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Take Both Cocks Sissy Bitch

Sissy Panties Sky Making you strut around in those tight pink panties that wrap around your cock in such a fancy way. Watching those juicy balls get tugged away- and those freshly shaved legs, so soft and tender. And that ruby red corset so snug and sexy Mmmm!! What man wouldn’t want to slide his hands against those calves up those thighs tugging those panties telling you what a nasty little bitch you are hehehe. Oh working his way up that corset- tugging on it as he pulls you close and smears that dark red lipstick all over your face as you forces you onto your knees like the good little sissy bitch you are. Get his cock nice and sloppily wet for me baby. I see his cock rolling off those juice lips I need you to stroke with both your hands, soft yet aggressive, feel it throb and bend that ass over so he can stuff you like the fucktoy you are! You are my sissy bitch and will please my men as I see fit and dress as told before every session and then I will treat you to some pampering if you behave my pretty sissy boy!

Phone Sex Dominatrix Coraline will Own You Ass If You Disrespect Her

phone sex dominatrix

I love being a phone sex dominatrix. I have been a dominatrix all my adult life. I am a sensual domme though. I can be forced into some badass CBT though. Not really forced, more like baited. That is because I do not take disrespect from any man. Not even a man with a decent sized cock. Tony was a man I met on Tinder. We had a couple dates. They were good dates too. He was not a sissy. I have a life outside of being a sissy trainer. Last night, however, Tony though he could get rough with me. He thought he could disrespect me in the bedroom. I had to stop that kind of thinking. He had a nice cock, but not a porn star cock. I mean even if he had a 13-inch big black cock, I would not put up with the level of disrespect he was sending my way. I handcuffed him to my bed and showed him who was boss. I do the same with sissies who fight me. If you are my sissy pet, I call the shots. You listen to me or get forced sissy training. If I am dating you, you get CBT if you cross my boundaries. Tony was not prepared for my inner bad ass bitch. I had a switch and I beat his balls bright red. I sat on his face and made him eat my ass and pussy. Almost smothered him. Turns out Tony likes it rough. His cock was so hard with me in charge. Usually, a man who tries to dominate a dominatrix, does not concede to my command so quickly if ever. Tony was a pain slut. He liked a woman taking charge and putting him in his place. He apologized quickly for being a bad boy. I did not fuck him though. He needed to repent a bit longer. Blue balls is a learning tool for men and sissies who do not know their place. If you call me, remember I am in control. It is sissy training or domination with me.

BBall Playing BBC

bbc sissy trainerYou haven’t had a BBC sissy trainer in a  while and I know you need it! You’ve been extra horny lately so you’re going to get a nice firm black cock. I know how much you love watching me get my cunt creampied so now it’s your turn. But, I have more than one dick in here for you! Your faggy ass is an attention-seeking bimbo slut that constantly begs for a chance to ride on my black stallion so here you go!  I’m too good to you.   My boyfriend’s drinking buddies are on their way here use your slutbox with us. His black member is just the first that you will satisfy! Lick all my built up pussy cream off his shaft while you wait for your other daddies to get here. I enjoy passing time watching you lick my man’s meat like an ice cream cone. Your sissy white ass fantasizes about getting a train ran on your caboose by a gang of sweaty black men after a long day of drinking, shooting dice, and playing five on five. basketball. Well, are you ready for it to be five-on-one, bitch? As soon as you see their huge donkey dicks you better start rubbing your clitty and showing your gratitude. Your fuckholes were practically begging for loads of cum and I’m gracious enough to give your sissy cunt what it needs!

You Need My Sissy Training

sissy training

It’s late at night and instead of being at home with your family your pansy ass is here sucking on my feet. You love the taste of my pedicure piggies as I face fuck you with my toes. Watching my Ebony slits get wet as you deep throat my size 7 makes your little pink wiggler pulse. It would be nice if I were able to call that thing in your pants a cock but it’s so small it looks like it should have an areola! I’m going to call it a nipple and start pinching and flicking it like one too. Of course, you moan like the horny slut that you are.

