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Phone domination For Candy-ass Randi

Phone domination

Candy-Ass Randi recently got some hardcore Phone domination With His New Mistress Arabella! Getting to share Randi and all of his dirty exploits is so fucking hot! I enjoyed having a nice long conversation with Her Highness with Randi the fag listening embarrassed as hell!

Mini peeny having Randi needed my verbal abuse to initiate Blonde Goddess Arabella into Randis’ cock sucking world. I had to tell her about his skinny-shaped 3-inch clitty cage is his pussy when he gets hard his clitty drools in it and fucks his mini cock with It!
Sissy panties

Randi has a quintessential babydick. I told Our new Goddess about the woman from the bar who wanted to fuck but say that battery-sized pee-pee! But instead, she threw her pink panties at him and I and Arabella laughed so hard at sissy slut Randi! Told My new Partner in crime about the first cock sucking award for a big meaty 8-inch cock his very first time! We both agreed that Randi has a Bussy and needs to get it fucked very soon while wearing his Sissy panties! 

Do you need to be humiliated and teased by two sexy Sissy Trainers like Randi the shrimp dicked sissy slut? Both of us hotties know how to bring you to your knees in more ways than one! Just ask Randi the dirty cock whore! 

Sissy Girl Training For Girlie cum eater Brandi

Sissy girl training

Cum whore in sissy girl training Sissy Brandi has been saving her sissy jizzy juice all week for our sissy cum slut call! Let’s not waste it, Over the last few days she has saved between 7 to 14 cummie shots. I love that she is saving them in the refrigerator in a pink glass with a purple top just because she is so fucking girlie. It’s so funny how most of your cum dumps are more girlie than I ever could be. But then again I’m a real girl, I dint have to try. A little waxing, makeup and shove my tits and ass into a tight outfit and I’m going to get laid. I could get laid in sweatpants and a tank, my curves are real! 🍭

When Friday Rolls around she will wear her vagina cage, sissy panties and bra. Don’t forget to put on your lipstick Brandi! With her suction cup dildo on the toilet seat lube that dildo with cum and ride it! Eat your cummies and then suck it for Me!  Sissy Brandi should have enough cum to fuck it and suck it maybe 10 times! She needs to get used to sucking cum from dicks that have been 8 inches deep in her sissy ass!  Mistress Z will send you to the glory hole and make you collect 10 cum bags That will be your breakfast for the new week. Deal My nasty sissy cum eater?? 💦

P.S. Brandi you are posted not just here…  I love showing sissy cum sluts off 👅

Sissy Panties for Loli w/Heaven


When Heaven and I put you in sissy panties you fucking know it. Lolipop came to be used one morning asking if we could help her get all dressed up and fuck her butt with our handy dandy sissy strap-ons. We already know how Lolli likes his deep-complected Mistresses. And Heaven is that Bittersweet Candy that Sissy men like Lolipop can’t get enough of. The way she just pounced on a Femboy had me so fucking hot. This Sexy Black lady definitely knows how to put white men in panties, frillies, and slutty BDSM outfits. I shouldn’t have been surprised, I almost volunteered myself to ride that big black dick she had swinging and ready for Lolli! 

sissy panties

Not That Lollipop the sissy needs Forced feminization, but as hard as Heaven was putting her through the hoops, I knew that she meant business. It’s so majestic to watch another mistress find a new slut and take control of her sissy boi ass like no other. Both of us took turns dressing our slut up and fucking her butt pussy. I just love pulling those panties to the side under her spanking skirt and finding out that she is now off of her period and she can not only take our big dongs, but she is ready to meet Heaven BF and mY black bull for some good ass sex. We even picked out a new toy for Our slut and she is going to Write Heavens Name on it and send pics with her ass full of her new dildo! Always a pleasure to introduce company sissy sluts to a new mistress!Forced Feminization

House Sissy Shelbys Online sissy training

Online sissy training

Online sissy training for men like Shelby is just a touch-up for what’s happening in their sissy life. Can You Imagine being your step mommas sissy whore? Well, Shelby the sissy slut no longer has to worry about that. His step momma is an old school Soft domme who was aching to get her hands on her stepson. I would say now she pretty much rules his life. Although she is pretty mad that His wife isn’t stepping up to the plate in Shelby’s sissy instruction.

