Online Sissy Training for the Win

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training is my forte.  I love it and I am good at it. This past year with COVID, I was not able to see my real-time sissies. We did Zoom and Face Time. My phone sex sissies picked up tremendously during this time. It has not slowed down either just because the world is back to normal. I think an online sissy trainer is the way to go for many reasons. It is safer for you. No one will jackroll or blackmail you. It is cheaper. Me and my fellow trainers are $2-$2.50 a minute, and I charge my real-time clients $300 an hour. I am on the cheaper end of sissy trainers too. It is convenient. No trying to coordinate schedules. You call when it works best for you, even if it is late at night after the wife has gone to bed. It is discreet. Even extra discreet if you use a prepaid card or your spouse has no access to your bank account or phone records. Buy a sissy training cyber session and you can get trained while your wife is in the house. I enjoy my real time sissies, but my phone sissies are my favorite. All the benefits to you, are also benefits to me.

Online training is something we can do once, or ongoing. I love building relationships with sissies. Seeing you transform and learn how to be a good sissy brings me joy. I am a very maternal sissy trainer. I guide and nurture you to become what you were meant to be. I discipline when necessary. I brag and beam at your accomplishments. I tell my fellow sissy trainers and my friends how proud I am about my sissies too. I trained my own twin sons to be the best sissies, so I know I can train you too.

Best sissy trainer Z

best sissy trainer

Are you fucking kidding me? You are seriously pulling out that itty bitty thing like you’re so proud of? Don’t you know that the best sissy trainer would never let you touch her with a pathetic little clitty? I border on being a princess and I am most certainly a brat! I only Fuck huge donkey sized cocks. If you’re under 8 inches you most certainly won’t be getting any of this prime pussy. No, you’re not a good candidate for a boyfriend…  However, it’s possible that we’ll be able to come up with something that will satisfy us both! You’re welcome to be my little cucky guy! In exchange for licking this gorgeous pussy clean after I’ve been fucked by a real man, Cream pie anyone? I’ll let you pay for absolutely everything I need or want! Isn’t it the most fun you’ve ever had?? It’s entertaining for me at least, and no one cares if you enjoy it! And really isn’t that why you cum to me for online sissy training? I love findom, cuckolds and big dicked men!

Sissy Maid Training To Serve

Sissy Maid Training
It’s your place as my wanna be slave to undergo rigorous sissy maid training. You have to understand I expect you to obey me in every way; that means from the way you dress and groom yourself to your cock training. You are going to have to go through intense throat training.

What’s that entail you ask? It means six hours a day of raw throat fucking five days a week for five weeks. You have to get good at what you do, honey. We’re going to have to bully that gag reflex out of you. Can’t have you puking all over superior BBC Alpha cocks, now can we? Sissy maids not only take care of the sexual needs of my pussy when I don’t have a bull stud present but also my home. You’re expected to clean in your uniform, yes even the seven inch pumps.

Those help with your posture, dearie. After throat training comes sissy pussy stretching where I will force you to raw dog massive cocks. You will never sit the same again, I promise you that. But you want to be a good sissy girl for me, don’t you love bug? You don’t want to disappoint me. I’ll chop off that pathetic excuse for a “cock” you have.
Sissy Training Audio

Humiliation phone sex slut Remi

humiliation phone sex


Nothing gets my tight, perfect pussy more soaking wet than embarassing little sluts on humiliation phone sex calls. Miss Remi gets so hot and excited, listening to your pathetic ass whimper like a bitch, while I degrade you and tell you what a worthless cum slut you really are. That sad, micro dick could never please anyone and that’s why you call your favorite Mistress. Little dick men need to be reminded that they are useless and inadequate creatures, who aren’t 

good for much. Those tiny, little dickies need to be hidden away, behind lock and key! It’s not like you’re going to use it for anything and it’s not fair to leave it for the world to be exposed to. I’ll make sure that your teeny weenie won’t be an issue anymore. Don’t worry about anyone seeing your new clittie cage baby, I have the perfect panties for a girly slut like you! Once I have you locked in, with that key around my neck, you are officially property of Miss Remi. I’ll make good money on a slutty fuck hole like you! 

The Sissy Training You Yearn For

Having some sissy training is something you yearn for. I have no doubt you will have a great time if you just relax and enjoy the training, I give you. It will be full of orgasms and new experiences. The need you have had to be feminine and soft will be fulfilled with me.

Sissy training

I will make sure to dress you up in the perfect outfit to show of your best features. You will get the attention you want and training you want to make you feel like a perfect sissy slut. My mates I use all have big cocks so it will be exactly what you want. Having your holes filled up and use like the perfect slut is always guaranteed. Nothing excites me more than when I spank you while you use your pretty sissy lips to suck on a big cock. That only assures me that you will be able to take a cock in that tight ass pussy. You will have to show them how special you are and that is why you need mistress Gypsy.  

