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Be My ‘VIS’ Darling!

Femboy Training

My “VIS” meaning my Very Important Sissies pay extra to have a full day of shopping with their favorite trainer! I start the day with a bit of pampering, we go get our manicures and pedicures as well as some waxing and facials before getting a massage and going for a hair appointment. It is so fun to feel so well pampered before we go spend some serious money on our clothes and accessories. We go to the luxury boutiques and spend a small fortune on shoes, lingerie, corsets, nighties and robes before venturing over to buy some pretty ready-made dresses and outfits. Our last stop is a little couture boutique where we get fitted for a couple of gorgeous custom gowns because every sissy of mine needs to be pageant ready at a moment’s notice! Don’t you want to be my VIS Darling?

Sissy phone sex is only scratching the surface

sissy phone sex

You might love sissy phone sex because it pushes you to be a good slut. It might encourage you to do all the things you wanted but never dared to do. I’m so ready to make you my cock sucking slut. I want you to be the biggest sissy slut around. You have to make me proud if you’re going to stay as a sissy pupil. I will show you how to snag the best big black cocks ever. It’s time to feminize you and make you a cum rag. It is all about a tight hole. When you bring that virgin asshole, know that it will be gaped and stretched and filled. It is only right I give you a fair warning. So now that you know, are you ready to take a dip into the sissy life? Cock will rule your headspace. I’m prepared to make you my cum loving cock sucking bitch. You will be touring all kinds of cities to find the best yummy black cocks around.

Nancy Nylons with Pics!

Sissy maid training

The following is a exchange about sissy maid training and more with a real sissy and real sissy pics!

Nancy nylons : Merciless….. thanks to You handcuffing my manicured hands to my red six inch high heels in order for me to be totally under his control.

Zoey: Yes completely handcuffed and willing to be our slave. You are going to be the perfect subject for other sissy whores. Glossy precum lips! Throat full, My strapon on you pretty pink puckered. sissy hole

Nancy nylons : Do You think that I should rub my lips with the precum oozing from my member right now? Just to tease us both right now and fulfill the sissy responsibilities of eating every bit for You?

Zoey: Yes you should baby you are the perfect whore run it all in right now that’s an order! Yes your sissy responsibilities are on you right now ! Do it baby wear you sissy panties proudly as you do! 

 Nancy nylons : I’m coating my lipstick for you now and spooning it with my fingers onto my tongue! I’m so happy that You agree with all of the women who have participated with Nancy in crossdressing over the years- every one of them took it upon themselves to be up front and inform me that if boys like me wanted to dress like a slut, Nancy would be always required to eat up all the mess that Mistress allowed her to make. You are All so hot for that- I feel so small when I partake in cum eating while Women watch me! I’m sorry but I’m completely covered in my mess and must clean it up. Thank you so much and maybe we can Skype next so you can watch it and make fun of me. Perhaps You could tell me exactly how to eat it for you to enjoy the show the most— I think I could cum on my patent leather stilettos if you want to record it!!!

Suck those chocolate cocks

bbc sissy trainer

Real sissies love to have the BBC sissy trainer pave the way. I get so committed that I will show you firsthand how to handle juicy black cock. There’s nothing I like more than to show you how to deepthroat appropriately and how to make sure you genuinely are satisfying cock. You will be the object of a lot of domination. Naturally, sissies are submissive, and that’s not going to change. There must be no doubt in your mind that you want to get fucked and used like a cock craving whore. Sissies get a bad rap sometimes of being too desperate.  I will show you how to seem pleasing but not pathetic. You still have to have that factor and charm. A sexy sissy is better than a desperate one.

Sissy Training Audio

Sissy Training Audio

Are you prepared to be humiliated like the good sissy boy that you are? Bow down to Mistress Genesis as I treat you like the worthless, pathetic excuse of a man you are. You’re not even a real man. You’re my obedient sissy boy and it’s time for you to learn a lesson. I’m going to command you to do as I tell you. First I need you to put on a pair of those special, lacy panties. I love seeing you in them because it means that you are submitting to me. We both know how rock hard you get when I begin laughing and humiliating you. You can’t help it. It’s so easy to train you to respond as my slave. Sissy girl training is all you need to learn how to please your Mistress. I’m going to have you on your knees ready and willing to satisfy Mistress Genesis. My purpose in life is ultimate sexual satisfaction and I will stop at nothing to achieve it.

best sissy trainer shows you to suck cock

best sissy trainer

One of my very first lessons is one in sucking cock. Many people believe they have the skill to make someone nut well, but they genuinely don’t.

I know firsthand how men work because  I have pleased dozens and dozens of them. I am the best sissy trainer for a reason, and I won’t mind putting you right in your place whenever I need to show you.

