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Femboy training of a full time sissy whore

Femboy training

Femboy training of a man who has been dressing up since he was a youngster. She has taken on the persona of Elsa. A demure, yet fierce queen who needs regular direction. It all started when she was a sweet-faced teen. One who could not resist his sister and mommy’s clothing and makeup. The desire never faded, only becoming more intense as puberty took hold. This is a person who in another time would have transitioned completely.

But I tell him that it is okay to keep his male privilege and dress and slut out on occasion. Elsa has evolved to live more as a sissy than a man. I do not count time spent on the clock because from the waist down Elsa is in full drag.

Elsa needs fulltime sissy training

Zoom only captures his top during meetings. I love that he bounces on his butt plug while wearing stockings, garters, and panties under his desk. And when the meetings are over my sissy whore wears her long nightgowns circa 1950’s. Daily my slut is dressed. I am talking head to toe, even getting into couture and all the latest fashion trends when he began working. Orgasm is his sweet release valve, Isn’t it everyones?

Femboy training of a full time sissy whore

  I suspect that release needs to be cut off for at least six months. Some men need constant training and this is one of those times. Most can go a week, or even two between sessions. But I do have a few little girlies who need me a couple of times a week. But intense training sessions without getting off? Those are my absolute favorites. 

Even more so having a permanent online sissy girl who is my personal property and just a possession makes my cunt so wet. To take orders between our sessions on how to dress and when to dress makes me happy. If this sounds like you we need to have a Sissy phone chat!


Mistress Z.

BBC sissy trainer finding Raw sissy boy talent









BBC sissy trainer


BBC sissy trainer finding Raw sissy boy talent is a gift only the best sissy trainer can possess. I found a sex soft-bottom sissy today. Boy o boy was that sissy eager to please a cock, not just any cock but one with massive size. Cute mini dresses, high thighs, and heels already this sissy knows how to flaunt slutty ass around to ignite boners on site. Good sissy that pass my test get to meet Rocko, He is the biggest bull in my stable. If you can handle a visit from rocko’s enormous shaft, then you are considered as talent in the eyes of the mistress and you have gained her attention. Her knowledge and expertise then become available to you.

Forced feminization with a sexy pair of panties

My friend came to me and told me about her cheating boyfriend, so I decided to give him a taste of my power and some Forced feminization. Since he never met him, it was easy for me to lure him back to my place. At my place I feed you more alcohol and even some rails of blow. It is to ensure you are going to be weak enough for me to control. After you tried to kiss me, I slap you. “Bitch you are not worthy of me, I heard about what you do to women ”.

Since you are so drunk it was easy for me to undress you and put a dress on. “You won’t take it off unless you are going to get fucked” is what i say as i force make up on your face. “Look at you”.  “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig”. “Now get on your knees and squeal like a pig”. “Oink oink” is all I let you say before I start spanking your sissy ass with my paddle. I stand in front of you so you can watch me put my strap-on on. I can see you are scared.

“What are you scared of; didn’t you want a fun banging session?” After you nod you head, I smile and spank you again. “Beg for me to fuck your pussy bitch!” My paddle hits your ass over and over hard, “I won’t stop until you say it!” “Please fuck me, please”. Finally, you said it, that is when I slam my cock into your man pussy. “You are going to be my new feminine bitch and I will fuck you just like you fuck bitches behind each other’s back”.

Forced feminization

“Now show me what a slut bitch you will be for me” is what I tell you as I start to jack off your cock. I want to force you to cum as I fuck you, that way you know what a bitch you really are. Your Sissy panties are my handles to hold on to as I ram inside you. Finally, you explode all over my hand, “you filthy bitch I knew you would love it”. “Now clean your mess up!”

Thanks for the sissy panties, Peace

sissy pantiesMy sissy’s are alway begging me to send  them some of my very special worn sissy panties.  Only for the ones that have been on their best behavior do I send off my favorite silky soft, beautifully designed worn panties.  They tell me how much they love the softness going over their worthless cocks.  I have seen how hard those little cocks get putting them on for the first time.  The cream they ooze out with pre-cum and their ass pussy, it’s hot.  A strong masculine man by day and a panty wearing sissy by night.

Prancing around in pink panties and a matching bra, rubbing the softness of the sissy clothes I dress them in. Pink, purple and red are the favorites among my little sissys. Sometimes they let me watch them open the panties on Skype and then slip them on.  An instant boner and I even catch the pre-cum stain that squirts out.

Sometimese we have to go through forced feminization and other times these sissys are all in before we ever talk. They live this secret lifestyle and we have fun being naughty behind closed doors.

I have a new panty order for my used panties going on later on today. Never new panties because they won’t get the same experience doing that. They love the smell of a woman that they can get by smelling her panties. Then extra hot to wear that womens scent by wearing the panties, all day.  I get horny just thinking about the next times I can Skype one of my sissy’s in my panties!


