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The Perfect Mistress

Sissy Training Raine

Some of my sissy whores need more guidance than others, I gladly dole out discipline and rewards in equal dose for my stable of cum guzzling sissy sluts! If I find my sissies unwilling to follow my instructions they are met with a swift punishment, usually by anal torture, I have them stretch out their sissy bussys to the max if they are uncooperative. I need all my sluts to know who owns their asses and little clittys. If my sissy’s are obedient and follow my every command I make sure they are rewarded with new clothes, toys and even a good pounding at the gloryhole. When you play with Mistress Raine, you better be ready to obey whatever slutty task or chore comes to my brilliant mind!

Cock Control online sissy training

online sissy training
Cock control during online sissy training is one of my absolute favorites! It is so erotic to have a man on his knees begging for you to take control and his will away. I seek to own every part of a sissy whore like you. My voice in your head as you pass a lingerie display. “But it, wear it, fuck yourself in that pretty nighty.” You will try to shake me out of your brain but it is too late. I take away your sissy self control. Your at the register buying it for your “wife”
Is that why you can’t stop touching your new nighties and panties so the sales lady can bag it up for you. I know that every second since you bought your new sissy panties and lingerie you are just waiting for a moment to yourself to try it on and take pictures for me. My email lights up.
“I bought something …pretty”. I see the sales receipt and giggle, you already have expensive tastes. I hope you bought a new butt plug to match. I can’t wait to watch you fuck your ass for me as I tell you what a fucking cock sucking cum eater you really are. Soon, my sissy lover, you will be getting a taste of real cock the way you should have been all along. But as your sissy training goes on you will definitely be the sexy and slutty sissy you wish you could be right now. It’s not just a dream, it’s who you were meant to be. Now it’s time to settle your tribute and get what you came to me for.

Panty Training

Sissy Training

Every one of my sissy slits has to go through panty training, whether they’re silly perverts playing in their girlfriend’s panty drawer already or not. Sexy women only wear thongs, g-strings, bikini cut, and crotchless panties so you’ll have to learn to be comfortable and beautiful in a  four. Don’t worry, I’ll be giving you your fucking period next, but for now I want you to focus on slipping your little clitty in a cage and tucking it out of the way. If you could control your little stick from getting so hard all the time, ti wouldn’t have to be caged. Oh you’re brilliant! A chemical castration will do! Here now, lie back and let the needle slip into your veins – we’ll take those boners away and leave you with a useless clitty and no way to cum! Now, put your panties on and strut, bitch.

Shove cocks down your mouth

Bbc sissy trainer

I know how to show you how to be the perfect sissy. You must keep your hands full at all times and please all kinds of guys. Work your way up to the total sissy gangbang you have always dreamed about. I want you ready to have quite the suckathon and enjoy me showing you the way you have always felt it right in your mind to go. It’s crystal clear you want a cock to shove down your pipe hole. I want you to open wide and let a cock slip and glid till there’s precum all over your lips, taste it, and know you will always be a good cocksucker when it comes down to it all, and I want to show you why I’m going to to make you the prime sissy slut. Every single sissy that crosses paths with me becomes the best sissy ever.

Online Sissy Training School

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training begins now. I love training men to be sissies. I take care of all aspects of training too. I dress a sissy, even take them shopping for pretty things. I train them how to suck cock. If they can go to a glory hole, I help with that too. And I can anally train that back door pussy with a nice big dildo. All sissies are different too. I am not a cookie cutter trainer. I listen to my sissies. I can force sissies when it is required. I am no push over. I want all sissies to be the sissies they can be. Many sissies must remain in the closest because of work or family obligations. I get that. I can still help you be an undercover sissy. I am the best sissy trainer for any sissy boy because I can nurture her. I can bring out her true potential. Sissy Sally came to me already trained by another mistress, but she needed continual education. For this sissy, being her true self is hard. She is married with a few offspring and a high-powered job. She would lose her job and her family if anyone discovered her love for frilly panties and cock sucking. Her former mistress was trying to out her and that cost was too high. I can be discreet. When Sissy Sally’s wife and offspring are with other family, she stays home to work and watch the dogs. This gives her time to get on Grinder and find a cock to suck. Many cocks to suck. I was on the phone with her last night, while a black man on the down low came by to use Sissy Sally’s mouth. She sounded so good slurping on a big black cock. I work with my sissies like Sally who must live their lives like straight men. We can train late at night when everyone is asleep or when your family goes to grandma’s house. Discreet sissy training is sometimes a sissy’s only option and I understand that.

