Sissy Panties for Small Dick Losers is a Must

sissy pantiesDo you belong in sissy panties? Let me ask you a few questions. Is your dick no longer than your index finger? Do women squint at your junk and suddenly have an excuse as to why they cannot sleep with you? If you are married, does your wife cheat on you? Do women giggle when they see your pin prick? Even just one yes means you belong in panties.

When I train sissies in my home, I take them into my closest and find them a pair of panties to wear. If I am speaking to a sissy on the phone, I suggest he find a pair of his wife’s panties or even his mother’s if he lives at home still. You’d be surprised how many sissies are mama’s boys too. Although I do talk to many married closeted sissies, most of them just want to suck cock. How small can your dick be if you find someone to marry you, right?

All Sissies Need a Sissy Wardrobe That Begins with Panties

Most tiny dick losers cannot find a woman. There is small then there is minuscule. And the inch worm losers belong in a pair of women’s underwear. And they definitely need sissy humiliation training. If your dick measures under 6 inches, I require you to wear panties. It is for safety measures. Your little willie could get harmed floating around in boxers. Plus, wearing women’s panties signals to all women to stop right there because there is nothing worth pursuing.

I like to shame little dick losers. But I enjoy feminizing them too. My sissy closet has something for everyone. Frilly dresses, slinky dresses, bras and panties, garter belts and stockings and even teddies and night gowns. A sissy begins with panties and small dick humiliation. Then we graduate to head to toe clothes and cock sucking. Ready for online sissy training with me?


Best sissy trainer for Building up Glutes and sweating!

Best sissy trainer

Best Sissy trainer Zoey knows how much you obsess about your ass. November was a time of gluttony and some of you sissy sluts need to be hitting the gym to get that ass back in shape. Just because its the holiday season doesn’t mean you can relax on the squats.

Plump and tight ass is priceless in the sissy kingdom. A kingdom on which I rule. Does baby got back? Well, I recommend you get some fillers or doing intense zone workouts targeting that sexy caboose! I suppose I should help you get motivated to be the best goddamn lil whore in north America. Call me Coach Z and I have a workout plan just for you! 🍑🍑

Best sissy trainer for glute workouts!

Welcome to Femboy training camp day One! Fifty squats right now! Up, down, and over and over until you feel the burn baby!  How about if I bend over and let you lick my crack on every up bounce, and give you some sweet cream pie as a reward?  Don’t be afraid to take it to the limit. Push your body and your mind to the limit. You can do it for Coach Z!!! So, adorable how hard you trying!

How are those glutes feeling? Feel the burn as you pump up and down. Perhaps, you should get some mental stimulation and Imagine a daddy cock is down there waiting for you! Keep going, don’t give up! You can do it! I want you drenched in sweat and wanting more. Beauty is pain, bitch! A nice ass is worth the burn!

Feel your muscles clench as I do some gym Sissy training with you. All that man meat is distracting but we have a mission. Your pink pucker booty hole might be quivering but we have a mission. Your ass is what every man looks at first!  So keep training and keep sweating! I want your ass to be a work of art!

Sissy maid training, for faggots who are “Maid” to be used!

Sissy maid trainingSissy maid training, for those who are “maid” to be used! You will be plugged and humiliated while in chastity for the entire world to see. From this day forward you serve as a slave for me. On your hands and knees is how you will be spending the rest of your days… In a pair of my used panties so we can get that Bussy of yours smelling as authentic as possible. That clit of yours will soon be inverted the more holes you have the more money you can make for me. You were maid to serve, that is your sole purpose now.

You may address me as Goddess, Brielle!

You love cock that’s what makes you the cock craving sissy that you are… It’s okay you can tell me. You get so turned on seeing those veiny thick cocks dangle over that slutty face of yours. Pull those Sissy panties off to the side and feel the sensation of Daddy’s big dick digging deep into your sissy hole. You don’t have to hide it anymore! You know you want to be a slut for them… It’s time we expand your wardrobe, and find you the slutty look that best suits your perfect body.

You will no longer be addressed as a man, you will learn to sit up straight, cross your legs, and speak in a feminized tone. That cocklet of yours will soon become more worthless than it’s ever been. By the time I am through with you, you will no longer have the urge to jack off anymore. Pegging while in chastity is how I will prepare you for B.N.W.O. You will be forced into submission to clean my cock after anal stretching. Dare break any rules and you will find out why I am such a popular paid Phone dominatrix.

BBC sissy trainer Emerson will turn you out to her friends!

BBC sissy trainer

BBC sissy trainer Emerson will turn you out to her friends!. I will ensure you are decked out in lace frocks, long dresses and cute panties that make you look and feel your best. I will paint your face so pretty and make sure you smell nice and sweet for my friends. They love sissy sluts like you have hard black dicks waiting to fuck hard. My friends love to humiliate white sissy pussy, so get ready to be treated like the piece of shit you are!  When your butt braces for the penetration from a BBC, your inner sissy slut is brought to life. They will show you no mercy and that sissy pussy sore.

