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Best sissy trainer Emerson will show you the way!

Best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainer Emerson will show you the way! I see your desire to serve me, my sissy. Trust me there will be times when you will be allured by my voice and be guided into the world of sissy play. As you let yourself submit to me, the blissful haze with sweep over you and render you relaxed and at your most vulnerable.

You feel my fingers as they slip into your sissy hole, letting your desires be met as you yield to the pleasure I provide. As you sink into the depths of your subconsciousness, I will whisper commands to your sissy soul. My soft words will turn you into my sissy toy, bending your mind and body to my will.

You are in need of a Sissy hypno training session and will remain in my trance until I am content. You will serve me and feel my power radiating through you. I know you will do everything I command, my sissy. I have special gifts and punishment for all of you naughty sissies. I’ll be sure to give each of you a special treat if you have been a good sissy. I’ll reward your obedience with a special sissy show inside the dark depths of my mind.

Welcome to the world of sissy hypnobabes, where the sweetest sissies come out to play. My powerful femininity will transform you into a sensual sissy completely devoted to me and my will. Let us explore all our sissy cravings in this hypnotic dream. I promise to take you to a world of ecstasy unlike anything you have ever experienced before and make you little Sissy panties cream! So do not be shy, sissy. Let’s let your dreams come true!


Best Sissy Trainer Brings Zoey for 2 Mistress Humiliation

As the Best Sissy Trainer always enjoys really humiliating her piggy’s I decided to bring in a second Mistress. Zoey and I are a team to be reconned with. Furthermore We will really humiliate and make you the weakest little pay piggy for our control.

Specifically one thing Good Sissy trainers are aware of is their control and power over little sissy faggots. Coincidentally This remains true with Mistress Zoey and Goddess Addilyn. In fact The two of us will destroy any threads of masculinity that remains.

In this case as you crave cock. And to serve a strong Mistress or two. Let’s face it sissy girls are whores, sluts and unable to serve just one Mistress. In this effect lets just make it easy.

Finally I command you to set up a two girl call with two Mistresses that know how to get inside your stupid bitch brain and fuck your world up. We will fuck up your world of trying to deny yourself. Stop pretending to be a man.

Best Sissy Trainer

Once you submit for your love of BBC then all else will fall out of context. Two goddesses controlling you and your wallet. This is your new reality as you get transformed for the cock craving fixations.

Unstand that you now dress for cock. And your future is certainly in the hands of Mistress Zoey and Goddess Addilyn. Accept it, and pay up, Sissy slave training is your New Years resolution for happiness.

Sissy slave training

Worship the Heels of the Best Sissy Trainer

best sissy trainer


Your place as my worthless little sissy is at my feet. I am the best sissy trainer because I am strict and will not allow you to get confused about your place. For example, a worthless sissy gag like you should not be making eye contact with a goddess like me. Your eyes, just like the rest of you, should be at my feet. I love a tall black almost as much as I love a big black cock. And look at that. Just like a BBC, my stiletto is bigger than that worthless little clit in your sissy boy panties.

Sounds to me like you should be worshiping my heels the same way you would worship a bbc. Kiss my fucking shoe, you worthless little fag. Are you ready for the foced slave training? Stick out that pink piggy tongue and start licking my heel clean. I want to see my reflection in my shoe or you will be feeling every inch of my heel in that filthy sissy pussy of yours. If you are a good little bitch boy, I’ll let you cream your sissy boy panties while you worship my feet. Now be a good little fag and thank me for giving you the honor of tasting my boot.

Sissy Panties for Small Dick Losers is a Must

sissy pantiesDo you belong in sissy panties? Let me ask you a few questions. Is your dick no longer than your index finger? Do women squint at your junk and suddenly have an excuse as to why they cannot sleep with you? If you are married, does your wife cheat on you? Do women giggle when they see your pin prick? Even just one yes means you belong in panties.

When I train sissies in my home, I take them into my closest and find them a pair of panties to wear. If I am speaking to a sissy on the phone, I suggest he find a pair of his wife’s panties or even his mother’s if he lives at home still. You’d be surprised how many sissies are mama’s boys too. Although I do talk to many married closeted sissies, most of them just want to suck cock. How small can your dick be if you find someone to marry you, right?

All Sissies Need a Sissy Wardrobe That Begins with Panties

Most tiny dick losers cannot find a woman. There is small then there is minuscule. And the inch worm losers belong in a pair of women’s underwear. And they definitely need sissy humiliation training. If your dick measures under 6 inches, I require you to wear panties. It is for safety measures. Your little willie could get harmed floating around in boxers. Plus, wearing women’s panties signals to all women to stop right there because there is nothing worth pursuing.

