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Dirty Little Mutt

I can hear you stroking that cock over the phone!

You did not ask permission to play with that little pee pee!

How can you expect to fit into pretty silky sissy panties with that little think sticking out?Sissy Training

You clearly need obedience training!

We can start with the tiniest little cock cage for the tiniest little pee pee!

That will keep you from playing with it or at least make it very painful if it gets hard!

I will put a nice tight collar on and a leash to yank when ever you misbehave because all dogs need to learn to obey their mistress!

Just so you do not forget what a dirty little mutt you are, I am going to stuff this nice little butt plug with the cute fluffy tail deep in your sissy ass!

You had better wag that tail when ever a speak!

Then I will parade you in front of all my friends while you are wearing that itty bitty cock cage, your tight training collar and that sweet fluffy tail!

Don’t worry, none of them would even notice that tiny meatball! They would have no use for something that small!

Now take your place on your knees and start licking my boots until they shine!

Maybe, if you do a good job, you can have a treat!



Humiliation Phone Sex Master

humiliation phone sex

There are a lot of reasons that you could be calling me for humiliation phone sex, but I’m pretty sure then it’s because you have a tiny micro penis. No woman in her right mind would want anything to do with you, so the best thing to do with people like you is turn you into a sissy. Or at the very least, you should be turned into a pegging slut. Have you ever had a strap on cock buried balls deep in your ass hole? You will if you call me. But I don’t think we should call your ass hole anymore. That whole will be referred to you from now on as your pussy. 

Please don’t try to fight me on this or tell me that you could fuck me with your tiny dick. I just don’t wanna hear it. I’m a size queen and I know for a fact that the useless piece of meat between my legs would do nothing for me. Well, unless you count all of the laughter that I will get from it. Laughter is the best medicine, but I need more than that in the bedroom. Are you ready to bend over and get that pussy plowed? Don’t keep me waiting. 

Sissy slave training with Miss Remi


Everyone has heard about Miss Remi’s sissy slave training, but not many sluts make the cut. I have a long waiting list of sluts that want my guidance but I only take on the best cock suckers to train. Once they prove their worth as a dirty cum guzzling slut, it’s time for their next lesson. Time to transform these half fags into proper, cum addicted, sissy bitches! After I dress them up in the sluttiest outfits, I make those sissy men bend over, pull their sexy little panties to the side and beg to  get fucked like a real whore. I may look sweet and innocent but that’s not what you’ll be thinking while you’re getting rammed with my big, thick strap-on. If you whine and cry, I will only go harder, so don’t even start that shit. If you do, I’ll pull out my whip and really teach you. You’ll feel the sting of that leather across your little bitchboy buttcheeks right before I let my bull studs ream your tight pussy hole. If you’re ready and can obey like a good slut, hit up Miss Remi so your training can begin!

Sissy humiliation training with Miss Remi

sissy humiliation training

I was so upset today when I had to cancel my sissy humiliation training class. My air conditioner was broken and I had to have a repair man come out to look at it. I left to go shopping and when I came home, I caught him in my room with a pair of my dirty panties in his hand. He knew he was in trouble and immediately started begging me not to call his boss and report him. I told him I wouldn’t report him if he obeyed Miss Remi, like a good little sissy bitch. He had no choice but to do whatever I wanted. I made my new bitch toy strip down and put those cum stained panties on. I told him to face the mirror and stroke his pathetic dick through those lacey panties while I call my three older brothers to come break in our new sissy fuck puppet. My brothers came right over and took turns ripping this little bitch’s he-pussy hole wide open! I just sat back and watched. I rubbed my wet kitty and giggled at that noesy little repairman getting what he deserved for snooping through my things!


Twinks Love online sissy training

Online sissy training

Online sissy training for twinks who know they are nothing but a sweet little fag. Your little white cock had her thinking it was the best she could do.   Oh but you were seriously mistaken.  All it took was one time for her to cheat on you, and she never slept with you again. 

I hope you remember the last time your small white cock was inside your wife. You will never feel her velvet smooth walls around your embarrassingly small cock again! 

You don’t even give a fuck, You are always thinking about your co workers cock and how good it might taste. You my dear are a faggot and you need to be properly turned out.  When your wife makes you call so you can confess how fucking gay you are…. 

 I don’t think I need say more.  You are confessing your love for penis as you are made to pay and jack off with me. Your wife Laughs at you and keeps fucking all your friends and telling them how wee your weenier is! So, now what are you going to do?

Your going to need complete sissy hypno training to rid you of all that nasty and heavy male presence about you. Its time for hair removal, lipsticks and lots of exfoliants and lotion and oils. We are going to make you the sissy dream. It wont take much, you already know you love cock! 

