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Sissy Training Audio as I watch!

sissy training audio

This is sissy training audio as I watch you. I have a sweet boy in Hong Kong who is just a sissy slave for american girls. He watches porn while I watch his webcam and shows me the hotties he wants to tease him. 

He has the cutest Asian cock that dances for me while he rubs his nipples! I tell him how much girls like to tease him, and that if he had me I would keep him tied up as a slave. I want sweet hot tight bodied women to tease him as that dick dances for me! 

Now at first I thought David was just a small cock man. But when we watched videos of women dancing and he began to twerk for me, I knew. I fucking knew this was a special breed of sissy la la man. That dick is on edge for hours at a time before i come in and I get to watch sissy squirt for me while watching hsi webcam! These are the best mornings for this sissy phone sex Mistress! 

You Can let me watch you tiny dick, l or you can send me all the videos and sissy dress up pictures you want 

I will be waiting my love!

sissy phone sex

Phone Dominatrix to Own that Sissy Ass

phone dominatrix

Get down on your knees, peasant. You don’t deserve the be on the same level as a phone dominatrix like me. I’m a perfect Goddess and you are the scum of the earth. I am better than you in every single way possible and by the time I’m done with you, you’ll know it. I won’t put up with anything from you that I don’t want, so don’t ever make the mistake of that you’ll be in charge of something. I mean, how could you be with a tiny little dick like that?! You’re a weak loser and that’s what you’re always going to be.

When’s the last time you tried to fuck a woman with that pathetic little thing? I know there are always women who will give you a pity fuck, but you probably can’t even get your dick inside her, huh? I don’t see how you even could. You should be the one taking the dick. I know some guys who would be more than happy to show you what a real man can do with a real dick. If you’re ready to admit that you’re a loser and that you don’t deserve to ever put your dick inside another woman, call me.

Let’s Discuss A FLR And How It’s Fitting For Sissy

Domination phone sex or Femdom sessions are essentially FLR (Female Led Relationships). You, as a man are giving full control over to a dominant, strong woman. In the sissy spectrum, I coerce you to becoming a sissy girl and to start dressing to please men. You will become imploringly seek out this craving online and realize that you need a Femdom to control you. This pandemic has made you in full blown lust seeking the satisfaction that can only come with serving as a cock slut. I am here to assist you, Sissy.

Domination phone sex

As a mommy of a few brats and a couple of them are training to become the best little sissy play things they can be. I am excited with how good they are at looking girly with their clit sticks tucked in pretty little panties. Their red whore lips painted as their little faces are also all made up. My offspring are my ornaments to parade about for the men that desire them. I can help you too, to become what men desire.

Who’s a good sissy girl?

sissy girl training

Are you ready for me to start your sissy girl training? Once we begin there is no going back to what you consider to be your norm. You see once we start you give up all claims to your name, masculinity and free will. I will control when you sleep, wake up or move. I control what you eat and drink. I control your bathroom time. I will turn you from a masculine man into the pretty sissy of your dreams. I will dress you in pretty panties, bras and stockings. I will have you in public in dresses and heels. I will put a wig on you until your hair grows out and apply your makeup. You will suck on cocks, slide your pretty pussy over them and ride them to completion, you will clean any and all cocks that I tell you to until I determine that they can be put away. I can’t wait to hear you scream and moan the first time that you are fucked like the little cock whore that you are. I have an opening available for a new sissy slut- do you think you have what it takes to keep my cunt pleased?


Walk The Walk, Talk The talk, and Take the Cock

Sissy TrainingSo you think if you buy my panties, you will be a pretty Barbie girl like me?

You can wear all the slutty thongs you want, even pull them up real tight until they split that many pussy of yours and you still could never be a queen diva!

You can’t just dress the part!

You have to walk the walk and talk the talk! But most importantly….you need to learn to be a submissive whore before you are a diva!

You need to be owned by a man and be made his bitch before you can rise above it!

And I happen to have a couple of giant throbbing cocks that are ready to use and destroy that pretty little man pussy of yours!

I know the feeling of that hard helmet head penetrating your pretty little rose bud is going to make your cock jump but that is where the training comes in!

We are going to trap that beast in a cock cage that is one size to small!

Any swelling will hurt like it is getting stomped by stilettos!

You will be forced to service two hard cocks in each of your pretty little fuck holes!

Just imagine that dripping meat choking you while the other uses your ass like a pogo stick!

Yes, you will be the perfect little slutty sissy, wont you?

