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Mistress Phone Sex Is For Cock Control

mistress phone sex

Have you been contemplating mistress phone sex? Do you need to be controlled or sissified or humiliated? Let me tell you how I can own you. For example, I often get clients that have a foot fetish. I can totally relate because feet are sexy, especially mine. I had Susie take a nice long bath, removing all that hair surrounding her sweet cunnie and tight little asshole. Then we put on some nice soft sweet-smelling lotion. Susie then laid down like an obedient little bitch and I attached the cock cage so we could work on a little cock control. Then just to make sure Susie knew how much it would hurt if that sweet little clitty of hers got excited I spread her soft legs and played with her clitty with my toes. I rubbed all around her, even tapping that cage a little hard. Susie was breathing heavy and I knew she was starting to enjoy this. I then put my feet right to her lips and she began sucking on my toes. This is one of her vices and sure enough that little clitty started to get excited only to be held down by the cage. Susie let out a little yelp but kept on sucking my toes. I even saw a little precum coming out of that little clitty. My goodness she must be in pain, but her love of feet has even won over the pain. She had made quite a little mess so I lifted her ass and put her cummies covered cage inside a pair of sissy panties so she could walk around in that mess all day long. I scolded her and paddled her panty covered ass. Hmmmm maybe we need a smaller cock cage so Susie can learn to control this fetish.

Sissification With Co-Ed Aimee And The Queen

Forced Sissy Training

When my slutty college room mate Aimee rang me this morning, she had excellent news. She’d found her sweet younger brother’s little diary, and found out exactly how badly he wanted to be sissified and feminized! Evidently he wanted to be dressed up just like a little girl; frills, lace, ruffles, ribbons, Mary Jane’s, curls, and some cute little lip gloss! He wanted to be shown off like the dirty cum dumpster he was. She knew sissy girl training is what I do, and offered to let me play with him.
I invited them both to the Palace. When they greeted me in front of my whole court, I proclaimed his secret sissy fetish to the court! He turned beet red, that tiny prick of his got rock hard, and he tried to run away. “Guards, seize him!” I, the Queen, proclaimed. I grinned sadistically, Aimee mirroring my expression. Life was over for him as he knew it. He was my sissy slave now. Aimee stripped him down for me, and started to stroke his tiny cock. He dripped a huge glob of precum, causing all the ladies of the court to giggle, and the men to shake their heads in sad understanding. Aimee and I were about to give him the cucking of a lifetime.

Sissy Girl Training

BBC Sissy Training

My trainer, Matt and I were working out at the gym the other day when I saw this sexy built guy checking us both out!

Sissy Phone Sex ArabellaI couldn’t help but stare because I could see every rolling bulge in those shorts and my mouth was watering just thinking about what that huge cock would feel like sliding across my tongue!

I was bending over and wiggling my ass in the air just trying to get his attention when he finally came over and asked my Matt if he needed a spotter to help lift his gigantic pipe!

In less than a minute, he was on his knees, stroking Matt’s thick  big black cock and sliding his tongue up and down every inch until it was rock hard and dripping wet!

I couldn’t let them have all the fun so I got down on my knees and joined him!

My new friend and I were sharing Matt’s massive meat and tickling his chocolate testies with the tips of our tongues when Matt grabbed my hair and started sliding his cock deep into my throat!

Suddenly I felt my new friends tongue sliding between my cheeks and tracing the tight puckered rim of my sweet ass!

He was making me so wet that I almost didn’t notice Matt pulling his giant black snake out of my mouth and plunging it deep into my ass lickers back door!

Matt was plowing his tight ass strong and hard and checking himself out in the mirror the entire time!

I could tell he had not had his ass fucked hard like that before and his cock was jumping with every powerful thrust!

Then I saw it! Sweet glistening pre-cum was dripping from my new friends cock!

Next thing I know, both cocks are teasing my lips and jerking off in my hungry mouth!

I cleaned every inch of both of them as they admired each others buff bodies!

I didn’t care…I got my work out AnD my protein shake!

