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Adult Phone Chat Lines With Emerson Will Leave You Longing For More!

Adult Phone Chat Lines

 I love my silky panties the most. I love all my panties, but the silk ones are absolute tops. The way they rub and press against my tight wet cunt just makes me feel so much like a woman. They touch me like a man touches me and I love it. So gently and caress my every curve of my pussy.

Let me take these silk panties off then stuff them in your face for you to smell and taste. I know that’s what you crave, secretly. I know you get into my panties when I am away, I’ve seen the massive amounts of cum in them that you like to leave behind.

So come and let me train you into being my perfect little panty sissy. Simply grab your favorite pair or request the ones I’m currently wearing. I will gladly take them off for you to stroke that yummy fucking cock with. Just engulf your cock in their delicious and intoxicating fabric and me sweet scent.

Then put on this dress and be a good little slut for me. I want to take you outside and have you fucked by all of my male and shemale friends. I want them to fill your cunt with cum so that I can fuck you with my beefy fucking strap on then have you suck me off.

I want to rule your entire world and have you be my perfect little sissy for the day. Wont you play along and have some naughty fun with me?

Sissy panties Randi Gets first cock

Sissy pantiesSissy panties Randi Gets first cock. I’m so excited. Mistress Zoey has a sexy Sissy Achievement Award to present tonight!! Dirty Little slut Randi in panties has sucked his first cock!
When I heard that Randi had her very own cock to suck for the first time My pussy just throbbed in time with my heartbeat!!!
Y’all know Randy right? The little baby dicked man who had a girl’s panties thrown at him, while she was visibly angry and still laughing. All because he had a wee little shrimp to Dickie poo! And while she was horny and he didn’t have the man meat to fill her up the way she needed to. Hell, I bet she even doubt that he would be able to rub her vagina walls!

But This weekend I Got the best news during our Mistress phone sex! Randi took his little bubble ass over to the local gay club and picked him up a daddy to suck off! And not just one time either! Eight fucking times and his new daddy wants him to suck his boyfriend off too! But What makes this so great is Randi got a nice 8 inches of cock to suck off 8 different times. 8 for 8! Or is it 8 by 8? Randi is such a little bitch over the weekend he was texting and begging his new daddy to suck his cock every chance he got! All while in her sexy lacey panties. Panties that made gay daddy so turned on! 

💗 Sissy panties Randi Gets first cock 💋

The only thing is that the new gay daddy wants to fuck Sissy Randi’s ass and he is not ready to get his ass fucked by a real cock. Let alone 8 whole inches of man meat. But time will tell and the most important thing is that Sissy Randi has started her cock sucking cum eating Journey. She says it was the best-tasting cum that’s why she keeps going back! There are so many cocks out there just waiting for Sissy Randis in panties cum whore mouth!

So now for your award SIssy Randi! For the biggest and most cock sucking of your single first cock ever! The slut Randi gets her cock! 

Mistress Phone sex

Forced Feminization Training With A Goddess!

Forced Feminization

Do you like forced feminization? Well, I sure as hell do! Forcing men to be who they are truly meant to be makes me feel like a very important permission woman with a very special mission!  My mission you ask? That is to make all the men in the world into their true selves, their sissy selves.

I absolutely love getting to pick out the very first outfit of a brand new sissy. We pick out the cutest of cute or the hottest of slutty outfits there is. Then we do our hair to make us stand out! Then make-up of course.

Just gotta love wearing the ruby red lipstick and branding yourself as a publicly world wide know whore. Maybe I even write slut on your forehead. Then smack your cheeks to make them appear to be rosy and cute. That eyeshadow is always to be smokey and sexy though, it is also mysterious somehow.

Yes, your new attire is sure to attract any new cock on the block. We will have them lining up for you then we will use your body for my beneficial gain financially. Yes, you are now my prostitute. You will fuck any guy I say at any time at all. No rest for the slutty, there’s always men and women to fuck! All to make me another buck! Ha!

So, what are you waiting for my beloved sissies, lets play together, you and me and we will find out who really wears the pants in this relationship.

Big Cock Fucks Sissy in G-String

Sissy panties

Don’t you love it when a man just pushes your panties to the side and fucks you like a little fuck doll and uses you like the cum rag you are? Of course you do, you cock addict sissy slut. That is why you like to wear those tiny thongs that barely cover your ass. You want to make sure that each man that fucks you has ease of access to your pussy. Your feminine cunt gapes so much that a big cock could fuck you with your panties on, your G-string wrapped around his cock as it slides in and out of you, covered in his juices and your shit. You would love it, too, enjoying the pull of the string on your ass and the feeling of the fat cock pounding you hard.  You can lick all of the cum off of the panties and suck his cock so your belly is filled with his cum. You love being his cum dumpster, don’t you? Then don’t miss one drop. 

