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Sissy panties with my in-house servant bitch!

Sissy pantiesLittle bitch boy “Michelle” has been doing fantastic with its Sissy panties training. See Michelle was having trouble in accepting it’s place as a dress up sissy slave for me. Once I had the fag on the ground it was a whole new world. He finally talks about himself as a full transitioning bitch sissy slave. He says his man pussy is always aching and ready for some more abuse too. I don’t think Michelle knew how much training is involved in this type of play. He is now referring to one self as a she so I will too. She has also agreed to leave her wife to be my in-house sissy!

I am almost willing to bet that is you are reading this it’s because you love some Humiliation phone sex with a nasty little slave trainer like me. It’s been a long time since you have been exposed like Michelle hasn’t it baby? I bet you are so tired of pretending you are someone you aren’t. Don’t you want to express how sexually open you are all the time? Aren’t you sick of lying to your wife about wanting to be the dominant man in the bedroom? Think about how much more fun it would be to submit yourself to me full time and live your life as a servant bitch for a strong powerful woman? Call me and start your training with me today! 😉 

Sissy hypno training with your fav mistress!

Sissy hypno trainingI am currently calling out all the little fem cucks who needs Sissy hypno training. I don’t know what’s taking you bitches so fucking long to contact me. My schedule should be filled up with you pathetic little dick bitch boys. I know your little over sized clit is throbbing for attention by your favorite mistress Presley. Too bad you are so pathetic I won’t even let you fucking touch it. However, I absolutely will let you get down on your sweet knees and eat my cunt while I shower. You should be fucking honored that I will even allow you to touch my trophy girl pussy. 

Once you little fag bags show up at my house I will have your outfits prepped and ready with the cutest Sissy panties for you. By the time you are fully trained and prepped you will never want to wear boy clothes again. I am going to make sure you leave my house fully dressed in the prettiest little dresses. Everyone will know you are a bitch in heat the second they lay eyes on you. So I will make sure you have the cutest butt plug in before you leave too; your little boy-pussy will be nice and gaped for a big cock all the time!

Humiliation phone sex with the best foot mistress!

Humiliation phone sexThe best Humiliation phone sex is with a foot mistress who needs a sissy to get down on his knees and service me. The one way to get me to pick you to train is by serving my beautiful feet with your pathetic mouth. I need to feel those lips wrapped around my toes and that tongue swirling around my soles. I will watch you and see how long you will be able to service my feet until you are too tired. Whichever one of you bitches last the longest will be my designated sissy foot boy. I bet that has your pathetic cock drooling pre-cum just thinking about it!

A sissy cuck is supposed to be turned on by the idea of servicing and pleasing superior women. They should have enough experience in life to know their place as sub human toys for my entertainment. If they were not trained correctly and did not learn the ropes then I am the Best sissy trainer they will ever have. These sissy boys will be down on their knees thanking me for allowing them to serve me with their useless mouths. I hope you are staring at my feet and gooning out over how badly you want them in your pathetic fucking mouth. Call me so I can turn you into the proper little foot bitch you are destined to be baby!

Sissy girl training for Lauren’s boy-pussy & new plumped lips!

Sissy girl trainingThere is nothing that gets me more in the mood than Sissy girl training with my inferior bitch boys. This big dicked sissy Lauren is one of my favorite little toys to play with. She is so good at instructional play and submission in all aspects. She grew her hair out like I told her to and got her sweet lips plumped up for me. We had big things planned out for this pathetic fuck doll. She was so excited that we could now pimp her slutty body out to all the nasty men out there now. 

I told her she needed to get some augmentations and surgeries done before we could make money off her. She took it seriously and will soon have some big fat fake bimbo tits on her chest. Her lips a plumped and juicy for cock sucking and her ass hole is waxed and smooth. Now we can officially call it a bussy when she gets her hole fucked by my strap on and some big cock. If you are in need for a Phone domination session I am your girl. You should be getting your pansy ass dressed up like Lauren and call me. 

