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Forced feminization Is a skill for all Boi Toys!

Forced feminizationForced feminization Is a skill all young women should have for her begging boi Toys! MMM, To push your buttons makes me so happy!  With you I will become an expert at the art of forced feminization and sissification. Cum, Mistress

Zoey will guide you through each step of the Femmi process and help you become the ultimate femboy. Tell me baby boy, are you ready to take the plunge into sissydom and start your transformation today? The world is a shit hole, you should finally be at a place you can let your little whore out to play! I know exactly how to mold and fold you into what you lust and daydream about?  You won’t be the same after I’m done with you. I’m your only hope to be the perfect sissy you want to be. 

Forced feminization Is a skill all young women should have

There are some things I learned long ago and will always integrate in my sissy la-las. Forced sissy training Is something that breaks down the ego and obscures the roles of masculinity! No longer do you have to cater to the horrible roles of society and find your pretty and cock loving world with me.  Time for me tomold you into the perfect sissy and you’ll be thankful for it.

Let go and have Zoey teach you to love cock and take on your true feminine identity. With me, you become the whore of the hour you really  want to be. From the bi-curious, to crossdressers who love pussy you understand that sometimes you need a seductive strong sexy hand! Come with me to sissy la-la land! 

For the Ultimate Femboy training Let Zoey Lead the way almost gay!

Sissy training my bitches like this requires Straps and Femdom 2.0

Sissy trainingSissy training brings me a hot man begging on his knees for me to do more nasty things to him.  The satisfaction of dominating these bitches through my femme power is fucking awesome! I bask in the supremacy I exert over their every move and whim. 

Power dynamics intoxicate me, leaving me eager to push their boundaries and mold them into the submissive beings they aspire to be. My dildo and lays on the floor, coated in the sexy juices of my pathetic sissy whore play toysnow! 

They have small cocks, unhappy lives, and a lot of money to burn.

Sissy training 2.0

It would not be a problem for me to break their bank and make them beg for more cock.

As I spank them, I love listening to their whimpers. As I slip my strap-on back into its case and secure my BBC harness back under my skirt, I’m ready for another round with my bitches!

I get so fucking wet when they gag and choke on my dick.

My pussy drips when they pay me to do these things to them.

I let them eat my cunt until their mouths numb.

They’re really just  sissy fags with small cocks that I love to abuse!

More forced Bi here

Dommes like me have their fembois wearing frilly lingerie and begging for more pain and punishments in no time. As soon as I put a strap-on, I can’t resist playing with his ass, something he’s never even imagined doing. My goal of online sissy training is transforming strong men  into a cock-sucking sissys! 

My days end with me savoring the taste of my power as I leave my shift. I know that I have totally dominated another group of sissy bitches.

Sissy humiliation training dominates lil dicks and makes the BBC whores 💄💋🍭

Sissy humiliation trainingSissy humiliation training dominates using small cock punishment! You know I will humiliate you in front of family and friends. A real Mistress will force your whore ass to dress up like a sissy and be made to do humiliating tasks. She will also make you pay for all her expenses. Imagine a Mistress, using your body as a means to degrade you further. Making you suck my mens dicks, and taste their own ass juices mixed with my powerful domination! I haven’t had this much control over someone in a long time, and the feeling of power over these sissies is intoxicating.

As sissy whores scream and beg for more, I felt the familiar sensation building up in my body. Watching cock thrust harder and harder, seeing the BBC MILK their prostate. Hearing sissies moan as their orgasms overtook them, their bodies shaking with pleasure. Forced sissy training gets better and better!

Finally, my black boyfriend couldn’t hold it back any longer. He let out a loud roar, filling their willing asses with some hot, sticky cum. The sight of my creamy, manly release seeping out of their tight holes was the final straw for these pathetic sissies.

Sissy humiliation training dominates

As He pulled out his massive black cock! I watched as he collapsed in a heap on the floor, spent and defeated. I stood over them, my heart pounding with the rush of power I had just experienced. These sissy bitches, always so eager for a taste of my dominance, had given me the best sexual experience of my life. And with a smirk, I knew that I would never let them forget just how Online sissy training could make them feel.

Forced feminization easily dominates these pansy boys

Forced feminizationForced feminization easily dominates these pansy boys, making them whimper and moan with just the slightest touch. My thick, black strap-on is a symbol of my power over these feminine losers, and I cherish every moment of it. Their moans of submission fill the room, their eyes fill with fear and desperation as I ram my strap-on deep into their tight, willing asses.

