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Sissy Training is My Specialty, and So is Being a Loving Mommy

sissy trainingSissy training is my specialty, but I get a lot of mommy calls too. I guess you could call me a sissy mom. I have two trans sons. When I first started this job, my boys were schoolboys. Just young boys who liked to play dress up in mommy’s clothes and play with make-up. I knew then that they were special. I mean boys their age played with cars, Legos and trucks. They wanted to wear jeans and t-shirts. I let them be who they were. I think it is harmful to stifle a young one’s natural exploration to find out who he or she is. Most women are not as enlightened as me, though. I get all sorts of sissy phone sex callers who talk to me about how they were shamed and ridiculed, even punished by their parents when they got caught wearing mommy’s pretty things. Some of these men are pretty fucked up because their parents just did not understand.

I like to recreate the mothering experience with callers. Be that nurturing, loving, encouraging mother that they should have had. The kind of mother my boys have. My twins are living their lives in that in-between world that scares so many people these days. They go to an arts school where their creativity  can blossom. They go to a school where they can wear dresses and makeup to school daily. They have friends. They have boyfriends. They thrive socially. Regular school was not so welcoming, but I recognized that immediately and switched their schools. What mother does not want her offspring to thrive? When they are 18, they can decide if they want to have sex reassignment surgery, or become trans girls. Whatever they choose, I will support because that it what a good parent does. They support their offspring. And the best sissy trainer supports you. Nurtures you, encourages you and only punishes you in order to train you properly.  Mommy is waiting for you boys.

OMG! You Just Woke Up as an Anime Girl!

Sissy training audio


In this listening session, all you need to do is sit back, relax and listen to the sound of my words. 

You slowly wake up and stretch, ready to get washed up and dressed. As you get up, you notice your body feels different than usual. You look down to see what is going on and you see a massive pair of tits on your chest. You run to the bathroom, desperate to see if someone has pulled a prank on you as your giant tits bounce up and down with each step. With one glance, you realize that you have been transformed into a beautiful anime girl. You have big bouncing boobs that jiggle when you breathe, a tight slim waist, and a nice round ass. You are ultimately feminine, beautiful and fuckable. You walk out of the house with your night clothes on, consisting of only a see-through white tank top and tiny shorts, and you capture the attention of all the men in the neighborhood. Seeing you in this outfit makes their cocks hard and they rush after you. You try to go back inside, but it’s too late. They have already grabbed you and started ripping your clothes off. 

You can’t fight back as they fuck you every which way. They stuff their cocks in your pussy and your ass, something you have not experienced before. Your new virginity does not matter to these men as they use you as a cock sleeve. One of the men starts playing with your tits, squeezing them and bouncing them up and down. No need for that as the men behind you are pounding you so hard your tits bounce on their own. Open wide! An army of big cocks are ready to force themselves down your tiny throat. 

Sissy Gurl Mistress phone sex

Mistress Phone sex

 Nothing gets my sweet MIstress phone sex pussy off more than making fun of soft bitches like you! Laughing and teasing your ass for being such a limp dick little sissy cock loving faggot.  I had so much fun the other day with you confessing to me how much of a sissy faggot you are. 

Zoey Knows you couldn’t wait to tell your Daddy all about me when he got home today. I heard all about how he surprised you with a super cute new outfit to wear for him and we had a couple of his daughter’s friends come over and laugh and make fun of you while he bent that tight ass over and made you whine like a little whore as he pounded you in my brand new short, tight mini dress. And I got even more turned on as the girls laughed and called sissy la-la a cock loving little faggot when his Daddy put her on her knees and blasted a weeks-long load he was saving up, all over that femme face.

There you are dressed up like a whore in a tight pink little mini dress, with a wet, throbbing, gaping, freshly fucked asshole, completely covered in cum, with three of the hottest little sluts laughing at your ass calling sissy all kinds of names, putting slut girl in her place, as a submissive, crossdressing, little cock whore. Thank you Sissy fag boy for letting me take your confessions and sharing my love for cock. I just wish one day I could be right there watching and laughing at you whining like a slut from getting pounded by a stud’s big cock! Thank you for allowing this Phone dominatrix to work you over SIssy Gurl! 

Mistress Phone Sex Raine Brings The Pain!

Mistress Phone Sex

Mistress Phone Sex goddess Raine will own you today! You will be my sissy faggot cum dumpster whether you like it or not because I’m your Mistress and I demand absolute devotion! I know just what a disobedient little sex slave like you needs, the firm hand of a dominant goddess to put you in your place. Down on your knees little faggot! Don’t look up at me unless you’ve got two cocks in your mouth and one ramming that sissy pussy open. I will make you beg for cock as you get completely owned by my strong hard cocked friends who want to use you like a cock sleeve. I’ll stuff you to your limit and train you to take it like a good little cum dump. You will be a good little sissy faggot for me or you will feel my wrath of anal pain!

