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Sissy Maid Training

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Welcome to the sissy slut hut! Becoming a woman will require a lot of training. There are so many things we will need to touch base on.

1.) Starting with Male to female voice training.. This is something that should always come first in-order to dress like a woman or even sex like a woman.. You have to be able to speak like one.. That would include Context, Style of talking and your tone.

2.) A good way to help learn squealing would be the second thing on our todo list having a Feminine Pop hit list.. To sing along to something that makes you feel completely vulnerable.

3.) Our priority task “Daily Blowjob practice” this is a crucial sissy task!! What use for a woman who can’t give a toe curling Blowjob!

4.) Mm A juicy BBC is going to stretch that jaw and require deepthroating his 11-14 inch cock! A cock that big will require two hands… This means we will have to put a lot of time on focusing hand movements… gotta keep it sexy!

5.) Don’t forget to watch those teeth slut!! Majority of men do not want to feel your teeth scraping their cock!

Give me a call so we can start your specialized course and turn that sweet ass into the perfect pocket pussy!

Do You Need Sissy Training?

sissy trainingDo you need sissy training? I love sissies. I joke that my home is Sissies R US. I have all the clothes. I have all the toys. I prefer sensual training, but I can be a bad ass bitch when I need to and sometimes when I just want to. I was a professional dominatrix for almost 20 years. Sometimes a guy gets some training when he is not even looking for it. Last night, I had a date. They guy was great on paper. He has a great job. He drives a nice car. He owns his own home plus a beach vacation home. He was not the typical broke ass loser. We had a great date. I was going to fuck him. I love casual sex. Nope. Did not happen. I should have known with the flashy clothes and the expensive sports car he was overcompensating for something. Turns out all the flashy bravado was because of a small dick. He had a micro penis. One of the smallest dicks I have ever seem. I went into mistress phone sex mode. I started spewing small dick humiliation jokes and slams. Seriously, the Ken doll I played with as a schoolgirl had a bigger package. And he thought he could fuck me with that? I am not like most women. I need more than a man with a big wallet. I want the big cock too. I went into my bedroom and got a pair of my pink panties and tossed them to him. He looked perplexed. I told him he was too small for his boxer shorts. He should protect his tiny family jewels. He was still perplexed. He was like we are going to fuck. I slapped his little balls and kicked him to the curb. No way, I told him. I am a sexy bitch who deserves something I can feel. He could get the fuck out or he could stay for femboy training, but I was not fucking a small dick poser. He stayed. Curiosity got the best of him. Now he is my pretty little slave. I am training him to suck cock tonight.

Mistress Jackie Will Own You

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If you’re here looking for Mistress phone sex, you’re in exactly the right place. Yes, I love sissies, but I also adore talking to and controlling other men, too. If you’re weak, then you’re automatically going to be so much fun for me. I’m into pretty much any kind of domination at times, but I do lean more toward the sensual side of things. But don’t worry – if you need something hardcore like cock and ball torture, I’ll see what I can do to work that into our call.

Humiliation, tease and denial, ruined orgasms…those are just a few of the things that I can and will do with you and to you. Oh, and I do love it when rich old losers spoil me. I’ve drained bank accounts many times before. Well, they drained it for me. I shouldn’t ever have to ask for anything. So, if you’re up for being dominated by the perfect Mistress, then look no further, loser. I hope you’re ready to be owned in every way possible, because that’s what will happen to you. As soon as you hear my voice, you’re going to be addicted to me forever and ever.


Mistress phone sex slut Remi

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I’ve been by the pool all day, watching my little sissy bitches serve drinks to a bunch of studs. I’m a kinky, mistress phone sex slut but I’m even more kinky with the 2 sluts I keep and train at home. Today, I made them wear skimpy, little bikinis and serve me and my studs while I had a pool party! I got really turned on when I was making them rub me down with tanning oil. I spread my legs and made them lick my hot, little cunt. While they were on their hands and knees, eating my wet pussy, I made them pull their bikini bottoms down. As soon as my stud buddies saw this, they were right behind those little sluts, pumping their tight, sissy pussy holes! There is no better feeling than having a sissy cum whore, moaning into my cunt while he takes a load from a massive, fat dick! The pool just opened but I can already tell that it’s going to be a hot summer!

Attitude Adjustment on Sissy Girl

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All of my sissy boyrs are so good and sweet but some love a little punishments ! Sissy boy Marc had some attitude for me today so I took him to our playroom! I stripped him to just his pink panties and spread his little ass hole and ass cheeks nice and wide! I pushed in a thick and long dildo that I could make in about eleven inches by just a push of a button. He moaned with a little pain and began to take the flogging to his sweet and cute ass that sometimes hit a little sweet spot, pushing his dildo in deeper! I laughed and watched as he came all over himself, I shoved his face in it and watched as he licked and cleaned up his mess!

