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Best sissy trainer watches

best sissy trainerBeing the best sissy trainer is so much fun. I get to watch men like David jack off while I dominate them. David si what I call a soft man. Six pack, Asian with a pretty dick. I’m guessing his cock is average for Asian men! But it sure is sexy! I have a dildo that reminds me of David’s dick. Only I have a couple inches and more girth to my toys. Does that stop me from knowing that David wants to fuck? He wants to have sex with big tittied, slick pussy women who tease and deny him. David is in love with UWU girls, You know a girl who makes the emoticon cum to life and draws on the sexualization and suggestion of Young anime girls! That tongue sticking out and eyes rolled back as they get some dick!
David is one of my foreign boys who relies on a strong hand to spank his ass and control his masturbation’s. Are you an edger like My David? Can you make your dick jump by rubbing your nipples? Show me how hard you get for a sexy domination phone sex specialist like this Gamer girl! Il be sure to tell you about all the big dick I get.
Look for My new series on sissy hypno porn coming soon, just like you! If I let you cum that is!

Sissy Training Shopping Small

sissy trainingSissy Training on Small Business Saturday Shopping! Today you are to go out and support local! By the way our phone sex hotlines qualify for that! Spend with us sluts since we love small shopping too! I love shopping local for small wares. I find that the little dicked men are always out in the bars around here. So I put my money on the smallest loser I can. It only takes me a minute to spot the Small peen. He is touching my ass and asking what I am drinking! I snatch his hand and look into his eyes.sissy training
“I assure you don’t have the dick to please me.” The bar erupts in laughter and he gets so red and angry. He storms off. What a pity, I yell, I would have pity fucked you! I love when they start denying the obvious. If he would have just laughed and brushed me off I would have second guessed myself. His loss. On to the next loser. I have an itch for sissy training small cocks tonight. As the Jager bomb drops I see him. Target locked and loaded. He is sitting with a couple girls who are ignoring him. Shy, cute and small framed, has me thinking of satin and lace. This man is shopping small and dripping a lot of cash on these hotties. I have bigger plans for him. I grin and raise my glass at him. The look on his face as I slam my drink and lick my lips! My pussy aches. I need to feminize and use him up.
I have made contact. Now to wiggle him away from leeches who only want his money. I know how to give him a good time and take his cash for my own small business. Men who are shy and spend on hot women are perfect for what I do. I prefer to use sissy training to bring out the pleasures in a small cock. There is no other way than dressing up and submitting to my lusty wiles. One trip to the girls room later he is alone. “You know they ditched you, right?” I slid into the booth. They went home with the black bartender. He sighs and starts to get up. “Don’t leave, I have a soft spot for submissive men,” I coo. “You…You…do?” even his stutter is cute. Yes and I want to show you just how much fun having a small clitty can be!”  Be like Zoey shop small and Local!

Sissy training ZOey

Online Sissy Training in the Modern World

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training means you have no excuse to put off what you have long wanted to try. I understand not every sissy can be a sissy in real-time. But you can be a closeted sissy or a fantasy sissy with me. I understand that wives do not always support your desire to wear panties or suck cock. Maybe you are a leader of your community, or you have an influential job where people would not do business with you if they knew you enjoyed getting your sissy holes filled with cock. There is a stigma associated with being a sissy. I get it. I can help with discreet sissy training. I have been working with sissies and submissive slaves for almost 20 years. I am a sensual trainer who will work within your confines. I have several sissies who are sissies in spirit only. Our time together is spent pretending. But it is not all pretend. I do make sissies suck on dildos and bounce their little girly asses up and down on suction cup dildos. I do shame sissies too. I will always encourage sissies to get the real thing. Modern technology is designed to be discreet. You can hook up with men on the down-low on Grinder. You can order sex toys, and sissy clothes online. That is not something sissies could do 25 years ago. Sissies can join sissy rooms and forums on Reddit and follow each other on Twitter. Social media platforms can help sissies feel less isolated. Of course, modern technology allows you to have sissy phone sex discreetly from home, or work, or in your garage or car. There is no reason you cannot be a sissy these days and still be discreet. No one needs to know you want to wear sexy lingerie or suck cock. Trust me. I can keep your secret and help you explore your femboy side.

Making You My Best Sissy Slut!

