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Mistress Mommy’s Favorite Good Boy Slave!

Mistress phone sexMatt is such a good boy for his favorite Mistress mommy; he knows exactly how to behave and take instructions so well from me. His young, prime cock and willing attitude makes it so much more fun to bring him to the edge when we play. His hot panting, racing heart beat, and needy mouth,cock and balls always make me tingle. I love owning and praising this hot piece of ass whenever I can. With Matt I love being soothing, loving and care free; he is just way too sweet to abuse like I normally would. 

I mean I love being a mean mistress to most of my wanna be sissy boys. However, Matt is just so different; I can’t be anything but nice to him. He loves to suck on my tits, pussy and sweet ass hole without even asking. He calls me Mistress Mommy without fail anytime he talks to me. He asks for permission before speaking to me and always tells me how much he loves to be of service to me. I even let my sweet boy put his dick in me sometimes too; he is just so good at pleasing and serving I have to reward him.

He is a big time mommy’s boy and craves attention; he didn’t really have one growing up. So he sort of missed out on the necessities of having a mommy care for him properly. So when I brought him into my world I knew he would need guidance and proper training on how to be a good mommy’s boy. He is well trained and so willing to show his mistress mommy exactly how much she means to him. He enjoys having his hair played with, dressed up in anything I want and he loves to suck on my nipples like he is a sweet nursing boy. 

He has taught himself how to cum even without needing to be touched. His favorite is breeding though; he truly loves seeding me like a good boy. So when he does what he is told and serves properly I let him get his little fix in. I let him lay back while I bounce on his young shaft; I milk that cock and balls the best I can. I love feeling his load shoot in my womb while I listen to his sweet moans as he tells me what a pathetic little mommy’s boy he is over and over again. I love when I find me a proper little boy slave like him!

Neighbor Turned Into A Sissy Bitch !

Forced sissy trainingThat’s it Gary eat up all that cum you fucking sissy bitch. This is Gary, my newest cucky boy that needs some training from his favorite Bitchy Mistress Presley. He is my neighbor and he is such a little pussy; I always watch his wife bitch him out and he just sits there and takes it. I have been planning for months to corrupt him and make him submit every last piece of himself to me. I took some convincing but he finally broke and came over to my house.

This is his 2nd day of training and he is really learning so quickly who is in charge. He has to make sure he comes over when his wife works so she won’t find out that his bitch ass likes to eat superior cum out of my cunt. She has no clue that this Bull has her pansy husband on his back eating his cum load out of my hole. He is grabbing Garry’s head and pushing his face into my pussy while we verbally degrade him. Garry is groaning and pretty disgusted with himself but his little cock is rock hard.

I started laughing and said “Wow Garry, look at that tiny dick of yours dribbling all that pre-cum as we use your faggot ass”. He moaned and said “Mistress Presley can you please rub this over sized clit of mine as I eat and swallow this bulls cum load”. I giggled and said “Oh, you want me to rub that pathetic clit; hmm I think I wanna put a little clit vibrator on you instead and watch you quiver like a good bitch”. I turned up that vibe and watched this sub human sissy boy go crazy!

Fully Trained Sissy Cum Eater

BBC sissy trainerIt is nice and early and a perfect time to start this little bitch on the next level of his training. We had a nice mid afternoon session with one of my favorite BBC bulls Tyrone. As you can see my little cuck bitch Andrew is beneath me and accepting his place and the inferior bitch boy. His job is simple; today is all about learning how to love the taste of a superior mans load. I promise when Tyrone and I are finished with his sissy ass he will love the feeling  of nice warm seed dripping in his throat and filling up his tummy.

First, Andrew was instructed to fluff for me and get Tyrone’s cock nice and hard with his sweet little femboy mouth hole. I laid back and watched Andrew go to town as Tyrone played with my pussy. Andrew had trouble fitting his cock down his throat but we fixed that pretty fast. I slapped him in his face and shoved my fingers in his throat until he was gagging. I told that stupid fucking bitch that if he did not swallow his whole cock he would be dry ass fucked in his fag hole until he is a crying mess. He got the hint and immediately got better and took that dick in his pathetic throat. 

Next, we instructed the bitch to lay on his back underneath my sweet cunt and we lined Ty’s cock up to my hole perfectly. He slid inside me and his balls were dangling down to Andrews chin, it was so cute watching him struggle underneath me. Ty fucked me so hard so those balls would smack that fag boy in his face over and over again. I was dripping wet and all my juice and Ty’s pre-cum was dribbling down all over Andrews sweet face. He was tearing up because he knew it was almost time for his final task. Ty pumped my cunt hole just a little harder and blew his fat load inside me. 

There was so much cum I could not wait to see the look on bitch boys face. Ty pulled out and I dropped my pussy a little lower and began to push it out. We told that fag slut to open up his sissy mouth and beg for cum and he did. It dripped into his mouth and he took all of it right down his slutty throat. He held it in his mouth until I told him to swallow. We played this game for a few hours. Andrew, graciously swallowed about 5 more loads throughout the day. The sissy bitch is now a fully trained BBC fluffer and cum eater!

Online Training Session Starts NOW Bitch!

Femboy training This is the start of your sissy cuck boy training you little femboy wanna be bitch. Do you have what it takes to learn your place as an inferior object for your mistress and all of her needs? I would think twice because I am not a nice mistress by any means. I am forceful, mean and I enjoy watching my bitches struggle for me. If you do a good job at all the things I request I may just let you get a reward by licking my cunt clean after I take a few loads. Maybe I will even grant you the opportunity to be my urinal too. How does that sound bitch boy? On your knees with your mouth wide open waiting for my hot stream of piss directly in your whore throat hole. 

