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Sissy Girl Training With Zoey The Hottie

sissy girl trainingSissy girl training makes me so hot! Like my sweet little pussy throbs so much! The act of you letting that sissy boi out of that closet. I know you hide your pretty dresses in the back in a garment bag. What are you going to do if your wife or daughter catches you? Come on now is the time to let her out and wear cute bras and panties. Embrace that beautiful sissy creature you want to be!
I desire a cute flirty sissy who can be sweet and play with me and my lovers. There is nothing wrong with male to female cross dressing and wondering what a dick might feel like to a girl like you.
I honestly think you will have greater pleasure than you ever have before. It’s only natural to learn about being a sissy and start to crave a man after you have played in feminine clothing. You see that attractive girl in the mirror? Men want her. I want you too! You need to love yourself enough to be able to play with a mistress and explore all the cock sucking and one day back door fucking you could ever desire. I am a sassy bitch, but if you come to me brand new we will walk through the mystery of becoming who you are. You just need a little young hottie who loves cum to be your Princess and make you wear those sissy panties and so much more. One sissy step at a time!
I will start gentle, but the more time you spend the more you will have to do, are you ready to really be a sissy slut?

Sissy Girl Training For A Sissy Whore

sissy girl Training

My sissy Nadia has made the transition to a complete cock whore.  She obeys my every command during our sissy girl training. Sending me pictures of her in her complete getup. Looking fly for a white girl I might add.  I know she is dependent on our talks because she can’t even get her clitty to squirt without me knowing how much she loves the black cock. I know she cums on those black cocks, but her submission is cute. She says she needs to tell me the dirty slut things she does to get a black man to fuck her and knowing I know makes it that much easier for Nadia to squirt when she is being pounded! She comes to me for advice on close and cock sucking. Even though I know she is a pro at what she does. I think it is part humiliation and knowing that I have a sissy boyfriend and daddy that help her with her sissy chores and sissy maid training in real life! I wish all sissy sluts were like my Nadia Truth be told. BBC loving whores always have to stick together!

Humiliation and Sissy Slave Training From Zoey

sissy slave training

I really thought he might have had a little man meat being as he was a mixed man. I gave him a shot but soon would be adding him to my sissy slave training Harem! Maybe I had smoked on too many bowls and missed the small dick signs. This quarantine has really impacted my BBC fucking. Daddy took us out to the holiday house, and I have been doing everything to make him my sissy bitch like he needs to be. When I got my hands-on Hector the guy who keeps the house up while we were away I thought I would be getting good dick. As soon as I laid back and he pulled this fucking pathetic excuse for even a clitty out I told him to step the fuck back, my fingers can fuck my self better. Something in me snapped and I pushed him to his knees and smacked his face. Don’t ever disrespect this young bitch! I needed to be fucked in the worse way, but my 9-inch purple strap would be good to dick down my newest slave. I made sure to gap his ass and make him call some of his buddies from the country, I would be getting good dick as I fucked another sissy. Oh, and I made sure daddy knew that I had a new bitch boy. He was so jealous!

My Panties Can Be Your Sissy Panties

sissy pantiesMy sexy panties are your sissy panties. While you are at home waiting out this epidemic, we can play dress up. If you are married, you can steal a pair of your wife’s panties and make them your own. Don’t be shy. It all begins with a pair of panties. Don’t have a wife and no access to panties, you can buy some online. You can even buy a pair of my panties. I only wear Victoria Secret sexy panties. The more often you wear panties, the more feminine you will feel. I know it is tough with the state of the world right now. Adult bookstores are closed. Glory holes are not hopping like normal. You can’t go to a gay bar. Hell, you likely can’t even get a sissy trainer to come to your house. There is always online sissy training. Sissy trainers like me are here for you. When you think about it, this is your time to thrive as a sissy. You can dress all day. If you are married with a wife who doesn’t know about your sissy nature, you can at least wear panties under your pants. You can sneak off to talk to your sissy trainer. All of us need to get creative to still train and shame our sissies. We can do a cyber sissy session. You can talk to me on your cell in your car as you drive around town. Hell, you can call me from the closet or the bathroom too. If you really want to be a sissy and if you are jonesing for some sissy training, you can find a way. This is the perfect time to explore your sissy side too. Most of you are working form home or not working at all, lets explore what you have at home that will transform you into a pretty sissy girl.

BBC Sissy Trainer Zoey’s Play house rules

BBC sissy trainerAs your young sweet BBC sissy trainer, I must remind you of some rules for our sissyslut playtimes. My boyfriend knows that he has no free will. Much like you have none when it comes to me. I expect you on time from work every night and to come home straight from work. I will check your chastity device and your ass hole to make sure you are not whoring around behind my back. You belong to me. That ass is mine and as I lull you with my voice into a place of relaxation and fantasy, you will admit your deepest and darkest sissy fantasies to me. I know you need your ass hole gapped and your mouth to be the point of every rape fantasy you have. Facial abuse and sissy sluts go hand in hand. But you are mine bitch and you know the rules. NO matter where you are in your sissy metamorphosis you need this BBC Sissy Hypno training Mistress to make sure you are servicing nigger cock the way you are meant to be!

