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Online Sissy Training Sluts

Online Sissy Training

Online sissy training is for faggots who are too afraid to be what they really are. I do it, but it also comes with a discretion price. if you want me to dress you up in hot nude nylons with a sexy black garter belt, lock that pathetic little penis away in a sparkly pink cock cage, and get your ass pussy stretched and fucked by a big black cock, you’re nuts. And by your nuts, I mean mine because once you submit to me every little part of you is completely mine. Don’t you want to get turned into a faggy girl cock receiver? I know you used to pinch and jack that little tiny penis to the thought of really getting man handled and used by a big boy cock. Looks like it’s time for forced sissy training.

Deep Cock Training

Forced Sissy Training

“No, open your mouth wider. You’ll never fit that monster black cock in your fuck hole like that.” I scolded. It was time for some forced sissy training, and today was swallowing a rock hard cock. The sissy fag before me was crying, but I backhanded him hard and got him to look at me. Then, I forced a big fat O ring gag into his mouth. it shoved his jaw wide open, leaving plenty of room for that fat chocolate dick to make it’s way inside of his mouth. “Now make it choke.” I ordered the hot black Stud before me. He nodded, placed a big black hand on the back of that little sissy faggot’s head, and started mercilessly pumping away. My sissy started gagging immediately but we didn’t give a fuck. I was getting really wet just from the sound of it. His eyes were tearing up as that cock tore up his throat, making it into a little sissy hole for him to use. And it was. I watched him swallow that monster cock, reached out and stroked it as I choked him through his fucking skin. He was a sissy boy this morning but he would be a sissy girl tonight.

Humiliation Phone Sex

Online Sissy Training Slut Safari

Online Sissy Training

I hosted a special online sissy training session to celebrate National Wildlife Day, but it was such a success I decided to do this year’s session in person. With the help of my many sissy sluts, I changed my backyard garden into a little sissy safari. We were going to play predator and prey. Of course all of my fag bois were dressed up like some cute little wildlife; bunnies, kittens, ponies, and of course deer. I called up some of the biggest cocks I know, and had them come on over to celebrate with a bottle of champagne. I went and hid in the center of the maze, knowing my little sissies were roaming around between me and the big bad wolves who wanted to devour my cunt. I also knew that if the sissies got found, they were going to get the cock training of their lives – something online sissy training could never compare to.

It wasn’t long before I heard them, screaming and begging to be let go. It only fueled my desire deeper as I lay back and rubbed my precious pussy. I knew that those massive men were horny, and that their naked balls swung heavy with fresh cum loads for my sissy faggots to consume. They need to learn to eat cum, and take cock. There was one nearby, so close I could hear him gagging as that giant dick slammed into the back of his throat again and again. He was meowing in between breaths; so the canary had caught the cat it seemed.

Before long the men started marching the sissy wildlife into the center of the maze. Each and every one of my online sissy training femme bois were bent over, their hair being used as their reigns. They also each had a big fat cock buried deep inside those little ass pussies. What a sight it was to see. The makeup that made them out to look like little wildlife fairies was smeared all over their bodies, their slutty little costumes torn to shreds by bigger, wilder beasts. Those cocks throbbed inside tiny little fuck holes, and I laid back to masturbate as I watched my little sissy safari cum to a grand finale.

Online Sissy Training

Sissy Phone Sex – Give A Vet A Handjob

Sissy Phone Sex

It’s essential that we remember to treat our veterans with the utmost respect which is why all my little sissy phone sex sluts will be going out to give a special sort of thanks to those vets! Each and every one of my cutesy sissies will be required to thoroughly groom themselves! That means waxing every last strand of hair off of their pathetic bodies. Yes, even their heads! All my whores wear wigs. Their hair belongs to me, and I decide if my little faggy boy can have it or not. Then they have to moisturize like good girls and get dressed.

Let the true sissification begin! Every slut gets a pair of nylons, a garter belt, panties and of course a pretty bralette. Lingerie and handjobs are how we’re thanking the men who served this country today girls, so get that sissy phone sex voice on and put your best feminine foot forward. High heels are a must, and you have to wear a sexy dress. No man wants a hand job from a skanky looking whore when he could have a pretty faggot ladyboi jerk him off instead.

We both know this is what you wanted, to be used like one of my toys for my womanly wiles. You can’t fool me. Do your voice training, take your hormone replacement therapy, and get ready to shake your hand with America’s best boys. They have needs too, you know. No need to shy away when those lecherous old men grope you. In the end they’ll probably want some head along with those handies, but I know it’s nothing my little sissy phone sex bitches can’t handle.

I’m going to come along to supervise and make sure our veterans are given the absolute best sexual services they’ve had since Vietnam or Thailand. Don’t act like you don’t know what I mean. You have to compete with the memory of refined Korean whores, honey. You have to push yourself to that point where you can be the only sissy slut they remember. If you fail, and our vets don’t cum, I’ll be chopping those clitties off with a rusty saw blade do you hear me!? Pathetic.

