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Financial Phone Domination

phone dominationFinancial Phone Domination Thrills my pussy! Getting Tributes from gooners and losers just makes sense for a hot slut like me. Although I do enjoy the fact that paypiggy DAVID is a small penis worthless sissy slut. This waste of space has a mistress and a boyfriend. A big black dicked boyfriend. But that addiction to wallet draining overcomes his gooner brain and tiny pee-pee. Not that I ever would mind taking from someone who would never be able to fuck me in a million years. Plus I get to humiliate the fuck out of this shrimp dick sissy faggot! Somehow I find myself wet when he barks and oinks like a pig. I think That just cums with the findom getting her due payments! Because now way in hell would I ever be turned on by such a piece of shit!
Davis is a pay piggy sissy BBC Loving Loser to the fullest! My Financial submissive sissy can not even cum normal anymore, sissy jucie just leaks out of his ass on a 10 inch dildo. Although with a stub of a nubbin what is a normal cum load? He knows teh only reason women talk to him is to use him and his bank account. I’m so ready to go shopping again. My  big Amazon delivery will be here in a few hours all because this Money hungry girlie knows how to drain his wallet! Sissy humiliation training and draining for all you gooner losers out there! 

David if your reading this $end!

Breaking out the cage for sissy girl training with Bailee.

Sissy girl training

Sissy girl training has always been something near and dear to my heart. My favorite little sissy just brought me a fun new toy to play with the other day! I was so freaking excited, it was even the prettiest pink color to match all the pretty little outfits I make her wear. Standing in front of me she presented me with a hot pink sparkly bag which contained the prettiest little cock cage I’ve ever seen. It even had little flowers and gems glued on as embellishments. It was truly amazing.

Seeing that pink sparkly gem wrapped tightly around her little clitty made my  pussy throb, I just love the idea of a little slut whimpering being caged up and unable to do anything about it.

Do you own a cage? Come paly with me! Maybe even show me!


Phone Domination for a Cock Sucker

I get cock craving straight men all the time. These guys aren’t always going to be sissies…. well it may take some time for them to realize their true self. But they all want the same thing, dick, cock, cum, and jizz. So my Phone domination is about forcing these guys to suck dick. They crave it and need to let me know about that.

So, be my good cum craving cock sucker and I will get your sweet little ass fucked and mouth stuffed. You want it cock sucker. Travis sure did. He loves it hardcore and nasty. It’s always great knowing that guys like you exist and need a stern gorgeous goddess to give you that push. The push to go suck a real cock like a good sissy faggot. Don’t forget those panties under your pants, slut.

Phone domination

Flaunting Your Sissy Panties and Butt Plug Will Get You Fucked

Sissy Phone


I love watching your sissy ass sashay up and down the hall. You love wearing tight dresses that hug your body while you wear your 8-inch heels for me, showing me how cute and pretty you are. What you really need is something that will make men’s cocks hard the second that they see you. A good sissy cocksucker like you knows what to do when a nice, big cock is in your vicinity. So, let’s find something that will tease and seduce them. Look at this! This skirt barely covers your ass. They’ll be able to see your cute pink panties and your butt plug when you bend over. This is perfect. They’ll be able to see your nice, round ass in your cute pink panties and see how much you love having your ass filled up. All you need to do now is go out on the town, find a guy with an 8-inch cock and show him your cute panties. He’ll bend you over the table, pull out your butt plug, and fuck you right then and there like the sissy whore that you are.

I Eat Sissy Bitches Like You For Breakfast

Sissy Humiliation Training


Are you a sissy bitch that needs to be put in their place? Are you in need of some shaping up? Well then, you need my humiliation sissy training! I’m a no nonsense, tough ass, black goddess bitch and I’m not going to put up with your shit! You are a pathetic, pussy, white bitch and I’m going to make sure you know your place! You’re going to be the biggest cum slut bitch for the BNWO by the time I’m done with you…and you’ll have no choice but to love it! That asshole is going to be OWNED by BBC and you’ll never be able to speak above a whisper by the time your throat gets done being fucked by a big black dick. But you like that, don’t you, you white whore?! I know you do…that asshole is going to be fucked so much, I’m going to be able to fist you and make you into my own Lambchop puppet! And you deserve nothing less than to be used for black pleasure…whether it’s mine or the multitude of black cock I have lined up for you, you’re going to be whored out to the absolute max! Now assume the position you sissy bitch, and take BBC number 1, bitch!

Best sissy trainer watches

best sissy trainerBeing the best sissy trainer is so much fun. I get to watch men like David jack off while I dominate them. David si what I call a soft man. Six pack, Asian with a pretty dick. I’m guessing his cock is average for Asian men! But it sure is sexy! I have a dildo that reminds me of David’s dick. Only I have a couple inches and more girth to my toys. Does that stop me from knowing that David wants to fuck? He wants to have sex with big tittied, slick pussy women who tease and deny him. David is in love with UWU girls, You know a girl who makes the emoticon cum to life and draws on the sexualization and suggestion of Young anime girls! That tongue sticking out and eyes rolled back as they get some dick!
David is one of my foreign boys who relies on a strong hand to spank his ass and control his masturbation’s. Are you an edger like My David? Can you make your dick jump by rubbing your nipples? Show me how hard you get for a sexy domination phone sex specialist like this Gamer girl! Il be sure to tell you about all the big dick I get.
Look for My new series on sissy hypno porn coming soon, just like you! If I let you cum that is!

The Best Blackmail Phone Sex Dominatrix You’ve Ever Seen.

Phone Sex Dominatrix

Have you ever been blackmailed by a phone sex dominatrix? Do you know how incredibly intense it can get? Your secrets, are being used against you to achieve what I want out of the situation.

