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phone dominatrix on girls night

Phone Dominatrix

I have the hottest friends ever, and sometimes they love to listen in on me and my phone dominatrix antics. Ever since I have taken calls here at sissy slut hut, I’ve gotten into my goddess mode. I’ve always garnered enough attention from others, but now I reap the benefits of making a sissy my slave. 

The girls and I love to talk for hours with you sissy sluts, and we love to make you all do all sorts of stuff for us. Sissy enslaved people that listen get rewarded. My favorite sissies are the ones that I get to drain financially. The more money you give me, the happier I am with you losers. Time is up trying to pretend to be a man. Pay up and listen to all my commands. Girls’ night in dominating you losers is how it goes.

Humiliation phone sex: You’ll never believe it!

Humiliation phone sexI can’t believe what just happened, it was the best start to the day for a humiliation phone sex loving babe like myself. I went out for my daily jog this morning, it was really chilly but I just love getting a good workout in. Upon returning home I took a shower like I usually do and came out with a towel on my head and nothing else. I am the only one who lives there so it doesn’t really matter how I come out. I put on some music and let my body drip dry. That is when I was interrupted by the throat-clearing of a man in my place. I jumped and yelped my landlord behind me. Embarrassed he reminded me that he had scheduled my quarterly inspection and when I did not answer the door he just let himself in. 

How silly of me, I did forget that was today, however, I could tell I was making him quite uncomfortable in the best way. That is when my landlord made the worst mistake. He assumed I did not forget and instead this was a setup to get money off of the rent. He told me how hot I was, and was in disbelief that this was even happening. He looked like a school-aged brat ready to lose his virginity to me. I tried not to giggle as he unzipped his fly and pulled what appeared to be a dick from his pants. Although, once he pulled his little winky out I lost it. I laughed so hard at its lack of size. I pointed and laughed at him trying to cover it up abruptly apologizing for misreading the situation. 

However, I was not done laughing at that. I grabbed both sides of his trousers and tugged them down. Cackling even louder I laughed at him. The thought that someone who was such a beta thought that he would be worthy of someone as perfect as I completely blew my mind. I ordered him down to the ground and to kiss my perfect bare feet. I cackled, him whimpering begging me not to tell his wife as he tugged his widdle winky just looking at my naked body. It didn’t take him long to blow his pathetic load either. All over my floor, which I made him clean up with his tongue. Safe to say he got none. I got a good morning full of laughter and cheer. The best way to start your day and wake up. 

BBC Fun With My New Sissy Johnnie!

BBC Sissy Trainer

I’ve got a new number one throat whore and his name is Johnnie! Just this morning I found a new sissy eager to please his mistress and suck some big nigger dick for me. Johnnie is a very experienced throat slut and lives on his knees sucking black dick. I was so impressed when I brought Jamal over with his 10 friends and Johnnie stripped naked and started gagging on nigger dick. Johnnie looked so beautiful with two BBCs hanging out of his mouth and his cock standing straight up, I told him what a good little cock sucking faggot he is for me. My cunt soaked as Johnnie got covered in cum and started sucking his own cock until he swallowed his very own load of cum! Needless to say, Johnnie is now my number one sissy slut and my other sissies will fight for the privilege of impressing me for the number one spot in my stable of sissy whores!

Sneaking for me in sissy panties

sissy pantiesSissy panties for males in a completely hairless body. I want to dress you up in some sexy clothes and parade you through your own neighborhood. Take pictures and videos or even get live with me as I dare you to walk outside dressed like that! I do warn you I might get giggly and maybe even snort when you come running back in the house because you think your finance just pulled down the street. What is the worst that can happen to you if she finds out? She has agreed to marry you knowing you have less than most men. Well, I take that back you have less dick, but more money. So what if she happened to see you dressed up like a Barbie? But you’re so right, you’re not married yet. I enjoy the names we have come up with for you? Sir cumsalot in his panties. Prince of petite penis. My very favorite is tinky winky princess star. Giving me telli-tubie vibes. I have an idea for your dilemma though, princess. You really should just sell your company and use the money to be a full time sissy maid. Do all the house chores and service your mistress wife dressed in lace and full make-up. Then it will be her choice to keep you or sell you off to the highest bidder!

Put on your Sissy panties

Best sissy trainerHumiliation phone sex with My Lucky sissy was so much fun.. I had him moaning so loud, I know the neighbors had to of heard everything.. LOL, You see… Lucky sissy wears Sissy panties but  he tends to try and hide them underneath his sweat pants.. He has to maintain a big macho persona to try and keep everyone in his small town from finding out he is a cock sucking Faggot! I am sure the neighbors have their suspicions, especially after hearing him scream “I am a faggot and I love sucking cock.” (haha I can literally hear him saying that!)

My little peenie, was rubbing on his clit while screaming out loud, about how he wanted to have a big fat cock shoved down his throat..  The windows were wide open! Once he starts milking his prostate that little faggot in his head tends to have a mind of its own.. I made him squirt so hard from taunting him! Lucky sissy will always be a faggot and there is nothing he can do about it! He just cant get enough of big fat dick…

That’s right Lucky sissy, you are a huge faggot! Go ahead faggot jerk that fucking nub, you just cant get enough cock can you slut? Tug, tug, tug LOL cum to the thought of a big Latino cock you little freak! You know you want a big fat, juicy throbbing tan dick down your throat… After reading this I am sure your little Vienna sausage is jumping for joy.. You know you want to suck some cock right now Luckyyyy and who better to do it with than your BBC sissy trainer.  Say it baby, “I am a fucking faggot.”

