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Did You Read Your Femboy Training Manual?

Femboy training

I can’t believe how dumb some of you girly guys are, almost all of your stupid slutty sissy questions are covered in the femboy training manual I gave you.  Did you even read it?  I can tell you didn’t because if you had then you wouldn’t ask me half of the obvious shit that you do.  What did you do with it?  I don’t give you he-whore homework for my own good.  The instructions I give you are to help you become the beautifully bimbofied big cock taking pet that you’ve always wanted to be.   I do this for you, you stupid bitch.

I bet you just jacked off to all of the pictures in the pamphlet and didn’t read a single word of it, huh?  Pages are probably all stuck together now so you’ll never be able to read the whole thing even if you wanted to.  How close am I?  Well, you missed out on some sage wisdom just because you couldn’t stop yourself from whacking off to all of those drawings of various sissy boys.  Which ones did you like the most, was it the mature maids with huge whore hogs between their legs or the slinky little extra young looking teen clitty queenies with cum drooling out of their cages?  I bet they all made you want to jizz it, they’re pretty hot pictures.  You’re still a stupid bitch, though.

No, I’m not going to give you another one.  You’ll just have to read my blogs or maybe cheat off of one of the better behaved femboys in our slut making sessions.  I’m not answering any questions that you would’ve learned had you read the required material.  Now, tell me what you think I’m going to do with this kitty tail buttplug?  Am I going to use it on myself or shove it into your halfwitted asshole?  If you don’t get this right then, I hate to tell you, Mistress K’s sissy slave training is going to be extra hard for you. 


Sissy Slave Training Isn’t for Everyone

Sissy slave training

Sorry Slick, if you show up at my place for some sleazy sissy slave training and you’re a fucking smokeshow, there’s a good chance that I’ll deny you any of my trampy tutelage and just fuck the shit out of you.  In fact, if you have a big fat cock, that’s definitely how it’ll go down.  How am I supposed to just ignore a massive fuck stick like yours and pretend you’re some he-bitch bimbo with a drooling little clitty?  Sometimes suspension of disbelief is impossible, Pally.  Don’t know what else to tell you.

My clitty cages are tiny, we can’t even fold your cock up and stuff it into one.  Some dicks just don’t fit and, I hate to tell ya, yours is one of them.  The most I can do for you is a tube tuck and tape job like the tranny trash you see at the drag shows, but they’re nowhere near my standard for my sexy sissy students.  They’re just guys dressed up as girls and, truthfully, that’s all you’ll be once we put a wig, dress and makeup on you.  Some men just aren’t feminine enough to really look like a woman, plain and simple.  With that chiseled jaw, rock hard abs and enormous dick of yours, I’m afraid that’s all that sissydom has in store for you.

Don’t be sad, you’re a fucking Adonis.  Don’t fuck up your masculinity because you want to take a bunch of BBC’s in your ass.  There are plenty of sexually fluid fuck freaks out there who go both ways, you don’t need to be a sissy to please pricks.  Here, why don’t you just fuck my pretty face for a little while and mull it over.  If you still feel like being a fine femboy after you make me swallow a hot shot of cock snot then I’ll let you pick out a pair of sissy panties and we can start your bimbofication then.  I bet blowing that load deep inside of my mouth will change your mind, though.


Take Those BBC’s With Grace

BBC sissy trainer

When you choose me to be your BBC sissy trainer you better be ready to take tons of hard black cock and look really good while you’re doing it!  If you don’t think you can maintain a certain level of grace and poise while your asspussy is getting stretched out by a room full of rock hard milk chocolate man meat then you just don’t have what it takes to be one of my femboys.  Sorry, fella.

Are you able to keep that high he-bitch voice the whole time your sphincter is getting slammed with foot after girthy foot of big black dicks?  You’re not going to slip up and let out an off putting, manly yell when one of those massive mahogany bones bangs you harder than you thought it would, are you?  Nobody wants to hear that.  The black kings I know want their sissy sluts to be girly as hell from the top of their dumb blonde bimbo heads to the tips of their tiny little clitties.  Don’t let your normie dude out when you’re taking dick, honey.  It won’t be good.

