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Phone dominatrix Emerson will make you take BBC, slut!

Phone dominatrix

Phone dominatrix Emerson will make you take BBC, slut! From the moment we connect, you will be under my command. You will be my puppet and I will pull your strings, making you do whatever I please. And what I please is to have your bussy gape wide open for some thick, throbbing black cock. Oh, don’t try to resist, you know deep down inside you crave it. I can sense it in the way you tremble at the sound of my voice. You are just another little slut in need of my expert training.

I will make you worship me and my BBC. You will beg for it, whine for it, but most importantly, you will take it all. I want you to feel every inch of my hard, dark cock stretching you open. You will moan and scream for more, and I will not stop until I am satisfied. I will make you feel like the sissy whore you truly are.

Don’t even think about refusing my orders, you worthless piece of shit. You are mine to use and abuse as I please. And trust me, I will take full advantage of that. You will have one cock in your mouth, one in your ass, and maybe even one in each hand. I want to see you completely overwhelmed, drowning in black cum. Oh, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure you have a safe word…not that I’ll ever let you use it.

So, what are you waiting for, my little sissy slut? Pick up that phone and call. I promise, you will never be the same after our session. You will be my hot BBC sissy, ready to take on any and all cocks that come your way. And when you’re done, I will have you creaming your Sissy panties in shame, and I will love every single second of it. Are you ready for this wild, mean, sissy dominatrix whore to take control of your pathetic little life? I thought so. See you soon, bitch.

Femboy training for Satan is your destiny my little slut!

Femboy training

Femboy training for Satan is your destiny my little slut! I know you have been longing for someone to take control and unleash your inner slut, and that’s where I come in. I am here to fulfill all your dark desires and give you the ultimate pleasure that only Satan can provide.

I have pledged my allegiance to the one and only devil himself. And let me tell you, he is one hell of a lover. He demands obedience and sacrifice, but in return, he will give you pleasures beyond your wildest imagination. And let’s be honest, isn’t that what we all crave deep down?

Now, let’s talk about your training. As a femboy, you may have already dabbled in some sissy activities, but to truly become a servant of Satan, you must undergo intense Forced feminization. I will make you wear the skimpiest of outfits, the highest of heels, and the most provocative of lingerie. You will learn how to walk, talk, and seduce like a true sissy under my watchful eye.

And when it comes to your bussy, or should I say sissy hole, Satan wants it to be stretched and filled with pleasure. I will use my arsenal of toys to make you moan and beg for more. And then, when you are fully under my control, I will call upon my dark master to penetrate you with his enormous, throbbing black cock. He will take your soul as you take him inside you, and you will experience ecstasy like never before.

So, my dear slut, embrace your destiny and call me for your Forced sissy training. Together, we will serve our lord Satan and fulfill our desires, no matter how taboo or vulgar they may seem. Are you ready to submit to the power of femininity? Because once you enter my dungeon, there’s no turning back.


Sissy slave training contract allows me to punish that hole!

Sissy slave training

Sissy slave training contract allows me to punish that hole! I know you’re dying to submit to my every command, to feel the sting of my whip and the tight grip of my hand around your throat. And let me tell you, you better be ready to take it all, because I am not one to hold back.

My sissy slave training contract clearly states that I have full control over your pathetic, feeble body. That’s right, you signed up to be my little bitch, and now you’re going to suffer the consequences. And oh, how I love to punish that tight little hole of yours. Who cares about your make up being a mess, that’s the least of your worries when you haven’t choked on enough cocks and swallowed every drop of cum. You want to be my cum slave? Then you better start listening to your Mistress.

I don’t play nice, I don’t give gentle reminders. I am hardcore and demanding, and you better believe I will make sure you know your place. Your bussy is going to be stretched, pounded, and fucked into oblivion. And let me tell you, I have a group of six huge and heavy black cocks who just can’t wait to pummel your hole. They’ll have you begging for mercy, but you won’t get an ounce of it. You signed up for this, now you have to take it like the good little sissy you are.

