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Sissy panties should be perfect for your Goddesses!

Meadow and I have taken control of your Sissy panties, that tight fucking hole, and your life completely. A Good little bitch behaves, doesn’t she? Oh and you will obey Baby. You have no will of your own anymore. You are now our slave. We will turn you into a proper sissy slave. You will not whine or beg for mercy, you will obey.Sissy panties

We will make you look like a dirty fucking whore. You will wear a cute pink diaper, a cute little bonnet, and of course, a tight choker around your neck. You will be on a leash at all times, and when your bussy isn’t being fucked by a hard, fat cock, you will have a butt plug in. 

When we say suck, you suck, and when we say bark, you better! Don’t second guess our power. We can sniff you out in a second. We will know the moment you become a filthy little piggy. Making such a mess for your Mommy goddesses will bring you a lot of pain. You’ll be spanked through your diaper, but it will feel like your bare ass. We are not messing around here.

In addition to your new wardrobe and duties, you also have plenty of chores you are expected to do every day. Licking your Mommy Goddesses’ holes is expected. You must use your whore tongue perfectly, making sure every drop of cum is cleaned out. If you are a good sissy slave, we will allow you to touch your little clitty. Only with our permission are you able to squeeze on your little nubby.Sissy maid training

You must never fail our Sissy maid training. You will clean our house, cook our meals, you will obey Baby. Suck our pussys, all the nutrients you need is the hot cum in our holes. We are very busy Mommy’s, so you must always be on your A game. You will, you must, you will obey whore. 

If you ever disobey us, there will be consequences. We will punish you in any way we see fit. You will be spanked, tied up, and used as our personal plaything. We will make you regret ever crossing us.Forced feminization

But don’t worry, you won’t be alone in this journey. We will be by your side every step of the way, guiding you and helping you become the sissy slave you were always meant to be. We will force you to embrace your femininity and submit to our will.

So, are you ready to begin your new life as a sissy slave? If so, pick up the phone and call us. We will give you the best Forced feminization you’ve ever experienced.

In conclusion, sissy slave, you are now our property. You will do as we say, and you will be grateful for the opportunity to serve us. We will make you look and act like the dirty little whore you are, and you will love every second of it. So, submit to us, obey!

Emerson and Meadow
Property Owners’ of Sissy slave Baby



BBC sissy trainer demands you get out those poppers & inhale

BBC sissy trainer

You have heard of me before, I’m the BBC sissy trainer that demands you get out those poppers & inhale! I’m the one who will make you get on your knees and worship me like the queen I am. I’m the one who will train you to be the best sissy you can be!

First things first, if you’re going to be interacting with me, you need to have some poppers on hand. I demand that you inhale those bad boys before we get started. It will loosen you up and make you more susceptible to my commands. Trust me, you’re going to need it.

I will train you to take the biggest black cocks like a pro. I will force you to submit to my demands and become the sissy slut you were always meant to be. And don’t worry, I’ll make sure it’s enjoyable for you too. I’ll make your little clitty.

But it’s not all about pleasure. Forced Sissy training is also about discipline and obedience. I will make you call me ‘Mistress’ and address me with the proper respect. You will learn to curtsy, to serve me and make me happy. And if you fail to meet my expectations, there will be consequences.

As your Mistress, I have a special talent for getting inside your head and making you do things you never thought possible. I will make you gag on my monster black cocks, and I will make you love every second of it. I will make you beg for more, even when you think you can’t take it anymore.

I know some of you might be hesitant to submit to a dominatrix, especially one as vulgar and explicit as me. But trust me, once you give in to my demands, you will never want to go back. I will make you feel alive, like you’re truly living your best sissy life.

 I take men who think they’re all that and turn them into quivering, obedient sissies. I make them wear the skimpiest outfits, the highest heels, and the most obscene makeup. And then I make them parade around for my amusement, their cocks hard and desperate for release. The big black cocks love it too!

They also love to stretch out a sissy’s little bussy. And I make sure my sissies get plenty of practice taking those black beasts. I want my sissy nice and broken in, ready to be used by any BBC that comes their way.

In fact, I make my sissies compete to see who can take the most BBCs at once. The last one to beg for mercy gets to feel like an extra filthy whore! You will lay over my knees and Tyronne is going to fist your little sissy pussy. That slutty sissy ass will be wrecked! It’s the ultimate humiliation, and what you deserve.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This all sounds too good to be true. How can I possibly be this amazing? Well, it’s true and you will serve your Phone dominatrix in every single way. That is your true purpose, to suck and fuck as many cocks as I give you.


Femboy training will enforce your inner whore to submit


Femboy training

Well, hello there, my little sissy sluts! I’m here to give you a taste of what life is like under my Femboy training regime. I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath to hear all about how I’m going to enforce your inner whore and make you submit to my every desire. Well, wait no longer, my precious pets, because I’m about to spill all the juicy details.

