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BBC Fun With My New Sissy Johnnie!

BBC Sissy Trainer

I’ve got a new number one throat whore and his name is Johnnie! Just this morning I found a new sissy eager to please his mistress and suck some big nigger dick for me. Johnnie is a very experienced throat slut and lives on his knees sucking black dick. I was so impressed when I brought Jamal over with his 10 friends and Johnnie stripped naked and started gagging on nigger dick. Johnnie looked so beautiful with two BBCs hanging out of his mouth and his cock standing straight up, I told him what a good little cock sucking faggot he is for me. My cunt soaked as Johnnie got covered in cum and started sucking his own cock until he swallowed his very own load of cum! Needless to say, Johnnie is now my number one sissy slut and my other sissies will fight for the privilege of impressing me for the number one spot in my stable of sissy whores!

Humiliation Phone Sex with Heaven

Humiliation Phone Sex

I’m looking for a new sissy bitch to humiliate and expose. I’m going to dress you up in the frilliest of lingerie, put your poor excuse for a dick (henceforth referred to as your overgrown clit) in permanent chastity and whore you out to all the mandingo dicks I know (and even the ones I don’t), all the while recording you and taking pictures of you in the act, being the sissy whore you are, gathering everything I can to expose you. If you don’t please me and do as you’re ordered, I’m going to ruin you. I’m going to show the images and videos to everyone you know– friends, family, colleagues, landlord etc.– and let them know what a worthless sissy bitch you are. Your life is going to implode and you’re not going to have anyone left but me! 

To keep me happy, you’ll need to drain your wallet, give me everything you have and when you have nothing left, you’re going to whore yourself out for my  profit. Your bussy and throat are going to be for rent and you better take every load like a good slut and not complain! You are nothing, you are worthless, you have no meaning and no value outside of serving me the way I tell you to. Do you understand? You are a waste of space, but I give your life meaning. I’m the one who is pushing you toward your destiny and helping you realize your deepest desires. You’d be an ever bigger nothing without me!

Cum Filled Sissy Slut Maid Service

Sissy maid training

My favorite part of sissy maid training is offering a bunch of butt fucking, cum slurping cleaning solutions to clients through my Sissy Slut Made Service®!  My trashy tramps get the hole stretching training they need and my horny he-whore loving clientele get their cocks and their houses cleansed by my creamy cuties.  It’s a win-win, everyone is happy in the end!

I don’t just drop off my darling dick tuckers and expect them to get the job done.  I stay on site to make certain that they clean every nook and cranny and take all the dick in their fannies as I see fit.  I hope you’re ready for some ass because I’m going to need you to ram your rod into their raunchy rectums in every single room.  If you need to switch it up a little then make them suck their sweet sissy ass juice off of your knob for a bit, but I’m going to want you to stick it back in their ass pussy pretty quickly.  I hope you’re cool with that.  

You’re helping me train these hot whorios.  Every apartment they polish or house they sanitize, they need to get a hardcore fucking and hosed down with cum.  You can shoot it in their asses if you want, I guarantee their little sissy clitties will be leaving a slime trail everywhere for them to lick up, anyway.  Just pull down those sissy panties while my girlie is bent over and jam your junk into her ass and the cleaning will begin!


Sissy Scotty is A Porn Store Cum Whore!

Phone Domination

I took my new sissy to the porn store glory hole to get her sissy pussy pumped full of cum! Sissy Scotty is nasty little faggot whore who loves being used by lots of random hot cock. Scotty and I love getting all dolled up in our high heels, short shirts, lacy panties and crop tops. We do our makeup to look like bimbos before we go out on the town and strut our stuff. We knew we were going out to get fucked, no doubt about it! I had a brilliant idea to stop by the sex shop and Scotty was excited to find out they had a glory hole right in the back room! So, we waited for a hard cock to come right through the hole and when it did, I recorded Scotty sucking, she got cum all over her face! I couldn’t believe what a throat whore Scotty turned out to be, we stayed at the glory hole for hours swallowing big creamy loads until the store closed!

BBC sissy trainer got a gift of a sissy from me

I gave my favorite sissy slut as a birthday gift to my favorite BBC sissy trainer. I made sure she was dressed as the best whore. In stockings, panties and heels. I made sure she crawled into the room and greeted my bbc friend with her sissy mouth.

BBC sissy trainer

My friend was so happy about his gift that his cock was already stiff and hard. He bent my sissy over the table and gave him a spanking for every year of his age. By the time he was done his ass was red and my pussy was wet from seeing a big black cock hard and stiff beating my sissy. He mounted his birthday presents face and fucked it until my sissy bitch almost threw up. I laughed and played with my cunt. It is so fun to watch her get used and humiliated by a big bull. I could see my sissy was enjoying his humiliation and abuse because his clitty was leaking through her Sissy panties. After he swallowed a load of thick yummy cum, he had to get ready for my favorite part. The bbc birthday boy gave my sissy bitch a nice warm golden shower. That was the best gift he has gotten and I was pleased. My sissy slut didn’t let me down.