I like to shame little dick losers. But I enjoy feminizing them too. My sissy closet has something for everyone. Frilly dresses, slinky dresses, bras and panties, garter belts and stockings and even teddies and night gowns. A sissy begins with panties and small dick humiliation. Then we graduate to head to toe clothes and cock sucking. Ready for online sissy training with me?


Sissy maid training, for faggots who are “Maid” to be used!

Sissy maid trainingSissy maid training, for those who are “maid” to be used! You will be plugged and humiliated while in chastity for the entire world to see. From this day forward you serve as a slave for me. On your hands and knees is how you will be spending the rest of your days… In a pair of my used panties so we can get that Bussy of yours smelling as authentic as possible. That clit of yours will soon be inverted the more holes you have the more money you can make for me. You were maid to serve, that is your sole purpose now.

You may address me as Goddess, Brielle!

You love cock that’s what makes you the cock craving sissy that you are… It’s okay you can tell me. You get so turned on seeing those veiny thick cocks dangle over that slutty face of yours. Pull those Sissy panties off to the side and feel the sensation of Daddy’s big dick digging deep into your sissy hole. You don’t have to hide it anymore! You know you want to be a slut for them… It’s time we expand your wardrobe, and find you the slutty look that best suits your perfect body.

You will no longer be addressed as a man, you will learn to sit up straight, cross your legs, and speak in a feminized tone. That cocklet of yours will soon become more worthless than it’s ever been. By the time I am through with you, you will no longer have the urge to jack off anymore. Pegging while in chastity is how I will prepare you for B.N.W.O. You will be forced into submission to clean my cock after anal stretching. Dare break any rules and you will find out why I am such a popular paid Phone dominatrix.

BBC sissy trainer Emerson will turn you out to her friends!

BBC sissy trainer

BBC sissy trainer Emerson will turn you out to her friends!. I will ensure you are decked out in lace frocks, long dresses and cute panties that make you look and feel your best. I will paint your face so pretty and make sure you smell nice and sweet for my friends. They love sissy sluts like you have hard black dicks waiting to fuck hard. My friends love to humiliate white sissy pussy, so get ready to be treated like the piece of shit you are!  When your butt braces for the penetration from a BBC, your inner sissy slut is brought to life. They will show you no mercy and that sissy pussy sore.

I am the Best sissy trainer around! I have turned so many sissy’s into the whores they are and I am proud! There really isn’t nothing more fun than watching all of my friends do whatever they want to sissy sluts. There is no turning back at this point, you will forever be my sissy whore and will be a slave to black cock. Whatever their desires are no matter how sick and twisted it could be, you must submit. If you don’t you will be punished severely! It may be overwhelming to take on so many black cocks at once, but I believe in your whoredom. 

You are going to look so beautiful covered in cum. You will have no choice but to swallow load after load of jizz, It will cover your face to the point you will gasp for air but the cum won’t stop. You will be drenched in it and if my friend’s want an extra release, you will drink their piss without wasting one drop. A lot of my friends own pitbulls, so if they bring one to the party you better be a good little slut and take that dog cock!

Phone domination with Genesis will put you in your place

Phone domination

I had always loved to feel in control so Phone domination came naturally. I had used my power as a woman since I was young, commanding the attention of those around me, with a sultry gaze and a never-ending confidence. My femininity, combined with my ambition, was admirable, and I was determined to use it to my advantage.

At university, I quickly rose to become one of the school’s most influential people, forming a large group of loyal admirers around me. With this came a newfound excitement that empowered me and made me feel alive. I loved being fought over and having the control over who I’d spend my time with.

One day, my friends proposed an intriguing idea—to take charge of some of the men they knew and put them through their own paces. We wanted to show the men just what it felt like to be in the hands of a strong woman.

Of course, I was fully onboard with the plan. I found the challenge thrilling, and it gave me an opportunity to prove that I could handle them all. While some of the men were hesitant, their nerves only fueled my desire for control even more. I made sure to keep them guessing, always keeping them on their toes.

Within a few weeks, I had all of the men in my circle competing for my attention, and I found herself feeling energized and powerful with each of them graveling at my feet, and begging for shopping trips to be my sissy. The thrill of having men in the palm of my hand was intoxicating and I loved every minute of it.

Mistress Mommy’s Favorite Good Boy Slave!

Mistress phone sexMatt is such a good boy for his favorite Mistress mommy; he knows exactly how to behave and take instructions so well from me. His young, prime cock and willing attitude makes it so much more fun to bring him to the edge when we play. His hot panting, racing heart beat, and needy mouth,cock and balls always make me tingle. I love owning and praising this hot piece of ass whenever I can. With Matt I love being soothing, loving and care free; he is just way too sweet to abuse like I normally would. 

