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Sissy Training on Valentine’s Day is the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

sissy trainingGive yourself sissy training for Valentine’s Day. I know being a sissy is lonely, but that is why I am here. As your sissy trainer, or even sissy mom, I can let you explore the fem side you keep hidden from everyone else. My sissy closet is a like Disney World to a sissy. It’s full of wonderment, exploration and joy.

Sissy Sarah visited me last night. She is a local sissy I help when time permits. Now, some people might assume all sissies are losers in life. But that is a wrong assumption. Most sissies have good jobs, even families and lots of friends too. Most sissies I know appear high functioning and successful in life. They just harbor a secret life they cannot share with just anyone.

Wives do not understand. If they discover their husband enjoys wearing panties and frilly things, they wrongly assume he is a closeted faggot. Sure, many sissies enjoy cock sucking, but many are just feminine and in need of femboy training. But I understand. Not all sissies are cock sucking faggots. When sissy Sarah visited me last night, she brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Red roses for the mistress who lets her be herself.

A Good Sissy Trainer Understands Not All Sissies Are Alike

I took Sissy Sarah to my big magical closet. And she picked out the prettiest pink corset and matching panties. I showed her how to attach stockings to the garters. Stockings completed the look. Well, that and a pair of my sexy black pumps. Sissy Sarah looked like a sexy seductress. Her body is soft and curvy like mine. Although Sissy Sarah does not want cock, she does enjoy a good pegging.

Pegging is another thing most wives do not understand. But I never mind donning a strapon and milking a sissy dry. Sissy Sarah appeared backed up too. I milked her sissy balls until nothing came out. A good pegging milks that prostate and leaves a sissy feeling lighter and happier.  The best sissy trainer understands not all sissies are alike. Some like cock. Some don’t. And some like pegged and some don’t. But whatever kind of sissy you may be, let me make you feel special and pretty on Valentine’s Day.

Sissy Hypno Training Turns You Into a Girl

sissy hypno training

Sissy Hypno Training Will Let You Turn into The Girl You Always Wished You Were

Sissy hypno training is going to make you my cock hungry little pet. We both now that deep inside you are a slutty fucking whore. But you’re too scared to admit it. Lucky for you, your Mistress knows exactly what you need. You need to be put in a hypno state where you’re allowed to be the dirty little slut that you are. Listen to my soft, soothing voice. And close your eyes. I want you to feel everything around you. The chair underneath your ass. Listen for any sounds in the room and then I want you to scan your body. 

You Belong in Those Sissy Panties

I want you to start imagining the sissification happening to you. Your hair starts to grow longer until it’s brushing against your shoulders. Scan down from those shoulders to those sensitive sissy nipples. Feel your tits swelling underneath those sensitive nipples. They are getting bigger and bigger. Heavier. Rub those tits. Squeeze and massage them for me. Then I want you to continue the scan. Run your hands down you tummy to your cock. I want you to feel the blood running to the tip of it. Feel those sissy panties getting tighter around that pathetic little dicklet.

As we speak that clitty is getting smaller. So small that it’s the perfect little clit for you to rub while you tease that sissy pussy. Run your hands past that sissy clit and feel that sissy cunt tingling for me. You want to be filled don’t you. All of a sudden you feel so empty. Your pussy is pulsing. Begging for a thick cock to fill you. Imagine the cock you want to fuck you. Thick and long with a swollen mushroom tip. Covered in pulsing veins. You feel your pussy and clit throbbing and now your mouth is watering. Good little sissy. Now beg your mistress for your sissy girl training.

Sissy Phone Sex Callers Need a Sissy Mom to Feel Less Alone

sissy phone sexSissy phone sex calls remain my reason for doing this. I love helping a sissy find his sweet spot. Although I can be mean on a call, my preference is to be nurturing. You know, like a sissy mom. As a mother to two sissy / trans girls, I like to go shopping with sissies and help them pick out their outfits for special dates with men. Or outfits they just wear at home when talking to a mistress like me. Being a sissy can be lonely. And I understand that.

