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Pretty In Pink

sissy slave training

Sissy slave training doesn’t have to be harsh. Some sissy girls just look so pretty in pink, they need a sensual trainer to show off too. I love when my sissy bois come to me to get all dressed up or need help picking out a sexy sissy outfit. But if you really want to know what gets my pussy wet then you should come to me with some hot tales of cock loving!  You and me right now? We both love cock. I said it. Your clitty just stood up and you know you need a young tight bitch to put you in your place. You love the giggles about how small your little penis is. A real bitch who doesn’t skirt around the tiny clit under your skirt. I’m not going to beat around the bush, you are only good for being a fucking cock sucking sissy who takes it in that tight ass pussy. Man pussy, sissy hole, shitter, no matter what I call it its an anal fuck play place! Come get all sissified and let’s talk about how much we love cock together. Bring your dildo, and your cock sucking stories! Big black cock love is a major plus to me, but not required! 

SDH and online sissy training

online sissy training Look at you over there thinking you’re a real man. You don’t even know you need online sissy training do you. How many times are you going to look at that little dick of yours and wonder if you can ever give a woman a penetration orgasm? I bet you’re known for eating pussy, and being a foreplay extraordinaire. Do your fingers give her more satisfaction than your dick?

You know the answers and you are ashamed by what God didn’t bless you with. Sure you move mountains and have made a life for yourself and your wife. You have a happy little family, but your wife, she isn’t happy in the bedroom. She tells you all the time it was good and not to worry about your dick size.

But if you have seen porn with BBC and white women and you always wondered if they exaggerate on camera, nobody could scream from just penetration! I’m here to tell you yes getting fucked with a big dick, black or white as long as it’s bigger than 8 solid fat inches feels amazing and I can squirt just from getting fucked doggy style! It’s time for you to begin your lessons and the first lesson is called sissy humiliation training.

You’re going to have to realize that your cock is not in fact a cock at all.

Presley Dresses The Sissy Dollies

Forced Sissy Training

I love my sissy dollies almost as much as I love taking thick Alpha cock. My favorite thing to do with them is play a sweet game of dress up! My sissies thrive off of soft, feminine fashion since their goal is to be sweet sissy sluts. Not all sissies have to be thin little sticks, so I keep thicc bitch lingerie around too. Every sissy is required to dress a certain way to even think about playing in my presence.

We start by shaving the entire body except the brows and head hair, and slipping them into silky, skin tight stockings. They have to have smooth legs to spread while they take Bull Daddy cock. Sweet, crotchless panties to ensure easy anal access and a sweet garter come next. My favorite sissies get hormone replacement therapy to shrink down those useless clitties and grow in some hot tits.

I have plenty of dresses for my sweets to slip in to before giant BBC’s slip inside their throats and their anal fuck holes. Faggot holes I like to say, until my sissies become hot Tgirls. That will be the day! But they have to start somewhere, so my dollies love playing dress up with me.

Humiliation Phone Sex

The Best Sissy Trainer for BBC Faggots

best sissy trainerI love it when guys tell me I am the best sissy trainer for them. I take pride in what I do. I love an obedient and well-trained sissy. I love to feminize sissies, especially for big black cocks. Here is the thing about black men. They do not care where they put their cock. Have you heard the expression, “Any port in a storm will do?” Black men do not often care where they put their cocks. There are a lot of black men on the down low. They do not identify as bisexual or gay, but they will fuck a sissy bitch. Many of those black men prefer to fuck a pretty femboy. It may make them feel less gay when they are fucking an anatomically male’s back door! Business for a BBC sissy trainer is booming. Almost every sissy wants a big black cock. Hell, even a lot of men who are married or have girlfriends want big black cocks too. Black cocks are all the rage. Think about it. Shows like the Kardashians have long been indoctrinating young women with notions that sexy white women belong with black men. The porn world is full of Reparation fantasies. Are you familiar with that? That is when a black man claims your white wife as reparation for slavery. He now owns your wife, and he can breed her and fuck her at will, even in front of you! Hot fantasy, right? Cuckolding porn is also very popular, and in all those videos the hot white wife is cheating on her husband with a young black bull. Everywhere you look, white women are with black cock. No wonder so many men like you want to be a sissy for a black man. I am here for you. With my femboy training, I will have you looking and acting the part of a perfect black cock faggot.

Forced Feminization For Fags

Forced Feminization
Any of my filthy fag fucks know that they’re going to experience some fun forced feminization. it’s fun for me, anyway! I love tormenting my little cock slaves into submission.

I have to make sure every one of their nails is manicured perfectly, every eyelash is coated in the correct amount of mascara layers. Each slut I own must be inspected by me, and always pushed further. If he chooses a hot pink thong, he gets the soft frilly lavender panties instead. Thongs are only for hot girls, aren’t they sweetie? That’s right now. If you choose thigh high Egyptian cotton nylons, I’ll put you in sunset orange fish nets. You never pick the girliest option, so I have to force you into being my little cock whore.

Three inches on your sparkly silver pumps aren’t enough babe. You need at least five, seven if you really want to impress me. You belong to me now, so there’s no reason to still try and fight it. Get down, and put on these Hello Kitty panties made for little whores just like you. Now tell me, how well can you choke on a cock? Well of course sweetie. Once I perfect your appearance, you’re ready for cock training after all.

