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Mistress phone sex

Look at this little lost sissy bitch. What to know why I call you lost? Cause we are surrounded by all these men with bulges in their pants and you’re not even on your knees. That is not what we got dressed up for. I didn’t put that cinnamon red on your lips for them not to be put to work. Remember if you won’t get down on your knees and suck some cock, you can be easily replaced. Sluts are easy to replace, should we replace you? 

Oh that’s a good girl, on your knees like Mistress taught you. Don’t think about it, let your cock-sucker instincts take over. Look at you, got seven studs surrounding you all with their cocks presented to you. Come on sissy girl it’s time to come alive, represent teacher, show them the little skank who loves to devour cum load after load. Submitting to those fucksticks pulling in and out of those hungry lips. When you’re done I’ll make sure to snap a picture of your creamy face to commemorate such an occasion. No doubt you’ll need it to pleasure your little clitty from time to time.

Mistress Gypsy

My favorite sissy slut lets me dress him up, after I do that, I like to take him over my knee and spank him until his little dick gets hard. I then squat over him and rides his face until my cunt is nice and wet. I spread my ass and make him lick it while I finger my wet cunt. I play with his little dick while I stick a finger in his ass and call him my good sissy slut! When I’m nice and ready I bend him over and slide my thick dildo in his ass. I fuck him hard while playing with his tiny dick, I don’t stop until I tell him that Mistress Gypsy is ready to see his load! When he shoots his cum I make him lick it up no matter where it landed. Then I lay back and spread my legs and have him lap me up like a bitch dog, I play with my clit while he likes my ass until I squirt all over his face.

Mistress phone sex

Sissy panties are so sexy!

sissy panties

I’ve seen so many different types of sissy whore men in my life. My most favorite thing to see is a sweet little slut in pretty sissy panties! I remember being very small when my mommy taught me the importance of keeping a sissy slut in her pretty, girly panties. Sissy sluts need to be reminded of their true selves at all times and what better way than to be forced into frilly, silky panties? Just like a real whore! Feeling the silky material against their little he-pussies as they stroke their little clitties. Mommy made sure to always have big, hard cocks for her sluts to suck and gag on. I make sure to treat my sluts to new bras and panties each week so that my big bull studs get to see them prance around and show off their new sets. This week my whores are all in matching lace sets with heart cut outs on the butt. I just knew they would be perfect for easy access to those sweet cunnies!! I can’t wait to have those sluts bent over with those perfect pussy holes dead center of those heart cut-outs!

BBC Birthday Surprise

Taboo Phone Chat

I love sissies and when you are training them to be the best dressed cock sucking sissy they can possibly be, you grow really close!

All my sassy sissy sluts are my like my best friends so when my girl, Sam had her birthday, I threw her the hottest sissy bash you had ever seen!

And the main event was the big black cock strippers!

All the girls had a blast but Sam was the center of attention!

Her sexy sissy panties didn’t stay on long and for this event, we even let her take her cock cage off…because, let’s face it, when you have a giant black snake slithering in your sexy ass and another one looking so tasty as he is fucking your sissy throat…you can’t help but get dripping hard!


It feels so erotically slutty when you are getting dominated by dark meat from both ends!


Sissy Phone Sex






Sam loved backing into that dark thick cock and taking inch by inch deep in her sexy little sissy ass and having her stretched fuck hole filled with the steamiest load of thick milky cum! And all the other sissy sluts were fighting over who got to suck that chocolate syrup out of that tight fuck hole!

No one could blame her when her cock started to bulge as that big black dick made his way past her pretty mouth! And once again, the other sissy sluts jumped at the chance to suck every drop of Sam’s sticky cum.

It was definitely the best birthday for a sissy slut that is addicted to big clack cock!

Pissy Sissy With The Credit card sized Clit!

Sissy Phone sex

She has a pissy sissy with a tied up clit. 

I just don’t know what to make of it. 

Ribbons and so on her sweet little credit card size baby clitty poo!

She loves to send me pictures of her wetting her panties too! 

Pissy sissy you are so cute and silly.

The ultimate sissy girly!  

I love her collection of dildos and butt plugs for her ass pussy. 

And the picture of her spread out showing off how she makes the best sissy. 

Pee in that cup,

Oh drink it up!

You’re such a naughty girl who loves to be taunted. 

But I say if your going to be a little faggot it should be flaunted. 

Having a boyfriend or two, or even three is a okay by me! 

She says she needs a mistress.

But I’m more of a piss-tress. 

Oh my pretty dresses up girl loves to drink cum. 

Just squirt in a sippy cup and guzzle it, yum.

Tell her all about my big dick sexual exploits that make me wet. 

But sissy faggot can’t cum just yet. She must grovel and beg for cum time. 