Thin femme bodies tremble beneath me, and their cries of pleasure echo off the walls. The sight of these pathetic sissy bitches, completely under my control, sent shockwaves of adrenaline through my body. As I continued to pump them rougher and rougher, I could feel the heat rising between my legs. The sissy-boys quivered, their asses clenching around my strap-on. This is why I excel in Online sissy training! I always can tell they are always close, and I know now just how to push them over the edge.  

Forced feminization easily dominates these pansy boys

Although, my real weapon is an enormous, black, bareback cock. I flop my Black lover’s cock; slowly revealing its massive length to the desperate sissies. Their eyes widened in terror and arousal as they begged me for their share of my BBC.

Without any hesitation, I thrust it deep inside their sopping wet holes, helping them feel the warmth enveloping tight sissy bussy! A good BBC sissy trainer helps push it further and further in. The sissies scream in pleasure, their bodies convulsing around Black dick! My strap-on is still strapped up ready to try to push my way inside bussy filled with BBC and make them a shish kabob! One end fucked by me or BBC and the other end gagging on my big black dildo strap, or a black cock! 

The sissies love it and can’t get enough of it. They are addicted to BBC and me. They love the feeling of having my strap-on or BBC deep inside them.

Sissy hypno training for men who like idea of sissification.

Sissy hypno trainingSissy hypno training for men who have been fascinated by the idea of sissification. There’s a power I have over men, especially those who are feminine in their ways. I know exactly how to make them embrace their true selves and become cock-loving sissies! 

One day, while I go out shopping for lingerie, there’s a man who catches my attention. He’s browsing through the same section as me, and I couldn’t help but notice how feminine he is in his mannerisms and the way he speaks. I struck up a conversation with him and soon found out that his name was Alex. As we talk, it becomes apparent that Alex had no idea about his true sissy boi desires. He was just a regular guy, or so he thought!  You know I love an opportunity to put my sissy training skills to use.

Sissy hypno training for men who have been fascinated by the idea of sissification.

I invited Alex back to my place, promising to show him something that would change his life forever. Bitch Boi Alex was hesitant at first, but he was also curious. He followed this sexy bitch to my house, unsure of what to expect.

Once they were inside, I wasted no time in hypnotizing Alex. Luring him with some gooner sissy porn and sing-song sexy words was just the start! How I enjoy using my hypnotic Sissy girl training to make him embrace his true femme slut self and become a cock-loving sissy. His panties were soon off and he was on all fours, begging for my cock. I made him my bitch and he took my cock with pleasure. He was the perfect sissy and I loved every second of it.

A domme like me has him wearing sexy lingerie and dressing up in female clothes in no time. Soon,  I can’t resist putting a strap-on to play with his ass, something he has never even imagined doing before. My goal of sissy Alex transforming into a cock-sucking sissy is just beginning! Alex and I will continue to meet up regularly, with him trusting his Mistress Zoey to guide him through his Femboy training journey.

BBC sissy trainer and cock size queen loves filling sissy pussy!

BBC sissy trainer

BBC sissy trainer and Cock size queen Zoey is here to make you eat cum. Your cum on the phone, and some big black cock at the glory hole. I just had the chance to breed a Sissy ass who I haven’t seen in a while. 

Sissy Brandi had a hot spurt of her sissy jizzy to eat for me tonight. She had on her favorite pink little panties jerking her sweet baby girl clitty so hard and fast. But you know I made her pull out her XXl black dildo so I could breed her sissy pussy over the sissy phone line.  Brandi was moaning and begging for my cock to fill her up. She came so hard and then begged me to fill her with my seed. It was so hot. I was more than happy to oblige and have her eat  the cum she craved. In a perfect world, I would have creampied her sissy pussy With BBC.

BBC sissy trainer and cock size queen loves filling sissy pussy!

Hopefully she will be so jonesin to be stuffed with a big black cock she goes and gets BBC now!  I played with my cunt as she and she thanked me over and over. All I have to say is Brandi has a great pussy and eats cum like the best of the cum whores around. Stay a sexy Sissy whore my Pretty Sissy Brandi!

Eat cum for me and be bred on a BBC! 

Best sissy trainer makes Lil Lilly A BBC slave

Best sissy trainerI am the best sissy trainer with an expertise in training sissy girls to serve and pleasure their masters. What makes me stand out is a big silicone girl cock that I proudly display! 

Today I received a new sissy girl to train. Her name is Lily, and she has always dreamed of serving a dominant woman. Right away I am immediately drawn to her and know that I can turn her into the perfect sissy. I invite her to my home and show her my cock. She is in awe of its size and begs me to let her serve me. I take her into my dungeon and show her the ropes.

