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Sissy Panties And Reparations During Sissy Slave Training

Last night I got reparations for my favorite BBC bull. My sissy begged to please let him show off his new sissy panties.

Sissy panties

Since I am the Best sissy trainer, I enjoyed him begging me. I made him bend over so he could show off those sissy panties to my BBC bull friend as soon as he walked in. When he walked in and saw him bent over like a little bitch he laughed and told him how his ass looked good enough to sell. I spanked my sissies round as and told me to scream who he belongs to and who the superior breed is. He begged and screamed so well that it got my BBC bull excited. I grabbed him by his sissy ponytails and walked him out to the street. I have a bunch of BBC neighbors. I told them they could do whatever they wanted with my sissy whore. Right away they pulled their cocks out and slapped him with it. They called him a pale face whore who needed to be a fuck slave to pay back what they are owed. He got his little dick kicked while he was forced to suck cock, he even got a big cock in his pussy all at once. He gets enough Sissy girl training to know he needs to take it and not disappoint me. He was doing such a good job milking their big black cocks they started paying my BBC bull money and giving him party gifts for providing suck a perfect Sissy slave training session for the neighborhood.

Mistress Phone Sex Babes are Always in Control of You

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex babes are in control. You need to remember that. You call me knowing I am a sissy trainer, I do not care if you have a big cock, you are at my mercy. Not my fault some dipshit does not realize he is on sissy site. I mean duh. The name of my site is the Sissy Slut Hut. Sort of obvious that this is a sissy site. None of us are writing typical fuck tales. We are sharing our sissy trainer experiences. I assume no one is that stupid that they miss that I am on a sissy site. I do not really give guys the benefit of the doubt when something is this obvious, you know? He said he was not looking for sissy training, but he got it. Since I assume no one is that stupid to not realize who and what I am, I think they just want some forced training because they are way too weak to admit they want to suck cock. Peter said he had a big dick and was going to fuck my ass regardless if I wanted it or not. I shut that shit down immediately. No guy no matter how huge his dick is fucks me like a bitch. I put on my strapon and fucked him in the ass. Pegged some manners into that ass wipe. Honestly, what was he thinking? It is clear I am a dominant woman. I eat men for breakfast. I pegged his ass raw. He had it coming. Do not feel sorry for him. Either he deserved it for being so stupid to not realize I am a dominant sissy trainer, or he wanted it but was afraid to admit it. After about ten minutes of trying to fight me, he gave into the forced sissy training and started to moan. He came so hard. I knew he was not THAT stupid. If you want to act like you do not know I am a bad ass sissy trainer, I can play that game with you.

Mistress Loves Her Sissy Dolls!

Best Sissy Trainer I love playing dress up with my favorite sissy babydolls! My favorite sissy is so pretty when she dresses up, she makes me so proud by being a sex kitten just like her Mistress Raine! When I’m proud of my sissies in training I like to reward them with new clothes, toys or even a nice big thick cock to share with me. I love when my sissy in training blooms like a flower into the best little sissy cock sucker, all my work culminates in a sexy little slut who will do anything to please me or the cock I supply her with. My favorite way to treat my sissies well is with lots of TLC, pampering and of course a big cum load! I’m the best sissy trainer because I know just what my little sissy baby dolls need to succeed!

Insolent Sissy Slave Training Tactics

Sissy slave training


Sometimes I run across a really stubborn little bitchboy who thinks they have the option to resist my sissy slave training methods.  I don’t know why they think that, when they’re under my tutelage, they have the option to say no to me, but some of them do.  So I have no other choice but to get a little more heavy handed in my instruction and make those women wannabes listen to my every command.

It’s not hard, couldn’t be more simple, actually.  I just strip them down until they’re completely naked, shove them in front of a mirror and start berating the masculine shell my stupid slut sees before them.  I tell them all about how the mansuit they’re forced to show the world isn’t the real person they have on the inside and describe in full detail how every part of the body they were given is flawed, gross and just looks wrong when compared to the soul they have inside of them.  Then, we get to the harder stuff.

