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Sissy panties are what you will wear to the party

I love a sissy bitch in Sissy panties who knows her place. She has had enough training that it is easy to show her off. “This is my obedient bitch” I say as I walk you into my friend’s party leashed up and on all fours. “Greet everyone the way I trained you to do” I say as I take your leash off. Then you crawl over to my first bbc friend. “Please sir, may I greet you how I was trained” you beg.

  After he looks at me and I give him the go he pulls his cock out. Right away your mouth starts sucking on his big monster black cock. “Do it right hoe ” I say, and I push you head down on his cock even further. The rest of the party cheered as they watched such pathetic slut choke on a dick. Therefore, you suck his cock deeper and faster. Finally, he explodes in your mouth. “Drink it all sissy hoe” I say proudly.

Sissy panties

All the Sissy maid training you have received has prepared you for days like this. Now it is your time to shine like a sissy slut you were made to be. So, you move on to the next dick. “That’s it you will greet everyone in the room” “when you are done greeting them you will wait outside like my sissy pet you are ” I cheer you on and say. Finally, the last party attendee is up and you make me proud once again by milking his cock.

“Tell your mistress how full your tummy is” I demand of you. “My sissy belly is full of semen sperm thanks to you mistress” you respond as you crawl outside like a sissypup. From the window you watch me until I am ready to show off your training again.

Phone dominatrix

Phone dominatrix


Phone dominatrix Tamike B.K.A Miss K will whip you sissy girls into shape! One thing I love the most to make my sissy sluts  do Is dress up! I love being a sissy stylist Ill do your make up and your hair as well! making my sissy’s look like the dirty little whores turns me on.  I keep my little sissys in bright pink lipstick so they can look pretty and slutty while they deep throat a big black cock!  Oh and dont be mistaken im gonna make your my little slut knows exactly how to drain those big black balls.

When your my little pet its not just about being a pretty girl for mama! Oh No its about doing as your told and serving MOTHER! I will always keep my harem of whores in order I will train you to be the perfect slave.  I will always have a cum filled pussy for you to suck clean. You must stay prepared to clean out every hole filled with cum that mommy has. Besides why would I have a slave that doesn’t keep me Clean? Just as you take care of me i will take care of you I will make sure you have all the training you need to serve your mommy!

Mistress phone sex

Online sissy training

Online sissy training


Good morning ladies and gents. Are you here for your online sissy training today? By the end of this session, you will be on your knees, begging me not to stop and crying for more. We have to get to know each other so we know how to make each other tick.

Is this your first training session, or are you coming back for more? I might start easy on you at first, but I promise by the end of this, nothing will be easy about it. The first thing I want to do is put you in this rhinestone leather collar and attach my leash to you. I’ll parade you around town so that everyone knows that you are my pet!

Once we are in the bar, with you mostly naked, and the collar and leash on you, I’m going to let the guests play with you. You are my pet, so they can do to you what they please. Anything from groping, grabbing and spanking. It all goes, and you will love it!

Sissy slave training from you will be forced to get

I love giving Sissy slave training to a sissy bitch who thinks she is too good to get used like a whore. I met a sissy who was acting like a princess she had never been broken in or trained just started being a dressed up princess. “You are pretty” I say as I examine her. “But a princess like you should be used for much more than dress up” I say while winking. Then I push her onto my lap and expose her pretty panties. After her ass was exposed, I started spanking her.

“Bitch thank me as I spank you and if you do it right, I will train you properly”. I say laughing. “Don’t forget to call me mistress, you belong to me now” I demand of you. “Thank you, mistress,” you say whimpering. After I whistle a BBC bull walks in. “This is the big black cock that will be breaking you in” I say as I tear your Sissy panties off you. While your body trembles I lube you up and get your sissy cunt ready.

Sissy slave training

Then you feel a big, massive cock start pushing inside you and ripping your sissy girl cherry. “That’s right hoe, milk that dick”. I say while spanking you ass I could see your sissy clitty dick leaking all over. Then I whisper into your ear “now you have been broken in and will start your training”. Your clitty loves it and your pussy does too. It is what you have been needing to fully be the female slut you were meant to be. 

Sissy slave training contract allows me to punish that hole!

Sissy slave training

Sissy slave training contract allows me to punish that hole! I know you’re dying to submit to my every command, to feel the sting of my whip and the tight grip of my hand around your throat. And let me tell you, you better be ready to take it all, because I am not one to hold back.

My sissy slave training contract clearly states that I have full control over your pathetic, feeble body. That’s right, you signed up to be my little bitch, and now you’re going to suffer the consequences. And oh, how I love to punish that tight little hole of yours. Who cares about your make up being a mess, that’s the least of your worries when you haven’t choked on enough cocks and swallowed every drop of cum. You want to be my cum slave? Then you better start listening to your Mistress.

I don’t play nice, I don’t give gentle reminders. I am hardcore and demanding, and you better believe I will make sure you know your place. Your bussy is going to be stretched, pounded, and fucked into oblivion. And let me tell you, I have a group of six huge and heavy black cocks who just can’t wait to pummel your hole. They’ll have you begging for mercy, but you won’t get an ounce of it. You signed up for this, now you have to take it like the good little sissy you are.

Sissy training is not a game, it’s a way of life. And if you want to truly embrace your inner sissy, you need to take it seriously. That means obeying me without question, accepting your punishments with grace, and always striving to please your Mistress. Trust me, I will push you to your limits and beyond. I will make you wear those sissy panties until you mess them up, and then I’ll make you clean them with your tongue. That’s right, you dirty little slut, you will do exactly as I say.

