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Designing Your Femme Look

Sissy phone

Choosing a femme look can be a real struggle when exploring your sissy side. You see pictures all over the internet, in magazines, lingerie stores you visit of these cute outfits, and looks. But which one actually fits your girlie personality? First off nail down are you slut? Are you a glam princess, or are you two-cent hooker bimbo trash? Then think of the colors that suit you best, and be colorful. Don’t worry about your size or hiding masculine features all that can come later. When first buying new clothes, and make-up you want to get options that relate to you. So you can feel safe, and secure in your exploration into your new sissy lifestyle. Being daring, and experimenting. Don’t play safe and go strictly into pink cause it’s “girlie” play with neon, and pastels, feel satin and lace together on your skin.

Forced Cum-Eating

Forced feminization

My neighbor learned a very valuable lesson about being a scumbag in my presence. I knew he cheated on his spouse while she was at work but he normally did the decency to attempt to hide it. I think he’s been overly excited cause his new mistress happens to look like a 7 oppose to the normal 4 and 5’s he brings over. So he very clearly tried to make it so the whole neighborhood should notice. I normally don’t care about other people who are foolish enough to deal with marriage but I do care about people who enter an agreement and one does not honor it. The big reason I became involved is that in his newfound “alpha-masculinity” he thought he could step up to the plate with ME! Me of all people?

It took everything in me not to laugh at his hairy, pudgy smug face. However, a playful idea washed over me. So I offered him a one-time invitation “Come over to my place….but I must warn you to get with me you gotta be kinky and do everything I tell you to. Then I might spread my legs for you” I teased with my winning fuck me smile. I went inside and almost immediately heard the frantic knocking on my door. I let him in and told him before he shut that door to strip completely naked. He didn’t even hesitate, probably was hoping people saw him get naked in my house. He shut the door and immediately came over to me trying to touch me, so I pushed him back gently with my hand. 

“No, no you are to do what I tell you to first. Remember?” I reminded with a cutesy tone. “No stroke let me see you at your hardest” I watched as he was only to grow about a measly 5 inches. Keeping my composer, I fought the need to chastise him thinking that was an acceptable size for a woman like me. “Please Presley I’m going to cum” he was breathlessly struggling under my gaze. So I sunk down on my knees and cupped my hand together at the end of his cock. 

Not thinking or even waiting for permission he came right into my hands. “On your knees” I snapped with a more cruel tone now. My annoyance with this playtoy was beginning to show. He came down on his knees with me. “Open up” I demanded. He got hesitant and attempted to spew excuses as to why. So I grabbed the back of his head firmly not hiding my want to tear out what little hair he had. Yanking his head back and pressing my cum-filled fist against his lips. “You will open your mouth like a good cum-eating faggot or I will tell her everything with enough evidence to take everything you have. So she can live comfortably and you will live in a cockroach-infested apartment only able to get fucked by the 2-cent whores” I hissed. Laughing as his face grew red as he guzzled his own cum. Making him lick the load off my hands completely. Then sent his loser ass home.

Can You Be Slutty Enough For A Real Man?

Best sissy trainer

So you want to be a sissy slut, eager to be that secret lover that’s got breasts and a tight little faggot pussy. However, it takes more than the idea to be a good slutty lover for a real man. You have to be willing to do it all. If he wants a good girl there are plenty of those in the sea, but not enough true faggot whores. He probably already has a girl that will spread her legs and just lay there. So you must have a spark an unquenchable need for cock 24/7, the need to be tasting it. To be feeling it. So much of a slut that you worship any cock large enough for your admiration. You must be skilled in the fine art of cocksucking, gang-bangs, and of course a strong stretchable faggot pussy to accommodate men of all sizes. This can all be very intimidating to learn and master but with the best sissy trainer at your side, I promise you can get there. You can become that bad bitch little slut that’s inside of you. Just requires you to really, really want it. So do you?

