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Sissy hypno training will make you fuck, will make you suck

Sissy hypno trainingYour favorite sexy ass Mistress Emerson is going to force you to submit to Sissy hypno training. You will you suck, you will fuck and you will submit to any cock that comes your way. All under my hypnotic spell and you cannot escape my control. 

I know you need a dominant woman to take control of your life and rip your sissy hole wide open and I’m your Mistress, whore. I’m known for my strict training regimen, which will have you begging to be my sissy slut in no time.

Now, let’s cut to the chase. You’re here because you want to submit to a bad ass Mistress like me. You want to be transformed into a submissive sissy, ready to please and serve at my every whim. And I’m happy to help you with that. 

With just a few sessions, you’ll be crawling on the floor, eager to please me and follow my every command. I’ll have you calling me Goddess, wearing lingerie and makeup, and getting ready to be feminized completely. And trust me, once you start, you won’t want to stop.

My Forced feminization training goes deep, rewiring your brain to your inner bimbo. With just a few sessions, you’ll be begging to be turned into a sissy, with no escape in sight. And that’s just how I like it. I’ll take complete control of your transformation. 

Now, I know some of you may be hesitant to take the plunge. You may be worried about what others will think, or whether you’re truly cut out for the sissy lifestyle. But let me tell you, once you submit to me, all those worries will melt away. 

You’ll be too consumed by your desire to please me, to be the best sissy you can be. And trust me, the reward is worth it. So, take the plunge and submit to hypnotic Forced sissy feminization! Call me now and let’s start your transformation. I promise you, it will be a wild and exciting ride. And you’ll never look back.

Forced feminization Is a skill for all Boi Toys!

Forced feminizationForced feminization Is a skill all young women should have for her begging boi Toys! MMM, To push your buttons makes me so happy!  With you I will become an expert at the art of forced feminization and sissification. Cum, Mistress

Zoey will guide you through each step of the Femmi process and help you become the ultimate femboy. Tell me baby boy, are you ready to take the plunge into sissydom and start your transformation today? The world is a shit hole, you should finally be at a place you can let your little whore out to play! I know exactly how to mold and fold you into what you lust and daydream about?  You won’t be the same after I’m done with you. I’m your only hope to be the perfect sissy you want to be. 

Forced feminization Is a skill all young women should have

There are some things I learned long ago and will always integrate in my sissy la-las. Forced sissy training Is something that breaks down the ego and obscures the roles of masculinity! No longer do you have to cater to the horrible roles of society and find your pretty and cock loving world with me.  Time for me tomold you into the perfect sissy and you’ll be thankful for it.

Let go and have Zoey teach you to love cock and take on your true feminine identity. With me, you become the whore of the hour you really  want to be. From the bi-curious, to crossdressers who love pussy you understand that sometimes you need a seductive strong sexy hand! Come with me to sissy la-la land! 

For the Ultimate Femboy training Let Zoey Lead the way almost gay!

Adult phone chat lines

Adult phone chat lines

Adult phone chat lines are some serious, sexy business. Our clients always know exactly what they want and I make sure they get it. I have always loved a confident man. Don’t get me wrong though, I love being a phone dominatrix. I’m a very sexy woman and I always get my way! My way with femboys and sissies.

                I want you down on your pathetic knees so you can bow down before me and worship me like the queen I am. When you make me happy, I will turn around and please you in return. When you are down, I’ll unbutton your pants and take out your dick. I’ll grope it a few times and rub on it and then start sucking.

                I get on a sex swing, fully naked with my pussy hanging out. You come to me, put your hands on the swing, and lean in towards me and start fucking me. I want you to fuck me nice and hard baby! My lead leans back and my legs spread wider as my pussy swallows your cock, balls deep.

                I turn around in the swing so I’m lying on my belly. I grab the swing and brace myself, getting ready for a hard and fast pounding. I feel that dick go in my asshole slowly. I bite my lip to keep myself from screaming.

Phone domination get on your fucking knees and worship me.

          Phone domination get on your fucking knees and worship me. No one ever claimed I was a nice fucking bitch. That is why I am the best at control. Pussy, sissy, cock, and every other one. Going to dominate your ass.

