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Sissy maid training, for faggots who are “Maid” to be used!

Sissy maid trainingSissy maid training, for those who are “maid” to be used! You will be plugged and humiliated while in chastity for the entire world to see. From this day forward you serve as a slave for me. On your hands and knees is how you will be spending the rest of your days… In a pair of my used panties so we can get that Bussy of yours smelling as authentic as possible. That clit of yours will soon be inverted the more holes you have the more money you can make for me. You were maid to serve, that is your sole purpose now.

You may address me as Goddess, Brielle!

You love cock that’s what makes you the cock craving sissy that you are… It’s okay you can tell me. You get so turned on seeing those veiny thick cocks dangle over that slutty face of yours. Pull those Sissy panties off to the side and feel the sensation of Daddy’s big dick digging deep into your sissy hole. You don’t have to hide it anymore! You know you want to be a slut for them… It’s time we expand your wardrobe, and find you the slutty look that best suits your perfect body.

You will no longer be addressed as a man, you will learn to sit up straight, cross your legs, and speak in a feminized tone. That cocklet of yours will soon become more worthless than it’s ever been. By the time I am through with you, you will no longer have the urge to jack off anymore. Pegging while in chastity is how I will prepare you for B.N.W.O. You will be forced into submission to clean my cock after anal stretching. Dare break any rules and you will find out why I am such a popular paid Phone dominatrix.

BBC sissy trainer Emerson will turn you out to her friends!

BBC sissy trainer

BBC sissy trainer Emerson will turn you out to her friends!. I will ensure you are decked out in lace frocks, long dresses and cute panties that make you look and feel your best. I will paint your face so pretty and make sure you smell nice and sweet for my friends. They love sissy sluts like you have hard black dicks waiting to fuck hard. My friends love to humiliate white sissy pussy, so get ready to be treated like the piece of shit you are!  When your butt braces for the penetration from a BBC, your inner sissy slut is brought to life. They will show you no mercy and that sissy pussy sore.

I am the Best sissy trainer around! I have turned so many sissy’s into the whores they are and I am proud! There really isn’t nothing more fun than watching all of my friends do whatever they want to sissy sluts. There is no turning back at this point, you will forever be my sissy whore and will be a slave to black cock. Whatever their desires are no matter how sick and twisted it could be, you must submit. If you don’t you will be punished severely! It may be overwhelming to take on so many black cocks at once, but I believe in your whoredom. 

You are going to look so beautiful covered in cum. You will have no choice but to swallow load after load of jizz, It will cover your face to the point you will gasp for air but the cum won’t stop. You will be drenched in it and if my friend’s want an extra release, you will drink their piss without wasting one drop. A lot of my friends own pitbulls, so if they bring one to the party you better be a good little slut and take that dog cock!

Phone domination with Genesis will put you in your place

Phone domination

I had always loved to feel in control so Phone domination came naturally. I had used my power as a woman since I was young, commanding the attention of those around me, with a sultry gaze and a never-ending confidence. My femininity, combined with my ambition, was admirable, and I was determined to use it to my advantage.

At university, I quickly rose to become one of the school’s most influential people, forming a large group of loyal admirers around me. With this came a newfound excitement that empowered me and made me feel alive. I loved being fought over and having the control over who I’d spend my time with.

One day, my friends proposed an intriguing idea—to take charge of some of the men they knew and put them through their own paces. We wanted to show the men just what it felt like to be in the hands of a strong woman.

Of course, I was fully onboard with the plan. I found the challenge thrilling, and it gave me an opportunity to prove that I could handle them all. While some of the men were hesitant, their nerves only fueled my desire for control even more. I made sure to keep them guessing, always keeping them on their toes.

Within a few weeks, I had all of the men in my circle competing for my attention, and I found herself feeling energized and powerful with each of them graveling at my feet, and begging for shopping trips to be my sissy. The thrill of having men in the palm of my hand was intoxicating and I loved every minute of it.

Hard n Wet w/ BBC Sissy Trainer Peace Style

BBC Sissy TrainingOh to do my BBC sissy training, you must be hard and willing.   Yes my, darling, I absolutely adore seeing you sissy boys all dolled up by your mistresses. The way you all strut around in your heels and skirts is just too damn cute! And when it comes time for me to give them my big black cock? Well, let’s just say that nothing gets me going quite like the sight of a beautiful woman taking what she wants from her man.

I love how pathetic they are as they take my huge dick deep inside their little pussies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Your eyes roll back into their heads as if begging for mercy but really craving more of this forbidden pleasure we share together. It makes me feel so powerful knowing that even though society might see these guys as weak or less than masculine because of who/what loves us doesn’t mean shit compared to our connection through taboo desires such as this one here today!