Being a sissy is isolating. If a sissy is married, likely his wife would never understand. Even single sissies feel alienated because who can they tell? The world is cruel when you do not know where you belong. My sons struggled. I knew something was amiss with my twins. We went through hell and back, but I was always on their side. I was always fighting for their happiness. Now, they did not need online sissy training because they had a sissy mom.

The World Can Be Lonely for Sissies with Someone Like Me Fighting for Them

After my divorce, I was free to let them be who they are. I think once they become legal adults they will be trans. They dress as girls. Long hair, long nails and makeup too. Most sissies are not lucky enough to have some one like me fighting for them and helping them transform. I pride myself in being the kind of sissy trainer any sissy needs. My boys appreciate the help I gave them. And they seem happy now. It is amazing what a little acceptance and support can do for a sissy.

Because I helped my sons, I want to help you too. Sissies are special creatures. I think sissies should be revered because they posses both feminine and masculine traits. And with some sissy training from me, I can help the feminine win out. Are you ready to be the best sissy you can be? Are you ready to feel less alone in this world? Let me help you discover who you really are and nurture you along the way.

Sissy slave training for white bitches who need BBC

Sissy slave trainingSissy slave training has its benefits for every hoe I talk to. Some men are party boys who feel emasculated when they do poppers and speed. Those are the men who I love to make feel like a little sissy princess. Big Black cock is a preferred tool to help these little sissy la-la barbies become the best hoe around. My man’s big black dick is a swinging horse cock that keeps my tight pussy very happy. 💗

I’m innocent.

 I just want to make that Butt pussy feel the way I do.   I’m addicted to the feeling of a big black dick inside me. It’s like nothing else in the world. Oon you will be a-dick-ted Just like me. 

Sometimes it takes a village to raise a sissy slut bitch. And that’s when I gather a few girlfriends to help out in your training. 

Sissy slave training with BBC worship

We wear huge black dildos on our harnesses perfect for getting you past the first steps of being a BBC cum hole! 🍆

As a BBC sissy trainer, I promise to keep your mind on the BNWO. Let me exploit that white boy’s inferiority kink of yours. We all know black men are stronger, and more powerful than any Beta white boy. If you need me to recite black expletives in your ear as I feed you that Mandigo cock You have come to the right place!  With Mistress Z, I will worship the BBC right beside you. Most of the time with a nice juicy load of my BBC boyfriends cum inside of me. 

I have an inkling that you might buck back at me, and that’s okay. I know Forced sissy training is needed for Beta white bitches. A forced gangbang by my man and a couple of his friends will make you a brand new whore! 💫

Sissy slave training gets me off like nothing else!

Sissy slave training Sissy slave training gets me off like nothing else! As I sit here, looking at you kneeling in front of me, so eager and desperate for my approval, I feel a sense of power and control that is simply intoxicating. You, my dear sissy bitch, are completely at my mercy. Your puny attempts at resistance are futile as I have trained you to be completely submissive to my will. You are nothing but a lowly and horny sissy slut, and that sweet sissy hole of yours is now mine to do with as I please.

From the moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew you would make the perfect slave for me. Your willingness to please and your insatiable desire to submit were like a magnet drawing me in. And oh, how I have loved molding you into the perfect sissy slave. It brings me such pleasure to see you dressed in your pretty little outfits, with your hair perfectly coiffed and your makeup just right. But make no mistake, my dear, your appearance is only a small part of your training.

You may think that you have some semblance of control over your body and your desires, but I am here to tell you otherwise. Your sissy hole belongs to me, and I will use it as I see fit. No amount of pleading or begging will change that. You can never say no to me, for you are completely helpless under my power. My friends and I, oh and when I say friends, I mean big black cocks, will pound the ever loving shit out of your mouth!

The way you squirm and moan as I push my strap-on deep into your sissy hole, the look of both pleasure and humiliation on your face, it all only fuels my desire to dominate you even further. And let’s not forget the delightful squeals and whimpers that escape your lips when I punish you for any disobedience. I will rape your sissy hole with my words, leaving you in a frenzy of submission and arousal.

