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Sissy slave training with Miss Remi


Everyone has heard about Miss Remi’s sissy slave training, but not many sluts make the cut. I have a long waiting list of sluts that want my guidance but I only take on the best cock suckers to train. Once they prove their worth as a dirty cum guzzling slut, it’s time for their next lesson. Time to transform these half fags into proper, cum addicted, sissy bitches! After I dress them up in the sluttiest outfits, I make those sissy men bend over, pull their sexy little panties to the side and beg to  get fucked like a real whore. I may look sweet and innocent but that’s not what you’ll be thinking while you’re getting rammed with my big, thick strap-on. If you whine and cry, I will only go harder, so don’t even start that shit. If you do, I’ll pull out my whip and really teach you. You’ll feel the sting of that leather across your little bitchboy buttcheeks right before I let my bull studs ream your tight pussy hole. If you’re ready and can obey like a good slut, hit up Miss Remi so your training can begin!

Sissy humiliation training with Miss Remi

sissy humiliation training

I was so upset today when I had to cancel my sissy humiliation training class. My air conditioner was broken and I had to have a repair man come out to look at it. I left to go shopping and when I came home, I caught him in my room with a pair of my dirty panties in his hand. He knew he was in trouble and immediately started begging me not to call his boss and report him. I told him I wouldn’t report him if he obeyed Miss Remi, like a good little sissy bitch. He had no choice but to do whatever I wanted. I made my new bitch toy strip down and put those cum stained panties on. I told him to face the mirror and stroke his pathetic dick through those lacey panties while I call my three older brothers to come break in our new sissy fuck puppet. My brothers came right over and took turns ripping this little bitch’s he-pussy hole wide open! I just sat back and watched. I rubbed my wet kitty and giggled at that noesy little repairman getting what he deserved for snooping through my things!


Earn Your Sissy Panties

A good sissy is a sissy that is trained well. Well trained sissy girls earn their status. They earn the opportunity to wear sissy panties. Of course you can always wear any panties you wish. But the roles of some sissy girls is them doing good to earn their special girly tokens.
My sissy in training recently earned her pretty girly panties. The very ones this sissy fantasied about earning. She earned them by being a good little cunt licker. She licked the creampies of twenty hung guys from my pussy. This was how she earned her panties. In fact not only was it the panties, it’s about what cums with the panties. That’s right, 20 loads of cum ejaculating in her panties as she puts them on and wriggles around at the glory hole.

She earned her panties and all the cum loads of a line of horny men. Horny hairy cocks and balls unloading against sissy jens asshole. Her pretty sissy boy pussy was not penetrated it was just coated with the jizz loads to fill her panties up.

Sissy panties

It’s All About The Packaging!

Sissy Training A lot of sissy bitches come to me because they see men following me around, drooling and falling at my feet just to worship me. And these sissies want to be worshipped like a Goddess as well!

I can’t blame them.

But they come wearing there little cock cages and a woman’s pant suit…eww! As if!

You are not dressing to look pretty! You are dressing to make a man want to grab you and fuck you!

Don’t you want him to hold your hair back and watch his cock push past those pretty gloss lips!

I know you want to feel his balls slapping those caged nuts as he is prying that faggot ass open with his long hard strong cock!

Do you think a hot sexy guy with a giant cock wants to fuck a pretty man?!


He wants a sexy hot slut that all his friends will be jealous of!

So do your homework before you call me!

I want to hear feminine voices, sweet giggles, I want to hear those thick coated eyelashes batting as you tell me about the high heels that you bought that will look so hot with your lace topped thigh high stockings!

Tell me about the garter belt that is caressing those thighs and the way you feel so pretty as the breeze flips your sweet skirt and kisses your ass cheeks!

And that slutty lace bra that is going to make a mans cock jump when he sees you drop your silky shirt to the floor!

Remember ladies….everything we do is to make that massive cock throb at the idea of stuffing that pretty puckered man pussy!

It’s all about the pretty packaging! Make him want it!

Dick Sucking Sissies

Phone dominatrix

I love making men into little sissy sluts, making them suck fat black cocks and making them into cum dumpsters is my favorite. I sometimes let them pick their own outfit but it better be something girly and sluty. They know they must behave and suck every cock I bring to them even my strap, if they misbehave, I take my favorite wooden paddle and I use it until his ass and balls are red. I also reward my little sissy sluts by letting them pick the cock they want and have them eat my pussy while they get fucked and filled up. It gets me so wet watching them getting fucked from behind that I use their mouths until I drown them with my juices, I have them keep it on their face until it dries so they walk around smelling like pussy. I make sure they take load after load and have a sore ass before I send them home to their wives and girlfriends. 

