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sissy phone sex and all its perks

Sissy phone sex

Sissy phone sex is the kind of phone sucks that puts me in charge of creating dolls. Yes, you heard me right. I love to make dolls. I love to dress up as a sissy; I need to dress up like a sissy. Sissy fun begins with the mistress that will put your needs above all else. Usually, it’s the other way around, but for my dolls, I can’t say no. You tell me you want a specific cock, and I will make sure you get that certain cock. You can bet that I will turn you into a fabulous feminine darling. I will show you how to use your sex appeal, take photos, and lower dirty fucking men. I know what men love, and I will show all my sissies how to work their stuff. Let’s go to Victoria’s Secret and get you some hot lingerie. You will find some cute wigs at some high-end boutique

Mistress Phone Sex For Training Sissy Fags

Training sissy fags is my favorite pass time. I am a Mistress phone sex mommy and I enjoy the sissy girls I train. Many come to me timid and just wearing panties. I am happy to help you realize your inner sissy. Or if you really just like wearing your mommy’s panties and bra while sucking cock that is fine as well.

My style of training is catered individually to ensure your needs and limits are met in a comfortable way. I will only push the envelope when that is your sole desire. You may not be interested in sucking dick,, maybe you just want a sensual mommy that will be nurturing of your secret needs for prostate milking, pegging and dressed like a sexy slut. This is all fantasy and pleasure.

Mistress Phone Sex

I’m Your Sissy Slut Fairy Godmother!

Femboy Training

When I train my little sissies I always tell them to suck cock and get fucked as if I were there cheering them on! All my little sluts know that it’s better to bite off more than you can chew than be a cowardly sissy who can’t take a cock! I instruct with the intention to make my sissies the best cock fucking and sucking little whores around. My sissies are the prettiest, smartest and most slutty little cum dumps any man can have in their beds! I’m so proud of my little baby dolls when they tell me they hang out at glory holes and truck stops waiting for their opportunity to be used and get drenched in cum. If you are a blooming little sissy who needs the guidance of a real whore, call me! Miss Raine always satisfies!

Sissy Phone Chat for the Holidays

sissy phone chatTis the season for sissy phone chat. Give yourself the gift of a sissy trainer this holiday season. My sissy sons love Christmas. They have some extra sexy little outfits this season to wear. I had them fitted for red velvet sissy dresses with matching bows. They look like sissy twins. The are identical twins anyway, but each has a little different style which helps folks tell them apart. One prefers the classic sissy looks: frilly dresses, fluffer panties, Mary Jane shoes and white ankle socks. My other sissy boy is more dramatic. She is a glam sissy. She likes bright colors, bold patterns, big hair, bold makeup. She loves my 80s clothes and has adapted and repurposed most of the things I have given her. They wanted pretty Christmas outfits for their school holiday dance. It is a formal dance, so I knew red velvet was the way to go. I love dressing them for school dances. They go to an arts school, so lots of LGBTQ boys and girls just like them. Last night, I was finishing the touches on their dresses. I had to make a few altercations. One of my lovers was over. We were fucking, drinking wine and he was helping me with some holiday decorations. His dick came back to life when he saw my sissy twins in their pretty red dresses. He knows they are sissy girls. Some of my lovers do not mind fucking my little twin cock sucking sissies. This guy, however, has remained adamant that he is only about pussy. He changed his tune after seeing how pretty they looked. How femme they looked. I am a great at femboy training. My sissy twins bent over, flipped up their skirts and pulled their ruffled panties down around their ankles. They spread their sissy cheeks. My lover spanked their bare asses, before fucking their sissy holes. After they got fucked like good sissy sluts, I needed to clean the cum off their pretty new school dance outfits. I can get cum out of anything. We had a nice evening. I got to share my big dick lover with my sissy girls. They may have out shined me momentarily. I am never out shined for long, however. I know how to take care of big cocks, which is why I am so good at sissy training.

Panty Training

Sissy Training

Every one of my sissy slits has to go through panty training, whether they’re silly perverts playing in their girlfriend’s panty drawer already or not. Sexy women only wear thongs, g-strings, bikini cut, and crotchless panties so you’ll have to learn to be comfortable and beautiful in a  four. Don’t worry, I’ll be giving you your fucking period next, but for now I want you to focus on slipping your little clitty in a cage and tucking it out of the way. If you could control your little stick from getting so hard all the time, ti wouldn’t have to be caged. Oh you’re brilliant! A chemical castration will do! Here now, lie back and let the needle slip into your veins – we’ll take those boners away and leave you with a useless clitty and no way to cum! Now, put your panties on and strut, bitch.