You should be home being a good family man but since you’re here being my bitch. I’m going to spank your bare ass and make you beg for forgiveness. Only a lowlife would neglect his family for their sick perverted fantasy. I hope you know I’ll be recording your sissy ass bent over my knee. The video is mainly an addition to my extensive sissy porn collection but I’ll also be sending this to your wife! The cane against your plush ass is an encouragement to be sincere in your apology. Each lash will feel like lightning spreading across your wide rump! Causing your pain brings me so much pleasure. You should be used to getting treated like fuck meat! After all, you come crawling to me almost every day begging for humiliation.

I should turn you away and make you handle your responsibilities but I enjoy the control I have over you too much. You don’t care if you miss 1 million calls from family and friends. Nothing will loosen the suction your slutty as has on my dildo! That’s exactly how I like it.

Get Fucked Up & Cum

Phone domination Sky

                Sit the fuck down on the bed when I tell you to, Once you walk through that door you become my bitch. I never like to play it safe, the sun covers the room but it’s not hot enough, lay your head back as my pussy comes up to cover your face. Lips spread wide open- go on use your tongue the way I taught you-yes deep just like that. I’ll ride you until you need to fuckin breath-go ahead and count the minutes in your head. Let me treat you and suck your dick maybe we can level out the pleasures as the before price of coke goes up. I need you to get up while I back my ass up onto that cock, move it up whip my ass just right. Slip inside me-fuck me better than the bitches from the other night, I need your cock to fill me up for the next bad bitch I’ll give you to can be satisfied. Take another hit with me and Babe don’t make me get on my knees to bite your cock-fill me deeper, stroke it toward the right, around in a circle, toward the left- find my spot and make me cum. Oh yes that it- just right-I don’t want to hear you fucking back talk unless you want me to gag you. We have both been waiting for our fix, neither one knew it we’d end up cumming all fucked up like this ahahaha!

Phone Domination Sissy Trainer

I’m your newest addiction Mistress Addilyn. The phone domination goddess of a sissy trainer for big black cock craving sissy faggots. I like to humiliate my slaves. Train you to learn and know your place. My main goal is for your transformation as a sissy cum slut willing to do anything for that BBC cum.

You are already with your foot in the door as they say in the fact that you have the craving. It will take a little work to get you truly ready to serve the Master cock, that big beautiful black dick.

With Mistress Addilyn at your side. Training and scolding you into the good submissive is part of the joys I have. It’s my pleasure to tease and deny you. To make you cage that clit stick and to plug your hole until you are willing to get that fuck hole stretched. A bbc slut is what you will be and dressing for that BBC is how you will start.

Phone Domination

Force Feminization and Face Fucking

forced feminization

It’s quite pathetic how you come crying to me when you realize that you haven’t been trained properly. First and foremost let’s get you out of these clothes and into something a little bit more slutty. Forced feminization is the best way to break a bitch like you. Now, don’t you look pretty in my lacy panties and pussy pink dress? I can tell you are uncomfortable as you tug at the bottom of your sluty ensemble. Don’t try and hide that tiny shrimp! HAHA.

Now that you’re all dolled up, I’m going to take you for a walk! While I put on your leash and collar I demand that you flatter me. You sound so fucking puny droning on and on about how you’ll worship me and let me drain your bank account. DUH. I roll my eyes as I slide on your mouth gag dildo. Forget the walk. Just shut the fuck up and lie flat on the bench. I’m going to use your face to make my pussy cream. Look at that little clitty poking through your sissy panties LOL. You love being smothered by superior cunt, don’t you? I pinch the tip of your pinky sized member as I fuck your face. Your screams are making the dildo on your face vibrate! Keep groaning as I pinch your little jelly bean balls too! I want to cum to the sound of my slut’s whimpers.