Shall we begin then? First thing is you need to lock away your pathetic cock or simply do NOT touch it unless I say so. Next you need to find a vibe, dildo, plug, etc and start to rub it around your puckering little ass hole. Oh yes, I will train you to take objects or cock in your ass if you disobey. You will be trained to play with your pathetic little shit hole while you are forced to watch me take cock and cum. Now I need you to work up the courage to pick up your phone and call my extension so I can make you whimper. Are you ready to be put in your place? Dial me if you are truly ready to stoop so low in your new life style that you won’t even remember your fucking name. 

Inferior Sissy Fluffer Hubby

BBC sissy trainer I love watching a white little sissy boy stroke his cock while I take that big black man meat in my pretty white girl fuck hole. I love watching his inferior white cock get so hard while he watches me(his beautiful wife) take that superior black cock in every single hole until he blasts that hot cream all over my pussy. 

Jeremy dropped that load all over my pussy like that so my pathetic cuck of a husband will lick and eat it all up like a good fucking bitch. He has been trained to be a fluffer and cum eater for a while now. Let me tell you, he has done such a good job that I have rewarded him by letting him fuck my tits until he came.

He was such a happy boy when I told him he was allowed to blow that pathetic load as he had Jeremy’s cum all over his bitch ass lips and mouth. I know the rest of you despicable sissy fucks are stroking that cock right now thinking about being used as the useless excuse of a man you are. So call me and let me tell you what to do with yourselves; I know you want to me useful bitch!

Bitch Ass Boyfriend Gets A Surprise

BBC sissy trainer My bitch ass boyfriend has no idea what he has gotten himself into with me yet. Well, he does now though that’s for sure. He is such a great guy; he cooks, cleans and even works super hard. He makes the money in the house and I get whatever I want without any question. The issue is his cock is totally inadequate to my needs and he knows that..

When we first started dating I specifically told him the kind of woman I am and the sex drive I have. He was totally aware that I need to be fucked by BBC and that I need a man who is willing to accept that I will fuck whoever I want. Not only that, I told him I would really enjoy him partaking in situations and also submitting to cock for me. He was totally against taking cock for me but told me he would shut the fuck up about me taking other cock. So for a bit that worked out and I was getting what I wanted. It was boring though because I wanted to see his face when a big cock stretched open h]is perfect girlfriend.

I told him I can’t help myself from being so turned on from the idea of him being so jealous and disturbed while I got fucked. He was such a pussy ass bitch and did not even speak up for himself after I basically humiliated him. So I set up a plan that would allow him to sort of walk in on me getting cock and me forcing him to stay. I was on my couch and Damian came over and started to fuck me like usual. I knew my BF Tom was coming home at 4pm so I made sure Damian would be balls deep in my cunt when my man walked in. That is exactly what happened; Tom was freaking out but I told him to sit his bitch ass down on the couch and watch a real man please his woman the way he can’t. He tried to interject and I told him to shut the fuck up or I would leave him. 

He watched Damian’s hot rod plow me out for about 20 minutes until he filled me with cum as my boyfriend was forced to watch. He pulled his cock out and I said “Now suck his fucking dick clean you fucking cucky bitch”…

Eat My Cunt Bitch Boy!

Mistress phone sexSuch a good pathetic little sissy bitch boy for me! Look at you eating your mistresses cunt till she cums all over your pathetic mouth. You know exactly what you are good for don’t you? All I need you for is to get down between my legs and eat my box until I feel good. Make me all sloppy wet for a real mans cock. That is the only thing I need you around for. I keep you chained up in the room all needy and desperate for me. You are such a pathetic fuck puppet for me and I just love how willing you are to serve me and entertain me. Why don’t you give me a call and BEG me to train you to be my sissy bitch boy.

Cleanup Sissy Bitch In Use

Mistress phone sex On your knees eating my box like the good cleanup slave I have taught you to be. Isn’t that right you little bitches? I bet you are just as well trained as this little sissy bitch Alex who has been eating loads from my holes for days now. He knows the only reason I keep him around is to clean my hot pussy after I take a load from a real man cock. He has gotten so good at eating and swallowing that man cum directly out of my precious little fuck box. I bet your cock is throbbing just thinking about being told to get on your knees and eat my beautiful hot cunt. Deep down you know I wil never touch you or let you fuck me. Somehow that still doesn’t matter to you pathetic little bitches does it? Nope, because at least you get to serve me, taste me and be a slave for me. Call me you useless little bitch and maybe I will allow you to rub your pathetic useless little cock.

Needing A Pathetic Cucky Boy

BBC sissy trainerYeah you sissy bitches love watching me painted with real mens loads don’t you? I figured your tiny little cock would throb at the sight of these BBCs dangling infront of your slutty mistresses face. You just sitting in the corner rubbing that pathetic excuse of a cock while these real men pleasure me the right way. You know this is apart of the proper training; I expect you to learn and embrace what I deserve. You will make sure to only get hard and aroused at the view of BBCs and when I tell your sissy bitch ass to rub yourself. So do it right now you cucky boy and pick that phone up and call your mistress so I can degrade and make you feel as useless as you are. 

Useless Sissy Bitch

Mistress phone sexThat’s it bitch you eat your mistresses pussy until I cum all over your face! I am so proud of how well you are doing during your training sessions. I know this makes your cock throb when I let you eat my cunt doesn’t it? You wish I would let you fuck my hot hole but your cock is just way too pathetic for me. You already know that though don’t you my little cucky boy? You know I only let you eat my pretty pussy so you can get it all nice and wet for a real man. I only keep you around as my little slave so I am satisifed and ready for that superior cock. However, if you do a good job I will let you watch my holes get pounded out by a nice big cock as you play with yourself. So call me so I can tell you how useless your cock is to me bitch!