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Designing Your Femme Look

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Choosing a femme look can be a real struggle when exploring your sissy side. You see pictures all over the internet, in magazines, lingerie stores you visit of these cute outfits, and looks. But which one actually fits your girlie personality? First off nail down are you slut? Are you a glam princess, or are you two-cent hooker bimbo trash? Then think of the colors that suit you best, and be colorful. Don’t worry about your size or hiding masculine features all that can come later. When first buying new clothes, and make-up you want to get options that relate to you. So you can feel safe, and secure in your exploration into your new sissy lifestyle. Being daring, and experimenting. Don’t play safe and go strictly into pink cause it’s “girlie” play with neon, and pastels, feel satin and lace together on your skin.

Learn to fluff

forced feminization

I’m for forced feminization. It truly makes a lot of sense to become a strict mistress. I’ve executed all my plans and made sure to have some fun. Oh boy, did I have some fun? I looked uber hot with my leather skirt and booby shirt. My slave sissy slut followed me around like a puppy and did as I said. I do love to have a personal sissy assistant. It’s an honor to go out with me, the best sissy preparer. I’m a trainer that gets the job done and shows you how to become the ultimate sissy. I create stars. My prodigies all become well-known socialites throughout sunny California, nationwide, and some globally. I’m so beyond happy to be able to use these sissies and show them their potential. As I got dressed up for the club, I made sure my sissy assistant understood that she would be the fluffer and also be made to swallow all the cum in my nightcap. A good sissy knows that a drained cock will leave a mess, and she shall enjoy the fruits of those labors.

Happy spooky season sissies

Okay, it is not quite Halloween yet, but a girl can prepare, right?! Well, I do that and much more! I’m the scream queen herself, the bonafide Halloween Queen turning sissies out.

I’m quite the spirit person when it comes to the spooky season. It’s one of the most acceptable times to wear girl outfits, so you know sissies love it. Why would you have to explain your cross-dressing ways at a Halloween theme party? You don’t think that’s why this season is one where many sissies experience and awaken, and I am happy to help you through those throughout your sissy phone sessions with me.

I’m looking forward to getting you all prepared for what’s to come. Every year from the first week of September till mid-November, I throw Halloween extravaganzas where I invite all the sissies I know and many I’ve trained firsthand and get them to enjoy the festivities.

There are plenty of cocks to go around, not to mention many home videos to be made. We live in an uber digital age, and whatever you do is caught on film! Momma here loves to blackmail, alright.

Can You Be Slutty Enough For A Real Man?

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So you want to be a sissy slut, eager to be that secret lover that’s got breasts and a tight little faggot pussy. However, it takes more than the idea to be a good slutty lover for a real man. You have to be willing to do it all. If he wants a good girl there are plenty of those in the sea, but not enough true faggot whores. He probably already has a girl that will spread her legs and just lay there. So you must have a spark an unquenchable need for cock 24/7, the need to be tasting it. To be feeling it. So much of a slut that you worship any cock large enough for your admiration. You must be skilled in the fine art of cocksucking, gang-bangs, and of course a strong stretchable faggot pussy to accommodate men of all sizes. This can all be very intimidating to learn and master but with the best sissy trainer at your side, I promise you can get there. You can become that bad bitch little slut that’s inside of you. Just requires you to really, really want it. So do you?

Femboy Training With Sissy panties And A Hard BBC

Femboy training is what my new young sissy slave is getting from me. He knows I am a BBC sissy trainer, so he wasn’t surprised when a big bull with a big black cock walked in.

Femboy training

During our sissy training session, he knows to wear sissy panties. They are crotchless for easy access. It helps when a BBC is ready to pound his sissy pussy. I tell him how a good little whore bitch he is, and I make him lay back as I squat over him and give him a warm golden shower. He then licks my pissy pussy until I am all clean. Part of his Sissy maid training is that he is always supposed to use his mouth to milk any cock I bring around. I signaled him to open his mouth wide and I guided that big black cock in his mouth. I grabbed his head and shoved it down on that BBC until he choked. I didn’t care i just laughed because it was so fun to watch a sissy slave like him choking on a cock and knowing he loves. My BBC bull friend didn’t stop using his mouth to jack his big black cock off. Finally, when he was ready to cum, he started splashing his face with all his semen. I just giggled and laughed calling him a good sissy cum bucket.

Sissy Tickle Torture

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An unconditional part of my forced feminization process is femboy foot tickling.  That’s right, if you want to be one of my beautiful sissy bitches then you have to be willing to subject yourself to all sorts of teasing and torment, not the least of which will be the near endless tickle torture of your dainty little feminine feet.

