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Phone Domination with a Black Cock Sissy Trainer


phone dominationCami calls me for phone domination. She understands that I will push her to be the best black cock sissy she can be. Look at Cami? She is hot as fuck as a sissy girl. And she has it right. She understands black cock superiority. She understands we are moving to a black new world order where African American men are no longer the bottom of the food chain. The delicate white male ego is responsible for slavery and racism. Insecure white men with tiny dicks have been fear mongering white women for centuries. Black men are fighting back in droves, the best way they know how which is by fucking all the white women. Cami is in the front of the line when it comes to a BNWO. She locked up her little sissy clit, got herself feminized and hired a BBC sissy trainer to push her boundaries.

bbc sissy trainerI have long believed in black cock superiority. I stopped fucking silly white boys ions ago. Cami is enlightened beyond her years. Unlike my typical sissy caller, she knows she should be pussy free for life. Duh. Look at Cami? She is a black cock bimbo. She is on this earth to be a cum dumpster for big black superior cock. She just needs me to give her a push to get out of her head and put some of her beliefs to the test in the real world. By that I mean Cami, and sissies like her, need to go out and get some real big black cocks. There are plenty of black bulls out there who are more than down to fuck up a sissy ass with their dark meat. Cami has her useless clitty caged up like it should be, and she calls me regularly for sissy training. She is ready to really service those big black cocks with al her sissy holes. Now the question is are you ready for the black new world order too?

sissy training

Forced Cum-Eating

Forced feminization

My neighbor learned a very valuable lesson about being a scumbag in my presence. I knew he cheated on his spouse while she was at work but he normally did the decency to attempt to hide it. I think he’s been overly excited cause his new mistress happens to look like a 7 oppose to the normal 4 and 5’s he brings over. So he very clearly tried to make it so the whole neighborhood should notice. I normally don’t care about other people who are foolish enough to deal with marriage but I do care about people who enter an agreement and one does not honor it. The big reason I became involved is that in his newfound “alpha-masculinity” he thought he could step up to the plate with ME! Me of all people?

It took everything in me not to laugh at his hairy, pudgy smug face. However, a playful idea washed over me. So I offered him a one-time invitation “Come over to my place….but I must warn you to get with me you gotta be kinky and do everything I tell you to. Then I might spread my legs for you” I teased with my winning fuck me smile. I went inside and almost immediately heard the frantic knocking on my door. I let him in and told him before he shut that door to strip completely naked. He didn’t even hesitate, probably was hoping people saw him get naked in my house. He shut the door and immediately came over to me trying to touch me, so I pushed him back gently with my hand. 

“No, no you are to do what I tell you to first. Remember?” I reminded with a cutesy tone. “No stroke let me see you at your hardest” I watched as he was only to grow about a measly 5 inches. Keeping my composer, I fought the need to chastise him thinking that was an acceptable size for a woman like me. “Please Presley I’m going to cum” he was breathlessly struggling under my gaze. So I sunk down on my knees and cupped my hand together at the end of his cock. 

Not thinking or even waiting for permission he came right into my hands. “On your knees” I snapped with a more cruel tone now. My annoyance with this playtoy was beginning to show. He came down on his knees with me. “Open up” I demanded. He got hesitant and attempted to spew excuses as to why. So I grabbed the back of his head firmly not hiding my want to tear out what little hair he had. Yanking his head back and pressing my cum-filled fist against his lips. “You will open your mouth like a good cum-eating faggot or I will tell her everything with enough evidence to take everything you have. So she can live comfortably and you will live in a cockroach-infested apartment only able to get fucked by the 2-cent whores” I hissed. Laughing as his face grew red as he guzzled his own cum. Making him lick the load off my hands completely. Then sent his loser ass home.

Mistress Loves Her Sissy Dolls!

Best Sissy Trainer I love playing dress up with my favorite sissy babydolls! My favorite sissy is so pretty when she dresses up, she makes me so proud by being a sex kitten just like her Mistress Raine! When I’m proud of my sissies in training I like to reward them with new clothes, toys or even a nice big thick cock to share with me. I love when my sissy in training blooms like a flower into the best little sissy cock sucker, all my work culminates in a sexy little slut who will do anything to please me or the cock I supply her with. My favorite way to treat my sissies well is with lots of TLC, pampering and of course a big cum load! I’m the best sissy trainer because I know just what my little sissy baby dolls need to succeed!

