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Harold and Arabella’s Fun in the City

Sissy TrainingSissy training is so fun!

Every little sissy wants to be just like me but being a perfect Barbie girl takes practice!

I know you have a tiny little, not worth mentioning cock between your legs! It really is the sadist thing I have ever seen but if you are going to be a princess like me, you need to learn to forget about that little willie!

I am going to dress you in the prettiest dresses and the sexiest lacy panties. I know they feel so silky against your skin and that makes your dick want to ooze that half a spoonful of spit But don’t! You will be punished for doing anything other than what you are told!

I had so much fun with the last sissy in training. He oozed his micro meat juice and ended up wearing nothing but sissy panties and thigh highs carrying a glittery sign through the whole city for everyone to see, “Sissy in Training”!

I made him introduce himself to all the construction workers and muscle bound thugs coming out of the gym and the big strong police officers! He had to wiggle his pretty little sissy ass and talk in his sweetest little princess voice and when he did not do it perfectly, his punishment was sucking a big police cock in the back of the patrol car!

At least he thought that was his punishment…his real punishment is me telling everyone who reads this that he is a prissy little sissy, right Harold?

Sissy phone chat with Miss Remi

sissy phone chat

Everyone knows me as the ultimate sissy phone chat princess! I love to make my sissy sluts dress like little whores and tease lots of fat cocks! My pets stroke and tease the biggest cocks and make them cum all over my sexy little feet. I make my sluts get on their knees and suck my little toes to clean all of the cum off! If I see a wet spot in the front of their frilly little panties, it really turns me on! I keep my sissy pet, Candy right beside me at all times. Her silky panites are always sticky with pre-cum when she’s with me. She’s been trained to be my cum cleanup slut. Watching Miss Remi get fucked makes her clittie hard and she begs to lick the cum from my pussy. Of course I make her take a fat, hard bull cock in her little pussy as she’s licking my kitty clean. We’re always looking for new sluts to train. We’re not going to turn you into anything that wasn’t already deep inside of you, waiting to be set free. When you’re ready to begin your training, I’ll be here waiting for you!

Best sissy trainer ever!

best sissy trainerEveryone knows, to be the best sissy trainer, you have to teach your sissy sluts everything they need to know about draining big fat balls! My sluts are professional cum guzzlers and never waste a drop of sweet,sticky jizz! They don’t all start out as willing sluts. One of them tried to refuse a cock for me and I had to show them that Miss Remi doesn’t play! I forced that little whore to her knees and slapped her across her slutty face before I forced a fat throbbing cock into her mouth and made her suck it. Sometimes you have to show these sluts who’s in charge. I made her take that dick deep in her throat and hold it here as she gagged. I fucked her tight little he-pussy with my huge strap on, while she had that dick down her throat. I secretly love it when they resist their training because I can get more rough with them and force fuck their hole to teach them who is in charge.

Sissy girl training with Miss Remi!

sissy girl training

Come on ladies!  Sissy girl training starts right now! I hope you’re ready for Miss Remi to turn you into the princess cum slut that we all know you are! It’s what I’m best at, after all. I might be young but I’ve been training little sluts like you for a long time! My mama taught me to be the best trainer there is so that I could turn out the hottest he-whores ever and make good money off of those tight whore holes! Don’t try to resist because that only makes me more eager to put you on the street, selling your slutty little pussy! Everyone knows my sissy whores when they see them! Miss Remi makes all of her sissies wear the hottest and sluttiest outfits. I need you to impress all of these hard cocks I’m going to bring to fuck you. My sissy sluts know how to gag on a cock and give the sloppiest and nastiest blowjobs ever! What my sluts are really known for though, is their perfect tight sissy cunnies and how well they can take a huge hard bull cock! I let my sluts get pounded in their hot little pussy holes and make them take so many loads of cum! Once you start sissy whore training with Miss Remi, you’re going to become the ultimate cum dumpster sissy slut!



Sissy phone sex

sissy phone sexWild and hot sissy phone sex is my favorite thing to do, when I’m not training my sissy sluts. I’ve been a sissy trainer as long as I can remember. I love to force my sissy sluts into frilly little dresses and lace trimmed panties. I  make them play with their hard clitties for me until they make a big wet spot on those little panties. I give them lessons in dressing and acting like  little sissy whores. I even give my sluts lessons on how to suck a thick cock and drain a man’s balls. Of course they don’t come to me as little sissies. I have to turn them into the perfect little slutty sissy fuck puppets! Once I have trained them on being the perfect fuck toy, I can take them out and sell those slutty holes. I love showing off how dirty my sissy whores are willing to get! Guys know that I train only the very best. That’s why they line up and wait just to get a chance with one of my sluts! 