Lily does so well on my big thick strap and is so perfect for Bussy fucking! 

As Our training sessions progress, I notice that Lily had a particular interest in big black cocks. She will  often blush and giggle whenever I  mention it. So, when we receive an invitation to a party where a well-endowed black man will be present, Of course I have to take Lily along. The party is already  in full swing when me and my new pet arrive. As we mingle with the other guests, I cannot help but notice Lily’s eyes constantly wandering towards the black man. Sensing her interest, I lead Lily to a private room where the BBC is waiting.

Best sissy trainer makes Lil Lilly A BBC slave

Lily’s eyes widens in surprise and excitement as she sees the man’s massive black cock!!!. MMM I can’t resist joining in and together, we take turns sleeping his thick BBC! My  big silicone girl cock slides in and out of My submissives tight little bussy as she slurps and gulps all of his black meat!

It is a night that neither I nor Lily will ever forget. We both love big black cocks, and now we often fuck black men together. From this day on, Lilly is a BBC Lover made by my Forced sissy training and big strap girl cock! 

Sissy panties and sex toys make you my slave

Sissy pantiesSissy panties and sex toys make you my slave forever! Several panty boys have told me about their experiences wearing panties, but the stories about their first time playing with a sex toy are my favorites! 

Most often, they are stolen from the dresser drawers of a family member or friend’s wife or girlfriend. Something about the panties starts the fascination of sissy whoredom, though! 🦋

All it took was a sniff, a lick, a stroke, and then a pair of panties or a thong.  They expressed their curiosity about how they tasted and felt on their sissy cocks. It’s my job to help move my femboy freaks into buttfucking and cockteasing with adult novelties, a.k.a., sex toys or sexual enhancers! 

Sissy humiliation training needs some lesson tools to help seal the deal! Many little fag boys need some encouragement, mean words and fucked up mind fucking! Just a little help to wear panties and to use the dirty finds that have been uncovered.

Sissy panties and sex toys make you my slave forever!🦄

Being a toy whore myself there is no sex play toy I do not know how to operate, on myself or on your clitty/cock! Why not take it even further, so the anal play began.  This is when the fun begins so buy a butt plug, a bullet, or a vibrating dildo. Let me introduce you to the art of anal play, and become the best cock sucking, butt fucking sissy in town. Sissy phone sex makes you go gaga on some big fat dildos and vibes!

Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal

Femboy training

Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal for this bratty domme who loves to travel and make men her little bitches. Creating exotic beauties who know the love of crossdressing and exotic cock is the only thing on my mind today. I have my fair share of big dick lovers, but the flavor of the month should be something that we all achieve in our life. Imagine spending a week in a different country in order to wear their latest fashion and see if you passable. Our first stop should be Jamaica, and after that Thailand! 

Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal

Are you going to take the challenge with me and see how many men cum running to a sexy fembot to have that ass and mouth used up? I know that no matter the culture there will always be a sexy dick who wants to get in some american fag boy’s Bussy and throat!  We can explore the country, get drunk, and party with the locals. We can also look for the hottest guys and give them a taste of our juicy lips and tight asses. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun!

Cum explore exotic cock with me! 

You can be the maid who carries our luggage and follows at my feet like the slave that you are. Once in our quarters I will call in a few cocks and spend your Amex on some fancy drinks and the easiest drug to obtain. You will enter the country dressed as a sissy maid and leave feeling like a universal tramp! 

Sissy slave training you with my cute socks and feet!

Sissy slave training Sissy slave training you with my feet!  I will teach you how to dress, how to act, and how to please me. You will learn to be the perfect sissy slave. Get ready to be my footstool! Stop looking under my skirt pervert! You don’t get to peep my pussy – Pussy!  You better learn how to follow the rules or you’ll be punished! Now, get down on your knees and worship my feet!

Sissy slave training you with my feet! 

Go ahead and sniff my soles, after they have been in my mary Jane’s all day! Pull off my socks by the sole with your teeth, now my foot-worshiping bitch! Put my cute stinky sock on your dick and wave it around as you bounce on that Big suction cup dildo for me!

  Now, I want you to jerk off to my stinky socks as you worship my tootsies! Now, Mistress Zoey wants you to spurt sissy stains all over my socks, then lick up your mess!

Now I need you in your sissy panties and your wet tongue on my sweaty feet! Toe jam is good for a dirty slave whore like you! I promise! You must lick and suck my toes before you even think about eating cream-pie!

I love sissy subby men with foot fetishes!