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Femboy training for the best sissy bitch boys

Femboy training

To all my sissy bitch boys in Femboy training, do you really think you do it justice without a mistress? With all the hormones being leaked into the water there is a higher rate of sissies needing training. Some were already sissies before they got an awareness of how small their lives were. There spread vanilla spread on top of vanilla bread in the land of cookie cutter stepford wives. The only examples they have are their boring basic bitch housewives.

But I can see their true colors, I know how they crave to have a mistress dominate them into my sissy kingdom. Pushing the limits of what gingerbread vanilla fuckers are used to and taking them to a place of ecstasy only experienced by really good sub bitches is their reward. I give the disclosure that you shouldn’t come in the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat because when I get done with you, you will be my toy.

Best sissy trainer for Secret Sissy Scotty on Cam

Best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainer Lessons for A Secret Sissy is right here!  This Brunette Femdom loves to watch sissy Scotty on Cam! Late nights and early mornings when he is all alone and the blow has made him emasculated is our time!  Drugs make a normal or slightly less-than-average dick shrink and hang limp. I know that when he is not doing all kinds of dope he pretty much feels like a man. Although the thoughts of his current girlfriend going back to her ex black boyfriends play in his head often.

And that all accumulates to the sexy outfits and butt plugs that come into play! The thing I love about Sissy Scotty is that he is so secret he is always on guard for someone catching him. The neighbors might see Sissy Fag, get away from the windows! Oh, and you only have thirty minutes before your girlfriend picks you up for golf!  What would she say if she caught you in lingerie and a unicorn horse tail butt plug!

It’s all good and fun as I turn my lush vibe up and cum. My sissy Scotty gets his little dick off while fucking his ass hole! I love that new cum flavored lube he is using to fuck himself with! Maybe one day a chance encounter with the  Big Cocks he thinks about will send him over the edge!  

He’ll be exposed and have no choice but to be a sissy slut.

He’ll be seen and known by everyone. Having Sissy be humiliated and embarrassed is the ultimate goal.

Toys are fun for your butt. But those big black cocks your girlfriend has had might be worth learning how to suck cock for!  Let me bring you a real cock and you might just find yourself addicted to the real thing. If not, you can always go back to your toys. But you’ll never know until you try it.

Sissy humiliation training

Useless Sissy Bitch

Mistress phone sexThat’s it bitch you eat your mistresses pussy until I cum all over your face! I am so proud of how well you are doing during your training sessions. I know this makes your cock throb when I let you eat my cunt doesn’t it? You wish I would let you fuck my hot hole but your cock is just way too pathetic for me. You already know that though don’t you my little cucky boy? You know I only let you eat my pretty pussy so you can get it all nice and wet for a real man. I only keep you around as my little slave so I am satisifed and ready for that superior cock. However, if you do a good job I will let you watch my holes get pounded out by a nice big cock as you play with yourself. So call me so I can tell you how useless your cock is to me bitch!

Humiliation Phone Sex Rocks My World

Humiliation phone sex as I’ve come to learn can mean so many different things.  Maybe it’s your mommy’s or your neighbors silky panties that you get caught not only sniffing hard but then catching you putting them on.  How humilating would it be to be dressed in full sissy gear getting caught by your wife or girlfriend?  Would you want everyone to know how much you call your dommes to get instructions on how to be an even better sissy? It’s not enough that you are pathetic enough to put on girl clothes on and prance around like a little whore that you are, you have to be trained to do things by someone like me. I mean, I am pretty much awesome but I am also not a free date.

Would it be humiliating if I showed your parents or siblings how much you spend talking to phone dominatrix goddesses like me?  Whatever the amount is, I love humiliating little sissy sluts by sending their money spent on me to anyone I can. Sometimes I even share with my Facebook friends if I am in the mood to do so).

I will make you change your name, give me access to everything in your life, names, addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts of everyone you know. I think it would be quite humiliating wouldn’t it to expose my little sissy’s?

Or maybe you are thinking more along the lines of humiliation on levels of walking you out in front of all my hot friends dressed in sissy outfits of my choosing.  I love watching hot women point and laugh and my guys and see how pathetic these worthless cocks really are.  You pathetic sissys love it don’t you? Not all I have up my sleeve, let’s play sometime and see!humiliation phone sex peace

This BBC Sissy Trainer Gets to The Chase

Bbc sissy trainer is a title I hold proudly. I came upon it on accident when I fell in love with a man who decided to start obsessing about wearing my panties every day.  I had to go from being a submissive little whore to being a dom when I had no real say or part in it.  He was suddenly into me spanking him wearing my silky thongs and tight corsets.  He would ruin all my thigh highs stretching out the nylon so they could fit over his thick leg.

bbc sissy trainer I have to say, he looked good in all of it and I started getting into the role. I actually loved how wet my pussy would get tying a once dominant testoterone driven man and having my way with him.

One day I thought I should try more than just spanking and teasing. I got a butt plug out, or actually it was 3 butt plugs that gradually got bigger. I secretly got the lube and spread it all over the butt plug and push it in.  These are some of the best anal trainers that I use peronally.

Stretching that asshole out and getting as much cock in there is my thing. I will even take a strap on, as long as I can find, and start fucking those little pussy asses.

I know so many callers just want me to say the big black cocks have arrived and skip a lot of the other sissy stuff.  I will shove those cocks down your little pussy throat and shove it in your pussy.  You know that’s what you want! You crave that big black thick wonderful juicy cock. And I’m here to give it to you whether you want it or not.  We know you do so let’s just get to the point and take that cock, deal?

