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Sissy Girl Training Is a Must

sissy girl training

Oh, you sissies always think you know what you’re doing from the get-go. But if you haven’t had sissy girl training from an actual woman, then you’re just setting yourself up for failure. How in the world would you know how to be a woman if you were born a man? All you must do is submit yourself to my capable hands and you’ll be feminized in no time! The only thing I ask of you is that when you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you tell me you’re gonna shave your legs, etc, then do it.

Once you’re in training with me, you’re going to notice that you feel so much more feminine. You are going to walk in a more feminine way, especially after you’ve had a cock or strap-on in your pussy. I’ll teach you the ways of getting dressed, picking out which lipstick to wear with your makeup, and all kinds of things that you didn’t know you needed to know. I’m ready to make all of your sissification dreams come true. All you have to do is trust yourself to my capable hands and you’ll be the woman you have always wanted to be.

Online Sissy Training is starting


online sissy training

Online Sissy Training is starting! Hurry up and assume your position. You have to kneel open your mouth super wide and taste cock. I always bring the best biggest cocks ever. It’s time to learn how to suck like a perfect cumslut. You have to focus on studying and practicing. Take a nice cucumber right now and deep throat. Don’t hold back. Go deeper. You have to choke on that cock and make pretend you have a massive pecker in your mouth.

It feels nice as it stretches your mouth. The coolness alone will have you shivering and submitting. When you have the real thing, it will be warm and pulsating on your tongue. It is your calling to be a sissy whore, so learn all the rules.

Naughty Mistress Phone Sex

mistress phone sex

Every sissy needs Mistress phone sex with a woman like me. You all are just not capable of handling the process of being feminized by yourself. Most of you don’t even have a freaking clue where to start. You’ve never been a woman, so you are clueless. All you know right now is that you want to look pretty and get fucked by a fat cock. But if I asked you how we’d get that process started, you would just look at me and tell me that you have no idea. But that’s what I’m here for. I’ll transform you.

All you have to do is be obedient and do what I tell you to do. It’s really very simple. When I say shave something, you’ll shave it. I don’t care if you don’t want to, or you are afraid someone will notice. If you’re serious about being a sissy, you need to follow directions. If I tell you to buy several dildos in varying sizes so you can get used to sucking cock and being fucked, then that’s what you’ll do. Trust me, in the end, you’ll be glad that you picked a strict Mistress like me. You’ll be the best sissy around!

Phone domination with Miss Remi

phone domination


I just had the most kinky and hot phone domination call ever. A new sissy whore who needed his slutty cum holes owned and used.This little sissy bitch wanted me to bring over a few of my friends to use him as their BBC cum dump slut. I made sure that slut knew that she is owned property. Everyone knows that my favorite thing to do is to dress up a sissy bitch. That’s exactly what I did. I watched and giggled as her slutty hole got stretched and destroyed by giant, hard cocks. Tiny, short skirts and bright red lipstick are the official cum slut uniform, so that’s what I put my new sissy bitch in. I got so turned on watching this sissy whore get pumped full of cum. I was teasing my hot pussy the whole time. I can’t help myself, I have to rub my wet cunnie any time a sissy whore gets dicked down right in front of me.

He doesn’t need A Magnum Condom

Humiliation phone sex

He’s not  even worthy of my attention. Do you know why I enjoy humiliation phone sex so much. Becasue men think they can try to fuck me woth a tiny dick. My last date was paying for dinner and a magnum condom fell out of his back pocket. I began laughing so hard right in the restaurant. He said to hush what was wrong with such a cherry red face. I know men with big dicks and this aint one!  When we got to the car I told him! “Your going to be a  little sissy slut in lipstick and high heels and suntan sheer to the waist pantyhose with no panties- in order for Everyone to clearly see how hard and wet she gets wearing pantyhose that constrain her dripping cock while continually teasing her sensitive member for viewing and denying her total release!

I know men who think they can fool a bitch like me, 

You are just submissive sissy and crave to be verbally degraded by a woman who is drawn to crossdressing sissy males and simultaneously turned on sexually by the way faggot cocksucker curious girls like you obey and beg for opportunities to please others while being teased and denied by Femdom Superiors who truly enjoy edging and edging slutty crossdressing bitches like you!

You need forced feminization in the worst way!

Your BBC Sissy Trainer is Here

Middle aged men are all beginning to understand their need for BBC sissy trainer Diana. It’s ok to surrender to that craving for big black cock. I am here to guide you and assist in that realization.

