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Femboy training is in full swing sissy slut!

Femboy trainingImagine your Femboy training allowing your feminine self to finally accept your fate. You know there is something different about you that you are so afraid to let out. The way you admire panties, craving the feeling of the fabric against you little cocky. Or the way that you get so turned on by the thought of a nice big veiny cock.

You are wondering why you keep having these reoccurring thoughts? That’s because you were born to be a little sissy slut! You are a little girl so let’s dress you up real nice! I know you like the feeling of wearing those panties you love to sniff. Here, ill take them off for you with me teeth and you can put them on baby and be a sexy girl like me! Oh, don’t forget your bra, and the pair of thigh highs too! Now go-ahead sissy slut you know what to do! Put on those 6-inch fuck me heals and strut around for me baby girl, tell me how it feels!

You are all dressed up and ready to seduce. Daddy is going to be happy babe you are all ready to be used! You don’t have to scared daddy won’t be too rough. But he is going to use so you better pucker up. Get down on your knees and beg daddy for that cock! You know your tiny little cocky is worthless and could never please a woman. That’s because it’s a clitty and you are nothing but a good little slut.

Open up wide and start bobbing your head, just like the whore you aspire to be. Suck that cock good baby, suck it as if you were me! Come on sissy slut I want to see you gag! Feel that massive cock slide down your throat going deeper and deeper until you choke! I know this is what you have been dying to do, so put on a show so daddy will want to keep using you!

Suck that big dick make him unload that massive nut! feel that creamy warm cum coat your mouth and your tongue.  Move it around enjoy the way that it feels. This is everything you wanted and you’re doing it in heals Now swallow it up we aren’t done with you yet! You know that little boy pussy needs to be pounded and breed!

Best sissy trainer watches

best sissy trainerBeing the best sissy trainer is so much fun. I get to watch men like David jack off while I dominate them. David si what I call a soft man. Six pack, Asian with a pretty dick. I’m guessing his cock is average for Asian men! But it sure is sexy! I have a dildo that reminds me of David’s dick. Only I have a couple inches and more girth to my toys. Does that stop me from knowing that David wants to fuck? He wants to have sex with big tittied, slick pussy women who tease and deny him. David is in love with UWU girls, You know a girl who makes the emoticon cum to life and draws on the sexualization and suggestion of Young anime girls! That tongue sticking out and eyes rolled back as they get some dick!
David is one of my foreign boys who relies on a strong hand to spank his ass and control his masturbation’s. Are you an edger like My David? Can you make your dick jump by rubbing your nipples? Show me how hard you get for a sexy domination phone sex specialist like this Gamer girl! Il be sure to tell you about all the big dick I get.
Look for My new series on sissy hypno porn coming soon, just like you! If I let you cum that is!

Online Sissy Training with My Favorite Fruitcake

online sissy trainingThis is national fruitcake month and since I work with fruitcakes daily, I think online sissy training is called for during national fruitcake month. I hate fruitcake, but I love my sissy fruitcakes. The way I found out there was a fruitcake month was through one of my sissies. He brought me a fruitcake when he showed up for training this weekend. He told me he had a fruitcake for me, and it was from my favorite fruit. He has been with me for almost 20 years. He started out seeing me during my dominatrix days. Initially that was what I did. While my fellow coeds slaved away in fast food jobs or retail, I was whipping male asses into submission. Oscar was one of my first clients. This is back in the day when a mistress could advertise on The Back Pages and Craig’s List. This is also before cbt fun and pegging with a dominatrix became prostitution.

online sissy trainingOscar was a fruitcake even back in those days and I recognized him as a sissy early on. He liked to dress in my lingerie as I pegged his ass. He would fantasize about cock. He was submissive, but he was more like my online sissy training clients than a pain slut. So, we changed our sessions up. I still pegged his ass, but there was no more cock and ball torture. Instead, I caged his little clitty up and gave him the nickname, “Fruitcake.” That moniker stuck and he has been my fruitcake ever since. When he arrived this weekend with the fruitcake it was a celebration of our 20-year anniversary. I hate fruitcake, but I appreciated the sentiment. I treat him just like the little fruit he is. I dressed him up in some of my blue lingerie. It was the same garter belt he wore so many years ago. I have a bunch of old school lingerie like Maidenform and Bali lingerie. He is a vintage sissy. He has always appreciated the bright and bold colors of the 80s and 90s. He has a very slim body, with a tiny clitty. He looks better in lingerie than he does in manly clothes.