Submissive Sissy Slut

Sissy Phone SexThis isn’t the first time you have been here…

You love the idea of being a girl don’t you!

Not because we are soft and pretty and sexy as hell….you just want to be fucked!

You want to have your man pussy violated and to be pounded like a whore!

So you want to know what it feels like to be forced to take a thick hard cock driving it’s way deep into your virgin ass?

If you really want to know what it’s like….you can’t fake ( well actually we do fake it)…but you need to learn how to be a submissive slut!

So go put on those sexy little sissy panties, some red lipstick and some black mascara!

Crawl on your hands and knees over to this fat hard cock!

Wrap your hands around it and take every inch of it deep in your throat!

Beg for me to let him fuck you!

Tell me you are a dirty little sissy slut and you want to fucked like the sissy you are!

And if you do it in that sweet little sissy voice…

Maybe…just maybe…we will get that sweet tight man pussy sloppy wet before we pound this thick hard cock into it and make you scream like a girl!



Sissy Panties For My Husband

mistress phone sex

Tonight, I was feeling a little naughtier and a lot hornier than usual. I made a phone call to a hot ass man and had my sorry ass sissy husband come down the stairs. He knelt in front of me like he knows he is to do. Pathetic as always. I handed him some pink silk sissy panties, fishnets and some heels. I told him to quickly dress and meet me in my room. The doorbell rang and I let this gorgeous hunk in and escorted him back. I undressed him and sat him on the bed. I then instructed my cuckold sissy husband to come and get his dick nice and hard for me. He did exactly what I asked and started sucking that big thick beast like the cock whore he is. Once it was hard, I told my husband to watch me fuck a man with an actual dick and not a little clitty like he had. I even made my husband guide that beast inside my perfect pussy. I enjoyed that dick for hours. I took it in my juicy wet bald cunt, my mouth and my tight little ass, allowing him to unload in all my holes. When we were finished, I had my sissy husband come over and clean him up nicely. I then spread my legs and motioned for him to come and eat the other man’s cum from my pussy and ass. He always does what I tell him and when he was done, I patted his head like a puppy and told him good boy. He may not be a good fuck, but he really is quite a good sissy maid. I bet you would like me to put you in some panties and have some hot mistress phone sex too, wouldn’t you?

Forced Sissy Training Is What You Get When You Disobey

forced sissy trainingSometimes I have a little sissy come to me that requires forced sissy training. One sissy could not keep her hands off her little clitty. She was constantly sneaking around and hiding to watch shemale porn and searching the web to view the BBC. The only thing she wanted was cock, nothing else. She was my little clean up gal because she was such a cum whore until she started disobeying. She knew she needed to ask permission to play with her clitty, watch shemale porn or look at BBC images. So, what to do with a little sissy who is obsessed with cock? I could cage her little clit, butt plug her man pussy, turn off the internet or bind her hands, but that would be too easy. I was feeling a little more punishment was due. I brought her into the back bedroom and had her undress and put on a pretty pair of black heels. I attached a blindfold to her face and handcuffed her hands together. Next, I had her lay back on the bed, and I attached a spreader bar to her ankles. Her clitty was so hard and I laughed as I lifted her blindfold and gave her a little blue pill to take. We want to keep that clitty nice and hard. She was almost panting in the excitement as she thought I was going to use her to get some dicks nice and hard for Mistress Francis. But she was in for a shock when me and all my girlfriends came into the room for some drinks and fun. What this little sissy wants least in this world is pussy. For her punishment she was going to have to fuck pussy for as long and as many times as my friends wanted her too and with that little blue pill, we could keep this going all night. That is why I am the best sissy trainer you can find.

Forced sissy training With My Dick!

forced sissy training


You’re a slave to this little sister dick! 

Forced sissy training of my brother with my big fat rubber cock! I should feel bad for you but I don’t. 


It all started when I hooked up with this girl in college. She showed me the love for strap-ons and dildos. I love cock, but fucking a chick has its highlights! I love the buckles and leather and all the different attachments. It makes me feel more powerful that a fucking man. 

