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I Love Femboy Training

femboy trainingI love femboy training. My daughter has a friend who when he turned 18 got a boob job. In high school he was like my sissy twins. He was a crossdresser and wanted cock. Lots of cock. I helped feminize Nathan when he was a schoolboy. I am good with hair and makeup, and wardrobe of course. I knew what Nathan was and I excepted him. I pretty much raised him when his folks kicked him out. I never will understand parents who do not accept their offspring for who they are. Everyone is welcome in my home. Nathan goes by Natalie now and she is just the cutest little T-girl. She has bigger boobs than my daughter. She has a good job. A good place to live. She is thriving despite being cut off from her family. My daughter, Natalie and I went to Pride Festival this morning before the heat became oppressive. We were all decked out in rainbows. I gave out free mom hugs. My little T-girl surrogate daughter was the belle of the pride festival. She picked up a straight black man who had no clue. All dolled up Natalie is as hot as my daughter. She has a beautiful little clit stick too. I suggested they come back to my place. My daughter and Natalie love big black cocks. They both have Queen of Spades tattoos. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I love black cock too. I was hoping Natalie my little fem queen would share. This dude thought he was going home with three hot chicks. He was but one of us had a tiny panty surprise. I do not even think this stud realized he was fucking a T-girl. That is how pretty Natalie is. And when I say she has a tiny clitty, I mean it is tiny. Like 3-inches hard max. If this guy knew, he never let on. He fucked Natalie’s tight little backdoor pussy, and me and my daughters’ cunts. He had enough to go around. He was not stingy with his bbc either. He pumped us all full of cum. Even the best sissy trainer needs some cock occasionally. Just never thought a little femgirl would be my wingman.

bbc sissy trainer

Me & My Favorite Sissy Goldie!

BBC Sissy Trainer

I’ve been feeling very generous towards my sissies this month! The summer time means the days are full of fun time by the pool for Mistress Raine and the nights are filled with sissy training and cock taking. Just this weekend I invited my favorite sissy over to help me take care of one of my BBC Stallions by draining his big black balls completely of cum. My stallion has a insatiable craving for sissy pussy and he knows I will always provide him with the sluttiest sissy whores to take his cock. Me and my favorite sissy Goldie got all dressed up in lovely pink lingerie and did some poppers before our stallion arrived. We were feeling nice and loose by the time the BBC was whipped out right in front of us. I sucked that BBC hard and guided the thick pink mushroom head into sissy Goldie’s tight little fuck hole. She went wild on that BBC when he started pounding her bussy. I was so proud to see my Goldie taking all 11 inches of that amazing black cock and juicing those balls for all the nut they were worth!

Mother and Daughter Sissy Training

sissy trainingMy daughter loves sissy training too. She is 18 now and can legally join me. She has been joining me for about a year now anyway. I have plenty of sissy boys who love the idea of a mother daughter training session. Last night was the first time my baby girl could accompany me to the dirty bookstore with a client. My sissy Sally is a 55-year-old closested sissy. My daughter has pegged him with me. She has even dressed him up to look like a bimbo Barbie. She is very talented with hair and make-up. She is in cosmetology school. She does nails too. My daughter and I escorted Sissy Sally into the adult bookstore and into the back room where the glory holes are. She was going to practice her cock sucking skills on the real thing this time. She was ready for the real thing. Online sissy training involves dildos and garden veggies, but when you see me in real-time, you get to suck the real thing. Sissy Sally was so excited. We went into the room, knocked on the wall and cocks popped through the holes. Big cocks too. Many were black or brown, but there were a few average white dicks in attendance too. I encouraged my sissy to start slow. She started with the white dicks before she finished with the big black cocks. I knocked again on the wall to signal a few studs over to fuck Sally’s puckered back door pussy. The only thing to enter her tight hole has been my strapon. She was ready to graduate sissy school with the real thing in her sissy hole. I pulled her fluffer panties down and lubed up her hole. My daughter guided a big black dick in her technically virgin hole. The best sissy trainer always makes sure her sissies get the real thing after some practice. My daughter and I had so much fun seeing our tutelage played out in the real world.

