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Thanksgiving Sissy Training

sissy trainingI am thankful for sissy training. I bet you are too. This Thanksgiving is different. Normally, my ex-husband and I would have a blended Thanksgiving dinner. We get along well. He remarried and has a daughter with his second wife. He is getting better about accepting that his boys are sissies. With the virus, we decided we would get together another time when it was safer. That leaves me, my daughter and my two sissy boys. I am not much of a cook. I am not much of domesticated goddess. What I am good at, however, is training sissies. I am the best sissy trainer you will find online. My sissy boys will tell you I am the best sissy mom too. The only stuffing anyone got last night was my two sissy boys. I had a special thanksgiving treat for them. Jerome came over. He is a black stud in my posse and one of the few studs I fuck who has no problem fucking my young sissies. They love cock. I have feminized them, so they are super pretty. At their age and with my help, they look more like girls than boys anyway, especially bent over. They were thrilled to see Jerome at the door. They call him black daddy. It is so cute. As soon as our house guest sat on the couch, my sissy girls sat on either side of him. They begged their black daddy for a salty treat. He unzipped his pants and out came an 11-inch tree trunk thick black cock. My girls were kissing and worshiping his monster cock. They giggled as it came to life in their hands and mouth. I was watching proudly as my femboys worshiped a big black cock. Jerome stuffed them better than I would stuff any turkey. It really got our holiday off to great start.

Sissy Hypno Training For Cock Sucking

Sometimes you haven’t quite come to the realization of what you actually are. You have thoughts and get confused. It’s ok to think about dressing in lingerie and think about sucking BBC. I offer sissy hypno training to help you realize your inner desires to be a sissy. You probably already wear the panties or pantyhose. You like how the feeling of having smooth hairless legs, arm, and balls. You like to be smooth and feel silky things rubbing against you. You enjoy it so much your cock throbs and starts to leak. After so much watching those bull cocks fuck mommy and see how shimmery they are you crave to suck on them. You want to taste mommy and experience what mommy was experiencing. After a bit of fantasizing the need to have your ass penetrated grows and you start wearing panties and bouncing of objects inserted in your sissy pussy. It’s due time you buy a dildo and a butt plug. You make those purchases and give me a call to start our training sessions.

Sissy hypno training

She Is Becoming A BBC Cock Whore

mistress phone sex

Everybody loves BBC. But I have found that sissies seem to love it more than I do. The only problem is that sissies get overly excited and must be trained to control themselves. Nancy was no different and in order to get her under control she would need hands on training. I dressed her in some pretty pink nylon panties and matching lipstick. I told her I had a surprise in my room and she practically danced as she followed me. There was a beautiful man with a giant BBC. I instructed Nancy to watch as I played with that big black cock and to never move her eyes from mine. I sat Nancy down on the floor in my room and got down on my knees to admire that big black beauty. My god it is so wonderful. I could see Nancy trying to divert her eyes and quickly reminded her that her eyes were to remain on me. She watched me take that massive beast deep in my throat as he proceeded to fuck my throat hard. As soon as he came in my mouth, I held that giant load without swallowing. Nancy had been so good that I motioned her over and opened her mouth and dumped my mouthful of big black cum into hers. I made her hold it in her mouth until I told her she could swallow. She did so without hesitation, so I wanted to reward her. After fucking that beast, I let her clean that massive, beautiful, black cock with her tongue and then clean my cum filled cunt. My sweet Nancy is going to become a BBC whore.

Royal Roleplay

Forced Sissy Training

It shouldn’t be rocket science, even for a little sissy fuck cuck like you darling. What I want is your complete and total submission. I am the Queen of the sissy trainers, because a little fucking roleplay is erotic and hot. You know I’m right, so submit to me and join my faggot boys in their complete and total worship of me.
I need you to dress the part. You’re a Duchess now, so don’t be dumb. No, you can’t play with your clitty right now little girl. Leave it in it’s cage. Come put on your panties, and stockings, and heels. Get into a lovely gown. It’s time to entertain the entire court. You know I love it when you and your sissy slave sisters suck off my guests for everyone to see. How humiliating, isn’t it darling? And yet you love every second of it.
I want to see you beg these esteemed gentlemen to strip them of their trousers, and their undergarments. We all want to see you sweet sissy princess pets slobber on their man meat. Give us a real show, and choke those Royal Cocks down your duchess throats. I want those oral fuckholes of yours getting pounded and filled up by hot cum. What are you waiting for? Everyone loves a little historical fucking fiction.