Online Sissy Training Lessons

Online sissy training

It’s time for online sissy training lessons sweet sissy sluts.

Before Your little mistress gets into the week want to lay out some lessons for a couple of my sissy sluts. Now One of the first things my sweet sissy boy wants to be will need is some panties. This is not an online shopping activity. I need that sissy hole to be covered by lace, nylon, and silk at all times when not accepting the D. You must go to a store whether it is in the all or an adult bookstore and buy yourself some pretty panties. While in the adult toy store buy yourself some black cock videos and smile really pretty at the cashier and tell her you’re a BBC loving sissy boy. Make sure you tip your pretty cashier. We know that she has to   I also suggest an adult store with an attached arcade for some glory hole fun. But first your panties and BBC videos and taking a couple of days to shave your body completely smooth. I suggest a high-end lady razor. Look at you beginning to be the pretty sissy slut I always knew you could be. My young mistress phone sex pussy is so wet as I eagerly await your progress reports.mistress phone sex


Hypnotized For Daddy Santa

sissy hypno training

I bet all you sissy bitches are ready to get dressed up for the holidays, aren’t you? And you say you want to suck cock, but you just don’t seem to have the courage to go through with it. That’s why you’re going to call me for sissy hypno training. I’ll get you ready to suck the most festive cock of all – that’s right, it’s Santa!
But first you’re going to need to be hypnotized. While you’re on the phone with me, I want you to lie back in a quiet, dark room. I want you to focus on your breathing. Breath in for five seconds and then out for five seconds. I need you to be really relaxed. I’m not going to tell you the exact process here, but when I’m done with hypnotizing you, you’ll be putty in my hands. You will be in your sissy glory and wondering why you weren’t on your knees in front of Santa before now. You’ll get over your nervousness AND you will surely be on Santa’s VERY naughty list. That’s the list you want to be on. So, you’re welcome for that. When you’re ready to become the sissy you were always meant to be, call me!

Sissy Training Audio For My Bad Sissies!

Sissy Training Audio

So funny when you call in for my sissy training Audio! I can’t believe you got caught in your sisters’ dirty musty panties. Now your crying to me that she and your mom held you down and made you put them on and do a twerky little sissy slut dance for them. Your so cute when you call me to describe the rest of the cute girly clothes, they have put you in. And in reality, it was your sister and mommy who went looking for a sissy trainer for you to call. That’s not uncommon baby, just the fact that they are laughing and have a friend coming over for you to suck cock. The reason they want you to talk to me is that I am young and cute like your daughter and it’s her boyfriend who is coming over to punish you. wallow in those cummy nasty sissy panties baby!  I must guide you through your first cock sucking and why did your tears dry up? You sound like a very happy sissy slut now that the doorbell is ringing and your daughter’s boyfriends cock is waiting! The fact that he is swinging a big fat cock is none of my business hehe!  We all know you enjoy this part of your training. And what is better than you being made to be a slut at the hands of your sister and mommy. And now the sissy trainer who looks like your daughter is instructing you on that BBC sucking. I really think you knew exactly what your little faggy ass was doing tonight. And if it was up to me you would wear cum filled girl panties every day and be on your knees sucking a cock like it was a cocktail after work every single fucking day! 

Daddy Is My sissy Phone Slut

sissy phoneDaddy is my Sissy Phone Slut. He wants me to say that I will have you’re creaming your panties for me, baby. I am that school girl who makes my daddy beg to cum as I cuckold him with bull cock. Daddy has a lot of money but no girth or length to his own cock. I have forced him to be my sex slave for years now. I am a fucking mean sadistic sissy trainer. I make him dress up and take pictures and if my allowance is not what I want I threaten him with sharing on social media…not on mine but his! I have all of his passwords and I have all of his bank cards duplicated. Mommy is a cheating whore and now I understand why she rather fuck TJ the gardener than her own handsome rich husband. And if your wondering yes Daddy calls me here, but shhh that’s our little secret, he also calls all the girls here because I make him!

Forced Sissy Training ANd Cum-stains

forced sissy training

He was my sexy white boy. A petite man in a suit. I knew what he needed even as he was helping fill out my college classes for the fall semester. He was the sissy lala type but had a pic of his wife and him on his desk. I giggled as the thought of forced sissy training flew across my mind.

He wanted to know what was funny about him enrolling me in my classes. I said oh, just was thinking about how much I love black cock and how I think I have cum in my hair right now. I sighed and looked down on my skirt, oh I think I have his cum stains too!  Right away I..

(A.) let him know I was a slut and

(B.) Let him know I loved big black cock. and

(C.) saw the delighted look in his eyes!

Now to entice him to cheat on his wife with a forced black cock training session. I didn’t think it would be to hard as I uncrossed my legs and showed him my bald cunt and told him I would be fucking my black boyfriend tonight. I gave him my cell number and told him I would be down for a MMF threesome tonight.