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I have a pussy and you don’t

sissy phone sex

I have a secret weapon that makes these sissies cry. Look, I know the ultimate dream is to be like me. A cute young spinner who can get all the delicious cocks in the world. The problem with that is you are a natural-born male. Shocking how I tell you the truth. See, most the trainers will have you think you are a “real woman” the thing with that is that it is pretty misleading and a big fat lie! Yes, I am going to be mean. You wish you had a pussy. The sad part is even if you bought a fleshy pink cunt and had the modifications and surgeries, don’t be a ” woman,” let me tell you, and you’re not a woman. You will never have a natural-born pussy. You can never get pregnant by semen. It might hurt to hear the truth, but you will never be me. Once you realize the reality, which you know all too well already, you will face the fact that you are only a man in drag that will be used to pay up and add to my funds. You want  sissy phone sex huh? now this is the pinacle of sps.

Taboo Sissy Phone Chat

taboo phone chat

I just had the most taboo phone chat with one of you little dick sissies. This slut spent 45 minutes begging mistress to fuck him in the ass with the biggest strap-on that I own. I asked if she was sure because the biggest Mistress Heaven owns is 16 inches long and thick as fuck. This BBC will stretch your shit hole open so wide that your ass will be gaping hole for at least a week! I thought that would scare her but she reached in her bag and pulled out an adult diaper. This sissy wanted mistress to make her into an adult baby! This was some uncategorized shit but I still did it! I love fucking a tight hole until its loose. I must admit, I loved having a little sissy baby! I dressed her up in cute little dresses and nursed her while I rubbed my clit. Her mouth around my tits made my pussy tingle! After I gave that sissy some grade A cock I put her diaper on and carried her around like a little baby until she fell asleep in my arms. So cute! 

Forced Feminization Cum Showers

Forced feminization

Do I really have to tell you that part of the process of forced feminization is taking showers of cum from a bunch of femboy butt stretching, manwhore mouth craving cream spewing cocks?  Of course you do, you stupid boy-bitch!  What kind of fly by night sissification operation do you think I run here?!  I swear, sometimes you little clitty queens can be really fucking dumb.

Let me clear up any misconceptions for you; YOU WILL BE COVERED IN AS MUCH CUM AS I DEEM NECESSARY TO TURN YOU INTO A PROPER NANCY!  Is that clear, cockboy?  I hope so, I am speaking English and you’re not a total fuckwit, are you?  Your other sissy trainers might have let you get away with just throwing on a frilly little dress and wig and letting you just paint yourself up with a shit-ton of makeup like some kind of street whore then call your transformation good, but that doesn’t even come close to Mistress K’s masterful way of manhood manipulation.

I won’t even get into all of the mental shit I have to do to get you to fully give into me, or what kind of attire will be required of you to attend my training sessions.  I’m specifically talking about how much sperm you will have swimming around on, and in, you before I will be happy to show you off to the world as one of my perfect femboys.  You figure the average fertile male pumps out about 5 milliliters of jizz per ejaculation with around 100 million little swimmers in each ml, makes it about 500 million fuck pole tossed tadpoles per prick that penetrates you.  Multiply that by the hundreds of dirty dicks I’m going to make you please throughout this whole process and I figure I can have your donated sperm count up into the jillions in no time.  Month, month and a half, tops.

You get it, right?  I know a lot of people learn more by doing than any other method, so you’ll just have to swing by and let me show you.  I have a few cocks full of sperm packed spunk here waiting for you.  Let’s get started, shall we?

Nasty Sissy Trainer

Phone DominationI just love being the nastiest fucking sissy trainer. I love when my sissies are begging me to fuck them in their tiny, puckered shit holes while they scream how much they love me. I make them bow for their mistress while I tell them how small their little cocks are. I tie the little sissy bitches up to my bed with their asses in the air and smack their asses while I plunge my dildo deep inside their hole. I love to make them beg for their release, but I never do. They only get to cum when mistress tells them too or they don’t cum at all. I love to take my thick dildo out of their shit hole and shove it down their throats making them choke on it. I tell them they could never please a woman with a small cock like theirs and that the best they could do is watch. I love making my little sissies watch while my tight fucking cunt gets assaulted by a big thick cock making me cum all over his huge dick. I laugh while they beg to suck his fucking cock with my pussy juice on it.

