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Best sissy trainer gets you addicted

When you have been trained by the Best sissy trainer, you become a cum addict. All you think about is the next moment mistress Gypsy will use you to milk a BBC. Since I work with BBC trainers I will always keep you full of cum. I want you in your sissy uniform I have picked for you and on your knees waiting to serve us in any way. Tonight I wanted to have you dripping before you milked any cock. I love seeing what a good cum whore you are. We teased you by making you suck on each and everyone of our toes like they were dick you needed to milk. I made you lick my asshole while my BBC trainer friend put his toes inside your Sissy panties and teased your sissy pussy. That had your clitty hard, especially when he shoved his toes in your pussy. You start begging me to let you milk my BBC buddy. As I laugh, I open your mouth and guide your head on his thick long cock. Right away he face fucks you hard, making you gag and choke until you have tears flowing down your face. Your little clitty leaked through your panties and when he started filling your mouth up with thick yummy cum, your clitty squirted. That shows me you are an addict to the cock.

Best sissy trainer

Calling All Sissy Girl Training Applicants!

Online Sissy Training

I don’t just train any curious faggot that comes into my chat, I train only the best sissy girl training applicants! I’m an exclusive online sissy trainer and I demand your utmost devotion to our training sessions. When you are mine, I will make you the best little sissy panties slut that you can be! I’ll have you strutting your stuff in high heels and kinky lingerie in no time! I’ll own all those perfect bimbo fuck holes so only the best cock will do when it comes to fucking my pretty sissies. You’ll have a great time shopping for clothes and cock with me and when we are out and about, you’ll be on display like my perfect little sissy cock tease! Mistress phone sex is just the beginning! We will find some hard BBC to please and make a game out of who can take that big dick the deepest! You will love having Mistress Raine as your best sissy trainer BFF!

BBC sissy trainer lets me use his sissy slut

I love when a BBC sissy trainer let’s me take over. I love making a sissy bitch fall to her knees and beg me for anything especially to suck a big black Dick I love knowing I can use a cock and a pair of cute pink panties to control you. You will pay me to degrade you and put you in your place just like your big dick trainer. When I get spoiled that is when I give you the best commands. I might task you into sucking 10 big dicks and you will do it because part of your slave training is that you must do anything I want. Last night I planned a blow job party with all my favorite BBC friends. Like a good bitch you wore what I made you wear and you pranced around like a horny teenager waiting for the moment you got to suck dick. When that moment came you didn’t let me down. You sucked all their big black dicks until they were dry and empty of semen. Your clitty leaked all over your Sissy panties the whole time you took every drop of semen down your throat.

BBC sissy trainer

Gotcha Professor; A Sissy Phone Chat Roleplay That Will Make You Hard

Sissy Phone ChatSissy phone chat will suck you in when you are a cross-dressing faggot craving the penetration of a superior women’s strap-on. I know that when you admire a beautiful woman it is not the sexual desire of ravaging her body that plagues your mind. Instead, it is envy that pierces deep within your soul knowing that you, a man, just wish you could be in that pretty lady’s clothes. That is why whenever you show up at that college party, I can tell by the way you are looking at me, Professor, that you want to be naughty but not like all the other professors with their horny teacher’s assistants. 

It doesn’t take much convincing for you to take me back to your place. A single-person basement efficiency. You make good money working for the school, so why live in a dump like this place with thrift store furniture? I know it isn’t because of fancy clothes, because you would rather dress like a whore. However, the air smells of sweet perfume. Hookers. You do like to get your rocks off. You have no wife so it must be an embarrassing fetish that keeps you blowing your bullseye with women of the night. 

You lead the way to the bedroom showing me to the bed before excusing your way to the bathroom. Lingerie hangs ever so slightly from the top drawer of your dresser. Now I can’t help but snooze, stepping up to my red healed platform wearing feet and slowly and quietly pulling out that drawer. It brings a subtle giggle to my sexy lips. Panties, and lots of them. Some bras too. Inside the drawer was a variety of pretty panties all tangled up as if they were having an orgy of their own. You enter the room mid-conversation pausing, words stuck on your lips. Slowly I hold up a lacy pair of purple panties lined with a lilac silk pouch that would be against a pretty puss. 

It’s honestly adorable the way you stumble over your words slowly sulking closer to the ground. Your panties are still in my hand as I slowly walk your way. I reach down and lift your chin, ordering you to your knees. Gently I kiss your forehead and order you to dress up nice and pretty for me and you may get a reward. I order you to show me the rest of your toys, and of course, you do holding up a big 10-inch black strap-on dildo. I can hardly hold my excitement as you dress in your best lingerie. All the naughty nothings that I will be doing to you with this deep dick penetration of mine. I’ve got you now professor, you are mine all mine.

Mistress phone sex whore Remi

mistress phone sex


I found a cute, little sissy bitch in need of a hot, mistress phone sex trainer to teach him how to take dick! I could tell from the start that I was going to have to be mean to this little whore! He was already dressed up all girly and slutty with thigh highs and a sexy thong. He had a nice, thick buttplug popped in his sweet, tight fuck hole but that wasn’t enough. My sissies are bbc sluts so they have to be ready to take the biggest and fattest cocks. I made that little slut ride a huge, fat dildo and stretch his sissy pussy wide open! I kept telling him what a pathetic cum whore he was and laughing at him. He looked so desperate and sad, bouncing on a dildo and dribbling drops of precum everywhere. I noticed that whore was making a mess on the floor so I started slapping him around and demanding that he clean it up. I made him stop riding that fat fuck toy, take it out of his whore hole and use it to scoop up the sticky cum that was all over the floor. Then I made that little bitch lick and suck the dildo clean for me while I kept telling him what a little bitch he was and how I owned him. I had so much fun with my new slut and I can’t wait to make him take a real cock tonight!