You Are Not “The Man”

Humiliation phone sexImagine me spending time swiping through men on Tinder to find a hookup. Chatting, even some lite sexting back and forth with this guy. Investing this time and energy to get some dick, admiring the dick pic he sent getting real fucking excited about the idea of letting him ram me quite a bit after our date. So excited that I agree to dinner, a movie, and late-night bowling. Now my sluts know I don’t plan to take out chunks of my day just for any dick. When I tell you the pic he sent was a picture of a cock that belonged to a God. The kind of cock where you stop and think, huh I could marry that dick and be the most caring, nurturing slut for it for the rest of my days. 

So imagine the absolute horror when I get him home and have him drop his pants to see the real product was not what was advertised. No wonder he tried to get so much time with me it was so small I swear to you girlies most of you have bigger clits than that pathetic excuse of a cock. Hell pretty sure my clit is fucking bigger. Despite the stunt he pulled, his balls were tiny and shriveled up too. You would think he would need big ones for lying so boldly but no. So as punishment I’m shaming him. Thus is why you are looking a such a pathetic cock right now. Cause Bigboy Joey from Tinder in the IL area is actually a little dicky Sam. The world of women everywhere should be happy to know that he left with a real sore ass.


Clit Shrinking Sissy Training

Sissy TrainingLet’s talk about what to do with that useless oversized clit you have dangling between your legs. As a sissy slut it’s your job to not worry about your own selfish need to cum, in fact, your days of cumming like a “man” is way over. So there is no need to have a dicky anymore, that’s a clit but let’s get real most clits aren’t that big right? So with some guidance and proper procedures, we can shrink it up. You won’t be needing it to cum anymore, cause from here on out you only cum with penetration like a real slut. This part of your sissy training will require the ability to acquire two to three chastity devices in varying sizes. From your current size to a steady transition to smaller devices. My advice is to make sure it’s made of a comfortable material cause once locked up, it won’t be having time to stretch anymore for a long while. This requires extreme dedication and a true sissy spirit. The first round of lock-up will last 3 months, with monthly milking via prostate massage or ass-fucking either or works. Then it will be time to check shrinkage if you achieve shrinkage you’ll move down to the next size. If you do not then you will lock back up in the same device. Either way, the next lock-up period will be 6 months, no negotiating that is a firm time frame. So who’s sissy enough to try? 


Listen To Me

Sissy hypno training

I’ve been asked is does sissy hypno training work? Well, I don’t know faggot why don’t you give it a try and find out for yourself? Unless you are too scared that there is a faggot inside of you and my voice will coax it out of you with just a little time and effort. Though let’s be real honest with ourselves, don’t you already know it will work for you? If there wasn’t a faggot itching to get out you wouldn’t be on sissy slut hut right now looking for the Queen of sissy training, would you?

A real man would never. I guess it’s easier to explore that side of you with some hypnosis work. At least it does make for a really clever easy lie to tell yourself. Especially when I compel you to dress like a girl and get fucked like one too. Some sissies need that extra push, some just need a veil to hide behind. Though the excitement of knowing I could easily expose you at any given time is very erotic for you, isn’t it? Imagine the absolute humiliation if I transformed you into a little fuckable bitch just to out you to the entire world. After all, I’m the Queen here, you are but a mere vassal begging for scraps of knowledge and wisdom from a real woman. You’ll never be able to fuck the number of men that I have, but you are welcome to do everything you can to try. 


Sissies Like You Take Cock Like Me

Sissy Maid Training

You’re a pretty sissy maid training slut with your cutesy baby girl panties and those stockings up your thigh. What you forget is you are my little faggot humiliation toy! I think it’s so funny how badly you want to be a little girly prissy sissy princess! You are a male by birth, and a female by my own choice! I make you into a femme passing fuckable futa when I want to, and if your lucky I’ll lock that little “cock”, and by that I mean clit, away in a cage for the rest of your days.