Take me Daddy

taboo phone chat

Had someone call who wanted to know if his little whore wanted Daddy to pay her some attention. Of course I said yes and we went with a taboo phone chat. Daddy came in to see his baby girl in her room late last night after Mommy went to bed. I was asleep and Daddy came in naked and got under the covers with me. He slid one hand over my mouth and the other started rubbing my little titties and nipples. I came awake and started moving a little and so he moved his hand from my nipple to my cunt and started to rub my little clit until my pussy started getting wet. He then started thrusting his cock a little from behind me and then lifted my leg and slid his flesh rocket into my little cunnie. It was a good thing that he had his hand over my mouth as it hurt to take that much cock into my tiny twat. He kept thrusting and playing with my body until he came deep in my belly. He told me that there will be one day soon where he will do that and I will then get pregnant. I can’t wait for that day!


The Best Sissy Trainer for Christmas

best sissy trainerGive your self the best sissy trainer for Christmas. I am not saying it is me. All the sissy trainers on this site are a cut above the rest. We all have different specialties, approaches and experiences with sissies. I tend to be a sweet and nurturing sissy trainer because my experience with sissies comes from my twin boys. That does not mean I cannot be a badass because before I became a sissy trainer, I was a professional dominatrix. I have years of experience with cock and ball torture, edge play, pegging and sounding. Sometimes, I must be a phone dominatrix to my sissies because they are disobedient and in need of punishment. Take Chrissy for example. She disobeyed direct orders not to masturbate. She took her clitty cage off without permission and jacked off all day. She confessed but with no remorse. She got sassy trying to tell me I am not a real sissy trainer because I cannot really do anything on the phone. Now, sissy trainer and a sissy must agree on how the relationship will go and what is expected from both parties. I told Chrissy if she did not provide photos with a time stamp on them to show me she was adhering to my punishment, I would get her blackballed from doing sissy phone sex. I also told her I would expose her on the Internet. That is right sissies, I will blackmail you when you leave me no choice. I prefer to be a sweet sissy trainer, but I will react as a bad ass bitch when a sissy is unruly. I made Chrissy hurt her clitty and her balls for me. She had to slap her clitty and her balls, even slam them in a book. Thirty minutes of abusing her clitty and balls, and I made her record a video, so I knew she was doing it. She is singing a better tune now as my sissy. Understand that I want to be a nice sissy trainer, but I will be a bad ass dominatrix if your actions warrant it.

Playing With Perfect Markie


sissy training audioThis is a shout out to one of my newest and favorite Sissy training audio bois. Markie is a bonafide sissy who loves wearing his soft silk panties and jerking a cum load into them. Markie is a very taboo sissy and he goes all out when we have our sissy sessions. He wants me to be fucked buy the biggest bull cock forcing my tight young holes open in a fuck frensy. Now I met Markie because he is in love with the big titted Young whore Lucy. She knows how perfect he is and I made a wedding ceremony for them where she was fucked with a big black dick for the honeymoon. We enjoyed cuckolding and training The perfect Markie together. Markie is a cheating slut though and has to be disciplined, His sissy training whores love putting him in his place. Cum play with Lucy and me baby, we will make sure you have the best sissy phone sex experiences sissy phone sex

BIG black cock

phone domination

You want to call for phone domination? Well here you go you white male beta loser. You will never be as superior as the big, black cock. You will never even hope to be as hard, as large or to be as desired as they are. The best you can hope for is to live in a town where women do not find out about how amazing the black beasts are. There will never be a feeling like that first hard, black prick splitting her open and filling her pussy completely.  He will cum so hard in her cunt that it is still leaking out hours later, running down her leg. Instead of BLM I think it should be changed to BCM. There will be plenty of support for that movement. Black women, white women, Latinas all out there supporting the superior black cocks and men. We all worship at the altar of the black manliness. I hope that you will continue to champion the cause and make more donations so we can continue to receive all the benefits of big, black cocks on a daily basis. Anyone want to make a donation into my tight, wet, white pussy?

My brother is a sissy

taboo phone sex

Did you know that there are still people out there who  get upset at taboo phone sex? Personally I have no limits and I have no problems with doing whatever or whomever I need to in order to get what I want. I fucked my daddy to get him to leave me alone about school, fucked my uncle to get my first new car and I currently have my brother serving under me as a sissy. Growing up my brother was older, stronger and thought that he was in charge. When in reality all I was doing was gathering my evidence in order to bring him down. My big brother had a thing for sucking cock. I presented the videos to him one day and then I heard the magic words- I’ll do anything just don’t tell. Well now I have a man who will lick my feet clean, clean this pussy of any cum and will happily suck or fuck any cock that I tell him to. It’s easy to keep these men in line in my family as they have all fucked this cunt at least once and do not want anyone else to know. I stay in nice things and nice places all due to this sweet snatch! Do you want a taste?