Sissy Training: A Dominant Female’s Tale of Forced feminization

Forced feminization

I’d had enough of guys treating me like some damn princess. Time to show them who’s boss. So, I sought out a willing participant, a submissive guy who craved dominate women.

Let’s call him Steve. Meek little fucker. I brought him to my place, made him wear the skimpiest dress I could find, and that’s when the fun began.I started with some light bondage, tying his hands above his head. Then, the real fun – makeup. I painted his face like a clown, emphasizing his plump lips with bright red lipstick. I forced him to walk in his stiletto heels while I followed, a smirk on my face.

The neighborhood was my runway, and Steve’s embarrassed face was a sight to behold. But the real action happened back at my place.I made him bend over, his ass UP, and spanked him hard. Each smack echoed through the room. “You’re my sissy bitch now,” I growled, getting off on the power I held.

Then, I grabbed my biggest dildo. It was time to stretch that tight little ass. I lubed up the toy and slowly, meticulously, pushed it into Steve’s screaming hole. I pegged him hard, laughing as he squirmed, calling him a “good girl.”

His moans egged me on. I fucked him until he cried, a tears and snot mess, yet he begged for more.

I dominated that little bitch, and the feeling was intense.

That’s how I assert my dominance. Fuck being a princess; I’m the queen!

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