You’re going to come to me to be a sissy slave training whore and dedicate your entire life to serving me. You can dress up like a sissy slut lady boy for the streets and a shemale tranny sissy bitch for the sheets. You will come along with me when I go to ride and fuck that Alpha cock. One day you want this to be you, don’t you? With your tits bouncing all over as you toss your head like a whore while big dick Daddy pulls your sissy panties away from that little sissy hole so he can really get big balls deep in you.

Welcome to forced feminization.


Sissy Slave Training

She Cums To Me

Femboy Training

My sweet sissy girl Jenny Lee loves to have cyber sex sessions with me so we can do the dirtiest sissy shopping! She cums to me with her little clitty locked away in it’s special cage – all pink and sparkly just how it should be. We do cyber sessions for hours trading outfit ideas, and when we have a concrete one, we go ahead and set up the scene! Jenny Lee and I get dressed slowly, putting on the music from the old days and rocking out like we’re cutesy little girlfriends.

Once we’re looking like sexy man eating sluts, we hit the town and show everyone what sissy party girls and their trainers are really good for. It was shot after shot, getting hotter and hotter on the dance floor as we were grinding up on each other and the sexy big black bulls that were gathering! They were eager for a taste of snow bunny white meat, and that only made my pussy drip more.

Before long, Jenny Lee and I were in the bathroom stalls! I was bent over and taking an eleven inch black hot rod, and Jenny Lee was choking down twelve inches of heaven!

Sissy Girl Training

Little Sissy Sally

Sissy Slave Training

Little Sissy Sally is the faggot I’ve always wanted! I love intense sissy training sessions where I really get to instill those feminine values. You want to have that little sissy hole gaped open my a massive BBC don’t you? But before any of those massive bull cocks will even dream of touching you, you need to be able to have a princess tea party with Queen Presley and learn how to be a lady. We’re slutty, sultry beings. You’re going to be used for the pleasures of men while I instruct you on exactly how to do your make-up, your hair, and take that throbbing cock inside your little fuck hole. Don’t disappoint me, darling. I know it hurts a bit when your tiny chute is stretching around something tree trunk thick, and chocolate in hue, but don’t you think a little pain to get fucked by the incredible cock of an Alpha Breeding bull is worth it? He’s going to shoot a fat load of steamy cum right inside of you, and if you’re lucky your belly is going to get round and your titties will swell. I’m really fucking into sissy bitch impregnation. Bend over, and spread them wide. We’re putting impregnation cummy juice inside.

BBC Sissy Trainer

I’m going to hold you down even if you scream and force my owns trap on inside of you while you get bred. Spit roasting you like a little fucking sissy whore is what I’m interested in, and every twitch of that sissy pussy wrapped tightly around the huge N cock is going to make him squirt a little harder to get all the sperm drained from his balls and up into the slutty breeding uterus I gave you. It happened when I first gave you your period, and now, you’re getting bred

Adult Phone Chat Lines

Forced Feminization Sissy Anal Training

Forced Feminization

Bend over and spread your cheeks, it’s time for some sissy anal training forced feminization! I’ll even suck that big cock off and take the load on my tits so you can see how it’s supposed to be done! Face down, ass up baby girl! Real sissies know that Queen Presley is a different sort of Domme whore. You’re going to get that back door pussy stretched out inch by inch by a massive cock! I know plenty of Alpha Bull Breeders, so you can bet your entire panty collection I’ll be making you worship every single one of them!

Those big cocks are going to grab you by the hair, don’t worry we’ll glue that wig on, and they’re going to wreck your sissy hole. Your panty line will never sit the same because once you start taking it from the back, that ass is going to get fat! You should do everything you can to look like a slutty bimbo! Big fake tits and an ass you took the poundings for! Don’t you want to look sexy with that little clitty tucked in a cock cage for your new Daddy? He’s going to break that ass right in. Buckle up, buttercup. It’s time to be a slut!

Humiliation Phone Sex