Phone Domination Mistress Coraline is in Charge Always

phone dominationReady for some phone domination? I am a dominatrix. I maybe a sensual one, but do not mistake my sensuality for passiveness. I have a new phone sissy who cannot stay in his lane. He tries to dictate every step of our sessions. I am in charge. You are the sissy. I am the sissy trainer. I pace the session because I know sissies can have quick triggers. Part of my training involves clitty control. Sissies are notorious for being chronic masturbators. They put on something girly and cannot control their urges. They make a mess in their panties and tune out. I need my sissies focused, so they can understand their tasks. Edging or caging both help sissies last longer. Not that I am always letting sissies cum because I rarely let them cum if they are snarky or disobedient.  If you come to me for online sissy training, you must give up control to me. I am in charge. Do not forget that. My disobedient sissy said no one too many times. Saying no to a sissy trainer once is too much, but he said no to everything. I said put on panties and he said no. I said put a dildo in his ass and he said no. I said get on your knees and lick my ass and he said no. I threatened this sissy with termination. Honestly, I do not have to take any sissy on in my real life or on the phone. I know sissies are paying for a service, but you are a beta bitch, and I am an alpha Goddess. My word is followed, or you are punished. My punishments vary. I can put you in a cock cage. I can peg your ass. I can expose you on the Internet. I am a phone dominatrix, so be ready to give up your power and your dignity.

Insolent Sissy Slave Training Tactics

Sissy slave training


Sometimes I run across a really stubborn little bitchboy who thinks they have the option to resist my sissy slave training methods.  I don’t know why they think that, when they’re under my tutelage, they have the option to say no to me, but some of them do.  So I have no other choice but to get a little more heavy handed in my instruction and make those women wannabes listen to my every command.

It’s not hard, couldn’t be more simple, actually.  I just strip them down until they’re completely naked, shove them in front of a mirror and start berating the masculine shell my stupid slut sees before them.  I tell them all about how the mansuit they’re forced to show the world isn’t the real person they have on the inside and describe in full detail how every part of the body they were given is flawed, gross and just looks wrong when compared to the soul they have inside of them.  Then, we get to the harder stuff.

Those insolent sissy slut prospects have to be punished.  There’s really only one way to rip through that rotten male meat to release the femboy suffering inside and that’s through whipping, lashing and beating.  He-whores have to have respect for the sissy inside themselves and battering and bruising the bro on the outside is the only way to make that happen.  They get strapped in, tethered down and flogged until they agree to listen to every single one of my commands.

Eventually, all of my clitty queens do exactly as I tell them, otherwise they wouldn’t be in my lineup of sissy sluts.  They wouldn’t have the privilege of learning all the ways of prissy slutdom from the best sissy trainer around, they’d have to settle for some subpar she-man molding mentor.  And if they think they’ll ever get up to the level of cock and cum loving they’d like to achieve with a cutrate clitty counselor, well, good luck with that, girls!


Sissy Maddie

sissy hypno trainingI told a sissy loser that I would let everyone know how devoted she is to the BNWO AKA the Black New World Order. We have sissy hypno training sessions every week to maintain her discipline but she’s a good bitch regardless. When she is here, big daddy and I keep her on a leash and chain while positioned on her hands and knees. That’s how she waits for her command! If she’s a good slut I’ll take her for a walk through town and let everyone see what a pretty dick eater she is. My insemination slut’s job is to take all the black seed I want to breed her with. Bad bitches like me and my homegirls don’t need no babies! So, sissy Maddie takes every last drop of cum our bucks spew out. Maddie doesn’t mind getting smeared with cum and spoon fed hot loads all day long. I mean, look how cum hungry she is! She knows that a sissy white boy’s sole purpose is to serve the superior black race. I told her I wouldn’t expose but I’m going to blast her on this sissy site all day. Everyone say hi to submissive cum rag, Maddie!