 You better have that cock out and lots of toys to use on yourself for me. I am here to rage fuck your worthless body and turn you into the perfect cock sleeve servant for me. You will be fully trained and ready to be pimped out for men as soon as I am done with you bitch!

BBC sissy trainer in need of an accomplice or a new cucky toy!

BBC sissy trainerI am in need of an accomplice BBC sissy trainer for all my inferior cucky boys. The best way to put a sissy bitch in it’s place is by having the proper superior black man to help me. My little slave boys are so delicate and superior they just love a big strong black man to let them know who’s boss. Every couple months I post online with some new pictures of myself in hopes a superior black daddy will message me for some play time. Not only do my sissy boys need to be put in their place with some training; I am also a black cock slut and need a big dark shaft inside my holes.

If you need a Taboo phone chat with a blonde mistress whore you better call me now. Are you a sissy ready to please me and a black daddy? I am even in the mood to talk to a superior black man who is ready to fuck up a sissy bitches life. I get so wet and cum so hard when I have a fun accomplice ready to break down some loser guys. Shout out to all the boys who need to be trained into this lifestyle. Stare at my big tits that are way too good for you and imagine them bouncing as some big dark man is slamming inside my warm wet hole. 

Then imagine yourself getting on your knees and lapping up my cunt after it is pumped full of that messy spunk load!

Mistress phone sex for a young teen slut and bitch boy!

Mistress phone sexWhat I love most about Mistress phone sex is being able to confidently talk about how much I love owning a pretty little bitch and her BF. It’s so much fun when I get a young little whore to submit herself to me and let her man use my pussy right in front of her. I mean look at sweet Kayla laying there with her teen body as her pussy is ignored. I forced her to let her boyfriend use me or I would have them kicked out of their apartment. I love having a landlord for a daddy. You can do so many fucked up things to the tenants because they don’t want to be kicked out. It’s so much fun having power and controls over a couple of young sluts with sexy boyfriends.

I bet your cock is throbbing for some Taboo phone chat. You want to be manipulated by me too don’t you? Imagine me knocking on your door and making your bitch wife strip naked. I’ll lay her down just like Kayla and fuck her hot little holes with a strap on. I promise she will love women after I am finished with her. Oh and you will only fuck my pussy from now on; unless I say otherwise. So your wife is going to be a lesbian and you are going to be my bitch boy. Do as I say and call me baby!

Domination phone sex with the bitch boy trainer around!

Domination phone sex All of the greatest Domination phone sex is with a woman who knows how to treat all you inferior sissy bitches. You need my guidance to help show you the type of inferior bitch you are. Just like our good friend Lance here; he knows his place as nothing but a pleasure boy and clean up slave. The best way to show him his worth is by letting me and my sexy friends use his sissy cock to please our holes. He is lucky he has a big cock that none of us can resist; that doesn’t matter though because he is still a little slave cuck bitch.

Me and my girls have decided that the best form of Sissy slave training for cucky boys is by making sure they know their worth. Meaning, letting beautiful goddess women like us use their meat stick as our sex toy. Lance loves watching his sexy wife get plowed out by our big dick superior men so we thought it would be best to show him exactly how we think of him. He laid back and was instructed to shut the fuck up as we all took turns on his big white cock. He wasn’t allowed to talk or moan a single sound out of his pathetic mouth. It was so much fun watching him struggle to hold back as 3 sexy women took his cock for a ride. 

I bet your needy little ass is craving some filthy Humiliation phone sex now aren’t you bitch? Imagining your wife being split open on some BBC while you are told to lay back and be used as a sex toy by me and my friends? What are you waiting for then bitch boy? Call me so I can tell you how useless you are. Maybe I will be nice and let you cum if you make me happy!



Mistress phone sex while you become a real woman as you watch me fuck one!

Mistress phone sexWhen you need some Mistress phone sex I am the go to gal. Not only do I have tons of experience training sissy cuck boys but I also fuck tons of inferior women. The best way to be trained is by a Superior who has taught all genders into obedience. Especially when you are a man trying to be educated on how to be a sub servant sissy whore; that’s the best way to learn how to be a bitch. Ask all the little fucks I train; they are all good little pussy slaves after watching me with all these sweet slutty women.

