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BBC Fun With My New Sissy Johnnie!

BBC Sissy Trainer

I’ve got a new number one throat whore and his name is Johnnie! Just this morning I found a new sissy eager to please his mistress and suck some big nigger dick for me. Johnnie is a very experienced throat slut and lives on his knees sucking black dick. I was so impressed when I brought Jamal over with his 10 friends and Johnnie stripped naked and started gagging on nigger dick. Johnnie looked so beautiful with two BBCs hanging out of his mouth and his cock standing straight up, I told him what a good little cock sucking faggot he is for me. My cunt soaked as Johnnie got covered in cum and started sucking his own cock until he swallowed his very own load of cum! Needless to say, Johnnie is now my number one sissy slut and my other sissies will fight for the privilege of impressing me for the number one spot in my stable of sissy whores!

Humiliation Phone Sex with Heaven

Humiliation Phone Sex

I’m looking for a new sissy bitch to humiliate and expose. I’m going to dress you up in the frilliest of lingerie, put your poor excuse for a dick (henceforth referred to as your overgrown clit) in permanent chastity and whore you out to all the mandingo dicks I know (and even the ones I don’t), all the while recording you and taking pictures of you in the act, being the sissy whore you are, gathering everything I can to expose you. If you don’t please me and do as you’re ordered, I’m going to ruin you. I’m going to show the images and videos to everyone you know– friends, family, colleagues, landlord etc.– and let them know what a worthless sissy bitch you are. Your life is going to implode and you’re not going to have anyone left but me! 

To keep me happy, you’ll need to drain your wallet, give me everything you have and when you have nothing left, you’re going to whore yourself out for my  profit. Your bussy and throat are going to be for rent and you better take every load like a good slut and not complain! You are nothing, you are worthless, you have no meaning and no value outside of serving me the way I tell you to. Do you understand? You are a waste of space, but I give your life meaning. I’m the one who is pushing you toward your destiny and helping you realize your deepest desires. You’d be an ever bigger nothing without me!

Pathetic Sissies Sell Themselves to Me In Exchange for Cock

Phone dominatrix


I enjoy having sissy slaves around the house to do my bidding. It’s so easy to control you when I tell you I know the names of three guys who would love to fuck one sissy at once. I won’t give up that juicy tidbit until I am satisfied. I can even make you do a little dance for my improvement. Come on, show Mistress Miracle what you are working with. I see, no cock and a tight round ass. The perfect sissy. Now, you tell me. Is it worth it to be my personal sissy slave for the chance to be double penetrated by two men? Is it worth it to feel their cocks inside of you as the order you to worship them. Is it worth it to be degraded and dominated by men with huge cocks? Then what better way to train your submission and ensure that you are the perfect little bitch than to be my personal slave? So, let’s go to the outfits, hun…

Forced sissy Training diaper chastity!

forced sissy trainingForced sissy Training with diaper chastity! I have a sweet and sassy man who is a big sissy baby. He says he loves how cute and girly he can be in adult baby gear. And since he has a tiny dick it only makes sense that he is a baby boy. I completely agree and the pictures I get sent are so adorable, I just can’t help but giggle each time he sends me a sissy baby pic. Now I have to tell my wittle boy is a queer and loves to suck cock and get fucked. For all the sweet giggles and small dick humiliation there’s another side of my dollbaby. The cute outfits and small penis make my big sissy la-la diaper slut! She is just a little girl who needs a daddy dick.sissy phone sex

Sissy baby girl says she shouldnt touch her clitty anymore and needs to be locked in her diaper and forbidden to be changed or uncaged. That is until a daddy dick appointment! And only then should she be allowed to be changed because daddies don’t like poopy butts unless they make a baby girl squit out her bussy! The cage will stay until I say so, and I better have proof that she got as much daddy dick as she says she has. I count her diapers and I am emailed a log of her eliminations. There’s no way around chastity diapers during sissy phone sex with me!

theres rules to follow

domination phone sex

I want to find only the best sissies who call for domination phone sex and understand that they must abide by the rules. I only have time for those who will make me one happy mistress. A fun game I have is called eat the cummies. When a sissy doesn’t do their homework, they automatically have to open wide and eat their cummies. A commie surprise from one of my well-hung fuck toys would be a treat. Disobedience will not get anyone any special creamy loads. Not being able to dress up and go for a spin in the middle of downtown showing off your sissy ways proves to your goddess you aren’t all in, so there are no rewards without risks. A sissy punishment is needed. A nice substantial inflatable butt plugs up that ass is what you will need.

Cherry picking sissies

sissy phone sex

I went to a sissy expo that brought potential sissies to goddesses like me. It’s best to go and cherry-pick what I want to deal with in a group of sissies. 

My favorite kind of sissy will do whatever at the drop of a hat. I’m going to train only the worthy. Get ready for some real training. A nice cock sucker that will walk in high heels. 