You aren’t going to please a man well if you don’t know how to turn him on. There are levels to sissification. You must be docile and submissive. Men will get an urgency to treat you like a slut to accept that you aren’t a faithful woman. Get prepared and suck his soul out of his cock so he can appreciate your sissy ways.

Learn the ropes of being a good sissy

sissy phone sex

As a sissy, you will be the object of release for many men. I want you to know that sissy phone sex will push you to limits you never thought possible.  You will be able to get so many cocks and cum shots more than you can ever even imagine. I want to deliver you with the best sissy experience. First, you will have to watch how a real woman takes cock. You will see me get anal pounded and get to see me cum harder than any girl. I will make it a learning experience by letting you swoop in and enjoy some creamy cum. It’ll make you feel like you’re in heaven tasting the creamy, salty cum. Don’t stop yourself from sucking that cock because whores do that very well, and once you are well accustomed to sissy tactics, you will become a sissy pro.

How I Got into Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexI love sissy phone sex. That is why I am here. I was a professional dominatrix for many years, but pegging and prostate fun, even pissing on losers became illegal about a decade ago. Any bodily fluid and sexual contact of any kind, even a bare ass whipping, became prostitution. Why I do not know. But when the government got involved in consensual BDSM play, I need to look for another job. One that would not risk me losing custody of my boys. Sissies and submissive losers are cut from the same cloth. I did not jump ships, I just added sissy trainer to my wheelhouse. And guess what? I love training little closeted faggots.  My sons were the first sissies I trained. I knew when they were little that they were not like most boys. They played with their sister’s Barbie dolls. They wanted to wear my clothes more than their clothes. One day, I caught them sucking their sister’s boyfriend’s cock. Originally, I was upset. I thought he was molesting them, but as it turns out my little twins blackmailed him into letting them suck his cock. He thought he would be in trouble with me for fucking my daughter in our house. He had a big dick, so I was happy for her. My sons wanted big cock so much that they blackmailed their sister’s boyfriend to get it. How could I not help them get all the cock they wanted without committing a crime? Well, without committing a victimless crime. Having some of my studs offer up their cocks for their sissy training is technically illegal because of their age. But I knew no one would tell. My boys were so desperate for cock they were willing to blackmail for it. I love my boys and if they wanted to be cock sucking sissies, I was going to help them. Now they are teen boys. They dress like femboys. They suck cock. They are my best creations. Thanks to them I have practical experience to train you!

Your Sassy and Sexy Phone dominatrix

phone dominatrix

My very own brother needs a phone dominatrix to get through his work day. And who do you think he calls? Me, his little sister who loves teasing him about wearing panties under his dress slacks while he wheels and deals. He says it makes him feel sexy and confident. Who am I to judge? I know what he does when he gets off work, he heads down to The chain Saw repair shop, A gay bar where he can whore his self out to men with the biggest dicks. I get the pictures of his outfit and the cocks he gets to suck. Tonight I saw my very own brother in wedding lingerie with his ass up and his little dick and balls bouncing as he took a mammoth cock in his sissy hole. I thought he was texting me from somewhere else, not in our parents bed! Thank god they are in Cancun! They would be shocked at the scene in their bed, good thing I took pictures so I can black mail my sissy panties wearing whore of a brother!

You Need Sissy Panties

sissy pantiesSomeone belongs in sissy panties! I love putting men with small clits in panties where they belong. I will even sell my panties to a sissy. I have this one suitor who thought he could fuck me with his three-inch nub. I never would have guessed that he was a sissy bitch. He never would have guessed it either, but I had to put him in his place after he told me he wanted me to go down on him. It was our first and last date. I was willing to suck a big cock, but not his little nub. It was laughable. I blocked him from my pussy once I saw his shameful dick. You have a tiny dick like that, you only have a few options with me. Get out of my house. Become a sissy. Or become a cuckold. I have no use for you if your cock is less than 8-inches. I do not think any woman has a use for you if you are that small. He was not accustomed to rejection because he is handsome and rich. I do not need a man’s money because I am an independent woman. I have made bank between being a professional dominatrix and a sissy trainer. He was impressed with my boldness because most women will do anything he wants. That is because they are stupid. Some women are more concerned with financial security than sexual pleasure. I do not sacrifice my needs ever. My suitor was not leaving, so he got some forced feminization. I dressed him up in some cute fluffer panties, little white ankle socks and a cute frilly dress. Because I was feeling extra domme that day, I put him in a bonnet too. He liked the way he looked. Since I was still feeling like a sexy dominatrix. I pulled his panties down and pegged his ass. It was not the date I had expected, but it was still very satisfying. I love pegging sissies.