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Sissy Panties Play Party – Caught!

Sissy panties
What in the BBC fuck do you think you’re doing? You and I are both aware that this is not even close to the first time that I have walked in on you wearing a pair of my soiled panties, with another pair nearly attached to your nose as you sniff up every little splash of juice my ass and pussy have left inside them. You were wearing the best pair of nylons I own, stroking your cock with my silky, black stockings.

And you’ve been playing in my make up!? Why the fuck do you smell just like my French Whore perfume? Are you a little sissy faggot, really? Honey you have to be honest with me me about anything and everything. If you’re wanting to learn exactly how to take big black cock, I’ll help and train you! You won’t take that cock only only down your throat but up your little fuck hole, I’m more than happy to assist.

You and I both know that I am the Queen of sissy trainers, that I will force you to be my sissy now that I’ve caught you in your little panty play party. You just love being a pathetic little sissy don’t you? You wanted me to catch you all dressed up, playing in your little panty party, didn’t you? You wanted me to absolutely violate you didn’t you? Grab my big black strap on. It’s time for a cock size session.
Sissy Girl Training

Let’s Go Dress Shopping

mistress phone sex

You know what I did today baby? I took my little sissy boy dress shopping. I gave her a bubble bath and had her put on some sweet-smelling lotion. Then I had her come into my room so I could show her what I had picked out for her to wear. Her eyes sparkled as I showed her the pretty pink dress with cherries embroidered throughout, a pair of pink nylon panties and matching bra, a pair of white cotton tights and a pair of Mary Janes. She put on her panties, and I fastened her bra and pulled the dress over her head. I buttoned the cherry shaped buttons and tied the big pink bow in the back. Then I put on her tights and fastened her shoes. I had her stand up and look in the mirror. She was so pleased with herself and smiled as I handed her a matching purse. Then we went shopping. We tried on lots of dresses and then when we went to put on her original dress, I stopped her. Told her to stand in her panties, tights, bra and Mary Janes. One of my friends came in the room and pulled out his big thick cock and started jerking off. When he was about to blow his load, I had her pull her panties out so my friend could fill her panties with his warm load. Then I pulled her panties back up and smushed it all around her, got her dressed and left the mall. Sweet little sissy had cum running down her tights. Such a slut.

BBC Sissy Trainer Pro

BBC sissy trainer

So many sissies always want to be fucked by a big black cock, but what they don’t realize is that it takes a little bit of time and effort to be able to do it. Black cocks are so fucking huge and unless you’ve been working with a giant dildo for a while now, you’re going to need a BBC sissy trainer before you’re ready to go all the way. I’ll help you work your pussy until it’s ready to be pounded by a thick chocolate fuck stick. Plus, I can give you tips and tricks to look your best for your new black lover boy.

It’s going to be so awesome to hear about your first time being fucked by a BBC. I wonder if he will pull out and shoot his load all over your face or if he’ll fill you up with his creamy load? He might ask you which one you prefer, but then again, he might just do what he wants to do to you. You’re going to be turned into such a big black cock slut and I can’t wait. Are you ready? It’s time we get started. Let’s not waste another precious minute.

It Is The Cage For You

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Well look at your sorry ass stroking your little bitty worm to shemale porn. You didn’t think I would catch you did you. You thought after I put you in your sexy little nighty and tucked you in bed that I wouldn’t be coming back. Well think again sissy. I know you and I know your weakness. Tits and cock. Most of us like tits and cock, but the only difference is that you need my permission, which you just so happened to not ask. You bypassed me and pulled out your phone and turned it on. I see your clitty so hard and your cummies all over your hand. I yank your phone away but that seems to only excite you more. Hmmmm……what to do with a little femboy who is disobedient. I have a perfect idea. I leave the room and come back with a little box. I tell you to get your dirty cummies stained panties off and stand in front of me. Your micro penis is still excited, surely you don’t think I have any use for it. I laugh as it twitches when I put it in my hand. I open the box and pull out the cage. A tiny little cage with sharp spikes in it. I snap it shut and put the key on a necklace around my neck. There now sit and watch some porn for a while you little bitch boy.

Janie And Presley’s Cum Farm

Sissy Slave Training

My sweetheart Janie and I opened up a little Cum Farm lately to help keep all of our Cum Cows fed as well as train our sissy sluts, and milk those bull cocks too! We breed, feed, and steed here, and you really can’t ask for much more than that. All of our little sissy whores get milked daily; whether it’s an act of pleasure or punishment is up to them! You see, we have needles and can drain their saggy coin purses ourselves. That ensures they receive nothing but edging on those pathetic tiny cocks, and we can still mix all that sissy cum up for Cum Cow feedings.

Sissy training audio

Janie is the hot, classy teen Domme you wish you could have. Together we bring in giant BBC’s to help with size training for our sissies. I find prostate milking is just as good as any! Either our pathetic cum churners help get and keep the bull cocks hard so Janie and I can get fucked or we let them practice themselves. These sissy sluts just don’t understand that practice makes perfect, and swallowing or bottoming out on massive meat sticks is no exception!

Sissy Maid Training

I have Janie to play with all day long; she has the most delicious body! But, business comes first, though our business is pleasure. All sissies enacted in our service need to provide one gallon of cum per day, especially if we’re to keep up with our forced cum eating for these little Cum Cows in training. If they can’t milk it out of their own sacs, either through forced orgasm or medical extraction, then they’ll have to milk enough big cocks and collect enough cum to pass. Else wise, we’ll be putting those little sissy sluts up for a bare bottom paddling and ten months in a tiny cock cage!

