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Just a Fuck Toy in Sissy Panties

First thing a sissy must understand, this is especially so once they put on their sissy panties, is that they do not have a cock. That thing in front is called a clitty. You have a sissy clitty and it is useless. Sissy clitty in pretty panties may, on occasions leak. Become clear that in fact, you do not have a cock and you do not cum.

Secondly, you are a slave. A sissy slave. All sissy girls are slaves. Your rightful place in the world is to be enslaved by cock. You fuck cock, you suck cock, and your place is to please cock. Masturbation is not an option for sissy slaves. I believe you should be allowed to hump your pillow, bed or stuffed animals. But to touch your sissy clit as though it is a cock is forbidden.

If you grasp and understand your place we can start training. I will expect you to learn the chant though. The chant of a sissy is as follows:

I am Sissy _insert sissy name_ and I serve Mistress Addilyn

My life is revolved around being a sissy slave to my Mistress

In fact I do not have a cock and I am not a man.

My Sissy clit stick is of no use and I am to never touch it.

I do not have a cock, dick nor a penis.

Worshipping and pleasing cock is my place as a Sissy slave.

Mistress Addilyn is my Goddess and the real woman that guides and trains me

I am Mistress Addilyns’ Slave and I must always obey my Goddess.

Understanding that I am a Fuck toy in panties is my first step to being a good sissy slave


Sissy panties

Fag is Desperate for Cock and Has to Watch Me Get Fucked

Sissy panties


I can see your clit is hard inside of your sissy panties you little faggot. All you can think about is getting fucked stupid by a cock so big it tears you apart. That is why you love asking me about my stories of getting fucked. You want to be me. You want men to want to bend you over and dominate your sissy faggot ass. You want to ride the cock carousel and have cock after cock visit you each night just like me. Since you are too much of a pussy to walk the streets like a whore and just pick up any guy who looks at you, you can watch me get fucked. You’re thinking about how it would feel like if you were me, aren’t you? You want to be jackhammered in the ass and have a man squirt cum on your ass just like mine did. Keep rubbing that clit in your panties. That’s the only action you’re going to be getting tonight. 

Femboy training a pillow humper

femboy trainingFemboy training a pillow humper is comical and sexy! How do I explain my love for a femboy in Hong-Kong who lets me watch as he humps his pillows and twerks his sexy ass for me! The same sweet David who squealed and cried when he figured out I was back a couple of months ago. A mistress loves devotion and femboys who need to be watched online. I get a taste of culture differences, but even overseas sissy boys need to hide who they are. Much times it’s a bigger cost to come out and be exposed. So what we do in secret is especially valuable for a man trapped in a world of man and female sex only! Not that David doesn’t appreciate the female form, its just that he wants to be these big titted whores in a lesbian sex fest! I love watching goon and teasing porn with him as I ask him to dance for me like the pretty girls.💞
But the most recent chapter in my watching and chatting is that David has moved on from sitting in his desk chair, or sneaking in bathrooms, to full on bucking two white pillows for me. His cock isn’t as large as some mens, but it is beautiful, and for years I have watched him masturbate while encouraging him via phone connection. Nothing wrong with finding new and exciting sissy whores, but the evolution of a shy sissy to a naughty whore during Online sissy training is making my pussy wet!
David, I want to fuck! Zoey wants to have sex!
Keep those pillows fluffed for me!👄

BBC sissy trainer for my sissy bitch to milk

The best sissy bitch I have has some long sexy legs and plump round ass. I love that because when I dress her up, I can put anything I want on her, and it looks really good. I want a pretty bitch I can use for a BBC sissy trainer to fuck. My sissy bitch has been trained well. She knows what to wear and what to clean when she walks through the door. I want her on her hands and knees, crawling to my shoes and cleaning every heel. He makes sure to use his mouth and tongue until they are shiny and clean. When he is done if I have a cummy mess my sissy bitch will clean all that too. I will squat over your sissy worthless face and squeeze the leftover nut into your mouth. You better swallow it all little bitch is what you hear as I smack your sissy clit. That makes you squirm, and I love to see you squirm. Mistress will then call my bbc friend into the room and I will pull you onto your knees. I open your mouth and I shove his bbc right in your mouth. I make sure you use your sissy mouth to milk his cock.

BBC sissy trainer

I want to make sure you milk him no matter what. I’ll just rip your sissy panties off and shove them in your mouth as he bends you over and pushes his big black dick in your sissy pussy. Your moans and screams are muffled by the cute panties you had on. When we are done, I put you in your cage until it is time for more chores.

