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Sissy Phone Sex Birthday Celebration with BBC

sissy phone sexIt was a sissy phone sex celebration this weekend. My sissy boys had a very special birthday. I wanted to celebrate in a way they would appreciate. Friday, it was a pampering day. I took them first to get their hair done. They have grown their hair over the years, and it is longer than mine now. They wanted some pink hair, so I splurged. They have pink hair with some curl. Our hairdresser put some layers in their hair to give it some bounce. That was followed by getting their nails and toes done. They love glitter polish. Saturday in the afternoon, we went shopping. They each got some pretty new clothes. I even took them to Victoria Secret to get some undergarments too. It really is the bra and panties that make the sissy. There was a reason I wanted to pamper them. At their party Saturday night, I invited a few black lovers to join the festivities. I am a great BBC sissy trainer because my sissy sons share their mommy’s love for big black cock. My black studs love fucking my sissy boys. I bet you would too. I played with my pussy as their little backdoor pussies got thick and long black dong. I had enough black lovers in attendance that my sissy boys could take black cock at both ends. It was a proud sissy mom moment.  My sissies loved their special birthday weekend. They got pampered and they got fucked. I was so impressed with them. I have been training them for years to be black cock sissies. I can train you too. One of the nice things about black men is that they will fuck any tight hole. They do not care if it is a sissy ass or a milf pussy. If I can make my sissy sons black cock  sissy fags, I can you too.

Crack is The Sissy Whore Maker

BBC Sissy Trainer

I said what I said… Crack can be used by a mistress such as myself to make the best sissy whore. Crack makes that clitty leak and lowers all resistance to be sold for sexual favors. A cock down that gullet and a cock for that crack whore pussy.  A pipe and a black cock go very well together.  Many a mistress use mind altering drugs to make our sissys into submissive slaves. 

Little clit having Sissy Boi John is no exception. In his lace panties and fishnets he called to tell me he needs a Mistress to help him through his hooker life.  John is not worthy of anything other than sucking cock and having his ass laid wide open. I suppose I could pimp him from afar. But then again his black daddy seems to be doing quite well at making him hustle on the streets. See, I am a lover of all types of sissy slut. The demure first coming out. And the crack whore sluts that just need an extra guiding hand. But in all and all, Sissy John needs a female pimp. He missed how brutal a female can be with him and use him. I am game to use any bitch who crosses my path… But I do love that this sissy bitch John had my name tattooed on his back side.  A fitting tribute to a bratty whore like me, don’t you think. Now Back cocks can see my name as they fuck his little pussy. Save some for me john!

Taboo Phone chat

Sometimes Forced Sissy Training Is All It Takes

forced sissy training

Some of you think you want to be a sissy slut but you back out when things get real. So I think you’re in dire need of some forced sissy training. When you call me, you won’t be able to back out of it. You’re going to be fully feminized from the top of your head to your hot pink toes. I won’t take no for an answer, no matter how much you beg. When it comes to something like that, begging is not something I love. Now, if you get on your knees and beg for cock, that’s more my style.

And speaking of cock, you’re going to be getting up close and personal with dicks. I hope you’re ready to learn to suck big fat cocks, because that’s the only kind I like. I’m a size queen and I plan on turning you into one, too. You have no choice in the matter, just like you have no choice in anything else I make you do. Do you think you could handle a forced feminization Mistress like me? There’s only one way to find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a sissy slut – pick up the phone and we’ll figure it out.

Online Sissy Training and Partying with Margo

online sissy trainingI have a favorite sissy who calls me for online sissy training. Her name is Margo and she is fabulous. Like many sissies, she leads a double life. She has a day job and her staff see her one way. At night, when everyone is asleep and she can sneak away, she transforms into Margo. She is a partier. I find that it is much easier to become the best sissy you can be when you are altered. Drugs and booze free the mind. And when you free the mind, the rest will follow as the song goes. Margo calls me when she can sneak away, and we work on her sissy skills. She is a very obedient sissy who loves to please her sissy mom. She likes to smoke cigarettes too. I find that sexy. Seeing a pretty sissy with a cigarette in her hand blowing smoke rings on the cocks she is sucking is wicked hot. Margo not only looks the part of a sissy, she acts the part too. She loves to dress. She loves to party, and she loves cocks, especially those big black cocks. I think that is why she first called me. Because I am a BBC sissy trainer. I enjoy feeding big black cocks to newbie sissies and seasoned sissies like Margo. I mean if you are going to suck cock, why not suck the best cocks, right? I love all my sissies, even the ones I only talk to once, but Margo is the sissy of all sissies.

Getting High In Sissy Panties

Getting high in your sissy panties must feel really good. I love my druggy binging Sissies that love to light up that rock while talking to me about their sissy ways and fetishes. I’m a good sissy mommy that supports those naughty desires and addictions. My favorite sissies love the cock and dressing for cock is what they do. I am a very proud mama of one of my new sissy sluts that is coming around wonderfully! She dresses in pretty girly things for work and even got a sexy bikini to get those tan lines in. Yes, I’m talking about you Sissy G. I love how well you have come around.

Sissy panties

I hate when I miss out on playing with my Sissies because my schedule isn’t always in tune with theirs. I will be working all weekend though my sexy things and my schedule for Saturday and Sunday will be 6am est to 4pm est and I really hope we can hook up and get into the naughty things that we always get into. I’m excited to know about those cocks you have pleased and the pretty things that you have purchased. Let me in your sissy world and be that Sissy phone sex Mistress you are needing to help you along.

