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BBC Sissy Trainer thoughts On Hardcore vs erotic Training

BBC Sissy TrainerYou need to be ass fucked by ten giant BBC? As a BBC sissy trainer I understand your big black cock lust, but damn! I love being fucked by that extra large and in charge cock just like anyone else. I see your comment, but do you know that will leave you on the ground crying and bloody. That is such a big feat for a man just starting out in the sissy world! Sounds very painful. You must be an experienced sissy whore! I don’t think you would ever be able to hold your shit in again! We must be missing each other like ships in the night, or you just needed the world to know you are one dirty sissy! You say you need a hammer to your balls? That would be new to me indeed, but as long as you’re stroking that sissy clit, Maybe I could make the exception. I am a brat not a sadist, But I do enjoy toilet play as you so eloquently wrote on my wall. I would love to piss down your throat while you were getting fucked by big dick. And my ass is always available for cleaning and a nice tongue fuck! That comment on my main page has me intrigued, are there any other sissy men who need a hardcore sissy phone trainer like that? I know sissy bois and cock sluts come in all kinds of packages, so bring me what you have and see if I can make your penis squirt for me! 

Or are you happy with being owned by the biggest brat? I am more the dress you up, drain your wallet and make you suck a cock and clean my pussy out kind of girl. 
I might not be hardcore, but I understand a sissy who needs to let the word know she is a slave for BBC!

Love, your open minded sissy lover, 


Yummy Balls all Dressed in Lace

Sissy phone sexI don’t know what it is about a nice chubby cock all wrapped up in lacy panties that makes my clit starts to twitch!

There is nothing hotter than a femboy all dressed up in my sissy panties!

When I see silk stockings climbing up those strong hairy legs and satin ribbons dressing up that happy trail, I get so slippery and wet!

I love dressing men up in sexy little panties and stockings!

I know they like it because their cock starts to get hard!

(mmmm a hard cock!)

But they have to learn to control that!

Not that there is anything wrong with feeling that soft sexy silk against your hard manly meat.

Not at all! If I had a nice package all dressed up and pretty, you would probably get a rise out of me to!

It is just that a man that is strong enough and secure enough to dress in sexy thigh highs and slutty thongs is way hotter than a cock with something to prove!

Trust me, once I get those yummy balls all tucked away in that frill and lace, the first thing I am going to want to do is grind my wet pussy against you!

But don’t cum!

Not yet!

Not until I say!

Sissy Girl Training with My cheerleader Sissy Fag

sissy girl training Do you know why I enjoy sissy girl training so fucking much!? I get to interact with so many submissive and sissy bois and experience the worship I so deserve! I have a sissy cheer slut! Jeffery is fast becoming one of my favorites. When I answer my phone I hear..

“I am a one pump cum dump little sissy faggot.”

I know it’s my little cheerleader and he needs to tell mistress all about his naughty adventures.
Cheer leader Jeffrey just loves his humiliation at my hands and I enjoy giving it to him. Why, he even has a cheer for me! And you know I am an attention whore so I make him do it all through our sissy phone sex session. I can just see him in his little skirt trying to pick up men as he does his cheer!

My Little sissy faggots cheer!

1, 2, 3, 4 I am a little sissy whore…

5, 6, 7, 8, who likes to masterbate!

Pig tails …. Pom poms and curls,

Watch me make my little cheer skirt twirl…

Yay I am a SISSY!

Don’t you just love a sissy fag who craves dick and name calling? Or maybe your just like my sissy fag Jeffrey? Cock craving, craving abuse little whore… You know the brat of mistress phone sex will take care of you.

Cat Woman vs Robin

Sissy phone sexHalloween…such a great day…people get to dress up and pretend to be some one else.

I know some of you little sissies have to do that every day….

I bet it really gets your little sissy panties in a wad when some guy makes fun and acts like a sissy…like any guy can do it…

But we know the truth, right girls?

I got your back!

So I go to this Halloween party dressed as Cat woman, strong, sensual and in control!

I saw this little prissy ass dressed as Robin, pretending to be a sissy.

And you know that prissy little fagot was all over the ladies!

Now if it’s one thing I can not stand, it’s a poser!

All my real sissies put in the time and the work and these Robin posers deserve to be bullwhipped!

Sissy training






I saw that little bitch across the room,

I reached for my whip… and with one




I removed Robins tiny microscopic vessel and dangled it, dripping with blood, in front of the real players!

“You poor boys, always confusing your pistols with your privates!”

Then we had a tiny little sissy parade as we all walked by Batman’s wanna be, flipping our skirts, showing our pretty testies held snug with ribbons and lace, rubbing them in his tear soaked face!

That’s right little boy!

My girls are the real queens!

I train them to be ladies but sometimes even a lady has to step on a ball or two with those sweet sassy stilettos!