Those insolent sissy slut prospects have to be punished.  There’s really only one way to rip through that rotten male meat to release the femboy suffering inside and that’s through whipping, lashing and beating.  He-whores have to have respect for the sissy inside themselves and battering and bruising the bro on the outside is the only way to make that happen.  They get strapped in, tethered down and flogged until they agree to listen to every single one of my commands.

Eventually, all of my clitty queens do exactly as I tell them, otherwise they wouldn’t be in my lineup of sissy sluts.  They wouldn’t have the privilege of learning all the ways of prissy slutdom from the best sissy trainer around, they’d have to settle for some subpar she-man molding mentor.  And if they think they’ll ever get up to the level of cock and cum loving they’d like to achieve with a cutrate clitty counselor, well, good luck with that, girls!


Sissy Humiliation Training With Sissy Panties And BBC

Sissy humiliation training

Giving Sissy girl training to a good fem slut is what I love doing. Watching you transform right in front of me turns me on. I make you take your suit and tie off and give you the perfect pair of sissy panties. You put them on and right away your body reacts to the fabric on your little clitty. Tonight, I was going to take you for a sissy pup walk. Your collar and leash are both pussy pink. When I walk you around in your sissy panties and everyone sees you, your clity leaks down your legs. We pass by a few bulls and start calling you a sissy whore who belongs bent over the couch humiliating you as we walk. What they don’t know is you have had so much Sissy humiliation training, that you are begging me to let you cum by the time we got back from our walk. I bend you over my lap and i spank your ass calling you a dumb sissy whore who just wants to be fucked by big black cock. That only makes you squirm in excitement. Then I bring my BBC friend over and shove his cock in your mouth. While I paddle your ass you suck his cock and you do not stop until you swallow every drop of semen.  That is why I am known as the Best sissy trainer.

BBC Sissy Trainer Coraline Prepares You to be a BBC Loving Sissy Bitch

bbc sissy trainerI am a BBC sissy trainer. Men call me and make real-time appointments with me because they want to learn how to suck on those big black cocks. I get it. I like those big black dicks too. They are thick. They are long. They are veiny. They are powerful. Black men are also freakier in the sheets than most white guys. By that I mean they are more likely to fuck a white sissy ass than any white man. Most black men have huge cocks and just need a warm tight hole or a pretty mouth to get off. Black men rarely struggle to find someone to spread wide or open wide for their beautiful big cocks. Black men are all over Grinder waiting to find a sissy boi down to worship their BBCs. My kind of sissy training prepares you for big black cocks.

I have huge black dildos to practice on. I will fuck your ass with one and teach you how to suck one off too. We practice deep throat skills. I also use poppers and weed to anally train you for a big black cock. I teach you how to look the part of a BBC sissy bitch too. Black men may be more fluid when it comes to who they fuck, but they still prefer a femboy over a masculine looking beta bitch. Black men love the bimbo look. I can put a wig on you, dress you in something form fitting and slutty and do your make up so you look the part. Femboy training prepares you to not only take a big black cock in your sissy holes, but how to attract those alpha bulls too.  I understand that white sissy bitches crave those beautiful big black cocks. And I know what those black men with BBCs want in a sissy bitch. I will make you the best BBC sissy bitch around.

Mistress Phone Sex Sissy Domination

Mistress Phone Sex domination is my forte when it comes to my kind of sissy control. I am an humilatrix of little sissy bitches. Making my sissy sluts good little cock teases for bbc is a perfect day for all.

You understand how pathetic you are already. That is truly the first step. Understanding you are inferior to any other man is the introduction to your training as a sissy slut slave.

As a good little white bitch assed sissy slave you will be ruled by BBC. Big beautiful Black dicks are your god. Crave the black beast cock. Dress for it and let them use you, slave. Show your appreciation for the black dick messiah and be ruled by it.

