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Best sissy trainer for Building up Glutes and sweating!

Best sissy trainer

Best Sissy trainer Zoey knows how much you obsess about your ass. November was a time of gluttony and some of you sissy sluts need to be hitting the gym to get that ass back in shape. Just because its the holiday season doesn’t mean you can relax on the squats.

Plump and tight ass is priceless in the sissy kingdom. A kingdom on which I rule. Does baby got back? Well, I recommend you get some fillers or doing intense zone workouts targeting that sexy caboose! I suppose I should help you get motivated to be the best goddamn lil whore in north America. Call me Coach Z and I have a workout plan just for you! 🍑🍑

Best sissy trainer for glute workouts!

Welcome to Femboy training camp day One! Fifty squats right now! Up, down, and over and over until you feel the burn baby!  How about if I bend over and let you lick my crack on every up bounce, and give you some sweet cream pie as a reward?  Don’t be afraid to take it to the limit. Push your body and your mind to the limit. You can do it for Coach Z!!! So, adorable how hard you trying!

How are those glutes feeling? Feel the burn as you pump up and down. Perhaps, you should get some mental stimulation and Imagine a daddy cock is down there waiting for you! Keep going, don’t give up! You can do it! I want you drenched in sweat and wanting more. Beauty is pain, bitch! A nice ass is worth the burn!

Feel your muscles clench as I do some gym Sissy training with you. All that man meat is distracting but we have a mission. Your pink pucker booty hole might be quivering but we have a mission. Your ass is what every man looks at first!  So keep training and keep sweating! I want your ass to be a work of art!

Taboo phone chat for guys who need pegged!

Taboo phone chat

Taboo phone chat for guys who need to be pegged! Submissive little men who worship at the strap are welcome to have Miss Z bounce your ass!  I have a great way to spread your legs. Some shackles and handcuffs will keep you in the perfect position for my big dick.

You want all of me deep inside of you, tell me how much of a subby slave you are for the strap! A big open gag secures your mouth for when I think ass juice has built up too much on my dildo! Soon your pretzeled body starts to ache.  But Still, I push on! Deeper, harder, take it bitch boi!

Taboo phone chat includes Dildos, harnesses, and more BDSM gear

Forced feminization begins with a Goddess pushing a big strap-cock in that ass! I hope your feelings are hurt as you see yourself in that big mirror on my ceiling.  My 6-inch spiked heels click on the hardwood floor as my hips sway.

forced feminization I love wearing the sexy clothes you wish you could wear every day as I fuck you! You probably have your asscheeks clenched right now just thinking about trying to prevent my big black dildo from penetrating you. But don’t worry subservient bitch boy, it will fit.  But you should worry if I allow you to cum? Do you think I’ll be too much for your tenderoni ass?

Phone domination and pegging are what you get with my bratty domme ass!  You take as much as you can, your body shaking with pleasure. When you cum, I make sure to let you enjoy it, before pushing you back down and showing your beta bitch place.  You belong to Miss Z now and I will fuck you in bondage anytime I want! Maybe if you are a good boi I will bring out the paddle next time!

Phone dominatrix Zoey demands your worship

Phone dominatrix

Phone dominatrix Tales of men in submission are my sexual stimulation. While some of my cleints are on schedules, they must be the ones to pick up the phone and dutifully call me. Sometimes they have to wait, so they get up early and reach out. Perhaps they must wait, or miss me for the day. That’s okay because men like my Personal sissy Zavier have it much worse. 

 The alarm on his Zaviers phone sounded, waking him at the same time every morning. He rolled over to check the time and groaned. It was already late, he had forgotten to set his alarm and was running late again. He slid out of bed, hastily brushed his teeth, and grabbed his things to head out the door.

He had one morning obligation and it was not something he could ever miss. Sissy slave training is an ongoing commitment.

Repetition and therapeutic doses of humiliation remind him of what he really is. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it very far. As he was about to unlock the door, his phone rang. He glanced down at it, expecting it to be another reminder from his boss. He was wrong.

The display showed an unknown caller and a sultry voice on the other end. It was a His mistress. She said she wanted his obedience and worship of her sweet pussy. If he didn’t agree, she would call his boss and have him fired. 

After much pleading and begging, he eventually caved as she ordered and accepted her demands. She instructed him to talk dirty to her and tease her while bowing down to her, all while rubbing and caressing her sweet pussy with his tongue. Mistress always cumz first!

How will you obey me on the panty boy and sissy freak Adult phone chat lines?

Sissy training for the My Sissy sperm princess

Sissy trainingSissy training for the first time a man that goes by Sissy sperm princess! I have so much to tell you about!  Like the fact that he loves women who cuckold him. So much in fact that his ex-girl would bring him home used condoms from her dates. Now that is something remarkable to see I bet!

Fresh from fucking and carrying a couple or three used condoms home in her purse for her man. More than that sissy sprem eater princess loves licking cum off that ex gf feet! Dirty fucking cuckold AND SISSY putting huge butt plug in for me also enjoys humiliating sissy spermcicle. Thirty (30) loads of cum saved up for two weeks is frozen in a dildo that sissy sucks on for me.    