          Knees bitch. Worship me. In a word. Beg. Looking down on you as you look up at me. Between my legs. See how it drips ever so slightly down my leg. Run your tongue up the inside of my thigh. Tasting me.

          Crack a whip on your shoulders. Slave. You have a tiny little dick and need to be punished for being so small. Crack the whip and make you whip out your cock. Going to put it into a cage. Small cage. Under lock and key. Going to put the key on the back of your collar.  Phone domination

          Phone domination get on your fucking knees and worship me.

          Laughing as I lay it alongside of the other cocks in the room. Now look and compare how much smaller you are to them. The little cunt bitch needs a good ass whopping. Going to have them force fuck you until you are crying out. In the long run you will be used and abused.

          As can be seen you are the fluffer for me. Nothing more, nothing less. Until we all finally cum and leave you wanting more. Stuck in your cage. Not able to get hard or to cum until I allow you.

          With this in mind. We are going to play at me being your Phone dominatrix and going to control your pussy ass and keep you on your knees begging and slurping, cleaning up for me. Until you are the cum whore that you are meant to be.

Femboy training

Femboy training

Come here all you sissy boys. Are you ready for your femboy training? I’m ready to whip you into shape, make you what I want you to be and bow down before me. You’ll be on your knees in no time. Once I break you down, you’ll be so eager and begging to please me. The first thing we need to handle is how you dress.

                Go over to the dresser and pick out some panties. I see you pick out the soft and silky bikini panties. They are bright pink and lacey. How do they feel on your hard cock and ass? They should feel good and make your cock harder. I love the bulge I can see coming from them. Next, we can find you a silky nighty. I notice that you pick out the lavender nighty and it looks good on you as well.

                I love the way you are looking now and I’m ready for you to be on your knees and service me. I spread my legs wide with no panties on and you start eating out my pussy. I can’t believe how good you are at that as well!

Humiliation phone sex is on the rise, so many fags to play!

Humiliation phone sexHumiliation phone sex is on the rise, so many fags to play! I know that deep down, you are a faggot in desperate need of some cock. You may try to hide it and pretend to be an ‘alpha male,’ but I see right through you. You crave to be dominated, to be stripped of your masculinity and forced to submit to someone who is way more superior than you.

And that someone is me. I will make you my little sissy bitch and there will be no going back. I’ll force so many cocks down your throat that you will be gagging and begging for mercy. But mercy is not a word in my vocabulary when it comes to my sissy slaves. I will continue to shove those cocks down your throat until you are crying for your mommy.

I will also dominate your ass and make it sore with the biggest, blackest cocks out there. The best kind of Femboy training is really pushing you and your holes way past your limits until your just a pathetic puddle of cum.  You will feel like you are splitting apart as they ram into you over and over again. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to stretch you out so that you can take it all like a good little sissy.

Don’t be such a shy little faggot. I will make you look like a fuckable whore, plenty of cocks will stuff you slut.  I will dress you up in the most humiliating and girly outfits and make you my little sissy doll. You will learn to embrace your sissy side every time a hard cock rams into your bussy, busting it up and using you like the faggot slut you are and you, baby you will love every minute of it.

So what are you waiting for? Call me now and let me show you the way to true submission. Don’t be shy, I love breaking in new faggots. And trust me, after a Forced feminization call with me, you will never want to go back to your ‘masculine’ ways. So come and submit to your new sissy dominatrix. You won’t regret it.


Mistress phone sex is live and a lot kinky.

          Mistress phone sex is live and lot kinky. Now I will be the first time admit that I do love training but at the same time it is just about the fucking. Not always sharing those massive cocks. After all the real deal of a cunt and ass both cumming at the same time is a slut hut appreciation.

          All in all, they have a day for everything. Why not have a day for a slut that just wants to get laid. A point often overlooked is women love to fuck too and not always into the oh let’s cuddle shit. That is me. Not into the cuddling. Into the fucking. Getting kinky. Mistress phone sex

          As long as we are both getting off then who the fuck cares. Now the getting kinky. Put you in a cage while I ride my sex swing with my strap on. Never know it’s not the real deal. You will feel it enter your anal cavity and make you cum out of your ass as hard as I do.

          By all means bring a partner and do-si-do all around. Watch fuck from behind. Fuck on top of the cage. Here a fuck, there fuck, everywhere a fuck, fuck. You, me, another bitch.

