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He doesn’t need A Magnum Condom

Humiliation phone sex

He’s not  even worthy of my attention. Do you know why I enjoy humiliation phone sex so much. Becasue men think they can try to fuck me woth a tiny dick. My last date was paying for dinner and a magnum condom fell out of his back pocket. I began laughing so hard right in the restaurant. He said to hush what was wrong with such a cherry red face. I know men with big dicks and this aint one!  When we got to the car I told him! “Your going to be a  little sissy slut in lipstick and high heels and suntan sheer to the waist pantyhose with no panties- in order for Everyone to clearly see how hard and wet she gets wearing pantyhose that constrain her dripping cock while continually teasing her sensitive member for viewing and denying her total release!

I know men who think they can fool a bitch like me, 

You are just submissive sissy and crave to be verbally degraded by a woman who is drawn to crossdressing sissy males and simultaneously turned on sexually by the way faggot cocksucker curious girls like you obey and beg for opportunities to please others while being teased and denied by Femdom Superiors who truly enjoy edging and edging slutty crossdressing bitches like you!

You need forced feminization in the worst way!

Femboy Training


Femboy Training GenesisI see those little panties and stockings you’ve been trying to cover up, sissy. We all know who you really are. Especially Mistress Genesis. There isn’t anything you need to conceal from me. Domination is the name of my game and I’m here to guide you through your hidden kinks. The ones that you’ve tried so hard to keep hidden from the world. It’s time to expose you. Since I was young, I’ve known what it is that I truly want out of life. Power. And that is what you give to me. Femboy training is my true calling I’m going to keep increasing my army of sexual slaves. Bow down to your Mistress and kiss the arches of my delicate feet while I parade you around on a leash. You are mine now to do as I wish. I’ll dress you up in tiny outfits and make you my own personal sexual servant. It would be in your best interest to do as your Mistress commands.

Sissy Humiliation Training

Sissy humiliation training is my calling. I’ve grown accustomed to dominating men. Particularly, the needle dick “men” who are unable to satisfy a woman.I have always been hungry for control and domination. I have trained a small army of sexual slaves who have a sole purpose of pleasing their Mistress. I like to dress them up in little dresses or a tight pencil skirt. Add in a pair of tiny little panties to humiliate them. I like to show them who’s really in charge. Making sissies worship me is so fucking easy but I still get a thrill from it. First I make them lick the arches of my feet and order them to their knees. Then, I attach a collar around their neck and walk them around on a leash. I train them how to suck cock like the pathetic sissies that they are. If I decide that you are worthy, you may be allowed to join my sissy army. Sissy Humiliation Training

Nancy Nylons with Pics!

Sissy maid training

The following is a exchange about sissy maid training and more with a real sissy and real sissy pics!

Nancy nylons : Merciless….. thanks to You handcuffing my manicured hands to my red six inch high heels in order for me to be totally under his control.

Zoey: Yes completely handcuffed and willing to be our slave. You are going to be the perfect subject for other sissy whores. Glossy precum lips! Throat full, My strapon on you pretty pink puckered. sissy hole

Nancy nylons : Do You think that I should rub my lips with the precum oozing from my member right now? Just to tease us both right now and fulfill the sissy responsibilities of eating every bit for You?

Zoey: Yes you should baby you are the perfect whore run it all in right now that’s an order! Yes your sissy responsibilities are on you right now ! Do it baby wear you sissy panties proudly as you do! 

 Nancy nylons : I’m coating my lipstick for you now and spooning it with my fingers onto my tongue! I’m so happy that You agree with all of the women who have participated with Nancy in crossdressing over the years- every one of them took it upon themselves to be up front and inform me that if boys like me wanted to dress like a slut, Nancy would be always required to eat up all the mess that Mistress allowed her to make. You are All so hot for that- I feel so small when I partake in cum eating while Women watch me! I’m sorry but I’m completely covered in my mess and must clean it up. Thank you so much and maybe we can Skype next so you can watch it and make fun of me. Perhaps You could tell me exactly how to eat it for you to enjoy the show the most— I think I could cum on my patent leather stilettos if you want to record it!!!

