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Sissy girl training for Lauren’s boy-pussy & new plumped lips!

Sissy girl trainingThere is nothing that gets me more in the mood than Sissy girl training with my inferior bitch boys. This big dicked sissy Lauren is one of my favorite little toys to play with. She is so good at instructional play and submission in all aspects. She grew her hair out like I told her to and got her sweet lips plumped up for me. We had big things planned out for this pathetic fuck doll. She was so excited that we could now pimp her slutty body out to all the nasty men out there now. 

I told her she needed to get some augmentations and surgeries done before we could make money off her. She took it seriously and will soon have some big fat fake bimbo tits on her chest. Her lips a plumped and juicy for cock sucking and her ass hole is waxed and smooth. Now we can officially call it a bussy when she gets her hole fucked by my strap on and some big cock. If you are in need for a Phone domination session I am your girl. You should be getting your pansy ass dressed up like Lauren and call me. 

 You better have that cock out and lots of toys to use on yourself for me. I am here to rage fuck your worthless body and turn you into the perfect cock sleeve servant for me. You will be fully trained and ready to be pimped out for men as soon as I am done with you bitch!

Mistress Phone Sex Means You are My Bitch Not My Lover

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex women are dominant. No ifs ands or buts about it. You cannot call a mistress and expect to call the shots. Most men know this. But some men see a sexy woman and just lose their shit. Now I know I have tits and ass and a pretty face. I give off Goth babe vibes. But I do not do fuck calls.

Unless the fuck call involves a strapon and your ass, LOL. And I do not do small dicks. So, let me save you some trouble. If you have a small dick and you are not a sissy, get off my page. I will not fuck you.

However, Troy seemed genuinely surprised that I did not want his tiny inch worm. He used big and 5-inches in the same breath. And I lost my shit. Uncontrollable laughter. However, Troy did not get the memo that 5-inches is not big. Not to a phone domination lady like me. Not to any woman I have ever met either.

Let me share something with you. I like big black cocks. And when I mentioned that to Troy, he called me a race traitor. His mind appeared smaller than his dick. So, I had some fun with him.

A Dominant Mistress is a Size Queen and She is In Control Too

When you buy a call, I usually collect enough information to be able to look you up. The Internet is amazing. So much info there. I told Troy all that I found out about him. Honestly, I am surprised he did not hang up. He did not get the fuck call he wanted. And I did not give the call I wanted either.

Trust me. I prefer to be a nurturing sissy trainer. I do not like to be mean. And I do not like to blackmail men. But I will. And I did with Troy. Set him up on a nice little tribute plan or I let his wife and coworkers know what a misogynistic piece of shit he is.

If you call me, it better be for sissy training. It is my specialty. I am not here to fuck you. And I don’t want to fuck you either unless I am using a strapon. However, I do want to feminize you and teach you how to suck cock.

Online Sissy Training Puts Me in Charge of You

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training means I can teach you how to be a good sissy with just a call. Not all sissies can see a mistress like me in real time. Too much of a risk of the wife finding out. Or maybe they do not have the time or the money. A real mistress can cost a lot more than $2 a minute, LOL. Plus, some guys do not even know who to trust in the scamming age. So, phone sex seems like the safest route. And I work with all kinds of sissies.

I can be sweet. In fact, that’s my nature and preference. However, some sissies are so disobedient and unruly, I must play rough and mean. Adam called me for sissy training. But he seemed to not understand how this all works. He called me baby and honey. I only go by mistress or goddess. Sometimes, mommy. Then he told me what he would do and not do. I am the mistress which means I am in charge. You do not get to dictate how this will go.

A Sissy Trainer is a Dominatrix and Always in Charge

So, I had to get rough with this sissy. No feminization. I grabbed my huge strapon dildo and fucked this sissy’s ass raw until she understood who was in charge. Although I know some sissies like the rough treatment, sissy Adam just wanted to wear some pretty panties and prance around in front of me.

Sure, I cater to panty boys too. But even a panty boy knows he is submissive to me. Adam thought because he was paying, he could call the shots. And to make it worse, he thought he could fuck me too with a 4-inch dick. I pass on a 6-inch dick, LOL. Adam did not get to wear my sissy panties. However, he did get the honor of sitting on a bag of frozen vegetables for a week.

Do not be like Adam. Understand that you are my slave. And that I call the shots, always.


