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Bend Over Sissy

mistress phone sex

Aww look at you coming down from your bath. I have laid out your clothes for the day as we have an incredibly special time planned love. Your eyes brighten as you see a new pair of pink nylon panties and matching bra on the bed. You practically dance with excitement seeing your thick pink jeweled butt plug. Hurriedly you grab the fish net thigh highs and put them on, then your panties and bra and finally your short black slutty dress. You slip on your heels and come to me. You hand me the butt plug, bow your head, and say please.

I bend you over, pull down your panties. Your pussy is already pulsating and gaping with excitement. I smack your ass one time just for fun and then ram the butt plug deep inside. It is the special one, the one with the remote. The one that I have complete control of. I know you want me to push it, but I make you wait. I grab your cock cage. The extra small one and push your little clitty inside. The prongs touching your skin, just waiting to restrain you. I see you leaking and laugh. You really are my slut babe I tell you as I kiss you on the cheek. Now let’s get in the car, you are the star of my afternoon Mistresses’ club, to be used and abused. You just smile as I turn on the remote.

Cross dressed slaves

Best sissy trainer

His  reality – 40+ years later? More powerfully addicted to dressing in woman’s clothing than ever before. Just putting on  panties and stockings excites him more than it ever has. It never gets old or stale. It is impossible for him to stay out of girl’s clothes. Yes – He wants to look like a perfect girl. His lifestyle restricts him to only interact virtually while in his home. This includes never being dressed in public. At least in his outerwear. That’s just the way it is and will always be. Has he interacted with others over the phone? Yes – a waste of time and money.  He can put on a dress (and he has 100’s or even thousands of times) and cum like he always has to a fantasy. What he cannot experience, without somebody else, is being under their strict control. This is what compelled  him to contact me. There is something wildly erotic to him about being required to address me as Master. He wants me to be his Master. That’s right! – my rules are very clear. He must follow all of my commands. He begs me for the opportunity to submit to me, Master Brielle. From now on, he will be in my command at all times. Whatever I say GOES, it will not be up for discussion. Yes – disobedience needs to be punished via humiliations, whips, chains, BBC, and having his cock and sissy hole tortured. He needs these things done to him even when his behavior is perfect. Why? Because he is to be Master Brielle’s Sissy and a reminder of my power over him makes him even more powerful. He begs me Master Brielle to keep him under my control for as long as he wants. Once I start, he is never to be allowed to stop being trained by me. A Sissy? A cocksucker? Being fucked by another Sissy? Worse being fucked by a man? All things he has refused, denied or failed to accept. He describes himself and comes to me as a Lesbian slave-girl. But as his Master, he begs and pleads with me to turn him into any or all of the above. Our interactions may be limited to virtual, with constraints on public display, but that does not mean he will not be turned into my personal property and possession.


Queen Presley Owns You

Best Sissy Trainer

I am the best sissy trainer, and I own your pathetic little soul. Sweet pretty girl, come play dress up with me and my girly friends! We don’t shave, we wax – every single part of our beautiful lady bodies. We always have to be ready to take some hot bull cock. Here, try on these panties! They’re so cute! All pink and lacey, and matching this bra! Here, put it on honey! We’ll get you hormones so you can grow your own tits and fill these bras out, but for now you have to be a cutie little A cup. Remind me again, what’s your name sweetie? Oh not that name! Your pretty girl name. Don’t you want to be a sexy bitch like me? You do, because I say you do. And Queen Presley owns you.

New sissy trainer in the hut

Best sissy trainer

Welcome to sissy slut hut!! 


I just had the best sex ever! I am so surprised he let me fuck him with my strap-on! OMG it was amazing I never thought giving a man anal would turn me on this much. He even dressed up for me. He was wearing a very sexy flair royal blue dress. What he had underneath was a rose floral embroidered bra and panty set. The crouch was cut out so his massive cock hung. Uhhh I was so impressed by his choice of clothing. We got back to my place and we had the time of my life. I put a sexy black outfit on and attached my strap-on to my hps. He dropped down to his knees and sucked my cock so good he was drooling and slobbering all over the place. His ass started to get so wet he bent over and asked me to have no mercy! I sure didn’t! I fucked him deep in his nice round ass so good he was moaning so loudly. My pussy began to throb. I was dripping wet. He bent me over and showed me how much of a man he really was.



I had never been fucked so good in my life. My pussy is still tingling. I am playing with myself now! 