Sissy Training Audio

Sissy Training Audio

Are you prepared to be humiliated like the good sissy boy that you are? Bow down to Mistress Genesis as I treat you like the worthless, pathetic excuse of a man you are. You’re not even a real man. You’re my obedient sissy boy and it’s time for you to learn a lesson. I’m going to command you to do as I tell you. First I need you to put on a pair of those special, lacy panties. I love seeing you in them because it means that you are submitting to me. We both know how rock hard you get when I begin laughing and humiliating you. You can’t help it. It’s so easy to train you to respond as my slave. Sissy girl training is all you need to learn how to please your Mistress. I’m going to have you on your knees ready and willing to satisfy Mistress Genesis. My purpose in life is ultimate sexual satisfaction and I will stop at nothing to achieve it.

Adult Phone Chat Lines

Adult Phone Chat Lines

Adult phone chat lines are an excellent way to get out all of your sissy boy frustrations. Mistress Genesis knows how much you enjoy being told what to do. You need commands and discipline. Be a good boy for me and put on a pair of those satin panties I bought for you. I love to see you dress up for me and prance around like a good sissy boy needing domination. I’ve always been a woman that lives for control and you need a firm hand. Be an obedient boy for Mistress Genesis and dress up the way that I want you to. We will begin your training with a few spankings for not listening to me. I want you to bend over the sofa and take your whippings for me. Humiliation is the only proper way to train you. I will laugh while you pull out your puny, pencil-sized cock. You think you’re enough to please a woman? Think again, Sissy. You’ll need a few more training sessions.

I love sissy phone sex sluts!

sissy phone sexNothing translate me on than a hot sissy phone sex call. I love those hot whiney sissy voices telling me that they need a big black cock just like me! Now not every man is a full on sissy full time. Sometimes they get really fucked up on some meth or blow and have to act out these fem boy urges! Some of my men have a decent dick like Mark the ass whore (his words) and that ass begins to ache for a big ass dildo when they get really fucked up! I encourage even big dicked part time sissy sluts to call me so we can make the best of a three day binge. Mark says his wife and girlfriend have no idea what a slut he is for some big Nigga cock. Oh, but I do Mark! I love the fact that you have snuck out to bath houses and are now in sexy silk sissy panties under your work clothes ninety percent of the time! Mark calls me because he knows I love BBC and he really wants his girlfriend and wife to share some chocolate love with him! Secret? I really want them too as well! I would say to any wife or significant other that Sharing is caring, and you never know if your man just might want a big black cock right along side of you.

Tiffany Jane Loves Online sissy training

online sissy trainingOnline Sissy training is very fun for me! Tiffany Jane is a wonderful older tranny sissy who loves bbc and having clothing assignments. I love picking out her clothes for the week with the nice spread sheet of hers! We even go shopping online and talk about the men she has had in the past. Our BBC stories and clothing scandals are the best. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a sissy understand how much work it takes to be a woman in this men dominated world. A satisfied woman at that! I love how we talk about our toys that get us off and slip into a nice hypno session once and a while. I understand how a long term sissy would love the fantasy of not being able to control herself around Big black cock. Once you immerse yourself in the sissy world the possibilities of a sissy trainer and you all cum to the light. Or dark if your talking BBC!

sissy phone sex is strict with me

sissy phone sex

So you are currently craving sissy phone sex, and I have the tools that will make you feel so good about everything in the sissy sphere. It can be quite a shock to go ahead and enter this lifestyle. Don’t fret when you have a sissysluthut mistress like me. We are trained and specialized in all things, sissies. We will let you conform into this whole new world on our terms, and don’t worry. We will be gentle. It is a known fact that It takes time to get into our strict world. I do not allow sissies to take it the easy way out. Im a strict mistress because I want you to be able to be the best sissy whore ever. I can’t wait to show you how to gape your ass whore.

Learn the ropes of being a good sissy

sissy phone sex

As a sissy, you will be the object of release for many men. I want you to know that sissy phone sex will push you to limits you never thought possible.  You will be able to get so many cocks and cum shots more than you can ever even imagine. I want to deliver you with the best sissy experience. First, you will have to watch how a real woman takes cock. You will see me get anal pounded and get to see me cum harder than any girl. I will make it a learning experience by letting you swoop in and enjoy some creamy cum. It’ll make you feel like you’re in heaven tasting the creamy, salty cum. Don’t stop yourself from sucking that cock because whores do that very well, and once you are well accustomed to sissy tactics, you will become a sissy pro.