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Did you know that as a sissy trainer, I find pleasure in bringing you down to your knees and making you beg and cry for release? I love to see how painfully full your balls look like with a cock ring on just begging to be let god of all that cum building up to be shot out of that tiny dick of yours! Cum here and let me see those pathetic tears in your eyes. Such a sad sissy faggot fuck! That is why I have this strap on to fuck you with! You are completely and totally owned by me and you will do whatever I please for my pleasure only! Come and show me that you mean it!

Do You Need Sissy Slave Training

sissy slave training Do you need sissy slave training? Even good sissies need trained to be my slaves. George hired me to be his dominatrix. He was new to me. I had to inspect him first. I am not being a domme to some guy who could hurt me. When he stripped naked, I saw the smallest of cocks and no muscles. This guy was a whimp. I could kick him in the balls, and he would be blubbering for days. I put him in a pair of my panties because I did not want to look at that eyesore. This guy wanted a mistress. He wanted flogged and spanked, even wanted some cock and ball torture. He screamed sissy to me. I dressed him first. I am in the market for a new sissy cuckold to clean my house and fluff my big black cocks. I put him in some of my lingerie. I have a knack for dressing slaves. I can take one look at you and know what your body would rock. He Transformed in my lingerie. I could see him changing. He is submissive by nature, but he had never dressed before. He was prancing around my house like Tinkerbell. I asked him to trust me. He gave me the freedom to do what I wanted. I put a Whig on him and make-up too. A sexy shemale was born. Okay at least a sexy femboy. I called over one of my black studs. I mean he wanted punished. That is why he came to a dominatrix. My black stud gave him the punishment he craved. And I watched as my hung black lover punished his sissy hole. A few thrusts into his back door pussy and my pain slut was in heaven. He got the pain he wanted and the sissy training he did not know he wanted. We were all happy.

Clean My Pussy

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My sissy gets really excited to come over and train with my sorry ass little dick husband. I don’t understand the appeal, but it sure does make me happy. They both are my sissy cucks who will do nothing but please me. Just their happy faces as I hand them their pretty nylon panties is a joy. My husband was being a total prick today and actually tried to touch me this morning in bed. I quickly put a stop to that. He knows better and I was not going to let that slip by. So, I called sissy and she came right over.

I directed my husband to come in and then they both stripped down. I greased up those butt plugs, had them bend over and I rammed them inside. I wasn’t particularly gently with my husband either. Then I handed them their panties and told them to crawl to me like the pets that they are. As they scurried my way, my gentleman friend arrived. I instructed them to undress him and get him ready for Ms. Violet’s beautiful pussy. They worked together, licking, and sucking his cock and balls. Then they guided his big thick long dick inside my cunt.

They watched as a real man pleased me. After me and my friend had explosive orgasms, the little sissies had tiny little wet spots in their panties. I laughed and laughed at them. Then I had them come and clean all of that thick warm cum from my pussy, patted their heads and told them to draw me a warm bubble bath.

Forced Sissy Training A Foolish Idiot

Foolish idiots will call any big titted whore they see online. They have no brains when it comes to the peewee between their legs. Sometimes a good Forced sissy training is needed for some of these weak willed mother fuckers.

I am a very dominant and strong woman. I don’t feel wrong or bad about what I made this young horny fucker do. I directed him to his mother’s closet and to get into her dirty clothes hamper. He had already confessed to smelling his whore mom’s filthy panties and it made him hard. He needed to tell some milf whore about it.

Well, he was a little disrespectful but also alot of fun in making him do what he secretly wanted to do. He pretended to not understand the whole sissy site bit. He was really wanting what I offered and got it.

Forced Sissy Training

Online Sissy Training is starting


online sissy training

Online Sissy Training is starting! Hurry up and assume your position. You have to kneel open your mouth super wide and taste cock. I always bring the best biggest cocks ever. It’s time to learn how to suck like a perfect cumslut. You have to focus on studying and practicing. Take a nice cucumber right now and deep throat. Don’t hold back. Go deeper. You have to choke on that cock and make pretend you have a massive pecker in your mouth.

It feels nice as it stretches your mouth. The coolness alone will have you shivering and submitting. When you have the real thing, it will be warm and pulsating on your tongue. It is your calling to be a sissy whore, so learn all the rules.

Wicked Sissy Hypno Training

sissy hypno training


I never get tired of repeating myself, and that’s how you get sucked into my sissy hypno training. Some of y’all bitch boys beg to be put under hypno, and don’t even realize that by doing this you have already put yourself in a  state of acceptance. 

