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Fuck Me Infront of Her

sissy phone sexI fucking love making a sexy ass fucking sissy get all fucking dressed up for me. I love making you wear a sexy ass little tight fucking skirt with only a thong on with nylon heels. I love making your wife sit in the fucking room while I take out my big fucking strap on for you. I make you get on your knees and make you take every fucking inch inside of your little whore mouth. I watch your wife’s face and smile as I tell her how much better I am than she will ever fucking be. I make you stand up and lay down on the bed while I climb ontop of you slowly sliding down on that fucking cock of yours while I make you watch your wife’s fucking face. I cum all over your fucking cock and make you stand up and take my big fucking strap on in that tight little perky ass of yours. I fuck you right infront of your wife until you cum all over her pretty little fucking face.

My Sissy Slut

mistress phone sexI love when I get a new sissy slut to torture or teach, Lisa is a great sissy already, he knows that he has to do every fucking thing that I say and if he doesn’t he does he will be punished. I love to tell him to dress up in sexy high heels, a pretty little skirt, tiny little brawl thong set. I love when he gets all fucking dressed up for me making him my little femboy. I just fucking love it when I make him go into a room and grab his big black strap on cock and make him get it all fucking wet for me. I love to make him get it all wet and then stick it all the way into his tight little ass. He does such a good job that I let him stroke his tiny little cock while he does it. When he is close I make sure to tell him where I want him to cum. I love making him cum all over his wife’s fucking pillow so that she knows her little femboy is my little sissy slut.

Dress up For Me Sissy

sissy girl trainingI watched as you walked out of that room with that pretty little fucking outfit on that I made you wear. I loved watching you strut in those high fucking heels that make your little sissy ass bounce up and down. I made you get on your slutty fucking knees and open that little whore mouth. I watched you take every fucking inch in that sissy fucking mouth of yours. Once you got that strap on all nice and wet I made you stand up and bend over showing me those tight little fucking ass cheeks. I spread them apart and lined my big black dildo with your tight little fucking asshole and shoved it right fucking in. I pounded your little fucking asshole so fucking hard while you stroked your little clitty. I made you fill up those pretty panties with your fucking cum. I pulled out and dipped my strap on in the fucking cum coating it with your fucking juices and made you get back on your knees. I made you clean my cock all off licking every single fucking drop of cum off of that cock. 

Turning Them

I enjoy turning straight men into little fucking sissies and listening to them beg for me to fuck them with my big fucking dildos. You have a wife and a family but you came to me today to help you because your wife doesn’t want that tiny little cock of yours anymore. Oh I am more than happy to help you and I know just how to. I waited for your wife to get home with that big black man before I brought you in. I waited for them to start fucking before I brought you into the room making you watch as he shoved his huge black cock in and out of your wife, over and over again. But what you didn’t expect was her to look you in the eyes and tell you that she would never want a tiny cock like yours. I told you to stroke that little clitty of yours and watch as your wife cums all over that big fucking cock until he fills her fucking pussy up. You did as I said and as soon as he came inside your wife he pulled out and I told you to go clean off his cock like the fucking cum slut you are. You did so fucking good and once you were done you came all in your hand and I told you to lick it all up like a good fucking bitch boy.

Sissie’s First Time

online sissy trainingI love having my sissies do whatever the fuck I want. If I say get on your knees and suck this big black dick until he cums you better do exactly that. I told my sissy that he was to go and get some more sexy pieces of lingerie and show me them but he hasn’t yet. What I should’ve done was punish him until he made sure to remember that for next time. But I decided too do something much better this time, I had a room full of big men with big fucking cocks. Unfortunately for you, you haven’t had a nice fat cock inside of you yet because you were so new to training. Well today is your lucky fucking day, you get to have every fucking cock shoved into that tight little ass today. Get on your knees and you better make sure each of these cocks are nice and fucking wet before them shoot their load right into that little ass of yours.

