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Be My Cock Pleasing Protege!

Mistress Phone Sex

I’m in the mood to turn a curious sissy into a full blown faggot! I’ve been dreadfully bored this week and I need a closet bound queer to mold into the perfect little cock pleasing sissy slut. It is no easy feat turning a curious boy into a glorious cock queen like me but I’m always up for a challenge! First we start by watching some beautiful tranny porn, only the filthiest will do as my sissy will need to know just what I’m expecting him to turn into. Then we will work on the look, every sissy needs some good styling and product recommendations to make them shine. Finally we will work on pleasing a cock together, the ultimate task, if you can share a cock with Mistress Raine, you are already winning the sissy slut game!

Sissy phone sessions

sissy phone

Get ready for some wild sissy phone fun. I’m going to use terms that will be hypnotic. You will be my sissy slut who will do whatever I say. Once you do what you want, you will move on to the next level. Sissy tasks tend to be all about what makes your mistress happy. What makes me happy is a fluffer and a vacuum cleaner. Go ahead and suck a cock till it’s hard, and clean up the effect. Take notes and learn what will make you the best sissy slut.

It is an honor for you to learn the best tricks and tips for becoming the best cock sucker and the number deepthroater. you are so lucky to enjoy training from the best red headed goddess around.

sissy phone chat lessons


sissy phone chat

I have a fun tennis instructor who loves to fuck me in front of people. I had the bright idea to let my new sissy princess watch and take notes. I could see the desire in my sissies eyes. How my sissy wish that a cock like my instructors would go balls deep into that sissy pussy. It feels so much better to flaunt what I can get. After time passed, I realized it would be best if I could make use of the sissy and have my sissy lick up the mess that my instructor made in my pussy. My sissy was more than eager to get down and dirty and lick up the hot load in my twat. If my sissy follows the rules, my sissy will eventually become a fluffer for me. If you too are interested in sissy phone chat you will love being my student.

BBC and Spankings For Mistress

Sissy Phone

He likes when I call him daddy as he stuffs my sweet slice  of chocolate pie! When Mistress is taking a break from whipping sissys into shape I am getting my pussy stretched by a BBC. Black dick is worthy of praise so I do not even try to dominate over a black king! One of my favorite cock holders has the longest black anaconda I have ever seen. He loves how I dominate over white sissys and he makes it clear that he is not one of them. While he has be bent over with my tight black ass in the air he gives me good spanking and makes me call him master. “you submit to ME!” he exclaims as he slaps my booty. I feel his big hands slap my exposed pussy and yell, “yes daddy!” “say it again” he demands as I whimper and respond with another, “ yes daddyyy!” . His spankings feel so good that my flower began to bloom. Just when I thought my pussy couldn’t get any wider he begins to finger me while he continues to hit my jiggly ass cheeks! Daddy spanked me until my juices ran down all over his lap. After that, he took his huge fucking pole and made it disappear in my hole. I love getting fucked by a real man! My pussy dripped all over is massive black balls as he plows into my tightness. He loves how my pussy grips his throbbing member! I bet you sissys are drooling at the thought of watching me being filled with BBC, arent you? Too bad! Daddy only likes black queens.  If you’re extra obedient, i’ll let you lick his cum from my cream filled cunt. If daddy is feeling up to it, maybe he’ll let let you do it clean my cream off his cock too!  

Sissy Lessons

Sissy Training I love to teach little boys how to be sissy sluts. I’m very good at it. They love to get all dolled up in pink dresses and get their hair and nails done for my lessons. Today I get to teach them how to suck cock like the good little sissy sluts they are. I brought over my daddy’s friend who loves little sissy girls so they can practice. I tell them that they need to make his cock all nice and wet and to swirl their tongue all around the tip of his thick cock. I made sure they didn’t forget about his balls. Those little sissy bitches love having a huge cock in their mouth. They loved when he grabbed their little sissy girl head and make them choke on his thick cock while he came all the way down their throat. Those little sissy sluts can’t wait for their next lesson.