Just this last week Step Momma took Shelby away from his wife and made her clean the house and wouldn’t let her out of her pantyhose. That’s where this all started, a young femme boy stealing silky soft Nylons. I love Shelby step momma in the fact that she kept him safe from an ultra-conservative dad and fed his pantyhose addiction. And while Mistress Momma was doing extra femboy training she called his BBC daddy over and said he could use that whores mouth and pussy.

The wife was so jealous of that BBC-loving sissy whores body and cock skills that she threw a fit. But the time had come for Step momma to Put her best Alpha Domme skills to work. Step Momma is number one and she will not tolerate all her hard work over the years to be ruined. So she is training the wife and pulling out her domination side. Let’s just hope that wife of Shelby the cock slut with a cute clitty learns fast. Shelby always needs extra House Sissy maid training!

Sissy slave training for my slut Brandi

Sissy Slave training

Sissy slave training for my slut Brandi the bimbo with her Mommy Zoey! Take a look at a real life Sissy gurl who needs the help of a Mommykins who will make fun if her. Brandi is a Barbie and she has so many naughty outfits with lots of latex and lace combined. I wait eagerly for the once or twice a week I will get to visit with her and give her humiliation maintenance as she eats her cummies for me. I just love when she cries Out “Oh Mommy Zoey!” As she rides her dildo for me. #BrandiRidescock 

Oh Yeah and this is going On my Social Media too so all of the other sissies who follow me will see how naughty she is being! This is just an example of my little sisy performer. She knows I have all eyes on her as she Parades her naughty sinful outfits and records her fucking her toys for a mistress. I run a tight ship and Brandi Knows how much of bimbo whore she really is. That tiny dinki was never meant to be a penis. Pathectic men turn into slutty naughty whores for me. Now show me what a good nasty whore you are for Mommy Zoey! Ill dress you up and pimp you out! Just ask My chick with a clit Bimbo Brandi~  #dirtywhoresissy

Bow down to your green-eyed Mistress who loves Humiliation phone sex! 

Humiliation Phone sex

Bimbo Brandi Loves being a slut

Phone dominatrix hates worms and delivers SPH

phone dominatrix

A Phone dominatrix like me needs a big cock to keep me happy. I do not tolerate small worms at all. Lately, the small cocks coming my way have been more of an elevator button instead of anything resembling a penis. Now unless pushing your button gets me to the penthouse suite, I have no use for you. Do not come crawling and asking Mommy Zoey to fuck you when you should be put in mits and a cloth diaper until you learn that you are a worthless loser. I am thrilled to deliver small cock humiliation when you send me pictures of something that should be buried in wet dirt in the garden.

 A stuby blind garden slug! 

And let me say that any woman who says it’s okay and that it’s cute is a fucking liar. She is just trying to save your feelings. That lady in your life might care about you, I only care about my own sexual satisfaction. You won’t find that here. I have snorted and laughed so hard at shrimpy weenies during Humiliation phone sex that I was able to skip ab day! I hate to be the one to tell you guys this, but having a little dick makes you considerably less of a man. What exactly does that make you, I hear you ask? You become a wallet in my eyes. Seriously, why should I bother with you if I can finger my own pussy better than you can fuck me? Does the truth really hurt? You’ve known it was true for a time now if you’re being completely honest with yourself. And I’m glad you’ve acquired a taste for my brand of humiliating tiny dicks. At least by paying me you know that you are good for something.

Goon during Sissy hypno Training

Sissy hypno training

Goon and stroke and fuck up your brain for me during sissy hypno training. I want to guide you on your journey to living pussy free with Mommy Z!  Porn is so fucking addictive right? All those sexy girls teasing you and showing off slick pussy and round young boobs just has you in a fit! You can’t seem to stop yourself and every day you find that you have hours of lost time masturbating to porn. Someday you’re going to come across porn that wil completely change your life and I want to be there when it happens. I want to be there when you fuck up your mind and stroking for all the girls you can never fuck. You don’t need to fuck them, just watch and stroke. Lose your mind for me. Suddenly you realize that yes your cock wants to fuck these girls but you never have deserved a tight bald pussy once in your life. This can be complicated by having a small dick or feminine feelings coming to the surface. No matter what state of gooning you are in right now, Mistress Z can lead you on the right path!

