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Take Those BBC’s With Grace

BBC sissy trainer

When you choose me to be your BBC sissy trainer you better be ready to take tons of hard black cock and look really good while you’re doing it!  If you don’t think you can maintain a certain level of grace and poise while your asspussy is getting stretched out by a room full of rock hard milk chocolate man meat then you just don’t have what it takes to be one of my femboys.  Sorry, fella.

Are you able to keep that high he-bitch voice the whole time your sphincter is getting slammed with foot after girthy foot of big black dicks?  You’re not going to slip up and let out an off putting, manly yell when one of those massive mahogany bones bangs you harder than you thought it would, are you?  Nobody wants to hear that.  The black kings I know want their sissy sluts to be girly as hell from the top of their dumb blonde bimbo heads to the tips of their tiny little clitties.  Don’t let your normie dude out when you’re taking dick, honey.  It won’t be good.

When you suck a big ol’ donkey dick, do you go at it like a true lady?  Do you swallow cum like a good girl, maybe take it in the face and let it dribble down your little titties?  Tell me something, how’s your gag reflex?  Those BBC’s are going to go really far down your throat.  Are you going to gag all sweet like the little girly you want to be or will you make horrible horking noises like the man you are.  Don’t tell me, show me on those big dicks during your sissy training sessions.


Sneaking for me in sissy panties

sissy pantiesSissy panties for males in a completely hairless body. I want to dress you up in some sexy clothes and parade you through your own neighborhood. Take pictures and videos or even get live with me as I dare you to walk outside dressed like that! I do warn you I might get giggly and maybe even snort when you come running back in the house because you think your finance just pulled down the street. What is the worst that can happen to you if she finds out? She has agreed to marry you knowing you have less than most men. Well, I take that back you have less dick, but more money. So what if she happened to see you dressed up like a Barbie? But you’re so right, you’re not married yet. I enjoy the names we have come up with for you? Sir cumsalot in his panties. Prince of petite penis. My very favorite is tinky winky princess star. Giving me telli-tubie vibes. I have an idea for your dilemma though, princess. You really should just sell your company and use the money to be a full time sissy maid. Do all the house chores and service your mistress wife dressed in lace and full make-up. Then it will be her choice to keep you or sell you off to the highest bidder!

Just a Fuck Toy in Sissy Panties

First thing a sissy must understand, this is especially so once they put on their sissy panties, is that they do not have a cock. That thing in front is called a clitty. You have a sissy clitty and it is useless. Sissy clitty in pretty panties may, on occasions leak. Become clear that in fact, you do not have a cock and you do not cum.

Secondly, you are a slave. A sissy slave. All sissy girls are slaves. Your rightful place in the world is to be enslaved by cock. You fuck cock, you suck cock, and your place is to please cock. Masturbation is not an option for sissy slaves. I believe you should be allowed to hump your pillow, bed or stuffed animals. But to touch your sissy clit as though it is a cock is forbidden.

If you grasp and understand your place we can start training. I will expect you to learn the chant though. The chant of a sissy is as follows:

I am Sissy _insert sissy name_ and I serve Mistress Addilyn

My life is revolved around being a sissy slave to my Mistress

In fact I do not have a cock and I am not a man.

My Sissy clit stick is of no use and I am to never touch it.

I do not have a cock, dick nor a penis.

Worshipping and pleasing cock is my place as a Sissy slave.

Mistress Addilyn is my Goddess and the real woman that guides and trains me

I am Mistress Addilyns’ Slave and I must always obey my Goddess.

Understanding that I am a Fuck toy in panties is my first step to being a good sissy slave


Sissy panties

Learning to be the best slut ever wtih sissy hypno training

Sissy hypno trainingI know what you really want, Sissy hypno training. I know what you really need me to do. Invite you for a session. I will be your sex therapist for sissy hypno training. I promise it is a craving that you have had in the back of your mind. I assure you it is a craving that once fulfilled will blow your mind. Sit in my chair and follow my necklace and sissy charm. Back and forth, back and forth you will start to get very very sleepy. Your eyelids will get heavy and you will start to drift off. That is not sleep coming as the awakeness leaves your body. That is the fake manly urges that you have falling to the wayside for the sissy awakening that you need. 

As a hypnotized zombie, you will strip yourself of your fake man clothes, throwing them to the fireplace because never again will you need those. I will hand you a tight form-fitting pink dress and black thigh-high stockings and a thing. Put them on. Feel the stockings tight against your legs. As you look down at them you can see how tight and femme they now look. Pull the thong up your ass and tuck your tiny winky into them. It doesn’t take much work at all. The sensation of the silky pink dress hugging your body will top it all off. You are now a sissy princess, ready to take whatever I shove at or in you. 

Cum Filled Sissy Slut Maid Service

Sissy maid training

My favorite part of sissy maid training is offering a bunch of butt fucking, cum slurping cleaning solutions to clients through my Sissy Slut Made Service®!  My trashy tramps get the hole stretching training they need and my horny he-whore loving clientele get their cocks and their houses cleansed by my creamy cuties.  It’s a win-win, everyone is happy in the end!

