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Sissy maid training breaking it down step by step.

          Sissy maid training breaking it down step by step. Day to day. The first thing to remember is that you are in training. You are not always going to like the training but to become a sissy in a French maid costume and pull it off then there is going to be some force. After all, the French are known for their Kissing, Feminization, and they have No inhibitions. Sissy maid training           Breaking it down step by step, the first step is to teach you to be proud. A maid is proud of her station. As shown above you can submit anywhere, in the kitchen or in the back yard. On your knees or on your back. As long as you have confidence. Being proud of being a sissy, forcing you into the outfit.

          Now you aren’t really ready for the outfit. The second step is stand straight. Let your legs slide smoothly together, swaying your hips. This way you draw attention to your ass. Next you do the bend and snap. Now this works on more than one level. Bending over in the French maid will draw attention to your panties, and pussy, but then when you snap up it snaps their attention up as well. Not only their attention but their cocks as well.

          With this in mind they are now the ones that will come to you. You have the upper hand, and the rest will be taught from you own Mistress phone sex trainer.  

Sissy Hypno Training Makes You Worship Big Dick and Cum

What could be better than subjecting yourself to a little Sissy hypno training? I mean come on, here you are on a sissy blog site. Obviously you are piqued a little for embracing your feminine whiles.

Sissy Hypno Training

Let’s celebrate with Pride and enjoy some personal reflection. Many of my sissy girls are closeted older men that love dressing and crave dick. Maybe you love to dress up and watch big black dick porn as you finger your sissy cunt.

How about a little mind control. A subconcious exploration of the craving for a big dick in your mouth. Maybe imagine if you will that big meaty dick head passing between your lips. Use your tongue and take a lick of that wonderful fleshy texture. Slide it over the dick hole and lick.

Now how is it feeling? Are you beginning to throb in your panties? That is a great start to nudge your embarkment on some kinky phone hypnosis with a true Black cock sissy trainer.

BBC Sissy Trainer

Best sissy trainer Zoey Adores Crossdressers and SPH

 Best sissy trainerBest sissy trainer Zoey Knows that crossdressers need to have a place where they can show off all of those sexy outfits.

From a Hong Kong man who cheats with me with his girlfriend’s panties, To the sensual and seductive ultra-high femme I adore them all.  I have collected a list of female clothing from more than a few crossdressers over my last few years. Ever curious, I love the pieces my “Girls”  collect and love to show off.  That includes a menagerie of cages, and dildos that my fem bots collect as well. 

Best sissy trainer Zoey for Crossdressers, SPh and more

The evolution of a small dicked man is another topic, but often entwined with my love for crossdressers! Some men just need a wake-up call about that clit between their legs, and a nice pair of panties engulfing that mini ween is perfection. Crossdressing and SPH help cum to terms with size. And For all my other girlie boys, I still can humiliate you in other ways. 🍭

Not all my callers started out wearing frilly Sissy panties. Some took a while to put on lace and satin. Others were quick to go rummaging through dressers and laundry hampers. I really love getting photos of my men-in-panties! Wink, wink! “Mistress, what Shall I wear for my session?”A meek fem-boy chats with me. “Anything that makes you feel girlie and slutty.” is always my reply to newbies. 

And for my established baby dolls, I always seem to find the perfect outfit for them. I’m a master of making my fem-boys look and feel like princesses.  Give me an inventory, and I’ll be happy to have you dress in session with me. Remember, a cyber chat is an excellent way to get all ready before our training sessions! Let me dress you up.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.

Sissy hypno training do as I say…You are mine

          Sissy hypno training do as I say…You are mine to do as I tell you as soon as you have been put under my spell. Listen to my voice, feet flat on the floor. One hand resting on the table. The other in your lap. Now close your eyes. Your arm is getting lighter and lighter, light as feathers.  The other is getting heavier and heavier.

          Feel it bending at the elbow. Coming closer to your face. When you feel your fingers touch your face…bop you are now under my power, and you will remain under until I bring you out. Once you are out you will remember nothing of what I told you just the changes that I have given to you.

          You will not remember what I made you do while under hypnosis only that you like it very much. You may be wondering why you are in a skirt, a maid outfit, or the marks from claws, whips, among other marks covering your body. Using your Hypno training to turn you into the slave that I want you to be means that you are going to be begging me to give you the Sissy slave training that you so richly need and deserve.

