Tamika is my name but you will call me Mistress K. I am a naughty, kinky mistress who loves to have fun with all of my sissy sluts. You must know one thing, I am in control of you and there is nothing you can do but obey all of your mistresses naughty and kinky demands. A slut is what you are going to be made into. Not just any slut no, you will be made into one of the naughtiest sissy sluts there is around. I do not mind showing you the way as long as you know, you will always have to obey. Remember your Naughty Mistress K now owns you. When you become my sissy slut be ready to go out in public, you will show the world how much of a Sissy you really are. Clean up time is the best. Getting on your hands and knees like a good little slut, wearing that slutty maid outfit I bought for you is what you will be doing. Doing special tasks that I have asked for you will be something you can expect daily. You better get ready, When it comes to my Sissy Sluts, Mistress K, Don’t play. We will have a lot of fun together but remember one thing. When you break my rules, there will be punishment. Punishments are mild to severe depending on which one of the rules you have broken. So be a good little sissy slut today and come play with Mistress K.


    • feminine on July 14, 2022 at 7:32 pm
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    hiiii its your favvvv femboyyyy

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