Phone domination for Mistress Genesis pleasure

Phone domination

Sissys needs Phone domination. I use it for my pleasure. Men have history proven their worth through acts of deeds. Now adays, you have so many pathetic excuses for a cock to be attached to a body. If men are serious about being an actual sissy, they must submit to my pleasure. There is no excuse for excuses. Your life serves no purpose if you cannot satisfy my every desire. These days, I desire to use that stick attached to my body. If you can keep your mouth shut, that’s even better. The only thing I need to hear is Yes, Mistress. Sitting my ass on your face will make your meat stick hard for me to use. Smashing my juice ass all over your face and the delectable smell of my rosebud and seductive cunt stimulates your cock out of your control. Then it’s all mine. None of it is left for your pleasure, so don’t imagine it is.

Online Sissy Training Spots Filling Up Fast

online sissy training
Online sissy training sessions are booming these days! I can’t keep dicks hard enough to go up these sissy’s little pussys.  Everywhere I turn, I’m losing my panties to these sissy’s stealing them to wear around their little pussys and worthless cocks.  They look pretty good in them usually.  The way the satin feels against their little asshole pussys and against their little cocks, it makes them feel like a true little sissy slut.

It isn’t just my panties that these little sissy’s love.  They want my nighties, you know the pretty pink ones with tight corset laced up type tops with a small attached skirt barely covering your ass.  Over the knee, thigh highs with a little bow that sits perfectly in the middle of your thigh.  Attached the the thigh high stockings is a garter belt.  Making those sissy hairy legs look like slutty legs just waiting to be spread open wide and controlled by yours truly.

There is nothing quite like having control of a sissy’s pussy.  We train you online with how to stick butt plugs in and dildos in their little sissy pussy.  Stretching those little pussies out is at the forefront of our training.  In order to be a perfect sissy under our training,  you have to prove that you can take any size cock, any color, in any of your holes, while being dressed up and under the control of a sexy phone dominatrix, like me, Peace

Sissy Humiliation Training By Yours Truly

sissy humiliation training peace

I don’t care if you like it, sissy humiliation training is what you need to be a true sissy.  Everything you don’t want, forget about it. I don’t care. I don’t care if you turn beat red to match the blood rushing to your worthless cock as I show everyone my new little sissy toy.  You have given me the rights to your cock, your pussy (formerly knows as your asshole) and your last little slut hole, your mouth.

You don’t want anyone to know you like those big black cocks being forced down your throats, right? Too bad.  We will go out in public and find your next bbc to drool over.  Dressed in your pink little corset with lingerie lace attached skirt.  Thigh high stockings with little bows at the top and your sexy high heels prancing around town.  You may see your boss, your old girlfriend,  your best friend and I will have no mercy.  They will laugh at you for being a little sissy. I will laugh along with them.

We will watch as these big black cocks jam in your mouth and I order them to thrust in and out. You may not want anyone knowing how much you crave cock, but I do not care.  That’s not my job to care. My job is to make you a good little sissy slut.  So don’t ask me to stop embrassing you.  To stop talking about your worthless cock that does nothing to please anyone.  However, your pussy does a great job making those big cocks cum.  So you don’t have a worthless pussy hole, you mine as well be worth something somewhere so you make someone get off.

They don’t call bme the best sissy trainer in town for nothing.

Phone Domination Makes Me Squirt

phone dominationPhone domination is my jam.  Watching a man dressed in pink lingerie playing with my big black dildo, teasing it in front of a sissy as they are on their knees. Their worthless cock lay soft between their legs as I’ve instructed them not to touch it.  I take the bottle of lube and squirt it out making it fall 2 feet and drip onto the ass of my sissy boy.  I’m drooling watching the clear lube drip down in between that beautiful ass crack.

Oh how juicy it will be.  I make sure you answer me with the words “Yes mistress” or “”Please mistress” and so on. There will be no complaints when you let me take control of your body. Your worthless cock will cease to exist. The pussy between your ass cheeks will be your way of pleasure.

Or shall we say your new pussy will become the center of pleasure for whoever I decide I want to watch fuck your little sissy pussy ass. I spread your ass cheeks and take the black dildo and start teasing the pussy asshole. I get in between those chubby ass cheeks and stick my tongue up the nasty pussy hole. I promised some friends,  your slut holes would be nice and clear if they decided they wanted to stop by.

After licking and cleaning you up, I shove the big black dildo in that filthy mouth of yours. Now, there will be no warning. “Sissy bitch make that big black cock touch your little clitty in the back of the throat.” You look up at me with your eyes watering and your cock busting out of your pink ruffled sissy panties.  However, you continue to thrust your mouth on the beautiful cock like your life depended on it.

Good little sissy. We are only getting startedphone domination

Domination phone sex now get on your knees before me.

Domination phone sex: now get on your knees before me. By all means talk back and not do as you’re told. You will see just how quickly I paddle your bottom. Like having your bottom paddled. That can be remedied to loving it.  Among my great many attributes the foremost one is my ability to dominate.

In a word, I own you. If I want to turn you into sissy little whore, then that is what I will do. Now it may be that I feel like giving you a spanking because of disobedience. It will bring you pleasure.

Perhaps it will be that I want to give you a blowjob. I am in complete control. Given these points I do believe that it is about time that you started to call me Mistress Francine or Goddess Francine.

Praise your Goddess on your knees.

Domination phone sex