The sound effects coming outta these pretty mouths..”Ughh ahhh ohhh!”  The way they shake and quiver under my relentless thrusts… It’s like watching a live porn show unfold right before me. And when I finally cum inside them? Oh, honey! That’s when things get really good. They groan in ecstasy mixed with humiliation as hot sticky loads fill up every crevice of their feminine bodies – proof positive that only someone like me could ever truly satisfy them after being transformed into these beautiful creatures by their dominatrixes.

I can feel the heat emanating off both our bodies post-orgasm; it’s almost tangible how much passion we share during these intimate moments together despite what others might think about us or say behind closed doors about our lifestyle choices. We may be outcasted by some but dammit if this isn’t one helluva ride for all parties involved!

Carmalita Your Mistress

best sissy trainer

It is very rare that you find a woman that is willing to share her male friends with you in bed. But I adore sissy training. I have a long list of hot guys that are ready to fuck. We will dress you up like a hot tranny and introduce you to the boys. They all been dreaming about fucking a chick with a dick but never had the opportunity. Now you will be their dream come true. You get to be the center of attention. Having all these hot sexy men to keep you company. I believe you will enjoy them fucking you in your ass and getting your mouth full of cock to suck on. They will be cumming all over your face too. You know It turns me on to watch my trainee getting the best dick of his life. Can I tempt you with this great opportunity to suck big cocks with my guidance and instructions

Taboo phone chat for guys who need pegged!

Taboo phone chat

Taboo phone chat for guys who need to be pegged! Submissive little men who worship at the strap are welcome to have Miss Z bounce your ass!  I have a great way to spread your legs. Some shackles and handcuffs will keep you in the perfect position for my big dick.

You want all of me deep inside of you, tell me how much of a subby slave you are for the strap! A big open gag secures your mouth for when I think ass juice has built up too much on my dildo! Soon your pretzeled body starts to ache.  But Still, I push on! Deeper, harder, take it bitch boi!

Taboo phone chat includes Dildos, harnesses, and more BDSM gear

Forced feminization begins with a Goddess pushing a big strap-cock in that ass! I hope your feelings are hurt as you see yourself in that big mirror on my ceiling.  My 6-inch spiked heels click on the hardwood floor as my hips sway.

forced feminization I love wearing the sexy clothes you wish you could wear every day as I fuck you! You probably have your asscheeks clenched right now just thinking about trying to prevent my big black dildo from penetrating you. But don’t worry subservient bitch boy, it will fit.  But you should worry if I allow you to cum? Do you think I’ll be too much for your tenderoni ass?

Phone domination and pegging are what you get with my bratty domme ass!  You take as much as you can, your body shaking with pleasure. When you cum, I make sure to let you enjoy it, before pushing you back down and showing your beta bitch place.  You belong to Miss Z now and I will fuck you in bondage anytime I want! Maybe if you are a good boi I will bring out the paddle next time!

Sissy panties are Daddy’s cumrags after a Deepthroat blowjob

Sissy panties It’s time you submit to cocks, big black cocks during Sissy training! I know the truth, you cannot stop thinking about them, it’s time you bend over and redeem yourself.

We both know how bad you want them.. bend over and prepare your fuck hole for the huge compilation of cum the bulls are going to leave inside of your sissy hole. Spread your cheeks apart and feel his mushroomed shaft press up against your anus. There will be an electrifying sensation that will run through your body as your heart pounds. You can’t believe you are finally doing this? Well, believe it! Feel your body tense up as daddy digs his veiny chocolate dick deep inside of you… It feels so good, doesn’t it? His big dick thrusting in and out of you… There is no denying it after all; look how creamy you are making Daddy’s cock. Nobody has to know!

That’s what Online sissy training is for, it’s a place to bury those filthy cock craving secrets of yours.

You’ve spent so many nights in lace panties jerking your peenie with a butt plug buried inside of your bussy while watching Jacking off porn. Now, It’s time to twirl those hips and take a real cock deep inside of you. It feels so good taking it from behind while assumed in a doggystyle position.. doesn’t it? It is normal for you to be on all fours with a penis buried inside of your sissy hole just like a girl… What better way to end the evening than on your knees getting your tonsils coated in nice thick semen? Oh yes, Sissy right on your face! Yum, the cum it is so warm and sticky…

Be a good girl and admit your inferiority to Daddy while your face is covered in sperm. Your Sissy panties will be used as Daddy’s cumrag!

Sissy training led to being humiliated for having a peenie

Sissy trainingThe fairy faggot thought he could attend Sissy training without wearing the proper attire. I couldn’t bare to sit there and watch him stroke his fun-sized cock without at least putting a bow on it or something. Ya, it was nice to see the massive cocks he was drooling over in the background plastered all over the television screen… But that wasn’t enough flattery for me to allow him to orgasm.

