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Forced sissy training will make you the best you can be.

Forced sissy training will make you the best you can be. In a word you belong to me. First to make you into an avid pupil you need to have a clean slate for this teacher to work with. I need you to think of me as your own personal teacher, trainer, nurse, doctor, and life coach all rolled into one.

          To begin with the teacher is in. First thing I will do is force you to learn how to be a sissy. A steady stream of learning is ingrained into every woman. This is from birth that they know naturally and what you are going to need to learn. It won’t be easy and the most we can hope to achieve is the makings of a sissy bitch that can satisfy me and some of those big cocks. Which you do want toForced sissy training do now isn’t it?

          Now, the walk, the balance, and the fitness are all for the trainer in me. Which I am more than capable of doing. You will like it. I promise you that. The balance in stiletto heels will be a challenge for you. You have no idea how difficult it is to balance and entire body and a flimsy less than inch heel.

          Next, we have the sexy as fuck nurse who you will want to be with and assist all those big cocks. Clean them, go down on them. You will be revered for loving them even more than any other can or will. This sexy naughty nurse teaches you the power of positive reinforcement.

          About the time you have all this down pat we bring in the doctor side of me. I will give you a complete physical to see that you are ready for all those cocks. You need to be fit and healthy. This will take no time at all.

          Lastly, there is the life coach aspect of your training, and this is where I am going to be dealing making you mentally prepared and getting you to understand how you will be shaking your money-making pussy around to make money.

          In conclusion, you’re going to be more than one training and this will be covering all sissy girl training. Now, I want you to quickly tell me that you’re in complete understanding of these aspects.


Sissy phone sex for betas and coked up cucks

sissy phone sex

Sissy Phone sex with Coked up beta cocks is exhilarating. The amount of verbal abuse I give to a panty slut is astounding at times. I am tempted to feel bad once in a while. But in all seriousness, I throw that thought right out the window.

Smoke and snort and let that dick shrink up until you feel like a shrimp dicked little bitch. 

I know the ins and outs of Beta boys like the palm of my hand. So sissy girlies prefer to be hypnotized by sissy porn. And Some need a mistress to fuck them. I do it all. Not limited to encouraging you to bang your bussy with dildos, riding my mistress strap-on, and Sucking and getting fucked by BBC! 

Cuckold fetish got you fucked up? 

Or maybe it’s just the thought of your girl getting her pussy fucked by a real man that turns you on? Cuckolding and humiliation go well together as I help your woman get gangbanged by BBC! 

I have a couple of sissy sluts who are reluctant to try real cock. But being a BBC sissy trainer by default has me worming my way into their stupid little sissy brains My black daddy fucks me so well, that I must share the experience. Yes, sex toys are fun, but the real thing can never be replicated! if the thought of a real cock turns you off I understand. But how would you know if you never tried it? 

I promise to be gentle…Not! 

What I do know is that my strap can milk your prostate and that my big black boyfriend is aching for your woman’s pussy. let me entice you into becoming a full-fledged member of the sissy world. One step at a time. I promise to leave you leaking and breathless and use Sissy hypno training if I need too! 

Femboy training to get you whipped into the perfect sissy.

Femboy training to get you whipped into the perfect sissy. First, we are going to shave, wax, and oiled. Legs, back, ass, spread your ass cheeks and spread the wax between. Once those are all waxed, we will get rid of your armpit hair, chest, and face. Finally, when you are completely shaved going to oil your entire body and really work it in. Want you silky smooth and soft as a little one behind. Pluck the eyebrows. Use some fake eyelashes to give you long luxurious lashes.Femboy training

Second thing we need to do is get your little cock all tied up. I am thinking a cage around it is best. A silicone cage is the best. To point out the reason it is best because I want it to collapse enough that when you are in your panties it can be mashed down and leave even lines.

Now, that we have two of the harder things accomplished. We have hit phase three. It is time to pick out your outfit. We will want slimming and slutty. You are going to be wonderful little slutty sissy whore. The colors of the undergarments to start with are going to be red, lace, silky nylon. The bra is a three quarter. You can see your nipples poking through. Panties we have are bikini lace, with a matching garter belt.

