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Phone Domination for a Cock Sucker

I get cock craving straight men all the time. These guys aren’t always going to be sissies…. well it may take some time for them to realize their true self. But they all want the same thing, dick, cock, cum, and jizz. So my Phone domination is about forcing these guys to suck dick. They crave it and need to let me know about that.

So, be my good cum craving cock sucker and I will get your sweet little ass fucked and mouth stuffed. You want it cock sucker. Travis sure did. He loves it hardcore and nasty. It’s always great knowing that guys like you exist and need a stern gorgeous goddess to give you that push. The push to go suck a real cock like a good sissy faggot. Don’t forget those panties under your pants, slut.

Phone domination

BBC Sissy training audio

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I turned over a thousand men into little girly sluts and more is yet to be turned out! Do you ever get girly thoughts or have you ever been called feminine? If you are reading this I think it’s time for you to explore yourself a bit more… I mean you are reading this so you must be exploring and you are curious if you can possibly be a girl…. Not just any girl, a diva slut is what you would love to be…

You want to learn how to talk like a girl and seduce a man like a girl… You also want to know how to pick the right man for you to fuck on…Wow I just blew your mind didn’t I… It’s almost like I am your own thoughts speaking to you right now… Well don’t drive yourself crazy.. You are not alone.. I am here to bring out the whore in you.. The cock craving slut you desire to be. All those times you stood in the mirror and told yourself you are not worthy is a total lie.. You are normal just like everyone else…

But don’t compare yourself to just anyone.. You need a sexy bitch like me who will put you in check when needed and give you a push when needed. I have the dicks you desire to have access too.. I know you are tired of fucking yourself with a plastic piece of dildo so you crave the real thing. You crave those big veiny cocks stroking your ass without having to do any work… Well you definitely are in the right place and you will be turned into a submissive girly slutty cock craving whore your asshole and throat desire to feel…

From your fav  BBC sissy trainer to you Brielle supports you all the way! You rock, you vulnerable piece of meat. My men will fuck you delirious!

Making My Slut Lisa Serve Tranny Cock!

BBC Sissy Trainer

It has long been my fantasy to present my newest sissy to my favorite tranny queen for a hard fucking and that’s exactly what I got to do yesterday! My newest sissy baby doll Lisa is so lovely and shows so much promise, I had to take her with me to an all-leather affair. The party was in full effect when I arrived with Lisa all dressed in leather with her diamond studded collar and leash. The crowd parted for us to see our hostess Ava, the gorgeous black-haired queen with a hard cock for my new sissy to take care of. Everyone watched as I presented my sissy and Lisa knelt right there in front of everyone to suck Ava’s big hard clitty. Ava was so impressed with Lisa’s slow tongue, she had to try fucking my new sissy’s tight little pussy!

Sissy Whore Learns How to Suck and Please BBC

BBC sissy trainer


Your tiny, tight ass needs to learn how to take big black cocks. BBC is not for a beginner. A cock-hungry sissy faggot like you might be so desperate for the cock that you choke and gasp for air when he’s only a few inches in. But you are ready to take those big cocks in all the necessary ways. For big cocks like these, the sloppier the blowjob, the better it feels for him. So, lick him up and down, from the base of his cock to the tip. Tease his tip a little and take him inside your mouth little by little. When you’re halfway down his shaft, start bobbing your head up and down on his cock, still inching your way to the base of his cock. By now, you’re drooling all over his cock and you can feel the tip of his cock in the back of your throat. Gag for him and choke on his cock, but don’t take it out of your mouth. A good sissy slut never lets go of his cock for any reason. Now, keep bobbing your head up and down, licking and sucking his cock until he cums in your throat. You will swallow every drop of cum that drips from his cock and lick it clean.

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I had two of my sissy’s come over for Sissy maid training.. I put those bitches in kitchen aprons and sexy lace Sissy panties.. Those cumsluts were strutting in high heel platform mules! To top it all off I had one of my Big daddy Kings over.. They were told that they were to take instructions from big daddy if they wanted to taste his cock..

He had those bimbos on their hands and knees under the table at dinner time feasting on his juicy big black cock.. While he and I were enjoying our well serviced dinner made by two sissy sluts! As they were serving us dinner he was slapping their asses and telling them to prepare their tight sissy holes for daddy..

They were blushing and all flabbergasted by the attention he was giving them… Little did they know he was only humiliating them! Once we were through with dinner he bent those sissy sluts over and rammed their asses with no mercy, degrading them and making them suck on my silky wet smooth pussy..

He reminded them multiple times that they could never amount to a bad bitch like me. In the end he had them slurp his dirty dick clean, free of their ass juice. Just so he can fuck my pussy that they wish they had.

I am in the mood for Sissy slave training! 