Online sissy training Kayla the Switch

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training Travis Aka sissy Kayla has been quite the experience! See he is a closet fag. He has to run and hide our phone calls because his wife doesn’t know about his indiscretions. I mean surely she has to know he is an uncover bisexual cock sucker! I could tell right away! Vibrating anal beads up that sweet back door ass pussy as he drives to get them food. He wants to tell me all about his craving for African food. BBC. His pink panties are under his work clothes in the mornings and he is jacking that cock off to me and him roleplaying some fun scenarios. And as Dominate as I am I have that switch part of me that will cave for a strong hand. I am a brat and when Kayla becomes Travis again and wants to fuck the shit out of me, I laugh and get snide with him. But my pussy is telling me that I want him to top me. I yell out fag, and he says I am his slutty whore. It sounds like a white trash scene from one of his porn movies. I give him his cock sucking home work for the week and tell him that he is still a faggot even though he likes pussy too. Don’t get me wrong I am still strong in my sissy phone sex game, but as a tease and a brat, I work well with sissy men who have a little more substance in their panties. And a little opphhh to back that faggot ass up! I do love a nice cock call with non faggots too! Just a brat with a whore pussy who can switch it up!

Say ‘Please’!

Sissy phone sexI know you like wearing those sissy panties!

I know you are sitting there in those silky pink panties , looking at my picture and your cock is getting hard.

You want to stroke that cock? Don’t even think about it!

You need to ask permission before you touch that little cock!

That belongs to me! I own it.

And don’t forget to say, “please”.

You didn’t ask me if it was ok to get hard. No, you just went ahead and started looking at my pictures and started getting all excited!

But if you are good, I will let you rub that tiny little penis.

Can you be good for your Queen Mistress? Can you do as your told?

Then you will have my permission to stroke it.

But do Not cum! Only when I say….

I want to make sure that you can control yourself like a perfect little sissy should.

We will start out with slow strokes, just a little pressure. Yes that’s it.

Stroke that cock from the top of that nubby head to the base of your sad little balls.

Then a little faster, and a little tighter. Is that precum I see?

Better not be! Do not even think about cumming until you call!

And don’t make me wait for your information! That would be bad and bad boys get spanked!

Sissy Threesome

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The best sissy trainer makes you eat your cum!

Best sissy Trainer

Yes the best sissy trainer does make you eat your own cum. Just like I did for My own daddy slave a while back! He tried to tell me that I had a curfew and I told him he wasn’t even a man! I don’t get a curfew when I am out trying to get some vitamin D as in Dick! I would not be talked down to by a man who can’t even keep his wife happy. Mom has lots of lovers all over towns daddy is a closet sissy fag. I got an idea to make sure daddy never told his perfect princess she had a curfew anymore. I created a live stream with my grandparents and daddies colleagues. I told every one i had big news and to tune in in 2 hours. I had a secret about My own Daddy. Well, don’t you know that was why my own daddy is now sitting in the corner eating his own cum. Guess what? I  have the black AmEx at my disposal now. I love black mailing and humiliating my sissy sluts, I have my daddy and sweet little dicked boyfriend who give me plenty of practice for you! Jack off in your pretty panties and eat up your cum for this princess! 

Cole’s Success Story

Sissy training ArabellaSo you want to be a woman? I am glad you finally admitted it to yourself!

We finally got you all dressed up. We put on the tightest skirt and the sexiest bra and sissy panties.

You looked like a total hottie in those stilettos and your hair and make up were perfect!

Then we sent you out into the world with all the skills that a nice lady should have!

All the men’s heads turned as you strut into the bar!

They were falling over themselves to buy you drinks!

All the other ladies were so jealous but you were a goddess!

Then you picked your man. Of course he was a nice big stud and if the bulge in his pants was any indication, someone was going to be a very happy sissy at the end of the night!

When you finally got home and he saw the pretty little package that was under your skirt,  his mouth dropped!Sissy phone sex

You slowly started to peel your clothes of, dropping them in a trail behind you!

He couldn’t take his eyes off you! He tried to make his rock hard fuck stick go down but it was no use!

And when you turned around and slide your panties down, with your tight pretty ass waving in the air, he knew there was no going back!

He was going to fuck that ass with every inch of his throbbing meat!

And as he grabbed you by the hips

and pulled your hair

as he plunged that cock

deep in your tiny little rosebud fuck hole,

you knew…

Yes that is when you knew…

You were finally a real woman!

Femboy Training and Teasing My boyfriend

femboy training

My boyfriend tells me that he doesn’t need femboy training. I think he does and the woman is always right! I told him it was for me and my eyes only. I wanted him to be cute and girly just for 24 hours. It’s almost my birthday and I wanted to see how sexy he could get. I bought new makeup and panties and so much lingerie in his size. I can’t let them go to waste. And so what if i wanted pictures of him all dressed up sexy? If you’re reading this leave me a comment telling me to sissifiy my boyfriend to the extreme! I want to do so much more to him. Like last month I had him suck on my dildo and eat my ass.  He has watched me fuck a BBC but very shyly wouldn’t eat my pussy out in front of that bull cock.  He did eat my cream pie after my cock was done with my tight pussy and sent home, but still! I am determined to turn him into a sweet sissy girl who fucks right beside me! I need to have him submissive to big fat dick. I am a domme girl who loves to fuck hard and if you want to fuck me in front of him while he cries and pisses his little panties let me know, we can make that happen.  A strong Mistress needs domme guys fucking her on the phone so my boyfriend can see that I am much more than a sweet tease!