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Door To Door Holiday Whores

Femboy Training

Door to door, I’ll shepherd my whores. This holiday season, we’re showing off the sissy bitches we keep in the castle. I want the entire kingdom to know how excellent and successful my forced sissification program is. If your husband, your sons, your brothers, are useless cucky beta bois, I have beds and fresh panties for them at the castle. I’ll teach them a lesson or two this year; for one, their place.
My sissy girls wear clit cages, panties, bralettes, stockings and garters, and elegant gowns, and heels. They wear wigs until their hair grows in, make up, and fake eyelashes. They are elegant whores, fine concubines usually only available to the Royal Family and our most esteemed guests. This year, however, I want to spread the holiday cheer.
They’ll ring the doorbells, and drop to their knees. Mouths open and tongues out, they’ll beg for the privilege of serving that lucky bloke answering the door. They’ll choke on those cocks; all of them! Big, fat, short, skinny, long, thin, dark, light, clean and dirty. They will drain the balls of the Kingdom this year, and the very thought of this extreme sissy training makes my Queenly cunt so fucking wet.

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Royal Roleplay

Forced Sissy Training

It shouldn’t be rocket science, even for a little sissy fuck cuck like you darling. What I want is your complete and total submission. I am the Queen of the sissy trainers, because a little fucking roleplay is erotic and hot. You know I’m right, so submit to me and join my faggot boys in their complete and total worship of me.
I need you to dress the part. You’re a Duchess now, so don’t be dumb. No, you can’t play with your clitty right now little girl. Leave it in it’s cage. Come put on your panties, and stockings, and heels. Get into a lovely gown. It’s time to entertain the entire court. You know I love it when you and your sissy slave sisters suck off my guests for everyone to see. How humiliating, isn’t it darling? And yet you love every second of it.
I want to see you beg these esteemed gentlemen to strip them of their trousers, and their undergarments. We all want to see you sweet sissy princess pets slobber on their man meat. Give us a real show, and choke those Royal Cocks down your duchess throats. I want those oral fuckholes of yours getting pounded and filled up by hot cum. What are you waiting for? Everyone loves a little historical fucking fiction.

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The Sissy Games

Mistress Phone Sex

My darling sissy boys have been cooped up in the castle for days now due to inclimate weather. Well, I wanted to humiliate them a bit, just for my own enjoyment. I called up my closest confidants; countesses and dutchesses from across the meadows. We brought in the tailors, and what ensued was three days of extreme sissification.
We played dress up with my little femboy bitches; every one of us ladies got a pet. We had a fashion competition with them! The winner would get to cum by the hand of their Mistress. Whoever came in last would be given a public humiliation in court. The entire Kingdom would attend.
That is my favorite part, to be honest; watching my sissy girl scream and beg and cry as she is tickled and edged mercilessly, only to be locked back in her little clit cage for an entire year. My Ladies always enjoy it too; my other sissies lick and stroke our perfect royal cunts while we watch, and we play a game with them too. The concept is the same; whoever makes their Mistress cum first also gets to cum. Whoever doesn’t make their Mistress cum on their sissy face gets the same treatment, until we’re out of sissy girls to torture. I still need a fembitch to be my pet and make me cum. Want to play?

Humiliation Phone Sex

Don’t Be Shy Sissy Boy

sissy phone sex You don’t have to be shy. I’m an expert when it comes to pegging perfect little sissy boy assholes like yours. Do you like my strap-on? It’s hard, black, and 12 inches for you. Aren’t you excited that I’m going to stretch out your little ass hole baby? Why don’t you start by worshiping it first. You had better get it nice and wet with that hot hungry mouth of yours, because the only lube that I’m going to use is whatever slobber comes from your fucking throat. Oh yes baby, choke on my fucking dildo. Show me how much you want me to fuck you in that little ass. I know you bitches love it when I peg you, so make sure it’s just wet enough so that I can slide all 12 in into your asshole. Oh you’re perfect, now bend over and spread those cheeks. Look at you! You’ve never even had anything in your ass have you? This is going to be a lot more than just the pinky sweetie. This is going to be 12 inches of hard black cock pounding away at your prostate. Are you ready to get pegged? Good. Let me line up with your little shit hole right here, and boom! I’ve shoved all 12 fucking inches right into you. Just give it a minute to stretch, but I’m not going to slow down. I’m going to fuck you at supersonic speed and show you exactly what a fucking little slut you are for me.