He knows an orgasm is something men with small dicks have to earn!

That’s why I had him take us on a trip to the sex store. The cum hungry sissy that is in denial picked out a glamorous outfit while pretending I was his girlfriend on the phone… As if! He picked out a cute pair of yellow and orange polka-dotted sissy panties – Faggots love bright colors. He paired that with a pair of knee-high stockings that had big white satin bows on the thighs. It wasn’t so surprising to see the effeminate man yet again pick out a sexy outfit that was appealing.

I made him ask the cashier if they had extra small condoms while checking out… Online sissy training

She couldn’t hold back her laugh! She laughed so hard she forgot to answer the question… So I made him ask again to assure her that this was – not – a joke! Awee, they don’t make condoms small enough for his micro-peen. Not like he needs a condom anyway! After all the only thing wrapping around his peenie is the palm of his hand… We probably should have just asked for a female condom so he could shove it in his bussy lol. When we got back home he was so excited to dress up in his new outfit and satisfy his favorite Goddess during Online sissy training. After all, it had been a while since he had squirted… He was trying to hold his load for his so-called girlfriend.

He is left deprived for weeks on end which leaves him no other choice but to dress up like the epicene faggot he is and stroke his whittle cocky-wocky.

BBC sissy trainer Emerson will make you cream your little Sissy panties!

BBC sissy trainerBBC sissy trainer Emerson is make you cream your little Sissy panties! I am a Big Black Cock Trainer. I get immense pleasure from training Sissies, making sure they’re properly dressed up in delicate lingerie, and then teaching them the art of taking thick black cock in their precious pussys. That alone brings immense joy and satisfaction, knowing that I have given them a skill and talent that will surely be cherished.

The ultimate kind of pleasure, however, is gained from watching the sissies do as I have instructed them. From the tender penetration of their tight pussys to the sloppy oral service I know they will provide, I get a feverish kind of joy watching them obey my commands and do as I say. I bet that made your sissy panties real creamy didn’t it, you little slut?

When they’ve done as I’ve said, I love to reward them with that BBC shoved all the way down their tight sissy throats. I take immense pleasure in making sure they know exactly what to do, and to suck the sticky cum out of my dirty holes. And if a sissy ever disobeys me, or if they don’t live up to my expectations? Well, that’s my chance to dominate and abuse their little clittys with the tip of my tongue. That is my chance to really train them to be proper sissies. I will wax your fuck holes and make sure that skin is baby soft. You will need Forced feminization to be extreme, so I have this super strong tape to tuck you in nice and tight!

It’s because of my sissies that I can proudly claim my title as a Big Black Cock Trainer. I train them how to handle a big black cock and then they ultimately reward me for it, making sure my needs are always satisfied. In my experience, the combination of pleasure and pain makes for a much more intense experience. It’s a distinct power dynamic that can’t be replicated, no matter how hard one tries. I’ve devoted my entire life to perfecting the art of training sissies, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Forced Feminization of My New Little Sissy Sluts

forced feminizationForced feminization is my specialty in the sissy world. I love the transformation of it all.  My newest little sissy is entering a world he may not be ready for, but I didn’t care. Once I decide I’m going to turn a man into a sissy slut, there is really no stopping me. I want what I want when I want it.  Sorry, not sorry.

Turning a man into a sissy,  no amount of kicks, screams, resistance, etc. will stop me from getting a little sissy princess tonight. Oh, the fun!  This new little bitch secretly coveted pretty lingerie and dreamt of being dominated by an alluring mistress like me for a long time. So don’t feel too bad for this one. It was time…

As he entered my fortress, I mean home. he looked so meek and pathetic. Holding a bag from Victoria’s Secret, just as I ordered him to do. Excited yet nervous about exploring this side of himself.  Under my guidance, you eagerly awaited my approval of the Victoria’s Secret haul you dragged in when you came over.

I picked out some pink silky satin thong panties with a matching baby doll lingerie top.  We pulled out the white over-the-knee thigh highs with lace at the top. Black strapped stilettos to finish off the perfect sissy outfit. Now you are dressed head-to-toe in sissy attire – including those gorgeous panties that hugged those curves perfectly well!

As soon as we worked on your makeup and I had a final look in the mirror at my masterpiece, my eyes stared in awe as I saw you look deliciously helpless in them frilly panties… oh how it turned ME ON!!! I snapped out of it though as I took control immediately; ordering you around like the good little sissy slut you truly are deep down inside. “Bend over,” my voice commanded softly but firmly.”Spread ’em wide for Mistress Peace.  I see that little slut hole pussy so ready for some new friends to come in and say hi.  Such a fresh little pussy hole, just like I like them.  Let’s break her in boys!

Give me a call to get broken in too, if you know what I mean. If you know, you know.