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Sissies Like You Take Cock Like Me

Sissy Maid Training

You’re a pretty sissy maid training slut with your cutesy baby girl panties and those stockings up your thigh. What you forget is you are my little faggot humiliation toy! I think it’s so funny how badly you want to be a little girly prissy sissy princess! You are a male by birth, and a female by my own choice! I make you into a femme passing fuckable futa when I want to, and if your lucky I’ll lock that little “cock”, and by that I mean clit, away in a cage for the rest of your days.

You’re going to come to me to be a sissy slave training whore and dedicate your entire life to serving me. You can dress up like a sissy slut lady boy for the streets and a shemale tranny sissy bitch for the sheets. You will come along with me when I go to ride and fuck that Alpha cock. One day you want this to be you, don’t you? With your tits bouncing all over as you toss your head like a whore while big dick Daddy pulls your sissy panties away from that little sissy hole so he can really get big balls deep in you.

Welcome to forced feminization.


Sissy Slave Training

She Cums To Me

Femboy Training

My sweet sissy girl Jenny Lee loves to have cyber sex sessions with me so we can do the dirtiest sissy shopping! She cums to me with her little clitty locked away in it’s special cage – all pink and sparkly just how it should be. We do cyber sessions for hours trading outfit ideas, and when we have a concrete one, we go ahead and set up the scene! Jenny Lee and I get dressed slowly, putting on the music from the old days and rocking out like we’re cutesy little girlfriends.

Once we’re looking like sexy man eating sluts, we hit the town and show everyone what sissy party girls and their trainers are really good for. It was shot after shot, getting hotter and hotter on the dance floor as we were grinding up on each other and the sexy big black bulls that were gathering! They were eager for a taste of snow bunny white meat, and that only made my pussy drip more.

Before long, Jenny Lee and I were in the bathroom stalls! I was bent over and taking an eleven inch black hot rod, and Jenny Lee was choking down twelve inches of heaven!

Sissy Girl Training

Little Sissy Sally

Sissy Slave Training

Little Sissy Sally is the faggot I’ve always wanted! I love intense sissy training sessions where I really get to instill those feminine values. You want to have that little sissy hole gaped open my a massive BBC don’t you? But before any of those massive bull cocks will even dream of touching you, you need to be able to have a princess tea party with Queen Presley and learn how to be a lady. We’re slutty, sultry beings. You’re going to be used for the pleasures of men while I instruct you on exactly how to do your make-up, your hair, and take that throbbing cock inside your little fuck hole. Don’t disappoint me, darling. I know it hurts a bit when your tiny chute is stretching around something tree trunk thick, and chocolate in hue, but don’t you think a little pain to get fucked by the incredible cock of an Alpha Breeding bull is worth it? He’s going to shoot a fat load of steamy cum right inside of you, and if you’re lucky your belly is going to get round and your titties will swell. I’m really fucking into sissy bitch impregnation. Bend over, and spread them wide. We’re putting impregnation cummy juice inside.

BBC Sissy Trainer

I’m going to hold you down even if you scream and force my owns trap on inside of you while you get bred. Spit roasting you like a little fucking sissy whore is what I’m interested in, and every twitch of that sissy pussy wrapped tightly around the huge N cock is going to make him squirt a little harder to get all the sperm drained from his balls and up into the slutty breeding uterus I gave you. It happened when I first gave you your period, and now, you’re getting bred

Adult Phone Chat Lines

Forced Feminization Sissy Anal Training

Forced Feminization

Bend over and spread your cheeks, it’s time for some sissy anal training forced feminization! I’ll even suck that big cock off and take the load on my tits so you can see how it’s supposed to be done! Face down, ass up baby girl! Real sissies know that Queen Presley is a different sort of Domme whore. You’re going to get that back door pussy stretched out inch by inch by a massive cock! I know plenty of Alpha Bull Breeders, so you can bet your entire panty collection I’ll be making you worship every single one of them!

Those big cocks are going to grab you by the hair, don’t worry we’ll glue that wig on, and they’re going to wreck your sissy hole. Your panty line will never sit the same because once you start taking it from the back, that ass is going to get fat! You should do everything you can to look like a slutty bimbo! Big fake tits and an ass you took the poundings for! Don’t you want to look sexy with that little clitty tucked in a cock cage for your new Daddy? He’s going to break that ass right in. Buckle up, buttercup. It’s time to be a slut!

Humiliation Phone Sex

Play With Me, Princess

Best Sissy Trainer

You’ve come because you crave to be a pretty princess in the way every inch of me is a Queen. I can give it to you, you know. I can help dress you, primp and preen you, and then use you for my own pleasure. With your stockings, your panties, that pretty girl make-up, I need you to bend over my lap. Queen Presley is going to spank you now, sweetie. I took my time, took such care in dressing up your sissy body, your prissy face, and now I’m going to use this like my little fuck dolly. You signed up for this. When I scissor your boy pussy open, don’t be surprised when you cry. Sometimes, I like to make it hurt.