Crossdressing online sissy training

online sissy trainingSeduction by crossdressing you. Online sissy training allows you to get nice and dolled up before you do anything else. Pretty petticoats under big riffly sissy dresses make you into the best sissy maid for me. Some stockings over a set of sexy bras and panties feel so good on freshly shaved and oiled legs. Add your hooker heels and make -up and you’re ready to serve me. Now, if you’re a bad girl you will have to go in your cock cage and not be allowed to cum. But there are so many options for us to go with. Rubber, plastic, even metal ones in every sort of color and purpose we might have together. Some are made for long term wear, these are my favorite. When pretty asses are exposed and sissy sticks are contained, it helps get your mind off all that sissy porn, and focus on the quest ahead. Your quest darling is to look as slutty as you can while taking a cock up your poop shoot and down your dirty whore mouth for me. Sissy girl training for the “man” who needs to be turned into a cock addict sissy slut!sissy girl training

Sissy phone chat fun with Miss Remi

sissy phone chat

Miss Remi loves playing with cum loving, sissy phone chat sluts like you! I just had the hottest sissy fantasy call with one of my most loyal cum whores. I’ve been wanting to take one of my sissies out in public and humiliate her by showing off those pretty, lacey panties that I make her wear for me. I had her put on her bra and panties of course, and then I put her in a dress. This was a special dress that I had someone make for me. It was designed to tear away at the seams when I pulled it a certain way. I took my sissy bitch out to the club and had her teasing all of the guys. She was dancing around, shaking her ass and not even paying attention when I reached over and tore the dress right off of her! The look on that sluts face when she realized why all of those guys were suddenly surrounding her with her hard dicks out was amazing. She was standing there in her panties, fully exposed to everyone in the club! Obviously, I sat back and watched while all of those big, sexy guys used my little sissy cum dump slut. There are so many nasty, kinky details that I can’t even begin to type them all out. Call me if you want to know more about my hot night at the club with my little bitch.


Sissy Phone Chat Sessions for Training

Sissy phone chat sessions are a way to break you into the new you. We can explore your desires and experiences in a private session. My eagerness to train you to be the sissy you crave to be is my main focus. I need to understand what type of sissy you are or aspire to be.

There is really no reason for you to be shy or nervous. It’s all about just letting go and embracing what makes you feel good. I need to understand who You are and what you are looking for. So I will not be forthcoming with random ideas when I know nothing about you, so don’t ask.

I am in control and you are my subject. My abilities do not involve mind reading across computer screens. My blogs and profile should direct you and if you are still unsure we can do a paid session to get to know who you are. I’m not here to explore me. I am the Mistress and you are my pet.

Sissy phone chat

Sissy TJ and I go shopping

I always enjoy going shopping with my sweet girl tj. She knows that mommy knows best and will be there to show her the way to be the best sissy serving princess. I’m so into picking out a nice outfit for her to wear and to bring out her sissy in full force. I’m always looking at pretty in pink things for her. Everyone knows that pink is the ultimate sissy color. Sometimes I will throw some purple in the mix and make sure everything is glittery or metallic to stand out above all else. Sissies must enjoy their sissification to become the best. I looked at some charity devices so that her clitty could shrink some more. An excellent ball gag in her mouth so she can patiently wait for big black cock to take its place. Im so ready to go shopping with tj to turn up the domination next time.

sissy phone sex

Your Voice Says It All

Sissy phone chat


The first step in vetting all of my prospective future fems and sussing out the sincerely aspiring sissies from the fake-ass fagbois is with a hardcore sissy phone chat interview.  I’m not going to waste my time with any wanker who just likes the idea of being humiliated by a hot whore like me.  I want a girly guy who knows that being my pussyless peon means they will, from here on out, do whatever Mistress K requests of them.  

Not just on the phone, their life has to be devoted to transforming that manly husk of theirs into the perfect specimen of a sissy, in accordance with my high standard, of course.  If I tell a clitty craving queen-a-be to throw on a frilly tutu, bright pink wig and a pair of six inch stilettos then go to the grocery store and snap some selfies in the produce section, you better believe I expect that boy bitch to send me those pics post haste!  If I want her to tuck those nuts of hers into a string bikini and organize a free bikini car wash for her neighborhood then suck off all the guys when they come by for a cleaning, I’m gonna need footage of that shit!  

See what I mean?  If I’m going to even consider a caller to be one of my slutty slaves, I have to believe that they are willing to go all the way for me, and I can always tell by our very first conversation.  There are two types of sissies in the world…  Mistress K’s glamorous girly girls, then all the rest.