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Sissy Maid Training To Serve

Sissy Maid Training
It’s your place as my wanna be slave to undergo rigorous sissy maid training. You have to understand I expect you to obey me in every way; that means from the way you dress and groom yourself to your cock training. You are going to have to go through intense throat training.

What’s that entail you ask? It means six hours a day of raw throat fucking five days a week for five weeks. You have to get good at what you do, honey. We’re going to have to bully that gag reflex out of you. Can’t have you puking all over superior BBC Alpha cocks, now can we? Sissy maids not only take care of the sexual needs of my pussy when I don’t have a bull stud present but also my home. You’re expected to clean in your uniform, yes even the seven inch pumps.

Those help with your posture, dearie. After throat training comes sissy pussy stretching where I will force you to raw dog massive cocks. You will never sit the same again, I promise you that. But you want to be a good sissy girl for me, don’t you love bug? You don’t want to disappoint me. I’ll chop off that pathetic excuse for a “cock” you have.
Sissy Training Audio

Cum Worship Daddy

BBC Sissy Trainer

I’ve brought you home a new Daddy, sweetheart. Run upstairs, quickly now! Wash that soggy bottom you have and get dressed! Little pink clit cage, your hottest crotchless panties, slide in that butterfly butt plug too! Fishnet stockings with butterfly garters, four inch Mary Jane pumps with cute little buckles, and your tipple tassels too!

We have to do your make up nice and cute, sweet girl, if you want to impress your new Daddy for real. Light lip gloss and baby blue eye shadow to match the sweet bow in you hair. Now come and present yourself for Daddy, that’s right darling. Show him all your little sissy girly parts. Your sweet clitty, that fudgey pussy you have for Daddy’s big cock.

Open wide and let him slide inside! Yes, say “Ah!” Oh good girl! I need to see you choke down Daddy’s massive meat like you’ve never wanted anything more in your life than to be our sissy girl fuck slave. Mommy picked this Daddy out just for you because I know how much you love huge, drooling black cocks.

This one is a monster, and his balls swing heavy full of that sweet nutty nectar I need all over my tits. If you’re a good girl, Mommy will let you lick it up, but you’d better not waste a single drop!
Sissy Slave Training

Inside My Panty Drawer

Forced Sissy Training
Being the Sissy Trainer of the family most certainly has its perks. Wouldn’t you know I caught my sweet young brother going through my panty drawer again? The family secret is that Mommy’s been making him dress like a little sissy faggot since he was a plump little angel. She had him in Disney Princess Pull-Ups with cute little bows in his long, curly hair. Mommy had enough boys. With only me and my sister Zoey, Mommy was going to make herself another daughter whether he liked it or not.

Mommy choked herself to death on a massive BBC cock before she could finish out her work, so she’s left it up to me to finish this little slut up. Lucky for me, catching him in my panty drawer warranted the perfect excuse to get the job done. I snatched him up by his cute little ponytail. “What do you think you’re doing, little slut?”

He was whimpering pathetically. Evidently he’d “had a little accident” while he was sleeping, and was out of clean panties. Naughty little boys get punished, don’t they? I made him pick out whatever pair of panties he wanted from my drawer, and put them on his soiled little body. Then, he had to go and wake up all of his brothers with his mouth by choking down their Alpha cocks, and beg them to let him change his disgusting little panties.
Humiliation Phone Sex

Dick Training 101

Humiliation Phone Sex
So you want to be one of my sissy girls? How well can you handle thick, throbbing dick? If the answer isn’t “like a fucking pro” then sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. If you want to be a real girl honey, you have to be able to ride with the big bitches and roll with the cum shots. That means being able to swallow a cock as if you’ve never even heard of breathing.

Can you get face fucked for hours on end like a proper whore? Of course we’ll allow for sips of water; have to keep that mouth pussy lubricated so those bull cocks can use you properly. That’s what you’ll be meant for, little girl. At least in the beginning of your residency in the Halls of Sissy Slutdom, your main job will be fluffing the nutter if you know what I mean.

That mouth and those sweet, manicured hands will need to be precise in keeping those Kingly cocks hard for the professional sluts; the real women. Our cunts will be used to milk delicious creamy cum out of those swollen mushroom tips. You’re going to help us keep them hard on our water breaks.

In return, maybe I’ll let you use that nasty girly tongue of yours to scoop the remnants of our fuck fest from our swollen pussy holes.
Sissy Training

Sensual Sissy Domination

Sissy Training
Sissy training doesn’t always have to be so harsh and heavy handed. I know plenty of sweet sissy boys who just want a sexy, gentle transition from being a worthless man into one of my priceless sissy girl fuck dolls. My delicious little honeys perfectly groom themselves every single day.

We dress in frilly panties, and thigh high stockings, and sexy button garters. We wear matching bralettes, and make sure we lotion up all over every day. We make sure our hot, tight little fuck holes are nice and clean so that they can be used and filled up with steamy cum as the day goes on.

We have to be hairless except our brows and our heads. No body hair for a slut fuck sissy princess trainee! Only certain fat cock Alpha bulls like pussy hair, and that’s the only time we allow it. Though it will be a very long time before you get one of those mega fuck sticks shoved into that little fag pussy.

I know you really crave a hot load. So come on, work hard, and study up! You need to take these fucking cocks! I get wet thinking about you getting used. Don’t you want me to cum, baby?
BBC SIssy Trainer

Addicted To These BBCs

BBC Sissy Trainer
There were two huge BBC Alpha cocks pumping in and out of me. One was throat fucking me with reckless abandon, the other was buried ten inches deep into my tight little asshole. I didn’t know what to do, or how to act. All I knew was the rhythm and the thickness of both of those massive black monsters.