First things first, let’s talk about what it means to be a sissy. Some of you may be new to the scene, while others have been worshipping at the altar of sissification for years. But no matter where you fall on the spectrum, one thing is for sure: being a sissy means embracing your inner femininity and submitting to a dominant force. And who better to be that force than me, your Mistress Emerson?

When you first come to me for training, I’m going to start by assessing your level of submission. This means asking you some probing questions about your desires, fantasies, and limits. Don’t be shy, my little sluts – I want to know everything about you. The more I know, the better I can tailor your sissy training to your specific needs.

Once your Phone dominatrix have a good understanding of where you’re at, we’ll start with the basics. This means learning how to walk, talk, and behave like the sissy slut you were meant to be. I’ll teach you how to sway your hips, lower your voice, and serve your Mistress with the utmost respect and devotion. And if you think this is all just fluff and no substance, think again. Training is a serious business, and I expect my sissies to take it just as seriously as I do.

Of course, no regime would be complete without some good old-fashioned punishment. I am a master of punishment. Whether it’s spanking, corner time, or verbal humiliation, I know exactly how to make my sissies squirm. And trust me, you’ll be begging for more.

.I’ll teach you how to touch yourself in all the right ways, how to tease and tantalize your body until you’re begging for release. And when that release finally comes, it will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Let me assure you, my little sluts, that I am more than equipped to handle all your needs. I have a whole arsenal of toys and tools at my disposal, ready and waiting to pleasure your body in ways you never thought possible. And if you’re a good sissy whore, I might even allow you a little mercy.

So, there you have it, my precious pets. A taste of what life is like under my sissy regime. If you’re ready to embrace your inner whore and submit to my every desire, then I’m ready to welcome you into my world. Just remember to hold on to your Sissy panties, because things are about to get very, very explicit.


Phone dominatrix Emerson rules your slutty bussy!

Phone dominatrixAs I sit here, high on my Phone dominatrix throne of power and control, I can’t help but revel in the thought of you. My lowly sissy slave, quivering at the sound of my voice. You may imagine yourself to be strong, independent, and masculine, but when it comes to me, you are nothing but a weak-willed little slut. Always ready and willing to do my bidding.

I am a goddess, a sex symbol, a purveyor of filth and depravity. I am the one who can make your heart race with a simple word, who can make your clitty twitch and drip with anticipation! Who can make you beg for more. I am Emerson, the embodiment of your deepest, darkest desires.

Don’t you love the way I swallow cock? I am after all a natural beauty, brought into this world always looking this stunning and feminine. You on the other hand will need a lot of work. I will put your jaw to work, at the end of the day my sissy whore it will be locked. 

But you will have all that yummy cum down your throat and dripping down the sides of your mouth like the whore you are. I will make you embrace your feminine side when I stretch out your pussy with huge thick cock! How many cocks do you think your sissy hole can take? I say we don’t stop until we find out. Sure, maybe your hole will be prolapsed but at least there are plenty of cocks around to fuck it back into you.

Hold on to your Sissy panties, missy, you’re not just calling for a quick fix or a casual fling. No, you’re calling to submit yourself to me entirely, to become my sissy slave, my property, my plaything. You’re calling to be transformed into the prettiest slut on the block, to have your ass pounded into submission, and to learn how to choke on cock like a pro.

I will take you on a journey, a journey into the depths of your own sexuality, a journey that you will never forget. With my sharp tongue and sharp wit, I will tease and taunt you, pushing you to your limits, daring you to go further, to become the sissy slut that you were always meant to be.

I will make you wear the sluttiest outfits, the brightest colors, the highest heels. I will make you wear makeup, paint your nails, and style your hair. I will make you look in the mirror and see a beautiful, desirable, sexually irresistible creature, a creature that I have created, a creature that I own.

And when I am finished with you, you will be mine, completely and utterly. You will be my sissy slave whore, ready and willing to do anything I command, to fulfill any desire I have, to become the perfect little sissy slut that I know you can be. Are you ready to submit? Call now for Phone domination, whore!



Sissy hypno training will make you fuck, will make you suck

Sissy hypno trainingYour favorite sexy ass Mistress Emerson is going to force you to submit to Sissy hypno training. You will you suck, you will fuck and you will submit to any cock that comes your way. All under my hypnotic spell and you cannot escape my control. 

I know you need a dominant woman to take control of your life and rip your sissy hole wide open and I’m your Mistress, whore. I’m known for my strict training regimen, which will have you begging to be my sissy slut in no time.