She knows I own her; she is all mine!

Are you a sissy slut, 

who likes it up the butt? 

Mistress phone sex

Sissy Phone Chat and Forced Intoxication

sissy phone chatSissy phone chat is always available with me. I do not care if you are a seasoned sissy or an exploring sissy.  I love real and pretend sissies the same. I am always under the assumption that many men who reach out to me on my phone line are sissies in the moment. Many get high or drunk and their submissive bi side flies. Nothing wrong with that. Once the sissy cums or the drugs wear off, those panties come off.  That is okay too. Honestly, I think this past year with all the isolation and stress, drugs and alcohol use are on the rise. And if that brings out your sissy side, great. I had a long partying sissy last night. She needed some online sissy training. I gave him that mixed with some forced intoxication play. I love telling a sissy to take a drink or do a bump because sissies high or drunk are so much fun. I made this sissy sing little ditties Like “I’m a Sissy Girl” to the tune of “I’m a Barbie Girl.” I made her dress in all her pretty outfits and take pictures for Grinder and to send to me. I love looking at sissy transformations. My high sissy went on her patio and sang I’m a sissy girl at the top of her lungs. She lives in NYC so who knows who heard her besides me. It was a proud sissy trainer moment. She was fucked up, but do not think I will not exploit that. I love pay piggies. I will get your high or drunk and have you buying me stuff and toys and outfits for you. A good sissy trainer has fun with her sissies and helps them be the best sissies they can be on or off the phone. And a good phone dominatrix knows how to make it profitable for herself too.

Second Hand Cum

Sissy Slave TrainingI love little sissy boys but they need to understand that I am in charge!

I can make you the sweetest little princess in town and every man in the world will want a piece of your sweet ass in those pretty little panties!

But if you don’t behave, I will make you my bitch!

You will learn to love that taste of cum second hand!

That is right! You will suck every drop of cum out of my dripping cunt!

I will force you to watch as a nice thick cock slides deep into my ass!

Sissy Training


You will whimper while you watch as your tiny little cock jumps, wishing you could feel that massive meat split your cheeks!

But all you will get is the load that is dripping out of my fucked ass!

You will be my cum sucking sissy slave!

If you are really good, I will let you have an itty bitty plug in your sweet little sissy ass!

But if you are bad, I have a lot of sexy girlfriends that would love to squat over your face and drizzle second hand cum down your whiny throat!



Sissy girl training for the holidays

I had so much fun this morning! I woke up bright and early to open gifts with my sissy sluts. Before we could open anything and have any fun, they had to do their lessons for the day. Sissy girl training doesn’t take a break, just because it’s Christmas! I dressed the three of them up in the cutest, silky red panties and bras. I had them prance around and show me how pretty they looked in those sexy slut panties. I made them line up in front of the tree and get on their knees as I let my big bull stud friend in. He was dressed like Santa for the special occasion and had a nice big, fat candy cane for my sissy sluts to suck on! I helped guide his big cock into their little mouths. They sucked him and teased his fat dick until he was about to explode. I grabbed his massive fuck rod and stroked him while he shot hot cum all over my tits for my little whores to lick up. We had so much fun that I almost forgot about the naughty gifts they had waiting under the tree…

Playing With Perfect Markie


sissy training audioThis is a shout out to one of my newest and favorite Sissy training audio bois. Markie is a bonafide sissy who loves wearing his soft silk panties and jerking a cum load into them. Markie is a very taboo sissy and he goes all out when we have our sissy sessions. He wants me to be fucked buy the biggest bull cock forcing my tight young holes open in a fuck frensy. Now I met Markie because he is in love with the big titted Young whore Lucy. She knows how perfect he is and I made a wedding ceremony for them where she was fucked with a big black dick for the honeymoon. We enjoyed cuckolding and training The perfect Markie together. Markie is a cheating slut though and has to be disciplined, His sissy training whores love putting him in his place. Cum play with Lucy and me baby, we will make sure you have the best sissy phone sex experiences sissy phone sex

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You want to call for phone domination? Well here you go you white male beta loser. You will never be as superior as the big, black cock. You will never even hope to be as hard, as large or to be as desired as they are. The best you can hope for is to live in a town where women do not find out about how amazing the black beasts are. There will never be a feeling like that first hard, black prick splitting her open and filling her pussy completely.  He will cum so hard in her cunt that it is still leaking out hours later, running down her leg. Instead of BLM I think it should be changed to BCM. There will be plenty of support for that movement. Black women, white women, Latinas all out there supporting the superior black cocks and men. We all worship at the altar of the black manliness. I hope that you will continue to champion the cause and make more donations so we can continue to receive all the benefits of big, black cocks on a daily basis. Anyone want to make a donation into my tight, wet, white pussy?