BBC sissy trainer

Sissy phone chat with Miss Remi

sissy phone chat


I’ve been wearing my pussy out, riding this fat dildo and talking to my favorite, sissy phone chat slut. I’m soaked from how much kinky fun we’ve been having together. I had to take my wet panties and stockings off. My sissy bitch whore is a slutty, bbc lover just like me. I keep her dress up in pretty panties, sexy stockings and the tightest, shortest skirts. I make her bounce her slut sissy pussy up and down on her big, 12 inch dildo while we talk about how much we love getting stretched out by bbc. I don’t let my slut stop riding that dick until her sissy clittie can’t squirt anymore. I already made my sexy slut cum so hard that she passed out on me. Now I’m ready to make you ride your dildo and talk dirty with me so I can do the same with you!

Sissy gets punishment for fucking a BBC sissy trainer without

BBC sissy trainer

My sissy bitch has been naughty and let a new BBC sissy trainer fuck him without asking mistress for permission. So, I decided to show her what dirty disobedient slut gets. I have planned a gangbang. My sissy came over in her slutiest dress and her clitty cage on nice and tight. When she walks in, she sees all the big black bulls, she gets on her knees and starts to thank mistress. I told my sissy bitch to not thank me, yet I was going to use her little hole until she couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed my sissy down on the ground and pulled her panties down and spread her ass. His little clitty in his chastity was so cute but I loved how it looked when I aimed the first dick towards his asshole. Right away the BBC bull started pounding him and like a wave the rest came. My sissy bitch slut was getting gangbang. She was going to get her Sissy panties soaked with cum. My sissy whore kept getting pounded and filled up until she fell flat on her belly. I know my bitch was getting tired but i wanted her to know she gets fucked when i say so only. When we finished my sissy bitch knew from her Sissy maid training to clean up all the cummy mess.

Sissy Training: It’s time for you to get dicked down by Big Daddy.

Sissy Training

“It’s time for your sissy training, Molly” I called out my heart racing with excitement as I waited for my pretty little sissy slut to skip down the stairs happily wearing her new pink dress. She was so proud of it, all of the ruffles surrounding it as she giggled seeing the black leather outfit I had chosen for our adventure. Seeing the deep red blush creeping across her face instantly aroused me. However, it got even better. There was a knock at the door. Her face instantly changed as I walked over opening the door, seeing her stare up at the big huge BBC man standing in the doorway was amazing. She was practically drooling with fear at the massive bulge in his pants.
The best part was when he popped it out and she instantly fell to her knees with a little hard-on of her own. Just waiting anxiously to be used like the dirty little whore she was.

Forced sissy training thrills

forced Sissy TrainingForced sissy training thrills with Mistress Zoey! I’m one bad bitch and I know what you need!!! 

How about a bratty sister who knows exactly what you are. How we grow up together and I know you’ve been stealing my panties you little motherfucker. I also know you have pictures of Black cocks on your computer. What is your sister walks in to find you in her panties jacking off to some BBC? Would you be completely humiliated and embarrassed? Good that’s my plan that way I can keep you under my power. Because sister is going to go and make you a fancy pussy little sissy! I will force you because I know your secrets. I will manhandle you until you give in. And you’re such a twink and a submissive little bitch that I won’t take much. 

I warn you once you steal my panties and I know that you like big black cocks… 

You will become my sissy slut slave.  Forced feminization With Zoey!

Do my homework clean my room and do the dishes. I won’t have to lift a finger. And then I’ll have sweet little sissy test for you. Making you do things like wear panties under your jockstrap. You’re also going to ask the homecoming queen out. And I’ll be there when she rejects you and makes everyone laugh. I know going back to your teen years is going to be so horrible. But I promise to make your sissy clit squirt. All it takes is one buckle and a strap and a big fucking dildo to have me fucking you crazy. So be sisters little bitch come explore all you can with my online sissy training! 

Best Sissy Trainer Coraline is in Charge of Your Ass

best sissy trainerThe best sissy trainer will push your boundaries. Being a sissy means you are sexually submissive to women. Yet, every day I get some unruly sissy who thinks he is in charge. I had a disobedient sissy the other day. A sissy who got very disrespectful with me and I will not stand for that. I am a dominant woman. You are lucky I am talking to you. It is not the other way around. I shut the mouthy sissy up with a 13-inch black cock. If you have nothing nice to say; if you back talk everything I say to you, I am shutting the hole below your nose with the biggest and blackest cock I can find. I have a few black men who help with my sissy education program. When my newest sissy walked in with a list of rules for me, I knew I had my hands full. Now, I did use a rather large dildo to peg that sissy, but a plastic cock is never the same as the real thing. I am known as a BBC sissy trainer. So, I always have a few big black cocks on hand to help me with the training. Tyrique is my latest black stud and let me tell you, he has a cock that resembles a forearm. It is big and thick too. It is what I call a punisher cock. It can make and break a sissy’s backdoor pussy. Tyrique came to help me with my unruly sissy. Tyrique lectured my sissy on being disrespectful to me. I am a mistress. I am a goddess. I am your sissy trainer. You listen to me or pack your bags and leave. Tyrique bitch slapped my sissy with his heavy big black cock, then he fucked his ass raw. Fucked the sissy hole so good my sissy was pleading for mercy. I have a sissy with a gapped and stretched out sissy hole now, but I have one with better manners. You come to me for sissy training, realize I am in control, not you.