Fluff That Cock, Eat That Cum!

Sissy Phone Sex

It looks like you need some training my little sissy slut. Go get dressed pet, in your finest hosiery. Put on your lacy slut garter, and your high whore heels. Pull those panties up over your little clitty cage, and wear some short slutty dress for me.
Make sure your makeup is delicate, and delicious. Perfect brows, plump lips, lovely eyelashes. Today you’re going to meet a true Alpha, with a bull cock thicker than any you’ve ever seen. You’re going to get that cock nice and fucking hard for me, with your hands cuffed behind your back.
He’s going to face fuck your throat, the whole time he’s thinking of my tight little pussy. Then you’re going to eat my perfectly delicious cunt, and get me nice and dripping wet for this big fucking bull dick. Every time he cums in my tight velvet pussy, you’re going to clean him off, and suck him back hard. You’re going to clean out my slit with delicate fingers, and not spill a drop of that cum. Do you understand me you fucking fem bitch? Remember that I don’t like repeating myself. So get ready to serve Royalty.

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Sissification For My Sluts

Sissy Phone Sex

I only live to rule this Kingdom, and give you the best sissy phone sex you’ve ever had. You need to be trained properly. You walk around during the day, a man. Everyone knows your name. But, when you come to me, I strip all that away. I force you into the femboy I need you to be. I will take away your suit, your tie, your boxers. Your “manhood” will be mine.
You’ll become addicted to the sway of my hips, the lure of my lips, and the intoxicating scent of my royal cunt. When you prove yourself to be truly devoted to me and your training, I’ll gift you a new name. Some beautiful name that is truly all femme with no trace of man left in you all in honor of your tru beginning to online sissy training; you will be my beautiful little princess with her clit in a cage, taking her hormones to be my perfect little slutty princess.
Stockings, and garters, and heels for my bitch. Dresses, and bralettes., and lacy little panties to cover your clitty cage. When you come into my castle, everything you are belongs to me. Every ounce of sleep, every time you cum (which you won’t until I say), every breath is for the Queen. Are you ready for submission to the ultimate servitude? Really darling, how many can say they served a true English Queen?

Online Sissy Training

Sissy Phone Sex Isn’t For Weak Bitches

Sissy Phone Sex

Even though we’ve been through several rounds of sissy phone sex training together, I know you aren’t ready to go to the royal ball or to worship the balls of royalty! I don’t trust that you could carry yourself with poise, little girl. I know you crave to be a little fem boy bitch, and that’s exactly what I’m going to make you. But you’re going to need lots of practice sucking cock before I even think about letting you step foot inside that Ballroom.

You need to learn how to deep throat it, fluff it up so it’s all nice and ready for the Queen to get her royal cunt fucked perfectly. Think about how it would look if I brought some under trained sissy out to suck the cocks and worship the balls of my guests. The kingdom would revolt, and then I would have to punish you. Oh I could flay you, or beat you, but my favorite thing to do is to edge you endlessly.

That’s right, if you displease me after I finished training you for this, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life. The last time you came will be the last time you ever cum. I’ll keep you locked up, tight under key and shackle in my dungeon, and you’ll be stimulated everyday all day on that pathetic clit of yours. Why? Just to drive you crazy.

So, stand up straight, give me your best sissy girl smile, and get ready for the most dangerous thing you’ve ever had to do; please the Queen.

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Service Sissy Slaves

Online Sissy TrainingDoing online sissy training is not as easy as it might look. And ruling this kingdom is its Queen is even harder. I have to entertain several guests, regularly. And trying to keep those men interested is so difficult. Sometimes they bring their wives, and every once in a while their offspring.

Last night, I had a full house. It was the perfect time to show off my little sissy bitches. I dressed them to the nines, even stuffing their bra since their hormones were only just starting to work on their tits. Their little clitties were stored away in chastity cages, hidden underneath frilly silky panties. They wore sweet flowing gowns, and their hair had grown out long and was done into beautiful braids. My perfect princesses.

