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Be my sissy

phone domination

Do you want phone domination by a goddess who will make you quite the sissy? I know you want to be able to suck cock freely and become a full-time sissy. Let’s get you over to hustlers so we can get you some outfits to try on. You’ll be my sissy slut and be fucking for the dollar. Most sissies like to have a firm, stern goddess to guide them. You know I am the epitome of tough love. I am not mean because I want to be; I am only trying to make the best sissies possible. Only the strong will make it and can conquer all the sissy tasks put in play. When you do what I say, you become one of the greatest sluts.

Maddie’s Punishment

Sissy Slave Training

I used to have the best sissy slut slave Maddie, but she’s been MIA recently. Where oh where have you gone Maddie?! I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing, but you’re NOT fulfilling your duties to the BNWO. Such a pity – you were the model sissy slut and you were going to train the other pathetic white slaves … but you’ve now lost your favor. As penance, you must wrap your shock collar around that pathetic clitty of yours and shock it until it’s raw and red. I’m going to see to it that you piss all over yourself and you won’t be allowed to clean it up. I’m also going to get the biggest, blackest, thickest bull to bend you over and stretch your pathetic hole open; you won’t be able to sit or shit properly for the entire month of March.

Here’s a math question for you: If a cock training is running south down your sissy whore throat at 40 miles per hour and another is pounding up your anal expressway at 50 miles per hour, how long until your pathetic, white cum dumpster self is a sniveling mess of cum and saliva? Or how about, how many pumps does it take to get to the center of a sissy bitch? I’m going to leave you chained up with your ass at the ready and your head propped up so your mouth is exposed and at the ready for a fucking so we can find out the answers!

Sissy slut needs sissy phone sex

sissy phone sex

I like when little sissies pretend they don’t want huge cocks. You can fake it all you want. You know you’re craving cock. Ever since I’ve begun sissy phone sex with specific clients, I have noticed that I am so into making a sissy like that come to their knees and begin to worship, wanting to be a sissy.

I like making sissies do poppers and talk to me all about their dirty fantasies. You know you have one too many of those naughty cock fantasies that make you want to succumb to a big dick. Open your mouth and take that jizz. It’s going to be a wild ride with a slut who can indeed teach you to swallow every load.

Now you will begin to admit that you are a sissy.

Forced Sissy Training With A Goddess Is So Fucking Hot!

Forced Sissy Training

Come to me and let me show you a world that you have never before seen. A world filled with beauty and sluttery and fucking. A world where you are mine to do with as I please. In my world you are my little play thing and you will do whatever I ask. Why would you do such a thing you may ask, because I am a beautiful goddess that you could never say no to.

Men from all over the world will do anything to please me and I love it. I can do whatever I want and whoever I want when I want. No single man could ever hold me down, especially not a sissy faggot like you.

You in your silky pink panties, jerking on your pathetic little winky. You know what you are and what you always will be, a sissy. Even men who think they aren’t sissies have a little sissy girl on the inside waiting to come out and play. No man is fully a man, at least none that I’ve ever met are.

Yes, you are a sissy who wants me to dress you up and take you out on the town and have every hole fucked by my friends. I have some beautiful shemales that would love to fuck all of your pretty little holes. Then they would fill you up with their cum and leave you in the street like the sissy trash you are. So come on, lets go clean you up for more men to fuck your holes and so I can make more money off that pussy of yours.

Forced Feminization Training With A Goddess!

Forced Feminization

Do you like forced feminization? Well, I sure as hell do! Forcing men to be who they are truly meant to be makes me feel like a very important permission woman with a very special mission!  My mission you ask? That is to make all the men in the world into their true selves, their sissy selves.

I absolutely love getting to pick out the very first outfit of a brand new sissy. We pick out the cutest of cute or the hottest of slutty outfits there is. Then we do our hair to make us stand out! Then make-up of course.

Just gotta love wearing the ruby red lipstick and branding yourself as a publicly world wide know whore. Maybe I even write slut on your forehead. Then smack your cheeks to make them appear to be rosy and cute. That eyeshadow is always to be smokey and sexy though, it is also mysterious somehow.

Yes, your new attire is sure to attract any new cock on the block. We will have them lining up for you then we will use your body for my beneficial gain financially. Yes, you are now my prostitute. You will fuck any guy I say at any time at all. No rest for the slutty, there’s always men and women to fuck! All to make me another buck! Ha!

So, what are you waiting for my beloved sissies, lets play together, you and me and we will find out who really wears the pants in this relationship.