School girl Femme Remi

Best sissy trainer

I have always enjoyed being the best sissy trainer for school girl BBC lovers like Femme Remi! He called me on Halloween night to tell me that he was stressed up as a schoolgirl slut and that his best friend were holding a Halloween party. His besties were going to bring some cock over so they all can share it together. When asked what kind of cock was going to be at this party he told me it was a private party and some big black boyfriends if it’s two female roommates were on the way over. 

femme Remi told me that he was stressed and a pleated purple and white short school slut skirt. My little sissy had oil and glitter all over her body. She was fully makeup and stockings and a bra and panties and even 6 inch heels. She was ready to suck some big black cock and she wanted to let me join in on her ecstasy. “Would you hold my hand as I bounced up on a fat big black cock?” she asked shyly. “We both could be riding dicks together side by side and showing how good they feel in our pussies!” 

I reassured my sissy slut but this was where she could go to talk about cock and being fucked discreetly. I enjoy black dick and I enjoy being fucked just like my little sissy Femme Remi. Even with two other girls by her side she still needs a BBC sissy trainer  who understands that for her being a sissy is all about taking that big black dick in her pussy!BBC sissy trainer

Sissy phone sex commitment

sissy phone sex

I’m ready to make you enjoy some sissy phone sex. you may be curious, but I will make you a fan of sissy fun.

You will want to have it all the time. Sissies love to dress and take cock, but it goes much more further than that. They love to feel welcomed. I will show you why you were meant to be a sissy rather than a macho man. The first thing is. First, you aren’t an alpha man. I can see you love big cocks, and you want one, but you will never get o to enjoy the perks of having a well-endowed penis. It is okay to be a sissy, but you have to be a good one and be willing to devote yourself to me and show me you want me to teach you.

Phone Domination

Phone Domination

Phone domination is what you’re craving. Mistress Genesis knows what an obedient sissy boy you are. Parading you about on a leash brings me so much pleasure. I love the way that you obey and serve your Mistress. Put on those silky pair of panties that I like to see you wearing. Do you think you’re worthy of the intense sissy training that I provide? I will need you to prove yourself. Get on your knees for Mistress Genesis. Bow at my feet and prove your loyalty. Humiliation is your hidden kink and craving. You yearn to hear me laugh at your pathetic attempts to prove you’re manhood. We both know you’re only good for submissive serving. Your dick isn’t nearly big enough for Mistress, so you will be a good sissy boy and watch me take a real cock. Maybe if you’re good enough, I will allow you to lick my used pussy afterward.

Dear Crossdressing Faggot Boi

           Sissy Training

            Dear Crossdressing Faggot Boi,

                                          I see you there, lurking in the shadows. I know the only reason you like to watch me get dressed and undressed is so you can picture yourself in my clothes, in my body. Today you’re just a little fag but tomorrow you could be something so much more. How would you like to become a woman, little one? Queen Presley will give you the sissy training that you need to become the perfect sissy girl. That’s what you want honey, isn’t it? To be the perfect little handmaiden for me?

Best Sissy Trainer

                                         We start with growing out your hair, any plastic surgery we need, and a strict workout and diet routine. You do want that perfect ladyboi femme figure don’t you? I know that you do not need to answer because everyone here knows the truth. You don’t just crossdress in your wife’s panties while she’s at work, you dream of taking big fucking cock with her, or in front of her. You and I are going to do some very intense cock training sweetheart.

                                         Your little ladyboi pussy will need to learn how to handle massive cock pieces wrecking your internal organs love, all while you maintain the precise and prestigious vision of being the perfect little lady slut. Now what are you waiting for? You know where to find me. Pick up your panties, and the phone. I won’t wait long before I move on to more prissy sissy productions.

                                                                             The Best Sissy Trainer,
                                                                                      Queen Presley                     


Sissy Girl Training

Sissy Girl Training

Sissy girl training is my specialty. If you would like to join my army of sexual deviants, you must learn how to properly worship your Mistress. You have come to me because you know it is domination that you crave. And you have come to the right place. I have always been a powerful woman. I know how to get what I want and command a sissy. I will have you dressed up in whatever Mistress chooses. I want to see you wearing your silkiest, girly panties for Mistress. It brings me pleasure know that you will do whatever it is that I ask of you. You must learn how to be submissive and compliant for me if you want to earn a spot in my sissy army. I’ll be on the other end of the phone when you your need to explore your hidden desires becomes unavoidable.