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Sissy phone sex with Miss Remi

sissy phone sex

Sissy phone sex Mistress Remi is going shopping today! I’m going to get lots of pretty panties, bras and other sexy lingerie for my little bitches to wear tonight. Call and tell me your sizes so I can grab something for your slutty ass to wear too. We’ll have a girl’s night and get all dressed up in cute outfits. I’ll do our hair and makeup and then call some guys over. I know a few sexy bbc studs that are aching to destroy a tight, virgin boy pussy! When I have a room full of the prettiest and most well trained girly sluts, I’m going to bring in my team of bull-studs and let them go crazy on those sissy bitch, whores. I’ll let them rip the panties and stockings off of those faggy hoes like they’re opening Christmas presents! I expect my sissy bitch girls to take those giant cocks just like we practiced when I was fucking their mouths and he-pussies with my strap-on. Remember your training and do what Miss Remi taught you. Relax your jaw and take that huge cum cannon down your throat inch by inch until you feel those big, cum filled balls slapping up against your chin. I know you’ll be gagging and choking but you better not stop throating and gagging on that big dick until you feel it throbbing and you can taste his cum! I need you to suck the first load out so that he’ll last a long time when I bend you over, hold your cheeks open and offer him your sweet, boy pussy. I’m just about ready to leave for the mall so you better hurry up and call me so we can talk about what kind of panties and bra you want me to dress you in!  

Your Phone dominatrix has a sissy hole you need to suck

Sasha your Phone dominatrix is waiting for you.You need some  tough love baby. I know your hole is hungry for BBC. Go ahead, do a bump and let out your sissy. Who cares if your girlfriends out? I don’t.Phone dominatrix

I want you to show me  just how dedicated you are to your new life as my sissy whore. And what better way to prove your devotion than by tasting the sweet nectar from another one of my sissy sluts?

I think you aren’t ready yet for fat black cock, you crave it, think about it all the time to humiliate you but you gotta show me. I have another Sissy whore that also wants her life ruined. I would turn me on so much if you cleaned out her hole for me.

Don’t be shy, she’s a little sissy whore just like you, and I’m sure she’ll love every second of it. I need more of you whores under my control so I can go on a nice vacation. I will be sure to run your account dry but at least your clitty will be nice and sticky.

Believe me, you need a lot of Forced sissy training, which means you do anything I say. Show me how obedient and thirsty for sissy humiliation you really are. And trust me, if you impress me, I might just consider letting you service some of the best black cocks.

You see, Sasha, sissification isn’t just about dressing up in pretty clothes and prancing around like a princess. No, no, my dear, it’s about embracing your true nature as a submissive sissy slut who loves to serve and pleasure cock. 


Sissy training one step, two, and be fucked.

          Sissy training one step, two, and be fucked.  Going to show you your place. To be sure you will be fucked. From time to time, you are going to scream as they rip you up. In the long run your training is a crash course is how to get that cock to fuck you nonstop. Online training is important. Don’t need competition. With this in mind you will go far. Don’t want none if you aren’t willing to sacrifice.  Sissy training

          By and large audio and online are the training tools that we will be using with you. All in all, the main goal is to get you the BBC cock. Being your trainer I will be the best. I don’t care what happens to your sissy fucking pussy. Given these points you will have a pussy filled with cum. Ripping you up. Dressing you up.

          From time to time even allows you to be off your knees. On your back. Being treated like a regular whore. Not some sissified faggot boy. An actual sissy. After all you are a sissy whore that needs to have some compassion some of the time. Making your sissy pussy cum for them.

          As shown above the ropes will dig in but in time you will like it. You will cum for them. Be treated like a sissy. Not just a wanna be. In summary be a good little bitch. Learning you Sissy training in the one step, two, and be fucked.

Panty-Balled Princess: A Sissy’s lesson

 Sissy training

You’re a lucky, lucky bastard, about to embark on a journey of pure, unadulterated degeneracy. And trust me, it’s gonna make you cream your pants.

Imagine a delicate little thing, a sissy slut dressed in pretty pink panties, soft as a newborn’s butt. This sissy’s got a cute, round ass that’s just begging to be spanked, and a panty-clad crotch that’s dripping with need. Sound delicious?

This mistress has been put on this earth for one reason only: to make you her own personal plaything. And boy, do I love it. My good sissy girls, ready to serve, with a little twerking ass that’s a joy to behold.

I’m talking ass cheeks that spill out of those panties, just begging to be pulled apart and dominated. Go on, imagine yourself as my Slave,  My friends with massive black cocks taking you from behind and preparing to turn your sissy ass into his personal cumdumpster.

Oh, he’s a desperate one, facing you now with a faint glaze of pre-cum marking the outline of his cock. Yeah, he’s ready—ready to be humiliated, used, and abused. That’s the way he likes it.

But will this sissy get the attention he craves? Only after he’s earned it. So bend him over, smack that ass, and prepare for a twisted journey of sissy domination.

