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Domination phone sex for men who are infatuated with panties

Domination phone sex

Domination phone sex for men who have insane panty fetishes. You know the type, if you love everything about how women’s panties make you feel, read on. Some men have an insatiable desire for all things feminine. It’s an ache that drives them mad at times. Especially small dicked men. From the first touch of that material, you are gone. But Lucky for you the women in your life love being showered with pretty panty sets.

I wonder how long it takes your woman to figure out you have been wearing, smelling, and cumming in her panties. Fuck, some of y’all give me a run for my money when talking about brands, styles, and cut. I know you can talk about panties forever. That’s why we are going shopping today. Keep your sissy trainer in your ear as your browse and giggle among the hundred of bras, panties, and lingerie. A fat kid in the back of a bakery couldn’t be happier. 

Panty Boy Trainer

Let me guide you through the store demanding you “buy more and more!”  We inspect each pair of sissy panties, giving me every detail verbally amid the other lady shoppers. There is no denying that each patron knows those frillies are for you. Especially, when I demand you to tell the sales lady that they are for you! Even going so far as to make you ask for bigger sizes in the back.  

Panty shopping

Once I was on the phone with a sissy, we went into an upscale lingerie store. The stuff is very expensive.  The saleswomen paid much closer attention. When two girls approached him and inquired about how they might assist, he became extremely worried. I forced him to give the phone to one of the girls, who took it grudgingly. I informed her that he was my hubby and had come to the store to select some pretty underthings at my direction.


She inquired about my clothing size and preferred fashions. “Oh, the panties aren’t for me sweetheart, I said while snort laughing. They are for him to wear, so be a sweetheart and assist him in selecting something exquisite. In addition, I blurted out that he had a strong panty fetish, so she could make him buy as much as she wanted! I hope they talk and laugh about him for the rest of their lives! 

Femboy training of a full time sissy whore

Femboy training

Femboy training of a man who has been dressing up since he was a youngster. She has taken on the persona of Elsa. A demure, yet fierce queen who needs regular direction. It all started when she was a sweet-faced teen. One who could not resist his sister and mommy’s clothing and makeup. The desire never faded, only becoming more intense as puberty took hold. This is a person who in another time would have transitioned completely.

But I tell him that it is okay to keep his male privilege and dress and slut out on occasion. Elsa has evolved to live more as a sissy than a man. I do not count time spent on the clock because from the waist down Elsa is in full drag.

Elsa needs fulltime sissy training

Zoom only captures his top during meetings. I love that he bounces on his butt plug while wearing stockings, garters, and panties under his desk. And when the meetings are over my sissy whore wears her long nightgowns circa 1950’s. Daily my slut is dressed. I am talking head to toe, even getting into couture and all the latest fashion trends when he began working. Orgasm is his sweet release valve, Isn’t it everyones?

Femboy training of a full time sissy whore

  I suspect that release needs to be cut off for at least six months. Some men need constant training and this is one of those times. Most can go a week, or even two between sessions. But I do have a few little girlies who need me a couple of times a week. But intense training sessions without getting off? Those are my absolute favorites. 

Even more so having a permanent online sissy girl who is my personal property and just a possession makes my cunt so wet. To take orders between our sessions on how to dress and when to dress makes me happy. If this sounds like you we need to have a Sissy phone chat!


Mistress Z.

BBC sissy trainer finding Raw sissy boy talent









BBC sissy trainer


BBC sissy trainer finding Raw sissy boy talent is a gift only the best sissy trainer can possess. I found a sex soft-bottom sissy today. Boy o boy was that sissy eager to please a cock, not just any cock but one with massive size. Cute mini dresses, high thighs, and heels already this sissy knows how to flaunt slutty ass around to ignite boners on site. Good sissy that pass my test get to meet Rocko, He is the biggest bull in my stable. If you can handle a visit from rocko’s enormous shaft, then you are considered as talent in the eyes of the mistress and you have gained her attention. Her knowledge and expertise then become available to you.

Thanks for the sissy panties, Peace

sissy pantiesMy sissy’s are alway begging me to send  them some of my very special worn sissy panties.  Only for the ones that have been on their best behavior do I send off my favorite silky soft, beautifully designed worn panties.  They tell me how much they love the softness going over their worthless cocks.  I have seen how hard those little cocks get putting them on for the first time.  The cream they ooze out with pre-cum and their ass pussy, it’s hot.  A strong masculine man by day and a panty wearing sissy by night.

Prancing around in pink panties and a matching bra, rubbing the softness of the sissy clothes I dress them in. Pink, purple and red are the favorites among my little sissys. Sometimes they let me watch them open the panties on Skype and then slip them on.  An instant boner and I even catch the pre-cum stain that squirts out.

Sometimese we have to go through forced feminization and other times these sissys are all in before we ever talk. They live this secret lifestyle and we have fun being naughty behind closed doors.

I have a new panty order for my used panties going on later on today. Never new panties because they won’t get the same experience doing that. They love the smell of a woman that they can get by smelling her panties. Then extra hot to wear that womens scent by wearing the panties, all day.  I get horny just thinking about the next times I can Skype one of my sissy’s in my panties!


