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Sissy slave training is all sissy bitch deserves

I love a bitch who is ready for Sissy slave training. First, I want you to undress and wear the sissy outfit I picked for you. It will consist of sissy pink panties and stockings, plus sissy make up. “You need to look like a perfect slut” I said as I put lipstick on you like a pretty pig. “Tonight, you will be milking some very important clients”. After I said that three big black cocks walked in. “I have some well training coming your way my sissy bitch”.

“You will milk every one of these cocks”. Then you nod your head like a good whore and get on your knees. “Suck some dick and spread those legs” is all I command of you. Your mouth opens wide, and I shove a big dick in your sissy throat. Then I make it easy to get a bbc in your sissy cunt by ripping your panties off. The look in your eyes when his hard dick pushes deep inside you makes your mistress very happy.

Sissy slave training

My cunt started to moisten when I saw you were swallowing your first load of thick jizz. “Eat it all, you filthy whore” I moan out as I play with my cunty. Watching you getting fucked excited me so much, I jump hard on the last cock standing and i ride him like they are riding you. Finally, I started getting filled up and so were you, “that’s it milk that cock with that sissy pussy bitch” i moan out as i cum hard all over his bbc.

Forced Sissy Training For That Pathetic Sissy Pussy

forced sissy training

Your sissy pussy needs to be trained to take cocks.  Whether you like it or not. Forced sissy training is what that cunt needs and that’s what I’m going to stretch that whole out until you beg for mercy. Your pathetic clit is useless to me. Your sissy pussy will have to pleas me instead. That means I will force you onto your hands and knees.

I will lock you in place if you can’t take cock like a good, obedient little faggot. I’ll push your panties to the side and spit on that slut hole and slide my fingers inside first. I’m going to see how much I can stretch out that tight ass and find the perfect size cock to fuck you with. I don’t want to ruin you. A broken toy is no fun to play with. But I do want to hear that pathetic noise you make when you’re being stretched to your limits.

I want to listen to your moans while I force your head down and cram my cock into that ass. You will love every second of it too. I might even be nice and rub that pathetic slit through those sissy panties. It really doesn’t matter to me. Whether you scream for more, or beg for me to stop, I will gape out your slut holes and prepare you to take real cocks for me.

Online sissy training w. an Athlete who is gay and in denial

Online sissy trainingEver seen a Basketball player in Sissy panties? Well, I did just yesterday… He got super drunk one night and was photographed flirting with a transgender.. according to him he had no idea but the obvious is he did. He is just another faggot in denial. Well, the photos made it to the men’s locker room and they are plastered all over the walls.

Just yesterday he called me sobbing about him being bullied and forced into submission by the other players. As he went into detail I could hear the joy in his voice. I knew there was no way he could be reliving that moment and not be fingering his cunt. He claimed he heard a lot about me and has heard that I am the Best sissy trainer on the internet.

I don’t know if he expected me to feel bad but as he went into detail it excited me. I got him to confess his liking for BBC and his daily urge to go back to that gay bar. Truth is thats where he would go to secretly toss salads.

But, now that the news is out he has been hiding in his basement fucking himself with dildos while being a total cock tease to random men on the internet…

He wants to be fucked so badly but he is just afraid of the world knowing for certain that his wife is just a prop. He is gay, which is the real reason why he has already gotten a vasectomy. Until we find someone trustworthy to come over and load him with cum, he will be cumming during Online sissy training.

Online Sissy Training Field Report BBC Spotted

online sissy trainingSo recently, I had this awesome guy Skype with me who was looking for some online sissy training before a big night.  We’ve chatted before and I got to see how sexy he looked dressed in his thigh highs, tiny little skirt, thong that covered his cute little cock and crop top shirt.  Butt plug and all he was really buying into the sissy lifestyle and I was here for it.  I told him a few weeks ago when we talked, the next step was to get a black cock over there to really take his sissy to the next level.  The last we talked I told his faggot ass to get on a dating site and get him a black cock, pronto.

My poor little sissy slut was nervous but took the expert advise I gave her and found a big hot black cock. They had been texting back and forth and prepared to meet up the other night.  I loved seeing my hot little sissy dressed up for her date, just like if I was there dressing her up. We went on Skype so I could see every detail of the fishnets, layered stockings, tini little tutu, and more. I loved seeing the nice shaved pussy for our BBC friend.  The twerking into the video on Skype to see that smooth sissy ass, I know this black cock was going to be pleased.

Sissy said it was just going to be a blowjob to sart but I’m secretly hoping that sweet little pussy got some love too.  I am axiously awaiting to see if we get more of the deets.  I’m dying to know how the first cock was in my sissys little mouth.  How did the cum taste of this big stallion of a man? Did my sissy get a second date or was it mentioned? Ahh I hope it went well and our training paid off, I’ll keep y’all updated!

