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Stepbrother Forced Sissy Training

I walked in on my stepbrother after he hopped out the shower and I saw how little his white dick was. I started laughing at him pointing at his big clit. I walked up to him, pulled my panties from the hamper, telling him he will dress as a bitch because that is what he is. Being a girl is fun i told him you get fucked and filled up. I stroked his little dick trying to get pre-cum out and when he started leaking, I wiped some with my fingers into his mouth making him lick my fingers clean. “Oh yes a good sissy bitch knows how to clean a cummy mess”. I knew my boyfriend and his big black cock were coming over so i made it clear to my sissy white stepbrother that he is my bitch toy to us as i want and to not say a word. I blind folded my boyfriend and walked him into my room.

Forced sissy training

There I pulled his big black cock and grabbed my stepbrother’s head and pushed it down, making him suck his BBC. My boyfriend called him a good cock sucker and slut. Then i bent him over and told my boyfriend to fuck me. I guided his cock into my stepbrother’s asshole. I played with my cunt as my forced stepbrother was getting fucked and filled up by my BBC boyfriend and it made me so very horny.

Mistress Jackie Will Own You

mistress phone sex

If you’re here looking for Mistress phone sex, you’re in exactly the right place. Yes, I love sissies, but I also adore talking to and controlling other men, too. If you’re weak, then you’re automatically going to be so much fun for me. I’m into pretty much any kind of domination at times, but I do lean more toward the sensual side of things. But don’t worry – if you need something hardcore like cock and ball torture, I’ll see what I can do to work that into our call.

Humiliation, tease and denial, ruined orgasms…those are just a few of the things that I can and will do with you and to you. Oh, and I do love it when rich old losers spoil me. I’ve drained bank accounts many times before. Well, they drained it for me. I shouldn’t ever have to ask for anything. So, if you’re up for being dominated by the perfect Mistress, then look no further, loser. I hope you’re ready to be owned in every way possible, because that’s what will happen to you. As soon as you hear my voice, you’re going to be addicted to me forever and ever.


Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexI told my little slut to come here and suck this big black cock the way I trained her to. She put her big dick sucking lips to work right away like a good little femboy. I got her all dressed up in pink panties and bright red lipstick for tonight’s occasion. She was going to make me a shit ton of money with her tight ass body whether she wanted to or not. I yanked her up by her fucking hair and told her to be a good little sissy and lay on the bed. She started stroking her small cock so of course I punished the bitch. I went over and slapped the bitch in her face and pulled her legs open revealing that tight dirty asshole he wants. I told him to shove it in her as hard as he fucking could and then maybe she’ll learn her fucking lesson. He shoved his dick in so fucking hard she screamed so I had to sit on her face to shut her the fuck up. He fucked her so hard and fast that he came inside her tight dirty asshole and of course she thanked him for it after like a good little bitch would.

Sissy Cums in Lockup

mistress phone sex

Spread that fucking as apart so mistress can get a good view while she fucks your sissy ass. I got you a new chastity so I can see your little clitty in cage while you penetrate that man pussy for me. Before I give you this big veiny strappy that I have I want to see you fuck your pink man pussy for me. Lay on your side like a slutty bitch and put this dildo all the way in until the balls hit your little grape nuts. “These are tiny and pathetic” I say in disgust as I flick your quivering nuts. Your tiny dickie is already dripping from the dildo plugging your pussy, so I snatch it out of your hand and shove it in your mouth! “You only cum for Mistress!” I remind you as I shove my thick 11 in cock inside you. I’m so deep in your twat I can feel your tummy rumbling! Youre such a size queen I should’ve known thrusting this big dick in your twat would make you squirt! Even in lockup you can’t control yourself from leaking cunt juice down your little berries and thighs!

Femboy Trainer Jackie

femboy training

If you’re in dire need of femboy training, then I am just the Mistress for you. I love nothing more than helping boys just like you transform into the most gorgeous femboy slut you’ve ever seen in your life. Sure, you can be a sissy and just kind of do it haphazardly, but that’s not what you really want, is it? You want to be the very best version of yourself and if you stick with me, that’s exactly what you’ll be. Everyone will be in awe of your beauty and transformation, and that’s when you’re going to start getting cock.

