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BBC Sissy Trainer Coraline Knows Size Matters Most

bbc sissy trainerI love being a bbc sissy trainer. Many men in my community know I am a size queen. They know I prefer black men to white men. I am not submissive to any man. The black men I fuck, respect me and make me cum. Some white guys, however, cannot understand that. I am not sure what is so hard to accept. My neighbor had the audacity to call me a race traitor. He sometimes sees black men coming and going from my place. He has never said a word to me until this week. I was doing some gardening, and he came to the edge of the fence and started calling me names. When he said I was a race traitor, I knew he was just butt hurt that I was not fucking him. I thought before I responded. I could not let his racism and disrespectful talk go unchecked. He needed put in his place. I let him think that I would let him set me straight. He came over last night. He thought he was getting lucky. He did get lucky, just not in the way he expected. This phone dominatrix fucked him, but he did not fuck me. I bet you know where I am going with this story, don’t you. That is because you are a sissy bitch who loves to be pegged. Steve, my neighbor, however, did not know what pegging was until I had a ten-inch black dildo in his ass. He screamed so loudly that I was certain the neighbors could hear him. Well, the other neighbors. As I pegged his ass, I schooled him in what I deserve and laughed at his three-inch white wonder. Did this small dick loser really think a woman as hot as me only deserved his underwhelming dick? Men. I was clear that he was my bitch now. I told him with such a small dick, he belonged in sissy panties. I also told him if he ever disrespected my choice of lovers or me again, he would get a black cock not just a black dildo up his ass.

Sissy girl training for the Right One

Sissy girl training

Not every man who says he wants Sissy girl training is ready for it. Some just want to feel like they are being vulnerable and then others want to be vulnerable. Some just want to please, and then some want to see me have pleasure. It’s really special for me to open up to a good sissy boy and show him the ways of my cunt and the pleasure I derive from having him at my mercy. To where I can manipulate his face for whatever my pussy craves. My current sissy bitch plays coy. He likes it when I’m pissed at this pathetic nature. While he skirts around eating my pussy like his touch again my lady lips are going to do much for me. After a few moments of this torment I show him who is in control. Grabbing the back of his sissy head I direct him specifically to my whole of pleasure. I love seeing him all dressed up for me in his ladies best looking like a slutty sissy. I lay there watching him put his ass in the air thinking about the next thing I’m going to force him to do?

Domination Phone Sex With Sissy Lisa!

Domination Phone Sex
My favorite domination phone sex calls are with my sissy Lisa and lots of strap on fun! Lisa is a cock sucking slut who loves being all dolled up in the finest lingerie. She has been my sissy for some time now and she knows when Mistress Raine and her gaggle of gal pals come out to play with our strap-ons it’s time to suck some serious cock. Lisa is one of those sissy faggots who only likes to suck strap on cock instead of real cock, which I think is such an awful waste of her talents… Lisa will learn one day when me and my girlfriends set her up with some real hard cock, just what a good little sissy slut does to please her mistress!

Phone domination For Candy-ass Randi

Phone domination

Candy-Ass Randi recently got some hardcore Phone domination With His New Mistress Arabella! Getting to share Randi and all of his dirty exploits is so fucking hot! I enjoyed having a nice long conversation with Her Highness with Randi the fag listening embarrassed as hell!

Mini peeny having Randi needed my verbal abuse to initiate Blonde Goddess Arabella into Randis’ cock sucking world. I had to tell her about his skinny-shaped 3-inch clitty cage is his pussy when he gets hard his clitty drools in it and fucks his mini cock with It!
Sissy panties

Randi has a quintessential babydick. I told Our new Goddess about the woman from the bar who wanted to fuck but say that battery-sized pee-pee! But instead, she threw her pink panties at him and I and Arabella laughed so hard at sissy slut Randi! Told My new Partner in crime about the first cock sucking award for a big meaty 8-inch cock his very first time! We both agreed that Randi has a Bussy and needs to get it fucked very soon while wearing his Sissy panties! 

Do you need to be humiliated and teased by two sexy Sissy Trainers like Randi the shrimp dicked sissy slut? Both of us hotties know how to bring you to your knees in more ways than one! Just ask Randi the dirty cock whore! 

Mistress Phone Sex With A Goddess Will Change Your Life!

Mistress phone sex

Hi there and welcome to my pleasure palace of sissification, I’ll be your mistress for the day for your mistress phone sex. Yes, I am sexy and so very attractive, but that doesn’t mean that I am in any way dumb, or a push over. I am one of the strong, loving types of mistresses and you will soon find that out by taking my over the phone sissification training.

I am all about what’s shiny and new and pretty. Just like you and all of your yummy little holes. You are fresh meat and I am here to take all of your holes and use them up as much as I possibly can, with the help of my friends of course. My friends are these three big, beautiful black studs that you see before you.

Go ahead and start worshiping those delicious cocks, I’ll wait. I know you can’t resist them, you know you want a taste. To have your tongue trace along those yummy perky veins in the delicious man meat is ecstasy. So, no holding back, go full force on that dick and start sucking like your life depends on it. But, don’t forget there’s three of them one of you and one of me, so odds aren’t in your favor, my little dove.

