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Phone Domination Princess

I love phone domination. I like to be my authentic self with sissies from all over the world. You beg me to let you be a good cocksucking slut, and of course, I’m going to agree to let you be one for me. There’s nothing better than a loser who is willing to be such a great helping hand in making you dress up like a slut and take cock like a whore. I like to be stern and love when you listen to me. It’s time to make sure you understand that you must follow all the rules and do so with a big smile on your face. Don’t work, silly little slut; as long as you suck cock like a good whore theres nothing you won’t be able to do for me. 

I  want you to know your place forever. Know that you will be subjected to plenty cocksucking fun.  A little  whore who  will  bend  over  and  be  fucked   roughphone domination

It’s All About The Packaging!

Sissy Training A lot of sissy bitches come to me because they see men following me around, drooling and falling at my feet just to worship me. And these sissies want to be worshipped like a Goddess as well!

I can’t blame them.

But they come wearing there little cock cages and a woman’s pant suit…eww! As if!

You are not dressing to look pretty! You are dressing to make a man want to grab you and fuck you!

Don’t you want him to hold your hair back and watch his cock push past those pretty gloss lips!

I know you want to feel his balls slapping those caged nuts as he is prying that faggot ass open with his long hard strong cock!

Do you think a hot sexy guy with a giant cock wants to fuck a pretty man?!


He wants a sexy hot slut that all his friends will be jealous of!

So do your homework before you call me!

I want to hear feminine voices, sweet giggles, I want to hear those thick coated eyelashes batting as you tell me about the high heels that you bought that will look so hot with your lace topped thigh high stockings!

Tell me about the garter belt that is caressing those thighs and the way you feel so pretty as the breeze flips your sweet skirt and kisses your ass cheeks!

And that slutty lace bra that is going to make a mans cock jump when he sees you drop your silky shirt to the floor!

Remember ladies….everything we do is to make that massive cock throb at the idea of stuffing that pretty puckered man pussy!

It’s all about the pretty packaging! Make him want it!

Phone Domination and Real-Time Domination

phone domination

I love phone domination. Telling small dick losers what to do and putting them in their place is what I do best. There is nothing I loathe more than a small dick loser who does not know his place. If you have a three-inch dick, you have no business hitting on a sexy bitch like me. I am way out of the league of men with dicks smaller than 6-inches. I met this guy through friends. He seemed nice. He was handsome, gainfully employed and had a nice house that was paid off. He was not very tall, but I have met short men with big dicks. I took a gamble because everything else checked off a box of my criteria. I was disappointed when we got naked last night, and he had a limp noodle. Three-inches tops was my guess when he was hard. He turned into a different man in the bedroom. He started ordering me to suck his cock. He got rude and said I was the reason he was not fully erect. No way was that going to fly with me. I am dominant woman. I am a cock size queen. I am the best sissy trainer. I told him to lay down on the bed and I would start with a sexy massage. I put on my strap on dildo, and I gave him a surprise he will not soon forget. I mean you cannot expect me to bow down and worship a tiny dick. You should not expect any woman to do that. As I massaged his shoulders, I slipped my dildo in his ass. He let out a huge scream and tried to wrestle me off his back. After a few thrusts, however, he came and was moaning to give him more. I wanted to punish him for being a dickless dick, but unfortunately, I rewarded the SOB with a free prostate massage. I kicked him out of my house. He kept texting me he was sorry, and he wanted more, but disrespectful losers with small dicks, never get more of me.

On Your Knees, Sissy Bitch!

Sissy Phone Sex


I have tried to be nice about it but some of you faggot bitches don’t get it!

If you want a thick hard cock in your man pussy, you have to be the sexiest, hottest femboy in town!

You want to be a sissy so you can take cock like a real sissy slut?

You want to feel that massive meat deep in your pretty ass and swallow it whole like a true lady?

You need to learn to be a submissive whore if you want to please a man! They don’t want a drama diva in sissy panties!

Oh, don’t worry!

I wont deny you that taste of man cum!

But until you can learn to be a sweet sexy sissy, the only one that is popping that man clit is me and the only cum you are eating is the spunk that you clean from my sweet pussy!

Now get on your knees sissy bitch and clean my cum filled cunt!

There is a line of cock waiting to fill it back up again!


Sissy slut Train

Playing with my pussy thinking about the time I ran a train on my sissy slut boy. I made him come over with his school girl outfit on, as soon as he got through the door, I made him crawl on his knees to the waiting big black hard cock I had for him. He is a good little slut so he did as he was told, opened his mouth and went right to work, licking and sucking a big black cock and playing with his balls while he did that I came from behind and I stuck my big strap dick in his ass hard and fast. The harder I fucked him I pushed his mouth harder on the big dick making him gag like a little fuck slut he is. Then we switch and he got a big black cock in his ass which made him moan like a little bitch slut, he was getting used so well he came all over the floor and with that my playmate filled his ass with hot cum, I made him lick up his mess and reminded him he belongs to me. 

