Forced Sissy Training With Sissy Panties And The Best Sissy Trainer

I got tired of my neighbor being an entitled bitch so I decided to teach him a lesson he would never forget. I invited him over and he got some Forced sissy training.

Forces sissy training

I spiked his drink to loosen him up a bit, that is when i was able to undress him and make him put some Sissy panties on. I laughed as I spanked his ass hard. I put my big black cock strap-on on and forced it in his mouth. I am the best sissy trainer out there, so I know how to use my tool to give any whore good Femboy training. I spread his ass and shoved my big black cock dildo in his ass. He tried to scream out, but I just shoved my panties in his mouth. I gave him the Sissy girl training he deserved. As i fucked him i called him a whore and told him from now on he would wear whatever Sissy panties i had for him and he would be doing Sissy girl training from now on. I stroked his cock while fucking him until he finally exploded in my hand and then like the Sissy maid training i give, he licked my hand clean. Being the Best sissy trainer is so easy and fun.

Phone Domination with a Black Cock Sissy Trainer


phone dominationCami calls me for phone domination. She understands that I will push her to be the best black cock sissy she can be. Look at Cami? She is hot as fuck as a sissy girl. And she has it right. She understands black cock superiority. She understands we are moving to a black new world order where African American men are no longer the bottom of the food chain. The delicate white male ego is responsible for slavery and racism. Insecure white men with tiny dicks have been fear mongering white women for centuries. Black men are fighting back in droves, the best way they know how which is by fucking all the white women. Cami is in the front of the line when it comes to a BNWO. She locked up her little sissy clit, got herself feminized and hired a BBC sissy trainer to push her boundaries.

bbc sissy trainerI have long believed in black cock superiority. I stopped fucking silly white boys ions ago. Cami is enlightened beyond her years. Unlike my typical sissy caller, she knows she should be pussy free for life. Duh. Look at Cami? She is a black cock bimbo. She is on this earth to be a cum dumpster for big black superior cock. She just needs me to give her a push to get out of her head and put some of her beliefs to the test in the real world. By that I mean Cami, and sissies like her, need to go out and get some real big black cocks. There are plenty of black bulls out there who are more than down to fuck up a sissy ass with their dark meat. Cami has her useless clitty caged up like it should be, and she calls me regularly for sissy training. She is ready to really service those big black cocks with al her sissy holes. Now the question is are you ready for the black new world order too?

sissy training

Sissy training with Miss Remi

sissy training

I had the hottest sissy training experience last night. One of my usual sissy bitches hit me up. I was super excited to hear from this particular sissy bitch because he always has hot stories for me. He was dressed up like a slut and wanting us to ride our big, 12 inch dildos together. We chatted about the sexy bbc studs that pound his pussy! He sent me lots of pictures of a fat, hard bbc deep in his slutty cum hole and even a few of the giant toy he was grinding on for me! It made me cum so good when he told me that his little clittie was dripping and leaking cum from him riding that massive fuck rod so hard! If you’re a sissy bitch, looking to have fun with a kinky mistress, then give me a call!


Best Sissy Trainer Gets Results

Best sissy trainer

The ultimate proof that I am the absolute best sissy trainer out there is my lusty lineup of sexy sissy sluts.  Take a long hard look and I guarantee you’ll want to give them the long hard dick.  My little clitty queens are caged up, stretched out and ready to fool around with any he-bitch loving butthole humper who cums their way.  I make certain of that!

I tell you what; take your pick of any one of my slinky pinkies, any size, any skill level, and have your way with her.  Do whatever you want to them, furiously fuck their prissy faces and really get up in that asspussy.  After you test that little tart’s gag reflex and the elasticity of her asshole, I know you’ll be hooked on my slutty he-whores.  You won’t want to go to any other debauchery manifesting sissy slave mistress, you’ll crave my unrivaled brand of boygirls over all of the other subpar sissy skanks out there.  

Want a naive femboy noob with a super tight asshole so she squeals and squirms every time you pound her poop chute?  I always have a fresh crop of cock cream lovers in need of having their sex holes seasoned.  If you like your guygirls to be a bit more experienced so you can really put their rectums through the ringer, I have plenty of pseudo-pussy pros who can totally handle whatever fisting or extreme anal insertions you have planned.  Ask any of my sluts, Mistress K takes sissy slave training seriously and gets serious results because of it.  Give them a try, you’ll be happy you did.


New Trainee for Best Sissy Trainer

Best Sissy Trainer

As your best sissy trainer, I need to take care of your pathetic cock. It is so small I can’t help but laugh at you every time you pull out that pathetic shrimp dick. You like to be called names like this don’t you, you sick fuck? Take off those sissy clothes you aren’t even worth wearing! Now, let’s see you get bent over and fucked by a hard daddy cock! Haha, spread your ass hole nice and wide while this big black cock comes up behind you baby. Mmm, he is enjoying the view right before he rams you nice and deep. You can feel the stretch and burn of your ass hole as he rams you. He just spits on it because he wants you to feel the pain but he gets it all the way in! Are you ready to be his cum dumpster baby?