Online Sissy Training for Pride Month

online sissy trainingJune is Pride month. Cum out of the closet with online sissy training. No shame in being a sissy.  I love sissies. I train all kinds of men too. Men you would never guess had a closeted sissy life. Older men, younger men. Black men, white men. You might be surprised how many sissies are out there. My guess is that you know men just like you, but you do not realize it. I do not share your dirty little secret with anything, but I still feel you should not feel bad for whatever your sissy self wants from wearing panties to sucking cock. Not all men can be alpha males. This world would not function if everyone wore the pants. Some of you need to wear the panties, the sissy panties. I had a new client this week. I rarely take on new clients in my real life, but its June and I told myself I would help as many sissies come out of the closest as I could. Tyler is a 28-year-old single sissy. He is self-employed and really has no reason why he cannot be out. This world seems hostile to men who are not macho white guys with big guns and big wallets, but it is far more expecting than it once was. I worked with Tyler all week. Daily sessions. I told him screw his family if they could not handle the fact that their son likes to service cock and dress up in women’s lingerie. He owns his own home. He has zero debt. He does charitable work. Sissies are not bad people. I took him to the glory hole every day and got him a taste of all kinds of cocks. He is a different sissy now. Confident and cock addicted. He told his parents last night and he said they accepted me. Tyler had a happy ending coming out of the closet with me as his best sissy trainer. I know not everyone can come out of the closet, but you should at least come out to yourself. There is no shame in being a sissy.

Online Sissy Training Available Here

online sissy trainingIs online sissy training for you? Let us be honest for a moment. It is hard to be a sissy when you hare married with a family and have a good job that would be at risk if you came out of the closest. That is why sissy sites like this one are here. Most of the guys I speak to are closeted sissies or sissies in their head only. I can work with that. Most of the sissies I see in my personal life, are only practicing sissies when with me. The world is not too kind to sissies. They get ridiculed and shamed, but just because a man likes to wear women’s clothes and think about sucking cock does not make him useless. Sissies have great purpose. I use sissies for all kinds of things. I love a sissy maid. Some one who will do all the grunt housework and eat my cum filled pussy too. Sissy fluffers are fun also. Those are sissies who suck cock and guide those fluffed dicks into a woman’s pussy. If wives would be more enlightened, they would realize that the best thing to have is a sissy fluffer husband. It means that a hot wife can get all the cock she wants. Her sissy husband gets to suck dick and clean her cunt afterwards. That is win win. I love sissy training. I train sissies for all kinds of things from being sissy maids to being cock sucking faggots. Sometimes both. Many men need a sissy trainer in their lives who will help them with those urges that men have for cock. There is no shame in wanting to wear something frilly and drain some dicks. No shame in wanting to take a cock in your back door pussy either. I have trained hundreds of sissies over the years. No two sissies are the same. But if am their trainer, they will all be the best cock sucking sissies wearing the prettiest sissy panties around.

I Love Phone Domination

phone dominationI love phone domination. I can be a whips and chains dominatrix, but I prefer to be a nurturing domme. The kind that pegs your ass, dresses you up and teaches you to suck cock. I am a bad ass bitch. I have softened over the years since I became a mother. I am more nurturing now. A caller asked me how I knew I was dominant. My awaking was in college. I was an alternative girl. I was part of the Goth community, leaning more towards the steampunk clique. I took no shit from anyone, especially men. I met a much older professor when I was 19 and we had an affair that lasted 15 years, even after I married and became a mother. It is not the kind of affair you think. I was his mistress but not as in lover, as in owner. He had a kink lifestyle he had to keep hidden. In the early 2000’s he paid me $500 a week to peg and whip him. I did other things too like flogging and face sitting. My dorm roommate was slaving at Walmart for minimum wage. She worked 30 hours a week for less than $200 a week. I worked like 8 hours a week and was paid cash, under the table. My professor liked my look. He trained me to be a phone dominatrix. I was dominant by nature, but I had no clue yet about the BDSM lifestyle. Meeting him changed my life. Based on my experiences with him, I was able to add more clients. Before long, I was 23 making over $100,000 grand a year as a dominatrix. Now, here I am training sissies because all sissy trainers are bad ass bitches. Not all submissive men are sissies, but all sissies are submissive. They need a sissy trainer who is not afraid to train then or punish them either. I still have a few BDSM clients that I see in their homes, but I am more or a sissy trainer these days. Sissy training begins with a phone call.