online sissy trainingOscar is a very loyal and obedient client. He may be my most perfect sissy. I pegged his ass and to celebrate 20 years together. I broke out some champagne and ate some fruitcake with my favorite fruit. Now, I do mostly online sissy training with other fruits like Oscar, but he will forever me my first and favorite fruitcake. That is unless you think you can be a better fruit?

Sissy Training Shopping Small

sissy trainingSissy Training on Small Business Saturday Shopping! Today you are to go out and support local! By the way our phone sex hotlines qualify for that! Spend with us sluts since we love small shopping too! I love shopping local for small wares. I find that the little dicked men are always out in the bars around here. So I put my money on the smallest loser I can. It only takes me a minute to spot the Small peen. He is touching my ass and asking what I am drinking! I snatch his hand and look into his eyes.sissy training
“I assure you don’t have the dick to please me.” The bar erupts in laughter and he gets so red and angry. He storms off. What a pity, I yell, I would have pity fucked you! I love when they start denying the obvious. If he would have just laughed and brushed me off I would have second guessed myself. His loss. On to the next loser. I have an itch for sissy training small cocks tonight. As the Jager bomb drops I see him. Target locked and loaded. He is sitting with a couple girls who are ignoring him. Shy, cute and small framed, has me thinking of satin and lace. This man is shopping small and dripping a lot of cash on these hotties. I have bigger plans for him. I grin and raise my glass at him. The look on his face as I slam my drink and lick my lips! My pussy aches. I need to feminize and use him up.
I have made contact. Now to wiggle him away from leeches who only want his money. I know how to give him a good time and take his cash for my own small business. Men who are shy and spend on hot women are perfect for what I do. I prefer to use sissy training to bring out the pleasures in a small cock. There is no other way than dressing up and submitting to my lusty wiles. One trip to the girls room later he is alone. “You know they ditched you, right?” I slid into the booth. They went home with the black bartender. He sighs and starts to get up. “Don’t leave, I have a soft spot for submissive men,” I coo. “You…You…do?” even his stutter is cute. Yes and I want to show you just how much fun having a small clitty can be!”  Be like Zoey shop small and Local!

Sissy training ZOey

Sissy hypno training is going to be fun sissy pet

Sissy hypno trainingHello sissy pet! Welcome to you first session of Sissy hypno training. We are going to have so much fun playing with and stretching out your tiny tight boy pussy. Now you know you have some rules to follow! Most important being you have to do as I say! That pretty little ass is mine and we are going to fuck it all day!

You mustn’t cum, so don’t think about touching that cocky! But if that pussy getting pounded feels too good, and your clitty does explode, you know what to do. Smack your cock and balls hard like I taught you to. You must punish yourself while I watch you suffer. You are a weak worthless excuse for a fuck toy! I don’t know why I even bother!

Now part two of the accidental explosion means you have to jerk your clittly till I say you can stop. Use that warm creamy cum as lube and rub it just right. Get yourself ready to pop! Oh, but remember there is absolutely no cumming. I’ll tell you when you can cum, and you better do so on command. However, I don’t mind if I have to take the punishments onto my own hands

Now look at this big dildo and your chastity cage. We are going have so much fun with the games I want to play. Your sissy panties look cute, and you are dressed up nice. I want you to be a good slut and I don’t want to ask you twice. Now put on the cage I know that its tight. It will stop your sissy urges to touch i.t You know you find that urge hard to fight. Now grab the big dildo and slide two fingers in that tight hole. Stretch it out a little, make it nice and wet. I ready to see that cock inside you my beautiful sissy pet!