I bet you are craving some filthy Phone domination with me. I bet you are playing with that over-sized clit of yours while day dreaming about bending over and taking it up that tight boy pussy. Are you jealous of this wet little cunt and her lovely twat getting railed by me? Don’t worry baby you are going to learn how to be a real girl soon enough. If you learn how to get fucked like this bitch I promise to get you the fattest bimbo tits ever. You will be rewarded with the greatest pair and the biggest juicy lips ever. I bet you would look so good you little faggot!

The best Taboo phone chat is with you little pathetic wanna be whores. It’s always my favorite to watch you needy boys beg to be precious little sissy’s for big dick. I love dressing you up while you practice on being the best fuck slut. You get to watch me pound out a real girl as you learn all the right ways to moan, groan and take dick. Watch me pound out her perfect pussy as it glistens and drips with her sweet cunt juice. After she cums you are told to lap it up so you get the real taste of what a man wants. Maybe one day you will be just as good as a real woman bitch!

Pegging My Favorite Boy-Pussy !

Forced sissy trainingPegging my favorite small dick sissy Jordan right up his slutty, pathetic and sweet little rose bud ass hole. We now say he has an over sized clit since he is so small; we also call his ass hole a sweet pink boy pussy. He is such a delicious little fem boy and he is the perfect little fluffer for all the BBC’s I love to fuck. He really knows how to make sure those big dicks are nice and ready for his lovely mistress. He gets a yummy reward if he does a good job; he gets to lap up all their superior cum from my cunt. 

We had his useless penis in a cage when he first started training with me. So since then we have noticed a significant size change and he doesn’t really get hard anymore. He knows that good boy-girls are not supposed to get hard. So we have trained him to only accept cock in his boy pussy and NEVER get aroused with his over sized clit. Look how great of a job he-she is doing for mistress Presley. 

All the superior men praise how well this little bitch is; they love how overly stimulated the bitch gets. I have done such a good job; they always make sure to fuck me real good since they are so proud. They have lots of cum for me once they shoot their loads. Jordan does such a good job as a little lap up sissy bitch!

New Bitch Boy In Training!

Forced sissy trainingI invited my friend Amanda over so she could help me teach this new fucking sissy boy who’s boss. My new sissy boy James reached out to me a few weeks ago and insisted I give him some training. I laughed and told him I did not think he would be able to handle the kind of sissy’s I like and need. He begged me to please train him and he would do whatever I wanted. So I smiled and told him I would bring my good friend Amanda over to help. I let him know she was even more aggressive than me; he was nervous but very willing. 

When Amanda showed up she was so excited to get started. I saw she brought her bag of toys and I knew David was in for a treat. He stared at the bag and asked what was inside; Amanda showed him the big black cock strap she had. His eyes went wide and he said “I am pretty sure I won’t be able to take that inside me Presley”. I laughed and told him he had no choice in the manner. Amanda got right to it; she put the strap on and told him to bend over. He did just that and then Amanda tore his clothes off. 

She spread his cheeks and said he had the tightest little sissy ass hole she has seen in a while. She spat on it and stuck her fingers in it as he squealed like a bitch. We both laughed and said he sounded like such a good fuck pig and we couldn’t wait to turn him into out bitch. I got on his face so he could eat my pussy while Amanda used his little ass hole. We also wanted to muffle his annoying groaning; he sounded like such a bitch. She pounded his hole out for a while as he lapped up my clit and made me cum like a good bitch. 

I watched his hard cock swing back and forth and leak pre-cum as he got fucked. Amanda laughed and said “Aw I bet you are so backed up and want to cum”. He moaned and begged us to let him cum; we just giggled and I spit in his face and slapped him. He groaned in pain and I grabbed his bitch face and said “We don’t let little sissy boys cum; so shut the fuck up and take cock you fucking boy slut”!