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Sissy girl training for the Right One

Sissy girl training

Not every man who says he wants Sissy girl training is ready for it. Some just want to feel like they are being vulnerable and then others want to be vulnerable. Some just want to please, and then some want to see me have pleasure. It’s really special for me to open up to a good sissy boy and show him the ways of my cunt and the pleasure I derive from having him at my mercy. To where I can manipulate his face for whatever my pussy craves. My current sissy bitch plays coy. He likes it when I’m pissed at this pathetic nature. While he skirts around eating my pussy like his touch again my lady lips are going to do much for me. After a few moments of this torment I show him who is in control. Grabbing the back of his sissy head I direct him specifically to my whole of pleasure. I love seeing him all dressed up for me in his ladies best looking like a slutty sissy. I lay there watching him put his ass in the air thinking about the next thing I’m going to force him to do?

Forced feminization in public

forced feminization

I want to give you forced feminization in public because I think if you want to be a good sissy you have to commit. The sissy that can commit is one that will be able to test and pass any trial that comes their way. If you begin to complain about how you look too girly out in public then you’re not ready to be my little sissy. There has to be excitement and yeah sure there might be some hesitation and reservations over what the task at hand may be. Regardless that does not give you any reason to fight me on whatever I ask of you. One of my favorite training sessions is with panties and pink high heels and a hot pink boa you wrap that feather boa around you where the 6-in heels and strut. The pink panties must be shown so preferably, it has to be thongs. Shop away at the mall or at the grocery store. No matter what you have to stay in character and become well assimilated into sissy rules.

Pussy hypnosis Sissy slave training, surrender and eat!

Sissy slave trainingMen are hypnotized by my pussy and that includes sissies! Whether its envying my vagina or wanting to lick me clean after watching me get barebacked by a girthy dick.. You want it! I love teasing you while dragging my finger up and down my freshly waxed pussy, watching you pout because your dreams of having one will never be.. A surgeon may be able to button you up down there but you will never be able to breed… I have you slip your finger inside of my pussy and address me as your goddess, while you feel my warm rigid walls wrap snug around your fingertips.. Worship my pussy as you fall under a trance.. I grab you by your blonde wig and pull you in closer..

You felt so lost until you found Online sissy training.. You feel my pussy pulse as I lead you closer to your destiny, a slave for my pleasure.. All of those gloomy thoughts and questions fade away.. You love my pussy, you want my pussy it’s everything you have ever dreamed of.. You want to please me and honor me as your goddess. Your mouth starts to water with the need to pucker your lips and lick my moist pussy.. I pull you closer and tell you to pucker up.. Press those plush lips up against my pussy lips and smell the sweet aroma of my pussy fill your nostrils.. Completely aroused! Grinding my cunt in a circular motion around your face.. Your little clit hardens, your eyes close you imagine your legs are spread and this pussy of mine that you are kissing and finger fucking is yours.

Your sissy panties get all wet from the sensation that fills your body, your little clit starts to let out your pre orgasmic bliss. You dig in deeper eager to finally feel the feeling of a pussy orgasm, something your unworthy dick has never experienced.. You have accepted your fate! Under a trance, you repeat after me.. “I am a sissy bitch and a slave for you, I surrender.” Squandering at my feet I lean back and moan loudly.. Orgasming, you are enticed by the walls of my pussy gripping and releasing your finger.. Fascinated and wishing you could experience the same. I have you tug your little weenie and smear my pussy juices on your nub. Reminding you that in fact this is the closest you will ever get to having a pussy, Sissy slave training for you has only just begun! 

Arabella Takes You Out on a sissy field trip!

Humiliation phone sex

Arabella Takes You Out 

Get dressed! It is time for some Humiliation phone sex. What do I want you to wear? A bra and panties of course and a dress. You better be dressed and ready when you call me because I have some fun planned.

You are going to grab your car keys and head to a woman’s clothing store. Yes, dressed like that. If you put up a fight or talk back I will only add to the humiliation that I have in store for you. 

Once inside I want you to head straight to the counter. 

Look right at the clerk point at the horrid outfit you have on and announce that you are a sissy in need of help. I want you to say this loudly. Making sure that anyone in the store hears you. Then you can put me on speaker phone. Let me talk to her and give her the very next steps to embarrass you. 

Forced Sissy Training Will Turn Your Clitty Into A Waterhose!

Forced sissy training

You know what I love more than anything in the world, online sissy training. It is so fucking hot, and I love every minute of it. Forcing a grown man to submit to you and beg for that pretty, pretty, pink dress with a bow on it is all worth the wait. It is so satisfying to get a man who love dressing up and knee highs and heels as much as I do, it’s so refreshing!

Seeing a grown man in one of my princess dresses getting all dolled up is so sweet I can’t express how much I truly enjoy my job! Not to mention all the pussy popping fun we have! Taking these men out to have their pussies broken in by a big strong bull is all the more fun! I love to see a strong, built, rock-hard man at work, pounding that pussy until my ladies scream and squirt.

Watching as they work their rock-hard dicks into those tight little holes makes my pussy drip. So, I have a little more fun by pleasuring myself while watching you get fucked. It’s a win-win situation. We both get to cum ion the end, and cum hard we do! We fuck just as hard as we play and that’s really saying something.

My pussy is just as soaked and cum-filled as yours by the time we are all done. So, lets make it even more interesting with me sitting on your face, why the hell not? It’s so much fun making you my princess!