BBC Sissy Trainer Coraline is Proud of Her Reparations Sissy Cami

bbc sissy trainerI am a BBC sissy trainer. I have lots of BBC sissies. Sissy Cami is my reparations sissy. She is paying back the sins of slavery with her sissy holes. She has a black daddy in her life and a BBC mistress to make sure she does what she is supposed to do. I have her sworn off pussy and white cocks too. She is a Queen of Spades which means she fucks only big black cocks. I took her down to the truck stop again last night. This little weak sissy bitch was dressed up in her fishnets and high heels. She had on her collar and her tiny clitty was free from its cage for once. Not that her pathetic nub can do much. It is just that small and useless. She was hustling her ass through the truck bays sucking one big black cock after another. Sissy Cami is my pay piggie too. Not only does she pay me for femboy training, but she also earns me money hustling at the truck stop and glory holes in town. The economy is down, but big black cocks are always up and needing drained. White women have long been paying reparations with their fuck holes. That scares a lot of white boys who know that they cannot measure up. Now, my reparations sissy embraces the Black New World Order. She knows she cannot satisfy white women, so she is a willing reparation sissy. I think Cami just needs to feel like she is doing something productive in this world. And since she cannot please a woman or a man with that pathetic tiny nub, she takes big black cock in her pathetic sissy holes. Sissy training with me means you are polishing the knobs of big black cocks. Sissy Cami is a black cock sissy. She is black owned and bred. And her tiny, sissy fuck holes are open for business to pay back the sins of slavery.

femboy training

Take That Cock in the Cunt You Sissy Slut

Sissy Girl Training

Cock sluts like you are so desperate to be pounded in your pussy that you won’t even think. It is instinctual for you to get on your knees because that is your place. All you are is a cum dumpster for men with big cocks to use and throw to the side. You have no self-respect against his cock. You are an addict, desperate to take it in your mouth or in your pussy. I’m sure you’d take off all of your clothes right now, bend over a counter and beg for just an inch of it. So why should he respect you. He will dominate you like the bitch that you are. You know how to take it in your throat, choking on his cock and never letting it leave your mouth for a second. He will jam it so deep inside of your mouth that you can’t breathe, but it makes him feel so good and you love being his little bitch. 

Mistress Phone Sex Women are in Control, Not You Sissy Bitch

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex women like me enjoy telling pathetic little sissies what to do. I have a sissy in my life who thinks he is above the law. I mean that figuratively. Yes, he pays me for sessions but when he comes over, he has a litany of things he will not do. I put up with it briefly. Then I told him it was my way or the highway. I am the mistress. I am the dominant one. No one gets to tell a mistress what to do. When he first came to me, he just wanted to wear my pretty things and service me. He wanted femboy training but did not want to suck cock. I do not make all my sissies suck cock, but if you tell me what you will not do, I might make you do it anyway just to show you that I am the boss. Sissy Greg found himself on the other end of a glory hole last night. I told him I was taking him to get some new anal toys. But I arranged for him to get skull fucked. I know the owner of the adult bookstore. He is one of my clients. He advertised that there would be a cock sucking sissy down to blow all the cocks he could at 8pm. I walked in with my unruly sissy on a leash and took her to the back room. She quickly knew what was going on, but the door was locked from the outside. He was not getting out without sucking some cock. Big cocks were coming through the hole. I threatened blackmail if he did not suck all the cocks and swallow every load. He fought me, but when I showed him that I was about to post a picture of him dressed as a girl on his Facebook page, he fell to his knees and started sucking those cocks. Silly sissy boy. You cannot tell a phone dominatrix how to do her job.

Sissy Humiliation training for Randi

Sissy Humiliation trainingSissy Humiliation training for Randi The sissy slut. There’s a lot to unpack here unlike his pants! Haha! So A little backstory. Randi has known for quite some time he had a mini penis, AKA babydick. Most of the time women would pity fuck him and just not return for a little penis like his. Sometimes they made excuses but there was this one time that had me laughing my ass off! Recently little Randy was going to fuck a bitch he found at a bar. But when it came time to get his cock sucked she busted out in loud Guffaws. I understand her pain, she was wet and wanted a real man. But instead she threw her soaked panties at him and just laughed as hard as she could. 

That laugh that comes deep from the belly that goes on for minutes. She left him stroking his whittle pee-pee with her panties. And Now Randi the sissy whore has been in panties and playing with his back door pussy or more affectionately called his Bussy! Like “bust it wide open” for me! On some Black dicks! BBC sissy trainer longs to get you addicted to cock cream!

Sissy Humiliation training for Randi The sissy slut.

That story had me rolling with snorting laughter! But He liked that I had fun at his little expense! Do you know that a skinny 2 and three quarters long cock cage is the closest he will ever be to feeling the insides of a woman’s cunt?
By the way Randi, I love these new sparky Lavender panties you’re wearing for me! I would love to bait you with a nice new pair of panties in the end of a BBC cock!
If You can’t deep throat to get if cant take it to base! You can’t get the panties! Balls slapping your chin time bitch! Deepthroat to show me how bad you want these pretty sissy panties!

Sissy Hypno Training: Living out your life as a Sissy Slut.

Sissy Hypno Training

Sissy Hypno Training isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish over the phone. But it’s something I have spent a great deal of time learning and tweaking to use to my advantage when dealing with Sissy sluts. Even the simplest things like repeating myself over and over, slowly embedding the thoughts into your mind as you’re in a weakened horny state. Your mind is easy to bend and twist to manipulate and guide you into living out your most intimate sissy desires. Even something as easy as being dressed as a sissy slut daily, panties, makeup, dresses, heels, and hair. All a priority fed into your mind as I also manipulate your subconscious into causing you to fall totally and completely in love with me and the idea of being subservient to me. I want to be the center of your existence and will guide my way there through your desires and subconscious. Making you my weak pathetic slave that will do and say exactly what I please. Give it a try, maybe you can resist me, maybe not. Only time will tell.