Sissy training is not a game, it’s a way of life. And if you want to truly embrace your inner sissy, you need to take it seriously. That means obeying me without question, accepting your punishments with grace, and always striving to please your Mistress. Trust me, I will push you to your limits and beyond. I will make you wear those sissy panties until you mess them up, and then I’ll make you clean them with your tongue. That’s right, you dirty little slut, you will do exactly as I say.

So if you’re ready to be my sissy slave, sign your name on the dotted line and get ready for the ride of your life. Just remember, I don’t hold back, and I don’t take excuses. You will obey me, or you will suffer the consequences. Now get on your knees and beg for more, because that’s all you’re good for in this world – pleasing your Mistress.


Phone dominatrix Emerson will rip that sissy hole open!

Phone dominatrixPhone dominatrix Emerson will rip that sissy hole open! One of my favorite things to do with my sissy sluts is to make them look pretty. I am the queen of make up and I take great pride in making sure that my sissy’s face is perfectly slutty. I always choose a bright red lipstick for my baby sissy’s dick sucking lips because let’s face it, a sissy’s lips should always be ready and willing to please a real man. And let me tell you, I am going to make sure that my baby becomes a pro at sucking cock and pleasing men in every way possible.

But being a sissy is not just about looking pretty, it’s also about serving and obeying your mommy. That’s why I make sure that my sissy babies are trained to be the perfect maids. You need to know how to clean and tidy up mommy’s holes! You need to know how to please your mommy. I am always filled up with cum and I need my sissy to be able to clean it all out for me. After all, that’s what good sissy maids are for.

I may sound like a strict mommy, but I promise you, I am also a very loving one. I take great care of all my sissy babies and I make sure to give them the best training possible. And let me tell you, your tongue will love it! I will show you exactly how to please and serve your mommy, making sure that you become the perfect sissy slut.

So, if you’re ready to embrace your sissy side and become the best little sissy for your mommy, then don’t hesitate to give me a call for some sissy boy phone sex. I promise to make all your sissy dreams come true and turn you into the sluttiest, most obedient sissy you can be. I can’t wait to meet all my sweet sissy babies and give them the love and training they deserve.



Sissy girl training is what your slut ass desperately needs!

Sissy girl training

Sissy girl training is what your ass desperately needs! I can feel your eagerness, your hunger for fat cock. Your sissy hole is just begging to be filled with a warm, pulsing member. But before I give you what you want, there are a few things we need to take care of. First and foremost, you need to look the part. I want to see you in a sexy lace bra, matching panties, and slutty stockings. You need to be dressed like the perfect sissy slut that you are.

Once you are dressed to my liking, we can move on to the real fun. I am going to use you as my slutty fucking object. Your holes belong to me now and I will do with them as I please. I will rip you wide open and fill you up with hot, sticky cum. Oh, and don’t worry, my dear. I will make sure to make your divine sissy hole prolapse. I know how much you crave that feeling of being stretched to your limits.

Your ass is craving for that divine sissy training and I am here to give it to you. I will show you how to be the perfect filthy sissy girl, how to embrace your disgusting femininity and surrender to me completely. I will make you a filth queen choking on as much cock as I see fit. It will get even filthier when I force your tongue to be a slutty maid, cleaning up the mess. 

So go ahead, my dear. Call for femboy training and let me guide you on this journey of sissy transformation. Let me rip that sissy hole open and show you your true purpose in life. To be my submissive, my plaything, my sissy. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Are you ready to submit to your hot mistress? I’ll be waiting for your call.

Best sissy trainer Emerson is going to beat your sissy hole!


Best sissy trainer Best sissy trainer Emerson is going to beat your sissy hole! I am a merciless mistress to tell you all about the intense and transformative sissy training I offer. Now, I know some of you may be hesitant and scared to fully embrace your sissy side, but let me reassure you, once you enter my world, there is no going back.

I am going to open up that sissy pussy nice and wide for me. I will make you spread your legs and expose your feminized hole to me. Now, I know some of you may feel ashamed and embarrassed, but trust me, I will turn that shame into pleasure. My skilled hands will prepare you for the real challenge- taking huge, thick, hard cocks deep into that sissy hole.

