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Mistress K’s Clitty Clips

Sissy training audio



If you have any doubts at all as to whether my carefully selected sissy training audio clips are worth it or not, just take a good look at my most successful sissies.  Every last one of them pays the extra charge for my femboy forming affirmations and they are all the best little bitch boys they can be for it.

Mistress K’s Clitty Clips® are great for the moments in between our tramp training sessions when you need a little boost in your bitchification.  You need to be reminded that you’re nothing but a slutty fuck hole that’s only good for pleasing cocks and collecting cum regularly.  You have to hear that every big fat cock in the city is going to want you to be real prissy and look so pretty if they’re going to stretch your asshole out wider than it’s ever been.  You know you’re going to need to hear my voice tell you to clamp that clitty of yours down in a cage and to be certain to sit down when you have to piss, just like a real lady.

My specially designed and completely individualized tramp training audio is an absolute must for any softy who is serious about turning into a super fabulous fagboy.  Just check out these testimonials!


“I used to be afraid to let my freak flag fly, but now I let my sissy side out more than the socially accepted side and I don’t give a FUUUUUCK!  I love Clitty Clips!”  – Sasha


“My ass would never have been able to take as massive insertions as it can now if not for Mistress K’s daily asshole stretching affirmation audio.  Thanks for the fissure tips, K!”  – ChiChi


“Before I started subscribing to Mistrss K’s Clitty Clips® I was only taking one, maybe two big black cocks a month.  Now I take on four or five BBC’s at a time a few nights every week.  K’s the best sissy trainer there is, hands down!”  – Martinique


“I listen to the ‘Suck Every Cock’ series on a daily basis and now I have the courage I need to ask a total stranger if I can suck his cock no matter where I am.  You really saved my life, Mistress K!  – Phil


If being the absolute best sissy slut in the land is what you’re after then I have the perfect system for you!  You really have to dedicate yourself to it and listen with regularity but you’ll be a much happier little he-whore for it.  Call and order today!!!


Best Sissy Trainer for BBC Faggots


best sissy trainerI like to think that I am the best sissy trainer. Want to know why? Because I teach you to suck cock with the real thing. I may begin with dildos and strap ones, but you quickly graduate to the real thing and with me it is often big black dicks. I mean if you want to learn how to suck cock you should learn with the best. I have many a phone sissy who call me because of our shared love for big black cocks. Guys see me in real time for the same thing too. I have Roger a BBC sissy. He is in his 50s and he has always admired those black beauties. He is of the generation that would judge and persecute him for admitting he is a black cock faggot. Black cocks are a work of art. Big, powerful, meaty and loaded with cum. Roger became a real black cock sissy last night because I am a BBC sissy trainer. He has waited 30 some years to suck a real one too. I took him to this truck stop I know that is full of black truckers. Older black men do not care who is sucking their dick. I could have charged but I wanted Roger to get a lot of big black cocks and free cock suckers have them lined up for miles. Roger was sucking dick better than some gay porn stars. That is because we have had almost a year of practice with my black strap on. I have used it on his sissy ass too. Roger was a cum guzzling black cock slut last night and I was beaming with pride. I counted the cocks and the loads. He serviced 52 guys. I could not believe it. His first  real outing and he guzzled more cum than most of my sissies combined.  It might have something to do with my pro sissy training skills too.

Sissy Hypno Training with Goddess Alessandra

Sissy Hypno Training

Repeat it over and over out loud. Let me hear you say, “Goddess Alessandra you own me!” Yes that is correct I am your god! You have to earn the right to have Sissy Hypno Traning from the best. I will not allow a fragile tool to come aboard my brainwashing paradise. It takes a willing, devoted sissy to play with me. If you haven’t checked out my bio, I suggest you do so and learn about my style.

I’m not new to this; I have quite the experience of ruining sissies and, on the opposite side, celebrating them. Each client of mine has different needs than the next. I’m not putting my sissies in a box. I’m here to get the best out of you in every way you choose. Now with that being said, if you don’t have what it takes to indulge in my specialties, you will be forced in all the great ways to obtain those qualities.

I’m a goddess that believes in the art of uniqueness and will find your rhythm before you see it yourself. I am a great reader and can read you. My abilities possess so much power you won’t be able to say no to goddess Alessandra. Be prepared to spoil me, let me rewrite your history, and give me the key to do all I want with your future.

