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BBC Sissy training audio

Mistress phone sex

I turned over a thousand men into little girly sluts and more is yet to be turned out! Do you ever get girly thoughts or have you ever been called feminine? If you are reading this I think it’s time for you to explore yourself a bit more… I mean you are reading this so you must be exploring and you are curious if you can possibly be a girl…. Not just any girl, a diva slut is what you would love to be…

You want to learn how to talk like a girl and seduce a man like a girl… You also want to know how to pick the right man for you to fuck on…Wow I just blew your mind didn’t I… It’s almost like I am your own thoughts speaking to you right now… Well don’t drive yourself crazy.. You are not alone.. I am here to bring out the whore in you.. The cock craving slut you desire to be. All those times you stood in the mirror and told yourself you are not worthy is a total lie.. You are normal just like everyone else…

But don’t compare yourself to just anyone.. You need a sexy bitch like me who will put you in check when needed and give you a push when needed. I have the dicks you desire to have access too.. I know you are tired of fucking yourself with a plastic piece of dildo so you crave the real thing. You crave those big veiny cocks stroking your ass without having to do any work… Well you definitely are in the right place and you will be turned into a submissive girly slutty cock craving whore your asshole and throat desire to feel…

From your fav  BBC sissy trainer to you Brielle supports you all the way! You rock, you vulnerable piece of meat. My men will fuck you delirious!

Sissy Training With Mistress Carmalita, I’ll Make You A Good Sissy Slut Slave

Training these Sissy Slaves can be quite challenging these days. These little heffas want it all and they want it now. Game recognizes game, however, and if we could wake up and have it all, well, we would wake up and have it all. But you and I both know that’s just not how things work in the real world, do they?  You gotta put in the work to be successful and you gotta keep your eyes on the prize! Your appearance, is it up to snuff? Makeup on point? Clothes tight-fitting and sexy? Jewelry not too much just enough to accentuate your beauty. Can you handle a butt-plug?Cause trust me when you have to take some BBC if you’re not ready that BBC will destroy that boy pussy, I mean obliterate it. So you have to train and learn how to take at least 8 inches of BBC.Sissy Training

Are you docile, obedient and willing to learn? Are you willing to put in the time to learn how to take some Big cock in your sweet little boy pussies? This ain’t for the faint of heart you better understand that. I been in this game a long time and the studs in my stable go deep in that boy pussy, can you handle it?

You better.


This Mistress Wants to Force You

Best Sissy Trainer

This best sissy trainer is here to force you to take that fat black cock! Are you going to behave for me? The consequences would be severe if you don’t! Now, slip on this pretty black dress so these cocks in the next room can rip it off of you!. That’s a good little faggot. And don’t forget your matching panties and those sexy black heels! There now show them your body. Do a little spin, blow them a kiss as a dancing girl would you fucking faggot! Get on your knees and offer them your mouth. Start sucking whore. Tonight, you are going to be there cum dumpster and their tight hole for a good fucking. Bend over and show us that hole!

Best Sissy Trainer Marissa

Best Sissy Trainer

Your best sissy trainer is here to put you in your place. Bend over and spread your cheeks. Look at how tight that hole is. You have such cute red panties on for this big black cock. Open your mouth and get him wet with your throat. Mmm, such a good sissy faggot. Take him deeper and get ready to take it into that little shit hole of yours. Doesn’t he taste so good Hunny? He fucks your face like you are nothing but a useless toy to throw away. He finishes with your face and comes for your ass hole next. He spread you wide and thrusts deep into that fucking hole. He pumped and thrust against you and left a huge cumload forcing you to clean up!


Best Sissy Trainer Mistress Carmalita Here! Let Me Get You Sissy Boys Together!

Mistress Carmalita is in the house you tired little Sissy Boy Sluts! It’s time to meet the Best Sissy Boy Trainer out here and that’s me! Not getting the desired results as a Sissy Boy Slut? Well, I  mean most of you tired little slaves are poorly trained or have no training at all.

Then you wonder why you have no success as a Sissy Boy Slut.

Best Sissy TrainerMistress Carmalita is here to give you the direction and training that you need. How to dress like a good little Sissy Boy Slut. How to serve and please, how to be docile and servile. How to moan and beg properly.How to find joy in watching Mistress Carmalita get all the big black cock you dream about. And when Mistress Carmalita deems it. How to suck and get fucked by some big black cock . And you better learn your place and not be thinking you can wake up one morning and be Mistress Carmalita,. I will have to spank those tender cheeks ’til they turn red .You exist to serve and obey. Nothing more, nothing less.Your life should be devoted to me! And only me.

Got it?

Now be a good little slave and go fetch me something cool and refreshing to drink, I’m parched.

Mistress Carmalita is auditioning Sissy Boy Trainees. Do you have what it takes?

