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Sissy Phone Sex w/ Coraline and me!

sissy phone sex We are going to have so much fun on this sissy phone sex call. Let me go get my makeup and that sexy little outfit I was talking about. You have never done this before, have you? Don’t be shy now baby! I know exactly how to bring out your sissy side! Now put on these little see-through black crotchless panties with these stockings. Aww, shame you, poor little sissy. These little panties will cover up that tiny dick so that no one will laugh at you. Well who could that be at the door now? Sexy Momma Coraline here to help me turn you out! I know you secretly want each of these hot women to put on that strap-on and fuck you in your tight little ass, you little sissy boy. Oh, is this turning you on? I can see you perfect little clit stick dancing! Coraline laughs and tells me to get the lube, she wants first dibs on that tight back door pussy! Our strap-on silicone dick is better than yours will ever be, sweet panty boy Slut! ! Now pull down those panties bitch boy, and use my vibrator on your little dicky while Coraline fucks you in your tight ass pussy. Now give me your spurties in my mouth! I stand up as soon as you deposit a teaspoon of cummies in my mouth. You wonder why Coraline is snickering behind you as she pulls out her “dick”. I got to kiss you and cum swap and you feel Coraline push you down and shove the strap in your mouth. “Clean Your ass juice off of my expensive strap , bitch!” Mistress Coraline Barks. Oh, such a good boy doing what you’re told to do. And we have only begun your sissy training audio!

sissy training audio

Dildo Sissy Training 101

sissy training

In the early morning or late in the night is when sissy training on the dildo is best. Some of you fags have wifes that have no clue what your are into. SHAME, shame, I would enjoy being married to a sissy fag hag who loved bouncing on a dildo for me! I love being a sissy trainer the mornings after my sissy bois wifes and girlfriends  go to work. I know my sweet sissy men love  having the place all to themselves,  I don’t want you to have to be quiet if you don’t want to be. I love it when I get past the fingers and insert the first dildo in…it’s amazing feeling myself twitch. Now it’s your turn, Slide fingers inside yourself with a bit of KY. No cheap lube here! Soon you will learn to use your sissy leaks to lubricate but for now KY is best! But then the fucking begins, enjoy girls! And of course you boys with small dicks who might not be a complete fag! That dildo is going to go inside your ass pussy. Be thankful I am not there. (I have my strap attached most calls, and love stroking it as I help that ass get fucked for me.) So I always want to dick you down. But for now you just pull down those sissy panties and let me help you get fucked the best way I can! Slow and steady until we pick up the tempo! Moan for me sissy Bitch! Please send pictures of big sissy dicks and I guess tiny sissy clits. I just want to see you fucked BITCH! 


PSA : Now accepting Appointments for sissy dildo and Sissy clothing shopping during the day. You need a hot bitch to push you to buy the right things. I am not one to ever miss out on a shopping spree with a sissy! While your shopping my favorite color is Amazon gift codes! 💋👌😊

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Gangbanged for Sissy Training

sissy training Why your cock must always be aching. Sissy training mistresses are so full of piss and vinegar for some hot fem bois! We’re flirty bitches who revel in dirty jokes, Humiliation, and small cock humiliations! And I guarantee that last night wasn’t an exception. I went out with my hot girls, and we always have a contest to see who can bring the most men home! (Hot Girl Shit!) This sexy bitch managed to coax us some hot and horny guys from the bar. I led them back to my place, and waited for my friends to arrive. Only, they never did. There were four, throbbing cocks quickly becoming tired of my sexy little minxy self. The Bulls started exchanging glances, and I was getting nervous. They moved on me like a pack of wolves, ripping my clothes away so they could finger and caress my young, naked slutty body. My sissy daddy busted in my bedroom door demanding what was going on! My pussy was starting to drip! It was so intense! I was so afraid as I realized my fucking whore friends had set me up for this! But daddy being here to witness my gangbang made me want it all the more, fear or not! Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to Black bulls to make a daddy sissy happy! That’s when the first cock was pushed into my mouth. After that, I didn’t have a ton of time to speak, or even think. I had a cock in at least one of my fuck holes at all times! Daddy was laughing and I was going to turn this gangbang on his ass soon! Sissy slave training payback’s a bitch!