Weak Sissy Bitch Forced to Lick Ass and Gets Asshole Destroyed

Mistress phone sexMy sissies are so fun and always have lots of stories to tell me. I love hearing about their sexual experiences, and how they have turned loving cock into a religion. One story that I love is when one of my sissies had been with her guy for a while now. He called her and she came when asked. He wanted her to be a nasty ass-eating slut and lick his ass from top to bottom. Then, he wanted her to tongue fuck him in the ass. He knew that she did not like to eat ass, but she is so weak and dainty that she would never refuse him. She ate his entire ass, cleaning that hole out. Once she was done, he pushed her onto the bed, ripped off her clothes and fucked the shit out of her fuckhole. He finally had her and knew he didn’t need consent. He used her for hours, refusing to let her take a break, until his balls were completely emptied.

Phone Dominatrix Always in Control

Control is my thing and nothing makes this phone dominatrix happier than demanding what I want to come out of that pathetic little mouth of my callers.  They get out of hand, so thankfully they have someone like me to take control of t
tic little mouth of yours makes me cream my lace and sheer pink panties, one part of what I love about my phone dominatrix duties.  I love controlling your body, taking your hands and telling you to tie them up tight while talking to me.  If you were in front of me, I’d of course take great pleasure in tightly wrapping your wrists together so tight that I can see the blood stop rushing to that part of your body.  You become completely  pale white from the ties that secure your wrists so tight.

I love commanding you pleasure your mistress whatever way I please.  Sometimes it’s to lick me all over, but my favorite is commanding your dick start getting ready to enter my holes.  I control when it’s hard and when it’s soft.  I will control your orgasm. If I don’t give you permission, you wait. I don’t care if those blue balls explode in your pathetic little underwear while you hold that orgasm in.  You will appreciate it that much more once your mistress gives you permission to let go of that release you’ve been holding in like such a good boy.

I love my whips so expect a few marks. Ok expect a lot of marks when you leave me. I love seeing your big strong body covered in pathetic marks like you are my helpless little slave.  I mean, you kind of are right?

I am Peace, I will be in control of your cock tonight.Phone dominatrix



You will not be uncategorized for long. This I can promise you for you will be trained in all areas to keep me satisfied as well as all the cocks that are chosen for you. Teaching you to dress in a nice short dress. Maid uniforms are nice, short, and therefore it will show off your tight little pussy that you will wiggle, shake, and draw attention too. 

Hence you will get more cock as your progress in your training. Training that is needed to put you in your place on your knees begging for those cocks. Fucking your mouth, your little cunt hole, and making you scream for more. Wanting more and more every day. Dressing up and going in search of all those delicious cocks. 

sissyslut maker barbie


Sissy panties

You’re in for quite the adventure.

Hold on to your sissy panties.

Did you gravitate towards the Barbies instead of sports? Hmmm, that’s how you know you have sissy tendencies. It might be challenging to admit you’re not a true man and were born to be a sissy. Once you get to the realization that being a sissy is going to bring so much pleasure to you, you’re going to want to explore it some more. If you get lucky, you can always find a great sissy maker that puts you right in your place. Lucky for you, you have the best one around, and that’s me. A goddess that will get you sucking big cocks in no time. So now that you have met your sissy maker grab a pair of heels and a sissy strut. There’s a big black cock I want you to deepthroat, and there are some fun surgeries you need to get because we all know that big plastic boobies and all the hottest outfits and being a bimbo whore is a dream.

Sissy phone sex BBC cocksucking with Zoey

sissy phone sex

Sissy Phone sex begins with a sassy slut trainer! And if you know anything about me you should know that I am a sassy bitchy mistress that loves to see you on your knees. It’s quite a beautiful thing to have a man when it’s fucking dick out stroking it all while asking if I have a big black cock for him to suck. When you’re on your knees and you’re begging for it in your mouth it just makes me so fucking thrilled.

So there’s something about a man asking to suck another man off against my pussy so wet. And I don’t know if you know it but only the biggest and blackest cocks get to fuck those pussy when you are in that mode. 

Sissy phone sex BBC cocksucking 

BBC sissy trainer Zoey wants you to know that this is your safe place for all of your black cock sucking. Let me teach you how to properly take that anaconda down your throat. You can be in panties or nude or dressed to the nines. Just be careful what you ask for because you will get it and more! 

phone domination you need

phone domination

Phone domination you need. A true submissive enslaved person would want to hear all about how they can’t be masculine. It seems like many closeted sissies try to hold on for dear life to any sense of manhood. Whatever it takes for them to ultimately e face and try to save their .

Truthfully it makes me chuckle. After all,  you sissies must eventually come to terms with the fact that you’ll be a cockscuking faggy waggy. Deny all you wantt. It makes me laugh even harder. Shut the fuck up and let me be mean to you. It’s not often I can be a mean mistress but right now, there’s a hot mean streak in me, and I am ready and set to let it out on you fuckers.

If you want a strict goddess who will want to lock you up in chastity device! Oh, you shall call me, I’ll set you straight.