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Sissy Girl Training Is a Must

sissy girl training

Oh, you sissies always think you know what you’re doing from the get-go. But if you haven’t had sissy girl training from an actual woman, then you’re just setting yourself up for failure. How in the world would you know how to be a woman if you were born a man? All you must do is submit yourself to my capable hands and you’ll be feminized in no time! The only thing I ask of you is that when you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you tell me you’re gonna shave your legs, etc, then do it.

Once you’re in training with me, you’re going to notice that you feel so much more feminine. You are going to walk in a more feminine way, especially after you’ve had a cock or strap-on in your pussy. I’ll teach you the ways of getting dressed, picking out which lipstick to wear with your makeup, and all kinds of things that you didn’t know you needed to know. I’m ready to make all of your sissification dreams come true. All you have to do is trust yourself to my capable hands and you’ll be the woman you have always wanted to be.

Clean My Pussy

mistress phone sex

My sissy gets really excited to come over and train with my sorry ass little dick husband. I don’t understand the appeal, but it sure does make me happy. They both are my sissy cucks who will do nothing but please me. Just their happy faces as I hand them their pretty nylon panties is a joy. My husband was being a total prick today and actually tried to touch me this morning in bed. I quickly put a stop to that. He knows better and I was not going to let that slip by. So, I called sissy and she came right over.

I directed my husband to come in and then they both stripped down. I greased up those butt plugs, had them bend over and I rammed them inside. I wasn’t particularly gently with my husband either. Then I handed them their panties and told them to crawl to me like the pets that they are. As they scurried my way, my gentleman friend arrived. I instructed them to undress him and get him ready for Ms. Violet’s beautiful pussy. They worked together, licking, and sucking his cock and balls. Then they guided his big thick long dick inside my cunt.

They watched as a real man pleased me. After me and my friend had explosive orgasms, the little sissies had tiny little wet spots in their panties. I laughed and laughed at them. Then I had them come and clean all of that thick warm cum from my pussy, patted their heads and told them to draw me a warm bubble bath.

Naughty Mistress Phone Sex

mistress phone sex

Every sissy needs Mistress phone sex with a woman like me. You all are just not capable of handling the process of being feminized by yourself. Most of you don’t even have a freaking clue where to start. You’ve never been a woman, so you are clueless. All you know right now is that you want to look pretty and get fucked by a fat cock. But if I asked you how we’d get that process started, you would just look at me and tell me that you have no idea. But that’s what I’m here for. I’ll transform you.

All you have to do is be obedient and do what I tell you to do. It’s really very simple. When I say shave something, you’ll shave it. I don’t care if you don’t want to, or you are afraid someone will notice. If you’re serious about being a sissy, you need to follow directions. If I tell you to buy several dildos in varying sizes so you can get used to sucking cock and being fucked, then that’s what you’ll do. Trust me, in the end, you’ll be glad that you picked a strict Mistress like me. You’ll be the best sissy around!

Let Me Dress You

mistress phone sex

Aww look at you. Sitting in your bed in your wife’s panties watching hot shemale porn and stroking you cock. You say you aren’t a sissy faggot, but I say otherwise. I mean seriously. Who are you truly trying to fool? I have a perfect idea for you. I am going to train your pansy ass. Stand up, take off your wife’s panties and get your sorry ass over here. Now let me look in my closet for the perfect outfit for you.

Here. A pair of black fishnet thigh highs, a nylon lace black thong, a garter belt, and a black lace corset. Now don’t forget the stripper boots. Oh, my don’t you look nice. You like the feel of those panties on your cock and balls? I think you do. The little carrot is growing along with the wet spot on your panties. Turn around and let me check out your ass. It is so pale against your panties. I think you need a little color. Bend over and touch your toes. I pull out my paddle and paddle your ass to a nice shade of pink. That looks better already. Oh my, that wet spot is huge now. What to do with you next…

Sissy Panties

Sissy Panties

Domination is what I live for. It gives me such a thrill looking at the army of subservient sex slaves I have created. They are my own personal collection and they absolutely worship me. I am their Goddess and Commander. Anything I say they will do. Particularly, I am specialized in training sissies and they love the humiliation. I dress them up in pretty, lace sissy panties and laugh at their puny little cocks. It isn’t enough to satisfy a woman and they know it. They come to me for validation. During my last training session, I had a sissy boy practice fucking one of my other pets. Mistress Genesis is definitely a voyeur and I love having my slaves perform for me. When you’re ready to give yourself over to your Mistress, let me know. I am always eager for new slaves to join my army.