I mean I love being a mean mistress to most of my wanna be sissy boys. However, Matt is just so different; I can’t be anything but nice to him. He loves to suck on my tits, pussy and sweet ass hole without even asking. He calls me Mistress Mommy without fail anytime he talks to me. He asks for permission before speaking to me and always tells me how much he loves to be of service to me. I even let my sweet boy put his dick in me sometimes too; he is just so good at pleasing and serving I have to reward him.

He is a big time mommy’s boy and craves attention; he didn’t really have one growing up. So he sort of missed out on the necessities of having a mommy care for him properly. So when I brought him into my world I knew he would need guidance and proper training on how to be a good mommy’s boy. He is well trained and so willing to show his mistress mommy exactly how much she means to him. He enjoys having his hair played with, dressed up in anything I want and he loves to suck on my nipples like he is a sweet nursing boy. 

He has taught himself how to cum even without needing to be touched. His favorite is breeding though; he truly loves seeding me like a good boy. So when he does what he is told and serves properly I let him get his little fix in. I let him lay back while I bounce on his young shaft; I milk that cock and balls the best I can. I love feeling his load shoot in my womb while I listen to his sweet moans as he tells me what a pathetic little mommy’s boy he is over and over again. I love when I find me a proper little boy slave like him!

Taboo phone chat for guys who need pegged!

Taboo phone chat

Taboo phone chat for guys who need to be pegged! Submissive little men who worship at the strap are welcome to have Miss Z bounce your ass!  I have a great way to spread your legs. Some shackles and handcuffs will keep you in the perfect position for my big dick.

You want all of me deep inside of you, tell me how much of a subby slave you are for the strap! A big open gag secures your mouth for when I think ass juice has built up too much on my dildo! Soon your pretzeled body starts to ache.  But Still, I push on! Deeper, harder, take it bitch boi!

Taboo phone chat includes Dildos, harnesses, and more BDSM gear

Forced feminization begins with a Goddess pushing a big strap-cock in that ass! I hope your feelings are hurt as you see yourself in that big mirror on my ceiling.  My 6-inch spiked heels click on the hardwood floor as my hips sway.

forced feminization I love wearing the sexy clothes you wish you could wear every day as I fuck you! You probably have your asscheeks clenched right now just thinking about trying to prevent my big black dildo from penetrating you. But don’t worry subservient bitch boy, it will fit.  But you should worry if I allow you to cum? Do you think I’ll be too much for your tenderoni ass?

Phone domination and pegging are what you get with my bratty domme ass!  You take as much as you can, your body shaking with pleasure. When you cum, I make sure to let you enjoy it, before pushing you back down and showing your beta bitch place.  You belong to Miss Z now and I will fuck you in bondage anytime I want! Maybe if you are a good boi I will bring out the paddle next time!

Phone Domination Sissies Love That Cock

Phone domination can bring out my mean side for sure. My sissies droolphone domination over the thought of a nice large cock in their mouth, don’t you girls?  Imagine I take you on a date, having the best time, teasing you even letting you feel my clit throughout the night.  However, knowing you have a worthless cock, I brought some favors. Like a magic trick, I proceed to pull out two small vibrators from somewhere hidden within those tight clothes wearing nothing underneath by design specifically made for this moment –one red the other black–and handed you the red one saying “Here use this baby.”

Your eyes widened even more as you took it from me, unsure what I intended for you to do with it. However, when I spread my legs wider, exposing myself completely, there was no denying what needed attention down there!

“Suck on that,” pointing towards my pussy lips glistening wetly underneath the dim lighting, “and see how good it feels.” As expected reluctance turned into the curiosity which soon transformed into pure lust once those sweet vibrations hit against his tongue dancing around eagerly lapping up every drop of nectar flowing freely now that he’d started eating out another man’s cum slut hole like a pro!

After several minutes of enjoying yourself too much (not surprising considering how skilled at giving head most guys are), the time came to take things further…I pulled off your pants revealing an equally hard cock standing tall before us both –perfect target practice material if ever there was one–grabbed hold firmly and began stroking slowly while continuously moaning encouragingly making sure not to miss any opportunity give orders
to make him feel even more submissive.

“Suck my dick, you little sissy,” I commanded playfully yet authoritatively as you hesitated for only a moment before obeying eagerly taking me deep into your mouth and sucking hard until I came all over your face leaving behind sticky trails of cum and saliva mixed signifying complete ownership over this once proud man now reduced to nothing but a filthy cocksucker at my beck and call!