          Before you know it, you will be completely under my control. Your pussy will be mine to use and abuse. Turning you into the sissy you were meant to be.Sissy hypno training

Sissy training audio for men who like it in the backdoor.

Sissy training audio

Sissy training audio for men who like it in the backdoor. I have been waiting to show off my new strap on my skinny little boyfriend for a whole week now. But today is the day that he gets to back that ass up on my big mommy dick! 

Sissy Training audio / strap on play 

My little boyfriend is shivering with anticipation as I approach him with my cock held firmly in my hand. I can see the submission in his eyes, the desire to give himself up to me completely. He knows there’s no escape from the pleasures I have planned for him.

I slap his naked ass, hard, watching him jump with a yelp of surprise. “Are you ready, slut?” I ask, my voice low and menacing. He nods, his eyes wide. I can see the fear and the excitement mingling there, and it only fuels me further.

I slather lube all over my cock, making sure it’s nice and slick. Then, I pick up my boyfriend and position him on the bed, his face up, eyes wide with fear and lust. “This is going to hurt a bit at first,” I warn him, “but trust me, it’s going to feel so fucking amazing! I thrust inside him, and we both cry out in unison. I pound into him, my hips slapping against his ass. His breathing becomes ragged as I thrust harder and harder. My Forced sissy training isn’t lost on him! 

Forced sissy training with my cum filled pussy

I love Bisexual men so much because they let me fuck them. Making a masculine man become a moaning pile of mush with my dick is the absolute best! I get off on the power I have over them. I love making them submit to me and teach them a lesson in submission. Furthermore, I make sure to show them who’s boss and that I’m always in control. Having a slut like me fuck you only provides you some prostate milking and maybe just a little bit of submission you’re missing in your daily life. That dick and balls flopping around as I go hard and deep has my pussy running, too.

Phone domination is what every bi -boi needs! 

Only it’s already been filled with your best friend’s cum. And let’s face it, you’re an anal whore! And a cum eater. Suck my strap clean. After your little dick squirts, you will need to clean me out! Phone domination by Miss Zoey will make you feel empty without me!

Sissy slave training is what you get for my fun

Part of your Sissy slave training is to entertain my company. Therefore, you must do as they want. “I need my balls drained,” my BBC guest said. Since you have been trained so well, you open your mouth nice and wide. “I train my sissy bitches right” I say as I shove your mouth on his big black cock. Your sissy ass wiggles like a filthy bitch as I use your mouth to jack him off.

“I see this bitch knows how to use that mouth, but what about that pussy?” He moans. “Let me show you,” I responded. Therefore, I push my sissy bitch on all fours. Then I rip those pink panties off your sissy ass and stuff them in your mouth. “Show my guest how well you have been trained” I whisper in your ear and then spank your ass. “Open up hoe” he says as he lubes his cock up. Then he quickly starts ramming you.

Sissy slave training

I love how I get you trained, and you use that training to entertain my guests and keep them happy.  You put on a good show and that makes me proud. That is why you get rewarded with new panties. After you get filled up, I stuff your new panties in your dripping pussy. so, you can hold that nut right in. “I want you to keep your new Sissy panties inside you until they soak up all that sperm” I say to you. Then you can put them on and walk around with cum soaked panties. When you walk around in the gooey panties you feel sexy and that is why you get trained.

Sissy Boy’s Panty Adventure

Oh yeah, baby! Let me tell you about this wild incident with my neighbor. I’ll call him ‘Sissy’ for now—you’ll find out why in a sec.

So, I noticed this dude wearing the cutest pink panties under his work pants. I had to invite him over, and since he was such a good boy, I trapped him in my apartment. I mean, who wears lacy panties and thinks they can get away with it? Not on my watch!

I played hardball with him, threatening to expose his little sissy secret. The guy was so shy, but I knew exactly how to handle his type. I pulled those panties up and reminded him he was nothing but a feminized sissy.

Now, the real fun began. He was already in a cock cage—bless his little heart—so I made him get on his knees and worship my cunt. I suffocated him with my pussy, and the sight of his trapped clit in that cage had me dripping wet.

He tongued me good, and the way he humped the cage had me hot and bothered. I knew he was putty in my hands, so I told him to prepare for more sissy training—a personal invitation from me!

