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Sissy Humiliation Assignment

Sissy humiliation training


I have some sissy humiliation training homework for all of you sluts, so listen up!  You aren’t done practicing your prissy, ass pussy packing, big prick pleasing skills when you leave my place.  There’s so much more that you need to do to be one of my phenomenal femboys.  The lessons you need to learn in life are ongoing so your clitty queen training is, as well.  If you don’t like it, you’re welcome to find another mistress.  I don’t tolerate insolence, especially out of my stupid sissy-boy sluts.

First thing’s first, I’m gonna need some pics.  I don’t give a fuck if you want to send them to me or not, I want them and you’re going to send them.  You need to show me just how dedicated you are to my daintification process with some embarrassing selfies.  I don’t just want you to dress up like a girl and pop off some shots of yourself in strategic poses, that’s fucking weak.  I want to see your best whore writing tribute to me or pics of you handcuffed to your bed.  Clamp down that little clitty and lock it the fuck up then show me how hot it looks.  Do your worst to yourself in the best way and email that shit directly to me.  Pretty easy.

Some of you might have a harder time with my homework assignments than others.  It’s cool. The rules are simple, though.  Show me how happy you are to be one of my he-bitch whores and send me some super slutty pics of yourself if you want to take part in my sissy slave training techniques.  If you don’t then you can find another mistress to try to make you into the lil’ miss not-a-man that you want to be, but good luck with that.  I know what you need, you just have to trust me.


Forced Feminization Makes Sexy Sissy Slaves

Forced feminization

My tested, tried and true forced feminization process can turn any lanky, long necked nerd into the fine sex goddess he’s always wanted to be.  Most men don’t have the guts to go after what they really want in their sex lives and just stick to the norms that are expected of them.  The geeky guys who come to me to have their unused asses turned into gaping gashes are obviously ready to go on a completely different sexual journey.  I’m more than happy to be their guide into girlhood, I’m really good at making all of my femboys look and feel fan-fucking-tastic!

How many times have you sat at your work desk and wished that your ass was being worked over by a big fat cock or, at the very least, a massive strap-on dildo?  I know, you daydream about being turned into a dainty little fuck toy and having your rim wrecked on a daily basis but you tell yourself that you don’t have the balls to do anything about it.  That’s not the problem, Pal.  Would it blow your mind if I told you that it’s not your lack of balls that’s the problem, it’s your overwhelming abundance of them?  Boom.

I’m gonna shrink that sack and turn it into a sexy slut-slit that sits right below your perfectly positioned, perpetually wet little clitty.  Your ass will be shaped and shined and prepped to take on any and everything that I want to throw at it.  You’ll love it!  I won’t neglect your tiny sissy titties and those sensitive, puffy nips of yours.  Having them sucked on while you have a finger or two boring into your butthole, feeling out the flexibility of your sphincter feels amazing!  It’ll have your clit head slinging so much drool, it’ll blow your mind.

Hitting on the girls at work isn’t in your stars, your man self doesn’t have the balls for it.  You have all the testicular fortitude you need to become one of the girls at work that the other guys hit on, though.  Sure, you’ll have to ditch the dweeby image and learn how to properly take a massive anal insertion without completely blowing out your butthole.  Take it from me, you don’t want that drama.  Follow my simple sissy slave training techniques and you’ll go from the unfuckable office dork to the sexy cream queen of the company that everyone, guys and girls alike, will be dying to get their hands on.


Sissy Halloween Fuckfest

Domination phone sex

I took some of my sissy sluts to a domination phone sex Halloween party and, I don’t have to tell you, they were the hit of the evening!  All kinds of hot whores were there dressed in their slinkiest getups looking to be objectified and subjugated, but my beauties with balls were the cum covered belles of the costume ball.  You already know, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

When we arrived, the party was already swinging.  There were dressed up dolls getting banged out all over the tables and whores bent over the bar so I decided to put my panty waist pussy boys up in some more compromising positions for pole pleasing.  It was a big club, I figured that we might as well utilize all of the space.  