Twinks Love online sissy training

Online sissy training

Online sissy training for twinks who know they are nothing but a sweet little fag. Your little white cock had her thinking it was the best she could do.   Oh but you were seriously mistaken.  All it took was one time for her to cheat on you, and she never slept with you again. 

I hope you remember the last time your small white cock was inside your wife. You will never feel her velvet smooth walls around your embarrassingly small cock again! 

You don’t even give a fuck, You are always thinking about your co workers cock and how good it might taste. You my dear are a faggot and you need to be properly turned out.  When your wife makes you call so you can confess how fucking gay you are…. 

 I don’t think I need say more.  You are confessing your love for penis as you are made to pay and jack off with me. Your wife Laughs at you and keeps fucking all your friends and telling them how wee your weenier is! So, now what are you going to do?

Your going to need complete sissy hypno training to rid you of all that nasty and heavy male presence about you. Its time for hair removal, lipsticks and lots of exfoliants and lotion and oils. We are going to make you the sissy dream. It wont take much, you already know you love cock! 

BBC Richard Wears Sissy Panties

sissy pantiesHe comes to me wearing Sissy panties, black thigh highs with garter and heels. I tell him, “don’t take this the wrong way but you make a great BBC riding, cock sucking sissy faggot!”
Richard tells me too late I already have a Big back cock coming over to fuck me! Its a guy his ex knows and sent over to fuck Richards sissy ass!
He tells me that “She gets off on me getting fucked by less than average looking black men with massive dicks. Ones that don’t really get white women, she makes me give them the best fuck they ever had!”
Richard the sissy AKA Rachel the Shemale now says that she has kind of started liking servicing uglier BBC.
Good dick is a good dick! Right? It doesn’t matter how ugly they are as long as they have that huge swinging BBC man meat!
Rachel ex ol’ lady is too busy for a visit from this pathetic sissy, tonight. Instead she sends a ugly ass man with a 13 inch black cock over to service her sissy in waiting! She is just too busy fucking her huge black cocks. Black cocks that Richard ,the once man, turned her on too!
Can you believe he made his ex wife a true BBC cock whore in the process of trying to get a little cuckolding action. Coke dealer dick is where it’s at for this one prim and proper lady. The black coke dealers give her just enough to keep coming back. He doesn’t sell to her just makes her fuck for it. Pimping white girl pussy for coke and BBC fucking! Rachel / Richard knows that f his sissy ass had never wanted his wife to fuck BBC for him and showed her that black cock porn she wouldn’t be a BBC coke whore like she is now! HIs ex wife never knew what she was missing out with his little dick! But now she knows and this BBC sissy trainer fucking loves it!
BBC sissy Trainer

My parting thoughts are never be ashamed of that BBC porn addiction, give in to your faggot side and help a white bitch get some black cock!

Closets and sissy boys

Forced feminizationHello, Fags and fags in the making, 

Forced feminization is not just for out and about full Sissy Queens! In my experience the closet fags are the ones who need it the most. I have a sweet little sissy whore who might not be out to the world, but his wife and girlfriend all turn him out to the whore he is supposed to be!

The funny shit about this whole situation is that Richard is the one who wanted his women to watch BBC videos and fuck BBC! You might say my closet sissy fag Richard wanted to live the cuckold lifestyle and it back fired on him! His wife Sandra and I think a girlfriend or two now know the Love a huge Anaconda black cock stretching out white girl pussy!
There is no way in hell that these beautiful women will ever be able to feel Richards tiny Sissy cock ever again! And, its all because Richard is a closet sissy fag! He wants to be fucked by BBC and watch his women become BBC whores! That is why I am the BBC sissy trainer for him!

I know deep down this is a man who is a full sissy and wants to be fucked By BBC just as much as the BBC whores , like me!

Humiliation BBC Mistress, 


BBC sissy Trainer

Sissy Maid Training Sessions

sissy maid trainingI smiled over the crowd, taking note of all the well-known sissy trainers present all looking for that perfect one for sissy maid training! “Welcome to Princess Z’s Sissy Slut Auction!”
I myself was looking for new sissy sluts to train as housemaids. This is where I would get to find real prized slaves trained by other mistresses and Madams of the craft! Mistresses to those femboy little queers who had been training well. Money talked here, and I would have my prized possession.

