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Best sissy trainer watches

best sissy trainerBeing the best sissy trainer is so much fun. I get to watch men like David jack off while I dominate them. David si what I call a soft man. Six pack, Asian with a pretty dick. I’m guessing his cock is average for Asian men! But it sure is sexy! I have a dildo that reminds me of David’s dick. Only I have a couple inches and more girth to my toys. Does that stop me from knowing that David wants to fuck? He wants to have sex with big tittied, slick pussy women who tease and deny him. David is in love with UWU girls, You know a girl who makes the emoticon cum to life and draws on the sexualization and suggestion of Young anime girls! That tongue sticking out and eyes rolled back as they get some dick!
David is one of my foreign boys who relies on a strong hand to spank his ass and control his masturbation’s. Are you an edger like My David? Can you make your dick jump by rubbing your nipples? Show me how hard you get for a sexy domination phone sex specialist like this Gamer girl! Il be sure to tell you about all the big dick I get.
Look for My new series on sissy hypno porn coming soon, just like you! If I let you cum that is!

Sissy Training Shopping Small

sissy trainingSissy Training on Small Business Saturday Shopping! Today you are to go out and support local! By the way our phone sex hotlines qualify for that! Spend with us sluts since we love small shopping too! I love shopping local for small wares. I find that the little dicked men are always out in the bars around here. So I put my money on the smallest loser I can. It only takes me a minute to spot the Small peen. He is touching my ass and asking what I am drinking! I snatch his hand and look into his eyes.sissy training
“I assure you don’t have the dick to please me.” The bar erupts in laughter and he gets so red and angry. He storms off. What a pity, I yell, I would have pity fucked you! I love when they start denying the obvious. If he would have just laughed and brushed me off I would have second guessed myself. His loss. On to the next loser. I have an itch for sissy training small cocks tonight. As the Jager bomb drops I see him. Target locked and loaded. He is sitting with a couple girls who are ignoring him. Shy, cute and small framed, has me thinking of satin and lace. This man is shopping small and dripping a lot of cash on these hotties. I have bigger plans for him. I grin and raise my glass at him. The look on his face as I slam my drink and lick my lips! My pussy aches. I need to feminize and use him up.
I have made contact. Now to wiggle him away from leeches who only want his money. I know how to give him a good time and take his cash for my own small business. Men who are shy and spend on hot women are perfect for what I do. I prefer to use sissy training to bring out the pleasures in a small cock. There is no other way than dressing up and submitting to my lusty wiles. One trip to the girls room later he is alone. “You know they ditched you, right?” I slid into the booth. They went home with the black bartender. He sighs and starts to get up. “Don’t leave, I have a soft spot for submissive men,” I coo. “You…You…do?” even his stutter is cute. Yes and I want to show you just how much fun having a small clitty can be!”  Be like Zoey shop small and Local!

Sissy training ZOey

Forced sissy training thrills

forced Sissy TrainingForced sissy training thrills with Mistress Zoey! I’m one bad bitch and I know what you need!!! 

How about a bratty sister who knows exactly what you are. How we grow up together and I know you’ve been stealing my panties you little motherfucker. I also know you have pictures of Black cocks on your computer. What is your sister walks in to find you in her panties jacking off to some BBC? Would you be completely humiliated and embarrassed? Good that’s my plan that way I can keep you under my power. Because sister is going to go and make you a fancy pussy little sissy! I will force you because I know your secrets. I will manhandle you until you give in. And you’re such a twink and a submissive little bitch that I won’t take much. 

I warn you once you steal my panties and I know that you like big black cocks… 

You will become my sissy slut slave.  Forced feminization With Zoey!

Do my homework clean my room and do the dishes. I won’t have to lift a finger. And then I’ll have sweet little sissy test for you. Making you do things like wear panties under your jockstrap. You’re also going to ask the homecoming queen out. And I’ll be there when she rejects you and makes everyone laugh. I know going back to your teen years is going to be so horrible. But I promise to make your sissy clit squirt. All it takes is one buckle and a strap and a big fucking dildo to have me fucking you crazy. So be sisters little bitch come explore all you can with my online sissy training! 