There’s nothing I love more than blackmail, honestly. I’ve had quite a few guys wrapped around my perfect little manicured finger for quite some time now. I love the sound of a needy whimpering slut begging for my forgiveness, begging for some reprieve. As I evilly keep them exposed to achieve the end goal.

Whether that goal is financial domination, femdom, or anything else. I promise I will rock your whole world, leaving you squirming in your panties like a needy little whore. Home Wrecking is an art that I have worked very hard on mastering. I want to be your world.

I desire nothing more than to be the only one who has control over your mind and that pathetic little cock of yours. Come let me make you fall in love with me and everything I do to you. You need this little slut.

Mistress phone sex will satisfy your cock worshiping needs.

Mistress phone sexYou need Mistress phone sex that will satisfy all your cock worshiping needs. You are a worthless little sissy slut and I know you are craving meat. The way your little cocky jumps, I can see exactly what you need. You are a cock whore, and you need to learn your place, which is on your knees! But don’t worry sissy slut I will make sure you accept your fate. You are a cock sleeve, who will do everything that I say. you are my sex slave, and you will please me in every way!

I am a goddess, and you are lucky to be at me feet. Why don’t you kiss them and tell me how much you admire me. I’m the type of woman that to aspire to be, so go ahead sissy slut get dressed up sexy like me. Put on your sissy panties, they are crotchless and lacy. That makes it easier for me to see that tiny little clitty of yours growing. I know you get excited at the thought of a massive black cock.  Beg daddy to let you suck it sissy, when you see it, you’ll be in shock.

Daddy has a 12-inch cock and its rock hard for you. I grab it and present it in your face. go ahead sissy sick that tip like you are having withdrawals. I want you to please daddy and make him want to make you his slut. You know all you were made for is to take that warm creamy nut. daddy’s cock is throbbing, and you know what to do. bend over sissy and let daddy do to you what he came here to do.

he spreads you ass wide and shoves that black cock deep in that boy pussy. he rams you hard and fast, he isn’t showing you any mercy. He smacks that fat ass of yours and I see that ass jiggle really nice. he speeds up the pace and rams you hard and fast till he is balls deep. you are taking every inch of that cock and like a good sissy you aren’t making a peep. you know you are lucky to be used by a real man. and he is going to fuck you so good you may not be able to stand.

This is what you were made for sissy, to be daddy’s good little girl. Now bed him to breed you sissy, while you give your hips a little swirl. Milk that bbc as you beg to be bred, after all sissy slut that’s what you deserve this is just round one of your boy pussy gets swollen and red! This Femboy training is not for the faint of hearts. and daddy knows what he wants and will take it by force!

My Perfect Wife

Forced Feminization



I love a forced feminization roleplay. I want you to dress up for me in your best corset and panties, garter, stocking and heels. Wear that red lipstick that I like and put your hair in curls. Have a stiff drink waiting for me when I get home. I want to walk through that door and take a sip of scotch while you go tend to dinner in the kitchen. That meal should’ve been plated and ready for me to dive into, but I’m in a good mood today so I’ll let you slide. You go back into the kitchen, your heels clicking on the floor. I take another sip of my drink and look at you standing at the stove. Your ass looks amazing in that thong and your corset is laced up expertly. I take off my pants and whip out my lady dick. Daddy wants some right now. I come up behind you while you’re at the sink and run my hands down the front of your thighs. I nuzzle your neck and give you light kisses as my strap-on pokes into you. Like the obedient bitch you are, you part your legs and bend over for me. I pull your thong to the side, spit on your asshole and insert myself into you. It’s been a long, hard day and I need to fuck my frustrations out. I don’t go slow, I don’t care about your gasps of pain…in fact, I like them. They make me fuck you harder. Your ass is all mine and I’m punishing it. I press you down deeper into the counter, lifting my leg to really get deep inside you, and dunk your head into the sudsy water. Your flailing turns me on and I pound that ass harder and faster, cumming when your movements start to slow down, right before you lose consciousness. I pull my dick out and as you’re sputtering I shove my cock into your mouth so you can clean all the shit and blood off of it like my good little whore. Once I’m clean, I leave you a heaping, wet mess on the floor, sit at the table and demand my dinner. You are the perfect housewife.  

Mistress Phone Sex Leaves You Powerless with Me

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex leaves you powerless. I have all the control because I am a sexy dominatrix and sissy trainer. Sometimes, I see or talk to guys strictly into being my slave. All sissy boys are Beta boys, but not all Beta boys are sissies. When Alex approached me, I knew he was a Beta boy. I can smell them a mile away. He told me boldly that he wanted to worship me. He recognized me as a goddess. He was a short man. No doubt he had a short willy too. He was cute though and I love a good ass slave. I charged him a fee though. I do not let Beta boys worship me for free. You need to tribute a goddess like me.  He opened his wallet, and I saw a wad of $100 bills. I charged him a grand to lick my ass and worship my cunt. He was like that is money well spent. I should have milked him for more. I went to his house with him. It was risky I know, but I towered over the guy. I am strong and fast too. I know self-defense. I felt confident that this phone dominatrix could wrestle him into submission. At his place I stripped naked and sat on his face. I did not waste time with chit chat. I did not need to know how his life was going. I just needed to use him to lick my ass and cunt clean. I had not showered yet for the day when I met him. I had a ton of black spunk up my cunt still because I got fucked by a few worthy men last night. He dug his tongue in my pussy and ass like he was digging for gold. He was a good ass slave. I was not the only woman he has serviced though. That was clear by his skill in making my pussy squirt as he ate my asshole. He paid me to make me squirt and I left him with blue balls. I love being a phone domination bitch as well as a sissy trainer.