Femboy Training Offered for Closest Sissy Boys

femboy trainingFemboy training begins here boys. I love being a sissy mom. My two youngest sons, twins, turned out to both be queer. And I love them even more for living their authentic lives. My foray into the sissy world began with them. I have long been a dominatrix, but I never feminized anyone until my sons took more of an interest in my clothes than their boy clothes. Feminine clothes rock. Do you agree?

Women’s clothing offers more options. We have bras, panties, dresses, sexy halter tops, baby doll tees, garter belts, sexy high heels, hosiery, nighties, yoga pants and a slew of other options. The options for men appear more basic and less cute and pretty. Not fair, right? Every year, I take my boys back to school shopping. And I buy them all the pretty things you wish you could wear in public. But at least you can wear sissy panties in public with no one knowing.

Ready to be a Sissy Boy, Baby?

Schools appear more eclectic than when I attended school. Girls wore dresses, skirts and pants. Boys wore jeans, shorts, slacks and T-shirts or polos for the most part. No gender free clothing. We lived in a world of straight or gay and if you happened to be gay, you never told anyone. My sons grew up in the queer world of non-binary and trans labels. Since they attend an arts school, they can explore their fashion choices. You might even be jealous of that.

While we shopped for dresses, and gender fluid clothes, I picked up a femboy fan. No doubt he picked up that I was with my two non-binary boys. And I think he may have wished that he married me. I hear that a lot. However, if I marry again, I will marry a black man with a big black cock who can keep me happy in the bedroom. But since I figured him out quickly, I gave him my business card.

I am a full-time sissy mommy, but a part-time sissy boy mistress. He will be over Thursday night for his first sissy consultation. But you do not need to wait that long for your sissy training.

Domination phone sex for men who are infatuated with panties

Domination phone sex

Domination phone sex for men who have insane panty fetishes. You know the type, if you love everything about how women’s panties make you feel, read on. Some men have an insatiable desire for all things feminine. It’s an ache that drives them mad at times. Especially small dicked men. From the first touch of that material, you are gone. But Lucky for you the women in your life love being showered with pretty panty sets.

I wonder how long it takes your woman to figure out you have been wearing, smelling, and cumming in her panties. Fuck, some of y’all give me a run for my money when talking about brands, styles, and cut. I know you can talk about panties forever. That’s why we are going shopping today. Keep your sissy trainer in your ear as your browse and giggle among the hundred of bras, panties, and lingerie. A fat kid in the back of a bakery couldn’t be happier. 

Panty Boy Trainer

Let me guide you through the store demanding you “buy more and more!”  We inspect each pair of sissy panties, giving me every detail verbally amid the other lady shoppers. There is no denying that each patron knows those frillies are for you. Especially, when I demand you to tell the sales lady that they are for you! Even going so far as to make you ask for bigger sizes in the back.  

Panty shopping

Once I was on the phone with a sissy, we went into an upscale lingerie store. The stuff is very expensive.  The saleswomen paid much closer attention. When two girls approached him and inquired about how they might assist, he became extremely worried. I forced him to give the phone to one of the girls, who took it grudgingly. I informed her that he was my hubby and had come to the store to select some pretty underthings at my direction.


She inquired about my clothing size and preferred fashions. “Oh, the panties aren’t for me sweetheart, I said while snort laughing. They are for him to wear, so be a sweetheart and assist him in selecting something exquisite. In addition, I blurted out that he had a strong panty fetish, so she could make him buy as much as she wanted! I hope they talk and laugh about him for the rest of their lives! 

Sissy slave training will get you exposed and for

What a filthy undercover whore you are!” I said as I forced this sissy to do what Sissy slave training demands of her. You must wear your sissy outfit I picked for you if you want me to use you. First you have to know you are worthless and that your sissy hole was made to be filled up with thick cummy loads. Secondly you have to follow every direction I give you, like “suck the left-over nut out my cunt”.

Your tongue needs to scoop every drop of semen in my cunt hole if you are a good whore maid. The point of you being a whore is to do what I say. Tonight, you will be broken in by a big cock. A sissy whore gets nothing, but a big cock. Even if it is a toy dick lick mistress has, you must take all of it.  First, I brought my favorite “Suck black daddy’s cock while I spank that ass and clitty in those Sissy panties I picked for you”. 

Sissy slave training

I moaned out. It sent you in overdrive and you tried to suck the cum out of his big black dick. “Don’t you dare, you filthy slut”. “We know you are hungry for that semen, but you won’t get that tummy full”. Then I spanked your ass with my paddle, shoving your mouth on the cock harder. After your ass was red, I ripped those lace panties off. “You will fuck this cock like I know you want”.