Now, let’s cut to the chase. You’re here because you want to submit to a bad ass Mistress like me. You want to be transformed into a submissive sissy, ready to please and serve at my every whim. And I’m happy to help you with that. 

With just a few sessions, you’ll be crawling on the floor, eager to please me and follow my every command. I’ll have you calling me Goddess, wearing lingerie and makeup, and getting ready to be feminized completely. And trust me, once you start, you won’t want to stop.

My Forced feminization training goes deep, rewiring your brain to your inner bimbo. With just a few sessions, you’ll be begging to be turned into a sissy, with no escape in sight. And that’s just how I like it. I’ll take complete control of your transformation. 

Now, I know some of you may be hesitant to take the plunge. You may be worried about what others will think, or whether you’re truly cut out for the sissy lifestyle. But let me tell you, once you submit to me, all those worries will melt away. 

You’ll be too consumed by your desire to please me, to be the best sissy you can be. And trust me, the reward is worth it. So, take the plunge and submit to hypnotic Forced sissy feminization! Call me now and let’s start your transformation. I promise you, it will be a wild and exciting ride. And you’ll never look back.

Sissy maid training will be harder than you expect!

Sissy maid training

Hey there, kinky little sissies! It’s me, your favorite Sissy dominatrix and you better get ready because Sissy maid training will be harder than you expect! As your dominant Mistress, I am pleased to inform you that you will be serving as my personal slave for the purpose of cleaning out my holes, which are currently full to the brim with cum.

I expect nothing less than complete and utter devotion to this task, as it is your duty to ensure that I am completely satisfied with the level of cleanliness you are able to achieve. Oh, how I love seeing you little sissies dressed up in your frilly French maid outfits, complete with stockings and high heels.

It’s such a turn-on seeing you try to be all feminine and dainty. But don’t think that just because you look cute in your little uniform that I’m going to go easy on you. No, my sissy slut I am going to make you sweat. You will get on your hands and knees and present yourself to me, ready to begin the process of cleaning out my ass and pussy.

You will use your tongue and fingers to carefully and thoroughly clean every inch of me, making sure to leave no trace of cum behind. I will be watching closely to ensure that you are putting in the necessary effort, and if I am not satisfied with your performance, you can be certain that there will be consequences.

Then we are going to get rid of  those pesky Sissy panties you’re wearing. I know you think they make you feel all sexy and girly, and baby you are but I want that hole exposed! Your sweet, soft, pink little hole of yours will be stretched to oblivion. Your throat will be crammed so hard with cock!

I will take my time getting your hole ready for a hard pounding, using my strap-on to stretch and train you to accommodate the massive size of my cock. You will cry out in pain and pleasure as I thrust into you, claiming you as my own and possessing you completely.

As my slave, you will learn to love and crave the feeling of being used and abused by me. You will come to see yourself as nothing more than a vessel for my pleasure, and you will do everything in your power to please me and fulfill my desires.

And in doing so, you will find a deep and abiding sense of satisfaction – the satisfaction of knowing that you are serving your Mistress to the best of your ability, and that you are truly and completely hers. So don’t be shy baby, call for Sissy phone fun!

Sissy panties better be ready for me, tightly up your ass!

Sissy pantiesHello, my dear little sissies! Better get your Sissy panties ready for me because I have a lot of BBC to pound your hole into a stretched out pussy. I know, I know I am I your favorite BBC Sissy Dominatrix and don’t worry dear, I am here to give you a another sweet taste of what it’s like to be under my command. I’m the one who will turn you into the perfect little sissy, ready to serve and obey my every whim.

Now, let’s get one thing straight: I’m not your average dominatrix. I’m a bad, BBC-loving sissy mistress, and I’m here to make sure you’re ready for the big leagues. You see, I’ve got a whole lot of BBC for your bussy, and I’m not afraid to use it.

They better be ready for your BBC sissy trainer, tightly up your ass, because I’m going to make sure you’re wearing them every single day. And don’t even think about taking them off, because I’ll know, and I’ll make sure you regret it. They are going to get so crusty with hot thick BBC cum, and you will wear them with pride.

So, how do you become my perfect little BBC sissy slave? Well, it’s simple: you call me, and you let me take control. I’ll guide you through every step of your transformation, from the moment you slip on those slutty little panties to the moment you’re on your knees, worshipping BBC.

And trust me, my little sissies, once you’ve experienced the power of BBC, you’ll never want to go back. You’ll crave it, you’ll beg for it, and you’ll do anything to get it. That’s the kind of control I have over you, and I’m not afraid to use it.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, dial my number, and let me turn you into the perfect little BBC sissy slave. I promise you, it’ll be an Sissy phone experience you’ll never forget. Until next time, my little sissies. Stay obedient!



Phone dominatrix Emerson will fill that sissy hole!