Sissy Slave Training With A cruel And Ruthless Mistress

Sissy slave training is what I do best!  I am a ruthless mistress. I will humiliate you in ways that you can’t even imagine exist.  I will have you wearing pink panties on your little clitty dick and dressed up in a slutty little outfit like the bitch that you are within the first five minutes.  I am going to do your makeup with lots of blue eye shadow and bright red lipstick that way you look as trashy as possible. After I have you all dolled up like the piece of shit tramp you are I will call some friends over to use and abuse your slutty ass and filthy mouth. Before they get a turn at you, mistress is going to put on a 10-inch strap on and fuck your little ass.

sissy slave training

I will have you getting ass fucked and sucking cock like the pansy little dickless sissy you are.  I will make you suck a cock while that little bitch ass of yours is getting fucked.  I will gag your whiny ass mouth with your panties, no one wants to hear your bitch ass cry. I am going to force you to watch a real man fuck my pussy hard and cum. My willing slave is going to lick his mistress’ pussy to clean the cum. Then you are going to clean and lick my boots. My little sissy slave is going to be well-behaved and take all the cock I feel like I want him to. If you complain or resist, there will be fucking hell to pay you little piece of shit sissy boy. By the time I am done with you, you will be under my complete domination.  When your training is done, you will be a good sissy slave ready and willing to please your mistress in any way I choose.

Sissy Panties Get You in Trouble with Your Boss Meadow

Your Sissy Panties Caught Mistress Meadow’s Attention

I saw your sissy panties peeking out of your slacks at work. As your manager, I demand all my employees look presentable. sissy pantiesAnd that lacey pink is out of the question. It seems you need someone to remind you of your sissy principles of discipline. I call you into my office. I’m up from my desk and closing the door behind you. Then I lean against my desk and ask if you want everyone to know that you’re a feminized little sissy boy. Your face turns red and you try to argue with me. So I slide my fingers past your waistband and pull up your panties.

Forced Feminization or Get Exposed

Did you think I wouldn’t sniff out the little panty boy in my office? My hands drift down from those panties to your sissy clitty. I feel the hard plastic of the cock cage you’re wearing. And I hear the lock hitting against it too. I doubt your Mistress would be happy to know you were caught during your forced feminization. And I doubt you would report your failures. So I will be disciplining you instead. Get on your knees and get ready to use your tongue.

I sit on my desk and spread my legs apart. Then I push my panties to the side and tell you to start licking my cunt. You’re hesitant. But I remind you that I could very easily tell everyone about your sissification. I pull your tie forward and your tongue starts worshipping my clit. Licking and sucking that pretty pussy. I see you humping against the cage like a little animal in heat. My hands are behind your head, and I’m suffocating you with my cunt. The forced sissy training makes me cum all over your tongue. And I notice that wet stain in the front of your pants. I’ll be seeing you in my office again.

Phone dominatrix turns you into a sniveling sissy whore.

          Phone dominatrix turns you into a sniveling sissy whore.  Going to dominate your fucking ass from here to Timbuctoo. You belong to me. That sissy cry baby fucking ass is mine. Forcing you to do my bidding. Else there will be hell to pay for you. You will be forced into your sissified nature. Becoming you. Like it or not. I could care less how you feel.

          By all means try and throw a fit. Just going to get you on your knees. Little penis put into a cage. With a key. A stopper in the end not even allowing you to pee. Not without consent to say the very least.  Phone dominatrix

          Forced sissy training is what you need to learn your manners. A mouth separator is keeping your mouth open around the cock that is pounding down your throat. Not able to bite, just to lick it. Wrap your hands around the cock pulling it into you. At the same time going to be getting pounded from behind. Your panties ripped to shreds.

          Spitted between two very large cocks. As soon as he cums in your ass going have you suck that cock clean. With this in mind I am going to be standing there the whole time. Applying your make-up. Making you look like the fucking sissy whore that you are turning into. Bright colors of red, magenta, all colors that common street walkers wear every day.

          Domination phone sex drives you to begging for more.

          Just when you think you can’t take any more you are going to be begging for more. Pleading with me to put you in a skirt. Pleated at that. Including the garter belt and fishnet stockings. The most compelling evidence that you wanted to be forced into this is how well you beg and already how you suck that cock.

          To put it another way you already are a whore and I just turned you into a money-making whore Panties ripped, stockings, black or red bra. Flashy colors on the streets. Being the streetwalker that you were made to be.

          Finally calling them sugar and not John’s. For the most part they aren’t going to care if you get off. Just like I don’t. There are a few though that will make sure that you do. Fuck them all like they are the best you ever had. The biggest you ever had.

          End of the day you report to me.

Sissy panties are used as a cock ring or a gag, choose one!

Sissy pantiesSlave boy Quinn earned himself a hardcore cock torture after a day out on a shopping spree for some new Sissy panties… He is lucky they didn’t have a small spiked ball crusher domme toy in stock nor an inverted cock cage. Not too lucky after all since Goddess Brielle always thinks of alternative ways to enslave useless sissies like him. My bitch is always on his best behavior, but sometimes he can get a little shy and find himself falling short of perfect.

Brielle doesn’t accept excuses!

