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Best Sissy Trainer Gets Results

Best sissy trainer

The ultimate proof that I am the absolute best sissy trainer out there is my lusty lineup of sexy sissy sluts.  Take a long hard look and I guarantee you’ll want to give them the long hard dick.  My little clitty queens are caged up, stretched out and ready to fool around with any he-bitch loving butthole humper who cums their way.  I make certain of that!

I tell you what; take your pick of any one of my slinky pinkies, any size, any skill level, and have your way with her.  Do whatever you want to them, furiously fuck their prissy faces and really get up in that asspussy.  After you test that little tart’s gag reflex and the elasticity of her asshole, I know you’ll be hooked on my slutty he-whores.  You won’t want to go to any other debauchery manifesting sissy slave mistress, you’ll crave my unrivaled brand of boygirls over all of the other subpar sissy skanks out there.  

Want a naive femboy noob with a super tight asshole so she squeals and squirms every time you pound her poop chute?  I always have a fresh crop of cock cream lovers in need of having their sex holes seasoned.  If you like your guygirls to be a bit more experienced so you can really put their rectums through the ringer, I have plenty of pseudo-pussy pros who can totally handle whatever fisting or extreme anal insertions you have planned.  Ask any of my sluts, Mistress K takes sissy slave training seriously and gets serious results because of it.  Give them a try, you’ll be happy you did.


Sissy Phone Sex with Goddess Alessandra

sissy phone sex

I’m a knowledgable goddess that has spent many years teaching sissies the game. If you want sissy phone sex, you can have it with several girls! The difference between me and other “sissy developers” is that I have the actual crown. I’m a five-star chick who rubs shoulders with the elites. No one does it quite like me. I’m one of a kind, if I do say so myself. It’s no secret I’ve garnered several eager sissies to get on their knees and beg for my expertise. The knowledge I have not many will process. I’ve created a lifestyle out of this genuine gift. You know I am the only goddess that will be able to match the energy of a true dictator. I’m that extreme!

If you are going to be a good listener and follow the rules apply for a spot.

Forced Sissy Training For Cocky Bartender

Forced sissy training is what the bartender got. He was a cocky fucker thinking he could fuck anyone he wanted. So, I invited him over to my place. When he got there, I made sure to get him really drunk.

Forced sissy training I made sure he got undressed and then forced him to his knees. I stuck my toes in his mouth and told him how I knew he can fuck anyone he wanted, but tonight he was going to be my bitch and fuck who I tell him to fuck. He laughed and that is when I slapped him and told him to stop thinking he won’t get a dick in his asshole, that is when my friend walked in with his cock out. I finally saw the fear in his drunk eyes, and I forced him to open his mouth. I shoved a big black cock in his mouth and made him suck it. like a little female bitch, he sucked that dick hard. I think he secretly wanted it and just never went for it. I spanked his ass with my paddle and didn’t stop until he was red and swollen. He kept begging me to stop and that is when I told him I would. It was time I spread his ass open and right away my friend broke him in because he is a BBC sissy trainer. He fucked his tight asshole and showing him what a good feminine bitch gets. As he got fucked and filled up with semen, I whispered in his ears that after tonight he will be addicted to getting fucked. Now instead of fucking anyone he wants he would be getting fucked by anyone I want because I am the Best sissy trainer. 

Learn to fluff

forced feminization

I’m for forced feminization. It truly makes a lot of sense to become a strict mistress. I’ve executed all my plans and made sure to have some fun. Oh boy, did I have some fun? I looked uber hot with my leather skirt and booby shirt. My slave sissy slut followed me around like a puppy and did as I said. I do love to have a personal sissy assistant. It’s an honor to go out with me, the best sissy preparer. I’m a trainer that gets the job done and shows you how to become the ultimate sissy. I create stars. My prodigies all become well-known socialites throughout sunny California, nationwide, and some globally. I’m so beyond happy to be able to use these sissies and show them their potential. As I got dressed up for the club, I made sure my sissy assistant understood that she would be the fluffer and also be made to swallow all the cum in my nightcap. A good sissy knows that a drained cock will leave a mess, and she shall enjoy the fruits of those labors.

Finest Fuckable Femboys Ever!

Femboy training

I have an elite group of sissies that have taken their femboy training to the max and love living the hot little cock loving cum dumpster life.  They listened to the lessons and did the shadow work needed to rid themselves of the disgusting man suit they were born with and are living life high on the fat fuck hog!  They’re the finest bunch of fuckable fems you’ll ever meet!

What most sissy sluts don’t understand is that giving up all of their masculinity doesn’t mean that they’re giving up any power.  Quite the contrary.  Getting rid of their indoctrinated mindset and forcing them to go through the pain to find all of the pleasure helps them find who they really are.  Once someone discovers their true selves, there’s no limit to what they can achieve in life.

Sure, any ladyboy can find a prick or two that wants to turn out a tranny or fuck the shit out of a feminine man.  All kinds of guys are down to bang dainty dudes.  It takes a special sissy whore to be able to trick a straight guy into burying his bone in her.  She has to be hot, confident, seductive and have her little clitty tucked in nice and neatly so that the unsuspecting man doesn’t get wise that the woman he’s hitting on doesn’t have a pussy.  If they’re hot enough, once they’ve gotten to the point of fucking, the guy doesn’t even care when my sissies whip out their minuscule man parts.  Hell, if you were to meet up with one of them our on the town and decided to have a quickie with them, you’d probably never even know you weren’t fucking a naturally born woman!

Ass is ass, it doesn’t matter whose it is.  My top tier, second to none sissy girls will blow your notion of hetero norms out the window.  You can try to find a hotter slut who wants you to blow load after load in her butt, but I bet your search will come up about as short as my sexy slut’s little clitties.


