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Sensual sissy hypno training

sissy hypno trainingI love making a man my cuckold and bitch during sissy hypno training. See, there is a fine art to losing oneself under the hands of a woman who only wishes to see you enslave yourself. Soft, sweet and sensual seduction under my voice and hypno suggestion. As I go through making you into a panty wearing cock seeking sissy missile! All’s fun is a sissy world with me baby! There has never been a more perfect time to let yourself fall in the black hole of sissy love. I have all you need to create the perfect sissy-verse. Skills in helping pick out clothing, make-up tutorials, and cock sucking teaching. I need you to be my bitch. Under my hands you will know when a man has a big cock and be able to deliver him to your wife/mistress and watch as she gets the deep womb excavating that she has always needed. A little forced sissy training is all you need to get a jumpstart on living the true sissy life.
I understand what you need, I really do, I’m including a picture of my latest BULL so you can see what a man looks like and then you decide if you can hold a handle to a real man’s cock. If not your doomed to sissy life!forced sissy training

Ass eaters Anonymous

Online sissy trainingOnline sissy training with men who are ass eaters makes me very happy. I have always loved my ass eaten, and when you tell me that you want to make a meal out of my ass, I get very into it! Baby, I know a true ass eater when I hear one. Telling me that you know I have healthy ass shits because I’m vegan, with some stinky gas, tells me more than I need to know. Hot fucking tongues punching my little shitter is the ultimate! That’s right stuff my ass with some chocolate candy and have me shit it back into your mouth. Hell shove some spaghetti and pasta sauce up there and I will make it the main course and desert all in one! Some men just need to call a hot bitch to eat her ass, and I’m all for it you sexy ass slut!

Cheating women / Taboo phone chat

Let’s have a taboo phone chat about cheating women. Something that you can barely confess to yourself has your panties in a bunch. It goes a sexy little something like this.
taboo phone chat
You start kissing down her body, You tickle her navel with your tongue. Down more you go, thinking to yourself that she smells extra heavenly tonight. You must really have turned her on tonight. You notice a bruise on her hip, and as your tongue flicks her soft pubic hair you catch a small taste of something. You know her taste, you have been here every day for a year, kissing, sucking and getting her off. You know already that you must eat her, you love it, but there are other reasons. Her pussy must be plump to barely enjoy you rutting for 15 minutes on top of her. You have to have her sedated with pleasure to let you inside her. Don’t mind me darling, just speaking your truth. Let’s go on down deeper into that pussy you were enjoying. She tastes different, she smells musty and there are bruises where a mans thumbs would be if he was fucking her doggy style. She never lets you fuck her doggy style, though you both know you could get a better nut that way. Maybe even be a little less embarrassed of how much you’re trying to get off inside her.
Why don’t you stop and ask your woman if she fucked around on you?
Because your so fucking turned on right now. Your dick is hard as you smash your face into her cunt and eat her so deep and wild she is a wild cat under you. As she cries out again and again, you tell her how good she tastes. She gets off on you eating about another man’s cum. She knows you know! You know she knows you know! But you can’t admit it. The best sissy trainer knows that this is how it all starts sometimes. A man eating out his woman with the satin of another’s semen, begins a spiral of sissydom few talk about! I do, and I understand every stage of cuckolding and sissy life. You could say it’s a passion of mine!

Forced Sissy Training 4 my bro

forced sissy trainingIt’s only a matter of time before I give my brother some forced sissy training. He is a smaller sized guy who already looks a little effeminate to me. All through highschool girls asked me if he as gay. I would say that I didn’t know. But the more I learned about life, and sissy training. I began to suspect he was very much like our father. Is being a sissy inherited? I always noticed panties, stockings and bras going missing. I would get into a fight with my mother that my father was yanking his cock to my underwear. She would punish daddy until she told me that she was satisfied it wasn’t him. It really dawned on me one early Saturday morning. I hear the sound of a vibe coming through the walls between me and my brother’s room. I decided to creep next door and see what was going on. And as I turned the doorknob and slide in his room, I was rewarded with my brother on his hands and knees teasing his butthole with my Vibe! He didn’t even notice I was there! “Keep it.” I giggled. He was so embarrassed telling me it wasn’t was it looked like and that he wasn’t gay! “I know you’re not, you’re a sissy,” I said with enthusiasm. My brother still denies that he needs sissy girl training, but we shall see. I love forced play of a sissy whore!

Zoeys Sissy humiliation training

sissy humiliation trainingSissy humiliation training for sissy slaves who don’t know they are faggots! Maybe that’s a little harsh to say but it’s true. There are men out there with little dicks who occasionally likes to wear panties who don’t realize what a fagot they are. You’re not a gay man, in fact you are a straight man who loves to have cock in his throat and ass pussy. I’m not want to judge, in fact I take great pride in humiliating you for your small dick and your feminine ways. I don’t know how you feel anybody I can see straight through you you might as well go out there and just prostitute yourself on the corner. It is the holiday season. You would look so sexy dressed up as a little elf with some panties underneath. Go out and get you some dick baby that’s what you really want you want to submit to dick because a beautiful woman told you to. How many humiliate you I want to bring you to your fucking knee to shove your mouth so full of cock you won’t be able to breathe. And then I want to get in your mind and make you the most cream filled little sissy whore ever! I don’t want you to ever have pussy again, I only want you to think about hot creamy loads of cum. You’re no longer a man you are now a fagot wearing sissy panties under Zoey’s control.

