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Cream pie, Sissy Training

sissy trainingYou need the taste of your own cum, and this sissy training, sexy slut wants you hooked on it! I think the humiliating aspect of it with a beautiful, dominant woman like me forcing you to cum guzzle appeals to a fucked up perverted bitch like you! All you want is that warm cummies drank down for me! Your wife would be so shocked to know how much her husband enjoys tasting his own dick juice, wouldn’t she? Well, we all know she loves to drink other mens cum, and be fucked by them.

I mean, your cum load isn’t much by quantity is it now? Little dicks don’t spurt much, so it’s really like a tablespoon of clitty juice! I like her, would much rather be fucked by a large and in charge cock that gave me a nice coating down my throat or up my sweet tight little pussy! Your wife and girlfriend both enjoy your mouth on cum filled cunts and you pretend like you have no idea your eating a cream pie!

Maybe you can cream on top of a BBC and taste both cum loads mixed together for me! Get on your knees and suck it right from the source, big black dick, bull white boy cock it really doesn’t matter to me as long as you’re in the sissy bitch position and sucking a dick! Now put that mouth to good use and get your sissy slave training done for me!sissy slave training😍

Do You Belong in Sissy Panties?

sissy pantiesDo you belong in sissy panties? This is my test for sissies. If you have a clit stick, you belong in panties. I consider what is in your pants a clit if it is under 5 inches. Something small like that belongs in panties because in boxers it will get lost, maybe even hurt. When I meet a man with a clit, he is immediately in the sissy zone because I do not care how rich or handsome you are. I care about how big your cock is. And if you have a clit, no amount of money will make me fuck you. I have standards. That is why I work for a sissy phone sex site and not some general fuck call site. I do not have to fuck my callers. I get paid to put losers in panties, laugh at small cocks and deny men sex. I have the best job ever. Now sometimes, in my real life I meet a guy who does not realize he is a sissy. He thinks he is a good catch. Tom was a good catch on paper, but not in real life. Great job-check. Handsome-check. Endowed-fail. His dick was about three-inches. We were making out on my couch, and it all came to a screeching halt when his turtle made an appearance. I burst into laughter because he expected me to fuck that tiny thing. No, fucking way. Just no. I am a sexy mature woman. I am a black cock whore. I am educated and I have my own money. I do not need to swallow my pride for security or to be taken care of by some shrimp dick loser. I can take care of myself. I tossed Tom my panties and suggested he needed sissy training more than fucking. It took some convincing, but when he left later that night, he had burned his boxer briefs and left in pair of my panties. If I can make a rich lawyer toss in his boxer briefs for girlie panties, I can make you do it too.

Mistress Phone Sex Sissy Slave Training

The Mistress Phone Sex we have is full of exciting things. My training of sissy sluts and mommy girls is varied as snowflakes are. No session is ever going to be the same. My sissy girls are extremely unique. My special snowflakes and butterflies.

Mistress Phone Sex

The very thought of sharing our personal training time with another sissy wannabe just isn’t right. I am a personal trainer for cock. My girls may not all be ready for the dick but it’s what they want. It’s what you want, Princess. I adore my sissy sluts and I love to play with all kinds.

Sometimes it requires my extreme Dominating side and I have to put a sissy in her place. Sissy humiliation training is what I offer for some cases. I am not afraid to take a man with a small penis and make him into a sissy slut. Cuckolding a little dick with a nice big cock is fun.

A size queen always knows. It’s true, as a size queen, and dominant sissy training expert, I know. What do I know? Well honey, *as I approach you and smile sweetly* I know, *grabbing at your tiny package*, that you are not a man!

Sissy humiliation training

Sissy slave training 101

sissy slave training

Baby, I know Sissy slave training is what you need. Not only do you need to be fully dressed for me, you need to know what a sissy slave encompasses. Complete pussy and ass worship. It doesn’t matter where you tongue lands or how much extra you find down in my sweet hot Mistresses cunt. You agree, your clitty is leaking for me already, I can feel you. You are  just needing a nice tight pink rubber cage and a hot creamy pussy baby. I know men like you, well pretend men like you. In secret you are sneaking into your woman’s playthings and stealing vibes and dildos! Wouldn’t you love to be a full time sissy whore slave? That’s your dream, and with me I can take you out of your comfort zone for the time we are together! 


No need to be shy about sissy humiliation training at all. I have stories and A background in sissy knowledge and I would love to make you feel like a sack of shit for not being able to please a woman.

But you enjoy that because it emasculates you so well that you have to be my perfect femboy! I know that even if you just need some cuck action you still need to be reminded how good a nice fat dick is. A dick you wish you had! Maybe a Big balck dick can show you some appreciation for the female pussy?