Best Sissy Trainer Addilyn

You know you just stumbled across the Best Sissy Trainer, right? That is 100 % Truth subby slut sissy fag. I am the one that you crave to train and help you become owned. It’s true that most little sissy faggot white boys crave t have a BBC stud to own their pussy ass. How does that happen? Well we can discuss that all when we get into training you.

So you should understand that I am a size queen and BBC is my favorite cock. Most all of my callers are size queens too! I love a good sissy slut that knows what she wants and I want to help her/ You get the very thing you crave, big nigger dick.

If I am intriguing your little chapstick in the pretty panties to leak even a little then please set up a session so we can train you well!

Best Sissy Trainer

Sissy Panties And Reparations During Sissy Slave Training

Last night I got reparations for my favorite BBC bull. My sissy begged to please let him show off his new sissy panties.

Sissy panties

Since I am the Best sissy trainer, I enjoyed him begging me. I made him bend over so he could show off those sissy panties to my BBC bull friend as soon as he walked in. When he walked in and saw him bent over like a little bitch he laughed and told him how his ass looked good enough to sell. I spanked my sissies round as and told me to scream who he belongs to and who the superior breed is. He begged and screamed so well that it got my BBC bull excited. I grabbed him by his sissy ponytails and walked him out to the street. I have a bunch of BBC neighbors. I told them they could do whatever they wanted with my sissy whore. Right away they pulled their cocks out and slapped him with it. They called him a pale face whore who needed to be a fuck slave to pay back what they are owed. He got his little dick kicked while he was forced to suck cock, he even got a big cock in his pussy all at once. He gets enough Sissy girl training to know he needs to take it and not disappoint me. He was doing such a good job milking their big black cocks they started paying my BBC bull money and giving him party gifts for providing suck a perfect Sissy slave training session for the neighborhood.

Sissy Phone Sex with Goddess Alessandra

sissy phone sex

I’m a knowledgable goddess that has spent many years teaching sissies the game. If you want sissy phone sex, you can have it with several girls! The difference between me and other “sissy developers” is that I have the actual crown. I’m a five-star chick who rubs shoulders with the elites. No one does it quite like me. I’m one of a kind, if I do say so myself. It’s no secret I’ve garnered several eager sissies to get on their knees and beg for my expertise. The knowledge I have not many will process. I’ve created a lifestyle out of this genuine gift. You know I am the only goddess that will be able to match the energy of a true dictator. I’m that extreme!

If you are going to be a good listener and follow the rules apply for a spot.

Brielle’s house of dolls Sissy phone sex

Best sissy trainer

Down on your knees you fucking slut! It’s time you learn to follow orders… I need you on command servicing all of the cocks that come in and out of this place. Today I am hosting a gig for a basketball team.. You know what that means – Big black cocks galore!

I need you to be on your best behavior, all dressed up in the hottest, naughtiest, sexiest outfits. I will have you sluts uniformed in cheerleader micro mini skirts with sheer nude tops… I want those nipples fully revealed and that tight pink pussy of yours exposed! I need you bitches standing out from all the other ladies. I want everyone in the industry to hear about Brielle’s house of dolls!

I will be standing there with a leash ready to whip your ass if any of my black dicks complain about you. You better take every stroke like a good slut! Make sure you keep lubricant tucked away in your crotch because you are going to need a ton of it. This is the biggest event in Vegas! Let’s go sluts, it’s time to cheer and worship those big black cocks!

Sissy Sluts Make Me Stacks

Adult phone chat lines

When hornballs call my adult phone chat lines for some filthy phone bone action, they get to hear me literally fucking the ass end out of my slutty little sissies.  It’s a pretty great way to train my tramps to take cock before I actually make them tackle the real thing.  They’re going to have to stuff so much dong into their sissy slut butts out in the real world, I might as well start them out a little bit easier, strap one on myself and stick it to them beforehand.  Then I let my cum loving callers hear it all happen and make bank on both ends!

Femboy slave slut training is rewarding on so many levels.  Every last one of my bitch boys pays me well for my services and every last drop of cum that my pussy coveting progenies presence produces comes with a charge.  From the phone pervs that jerk their junk while they listen to me wailing away on one of my wannabe women to the fat BBC’s that come by to drill out my darling dollies and blow their buttholes wide open, to name a couple, everyone pays.  Everyone.

Why do you think they call my Mistress K?  It’s not because there’s a “K” in my name, that would be fucking stupid.  I got my sissy slut dom name by making a stack my very first day subjugating sissies on my own.  Stack and a half, really, but Mistress K.5 sounds like some sort of domination robot.  I’ve nurtured my slutty manchick pimp-ire for a long time now, I’m pulling in more loot than I’ve ever seen in my entire life and loving every minute of it! 

I’ve been raking in plenty of cash from exploiting my cuntboys and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon, on the bankrolls or the buttholes.  Give me a ring on my sissy phone, set up a chat session, make an appointment for my peep holes or, if you have a big ol’ dick, let me know if you need to blow off a little steam and a load or two inside of a clitty cream queen.  I got you covered if you got the funds.