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Sissy hypno training do as I say…You are mine

          Sissy hypno training do as I say…You are mine to do as I tell you as soon as you have been put under my spell. Listen to my voice, feet flat on the floor. One hand resting on the table. The other in your lap. Now close your eyes. Your arm is getting lighter and lighter, light as feathers.  The other is getting heavier and heavier.

          Feel it bending at the elbow. Coming closer to your face. When you feel your fingers touch your face…bop you are now under my power, and you will remain under until I bring you out. Once you are out you will remember nothing of what I told you just the changes that I have given to you.

          You will not remember what I made you do while under hypnosis only that you like it very much. You may be wondering why you are in a skirt, a maid outfit, or the marks from claws, whips, among other marks covering your body. Using your Hypno training to turn you into the slave that I want you to be means that you are going to be begging me to give you the Sissy slave training that you so richly need and deserve.

          Before you know it, you will be completely under my control. Your pussy will be mine to use and abuse. Turning you into the sissy you were meant to be.Sissy hypno training

Sissy humiliation training need to thicken that skin.

          Sissy humiliation training need to thicken that skin. Before long, you are going to be begging to be humiliated in public. Dressed as a slave maid. Bowing your head. Watching your feet. Slow small steps. Six-inch heels. Pussy faggot stretched out. Pinks, purple, among other queer colors, always on the outside looking in. Never fitting in because you have a minute sized fucking penis. Shriveled little, short sissy boy faggot. No crown for you. Don’t deserve.

          Instead, smeared makeup. Making you look like the town trollop. That is what you aspire to be. A trollop a whore of the lowest order. Cry you fucking baby. You can only aspire to be a trollop. Nothing more than a lowly backwater nothing from nowhere wanting to be a girl. At the same time knowing you NEVER be a girl. Not now, not ever.

          You are just a stupid little queer, with a penis so small it amounts to nothing. You can’t even call it clit. It doesn’t have the one thousand nerves that a real woman has. No, you will never amount to anything.

          Sissy maid training you need to know you are less than us.

          All in all, you will wear the French style maid outfit. Stocking that are fishnet, a sure sign that you are trash. Ruffled ass. Hands and knees. No pads for you unless they are maxi, you going to be bleeding bitch. Make sure of it.

          To point out that you are a maid is just the beginning. You will continue to be humiliated daily. Hourly. Never leave what you are now. Just a slave that is in training to be the maid of the year. Aspire to be the trollop.

          It must be remembered you will never be a girl. Just a sissy bitch fucking queer whore.Sissy humiliation training

Sissy girl training first we force you into forms.

Forced sissy training          Sissy girl training first we force you into forms. Next, we use the shapers to give you some hips. Now if you are going to be asking what are forms and shapers. That just means we have we have a lot of work to make you into a sissy girl. Forcing you into the feminization that you need to know to be a believable bitch whore. Otherwise, you are just a gay fucking little faggot boy. I am the best and as the best you will obey me, or you will be forced against your will.

          To begin with I’m going to force you into forms. They are tight, binding, and going to shape your waist, as shown above the waist needs to be smaller than the hips. Now as a gay faggot boy which is what you are right now. You don’t have hips. You will sleep in this. Learn to like it and finally love it. Get your ass bigger.

          Before you know it, you are going to have a nipped in waist. That is only the first step in your training. Forced sissy training is a necessary thing when it comes to little faggots. Teaching you to be all the fucking cock sucking BBC worshiping little whore that you can be.

          The second thing we are going to be working on to make you into a sissy girl is going to be training you to wear all the right clothes. This includes panties, bras, bra forms, skirts, stockings, just to name a few. Now the bra forms are heavy, and they take some getting used to but at the same time those BBC cocks just love to fuck a whore with big butts and bigger tits.

Your Sissy girl training is going to keep moving on.

          The third thing is going to be the make-up and teaching you to apply it. Need to look like the whore you are. Deep charcoal around the eyes, ruby red lips. Meant to leave rings around the cock. Making sure everyone knows that you were there.

          Having the know how to open your as of now faggot pussy open and when you need it to be a sissy girl pussy then you will have learned how to flex the muscles around the dick. Being able to pull it in deeper. Begging them to fuck you hard. Take you like the whore you are. Then you will be closer to being a sissy girl. Your training will be complete, and they will be lining up to fuck the sissy girl whore who was once a gay little faggot boy.