You Are Not “The Man”

Humiliation phone sexImagine me spending time swiping through men on Tinder to find a hookup. Chatting, even some lite sexting back and forth with this guy. Investing this time and energy to get some dick, admiring the dick pic he sent getting real fucking excited about the idea of letting him ram me quite a bit after our date. So excited that I agree to dinner, a movie, and late-night bowling. Now my sluts know I don’t plan to take out chunks of my day just for any dick. When I tell you the pic he sent was a picture of a cock that belonged to a God. The kind of cock where you stop and think, huh I could marry that dick and be the most caring, nurturing slut for it for the rest of my days. 

So imagine the absolute horror when I get him home and have him drop his pants to see the real product was not what was advertised. No wonder he tried to get so much time with me it was so small I swear to you girlies most of you have bigger clits than that pathetic excuse of a cock. Hell pretty sure my clit is fucking bigger. Despite the stunt he pulled, his balls were tiny and shriveled up too. You would think he would need big ones for lying so boldly but no. So as punishment I’m shaming him. Thus is why you are looking a such a pathetic cock right now. Cause Bigboy Joey from Tinder in the IL area is actually a little dicky Sam. The world of women everywhere should be happy to know that he left with a real sore ass.


Fuck Me Infront of Her

sissy phone sexI fucking love making a sexy ass fucking sissy get all fucking dressed up for me. I love making you wear a sexy ass little tight fucking skirt with only a thong on with nylon heels. I love making your wife sit in the fucking room while I take out my big fucking strap on for you. I make you get on your knees and make you take every fucking inch inside of your little whore mouth. I watch your wife’s face and smile as I tell her how much better I am than she will ever fucking be. I make you stand up and lay down on the bed while I climb ontop of you slowly sliding down on that fucking cock of yours while I make you watch your wife’s fucking face. I cum all over your fucking cock and make you stand up and take my big fucking strap on in that tight little perky ass of yours. I fuck you right infront of your wife until you cum all over her pretty little fucking face.

My Sissy Slut

mistress phone sexI love when I get a new sissy slut to torture or teach, Lisa is a great sissy already, he knows that he has to do every fucking thing that I say and if he doesn’t he does he will be punished. I love to tell him to dress up in sexy high heels, a pretty little skirt, tiny little brawl thong set. I love when he gets all fucking dressed up for me making him my little femboy. I just fucking love it when I make him go into a room and grab his big black strap on cock and make him get it all fucking wet for me. I love to make him get it all wet and then stick it all the way into his tight little ass. He does such a good job that I let him stroke his tiny little cock while he does it. When he is close I make sure to tell him where I want him to cum. I love making him cum all over his wife’s fucking pillow so that she knows her little femboy is my little sissy slut.

Forced Feminization with My Man

forced feminization

My boyfriend would do anything to make me happy including fucking shemale neighbor. When he got off of work I had a sexy lingerie ensemble laid out on the bed for him.  Usually, he’s not a fan of guests after work but when he sees his slutty sissy attire laid out he knows he better show some fucking hospitality! I saw how he kept eyeballing our next-door neighbor’s fat ass and juicy tits when she check her mail. Little did he know that she and I hang out quite often and she showed me her veiny, Puerto Rican, uncut cock. That’s right, he’s been having heart eyes for a Latina chick with a dick! He doesn’t know she was about to pack him like a pipe with some good ole tranny dick. I told him to assume the position and wait for our new guest to arrive.
She walked into the room and gave his pale ass a slap. “Perk up, baby. Papi’s here” she flirted. Her deep sassy voice made his wimpy little clitty even harder. He didn’t really want to be getting plowed hard and deep in this position but I forced that loser to stay still while the naughty neighbor’s shecock turned his pussy into a gaping hole.  lover boy winced and moaned from getting stretched out so I gave him my prefilled cunt to snack on. That yummy cummy will take the pain away!  Using the slutty undies babe was wearing as leverage, she slammed him back on her cock until his tummy was full of her meat and seed. She came so hard and fast her cock jumped out of his manhole and sprayed all over his back! His sissy panties were coated in cum by the time she was finished using his fuck hole like a whore.