BBC Obsession Lingers In The Workplace

BBC sissy trainer Don’t look! I know it’s so hard when they made the conference table made of glass and the client’s bulge is very noticeable from the moment he walked it. You’re imagining in your head just how big that black cock is, it’s definitely thick. You can tell that by the way it rests along his thigh in his pants. Wonder if he notices how much you are licking your lips? Such the faggot cocksucker, you get weak at the thought of having a tasty BBC between your lips. Naughty you texting me during this meeting, not very professional of you. How did you manage to snap a pic of his bulge so easily? I think maybe he knows exactly what’s happening, that’s why he is displaying himself. Legs opened, and giving you the perfect view of what’s going on between his thighs. As your mistress I must encourage you to excuse yourself from the room. Go to your office and pull out those special pantyhose for just this occasion. Put them on under your pants, and calmly go back in for your meeting and close those blinds. Then get on your knees and beg him for a taste of what you know is a deliciously juicy black cock hidden away in his dress pants. Reveal to him what a cocksucking faggot you are for big black cock, then call me once you got a taste of his creamy load. I want all the details!

Sissy panties for a sissy slut

sissy panties

I love little sissy slut men. Turning them into cum dump sluts is my favorite thing to do! My hot little cunnie gets so wet when I see a slut wearing sexy sissy panties! If one of my sluts doesn’t have a pair on, I have plenty to choose from. I’ll pick out a sexy, silky pair and make him step into them, right in front of me. I can’t wait to pull those sexy panties down and thrust my big, hard strap-on into your tight pussy hole! I’m going to stretch you out like a used up whore. I’ll pull your cheeks apart and shove my hard fuck stick so far into you, you’ll be able to taste it! Rub that little clittie and tell me how hard you want me to fuck you! By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll be calling me all night, every night. You will be begging me to peg your sweet ass, just one more time! Get your prettiest and silkiest panties on and hit me up baby!


The Sissy Olympics

Sissy Training

I love my little troublemakers; they surely help me fund my high society events. I hold the Sissy Olympics every single year, and this year I’m hopeful to see one of my own personal fuck slaves win a Gold medal in the Cum Guzzling Competition. All the renown Sissy Trainers travel from far and wide to force their feminized little fuck boys to participate in my sexy fantasy games. One might wonder what winning a Gold does for the slave; the answer? He gets one night tucked up in my bed.

Yes, that’s right. I’ll allow whatever small cocked little loser that wins the Gum Guzzling Competition to play with my pretty pussy for a whole night. I know how badly you sluts want to truly be able to pleasure me. These other trainers might allow their boys to touch them, but my whores only get that royal privilege when they’re slurping sticky cum loads from my cunt. I suggest you start practicing now if you’re thinking of trying out for the team. My sissy girls Penny, Rosie, and Ginny are sure to cum in first.
I will be, in the meantime, being worshiped by sexy BBC Alpha Bulls. Extra cum for you sluts later!

Think you can beat my own little toys? Give it a shot, you beta bitch, small balled, cuck worthy loser. See if you’re worthy of Queen Presley’s cunt.

Sissy Humiliation Training

Be My Sissy Slave?


online sissy training

I have the most perfect sissy slave whores ever, I make sure that I train them extremely well. My personal panty boy slaves are leashed around their pathetically limp dickies while I give them orders. First, Mistress’ patent leather boots need to be licked clean. I better be able to see my own pretty reflection in those big boots and if they are a good little sissy, I will step on them with my pointy heel while they scrub the bath tubs clean. I keep my sissies in line by making them stay naked while they please their Mistress and do their chores. They can earn their frilly sissy whore outfits piece by piece. Everything from their sweet ruffled panties, nylons and bras must be earned by pleasuring Mistress’ clients and cleaning up after their Mistress. After all, it is important to train sissy slaves on how to be obedient little skanks. If they misbehave, harsh punishments will be dealt out on their sissy dicklets!

Favorite Sissy slut

Tyler is my favorite sissy slut. I can do whatever I please with him. I dress him up in tuts and have him dance for me after I paddle his bare ass. I make him smell and lick my ass whenever I want. My favorite thing to do is to loan him out to my Dom, he uses him well makes him get on his knees and suck his hard cock as soon as he sees him. When he is in the mood, we run a train on him I strap it on and fuck his mouth while my Dom takes his ass hard and deep. I love watching my Dom shove his big fat dick in and out of his tight little ass. It turns me on so much I make him eat my wet cunt while he gets fucked. I shove his head on my wet pussy and rub it all over to get my juices all in his face. We don’t stop using him until my Dom fills his ass up with hot cum and until I squirt all on his face. 

Phone dominatrix