This cock that you are going to fuck yourself with will have you ready to beg. You’re going to want mercy, but you will get none! This is my hole to train and stretch for daddy so he can use you to cum! You will shove that dildo deep in your pussy, ramming until I say you are done. Now take that big, long dido and position it at your ass. Shove it in deeply and I don’t want even as much as a gasp! But don’t worry this time ill let you use lube. Now spread your round ass open and begin to slide it in!  Oh, don’t wince femboy! This is level one; this cock is thin!

The Best sissy trainer set and auction full of sissies in Sissy panties

Best sissy trainer

Since i am the Best sissy trainer I have so many sissy slave training to do i decided to auction them off to some BBC sissy trainer bulls I know. They all came with money and big black dicks for my Sissy sluts. I got them ready with some Phone domination and Sissy training audio tapes before they came. They knew to arrive wearing Sissy panties and heels, plus lipstick. I love watching that lipstick smear when they suck a big black cock. When the auction started, they all had to come out one by one showing off their favorite skill they acquired from sissy training. One sucked dick until his mouth was full of cum, another sissy used his magical hands to milk a BBC. the last one showed how quick his Sissy pussy can make a BBC cum and he even cleaned up his cock with his mouth. I knew he would bring me lots of money at this auction. One by one they took turns getting bid on. At the end of the night any BBC sissy trainer who won his bid paid me and claimed his winnings. 

Sissy Panties Are What Sissies Need to Wear

sissy pantiesDo you belong in sissy panties? I love panty boys. I think for a lot of sissies it all begins with mommy’s panty drawer. I am a mother. I have a teenage daughter and twin teen boys who live their lives as girls now. They are transgendered and once they turn 18, they can start hormone therapy and get boob jobs. I knew they were femme boys when they were young. They used to steal my sexy lingerie. Now, that is not abnormal for young boys, but they began playing in my panty drawer long before they were old enough to get traditional boy boners. They were not jacking off in my panties like most horny boys. They were wearing them. They liked the way they felt on their bodies. Silky panties do feel good. Many women would shame their boys for wearing panties. I tell those women to get out of the dark ages. Gender is fluid, and we are long past the days of men and women needing to have clear lines of what makes you a boy or a girl. A mother who is a sissy phone sex trainer, knows there are other reasons a young boy may be attracted to his mommy’s panties.  I helped my boys come out of the closest and live their lives honestly as femboys. A mother is often best able to handle a femboy son. Fathers want to force their boys to be straight even when it is detrimental to their son’s mental well-being. I am a nurturing mother. I love my sons and I love my sissy boys. My sons are free to be who they want. If they want to wear my sexy lingerie and suck cock, I will not tell them they cannot do that. I will not tell you that you cannot be a sissy boy either. I will be the best sissy trainer for you. I am loving, nurturing, patient and a bad ass bitch when I need to be. Let’s make you a perfect sissy for Halloween.

Sissy Hypno Training Uses Magic to Make You the Best Sissy Ever

sissy hypno trainingSissy hypno training women will cast a spell on you on Magic Day turning you into a sissy boy. I have magical powers. Now, many men do not believe that. They see just a soccer mom or a sissy trainer. They do not see me for the magical witch that I am. I have been working on a new spell for sissies. There was no better day to cast my new spell than on National Magic Day, which was yesterday. I invited my newest sissy over. He is one who has a ton of disbelief when it comes to being a sissy. He knows in his head he should be a sissy. He has a small dick. Almost nonexistent balls, smooth body and feminine features, yet he struggles with doing anything a sissy would. He does not want to suck cock. He does not want to dress in sissy clothes. He does not want to get pegged in the ass. He came to me for sissy training. He knows logically that mature women make the best sissy trainers, yet he is not ready to say goodbye to his masculine self. So, I cast a sissy spell on him when he arrived yesterday. Power of suggestion goes a long way. I convinced him it was a spell I was casting, when it was just sissy hypno training techniques utilized by an experienced sissy trainer.