I Love Femboy Training

femboy trainingI love femboy training. My daughter has a friend who when he turned 18 got a boob job. In high school he was like my sissy twins. He was a crossdresser and wanted cock. Lots of cock. I helped feminize Nathan when he was a schoolboy. I am good with hair and makeup, and wardrobe of course. I knew what Nathan was and I excepted him. I pretty much raised him when his folks kicked him out. I never will understand parents who do not accept their offspring for who they are. Everyone is welcome in my home. Nathan goes by Natalie now and she is just the cutest little T-girl. She has bigger boobs than my daughter. She has a good job. A good place to live. She is thriving despite being cut off from her family. My daughter, Natalie and I went to Pride Festival this morning before the heat became oppressive. We were all decked out in rainbows. I gave out free mom hugs. My little T-girl surrogate daughter was the belle of the pride festival. She picked up a straight black man who had no clue. All dolled up Natalie is as hot as my daughter. She has a beautiful little clit stick too. I suggested they come back to my place. My daughter and Natalie love big black cocks. They both have Queen of Spades tattoos. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I love black cock too. I was hoping Natalie my little fem queen would share. This dude thought he was going home with three hot chicks. He was but one of us had a tiny panty surprise. I do not even think this stud realized he was fucking a T-girl. That is how pretty Natalie is. And when I say she has a tiny clitty, I mean it is tiny. Like 3-inches hard max. If this guy knew, he never let on. He fucked Natalie’s tight little backdoor pussy, and me and my daughters’ cunts. He had enough to go around. He was not stingy with his bbc either. He pumped us all full of cum. Even the best sissy trainer needs some cock occasionally. Just never thought a little femgirl would be my wingman.

bbc sissy trainer

Me & My Favorite Sissy Goldie!

BBC Sissy Trainer

I’ve been feeling very generous towards my sissies this month! The summer time means the days are full of fun time by the pool for Mistress Raine and the nights are filled with sissy training and cock taking. Just this weekend I invited my favorite sissy over to help me take care of one of my BBC Stallions by draining his big black balls completely of cum. My stallion has a insatiable craving for sissy pussy and he knows I will always provide him with the sluttiest sissy whores to take his cock. Me and my favorite sissy Goldie got all dressed up in lovely pink lingerie and did some poppers before our stallion arrived. We were feeling nice and loose by the time the BBC was whipped out right in front of us. I sucked that BBC hard and guided the thick pink mushroom head into sissy Goldie’s tight little fuck hole. She went wild on that BBC when he started pounding her bussy. I was so proud to see my Goldie taking all 11 inches of that amazing black cock and juicing those balls for all the nut they were worth!

Online Sissy Training Available Here

online sissy trainingIs online sissy training for you? Let us be honest for a moment. It is hard to be a sissy when you hare married with a family and have a good job that would be at risk if you came out of the closest. That is why sissy sites like this one are here. Most of the guys I speak to are closeted sissies or sissies in their head only. I can work with that. Most of the sissies I see in my personal life, are only practicing sissies when with me. The world is not too kind to sissies. They get ridiculed and shamed, but just because a man likes to wear women’s clothes and think about sucking cock does not make him useless. Sissies have great purpose. I use sissies for all kinds of things. I love a sissy maid. Some one who will do all the grunt housework and eat my cum filled pussy too. Sissy fluffers are fun also. Those are sissies who suck cock and guide those fluffed dicks into a woman’s pussy. If wives would be more enlightened, they would realize that the best thing to have is a sissy fluffer husband. It means that a hot wife can get all the cock she wants. Her sissy husband gets to suck dick and clean her cunt afterwards. That is win win. I love sissy training. I train sissies for all kinds of things from being sissy maids to being cock sucking faggots. Sometimes both. Many men need a sissy trainer in their lives who will help them with those urges that men have for cock. There is no shame in wanting to wear something frilly and drain some dicks. No shame in wanting to take a cock in your back door pussy either. I have trained hundreds of sissies over the years. No two sissies are the same. But if am their trainer, they will all be the best cock sucking sissies wearing the prettiest sissy panties around.

