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Sissy Hypno training Works on Hong Kong Sissy!

sissy hypno Training

Sissy hypno training Works on Hong Kong Sissy! Goddess Zoey’s Hong Kong sissy wears panties for the first time! I can not begin to tell you how fucking excited I was when I opened our video chat and saw him in black lacey panties!! You might know David the Pillow humper, and JOI fem-boy blogs that I watch overseas. I just love Blogging about sissies transformations and David the Hong Kong Sissy is one of my top 3! I’ll even tell you his dirty secrets! Like during our roleplays David likes me to be Mommy Z as he is being hypnotized by his young Mind Altering Goddess.

David and I have been working up to this point in small increments of time, he is a busy professional who can only cam a couple of times a month. But over the years I have literally watched as he has bloomed on the other side of the world and camera. If you had to ask if I had any emotional attachment to my sissies he is one of my favorites. I love You so much Panty boy David! Since I have been back David Has fallen under my spell even harder.

Much to my Mistress Hearts’ delight! Slow Forced feminization has brought us here! This time it was me squealing and almost crying as I got the surprise of my life! The time before, he was in some black bikinis made men.  It was then,  I knew we were close to panty town! Those panties were up his ass just like his designer jockeys had been before.  Hong Kong Sissy just looked so good in his panties jerking for me! Be liKe David fall under my spell and We will go for JOI to panty wearing for me!

Forced feminization

BBC sissy trainer with sissy hoe on vacation

I went on vacation with my favorite sissy whore. Since I am a BBC sissy trainer i had planned the first night to a night with a big bull. My sissy whore was going to show off the training I have given her. First she has to wear her slut outfit I have picked for her. It makes you look easy to use and I like that. You worshiped my feet while we waited for our big dick bull. When he got there I told you hoe as to greet him with your mouth wide open. I wanted him to fuck your slut mouth right away. I watched as you took his big black cock in your mouth just like I trained you to do. I watched as your sissy clitty got hard in your Sissy panties. I knew it was time to get you fucked. I slid your panties to the side and you knew what was coming. I got you fucked hard until your sissy cunt got filled up with semen. When we were finished I reminded you that this was just the beginning of our vacation.

BBC sissy trainer

Online sissy training with the — ((Hottest Lucky Sissy))

Online sissy training LOL; The Lucky, sissy faggot wore a VerySexy mini schoolgirl skirt and matching bikini-top, she got a bit nervous when I started to livestream her TikTok.. Only if she knew how many people were sending roses just to see her firm ass in her Sissy panties! OMG, she looked so fucking H.O.T! Like a total slut with a cute little pink feathery ended, butt-plug. Dare to see? She is a bit shy though; she sorta kind of yaa, freaks out to even just the thought alone (of anyone finding out her dirty dark secret.) I am forcing her out of her sissy closet! It’s time she introduced her art of seduction ways. Her body looked so curvaceous in that outfit as she rubbed her tiny clit. She looked sooo effing Hot like, FLAMING!

I mean seriously even her friend could not resist her. He asked her to suck his dick. Of course she sucked him off. She showed him all the tricks that I taught her. She’s so bad she can make a straight man gay, Literally.. Or at-least “Bi-Curious”. xD I guess those are the results of dealing with the Best sissy trainer in existence. My Sissy slut knows exactly how to throw it back and that’s; all the way! She can twerk her powder soft ass and swallow every inch of a long girthy dick. Good girl, Act bad, get down on your knees and drop your jaw.. I want you to show me that you are worthy of every minute you get to spend with me. Don’t forget your dildo next time… I want to see how many dicks your face can hold. My dirty cum guzzling secret, make sure you get another burst of flavor, by the next time your Online sissy training class is in session! 

Sissy girl training for the Right One

Sissy girl training

Not every man who says he wants Sissy girl training is ready for it. Some just want to feel like they are being vulnerable and then others want to be vulnerable. Some just want to please, and then some want to see me have pleasure. It’s really special for me to open up to a good sissy boy and show him the ways of my cunt and the pleasure I derive from having him at my mercy. To where I can manipulate his face for whatever my pussy craves. My current sissy bitch plays coy. He likes it when I’m pissed at this pathetic nature. While he skirts around eating my pussy like his touch again my lady lips are going to do much for me. After a few moments of this torment I show him who is in control. Grabbing the back of his sissy head I direct him specifically to my whole of pleasure. I love seeing him all dressed up for me in his ladies best looking like a slutty sissy. I lay there watching him put his ass in the air thinking about the next thing I’m going to force him to do?

“I seek you Mistress for the pain!”

“You dirty limp-dicked sour head pansy ass bitch! Now get on your knees and lick
my ass!” I said as I bent over the couch and spread my ass cheeks. He dropped to his
knees and put each of his hands on each of my ass cheeks. Then he buried his face into
my enormous chocolate ass. I could feel the warm wetness of his tongue circle my
asshole as his plethora of saliva drizzled down my crack into the curve of my cheeks.
“Make sure you clean me out good, bitch!”sissy training

“I seek you Mistress for the pain. I need the pain that only you can unleash upon me. I’ve heard
of your great works. I need you to bring the pain and help me release this seed that I have within me.
Please!” He begged.

Domination Phone Sex With Sissy Lisa!