Be My ‘VIS’ Darling!

Femboy Training

My “VIS” meaning my Very Important Sissies pay extra to have a full day of shopping with their favorite trainer! I start the day with a bit of pampering, we go get our manicures and pedicures as well as some waxing and facials before getting a massage and going for a hair appointment. It is so fun to feel so well pampered before we go spend some serious money on our clothes and accessories. We go to the luxury boutiques and spend a small fortune on shoes, lingerie, corsets, nighties and robes before venturing over to buy some pretty ready-made dresses and outfits. Our last stop is a little couture boutique where we get fitted for a couple of gorgeous custom gowns because every sissy of mine needs to be pageant ready at a moment’s notice! Don’t you want to be my VIS Darling?

Sissy phone sex is only scratching the surface

sissy phone sex

You might love sissy phone sex because it pushes you to be a good slut. It might encourage you to do all the things you wanted but never dared to do. I’m so ready to make you my cock sucking slut. I want you to be the biggest sissy slut around. You have to make me proud if you’re going to stay as a sissy pupil. I will show you how to snag the best big black cocks ever. It’s time to feminize you and make you a cum rag. It is all about a tight hole. When you bring that virgin asshole, know that it will be gaped and stretched and filled. It is only right I give you a fair warning. So now that you know, are you ready to take a dip into the sissy life? Cock will rule your headspace. I’m prepared to make you my cum loving cock sucking bitch. You will be touring all kinds of cities to find the best yummy black cocks around.

No Pussy For You

mistress phone sex

Mistress Violet takes no shit from anyone and that includes her little sissy ass husband. So, let me tell you what I made that man do for me when he decided to try to touch me without asking. I have told you before I want no part of that tiny thing. That small cock is not worthy of such a fine pussy as mine.

While he was at work I prepared for his punishment. I called one of my best sissies over to help as I laid out all my toys and changed. I met that sack of shit at the door as he arrived wearing my strap on. I didn’t attach the big thick one because I already know he isn’t worthy of that either. I told him that he would now be punished for putting his hands-on Mistress Violet without permission. I ordered my sissy to take off my husbands’ clothes and attach the little bitty cock cage I had for him. My husband tried to back talk so I had sissy attach a ball gag really tight so I wouldn’t have to listen to his worthless chatter.

Sissy then led him to my chambers where a bright pink paddle lay on the bed. I bent my husband over the bed and paddled his ass until it was bright pink. Of course, his little clitty was dribbling so I scooped it up and rubbed it into his tight ass. I told him to buckle up because I was about to tear his sweet ass up. As I started to push in, I felt his ass start clinching so I pushed even harder. I took it deep and hard and fast. He blubbered like he didn’t like it but the mess he left under his cock cage told a different story.

Your BBC Sissy Trainer is Here

Middle aged men are all beginning to understand their need for BBC sissy trainer Diana. It’s ok to surrender to that craving for big black cock. I am here to guide you and assist in that realization.

The other day I was out shopping for lingerie and noticed this older man skimming through the panties so shyly. I then noticed how his gaze carried over to a big black dude that was with his wife. I knew right then and there what this guy was. He was just like you. He wanted to experience being taken by this big manly man like a little bitch. He wanted to be that white bitch with him.

That’s right this black man ad a sexy busty blonde wife that was certainly a slave to her mans cock. You know us gals dress for that cock and I know that’s what you wish for too!

BBC sissy trainer

Time To Turn Tricks

mistress phone sex

Oh, what a lovely job my sweet sissy has been doing lately. We have been training hard and she is wonderful. Her sweet little clitty has adjusted perfectly to her little cock cage and her sweet pussy is always puckered and ready for whichever butt plug I pick out. She has been my cock sucking, cum sucking queen. So as a reward I told her to pick out the sluttiest outfit she could find because we were going out to have some fun.

She never disappoints. She came running from the changing room and twirled with excitement. The bitch was fine. She had on black fishnet thigh highs, stripper boots, crotchless black panties and matching bra and a short black skirt and crop top. I applied some hot glittery pink lip gloss, smacked her ass and off we went. She had no clue where we were headed.

I stopped the car and parked and told her to get out. She looked confused but I kissed her cheek and told her tonight she would be my whore and I would be pimping her sweet tight ass and pretty glossy mouth out to all the perverts. She practically jumped for joy as I stuck my hand under her skirt and felt her little clitty leaking. I laughed as the perverted men started pulling up. I held my hand out and took the cash, smacked her ass, and told her to make sure they had a good time. Should I trick you out too baby?