Oh, I can see the fear in your eyes, my dear sissies. But don’t worry, I will guide you through every step of the way. With my strict and exacting instructions, you will learn how to take cock like a true sissy slut. And trust me, there will be no shortage of cocks for you to practice on. I will make sure of it.

As a true Mistress, I know that true transformation requires both physical and mental changes. This is where my signature forced sissy training comes in. I will push you to your limits, making you do things you never thought possible. You will submit to my every command and desire. And as a reward for your obedience, I promise you will experience levels of pleasure and degradation you never thought possible.

I will start you off slow and only make you take three big black cocks at a time. Your whore throat will be so sore as they fuck the shit out of your whore mouth. You will be sandwiched between huge fat throbbing cocks, two in that tight sissy hole and one in your throat. You will have cum dripping out of your nose you will be used so much.

Embrace your sissy side and submit to my Forced sissy training. Trust me, you will not regret it. And for those who are still hesitant, just remember, you are a cum slave and will do exactly what I tell you. Once you think you can’t anymore cock more will be filling that sissy hole.

Sissy slave training gets me off like nothing else!

Sissy slave training Sissy slave training gets me off like nothing else! As I sit here, looking at you kneeling in front of me, so eager and desperate for my approval, I feel a sense of power and control that is simply intoxicating. You, my dear sissy bitch, are completely at my mercy. Your puny attempts at resistance are futile as I have trained you to be completely submissive to my will. You are nothing but a lowly and horny sissy slut, and that sweet sissy hole of yours is now mine to do with as I please.

From the moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew you would make the perfect slave for me. Your willingness to please and your insatiable desire to submit were like a magnet drawing me in. And oh, how I have loved molding you into the perfect sissy slave. It brings me such pleasure to see you dressed in your pretty little outfits, with your hair perfectly coiffed and your makeup just right. But make no mistake, my dear, your appearance is only a small part of your training.

You may think that you have some semblance of control over your body and your desires, but I am here to tell you otherwise. Your sissy hole belongs to me, and I will use it as I see fit. No amount of pleading or begging will change that. You can never say no to me, for you are completely helpless under my power. My friends and I, oh and when I say friends, I mean big black cocks, will pound the ever loving shit out of your mouth!

The way you squirm and moan as I push my strap-on deep into your sissy hole, the look of both pleasure and humiliation on your face, it all only fuels my desire to dominate you even further. And let’s not forget the delightful squeals and whimpers that escape your lips when I punish you for any disobedience. I will rape your sissy hole with my words, leaving you in a frenzy of submission and arousal.

So do not hesitate, my dear sissy slave, for I know you crave this as much as I do. Pick up that phone and call me for some hot Sissy phone action. Your body may be mine, but your mind and soul will belong to me completely. And when I am done with you, you will be nothing but a quivering and obedient sissy slave, ready to serve me in any way I see fit.


Sissy phone sex gets your little clitty so oozy!

Sissy phone sex

Sissy phone sex gets your little clitty so oozy! You know how much I love to tease and torment you, making you feel both aroused and humiliated all at once. And today, I have something special in store for you. That’s right, I’m going to tell you exactly what I’m going to do to your little clitty.

First, I’ll have you exposing your submissive body to my scrutinizing gaze. I will make you feel vulnerable and exposed, just the way I like it. Then, I’ll make you get down on your knees, because that’s where you belong – at my feet. I’ll run my freshly manicured nails down your back, sending shivers of pleasure and anticipation through your body. Then my huge black cock will fuck your throat.

Next, I’ll have you stand up and face me, looking deep into my piercing eyes. I’ll slowly unbutton your panties, revealing your tiny clitty that’s just begging for my attention. I’ll lightly trace my fingers along its length, feeling it twitch and grow under my touch. But oh no, I won’t let you have any release just yet. You need to earn it.

I’ll order you to bend over and present your ass to me. I’ll spank it, hard, leaving bright red handprints on your soft skin. I know how much you love the sting and how it makes your clitty throb with desire. When I am fucking your sissy hole deep and hard, I’ll whisper in your ear, telling you how much of a helpless little slut you are, and how much it turns me on to have you under my control.