Hypnotic Online sissy training Zoey

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training is what I do! My Hypnotic voice sends you into overdrive. I work with even the smallest of clitty stix! I am also the Femme Fatale that you come out too! There’s a fine line between gay men and sissies. Vicarious cock hung hungry with a dash of bi-curious are those I seek to change. And reality, it’s all inside of you already that taste for cum that needs to serve a mistress because you are not hung at all! Need to worship the ground that Mistress Z walks on? Slut, you better get with a program. 

I love men in crossdressing and things they have any testosterone left in their little sissy bodies. I’m also a hypnotic therapist and focus on your feminine side to bring you into balance.
Sissy Hypno training brings you into my realm without your conscious mind. It also allows me to cure sissy bois’ toxic masculinity. Fall into my voice and suggestions and find out just how much you needed me all along! Perhaps I can drain your wallet as you are under! Be careful what you wish for! 

ABDL Sissys

Mistress Zoey is looking for her diaper girls who need a momma to make theme pretty girls who like to be dressed up in utter humiliation. Nurtured, pampered, and put in diaper chastity are just a few of my favorite things!
I will leave you with a word or two of free advice.
I will never knock another sissy trainer or Mistress, I don’t catfight! But I will send every Vixen Mistress on you if needed! I require pictures and devotion. Send me your sexy Outfits and ludes. I don’t take any clit pics unless you have paid to play at least once. Wild Unasked for pictures will be used as Free domain property and you have no clue what this Mistress is capable of! See you soon Losers!
Mistress, Princess, Mommy, Mean girl Zoey!

Sissy hypno and lessons

best sissy trainerHypno for Sissy Tj is all too much fun for me. Casting my special spell to sissy all over the world.
The best sissy trainer is a control freak. And as a sissy hypnotist I’m all about that control over my sissy subjects. Now sissy Tj is a bit of a BDSM freak with her spanking skirts and bondage gear ready for her to be disciplined. This sissy loves to be paddled and locked in chastity with the key thrown away! A very special encounter had Miss Tj buying an expandable butt plug for us to continue our lessons. Trust me I have this sissies clothing and toy inventory and i will dress sissy Tj up and have lessons of humiliation, public and self. And just some basic sexy things I need my controlled chastised and slutty sissy whore to do for me! Would you like to be added to the corral of sissy whores like my sexy and slutty Tj during Femboy training?

Stupid whore in sissy panties

Sissy pantiesHave a gander at sissy Lisa all dressed up and ready to take cock in her back door pussy. Isn’t she just the slutiest whore you have seen today. He is the stupidest sissy whore I have ever had the pleasure of.
Lisa has nasty sissy panties dirty slut that plays with ass so much can’t keep his shit in there so uses tampons and pads and puts a tampon in for me while on call too! Take a plunger and push that applicator up in there booty suck it right up the champagne bottle with the cork in no cork wrapper! So she can bare back its cork first! it’s going explode when the bottle is going to explode right in booty of a stupid dirty sissy whore! See, Phallic food makes his clitty hard! This fucker gets excited by his love of cock he makes a Banana creame pie out of it! He ate that banana after douche hands and knees like a little bitch whipped cream bottle into his booty and the feeling of having the whipped cream fill up his booty was incredible, peeled bananas and booty gobbled it right up! Put that Pink dildo on shower wall and started riding it and when that was all dripping out of his booty and it reminded of him of hot girls fingering self while being fucked and licking fingers hands and knees and pushing the banana out of his ass while talking to a sissy trainer while he did it! I enjoyed having him licking it all up ! Stupid little dirty ass Whore! Blow pops and Softball baseball bats are just a few of the things they stupid ass whores ass gobbles up! Trust this slut will be exposed for all she is in time!