Fourth item on the list is the stockings. We want the thigh high black, with red lace trim on the top. Going down black heels, with red soles and open toe. A black short skirt with a slit on either side of your thigh. We want to see the garter belt straps peeking through and the red lace top of the stockings. We will be picking out a red blouse with cap sleeves. Button down.

Finally, we are at the wig, and it is going to be a red wig. You want a red wig. It will accent your figure. Red and black to begin with. Now, you are ready to see if you can get that sissy pussy fucked.

Adult phone chat lines for sissy girls in secret

 Adult phone chat lines

Adult phone chat lines have sissy trainers who will watch you on Cam. I have a couple of regular favorites that I watch. Each of my sissy girls has a different sexy appeal to me. Lucky is one of those men who feel very girly when they are using dope. That cock shrinks up and suddenly he is feeling the need to dress for me! 

And in his garage or bedroom, the outfits are the bomb! Pink and white are my favorite to see him in so far! Lucky has a masculine body with sexy tattoos which makes the lingerie quite a contrast. 

Lucky gets sissy play time in secret

My cunt gets excited by how nervous Lucky gets; though. I watch him looking around to make sure he doesn’t get walked in on. This sissy girl is incognito in her dress-up play. There is an extra air of taboo when a sissy is trying to hide her cross-dressing ass fucking play time. Being the Best sissy trainer to such a femmed-out whore is why I do this! My question is are you feeling LUCKY today?

BBC sissy trainer Gives SPH and Blown out ass freely

BBC sissy trainerBBC sissy trainer Gives SPH and Blown out ass freely!!! I know all your little dicked men need a good BBC lover to help push you into ass fucking! Not every one of my sissy cunts loves dick, but I have enough fags who want that semi-sweet dark chocolate cock! Zoey must always pay ode to all my BBC whores out there. One thing is for sure my tight sissy trainer cunt loves big black dick! Oh, how Black men choke and fuck you so hard! It feels like your insides are being blown out. Especially if they are of true African descent with a massive 11 inches or above. Men who need blown out back doors almost always need a BBC to do the job. Now back up, I’m not saying that there are not big white cocks out there. Big white cock is just harder to find to fuck a sissy pussy. The black men I know have been to the pen. This causes Black cock to not be choosy when it comes to holes, I guess! But more importantly, the retributions of a small faggot cocks are more likely what they seek. Worship mandingo cock and pay homage to the suffering you white boys have caused the african american race! And if you have a small cock it is your job to dress and act the part of a feminine whore ladyboy. One who will always be willing to be blown out and fucked hard and put up wet. Black cock Mistress phone sex for all you whores on your sissy period needing some chocolate! 

Sissy phone sessions are you’re priority

sissy phone

Sissy, phone sessions are your priority. I tell my sissies all the time if you want to be the best, you have to make time for it and keep a schedule.

A little sissy calendar will do the trick to keep your agenda on track. Your appearances matter, and the way you carry yourself is so important. There’s no reason for you not to be the best cum guzzling slut from the bunch if you have a goddess like me teaching you all the ways. There’s always room for improvement.

Clear out your schedule and go to the glory hole to practice. Buy that pink tutu and strut with those big black dildos shoved deep up your ass.

Stretched out and used up like a prissy slut you sure will be.

There’s never a shortage of cocks if you know how to be a good sissy and keep that schedule jam-packed with all your sissy homework and assignments and tasks. One of my favorite sissy skills is a  sissy who can learn to follow the rules and show me proof. Get wet and wild as a bukkake slut being used by big cock men.

Best sissy trainer on the net trains our newest SissyHutSlut

Best sissy trainerSissy started exploring his mangina in the shower. He would dig his pudgy little finger into his shithole and thrust in and out. He told me his little winky would get so hard instantly. Eventually, his little fingers weren’t doing the trick anymore. So, he confessed to his closest friend Charles, his liking for butt play. Of course, his friend tattled! That’s how everyone in the neighborhood found out that little Miss Stephanie had Sissy panties hiding underneath his basketball shorts at the court.

