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Mistress Phone Sex Makes You a Pretty Femboy

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex means I am your mistress not your lover. Men can call me mistress, goddess or mommy. I do not let my subjects call me babe, honey or Coraline. Why? Because I am dominant and superior over you. So, I treat my phone sissies much in the same way I do my real time sissies. I’m in charge on and off the phone.

And I have a new sissy in my life. Every time I tell myself that I will not take another sissy client, I meet one with such potential who wants to pay me. And how can I say no to potential and money?  Although I make great money doing sissy phone sex, I need the extra money that real time guys pay. As a single mom, I have three offspring to take care of. And two are T-girls in the making. So, they me cost money. You understand I bet. Sissy clothes are not cheap. And my closet is full of sissy wardrobe items. Just ask my boys.

You Will Call Me Goddess, Mistress or Mommy

I digressed. Sorry. This new sissy wants to be a femboy. And I told him he was in the right place. My twin teenage boys wanted to be femboys too. So, I helped them. When they get older, they can take hormones if they wish. Although I support their desire to be fem T-girls, I also want to make sure it’s not a fad before letting them get breast augmentation or take hormones.

However, for my new sissy, I encouraged her to get breast implants. Stunning features. Natural curves. Almost hairless body. She’s a perfect T-girl or femboy sissy. And the icing on the cake would be her very small clit. She looks perfect to be a bottom beta sissy bitch. So, I am giving her femboy training. I can turn her into my daughter easily. We worked on hair, makeup and wardrobe this weekend. Did I mention I have a cosmetology license too? That means I can make you pretty too.

Next up for my new sissy, big black cocks. And tits. Jealous? Don’t be. I can make you a pretty femboy too.

Sissy maid training breaking it down step by step.

          Sissy maid training breaking it down step by step. Day to day. The first thing to remember is that you are in training. You are not always going to like the training but to become a sissy in a French maid costume and pull it off then there is going to be some force. After all, the French are known for their Kissing, Feminization, and they have No inhibitions. Sissy maid training           Breaking it down step by step, the first step is to teach you to be proud. A maid is proud of her station. As shown above you can submit anywhere, in the kitchen or in the back yard. On your knees or on your back. As long as you have confidence. Being proud of being a sissy, forcing you into the outfit.

          Now you aren’t really ready for the outfit. The second step is stand straight. Let your legs slide smoothly together, swaying your hips. This way you draw attention to your ass. Next you do the bend and snap. Now this works on more than one level. Bending over in the French maid will draw attention to your panties, and pussy, but then when you snap up it snaps their attention up as well. Not only their attention but their cocks as well.

          With this in mind they are now the ones that will come to you. You have the upper hand, and the rest will be taught from you own Mistress phone sex trainer.  

Sissy Hypno Training Makes You Worship Big Dick and Cum

What could be better than subjecting yourself to a little Sissy hypno training? I mean come on, here you are on a sissy blog site. Obviously you are piqued a little for embracing your feminine whiles.

Sissy Hypno Training

Let’s celebrate with Pride and enjoy some personal reflection. Many of my sissy girls are closeted older men that love dressing and crave dick. Maybe you love to dress up and watch big black dick porn as you finger your sissy cunt.

How about a little mind control. A subconcious exploration of the craving for a big dick in your mouth. Maybe imagine if you will that big meaty dick head passing between your lips. Use your tongue and take a lick of that wonderful fleshy texture. Slide it over the dick hole and lick.

Now how is it feeling? Are you beginning to throb in your panties? That is a great start to nudge your embarkment on some kinky phone hypnosis with a true Black cock sissy trainer.

BBC Sissy Trainer

Sissy slave training is what you were made to get I’ll train you

Don’t waste my time unless you are ready to fully submit to my Sissy slave training. Once you become a pet in training, everything about you belongs to me. “You will dress like a used-up hooker” I say as I hand you a pair of panties. As I watch you undress, I have you sign your life to me. You easily do it because you have been wanting this for a long time. Once you are dressed in panties and heels, I bend you over my knee.

“I will give you the spanking your mommy should have given your sissy ass. As I spank you, I laugh and say, “you were born to be a sissy girl”. Your spankings will last until your ass is red then mommy will show you what you were made for. After you whimper and thank mommy I stand up and show off my big monster strap. “Mommy mistress will break you in with her favorite toys” I say sternly. “Make it wet and slippery” i demand of you to do. It doesn’t take any forcing for you to open your mouth.

Sissy slave training

Just like a nasty slut you slurp on my strap cock. But you are a worthless slut, so I grab you by the hair. “Choke on it bitch” I say as I grab you by the hair and push you down on my cock. Once you choke and gag on it, I start to smile. Finally, it is slippery and wet. “Bend over” I instruct you to do. Then I slip your Sissy panties to the side and make you beg for it. “I am your mistress please bless me and fuck my pathetic hole” you whimper. When you beg and submit is what makes me happy.