Sissy panties for a sissy slut

sissy panties

I love little sissy slut men. Turning them into cum dump sluts is my favorite thing to do! My hot little cunnie gets so wet when I see a slut wearing sexy sissy panties! If one of my sluts doesn’t have a pair on, I have plenty to choose from. I’ll pick out a sexy, silky pair and make him step into them, right in front of me. I can’t wait to pull those sexy panties down and thrust my big, hard strap-on into your tight pussy hole! I’m going to stretch you out like a used up whore. I’ll pull your cheeks apart and shove my hard fuck stick so far into you, you’ll be able to taste it! Rub that little clittie and tell me how hard you want me to fuck you! By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll be calling me all night, every night. You will be begging me to peg your sweet ass, just one more time! Get your prettiest and silkiest panties on and hit me up baby!


The Sissy Olympics

Sissy Training

I love my little troublemakers; they surely help me fund my high society events. I hold the Sissy Olympics every single year, and this year I’m hopeful to see one of my own personal fuck slaves win a Gold medal in the Cum Guzzling Competition. All the renown Sissy Trainers travel from far and wide to force their feminized little fuck boys to participate in my sexy fantasy games. One might wonder what winning a Gold does for the slave; the answer? He gets one night tucked up in my bed.

Yes, that’s right. I’ll allow whatever small cocked little loser that wins the Gum Guzzling Competition to play with my pretty pussy for a whole night. I know how badly you sluts want to truly be able to pleasure me. These other trainers might allow their boys to touch them, but my whores only get that royal privilege when they’re slurping sticky cum loads from my cunt. I suggest you start practicing now if you’re thinking of trying out for the team. My sissy girls Penny, Rosie, and Ginny are sure to cum in first.
I will be, in the meantime, being worshiped by sexy BBC Alpha Bulls. Extra cum for you sluts later!

Think you can beat my own little toys? Give it a shot, you beta bitch, small balled, cuck worthy loser. See if you’re worthy of Queen Presley’s cunt.

Sissy Humiliation Training

Sissy Humiliation Training

sissy humiliation trainingSissy humiliation training is so much fun. I love when pathetic losers call me. I enjoy publicly shaming losers and turning them into my pretty dolls. When a sissy submits to a strong and beautiful woman, a wonderful relationship blossoms.  I have a new pay piggy and humiliation junkie. Tina is such a sissy fairy faggot. She begs and pleads for sissy humiliation, but she must pay for it. Can you believe that? This sissy faggot is so desperate for attention, she pays to be publicly humiliated. I can hear you laughing at her already. I am always laughing at her. I have pictures I can blackmail her over if she does not pay up.  She prances around in frilly little outfits after work but wears a suit and tie during the day. Her wife and coworkers are clueless that once she is done pretending to be a man, she is twirling around like a shameful sissy faggot begging to be pegged. For this sissy, play time is at work. Being her real self requires online sissy training, small dick humiliation and financial domination from a mistress like me. I have pictures of her in diapers sucking on a big dildo. I have pictures of her with fresh jizz on her frilly dress from sucking dick in a glory hole. I have pictures of her dressed up in Shirley Temple dresses prancing around too. The pictures and the stories I have on this sissy are endless. I have enough to ruin her at work and ruin her marriage. That is one of the reasons she is such a good and obedient sissy for me. I can ruin her at any time. I can expose her for the pathic sissy she is. Are you a little sissy bitch like her that needs controlled and shamed? I will own you and shame you. You will pay me for the honor of keeping your dirty little secrets too.

I Love Pay Pigs

sissy phone sex

I love my little pay piggies, especially when they empty out their wallets for me! And they also love just having the chance to let me have a rape fantasy with their wallets while they worship my stunning body. These piggies dream all day about my tight body, but they know they can’t touch. They can never ever touch! But oh how I love to have the dirtiest humiliation calls with them. My pay pigs love to roleplay with me as their mistress, my sissy pay pigs beg to worship me with their cash and ass. And in return, I just love telling them how pathetic their pitiful, tiny white cocks are. They totally love it when I dominate their wallets by ordering the biggest dildos to fuck myself with- way bigger than those pathetic small sissy cocks in their pants!

Dress Up is For Dollies – Dick Is For Dames


Sissy Training Audio



You heard me, slut. Dress up is for little sissy dollies like yourself. Only dames like me and my Ladies in Waiting get dicked down! I know you’re so terribly horny since I haven’t let you have a cum since Christmas, but take one look at my face and ask me if I care; No, no I don’t. I’m here to train you into being a little girl, honey. Nobody said this was going to be easy!
Domination Phone Sex
Honestly, you’re my most interesting case yet. Usually my sissy faggots have tiny cocks that I can easily convert into clits. However, you actually seem to have some man meat packing in that pretty banana hammock I put on you! I think I’ll just have to make you into one of my trans girls! I love a chick with a dick, and if yours is big enough, I might even give it a lick.

Of course I’m serious, sweetheart. I may be a tough Domme and Queen of the Sissy Training Bitches around here, but I do still love the taste of cock down my throat. So come on, whip it out and let me have a look. Oh fuck, yeah. Let’s take that cock cage off so I can taste you up. If you cum, you naughty boy, you won’t cum again until the Fourth of July! Choose wisely! Queenie Pres just wants a taste.