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Bbc sissy trainer

I know how to show you how to be the perfect sissy. You must keep your hands full at all times and please all kinds of guys. Work your way up to the total sissy gangbang you have always dreamed about. I want you ready to have quite the suckathon and enjoy me showing you the way you have always felt it right in your mind to go. It’s crystal clear you want a cock to shove down your pipe hole. I want you to open wide and let a cock slip and glid till there’s precum all over your lips, taste it, and know you will always be a good cocksucker when it comes down to it all, and I want to show you why I’m going to to make you the prime sissy slut. Every single sissy that crosses paths with me becomes the best sissy ever.

School girl Femme Remi

Best sissy trainer

I have always enjoyed being the best sissy trainer for school girl BBC lovers like Femme Remi! He called me on Halloween night to tell me that he was stressed up as a schoolgirl slut and that his best friend were holding a Halloween party. His besties were going to bring some cock over so they all can share it together. When asked what kind of cock was going to be at this party he told me it was a private party and some big black boyfriends if it’s two female roommates were on the way over. 

femme Remi told me that he was stressed and a pleated purple and white short school slut skirt. My little sissy had oil and glitter all over her body. She was fully makeup and stockings and a bra and panties and even 6 inch heels. She was ready to suck some big black cock and she wanted to let me join in on her ecstasy. “Would you hold my hand as I bounced up on a fat big black cock?” she asked shyly. “We both could be riding dicks together side by side and showing how good they feel in our pussies!” 

I reassured my sissy slut but this was where she could go to talk about cock and being fucked discreetly. I enjoy black dick and I enjoy being fucked just like my little sissy Femme Remi. Even with two other girls by her side she still needs a BBC sissy trainer  who understands that for her being a sissy is all about taking that big black dick in her pussy!BBC sissy trainer

Sissy Phone

Sissy Phone

Put your panties on for me and prepare for a sissy phone chat, my obedient little cum-drinking sex slave. Your Mistress needs you to submit and obey. This is your punishment for being such a naughty little crossdresser. You thought you could hide yourself away from the world but you can’t. You’re pathetic for needing the humiliation. Now if you decide to play your cards right and do everything that Mistress Genesis commands – we can turn you into an upstanding little sissy boy. I’m going to need you to adhere to all of my rules. You will be watching me fuck and taking gigantic cocks. They will make you so embarrassed of your pencil cock. Join my army of sexual submissive cumsluts and you will find what you truly desire.

Phone Domination

Phone Domination

Phone domination is what you’re craving. Mistress Genesis knows what an obedient sissy boy you are. Parading you about on a leash brings me so much pleasure. I love the way that you obey and serve your Mistress. Put on those silky pair of panties that I like to see you wearing. Do you think you’re worthy of the intense sissy training that I provide? I will need you to prove yourself. Get on your knees for Mistress Genesis. Bow at my feet and prove your loyalty. Humiliation is your hidden kink and craving. You yearn to hear me laugh at your pathetic attempts to prove you’re manhood. We both know you’re only good for submissive serving. Your dick isn’t nearly big enough for Mistress, so you will be a good sissy boy and watch me take a real cock. Maybe if you’re good enough, I will allow you to lick my used pussy afterward.

Suck those chocolate cocks

bbc sissy trainer

Real sissies love to have the BBC sissy trainer pave the way. I get so committed that I will show you firsthand how to handle juicy black cock. There’s nothing I like more than to show you how to deepthroat appropriately and how to make sure you genuinely are satisfying cock. You will be the object of a lot of domination. Naturally, sissies are submissive, and that’s not going to change. There must be no doubt in your mind that you want to get fucked and used like a cock craving whore. Sissies get a bad rap sometimes of being too desperate.  I will show you how to seem pleasing but not pathetic. You still have to have that factor and charm. A sexy sissy is better than a desperate one.

Sissy Training Audio

Sissy Training Audio

Are you prepared to be humiliated like the good sissy boy that you are? Bow down to Mistress Genesis as I treat you like the worthless, pathetic excuse of a man you are. You’re not even a real man. You’re my obedient sissy boy and it’s time for you to learn a lesson. I’m going to command you to do as I tell you. First I need you to put on a pair of those special, lacy panties. I love seeing you in them because it means that you are submitting to me. We both know how rock hard you get when I begin laughing and humiliating you. You can’t help it. It’s so easy to train you to respond as my slave. Sissy girl training is all you need to learn how to please your Mistress. I’m going to have you on your knees ready and willing to satisfy Mistress Genesis. My purpose in life is ultimate sexual satisfaction and I will stop at nothing to achieve it.

The power of the pussy

sissy training

Sissy training can be broken down and branched out into a ton of different smaller tidbits of lessons. My main lesson when I train one of my sissies is showing them that the power of the pussy makes most men weak. It doesn’t matter if they want to be sissies or not. All men will always submit to the power between the legs of real women. Sissies want to be as close to the real thing as possible. Whether you want to train, emulate or become, all in all, a woman, you have to understand that power and pussy are two of the same. You can love cock, but you have to worship pussy. For you to be a good sissy, you have to get on your knees and tell women how incredible they truly are because you so badly and desperately want to become a dupe of some sort. Sissies will never be authentic women, but they sure as hell can try.

Sissy phone sex leads you to me

sissy phone sex

How cute you thought you could enjoy some sissy phone sex and not endure all the effects that come from having some sissy fun, huh? Well, you are sadly mistaken. There’s no way you can do such a thing and not become hooked on the sissy lifestyle. It will thrust you into a world of events you never thought possible. It is so intriguing and misguided, but you are a junky for the sissy life for some reason. Hear my commands and watch as you get to be hypnotized by my every word. Every single term hooks you deeper. It is out of this world the satisfaction you get from sucking cock. I will let you watch me get pounded and make you wish it was you getting hammered with meat sticks.

Admit you lust after cock

Domination phone sex

Domination Phone Sex is how you can ease into the sissy fun. So I have guys that call up and pretend they aren’t sissies deep down. If you are reading this, chances are you are a sissy, and you don’t want to admit it and try so hard to hide it, but you love it so much. You want to flaunt it around and make everyone know you want cock. You want to twirl in dresses, feel sexy and pretty, and have cocks. You’re a cock loving sissy that must have his way. It is your time to shine, but first and foremost, you have to admit to yourself who you are, and then it will be a cakewalk. Get it together with this fiery redhead who will turn you into one hot cum loving sissy.

Sissy Phone Sex the dominant way

sissy phone sex

Go ahead and smile. I have quite the treat for you. Sissy phone sex has you going crazy. All you can think about is hot clothes and plenty of cocks. You want all sorts of toys to fuck you in the ass. It’s your man pussy! I mean to be fair, there’s nothing about you that is quite manly, Hmmmm how about just your asspussy? That works great. You will need to dress like a whore and learn all the glory holes around town. I don’t care that you might get caught. Shut the fuck up!!! Do it, you fucking sissy!!!!!! I love to dominate you fuckers and making you all lose any trace of masculinity you might have. Your asshole will be gaped in so many ways by so many different cocks. Well, this is what you wanted, you bottom bitch so take it and do it with a smile, my little fucking slut. Thick meat makes your clity cream. We all know it is true now it’s time you abide by my rules!!!!