Enjoy the ride, you nasty pervert, as this Mistress is about to show you the time of your life. And remember, she’s always ready for another round—with a true cumslut, just how I like ’em.

Sissy Humiliation Exposing For Being a Sissy Whore

One of my sissy sluts, we will call him Roger loves humiliation phone sex. He is an personal trainer by day, sissy by night.  A lot or masculine pressure builds up. I know a lof of my callers can relate and the sissy life is somewhat of an escape.  Roger loves being a little faggot and calling me to expose what a sissy he really is.  Dressed in a mini skirt that wouldn’t cover most normal size cocks, but his tiny one fits under quite well under the tiny skirt with some room to go.  You would not think you were looking at a man looking at him in this outfit.

No hair to be found on his smooth ass, I know there are some big cocks that would love to have that ass and pound that like the little whore he is.  He uses the butt plug to train his ass because he craves getting huge cock. He fantasizes about his girls exes who have porn size dicks.  Watching porn where he can watch his girl get fucked by these big cocks. Knowing she would never make a movie with his tic-tak size cock and put it online.

The world however will know that the woman he loves takes huge thick cock in her cunt and cums all over big dicks because of those videos online.  She gets filled up so nicely in these videos and the bliss on her face,  keeps RogersHumiliation phone sex dick oozing pre-cum every day.  She will never look like that with him but maybe he can get more big dicks in him so he can come close to feeling the feeling his girlfriend felt with those big hard cocks.

He’s such a good little sissy faggot, becoming more of one each day.

Sissy phone sex mistress Remi

sissy phone sex

Miss Remi the sissy phone sex mistress will be downtown all night for the 4th, pimping out my sissy whores from this cheap hotel room. I’ve already listed each of these little panty boy bitches on every fag site I could think of. Now I just have to wait while different men show up and pay me to ram their cocks into these little bitches. I’m a young but experienced Mistress who loves to sell my newly trained sissy bitches and watch them show off their new cock sucking and dick riding abilities! Imagine a petite, blonde princess mistress in a room full of girly men, dressed up like trashy hookers. Tonight my cum craving whores are dressed to please and priced to move! We’ve already had a few dozen guys in and out of this room and I’ve made a fat stack of cash off of these cock swallowing sluts. We’ve had a nonstop parade of men with hard, throbbing cocks knocking at our door! I have the wallowed out, sissy bitches with cum spewing from their stretched cunnies, to prove it! I call dibs on all of the bbc studs, but of course I let my favorite panty boy bitch lick my pussy juice off of them after I’m done with them. I want to talk to more sissy bitch men while I’m watching these sluts get their he-cunnies gaped and creamed all night! I want you wearing your pretty, fag panties for me so that I can make you stroke your tiny clittie and tell me how badly you wish it were you here getting fucked by a bbc stud right in front of me. The sound of girly men whining and whimpering when a giant, hard dick gets shoved up inside of his pussy for the first time is my favorite sound ever so, get ready to moan for me like a good, little bitch! 

Sissy slave training fuck that pussy ass. Ripe it open.

Sissy slave training          Sissy slave training fuck that pussy ass. Ripe it open. Turn it over. Going to give you a pounding that you will never forget. A complete gangbang on your ass. Now you may be thinking oh yes please. Fuck that shit. This is not an orgy session. This is a goddamn in your face straight up hardcore fantasy rape your faggot ass gangbang.

          They be forcing your ass into those sissy ass clothes. Roll the fucking dice. Don’t matter they have been weighted. Going to roll the dozen bitch. Eyes wide open. Forcing you on your knees. Going to turn you into the slave that you are meant to be. Your fucking Sissy training bitch whore gets only so much for being a slave. It includes knowing your fucking place.

          Being ripped open in the ass. Not allowed to whine or cry bitch. You thought it would be one way. Fuck that shit. You take everything I toss your way. Why. Because as pointed out above you are the slave and I am the trainer. The best too. Now the reason I am the best is because I don’t care about your feelings. You have a mother for that shit.

          Turning you into a slave for the cock is what I do, and I do it well. Ripping you open. Stretching you out. Forcing you to be the whore that you are meant to be. All this will finally lead to you getting what you deserve.

Taboo Calls: My Kinky Domination Story

 Taboo phone chat


I live for the power exchange. Being a phone dominatrix lets me unleash my inner domme, and goddamn, is it empowering! My rule is simple: you’re mine, and I’ll do as I please with you. If humiliation is what you get, consider yourself lucky.

I remember this one submissive dude, so desperate to please me. Lucky him, I had a kinky idea in mind. I ordered him to dress up like a little sissy, all dolled up in fishnets, frilly panties, and red lips. But that’s not all. I wanted his ass prepared for the ultimate invasion, so a butt plug became his new best friend.

