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Femboy training for my little sissy sluts


If your looking for some hardcore femboy training Im your girl! if your scary and not ready to be whipped into shape you chose the wrong blog. I am looking for Sissy sluts ready and willing to be trained by a true goddess. If your new to this thats okay Ill be as rough as I can be so you can learn your place easily.

Pink and purple are my top two favorite colors of choice for my sissy sluts. Ill choose your style of course, although you will be able to tell me what you like it still has to be in my favorite colors. If your a good little slut Ill let you choose the tights and heels you like to match your pretty outfit. You will perfect your posture and your walk. I love when my sissies are Mistress K’s Next top Model. If your any good i may keep you around. Never forget im always in charge and youll love it here. If you cant follow my rules you will be punished according and depending on the offense it can go from a level 1 to a level 5 quickly. I love spanking my misbehaved whores so be good!

BBC sissy trainer Tamika loves Taboo phone chat!

Are you ready for your BBC training?  Since your looking to be my little sissy slut I will teach how to serve and make you pretty in the process. I want you to show off for that BBC do a little strip tease. Shake that little ass and show those legs. I want to see how you get the bbc bull all revved up and rock hard.

I want you to show the bulls what I have taught you about being a good submissive little sissy. I want you to get on your knees with your mouth wide open ready to be fed that BBC while your play with that little baby dickie. Milk that BBC until it creams all down your throat like the good sissy slut I taught you to be. I want to see you getting stretched out and drained as they use you to masturbate. leaving you swollen and sore like a good little whore.

Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sex



Mistress phone sex was to keep me in a dominant role with my sissy sluts, but somehow someway This sissy turned out to be a stud and boy did he take control over me! Although I was tricked into thinking I had a sweet little sissy to train and build up to be perfect just for me. I soon found out he had other plans in mind for us. He grabbed me by my throat and forced me to my knees. wrapped my hair around his hand forcing my mouth open and shoved his cock deep down my throat until I gagged and I loved every second of it. After he fucked my throat sore he yanked me up and bent me over on the floor and began pounding my sweet little fuckbox. He made me ooze with pleasure! He wrapped his arms around me locking me in position stroking me long and hard. He made me cream all over his massive cock and filled my sweet little pussy to the brim with his sweet baby juice.

are you going to be my sissy slut to train? or will you switch the game and dominate me?  

Forced feminization for all the Sissy Sluts!

Forced feminization


Forced feminization Is fun for everyone involved most of all Mistress K! I can hear the fear and excitement in your voice as you tremble as look up at me. You know whats in store for you next huh? Thats right my little sissy slut Ill make a proper whore out of you yet. More than you’ve ever thought before. 

It may see a bit intimidating at first I am a beautiful Goddess. As your Goddess It is my honor and duty to break you down and mold you in to the Perfect little sissy just for me! There is nothing in this world I enjoy more then sissy training a little turd of a man like you so you can be come a whore for me to humiliate.

Don’t think your weakness as a hinderance! Oh No its what makes you powerful to be submissive and used. To bow to your superior Goddess Mistress K. It will take some time for your transformation to be complete. Give me a call so we can start the process. You will be my favorite Sissy Slut yet! 

Taboo phone chat

Phone dominatrix

Phone dominatrix


Phone dominatrix Tamike B.K.A Miss K will whip you sissy girls into shape! One thing I love the most to make my sissy sluts  do Is dress up! I love being a sissy stylist Ill do your make up and your hair as well! making my sissy’s look like the dirty little whores turns me on.  I keep my little sissys in bright pink lipstick so they can look pretty and slutty while they deep throat a big black cock!  Oh and dont be mistaken im gonna make your my little slut knows exactly how to drain those big black balls.

When your my little pet its not just about being a pretty girl for mama! Oh No its about doing as your told and serving MOTHER! I will always keep my harem of whores in order I will train you to be the perfect slave.  I will always have a cum filled pussy for you to suck clean. You must stay prepared to clean out every hole filled with cum that mommy has. Besides why would I have a slave that doesn’t keep me Clean? Just as you take care of me i will take care of you I will make sure you have all the training you need to serve your mommy!

Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sexMistress K is how you should approach me always. My name is Tamika if we’re formal. I’m a ruthless kinky mistress that loves sissy sluts. Keep in mind always I am the one in control. Ur job is to obey all your mistresses kinky and wild demands. If you don’t know what a sissy is don’t worry I’m here to teach you! You won’t be just any sissy slut oh no! U will be the dirtiest nastiest filthiest sissy slut there ever was. As my slut you must be willing to be in public screaming to the heavens that you belong to me! Never forget that you are my property and should always move as such. So come one and come all and come ready! I have many task for my sluts to complete daily. If you break my rules I am sure to punish you. From mild to severe depends on the offense. My sweet little cuck come play with Mistress K. Phone domination

Femboy training


Femboy trainingHey there, this is Mistress K. My real name is Tamika, but you can call me that. I’m a naughty, kinky dominatrix, and I love to keep my sissy slaves in line. Remember, I’m always in control and there’s nothing you can do about it. Make sure you fulfill every kinky, nasty demand I make, because you are a slut and I’ll mold you into an obedient one. I love teaching my little pets as long as they aim to please. Never forget that Mistress K owns you. If you think you’re ready for a challenging and fun role, be my sissy slut. Show the world your status in a cute lace panty set and thigh-high tights. Just follow my rules, but beware, as I don’t play. Break them and be ready for consequences that range from mild to severe. If you’re a good little sissy slut, come play with Mistress K. Forced feminization

Domination phone sex

Domination Phone SexTamika is my name but you will call me Mistress K. I am a Naughty, Kinky Mistress that loves to keep her sissy sluts in line! One thing I must tell you, I am and will always be in control and there is nothing you can do about it. Every kinky nasty demand I make you better fulfill. A slut is what you are an OBEDIENT SLUT is what I’ll groom you to be. I love teaching my little pets as long as my pets aims to please. Never forget Mistress K owns you! When I choose you to be my Sissy Slut be ready to go outside and show the world who’s Sissy slut you are In your nice lace panty set and thigh high tights. Don’t worry my sissy sluts if you do as your asked you’ll have the time of your life your life. Be mindful I don’t play. If you break my rules there will be consequences. From mild to I wish I just obeyed Mistress, depending on how bad you fuck up. Be my good little sissy slut and come play with Mistress K

Mistress phone sex

Did You Read Your Femboy Training Manual?

Femboy training

I can’t believe how dumb some of you girly guys are, almost all of your stupid slutty sissy questions are covered in the femboy training manual I gave you.  Did you even read it?  I can tell you didn’t because if you had then you wouldn’t ask me half of the obvious shit that you do.  What did you do with it?  I don’t give you he-whore homework for my own good.  The instructions I give you are to help you become the beautifully bimbofied big cock taking pet that you’ve always wanted to be.   I do this for you, you stupid bitch.

I bet you just jacked off to all of the pictures in the pamphlet and didn’t read a single word of it, huh?  Pages are probably all stuck together now so you’ll never be able to read the whole thing even if you wanted to.  How close am I?  Well, you missed out on some sage wisdom just because you couldn’t stop yourself from whacking off to all of those drawings of various sissy boys.  Which ones did you like the most, was it the mature maids with huge whore hogs between their legs or the slinky little extra young looking teen clitty queenies with cum drooling out of their cages?  I bet they all made you want to jizz it, they’re pretty hot pictures.  You’re still a stupid bitch, though.

No, I’m not going to give you another one.  You’ll just have to read my blogs or maybe cheat off of one of the better behaved femboys in our slut making sessions.  I’m not answering any questions that you would’ve learned had you read the required material.  Now, tell me what you think I’m going to do with this kitty tail buttplug?  Am I going to use it on myself or shove it into your halfwitted asshole?  If you don’t get this right then, I hate to tell you, Mistress K’s sissy slave training is going to be extra hard for you. 


Sissy Slave Training Isn’t for Everyone

Sissy slave training

Sorry Slick, if you show up at my place for some sleazy sissy slave training and you’re a fucking smokeshow, there’s a good chance that I’ll deny you any of my trampy tutelage and just fuck the shit out of you.  In fact, if you have a big fat cock, that’s definitely how it’ll go down.  How am I supposed to just ignore a massive fuck stick like yours and pretend you’re some he-bitch bimbo with a drooling little clitty?  Sometimes suspension of disbelief is impossible, Pally.  Don’t know what else to tell you.

My clitty cages are tiny, we can’t even fold your cock up and stuff it into one.  Some dicks just don’t fit and, I hate to tell ya, yours is one of them.  The most I can do for you is a tube tuck and tape job like the tranny trash you see at the drag shows, but they’re nowhere near my standard for my sexy sissy students.  They’re just guys dressed up as girls and, truthfully, that’s all you’ll be once we put a wig, dress and makeup on you.  Some men just aren’t feminine enough to really look like a woman, plain and simple.  With that chiseled jaw, rock hard abs and enormous dick of yours, I’m afraid that’s all that sissydom has in store for you.

Don’t be sad, you’re a fucking Adonis.  Don’t fuck up your masculinity because you want to take a bunch of BBC’s in your ass.  There are plenty of sexually fluid fuck freaks out there who go both ways, you don’t need to be a sissy to please pricks.  Here, why don’t you just fuck my pretty face for a little while and mull it over.  If you still feel like being a fine femboy after you make me swallow a hot shot of cock snot then I’ll let you pick out a pair of sissy panties and we can start your bimbofication then.  I bet blowing that load deep inside of my mouth will change your mind, though.