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BBC sissy trainer and cock size queen loves filling sissy pussy!

BBC sissy trainer

BBC sissy trainer and Cock size queen Zoey is here to make you eat cum. Your cum on the phone, and some big black cock at the glory hole. I just had the chance to breed a Sissy ass who I haven’t seen in a while. 

Sissy Brandi had a hot spurt of her sissy jizzy to eat for me tonight. She had on her favorite pink little panties jerking her sweet baby girl clitty so hard and fast. But you know I made her pull out her XXl black dildo so I could breed her sissy pussy over the sissy phone line.  Brandi was moaning and begging for my cock to fill her up. She came so hard and then begged me to fill her with my seed. It was so hot. I was more than happy to oblige and have her eat  the cum she craved. In a perfect world, I would have creampied her sissy pussy With BBC.

BBC sissy trainer and cock size queen loves filling sissy pussy!

Hopefully she will be so jonesin to be stuffed with a big black cock she goes and gets BBC now!  I played with my cunt as she and she thanked me over and over. All I have to say is Brandi has a great pussy and eats cum like the best of the cum whores around. Stay a sexy Sissy whore my Pretty Sissy Brandi!

Eat cum for me and be bred on a BBC! 

Humiliation phone sex aww look at that little pee-pee.

Humiliation phone sex           Humiliation phone sex aww look at that little pee-pee. I do believe that my fingernail is larger than your little, tiny so-called penis. Won’t deign to call it a clitoris because that is an insult to women. For this reason, it must then be a pee-pee. Not a penis. Not a clit. Namely it means that you need to be a fucking little sissy ass faggot bitch.

          Now I’m sure you are wondering, what does this mean? It means that you are a gay sissy faggot. You are NOT a man and you to be sure are not a female. You are something else altogether. Something to be laughed at. Humiliated. Teased. Tarred and feathered. Most notably will be the public display of your worthless pee-pee.

          Next you are going to tell everyone what a worthless little pee-pee you have. Something that you will be keeping in a cage on display for one and all to see and laugh at.

          Finally, we have reached the stage where we will be discussing you Sissy slave training for that is what you will be. A slave to all the cocks that want to fuck your faggot ass. Bending you over, taking what they want and then leaving you.

          Perhaps if you are lucky, they will drop a few coins for you. After all that is all, you are worth. You are a fucking slut. A slut doesn’t get paid. A whore gets paid. You are worthless. Just meant to be used and abused. Day in and day out.

My Pathetic Pet Needs Sissy Maid Training

Sissy Maid Training Includes Cleaning Up Thick Cocks

I like to have my little faggots dressed up during their sissy maid training. You belong in a tiny frilly skirt to show off those legs of yours. I need to be able to see those pretty panties you’re wearing at all times pet. You have a lot of work cut out for you, pet. Your Mistress decided to throw a fun party for some of her horny, hung friends. They are still laying around the house. Your job is to make sure each and every one of their slut tamer cocks is completely drained.

sissy maid training

You’re a Cum Fag in Sissy Panties

I don’t care which hole you use or what you have to do to drain them. Just remember that your Mistress Meadow is always watching. I watched you wake up that first dick by wrapping your lips around it. That long horse cock made your tiny little clitty look like a tic-tac. You looked so excited to have such a hung bull in your mouth, you didn’t even notice one of my other guests coming up behind you and looking up that sissy skirt. He pushed those sissy panties aside and slid his tongue in your little shit hole.

He was getting you lubed up for the fucking of your life. Mistress got to watch him lay that heavy, sissy-breaker on your back. You shitbox was already gaped open from our stretch session earlier. But his dick still stretched you to an unbelievable size. What a good little whore. You weren’t even sucking when he buried his cock inside of you. You were just getting both of those slut holes fucked. Being used the way you were always meant to. They pumped their loads of cum into that thirsty sissy throat. That left you open to be pounded by the cock in that sissy cunt.

Sissy phone Slaves know their place & ready to get fucked!

Sissy phone

Sissy phone Slaves know their place & ready to get fucked!  Let’s start off by establishing something, my slutty slaves. You know your place and it’s at my feet, ready and willing to do whatever I tell you to do. You’re nothing but a pathetic little cum slut, eager to please me and fulfill all my dirty desires.

And boy, my little faggot, I have some very dirty desires. I won’t go easy on you, even if it’s your first time serving me. I want to break you down, strip away all your inhibitions and expose your true submissive nature. I’ll make you beg for my validation and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a sissy completely under my control.

Are you ready to take your Sissy training to the next level? I hope you are, because I have a special surprise for you. I’ll be bringing in all my friends with their thick, throbbing black cocks. And believe me, they can’t wait to use your pink, fresh bussy.