Stupid whore in sissy panties

Sissy pantiesHave a gander at sissy Lisa all dressed up and ready to take cock in her back door pussy. Isn’t she just the slutiest whore you have seen today. He is the stupidest sissy whore I have ever had the pleasure of.
Lisa has nasty sissy panties dirty slut that plays with ass so much can’t keep his shit in there so uses tampons and pads and puts a tampon in for me while on call too! Take a plunger and push that applicator up in there booty suck it right up the champagne bottle with the cork in no cork wrapper! So she can bare back its cork first! it’s going explode when the bottle is going to explode right in booty of a stupid dirty sissy whore! See, Phallic food makes his clitty hard! This fucker gets excited by his love of cock he makes a Banana creame pie out of it! He ate that banana after douche hands and knees like a little bitch whipped cream bottle into his booty and the feeling of having the whipped cream fill up his booty was incredible, peeled bananas and booty gobbled it right up! Put that Pink dildo on shower wall and started riding it and when that was all dripping out of his booty and it reminded of him of hot girls fingering self while being fucked and licking fingers hands and knees and pushing the banana out of his ass while talking to a sissy trainer while he did it! I enjoyed having him licking it all up ! Stupid little dirty ass Whore! Blow pops and Softball baseball bats are just a few of the things they stupid ass whores ass gobbles up! Trust this slut will be exposed for all she is in time!

Tamika’s Sissyboy Training Tips

Sissy training audio


I don’t have time to cuddle and coddle every clitty craving sissy wannabe who wanders my direction, so I created a system, complete with a comprehensive perfect femboy pamphlet and very direct sissy training audio files.  Those should help get my girly guys on the right track and set them up to be the most successful sissy sluts that they can be.  If any of them aren’t made into a better bitchboy after truly absorbing my sissy study materials, then those half-girl harlots are just fucking hopeless.  You’d better pay attention.

Now I’m not expecting perfection from the get go.  Being a perfect little priss is a long road to walk, more for some than others, and there’s absolutely no way you are going to show up at my door primped up to my exact specifications.  You have several, a multitude of sissy sessions with Mistress K ahead of you before you’ll get to the head of my clitty class, let alone graduate to being a full on femboy fucktoy for the whole world to enjoy.  Tell me, are you ready to go out in public with pink hair, a crop top and daisy dukes wedged really far up your ass to strut around the grocery store or farmer’s market in fishnets and spiked stilettos?  If you didn’t immediately say yes, you need Mistress K, and the only way I’ll think about training your cock craving ass is if you prove to me that you’ve absorbed the prerequisite training materials.

Go ahead, hit me up if you got the guts.  I’ll show you the dos and don’ts of a truly  successful sissy, might even implant some subliminal messages in my audio to ensure you are really committed to my manhood melting method.  It’ll make your training much easier on the both of us.


Sissy training audio with ember

Sissy training audio

Look at me, take all this creamy cum. Watch me lick this mushroom head. It is so yummy and delicious. It is all I ever crave. Now you are having some fomo, are you? Well, you damn well should be jelly of me! I’m doing something you only wish you could do. You don’t have the cojones to admit that you aren’t a real man!

I laugh at your pathetic facade. I see you, for you indeed are, and it shows that all you want is to be a sissy, but you play it off and make it seem like you don’t. I will give you some honesty right now, and it will be a tough pill to swallow. There will never be anything that satisfies your urges more than being a prissy sissy!

I know you are green with envy watching me take cock and creamy nut butter. Now, if you want to be honest, you will admit right now that you wish to trade places with me. All it takes is you following sissy audio training instructions by moi. Let’s get to it. I have designed the perfect method, and it is spectacular.


Sissy Lessons

Sissy Training I love to teach little boys how to be sissy sluts. I’m very good at it. They love to get all dolled up in pink dresses and get their hair and nails done for my lessons. Today I get to teach them how to suck cock like the good little sissy sluts they are. I brought over my daddy’s friend who loves little sissy girls so they can practice. I tell them that they need to make his cock all nice and wet and to swirl their tongue all around the tip of his thick cock. I made sure they didn’t forget about his balls. Those little sissy bitches love having a huge cock in their mouth. They loved when he grabbed their little sissy girl head and make them choke on his thick cock while he came all the way down their throat. Those little sissy sluts can’t wait for their next lesson.