Sissy Slave Training

Best sissy training


Wow, this BBC is super long and juicy! I could use some assistance… Come here sissy and show this sucker what you got. Wrap that beautiful mouth around the shaft and massage the frenulum with your tongue. Ease that cock down your throat you little slut! You better learn how to do it like me.. Make sure that man can’t get enough! You only have so much to compensate for, you do lack all the great qualities of a real woman! Don’t worry one session with me will help you gain all of the qualities you will need. Turn you into the perfect fuck slut! You won’t even need to attend gay bars; you will be able to walk that ass straight into a club and have the ability to snatch the souls of husbands that sit right next to their wives. Have you in the bathroom fucked by men who never thought to even question their sexuality.



In a short time you will be the iconic sissy slut you aspire to be!

Sissy Cums in Lockup

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Spread that fucking as apart so mistress can get a good view while she fucks your sissy ass. I got you a new chastity so I can see your little clitty in cage while you penetrate that man pussy for me. Before I give you this big veiny strappy that I have I want to see you fuck your pink man pussy for me. Lay on your side like a slutty bitch and put this dildo all the way in until the balls hit your little grape nuts. “These are tiny and pathetic” I say in disgust as I flick your quivering nuts. Your tiny dickie is already dripping from the dildo plugging your pussy, so I snatch it out of your hand and shove it in your mouth! “You only cum for Mistress!” I remind you as I shove my thick 11 in cock inside you. I’m so deep in your twat I can feel your tummy rumbling! Youre such a size queen I should’ve known thrusting this big dick in your twat would make you squirt! Even in lockup you can’t control yourself from leaking cunt juice down your little berries and thighs!

Let’s Get High and Have Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexWant to get high and have sissy phone sex? I love to smoke weed. I appreciate my callers who like to party with whatever drug of choice they prefer. I have all kinds of druggy sissies. Some like coke, some like crack, some like meth, some like weed, and some like poppers. They all like cock though. I find for cock sucking sissies a little hit of whatever magic potion they prefer will get them ready to suck a ton of cock. I love oral training my sissies. During Covid, I would have sissies come over. I would tell them to bring their party supplies and all their pretty clothes. I would bring the cock. We would get high together and I we would show off my skills dressing them. I used to do hair and make up professionally. The skills never leave you. I can make a pig prom ready. Sissy Sally came over last night. She has been with me for almost a decade. A few bumps of coke and you would never guess she still needs sissy training. Now that Covid is in the rearview mirror, glory holes are open again. I no longer need to invite studs over to blow bang my sissies. I can dress them up and do their hair and makeup and take them to the glory holes. Sissy Sally sucked over 50 cocks in three hours at the glory hole last night. It was hopping too. I let her do bumps off my ass. She is a great cock sucker, but she used to be dreadful at it. She would use her teeth, gag when just the tip was in and spit out the cum. None of those bad habits were continuing when I was her sissy trainer. Now, ten years later, most guys on the other side of the glory hole wall think she is woman like me. That is because she has the best sissy trainer. I get her high, so she is more loosey goosey with those cocks. And I teach her how to look and act the part of a cock sucking sissy. Bring your poison, and I will bring the cocks.

A Mistress and Her Slave

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I love making a grown man take out his worthless little cock and get down to his knees for me. I came home with a pussy full of cum from my big black cock boyfriends and I had my naughty slave lick me all clean. Don’t worry babe, he deserved this. He decided that since I was gone, he could masturbate and cum without my permission! Can you believe it? He licked up every last drop of that bbc cum for me as a good sissy bitch should. I had my boyfriend come over and spread his ass to dry fuck his little tight shit hole. Is this going to be you next baby? Are you going to be a bad sissy girl or be a good one so I can reward you?

Online Sissy Training

She is far from average. The sway of her hips and the aroma she wears will make your toes curl. She is a magical sissy one that any sissy out there would want to aspire to. If I took a day off I’d leave her in charge! She can teach you bitches how to be a dominant, classy freaky slut! Every man in the world  whether straight or curved would love a taste of her. She submits to her Master Brielle but when it comes to men as all women should know she is the superior one. She will have you squandering at her feet. Pleading for just a taste of her sweets! Detailing her high heel mules clean with your tongue on all fours. She is taught well! She loves BBC, yes don’t we all… under one circumstance! She doesn’t kneel or plead for that cock. It’s you who will be pleading, serving that throbbing veiny cock on a literal silver platter. A real queen is independent and she doesn’t need anything. She is the breadwinner and in no time you will feel like you need her. You won’t be able to live without her, looking into the future without her would only be gloomy! Follow the leader, she’s the top sissy of the week. She has no fear and is ready for any competition… Who’s ready to get as dolled up as this hot slut? She is the master of deep throating juicy big black cocks!