I don’t just drop off my darling dick tuckers and expect them to get the job done.  I stay on site to make certain that they clean every nook and cranny and take all the dick in their fannies as I see fit.  I hope you’re ready for some ass because I’m going to need you to ram your rod into their raunchy rectums in every single room.  If you need to switch it up a little then make them suck their sweet sissy ass juice off of your knob for a bit, but I’m going to want you to stick it back in their ass pussy pretty quickly.  I hope you’re cool with that.  

You’re helping me train these hot whorios.  Every apartment they polish or house they sanitize, they need to get a hardcore fucking and hosed down with cum.  You can shoot it in their asses if you want, I guarantee their little sissy clitties will be leaving a slime trail everywhere for them to lick up, anyway.  Just pull down those sissy panties while my girlie is bent over and jam your junk into her ass and the cleaning will begin!


Fag is Desperate for Cock and Has to Watch Me Get Fucked

Sissy panties


I can see your clit is hard inside of your sissy panties you little faggot. All you can think about is getting fucked stupid by a cock so big it tears you apart. That is why you love asking me about my stories of getting fucked. You want to be me. You want men to want to bend you over and dominate your sissy faggot ass. You want to ride the cock carousel and have cock after cock visit you each night just like me. Since you are too much of a pussy to walk the streets like a whore and just pick up any guy who looks at you, you can watch me get fucked. You’re thinking about how it would feel like if you were me, aren’t you? You want to be jackhammered in the ass and have a man squirt cum on your ass just like mine did. Keep rubbing that clit in your panties. That’s the only action you’re going to be getting tonight. 

Cherry picking sissies

sissy phone sex

I went to a sissy expo that brought potential sissies to goddesses like me. It’s best to go and cherry-pick what I want to deal with in a group of sissies. 

My favorite kind of sissy will do whatever at the drop of a hat. I’m going to train only the worthy. Get ready for some real training. A nice cock sucker that will walk in high heels. 

Time to pick out some makeup and visit the surgeon and doctors because this mistress believes in a total transformation. Hormones and a nice tuck of the tiny cock you have to make that go away. 

It’s going to be quite the ride together. We will have so much fun transforming you into a total girly girl.

BBC sissy trainer got a gift of a sissy from me

I gave my favorite sissy slut as a birthday gift to my favorite BBC sissy trainer. I made sure she was dressed as the best whore. In stockings, panties and heels. I made sure she crawled into the room and greeted my bbc friend with her sissy mouth.

BBC sissy trainer

My friend was so happy about his gift that his cock was already stiff and hard. He bent my sissy over the table and gave him a spanking for every year of his age. By the time he was done his ass was red and my pussy was wet from seeing a big black cock hard and stiff beating my sissy. He mounted his birthday presents face and fucked it until my sissy bitch almost threw up. I laughed and played with my cunt. It is so fun to watch her get used and humiliated by a big bull. I could see my sissy was enjoying his humiliation and abuse because his clitty was leaking through her Sissy panties. After he swallowed a load of thick yummy cum, he had to get ready for my favorite part. The bbc birthday boy gave my sissy bitch a nice warm golden shower. That was the best gift he has gotten and I was pleased. My sissy slut didn’t let me down.

BBC sissy trainer for my sissy bitch to milk

The best sissy bitch I have has some long sexy legs and plump round ass. I love that because when I dress her up, I can put anything I want on her, and it looks really good. I want a pretty bitch I can use for a BBC sissy trainer to fuck. My sissy bitch has been trained well. She knows what to wear and what to clean when she walks through the door. I want her on her hands and knees, crawling to my shoes and cleaning every heel. He makes sure to use his mouth and tongue until they are shiny and clean. When he is done if I have a cummy mess my sissy bitch will clean all that too. I will squat over your sissy worthless face and squeeze the leftover nut into your mouth. You better swallow it all little bitch is what you hear as I smack your sissy clit. That makes you squirm, and I love to see you squirm. Mistress will then call my bbc friend into the room and I will pull you onto your knees. I open your mouth and I shove his bbc right in your mouth. I make sure you use your sissy mouth to milk his cock.

BBC sissy trainer

I want to make sure you milk him no matter what. I’ll just rip your sissy panties off and shove them in your mouth as he bends you over and pushes his big black dick in your sissy pussy. Your moans and screams are muffled by the cute panties you had on. When we are done, I put you in your cage until it is time for more chores.

Holiday sissy chronicles

sissy phone sex

I hope you sissies had one productive Christmas. Just because its the holidays doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in sissy mode. We currently have enjoyed Christmas and new years but that doesn’t mean I don’t expect to hear some raunchy sissy phone sex stories from you dolls and heauxs. Theres a need for the holiday spirit to hit each one of my sissies. Tell me all those nasty tells about encounters you’ve had. Did you steal your daughters panties and wore them around. Sniffed her boyfriends boxers? What did you do this holiday that solidifies your spot as a sissy whore to the core?! let me know how you rang the new year did you blow cocks and let the cream snow? Whatever you did I hope it was done well.