Phone dominatrix turns you into a sniveling sissy whore.

          Phone dominatrix turns you into a sniveling sissy whore.  Going to dominate your fucking ass from here to Timbuctoo. You belong to me. That sissy cry baby fucking ass is mine. Forcing you to do my bidding. Else there will be hell to pay for you. You will be forced into your sissified nature. Becoming you. Like it or not. I could care less how you feel.

          By all means try and throw a fit. Just going to get you on your knees. Little penis put into a cage. With a key. A stopper in the end not even allowing you to pee. Not without consent to say the very least.  Phone dominatrix

          Forced sissy training is what you need to learn your manners. A mouth separator is keeping your mouth open around the cock that is pounding down your throat. Not able to bite, just to lick it. Wrap your hands around the cock pulling it into you. At the same time going to be getting pounded from behind. Your panties ripped to shreds.

          Spitted between two very large cocks. As soon as he cums in your ass going have you suck that cock clean. With this in mind I am going to be standing there the whole time. Applying your make-up. Making you look like the fucking sissy whore that you are turning into. Bright colors of red, magenta, all colors that common street walkers wear every day.

          Domination phone sex drives you to begging for more.

          Just when you think you can’t take any more you are going to be begging for more. Pleading with me to put you in a skirt. Pleated at that. Including the garter belt and fishnet stockings. The most compelling evidence that you wanted to be forced into this is how well you beg and already how you suck that cock.

          To put it another way you already are a whore and I just turned you into a money-making whore Panties ripped, stockings, black or red bra. Flashy colors on the streets. Being the streetwalker that you were made to be.

          Finally calling them sugar and not John’s. For the most part they aren’t going to care if you get off. Just like I don’t. There are a few though that will make sure that you do. Fuck them all like they are the best you ever had. The biggest you ever had.

          End of the day you report to me.

Phone domination get on your fucking knees and worship me.

          Phone domination get on your fucking knees and worship me. No one ever claimed I was a nice fucking bitch. That is why I am the best at control. Pussy, sissy, cock, and every other one. Going to dominate your ass.

          Knees bitch. Worship me. In a word. Beg. Looking down on you as you look up at me. Between my legs. See how it drips ever so slightly down my leg. Run your tongue up the inside of my thigh. Tasting me.

          Crack a whip on your shoulders. Slave. You have a tiny little dick and need to be punished for being so small. Crack the whip and make you whip out your cock. Going to put it into a cage. Small cage. Under lock and key. Going to put the key on the back of your collar.  Phone domination

          Phone domination get on your fucking knees and worship me.

          Laughing as I lay it alongside of the other cocks in the room. Now look and compare how much smaller you are to them. The little cunt bitch needs a good ass whopping. Going to have them force fuck you until you are crying out. In the long run you will be used and abused.

          As can be seen you are the fluffer for me. Nothing more, nothing less. Until we all finally cum and leave you wanting more. Stuck in your cage. Not able to get hard or to cum until I allow you.

          With this in mind. We are going to play at me being your Phone dominatrix and going to control your pussy ass and keep you on your knees begging and slurping, cleaning up for me. Until you are the cum whore that you are meant to be.

Online sissy training for the shamed and defeated.

          Online sissy training for the shamed and defeated. After all, you are in a cest pit and have no way of getting out without my professional training help. Doing it online is easy for the shamed. Embarrassed not wanting to be seen. Blushing as red as what you want your ass to be.

          In fact, you will beg to have that spanking. Paddling your ass. Oops a finger is in your ass. Finger fucking you. At the same time pulling on your panties. Snapping your sissy bra. Online sissy training           Taking the butt plug, inserting it. Pushing you down onto the floor. Ordering you to grind your ass into it. Foot pressing in on your little clitty. Making you tell me that you need to be trained hardcore.

You need your Sissy maid training. Learn how to walk in those heels. On the whole you need me. You want to know how to tighten your pussy ass after having so many cocks all in one day. From time to time, I will show you the tricks of the trade.

A point often overlooked is that a sissified sissy really gets all the hard cocks but also all the respect. To sum up, being all that you can be. Will make it that you will no longer be shamed. To be sure you will not be defeated either. You will rise up and be accounted for.

Mistress phone sex is live and a lot kinky.