BBC sissy trainer shows off leashes sissy bitch

BBC sissy trainer friend brought with him his leashed up sissy bitch. His sissy bitch was dressed up in pink bottomless panties and I could see a butt plug tail sticking out her ass. He crawled around like a bitch in heat waiting to get fucked. I pulled on her tail sticking out of her while she kissed my feet. I wanted to see what kind of training she has had, so I wanted to see what kind of dick sucking skills she had acquired. I instructed her to open her mouth wide as her bbc master started fucking her throat hard. I could see how much she licked that by the way her clitty leaked.I could tell she has had Sissy slave training for a while by the way she sucked cock and leaked from it. I lifted my skirt and made her lick my pussy and ass, a sissy’s mouth should never be free. It should always have something to suck on or clean.

BBC sissy trainer

Sissy slut needs sissy phone sex

sissy phone sex

I like when little sissies pretend they don’t want huge cocks. You can fake it all you want. You know you’re craving cock. Ever since I’ve begun sissy phone sex with specific clients, I have noticed that I am so into making a sissy like that come to their knees and begin to worship, wanting to be a sissy.

I like making sissies do poppers and talk to me all about their dirty fantasies. You know you have one too many of those naughty cock fantasies that make you want to succumb to a big dick. Open your mouth and take that jizz. It’s going to be a wild ride with a slut who can indeed teach you to swallow every load.

Now you will begin to admit that you are a sissy.

Sissy Humiliation training for Brandie Cum Slut

sissy humiliation trainingSissy Humiliation training for Brandie Cum Slut including pictures and Video of my whore doing what she loves best!

Sissy training audio

It had been two weeks since I heard from Her. No pictures or anything, I was beginning to get worried Brandie has went off the deep end and gotten fucked so bad her ass was on the mend. I know all too well that certain sissy girls can put themselves in dangerous situations to get some cock. But I shouldn’t have been worried about this cross-dresser who was just saving up her cum shots! Yesterday morning I got a lovely surprise being able to hear my slut drinking down 16 cum shots   (Yes, 16!!!)  saved from two weeks of clitty masturbations! Saved all for Mistress Zoey, what a wonderful surprise!

Oh, how thick it all sounded being slurped out of that double-shot glass. Sissy has a tiny little dick so she has little cummy spurts that she froze and thawed out. Oh, Poor sissy, Brandie couldn’t even speak after all that thick splooge slid down her throat ad covered her teeth and gums. But That’s okay because I really enjoyed reaming her about being a stupid faggot slut sissy whore while she bounced on her dildo for me. See posted photo! When you need sissy training audio to cum, Zoey is your goddess to train you! Be mindful, we cook up some sissy loving with a pinch of Humilation and a dash of exposure around here! 


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Big Cock Fucks Sissy in G-String

Sissy panties

Don’t you love it when a man just pushes your panties to the side and fucks you like a little fuck doll and uses you like the cum rag you are? Of course you do, you cock addict sissy slut. That is why you like to wear those tiny thongs that barely cover your ass. You want to make sure that each man that fucks you has ease of access to your pussy. Your feminine cunt gapes so much that a big cock could fuck you with your panties on, your G-string wrapped around his cock as it slides in and out of you, covered in his juices and your shit. You would love it, too, enjoying the pull of the string on your ass and the feeling of the fat cock pounding you hard.  You can lick all of the cum off of the panties and suck his cock so your belly is filled with his cum. You love being his cum dumpster, don’t you? Then don’t miss one drop. 

Best Sissy Trainer Coraline Knows That No Two Sissies are the Same

best sissy trainerThe best sissy trainer understands no two sissies are alike. There is no cookie cutter recipe for all sissies. Some sissies just want to get pegged and wear women’s pretty clothes. Some sissies just want to be beta males to an alpha female. That can include fluffing cock, eating creampies and things like that. Some sissies crave humiliation, and some abhor it. Some sissies want black cock. Some sissies only want white cock. Some sissies want no cock. I do not judge my sissies. I know that we can be turned on by different things. I listen to my sissies.  I ask questions and we create a sissy plan. I am best known, however, for my love of big black cocks. I pass that love on to most sissy boys. If they did not come to one of my sessions with a love already for big black dicks, they likely develop a love for them quickly. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I do have a black bull posse that I like to utilize with my sissies. I can train you with black dildos, but honestly, nothing is better than the real thing. The thing about black men is that they often go both ways. Black men do not care who is sucking their cock as long as their cock is getting sucked. They do not look at it as gay or even bisexual. White men freak out if their balls touch another man’s balls while double penetrating a woman, LOL.

Most of my sissies are black cock faggot wannabees. Many do have real experience with big black cocks, but not all. I can work with what is in your head. I can listen to you share your real experiences too. Like I said earlier, I know that not all sissies are the same. Not even all black cock sissies are the same. Some just want to fantasize about BBC and some want help going out and getting the real thing. The only thing my sissies share in common is that I am their sissy training mistress.

Sissified Excellence Only Please!

Sissy Girl TrainingOne thing that gives me so much pride as a sissy trainer is when my faggot sluts show initiative to be total whores! Every day my inbox is full of messages from my sissy whores, they update me regularly on their assignments. When you train with me, I expect you to follow my advice and to do any assignments that I come up with. We are working on perfecting your skills as a sissy slut, which requires complete devotion to your mistress. If I tell you to take ten dicks at the glory hole, you’d better take at least 15! You’d better impress me with your holes because my sluts are the best bimbos any cock will ever fuck. If you are my sissy that means you represent me and all my goddess glory, I expect nothing less than excellence from my sissy faggot cock pleasing cum sleeves!