Therefore, I slam inside your sissy cunt. It was so hard that you fell down but I just kept ramming you. I rammed your sissy hole the way mine was by a big white cock when I was young. I learned pathetic white clitty bitches like you need to be trained and broken in by cocoa girls like me. “Can I leak mistress, please?” you beg as I pound you to the ground. After some time, I finally let you cum. As soon as you exploded on the floor you knew this is all you ever wanted. “Clean up, I have something else I want you to wear” I say as I pop my strap out your sissy cunt. You will clean up all the cum mess and get dressed like the barbie whore you are.

Best sissy trainer Zoey Adores Crossdressers and SPH

 Best sissy trainerBest sissy trainer Zoey Knows that crossdressers need to have a place where they can show off all of those sexy outfits.

From a Hong Kong man who cheats with me with his girlfriend’s panties, To the sensual and seductive ultra-high femme I adore them all.  I have collected a list of female clothing from more than a few crossdressers over my last few years. Ever curious, I love the pieces my “Girls”  collect and love to show off.  That includes a menagerie of cages, and dildos that my fem bots collect as well. 

Best sissy trainer Zoey for Crossdressers, SPh and more

The evolution of a small dicked man is another topic, but often entwined with my love for crossdressers! Some men just need a wake-up call about that clit between their legs, and a nice pair of panties engulfing that mini ween is perfection. Crossdressing and SPH help cum to terms with size. And For all my other girlie boys, I still can humiliate you in other ways. 🍭

Not all my callers started out wearing frilly Sissy panties. Some took a while to put on lace and satin. Others were quick to go rummaging through dressers and laundry hampers. I really love getting photos of my men-in-panties! Wink, wink! “Mistress, what Shall I wear for my session?”A meek fem-boy chats with me. “Anything that makes you feel girlie and slutty.” is always my reply to newbies. 

And for my established baby dolls, I always seem to find the perfect outfit for them. I’m a master of making my fem-boys look and feel like princesses.  Give me an inventory, and I’ll be happy to have you dress in session with me. Remember, a cyber chat is an excellent way to get all ready before our training sessions! Let me dress you up.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.

BBC Sissy Trainer Genesis Loves making Men into Sissy Slaves

BBC Sissy Trainer

So, you think you’re such a big strong man, do you? Well, I’m a BBC sissy trainer, and I’m about to teach you how to take the biggest black cock you’ve ever seen. I’m the one in control here you pathetic useless piece of ass. You’re not good for anything other than getting all your holes filled with a BBC.

I’m going to dress you up in a nice slutty mini skirt, and a cute little V-neck crop top. You better keep your trap shut; you don’t speak unless spoken to. You’re going to wear a thin little lacey bra underneath, along with those sissy panties.

Every time you disobey me, I’m going to get my switch and spank you with it. I’ll spank you into submission if I have too. Once I’m done with you, you know that I own you. Goddess Genesis is going to train you just how to be a good little sissy fem boy. I’m going to give you little taste of what a real BBC would feel like in your mouth.

As I strap on my huge purple strap on, I want you to get on your hands and knees in front of me. Kiss my feet and thank me. Thank me for even letting you be in my presence. Thank me for teaching you how to be the perfect sissy boy that you truly are. You’re no longer a man, you’re a girl now. A good little sissy girl, aren’t you? Yes, Ma’am; is how you’ll answer me from now on.

Get Ready to Suck It

Now open your mouth up nice and wide, I’m going to see just how big we can stretch this pathetic little mouth open. You’re going to take my big purple strap on into your mouth as if it were a real cock. Gag on my cock. Suck it like you’ve never sucked before. I want to see the tears ruining your make up. I want that mascara running down your face. Suck it you little pathetic sissy.

Take that cock deep down your throat. Show me what a pathetic piece of shit you are. I’m going to stretch your little mouth open as far as I can get it. You’ll have to do this every single day so we can get you ready for a real BBC. Now stand up and tell Goddess Genesis that she’s the best sissy trainer you’ve ever had. 

Femboy Training Forces You to Cream Your Panties

It’s Time For More Femboy Training

Femboy training with me used to make you nervous, but now you get excited every time you hear my sexy voice. You got all pretty to become my submissive little whore and I can’t wait to see my slut soak her panties for me. You always start on your knees for your Mistress. The feminization is well underway. Your voice is softer than when we started, you’re growing your hair out longer, and now your closet is full of lace and pink. But I still have to teach you how to cum like a girl. 

femboy training

Today I want you on your back for me. Keep your panties on. Just push those sissy panties over to the side so I can see that cute cunny. You’re supposed to train this little fuckhole for me every night for 15 minutes. Let’s see if you’ve been doing your homework. I push a finger into that slut hole. You’re still so fucking tight. I push a second finger into you just to see your ass stretch open. I can see your girl cock getting in hard in those panties. Good girl. 