Adult phone chat lines for sissy girls in secret

 Adult phone chat lines

Adult phone chat lines have sissy trainers who will watch you on Cam. I have a couple of regular favorites that I watch. Each of my sissy girls has a different sexy appeal to me. Lucky is one of those men who feel very girly when they are using dope. That cock shrinks up and suddenly he is feeling the need to dress for me! 

And in his garage or bedroom, the outfits are the bomb! Pink and white are my favorite to see him in so far! Lucky has a masculine body with sexy tattoos which makes the lingerie quite a contrast. 

Lucky gets sissy play time in secret

My cunt gets excited by how nervous Lucky gets; though. I watch him looking around to make sure he doesn’t get walked in on. This sissy girl is incognito in her dress-up play. There is an extra air of taboo when a sissy is trying to hide her cross-dressing ass fucking play time. Being the Best sissy trainer to such a femmed-out whore is why I do this! My question is are you feeling LUCKY today?

Sissy girl training submit to my hungry Cunt

Sissy girl training

Can a sissy girl training happen without the domination from my cunt? I require complete submission under the directive of my juice slit. Sissy girls who are not ready for me to completely own them need not apply. When I come in contact with a sissy, she must know her place in the universe next to the sun, ME.

Getting sissy bitch boys dressed up is my favorite pass time, especially if they are good listeners. I like my sissies to look like dirty whore. But at the same time classy prostitutes. Short skirts, thigh highs and silky. panties. Seeing all the sissies who apply and never make the cut because they don’t know what will be required of them when they enter my dungeon. Any submissive sissy and I can get along but they need to do exact as I tell them and give me their will after we have discussed their wants from domination.

As soon as I get the chance I will tie a sissy up and torture and rape her holes if allowed. She is attending for the sin of being born under the wrong sign and realizing the error of this.

BBC sissy trainer Gives SPH and Blown out ass freely

BBC sissy trainerBBC sissy trainer Gives SPH and Blown out ass freely!!! I know all your little dicked men need a good BBC lover to help push you into ass fucking! Not every one of my sissy cunts loves dick, but I have enough fags who want that semi-sweet dark chocolate cock! Zoey must always pay ode to all my BBC whores out there. One thing is for sure my tight sissy trainer cunt loves big black dick! Oh, how Black men choke and fuck you so hard! It feels like your insides are being blown out. Especially if they are of true African descent with a massive 11 inches or above. Men who need blown out back doors almost always need a BBC to do the job. Now back up, I’m not saying that there are not big white cocks out there. Big white cock is just harder to find to fuck a sissy pussy. The black men I know have been to the pen. This causes Black cock to not be choosy when it comes to holes, I guess! But more importantly, the retributions of a small faggot cocks are more likely what they seek. Worship mandingo cock and pay homage to the suffering you white boys have caused the african american race! And if you have a small cock it is your job to dress and act the part of a feminine whore ladyboy. One who will always be willing to be blown out and fucked hard and put up wet. Black cock Mistress phone sex for all you whores on your sissy period needing some chocolate! 

sissy phone sex with the Mistress is a privilege

sissy phone sex


sissy phone sex with mistress Heaven is your introduction to Forced sissy training. Allow Heaven to make you into a proper slut. Do as your told and rewards flow, if you disobey the mistress prepare for punishment. It really is that simple when it comes to your hands on training with the mistress, and her success rate is perfect. Before long you will be taking cock like no other, gobbling and swallowing massive sized BBC day after day with absolute no gag. The mistress loves all her sissy boys and wants them to be all they can be, refined femboys and sophisticated sissies with the charm to get whatever it is the want, from whomever they want with the skills Mistress heaven teaches.

Best sissy trainer Genesis will leave you spent

Best sissy trainer

Your nastiest dreams couldn’t come up with the Best sissy trainer like Mistress Genesis ever. Dumb bitch boys must gravel below my feet.  So many sissy boys imagine what it would be like to be disregarded by a goddess like myself. Unfortunately, most aren’t even worthy of stepping into a room with me. I’ve been a pro domme for years, and it’s few and far between servants that are worth my time. Whether worshiping my leather heels or begging to caress their face along my nylons, their existence isn’t worth the shit that falls out of their asses. None of these men nowadays seem to be able to do anything that pleases me. They are pathetic and not worthy of me smashing my foot into their faces, let alone opening my tight ass cheeks to own their faces and use them as a masturbation toys.

Phone domination will leave you begging for more

Phone domination

Submissive sissy bitch boys need Phone domination to lead them into the weekend. All a powerful man needs after a long week is a weekend to let go. That’s where I cum into play. I won’t repeat myself twice when I give an order. You mind must meld with mine and you must do as I direct you to do. What I tell you to wear, you do. When I tell you to drop to your knees, there are no questions asked. Your going to be my bitch and I will own your ass. I don’t want to hear any complaints about your comfort sissy zone. Your my bitch to do with as I please. Drop to your knees and worship my cunt until I say I am done and you may rise like the filthy pig you are.

Maybe it’s time for a little Forced feminization. Do you know your place or will a dress remind you that you are not in control and your only directive this weekend is to submit your will to my desire .