He wound up getting pantsed! Fagboys, hot pink lace panties, and his pathetic little nub were fully exposed to everyone. That firm bubbly ass of his was quite the sight to see… It was so nice that Fag Boy wound up turning several of the men out, at the court with his perfectly round ass.. He was served Big fat cocks underneath the bleachers. His pretty little pussy was filled with multiple loads.

It felt so good to Stephanie to be treated like a filthy whore and have his asshole stretched. So good, that he has become addicted to having his prostate milked. Now he comes to me for Online sissy training so I can teach him some more tricks that he can do with his  man-pussy; while he is riding a hard cock. Stephanie didn’t know how to flex the walls of his cunt… I had to have him gag on a dildo until he learned to flex them on his own. Now, Stephanie is putting cocks in a chokehold. He has men squandering at his feet. His sister has always been quite the fashionista…

Stephanie did start her journey, dressing as a tranny using whatever he could pull from his sister’s closet. In other words, the filthy whore has plenty of sex appeal. This was Stephanie’s first time surfing the web for a trainer… Lucky for him, he managed to come across the Best sissy trainer on the internet! Fag Boy is going to be the HBIC in the sissy world, real soon. 

Forced sissy training Zoey Trains Bitch Brandi

forced sissy training

 Forced sissy training with Mistress Zoey is not always needed. Sometimes a Sissy is so perfect that they complete me and come already packaged as A slut. Such as Miss Brandi. Have you heard about her? Her best friend’s wife is blackmailing Brandi because the little sissy slut couldn’t keep herself out of the Wife’s panty drawer. Yep, busted bigger than shit. The best friend’s wife has Brandi locked in a vagina cage and is withholding the key. I know how this goes when women find a true sissy in their lives. The domination will only snowball until Brandi is sucking cock. 

Forced sissy training Zoey Trains Bitch Brandi

But Brandi is really secretly happy to be able to play with a woman who knows chastity. Sissy training Audio

Blackmailing is very hot, especially when your life is on the line. Personally, I love when a sissy slut is exposed. But for now, I love showing off my sissy in hopes that someone will see her and recognize her body. So for your sissy enjoyment and the world wide web, searchable pictures will be added here. 

Now you must understand that during our sissy training, Audio is a cum eating faggot bitch. Wearing pretty sexy slutty outfits and fucking her ass pussy for me is our normal. I love making that bitch Brandi bounce on her fake cocks. I hope one day she gets to taste cock cream and become a good glory hole bitch. And I hope she can get her ass opened up on that best friend’s wife’s thick strap-on soon. I know My dicks hard just thinking about my sexy sissy slut Brandi.

sissyslut maker barbie


Sissy panties

You’re in for quite the adventure.

Hold on to your sissy panties.

Did you gravitate towards the Barbies instead of sports? Hmmm, that’s how you know you have sissy tendencies. It might be challenging to admit you’re not a true man and were born to be a sissy. Once you get to the realization that being a sissy is going to bring so much pleasure to you, you’re going to want to explore it some more. If you get lucky, you can always find a great sissy maker that puts you right in your place. Lucky for you, you have the best one around, and that’s me. A goddess that will get you sucking big cocks in no time. So now that you have met your sissy maker grab a pair of heels and a sissy strut. There’s a big black cock I want you to deepthroat, and there are some fun surgeries you need to get because we all know that big plastic boobies and all the hottest outfits and being a bimbo whore is a dream.

Mistress Arabella makes you into the Best Sissy Faggot ever!

Sissy training audio

You want to be the greatest little fag. You work so hard but no matter how hard you work at it you are not even close. Did you know that you can order a custom Sissy training audio from me. That is right you can have me in your ear all the time. 

I will remind you of what a little slut bucket you really are. Let me set the stage for you. You wake up in the morning and prepare for your day. Your earbuds are in and I am telling you exactly what you need to put on under that suit. It’s now the middle of your day and even though you are supposed to be working all you can think about is having a giant cock in your mouth. You head to the bathroom and pop in your ear buds and listen as I instruct you how to play with that little pussy. 

You can have me there for you anytime you need me. Guiding you to be the best sissy ever.