BBC Sissy Trainer

BBC for me and you

BBC sissy trainer

Being a BBC sissy trainer has its advantages. You see I get to play first before I will allow you the pleasure of having a BBC service you. I love to suck their giant heads into my mouth and feel them stretching my throat as they use my head for a pocket pussy. Feel that giant slab of man meat force my cunt lips open as he takes me as a conquest. Then when my appetite has been quenched I will allow you to suck their cocks clean or allow you the pleasure of them filling your tight ass. You see Mommas’ needs will always be filled before your sissy ass even gets considered. I do enjoy watching you take a new cock in your mouth and try to swallow them. Hearing you choke and gag as you are getting used to his size. Watching your pretty face turning red and purple as he leaves his cock in your throat for a second longer. Watching you squirm as he is behind you lining his massive fuck tool up with your sweet ass. Hearing you screaming as that cock rocket breaches your small asshole and tears you up. Finally to hear the satisfied moans and groans as he is getting closer and closer to bathing your insides with his hot baby batter. Me not allowing you to clean up because I want to put a plug in your ass to ensure that none of that delicious cum leaks out. I love training new sissys to enjoy BBC as much as I do!

Big Black Bull Cock Trainer

You are my BBC sissy slut and I am you BBC Sissy Trainer. There is a term that is circulating in the sissy slut community. It’s Alpha dick, that is that big bull cock of a strong masculine alpha male.  The leading cock for that completely unworthy beta bitches. Laughing at your beta ass as you finally show you Mistress your click stick. Look at it. It’s tiny and there is already a glazing drizzle on the tip. Hurry up faggot and lick it up. Good girls swallow and now you will learn to suck on a real fleshy man cock. Your dripping right now aren’t you? You smell the pheromones’ of those Bull dicks don’t you? Their testosterone is strong and so are they. Your little petite whimpy ass is nothing but a fuck hole for that big manly cock. You will suck it and not touch that clit stick. Stop trying to grind it and make it feel good. Your pleasuring that BBC not yourself. If you don’t stop trying to cum from touching yourself I will have to cage you. You are for that bull cocks pleasure and you need to focus on pleasing that cock first.

BBC Sissy Trainer

BBC Sissy Trainer thoughts On Hardcore vs erotic Training

BBC Sissy TrainerYou need to be ass fucked by ten giant BBC? As a BBC sissy trainer I understand your big black cock lust, but damn! I love being fucked by that extra large and in charge cock just like anyone else. I see your comment, but do you know that will leave you on the ground crying and bloody. That is such a big feat for a man just starting out in the sissy world! Sounds very painful. You must be an experienced sissy whore! I don’t think you would ever be able to hold your shit in again! We must be missing each other like ships in the night, or you just needed the world to know you are one dirty sissy! You say you need a hammer to your balls? That would be new to me indeed, but as long as you’re stroking that sissy clit, Maybe I could make the exception. I am a brat not a sadist, But I do enjoy toilet play as you so eloquently wrote on my wall. I would love to piss down your throat while you were getting fucked by big dick. And my ass is always available for cleaning and a nice tongue fuck! That comment on my main page has me intrigued, are there any other sissy men who need a hardcore sissy phone trainer like that? I know sissy bois and cock sluts come in all kinds of packages, so bring me what you have and see if I can make your penis squirt for me! 

Or are you happy with being owned by the biggest brat? I am more the dress you up, drain your wallet and make you suck a cock and clean my pussy out kind of girl. 
I might not be hardcore, but I understand a sissy who needs to let the word know she is a slave for BBC!

Love, your open minded sissy lover, 


Sissy’s R Us

I am a newer BBC sissy trainer who is seeking some new blood. I am seeking those who are looking for a new mistress to serve on their knees. A new mistress to keep clean both front and back. A new mistress to keep happy by being tortured at her command. To wear a new cock cage and enjoy the lack of touching on your cock. Be reminded daily that the only place that you belong is on the floor under your mistresses feet. This mistress is fair but will quickly become angry if her rules are not followed. You will do what I say, when I say it. I will reward when deserved and PUNISH when needed. If this is what you are looking for then here I am. I will be awaiting your call

Just The Phone Dominatrix You Need

phone dominatrix

Hello, wannabe sluts! If you’re looking for a sissy phone dominatrix, look no further! I think you can probably tell by reading my blogs that I love training sissies and turning them into the best versions of their feminine selves. Do you need a little bit of help from someone who will be loving, yet firm? I won’t ever be mean and nasty to you, but I’ll tell you how it is and I won’t let you off the hook with broken promises, etc. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be an even better sissy slut than you ever thought you could be.

The first thing you need to realize is that you are not in control once you call me to be your sissy trainer. You have to listen to me. You have to do what I tell you to do, no questions asked. You have to put your trust in me because I’m only going to tell you to do things that will be good for you and that you’ll enjoy. I won’t ever steer you in the wrong direction, my little sissy slut. I’m ready and willing to make your dreams come true, sissy!

Mistress Phone Sex For Sissy Slaves

Sissy slaves need guidance. The sessions with me as your Mistress phone sex sissy mom are going to be the best way for you to learn your place. You already wear the panties in your relationship and sometimes that isn’t enough. I will love to assist in you dressing for cock. You will come around and understand that your looking pretty and feminine for that big daddy cock is essential. We can get you to that place. I want to train you to be the little cock whore for that BBC that you crave to be. It’s in my very wishes to have you dress and look your sluttiest as you service that cock. You are a slave to big black cock. A simple little pretty slut sissy slave for the much bigger cocks. You are not a man, You are a Sissy Slave.

Mistress Phone Sex