You see, My last purchase said s/he was already trained. I realized she was a stupid whore liar after she was permitted the honor of cleaning my office. First and foremost, her clothing was too modest. While dusting, the bitch had no form, and seemed terrified of the vacuum. This would not do! I needed the full experience and would not have my guest looking at this trashy whore! No breeding, no background. Just a pathetic fag in a costume! I grabbed her by the hair, threw her over my desk, and beat her black and blue for lying about her training. A few days later, I had the bitch in a proper uniform; pretty little trousers, a garter and stockings, and 7-inch stiletto heels. Yes, & inches, you wish your cock was as large as the heels you stand in! Titter, Totter Little faggot girl! She then put on a cute little maid dress. Her feather duster handle was a dildo, the vacuum had all sorts of special attachments for her pathetic clit. She was in for a world of Hell; a world of Sissy training.

On second thought, breaking a sissy is always good for a Sweet little Mistresses confidence!sissy maid training

Princess BBC sissy Trainer

BBC Sissy TrainerClit cages, and cock sucking oh my! This BBC sissy trainer knows something about you, that you won’t even admit to yourself. You aren’t a straight man, don’t even try me! You’re a little faggot cocksucker, aren’t you? No straight man would call his favorite Sissy trainer and listen to me talk about how much I love BBC, and all of those huge, throbbing black monsters I’ve taken in my perfect princess pussy!

You can’t fool me, beta bitch. You’re my little femboi; my new little bottom toy for all these Alpha cocks to wipe off on. You already know how wet sissy training makes me. You came for a good cock training session, didn’t you? Come into my room honey while I get you a chastity cage for that tiny clit of yours. You know I own you. You only get to cum when Princess Z says so, do you hear me?

I come from a long line of Sissy Training Royalty! Put on your short little skirt so you can flash that little clit cage to all the big Bulls we pass. I’m going to force you to get double penetrated by big black cocks. Come here, now. The control is mine.

Proper Sissy Training

sissy trainingThere are a few things that all sissies should be, and over time you will live by these rules! They are not my rules but sissy training rules followed by sissies men for many years!
I turned you into what you are now.
You as a sissy should have no hair besides the top of your head and maybe your eyebrows and eyelashes. Though most sissy women use big baby fine eyelash sets to make them look like cute little baby girls when they want something..
That reminds me, Your eyes and sweet smile are your biggest assets!

Dressing the part….

You should always and I do mean always wear panties…even if all of your exterior clothes are male… BOO! But Mistresses are lenient when it comes to the outside world. But yes you need to wear sissy panties everyday! You have a clit, not a dick
Nylons and hosiery is a great addition and can be hidden on most occasions under jeans, slacks and joggers.. I do not recommend jogging in pantyhosery or tights! You will set that clitty on fire from thigh friction! Unless you like that kind of thing!
Makeup and nail polish… Research, look at reviews and who promotes it! We are not supporting anti trans or racist make up Gurus here! You are owned by me.
Just a couple things to add 4 Inch heels in very color and material, trust me!
I am hoping you already have an butt load.🤣…Of anal toys.
You will become the sissy fag you were always meant to be! Soft silicone, and vibes are recommended as a water based lube and slow practice! The golden rule is to worship the female form in all aspects, striving for feminine perfection! You love dick! And last but not least you should participate in online sissy training with a good handed mistress who knows you better than yourself!

Be who you are fuck the world! You are wonderful sissy keep your head up! 



sissy panties

BBC Sissy Trainer Gets Nasty!

BBC sissy trainer

This BBC sissy trainer comes from a long line of sissy training women. I found these pictures hidden In my moms closet. That is my daddy! I found her journal too.  And so many other pictures of daddy and other men in a series of undress and dress up! Can you believe she would dress up my own father and take pictures of him so she could black mail him!

No wonder mommy always got what she wanted. That included a boyfriend called Big john. Now big John was a monster of a man. He stood Six feet 5 and had the most beautiful Mahogany skin. He had been coming to see momma some while before I walked in on her and big John fucking. His dick was bigger than my forearm and momma was happily bouncing on it! My pussy got so wet. It was for two reasons. Momma was cheating on daddy, and how big that black cock was! I needed to be fucked like that and I wanted to help mommy cheat. I soon found out my daddy was a sissy faggot who would service Big Johns cock and had boyfriends in another town. Yay for bisexual pops who teach you how to love black cock and a mommy who can dom with the best of them! 

What’s you sissy phone whore story?

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