He knows when he is given a task he is to do as he is told or suffer severe consequences. As is he didn’t order the inverted cock cage with pussy lips to cover his nubby as he was advised. This is exactly why I made sure it would be impossible for him to use his cockette in any way for the next few weeks. He should have known by now that I, Phone dominatrix Brielle am not one to play with… I guess sometimes he needs a refresher!

His peenie may be pathetically small but I am very possessive of his nub…

Sissy slave trainingI am making it so that he can’t even use his cockette on his wife anymore, the only person he is allowed to orgasm and rub his widdle nubby with now, is me. He forgot to shave before our session and didn’t have a waxing kit or razor, so I figured the best way to rid the bush covering his peeper was to burn it off. We drenched his cock in vodka and I sat back and watched his nubby engulf in flames. A gag ring was placed in his mouth to prevent him from being able to close it during throat training!

From this day forward Sissy slave Quinn Guerin; will strictly receive sissygasms, only!

His big balls and second belly button will be placed in a very tight cage… When he orgasms he is to gather his cunt juice in a shot glass and swig back his shot of semen. Next week, during Sissy slave training he will be spending his time at a state park on his knees in front of the men’s room holding a cardboard box sign that reads “Fuck my face, for free” while gagged and dressed in a sexy pair of crotchless panties and a nice bralette that will show off his best feature, his natural Big tits!

Quinn will never think of experiencing typical cock ejaculation again…

Humiliation Phone Sex Makes My Pussy Throb

Humiliation phone sex is my favorite thing to do. I will humiliate you in ways that you did not think possible.  I am the best sissy trainer. I will make you wear nice silky panties. I love to see a tiny little cock in silky panties. I will make you wear bright red lipstick then I will have you sucking cock.  Mistress phone sex will have you taking all the cocks I feel you should take.

humiliation phone sex

Total phone domination is what you will get from Mistress Violet. After you have taken a bunch of cocks in your ass and your mouth. I will make you watch me getting fucked.  Then It will be the time to make you clean up my pussy and eat every bit of cum out of it.  Are you ready to be trained by Mistress Violet?

BBC sissy trainer in need of an accomplice or a new cucky toy!

BBC sissy trainerI am in need of an accomplice BBC sissy trainer for all my inferior cucky boys. The best way to put a sissy bitch in it’s place is by having the proper superior black man to help me. My little slave boys are so delicate and superior they just love a big strong black man to let them know who’s boss. Every couple months I post online with some new pictures of myself in hopes a superior black daddy will message me for some play time. Not only do my sissy boys need to be put in their place with some training; I am also a black cock slut and need a big dark shaft inside my holes.

If you need a Taboo phone chat with a blonde mistress whore you better call me now. Are you a sissy ready to please me and a black daddy? I am even in the mood to talk to a superior black man who is ready to fuck up a sissy bitches life. I get so wet and cum so hard when I have a fun accomplice ready to break down some loser guys. Shout out to all the boys who need to be trained into this lifestyle. Stare at my big tits that are way too good for you and imagine them bouncing as some big dark man is slamming inside my warm wet hole. 

Then imagine yourself getting on your knees and lapping up my cunt after it is pumped full of that messy spunk load!

Phone dominatrix Emerson will fill that sissy hole!

Phone dominatrix

Phone dominatrix Emerson will fill that sissy hole! As a sissy, you know that you crave the attention and control of a powerful mistress. You want to be humiliated, degraded, and used for my pleasure. Well, my dear sissies, I’m here to give you exactly what you desire. I’m the Goddess who will make you squirm, beg, and whimper like the little sissy you are.

When you call me, you’ll be greeted with my sultry voice, dripping with lust and desire for your submission. I’ll take control of your mind and body, making you do things you never thought possible. You better be ready and dressed properly for me. Make sure your panties are silk and lace, really tight on your ass. I want your clitty buldging out of your panties, it always makes me laugh when your clitty leaves drool marks all over those panties.

I’ll describe in detail how I’ll use your sissy hole, stretching it wide and filling it with my massive strap-on. You’ll feel the intense pleasure and pain as I thrust deep inside you, making you scream and moan like the little sissy bitch you are. Your Sissy panties will be ruined when I have your bussy stretched open. There will be hard black cocks ready to own your hole. You will take every single one of those cocks until you are soaked in cum.

Just imagine being a slutty slave on all fours, two cocks rammed in your gaped bussy and the biggest cock choking your throat. What a beautiful sight that would be. I know you would be a real good whore and make those cocks cum for your Goddess. You will worship me when you drain all of the cum out of their balls.

So, if you’re ready for the most extreme sissy domination experience of your life, pick up the phone and call me. I’ll be waiting to fill that sissy hole of yours with my hot, hardcore Phone domination. And remember, my dear sissies, submission is the ultimate pleasure!