Sissy Sucking Cock

sissy phone sexI love making money, and my sissies are so fucking good at making it for me. I love to sit back and watch one of my sissies get fucked in her tiny little fucking ass hole so fucking hard she is screaming. But she takes it like a good little bitch because she knows what happens to her if she doesn’t. Take Sissy Ken for example, she decided to back out of sucking a mans dick because he was too fucking big. I refuse to let that go. Now she has to suck every mans cock that walks in my doors until he cums, and if she decides to back out I tie her up to my fucking fuck machine. If that happens I tie her to a machine that pumps her mouth until it’s fucking bruised and I see she’s had enough. I get to watch and make sure she sucks every one of their fucking cocks until her mouth is filled up each and every fucking time.

Make Me Money

sissy phone sexYou know exactly what you have to do as soon as I enter the room with my newest client. You are already dressed up all sexy in your red lacey thong and bra set. You come in and I went and sat down ant told you to make me money. You get down and crawl towards him and pull his pants down taking out his massive fucking cock and taking it all in your mouth. I watched you take his cock all the way in the back of your throat making sure you get it all nice and wet before he makes you stand up and bent you over. He gives you a good slap on the ass before shoving 2 fingers in that tight little shit hole of yours. I watch him pump those fingers in and out of you, stretching you all the way out before taking his cock and rubbing it around your tight little hole before shoving it all the fucking way in. I smile as I watch him fuck you hard and rough, knowing that you are making me a good amount of money. I smile even wider when he fills up that tight little hole with his huge load.

Dress Up Time

forced sissy trainingYou’re all dressed up for your mistress aren’t you? I know you’ve been waiting a while to play so you’re very excited. Look at that little clit all excited for me while you rub it through your panties. You have your dress and makeup on because you know that you have to be all dressed up for me or else. I have my big 10” veiny black strap on cock ready for you but first you have to be a good little fucking slut for me and get on your knees and get it all nice and wet. That’s right on your knees for your mistress and give this cock a big juicy fucking kiss. I love watching you wrap your pretty little mouth around this fucking cock like the whore you are. Such a good little sissy you are now stand up and bend right over and spread your ass cheeks for me so I can see that tiny little hole. I love pushing the head in gently so I can see your asshole stretch out around this fat fucking cock. You love when I pound into you while you rub your little clitty until you cum in your pretty panties.


forced sissy trainingI love being a sexy ass dominatrix. I have a naughty little cunt here who needs to realize who is in fucking charge. I grab his hair and pull him down into the floor, slapping him in the face and making him kiss my fucking feet. I smack his bare ass and tell him to get up and put on that silky pink thong right fucking now. He does as he is told like the good little bitch he is and then I see him start rubbing his little clit through those panties. I grab his hair and bend him over the fucking bed and tell him he is only allowed to fucking touch his clit if I say he is. I grab his little balls and squeeze hard enough for him to apologize and tell me he wont do it again. I take my big black strap on and shove it into his asshole hard so that he screams in pain and pleasure. I fuck him like the dirty little slut he fucking is telling him that he is a sissy and no woman will ever want that tiny little cock. I laugh as I fuck him as hard as I can and tell him that he is my little fuck doll that only I can use. He cums in those tiny little panties and I make him lick them clean.

Play Time With Tiffany

sissy phone sexSissy Tiffany loves to get all sexy for me whenever I tell her to. I put a cute little white dress with panties and a bra in the bathroom for when she comes. I love to have her go change and when she comes out I can see the bottom of her ass I fucking love it. I get down on my knees and lick tiffany’s cock through those pretty hot pink lace panties. I take her cock out and start to lick and suck every inch getting it all nice and wet not forgetting about those big balls. Just when her cock is wet enough I stand up and make tiffany suck on my big black 10inch thick veiny cock making it sopping wet before I make tiffany bend over and spread those pretty little ass cheeks revealing her tight little puckered asshole. I slowly spread tiffany’s asshole with my black cock making her moan but I stop halfway in. Tiffany stands up with my cock still in her little round fucking asshole while I bend down in front of her and let her fuck me. Tiffany loves to fuck me hard and fast, pounding into my tight fucking pussy until he cums deep inside of me. I go behind tiffany and slowly take my cock out making sure he feels every single inch. I can’t wait for our next playtime tiffany.