Stupid whore in sissy panties

Sissy pantiesHave a gander at sissy Lisa all dressed up and ready to take cock in her back door pussy. Isn’t she just the slutiest whore you have seen today. He is the stupidest sissy whore I have ever had the pleasure of.
Lisa has nasty sissy panties dirty slut that plays with ass so much can’t keep his shit in there so uses tampons and pads and puts a tampon in for me while on call too! Take a plunger and push that applicator up in there booty suck it right up the champagne bottle with the cork in no cork wrapper! So she can bare back its cork first! it’s going explode when the bottle is going to explode right in booty of a stupid dirty sissy whore! See, Phallic food makes his clitty hard! This fucker gets excited by his love of cock he makes a Banana creame pie out of it! He ate that banana after douche hands and knees like a little bitch whipped cream bottle into his booty and the feeling of having the whipped cream fill up his booty was incredible, peeled bananas and booty gobbled it right up! Put that Pink dildo on shower wall and started riding it and when that was all dripping out of his booty and it reminded of him of hot girls fingering self while being fucked and licking fingers hands and knees and pushing the banana out of his ass while talking to a sissy trainer while he did it! I enjoyed having him licking it all up ! Stupid little dirty ass Whore! Blow pops and Softball baseball bats are just a few of the things they stupid ass whores ass gobbles up! Trust this slut will be exposed for all she is in time!

we need to have a meeting

sissy phone

As part of my sissy phone sessions, I love to have meetings and will expect nothing but the best from my sissies. I want to make sure you are intelligent and working smart. When you are jumping into the world of sissy life, you have to know you will not be the only person around who has ever thought of being sissified. You must come through with the work. I want to make sure you are sucking so many cocks and taking lots of cum. I don’t have time for games and will put you to the test. I will make sure you outdo yourself and show me you were born to be a sissy whore. I want to see improvement from your walk to your clothing attire to your personal dating life. You must show me you are all in so that I can keep training you and making you a complete sexy vixen sissy slut.

Sissy Tiffy


Femboy trainingI met a sissy that may make your itty bitty clittys jealous! Tiffany is a new sissy that absolutely makes my cunt drip! She is the type of sissy that the all American type when she isn’t dressed up in pretty little outfits for her Goddess. Seeing her strong arms and chiseled legs in thigh highs and tanks tops really makes me want to fuck her all night long. If I could, I would cum deep in her belly just to show her how much she turns me on. The most i can do is fill her man pussy with my squirt.  She’s a size queen that isn’t afraid to take a big throbbing cock in her juicy tight man pussy so I know my strappy will make her very happy. What makes Tiffany different than you other little sissies the fact that she has a sizeable cock that can make a woman happy! None the less, she still won’t get a piece of this pussy. The most I can do is let her have fun with my prized possession, Tyrell. As you all may know, I keep this big dick buck for my own enjoyment. However, I would love to see Tiffany take every last inch of his pulsing cock until their balls clack together! Tyrell loves a little femboy that can take all 11 of his throbbing inches.  Tiffany might be my new favorite girl if she is able to take that dick and suck my strap at the same time! Let’s see how far I can stretch that size queen’s cunt.

Bottom Feeder

sissy pantiesSissy Jay is a bottom feeder who enjoys jacking off in his sissy panties! Now Jay is what you call an ass eater fairy fag! Or at least that’s what I call him! I never have had my ass so worshiped as I do when Jay needs to eat my brown eye!  I love when he begs to clean my ass out with his tongue in hopes that I will squirt my previous lovers cum in his whore ass mouth! Is it really Easter if you haven’t savored your mistresses milk chocolate back door fuck hole and extracted soft yummy cum center like a Cadbury creme egg! I will gladly sit this ass on his face and use sissy Jay like a fucking cum dumpster, cum eating sissy queen that he is! Humiliation phone sex is what drives A subby sissy slut to cum in satin panties thinking of my creamy ass hole!  I hope your a bottom feeder who thrives on ass sex! Eating ass, and lets not forget getting fucked in the ass pussy for me! Cum out, cum out sissy whore! Dress in your Easter best for your Mistress and bring you extra large dildos and Butt plugs to play!