When you suck a big ol’ donkey dick, do you go at it like a true lady?  Do you swallow cum like a good girl, maybe take it in the face and let it dribble down your little titties?  Tell me something, how’s your gag reflex?  Those BBC’s are going to go really far down your throat.  Are you going to gag all sweet like the little girly you want to be or will you make horrible horking noises like the man you are.  Don’t tell me, show me on those big dicks during your sissy training sessions.


Cum Filled Sissy Slut Maid Service

Sissy maid training

My favorite part of sissy maid training is offering a bunch of butt fucking, cum slurping cleaning solutions to clients through my Sissy Slut Made Service®!  My trashy tramps get the hole stretching training they need and my horny he-whore loving clientele get their cocks and their houses cleansed by my creamy cuties.  It’s a win-win, everyone is happy in the end!

I don’t just drop off my darling dick tuckers and expect them to get the job done.  I stay on site to make certain that they clean every nook and cranny and take all the dick in their fannies as I see fit.  I hope you’re ready for some ass because I’m going to need you to ram your rod into their raunchy rectums in every single room.  If you need to switch it up a little then make them suck their sweet sissy ass juice off of your knob for a bit, but I’m going to want you to stick it back in their ass pussy pretty quickly.  I hope you’re cool with that.  

You’re helping me train these hot whorios.  Every apartment they polish or house they sanitize, they need to get a hardcore fucking and hosed down with cum.  You can shoot it in their asses if you want, I guarantee their little sissy clitties will be leaving a slime trail everywhere for them to lick up, anyway.  Just pull down those sissy panties while my girlie is bent over and jam your junk into her ass and the cleaning will begin!


It All Starts With Phone Domination

Phone dominatrix

What’s the point of being a phone dominatrix when I have so many sissy slaves to train and transform?  How do you think all of my big dick loving bimbos get started?  They don’t just walk up to my door and tell me they need to be taught how to take gigantic tools in their asses.  I vet all of my slinky little sluts on the phone first to make sure they have what it takes to complete my clitty caging, queenie creating training.  

If a he-bitch doesn’t have the balls to make it through a few submissive phone call sessions with me then there’s no way she’ll be able to handle the hardcore hands on stuff.  How do you think you’ll be able to cram a couple of rock hard cocks in your ass if you can’t even ream our own rim with a vibrator while you’re on the phone with me?  And no, I don’t believe you’re really doing it unless I can hear the vibrating grind of the fake fuck stick on the other end of the line as it goes in and out of your slutty sphincter.  And when you cum, I need you to shout out that Mistress K is the best sissy trainer in the world.  If you can’t handle that on the phone, you definitely won’t be able to take it in person.

Your cell is your gateway to dick taking girldom, all you have to do is call.  I’ll get you started with a few hole stretching exercises and we’ll go from there.  I promise, you don’t want to get started with the in person stuff first, learning how to be a perfect pink haired pole pleaser is a process.  Have you even swallowed any cum, yet?  How do you expect to be able to guzzle gallons of jizz from a room full of BBC’s if you haven’t choked down your first load of chunky cock chowder yet?  See what I mean?  You gotta crawl before you walk, and as you crawl, I’ll slowly stretch your asspussy out for you so you can handle a handful of man meat stuffed as far inside of you as they can go.  Just call me, Dipshit, you’ll see what I mean.


Sissy Slave Training Just For You

Sissy slave training



So you want to know how my specialized sissy slave training techniques prepare you to take a powerful pulsating BBC up your tight asshole?  There’s a lot to it, I can’t really explain how I’d handle conditioning your hungry whore hole until we get into the meat of it.  No two sissy sluts are exactly alike, I don’t simply do the same thing to every trampy trainee that signs up for my hole stretching classes.  That wouldn’t make it very special, would it?