          In summary if it is just a good old-fashioned fucking as shown above still going to lead some Kinky as fuck Domination phone sex. That is how I role. Deal with it.

Mistress phone sex for a young teen slut and bitch boy!

Mistress phone sexWhat I love most about Mistress phone sex is being able to confidently talk about how much I love owning a pretty little bitch and her BF. It’s so much fun when I get a young little whore to submit herself to me and let her man use my pussy right in front of her. I mean look at sweet Kayla laying there with her teen body as her pussy is ignored. I forced her to let her boyfriend use me or I would have them kicked out of their apartment. I love having a landlord for a daddy. You can do so many fucked up things to the tenants because they don’t want to be kicked out. It’s so much fun having power and controls over a couple of young sluts with sexy boyfriends.

I bet your cock is throbbing for some Taboo phone chat. You want to be manipulated by me too don’t you? Imagine me knocking on your door and making your bitch wife strip naked. I’ll lay her down just like Kayla and fuck her hot little holes with a strap on. I promise she will love women after I am finished with her. Oh and you will only fuck my pussy from now on; unless I say otherwise. So your wife is going to be a lesbian and you are going to be my bitch boy. Do as I say and call me baby!

Humiliation phone sex aww look at that little pee-pee.

Humiliation phone sex           Humiliation phone sex aww look at that little pee-pee. I do believe that my fingernail is larger than your little, tiny so-called penis. Won’t deign to call it a clitoris because that is an insult to women. For this reason, it must then be a pee-pee. Not a penis. Not a clit. Namely it means that you need to be a fucking little sissy ass faggot bitch.

          Now I’m sure you are wondering, what does this mean? It means that you are a gay sissy faggot. You are NOT a man and you to be sure are not a female. You are something else altogether. Something to be laughed at. Humiliated. Teased. Tarred and feathered. Most notably will be the public display of your worthless pee-pee.

          Next you are going to tell everyone what a worthless little pee-pee you have. Something that you will be keeping in a cage on display for one and all to see and laugh at.

          Finally, we have reached the stage where we will be discussing you Sissy slave training for that is what you will be. A slave to all the cocks that want to fuck your faggot ass. Bending you over, taking what they want and then leaving you.

          Perhaps if you are lucky, they will drop a few coins for you. After all that is all, you are worth. You are a fucking slut. A slut doesn’t get paid. A whore gets paid. You are worthless. Just meant to be used and abused. Day in and day out.

Humiliation Phone Sex is What Losers Like You Beg For

Humiliation phone sexYour Pathetic Cock is Desperate for Humiliation Phone Sex

You come to a sissy trainer for proper humiliation phone sex. Other women might see some potential in a desperate horny loser like you, but I know that the best way you can serve a women is by submitting completely. You will become a slave to me. Doing anything you can to make your Mistress happy. No matter how humiliating the request is, you’re on your knees begging for more.

I start with something small. Just verbal humiliation at first. Hearing my sexy voice telling you how useless you are. I remind you that women like me find you more entertaining when your panting and begging. You love when I treat you like my little bitch. Forcing you on your knees so that you can get to worshiping my boots. Maybe one day you can work your way up those sexy legs to that fat ass. You daydream of me sitting on your face and smothering you with my ass. Then forcing you to clean my asshole with your tongue.

Your Phone Dominatrix Teases Your Clit and Makes You Cream

I can see your cock throbbing in your pants for your phone dominatrix. All the blood from your brain is rushing to that pathetic prick. I drag my finger across the tip of that sensitive cock and watch the way you buck your hips. You’re so desperate to feel my hands wrapped around you. But I’m going to make you wait until you’re about to cum hands free. Your cock will be so desperate for any kind of touch you’ll start fucking the fabric covering your dick. Then begging me to touch you with your tongue inside of my ass.

If I’m in a good mood I’ll start rubbing that throbbing clitty through your panties. Teasing your clit like you’re a bitch with a soaking wet pussy. And calling you every filthy and humiliating thing I can think of. Your dicklet is pulsating. You need to fucking cum, but you need to beg for it. I give you just enough room to hear you whine like a little bitch. Begging to shoot your load. Maybe I’ll let you cream those panties for me, or maybe I’ll keep torturing that cock until you’re addicted to phone domination.