Bottom Feeder

sissy pantiesSissy Jay is a bottom feeder who enjoys jacking off in his sissy panties! Now Jay is what you call an ass eater fairy fag! Or at least that’s what I call him! I never have had my ass so worshiped as I do when Jay needs to eat my brown eye!  I love when he begs to clean my ass out with his tongue in hopes that I will squirt my previous lovers cum in his whore ass mouth! Is it really Easter if you haven’t savored your mistresses milk chocolate back door fuck hole and extracted soft yummy cum center like a Cadbury creme egg! I will gladly sit this ass on his face and use sissy Jay like a fucking cum dumpster, cum eating sissy queen that he is! Humiliation phone sex is what drives A subby sissy slut to cum in satin panties thinking of my creamy ass hole!  I hope your a bottom feeder who thrives on ass sex! Eating ass, and lets not forget getting fucked in the ass pussy for me! Cum out, cum out sissy whore! Dress in your Easter best for your Mistress and bring you extra large dildos and Butt plugs to play! 

Zoey and Sissy hypno training

sissy hypno training

Sissy hypno training delights me in every way! My pretty pussy gets so wet when i bring you into my world by my erotic hypnosis! That pretty pussy you will never see, mind you! Unless, no you wouldn’t want to see me nailed by a nice masculine bull would you? No way I could bring you out of your shell to surrender like that. You’re not a man who likes sharing, or are you? You don’t think about that big spongy head invading my slick sweetness causing me to orgasm from penetration alone. Not you. Your a straight married man who enjoys fucking women! I can’t trick you by giving you Jack off instructions and slipping trigger words and making you my complete sissy girl. It’s my own way of forced sissy training that will have you cumming in your wife’s panties!  Come, close you eyes and relax your whole body.  Mistress Zoey is in control of your dick now.  When you wake from your slumber, you will feel connected to your sissy side! 

Crossdressing online sissy training

online sissy trainingSeduction by crossdressing you. Online sissy training allows you to get nice and dolled up before you do anything else. Pretty petticoats under big riffly sissy dresses make you into the best sissy maid for me. Some stockings over a set of sexy bras and panties feel so good on freshly shaved and oiled legs. Add your hooker heels and make -up and you’re ready to serve me. Now, if you’re a bad girl you will have to go in your cock cage and not be allowed to cum. But there are so many options for us to go with. Rubber, plastic, even metal ones in every sort of color and purpose we might have together. Some are made for long term wear, these are my favorite. When pretty asses are exposed and sissy sticks are contained, it helps get your mind off all that sissy porn, and focus on the quest ahead. Your quest darling is to look as slutty as you can while taking a cock up your poop shoot and down your dirty whore mouth for me. Sissy girl training for the “man” who needs to be turned into a cock addict sissy slut!sissy girl training

Twerk in sissy panties for me

sissy pantiesI like the way you twerk it sissy whore! But can you do it like I do? It’s more than just wearing sissy panties and shorty shorts and skirts when you are trying to seduce cock. I have gotten plenty of BBC and big fat white cock, while twerking this lovely ass. My ass is hypnotic and if there is any man still left in you I will hypnotize you with this bodacious ass! I will have you doing whatever the fuck i want. Including but not limited to being a bonafide cum slut just like me.

My milkshake brings all the cocks (and Femboys)  to the yard… I can teach you but you have to give tribute your mistress…????‍♀️????????‍♂️

Don’t you want to know how real whores do the booty wobble? Trust me these twerking skills come in handy when I’m riding a nice slippery anaconda or white chocolate fuck stick! SKills you will need as that clitty bounces on top of a cock. Don’t you want to learn from a real cum slut size queen? All your sweet ass needs is some sissy hypno training by my seductive bouncing ass cheeks, and a little ass bouncing instruction. Twerk it for mistress Zoey! 

Bounce for Zoey you slutty sissy whores.

sissy hypno