Domme orders need no affirmation, do they!? You do as we say, when we say. Janie and I think today we need some cock training, some stretching out of those anal sissy faggot holes, and maybe even some over stimulation for milking those sad, beta cocks. Remember, size does matter! Keep training, you sissy fag.

Sissy Panties

Stroke Your Carrot For Me

mistress phone sexCome here you little sissy faggot. Sit down beside my sorry ass husband and entertain me. I love the pretty pink nylon panties you both are wearing. The matching black fishnets and the hooker heels. Get on your knees and watch. This beautiful man walks into my bedroom. Now remove him pants and pull his cock from his boxers. Feel how heavy it is? Now feel your little worms. No comparison is there? Now work together and make this big thick cock hard for me. I will sit back and watch as you lick and suck that beast. The wet spots in your panties show me exactly how you feel about sucking cock and licking balls. I would laugh but it is typical of you both. Now one of you pull off my panties while the other guides that big cock into my perfect wet pussy. Sit on each side of me and watch as he stretches my pussy. Going deep, his balls beating against my body. I give you permission to pull your panties down and play with your little sausage. Stroke it with your fingers as this man brings me to a screaming orgasm. As your little cummies fill your hand this beast fills my cunt with his warm goody goodness. Lick your fingers clean and then one of you lick his cock clean and the other can crawl between my legs and suck all that cum from my cunt.

Presley Dresses The Sissy Dollies

Forced Sissy Training

I love my sissy dollies almost as much as I love taking thick Alpha cock. My favorite thing to do with them is play a sweet game of dress up! My sissies thrive off of soft, feminine fashion since their goal is to be sweet sissy sluts. Not all sissies have to be thin little sticks, so I keep thicc bitch lingerie around too. Every sissy is required to dress a certain way to even think about playing in my presence.

We start by shaving the entire body except the brows and head hair, and slipping them into silky, skin tight stockings. They have to have smooth legs to spread while they take Bull Daddy cock. Sweet, crotchless panties to ensure easy anal access and a sweet garter come next. My favorite sissies get hormone replacement therapy to shrink down those useless clitties and grow in some hot tits.

I have plenty of dresses for my sweets to slip in to before giant BBC’s slip inside their throats and their anal fuck holes. Faggot holes I like to say, until my sissies become hot Tgirls. That will be the day! But they have to start somewhere, so my dollies love playing dress up with me.

Humiliation Phone Sex

Jackie’s Forced Feminization

forced feminization

I am so sick and tired of all of you pussies who say you want to be a sissy slut but chicken out when push comes to shove. The only thing that will fix you is forced feminization and that’s what I’m here to do. How dare you tell me that you are committed to becoming the woman you SAY you want to be and then chickening out when I tell you to do things that are more than putting on a pair of panties. That’s a good start, but sissies are more than just a hairy doofus wearing panties.

You need to really commit when you say you are going to. Wax the fucking hair off of your body. Get a manicure and pedicure – you can wear clear polish so don’t give me any excuses about not being able to do it because of the nail polish. And of course, you are going to need to get a dildo immediately and start training your cunt to take cock because that’s coming up sooner than you realize. If you’re ready to be an actual sissy, then you need to decide you’re really ready to do it and quit having doubts. 

Look At Your Little Button Dick

mistress phone sex

The hesitation in his voice was delightful. I had only asked if he was packing a baby carrot or a little button. Speak up you faggot sissy boy. Let me hear you. Still, he stammered in his words, unable to vocalize exactly what we had going on. Frustrated with his inability to answer I decided to take things into my own hands. I grabbed his dainty wrists and stood him in front of me. I sighed as I started unbuckling his pants. As I pulled them down, I had to laugh. Not only was he wearing a pair of pink nylon panties, but they were wet and smelled of cummies droplets. Geez… what am I going to do with you I asked. He still was unable to communicate intelligently. I pulled his panties down and he whimpered like a scared dog. There beneath his cummies mess was a teeny tiny little button dick. I wasn’t about to get involved in that mess so I told him to dig his hands inside of that mess and clear a path so I can see his clittie. Upon inspection I couldn’t believe such a small thing could make such a big mess. Clean yourself faggot boy and then we will begin. No don’t grab that towel. I want you to use your fingers and lick it all up, then we will start our training.

Sexy Phone Dominatrix

phone dominatrix

I know men like you. You’re weak and you’re looking for a phone dominatrix to put you in your place. See, weak men like you don’t know what to do with yourselves so you need structure and guidance. That’s where I come in. I’ll make sure your life is in order by controlling every aspect of it. You might be doubting that I can do that, but you’re just going to have to trust me and give me a call. You’ll see very quickly that I’m the perfect dominatrix. As soon as I open my mouth you’ll feel my control over you start.  You could have any number of things happen when you call me. It all just depends on what mood you catch me in. Maybe I’ll humiliate you because you have the worlds smallest excuse for a dick. But maybe I’ll be in the mood to bend you over and slam your ass with my big fat strap-on dick. Ohhh and while you’re bent over, I’ll get out my paddle and spank your ass with it until you’re screaming and begging me to stop. Those are just a few things off the top of my head. If you want to hear what kind of domination you’ll get from me, just get on the phone and call.