You’ll be on your knees, gagging on those huge black cocks until you’re covered in your own vomit. But don’t worry, you filthy whore, I’ll make sure to clean you up with my delicious piss. And once your bussy is swollen and sore from all that intense training, I’ll take pleasure in seeing it twitch on those throbbing cocks.

My friends and I give you the hottest thing you’ve ever experienced. You’ll be used and abused, humiliated and degraded, but you’ll still come crawling back for more. Because deep down, you know you can’t resist my dominance and the thrill of being my sissy slave.

So don’t waste any more time, sissy. Pick up that phone and dial my number, call for dirty Sissy phone sex. Your bussy is ready to be stretched and filled by me and my friends. And trust me, you won’t regret it. You’ll be addicted to being my sissy phone slave in no time. Now get to it, pathetic little whore. I’m waiting.

Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal

Femboy training

Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal for this bratty domme who loves to travel and make men her little bitches. Creating exotic beauties who know the love of crossdressing and exotic cock is the only thing on my mind today. I have my fair share of big dick lovers, but the flavor of the month should be something that we all achieve in our life. Imagine spending a week in a different country in order to wear their latest fashion and see if you passable. Our first stop should be Jamaica, and after that Thailand! 

Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal

Are you going to take the challenge with me and see how many men cum running to a sexy fembot to have that ass and mouth used up? I know that no matter the culture there will always be a sexy dick who wants to get in some american fag boy’s Bussy and throat!  We can explore the country, get drunk, and party with the locals. We can also look for the hottest guys and give them a taste of our juicy lips and tight asses. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun!

Cum explore exotic cock with me! 

You can be the maid who carries our luggage and follows at my feet like the slave that you are. Once in our quarters I will call in a few cocks and spend your Amex on some fancy drinks and the easiest drug to obtain. You will enter the country dressed as a sissy maid and leave feeling like a universal tramp! 

Best sissy trainer Emerson Knows you need more, lil sissy!

Best sissy trainer Emerson Knows you need more, lil sissy! Let me tell you, I know exactly what you need. You need more. More cock, more humiliation, more degradation. You need someone who can push you to your limits and beyond. Lucky for you, I am the best sissy trainer in town!

I know you’ve been craving that BBC, sissy. You’ve been drooling over those big, hard, black cocks, dreaming of the day when you can finally wrap your painted lips around one. Well, today’s your lucky day. Because I’ve brought in my good friend Brielle, and she’s got a new strap on that she’s just dying to try out. And guess who she wants to try it out on? That’s right, you, my little sissy whore.

I can see it in your eyes, that hunger for a big, hard dick. And with those plump, pink lips, it’s like you’re begging for it. Well, we’re going to give it to you hard. We’re going to stretch your bussy hole wide open, until it’s gaping and dripping, just waiting to be filled. And let me tell you, we’ve got some huge, hard, big black cocks that are just dying to fuck you senseless.

But don’t you worry, my little sissy whore. We’re not going to leave you hanging. No, we’re going to make sure you have cum pouring out of every orifice. We’re going to fuck that bussy until you can’t even think straight. And then we’re going to keep fucking you, until you’re just a mindless, moaning mess. Because that’s what you need, isn’t it? To be used and abused by two dominant, powerful women.

So what are you waiting for, sissy? Don’t you want to feel that huge strap on stretching you open, while that big black cock fills you up? I can already hear you moaning in anticipation. So don’t waste any more time. Call for some Sissy phone sex with me and Brielle. We promise to give you the dirtiest, kinkiest, most fulfilling experience of your life. Just be ready to submit and obey, because that’s what being a good little sissy is all about.


Sissy hypno training leaves you helpless in my hands

Sissy hypno trainingSissy hypno training leaves you helpless in my hands. I know my voice and my barrage of sissy goon porn will spin you out! With or without the go-go juice! Sometimes letting yourself spin out for a hot Brunette is just as good!   When I am done with you you will be breathless, questioning your sanity!

But listen it’s easy for you, for now you will have no choices, and just be my Zombie sissy. No matter what your day job is, I’ll be in your head reminding you of what lies beneath your facade! Your sexy Zoey will make you feel like you have never experienced anything so exotic or erotic before. 

Sissy hypno training with Mistress Z

Sissy slave training with me will make you feel like there is no other option but to surrender to my will. Promise you one thing, You will never be the same “man” again.  Do you sometimes feel lost and confused in a man’s world? You just need a Mistress Like me to own you completely.

Through seductive hypnotherapy, I can and will control your every move. Whether it’s a cue in your daily life, or a session designed to bring out the girl in you, I know how to worm my way into a sissy brain or two! I know my pussy will have fun, will you be my pussy boy? Sissy phone sex for the man who needs to surrender!