Most wannabe women have dude feet because, when it comes down to it, let’s face it, that’s what they are.  We can paint them up and make them as soft and silky smooth as we want, but gnarled and knobby troll feet are always going to look buckled and haggard no matter how much you do to them.  Put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.  That doesn’t stop me, though.  I don’t discriminate, I tickle every sissy tootsie that clops its way through the doors of my Sissy Slut Hut.  A feminine step is a feminine step.

When I do get a girly guy with petite feet, not gonna lie, I cherish and pamper them a little bit more than the hobbit feet.  I don’t have to spend nearly as much time dolling them up as I do the others, so they get a little more undivided attention.  A little toe sucking and sole licking to start, followed up by some light kisses around the ankle.  

Eventually though, they all get the same tickle treatment.  Every last one of my sissy slaves has to get tickled by me personally until they piss in, and completely soak, their sissy panties.  Just another right of passage for Mistress K’s Super Slinky Girly Boys.  Trust me, compared to my clitty cum loving clients, I go easy on them.


Making You My Best Sissy Slut!

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Making you the best sissy you can be is a number one priority for me! All my sissies are thoroughly trained in making big dicks cum for them. I love seeing a new sissy come into her own and flourish under my tender loving care. I give everything I have to making my sissy bimbo sluts the finest at getting fucked and teasing a cock until they are leaking. My sissies know that they better submit to worshiping cocks and taking hot loads especially from BBC kings. If you are my sissy baby, you will be provided the best big dicks to ride and the fullest balls to drain. I’m a size queen and so are all the faggot cum whores in my stable, they only fuck the biggest of dicks and take the messiest loads in their greedy sissy pussies.

BBC Sissy Trainer Gypsy Makes You The Best Sissy Maid

A BBC sissy trainer is what my last bitch needed. So, I invited the biggest BBC bull I know. He has a 12-inch beer can size cock. When my sissy walked in, she knew to put her sissy maid outfit on. Once my sissy slut did that. Crawled up to her mistress and asked me for her next task.

BBC sissy trainer

I just lifted my heels, and she knew to lick them clean. She didn’t stop until my heels were spick and span. I told my sissy to turn around and there it was a big black cock for her to suck. Before she could do anything, my sissy knew to ask for her mistress’s permission. I grabbed my favorite pussy pink chastity belt out and made sure my sissy bitch slut had it on before he could suck a cock. I didn’t want her to show how much of a whore for black cock she is just yet.  Finally, I told her she could suck that BBC and like a good trained whore, he sucked it down his sissy throat. The BBC bull just grabbed his head and faced fucked him hard using my sissie’s mouth to milk his cock. I looked down and my sissie’s clitty was leaking. She loves a good BBC sissy trainer, and I am the Best sissy trainer out there. He knows I will show him who he really is and what he really loves.

Forced Feminization with My Man

forced feminization

My boyfriend would do anything to make me happy including fucking shemale neighbor. When he got off of work I had a sexy lingerie ensemble laid out on the bed for him.  Usually, he’s not a fan of guests after work but when he sees his slutty sissy attire laid out he knows he better show some fucking hospitality! I saw how he kept eyeballing our next-door neighbor’s fat ass and juicy tits when she check her mail. Little did he know that she and I hang out quite often and she showed me her veiny, Puerto Rican, uncut cock. That’s right, he’s been having heart eyes for a Latina chick with a dick! He doesn’t know she was about to pack him like a pipe with some good ole tranny dick. I told him to assume the position and wait for our new guest to arrive.
She walked into the room and gave his pale ass a slap. “Perk up, baby. Papi’s here” she flirted. Her deep sassy voice made his wimpy little clitty even harder. He didn’t really want to be getting plowed hard and deep in this position but I forced that loser to stay still while the naughty neighbor’s shecock turned his pussy into a gaping hole.  lover boy winced and moaned from getting stretched out so I gave him my prefilled cunt to snack on. That yummy cummy will take the pain away!  Using the slutty undies babe was wearing as leverage, she slammed him back on her cock until his tummy was full of her meat and seed. She came so hard and fast her cock jumped out of his manhole and sprayed all over his back! His sissy panties were coated in cum by the time she was finished using his fuck hole like a whore.

My New Sissy Whore Rachel!

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My new little sissy Rachel craves gangbangs with big dicks of all kinds! Rachel is a filthy little sissy slut with a craving for huge cocks inside her. I was delighted to find out that my new sissy Rachel really is a sissy whore; she is such a depraved little cum slut that she told me she wants to fuck the homeless. That’s right! She wants me to pull up to a homeless shelter and gather all the filthy cock I can just so she can get her slutty sissy fuck hole filled to the brim with random cum. I have to tell you, watching my little sissy get turned into a filthy cum dumpster makes my sissy training pussy get so fucking wet! Me and my sissy girl Rachel are going to have so much fun taking cock together!