Sissy Strut their Stuff for the Chance to Be Gangbanged

Sissy Phone


I love having my sissies line up on the catwalk and show me what they’re working with. They get their sexiest outfits on, make their hair look nice and strut their stuff on the runway so I can see how pretty they look. The ones with the worst looks, the ones with hemlines past their knees, hair that looks messed up (and not in a sexy way) and can’t walk in heels to save their life won’t get the chance to have their holes filled up by big black cocks afterwards. Besides the few that didn’t make the cut, my sissies look so fabulous. From the raunchiest to the cutest, they had their look together. Good thing I got the local football team to come over and mess those perfectly put-together clothes and magnificently coiffed hair. Skirts and dresses were lifted up for easy access as they pounded their tight little holes. Cocks were shoved in their mouths before they could even speak. Those girls may look proper, but they know how to give a sloppy blowjob. I’m so glad that my girls remember their training. 

Holiday sissy chronicles

sissy phone sex

I hope you sissies had one productive Christmas. Just because its the holidays doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in sissy mode. We currently have enjoyed Christmas and new years but that doesn’t mean I don’t expect to hear some raunchy sissy phone sex stories from you dolls and heauxs. Theres a need for the holiday spirit to hit each one of my sissies. Tell me all those nasty tells about encounters you’ve had. Did you steal your daughters panties and wore them around. Sniffed her boyfriends boxers? What did you do this holiday that solidifies your spot as a sissy whore to the core?! let me know how you rang the new year did you blow cocks and let the cream snow? Whatever you did I hope it was done well.

Mistress phone sex: Bow down bitches, it’s sissy time!

Mistress phone sex

That’s right you dirty little slut, it’s time for Mistress phone sex with your favorite blonde hottie Mistress Bailee! Have you been dreaming of actually being a dirty little sissy slut? All of your fantasies come true almost like in the Cinderella movie! Imagine how amazing you’d feel knowing that you’re loved and cared for and protected for the pretty little sissy slut you are!

Go get all dressed up for me, pick up your phone, and let’s have the experience of a lifetime. Sitting back, closing your eyes, and picturing yourself actually being able to live as your true self. You female self, in your pretty outfits and sparkly clothes. Everything you’ve ever wanted coming together, being accepted for who you truly are, and getting the wisdom and courage to finally let that inner sissy shine.

Humiliating Sissies is My Favorite Pastime

Humiliation phone sex


God, sissies like you are so blinded by lust for cock that you can’t think of anything else, can you? All you want is to get on your knees or bend over a table and get absolutely fucked  by a big cock. You don’t care that he’s treating you like a whore because that is what you are, a sissy slut who does not deserve to be treated like anything but the fuck toy that you really are. This is why I’ve been recording all the times that you have gone to suck cock and I’m sending them to your girlfriend so we can make fun of you together. She already does not want you because of your tiny, useless cock. Now we can laugh at how you let yourself be used like a fuck toy by any man with a cock 8 inches or over. We will call you a faggot slut and plan to tell everyone just how much of a slut you are. You won’t be able to go anywhere without a guy with a huge cock telling you to get on your knees or bend over once we get through with you. You will be the town sissy whore. 

Sissy Slave Training Phone Sex Mistress

Sissy slave training with Mistress Addilyn is all about the BBC. That big daddy black bull cock with your sexy sissy cock sucking lips wrapped around big dick. My sweet bunny sissy girl begs for that cum like a hungry mommy milk addicted slutlet. 

Your Addiction is for Cock and Sissy Slave Training

The cock that you will be trained to suck well and the balls that you will drain will be on your mind 24/7. But the best part of this addiction is that gooey strings of goodness that ejaculates from the hole. It’s the prize for a good sissy girl that does all of her tasks well. 

It’s often that I wonder if you really do have what it takes to be a good cum draining sissy cock slut that you wish your sweet little clitty cums could be. Let’s start your training sissy.

Sissy Slave Training

Time to Be a Real Sissy

Phone domination


I will not go easy on you. My girls all go to become champion dick suckers and premium cock whores. They can deepthroat a cock so big that you will wonder whether the cock disappears inside of their throats. I will not let any sissies leave my sissy academy without their outfits perfect, their cock game on par and their minds ready to serve. You are a cock-hungry faggot ready to gobble up any cock in sight. What exactly will you do when you come in contact with one? Choke and tear up after a few inches enter you? Will you cry out in pain when he barely puts the tip in? Will you stumble all over your cheap heels when he’s done with you, looking like a clown as you walk down the street? That is why you need to be trained by the best. When you walk down the street, the men will stare and want a piece of your ass. If there was a medal for taking cock, you would take gold. You will be the perfect sissy slut as you do not whine or cry, but let those men use you like the cock slut that you are. I will train you, dominate you and you will become the perfect sissy.