Best Sissy Trainer

Making you the best sissy you can be is a number one priority for me! All my sissies are thoroughly trained in making big dicks cum for them. I love seeing a new sissy come into her own and flourish under my tender loving care. I give everything I have to making my sissy bimbo sluts the finest at getting fucked and teasing a cock until they are leaking. My sissies know that they better submit to worshiping cocks and taking hot loads especially from BBC kings. If you are my sissy baby, you will be provided the best big dicks to ride and the fullest balls to drain. I’m a size queen and so are all the faggot cum whores in my stable, they only fuck the biggest of dicks and take the messiest loads in their greedy sissy pussies.


sissy training audioJeanie is one of my pathetic humiliation whores that sends me daily sissy training audio. I found her wandering around without an owner so I graciously took her under my wing. Just like a bitch from the pound, Jeanie is so happy to have a new owner. There’s nothing she won’t do to make me happy including putting on a little cheerleading outfit and twirling around doing a sissy slut cheer. I find it adorable and indulge because of how cute her little clitty looks wiggling in her panties. As she recite her cheer with excitement I daydream about how I am going to obliterate that tight little tushy! She doesn’t know it yet but that bear-bottom spanking was just a preview of my abusive steak. The berry crushing punishment I have planned for her will make her cry! I’m fair though so I’ll keep my BBC tucked away until she had a chance to finish her assignment. Do you hear that Jeanie? I’m spoiling you! If that fucking assignment is not submitted on time tomorrow your ass is mine. Are we clear?

Mistress K’s Clitty Clips

Sissy training audio



If you have any doubts at all as to whether my carefully selected sissy training audio clips are worth it or not, just take a good look at my most successful sissies.  Every last one of them pays the extra charge for my femboy forming affirmations and they are all the best little bitch boys they can be for it.

Mistress K’s Clitty Clips® are great for the moments in between our tramp training sessions when you need a little boost in your bitchification.  You need to be reminded that you’re nothing but a slutty fuck hole that’s only good for pleasing cocks and collecting cum regularly.  You have to hear that every big fat cock in the city is going to want you to be real prissy and look so pretty if they’re going to stretch your asshole out wider than it’s ever been.  You know you’re going to need to hear my voice tell you to clamp that clitty of yours down in a cage and to be certain to sit down when you have to piss, just like a real lady.

My specially designed and completely individualized tramp training audio is an absolute must for any softy who is serious about turning into a super fabulous fagboy.  Just check out these testimonials!


“I used to be afraid to let my freak flag fly, but now I let my sissy side out more than the socially accepted side and I don’t give a FUUUUUCK!  I love Clitty Clips!”  – Sasha


“My ass would never have been able to take as massive insertions as it can now if not for Mistress K’s daily asshole stretching affirmation audio.  Thanks for the fissure tips, K!”  – ChiChi


“Before I started subscribing to Mistrss K’s Clitty Clips® I was only taking one, maybe two big black cocks a month.  Now I take on four or five BBC’s at a time a few nights every week.  K’s the best sissy trainer there is, hands down!”  – Martinique


“I listen to the ‘Suck Every Cock’ series on a daily basis and now I have the courage I need to ask a total stranger if I can suck his cock no matter where I am.  You really saved my life, Mistress K!  – Phil


If being the absolute best sissy slut in the land is what you’re after then I have the perfect system for you!  You really have to dedicate yourself to it and listen with regularity but you’ll be a much happier little he-whore for it.  Call and order today!!!


Best Sissy Trainer for BBC Faggots


best sissy trainerI like to think that I am the best sissy trainer. Want to know why? Because I teach you to suck cock with the real thing. I may begin with dildos and strap ones, but you quickly graduate to the real thing and with me it is often big black dicks. I mean if you want to learn how to suck cock you should learn with the best. I have many a phone sissy who call me because of our shared love for big black cocks. Guys see me in real time for the same thing too. I have Roger a BBC sissy. He is in his 50s and he has always admired those black beauties. He is of the generation that would judge and persecute him for admitting he is a black cock faggot. Black cocks are a work of art. Big, powerful, meaty and loaded with cum. Roger became a real black cock sissy last night because I am a BBC sissy trainer. He has waited 30 some years to suck a real one too. I took him to this truck stop I know that is full of black truckers. Older black men do not care who is sucking their dick. I could have charged but I wanted Roger to get a lot of big black cocks and free cock suckers have them lined up for miles. Roger was sucking dick better than some gay porn stars. That is because we have had almost a year of practice with my black strap on. I have used it on his sissy ass too. Roger was a cum guzzling black cock slut last night and I was beaming with pride. I counted the cocks and the loads. He serviced 52 guys. I could not believe it. His first  real outing and he guzzled more cum than most of my sissies combined.  It might have something to do with my pro sissy training skills too.