Sissy Needs The Best Sissy Trainer

Best sissy trainer

You are seeking a way out of your boring man clothes world and need some guidance by the Best Sissy Trainer. I am here for you. Maybe it isn’t your first time dressing for cock, or even just wearing panties and servicing your wife as a good cuckold. Whatever the type of Sissy you were, are, or desire to be, I am here to guide you. I am an experienced Mistress and Sissy girl mommy. I love to humiliate naughty little sissies and small dicked guys into wearing panties and being little bitches to BBC. My passion is assisting you in your secret escape from the appalling real world that has been a downer of late. Get in that secial place with a litle guidance. You just find yourself some private time and a relaxing spot where you can unwind and reveal your naughty secrets of sissy desires.

How I Got Into Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexSissy phone sex was never my specialty. I fell into it being a black cock whore. It is like the little white dick losers smell the black spunk in your pussy days later. Some white boys are just gluttons for punishment chasing women out of their league. They crave the humiliation. They beg to be shamed for their tiny dicks. About 20 years ago, I bet this white dude at a club. Handsome, successful, nice, smart and rich. His one problem was he had a tiny dick. There was no way his little gherkin would satisfy a black cock slut like me. I told him we could be friends. I put him immediately in the friend zone because he did not check the one box that mattered to me most. He was not endowed physically. He pursued me still. He was desperate to be in my life somehow sexually. He offered me money for sissy training. He was my first sissy. I had him come over before a black stud was arriving to fuck me properly. He needed to see the anaconda cocks I fuck. I put him in some pink panties and a little cock cage and sat him in the corner to watch. His eyes got huge when he saw the size of my lover’s dick. I fucked a 13-inch black cock inches from his face. If you could have seen the expression on his face you would know what pure joy looks like. He was having the time of his life just watching. My black stud saw a worthless sissy and made him suck his big black balls. I giggled with delight watching my first sissy suck black balls. He was in his happy place being cuckolded and sissified. He just needed a BBC sissy trainer to help him. Most women before me were more concerned with his wallet than his cock. Do you need a woman like me in your life too?


Sissy Maid Training For Cock Cravers

Sissy Maid Training

I’m Diana, a Sissy mommy and Mistress. Sissy maid training sessions are great for those closet cock craving, panty wearing girly boys. I think you could use some fun in your dress-up time and be made to do naughty things for the love of cock. I have a sissy son of my own and we can all play together even. If you are a good cock lover I will let you suck my boyfriends big black cock. Oh! That made your clitstick twitch didn’t it? The thought of your mommy feeding her boyfriends BBC into your mouth and having you suck it off. It was just in mommy’s vagina. You like the taste of mommy’s cunt juices on that cock don’t you? You got so excited watching mommy bent over in the laundry room as I was getting all my sexy panties and bras from the drier. You knew there was cum dripping between my legs and soiling the sexy panties I was wearing. You were so good to put on a pair of panties and lay down on mommy’s bed and wait for her. I always love the way my Sissy cleans my messy creampied cunt up. You deserve a big cock of your own to suck baby girl.


He wanted Reverse Sissy Hypno Training

sissy hypno training

What happens when you are flooded with Subminimal Black cock during a hot porn?
He was in so much distress calling me for reverse sissy hypno training. This BBC whore knew I was going to fuck with his head and his cock. Those hot little whores he was watching had added so many black cock pictures flashing as he was stroking his cock. I almost felt bad that he was confused. When we started I tried to assure him that I could break his black cock thoughts. We didn’t want him to think about ebony veiny huge cocks when he was getting off anymore. Like shit, I didn’t! I told him I felt bad that he wanted me to reverse this BBC lust, because I was in love with getting fucked By big black dick. “Please stop, you’re driving me crazy Zoey!’ He was panicked. A Supposedly straight man getting his dick off to thinking about sucking BBC, this wasn’t what he wanted. Or was it!?
“Now lay back and close your eyes, your Goddess Zoey will fix you all up,” My face in a smile.
“Imagine my sweet young tight body laid naked beneath you, My tight pussy and perky tits are all yours, can you see and feel me?” He breathed that he could, and his cock was hard.
“Now imagine that there is black man with his 9 inches out right in front of us, which do you want more?” I giggled. He was definitely stroking his cock harder. I instantly pounced, deceiving how good it felt to have your throat gaped open to know that the black dick cum you swallowed, you earned.
“Please no Zoey, You’re supposed to fix me!” He was so close to cumming.
Baby I am fixing you, you need to suck a black dick and then you will feel better!
Don’t fuck with a BBC sissy Trainer!
We always know what you really want!

Cock Craving Sissy Faggot

You are a cock craving sissy faggot that is to embarrassed to admit the fact that. I’m here to offer you the forced sissy training you require. It’s ok to want this. You are not a freak for desiring to dress in pretty lingerie or even just panties and to suck big black dick. You are not alone, yet your desires are very unique and I understand you. I understand the inner turmoil you are feeling. It’s ok. I know it’s sometimes just a fixation when you are horny and after that you feel like beating anyone up that mentions such things to you. It’ just that you were probably raised in a way that deprived you of thinking for yourself and denying the things that give you pleasure. Wake up, cut out the bigotry and be that faggot cock sucking sissy you crave to be. You can come out to me and be free. It’s OK! I am here for you and you need not let your shiled down to the world. It’s our discrete play time and I will help you get the most out of your filthy cock sucking desires that really are normal and okay!

Forced Sissy Training