I’ll watch as they tear open that pussy of yours and fuck the living daylight out of you all while stroking my strap on to be the next in line to fuck that pretty pussy of yours.

Stupid Sissy Gets Ass Pulverized by BBC

Taboo phone chat

Locking you in a room with 10 big black cocks was the best idea I have ever had! You cock addicted whores need to learn your place. When I train you, it’s so you can take it in the ass like a good little bitch and beg for more. That’s because you sluts only need to be asking for more cock. You are disgusting cum rags. You should be grateful that a cock has decided to use you when it could just as easily have cum on the ground and made you lick it up, you cum dumpster. Now, you can experience what’s it’s like to have 10 guys completely destroy your holes without any training. They’ll be able to stretch you out really good. I can hear you begging for them to stop, but they sure don’t, especially since one of them shoved his cock down your throat. You’re going to take it like a bitch. 2 cocks inside your ass? You won’t be able to rub your little clit while they truly tear you apart. You’d better worship those cocks.

Best Sissy Trainer Coraline Does Not Let Sissies Control the Play

best sissy trainerThe best sissy trainer listens to you. I get a lot of sissies who want to suck cock, and plenty who do not. I am not opposed to pegging a sissy. In fact, I love it. You don’t want to worship any cock? You will worship me instead. Sissy Lilly found out what I meant the other day when I said “If you do not worship cock, you will worship me.”  A sissy must serve someone. It might as well be me, right? Sissy Lilly needed to come down off her high horse. I understand what a sissy wants, but sometimes we must meet in the middle. I do not do sissy phone calls for the money. Sure, the money is nice. It helps pay the bills, but I could have other jobs.  I could be a full-time dominatrix again, and never do phone sex. But I like helping sissies understand their wants and needs.  Sissy Lilly wanted no cock. She did not want to eat pussy or ass. And she did not want pegged. I am a dominant woman, so I could not let a sissy call the shots.  I listened to her and decided that the happy medium was me and my strapon apparatus. I dressed Sissy Lilly up in a pink frilly dress. I put her worthless clitty in a cock cage so she could not masturbate or cum. She was not happy about that. I would not be a good sissy trainer if I let a sissy cum whenever she wanted. Sissies are chronic masturbators. They have very little self-control over their flaccid peckers. They need my kind of sissy training. While her worthless clit stick was caged, I pegged her ass. She screamed at first, then started moaning. She also started leaking from her cage. Just means I hit her prostate. I milked that sissy dry. I ruined her orgasm, and I will ruin yours too.

Sissy Becomes Sex Slave of Wrestling Team

Sissy slave trainingDid you have fun with the college wrestling team? I bet they had fun with you too. I learned that they won an important match and wanted to celebrate. I suggested to the coach that they should use some of their wrestling moves on you while they fuck you. You didn’t really think I sent you there to be a water girl, did you? Those strong men must have had fun with having their way with you. I bet they pinned you down and you had no choice but to give each and every one of those men head. You were the hired cock slut so you had better sucked those guys up like a vacuum. I bet they fucked the shit out of you too. Those guys don’t have any mercy. They fucked your tight hole until they stretched out permanently? Well, now no cock will ever be able to fit inside of you. You will have to be their sissy slave forever.

House Sissy Shelbys Online sissy training

Online sissy training

Online sissy training for men like Shelby is just a touch-up for what’s happening in their sissy life. Can You Imagine being your step mommas sissy whore? Well, Shelby the sissy slut no longer has to worry about that. His step momma is an old school Soft domme who was aching to get her hands on her stepson. I would say now she pretty much rules his life. Although she is pretty mad that His wife isn’t stepping up to the plate in Shelby’s sissy instruction.

Just this last week Step Momma took Shelby away from his wife and made her clean the house and wouldn’t let her out of her pantyhose. That’s where this all started, a young femme boy stealing silky soft Nylons. I love Shelby step momma in the fact that she kept him safe from an ultra-conservative dad and fed his pantyhose addiction. And while Mistress Momma was doing extra femboy training she called his BBC daddy over and said he could use that whores mouth and pussy.

The wife was so jealous of that BBC-loving sissy whores body and cock skills that she threw a fit. But the time had come for Step momma to Put her best Alpha Domme skills to work. Step Momma is number one and she will not tolerate all her hard work over the years to be ruined. So she is training the wife and pulling out her domination side. Let’s just hope that wife of Shelby the cock slut with a cute clitty learns fast. Shelby always needs extra House Sissy maid training!

Sissy Panties are the Gateway Drug To Cock Sucking

Sissy Panties really are a kinky gateway drug into naughtier things. One of those naughtier things is the desire to be forced into being a kinky cunt licker. Now this is temporary as you will be cuckolded.

In fact being forced into wearing panties is only a distraction. The real fun is your wife making you watch her take that BBC. The cock you want her to experience because you crave to try a creampie. She turns those tables on you quick, doesn’t she?

It’s the truth that this is exactly what I would do. If you understood how that BBC feels in a woman’s cunt and ass… you will crave to suck it soon enough. And hopefully a good sissy like you will bend over for that BBC deflowering of that sissy cunt.

Sissy Panties