Domination Phone Sex
My favorite domination phone sex calls are with my sissy Lisa and lots of strap on fun! Lisa is a cock sucking slut who loves being all dolled up in the finest lingerie. She has been my sissy for some time now and she knows when Mistress Raine and her gaggle of gal pals come out to play with our strap-ons it’s time to suck some serious cock. Lisa is one of those sissy faggots who only likes to suck strap on cock instead of real cock, which I think is such an awful waste of her talents… Lisa will learn one day when me and my girlfriends set her up with some real hard cock, just what a good little sissy slut does to please her mistress!

Phone domination For Candy-ass Randi

Phone domination

Candy-Ass Randi recently got some hardcore Phone domination With His New Mistress Arabella! Getting to share Randi and all of his dirty exploits is so fucking hot! I enjoyed having a nice long conversation with Her Highness with Randi the fag listening embarrassed as hell!

Mini peeny having Randi needed my verbal abuse to initiate Blonde Goddess Arabella into Randis’ cock sucking world. I had to tell her about his skinny-shaped 3-inch clitty cage is his pussy when he gets hard his clitty drools in it and fucks his mini cock with It!
Sissy panties

Randi has a quintessential babydick. I told Our new Goddess about the woman from the bar who wanted to fuck but say that battery-sized pee-pee! But instead, she threw her pink panties at him and I and Arabella laughed so hard at sissy slut Randi! Told My new Partner in crime about the first cock sucking award for a big meaty 8-inch cock his very first time! We both agreed that Randi has a Bussy and needs to get it fucked very soon while wearing his Sissy panties! 

Do you need to be humiliated and teased by two sexy Sissy Trainers like Randi the shrimp dicked sissy slut? Both of us hotties know how to bring you to your knees in more ways than one! Just ask Randi the dirty cock whore! 

Sissy Class part 2

Sissy training audio

Class Part 2

So you have been taking my classes for a while now. It is time for us to take it to the next level if you are going to be the best little sissy cock sucker you can be. How can we step it up, you wonder. With my Sissy training audio. 

That is right, a set of personalized audios walking you through all of the steps that you need in your transformation. You have spent so many years trying to suppress that little bitch inside of you that I need to deprogram you. Step by step every single day. 

We both know that being a good sissy slut takes work and effort. You can not just turn it on and off. You need my voice in your ear several times a day. Reminding you, teaching you, pushing you. Breaking you so that I can build you back up, making you the best sissy that you can be. 

Mistress Phone Sex With A Goddess Will Change Your Life!

Mistress phone sex

Hi there and welcome to my pleasure palace of sissification, I’ll be your mistress for the day for your mistress phone sex. Yes, I am sexy and so very attractive, but that doesn’t mean that I am in any way dumb, or a push over. I am one of the strong, loving types of mistresses and you will soon find that out by taking my over the phone sissification training.

I am all about what’s shiny and new and pretty. Just like you and all of your yummy little holes. You are fresh meat and I am here to take all of your holes and use them up as much as I possibly can, with the help of my friends of course. My friends are these three big, beautiful black studs that you see before you.

Go ahead and start worshiping those delicious cocks, I’ll wait. I know you can’t resist them, you know you want a taste. To have your tongue trace along those yummy perky veins in the delicious man meat is ecstasy. So, no holding back, go full force on that dick and start sucking like your life depends on it. But, don’t forget there’s three of them one of you and one of me, so odds aren’t in your favor, my little dove.

I’ll watch as they tear open that pussy of yours and fuck the living daylight out of you all while stroking my strap on to be the next in line to fuck that pretty pussy of yours.

Pussy hypnosis Sissy slave training, surrender and eat!

Sissy slave trainingMen are hypnotized by my pussy and that includes sissies! Whether its envying my vagina or wanting to lick me clean after watching me get barebacked by a girthy dick.. You want it! I love teasing you while dragging my finger up and down my freshly waxed pussy, watching you pout because your dreams of having one will never be.. A surgeon may be able to button you up down there but you will never be able to breed… I have you slip your finger inside of my pussy and address me as your goddess, while you feel my warm rigid walls wrap snug around your fingertips.. Worship my pussy as you fall under a trance.. I grab you by your blonde wig and pull you in closer..

You felt so lost until you found Online sissy training.. You feel my pussy pulse as I lead you closer to your destiny, a slave for my pleasure.. All of those gloomy thoughts and questions fade away.. You love my pussy, you want my pussy it’s everything you have ever dreamed of.. You want to please me and honor me as your goddess. Your mouth starts to water with the need to pucker your lips and lick my moist pussy.. I pull you closer and tell you to pucker up.. Press those plush lips up against my pussy lips and smell the sweet aroma of my pussy fill your nostrils.. Completely aroused! Grinding my cunt in a circular motion around your face.. Your little clit hardens, your eyes close you imagine your legs are spread and this pussy of mine that you are kissing and finger fucking is yours.

Your sissy panties get all wet from the sensation that fills your body, your little clit starts to let out your pre orgasmic bliss. You dig in deeper eager to finally feel the feeling of a pussy orgasm, something your unworthy dick has never experienced.. You have accepted your fate! Under a trance, you repeat after me.. “I am a sissy bitch and a slave for you, I surrender.” Squandering at my feet I lean back and moan loudly.. Orgasming, you are enticed by the walls of my pussy gripping and releasing your finger.. Fascinated and wishing you could experience the same. I have you tug your little weenie and smear my pussy juices on your nub. Reminding you that in fact this is the closest you will ever get to having a pussy, Sissy slave training for you has only just begun!