Femboy Training needs lots of Pink

femboy trainingFemboy training is all about that pink! From ruffled pink sissy dresses to pink cock cages and Botty holes, PINK is the universal sissy color! There should never be too much pink in your life! Some of my favorite little whores have pink hair and I’m down for it! My Rode-OH harness panties are pink and My strap has a beautiful pink swirl in the black silicone! My mechanic is a sissy who loves pink and getting her pink puckered ass  fucked!  and I pay for car repairs with my snap-on strap-on! I love when mommy Zoey needs an oil change and ends up changing her Car monkey’s oil at the same time! Nothing like going out to the gay bars and seeing my Favorite blue-collar bear strutting his shit in all pink as she sings Madonna, knowing that butt plug and cock cage are still held in tight under my command. My momma always said to have a sissy in every corner and I think she just might be right! What part of my life can you help me with while I keep you as my pink femboy!

Forced Sissy Training My boss Lisa

forced sissy training

This vixen enjoyed giving Lisa forced sissy training as her sexy secretary. See, Nobody at the office knows about the boss’s alter ego, Lisa. But since I came to work here I have discovered some unusual things that lead me to a hot integration one afternoon. First, there were some sticky panties laying Under Boss man’s desk. I chalked that up to maybe him getting some lunch-hour pussy. But I asked every female on my floor and they all denied those being their panties. Hmm, okay maybe his wife. No biggie right?

Then I found lube stains on the boss’s office chair and I noticed the back was broken as well. Ahh, Office fucking and the damage it does! but why is the lube stain on the leather so large? I put it out of my mind until The gym bag incident. I was minding my business snooping through my boss’s things and I came upon the mother load. That bag was filled with drag queen type clothing and wigs and makeup, but the best part was a used lubed-up dildo. The lube and butt plug were the icing on the cake. I knew what I had to do. 

I showed up extra early for work knowing that Sissy’s boss would be in early. I soon discovered that My boss went by Lisa and liked to wear his sissy outfits while he did the payroll. I am a good employee, I figured out sissy Boss’s sizes and surprised her with them and my golden-dick special edition strap-on! At first, she was so shocked that I knew her secret, but I know Sissy Lisa wanted me to find out!

She needed in-house work, Mistress. And I understand, that even if she was already being a sissy, being exploited and fucked by your lowly Sissy slave training secretary is still using force! And if you need some domination in your life to help force you to the Pink side, Zoey is here to take care of you! I know I loved having Lisa, my sissy boss, squealing as I fucked her and made her eat her cummies for me.  It’s the power struggle for me! 


Sissy Gurl Mistress phone sex

Mistress Phone sex

 Nothing gets my sweet MIstress phone sex pussy off more than making fun of soft bitches like you! Laughing and teasing your ass for being such a limp dick little sissy cock loving faggot.  I had so much fun the other day with you confessing to me how much of a sissy faggot you are. 

Zoey Knows you couldn’t wait to tell your Daddy all about me when he got home today. I heard all about how he surprised you with a super cute new outfit to wear for him and we had a couple of his daughter’s friends come over and laugh and make fun of you while he bent that tight ass over and made you whine like a little whore as he pounded you in my brand new short, tight mini dress. And I got even more turned on as the girls laughed and called sissy la-la a cock loving little faggot when his Daddy put her on her knees and blasted a weeks-long load he was saving up, all over that femme face.

There you are dressed up like a whore in a tight pink little mini dress, with a wet, throbbing, gaping, freshly fucked asshole, completely covered in cum, with three of the hottest little sluts laughing at your ass calling sissy all kinds of names, putting slut girl in her place, as a submissive, crossdressing, little cock whore. Thank you Sissy fag boy for letting me take your confessions and sharing my love for cock. I just wish one day I could be right there watching and laughing at you whining like a slut from getting pounded by a stud’s big cock! Thank you for allowing this Phone dominatrix to work you over SIssy Gurl!