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I know you want to watch me fuck!!!

you have this urge to be like me. I will let you in on my secrets and show you all the ways you can make men fuck the shit out of you. If you were wondering, you have to first look at the part. Now that’s where I come in. I show you how to dress up, look your best, and make sure you are wearing nothing but the hottest trends. I am so confident you will be turning heads, but the most important thing is to be able to fuck. As a sissy, you have a sissy pussy. Now that’s your asshole being turned into a pussy.

You have to seduce men and lower them because you know they “love pussies “ with men. You have to ease them into the sissy life. You can’t just go up to a man and be like, oh, I am a sissy, and I want your cock. It’s not that easy. If it were that easy, it would be safe. It’s not you have to take precautions and have to know all the rules and be able to track a man, an alpha man, to fuck your brains out.

I will break it down and easy steps. First things first, you have to look at the part. You have to look very feminine. You have to make the guy think he looks at a natural-born female. I’m going to walk you through all the steps it takes to achieve that. You will learn how to look your best. Next, I will teach you how to go to all the hottest places where all the alpha men are, and I know you’re going to want to see all those men.

After the search is over, I will make you regret even asking because I will show you how phone domination works. I will take the man right in front of you and laugh at you and be a little cruel. Silly sissy dicks are for chicks. It will feel backstabbing, but it will build character and make you a better sissy in the end.

I enjoy teaching sissies all the tips and tricks to be able to fuck real men with perfect cocks. I know you’re thriving in the sissy zone with me, but now it’s time for you to get a little jealous because you will be watching me get fucked by the eye candy you wanted.  A tall athlete with a big cock. He makes me feel fucking hot because I am hot, but another thing he makes me think is the best orgasm ever

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sissy phone sex and all its perks

Sissy phone sex

Sissy phone sex is the kind of phone sucks that puts me in charge of creating dolls. Yes, you heard me right. I love to make dolls. I love to dress up as a sissy; I need to dress up like a sissy. Sissy fun begins with the mistress that will put your needs above all else. Usually, it’s the other way around, but for my dolls, I can’t say no. You tell me you want a specific cock, and I will make sure you get that certain cock. You can bet that I will turn you into a fabulous feminine darling. I will show you how to use your sex appeal, take photos, and lower dirty fucking men. I know what men love, and I will show all my sissies how to work their stuff. Let’s go to Victoria’s Secret and get you some hot lingerie. You will find some cute wigs at some high-end boutique

Sensual sissy hypno training

sissy hypno trainingI love making a man my cuckold and bitch during sissy hypno training. See, there is a fine art to losing oneself under the hands of a woman who only wishes to see you enslave yourself. Soft, sweet and sensual seduction under my voice and hypno suggestion. As I go through making you into a panty wearing cock seeking sissy missile! All’s fun is a sissy world with me baby! There has never been a more perfect time to let yourself fall in the black hole of sissy love. I have all you need to create the perfect sissy-verse. Skills in helping pick out clothing, make-up tutorials, and cock sucking teaching. I need you to be my bitch. Under my hands you will know when a man has a big cock and be able to deliver him to your wife/mistress and watch as she gets the deep womb excavating that she has always needed. A little forced sissy training is all you need to get a jumpstart on living the true sissy life.
I understand what you need, I really do, I’m including a picture of my latest BULL so you can see what a man looks like and then you decide if you can hold a handle to a real man’s cock. If not your doomed to sissy life!forced sissy training

Do You Belong in Sissy Panties?

sissy pantiesDo you belong in sissy panties? I am going to ask you a couple questions. Do you have a small dick? I am talking shrimp dick more like the size of a pinky. What sissy trainers like me call a clit stick. If you measure under 4 inches you need panties. You will be lost in boxer shorts or even boxer briefs. The second question is do you think of cock? I mean sucking cock or even getting it in your back door? Even if just a fleeting thought when high or drunk, you are likely a cock sucking wannabe faggot. That means you are not a man. Not in the traditional sense at least. If you think of cock like in servicing men, you might be a sissy. You just need some sissy training to see your true potential. I love sissies. I have made a career out of being a sissy trainer too. A very profitable career. I even train my twin boys. They are not manly men. Not only do they have small clit sticks, they also love to dress. It began with them raiding my closest. They would wear my panties. Then they would try on bras and garter belts. I would catch them in my makeup. Eventually, I put them in wigs and gave them the full femboy treatment. That includes cock training too. Now, they live their lives as fem gurls. They go to an arts school, so they fit in better. They can suck cock almost as good as me because I trained them. No one is as good as me, however. My middle name is Hoover, LOL. If I can train my boys to be perfect cock sucking sissies, imagine what I can do with you? Online sissy training needs to be on your list for 2022. This is the year to be a cock sucking sissy faggot.

become a doll like me

taboo phone chat

Taboo phone chat can turn any sissy into a pro hoe. Let me show you how to be the perfect doll for BBC. I am the best little slut for chocolate cock. You can scroll thru my blogs and see how much I appreciate a lengthy thick dick that will ultimately deliver such pleasure and satisfaction to each of my holes. Sissies love BBC, and I have to say it is for sound reasoning. We all watch porn, and we can see who is the one packing the big meat. As a sissy, you will feel your man pussy clench looking at that dick. I will give you all the tools to attract that cock and make you a pro sissy doll. Dressing you up to head to toe and making you a twirling sissy that will get cream stuffed deep is fantastic, and I want to show you why.


