BBC sissy trainer pave the way. I get so committed that I will show you firsthand how to handle juicy black cock. There’s nothing I like more than to show you how to deepthroat appropriately and how to make sure you genuinely are satisfying cock. You will be the object of a lot of domination. Naturally, sissies are submissive, and that’s not going to change. There must be no doubt in your mind that you want to get fucked and used like a cock craving whore. Sissies get a bad rap sometimes of being too desperate.  I will show you how to seem pleasing but not pathetic. You still have to have that factor and charm. A sexy sissy is better than a desperate one.

BBC Sissy Training Mistress

As your best sissy trainer, I make sure to treat you the exact way that you deserve when you become my faggot sissy boy! 

Once I get my mistress’s hands on you, I’m going to do whatever I like to you! It really makes me wet, seeing fags like you cry at my degrading words and all their hard cocks that I invite in for them to come and fuck you!

Keep crying little bitch because our next stop is taking you out into the street and offering you up like a piece of meat to anybody that wants you and to anybody that will take such a worthless sissy bitch! Go ahead and cry for us, pathetic piggy faggot! You’re only making those cocks grow harder!best sissy trainer

Piggy and Sissy Faggot’s Please Me

I’ve had my fair share of useless little worms, faggots that wait in lines to be used up by me like little cum filled rag dolls. But then there’s a few that I don’t mind letting get down on their knees and pink and snort for me like little piggy’s. Specifically little sissy bitches that turn themselves into pretty little cum fuck sluts that are going to take dick into every hole they have! Even if I have to make another hole for a tight pussy to be freshly fucked! Now be a good worthless piggy and make me laugh and point at you on your all fours!! Come and play, beg for your mistress and eat up all you dirty cum mess.humiliation phone sex

Sissy humiliation training with Miss Remi

sissy humiliation training

I had some kinky fun last night with a BBC loving whore. He’s my new neighbor and I invited him over to hang out with me and a few friends. As soon as I met him, I could tell how bad that little slut wanted to be dressed up and forced to take fat, hard cocks. All that cum thirsty bitch needed was some hot, sissy humiliation training from an encouraging Mistress. I embarrassed him when I asked him, in front of everyone, why he was staring at all of the guy’s dicks. My friends and I teased him and laughed at him while he turned red and tried to hide his face. I was getting turned on by this and I wanted to really embarrass him. I took him to my room and told him that we were going to play dress up. I knew he was too shy and embarrassed to say no. Plus I could see his tiny, sad dick sticking straight out. I opened my dresser drawers and started pulling out sexy lingerie. I put my new sissy, bitch neighbor in the cutest pink, satin panties with tiny bows on the sides. I made him pucker up those cock sucking lips so I could add some sparkly lip gloss. Parading my dressed up sissy whore into the room and showing him off to everyone made my cunnie so wet! The guys thought he was really cute. Cute enough to bend him over, rip those panties off and force fuck him, one by one. I’m getting turned on again, thinking of how cute he looked, with his face smeared with pink, sparkly lip gloss and cum.


Mistress Loves Torturing Femboy Training

As your mistress, I take the femboy training very seriously. I’ll go as far as turning your tiny faggot cock into the perfect man pussy to be all used up by these monster black cocks surrounding me and my sexy new mistress apprentice. She’s here to find all the best ways to turn a sissy boy slut like you into the perfectly molded, cock sucking bitch! Come here and bend over for us, we love kicking the useless sack on a good-for-nothing pussy like you. Such a shame for those loads to go to waste. Why don’t you drink up all of your own baby batter and give us a show? Taste these hard black cocks, ten times the size you will ever be, and make them jizz all over your sissy bitch body. Be sure to show up dressed in your best panties for us faggot.Femboy Training

Now time for your black mini skirt and girly bralette to wrap around your chest and give us a dance. Show off your body and bend over for us to kick and jab at the worthless little clitty and full tiny ball sack. It’s really getting me and my cute apprentice off in the lower level of our faggot sex bar made for dick-sucking losers like you. Better hurry and put those dick-sucking tips to use to become the perfect sissy and be rewarded to be forced to swallow hundreds of loads of dripping, real daddy cum!

Sissy Slut Cleaned Me Up

My favorite sissy fag slut came over. His little worthless cock is so small I call it a big clit. He knows he could never fuck me with his little cock so he pleases me in any other ways I want. After a long day I make him worship my feet making sure he massages them with his tongue.

Femboy training

He knows I like him dress up like a good sissy slut whore with tight short dresses and heals. I’ll even make him wear it while he cleans my place, that isn’t the only thing I make him clean though. After a long fuck session with a big black cock and getting filled up with gooey nuts in my pussy and ass I have my sissy come over. I make my sissy smell and lick my pussy. Will suck all the nut and juices out of me, making sure to clean my pussy and ass. I don’t let him stop until I feel I’m all clean sometimes I squirt or cum and get even dirtier for him. He has the best mouth and makes me feel good because his big clitty would never be fucking me.