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What makes that clitty twitch and throb?

online sissy training

My spidey sense is my sissy radar. I know when there’s a sissy around. I have tunnel vision and can spot one a mile away. I don’t care how macho you may try to act. Those sissy tendencies scream out loud. Others may not even blink at some of your subtle sissy ways, but I, on the other hand, and am an expert, and I can make you my sissy bitch willing to scream it out at the top of his lungs. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s test my theory out. By the end of a session, you will be begging me to keep you as a sissy student. Not many have the pleasure of sissification by the best online sissy training princess, so if you can manage to make me happy, count your lucky stars.

Sissy Training Audio

Sissy training audio

So you want to some sissy training audio fun, huh? You may think it’s harmless to hear some Hypno from me, but once you get into it, you won’t stop. It’s addicting; it’s something you have been missing out on, and now it’s time you fully invest in yourself and make those sissy desires dreams come true. Don’t think for a second I won’t be stern. I may look sweet and innocent and like I will be lenient. I’m here to show you the way. I will hypnotize you into believing cock is all that matters. Get glam and wear makeup, dress up and lure those big cocks. Yes, I want you to take all kinds of cocks. Any cock will do. I promise that the more you do it, the hotter it will be, the better the orgasm. It will be a fun ride that will have you willing to do it all and submit it to your trainer.


Tell me everything

Domination phone sex

Tell me everything you desire. I want to show you how phone domination can truly rule you. I want you to understand that you’re a true sissy to the core. There’s nothing you won’t be able to do for me. Once I have you where I want you, it is over for you. It’s time to live life in a new light. Time to realize you will be a chick with a dick for me.  I want to make you my little crossdressing slut. You have to tell me everything that you want and crave. It is okay to be honest and say you are cock craving loser and want nothing more than to be my loser bitch. Enjoy your dirty ways in real life because once you’re in my trap, you will be downloading that gay dating app on your phone and fishing for cock. Yes, I will have no mercy. You are exactly whatever I make you. Once you tell me everything is over for you.

My Sissies Bought Me A Bull

BBC Sissy Training
I think consumer holidays are delicious when it gets me something my cunt really craves. I’ve been needing a new Alpha cock to fuck; the one I’ve been using is just getting so boring! Well, Mother’s Day just flew by and my sweet sissy sluts went out and bought me a new Bull to ride! What sexy little fucks those wanna be girls are. I was delighted when they led me into the antechamber and there he was, sprawled out on a chaise lounge with his massive black cock in his hand.

That swollen chocolate cock head was drooling at the sight of me, and my pussy wasn’t far behind. My sissies were giggling as he motioned for me to come sit by him. I know damn well he intended for me to sit on him; he didn’t care if it was my cunt or my tight ass hole that stretched around his huge BBC treat. I knew what I wanted, the plug in my ass turning me on more and more as it wiggled with each step. I was a gooey honey mess between my tender, soft thighs by the time his eyes met mine again.

I climbed up, and sat my delicious maple pussy right on his fucking face. His tongue rolled out, and my eyes rolled right back in my head. Fuck it’s good to be Queen.

Mistress Phone Sex

I put a spell on you

Forced feminization

All you can think about is cock now! That’s no coincidence. I have totally hypnotized you and put you under my spell. I want you to think about being a slut 24/7, no more pretending you’re a man. You’re a slut!!! A cum whore at that. A real man doesn’t like to feel and look sexy for other men. An actual man has a cock that’s a decent size to provide women with amazing orgasmic pleasures. All you can do is wear slutty outfits and be for some forced feminization.

I want you ready to be gangbanged and fucked and used up like a little cum dispenser. I want your sissy pussy to get all sore and filled with endless amounts of cream. Plenty of BBC and all kinds of cocks bigger and better than you could ever even imagine all around you, ready to pounce on you. Once my spell goes thru, you will have nonstop urges of getting fucked and used. Men all around will be able to sense your sissy ways. Get ready to be their toys slut


Goddess Ember

Put On Your Sissy Bitch Panties, Now!

Sissy Panties
How about you put on your pretty girl panties, and show me what a good girl you can be? You tell me how desperately you crave to be a submissive, sissy slut, but I see absolutely no effort being put in to your own transformation. I can’t make diamonds out of coal if I don’t apply any pressure?

Get dressed, and call me honey. The pressure is on. You’re going to obey my every single command, and do exactly as I say. No questions, no defiance. Do you understand? You can’t avoid who you’re meant to be, sweetheart. You know damn well you’re desperate to put those panties on, get on your knees, and suck a huge, dripping cock! You know how badly you want to taste that cum pouring down your throat. Cock sucking is, of course, part of your forced sissy training honey.

