Sissy Humiliation Training, I Know All About You, Now Submit

One of my new clients was directed to call me by his own wife. It’s Sissy humiliation training that she excepted him to be subjected to. 

However the first thing I needed to know is why is his wife directing him to call me. After all  am black cock queen and sissy Mistress to assist black cock enslaved sissy girls. Well, he may not be a sissy yet. However he is seemingly black owned.

Later he did call me and he was certainly put in his place quickly. Obviously I knew the situation from his first few utterances. He was a small dicked cucked white man. His wife is younger and has a body that the young black landscape nigger really liked. 

Finally it all came to light that this black man with a big black dick was taking ownership of his wife. And soon enough him. So really, I am in the school of thinking that Mr. M. is not a man. Frankly speaking Mr. M. needs to put on those panties and be ready to call me for his next session come Sunday – Tuesday between 3am -1pm Central time. 

Sissy Humiliation Training

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