Mistress Phone Sex Queen Lends a Stud

mistress phone sexI am a mistress phone sex slut. I have a friend who is a cuckolding Goddess. We both know size matters and her hubby does not measure up. He is a cuck, but he is a bad one and she needed help teaching him a lesson. Up until I helped her with her loser husband, he was simply a cuck. She had lovers and he cleaned the house and her pussy. She wanted me to bring one of my bulls over. Her cucky husband had never had cock before. She wanted my lover to be hung, but not so monster big that he would ruin her husband or send him to the ER. I decided to get a white bull for the occasion. When I arrived with my bull, she was yelling at her loser husband because he had failed to clean the house again. She had his pathetic dick in a cage. She also had him dressed like a femboy. Cucks and sissies are cut from the same cloth. When he saw me enter the room with a man, he freaked out and tried to take his cage off, but she tossed the key to me. Little fucker, in every sense of the word. He needed punished. Tiny dick loser husbands need to know their place. Ignoring a wife’s instructions is criminal in a cuckold marriage. So, is trying to fight off a well-deserved punishment. I brought handcuffs because I knew he might be unruly. My hung companion subdued him with one arm. My friend’s cucky loser hubby found himself strapped to a chair unable to move. He also found himself with a mouth full of cock. Big fucking cock. That cucky bitch took our stud’s first load. He was an unwilling fluffer. Then he had to watch as we brought the stud’s cock back to life and shared his monster cock. I am a phone dominatrix, so I knew what to do after we brought the stud’s cock back to life. We had him fuck my friend’s loser husband in his back door pussy. Let us just say that cucky bitch squealed like a pig getting hammered by a 10-inch-thick cock. Afterwards, however, that bitch was singing a new tune. Sometimes losers just need put in their places with a little help from a sissy trainer, a big cock and cuckolding wife.

Geoff Didn’t Know He Wanted It

BBC sissy trainer

Some femboy wannabes don’t even know when they need to take a big black cock, so it’s lucky for them that they have a BBC sissy trainer like me to tell them exactly when they have to satisfy a dark and drippy, thick and sticky prissy pounder.  What’s the best way to teach a closeted old fag how to be an anaconda pleasing sissy supreme?  Three simple words…  Ass to mouth.

Take Geoff, for instance.  Geoff came to me needing some sweet sissification so badly that he was literally in tears begging me for help.  I told him to get up and stop snotting on my pumps then led him down the hall to my neighbor DJ’s apartment.  DJ is always happy to supply his supple sable fuck snake for the purpoes of putting my fagbois in their place, but he really took a liking to Geoff.

When he answered the door, I didn’t even have to tell him what was up.  He took one look at Geoff’s simpering face and forced him down to his knees.  DJ grabbed a handful of the broken man’s graying hair, slapped him in the face then shoved his big black bone deep into Geoff’s mouth.  After making him gag a few good times, DJ pushed his man pussy over to the couch and bent him over the arm, ripping the Wrangler’s off of Geoff like they were made of paper.  With a grunt and a gob of spit, my friendly neighbor jammed his massive meat hard into Geoff’s unready asshole and pumped hard.

Once he stopped screaming with every thrust, DJ knew I wanted the daft sissy fuck doll to taste his own shit, so he sat on the couch and screwed a mudhole into his mouth.  He went back and forth like that for an hour or so until, when he was bouncing Geoff’s face on his boner and grinding his head all on it really hard, he blasted a huge load so deep into the back of the Mrs. Man’s throat that he hacked and gagged it up making it shoot out of his nose.

Ass to mouth with a BBC is how I start all of my unsure sissies out on their track to greatness.  It makes them dive head first into the wild world that they so desperately want to be a part of.