This sissy had no choice but to obey, and I bloody loved the power. There’s something about panties and a good old cock cage that gets me going. Add a bit of humiliation to the mix, and I was in heaven!”

Sissy panties better be ready for me, tightly up your ass!

Sissy pantiesHello, my dear little sissies! Better get your Sissy panties ready for me because I have a lot of BBC to pound your hole into a stretched out pussy. I know, I know I am I your favorite BBC Sissy Dominatrix and don’t worry dear, I am here to give you a another sweet taste of what it’s like to be under my command. I’m the one who will turn you into the perfect little sissy, ready to serve and obey my every whim.

Now, let’s get one thing straight: I’m not your average dominatrix. I’m a bad, BBC-loving sissy mistress, and I’m here to make sure you’re ready for the big leagues. You see, I’ve got a whole lot of BBC for your bussy, and I’m not afraid to use it.

They better be ready for your BBC sissy trainer, tightly up your ass, because I’m going to make sure you’re wearing them every single day. And don’t even think about taking them off, because I’ll know, and I’ll make sure you regret it. They are going to get so crusty with hot thick BBC cum, and you will wear them with pride.

So, how do you become my perfect little BBC sissy slave? Well, it’s simple: you call me, and you let me take control. I’ll guide you through every step of your transformation, from the moment you slip on those slutty little panties to the moment you’re on your knees, worshipping BBC.

And trust me, my little sissies, once you’ve experienced the power of BBC, you’ll never want to go back. You’ll crave it, you’ll beg for it, and you’ll do anything to get it. That’s the kind of control I have over you, and I’m not afraid to use it.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, dial my number, and let me turn you into the perfect little BBC sissy slave. I promise you, it’ll be an Sissy phone experience you’ll never forget. Until next time, my little sissies. Stay obedient!



Phone domination get on your fucking knees and worship me.

          Phone domination get on your fucking knees and worship me. No one ever claimed I was a nice fucking bitch. That is why I am the best at control. Pussy, sissy, cock, and every other one. Going to dominate your ass.

          Knees bitch. Worship me. In a word. Beg. Looking down on you as you look up at me. Between my legs. See how it drips ever so slightly down my leg. Run your tongue up the inside of my thigh. Tasting me.

          Crack a whip on your shoulders. Slave. You have a tiny little dick and need to be punished for being so small. Crack the whip and make you whip out your cock. Going to put it into a cage. Small cage. Under lock and key. Going to put the key on the back of your collar.  Phone domination

          Phone domination get on your fucking knees and worship me.

          Laughing as I lay it alongside of the other cocks in the room. Now look and compare how much smaller you are to them. The little cunt bitch needs a good ass whopping. Going to have them force fuck you until you are crying out. In the long run you will be used and abused.

          As can be seen you are the fluffer for me. Nothing more, nothing less. Until we all finally cum and leave you wanting more. Stuck in your cage. Not able to get hard or to cum until I allow you.

          With this in mind. We are going to play at me being your Phone dominatrix and going to control your pussy ass and keep you on your knees begging and slurping, cleaning up for me. Until you are the cum whore that you are meant to be.

BBC sissy trainer and cock size queen loves filling sissy pussy!

BBC sissy trainer

BBC sissy trainer and Cock size queen Zoey is here to make you eat cum. Your cum on the phone, and some big black cock at the glory hole. I just had the chance to breed a Sissy ass who I haven’t seen in a while. 

Sissy Brandi had a hot spurt of her sissy jizzy to eat for me tonight. She had on her favorite pink little panties jerking her sweet baby girl clitty so hard and fast. But you know I made her pull out her XXl black dildo so I could breed her sissy pussy over the sissy phone line.  Brandi was moaning and begging for my cock to fill her up. She came so hard and then begged me to fill her with my seed. It was so hot. I was more than happy to oblige and have her eat  the cum she craved. In a perfect world, I would have creampied her sissy pussy With BBC.

BBC sissy trainer and cock size queen loves filling sissy pussy!

Hopefully she will be so jonesin to be stuffed with a big black cock she goes and gets BBC now!  I played with my cunt as she and she thanked me over and over. All I have to say is Brandi has a great pussy and eats cum like the best of the cum whores around. Stay a sexy Sissy whore my Pretty Sissy Brandi!

Eat cum for me and be bred on a BBC!