Panty Training

Sissy Training

Every one of my sissy slits has to go through panty training, whether they’re silly perverts playing in their girlfriend’s panty drawer already or not. Sexy women only wear thongs, g-strings, bikini cut, and crotchless panties so you’ll have to learn to be comfortable and beautiful in a  four. Don’t worry, I’ll be giving you your fucking period next, but for now I want you to focus on slipping your little clitty in a cage and tucking it out of the way. If you could control your little stick from getting so hard all the time, ti wouldn’t have to be caged. Oh you’re brilliant! A chemical castration will do! Here now, lie back and let the needle slip into your veins – we’ll take those boners away and leave you with a useless clitty and no way to cum! Now, put your panties on and strut, bitch.

Online Sissy Training School

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training begins now. I love training men to be sissies. I take care of all aspects of training too. I dress a sissy, even take them shopping for pretty things. I train them how to suck cock. If they can go to a glory hole, I help with that too. And I can anally train that back door pussy with a nice big dildo. All sissies are different too. I am not a cookie cutter trainer. I listen to my sissies. I can force sissies when it is required. I am no push over. I want all sissies to be the sissies they can be. Many sissies must remain in the closest because of work or family obligations. I get that. I can still help you be an undercover sissy. I am the best sissy trainer for any sissy boy because I can nurture her. I can bring out her true potential. Sissy Sally came to me already trained by another mistress, but she needed continual education. For this sissy, being her true self is hard. She is married with a few offspring and a high-powered job. She would lose her job and her family if anyone discovered her love for frilly panties and cock sucking. Her former mistress was trying to out her and that cost was too high. I can be discreet. When Sissy Sally’s wife and offspring are with other family, she stays home to work and watch the dogs. This gives her time to get on Grinder and find a cock to suck. Many cocks to suck. I was on the phone with her last night, while a black man on the down low came by to use Sissy Sally’s mouth. She sounded so good slurping on a big black cock. I work with my sissies like Sally who must live their lives like straight men. We can train late at night when everyone is asleep or when your family goes to grandma’s house. Discreet sissy training is sometimes a sissy’s only option and I understand that.

Sissy Forced Play

Mistress Phone Sex

Teasing a little sissy is all good fun but recently I had a little slut who deserved to be treated the way they were! I showed my sissy video after video of what was going to happen to them in their future training since the was new! We watch so much sissy fucking porn, sissy punishments, sissy rewards, went over what they will be wearing and doing as my personal sissy slave. They will be entertaining all of my boyfriends when I am away and then clean the cum of so many men out of my cunt when I arrive home. Finally, we had our fun as I forced him to get high and play with his tiny little sissy dick!

I Caught My Sissy Cheating

Forced Sissy Training

My sweet sissy girl told me I was the only Mistress for her! We set up a hot little date, but my little lover never showed. She said something came up, but what I found out later is that that little whore snuck off to receive training from another fucking Domme Mommy. That shit doesn’t fly with me, so when she came crawling back to my door step she had no idea I knew. I grabbed that whore by her hair, forced her to the ground, and immediately shoved my fat black strap on down her throat. If she wanted to play games, we could play Throat Fuck The Slut Until She Can’t Breathe! I don’t give a shit, this little whore wanted throat training so Queen Presley is going to give it to her.

Sissy slave training with Miss Remi

sissy slave training


I bought a new toy today, to use for sissy slave training and I couldn’t be more excited! I have the feeling that even my most resistant, little sluts are going to obey me now. They’ll have no other choice, once they see how wide I can crank their sissy holes open with my new inflatable butt plug! I know what you’re thinking, most sissy whores are used to having plugs shoved inside of them. But this plug is special! It’s almost as thick as a soda can and it has a hand pump so that when my little whores refuse to take a cock deeper in their throats, I can squeeze the little ball a few times and stretch them open wider. I’m going to make sure that my sluts are ready for the biggest and thickest cocks. I’m just dying to try this thing out on a little sissy bitch tonight. I hope you’re ready for it.

Sissy Phone

Sissy Phone

Put your panties on for me and prepare for a sissy phone chat, my obedient little cum-drinking sex slave. Your Mistress needs you to submit and obey. This is your punishment for being such a naughty little crossdresser. You thought you could hide yourself away from the world but you can’t. You’re pathetic for needing the humiliation. Now if you decide to play your cards right and do everything that Mistress Genesis commands – we can turn you into an upstanding little sissy boy. I’m going to need you to adhere to all of my rules. You will be watching me fuck and taking gigantic cocks. They will make you so embarrassed of your pencil cock. Join my army of sexual submissive cumsluts and you will find what you truly desire.