The other day I was out shopping for lingerie and noticed this older man skimming through the panties so shyly. I then noticed how his gaze carried over to a big black dude that was with his wife. I knew right then and there what this guy was. He was just like you. He wanted to experience being taken by this big manly man like a little bitch. He wanted to be that white bitch with him.

That’s right this black man ad a sexy busty blonde wife that was certainly a slave to her mans cock. You know us gals dress for that cock and I know that’s what you wish for too!

BBC sissy trainer

Femboy Training


Femboy Training GenesisI see those little panties and stockings you’ve been trying to cover up, sissy. We all know who you really are. Especially Mistress Genesis. There isn’t anything you need to conceal from me. Domination is the name of my game and I’m here to guide you through your hidden kinks. The ones that you’ve tried so hard to keep hidden from the world. It’s time to expose you. Since I was young, I’ve known what it is that I truly want out of life. Power. And that is what you give to me. Femboy training is my true calling I’m going to keep increasing my army of sexual slaves. Bow down to your Mistress and kiss the arches of my delicate feet while I parade you around on a leash. You are mine now to do as I wish. I’ll dress you up in tiny outfits and make you my own personal sexual servant. It would be in your best interest to do as your Mistress commands.

Full Nasty Exam

I was horny and bored waiting on my friend to get out of quick care. That is when I saw this sexy man going to the back, I decided to follow him to the back. I stole a doctor’s coat and put it on right before I walked into the room, he was in. I told him he needed to undress.

BBC sissy trainer

I watched as he took his clothes off. I examined his body and saw he had a big cock. I told him he needed a full exam and I put gloves on and told him to bend over. I stuck my fingers in his ass, he tried to flinch but I said that I needed him to relax so I was going to help him stay relaxed as my hand reached for his big cock. I stroked his cock and got it hard as I milked his prostate. I told him I needed a sample for the lab and just to keep relaxing. I kept fingerings his asshole which made my cunt dripped as I stroked his throbbing cock. He screamed that he was going to cum so I grabbed a cup and made him shoot his nut in to it. I was going to save it for one of my sissy sluts to drink later. 

Sissy Humiliation Training

Sissy humiliation training is my calling. I’ve grown accustomed to dominating men. Particularly, the needle dick “men” who are unable to satisfy a woman.I have always been hungry for control and domination. I have trained a small army of sexual slaves who have a sole purpose of pleasing their Mistress. I like to dress them up in little dresses or a tight pencil skirt. Add in a pair of tiny little panties to humiliate them. I like to show them who’s really in charge. Making sissies worship me is so fucking easy but I still get a thrill from it. First I make them lick the arches of my feet and order them to their knees. Then, I attach a collar around their neck and walk them around on a leash. I train them how to suck cock like the pathetic sissies that they are. If I decide that you are worthy, you may be allowed to join my sissy army. Sissy Humiliation Training

A Sexy Phone Dominatrix

phone dominatrixI am a phone dominatrix and I love it. I am a take charge kind of woman. I always have been. In college, I never let men get aggressive with me. I never dated men with small dicks either. I did not come from money. I had a full scholarship to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. I have a master’s degree in Psychology. Even though room and board and tuition were covered, I needed spending money. I answered an ad in the 90s in the back of this local magazine.  They were looking for fetish models and I was confident in my curves and big tits. That photo gig led me to a career as a professional dominatrix. And that led me to sissy training because subs and sissies are cut from the same cloth. I love being a sissy trainer. I am dominant and I am a nurturer too. I have a mean streak, but I am only mean when provoked. Most sissies and subs are obedient. Where my mean streak rears its ugly head is when a small dick loser does not know his place.

I met Peter at a bar. I sized him up quickly and knew he was not worth my energy. He did not want to take no for an answer, so I brought him home. He thought he was going to get lucky with me. He did get lucky, just not with me. Before we got to my house, I texted a 911 to my favorite black Alpha man, Tyresse.  He loves helping me open the eyes of tiny dick losers. Peter was not having it when Tyresse came out with his vine swinging between his legs. I told Peter if he was at least half as big as my stud, I would fuck him. I knew there was no way Peter was 6 inches. He was more like three inches. Pathetic. Loser. I told Tyresse to fuck him. I watched with glee as Tyresse forced his monster cock in Peter’s pansy ass. Peter left crying. Poor loser. I tried to tell him to get lost. It was his persistence that got his ass fucked. I am a size queen and a BBC sissy trainer. I have no time for delusional men with pin dicks.