Potty sissy slave training

sissy slave trainingHuman toilet sissy slave training is so nasty and fun! You want to dress up in some sexy panties and let me pee in your mouth. I enjoy the fuck out of that. And then you say you need to drink your own piss as you lay there and tell me how fucking gross and raunchy you are for me. Shit eating ass cleaning cock loving nasty man! I don’t know why I’ve been blogging about you. Sometimes you just make me sick with all the shit eating talk. But I bet you 100% if your ass was here I would totally shit in your mouth., I would use your tongue as toilet paper any day of the week. I love my sissy whores who take dick and dress up. But sometimes an ass eater and complete nasty fucking commode comes into my life and the world needs to know these fucking potty perverts exist! Can you imagine a Cock sucking, cum eating sissy fag with her satin sissy panties full of shit just waiting for a chance to take a dick in her mess! I’m willing to pull down those shit filled panties and stick my strap so far up that foul ass! I just want you to know how fucking disgusting you are and how much I enjoy you eating and drinking my bodily waste. 

Bratty Femboy Training

femboy training

Femboy training because bitch boys like you need it daily. A daily dose of a bratty woman who is in charge and in control of every aspect of your life. I own your finances, your clothing choices, your sexuality and your body! Sashay that walks and talks all high pitched like a female. Panty wearing at home and under business suits too! I’ll take your credit card and buy all new slutty clothes for you and me!

I teach you what it’s like to be a male born with a micro penis. How you can serve me and the bull cocks that this whore loves to be fucked by! My own daddy is a pathetic sissy whore and my momma taught me how to milk a sissies balls and wallet. You know you deserve it.

“It’s not fair just because you were born with a little dick!” you beg and plead, You’re destined for sissy girl training for the rest of your life all because GOD didn’t give you a dick. Well you need to make lemons out of lemonade and I make a sissy out of a small dicked whore like you. Chin up baby, mouths, ass pussies and wallets open for Miss Zoey!

sissy girl training

Mistress K’s Humbling Humiliation

Humiliation phone sex


Sometimes I just have to make fun of these stupid wannabe wussies who think they have what it takes to be one Mistress K’s Sweet Sissies and humiliation phone sex is the perfect way to do it.  You know I’m perfectly willing to let a lackluster lame-o know that I don’t think they have it in them to be the best sissy boy ever, but sometimes they need a little extra persuasion and I sure as hell don’t want to see them every goddamn day.  They’re fucking ugly and don’t deserve my precious time and assertive attention so I make those unsightly sluts call my beautiful ass.

Take Wayne, for instance.  We’ve tried and tried to doll him up and make him somewhat attractive but no matter what I do to him, no matter what wig or dress I choose, no matter what color scheme I go with or amount of accessories I slap on the hairy hobgoblin, he always looks like a strung out bridge troll!  He’ll never be pretty enough to be a girly boy, let alone grace my lustful lineup of lipstick loving lady lads with his displeasing presence.

There’s only one way to make Wayne look good.  His best side is his backside so I strung up his junk, gave him a sign to hold and called every big black cock I know to come over and make Wayne sorry he ever thought he could be one of my clitty packing prissies.


Its so small!

Humiliation phone sex

I can’t believe I didn’t know how small your dick was! A little two inch nub that will never be able to fuck me! I knew you were spending a lot of money and lavishing me with gifts for a reason! I just don’t want to believe that it was so small. I thought maybe you had five inches and when we were making out I got suspicious and was taunting you to show me your dick. You were almost crying as you showed me that tiny little dick. I immediately threw my pillow over my tits and began laughing so hard my belly hurt! Every giggle made that two inches jump! I began calling you names and you were crying and jacking your cock off with two fingers! Oh my god how is this even possible. I finally found a nice sweet guy who will spoil me and here he is jacking a baby sized penis and crying just like one! I ran to my baby brother’s room and got a pull up and told you to put it on right now! You’re a little baby boy crying in a pull up for me now! The only way this will work is that you become my baby boy sissy and you give me the AMEX! ABDL Sissy humiliation training is your world now!