Cream Those Pretty Sissy Panties

I don’t punish you for getting excited. Instead, I give you a little kiss on that pretty clitty and finger fuck your ass harder. I want to hear the pretty moans. The louder and sluttier you sound the better I will make you feel. You’re about to squirt for me. The precum is flooding for your cute little girl cock. But I won’t touch that sensitive clitty. You’re going to cum from my fingers alone. I curl my fingers inside of that sissy pussy and watch that clitty jump. Beg to cum like a good whore. Tell me how good your pussy feels with my fingers deep inside of you. I watch the cream shoot into those sissy panties

Being A Phone Dominatrix Is Hot As Fuck

I am a phone dominatrix. I want complete and total control. If to get that control I have to humiliate you, so be it. If I have to hurt you that is ok with me too. I will force you to prance around wearing fishnets, frilly panties, and red lipstick, all while there is a butt plug deep in your ass.

phone dominatrix

I will force you to bend over the bed and take a 10-inch strap on right up your ass. I will open up that ass and ravage it till I get tired. I will make you watch a real man, fuck me, your pathetic ass can’t fuck this pussy good enough to make me cum.  Then you will clean my pussy and his cock with your little sissy tongue. Then you will have to give up your ass to the cock I have brought home. He is going to fuck your ass hard and fill it full of cum. When he is done fucking your little ass you will clean his cock for him and thank him for fucking you. I am your new mistress and you will do as I say or you will pay.


Femboy training will enforce your inner whore to submit


Femboy training

Well, hello there, my little sissy sluts! I’m here to give you a taste of what life is like under my Femboy training regime. I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath to hear all about how I’m going to enforce your inner whore and make you submit to my every desire. Well, wait no longer, my precious pets, because I’m about to spill all the juicy details.

First things first, let’s talk about what it means to be a sissy. Some of you may be new to the scene, while others have been worshipping at the altar of sissification for years. But no matter where you fall on the spectrum, one thing is for sure: being a sissy means embracing your inner femininity and submitting to a dominant force. And who better to be that force than me, your Mistress Emerson?

When you first come to me for training, I’m going to start by assessing your level of submission. This means asking you some probing questions about your desires, fantasies, and limits. Don’t be shy, my little sluts – I want to know everything about you. The more I know, the better I can tailor your sissy training to your specific needs.

Once your Phone dominatrix have a good understanding of where you’re at, we’ll start with the basics. This means learning how to walk, talk, and behave like the sissy slut you were meant to be. I’ll teach you how to sway your hips, lower your voice, and serve your Mistress with the utmost respect and devotion. And if you think this is all just fluff and no substance, think again. Training is a serious business, and I expect my sissies to take it just as seriously as I do.

Of course, no regime would be complete without some good old-fashioned punishment. I am a master of punishment. Whether it’s spanking, corner time, or verbal humiliation, I know exactly how to make my sissies squirm. And trust me, you’ll be begging for more.

.I’ll teach you how to touch yourself in all the right ways, how to tease and tantalize your body until you’re begging for release. And when that release finally comes, it will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Let me assure you, my little sluts, that I am more than equipped to handle all your needs. I have a whole arsenal of toys and tools at my disposal, ready and waiting to pleasure your body in ways you never thought possible. And if you’re a good sissy whore, I might even allow you a little mercy.

So, there you have it, my precious pets. A taste of what life is like under my sissy regime. If you’re ready to embrace your inner whore and submit to my every desire, then I’m ready to welcome you into my world. Just remember to hold on to your Sissy panties, because things are about to get very, very explicit.


Femboy training is what you get from me

When a sissy bitch needs some Femboy training they come to a sexy dom like me. “A good slut wears the cutest panties” I say with a smile. As I hold up your uniform, I see a little twitch in your bottoms. “We must put your cage on first ” I demand as you undress. “A pathetic little sissy whore can’t let her clitty get too excited” I tease as I cage you up. After you are dressed up, I make you bend over my knee for your dirty slut spankings.

Femboy training

“Thank your mistress for wasting her time and training you” I demand as I start to spank you. “Thank you, mistress, I am not worthy of you” you whimper over and over. Finally, your ass was red and marked up. “Lick my fucking boots bitch” I say as I start to strap up. Right away you start to licking. You know that if you follow tour training, you will be rewarded. “Take those panties off and bend over slut” I say as I lube my strap up.

“Thank you, mistress, for training me, I am yours” you whimper to me. Then I ram my strap cock depending on you. “I’m your owner bitch” I say as I pound your hole. That’s what you need and why you become my slave. “Mistress can I leak for you?” You ask. I want you to squirm, so I start spanking you over and over. “Leak for bitch” I demand of you. After you make a mess, I say “clean up bitch”. Then I throw your Sissy panties at you.