Cheating women / Taboo phone chat

Let’s have a taboo phone chat about cheating women. Something that you can barely confess to yourself has your panties in a bunch. It goes a sexy little something like this.
taboo phone chat
You start kissing down her body, You tickle her navel with your tongue. Down more you go, thinking to yourself that she smells extra heavenly tonight. You must really have turned her on tonight. You notice a bruise on her hip, and as your tongue flicks her soft pubic hair you catch a small taste of something. You know her taste, you have been here every day for a year, kissing, sucking and getting her off. You know already that you must eat her, you love it, but there are other reasons. Her pussy must be plump to barely enjoy you rutting for 15 minutes on top of her. You have to have her sedated with pleasure to let you inside her. Don’t mind me darling, just speaking your truth. Let’s go on down deeper into that pussy you were enjoying. She tastes different, she smells musty and there are bruises where a mans thumbs would be if he was fucking her doggy style. She never lets you fuck her doggy style, though you both know you could get a better nut that way. Maybe even be a little less embarrassed of how much you’re trying to get off inside her.
Why don’t you stop and ask your woman if she fucked around on you?
Because your so fucking turned on right now. Your dick is hard as you smash your face into her cunt and eat her so deep and wild she is a wild cat under you. As she cries out again and again, you tell her how good she tastes. She gets off on you eating about another man’s cum. She knows you know! You know she knows you know! But you can’t admit it. The best sissy trainer knows that this is how it all starts sometimes. A man eating out his woman with the satin of another’s semen, begins a spiral of sissydom few talk about! I do, and I understand every stage of cuckolding and sissy life. You could say it’s a passion of mine!

Sissy Fun With 2 Mistresses

Sissy girl training Mistress Gypsy and I always have so much fun playing with our beautiful sissy slut TJ. This Christmas we have something special planned for bringing in the new year. Mistress Gypsy got a brand new, purple, double-sided strap-on and we’re going to dress our sissy cum slut up real nice and pretty. Then we’re going to do a sexy homage to Sweet Gwendoline photo shoot starring our favorite girl! We also picked out a gorgeous deluxe pink chastity cage for her little clitty. It’s going to be so sexy watching Mistress Gypsy deepstroak sissy TJ’s tight man pussy while the other side of that purple strap-on pushes deeper inside her cunt. I’m going to love seeing our sissy slut with her pink lipstick all smeared from licking and scooping all the creampie out my slippery kitty while she takes that purple dong right in her fuckhole. We’ll fuck our sexy slut until her clitty leaks yummy cummy through her cage. Then we’ll make her clean that ten inch purple dong on both ends. She’s the perfect sissy cum eater to dress up real pretty and play with. We will train you to be an obedient, perfect, cum-guzzling sissy slut too.

Taboo phone chat


The Perfect Mistress

Sissy Training Raine

Some of my sissy whores need more guidance than others, I gladly dole out discipline and rewards in equal dose for my stable of cum guzzling sissy sluts! If I find my sissies unwilling to follow my instructions they are met with a swift punishment, usually by anal torture, I have them stretch out their sissy bussys to the max if they are uncooperative. I need all my sluts to know who owns their asses and little clittys. If my sissy’s are obedient and follow my every command I make sure they are rewarded with new clothes, toys and even a good pounding at the gloryhole. When you play with Mistress Raine, you better be ready to obey whatever slutty task or chore comes to my brilliant mind!

Sissy Training Audio Mistress

sissy training audio

Hello there, my little sissies. Are you ready to call me and hear the sissy training audio that you’ve been dreaming of? I love to feminize men who were meant to be gorgeous girls. From the dressing up, makeup lessons, and the tips you’re going to need to be able to take big cocks, I’m totally here for you. As I’ve said before, all I ask of you is that you are obedient and do what I say, and I’ll rock your world like you never imagined possible.

So, I want you to tell me what it is that you’re looking for from sissy phone sex and I’ll give it to you in spades. Do you just want to dress up and play with dildos? Sissies like you are so much fun because I get to be the one to wield the dick. Your pussy is going to be so fucking satisfied – more than it ever has been before. But if you want to go the route of taking a real cock (or maybe more than one) that’s fun, too! I can cheer for you and tell you that you’re doing a good job while you get impaled on a piece of meat. Call me and tell me what you need, and I’ll make it happen!

Do You Belong in Sissy Panties?

sissy pantiesDo you belong in sissy panties? This is my test for sissies. If you have a clit stick, you belong in panties. I consider what is in your pants a clit if it is under 5 inches. Something small like that belongs in panties because in boxers it will get lost, maybe even hurt. When I meet a man with a clit, he is immediately in the sissy zone because I do not care how rich or handsome you are. I care about how big your cock is. And if you have a clit, no amount of money will make me fuck you. I have standards. That is why I work for a sissy phone sex site and not some general fuck call site. I do not have to fuck my callers. I get paid to put losers in panties, laugh at small cocks and deny men sex. I have the best job ever. Now sometimes, in my real life I meet a guy who does not realize he is a sissy. He thinks he is a good catch. Tom was a good catch on paper, but not in real life. Great job-check. Handsome-check. Endowed-fail. His dick was about three-inches. We were making out on my couch, and it all came to a screeching halt when his turtle made an appearance. I burst into laughter because he expected me to fuck that tiny thing. No, fucking way. Just no. I am a sexy mature woman. I am a black cock whore. I am educated and I have my own money. I do not need to swallow my pride for security or to be taken care of by some shrimp dick loser. I can take care of myself. I tossed Tom my panties and suggested he needed sissy training more than fucking. It took some convincing, but when he left later that night, he had burned his boxer briefs and left in pair of my panties. If I can make a rich lawyer toss in his boxer briefs for girlie panties, I can make you do it too.