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Mistress Phone Sex With A Goddess Will Change Your Life!

Mistress phone sex

Hi there and welcome to my pleasure palace of sissification, I’ll be your mistress for the day for your mistress phone sex. Yes, I am sexy and so very attractive, but that doesn’t mean that I am in any way dumb, or a push over. I am one of the strong, loving types of mistresses and you will soon find that out by taking my over the phone sissification training.

I am all about what’s shiny and new and pretty. Just like you and all of your yummy little holes. You are fresh meat and I am here to take all of your holes and use them up as much as I possibly can, with the help of my friends of course. My friends are these three big, beautiful black studs that you see before you.

Go ahead and start worshiping those delicious cocks, I’ll wait. I know you can’t resist them, you know you want a taste. To have your tongue trace along those yummy perky veins in the delicious man meat is ecstasy. So, no holding back, go full force on that dick and start sucking like your life depends on it. But, don’t forget there’s three of them one of you and one of me, so odds aren’t in your favor, my little dove.

I’ll watch as they tear open that pussy of yours and fuck the living daylight out of you all while stroking my strap on to be the next in line to fuck that pretty pussy of yours.

Forced Sissy Training Will Turn Your Clitty Into A Waterhose!

Forced sissy training

You know what I love more than anything in the world, online sissy training. It is so fucking hot, and I love every minute of it. Forcing a grown man to submit to you and beg for that pretty, pretty, pink dress with a bow on it is all worth the wait. It is so satisfying to get a man who love dressing up and knee highs and heels as much as I do, it’s so refreshing!

Seeing a grown man in one of my princess dresses getting all dolled up is so sweet I can’t express how much I truly enjoy my job! Not to mention all the pussy popping fun we have! Taking these men out to have their pussies broken in by a big strong bull is all the more fun! I love to see a strong, built, rock-hard man at work, pounding that pussy until my ladies scream and squirt.

Watching as they work their rock-hard dicks into those tight little holes makes my pussy drip. So, I have a little more fun by pleasuring myself while watching you get fucked. It’s a win-win situation. We both get to cum ion the end, and cum hard we do! We fuck just as hard as we play and that’s really saying something.

My pussy is just as soaked and cum-filled as yours by the time we are all done. So, lets make it even more interesting with me sitting on your face, why the hell not? It’s so much fun making you my princess!

Sissy Slave Training With A Goddess!

Sissy Slave Training Emerson

Are you craving to be treated like the true sissy you are? Ready to be my slave, I knew you were. After all, only a true sissy would want to be recruited for sissy slave training. That’s right, you heard me right, training to become the best and utter most beautiful sissy in the world, says me of course. I will train you to become the best sissy you can be.

I only have one wish and that’s for you to become either the sluttiest version of yourself, or the most beautiful pretty, princess you can be. I will dress you up and I will flaunt you all around town while you watch me take all of this cock. But I’ll only start them out, these cocks are all for you, my loves. I want them to prob and stretch those perfect pussies of yours and to make that little clitty of your squirt all over the place.

Seeing how hard your clitty gets and how swollen with all that yummy cum is so satisfying. I absolutely lose my shit when I see you and hear you explode and squirt all over the place for me. It is so delicious I can’t help but clap for you and be proud of the slut you have become. But I can also clap for the sissies that love to dress up and be pampered and paraded around town, teasing all the men making them so jealous. Let me spoil you like you deserve, my love, I promise you will love every minute!

Sissy Training With Goddess Emerson Will Leave You All Dolled Up!

Sissy Training Emerson

Online sissy training is my absolute favorite! Sissy training in general is amazing, but the fact that I can turn one man into his true self from hundreds of miles away makes my pussy sopping wet! Just thinking about all of the “men” out there who crave the touch of a Goddess like me makes me excited. You know who you are, and you know exactly what you crave.

Its only natural that you come crawling to me and call me up asking and begging for me to make you into your perfect slutty or princess self. I can either turn you into a big and beautiful princess of a woman, or I can break you down and make you into the whore you were born to be. Leaving all of your whore holes fucked and filled with that oh so creamy delicious cum you crave. This is all simply with my voice over that phone, of course.

So, what’s it going to be? Are you a pretty, pretty, pink princess? Do you long for me to dress you in the finest of finery and drag you to only the best places in the world? Or do you crave the rush of not knowing who is fucking you and filling all of your whore holes? Either way, I am the woman for the job, and I love making you into your true self. It gives me a rush and makes my pussy drip in excitement whenever I am able to turn my latest masterpiece into its truest form.

Forced Sissy Training With A Goddess Will Show Your True Colors!

Forced Sissy Training

I love training my sissies and dressing them up in all sorts of sexy and slutty outfits. Making them wear slutty dresses and super slutty make-up and super high, high heels is only part of the joys of sissy training though. The rest is all about who we get to join in on our naughty fun together. I always have a ton of guy friends willing to break a new sissy in.

Or we could go to the club to break in the new sissy pussy. Knowing full well that your erect clit is only that, a clit not a cock. Maybe I’ll even put it in a little chastity cage so you won’t be able to touch it, just simply enjoy being fucked and squirt while that enormous cock pounds your pussy hard. Let me watch as it drips in excitement, and you get stuffed full of cocks.

I have both shemale friends and male friends who would both be open to popping your cherry my love. And you’ll love every fucking second of being used like the sex puppet you are. You’re my little sex doll that I get to make over and dress up then have fucked silly. I want you fucked so good that you call me for more, longing to be a better sissy than before.