Hot Sissy Phone Chat Tease

sissy phone chat

My daddy walks in as I am doing a live video with My boyfriend. I am doing a sissy phone chat with him. I am showing him what he could have and then teasing my boyfriend because he loves to watch me fucked by the Black boys on the basketball team. I am pulling my shorts down and telling him how good those cocks make my teen pussy feel. Daddy is hard, I can’t tell by his boxers, I can tell because he is breathing hard. Now I have a two for one special. I let my boyfriend know daddy is watching us. I tell him to pull out his clitty and rub it for me. Both of my sissy whores do. They can’t see each other but I can. I moan as I slip my hand into my panties and realize this is a perfect time for dual sissy Hypno training. “Just close your eyes and think about the biggest black cock you have ever seen, “ My breath hitches and I am using my masturbation and moans to let the know that they can release those inner desires. You want to suck that cock to fluff it for princess Zoey. You need to gag on it and get it hard to fuck my tight wet willing honey hole. Stroke your clitty and release all your Black cock desires for me. I orgasm as I hear both spurt those tiny loads. I usher daddy out and turn off my video call. My work is just beginning because I have more BBC lover sissy sluts to train tonight!

Sissy Panties Is How It Starts For Most

Sissy Panties is how it all started for some of my favorite little cock sluts. They first got into mommy’s drawer and liked her silky-smooth panties. They loved to smell them. To take in the scent of mommy’s aroma and it made their tally whacker get tingly and hard. The more feminine ones will end up wearing their mommy’s panties and often want the silkiest ones that make their willy feel good. It comes about that at some time they will be caught by mommy and if they have a good mommy like I am, their mommy will give them their own special pair of panties to wear. A really good mommy is nurturing to their sissy’s needs and will either take the up and coming little sissy boy shopping for his own personal collection of pretty panties. Sometimes the mommy will just buy panties for her newly realized little girly boy and leave the surprise in her bedroom for sissy to find. Always leaving a pretty little note from the loving mommy that tells sissy to enjoy. Shopping excursions and pretty make-up come next. I love pampering my sissy’s and helping them realize how wonderful it is to be the sexy girly boy under those boy clothes and that it’s ok to wear his boy clothes to school then come home and be the girl he dreams of becoming. Good mommies understand. I am here for my Sissy’s and love to hear about how it all began for you.

Sissy panties

Sissy slave training

sissy slave training

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am serious about my sissy slave training. My slave bitches are my top priority. Nothing is more important to me, than training my sluts to be the ultimate sissy whores. My favorite thing to do is to dress my he-hoes up and force them to deepthroat a fat, throbbing cock. Once I see how hard that makes their little bitch clitties, it really gets me wet and excited! I teach all of my whores how to grind and shake their asses like good little sluts, to make all the dicks they tease rock hard. I love to invite a few hung studs over for my whores to ride and bounce on. I teach them how to lift their skirts and hold their tight bitch pussies open to take a hard dick in. The absolute best part, for me, is when they put back on their masculine clothing, at the end of our training sessions. They can fool the rest of the world and go around acting like real men but we know the truth. We know what cock gobbling he-whores they really are!

Did You Miss Me?

Mistress Phone Sex FrancisDid you behave while we did some maintenance here at the hut? I hope you did. Did you wear your sissy panties like Mistress Francis told you to? How about that cock cage? And please do not tell me you played with your little clitty without asking. I would hate to have to punish you, but of course we know that you really like that, anyways do not you. I see you hanging your head because you were naughty. So here is what you are going to do. I want you to paddle your little sissy ass 10 times for being a bad little girl. I see from that little bump in your panties that turned you on did not it. Hmmmm…… Normally I would paddle that little clitty but because I have been gone and you have been lost and confused on what to do, I am going to let you have a little treat. Here, a big fat black dildo. Let us stick it on the wall, shall we? There you go my little sissy. Pull down those little sissy panties and back your little man pussy up to it and fuck it really hard. I do not want you to stop until your knees start shaking. There you go, now you look like the sissy slut I remember. Keep fucking it and call me so I can hear your little sissy moans as your clitty explodes from excitement.

Sissy Phone Chat with Two Sissy Trainers

sissy phone chatSissy phone chat and training is still available. Brandie knows that a sissy’s training and education doesn’t stop just because we are all stuck at home. Francis and I are still training sissies. Did you know Francis and I go way back? We live in the same town. She helped me train my sissy sons. We have shared big black cocks together. We shop together. We go to concerts together too. We even shared a hot night with rock god Lenny Kravitz once. Sharing sissies is just something else we do together. Brandie belongs to Francis first, however, since Francis and I share everything, I have a hand in her training too. Brandie has the tiniest clit I have ever seen. Honestly, I didn’t believe Francis when she told me her newest sissy was about an inch hard. My 6 lb. Pomeranian has a bigger dick. I think the Ken doll I played with as a little girl even had a bigger package than Brandie. That officially makes Brandie the biggest sissy loser. She will never get pussy. The only action Brandie will ever get is from a big dildo and only when Francis or I give her permission to bounce away. Sissies can’t just rub their clitty whenever they want. Not Brandie, not you, not any sissy. If you come to one of us or both of us for online sissy training, you must follow our rules. We mean business. We are among the best in the business with years of training sissies in real life and on the phone. Sissies often think they are being sly moving from one sissy trainer to another, but sexy dominant women like us have a code. We will rat you out to your sissy owner quicker than you can dribble a little juice out of your teenie weenie. Francis and I are now in unison to train the most pathetic sissy around. And Brandie is not the only one. Unruly sissies, unwilling sissies just need phone domination from two hot mistresses. Is that you?

online sissy training