          Mistress phone sex is live and lot kinky. Now I will be the first time admit that I do love training but at the same time it is just about the fucking. Not always sharing those massive cocks. After all the real deal of a cunt and ass both cumming at the same time is a slut hut appreciation.

          All in all, they have a day for everything. Why not have a day for a slut that just wants to get laid. A point often overlooked is women love to fuck too and not always into the oh let’s cuddle shit. That is me. Not into the cuddling. Into the fucking. Getting kinky. Mistress phone sex

          As long as we are both getting off then who the fuck cares. Now the getting kinky. Put you in a cage while I ride my sex swing with my strap on. Never know it’s not the real deal. You will feel it enter your anal cavity and make you cum out of your ass as hard as I do.

          By all means bring a partner and do-si-do all around. Watch fuck from behind. Fuck on top of the cage. Here a fuck, there fuck, everywhere a fuck, fuck. You, me, another bitch.

          In summary if it is just a good old-fashioned fucking as shown above still going to lead some Kinky as fuck Domination phone sex. That is how I role. Deal with it.

Humiliation phone sex aww look at that little pee-pee.

Humiliation phone sex           Humiliation phone sex aww look at that little pee-pee. I do believe that my fingernail is larger than your little, tiny so-called penis. Won’t deign to call it a clitoris because that is an insult to women. For this reason, it must then be a pee-pee. Not a penis. Not a clit. Namely it means that you need to be a fucking little sissy ass faggot bitch.

          Now I’m sure you are wondering, what does this mean? It means that you are a gay sissy faggot. You are NOT a man and you to be sure are not a female. You are something else altogether. Something to be laughed at. Humiliated. Teased. Tarred and feathered. Most notably will be the public display of your worthless pee-pee.

          Next you are going to tell everyone what a worthless little pee-pee you have. Something that you will be keeping in a cage on display for one and all to see and laugh at.

          Finally, we have reached the stage where we will be discussing you Sissy slave training for that is what you will be. A slave to all the cocks that want to fuck your faggot ass. Bending you over, taking what they want and then leaving you.

          Perhaps if you are lucky, they will drop a few coins for you. After all that is all, you are worth. You are a fucking slut. A slut doesn’t get paid. A whore gets paid. You are worthless. Just meant to be used and abused. Day in and day out.

Forced sissy training gets you one step closer to big cocks.

Forced sissy training          Forced sissy training gets you one step closer to big cocks. With this in mind the idea of forcing you will also in the end cause your pussy to cum as well. For this reason, we are going to make sure that you are prepared. The big cocks are not always black, but they are the most well known for being large.  In fact, they are long and wide. It must be remembered that length isn’t the only thing to think about.

          Now panties are very important to guys. To be sure that all lace is a tad impractical but at the same time men like to think they are fucking a real woman in her pussy and not some sissy little bitch whore. Which means that black, red, white (this hides the cum), and even pink lace panties are a good idea. They will be your sissy panties that you HAVE to wear when you are completely decked out.

          That is the first thing to remember. The second is that you act like a gay fucking bitch and that is how you will be treated. They will simply take what they want and leave you lying in your own filth. Act like a sophisticated sissy and you will garner respect.

          Which means that we obviously need to know what kind of sissy bitch you are going to be. A gutter snipe or one of class. Thrown out with the trash or given a modicum of respect.

Forced feminization little cunt whore needs it rough.

 Forced feminizationForced feminization little cunt whore needs it rough. Force you to your knees. Pull those panties off. Shove a heel right into you. Going to make you into a the feminine whore that you are. The first thing to do is show you how easy it is to take your power away. You don’t like something. You think it’s sexy to wear those panties. You don’t want to lose the power you have.

          Must be remembered you wanted to be a sissy. To wear the panties. Stockings and garter belt. Little dresses and skirts. Shove that heel in your ass. Forced you to know you are powerless. To be feminine you need to be strong at the same time. Fantasy rape is something we know can happen to a feminine woman. A little cunt whore needs to know it WILL happen.           For this reason, you will be subjected to pain and humiliation. That is to say to be a true feminine you will suffer but the rewards are not to be measured. As shown above the outfits are great, the rewards even better. The pain will at times be pleasurable. The humiliation for me at least is on the positive side of things.

          Did you know that if your subjected to rough long enough with the reward of pleasure then you will cum out of your sissy pussy at the same time the heel penetrates you. Learn to love it, to like it, to live with it.