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Sissy girl training with Miss Remi

sissy girl trainingSissy girl training class is about to start again! I’m looking for 4 more sluts. I need whores that want to be dressed up, trained to be a sissy slut and then turned out by Miss Remi. My sluts are taught to suck cock and beg for cum like every slut does but what makes my little whores special is how they can get any man to pull his cock out for them to suck, no matter who it is. My whores know how to work their magic. I teach them by putting them on their knees and making them suck my friend’s huge, hard bull cock until he fills their slut mouths. Then, I get behind my sluts in training and pinch their noses so that they have no choice but to swallow that cum. This is how we get them to swallow for the first time. After they have a taste for a fat nut in their mouths, they are ready for the next step. I have these sluts bend over and hold their slut holes open for me. I fuck them with my big, fat strap-on and I teach them how to take a dick. Only the naughtiest sluts get promoted to cum clean up girl! Those special sluts gets to lick up all of the left over cum after a fun night of fucking! Don’t apply unless you’re ready to be trained!


I See A Wet Spot In Your Panties

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Oh, honey is that you fucking your man pussy with that big black dildo. It is on video so you cannot really argue now can you. Look at how you have attached it to the wall and keep ramming it into your man pussy. Now sit back and let us watch. I see it makes your clitty a little hard to doesn’t it? You look like you are getting a wet spot in your panties. Oh my, I think you just came in your panties, didn’t you? Come here baby let us get you changed for our outing. I have laid out a pretty pair of pink panties and silky little cami for you to put on under your clothes. Oh, you look so pretty, how does that feel against your little clitty? I made sure they were so soft so they would rub up against you. Now we are going to go to a party baby. It is with all of Mistress Francis’ friends and you my sweet slutty cum slut sissy are going to be there entertainment. Doesn’t that sound fun? You will not believe how they used my sweet whore sissy; I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

Bad bad sissy

Domination phone sex

One of my slaves has been so naughty. Mistress Marissa needs to teach him a lesson.  I wonder what in my array of play toys would be the best. I ran my fingers over the toys on my wall. So many wonderful paddles and floggers.  The Smell of the leather excited my senses.  I grabbed some of my Hemp rope, a few paddles, and a long blade.  My bad boy slave was already there, standing with his arms behind his back. I grabbed the rope and bound his wrist.  He has his collar on and his leash was dangling.  I pulled my arm back wooded paddle in hand and brought it down against his bare bottom with a loud smack. Once, twice and so much I lost count! Once he begged me well enough I cut him free. He will learn to be a good boy eventually.


My Panties are Your Sissy Panties

sissy pantiesI sold a pair of my panties to a caller and now they are her sissy panties. She called me late last night after her clueless wife fell asleep and pranced around in them. She bought a pair of my pink silky panties. She sent me pictures and I laughed so hard. She is a big hairy boy and she was crammed into my pink panties like a sardine. Now do not misunderstand me. Her dick was NOT filling up my panties. She has the tiniest click stick. Her clitty would not fill up a pair of Barbie’s panties. She had a big old belly and a round rump making my panties look like dental floss.  She needed sissy phone humiliation and she got it. For a pathetic sissy like her, however, humiliation is not punishment. I knew what was, however. I made her shave her hairy chest. How can you be a sissy covered in hair? She is married and has long fought me over shaving her unseemly body hair because her wife would ask questions. I had pictures of her in my panties. I had her home number. I had her wife’s name and I had her address. I threatened to tell her wife what a naughty sissy she has been to get her in line, and I had pictures to prove it. Just the threat of blackmail made her get out the razor and take off that nasty hair. I could not trust my sissy, so I made her send me after photos. I almost pissed when I realized she really did shave her hairy body. She looked so much better in my panties then, but she still needs a makeover. When I am your sissy trainer, you listen to me. You give me information you do not realize I am saving for the first moment you step out of line. I am the best sissy trainer because I know how to handle disobedient sissies.

sissy phone

Pegging you

best sissy trainerI

Tonight I am going to fuck you with this strap on cock.  It’s fat thick and hard ready for you.  I want to see you on your knees sucking my cock. I wanna watch you gag and plead for me to stop fucking that sissy little whore face of yours. I am gonna take this fat cock and ram it in your little virgin asshole.  I wanna spit on that brown eye and tease your needy hole and push that thick cock head in your boy pussy.  I’m gonna wrap my hand around your cock and stroke it while i pound your fucking asshole. I love hearing you cry out in pleasure and pain.  it makes my little slutty cunt dripping wet. i just can’t wait to fuck you and have you begging for more!