“Can’t hide who you are any more”, is all you hear as i stuff you with my friend’s bbc. “Oooh” you moan out loud. That was my reasons for training you so you can be who you are meant to be a sissy bitch who gets fucked. Finally, I see his big balls tighten up “you are about to get filled up”. “Don’t stop until you get every drop of nut out”. Then I see you getting filled and your clitty sprays all over. “Good job whore”.

Online sissy training, Become a Certified BBC sucker; Today!

Online sissy trainingFuck me harder are the only words I want to hear coming out of your mouth. I got you a new prostate massage device to keep you on your toes. I know keeping you locked away in chastity for days on end must be so uncomfortable and since you have been on your best behavior; I think you are deserving of satisfaction during Online sissy training and on your own. A sissy should never be left deprived! I like it better knowing that my sissy is helplessly having orgasms in his sleep.

The overwhelming wet dreams topped with the sensation of his new pulsing prostate massage device will keep him super horny. This means the Sissy Faggot Slut will have the urge to be dominated, hehe more money for me! That’s obviously because as all of you sissies do; he lives a double life. He would never be capable of setting these dates up on his own or even knowing what to do with their cocks if it weren’t for me, the feminized twink would be lost. I noticed the wannabe had his clit hidden in a cave so I had him slip out of his Sissy panties and taught him how to shave.

Most sissies think going bald certifies their faggotry but, straight men shave.

I wouldn’t want my Faggots misleading anyone, which is why I had him give himself a landing strip. His new black daddy enjoyed dragging his cock down the line of hair that led down to his gaping pucker, I know this for sure since I watched him be dominated live on Skype. 

There is no turning back for the Sir, Daddy of the year xD! It’s official the cocksucker has admitted to craving a prostate milking every time he gets horny. He is a certified BBC lover now and Sissy training has only just begun.

Forced feminization with a sexy pair of panties

My friend came to me and told me about her cheating boyfriend, so I decided to give him a taste of my power and some Forced feminization. Since he never met him, it was easy for me to lure him back to my place. At my place I feed you more alcohol and even some rails of blow. It is to ensure you are going to be weak enough for me to control. After you tried to kiss me, I slap you. “Bitch you are not worthy of me, I heard about what you do to women ”.

Since you are so drunk it was easy for me to undress you and put a dress on. “You won’t take it off unless you are going to get fucked” is what i say as i force make up on your face. “Look at you”.  “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig”. “Now get on your knees and squeal like a pig”. “Oink oink” is all I let you say before I start spanking your sissy ass with my paddle. I stand in front of you so you can watch me put my strap-on on. I can see you are scared.

“What are you scared of; didn’t you want a fun banging session?” After you nod you head, I smile and spank you again. “Beg for me to fuck your pussy bitch!” My paddle hits your ass over and over hard, “I won’t stop until you say it!” “Please fuck me, please”. Finally, you said it, that is when I slam my cock into your man pussy. “You are going to be my new feminine bitch and I will fuck you just like you fuck bitches behind each other’s back”.

Forced feminization

“Now show me what a slut bitch you will be for me” is what I tell you as I start to jack off your cock. I want to force you to cum as I fuck you, that way you know what a bitch you really are. Your Sissy panties are my handles to hold on to as I ram inside you. Finally, you explode all over my hand, “you filthy bitch I knew you would love it”. “Now clean your mess up!”

Thanks for the sissy panties, Peace

sissy pantiesMy sissy’s are alway begging me to send  them some of my very special worn sissy panties.  Only for the ones that have been on their best behavior do I send off my favorite silky soft, beautifully designed worn panties.  They tell me how much they love the softness going over their worthless cocks.  I have seen how hard those little cocks get putting them on for the first time.  The cream they ooze out with pre-cum and their ass pussy, it’s hot.  A strong masculine man by day and a panty wearing sissy by night.

Prancing around in pink panties and a matching bra, rubbing the softness of the sissy clothes I dress them in. Pink, purple and red are the favorites among my little sissys. Sometimes they let me watch them open the panties on Skype and then slip them on.  An instant boner and I even catch the pre-cum stain that squirts out.

Sometimese we have to go through forced feminization and other times these sissys are all in before we ever talk. They live this secret lifestyle and we have fun being naughty behind closed doors.

I have a new panty order for my used panties going on later on today. Never new panties because they won’t get the same experience doing that. They love the smell of a woman that they can get by smelling her panties. Then extra hot to wear that womens scent by wearing the panties, all day.  I get horny just thinking about the next times I can Skype one of my sissy’s in my panties!