I am the Best sissy trainer around! I have turned so many sissy’s into the whores they are and I am proud! There really isn’t nothing more fun than watching all of my friends do whatever they want to sissy sluts. There is no turning back at this point, you will forever be my sissy whore and will be a slave to black cock. Whatever their desires are no matter how sick and twisted it could be, you must submit. If you don’t you will be punished severely! It may be overwhelming to take on so many black cocks at once, but I believe in your whoredom. 

You are going to look so beautiful covered in cum. You will have no choice but to swallow load after load of jizz, It will cover your face to the point you will gasp for air but the cum won’t stop. You will be drenched in it and if my friend’s want an extra release, you will drink their piss without wasting one drop. A lot of my friends own pitbulls, so if they bring one to the party you better be a good little slut and take that dog cock!

Phone domination with Genesis will put you in your place

Phone domination

I had always loved to feel in control so Phone domination came naturally. I had used my power as a woman since I was young, commanding the attention of those around me, with a sultry gaze and a never-ending confidence. My femininity, combined with my ambition, was admirable, and I was determined to use it to my advantage.

At university, I quickly rose to become one of the school’s most influential people, forming a large group of loyal admirers around me. With this came a newfound excitement that empowered me and made me feel alive. I loved being fought over and having the control over who I’d spend my time with.

One day, my friends proposed an intriguing idea—to take charge of some of the men they knew and put them through their own paces. We wanted to show the men just what it felt like to be in the hands of a strong woman.

Of course, I was fully onboard with the plan. I found the challenge thrilling, and it gave me an opportunity to prove that I could handle them all. While some of the men were hesitant, their nerves only fueled my desire for control even more. I made sure to keep them guessing, always keeping them on their toes.

Within a few weeks, I had all of the men in my circle competing for my attention, and I found herself feeling energized and powerful with each of them graveling at my feet, and begging for shopping trips to be my sissy. The thrill of having men in the palm of my hand was intoxicating and I loved every minute of it.

Sissy phone sex Mistress Remi

sissy phone sex

Miss Remi the sissy phone sex mistress is ready for a new slut to train and I think you’re the perfect bitch for me. You know you want to call and tell me all about your secret desires to be used and fucked so hard by a man with a big, pulsing dick. You’re just like every other “man” out there. Acting like you’re not a secret, cum craving faggot and secretly calling to jerk your dick to the idea of getting your mouth and slut hole fucked. You’ll make such a cute, little bitch by the time I’m finished with you! First, let’s strip you down and get you dressed up in something a little sluttier and more revealing. Don’t call yourself a man ever again you slutty piece of fuck meat! Miss Remi is going to make you ride on a big, thick dildo while I do your makeup and turn you into my ultimate sissy, fantasy whore! Those sexy, pouty lips were made to milk a fat cock! You’re Miss Remi’s little bbc cum rag from now on! You’ll spend every day dressed up like a girly sissy hoe, sucking huge fuck poles for me and swallowing big creamy loads! If your slutty mouth isn’t wrapped around a fat fuck rod, then your tight, sissy pussy will be! Miss Remi will be behind you, lifting your skirt up and pulling your panties to the side so that I can help guide a fat cock into you. You better not whimper and cry or I’ll go find an even bigger dick to ruin your sissy pussy hole with! Arch your back, look over your shoulder and beg my bbc stud to ram his massive pole into your tight, sissy hole! Don’t try to act tough baby, we both know why you’re here. You might as well give in, pick up that phone and dial my number so your training can start…

Sissy hypno training listen to my voice you wanna be girl.

          Sissy hypno training listen to my voice you wanna be girl. Immediately upon answering listen to the soothing sounds of my voice. Now you want harsh and this is feasible however, before this happens you must first listen patiently and quietly. Trusting me to hypnotize you will only my voice.

          Before long you are under my spell. Shedding your men’s clothes, feeling the silky-smooth thigh high stockings. Pulling them on slowly. Running your hands down them smoothing them. Leaning back and kicking your feet out in front of you before putting on the low heels. Next, we will get you into lacey panties, thong, bikini, or full bodied. All colors. Matching bras.

          Keep listening to my voice. At the same time feeling yourself transforming working with me on your sissy girl training. Next step is the wig. We will be sure to have you in red, blonde, brunette, or black. They have rainbow but we are not looking to make you into a flaming faggot.