Sucking Your First Cock

Sissy trainingStanding at 8 inches from base to tip, he’s cock is hard and thick, so attractive how could you not touch it. Slowly stroking his shaft, gently rubbing the big swollen head feeling it’s soft warm skin. Go on, kiss it. Feel the heat radiating against your lips. Rub that puffy head all-around your lips, then part them and give it a wet kiss. The tip of your tongue getting your first taste of cock, sends electricity through your body, doesn’t it? Making your own clit dick harden. If you like that, you’re really going to like putting his whole head into your mouth and gently sucking it. Keep both hands slowly stroking his shaft while your mouth makes sweet love to his head. Go ahead and moan, letting those sweet sounds waves vibrate against his cock. Follow his direction, as he starts to push into your mouth, open up. Let his cock into your mouth as far as you can take it. Don’t panic, breathe through your nose and focus on the taste of his cock, the texture of his hard shaft. Focus on the salty droplets of precum the dribbles from his head. Keep in mind you are the cocksucking slut here. The only thing you need to be thinking about is how good it feels to have a cock in your mouth. How wonderful it feels to be the special little slut with a quality cock in her mouth. Before you know it you’re in a trance engulfed into your own feelings and arousal only to be brought back with that explosive power in your mouth when that perfect cock cums releasing his creamy cum for his little cum slut to gobble up. The taste becomes an addiction and you a new addict, you’ll be crawling back and begging for more real soon. You sluts always do.

Online sissy training

online sissy training

I love that I don’t have to miss out on my training with my little sissy sluts because of everything going on in the world. I can easily still train my sexy sluts with online sissy training. I know it’s not really the same as dressing them and playing with them in person but keeping my sweet sissy whores safe is one of my main concerns. I can still demand that they do certain tasks for me, such as put on a pair of sexy slutty panties and stroke that hard little whore clittie for me. They know that Miss Remi knows best and if they want to be good sissy sluts from me, they will do as they are told! Good sissy whores get rewarded with lots of hard cocks to suck and loads of sweet, thick cream to lick up and swallow. I make sure my sissy whores stay on track with their training so that they become the ultimate slutty sissy bitch for me. I can’t wait to play with all of my sissy brats in training! 

Sissy Training Necessities

Sissy TrainingThere are some important must-haves for sissy training. It’s not just about stockpiling a lot of frilly panties, although that doesn’t mean stop doing it. It’s important for a girl to have a colorful and sexy variety of panties. I’m talking about those serious with long term sissification goals there are a few things you will want to collect over time. For starters, those interested in anal training will want to invest in some cute butt plugs varying in size if you haven’t had your sissy pussy trained or played with do not start with the biggest size. You could but it wouldn’t be as much fun. A sissy should still have lube handy for varying reasons. You need a practice cock, you can’t just become a cock sucking pro overnight, it takes practice to be a good little cock slut. You need to begin looking into hair removal, whether it’s shaving or booking a wax. No one wants a hairy sissy. And one really important tool is the chastity cage, it’s time to realize that cock is of no use. You are a sissy which means it’s time to teach that cock to become a clit. The best way to do that is to lock it up! 

Sissy Panties

sissy panties

I have so much fun with my little sissy girls when we play. I love training new bitches to be the perfect little cum whores for me. Dressing them up in their pretty, frilly dresses and little pink sissy panties is my favorite part of playing with them. I love to watch them rub those tiny whore clitties until those silky panties are soaked. One of my favorite things to do is make them wear stockings and tell them how pretty they look. I’m not your average girl. I get so turned on by making you into the true sissy we both know you are! I will dress you up and then feed you cocks one by one until you’re packed full of cum. I might just let my friends come by and fuck your tight little whore hole until you’re a cum soaked mess. Come be my newest play thing and let me make you into the ultimate sissy whore. I promise I will make you into my pretty little pet and take good care of you!

Sissy Girl Training with Mistress Diana

Sissy girl training

It’s a Sissy girls dream to get her first cock. A real fleshy dick in her painted cock sucking lips, for the first time. She is elated to be a part of sissy girl training with some real big black cocks. I have so many sweet little sissy’s that drool at the thought of getting their lips around a big man meat rod of cream filled balls. Cum eating is one of the first tasks I bring to my girls. I make them wear pretty panties and get their clitty’s excited while they watch big dick gay porn. I want them to grind on their pretty panties and make their joystick ooze and flow. They are to either lick their panties clean of that spooge or to get it on their hands and eat it directly. However you want to do it I will have you wearing panties and being a cum eater for me.