Sissy Humiliation Training for Faggot White Boys

Sissy humiliation training is exactly with a little pathetic shrimp dick panty wearing bitch boi like you deserves. Let your new Mistress train you to be a good little nigger cock worshipping sissy faggot white boy.

Understand your place first and foremost. That is before me, Your Mistress and on your knees in panties. My desire is to make you a good cock sucker and I have a nice big black strap-on cock to train you on. As it is I would be ashamed to have you fail at being a good cock sucker for one on my black studs. So get that suction cup BBC dildo and start sucking it bitch.

The moment you are ready and able to really get sloppy with this cock is when I will be ready to train you on taking it in that sweet pussy of yours.

Sissy humiliation training

Femboy training for pathetic sissy whores

Femboy trainingFemboy training really gets me off. I like turning my sissy sluts into complete whores. I want you to call me Goddess Meadow, I’m a phone dominatrix who will teach you a hard lesson. I will put you in a cage like a dog and take out my switch and smack your pathetic clitty with it. That’s right whore. Take it. I watch you wiggle your hips as I continue to smack you hard, watching you squirm. I go ahead and put a device on your small cock in order to shock it for my own pleasure. I give you your favorite pair of sissy panties to wear and make you put them on from inside the cage. You’re humiliated as I invite all of my guy friends over. They laugh at your humiliated face. They look at me, the BBC sissy trainer, and I instruct them to take out their cocks and to start stroking them in order to get them hard. They do so and your eyes widen from inside the cage as you see how huge their cocks are. Be prepared to take it slut. I electrocute your penis because of your terrified look. I tell you that you’ll take it no matter how huge their cocks are. You will be used, fucked, and humiliated. This is going to be the best forced sissy training session you’ve ever had. I want you to put on a show for these men. I want you to show them how you like forced feminization. I go ahead and open the door to the cage, and watch you crawl out. I give you a pink dress to put on along with some sexy lingerie and stocking to put on underneath. I watch you prance around and dance for them. They laugh at you knowing that this femboy training session is really going to be a tough one for you…

I Love A Soft Sissy In Panties!

Sissy Panties

Something about dressing up a delicate little sissy girl and playing with her like she is my baby doll makes my clit throb! I adore a soft sissy who loves her Mommy Raine, we’ll play dress up and dollies and use all of Mommy’s big girl toys. I know who needs a nice long shopping trip to that special dress shop, the one that sells silk panties, stockings and all the accessories you can dream of! We’ll try on only the prettiest of dresses and stockings all day long, I’ll paint that lovely face and curl your gorgeous hair for our special guest. Mommy Raine’s sweet sissy will entertain our friends by sucking a cock or spreading her tight little sissy pussy right next to me once we are all dolled up and ready to play!

Online sissy training via Skype

Online sissy trainingFrank has been in Sissy girl training for a while.. He’s finally gained the courage to put his vibrating 8in toy in, full.. Ever since he’s become quite the anal addict!

He claims I enabled him to do so.. My soothing voice has instilled the words “Spread your legs sissy boy and swallow that dildo whole.” To the point he even wound up getting caught bussy pumping in the bathroom stall at work!

Somebody thought something was wrong when he was found howling in the stall… They barged in only to find him grinding on a rubber dick..

Everyone at work is now aware he is a cock craving faggot! Its even managed to reach the ears of his wife. She hasn’t let him be a man ever since.

She’s decided to wear the pants and I can totally understand why! Are you kidding? Who would respect a man after knowing they have been putting on your used panties and calling their pecker a clit.. Her and I have been working hand in hand, Femboy training..

This has to be one of the best Humiliation phone sex sessions I’ve ever done. We even do skype sessions.. I get to guide her through training and teach her how to be the best Mistress to her faggot husband.. Just last night I watched her smother him into the mattress while she stretched his hungry asshole.. Its so funny to watch him plead as she fucks him with no mercy.  

Its mandatory he dress in costume.. He must even wear a G string to work under his denims! 

Online Sissy Training for Sissies Who Cannot Get a Real Cock in Their Sissy Ass

online sissy trainingI love online sissy training men. Most of my regular phone sissies cannot really get cock, but they can pretend with this sissy mom. Yesterday, I got to talk with Margo. Been awhile since she had time to express herself. Margo is a party sissy. She loves her Tina, and she loves her mommy. Margo and I go back to the first week I worked as an online sissy trainer. Margo likes to please mommy. I pimp her out to all the black men I know, and even some I do not know. Mommy needs money. My sissies pay my bills. That is the way it should be too because mommy is in charge. I am a phone dominatrix. I am a real-life mistress too. Before I became a sissy trainer, I was a full-time mistress. I still have a dungeon in my basement, but it is part sissy room too. Now, some of the BDSM equipment has been replaced with sissy clothes and toys. When Margo first called me, she only had a few sissy items and a one dildo. Now, she can fill her own closet and has a variety of dildos. While we talked yesterday, she bounced on her suction cup dildo to simulate one of those big black cocks fucking her sissy holes. I let her do some Tina, and smoke because Tina helps open those sissy holes wide and black men love seeing a sissy bitch blow smoke rings on their big black cocks. Margo hustled for her sissy mom. She took one big black cock after another in her sissy ass. Cum was pouring out of her too. She made me so proud. It is not easy for most sissies to get those big black cocks, but calling a BBC sissy trainer like me can make it seem like you are really getting one big black cock after another up that sissy ass of yours.