Online Sissy Training Helps You Perfect Your Sissy Outfit

online sissy trainingI enjoy online sissy training. Do you? For many sissies, it is the only option. Wives, families, work get in the way. And let’s not forget a sissy’s own mind. We can be our own worst enemies. Most sissies feel guilty. They think they should project more masculinity. Or they think they would disappoint their loved ones if it ever came out that they like to suck cock and wear pretty things.

Gender fluidity exists. In my day we called folks androgynous if they flipped clothing. I love helping men explore their naturally feminine sides. Although when I am speaking to someone on the phone versus meeting them in person, I can only virtually dress them. But some sissies will go shopping based on my suggestions. I have a good eye for clothes. And I enjoy femboy training where I can put you in an outfit that accentuates your natural features.

The Clothes Can Make the Sissy

Although, I think most women who work in lingerie stores like Victoria Secret, understand many men may be shopping for themselves and not a special woman in their lives. And they will not call you out. They will play your game. I try to encourage my sissies to trust in the women who work in lingerie stores. Even in the Bible belt, women working in lingerie stores are more enlightened than the Karens working at a Walmart.

I have a huge closet of all sorts of pretty things for men just like you. Dresses, both the frilly and slinky kind. All sorts of lingerie to make you feel girly.  A variety of shoes from stripper shoes to low pumps, and a slew of wigs too. You can find your perfect outfit down to your sissy panties in my closet. Even if you cannot dress every day, you can virtually dress with me. Or even take me shopping with you.

I love seeing what a sissy picks out to wear. And I enjoy helping her perfect her look. You have heard the expression that the clothes make the man? Well, the clothes make the sissy too. What do you like to wear?

Sissy panties and fishnets are not optional!!!

Sissy panties

Sissy panties and fishnets are no longer optional for one of my favorite sissy Sluts!!! On top of that pedicures and acrylic nails will be a permanent place in his life now. Thank goodness he works at home for some big IT firm. However, those Zoom meetings will be fun as he tries not to show off his pretty almond-shaped French tips! 

For the last couple of years, he has been wearing some sexy panties and nylons under his desk during face-to-face meetings with clients and potential clients. 🫦

Sissy panties make Jaden feel so girlie!

Jaden The jolly part time sissy has become a new pet in the last few months At first it was just a  confession of panties and feeling like he was in the wrong body.  He has been slowly embracing his feminine side and has started to go out in public wearing feminine clothing.

My new sissy has also started to explore his gender identity and has begun to accept himself as being a sissy slut.

My suggestions of fishnets and electrolysis have not gone deaf ears. Jaden decided that from now on he will be my office sissy slut and try to not get caught by his mean wife. Mornings he comes to me and asks what he should wear to work.

After a good ass reaming, we decide on clothes that he keeps in a trunk in his basement. His wife is chicken shit and won’t go down into the cold dark basement alone. We are talking about years of ex-girlfriends and his old wife’s clothes in this trunk. Along with items he has snuck to buy. I love having a sissy with a big sexy wardrobe. It is just like dressing up a baby doll!

This week He is to wear his fishnets and sexy cotton panties to work every day. His nails and eyebrows are perfect and he knows that the only thing he needs is my Sissy humiliation training to take him deeper. As in deeper like that dildo he bounces on during his stressful work day. 

Oh, I forgot, today he has a meeting dn is going to keep his dildo in his ass as he talks to big mean businessmen. I hope he gets the contract and doesn’t lose his shit! Hahahaha! 

Sissy girl training is the deep desire you want to live!

Sissy girl training is the deep desire you want to live! I can see that deep down inside, you have this burning desire to fully embrace your sissy side and become the sluttiest, most submissive little bitch you can be. And guess what, darling? I am more than happy to help you in your journey towards becoming the ultimate sissy.

I want to see you with hot red slutty lips, perfectly plumped and ready to suck on a delicious cock. And your sweet little cock cage? Well, that’s going to be nice and tight, squeezing your little clitty and making it ooze.

Sissy girl trainingBut let’s not forget about your, my dear. That tight little hole of yours is going to be ripped wide open. You see, I know exactly how to make those dirty Sissy panties of yours nice and messy. We’re going to start with some intense stretching exercises, and then I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite toys that will make that bussy of yours beg for more.

Now, I know some people might judge you for your desires, but let me tell you something, honey. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be a sissy. In fact, it takes a real man to fully embrace his feminine side and submit to a powerful woman like myself. So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are strong, you are brave, and you have the courage to submit to my every command.

I command without hesitation. I am the best sissy trainer in town, and you are lucky to have found me. So go ahead, pick up that phone and call for your sissy slave training. Because with me as your trainer, you will reach your full sissy potential and become the sluttiest, most obedient little whore the world has ever seen. Are you ready, my little sissy slut? Because I sure am.