I love a hot, steaming chocolate dick, but these two were fucking too much to handle! I couldn’t even think, all I knew was that I was getting my fuck holes filled up like a good little slut. I love being a Sissy Trainer, but nothing beats getting used like a fucking rag doll by men who are two times your size. I swear his cocks was as thick as my wrist, if not bigger. How he had managed to grease that black piston up and slide it so deep inside of me was a miracle in itself.

i The one in my throat was so close to busting all I could taste was the salty sweat dripping from his balls, and the delicious sweet sticky pre cum he was rolling down my throat. I knew it wouldn’t be long until I had a full belly, and I knew my fudgesicle cream pie wasn’t likely to be far behind. My sissy sluts just sat there, watching how a real man fucks a Queen, and the proper way to be a cum receptacle just like their Mistress.
Femboy Training

My Sissies Bought Me A Bull

BBC Sissy Training
I think consumer holidays are delicious when it gets me something my cunt really craves. I’ve been needing a new Alpha cock to fuck; the one I’ve been using is just getting so boring! Well, Mother’s Day just flew by and my sweet sissy sluts went out and bought me a new Bull to ride! What sexy little fucks those wanna be girls are. I was delighted when they led me into the antechamber and there he was, sprawled out on a chaise lounge with his massive black cock in his hand.

That swollen chocolate cock head was drooling at the sight of me, and my pussy wasn’t far behind. My sissies were giggling as he motioned for me to come sit by him. I know damn well he intended for me to sit on him; he didn’t care if it was my cunt or my tight ass hole that stretched around his huge BBC treat. I knew what I wanted, the plug in my ass turning me on more and more as it wiggled with each step. I was a gooey honey mess between my tender, soft thighs by the time his eyes met mine again.

I climbed up, and sat my delicious maple pussy right on his fucking face. His tongue rolled out, and my eyes rolled right back in my head. Fuck it’s good to be Queen.

Mistress Phone Sex

Put On Your Sissy Bitch Panties, Now!

Sissy Panties
How about you put on your pretty girl panties, and show me what a good girl you can be? You tell me how desperately you crave to be a submissive, sissy slut, but I see absolutely no effort being put in to your own transformation. I can’t make diamonds out of coal if I don’t apply any pressure?

Get dressed, and call me honey. The pressure is on. You’re going to obey my every single command, and do exactly as I say. No questions, no defiance. Do you understand? You can’t avoid who you’re meant to be, sweetheart. You know damn well you’re desperate to put those panties on, get on your knees, and suck a huge, dripping cock! You know how badly you want to taste that cum pouring down your throat. Cock sucking is, of course, part of your forced sissy training honey.

How do you expect to ever please me, let alone any bulls, if you can’t even stick a toothbrush to the back of your throat? I’m going to take you out on the town, and really show you what it means to be a fucking whore. By the time we get back to my place, you’ll be dripping cum and begging to clean out my cream pie’d little cunt. Cum on now, show me what you’re fucking made of; I love a sweet sissy fag.

Sissy Training Audio

The Sissy Olympics

Sissy Training

I love my little troublemakers; they surely help me fund my high society events. I hold the Sissy Olympics every single year, and this year I’m hopeful to see one of my own personal fuck slaves win a Gold medal in the Cum Guzzling Competition. All the renown Sissy Trainers travel from far and wide to force their feminized little fuck boys to participate in my sexy fantasy games. One might wonder what winning a Gold does for the slave; the answer? He gets one night tucked up in my bed.

Yes, that’s right. I’ll allow whatever small cocked little loser that wins the Gum Guzzling Competition to play with my pretty pussy for a whole night. I know how badly you sluts want to truly be able to pleasure me. These other trainers might allow their boys to touch them, but my whores only get that royal privilege when they’re slurping sticky cum loads from my cunt. I suggest you start practicing now if you’re thinking of trying out for the team. My sissy girls Penny, Rosie, and Ginny are sure to cum in first.
I will be, in the meantime, being worshiped by sexy BBC Alpha Bulls. Extra cum for you sluts later!

Think you can beat my own little toys? Give it a shot, you beta bitch, small balled, cuck worthy loser. See if you’re worthy of Queen Presley’s cunt.

Sissy Humiliation Training

Dress Up is For Dollies – Dick Is For Dames


Sissy Training Audio



You heard me, slut. Dress up is for little sissy dollies like yourself. Only dames like me and my Ladies in Waiting get dicked down! I know you’re so terribly horny since I haven’t let you have a cum since Christmas, but take one look at my face and ask me if I care; No, no I don’t. I’m here to train you into being a little girl, honey. Nobody said this was going to be easy!
Domination Phone Sex
Honestly, you’re my most interesting case yet. Usually my sissy faggots have tiny cocks that I can easily convert into clits. However, you actually seem to have some man meat packing in that pretty banana hammock I put on you! I think I’ll just have to make you into one of my trans girls! I love a chick with a dick, and if yours is big enough, I might even give it a lick.

Of course I’m serious, sweetheart. I may be a tough Domme and Queen of the Sissy Training Bitches around here, but I do still love the taste of cock down my throat. So come on, whip it out and let me have a look. Oh fuck, yeah. Let’s take that cock cage off so I can taste you up. If you cum, you naughty boy, you won’t cum again until the Fourth of July! Choose wisely! Queenie Pres just wants a taste.