Sissy phone fun with lingerie

sissy phone

My lingerie is one of the ways I trap my sissies. Whenever I find a new outfit, I get rid of one. The collection I have is insane. I have a whole floor dedicated to my sensual cosmic playwear.

If a sissy gets gifted a hot lingerie outfit by me, they know they have to find someone willing to fuck them in that outfit.

The mission needs only a few hours to be completed. Once the sissy gets the guy who will use them for the night, they progress to the next level. A sissy phone session with me will bring up all the ways to make you the right cock sucker and to be able to enjoy the jizz factor of it all.

When a sissy becomes obsessed with wanting to be feminized, they will be able to be the perfect cum slut only if they listen to my every command.

Using these Sissies to Pay my Way

Domination phone sex


My sissies are such big sluts that I never have to pay for anything. Any time I need a service done or need to buy something, I just get one of my sissies to suck their cocks. For example, there was one time I was getting my car fixed and the mechanic asked me to pay a lot more money than was quoted. I got one of my sissy whores and told her to take care of the bill for me. She sashayed over to him, pushed her breasts against him, and then got on her knees so she could suck his cock. Before he had a chance to react, he was getting sucked off by my sissy fag whore. She put his entire cock into her mouth and bobbed her head while playing with his balls. When he finally came inside her throat, he told me I didn’t have to worry about the bill. Pimping out these sissy sluts is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

Pathetic Sissies Sell Themselves to Me In Exchange for Cock

Phone dominatrix


I enjoy having sissy slaves around the house to do my bidding. It’s so easy to control you when I tell you I know the names of three guys who would love to fuck one sissy at once. I won’t give up that juicy tidbit until I am satisfied. I can even make you do a little dance for my improvement. Come on, show Mistress Miracle what you are working with. I see, no cock and a tight round ass. The perfect sissy. Now, you tell me. Is it worth it to be my personal sissy slave for the chance to be double penetrated by two men? Is it worth it to feel their cocks inside of you as the order you to worship them. Is it worth it to be degraded and dominated by men with huge cocks? Then what better way to train your submission and ensure that you are the perfect little bitch than to be my personal slave? So, let’s go to the outfits, hun…

Forced sissy Training diaper chastity!

forced sissy trainingForced sissy Training with diaper chastity! I have a sweet and sassy man who is a big sissy baby. He says he loves how cute and girly he can be in adult baby gear. And since he has a tiny dick it only makes sense that he is a baby boy. I completely agree and the pictures I get sent are so adorable, I just can’t help but giggle each time he sends me a sissy baby pic. Now I have to tell my wittle boy is a queer and loves to suck cock and get fucked. For all the sweet giggles and small dick humiliation there’s another side of my dollbaby. The cute outfits and small penis make my big sissy la-la diaper slut! She is just a little girl who needs a daddy dick.sissy phone sex

Sissy baby girl says she shouldnt touch her clitty anymore and needs to be locked in her diaper and forbidden to be changed or uncaged. That is until a daddy dick appointment! And only then should she be allowed to be changed because daddies don’t like poopy butts unless they make a baby girl squit out her bussy! The cage will stay until I say so, and I better have proof that she got as much daddy dick as she says she has. I count her diapers and I am emailed a log of her eliminations. There’s no way around chastity diapers during sissy phone sex with me!

theres rules to follow

domination phone sex

I want to find only the best sissies who call for domination phone sex and understand that they must abide by the rules. I only have time for those who will make me one happy mistress. A fun game I have is called eat the cummies. When a sissy doesn’t do their homework, they automatically have to open wide and eat their cummies. A commie surprise from one of my well-hung fuck toys would be a treat. Disobedience will not get anyone any special creamy loads. Not being able to dress up and go for a spin in the middle of downtown showing off your sissy ways proves to your goddess you aren’t all in, so there are no rewards without risks. A sissy punishment is needed. A nice substantial inflatable butt plugs up that ass is what you will need.

Fag is Desperate for Cock and Has to Watch Me Get Fucked

Sissy panties


I can see your clit is hard inside of your sissy panties you little faggot. All you can think about is getting fucked stupid by a cock so big it tears you apart. That is why you love asking me about my stories of getting fucked. You want to be me. You want men to want to bend you over and dominate your sissy faggot ass. You want to ride the cock carousel and have cock after cock visit you each night just like me. Since you are too much of a pussy to walk the streets like a whore and just pick up any guy who looks at you, you can watch me get fucked. You’re thinking about how it would feel like if you were me, aren’t you? You want to be jackhammered in the ass and have a man squirt cum on your ass just like mine did. Keep rubbing that clit in your panties. That’s the only action you’re going to be getting tonight.