From the looks of you, I’d say we should probably start you off with a little vibrating buttplug that we’ll keep lodged in your sphincter the entire time I show you how to get rid of your legs and body hair.  The masculine men who are going to gape out your girl hole will want you to look as feminine as possible while they’re having their way with you.  Your buttcheeks better be completely hairless and smooth if you want them to really get into it, I recommend a depilatory cream over shaving.  

Once you’re hairless and clean, we’ll move onto simple dildo insertions while you gussy up.  You should be able to apply all of your makeup and take a slow and easy hand pumped anal conditioning, that’s a standard for any slut, sissy or otherwise.  I won’t go fast or push hard, I don’t want your clitty blowing a load all over your blush and eye shadow.  All you have to do is relax and do yourself up in a manner that you think would attract a man while I gently cram a vibrator in your butt.  Once you’re done, we’ll move onto the more advanced asshole elasticity testing.

I have a wide array of strap-ons, but I think you’ll be ready to go for gold by then.  You won’t need a standard six or the nasty nine inchers, I think I’ll go ahead and peg your ass pussy with my fat, footlong fake cock at that point.  Just gauging by that bubble butt of yours, I think that’ll be the perfect tool to make that femboy clitty of yours leak, drip and squirt everywhere.  You’ll have a sissy slut pool of cum under you before you even realize you’ve taken the whole thing into your ready rectum.  Hopefully you can take it long enough to get me off during your forced feminization ass fuck sessions, that’s what I want to build up in you.  You’ll need stamina if you plan on taking multiple big black fuck sticks at once.  


Unmerry Sissy Mistress Phone Sex

Mistress phone sex

Christmas time mistress phone sex is a bittersweet creamy treat for all of you pathetic losers who don’t have anyone who wants to hang out with you for the holidays except for my sissy sluts.  Sure, nobody in your personal life likes you enough to invite you over for some holiday fun, I get it.  You don’t have to explain to me what it is that makes you a simpering idiot in life, I really don’t care.  You’re here calling me for a hardcore ass fucking from one of my biggest dicked femboys on Christmas day.  You’re a miserable man for one reason or another.  That’s all I need to know.

Where’s your family?  I know you don’t have a girlfriend or anything like that, but where are your parents or grandparents or whatever?  Don’t you have anyone who gives a damn about you who might want to see you today?  Not a dinner with a co-worker’s family or anything?  It’s so sad that your only hope for holiday happiness is one of my beautiful lady’s long, hard penises.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind and she won’t either.  I know I have at least one or two big wanged women who would be happy to gape out your ass gash, that’s what they’re for.  I’m just saying, pretty sad, Bro.

Are you going to cry throughout the entire sphincter stretching session?  I know it doesn’t hurt that much, does the hardcore pounding from a gorgeous he-bitch just help you to release all of the pain you feel inside, or something?  What’s that?  No, it just plain ol’ hurts because that whores cock is the biggest hunk of she ham you’ve ever had lodged up your hairy asshole.  Yeah, that tracks.  Whatever it is, cry it out here, Guy.  This is a safe space for all of your Christmas time woes and your unmerry tears.  Just grit your teeth and take it if she starts giving you too much, you’ll thank her for it. 


Sissy Slut Maids Don’t Just Clean

Sissy maid training

One of the biggest benefits of my super slutty sissy maid training is that my apartment is always spotless!  I have so many femboy maids under my thumb that I never have to worry about dusty shelves or cobwebs in the corners and having an unpleased, dry pussy while my housework gets done is a thing of the past.  All of the household chores that I don’t want to do, which is all of them, get delegated down to my caged dick queenies and if they want me to allow their little clitties to cream, they know exactly what they need to do.  Satisfy Mistress K in every way.

I don’t just want a man maid that just dusts the room in a sexy maid outfit, any guy can dress up and do that.  My sissy slut maids need to jam a feather duster up their asses and clear off all the dust with their buttholes.  Same goes for sweeping and mopping or anything with a handle remotely cock shaped, really.  The vacuum too, it’ll even vibrate on their prostates and milk out some cum as they’re cleaning the carpets.  I love the sight of a woman wannabe with a Kirby handle jammed deep up her craphole, the faces they make are priceless!

