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You came here because you know you want cock in your ass and you don’t know how to tell your wife. I got you to wear my favorite pair of sissy panties, and that beautiful set of pink fishnet stockings, along with that creamy lavender cocktail dress. Oh my sissy girl you came in worried that your wife found our photos of you in my favorite red dress and stiletto heels puckered up feeling like my mistress-now look at you strutting proudly in front of my men ready to be dominated. You got your ass poking out, your makeup done so well just to be dripping all over your face in seconds. You’re more than ready for your training session, I force you onto your knees and you already have your mouth wide open to get face fucked. Honey you already know what needs to be done with that  BBC- now show me what a good fucktoy you were born to be!

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I’m going to make you watch as I take these big black cocks in my mouth! You’ve been a naughty little bitch so you were going to dress up in your sissy panties and a sexy bra for mistress. You know our big dick daddies love a bitch that’s made up too so im gonna smear some purple lipstick on you too. Now, hold these big thick meat sticks while I lick all around the mushroom tip. Don’t you wish your dick was big and veiny so mistress can wrap her slutty lips around it? That little winky in your pants could never make my mouth this wide. You better not even think about touching that wimpy little sissy Clit while you watch mistress suck down these massive loads! you’re gonna beg for big daddy dick until we feel like you’ve earned it!

Straight Guys Fucking Straight Cock

Domination phone sex


The ultimate domination phone sex to me is when I help a hetero guy or two find their inner sissy.  There’s nothing more thrilling than making men who claim to not have a gay bone in their body take a surefire shaft right up the pooper.  You might say you only like to eat pussy, but after a raunchy round of MMF fucking with me, you’ll be sucking more cock than a Vegas street whore, guaranteed!  And you know Mistress K only guarantees that which she can deliver.

It’s pretty easy, I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to give a straight guy a gay frame of mind.  I’ll save you the logistics, there was quite a bit of research involved, but the simplified explanation is I just reassure them that pleasure is pleasure no matter the source.  Tell a dude that only other dudes really know what cocks like and their interest is definitely piqued, but deny them access to every inch of my body until they start exploring each other’s first and they’ll end up taking any dick I tell them to.

Yeah, it sounds simple, but there’s a lot of mental manipulation that goes on to even get two straight men naked in the same room.  They have a ton of weird hang ups.  But once I get the guy on guy action started, they never want to stop.  If I’m sitting on his face, he better not fucking stop until I tell him to, anyway!


Fuck My Pussy, Sissy


adult phone chat lines

Every caller that rings the adult phone chat line knows that Mistress doesn’t play that disobedient shit! One wrong move and I will smother you with this chocolate snatch while your little clitty jiggles with excitement. I know how much you love being slapped in the face with my ebony pussy so I’m going to grind on your face until you drown in my juices. Good sissy. Clean up this slutty mess as it drips down your chin. Your punk ass is always begging to fuck Mistress and I bet you wish your cock were big enough to fill it, don’t you? Goddess Heaven needs a big thick black cock to full her up! I hope you didnt see the title and think i was going to let you put that little dick inside my heavenly hole. Fuck no! I shove a double-ended dildo in your mouth and demand that you fuck my pussy while you gag on it! Coat this big cock with my pussy juice so it’s nice and wet before I slide your sissy panties to the side and shove it in you! My pussy juice makes the perfect lube and you’re such a slutty sissy that you take all 15 inches inside of you. You better not cum either. I want to take my time fucking ‘all your slut holes!

I have a pussy and you don’t

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I have a secret weapon that makes these sissies cry. Look, I know the ultimate dream is to be like me. A cute young spinner who can get all the delicious cocks in the world. The problem with that is you are a natural-born male. Shocking how I tell you the truth. See, most the trainers will have you think you are a “real woman” the thing with that is that it is pretty misleading and a big fat lie! Yes, I am going to be mean. You wish you had a pussy. The sad part is even if you bought a fleshy pink cunt and had the modifications and surgeries, don’t be a ” woman,” let me tell you, and you’re not a woman. You will never have a natural-born pussy. You can never get pregnant by semen. It might hurt to hear the truth, but you will never be me. Once you realize the reality, which you know all too well already, you will face the fact that you are only a man in drag that will be used to pay up and add to my funds. You want  sissy phone sex huh? now this is the pinacle of sps.

