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phone dominatrix on girls night

Phone Dominatrix

I have the hottest friends ever, and sometimes they love to listen in on me and my phone dominatrix antics. Ever since I have taken calls here at sissy slut hut, I’ve gotten into my goddess mode. I’ve always garnered enough attention from others, but now I reap the benefits of making a sissy my slave. 

The girls and I love to talk for hours with you sissy sluts, and we love to make you all do all sorts of stuff for us. Sissy enslaved people that listen get rewarded. My favorite sissies are the ones that I get to drain financially. The more money you give me, the happier I am with you losers. Time is up trying to pretend to be a man. Pay up and listen to all my commands. Girls’ night in dominating you losers is how it goes.

theres rules to follow

domination phone sex

I want to find only the best sissies who call for domination phone sex and understand that they must abide by the rules. I only have time for those who will make me one happy mistress. A fun game I have is called eat the cummies. When a sissy doesn’t do their homework, they automatically have to open wide and eat their cummies. A commie surprise from one of my well-hung fuck toys would be a treat. Disobedience will not get anyone any special creamy loads. Not being able to dress up and go for a spin in the middle of downtown showing off your sissy ways proves to your goddess you aren’t all in, so there are no rewards without risks. A sissy punishment is needed. A nice substantial inflatable butt plugs up that ass is what you will need.

forcing a sissy slut

Let’s do a glamour shoot tonight. I want you to know that you will live as a sissy forever. Once you do sissy things, there’s no going back. It’s like your man card is ruined and busted for life. I will show you the way to redemption, and it’s nowhere * Giggles* Once you have a sissy second, you can’t go back to collect your manhood. Time to put on a show and show me you will forever be my sissy slave. Yes, you will wear chastity devices because you can please yourself. It would be best if you had this. It’s the forced feminization you’ve always dreamt about and have wanted—time to wear sissy outfits twenty-four-seven, baby. There’s no going back now.

 Forced feminization

Sissy Strut their Stuff for the Chance to Be Gangbanged

Sissy Phone


I love having my sissies line up on the catwalk and show me what they’re working with. They get their sexiest outfits on, make their hair look nice and strut their stuff on the runway so I can see how pretty they look. The ones with the worst looks, the ones with hemlines past their knees, hair that looks messed up (and not in a sexy way) and can’t walk in heels to save their life won’t get the chance to have their holes filled up by big black cocks afterwards. Besides the few that didn’t make the cut, my sissies look so fabulous. From the raunchiest to the cutest, they had their look together. Good thing I got the local football team to come over and mess those perfectly put-together clothes and magnificently coiffed hair. Skirts and dresses were lifted up for easy access as they pounded their tight little holes. Cocks were shoved in their mouths before they could even speak. Those girls may look proper, but they know how to give a sloppy blowjob. I’m so glad that my girls remember their training. 

Holiday sissy chronicles

sissy phone sex

I hope you sissies had one productive Christmas. Just because its the holidays doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in sissy mode. We currently have enjoyed Christmas and new years but that doesn’t mean I don’t expect to hear some raunchy sissy phone sex stories from you dolls and heauxs. Theres a need for the holiday spirit to hit each one of my sissies. Tell me all those nasty tells about encounters you’ve had. Did you steal your daughters panties and wore them around. Sniffed her boyfriends boxers? What did you do this holiday that solidifies your spot as a sissy whore to the core?! let me know how you rang the new year did you blow cocks and let the cream snow? Whatever you did I hope it was done well.

Time to Be a Real Sissy

Phone domination


I will not go easy on you. My girls all go to become champion dick suckers and premium cock whores. They can deepthroat a cock so big that you will wonder whether the cock disappears inside of their throats. I will not let any sissies leave my sissy academy without their outfits perfect, their cock game on par and their minds ready to serve. You are a cock-hungry faggot ready to gobble up any cock in sight. What exactly will you do when you come in contact with one? Choke and tear up after a few inches enter you? Will you cry out in pain when he barely puts the tip in? Will you stumble all over your cheap heels when he’s done with you, looking like a clown as you walk down the street? That is why you need to be trained by the best. When you walk down the street, the men will stare and want a piece of your ass. If there was a medal for taking cock, you would take gold. You will be the perfect sissy slut as you do not whine or cry, but let those men use you like the cock slut that you are. I will train you, dominate you and you will become the perfect sissy. 

sissy phone fun at the office

sissy phone

My sissies love to call on their lunch break. I love to make them zombies by making them watch some porn. You know you want to get on your knees and suck on a real dong. There’s nothing like a huge cock dominating your every move. I sure do love to put sissies right in their places. My only way to make you my little bitch is by demanding it and making you weak.

I will make you a cum eating sissy bitch before you realize it’s happening. Yes, I have the magic touch, and I will make sure you become the epitome of a sissy. Get ready to be all sore in your bum. So many cum shots will overfill you.

You need to be a sissy

sissy panties

The words I tell sissy kelly all the time is she’s my piggy sissy. She will spoil me and make me the happiest sissy domme. There’s so much to do, and it will take sissy Kelly a lot to be my number one sissy slut. So far, we have made some progress. She sure has spoiled me to an extent. I will ensure she keeps it going, and I will teach her all the fundamentals of being the hottest sissy. 

I know how badly she wants to suck cock and use her sissy ways to lure some hot rods in her sissy ass. Sissy’s assignments will prove whether she’s ready or not. In the meantime, she will be doing her best to satisfy her domme mistress. It’s time she puts those sissy panties on and gets hypnotized by the domme barbie herself. 

Flaunting Your Sissy Panties and Butt Plug Will Get You Fucked

Sissy Phone


I love watching your sissy ass sashay up and down the hall. You love wearing tight dresses that hug your body while you wear your 8-inch heels for me, showing me how cute and pretty you are. What you really need is something that will make men’s cocks hard the second that they see you. A good sissy cocksucker like you knows what to do when a nice, big cock is in your vicinity. So, let’s find something that will tease and seduce them. Look at this! This skirt barely covers your ass. They’ll be able to see your cute pink panties and your butt plug when you bend over. This is perfect. They’ll be able to see your nice, round ass in your cute pink panties and see how much you love having your ass filled up. All you need to do now is go out on the town, find a guy with an 8-inch cock and show him your cute panties. He’ll bend you over the table, pull out your butt plug, and fuck you right then and there like the sissy whore that you are.

Online Sissy Training with Heaven

Online Sissy Training

What’s a sissy like you doing with a cock and balls? You have no use for those. With my online sissy training, you’ll never have a need for those ever again. You haven’t earned the privilege of fucking me, so I’m just going to take your dick and balls—not that I have much to work with—and make them into my own personal dildo. I’m going to take my sharpest scalpel and perform my own demented bris. I slice into your left testicle and immediately cauterize the wound—I want to keep my sissy bitch alive to see what I’m going to do next. I squish your left testicle in my hand like a tomato, my own stress relief ball. I slice off the right testicle next with the same precision, leaving only your worthless dick. In one fell swoop, your dick is now gone, I’m holding it in my hand like an evil scientist. It’s still too worthless for me to fuck myself with so instead of making it my personal dildo…I’m going to make it a strap on a fuck you with it. I place it into my harness and begin fucking the opening that I just removed it from, as it leaks pre-cum into your open incision. I make you clean it off, sucking your own dick, getting it nice and wet before I shove it into your asshole. That sissy pussy in the best pussy and you’re a good sissy bitch taking this dick from your mistress. Now open your mouth so I can throat fuck you and have you drink your own cum like the good sissy cum slut you are!