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Sissy Cums in Lockup

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Spread that fucking as apart so mistress can get a good view while she fucks your sissy ass. I got you a new chastity so I can see your little clitty in cage while you penetrate that man pussy for me. Before I give you this big veiny strappy that I have I want to see you fuck your pink man pussy for me. Lay on your side like a slutty bitch and put this dildo all the way in until the balls hit your little grape nuts. “These are tiny and pathetic” I say in disgust as I flick your quivering nuts. Your tiny dickie is already dripping from the dildo plugging your pussy, so I snatch it out of your hand and shove it in your mouth! “You only cum for Mistress!” I remind you as I shove my thick 11 in cock inside you. I’m so deep in your twat I can feel your tummy rumbling! Youre such a size queen I should’ve known thrusting this big dick in your twat would make you squirt! Even in lockup you can’t control yourself from leaking cunt juice down your little berries and thighs!

Sissy phone sessions

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Get ready for some wild sissy phone fun. I’m going to use terms that will be hypnotic. You will be my sissy slut who will do whatever I say. Once you do what you want, you will move on to the next level. Sissy tasks tend to be all about what makes your mistress happy. What makes me happy is a fluffer and a vacuum cleaner. Go ahead and suck a cock till it’s hard, and clean up the effect. Take notes and learn what will make you the best sissy slut.

It is an honor for you to learn the best tricks and tips for becoming the best cock sucker and the number deepthroater. you are so lucky to enjoy training from the best red headed goddess around.

Best Black Sissy Trainer

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I’m the best sissy trainer because I do not hold back for a little dick motherfucker! I let these little dick fuckers know that I am their Goddess and they only time they can come near my twat is when they are licking th cum out of it. Other than that, I want to see those puckered pink man pussies in the air so mistress can spank them. I like to paddle a sissy ass until its hot and red so it hurts even more when I drop my dick in them! My favorite dick to use on them actually belongs to my black buck Tyrell. He has a 14-inch cock that he loves to use on my little dick lovers when I do not feel like they deserve my cock. He can fuck a pansy pussy for hours but first he has to make goddess cum. While he has my legs pinned back I expect to have two sissy mouths on my clit and one on his balls. They need to milk his black rod of the biggest fucking load right into my heavenly twat! Once my pretty slit is dripping cum Tyrell will pick who can lick it out of my cunt and who can get a load straight from the source. What will you do to ensure he chooses you?

Sissy Training Celebration

sissy trainingDo you need sissy training? Sissy school is in session. I love my sissies. I am a nurturing sissy trainer. As a mother of three, including twin sissy boys, I know how to love and nurture a sissy. Just ask my sons all the good I have done for them. They love that I am their mother and trainer. They had a special occasion this week. They starred in their school play. The first time they have been in a play together. This arts school is like a Fame school, very progressive. They had female leads and no one in the school complained. That never would have happened at their old school. I wanted to celebrate their debut in a special way. My sons love big black cock. They may have inherited that from me. I invited two black bulls over. Two bulls I know who do not care who touches their cock. Black men are just more fluid like that. They do not care who is sucking their cock. Good head is good head. A tight hole, is a tight hole. My sissy boys dressed up in their frilliest dresses. They styled their naturally long hair and I got them manis and pedis as a present. They love to glam up. They knew I had a surprise for them, but they did not know what it was until I brought them home. My daughter had let the party favors in the house. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I love to teach sissies how to suck the best cocks around, my sons included. I gave each of my sissy boys a shot of olive oil to lubricate their throats, then they showed off the deep throating skills I shared with them. Their little blonde heads bobbed up and down those massive cocks. They backed their little sissy holes up on those big black dicks too. It was a wonderful celebration. My boys have come so far. They would give even an old sissy a run for their money in the black bull ball draining department. Mommy can make you a good sissy too.

we need to have a meeting

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As part of my sissy phone sessions, I love to have meetings and will expect nothing but the best from my sissies. I want to make sure you are intelligent and working smart. When you are jumping into the world of sissy life, you have to know you will not be the only person around who has ever thought of being sissified. You must come through with the work. I want to make sure you are sucking so many cocks and taking lots of cum. I don’t have time for games and will put you to the test. I will make sure you outdo yourself and show me you were born to be a sissy whore. I want to see improvement from your walk to your clothing attire to your personal dating life. You must show me you are all in so that I can keep training you and making you a complete sexy vixen sissy slut.