I fastened my first femboy up the amps on stage and forced that he-bitch to get her butthole busted by every big bone that wanted a piece of ass while they enjoyed the music up close.  Of course the band got in on it and fucked my little clitty queen senseless like she was one of their groupies.

I posted a couple of sissy boys up in the bathrooms, handcuffed one to a toilet to be used as a human urinal for the men and tied the other up in one of the stalls for the women to do the same.  I don’t know if you’ve ever blown a piss filled load all over a golden shower loving fuckboy before, but the guys at the club seemed to love it.  The moans and groans coming out of the men’s restroom were crazy!  I’ve never heard louder male orgasms in my life.  Even the squeals and cackles coming out of the girl’s room couldn’t compare.

The photo booth needed a slut in it to jazz up everyone’s junk so I tied a sissy slave to the backdrop and told all of the party goers to do whatever they could to make her cry for their pictures.  There were some great shots and my prissy whore got tons of pictures of herself being hammered hard by tons of different characters, but my favorite was one of a couple dressed like Marge and Homer Simpson shoving a frightful rubber fist into my he-she’s ass.  It was hilarious!  

By the end of the night, everyone was saying how my sissy sluts really made the night.  We all had a blast, my gang of girly guys had several!  If they ever wondered whether or not the sissy slave training I put them through pays off, that Halloween party should’ve been all the proof they needed.


Sissy-Bath Time is The Best!

Femboy training


Sissy-bath time is one of the most fun parts of my phenomenal femboy training!  Helping my girly guys get their little clitties all cleaned up and showing them how to properly take care of their dainty downstairs is super fun for both of us!  It fills my heart with pride knowing that I’m purifying those horny he-bitches and helping them get ready to take all the BBC that swings in their direction.

I don’t have any crotch goblins of my own, so I treat all of my sissy sluts as though I shot each one of them out of my pussy.  Since my little ones are full grown adults, though, sometimes getting them to submit to being an enslaved sissy and fully embody a perfect little priss is labor intensive.  Imagine trying to give birth when you’re 1600 weeks along.  It can get rough.  Attitudes abound, let me tell you.

Hot and steamy sissy bubble baths calm all of us down, though.  We climb in the tub, play around in the suds and let a bath bomb tickle us as it swirls around the top of the water.  I have a revitalizing shampoo that’s great for getting any sweat, spunk or spit out of their hair and I use a sea sponge loofah to help clean off any old cum that might be stuck to their skin.  When I clean off their ladyboy junk I use my soft fingers to get into all of the folds of their pussy-pricks and give those loose assholes they all have a special two fingered tickle-massage of a cleaning.  The soapy water lets my digits slide in and out of their dungers with little to no resistance.

When we’re done, I dry them off, give their butthole and wussy-puss the sniff and lick test then help them pick out the perfect pair of sissy panties and most outrageous outfit for the evening.  It’s like helping some street rat that I adopted get ready for their first date, only, unlike most parents, I hope that my little man-girl gets her ass plowed and pummeled by the end of the night.  It makes me all misty eyed just thinking about it. 


Humiliating Sissy Slut-ishment

Sissy slave training

If you think that sissy slave training at the feet of Mistress K is going to be a cake walk, then you’re sorely mistaken.  When you fuck up, and believe me, you will fuck up, you will be subjected to a wide variety of punishments.  That’s right, I have all sorts of humiliating sissy slut-ishment techniques involving several steps and various intricacies.  Don’t worry about the details, though, I have them all figured out.  You just need to concentrate on walking a straight path and toeing the fucking line, Pal.  Otherwise your sissification is going to be a long, hard process.  For you.  I’ll be fine and so will all of the cocks that get to abuse you for being a stupid little bitch boy.

You’re already off to a bad start, just look at how you’re dressed.  I mean, I didn’t expect you to walk in here looking like Marilyn Monroe or anything, but you should’ve tried a little harder to not look like Marilyn Manson.  Do you even own a dress shirt?  You’re going to have to pay simply for how you look, so, for you, we have a stupid blonde wig that wouldn’t fool even the blindest of men, topped off with a bag made of tulle for your “obvious man” face.  Your slut mouth will need to be trained and plugged, I have a lovely set of red plastic lips that will do both!