BBC sissy trainer like me love taking out our feelings on you

BBC sissy trainerI was having a very bad day as a BBC sissy trainer, and I decided to take my anger out on the first guy that paid me for some private time. Thing is, I like to have a lot of fun when I’m getting out my internal rage. I’m not the type of girl that throws a punch or really hurts people, no, I like to fuck with their identity. I like to make a man, not a man anymore. I like to strip him of everything that made him what he was and turn him into my private little plaything for all my fanciful desires and amusement. I like to take him by the shirt and kiss him with a mouth full of jizz. I like to make sure he swallows every single string of that hot creamy delicious treat. I make sure he likes it too, because if he doesn’t then I get another, and another, and another until he’s out of breath just from how eagerly the femboy training slut scoops it out of my mouth. That’s just step one, step two is making him get that cum himself. I make him kneel on his knees and start sucking my prize stud until he’s got a mouthful of what he deserves. My studs are all rated for a perfect evening cumming down sissy throats until they’re raw. I don’t play around with either roll really, I get what I want every time and disappointment leads to stricter training. I don’t let anyone get away with being a weak willed little boy. They’re girls now, my girls, and that means they have to impress or suffer through humiliation phone sex until they do! I’m the best around, I’m the most spiteful at the very least, and I have standards far higher than the weak bitches that serve as competition for my cute sissy.

Online Sissy Training: Let me teach you!

Online Sissy TrainingSo you think you are ready for some online sissy training from a superior hot babe like me? I could tell by the way you were looking at my perfect young body and the way my bald cunt looks in pantyhose that you were having such a craving. Men that are little sissy losers always know that they need to be put in their place by a perfect teen Princess like me. My sweet and innocent outward appearance will blow your mind as I put you down and push you through the fantasy that is your sissy addiction. You better be ready to serve my exceptional pussy and worship every inch of my remarkable body. I know the punishment pathetic sissy losers need in their life. You are not worthy of beautiful barely legal pussy. You are not worthy to even be in my presence and that is why you will have to pay. Pay for the attention of high-caliber cunt just like me who will train you up and put you down in the place where you belong. Under my foot. 


Sissies Gape Their Holes for You

Phone dominationI love teaching sissy fags how to be better sluts. This time I am teaching them how to gape their assholes. Who doesn’t love a sissy that can take their big cock and not have to struggle fitting it in each time? You get to see how much of a big slut they are and how thirsty they are for cock, bending over and gaping their formerly tight pussies for you. I’m going to pimp my bitches out to hundreds of men and see if they can stretch their pussies out. Those tight holes will become gaping holes for cocks to stick in. No cock can resist putting itself in a gaping hole and a sissy’s job is to be a fuck toy to anyone that walks by. Sissies won’t be able to sit down once they start gaping, showing off their wide open pussies for everyone to use and abuse. Once the cock is inside, they’ll start milking it with their pussies like good little sluts do. 

From Marco to Maria

sissy phone sex

Marco is my latest sissy. He works at the construction site across town. Ever since he saw me, he’s had a thing for me. All I could pick up on was that he needed some sissy phone sex.

I could tell he was hiding his real sense. There’s no way this wannabe macho man was not thinking about cock. We dated for a bit, and when I realized his obsession with my outfits and saw his porn, I decided not to throw him away.

I had a perfect idea. Why not make Marco the macho man and Maria the Italian sissy slut.

After I confronted him about his secret ways, he burst into tears and begged me not to blast him.

Oh, macro, you’re not a man. You’re maria. I promised that sissy she would now go as a femme sissy individual that’s going to please goddess Alessandra and drain that wallet, not those pathetic balls.

It helped that sissy maria took lots of steroids in her early years. Those balls and that cock were pathetic. Now I have maria sucking cock and making me money.



Sissy Humiliation Training with Heaven

Sissy Humiliation Training

I’m the best sissy trainer you’ll ever come across anywhere online. My phone domination is top tier and I’ve trained one of the best white male sissy whores around; my faithful slave, Maddi. Maddi is the perfect exemplar of what a white sissy bitch should be; she does exactly what I say and worships the BNWO flawlessly (I suppose the blackmail helps, ha!). Maddi’s pathetic excuse of a cock– which really doesn’t even deserve that title; it’s much too small for that…it’s more like a clit, really– is always locked in chastity (the way the inferior race should be kept) and keeps that pussy hot and that throat ready for big black cock to fuck at a moment’s notice, ready to be whored out for my profit as I pimp your holes out to other members of the BNWO.

Maddi is the prototype for what you’re going to become; another worthless, pathetic sissy whore, obsessed with big black cock, whose only purpose is to serve superior, large throbbing dicks and worship ebony goddesses properly. Do yourself a favor and start your journey to becoming a proper sissy whore, a fleshy cum dumpster for the most superior mandigo dicks.