So do not hesitate, my dear sissy slave, for I know you crave this as much as I do. Pick up that phone and call me for some hot Sissy phone action. Your body may be mine, but your mind and soul will belong to me completely. And when I am done with you, you will be nothing but a quivering and obedient sissy slave, ready to serve me in any way I see fit.


Sissy panties and fishnets are not optional!!!

Sissy panties

Sissy panties and fishnets are no longer optional for one of my favorite sissy Sluts!!! On top of that pedicures and acrylic nails will be a permanent place in his life now. Thank goodness he works at home for some big IT firm. However, those Zoom meetings will be fun as he tries not to show off his pretty almond-shaped French tips! 

For the last couple of years, he has been wearing some sexy panties and nylons under his desk during face-to-face meetings with clients and potential clients. 🫦

Sissy panties make Jaden feel so girlie!

Jaden The jolly part time sissy has become a new pet in the last few months At first it was just a  confession of panties and feeling like he was in the wrong body.  He has been slowly embracing his feminine side and has started to go out in public wearing feminine clothing.

My new sissy has also started to explore his gender identity and has begun to accept himself as being a sissy slut.

My suggestions of fishnets and electrolysis have not gone deaf ears. Jaden decided that from now on he will be my office sissy slut and try to not get caught by his mean wife. Mornings he comes to me and asks what he should wear to work.

After a good ass reaming, we decide on clothes that he keeps in a trunk in his basement. His wife is chicken shit and won’t go down into the cold dark basement alone. We are talking about years of ex-girlfriends and his old wife’s clothes in this trunk. Along with items he has snuck to buy. I love having a sissy with a big sexy wardrobe. It is just like dressing up a baby doll!

This week He is to wear his fishnets and sexy cotton panties to work every day. His nails and eyebrows are perfect and he knows that the only thing he needs is my Sissy humiliation training to take him deeper. As in deeper like that dildo he bounces on during his stressful work day. 

Oh, I forgot, today he has a meeting dn is going to keep his dildo in his ass as he talks to big mean businessmen. I hope he gets the contract and doesn’t lose his shit! Hahahaha! 

Femboy training sissy sluts from the south!

Femboy training

Femboy training busts your balls down south until you get a nice black cock in your mouth!

 You would think Femboy Training is more prevalent in places like New York and California. But this southern bitch knows a thing or two about sissys in the south.  The number one myth about men in Texas is that everything is bigger there. The only thing big is the lifted trucks concealing the small dicks between those legs. Think about it, a man with a big hanging dick would never need to flash his manhood in such a way! Some sissys in the Lone Star state are packed with a punch others are not. Southern sissy sluts would rather suck other huge cock off. 

Phone domination with men all over the country and a couple overseas has educated me on conservative men who really, really just need to fag out. The southern states bring me a large percentage of my clientele. Men who need to be dressed as little hooker whores and pimped to the next available BBC have me pouncing! Knowing soon I can have a redneck bouncing on a thick black cock gets me even more wet between my legs. 

 I get so excited just thinking about my southern sissy whores.

Mommy Zoey can hardly wait to get my hands on them and make them feel like the sluts they really are. I can’t wait to show them how a real woman can take control of their pleasure.

Forced intoxication is also part of sissy maid training in the South. Seeing the humiliation and pleasure these men experience as I train them to be the perfect submissive whores. I enjoy watching them submit to my ever-loving will. Take a hit and submit to Mommy Zoey! Worship as she brings you gallons of cum from a huge swinging black cock. 

Sissy panties you got on are so messy thanks to me!

Sissy panties

Sissy panties you got on are so messy thanks to me! I can see you already getting wet and excited, just at the thought of being under my control. Oh, and let me tell you, this is just the beginning. Once I get my hands on you, you will be begging for more. Begging me to use and abuse you, to make you my dirty little sissy slave.