Sissy training  for S.S.P. ( Sissy sperm princess) who Is on all fours really big dildo for this Goddess 


He doesn’t need much Sissy humiliation training to break his ass with a 12-inch dildo! I mean he hurt that ass pussy for me a couple of different times last night! First I called him all kinds of names and he sucked spremcicile and fucked ass with a bejeweled butt plug before we moved on to that 12-inch and 3-inch circumference.

Second, Feeding piss out of my ass and pussy makes sissy sperm princess in panties is so fucking hot! My sexy sissy would do anything to have me piss out of my ass into a champagne glass. After my bull has pissed inside my ass during butt fucking it’s all my sluts cum eating faggots going to drink it up! The next thing sperm princess Sissy training needs is my giant ass strap in that back door pussy too! Let me break you too! 

So who is next to Pull down those sexy Sissy panties and bring that ass to me!

Forced feminization for butt sluts who haunt gloryholes.

Forced feminization

Forced feminization for dirty butt whores who haunt glory holes. I love taking my whores places where they belong. A nice dressed-up daddy type who has sick perversions is often my target for the nastiest glory holes in the city. I’m thinking of them men who think I’m just a high-school slut and that they can give me some DD/LG action. But what they do not know is once this experienced young size queen gets ahold of that mini peenie all shit will break loose. 

Schoolgirl sissy trainer haunts the glory holes looking for her next victim. 

Just like your shit will break loose with my strap-on dick! That’s right I learned from my Dominatrix mommy how to handle the ass of any sissy bitch. Taboo phone chat with you dirty tiny dicked bastards gets my blood pumping. And my hips twerking. My favorite place to find older bisexual men is at the West Side laundry. Notable for its not-so-discreet name. Everyone knows the only thing getting washed is a Twinks wallet and some strange cock. I know with my backpack full of different panties, lingerie, and my big boy strap I can reel in a dirty small dicked pervert.  Their eyes tell all when they look at me.

First embarrassment washes over, then the lust of an older man who needs young pussy. I will let them invite me over to somewhere quiet and private. But as soon as they get undressed I will be on them so hardcore. Laughing, being mean, and pulling out some pretty outfits. Although it is much better if I can get them to my own house. I have so much more fun stuff for my shrimp dick daddy perverts who need a lesson! Can I give you a lesson in micro-dick feminization with a side of glory hole cum? 

Forced sissy training By a bad witch Bitch

Forced sissy training

Forced sissy training From now until Samhain and beyond. 👻What better way to spend my pagan holiday than with a sissy spinning on the end of my strap? Are you brave enough to have a sexy Domme put a spell on you that can never be reversed? Hail to the Longer dark night of the sissy soul. Connect with the part of you that craves to be released. One night a year you get to be free. Dress up in all the female clothing you can get and go to the biggest Halloween parties you can. 

Forced sissy training By a bad witch Bitch

I’m thinking of a sexy Jessica rabbit costume with a masquerade mask for you. Something that brings out the curves of your big bouncy butt!!! Just look at you in that sequin dress slit up to the heavens. Show off a big of leg and your breast forms look so perfect under the moonlight. Walk with me to your company Sppoktacluar Bash. My short black dress, fishnets, and witch hat get me in the door with no problem. If they only knew I was a dark witch who loves turning men into sissy whores. 

No one will recognize you and if they do, it’s Halloween. You are just having a bit of fun!

Not that you do not feel completely female at all or anything. Be careful of that man in the green mask, you might not want to rub that bubble butt on him. He is your boss and I know you have been craving his dick for a while. 

Now is the time to risk everything. Use all the skills you are learning in my  Sissy slave training on him. So what if he finds out who you really are? I know you are going to be ruined professionally and in your personal life for me. It’s so easy when a bad witch gets her claws and strap-cock in you!  

Sissy hypno training For Gooning and stroking sissy dick

Sissy hypno training

Sissy hypno training has you so flustered that you will do anything and everything I say. You will be my obedient little slut. You will obey me without question. Little Miss Zoey loves a sissy Gooner like nothing else. There is a whole porn industry segment that caters to silly little geese Sissy girls like you.

Perhaps you are just a little bicurious when you come across your first sissy hypnosis video. That first hour you find it so hard to pull away and feel so ashamed. Good, hold on to that feeling, as it will only become more and more prevalent as time goes on. Today you are at work and have to shake visions of your hypno sissy porn away a couple of times. I wish I was there to see you flush with internal embarrassment. 

Perhaps you are just a little bicurious when you come across your first sissy hypnosis video.

Our first call isn’t intended on being a Sissy slave training session. You just have questions and need answers. Firstly we need to get to the root of what is making you flustered and aroused. Follow the sound of my voice, I would never ever do anything to hurt you.  Relax. I’m here to help you. Let’s start from the beginning.