Xmas List 4 Mistress Phone sex

mistress phone sex My Christmas list is huge this year, thanks to all the mistress phone sex fun I have had with my pay piggies. And I can’t help but wonder what is on your secret Santa list? Darling, what would make you feel like the pretty slutty sissy you are. Maybe a forbidden pair of heels to stash in your closet while wifey poo is away? How about some silk lingerie that fits you just right? You deserve pretty underthings that form fit and accent your assets! Perhaps you can buy your wife some makeup that’s just a little too bold for her taste, and you get to “return” it for her, she gets something new and your make-up is all for you! While we are on the subject, I know you and your wife are different sizes, and you really need to stop stealing your teenage daughters’ clothes. My command for you is to buy yourself some brand new frilly sissy panties! Take your time and shop around for the best and get yourself at least one pair of expensive Delicate panties, Oh throw your wife a couple pairs in the cart too. A good clever cover up if there was ever one! Just make sure the ones you pick out are what you truly desire! If you know me, I’m all about making you into what you were meant to be, by any underhanded means possible! Hopefully you will be all dolled up and ready to play in your perfect sissy outfit for me, one you picked out! If you need help, Mistress Zoey is right here for you!

Controlled Sissy Training

Sissy Training

I love taking your mental control away from you. My Ultimate goal during our sissy training is to have you as feminized as I can. A pretty in pink sissy is the ultimate beta bitch. And that’s what you are. I will be in your head when you get a clitty hard on. Begging for permission to cum is just the beginning. Soon you will be asking if you can shave and clean your marble testicles. Some men even ask if they are allowed to pee before they call me. That answer is always no. Pee with me on the phone, bringing me into your life in the most intimate ways. When your wife or girlfriend wants you to eat her pussy, you will be sneaking away to chat with me or email me for permission. And Miss Zoey Loves that you are giving up control to me. I have cock control and you don’t even have the proper “Cock”. Even if you’re a secret sissy girl who needs advice about clothes, anal toys, clitty masturbations and cock infatuations. Forced feminization, teasing and denial and pay piggies make My pussy happy. I also indulge in CBT, and ruined orgasms and always chastity for sissy girls! The choice is yours!forced feminization

Cream pie, Sissy Training

sissy trainingYou need the taste of your own cum, and this sissy training, sexy slut wants you hooked on it! I think the humiliating aspect of it with a beautiful, dominant woman like me forcing you to cum guzzle appeals to a fucked up perverted bitch like you! All you want is that warm cummies drank down for me! Your wife would be so shocked to know how much her husband enjoys tasting his own dick juice, wouldn’t she? Well, we all know she loves to drink other mens cum, and be fucked by them.

I mean, your cum load isn’t much by quantity is it now? Little dicks don’t spurt much, so it’s really like a tablespoon of clitty juice! I like her, would much rather be fucked by a large and in charge cock that gave me a nice coating down my throat or up my sweet tight little pussy! Your wife and girlfriend both enjoy your mouth on cum filled cunts and you pretend like you have no idea your eating a cream pie!

Maybe you can cream on top of a BBC and taste both cum loads mixed together for me! Get on your knees and suck it right from the source, big black dick, bull white boy cock it really doesn’t matter to me as long as you’re in the sissy bitch position and sucking a dick! Now put that mouth to good use and get your sissy slave training done for me!sissy slave training😍

Cock Control online sissy training

online sissy training
Cock control during online sissy training is one of my absolute favorites! It is so erotic to have a man on his knees begging for you to take control and his will away. I seek to own every part of a sissy whore like you. My voice in your head as you pass a lingerie display. “But it, wear it, fuck yourself in that pretty nighty.” You will try to shake me out of your brain but it is too late. I take away your sissy self control. Your at the register buying it for your “wife”
Is that why you can’t stop touching your new nighties and panties so the sales lady can bag it up for you. I know that every second since you bought your new sissy panties and lingerie you are just waiting for a moment to yourself to try it on and take pictures for me. My email lights up.
“I bought something …pretty”. I see the sales receipt and giggle, you already have expensive tastes. I hope you bought a new butt plug to match. I can’t wait to watch you fuck your ass for me as I tell you what a fucking cock sucking cum eater you really are. Soon, my sissy lover, you will be getting a taste of real cock the way you should have been all along. But as your sissy training goes on you will definitely be the sexy and slutty sissy you wish you could be right now. It’s not just a dream, it’s who you were meant to be. Now it’s time to settle your tribute and get what you came to me for.

Gym Rat in Sissy Panties

sissy panties

At the gym the other day I noticed a pair of sissy panties fall out of one of the older mens bags. A regular Gym rat with something to prove. I knew he was a good target for Me as I picked them up and followed him to his car. A real muscle man with a muscle car,who kept showing off lifting as heavy as he could. This cocky man talked about what great tits and has that I had, even pointing to me at one point. As the gym emptied out behind us I called over to him to help me. Just a girl who couldn’t get into my locker and he saw a really good opportunity to get up personal close with me. My muscle man followed me into the lady’s locker room and he right away offered me some of his quote unquote dick. Being as confident as I am I told him to pull it out and that’s when he got all kinds of shy! Turns out he only looks like a man, he wasn’t a real man! And as I held out the panties that fell out of his gym bag I told him what would the other men think about a panty wearing small dick fagot? I’ve been known to enjoy sissy sluts with attitude so this is nothing new to me! I was a little bit shocked at how small his cock was though. I couldn’t help but laugh. He looked completely straight like he didn’t want any cock or wear any panties. He looked like he only went after prime pussy! My sissy radar went off, I could feel his fagottness!  And you know it I had my strap on in my bag and when I turned around to strap it up he was on his knees with his mouth open.  First the panties I commanded! And I told him this would have to do since I didn’t have a cock available at the moment. He sucked and sucked like his life depended on it pushing my strap-on dildo into my pussy making me hump it as I fucked his mouth. And when that little clitty got off he tried to run out of the lady’s locker room but I told him if you met me here tomorrow and have someone with a big piece of man-meat for him to really suck off! I hope he shows I’m always down for some after hours sissy training!