A good little dick bitch boy is all that you are and your mean black cock master is all you crave to service. You will train with your Goddess and Mistress of which both are Me, Mistress Addilyn. I too, am a size queen.

Mistress Phone Sex

Harryette, You Old Fucking Slore!

Sissy maid training


Even my oldest sissies need to keep up their slutty status and have to undergo ongoing humiliation and sissy maid training.  In fact, the longer in the tooth they are, the lazier they seem to be.  Those wrinkly and ratchet he-hags have to be put in their place more than any of my new nancy recruits ever do.  What do you think you are, you old fag,  Queen of Sheba or something? 

Take Harryette, for instance.  She’s been a cum loving, clitty coveting, card carrying sissy slut since I was in diapers and was one of the very first femi-men in my long lineup of lipstick caked girly guys, ever.  I still make her come to me to make sure her uniform is perfectly pressed and that her asshole is properly scrubbed down and stretched out for the big dick or two she’s about to take.  Otherwise she’d show up at the guy’s place with a dress as wrinkled as her face and a dry butthole barely fit for shitting.  She always needs a little extra encouragement before going to help a guy “clean” so I clamp her little clitty up in a cage and tell her that it comes off when she shows me a load of cum dripping out of her ass.  I love to see the mess knowing she has to clean it all up and she just loves the cock!

It doesn’t matter how old you are.  If you’re one of Mistress K’s sissies then you will adhere to Mistress K’s standards and I will be keeping my masterful eye on you.  That old slore Harryette will tell you, it’ll keep you in shape for dick and on top of your slut game until the day you die and get buried in your finest sissy panties and maid uniform.

Sissy Humiliation Training While Wearing Sissy Panties For Mistress

Sissy panties

A BBC sissy trainer like me knows how to use a big cock to put a sissy bitch in place. My new playmate is rough, and I had a good show put on for me. Like usual my sissy bitch got dressed up. I got to watch my sissy slave get tied up and used. His sissy panties got soaked from his clitty leaking before they got ripped off. I watched as he got Sissy humiliation training. It started off by using his mouth to jack his big black cock off as he laughed calling him a sissy cum bucket slave. I laughed too. It was so funny watching my sissy gagging on a big cock. I went up behind him and spanked his ass with my wooden paddle pushing him more on his BBC. I just shouted out for him to fuck my sissy whore and fill her up. It was so fun to watch him use my sissy as a fuck doll. When he filled his sissy pussy up, he made him be his sissy maid and clean his cock up with his mouth.

Mistress phone sex/Sissy slave Training

Best sissy trainer

I gagged that sissy slut and gave him some hardcore anal pegging while wearing an all black latex suit! I turned him into my personal whore and fucked his slutty ass. After working him up I put that bitch in a chastity and turned him into a slave of his own mind. I teased and humiliated him! I denied him any sexual pleasures while having him locked away in a vice! Eventually I gave in and pegged his gaping man pussy while his cock was locked away. While fucking that tight little man pussy of his I asked him how bad he would love a real cock deep in his ass right now.. He begged and pleaded so I teased him ever more. I had my hot neighbor come over with his big juicy 10 inch cock and turned that sissy slut into a cuck! I made him watch me ride my neighbors big veiny dick while he begged for a turn. Leaking through the crevices of his chastity.. Telling me how bad he wishes he were me. He told me he would do anything I wanted just for one stroke of my neighbor’s hard cock. Well, I knew that bitch didn’t have a choice but to do whatever I tell him to do so I did not give in. When I was through orgasming all over that hard cock. I took that sissy slut out of his cock cage… I folded him to the point his dick was hanging right above his mouth and stroked his cock until he nutted directly into the back of his own throat! That’s all the pleasure he will be receiving today. Now gargle and swallow!

Sissy humiliation training