Mistress Phone Sex: I’m in Charge

mistress phone sexI love being your mistress phone sex mommy. I am a sensual dominatrix. If you are on my site, reading my blogs, then you should understand that I am in charge. I do not have a submissive bone in my body. I never have either. Even when I was a teenager and a college coed, I was dominating men. I still have a full dungeon full of restraints, instruments of pain and a variety of other BDSM gear. Mostly, these days I just train sissies, but occasionally, I meet a man who needs put in his place. This week it was Charlie. I met him on Tinder. He wanted a mommy fantasy and I thought for a big cock fuck, I could be his sensual mommy. He failed to mention it was a rape fantasy for mommy. I corrected him quickly, but he resorted to calling me names and that was not going to fly with me at all. I drugged him, dragged him to my dungeon and dusted off the BDSM equipment. He met my phone domination person quickly. He woke up tied down to a sawhorse with a ball gag in his mouth. His ass was up in the air, and he was immobile. The first thing he saw was my ten-inch black strapon. You guessed it right. I pegged that mother fucker’s asshole. I spared no mercy. He was about to force his average dick on me. Oh, do not get me started there. Even if he had not tried to force his pathetic dick inside me, I still would have pegged him because he used someone else’s dick picture on his Tinder profile. He was screaming like a banshee as I pegged his worthless, disrespectful and virgin asshole. His hollow apology meant nothing to me. I am a sissy training mistress. I fuck men into submission. It took longer than normal, but Charlie got a much needed wake-up call. And I got to work out some aggression on his loser ass. Men, you can never dominate this dominatrix. You will not like the outcome.

Sissy Humiliation Training Isn’t Babysitting!

Sissy humiliation training


Do you faggots really expect me take your sissy humiliation training seriously if you’re wearing a fucking diaper?!  I’m a hardcore, no nonsense sissy slut trainer, not a fucking daycare provider!  I’m here to turn you into the best femboy cock pleaser you can possibly be and that’s it.  I’m not your stupid babysitter and I’m sure as fuck not your mommy!

If you want someone to wipe and powder your ass then you need to go somewhere else.  I don’t do diapers, that’s part of the reason I never wanted to have crotch goblins of my own.  I’m not cleaning up anybody’s shit!  I’m sure that the ammoniatic aroma of your hot piss that soaked into your Pampers alone would make me gag and toss my cookies everywhere and, I promise you, if you make me puke, I’m going to do it right in your hands then make you clap them right in front of your face.  You’re lucky if I don’t wrap that dirty diaper around your stupid fag face and make you sit there with it.  Dirty mother fuckers!

Plus, I don’t do babytalk, Pal!  You can take your “wittle cwitty” and cage it up yourself for all I care.  I’m not your big, your not my little and I’m not going to “wead you a booky” so you can go “nigh nigh” or whatever the fuck!  You walking cum dumpsters have been coddled and caressed by your caretakers for too long.  I’m going to yell at you, humiliate you and talk to you like the undeserving gutter slut you are.  The only binky you’ll get from me is a giant BBC plunged deep into your whore throat to shut you the fuck up!  What do you think of that, ass fuck?!

You want to play around like some pathetic, unevolved youngster then you can do it on your own time.  I’m here to sissify you, not babysit you.  Don’t show up to my place with a diaper bag full of toys and tushy cream unless you plan on all of them going directly up your ass.  I’m not kidding.  If you even mention diaper changes on the phone with me, I’ll make you wish you never had the balls to call my Sissy Slutline® for sissy humiliation training in the first place.



forced sissy trainingI love being a sexy ass dominatrix. I have a naughty little cunt here who needs to realize who is in fucking charge. I grab his hair and pull him down into the floor, slapping him in the face and making him kiss my fucking feet. I smack his bare ass and tell him to get up and put on that silky pink thong right fucking now. He does as he is told like the good little bitch he is and then I see him start rubbing his little clit through those panties. I grab his hair and bend him over the fucking bed and tell him he is only allowed to fucking touch his clit if I say he is. I grab his little balls and squeeze hard enough for him to apologize and tell me he wont do it again. I take my big black strap on and shove it into his asshole hard so that he screams in pain and pleasure. I fuck him like the dirty little slut he fucking is telling him that he is a sissy and no woman will ever want that tiny little cock. I laugh as I fuck him as hard as I can and tell him that he is my little fuck doll that only I can use. He cums in those tiny little panties and I make him lick them clean.