So, until your training to be a femboy is complete, you don’t need to worry about dick. You will get it in due time, but that time is not right now. We’ll be talking about how to turn you into the prettiest sissy in your town. Hair appointments, waxing appointments (this one is super important), manicures and pedicures, lingerie, and shoe shopping – all of that and then some is in your future. Are you ready to be fully feminized by a woman who knows exactly what she’s doing? Then book a session now for your Cinderella moment!

Sissy Panties Full of Cummies!

Sissy Panties

Your sissy panties are going to be soaked when I’m done with you! You are such a good sissy that Mistress is going to let you feel her superior pussy pressed up against your clitty! Only though the panties though as I don’t want you to get too spoiled. Giggles. As I grind back and forth making your itty bitty dickie will feel wet and sticky from my cunt juice you need to be worshiping me as the Goddess I am. I’ll even let you suck my toes while we scissor. pretty little slit so wet and sexy but no more for you! Get down and assume the position so I can spank your tush! The only sound I want to hear is the sound of you moaning and begging for BBC while I smack your rump! Right when When I think your man purse is ready for me to drop change in it, I’m going to go balls deep in you! Mistress is going to milk that prostate until your man pussy squirts! 

Breaking In New Pretty Little Sissy Bitch

I have a new pretty little sissy bitch since my perfect sissy has strayed and I wanted to show my new one how to be.

Sissy slave training

I bought the biggest two-sided dildo I could find. I bought some new sissy panties and bralette set with matching stockings. When my sissy walked in, she got naked right away I love watching her little clitty in between her legs excited to see me. I turned her around and spanked her ass and made her tell me who she belongs to. She got dressed in 6-inch heels and crawled to me. I spread my legs so my sissy slut could lick my cunt and get it wet for the strap on dildo I had for us. She did as she was asked and when I put it on, she was bent over spread open showing me that man pussy. As I pushed my strap-on deep in my new pretty little sissy the other side went deeper in my cunt. I started fucking her hard and deep making sure I used her so I can cum hard. I didn’t stop until I felt my body tense up, I started cumming hard. I pulled out of her now gappy man pussy and told her to stay that way until I was ready for more.  

Sissy panties required!

sissy panties

I want to tell you about the first time I caught a sissy bitch wearing his sissy panties in public. I was a cheerleader when I was younger and he was a football player. His shirt rode up on the bus one day and I saw a peek of his frilly, pink thong! No one else noticed but I did so I snapped a quick picture. After the next game, I confronted him and told him that unless he wanted the whole team to find out, he better agree to be my little, sissy cum whore! I brought him back to my house and played dress up with him. I put him in a tight, slutty outfit and called my daddy and uncles into the room! It was so hot watching him get his virgin pussy hole used for the first time! I have so many stories about catching men wearing panties in public but that one always makes my little, slut trainer pussy wet!


Do What I Say

Sissy girl training They love that I make them beg for more. They love that I make them get on their knees and beg for a taste of my wet cunt. I love to dress them up in bright pink panties like the fucking sissies they are. I love to humiliate them by telling them no woman will ever be satisfied by their tiny cock. The only thing that a sissy is for is taking a big fucking cock and shoving it right into their tight little shithole. These sissies know their place and they are all lined up waiting for the next big cock to assault their tight fucking ass. They know I love to hear them beg for that huge cock and if they don’t do it good enough, they get punished. They loved to be punished by me. They beg for my little fuck machine to come out while I whip them until they beg for me to let them cum. They know they have to make their mistress cum before they do so they beg to lick my pussy with their little faggot tongues. Then right after I cum I order them to cum all over my stomach and then clean up their fucking mess.

Maid Training Mistress

sissy maid training

You probably already know this, but one of the things I love most is when I get to do sissy maid training with a new caller. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love all of my longtime sissy maids. But everyone loves the feeling of something new and I’m no different. Helping a new sissy maid pick out a cute uniform, sexy heels, hair, makeup… that’s just one of the most fun things to do. I love the excitement that brand new sissies have. And so many just love taking care people, so being a maid works very well for them.

Do you want to go with the classic French maid uniform? Or would you like to try some different looks to see what looks best for you? You definitely need the cute little feather duster so you can just prance around in your heels like a dainty little lady. But we all know that you’re going to be used like a nasty slut. You might try to play it off like you don’t like it, but we all know that you do. I hope you’re ready for the very best sissy maid training around!