I can make a perfect pussyboy out of even the manliest of men with my sleazy sissy humiliation training.  You didn’t think I was going to punish you by getting you banged by a big dick, did you?  That’s what you want, you don’t get what you’re after by being a bad little bitchboy.  There are all kinds of things I’m going to do to you simply because you’re a haggard ass hobag.  When the cattle prods and foot high stiletto heels come out, be sure you keep your balance or you could bust a knee or snap an ankle really easily, but you better run.  And just remember when you’re crying out in pain and wondering what kind of weird punishment is coming next, that it’s all your fault because of what you were wearing.  Stupid buckled ass bitch.


Beautiful Brutality

Phone domination

I know I look too cute and sweet to be able to control you with some hardcore phone domination but you know what they say, don’t judge a ball busting book by its incredibly hot cover.  If you think that I can’t properly subjugate you and put your rectum through the ringer just because I’m insanely beautiful, you got another thing coming.  I’ll debase, degrade and dominate your candy ass in ways you never imagined were possible and I’m going to look damn good the entire time I’m doing it.

You’ll be the one breaking a sweat, I’m not even worried about my mascara running.  The leather corset and matching collar belongs to you, not me.  I won’t be the one down on my knees sucking every cock that comes in the room, you will.  Every secreted drop of sweat, spit and splooge will end up covering your face, mine is going to stay squeaky clean.  My holes won’t be getting filled with BBC’s and thick onyx fists, your asshole will be the punched in cum cave taking every inch of meaty anaconda that wants to buttfuck.

I’ll be here barking out orders with a bright and shiny smile on my face.  You’ll be somewhere on the floor getting violated in some semi-violent way, shape or form crying in a puddle of your own piss and tears.  You might think you’ll be able to push Mistress K around but that’s not how humiliation phone sex works in my neck of the woods.  Mistress K gives the beautifully brutal orders and you follow them, that’s how it is.  Don’t make me get ugly, Fuck-o.


Best Sissy Trainer Gets Results

Best sissy trainer

The ultimate proof that I am the absolute best sissy trainer out there is my lusty lineup of sexy sissy sluts.  Take a long hard look and I guarantee you’ll want to give them the long hard dick.  My little clitty queens are caged up, stretched out and ready to fool around with any he-bitch loving butthole humper who cums their way.  I make certain of that!

I tell you what; take your pick of any one of my slinky pinkies, any size, any skill level, and have your way with her.  Do whatever you want to them, furiously fuck their prissy faces and really get up in that asspussy.  After you test that little tart’s gag reflex and the elasticity of her asshole, I know you’ll be hooked on my slutty he-whores.  You won’t want to go to any other debauchery manifesting sissy slave mistress, you’ll crave my unrivaled brand of boygirls over all of the other subpar sissy skanks out there.  

Want a naive femboy noob with a super tight asshole so she squeals and squirms every time you pound her poop chute?  I always have a fresh crop of cock cream lovers in need of having their sex holes seasoned.  If you like your guygirls to be a bit more experienced so you can really put their rectums through the ringer, I have plenty of pseudo-pussy pros who can totally handle whatever fisting or extreme anal insertions you have planned.  Ask any of my sluts, Mistress K takes sissy slave training seriously and gets serious results because of it.  Give them a try, you’ll be happy you did.


Sissy Sluts Make Me Stacks

Adult phone chat lines

When hornballs call my adult phone chat lines for some filthy phone bone action, they get to hear me literally fucking the ass end out of my slutty little sissies.  It’s a pretty great way to train my tramps to take cock before I actually make them tackle the real thing.  They’re going to have to stuff so much dong into their sissy slut butts out in the real world, I might as well start them out a little bit easier, strap one on myself and stick it to them beforehand.  Then I let my cum loving callers hear it all happen and make bank on both ends!

Femboy slave slut training is rewarding on so many levels.  Every last one of my bitch boys pays me well for my services and every last drop of cum that my pussy coveting progenies presence produces comes with a charge.  From the phone pervs that jerk their junk while they listen to me wailing away on one of my wannabe women to the fat BBC’s that come by to drill out my darling dollies and blow their buttholes wide open, to name a couple, everyone pays.  Everyone.