Sissy Phone Sex

Pathetic Little Penis

Sissy Training
Sweet little boy, you don’t have a cock. Cocks are large, thick, and throbbing. They’re always hard and always ready to dish out a fuck load of pleasure to whatever woman comes swaying his way. Cocks are a symbol of power, and the best cocks are big and black. Yours? Well that’s a tiny, pathetic white little penis. What are you, three inches? Who would ever love a man with such a humiliating genitalia? A sissy Domme or a Cuck Wife, honey; that’s who. Lucky for you I happen to be both with the cutest English accent to boot. It seems you need to learn that that little thumb tack in your trousers is nothing more than an over sized clitty, and your little pee hole. I’m going to take that worthless excuse for a man you were, and transform you into a beautiful sissy cucky slave girl. Are you ready for training my sweet?

Listen To The Sound Of My Voice

Best Sissy Trainer
Listen to the sound of my voice you sweet slut. I will own your sissy self completely and totally. You are a sissy whore. You resent your tiny, pathetic cock. You resent the hair on your chest. You resent the sway of your balls. You resent not being anything a man should be. And yet, I’m going to help you embrace yourself.

I’m going to force you into not only a sissy slutdom, but also the life of a transgender Queen. All of my sissy whores are forced to take hormone replacement therapy. That HRT is going to plump up the tits of my cum cows, and turn them into profitable little cunts. As for that cock, or shall we say penis because it isn’t glorious enough to be a cock, you’re at a loss. It goes in a tiny pink cage, and only gets played with when I say so.

Your own need to cum will be overcome by your unEarthly desire to please me and be my perfect little play dolly. Now tell me baby, how does that sound? Kneel down and submit to your Queen. Licky licky at my boots while you’re down there. Show me what you’re worth.
Mistress Phone Sex

Luisa The Sissy

Humiliation Phone Sex
Dear little sissy Luiz “Luisa” Santano Cruz, I told you I was going to expose your cocksucking ways to the world if you didn’t pay up. How can you afford to spend $400 a week on hot sissy phone sex, but you can’t pay the $500 discretion fee? Pathetic. Now the whole world knows. Though part of me thinks this is what you wanted. You wanted me to expose you to the entire world so that big, thick black cocks can just show up at your door and shove a fat one in your ass. I called them like I said I would, plastered ads all over Craigslist. They’re coming for you, Luisa. Your pathetic faggot hole is about to get torn to shreds and truly made into a perfect little pussy. Now that you’re panicking put on your big girl panties and give me a call. I’m going to take seriously good care of you, sissy bitch.

Little Penis Loser

Forced Sissy Training
I know just what you are, you can’t deny it. You’re a small dick, little penis loser who steals dirty panties and puts them on. You want to be a girly so bad honey, Queen Presley will help you out. I’m going to show you just how to rub this clitty. That’s what you have, you know.

That pathetic thing could never actually please a women with that little shrimp! I could toss it on a salad and never know it was supposed to be a cock! I’m going to force you to become my little femme slave, and I’m going to oven every breath in your body, every beat of your heart.

Everything you are is mine now, and there’s nothing you can fucking do about it you fucking loser.

Bend Over For Britain

Femboy Training
Everyone knows I’m imported; a British bitch who’s more likely to bend you over and butt fuck you than blow that pathetic cock. I only allow the best cocks into my mouth, and yours is probably not all that, let’s be honest. My lips are pouty, and perfect for cock sucking. Perhaps when I’m done bending you over and railing you with this strap on, I’ll let you watch me drain a big fat dick right down my throat. Until then, we both know what you are. A pathetic sissy loser with a worthless dick.

Don’t deny it; you can’t. I see you here, before me. Unable to do just about anything with that little cock, I want you to bend over and stick that cock in you.

Sissy Panties Play Party – Caught!

Sissy panties
What in the BBC fuck do you think you’re doing? You and I are both aware that this is not even close to the first time that I have walked in on you wearing a pair of my soiled panties, with another pair nearly attached to your nose as you sniff up every little splash of juice my ass and pussy have left inside them. You were wearing the best pair of nylons I own, stroking your cock with my silky, black stockings.

And you’ve been playing in my make up!? Why the fuck do you smell just like my French Whore perfume? Are you a little sissy faggot, really? Honey you have to be honest with me me about anything and everything. If you’re wanting to learn exactly how to take big black cock, I’ll help and train you! You won’t take that cock only only down your throat but up your little fuck hole, I’m more than happy to assist.

You and I both know that I am the Queen of sissy trainers, that I will force you to be my sissy now that I’ve caught you in your little panty play party. You just love being a pathetic little sissy don’t you? You wanted me to catch you all dressed up, playing in your little panty party, didn’t you? You wanted me to absolutely violate you didn’t you? Grab my big black strap on. It’s time for a cock size session.
Sissy Girl Training