Domination Phone Sex Fantasy Mistress

Most sissy girls are very secretive and shy about their sissiness. Many need a little encouragement and guidance from a Domination Phone Sex Fantasy Mistress. That is essentially what I can be to you, sissy. I will understand the cravings you have. This is especially true when it comes to a craving for big black dick.

You, as a sissy, hold up a certain responsibility, and that is being pretty. Your essential existence as a black cock sissy is to look good and fuck even better. I Look amazing, and I am an amazing fuck. My men are many and bigger the better is my motto when it comes to dick. So, in pure essence I am going to assist you in being a good sissy slut for BBC.

Understand this though, I am a strict Mistress and can really enjoy some great fun humiliating a sissy like you.

Domination phone sex

BBC Sissy Trainer Will Have You Addicted To Sissy Training

When I went out on a date last night, I didn’t know I would end up being a BBC sissy trainer for the night. While we had drinks, I could tell he was under cover and needed someone to show him the way. no one better to do that than the Best sissy trainer. He bent over and I could see he was wearing Sissy panties and he couldn’t keep his eyes off some BBC that was around. I texted my favorite bull to meet me at my place and I invited my “date “to come to my place. He agreed and when we got there, he saw my bull friend was over. I pulled out my favorite sissy dress and forced him to put it on.

BBC sissy trainer

I told him how I knew he was a sissy bitch, and he was going to finally get broken in and trained. He just nodded and fell to his knees. I pulled my bulls big black cock out and told my new bitch to come suck it. I could tell he had never sucked a cock before by the way he was just playing around teasing it with his mouth. So, I grabbed his head and used it to jack my BBC friend off. He started getting the hang of it and he continued on his own deep throating a big black cock like a pro. He didn’t stop until my friend busted a big nut in his mouth. I knew I had given him some good Sissy training he would never forget.

Forced Cum-Eating

Forced feminization

My neighbor learned a very valuable lesson about being a scumbag in my presence. I knew he cheated on his spouse while she was at work but he normally did the decency to attempt to hide it. I think he’s been overly excited cause his new mistress happens to look like a 7 oppose to the normal 4 and 5’s he brings over. So he very clearly tried to make it so the whole neighborhood should notice. I normally don’t care about other people who are foolish enough to deal with marriage but I do care about people who enter an agreement and one does not honor it. The big reason I became involved is that in his newfound “alpha-masculinity” he thought he could step up to the plate with ME! Me of all people?

It took everything in me not to laugh at his hairy, pudgy smug face. However, a playful idea washed over me. So I offered him a one-time invitation “Come over to my place….but I must warn you to get with me you gotta be kinky and do everything I tell you to. Then I might spread my legs for you” I teased with my winning fuck me smile. I went inside and almost immediately heard the frantic knocking on my door. I let him in and told him before he shut that door to strip completely naked. He didn’t even hesitate, probably was hoping people saw him get naked in my house. He shut the door and immediately came over to me trying to touch me, so I pushed him back gently with my hand. 

“No, no you are to do what I tell you to first. Remember?” I reminded with a cutesy tone. “No stroke let me see you at your hardest” I watched as he was only to grow about a measly 5 inches. Keeping my composer, I fought the need to chastise him thinking that was an acceptable size for a woman like me. “Please Presley I’m going to cum” he was breathlessly struggling under my gaze. So I sunk down on my knees and cupped my hand together at the end of his cock. 

Not thinking or even waiting for permission he came right into my hands. “On your knees” I snapped with a more cruel tone now. My annoyance with this playtoy was beginning to show. He came down on his knees with me. “Open up” I demanded. He got hesitant and attempted to spew excuses as to why. So I grabbed the back of his head firmly not hiding my want to tear out what little hair he had. Yanking his head back and pressing my cum-filled fist against his lips. “You will open your mouth like a good cum-eating faggot or I will tell her everything with enough evidence to take everything you have. So she can live comfortably and you will live in a cockroach-infested apartment only able to get fucked by the 2-cent whores” I hissed. Laughing as his face grew red as he guzzled his own cum. Making him lick the load off my hands completely. Then sent his loser ass home.

Mistress Loves Her Sissy Dolls!

Best Sissy Trainer I love playing dress up with my favorite sissy babydolls! My favorite sissy is so pretty when she dresses up, she makes me so proud by being a sex kitten just like her Mistress Raine! When I’m proud of my sissies in training I like to reward them with new clothes, toys or even a nice big thick cock to share with me. I love when my sissy in training blooms like a flower into the best little sissy cock sucker, all my work culminates in a sexy little slut who will do anything to please me or the cock I supply her with. My favorite way to treat my sissies well is with lots of TLC, pampering and of course a big cum load! I’m the best sissy trainer because I know just what my little sissy baby dolls need to succeed!

Happy spooky season sissies

Okay, it is not quite Halloween yet, but a girl can prepare, right?! Well, I do that and much more! I’m the scream queen herself, the bonafide Halloween Queen turning sissies out.

I’m quite the spirit person when it comes to the spooky season. It’s one of the most acceptable times to wear girl outfits, so you know sissies love it. Why would you have to explain your cross-dressing ways at a Halloween theme party? You don’t think that’s why this season is one where many sissies experience and awaken, and I am happy to help you through those throughout your sissy phone sessions with me.

I’m looking forward to getting you all prepared for what’s to come. Every year from the first week of September till mid-November, I throw Halloween extravaganzas where I invite all the sissies I know and many I’ve trained firsthand and get them to enjoy the festivities.

There are plenty of cocks to go around, not to mention many home videos to be made. We live in an uber digital age, and whatever you do is caught on film! Momma here loves to blackmail, alright.