Give some good head

sissy phone

I can give the best sissy phone advice ever. After all I have so much experience being a vixen I’ve had men beg me to give them some attention. College was a good time and I have some great stories. Oh boy did I have so much fun giving blowjobs all through college like I became obsessed with becoming the best at providing blowies. Now that I am the Goddess that trains you, sissies, I like to show you what I’ve learned. To be a good cock sucker, you have to want to be, and you have to make it fun. There’s a rule I swear that the more you deepthroat with the help of some numbing spray, the better reaction a guy will have; it will be the best for a sissy. Now if you do a good job and apply all of the tips and tricks I give you, there will be no doubt you will become the number one blowjob giver in his book. See, women typically don’t enjoy sucking cock much. If you get to follow the cheat sheet I give you, his girlfriend will never blow his mind like you.

First, spray, and second some yummy tasty candy. Make it fun and tease him. Show him you have a far better mouth game than any natural-born woman. Flirt a lot, wink, smile, and moan. Do it all doesn’t matter how sloppy you get as long as you do the work. Make him feel like he has the most delicious cock you have ever seen.

Sissy Slave Training With A Goddess!

Sissy Slave Training Emerson

Are you craving to be treated like the true sissy you are? Ready to be my slave, I knew you were. After all, only a true sissy would want to be recruited for sissy slave training. That’s right, you heard me right, training to become the best and utter most beautiful sissy in the world, says me of course. I will train you to become the best sissy you can be.

I only have one wish and that’s for you to become either the sluttiest version of yourself, or the most beautiful pretty, princess you can be. I will dress you up and I will flaunt you all around town while you watch me take all of this cock. But I’ll only start them out, these cocks are all for you, my loves. I want them to prob and stretch those perfect pussies of yours and to make that little clitty of your squirt all over the place.

Seeing how hard your clitty gets and how swollen with all that yummy cum is so satisfying. I absolutely lose my shit when I see you and hear you explode and squirt all over the place for me. It is so delicious I can’t help but clap for you and be proud of the slut you have become. But I can also clap for the sissies that love to dress up and be pampered and paraded around town, teasing all the men making them so jealous. Let me spoil you like you deserve, my love, I promise you will love every minute!

Sissy Panties for Loli w/Heaven


When Heaven and I put you in sissy panties you fucking know it. Lolipop came to be used one morning asking if we could help her get all dressed up and fuck her butt with our handy dandy sissy strap-ons. We already know how Lolli likes his deep-complected Mistresses. And Heaven is that Bittersweet Candy that Sissy men like Lolipop can’t get enough of. The way she just pounced on a Femboy had me so fucking hot. This Sexy Black lady definitely knows how to put white men in panties, frillies, and slutty BDSM outfits. I shouldn’t have been surprised, I almost volunteered myself to ride that big black dick she had swinging and ready for Lolli! 

sissy panties

Not That Lollipop the sissy needs Forced feminization, but as hard as Heaven was putting her through the hoops, I knew that she meant business. It’s so majestic to watch another mistress find a new slut and take control of her sissy boi ass like no other. Both of us took turns dressing our slut up and fucking her butt pussy. I just love pulling those panties to the side under her spanking skirt and finding out that she is now off of her period and she can not only take our big dongs, but she is ready to meet Heaven BF and mY black bull for some good ass sex. We even picked out a new toy for Our slut and she is going to Write Heavens Name on it and send pics with her ass full of her new dildo! Always a pleasure to introduce company sissy sluts to a new mistress!Forced Feminization

Sissy panties worn by Cum receptical

Sissy panties

My submissive wears Sissy panties and I love raping his ass when he does. Cum sluts come to see a mistress like me because they need to be reminded of their status in life. You crave to be submissive to cock but your shallow ego keeps you wearing pants until you come to see me and we make sure you play your actual roll in life. Seeing you dress up like a sissy bitch gets me so excited. You in those pretty panties and short skirt. Your mouth held back by a gag so it’s only good for one thing. Servicing my 12 in strap on before you get your twat used by BBC. But you know when your a work trying to be straight and not gay you’re actually a fucking faggot panty pretending to be a man. With me your the cum slut you hide behind the curtains and your going to worship cock in front of me. Keeping your eyes close while your mouth gets raped and I fuck your ass until I see that jizz dripping from your lips. When you’ve licked up all that cum you’ll clean your ass off that strap on.

Femboy training sometimes requires a gentle touch.

Femboy trainingIt was raining out where this femboy training master lives, and while my pussy was in need of a good pumping and cumming, I felt the need to head around the back of my house and walk a little instead. I’d find a man soon after I got back, was what I thought. In fact, I called one while I walked, told him to show up at my house for a hot ride. Then I ran into a cute girl on the path, she was in torn clothing, drenched from the water, and her soft skin really stood out to me. I was gonna pass her by, she really wasn’t my problem even if I did feel sympathetic, that was until I noticed the cock. “Are you a guy?” I couldn’t help but ask, and at the shake of her head, I knew I’d found a sissy who would worship me very easily. “Come on.” I turned back. “Let’s get you cleaned up and clothed.”

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. That’s a loyal sissy, doesn’t ever question me, I’ve had her lick my toes in front of visitors dozens of times just to prove she’s obedient to a fault. And when I’m feeling froggy, I have someone ready to lick me to a messy orgasm on the spot!