Sissy girl training

Dress Up is For Dollies – Dick Is For Dames


Sissy Training Audio



You heard me, slut. Dress up is for little sissy dollies like yourself. Only dames like me and my Ladies in Waiting get dicked down! I know you’re so terribly horny since I haven’t let you have a cum since Christmas, but take one look at my face and ask me if I care; No, no I don’t. I’m here to train you into being a little girl, honey. Nobody said this was going to be easy!
Domination Phone Sex
Honestly, you’re my most interesting case yet. Usually my sissy faggots have tiny cocks that I can easily convert into clits. However, you actually seem to have some man meat packing in that pretty banana hammock I put on you! I think I’ll just have to make you into one of my trans girls! I love a chick with a dick, and if yours is big enough, I might even give it a lick.

Of course I’m serious, sweetheart. I may be a tough Domme and Queen of the Sissy Training Bitches around here, but I do still love the taste of cock down my throat. So come on, whip it out and let me have a look. Oh fuck, yeah. Let’s take that cock cage off so I can taste you up. If you cum, you naughty boy, you won’t cum again until the Fourth of July! Choose wisely! Queenie Pres just wants a taste.

I Love Sissy Phone Sex Callers

sissy phone sexI love sissy phone sex calls. Sissies are the best. Every woman should be so lucky to have a sissy in her life. I have many. I have phone sissies. I have real-life sissies. And I have 2 sissy sons. My sissy sons will be shemales one day. And they will have my full support too. I can make any sissy pretty. I can turn any sissy into a shemale too. I love feminizing sissies. How can you be a sissy in man clothes, right? It is just not a look that goes well together. The first thing I do with all sissies, including my sissy boys, is put them in panties. I will not say that all sissies have small dicks, but most too. I think the lack of testosterone makes dicks smaller and lends folks to be sissies. I have met a few sissies with big dicks, but they were just sort of occasional sissies. Either they just needed something taboo to push them over the edge or they were partying. Most sissies, however, have clits. Tiny little things that no woman would want or could feel. I like to make fun of small willies as I put them in appropriate under garments. Once I have panties on a sissy, I need to find matching items like a bra and garter belt. I also enjoy a dress too. Femboy training means learning to dress like a sissy, act like a sissy and living life like a sissy. Once a sissy looks the part, she can act the part. I train all sissies how to suck cock. There are a few sissies who do not suck cock, but they are few and far between. Once you feel and look girly, you want to do girly things like suck cock. I am great at training sissies to swallow cock. My little future shemales are great cock suckers.  Sissies are like dolls to me that I can dress up and play with. Think you are ready to play?

So You Want To Be A Dick Licker….

I know you love the taste of your own cum! Sissy Training

You listen to these sexy sluts having so much fun with all these giant hard cocks and you start to drip!

You want to be a cock licker, don’t you!?

That is why you dress up in those pretty panties!

You love the idea of a thick hard cock sliding down your throat and choking you, making your mascara run like a dirty slut!

You spend all your time hidden away in your room, dressed in silky panties and sucking on a dildo wishing it was real!

You force an itty bitty toy in your ass and pray that some day you can take a real cock!

Then your own tiny dick gets hard and you can’t wait to taste the sweet sticky cream that is starting to ooze from your less than average head!

So you have sucked a fake dick and fucked your own ass. You have even worn lacy thongs and gulped cum…so why don’t you feel like a real girl???

I will tell you why…it is because no one has made you their bitch yet!

That is why I am here!

Don’t be scared….it will only hurt for a second!

Sissy Training Audio as I watch!

sissy training audio

This is sissy training audio as I watch you. I have a sweet boy in Hong Kong who is just a sissy slave for american girls. He watches porn while I watch his webcam and shows me the hotties he wants to tease him. 

He has the cutest Asian cock that dances for me while he rubs his nipples! I tell him how much girls like to tease him, and that if he had me I would keep him tied up as a slave. I want sweet hot tight bodied women to tease him as that dick dances for me! 

Now at first I thought David was just a small cock man. But when we watched videos of women dancing and he began to twerk for me, I knew. I fucking knew this was a special breed of sissy la la man. That dick is on edge for hours at a time before i come in and I get to watch sissy squirt for me while watching hsi webcam! These are the best mornings for this sissy phone sex Mistress! 

You Can let me watch you tiny dick, l or you can send me all the videos and sissy dress up pictures you want 

I will be waiting my love!

sissy phone sex

Phone Dominatrix to Own that Sissy Ass

phone dominatrix

Get down on your knees, peasant. You don’t deserve the be on the same level as a phone dominatrix like me. I’m a perfect Goddess and you are the scum of the earth. I am better than you in every single way possible and by the time I’m done with you, you’ll know it. I won’t put up with anything from you that I don’t want, so don’t ever make the mistake of that you’ll be in charge of something. I mean, how could you be with a tiny little dick like that?! You’re a weak loser and that’s what you’re always going to be.

When’s the last time you tried to fuck a woman with that pathetic little thing? I know there are always women who will give you a pity fuck, but you probably can’t even get your dick inside her, huh? I don’t see how you even could. You should be the one taking the dick. I know some guys who would be more than happy to show you what a real man can do with a real dick. If you’re ready to admit that you’re a loser and that you don’t deserve to ever put your dick inside another woman, call me.