Time to pick out some makeup and visit the surgeon and doctors because this mistress believes in a total transformation. Hormones and a nice tuck of the tiny cock you have to make that go away. 

It’s going to be quite the ride together. We will have so much fun transforming you into a total girly girl.

Sissy Scotty is A Porn Store Cum Whore!

Phone Domination

I took my new sissy to the porn store glory hole to get her sissy pussy pumped full of cum! Sissy Scotty is nasty little faggot whore who loves being used by lots of random hot cock. Scotty and I love getting all dolled up in our high heels, short shirts, lacy panties and crop tops. We do our makeup to look like bimbos before we go out on the town and strut our stuff. We knew we were going out to get fucked, no doubt about it! I had a brilliant idea to stop by the sex shop and Scotty was excited to find out they had a glory hole right in the back room! So, we waited for a hard cock to come right through the hole and when it did, I recorded Scotty sucking, she got cum all over her face! I couldn’t believe what a throat whore Scotty turned out to be, we stayed at the glory hole for hours swallowing big creamy loads until the store closed!

Femboy training a pillow humper

femboy trainingFemboy training a pillow humper is comical and sexy! How do I explain my love for a femboy in Hong-Kong who lets me watch as he humps his pillows and twerks his sexy ass for me! The same sweet David who squealed and cried when he figured out I was back a couple of months ago. A mistress loves devotion and femboys who need to be watched online. I get a taste of culture differences, but even overseas sissy boys need to hide who they are. Much times it’s a bigger cost to come out and be exposed. So what we do in secret is especially valuable for a man trapped in a world of man and female sex only! Not that David doesn’t appreciate the female form, its just that he wants to be these big titted whores in a lesbian sex fest! I love watching goon and teasing porn with him as I ask him to dance for me like the pretty girls.💞
But the most recent chapter in my watching and chatting is that David has moved on from sitting in his desk chair, or sneaking in bathrooms, to full on bucking two white pillows for me. His cock isn’t as large as some mens, but it is beautiful, and for years I have watched him masturbate while encouraging him via phone connection. Nothing wrong with finding new and exciting sissy whores, but the evolution of a shy sissy to a naughty whore during Online sissy training is making my pussy wet!
David, I want to fuck! Zoey wants to have sex!
Keep those pillows fluffed for me!👄

Clean Up on Goddess Heaven

Mistress Phone Sex


BBC is a thing of beauty. It looks good, it feels good…and your beautiful ebony goddess sure does love it…maybe even just as much as you do. As part of the BNWO, I also deserve to be worshipped just as much. You’re going to sit over there in the corner and watch me get fucked by this big, beautiful black dick and prepare to do the clean up. Watch me cream all over this dick as it pushes into my soft, shaved wet pussy, filling me up, bottoming out in my cunt while I grip it tightly and make him bust deep in my pussy; that’s where you come in. Crawl over on all fours like the sissy bitch you are and suck on that big black cock, cleaning your ebony goddess’s juices off of it, sucking out any last bit of cum that may be left inside the tip. Then, you’re going to take your lips, wrap them around my pussy and suck that creampie straight out of me, tongue fucking my hole and licking and sucking my clit until I cum again right in your pathetic sissy whore mouth. Do a good job and you’ll progress to being my favorite little cum slut and you’ll be the first of my sissy bitches I call for the clean up job.

It All Starts With Phone Domination

Phone dominatrix

What’s the point of being a phone dominatrix when I have so many sissy slaves to train and transform?  How do you think all of my big dick loving bimbos get started?  They don’t just walk up to my door and tell me they need to be taught how to take gigantic tools in their asses.  I vet all of my slinky little sluts on the phone first to make sure they have what it takes to complete my clitty caging, queenie creating training.  

If a he-bitch doesn’t have the balls to make it through a few submissive phone call sessions with me then there’s no way she’ll be able to handle the hardcore hands on stuff.  How do you think you’ll be able to cram a couple of rock hard cocks in your ass if you can’t even ream our own rim with a vibrator while you’re on the phone with me?  And no, I don’t believe you’re really doing it unless I can hear the vibrating grind of the fake fuck stick on the other end of the line as it goes in and out of your slutty sphincter.  And when you cum, I need you to shout out that Mistress K is the best sissy trainer in the world.  If you can’t handle that on the phone, you definitely won’t be able to take it in person.

Your cell is your gateway to dick taking girldom, all you have to do is call.  I’ll get you started with a few hole stretching exercises and we’ll go from there.  I promise, you don’t want to get started with the in person stuff first, learning how to be a perfect pink haired pole pleaser is a process.  Have you even swallowed any cum, yet?  How do you expect to be able to guzzle gallons of jizz from a room full of BBC’s if you haven’t choked down your first load of chunky cock chowder yet?  See what I mean?  You gotta crawl before you walk, and as you crawl, I’ll slowly stretch your asspussy out for you so you can handle a handful of man meat stuffed as far inside of you as they can go.  Just call me, Dipshit, you’ll see what I mean.