First things first, I see you’re wearing those pretty little sissy panties. But oh, they are not so pretty anymore, are they? I made sure to have you mess them up real good, just for my own pleasure. I love seeing you all humiliated, degraded, and turned into my obedient little slut.

And don’t even think about trying to resist me. I know all your deepest desires and fantasies, and trust me, I will make them all come true. I will make you my little cock-sucking sissy, choking on every hard and throbbing cock I throw your way. You will learn to love it, to crave it – worshiping each and every inch of it with your slutty mouth.

But that’s not all, my dear. No, no, no. The make-up and the lingerie are only the beginning. I will transform you into a true sissy goddess, with make-up and cum smeared all over your pretty little face. And don’t even think about complaining, because that’s exactly what you wanted, isn’t it? To be my slut, my plaything, my personal fuck toy. That tight bussy is going to be ripped wide open.

And when you just can’t take it anymore, when you beg for release, I’ll be there to deny you. Teasing and edging you until you’re a whimpering mess, completely under my control. Oh, you will be begging for more – addicted to my voice, my commands, my dominance.

So come on, sweet baby sissy. Call me for your sissy slave training. I promise to take you to places you’ve never been before. Places that will leave you begging for more, trembling with pleasure and pain, and completely and utterly mine.


Sissy girl training is the deep desire you want to live!

Sissy girl training is the deep desire you want to live! I can see that deep down inside, you have this burning desire to fully embrace your sissy side and become the sluttiest, most submissive little bitch you can be. And guess what, darling? I am more than happy to help you in your journey towards becoming the ultimate sissy.

I want to see you with hot red slutty lips, perfectly plumped and ready to suck on a delicious cock. And your sweet little cock cage? Well, that’s going to be nice and tight, squeezing your little clitty and making it ooze.

Sissy girl trainingBut let’s not forget about your, my dear. That tight little hole of yours is going to be ripped wide open. You see, I know exactly how to make those dirty Sissy panties of yours nice and messy. We’re going to start with some intense stretching exercises, and then I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite toys that will make that bussy of yours beg for more.

Now, I know some people might judge you for your desires, but let me tell you something, honey. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be a sissy. In fact, it takes a real man to fully embrace his feminine side and submit to a powerful woman like myself. So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are strong, you are brave, and you have the courage to submit to my every command.

I command without hesitation. I am the best sissy trainer in town, and you are lucky to have found me. So go ahead, pick up that phone and call for your sissy slave training. Because with me as your trainer, you will reach your full sissy potential and become the sluttiest, most obedient little whore the world has ever seen. Are you ready, my little sissy slut? Because I sure am.

Sissy training stretch that pussy out for big cocks.

Sissy training          Sissy training stretch that pussy out for big cocks. First thing we need to do is get that pussy in shape. We are going to do some Pilates. Work those cheeks. You should be able to crack a walnut between those cheeks. Show you know that you got the stuff to tighten around a cock as massive as they come.

          Now I am not talking about the average size cock of six to seven inches and this is actual inches not man inches. About 2 inches in diameter. To begin with that will be the cock size. This is training after all. Once we have gotten you taking that cock we will continue to work it up. At the same time we are going to keep it tight.

          Obviously you can’t work it like a real woman.

Being just a sissy and all. With a penis clit size.  That means cracking walnuts. Sure, you need to work up to those as well. Start with the peanuts. Those shells are much easier to crack open. Simply stick them half in your pussy and keep tightening around it until it cracks. Shuck them and eat them.

          As mentioned above you will be working up to the big cocks. I am an all-around trainer and one part that is absolute is the sissy humiliation training. You WILL learn to take criticism. Embarrassing you is part of the process. What I make you do will be nothing compared to what they will have your doing.

          It must be remembered that you are a sissy little bitch whore who can’t fuck worth a shit and this is the best way to learn how to tighten that pussy up. Now back to stretching you our and learning to tighten at the same time. Not easy but do as you are told and come tell me your results.

          Then we move onto the next steps.