Then my brother happened. 

He had been watching me fuck this doe eyed chick multiple times one weekend our parents were away. I knew he was watching so I would thrust harder as his dick got hard. The first couple times he ran a way to jack off. By the third time I was inviting him in. His ideas from this threesome were very different from mine. I had always wanted to fuck a dude in the ass. 

My girlfriend laid it on thick, having him strip nude as she kissed him all over. I saw the smile she gave me and we set to giving him what I now know is sissy hypno training. Whispering things in his ear and rubbing on his body she began to feed him her fingers. I started softly whispering how much his ass was throbbing in time the swinging of my big rubber dick! Taste me, wrap your lips around my dick. Be a good brother and take it up the ass. 

I will never forget how his ass looked as I squeezed a gallon of lube on it and began my dildo descent. Fuckin my bothers ass liberated me. I now know men worship my cock and I am on the hunt for sissy ass!

Sissy hypno training

Pretty Nails And A Punishment For Sissy Amy

mistress phone sex


Now that Amy has some pretty panties it was time to do something with those hands and feet. I had her get ready and we headed to the nail salon. We did the spa treatment as sissy had some nasty little feet and Mistress Francis will tolerate no such thing. Besides what is better than a nice pedicure peeping out of some nice heels. To make sure Becky remembered she was my inferior I had her wear bright pink panties under her white sweatpants so that everyone at the salon could see. They were pointing and talking the entire time we were there, and Amy hung her head embarrassed. After we were done, I pulled out Amy’s sandals and had her put them on right in the salon. She looked marvelous. As we were walking out, I could hear the laughter directed at her. I smiled and she again hung her head, but I know she secretly loves it. We stopped at the grocery on the way home so she could show off her pretty panties and toes for all the shoppers. When we finally arrived home, I checked her little clitty and it was hard and there was some pre cum in those panties. Shame shame on her and she knew she would be punished. This time I decided I would just have her stand in the corner with her face to the wall wearing nothing but her panties and sandals showing off her pretty toes. Did I mention the corner was at the neighborhood gym? I sure hope Amy can keep that clitty under control with all those hard bodies and big dicks walking around. We will see…

Put Your Fucking Panties On

Sissy Girl Training

“How many times do I have to order you to put those frilly, lacy little panties on?” I slapped my new little sissy across the face. She needed a little convincing, it would seem. I had just stuffed her clitty into a chastity cage and she was absolutely being a disobedient little bitch.

Grabbing her up by her hair, which we would be shaving off and growing in anew, I forced her face down to my bare toes. I forced her to suck, lick, and worship my pretty toes and perfect soles. I knew all of this was turning her into a horny little whore, and she was going to have to learn the hard way that playing with me means complete obedience.

I forced my new little slut toy to her feet, and handed her the panties again. Again, she refused. I backhanded that little bitch, and bent her the fuck over immediately! One of my loyal sissy girls handed me my large, corkscrew butt plug. This would not be slipping from her shit hole at any point. She started to cry and beg, but I only laughed. In the end, I’d break this one too.

Forced sissy training with Miss Remi

forced sissy training

There is nothing hotter or more amazing than forced sissy training. Nothing gets my little pussy more soaked than turning a wanna be sissy slut into a full blown, cock gobbling whore! That’s why I opened my sissy whore training academy. I train little girly sluts to be the best cum guzzlers ever! I invite lots of big dicks over for them and make them show me how good they are at draining cum filled ball sacks into their mouths. Swallowing is not optional in my class! Some of my dirty cum whores try to waste those thick cum shots at first. I’ve caught a few of my sluts trying to spit those cum loads out. We have very strict measures in place to ensure proper slut training here at Miss Remi’s sissy school. I monitor their cock sucking lessons with my cattle prod in hand. I’m quick to give my sissy sluts a quick zap to their little he clitties if they don’t act right! It only takes one zap to remind my sluts how grateful they should be for those cum loads they get to catch.The best part of being a sissy slut trainer is getting to play with my wet kitty while I watch my whores use the skills I’ve taught them!