Clean my commode and you better stick that brush up your butt and swirl your ass around to do it.  Wash my dishes and find the fattest pot handle to push as far into your tight little pooper as possible.  See what I mean?  If you just clean my stuff, you’re only a crossdressing man wearing a maid’s uniform helping me out, a little. Use everything you get your hands on to ram into your rectum and stretch out that ass pussy of yours, then you’re on your way to being a real sissy slut maid.  You’ll know if I like the job you’re doing by how much I let you touch my cunt.  If I’m happy with your work then you’ll have my permission to bring me to orgasm, just remember to clean all the pussy juice off of me when I’m finished.


Cum-pulsory Sissy Training

Forced sissy training

It’s called forced sissy training, you fucks!  This isn’t your run of the mill, pick and choose, pussy footing pansy producing school for sometimes sluts.  Your slutty slave training with me is cum-pulsory, pretty boy, otherwise you’d never be turned into the pretty girl with the gooiest little clitty around.  If you want to become the femboy that you truly want to be, you do what I tell you, when I tell you.  Let that sink into your stupid clap trap brain, you dumb bimbo!  If you reject any single step of my specialized sissy slutification, you will pay the ass pounding, cum guzzling price.

I dare you to tell me that you aren’t going to wear the pink wig I picked or put on the frilly underwear your mistress laid out for you, I fucking dare you.  Don’t like the slave maid outfit I found to fit your particular body type and refuse to wear it, you won’t like any of the punishments I have planned for stubborn sissies like you, I guarantee it.  Just try me, jizz monkey, you’ll see exactly how humiliating and degrading being an obstinate sissy slut can be.  I promise you, you’re going to want all of the pussified protection you can get.

If you think it’s embarrassing to be dressed up like a trollop and forced to take load after frothy load from a room full of horny sissy lovers, just imagine how mortifying it would be without the girly getup.  If you were made to please every man around in the nude, wearing nothing but your birthday suit and a spider gag with your hands and feet bound so you can’t move.  Just think about every Joe, Jack and Johnny holding you down, looking you right in your eyes and violating your faggot fuckholes, no protection afforded to you by either your sissy alter-ego or any form of prophylactic.  You’ll be begging for that pink wig after your gross man ass has been hammered out and gaped wide, hopefully I can understand you while your mouth is held open and filled with cum.


Best Sissy Trainer in the World!

Best sissy trainer

All of my pretty, prissy, cum slurping sluts agree, Mistress K is the world’s best sissy trainer and can whip any wimpy boy into the slutty slave girl they dream of being.  I haven’t met a wannabe he-whore yet that I couldn’t craft into a fine, fuckable little fairy.  Think you’re too manly to be turned into a tranny tramp, too studly to be made to take every BBC that I tell you to stuff into your mouth and/or butt?  I’m not afraid to tell you, I’ll turn you into a freaky, jizz loving fairy fagboy before you even pick out your favorite shade of pink.

I don’t care what kind of life you lead, my specialized slutification schooling will work right into your routine until you fully embrace the fact that you’re nothing but a little sissy bitch who’s been living a total and utter lie.  The Mistress to end all Mistresses knows that your normal life is complete bullshit full of nothing more than monotony and general malaise.  I know you dream about getting all dolled up and turning yourself into a big bone taking beauty, but you don’t let yourself for some reason or another.  Work, wife, friends, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter.  My training will turn you into the trampy trollop you really want to be and you won’t care who knows about your penis loving proclivities. 

You’re in good hands, but you don’t have to take it from me.  I have tons of testimonials from my clitty queens that have reaped all of the big dick draining benefits from my sissy slave training.  You can see for yourself, my meat juicing methods get results and those results are raunchy as fuck and covered in cum.  I tell all of the unsure Andys and wishy washy Willys who call me up to go ahead and try out some other sissy trainers if my tutelage is a little too much for them.  If you can take it though, my goo guzzling, he-whore guidance will turn you into the sexy slut you’ve always wanted to be.  I guarantee it!