Why do you think they call my Mistress K?  It’s not because there’s a “K” in my name, that would be fucking stupid.  I got my sissy slut dom name by making a stack my very first day subjugating sissies on my own.  Stack and a half, really, but Mistress K.5 sounds like some sort of domination robot.  I’ve nurtured my slutty manchick pimp-ire for a long time now, I’m pulling in more loot than I’ve ever seen in my entire life and loving every minute of it! 

I’ve been raking in plenty of cash from exploiting my cuntboys and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon, on the bankrolls or the buttholes.  Give me a ring on my sissy phone, set up a chat session, make an appointment for my peep holes or, if you have a big ol’ dick, let me know if you need to blow off a little steam and a load or two inside of a clitty cream queen.  I got you covered if you got the funds.


Finest Fuckable Femboys Ever!

Femboy training

I have an elite group of sissies that have taken their femboy training to the max and love living the hot little cock loving cum dumpster life.  They listened to the lessons and did the shadow work needed to rid themselves of the disgusting man suit they were born with and are living life high on the fat fuck hog!  They’re the finest bunch of fuckable fems you’ll ever meet!

What most sissy sluts don’t understand is that giving up all of their masculinity doesn’t mean that they’re giving up any power.  Quite the contrary.  Getting rid of their indoctrinated mindset and forcing them to go through the pain to find all of the pleasure helps them find who they really are.  Once someone discovers their true selves, there’s no limit to what they can achieve in life.

Sure, any ladyboy can find a prick or two that wants to turn out a tranny or fuck the shit out of a feminine man.  All kinds of guys are down to bang dainty dudes.  It takes a special sissy whore to be able to trick a straight guy into burying his bone in her.  She has to be hot, confident, seductive and have her little clitty tucked in nice and neatly so that the unsuspecting man doesn’t get wise that the woman he’s hitting on doesn’t have a pussy.  If they’re hot enough, once they’ve gotten to the point of fucking, the guy doesn’t even care when my sissies whip out their minuscule man parts.  Hell, if you were to meet up with one of them our on the town and decided to have a quickie with them, you’d probably never even know you weren’t fucking a naturally born woman!

Ass is ass, it doesn’t matter whose it is.  My top tier, second to none sissy girls will blow your notion of hetero norms out the window.  You can try to find a hotter slut who wants you to blow load after load in her butt, but I bet your search will come up about as short as my sexy slut’s little clitties.


Insolent Sissy Slave Training Tactics

Sissy slave training


Sometimes I run across a really stubborn little bitchboy who thinks they have the option to resist my sissy slave training methods.  I don’t know why they think that, when they’re under my tutelage, they have the option to say no to me, but some of them do.  So I have no other choice but to get a little more heavy handed in my instruction and make those women wannabes listen to my every command.

It’s not hard, couldn’t be more simple, actually.  I just strip them down until they’re completely naked, shove them in front of a mirror and start berating the masculine shell my stupid slut sees before them.  I tell them all about how the mansuit they’re forced to show the world isn’t the real person they have on the inside and describe in full detail how every part of the body they were given is flawed, gross and just looks wrong when compared to the soul they have inside of them.  Then, we get to the harder stuff.

Those insolent sissy slut prospects have to be punished.  There’s really only one way to rip through that rotten male meat to release the femboy suffering inside and that’s through whipping, lashing and beating.  He-whores have to have respect for the sissy inside themselves and battering and bruising the bro on the outside is the only way to make that happen.  They get strapped in, tethered down and flogged until they agree to listen to every single one of my commands.

Eventually, all of my clitty queens do exactly as I tell them, otherwise they wouldn’t be in my lineup of sissy sluts.  They wouldn’t have the privilege of learning all the ways of prissy slutdom from the best sissy trainer around, they’d have to settle for some subpar she-man molding mentor.  And if they think they’ll ever get up to the level of cock and cum loving they’d like to achieve with a cutrate clitty counselor, well, good luck with that, girls!