sissy hypno trainingI have been a sissy trainer for many years. I can make even the most unwilling sissies fem girls with the right spell. Being a sissy is magical anyway, don’t you agree. I mean I take you from a masculine looking man and turn you into a pretty girl who is begging for cock. And I do it all with the power of suggestion and some forced fem boy training. Never underestimate the magical powers of a sissy trainer. When my sissy arrived for his session yesterday, he was not prepared. He had not done anything I instructed him to do. So, I cast a spell on this unruly sissy. It was Magic Day, after all. Sissy hypno training was all the magic I needed. My pretty little boy was a girl just like that. The power of suggestion allowed me to get this sissy dressed in a frilly pink dress. The power of suggestion allowed me to put make-up and a wig on my sissy. And the power of suggestion had my sissy girl sucking an army of big black cocks down at the glory hole. I am a sissy trainer. If you come to me for training, I will use everything in my arsenal, even magic, to turn you into the best sissy ever.

sissy hypno training

Femboy training with you is always so damn cute!

 Femboy trainingIn that frilly dress you bought for yourself for Femboy training at my beck and call, I can’t help but let the words “pretty” escape my mouth. It looks good on you, it’s so shiny in the midday light and the way it covers your shaven legs juuuust enough to tempt me but not enough to be boring, really highlights the entire look. Those heels look good on you, and the bow I picked out contrasts so nicely that I find myself realizing I’m really looking at a girl. We’ve done it, you’re a girl now, at least for right now. I casually adjust the bow a little atop your head, shifting it every so slightly to the side in an effort to really bring out your Sissy girl training. I brush your hair just right so that the part covers your eyes ever so slightly, and the rest frames your cute face. That little blush of yours feels so good to look at, a little added makeup doesn’t hurt though so I’m sure to go at you just a little. You don’t need that much, you’re a natural, and looking at you makes me feel really good. I did it, I made a girl today. I ask you to spin around for me and show me the back, and when you do I grab your shoulders and hold you still. “Just like this.” I giggle, lifting that skirt of yours, and revealing those pretty pink Sissy panties I had you buy. They’re so cuuuute! It’s a shame to slide them down your ass, but I do, because the real reason I had you turn your back is revealed a moment later when I slip a nice dildo into your asshole. You cry out at first, but I whisper soothing promises into your ear. Reminders like “pretty girls don’t complain” and “you’ll love it soon enough.”

Oop, that’s all the time we have. You’ll call me and hear the rest, right? You cutie slut.

Femboy Training with Me Takes You From Man to Girl

femoboy trainingI love femboy training. It is getting colder weather, so I cannot dress my sissies in as revealing clothes, but I can make them look perfect for sweater weather season. I have this one sissy who wants to be a trans girl like my twin sons. I have been working with her all summer. Her hair is now long and thick. She has some little boobies budding. Her body is softer and curvier. I waxed all the hair from her body too, even waxed her cockette. And with me doing her makeup and clothes, she was ready for her big debut as a trans girl. She wanted to see if she could pass in a normal setting, so we went to a Pumpkin Patch first. I had her in tight jeans, and a cute sweater. Put her in an old padded bra of mine to give her more curves. We just mingled with people at the pumpkin patch. My boys were with us. They were dressed too in their cute fall outfits.  The pumpkin patch was fun, but not how we wanted to end the night. I took my boys back home, and my trans sissy gurl and I went to a glory hole to practice her cock sucking skills. I am the best sissy trainer for trans girls. I can not only help them look like a girl, but I can also help them fuck like a girl. This glory hole I frequent is perfect for sissies to get some cock sucking experience. After she swallowed a bout a gallon of jizz, she wanted to pop her pussy cherry. Her sweet little backdoor cherry was ready too. I knocked on the wall, and over came a big burly man. He put my sissy on all fours, yanked her jeans off and fucked her from behind. I do not think he had any clue he was fucking a pretty sissy bitch. My client moaned, but she took that huge cock and huge load like a champion. My sissy training time with her is not over yet, but she is ready to live her life as a girl now under my continued tutelage.