All the ways you will be forced sissy training and like it

forced sissy training There is a feeling deep down in those little balls of yours. A craving for forced sissy training to push you past the hesitation of the jump.  It is a tingly twitchy feeling that has you wondering if you are quite the male on the inside that you present on the outside. You wonder about other men, and how large their dicks are. Sometimes you even all, those sexy dresses you have always pictured a pretty lady in were actually more of a fantasy for you. 

Sometimes sissys are in denial of their beta ways and just need an extra shove. The shove comes in the way of force and there are all kinds of ways to force someone to do something that they think they don’t want to do. However, when it comes to being a sissy bitch, once someone is nudged just right their knees cave allowing them to take thick cock right into their gob hole as they have been craving the whole time. I could threaten the future sissy into training. Using blackmail to threaten the exposure of the silly sissy’s darkest desires just to push them over the edge. There is also coercion.  Once one feels properly threatened with things like torturing they tend to buckle real quickly to their true beta desires. 

However, it will take very little pestering to push you into the forced sissy training that you really need in your life. We can start easy by forcing you to suck dick just a little deeper into your throat. Perhaps we can train you to wear the pretty bra and thongs you thought you were going to buy for a pretty babe to wear but really wanted to put on yourself. I promise the force will only hurt just a little bit but once you finally buckle to your real desires your sissy training will put you right in the place you deserve to be. Under my heels. 

Humiliation Phone Sex with Heaven

Humiliation Phone Sex

I’m looking for a new sissy bitch to humiliate and expose. I’m going to dress you up in the frilliest of lingerie, put your poor excuse for a dick (henceforth referred to as your overgrown clit) in permanent chastity and whore you out to all the mandingo dicks I know (and even the ones I don’t), all the while recording you and taking pictures of you in the act, being the sissy whore you are, gathering everything I can to expose you. If you don’t please me and do as you’re ordered, I’m going to ruin you. I’m going to show the images and videos to everyone you know– friends, family, colleagues, landlord etc.– and let them know what a worthless sissy bitch you are. Your life is going to implode and you’re not going to have anyone left but me! 

To keep me happy, you’ll need to drain your wallet, give me everything you have and when you have nothing left, you’re going to whore yourself out for my  profit. Your bussy and throat are going to be for rent and you better take every load like a good slut and not complain! You are nothing, you are worthless, you have no meaning and no value outside of serving me the way I tell you to. Do you understand? You are a waste of space, but I give your life meaning. I’m the one who is pushing you toward your destiny and helping you realize your deepest desires. You’d be an ever bigger nothing without me!

Panty Surprise Dreams, Oh My!

Domination Phone Sex

I’ve often dreamed of waking up with a panty surprise instead of a hot creampie! So many times I’ve wondered what it would be like to fuck my sissy sluts with a hard dick of my very own. I’ve thought about how easy it would be to play with my sissies if I could just pop my cock out of my pink panties and make them slurp all over it. They would be eager to please my mistress cock and I’d be eager to cum in them. I’d watch as my little sissy swallowed me down her throat as I forced her head all the way down to my balls. My sissy would bend over and spread that pussy wide for my perfect pretty mistress cock to slide inside!

Pathetic Sissies Sell Themselves to Me In Exchange for Cock

Phone dominatrix


I enjoy having sissy slaves around the house to do my bidding. It’s so easy to control you when I tell you I know the names of three guys who would love to fuck one sissy at once. I won’t give up that juicy tidbit until I am satisfied. I can even make you do a little dance for my improvement. Come on, show Mistress Miracle what you are working with. I see, no cock and a tight round ass. The perfect sissy. Now, you tell me. Is it worth it to be my personal sissy slave for the chance to be double penetrated by two men? Is it worth it to feel their cocks inside of you as the order you to worship them. Is it worth it to be degraded and dominated by men with huge cocks? Then what better way to train your submission and ensure that you are the perfect little bitch than to be my personal slave? So, let’s go to the outfits, hun…

Forced sissy Training diaper chastity!

forced sissy trainingForced sissy Training with diaper chastity! I have a sweet and sassy man who is a big sissy baby. He says he loves how cute and girly he can be in adult baby gear. And since he has a tiny dick it only makes sense that he is a baby boy. I completely agree and the pictures I get sent are so adorable, I just can’t help but giggle each time he sends me a sissy baby pic. Now I have to tell my wittle boy is a queer and loves to suck cock and get fucked. For all the sweet giggles and small dick humiliation there’s another side of my dollbaby. The cute outfits and small penis make my big sissy la-la diaper slut! She is just a little girl who needs a daddy dick.sissy phone sex

Sissy baby girl says she shouldnt touch her clitty anymore and needs to be locked in her diaper and forbidden to be changed or uncaged. That is until a daddy dick appointment! And only then should she be allowed to be changed because daddies don’t like poopy butts unless they make a baby girl squit out her bussy! The cage will stay until I say so, and I better have proof that she got as much daddy dick as she says she has. I count her diapers and I am emailed a log of her eliminations. There’s no way around chastity diapers during sissy phone sex with me!