You need to be under my spell, because you can’t take the fact that you crave cock. It’s just too much on you, and it has to be the work of some witch or woman who has cursed you. Why does liking cock have to be a curse, you can be a beta male to some big dick once in a while and still go home and fuck your wife. 

Through repetitive affirmations you can start to see the true side of what you are. A sissy and a cock lover. My main goal in life is to have you bring the Lady in your life along for your metamorphosis and show her just how devoted you are to her and only seek to please men because you know it turns her on. She will know the truth and you will know she knows, but under the guise of sissy maid training and hypno therapy you will be able to relax and let go of all your CIS Male inhibitions. Even if its just a phone sex girls voice and subconcous suggestions to begin to unleash your full potential of cock pleasing!

sissy maid training

Punished By Hot Mistress

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A little faggot cunt like you really needs to learn his place! You do not deserve to be a man…no a boy! Anymore. All these pretty ladies are tired of your whimpy little bitch self trying to get some when you with your little fucking cock do not deserve it! Turn around and pull those pants down! We are getting rid of that tiny clit and balls, you now have a pussy and a mouth for all these hard daddy dicks to use up and fuck. Such a worthless cunt like you deserves to be begging for more cum in your holes. You will eat cum the rest of your life and never touch a goddess like me again! Cum and beg you little piggy!

Serve Your Sissy Trainer Mistress

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When I train my sissies to suck and fuck I know they will be the best submissive sluts that a mistress could ever command. My cunt leaks when my sissy whores obey my every rule, fulfill my every desire and my heed my every suggestion. I demand total submission for the best experience and the most perfect results! When I command my sissy whores to suck a cock until she gets her pretty face covered in cum, I expect her to exactly that and with the flare of confidence that I taught her to. I share all my cock pleasing expertise and tricks so that my whores are the sluttiest companions around. When I see my sluts get their asses gaped and their holes fucked I know they are doing it to please their sissy trainer mistress!

My Sissy Girl Loves Cocktober

Online Sissy Training

My little sissy girl loves online sissy training. She comes into my chat box, and sends me shopping links so I can pick out her new wardrobe. We’ll spend hours and hours on the phone just fantasizing about all the wild and sexy adventures we could have as Queen and Sissy handmaiden out in the wild of the American South. It’s Cocktober here in the States, so we dressed up in our finest lady clothes; sexy crotchless G-Strings, hers held her little clitty cage perfectly!

Sexy stockings and garter belts to bite into our thick fucking thighs. We were going to go play a game of guess who at the bar, so I made sure my humiliation phone sex addict was totally passable. Well, of course a sissy could never be as hot as me, but she got plenty of Cocktober participants eager to get her out of her panties, or even better (and as my Trainer Brain was hoping) sliding their throbby meat mallets down her delicate faggot throat. My favorite part of the trap is when they cut her out of her little sissy panties, and realize she’s only got one hole for them to shove their cocks in. Well, that never stops these True Blue American Boys, oh no. They get right up inside her little ass pussy while the Best Sissy Trainer (That’s me!) is filming it for her exposure. What a fucking holiday.

Humiliation Phone Sex

I Love Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexI love sissy phone sex calls.  I enjoy helping men realize they are not really men. Some guys call me and try to act like they want a fuck call and have no clue they are on a sissy site. I always call bullshit because those guys calling to fuck me always have a small dick. Do I look like I fuck small dick? I do not get on my knees for anything less than 8 inches. And if you call me with less in your boxers, I am putting you in panties because I am likely more of a man than you are. I was a professional dominatrix for years. I am strong. I am in shape. And I am in charge. I am not on a general site. I am on a sissy site. If you do not know what a sissy is then move along. I am not the kind of woman who betrays her standards because some guy is too stupid to realize what kind of site he is on. That is not me at all. For the loser who called me the other day with a 4-inch dick thinking he could make me cum, he got some forced sissy training. Tough love as I call it. He was getting mouthy with me, so I shoved a cock in his mouth to shut him up. I will force a cock or a dildo in any man who tries to get mouthy or aggressive with me. I will never be some man’s bitch. I will never fuck a man with a small cock. What I will do is make any small dicked man a sissy. A pretty little sissy bitch who sucks cock and takes cum in his sissy holes. Let this be a wake-up call. If you are reading this, you better have more than 8-inches of cock if you want anything other than sissy slave training.