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Mistress Phone Sex

Mistress Phone Sex
Mistress phone sex is what I provide for my army of sissy slaves. If you’re lucky, I can add you to my collection of sexual pets. I am a powerful, dominating woman who knows what she wants in life. Sexual satisfaction at all times. Sissies like you don’t know how to satisfy a woman and that’s why you come to me. Be a good boy for Mistress Genesis and put on a pair of those satin panties while you watch me fuck my newest slave, Ella. As much as I love training sissies, there isn’t anything like the feel of a dripping, young pussy. Breaking her in was easy. She loved the feel of my strap-on pumping her twat. Tying her to the bedposts and torturing her with the vibrator was my favorite part of our training session. Teasing her close to climax and then removing the vibrator… I did this over and over until she was begging for release. Do you wish to be added to my army of sexual servants?

Femboy Training

Femboy Training

Femboy training is my specialty! Have you been a naughty boy hiding away his secret fetishes from the world? You may call me Mistress Genesis and I offer intense training sessions for those deviant thoughts of yours, sissy. You’re wearing those frilly, lace girl panties under your pants again, aren’t you? The ones with the tiny pink bows on the side? I know you live for the feeling of feminine lace and silk adorning your sissy boy body. You try to keep it hidden from the world but Mistress Genesis knows. Mistress Genesis knows your craving for domination and humiliation. You’re not a real man and you know it. You need to be humiliated in order to get off and I can bring your fantasies to life. If I deem you worthy. Domination comes naturally to me. You will do exactly as I command you to do, without question or hesitation. You may be rewarded by licking your Mistress’s stiletto-clad feet. Online sissy training will satisfy your hidden longings and your Mistress will be here to guide you.

Tiffany Jane Loves Online sissy training

online sissy trainingOnline Sissy training is very fun for me! Tiffany Jane is a wonderful older tranny sissy who loves bbc and having clothing assignments. I love picking out her clothes for the week with the nice spread sheet of hers! We even go shopping online and talk about the men she has had in the past. Our BBC stories and clothing scandals are the best. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a sissy understand how much work it takes to be a woman in this men dominated world. A satisfied woman at that! I love how we talk about our toys that get us off and slip into a nice hypno session once and a while. I understand how a long term sissy would love the fantasy of not being able to control herself around Big black cock. Once you immerse yourself in the sissy world the possibilities of a sissy trainer and you all cum to the light. Or dark if your talking BBC!

Learn the ropes of being a good sissy

sissy phone sex

As a sissy, you will be the object of release for many men. I want you to know that sissy phone sex will push you to limits you never thought possible.  You will be able to get so many cocks and cum shots more than you can ever even imagine. I want to deliver you with the best sissy experience. First, you will have to watch how a real woman takes cock. You will see me get anal pounded and get to see me cum harder than any girl. I will make it a learning experience by letting you swoop in and enjoy some creamy cum. It’ll make you feel like you’re in heaven tasting the creamy, salty cum. Don’t stop yourself from sucking that cock because whores do that very well, and once you are well accustomed to sissy tactics, you will become a sissy pro.

Phone Dominatrix

Phone Dominatrix

My name is Genesis but you will call me Mistress. I’m skilled at my art as a phone dominatrix. I am a very dominant woman who knows what she wants. You want to be fucking used and I am here to treat you like the worthless trash that you are. We will begin our session by training you on how to correctly worship me. You are here at my disposal. You will be forced to submit to me and lick every inch of my body. That’s it, sissy. You don’t know how to please a woman, but if you’re lucky I may let you practice. Don’t be discouraged when I laugh at how pathetic your attempts are. You’re like my subservient dog who will lick up any scraps that I have to offer. You will be trained on how to please me, on how to worship me. Let’s not beat around the bush. I’m going to use you and train you like the little sissy bitch everybody knows you are. You should be so lucky that I would spare a minute for you.

The power of the pussy

sissy training

Sissy training can be broken down and branched out into a ton of different smaller tidbits of lessons. My main lesson when I train one of my sissies is showing them that the power of the pussy makes most men weak. It doesn’t matter if they want to be sissies or not. All men will always submit to the power between the legs of real women. Sissies want to be as close to the real thing as possible. Whether you want to train, emulate or become, all in all, a woman, you have to understand that power and pussy are two of the same. You can love cock, but you have to worship pussy. For you to be a good sissy, you have to get on your knees and tell women how incredible they truly are because you so badly and desperately want to become a dupe of some sort. Sissies will never be authentic women, but they sure as hell can try.

Sissy Phone Chat Goddess

sissy phone chat

Are you in desperate need of some sissy phone chat? Maybe you’re new to the world of feminization and you need someone to talk it over with. Not every sissy is the same, so sometimes it takes a little bit of time to figure things out. Do you want to just be a cross dressing sissy who only gets dressed up? That’s totally fine!  Maybe you just want to feel feminine from time to time while you masturbate. Maybe you’ll just rub yourself through your panties, but maybe you’ll also want to use a dildo on your boy pussy hole.

But maybe you want to go further than dildo play, and you need some help with that. Honey, if you need to learn to suck cock and play with real men, I am totally the perfect person for that kind of sissy training, too. I know you’re going to be very nervous, so I would be more than happy to assist you with that. I can’t wait to be there for you on your sissification journey! It’s my favorite thing in the world to do, so take a chance and get on the phone and give me a call now!

Taboo phone chat with Miss Remi

taboo phone chat

I’m Miss Remi and taboo phone chat calls are my favorite way to tease slutty, little sissy whores like you! I get so turned on when I’m rubbing my hot cunnie and talking them into doing what I want them to do. Telling a sissy bitch to dress up for me or to get on his knees and open his slutty mouth for my fat strap-on, makes my perfect, pink pussy so wet! I can’t help but to get a little carried away when I’m training a new bitch. I make my sluts gag on my thick fuck rod before I bend them over and let them show me how well they can take it. I love making my whores pull their pretty panties to the side and beg me to take that pussy hole. I always make them moan for me while I pound my 11 inch dildo into their sweet cunnies. If you’re looking for a new mistress who will put you in your place and train you to be a proper sissy bitch, let me know. I have plenty of time to train more little sluts!


Sissy phone chat is all about the girl chat

sissy phone chat

I have a great sissy. Her name is Genevieve. I’ve molded her into the best sissy with our weekly sissy phone chat fun. We get right into it and start by telling each other everything. We have some sort of sisterly relationship. Gen tells me all about her day-to-day and all of her stresses. Gen lets lose, begins to admit all of her sexual frustrations and longing for cocks, and tells me about her crushes. My sweet sissy is the absolute best. We talk nonstop about everything from celebrity gossip to fashion to men; lots of men talk about our fantasies and how to look extra sexy. It is truly a girls girl type of relationship. Genevieve is really Gene, and she has to live her life as a man for her career, but once that Sunday Funday rolls around, it’s girl time.

Little Penis Loser

Forced Sissy Training
I know just what you are, you can’t deny it. You’re a small dick, little penis loser who steals dirty panties and puts them on. You want to be a girly so bad honey, Queen Presley will help you out. I’m going to show you just how to rub this clitty. That’s what you have, you know.

That pathetic thing could never actually please a women with that little shrimp! I could toss it on a salad and never know it was supposed to be a cock! I’m going to force you to become my little femme slave, and I’m going to oven every breath in your body, every beat of your heart.

Everything you are is mine now, and there’s nothing you can fucking do about it you fucking loser.