Phone dominatrix

Phone dominatrix Emerson will fill that sissy hole! As a sissy, you know that you crave the attention and control of a powerful mistress. You want to be humiliated, degraded, and used for my pleasure. Well, my dear sissies, I’m here to give you exactly what you desire. I’m the Goddess who will make you squirm, beg, and whimper like the little sissy you are.

When you call me, you’ll be greeted with my sultry voice, dripping with lust and desire for your submission. I’ll take control of your mind and body, making you do things you never thought possible. You better be ready and dressed properly for me. Make sure your panties are silk and lace, really tight on your ass. I want your clitty buldging out of your panties, it always makes me laugh when your clitty leaves drool marks all over those panties.

I’ll describe in detail how I’ll use your sissy hole, stretching it wide and filling it with my massive strap-on. You’ll feel the intense pleasure and pain as I thrust deep inside you, making you scream and moan like the little sissy bitch you are. Your Sissy panties will be ruined when I have your bussy stretched open. There will be hard black cocks ready to own your hole. You will take every single one of those cocks until you are soaked in cum.

Just imagine being a slutty slave on all fours, two cocks rammed in your gaped bussy and the biggest cock choking your throat. What a beautiful sight that would be. I know you would be a real good whore and make those cocks cum for your Goddess. You will worship me when you drain all of the cum out of their balls.

So, if you’re ready for the most extreme sissy domination experience of your life, pick up the phone and call me. I’ll be waiting to fill that sissy hole of yours with my hot, hardcore Phone domination. And remember, my dear sissies, submission is the ultimate pleasure!

Sissy phone slave’s like you get pounded into submission!

Sissy phonSissy phone slave’s like you get pounded into submission! Now my sugarplum, You need to submit to me. You know your sissy whore is screaming to be set free and I am the Goddess to grant your wish. We will first need to prepare you for your transformation, I won’t  sugar-coat it for you, your holes will be push beyond their limits and you will choke on dick. It will be a sissy extravaganza that’ll leave your bussy sore!

I need to get you ready for our special party, there are a lot of guys looking to meet you and wanting to use you as meat. I will deck you out in the sluttiest outfit, I think bright red latex is right for you, that thong will be tight up your ass and your matching bra will make it look like you have nice big tits. You will be my blonde bimbo whore serving all of my guests!

Once the party gets going, I will get a large audience and they will all watch you clean the loads of cum out of my ass. You will be a good little faggot slut and eat up that cum. I will have your face completely buried in my holes and your little clitty will quiver! My darling, you must adorn all the throbbing hard cocks that are ready for own your tight sissy hole. You will submit completely and be reminded every minute you have a cock inside you that you are nothing but a sissy cum slave! Your Sissy panties will be destroyed and so will your holes.

You are going to look absolutely adorable with all your make-up smeared everywhere. You think you have had enough but that is just when the fun starts. See you are still resistant, you keep lying to yourself, thinking you aren’t a faggot and you know that’s just a fucking lie. That is why I record you getting fucked like the faggot whore you are. And you know if you don’t completely submit, then I’m sending out all those videos. Everyone will know what kind of dirty little slut you are. Don’t worry sugarplum, I will feed you drugs to take the edge off, and maybe a little hypnotism. You will submit to my Sissy slave training, you have no choice!


Forced feminization, hole open wide & I play with you baby!

Forced feminizationForced feminization, hole open wide & I play with you baby! I am here to fulfill all your forbidden desires and turn you into the perfect little sissy doll. I am going to take control and make you my own personal plaything. And believe me, you are going to love every minute of it. I want to see you dressed up in pretty pink frills, with your hair in pigtails and your lips painted bright red. You are going to be my Barbie doll, and I am going to be the one dressing you up and playing with you. And don’t you dare complain, because it’s what you secretly crave, my dear sissy.

But that’s just the beginning, my sweet little pet. I am going to open up your holes wide and show you just how good it feels to be filled up by your dominant mistress. I am going to get you nice and ready to bounce on Daddy’s cock. It is so big and heavy and need to release in your sweet sissy hole. I will guide it in and he will pound way until he drains his Daddy balls completely in your hole.

And while we play, I want you to remember you can never say no to Daddy. You will have to please all of my Daddys and make them happy, just like a good little girl. You will learn to be obedient and grateful for every time that sweet bussy is pounded hard and turned into a cum dump. And I will guide you and teach you every step of the way.

So, my dear sissy, are you ready for some hot Sissy phone play? Give me a call, and let’s have some fun together. You will be my pretty little dolly, and I will be your naughty, dominant big sister. And together, we will explore all of your sweet and wicked fantasies. Don’t keep me waiting, my sissy. I am eager to play with you and make all your dreams come true.