BBC and Spankings For Mistress

Sissy Phone

He likes when I call him daddy as he stuffs my sweet slice  of chocolate pie! When Mistress is taking a break from whipping sissys into shape I am getting my pussy stretched by a BBC. Black dick is worthy of praise so I do not even try to dominate over a black king! One of my favorite cock holders has the longest black anaconda I have ever seen. He loves how I dominate over white sissys and he makes it clear that he is not one of them. While he has be bent over with my tight black ass in the air he gives me good spanking and makes me call him master. “you submit to ME!” he exclaims as he slaps my booty. I feel his big hands slap my exposed pussy and yell, “yes daddy!” “say it again” he demands as I whimper and respond with another, “ yes daddyyy!” . His spankings feel so good that my flower began to bloom. Just when I thought my pussy couldn’t get any wider he begins to finger me while he continues to hit my jiggly ass cheeks! Daddy spanked me until my juices ran down all over his lap. After that, he took his huge fucking pole and made it disappear in my hole. I love getting fucked by a real man! My pussy dripped all over is massive black balls as he plows into my tightness. He loves how my pussy grips his throbbing member! I bet you sissys are drooling at the thought of watching me being filled with BBC, arent you? Too bad! Daddy only likes black queens.  If you’re extra obedient, i’ll let you lick his cum from my cream filled cunt. If daddy is feeling up to it, maybe he’ll let let you do it clean my cream off his cock too!  

Sore for Days

BBC Sissy TrainerLately my lessons have been teaching my little sissy sluts on how to suck cock or follow directions, but I wanted to do something different today. Today they were going to get penetrated, and I brought in the biggest black cock just for that. These little sissy bitches are always talking about how they want the biggest cock in their ass and today they will get it. I made them get all pretty and made sure they each had on their pretty pink panties. I brought him into the room to choose the first sissy and she was very excited. I made sure to warn her that the first time could hurt if you don’t get his cock dripping wet, but she didn’t listen. He made her put on a cute show for him by stripping off her clothes and pink panties and then grabbed her by her hair down to suck his cock. She did very well but I could tell it wasn’t wet enough. He was close by the looks of it so he threw her off and turned her around on the bed. He lined his cock up to her ass hole and shoved it in while she screamed and cried in pain. He fucked her hard and good and eventually she got over the pain and he came in her pretty little ass. She couldn’t sit for days but she did learn her lesson.

Make Mistress Choose You

Online sissy trainingDid you miss Mistress? If so, get on the ground and slurp up my punnani punch! What are you waiting for?! As a welcome back I need all of my pretty bitches to come to me on their hands and knees. Suck my pretty toes while another drinks from my juicy pussy! I want to hear a symphony of lustful moans as you suck on me like you do my strap-on! Don’t forget the toes too! While you’re sucking in between my toes worship me and tell Mistress how much you missed her sissy training. Those tiny ass clittys should have been locked away in chastity since my departure. I train all my pretties to be obedient and my absence shouldn’t have made you too comfortable! Have you been a good bitch? If you’ve been an obedient slut, I’ll let you taste my cum filled coochie after its been stretched by BBC. A hot load will be dripping out of my pussy as it falls in between your pretty pink stained lips which would probably make me squirt in your face. I don’t care though because I know you’ll lean my cunt right up! I think I have time to invite one special bitch over to deep throat the cock I plan on making disappear in my fuck hole tonight. What will you do to make your Goddess choose you?

Sissy training audio with ember

Sissy training audio

Look at me, take all this creamy cum. Watch me lick this mushroom head. It is so yummy and delicious. It is all I ever crave. Now you are having some fomo, are you? Well, you damn well should be jelly of me! I’m doing something you only wish you could do. You don’t have the cojones to admit that you aren’t a real man!

I laugh at your pathetic facade. I see you, for you indeed are, and it shows that all you want is to be a sissy, but you play it off and make it seem like you don’t. I will give you some honesty right now, and it will be a tough pill to swallow. There will never be anything that satisfies your urges more than being a prissy sissy!

I know you are green with envy watching me take cock and creamy nut butter. Now, if you want to be honest, you will admit right now that you wish to trade places with me. All it takes is you following sissy audio training instructions by moi. Let’s get to it. I have designed the perfect method, and it is spectacular.


Sissy Lessons

Sissy Training I love to teach little boys how to be sissy sluts. I’m very good at it. They love to get all dolled up in pink dresses and get their hair and nails done for my lessons. Today I get to teach them how to suck cock like the good little sissy sluts they are. I brought over my daddy’s friend who loves little sissy girls so they can practice. I tell them that they need to make his cock all nice and wet and to swirl their tongue all around the tip of his thick cock. I made sure they didn’t forget about his balls. Those little sissy bitches love having a huge cock in their mouth. They loved when he grabbed their little sissy girl head and make them choke on his thick cock while he came all the way down their throat. Those little sissy sluts can’t wait for their next lesson.