After he was nicely warmed up, I made him bend over and presented him with a 10-inch strap-on. I ravished his ass until he was begging for mercy. But mercy wasn’t on the menu, not until I was satisfied.

To make things even kinkier, I invited a real alpha male over. I mean, who needs wimps when you can have a proper man? I made my sub watch as I rode this stud, showing him what real passion looks like.

Then came his moment of truth. The guy I picked up penetrated his tiny ass, making him squeal like the little bitch he was. I made sure to remind him how fortunate he was, taking his ass for a wild ride.

Afterwards, clean-up duty awaited my sub. He licked my pussy clean, then turned his attention to his conqueror’s cock, polishing it to a shine.

This was his initiation into a world of kinky bliss. And he loved it, the little masochist.

Sissy maid training transforms a former boyfriend into my slave!

Sissy maid trainingSissy maid training provides you the skills necessary to please your mistress. You as a sissy are a male submissive that is exhibiting feminine behavior, and you love to obey your owner. And when you’re with me, I own you. Hell, I own a few sissy sluts that will obey me even when they’re away from me! But the art of training a sissy maid has many levels. Each exciting and sexy for me as you serve. 

Sissy maid training provides you the skills necessary to please your mistress.

Little Miss Edwina is patiently awaiting her text instructions, and she sits in my den listening to me train other sissy whores. “See, you will do absolutely anything I want just for some attention, won’t you, Edwina?” I sneer at her as she’s getting impatient. One thing I love about this sissy servant is that she will do anything to please and amuse me. I know the sissy maid has gotten her wish, even though she was really disgusted with the idea at first.  This is a vast improvement over her being a once cheating chauvinistic boyfriend.

That’s right, My very old man thought he could make me do the housework! And have me at his beck in call for sexy time. Edwina, formally Ed, has changed quite a bit in the last few months. Now her only purpose and the silly little sissy made life is to please her mistress. Sissy slut BF made must remain useful so that she is kept on good terms. She wouldn’t want me tossing her away for another, would she? 

Edwina, my new sissy maid whore, is in full Chasity.  I find no use in her sexually at all anymore. To be honest, she’s a little dumb! She must never have second thoughts so she has to keep Mistress happy. Under her cute little outfit she wears her chastity cage and a corset that I used to wear. Now it fits perfectly on Edwina’s figure since she’s been dieting to keep herself skinny for me.

Sissy panties are only the start 

A pair of sissy panties goes right up her crack and over that cock cage too. Then we have all kinds of adornments like leggings and aprons. And of course, size 12 heels for her cute little feet. It Will take a while for her to get used to walking in heels. Edwina’s hair started to grow out now. So I put the cutest big ribbons and headbands in her hair.

Even better, Mistress has her Sissy maids ears pierced! I find that all the clothes that my boyfriend wanted me to wear to please his pathetic self fit quite nicely on my new sissy maid. Oh and for the last ornamentation this week I put a cute pair of little bells right on her cock cage, so I can hear her all through the house as she performs all the housework and cleaning. Including taking the toothbrush to the toilet seat tonight just because I want to. She will be lucky if she doesn’t have to use her tongue to clean the toilet because that’s how much she disgusts me, and I’m never going to kiss her mouth! 

Humiliation Phone Sex With Mistress Peace

Humiliation phone sexYou’re pathetic, faggot. Your tiny cock couldn’t even find its way to my cunt if it tried. It’s so small and worthless, it looks like a piece of cooked spaghetti dangling between your legs. I can barely feel anything when you try to penetrate me with that thing. It’s disgusting and laughable how you think you could ever please a woman with something like that. Keep dreaming about being the man you wish you were because in reality, all you are is a sissy slut who can only make other men happy by sucking their cocks or getting fucked up the ass by them while wearing high heels and lingerie – just like your new mistress likes her boys to be dressed up for some real fun!h

You’re pathetic, aren’t you? I can see it now – that tiny little thing hanging between your legs. It’s barely worthy of being called a cock, more like a sad excuse for one. It looks like something you might find on a baby animal, not on an adult man. And don’t even get me started on how useless it is in bed! You think you can please a woman with that? Ha! You couldn’t even make me feel anything with that tiny pea shooter.

I bet when you try to fuck someone, they probably just laugh at how much of a joke you are down there. They might as well be taking it up the ass from one of my dildos because at least those have some heft to them and can actually do something right. Your poor sissy clit must be so disappointed by your lackluster performance; no wonder she keeps begging for more toys and fingers instead of relying on your worthless cock.

You know what they say about men like you – born with their dicks in their hands but pussies for brains! That must be true since all yours does is hang there looking pitiful while the rest of us real women enjoy ourselves getting off on real dicks or using our own talented fingers if we have to. Don’t worry though, maybe someday soon enough someone will come along who feels sorry enough for your pathetic existence to take care of your needs…but until then keep practicing sucking air through those limp lips because no self-respecting woman would ever want anything close to what passes as ‘