I’ll have you get on all fours and I’ll enter you with my thick black cock, slowly, teasingly, filling you up and making you feel completely owned by me. As I thrust in and out, harder and faster, ripping your sissy hole apart!

I’ll make you cum for me, my slutty sissy, as I watch with satisfaction. But don’t think it’s over just yet. I’ll have you clean up every last drop, licking and sucking until I’m fully satisfied. So call me, my little sissy, and let’s indulge in some naughty playtime together. I can’t wait to see how messy I can get those Sissy panties of yours.

Phone dominatrix Emerson needs a new maid to tend to her every need!

Phone dominatrix Phone dominatrix Emerson needs a new maid to tend to her every need! I am the one and only Emerson, your sexy sissy maid trainer. I have been in the business of dominating and training sissy maids for years now, and let me tell you, I know exactly what I want. And what I want right now is for you to clean out my holes.

Yes, you heard me right. I want you, my little sissy slut, to take care of my pussy and asshole. I know they might be a bit messy right now, but that’s why I have you. Your job is to clean out all the cum that’s been dripping out of me. And let me tell you, there is a lot of it.

But don’t worry, I won’t make it easy for you. I want you to use that tongue of yours and lick every last drop of cum from my holes. I want to feel your slutty tongue deep inside, cleaning and pleasuring me at the same time. You’ll make sure I’m squeaky clean before I allow you to take a breath.

I can just imagine you, kneeling in front of me, your face between my thighs, your tongue working tirelessly on my pussy. I’ll moan and scream, guiding you with my hands, making sure you don’t miss a single spot. And just when you think you’re done, I’ll turn around and offer you my asshole. I know how much you love it, sissy slut, so don’t even try to resist.

You’ll worship my asshole with your tongue, making sure it’s as clean as my pussy. I’ll guide you with my words, telling you how to move your tongue and how hard to press. And as you are eagerly cleaning my holes, I’ll be sure to stuff that sissy hole with a hard thick cock.

But don’t think this is just about cleaning. No, my sissy slut. This is about obedience and submission. This is about me showing you who’s in control and you willingly surrendering to my desires. This is about you being the best sissy maid you can be.

So come on, pick up that phone and call me for some hot sissy action, you slut! Trust me, by the end of our session, you’ll be creaming your sissy panties and begging for more. And let’s not forget, you’ll have done your job of cleaning out my holes like a good little sissy maid should. I’m waiting for your call, my slut. Don’t keep me waiting.


Femboy training is a deep impulse you can’t avoid!

Femboy training

Femboy training is a deep impulse you can’t avoid! Hey there, my sweet little sissy slut. It looks like you’ve stumbled upon my blog, and I couldn’t be happier. I am Mistress Emerson, the queen of all things sissy. And you, my dear, are just the helpless sissy slut that I have been waiting for. You see, this is not just a hobby for me, it’s a calling that I can’t resist. And when I see a weak, pathetic sissy like you, I just can’t control myself.

I know you’ve been dreaming about this moment. The thought of being my sissy bitch, used and abused, while looking pretty with forced feminization, it makes your little heart race, doesn’t it? Well, let me tell you, darling, your fantasies are about to become a reality. You are going to be my personal plaything, my little sissy slave, and I am going to use that sweet sissy hole of yours in ways that will make your head spin.

First things first, we need to get you properly trained. I don’t want any half-assed sissies in my presence. So, be prepared for some intense training. You are going to learn how to walk, talk, and act like a proper sissy. From makeup to lingerie, I am going to transform you into the prettiest little femboy that anyone has ever seen.

But let’s not forget about that sweet sissy hole of yours. Oh yes, I am going to stretch it, pound it, and use it for my own pleasure. You are going to be my personal slut, and I am going to make sure you are constantly filled and satisfied. And don’t worry, I won’t leave out your other holes either. With my array of toys and tools, I will make sure that every inch of you is used and abused in the most deliciously filthy ways.

So my dear, if you’re ready to take this journey with me, then don’t hesitate to give me a call. Remember, resistance is futile. You are meant to be my Forced sissy training slut, and I am going to make sure you fulfill your destiny. Now, be a good little sissy and get on your knees. It’s time for you to serve your mistress.