Dear Crossdressing Faggot Boi

           Sissy Training

            Dear Crossdressing Faggot Boi,

                                          I see you there, lurking in the shadows. I know the only reason you like to watch me get dressed and undressed is so you can picture yourself in my clothes, in my body. Today you’re just a little fag but tomorrow you could be something so much more. How would you like to become a woman, little one? Queen Presley will give you the sissy training that you need to become the perfect sissy girl. That’s what you want honey, isn’t it? To be the perfect little handmaiden for me?

Best Sissy Trainer

                                         We start with growing out your hair, any plastic surgery we need, and a strict workout and diet routine. You do want that perfect ladyboi femme figure don’t you? I know that you do not need to answer because everyone here knows the truth. You don’t just crossdress in your wife’s panties while she’s at work, you dream of taking big fucking cock with her, or in front of her. You and I are going to do some very intense cock training sweetheart.

                                         Your little ladyboi pussy will need to learn how to handle massive cock pieces wrecking your internal organs love, all while you maintain the precise and prestigious vision of being the perfect little lady slut. Now what are you waiting for? You know where to find me. Pick up your panties, and the phone. I won’t wait long before I move on to more prissy sissy productions.

                                                                             The Best Sissy Trainer,
                                                                                      Queen Presley                     


Phone domination with Miss Remi

phone domination


I just had the most kinky and hot phone domination call ever. A new sissy whore who needed his slutty cum holes owned and used.This little sissy bitch wanted me to bring over a few of my friends to use him as their BBC cum dump slut. I made sure that slut knew that she is owned property. Everyone knows that my favorite thing to do is to dress up a sissy bitch. That’s exactly what I did. I watched and giggled as her slutty hole got stretched and destroyed by giant, hard cocks. Tiny, short skirts and bright red lipstick are the official cum slut uniform, so that’s what I put my new sissy bitch in. I got so turned on watching this sissy whore get pumped full of cum. I was teasing my hot pussy the whole time. I can’t help myself, I have to rub my wet cunnie any time a sissy whore gets dicked down right in front of me.

Sissy Training Is My Passion!

Sissy Training

My sissies are true cum thirsty sluts trained by a absolute sissy slut trainer queen! My sissies get the best advice on hair, make-up and feminine mystique available. Sissy Training is my passion and I have learned from the best women how to maintain a high standard of beauty and be flawless in my sex skills. I teach my sluts all my secrets so they can go out into the world and be gorgeous cock sucking whores. I start with the basics, helping my girls pick a flattering wardrobe that accentuates their curves and their most attractive features. If they have a great set of tits, it tell them to wear low cut v necks and wrap dresses, If they have a juicy bubble but it tell them to pick a nice short set or tight jeans to advertise their bussys. Then I make sure their hair and makeup are on point, they can either get their natural hair styled to be more fem or buy a long luxurious wig to wear that really makes them feel so pretty. Once they have the look down I get right into helping train their asses to take a big dildo, all my sissies are required to buy a big black cock dildo to practice with. I coach them on how to lube up and stretch themselves out to take all the fat cocks possible in their little tight bussies. They know the pain of having their asses trained will pass leaving only true pleasure behind. I also like to coach on wearing a cock cage so their clits shrink to a more feminine size from taking all the dick in their asses possible. It brings me such true joy to hear about all the cocks that my sissies make cum once they are fully trained in the art of pleasuring men!

Sissy Training Audio

Sissy Training Audio

Are you prepared to be humiliated like the good sissy boy that you are? Bow down to Mistress Genesis as I treat you like the worthless, pathetic excuse of a man you are. You’re not even a real man. You’re my obedient sissy boy and it’s time for you to learn a lesson. I’m going to command you to do as I tell you. First I need you to put on a pair of those special, lacy panties. I love seeing you in them because it means that you are submitting to me. We both know how rock hard you get when I begin laughing and humiliating you. You can’t help it. It’s so easy to train you to respond as my slave. Sissy girl training is all you need to learn how to please your Mistress. I’m going to have you on your knees ready and willing to satisfy Mistress Genesis. My purpose in life is ultimate sexual satisfaction and I will stop at nothing to achieve it.

best sissy trainer shows you to suck cock

best sissy trainer

One of my very first lessons is one in sucking cock. Many people believe they have the skill to make someone nut well, but they genuinely don’t.

I know firsthand how men work because  I have pleased dozens and dozens of them. I am the best sissy trainer for a reason, and I won’t mind putting you right in your place whenever I need to show you.

You aren’t going to please a man well if you don’t know how to turn him on. There are levels to sissification. You must be docile and submissive. Men will get an urgency to treat you like a slut to accept that you aren’t a faithful woman. Get prepared and suck his soul out of his cock so he can appreciate your sissy ways.