Sissy Maid Training

Best sissy trainer Z

best sissy trainer

Are you fucking kidding me? You are seriously pulling out that itty bitty thing like you’re so proud of? Don’t you know that the best sissy trainer would never let you touch her with a pathetic little clitty? I border on being a princess and I am most certainly a brat! I only Fuck huge donkey sized cocks. If you’re under 8 inches you most certainly won’t be getting any of this prime pussy. No, you’re not a good candidate for a boyfriend…  However, it’s possible that we’ll be able to come up with something that will satisfy us both! You’re welcome to be my little cucky guy! In exchange for licking this gorgeous pussy clean after I’ve been fucked by a real man, Cream pie anyone? I’ll let you pay for absolutely everything I need or want! Isn’t it the most fun you’ve ever had?? It’s entertaining for me at least, and no one cares if you enjoy it! And really isn’t that why you cum to me for online sissy training? I love findom, cuckolds and big dicked men!

Sissy Training Sissy TJ Takes Two Mistresses

sissy trainingI am a sissy trainer to a vintage sissy, named Sissy TJ. She is one of my favorite sissies because we share a lot in common. Mistress Ember and I share sissy training duties of TJ and sometimes we get to do a 2-girl call with her which we always enjoy. Sissy TJ asked us yesterday if we knew who Betty Page was and we both giggled. I do not care how old or young a sissy trainer is, she knows Betty Page. She is a classic bad ass. My style of dress is influenced by Ms. Page. Mistress Ember is half my age and understands what a goddess Ms. Page was too. Our shared sissy is old-school. She likes vintage clothing, latex outfits, hobble skirts, Henati, bondage and spankings. Sissy TJ is a classic sissy. Her dress style is classic vintage, and she rocks that look. My guess is most men would not know she was born male until her little clitty was dangling in their face. She has a modern side too. She loves big black cocks and huge dildos. I am a bbc sissy trainer. So is Ember. We are two mistresses who understand the power of big black cocks.

bbc sissy trainerWe are not as old as Sissy TJ; however, we share a love for vintage clothing and old school punishments, as well as big black dicks. We like to dress up in latex cat suits and tie up Sissy TJ. We spank and flog her sissy bottom. And we use some wicked hot dildos and butt plugs to train her for those big black cocks. Mistress Ember and I had a great time with our shared sissy yesterday. We reminisced about Betty Page, sissy comics, vintage clothing, and vintage fetish artists. We looked at photographs and illustrations, while training her to handle the big black cocks we had waiting for her. Sissy TJ calls us for sissy phone sex because Mistress Ember and I know what she likes and needs. My guess is, we know what you like and need too. Two sissy trainers are always better than one.

sissy phone sex

I Love Cuckold Phone Sex

sissy phone sexI love cuckold phone sex. I am a size queen and if you call me thinking I will fuck you and you have a small dick; well, you are shit out of luck. This dude called me last night bragging about how he could satisfy me. He said I needed him. He talked himself up so much, I smelled bullshit. He thought that a five-inch cock was what I needed. I am a hot babe. I make men pay thousands of dollars to have sex with me. I have had some of the biggest cocks around and this asshole thought 5-inches would blow my mind. It did, but not in the way he had hoped. Small dick humiliation was the best he could hope for with a pathetic appendage between his legs. At first, he was calling me names and telling me a phone whore should do whatever the paying caller wants. I had to school him on the difference between me and other phone sluts. I am not a submissive whore. I am a sexy gfe size queen. You need a big dick and a big wallet to please me. My loser caller finally accepted his fate as my little slave. I managed to get some pussy and ass worship out of it and a promise that he will never try to dominate a woman again with a sub par cock. The nerve of some men.

My Little Brother Is A Panty Slut!

Sissy Panties
Princess Zoey is the sissy training bitch most men, or should I say sissy sluts, never have the pleasure of having. However, I keep catching my sweet little brother in my panty drawer, and my dirty laundry hamper! Sometimes, he’s smelling my panties. The ones that have been sitting in my hamper for a few days. The ones soaked in cum from those huge Alpha bull cocks. The ones coated in my cunt juice since I go to the gym and bust my ass every day. He wants that perfect pussy smell to get rubbed all over his face. Sometimes, he takes the silk ones and uses them to stroke his “cock.” I use quotations because we all know that tiny stick is a clit and nothing more! What the fuck could he ever do with a tiny cock like that? Nothing but lock it into a chastity cage and let it shrivel up! He liked to try and cum in them, but he never can seem to do that without deep throating my favorite dildo. I think my sweet younger brother is begging me to turn him into the nastiest little sissy slut the world has ever seen. I can’t stand the thought a minute longer. He needs his own panties, and he needs to be feminized now!

Marissa Your Sissy Mistress

sissy slave trainingHave you been a good slutty sissy boy playing with your faggot man cunt for me? I’ve been preparing your man pussy for this moment and you better be ready for it! I’m bringing in all eight black alpha cocks to tear into your trained sissy hole. If you don’t think that’s enough for your sissy cunt then we’ll just bring in eight more. Don’t forget to be wearing your sparkly pink slut panties and matching tights. I’ve been training you to be such a good cock sucking slut while you’re grabbed by your little pussy boy ball sack! We’ll have to get rid of that for being such a girly sissy slut, don’t forget to clean up all the cum that’s shot out at your sissy face and sissy boy pussy! I wanna watch as your sissy slut hole is violently fucked by those black cocks spreading you all out and making their huge loads of massive cum spilling out and covering you all up in it! Don’t miss a drop of that hot white juice, be a good sissy boy for us!