Sissy Hypno Training with Goddess Alessandra

Sissy Hypno Training

Repeat it over and over out loud. Let me hear you say, “Goddess Alessandra you own me!” Yes that is correct I am your god! You have to earn the right to have Sissy Hypno Traning from the best. I will not allow a fragile tool to come aboard my brainwashing paradise. It takes a willing, devoted sissy to play with me. If you haven’t checked out my bio, I suggest you do so and learn about my style.

I’m not new to this; I have quite the experience of ruining sissies and, on the opposite side, celebrating them. Each client of mine has different needs than the next. I’m not putting my sissies in a box. I’m here to get the best out of you in every way you choose. Now with that being said, if you don’t have what it takes to indulge in my specialties, you will be forced in all the great ways to obtain those qualities.

I’m a goddess that believes in the art of uniqueness and will find your rhythm before you see it yourself. I am a great reader and can read you. My abilities possess so much power you won’t be able to say no to goddess Alessandra. Be prepared to spoil me, let me rewrite your history, and give me the key to do all I want with your future.

I Love Femboy Training

femboy trainingI love femboy training. My daughter has a friend who when he turned 18 got a boob job. In high school he was like my sissy twins. He was a crossdresser and wanted cock. Lots of cock. I helped feminize Nathan when he was a schoolboy. I am good with hair and makeup, and wardrobe of course. I knew what Nathan was and I excepted him. I pretty much raised him when his folks kicked him out. I never will understand parents who do not accept their offspring for who they are. Everyone is welcome in my home. Nathan goes by Natalie now and she is just the cutest little T-girl. She has bigger boobs than my daughter. She has a good job. A good place to live. She is thriving despite being cut off from her family. My daughter, Natalie and I went to Pride Festival this morning before the heat became oppressive. We were all decked out in rainbows. I gave out free mom hugs. My little T-girl surrogate daughter was the belle of the pride festival. She picked up a straight black man who had no clue. All dolled up Natalie is as hot as my daughter. She has a beautiful little clit stick too. I suggested they come back to my place. My daughter and Natalie love big black cocks. They both have Queen of Spades tattoos. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I love black cock too. I was hoping Natalie my little fem queen would share. This dude thought he was going home with three hot chicks. He was but one of us had a tiny panty surprise. I do not even think this stud realized he was fucking a T-girl. That is how pretty Natalie is. And when I say she has a tiny clitty, I mean it is tiny. Like 3-inches hard max. If this guy knew, he never let on. He fucked Natalie’s tight little backdoor pussy, and me and my daughters’ cunts. He had enough to go around. He was not stingy with his bbc either. He pumped us all full of cum. Even the best sissy trainer needs some cock occasionally. Just never thought a little femgirl would be my wingman.

bbc sissy trainer

Me & My Favorite Sissy Goldie!

BBC Sissy Trainer

I’ve been feeling very generous towards my sissies this month! The summer time means the days are full of fun time by the pool for Mistress Raine and the nights are filled with sissy training and cock taking. Just this weekend I invited my favorite sissy over to help me take care of one of my BBC Stallions by draining his big black balls completely of cum. My stallion has a insatiable craving for sissy pussy and he knows I will always provide him with the sluttiest sissy whores to take his cock. Me and my favorite sissy Goldie got all dressed up in lovely pink lingerie and did some poppers before our stallion arrived. We were feeling nice and loose by the time the BBC was whipped out right in front of us. I sucked that BBC hard and guided the thick pink mushroom head into sissy Goldie’s tight little fuck hole. She went wild on that BBC when he started pounding her bussy. I was so proud to see my Goldie taking all 11 inches of that amazing black cock and juicing those balls for all the nut they were worth!