I love my little fem boys!

best sissy trainer

I love it when sweet little innocent boys come up to me wanting to take my training class. First I’ll give them an enema and then once they are cleared out I will bath them and make them smell like a cute little princess! Then comes the fun part I  cage their little cocks and dress them up in lacey panties I love pink for my little sissy slaves and they have to wear stockings like proper whores. I go to my closet and pick out the most adorable dress and matching teddy bear and make them pose for pictures to send to their family and coworkers so everyone can make fun of them! if my little sissy whore doesnt obey me I either tighten their cock cage or I beat them until they submit! After they get laughed at by the whole city I take them do to the basement which is filled with big huge cocks to stetch his little sissy pussy open. It’s going to be a sticky long night for this little slave. how long can you last?

Rachel Needed a BBC Sissy Trainer

BBC sissy trainerRachel sought me out because I am a BBC sissy trainer. Rachel is one of my prize pupils. She is like a show pony in the word of sissies. Just a few months ago, Rachel was living as a man. He had a hot fiancée. He was racist. He took life and love for granted. Karma bit Rachel in her cute little bubble butt. You ever hear the saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Rachel knows this all too well. Once upon a time before Rachel was a sissy faggot, she was a man with a dirty fantasy. He wanted to see his hot fiancée fucked by a black man. Not just fucked either. When Rachel was pretending to be a man, she wanted her fiancée ravaged by big black cocks. I am not talking about just a big dick in her holes. She wanted her ass prolapsed. She wanted her choked. She wanted her covered in cum. This thing called Karma flipped the tables on Rachel. That pretty little fiancée that was out of Rachel’s league to begin with is now black owned and bred. She moved out of the house and only contacts her former fiancée when she needs her bills paid. Rachel first contacted me to talk about what had happened. She had some regret over what had transpired. I am not sure if she wanted symphony or a phone dominatrix, but she got the later. Now Rachel is a black cock faggot like no other and I could not be prouder. Every night she is on Grinder getting black men to fuck her sissy ass. Big black cocks anally torture Rachel daily. I have a lot of black cock sissies, but Rachel sold her car to save for boobs. Now, that is dedication to big black dick. She dresses fem daily, even to work. Sissy Rachel is not in the closet. She has embraced Karma. Remember men, Karma is a bitch and so am I.

Assume the position

Sissy training

There’s a need for sissy training, and you must have some. There’s no doubt you will be able to enjoy the best orgasm as a sissy if you relax and let your domme daddy deep inside your ass pussy. You might tense up, but you need to be a good whore and take it without missing a beat. Assume the position each time you know what makes daddy happy, and you have far more to prove vs. a real hot-blooded woman. I’m sorry the truth may hurt to hear, but you will never experience a man who will treat you a hundred percent as a woman. I can guarantee that you will run across night nine percent men who are angry at themselves for falling for a sissy that they will ravish your ass and get so mad that your sissy ways turn them on. They will pound you till they cum, then send you on your way. That’s why you need a trainer who will help you take on the role of pleasure. You must make them realize you will fuck them like no other and make them crazy for you. That’s why you need your mistress ember

BBC Sissy Trainer Mistress Diana For Slaves

As a Mistress for sissy sluts, BBC sissy training is just another facet to my training styles. It’s something I love immensely. To take those big nigger dicks in front of a new sissy is exciting. New sissy girls get embarrassed and amazed when they see my riding the BBC.

The best part is when you get the chance to reach out and touch that BBC. Feel the weight of that big black dick. It’s heavy and so big. You will start to feel a tingle in those little panties of yours. Its natural for your clit to get hard and even leak a little.

Don’t be shy when mama Diana tells you to put your lips to that bulbous black dick head. Go ahead, and kiss it. Good girls suck BBC and you thrive to be a good sissy girl. I know it’s what you want, slut.

BBC sissy trainer

Kayla Was Bad

mistress phone sexI got a call from Kayla the other day. You remember Kayla, right? My sweet sissy that had just increased the size of her butt plug and had sent me pictures of it, along with pictures of her in panties and a dress. She was doing so great, and I was so proud. And then nothing. It was as if she had vanished, but I knew what had happened. She had slipped. She called knowing I was not going to be pleased. Knowing she would need to be punished. She apologized over and over again, and I do have a soft spot for her, but I couldn’t let this go without repercussions. So, we talked, and I told her she was to push her butt plug inside her pussy, put on a pair of panties and a dress and then go run errands. She was to go through drive thru’s so that people could see her dressed as a little sissy girl. She complied and did just that, even calling me and letting me know how good the butt plug felt and how people were looking at her in her car. I secretly thing she might have liked it. So now we are back on track with our training I let her push her big thick dildo onto the wall and fuck it so I can hear her. I bet you need some training too, don’t you?