So if you’re ready to be my sissy slave, sign your name on the dotted line and get ready for the ride of your life. Just remember, I don’t hold back, and I don’t take excuses. You will obey me, or you will suffer the consequences. Now get on your knees and beg for more, because that’s all you’re good for in this world – pleasing your Mistress.


Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sexMistress K is how you should approach me always. My name is Tamika if we’re formal. I’m a ruthless kinky mistress that loves sissy sluts. Keep in mind always I am the one in control. Ur job is to obey all your mistresses kinky and wild demands. If you don’t know what a sissy is don’t worry I’m here to teach you! You won’t be just any sissy slut oh no! U will be the dirtiest nastiest filthiest sissy slut there ever was. As my slut you must be willing to be in public screaming to the heavens that you belong to me! Never forget that you are my property and should always move as such. So come one and come all and come ready! I have many task for my sluts to complete daily. If you break my rules I am sure to punish you. From mild to severe depends on the offense. My sweet little cuck come play with Mistress K. Phone domination

Humiliation Phone Sex with Sissy Trainer Addilyn

I bet you are reading this blog debating if you should call me. The fact is, you are a filthy little pervert and need Humiliation Phone Sex. Devulge those naughty fascinations of yours of being a closet sissy.

Obviously, As a great Sissy Goddess that dominates men that wear panties, I love hearing about sissy girl fantasies. The craving you have for that big black cock is like music to my sissy owner ears.

Truth is that sometimes I get callers who just really love the feel of panties. Espceially of their wifes worn panties against their cocklet. This is when the truth comes out. The truth is that those panties are filled with cum. And the cum is of a big bull cocks.

So, It appears they have a big love for knowing that cum leaking from their wifes’ cunt was from a big black cock.

Understandably he is not getting any pussy from that wife of his. And it is due time he starts to wear those panties on a regular basis. This is the beginning of a beautiful sissification cucked reality.

Humiliation Phone Sex

Sissy training and tranny cock OHH yummy!

Sissy trainingSissy training with some Tranny cock got you excited about the possibilities? Sometimes I wish I could grow a dick and still have my perfect little tight pussy. We all know your pussy is your ass. And it does substitute wonderfully for my strap-cock. But my mind wonders to how good my cock would feel as I fucked you so fucking hard. MMm. To have a nine-inch dick with my puss nestled right between my cum filled balls.

Sissy training and tranny cock OHH yummy!

Personally, I know you don’t need a pussy to get off with a nice tranny cock. Your ass is perfect the way it is. But there are times when Im strapping down a sissy boy as my boyfriend is fucking me, that mind wanders. How I need to shoot big rope loads into you. Breeding you with every single last drop of Hemorphadite cream is my dream. ❤️

You know with my sissy phone sex the only limits we have is our imaginations. So think about the last dick you had? Can you feel my tits pressed up against your back as my T-slut cock throbs and pounds your ass pussy? I can feel my pussy dripping down my legs as I slam into you over and over again!  Let me hear you scream “Zoey fuck me with your cock!”  as I take your slut hole over and over again. Mistress Z is the one to fill you up and make you cum so fucking hard. The facts are I am the one to make you my complete cock  bitch.

Sissy panties get ripped off around me

When I meet a sissy bitch who has a pantyhose and Sissy panties fetish, I get so happy. “You look good dressed like a whore” I say as I spank your ass. “Today you will show off those stockings before they get ripped off your body” I demand of my sissy bitch. While we wait for my guest you need to worship my feet. First, I want you to lick every single tow and suck them.

Sissy panties

That way we can get your mouth ready. As you have my toes in your mouth, I wiggle them and laugh “you are a hungry filthy sissy whore”. “I can’t wait to see you choke and feed off a big black cock” I say while laughing. Finally, our guest arrives. “Greet him with your sissy throat” I demand as you crawl towards us. After you opened your mouth, I shoved his big black cock meat in your mouth.

“Eat it all bitch, show him you have been practicing”. Therefore, you start taking every inch deep down your throat like a nasty slut should. Part of your Sissy slave training is to milk any cock I bring your way. “Now shake your ass and show off your panties and stockings”. You do as I ask and knowing we see you in your sissy uniform gets you so excited.

After our guest rips your panties off, you spread your legs and he starts ramming you. As you get fucked you thank me and say, “mistress you use me just like I need and make holes in my pantyhose from them rubbing on the ground as I get fucked”. “Now I know why prostitutes always have holes in their stockings” you joke as your sissy pussy is being stretched open. “Now be a good sissy bitch and milk his cock for every drop of semen in his balls,” I respond to you.  

Pegging My Favorite Boy-Pussy !

Forced sissy trainingPegging my favorite small dick sissy Jordan right up his slutty, pathetic and sweet little rose bud ass hole. We now say he has an over sized clit since he is so small; we also call his ass hole a sweet pink boy pussy. He is such a delicious little fem boy and he is the perfect little fluffer for all the BBC’s I love to fuck. He really knows how to make sure those big dicks are nice and ready for his lovely mistress. He gets a yummy reward if he does a good job; he gets to lap up all their superior cum from my cunt. 

We had his useless penis in a cage when he first started training with me. So since then we have noticed a significant size change and he doesn’t really get hard anymore. He knows that good boy-girls are not supposed to get hard. So we have trained him to only accept cock in his boy pussy and NEVER get aroused with his over sized clit. Look how great of a job he-she is doing for mistress Presley. 

All the superior men praise how well this little bitch is; they love how overly stimulated the bitch gets. I have done such a good job; they always make sure to fuck me real good since they are so proud. They have lots of cum for me once they shoot their loads. Jordan does such a good job as a little lap up sissy bitch!