My online sissy training will leave you drained and squirting like no tomorrow. So get in line and pick your favorite dress and we will have some naughty fucking fun.

Adult Phone Chat Lines With Emerson Will Leave You Longing For More!

Adult Phone Chat Lines

 I love my silky panties the most. I love all my panties, but the silk ones are absolute tops. The way they rub and press against my tight wet cunt just makes me feel so much like a woman. They touch me like a man touches me and I love it. So gently and caress my every curve of my pussy.

Let me take these silk panties off then stuff them in your face for you to smell and taste. I know that’s what you crave, secretly. I know you get into my panties when I am away, I’ve seen the massive amounts of cum in them that you like to leave behind.

So come and let me train you into being my perfect little panty sissy. Simply grab your favorite pair or request the ones I’m currently wearing. I will gladly take them off for you to stroke that yummy fucking cock with. Just engulf your cock in their delicious and intoxicating fabric and me sweet scent.

Then put on this dress and be a good little slut for me. I want to take you outside and have you fucked by all of my male and shemale friends. I want them to fill your cunt with cum so that I can fuck you with my beefy fucking strap on then have you suck me off.

I want to rule your entire world and have you be my perfect little sissy for the day. Wont you play along and have some naughty fun with me?

Forced Sissy Training With A Goddess Is So Fucking Hot!

Forced Sissy Training

Come to me and let me show you a world that you have never before seen. A world filled with beauty and sluttery and fucking. A world where you are mine to do with as I please. In my world you are my little play thing and you will do whatever I ask. Why would you do such a thing you may ask, because I am a beautiful goddess that you could never say no to.

Men from all over the world will do anything to please me and I love it. I can do whatever I want and whoever I want when I want. No single man could ever hold me down, especially not a sissy faggot like you.

You in your silky pink panties, jerking on your pathetic little winky. You know what you are and what you always will be, a sissy. Even men who think they aren’t sissies have a little sissy girl on the inside waiting to come out and play. No man is fully a man, at least none that I’ve ever met are.

Yes, you are a sissy who wants me to dress you up and take you out on the town and have every hole fucked by my friends. I have some beautiful shemales that would love to fuck all of your pretty little holes. Then they would fill you up with their cum and leave you in the street like the sissy trash you are. So come on, lets go clean you up for more men to fuck your holes and so I can make more money off that pussy of yours.

Forced Feminization Training With A Goddess!

Forced Feminization

Do you like forced feminization? Well, I sure as hell do! Forcing men to be who they are truly meant to be makes me feel like a very important permission woman with a very special mission!  My mission you ask? That is to make all the men in the world into their true selves, their sissy selves.

I absolutely love getting to pick out the very first outfit of a brand new sissy. We pick out the cutest of cute or the hottest of slutty outfits there is. Then we do our hair to make us stand out! Then make-up of course.

Just gotta love wearing the ruby red lipstick and branding yourself as a publicly world wide know whore. Maybe I even write slut on your forehead. Then smack your cheeks to make them appear to be rosy and cute. That eyeshadow is always to be smokey and sexy though, it is also mysterious somehow.

Yes, your new attire is sure to attract any new cock on the block. We will have them lining up for you then we will use your body for my beneficial gain financially. Yes, you are now my prostitute. You will fuck any guy I say at any time at all. No rest for the slutty, there’s always men and women to fuck! All to make me another buck! Ha!

So, what are you waiting for my beloved sissies, lets play together, you and me and we will find out who really wears the pants in this relationship.

Worship The Best Sissy Trainer Around!

Best Sissy Trainer

I am the best sissy trainer around! No joke, I can turn a straight man into my sissy little slave in no time. I believe that most men have a sissy side to them that they hide and jade from the rest of the world. But, with my help that side will come out in no time at all!

Come on, I know that all you really want to do is prance around in pretty little dresses and be the best girl you possibly can be. It’s no secret at all. The simple way you walk to your speech and mannerisms it all screams sissy.

So, go ahead and put these pretty pink panties on then feel their sweet satin caress you in all the right places. Put these pantyhose on, and let them show off your freshly shaven legs that you just love to put floral smelling lotion on.

Yes, even something as simple as shaving can make or break a man in the heat of the moment, so why not just give in to the cravings and let all your sissy holes get fucked? I can see you now in your heels and fishnet stockings and that new short as hell red dress you just bought. Yes, bend down and let them fuck you hard in your pussy. You know you want it, so take it!

Let them skull fuck you until your brains get scrambled and you are nothing but a cum dump whore. Because in the end that’s what all my little sexy sissies are, their all whores who make me some good money.

Forced Sissy Training with A Goddess

Best Sissy Trainer

If you are looking for some forced feminization training then you have come to the right Goddess. My name is Emerson and I will turn you into the beautiful princess you long to be with some beautiful, frilly dresses and make up to boot!

Or are you looking to become the new town slut? Either way, I can help you make those desires a reality. I will turn you into the slutties, hottest little piece of ass on the block. No man will be able to resist you, no matter how manly because you will look too delicious and delectable. They may think their straight but once they see you, they will start to question everything they once thought they knew.

They will long for your perfect fuckable holes. That pussy between your legs and that clitty deserve to be worshiped and humiliated all at the same time. So go ahead and watch me as I take you on an emotional journey of pleasure and embarrassment all at once.

Let me make you feel like a god only to bring you back down to reality that you have such a small little cock its not a cock at all but a clit. Let me show you the pleasures of being humiliated in front of those you hold the closest to your heart.

Yes, even your boss will know what you truly are with my forced feminization training. So, don’t come to me unless you are ready for the fall out loves.