In the middle of dinner, I could see several of the men start to get antsy. So one by one I sent my little sissy sluts under the table. They unzipped their pants, and went to town sucking on their hard cocks. Well, the women started to wonder what was going on, and when they looked under the table and saw my pretty princesses down there slurping on their husbands cocks, well they got pretty jealous. More of my princess girls crawl under the table, moving the ladies panties to the side so they could look at their sweet pussies. Even the young ones were starting to wonder, and so I sent the last of my girls underneath of that table to play with those young sweetlings, giving them a taste of my Royal hospitality.

I know that this was your favorite lesson, being a service slave to me. I know that you still crave it to this day. To be used simply to pleasure my dinner guests, of course it can be done if that’s what I want. I’m in charge baby, and you’re forced feminization is all that I care about.

Humiliation Phone Sex

Royally Humiliated During Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sex
Welcome to the Humiliation chamber, my favorite place to be during sissy phone sex. Our lesson today involves one bad sissy girl, the one you see hanging from the ceiling just there. He’s naked, and his tiny cock has been released from it’s chastity cage. His arms are bound above him as he swings from the ceiling. I see how excited you are; you won’t be after you see what I do to him.
I circle him, riding crop in my hand as my black stiletto boots click click click on the floor as I pace. His body is rigid, terrified. The blindfold does it’s job, and the ball gag in his mouth prevents begging. I’ve been force feeding him watered down wine for hours. I love online sissy training. See the bulge in his belly? That’s his terribly full little bladder. I stroke his cock with the riding crop, and his wiggles and moans, trying to get as much contact as he can before I ghost away, leaving his balls full and his poor cock dripping.
I lay a few blows on his ass, but then start to beat where his agonized bursting bladder is. He knows he is forbidden from pissing until Queen Presley says it’s okay. I make three other of my sissy girls go, and stroke and fondle his cock and balls. The third one in my sissy training plays in his asshole. They edge him, getting him as close to the line as I dare let him. He’s begging, so I remove the ball gag. “Do you want to piss or cum?” I know if he cums, he’ll lose control. The poor sissy slut chooses to pee, but I make him watch as he has a huge accident in front of the whole court.
Of course we all laugh. What was his transgression, you ask? Oh, he couldn’t make me cum in under five minutes during his forced sissy training. I stare at the rest of my sissies, and grin maliciously. “Who’s next?”

Online Sissy Training

Humiliation Phone Sex While Fucking On Frankenstein’s Day

Humiliation Phone Sex


Humiliation phone sex is sort of my thing. As royalty, I find the degradation of my little prissy sissies to be absolutely exquisite. It makes my cunt soaked to remind them how lowly they are sometimes. As an educated sissy instructor, I am quite a fan of women who have led in history, including Mary Shelley. Sunday was Frankenstein Day, so I gathered up all my courtly femboy bitches and gave them a lesson on how Frankenstein’s Monster was an outcast and a freak, just like them.

I loved my little sissy monsters, though, and so I decided I would direct the play of Frankenstein, and all of my bitches would play the parts.
Only, in my version, Igor was Doctor Frankenstein’s little cuck slave, and he made the Monster as a perfect fuck toy. Oh how fucking hot was that! I swear I rubbed my cunt or had one of my sissy princesses lick my pussy. They were craving my humiliation phone sex, so they obeyed when they had to perform this Frankenstein Fuck Fest in front of my entire court and castle!

Everyone knew they were sissy bitches, and admired my willingness to train such ornery girls. They put on such a good show; like Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Mary Shelley. Frankenstein made Igor his little sissy cuck bitch, and paraded his poor cock cage all around the stage. Then, he created the perfect slave; Frankenstein’s Fuck Monster! I was so horny, every time I came i was squirting. He tormented his slave day in and day out, jerking his cock the entire show without relief before locking him, too, in a chastity cage to be enslaved to the Doctor forever.

At the end, I came out to bow, and degraded these sissies in front of my entire Kingdom. As a reward, I laid them all out, and one by one took their cages off so I could wash their tiny pathetic cocks. They all got so hard, their balls bursting for release. But I was just cleaning them, so they weren’t allowed. It took almost an hour to wash each one, just so he didn’t cum!

Then they went back in their cages, put their dresses back on, and cried because their little sissy clitties needed release more than anything they had ever known. Queen Presley gives the best humiliation phone sex, and don’t you ever fucking forget it.Humiliation Phone Sex