Much like an earworm with a song, you must go back and rewatch that first video. Speaking of suggestion, I have a few suggestive Videos I would love to send you so we can “cure” you of this sissy ache you have.  Baby, I want you to take the time to watch as much Sissy porn as we can. Hopley we can get you used to the idea of becoming a sexy “woman”. I want you to feel comfortable and confident with your decision. Mistress Zoey will be here to support you every step of the way.

The feeling of you being forced to stifle your urges and pretending to be a normal person washes over your ass. But deep inside, you know the awful truth. You are nothing but a sissy, and you need hypno sissy phone sex to explore it.

Sissy training audio is your hypnotic Escape

Sissy training audio

Sissy training audio with me is always entertaining. I love cementing how much of a girlie little slut you are in your femme brain. Just getting the opportunity to put you sissy bitches in your place is like winning the lottery. Well, I do get paid to humiliate you and that in itself is all the fuel I need to keep tormenting you.

  I love seeing you squirm and beg for mercy. Knowing that I can control you and play with your mind is fun. It’s the best feeling in the world. It’s even better when you fight for control of your own mind.

Calling me to tell me you “accidentally” watched some sissy hypno porn will engage my brat mode.

Little Mistress Zoey will have all kinds of fun getting you to admit that all you can think of is a large in charge cock in your mouth.  Oh, darling, I don’t have to be mean right away. My skillset is one that will make you trust me, and fall right into my trap.  

Sissy hypno training makes you more fragile for me. I prey on your weakness becoming your confidant.  Fall victim to my voice as I lead you deep into your inner self.  I will make you feel safe and secure under my control. You will become addicted to me and will do anything I say. I will be the only one you need.  Give up and let me control your mind, body, and soul.

I know it’s hard to bare your innermost darkest secrets. But I only have your best interest in my heart. After all, I  will become your Mistress and only source of happiness. Trust me you will do as I demand. Surrender to me and become my Sissy slave. You will never be the same again! 

Best sissy trainer for Secret Lucky on Cam

Best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainer Lessons for A Secret Sissy is right here!  This Brunette Femdom loves to watch sissy Lucky on Cam! Late nights and early mornings when he is all alone and the blow has made him emasculated is our time!  Drugs make a normal or slightly less-than-average dick shrink and hang limp. I know that when he is not doing all kinds of dope he pretty much feels like a man. Although the thoughts of his current girlfriend going back to her ex black boyfriends play in his head often.

And that all accumulates to the sexy outfits and butt plugs that come into play! The thing I love about Sissy Lucky is that he is so secret he is always on guard for someone catching him. The neighbors might see Sissy Fag, get away from the windows! Oh, and you only have thirty minutes before your girlfriend picks you up for golf!  What would she say if she caught you in lingerie and a unicorn horse tail butt plug!

It’s all good and fun as I turn my lush vibe up and cum. My sissy Lucky gets his little dick off while fucking his ass hole! I love that new cum flavored lube he is using to fuck himself with! Maybe one day a chance encounter with the  Big Cocks he thinks about will send him over the edge!  

He’ll be exposed and have no choice but to be a sissy slut.

He’ll be seen and known by everyone. Having Sissy be humiliated and embarrassed is the ultimate goal.

Toys are fun for your butt. But those big black cocks your girlfriend has had might be worth learning how to suck cock for!  Let me bring you a real cock and you might just find yourself addicted to the real thing. If not, you can always go back to your toys. But you’ll never know until you try it.


Sissy phone sex for betas and coked up cucks

sissy phone sex

Sissy Phone sex with Coked up beta cocks is exhilarating. The amount of verbal abuse I give to a panty slut is astounding at times. I am tempted to feel bad once in a while. But in all seriousness, I throw that thought right out the window.

Smoke and snort and let that dick shrink up until you feel like a shrimp dicked little bitch. 

I know the ins and outs of Beta boys like the palm of my hand. So sissy girlies prefer to be hypnotized by sissy porn. And Some need a mistress to fuck them. I do it all. Not limited to encouraging you to bang your bussy with dildos, riding my mistress strap-on, and Sucking and getting fucked by BBC! 

Cuckold fetish got you fucked up? 

Or maybe it’s just the thought of your girl getting her pussy fucked by a real man that turns you on? Cuckolding and humiliation go well together as I help your woman get gangbanged by BBC! 

I have a couple of sissy sluts who are reluctant to try real cock. But being a BBC sissy trainer by default has me worming my way into their stupid little sissy brains My black daddy fucks me so well, that I must share the experience. Yes, sex toys are fun, but the real thing can never be replicated! if the thought of a real cock turns you off I understand. But how would you know if you never tried it? 

I promise to be gentle…Not! 

What I do know is that my strap can milk your prostate and that my big black boyfriend is aching for your woman’s pussy. let me entice you into becoming a full-fledged member of the sissy world. One step at a time. I promise to leave you leaking and breathless and use Sissy hypno training if I need too!