Mistress phone sex

Mistress Carmalita here. I am auditioning for new Sissy Boy Trainees. Cause this current batch I have is trash! Completely useless. Beyond redemption. Pathetic! I need a Sissy Boy that’s going to obey my orders, be completely submissive and servile, no screaming like a banshee when I give their little ass cheeks the paddle, but definitely screaming when one of my big black studs from my personal stable fills their sweet little boy pussies with some big, stiff, black cock, then you can scream like a banshee all you want! You see there is a time and place for everything, my precious little Sissy Boy Slaves..I demand full obedience, don’t wanna hear no back talk, and thinking for yourself is totally out of the question. You think what Mistress Carmalita tells you to think! And that is thinking about pleasing Mistress Carmalita and thinking about a big black cock! You will be taught to dress like a good little Sissy Boy, beautiful skimpy outfits, halters, lace bras, dainty little panties, short, short skirts and pretty heels. You Sissy Boy sluts better know how to walk in their heels and look sexy doing it, or you will incur the wrath of Mistress Carmalita, and trust me, you do not want that! So if you think you have what it takes to be a Sissy Boy Trainee under the tutelage of the one and only

  Mistress Carmalita, call me. I’ll see if you have what it takes to be a Sissy Boy Slut. Until then, stay on point and keep practicing! Because hey, you never know, one day you too can join the stable of Mistress Carmalita’s Sissy Boy Sluts.

     Now get back to work!

Femboy training with you is always so damn cute!

 Femboy trainingIn that frilly dress you bought for yourself for Femboy training at my beck and call, I can’t help but let the words “pretty” escape my mouth. It looks good on you, it’s so shiny in the midday light and the way it covers your shaven legs juuuust enough to tempt me but not enough to be boring, really highlights the entire look. Those heels look good on you, and the bow I picked out contrasts so nicely that I find myself realizing I’m really looking at a girl. We’ve done it, you’re a girl now, at least for right now. I casually adjust the bow a little atop your head, shifting it every so slightly to the side in an effort to really bring out your Sissy girl training. I brush your hair just right so that the part covers your eyes ever so slightly, and the rest frames your cute face. That little blush of yours feels so good to look at, a little added makeup doesn’t hurt though so I’m sure to go at you just a little. You don’t need that much, you’re a natural, and looking at you makes me feel really good. I did it, I made a girl today. I ask you to spin around for me and show me the back, and when you do I grab your shoulders and hold you still. “Just like this.” I giggle, lifting that skirt of yours, and revealing those pretty pink Sissy panties I had you buy. They’re so cuuuute! It’s a shame to slide them down your ass, but I do, because the real reason I had you turn your back is revealed a moment later when I slip a nice dildo into your asshole. You cry out at first, but I whisper soothing promises into your ear. Reminders like “pretty girls don’t complain” and “you’ll love it soon enough.”

Oop, that’s all the time we have. You’ll call me and hear the rest, right? You cutie slut.

Humiliation phone sex

Humiliation phone sex

When you meet me for dinner I yell at you and call you a weak pussy. by the time we make it home you want to talk a smack you across the face telling you to shut up and get in the house it’s time for you to get to work. we walk inside and I tell you to get on all 4 and crawl to the room. when we get to the room I grab you by the balls and drag you around the room with your dick being your leash. I stop you by the bedsit down and open my legs telling you I see you are thirsty now lick up all the juicy pussy. while you are down there I squeeze my legs so tight cutting off your air when you come back I am laughing telling you how you are not a man you are a sissy boy that just can’t handle it. I take out my dildo and sick it down your throat and tell you to take it all like the good little girl you are. When your having Humiliation phone sex with me you will leave crying

Best Sissy Trainer with Your Girlfriend

Best sissy trainer

Your sexy little girlfriend met me at work and asked me a favor baby, that is why you are here today. You are here to meet with the best sissy trainer! That is me by the way haha! See I have set out a few select items of sissy clothing that you are going to be wearing for me while your pretty girlfriend is getting fucked by a big black cock! You are going to watch her take that bbc while another cock starts to train your pathetic sissy ass hole. Now, put on that lacy lingerie, and let’s get to work on you! Our p+athetic sissy bitch needs to learn and be put in their place! Now, spread that asshole for us!

Training Sissy Faggot

Best sissy trainerYour best sissy trainer is all you need hun and I’m here to deliver the discipline you need! I have you all set up in the bedroom with your sissy clothes and all of the toys you could desire! I have a huge 14-inch dildo you are going to be taking tonight so let’s get that all lubed up! Here, suck down on it and roll your tongue all along its thick, girthy, veiny shaft! It’s a perfect mold of my big black-cocked friend! He’s going to be shoved deep inside of you. Gag it down and spread that ass for me, baby! I take the dildo and start pushing it deep in hard and fast. Look, you are taking it so well! Let’s see how long you can last.