How do you expect to ever please me, let alone any bulls, if you can’t even stick a toothbrush to the back of your throat? I’m going to take you out on the town, and really show you what it means to be a fucking whore. By the time we get back to my place, you’ll be dripping cum and begging to clean out my cream pie’d little cunt. Cum on now, show me what you’re fucking made of; I love a sweet sissy fag.

Sissy Training Audio

Phone Domination Princess

I love phone domination. I like to be my authentic self with sissies from all over the world. You beg me to let you be a good cocksucking slut, and of course, I’m going to agree to let you be one for me. There’s nothing better than a loser who is willing to be such a great helping hand in making you dress up like a slut and take cock like a whore. I like to be stern and love when you listen to me. It’s time to make sure you understand that you must follow all the rules and do so with a big smile on your face. Don’t work, silly little slut; as long as you suck cock like a good whore theres nothing you won’t be able to do for me. 

I  want you to know your place forever. Know that you will be subjected to plenty cocksucking fun.  A little  whore who  will  bend  over  and  be  fucked   roughphone domination

It’s All About The Packaging!

Sissy Training A lot of sissy bitches come to me because they see men following me around, drooling and falling at my feet just to worship me. And these sissies want to be worshipped like a Goddess as well!

I can’t blame them.

But they come wearing there little cock cages and a woman’s pant suit…eww! As if!

You are not dressing to look pretty! You are dressing to make a man want to grab you and fuck you!

Don’t you want him to hold your hair back and watch his cock push past those pretty gloss lips!

I know you want to feel his balls slapping those caged nuts as he is prying that faggot ass open with his long hard strong cock!

Do you think a hot sexy guy with a giant cock wants to fuck a pretty man?!


He wants a sexy hot slut that all his friends will be jealous of!

So do your homework before you call me!

I want to hear feminine voices, sweet giggles, I want to hear those thick coated eyelashes batting as you tell me about the high heels that you bought that will look so hot with your lace topped thigh high stockings!

Tell me about the garter belt that is caressing those thighs and the way you feel so pretty as the breeze flips your sweet skirt and kisses your ass cheeks!

And that slutty lace bra that is going to make a mans cock jump when he sees you drop your silky shirt to the floor!

Remember ladies….everything we do is to make that massive cock throb at the idea of stuffing that pretty puckered man pussy!

It’s all about the pretty packaging! Make him want it!

Phone Domination and Real-Time Domination

phone domination

I love phone domination. Telling small dick losers what to do and putting them in their place is what I do best. There is nothing I loathe more than a small dick loser who does not know his place. If you have a three-inch dick, you have no business hitting on a sexy bitch like me. I am way out of the league of men with dicks smaller than 6-inches. I met this guy through friends. He seemed nice. He was handsome, gainfully employed and had a nice house that was paid off. He was not very tall, but I have met short men with big dicks. I took a gamble because everything else checked off a box of my criteria. I was disappointed when we got naked last night, and he had a limp noodle. Three-inches tops was my guess when he was hard. He turned into a different man in the bedroom. He started ordering me to suck his cock. He got rude and said I was the reason he was not fully erect. No way was that going to fly with me. I am dominant woman. I am a cock size queen. I am the best sissy trainer. I told him to lay down on the bed and I would start with a sexy massage. I put on my strap on dildo, and I gave him a surprise he will not soon forget. I mean you cannot expect me to bow down and worship a tiny dick. You should not expect any woman to do that. As I massaged his shoulders, I slipped my dildo in his ass. He let out a huge scream and tried to wrestle me off his back. After a few thrusts, however, he came and was moaning to give him more. I wanted to punish him for being a dickless dick, but unfortunately, I rewarded the SOB with a free prostate massage. I kicked him out of my house. He kept texting me he was sorry, and he wanted more, but disrespectful losers with small dicks, never get more of me.

On Your Knees, Sissy Bitch!

Sissy Phone Sex


I have tried to be nice about it but some of you faggot bitches don’t get it!

If you want a thick hard cock in your man pussy, you have to be the sexiest, hottest femboy in town!

You want to be a sissy so you can take cock like a real sissy slut?

You want to feel that massive meat deep in your pretty ass and swallow it whole like a true lady?

You need to learn to be a submissive whore if you want to please a man! They don’t want a drama diva in sissy panties!

Oh, don’t worry!

I wont deny you that taste of man cum!

But until you can learn to be a sweet sexy sissy, the only one that is popping that man clit is me and the only cum you are eating is the spunk that you clean from my sweet pussy!

Now get on your knees sissy bitch and clean my cum filled cunt!

There is a line of cock waiting to fill it back up again!