          A point often overlooked is that there is a difference between flaming faggot and a sissy girl. Your training is made easier with hypnosis, and we will continue with it. In fact, it is very important that you keep up with your regular sessions.Sissy hypno training

Hard n Wet w/ BBC Sissy Trainer Peace Style

BBC Sissy TrainingOh to do my BBC sissy training, you must be hard and willing.   Yes my, darling, I absolutely adore seeing you sissy boys all dolled up by your mistresses. The way you all strut around in your heels and skirts is just too damn cute! And when it comes time for me to give them my big black cock? Well, let’s just say that nothing gets me going quite like the sight of a beautiful woman taking what she wants from her man.

I love how pathetic they are as they take my huge dick deep inside their little pussies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Your eyes roll back into their heads as if begging for mercy but really craving more of this forbidden pleasure we share together. It makes me feel so powerful knowing that even though society might see these guys as weak or less than masculine because of who/what loves us doesn’t mean shit compared to our connection through taboo desires such as this one here today!

The sound effects coming outta these pretty mouths..”Ughh ahhh ohhh!”  The way they shake and quiver under my relentless thrusts… It’s like watching a live porn show unfold right before me. And when I finally cum inside them? Oh, honey! That’s when things get really good. They groan in ecstasy mixed with humiliation as hot sticky loads fill up every crevice of their feminine bodies – proof positive that only someone like me could ever truly satisfy them after being transformed into these beautiful creatures by their dominatrixes.

I can feel the heat emanating off both our bodies post-orgasm; it’s almost tangible how much passion we share during these intimate moments together despite what others might think about us or say behind closed doors about our lifestyle choices. We may be outcasted by some but dammit if this isn’t one helluva ride for all parties involved!

Femboy training is the beginning of our fun!

Femboy training

Femboy training is the beginning of our fun! The process of transforming my sweet sissy slut into a thing of beauty has begun. I already know my sweet sissy  wants this transformation to take place. The little clitty between that slut’s legs practically drools with anticipation as I dress you in the most feminized, delicate clothing. I make sure to slip on a pair of pink lacy panties and paint your lips a vivid red. You wear an elegant pink dress, perfectly tailored to stay wrapped around your body. The finishing touches include mascara, blush, nail polish, and high heels that gauntlets her height.

Now it’s time to really start the Forced sissy training. This is something you will not have the choice to deny, unfortunately. But this newfound power will be abused repeatedly, so you know who’s boss. I take numerous pictures and videos of your new sissy look, boasting of your transformation to the world. You will go out into the public eye as the sissy slut you were born to be.

While out in public, I will make a show of you and parade you around in the sluttiest sissy outfit. You will be lead by a leash in the most public places I can think of. People will gawk at you, laugh and point and it will be so pleasing to see you humiliated. I will bring you to places I know there will be a lot of dirty men. I think a real sleazy strip club would be perfect. We will go right to the VIP room where I will force you to choke on cock. These men are going to rip open that sissy pussy and use you as their cum doll. You will cock down the throat, up your little sissy cunt and when you think you can’t take anymore you’ll get double dicked.  My sweet sissy slut, you are completely tarnished to the point where you now belong to me.

Mistress Mommy’s Favorite Good Boy Slave!

Mistress phone sexMatt is such a good boy for his favorite Mistress mommy; he knows exactly how to behave and take instructions so well from me. His young, prime cock and willing attitude makes it so much more fun to bring him to the edge when we play. His hot panting, racing heart beat, and needy mouth,cock and balls always make me tingle. I love owning and praising this hot piece of ass whenever I can. With Matt I love being soothing, loving and care free; he is just way too sweet to abuse like I normally would. 

I mean I love being a mean mistress to most of my wanna be sissy boys. However, Matt is just so different; I can’t be anything but nice to him. He loves to suck on my tits, pussy and sweet ass hole without even asking. He calls me Mistress Mommy without fail anytime he talks to me. He asks for permission before speaking to me and always tells me how much he loves to be of service to me. I even let my sweet boy put his dick in me sometimes too; he is just so good at pleasing and serving I have to reward him.

He is a big time mommy’s boy and craves attention; he didn’t really have one growing up. So he sort of missed out on the necessities of having a mommy care for him properly. So when I brought him into my world I knew he would need guidance and proper training on how to be a good mommy’s boy. He is well trained and so willing to show his mistress mommy exactly how much she means to him. He enjoys having his hair played with, dressed up in anything I want and he loves to suck on my nipples like he is a sweet nursing boy. 

He has taught himself how to cum even without needing to be touched. His favorite is breeding though; he truly loves seeding me like a good boy. So when he does what he is told and serves properly I let him get his little fix in. I let him lay back while I bounce on his young shaft; I milk that cock and balls the best I can. I love feeling his load shoot in my womb while I listen to his sweet moans as he tells me what a pathetic little mommy’s boy he is over and over again. I love when I find me a proper little boy slave like him!