Teaching Him His Place

forced sissy trainingHe was a regular of mine who loved to fuck my tight wet cunt with his hard cock. I got bored and decided today that he needed to know his place. I was on top of him riding his thick cock so fucking good when my boyfriend came in. He came in with his long hard black cock I grabbed my little cum whore and told him that he is going to learn his place today. I told him to suck my boyfriend’s cock like a good little bitch. He was doing so good, and I decided I could make a lot of fucking money off of my little slut, I called my men over to come and fuck my cum rag while I count their money. They all came in and he got straight to work, he went over and started sucking all of their cocks one by one. I went up while he was sucking one of their cocks and shoved my fingers up his tight little asshole. I stretched his asshole out with my fingers getting him ready for the huge black cock that was about to be shoved in. He was such a good little cum whore and he took all of their cum cleaning off all of their huge fucking cocks.

Forced Sissy Training

Best sissy trainerSissy TJ hasn’t been following the rules as he should. He seems to think I should grant him plenty of hall passes. He has no idea what’s in store for him! Master Brielle doesn’t like being disobeyed and once I get my claws on him I am going to show him who his fucking Superior is!! Does he really think I am that kind, that I just have all the heart in the world to continue granting him passes for his disobedient behavior… Well that poor thing thought wrong! I am going to ram his fucking asshole so fucking hard during our next session! I will be force feeding him a big fat long double sided 24in cock!! Think he can break a record? Well we are going to find out! I am going to show that fucking slut no mercy! A real woman keeps her word and she obeys her superior; she serves her fucking King/Queen on a golden platter. It seems Sissy TJ has a lot to learn and if she continues to go down the path she is on she will meet the darkest side of her Master. I want to hear her choke, gag and drool.. Gasping for air as I ram her throat so hard. She will soon learn to sit with poise to obey her Master or she will be suffering severe consequences! Forever your Master whether you like it or not. You get what you signed up for. Now get down on your knees so I can show you what a real pussy looks like.

Sissy Panties Full of Cummies!

Sissy Panties

Your sissy panties are going to be soaked when I’m done with you! You are such a good sissy that Mistress is going to let you feel her superior pussy pressed up against your clitty! Only though the panties though as I don’t want you to get too spoiled. Giggles. As I grind back and forth making your itty bitty dickie will feel wet and sticky from my cunt juice you need to be worshiping me as the Goddess I am. I’ll even let you suck my toes while we scissor. pretty little slit so wet and sexy but no more for you! Get down and assume the position so I can spank your tush! The only sound I want to hear is the sound of you moaning and begging for BBC while I smack your rump! Right when When I think your man purse is ready for me to drop change in it, I’m going to go balls deep in you! Mistress is going to milk that prostate until your man pussy squirts! 

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Are you craving chocolate honey, aren’t you? Something big and juicy won’t fit, but you will beg to make it work, huh? Don’t lie. You know you want the mark to fuck your ass pussy. Don’t get your panties all wet, and you sissy cum fuck. There are some rules to fluffing because that’s what you will be ultimate. Mark wants no part of your sissy cock. Instead, he wants you to prep him up by sucking his cock and being the vacuum.

What do you think a vacuum is…. I’ll wait. Hmmm, still doesn’t come to your sissy mind? Maybe it’s cause you keep staring at Mark’s big cock! Now you stop it right now. You better listen to me give you some humiliation phone sex to pass the test. A fluffer is a pregame and endgame. You should be happy you start something and clean it up like a vacuum. Enjoy your dick breath bitch!

Humiliation phone sex

Taboo Sissy Phone Chat

taboo phone chat

I just had the most taboo phone chat with one of you little dick sissies. This slut spent 45 minutes begging mistress to fuck him in the ass with the biggest strap-on that I own. I asked if she was sure because the biggest Mistress Heaven owns is 16 inches long and thick as fuck. This BBC will stretch your shit hole open so wide that your ass will be gaping hole for at least a week! I thought that would scare her but she reached in her bag and pulled out an adult diaper. This sissy wanted mistress to make her into an adult baby! This was some uncategorized shit but I still did it! I love fucking a tight hole until its loose. I must admit, I loved having a little sissy baby! I dressed her up in cute little dresses and nursed her while I rubbed my clit. Her mouth around my tits made my pussy tingle! After I gave that sissy some grade A cock I put her diaper on and carried her around like a little baby until she fell asleep in my arms. So cute!