Online sissy training can make or break you. Breaking a man by turning him into a panty-wearing cum eating, cock sucking slut is my ultimate goal! You will worship my perfect female form and lust to be just like me by the time I am done with you! It’s about time you had a Goddess to worship! Grab your AMEX and go shopping with me and for me! We both know that a well-dressed bitch gets the most cock. Spoil me as I humiliate you in public places! Every sissy whore I have ever trained knows he must pay tribute to the woman that gives him his deep-buried feminization! You will begin to crave my voice and skills as a cross-dressing expert. My goal is to break you. It’s for your own good. I promise! If you dare buck back against me, I will use forced feminization to have your ass pussy bucking on cock as fast as you can say cock cage! I will have you addicted to being a complete sissy whore who brings me bull cock to fill my pretty pussy up with hot creamy cum. Cum that you will slurp out of my Size queen pussy! I only fuck and suck cock that is long, strong, and thick! I have sissy lessons that must be completed beforehand though. My holes and house will be cleaned by a pretty sissy maid slave. I learned early in my fuck career that small cock men are only useful if they are my slaves. Speaking of, sissy humiliation training is a passion of mine. I must break your thoughts of you ever being a man in order to bring you into sissy space. This blonde sexy Mistress awaits your dedication. Bring your toys and panties to play with me!


    • I’m in dire need of sissy training. Your profile is perfect. Can we talk tonight? I’m dressed in lingerie right nowBobby on July 4, 2022 at 10:09 pm
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    I’m in dire need of sissy training. Your profile is perfect. Can we talk tonight? I’m dressed in lingerie right now

    • Annonymous on July 14, 2022 at 7:29 pm
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    i will lick cum off your toes master

    • Tinkerbell SLH newest sissy on February 7, 2023 at 4:05 am
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    Wow wow or wofff woff incredible beautiful intelligent
    And a perfect brat. See new right away what I needed
    She taught me how to bark like a little tea cup puddle
    She let me bark (practice) for almost at least 12 mins
    She said I was a national born to be on all fours
    I suprised her with oinking she said I was a better Stupid Fucking Pig. A PAYPIG. Glad I got paid. She let keep some too 9 dollars Her man birthday is close
    We picked out over 1000 for him he was there laughing
    I think getting serviced. All he said was next pay dsy while boy. Hopefully I can get to meat this superior stud and show him the respect that he deserve hope his boy’s like sissy Fuck toys

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