Sissy Training – Come All Ye Small Cocks

Sissy Training

Now come all ye small cocks, sissy training is waiting. I can take that little dick and turn you into something beautiful. Don’t you want to be a beautiful slut? Don’t you want to be able to entertain with Queen Presley and her entourage of Sissy concubines? I thought so. I can turn that little dick into a clitty, and grow you in some nice tits. I’ll train you myself, because I know you’re going to make a beautiful girl. You’re so eager for a taste of the Femme life, why not step out of your faggot shoes and come take a walk on the wild side?

Grab your sissy panties, the ones you hide from your wife, and slip them over your ass. In no time, we’ll give you a bouncy little bubble butt and I’ll turn you into a sexy little whore for me. Tiddies will grow in, and I’ll show you how hot it is to run my hands over your nipples before making you bend over to be bred like a fucking cum dumpster. Don’t you want to be my barbie breeder? I know you can take a thick BBC right up your boy pussy. And that black, monstrous thing is going to make your online sissy training look like a walk in the park.
Sissy Panties

Sissy Phone Sex For Faggot Boys

Sissy Phone Sex


All my little sissy phone sex lovers started as faggot boys who couldn’t get the idea of being a woman out of their tiny brains. I train my sissy sluts to dress up in any little sexy costume or lingerie I can provide. This week, we donned little naughty nurse outfits and hit up the hospital to help cheer up some of those overworked and underpaid doctors and nurses. My sissy fags got used to hard, their little holes stretched out beyond comprehension when they get bent over. Some of them love to be pretty and love to get cock trained like perfect whores, and some of them hate it. Which one are you going to be, sweetie? A goddess ascending to the fine feminization, or a forced faggot?

Prissy Sissy Phone Sex For Faggots

Sissy Phone Sex
A little prissy, sissy phone sex for faggots is what you get. I’m tired of you misbehaving, so I’m going to put your ass in a pamper and you’ll thank me for it. I’ll spank you, and you’ll thank me for it. Sit with that diaper on, you tiny cock loser, and accept your fate.

If you’re lucky, I’ll dress you up in a cutesy little onesie and make you know the full wrath of my fury. We’ll find you a thick dick BBC Daddy to turn you into his little dress up doll fairy princess fuck toy.

Once that BBC Daddy buys you, it’s not online sissy training anymore; he owns the rights to you for life. And you will serve him as the perfect little sissy whore you are, won’t you? You’ll make sure big Daddy’s cock is sucked, that your little hole gets fucked, and filled, and even bred if that’s what he needs.

Daddy’s going to be greedy, little faggot, so get ready to really surrender everything and live the type of Alice in Wonderland fantasy life your pathetic, squirting clitty has only ever dreamed of. Everything you are is thanks to me, thanks to Daddy. I’m the very best of the BBC Sissy Trainer sluts around, and believe me when I say you’ll get yours, bitch.

Online Sissy Training

Taboo Phone Chat Gets Dark For Bad Sissies!

Taboo Phone Chat

All sissies get to endure my taboo phone chat role play when they misbehave and my dark side comes crawling out of the depths. I will bend them over a breeding bench, and have a huge fourteen inch fuck machine come in to act out my rape fantasies on their little assholes. Meanwhile, they’re being force fed hot cum straight from my Cum Cow farm, and I’m torturing their poor little clitty. Consider it your second circumcision but this time, it’s going to fucking hurt a lot worse. Let’s shave off that last inch or two, and leave you with a flat little piss hole! Go on, get the grinder so I can end what’s left of your “boyhood” before we forget you ever had balls for good. Oh your balls! Yes, those come away next. Let me get my sewing scissors.

Online Sissy Training For Egirl Futanari!

Online Sissy Training

You and I both know you’re a submissive little Futanari! That’s a hermaphrodite who sometimes has both genitalia, and sometimes only a cock! I give those sissies my forced online sissy training, giving them anal gape training, dress up instructions, and general humiliation! Only my best sissy bitches get to become my Futanari! If you want to be a Futa you have to work for that puta, honey! Going out and selling yourself is a great way to pay for those expensive top and bottom surgeries I’m going to force you to have, as well as the hormone replacement therapy that comes with it! As long as you submit to me, you can keep your Futa cock and use it to fuck other little sissy shemale bitches. Are you going to be a good girl, or will I force you as a slave?
I know it turns you on to think you could live out your days as a cum slut bitch with both a pussy hole, a bussy, and a cock! I could use you as my ultimate little fuck toy. Some of my Futa‘s even get to slide their massive girl cocks inside of this royal cunt! I’m wet now, where are you?

Sissy Girl Training