In a cuckold world sometimes a hot and sexy BBC sissy trainer is needed!

Phone Domination

Phone Domination

Phone domination is what you’re craving. Mistress Genesis knows what an obedient sissy boy you are. Parading you about on a leash brings me so much pleasure. I love the way that you obey and serve your Mistress. Put on those silky pair of panties that I like to see you wearing. Do you think you’re worthy of the intense sissy training that I provide? I will need you to prove yourself. Get on your knees for Mistress Genesis. Bow at my feet and prove your loyalty. Humiliation is your hidden kink and craving. You yearn to hear me laugh at your pathetic attempts to prove you’re manhood. We both know you’re only good for submissive serving. Your dick isn’t nearly big enough for Mistress, so you will be a good sissy boy and watch me take a real cock. Maybe if you’re good enough, I will allow you to lick my used pussy afterward.

Sissy Girl Training

Sissy Girl Training

Sissy girl training is my specialty. If you would like to join my army of sexual deviants, you must learn how to properly worship your Mistress. You have come to me because you know it is domination that you crave. And you have come to the right place. I have always been a powerful woman. I know how to get what I want and command a sissy. I will have you dressed up in whatever Mistress chooses. I want to see you wearing your silkiest, girly panties for Mistress. It brings me pleasure know that you will do whatever it is that I ask of you. You must learn how to be submissive and compliant for me if you want to earn a spot in my sissy army. I’ll be on the other end of the phone when you your need to explore your hidden desires becomes unavoidable.

Sissy Panties

Sissy Panties

Domination is what I live for. It gives me such a thrill looking at the army of subservient sex slaves I have created. They are my own personal collection and they absolutely worship me. I am their Goddess and Commander. Anything I say they will do. Particularly, I am specialized in training sissies and they love the humiliation. I dress them up in pretty, lace sissy panties and laugh at their puny little cocks. It isn’t enough to satisfy a woman and they know it. They come to me for validation. During my last training session, I had a sissy boy practice fucking one of my other pets. Mistress Genesis is definitely a voyeur and I love having my slaves perform for me. When you’re ready to give yourself over to your Mistress, let me know. I am always eager for new slaves to join my army.

Sissy Humiliation Training

Sissy humiliation training is my calling. I’ve grown accustomed to dominating men. Particularly, the needle dick “men” who are unable to satisfy a woman.I have always been hungry for control and domination. I have trained a small army of sexual slaves who have a sole purpose of pleasing their Mistress. I like to dress them up in little dresses or a tight pencil skirt. Add in a pair of tiny little panties to humiliate them. I like to show them who’s really in charge. Making sissies worship me is so fucking easy but I still get a thrill from it. First I make them lick the arches of my feet and order them to their knees. Then, I attach a collar around their neck and walk them around on a leash. I train them how to suck cock like the pathetic sissies that they are. If I decide that you are worthy, you may be allowed to join my sissy army. Sissy Humiliation Training

Forced Feminization of my Own Brother

forced sissy training

My brothers an ass, a complete dick head! He is so masculine that the thought of Forced Feminization makes me giddy inside. I have been taunting him just by wearing my t-shirt and panties around the house. And when he says something about it, I ask if it’s me and my body, or the thought of panties that makes him have a hard dick!

 Of course he gets pissed off and more and more of my dirty panties go missing. I decided to solve that the other night though. I brought home a big bottle of Jack Daniels Honey and an ounce of some fire Weed. OG Kush! I know that makes me incurably horny and my brother couldn’t turn down a night of getting drunk and high with his hot sister! 


As he was feeling super good, I sat on his lap and slid my skirt up showing off my new Gucci panties, one of my sugar daddies had bought me. The way my brother fingered the trim and stitches of these panties and didn’t go for my cunt told me everything I needed to know! He was the kind of man who needed to be dressed up in pantyhose and stilettos more than anything else!

It would be up to me and my girlfriends to completely bring my brother into the world of sissy femboy training, and more!

Adult Phone Chat Lines

Adult Phone Chat Lines

Adult phone chat lines are an excellent way to get out all of your sissy boy frustrations. Mistress Genesis knows how much you enjoy being told what to do. You need commands and discipline. Be a good boy for me and put on a pair of those satin panties I bought for you. I love to see you dress up for me and prance around like a good sissy boy needing domination. I’ve always been a woman that lives for control and you need a firm hand. Be an obedient boy for Mistress Genesis and dress up the way that I want you to. We will begin your training with a few spankings for not listening to me. I want you to bend over the sofa and take your whippings for me. Humiliation is the only proper way to train you. I will laugh while you pull out your puny, pencil-sized cock. You think you’re enough to please a woman? Think again, Sissy. You’ll need a few more training sessions.