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My Sissies Need BBC

BBC sissy trainer


If you’re looking for a BBC sissy trainer with access to the thickest, fattest jet black fuck sticks around, then you’ve come to the right place.  Mistress K has every big black cock in town ready and waiting to break you and your slutty sissified ass.  They’re going to ream you out like they have a score to settle with your girly ass cheeks, guaranteed!

I know because I took on every last one of those colossal anacondas a few times over.  Gotta pay the price if you want to hire the proper players, and these ebony gods are exactly what I wanted.  Chiseled muscles, cold attitude and each one with a bone bigger than my forearm.  When I see perfection, I go for it and those onyx dongs are absolutely perfect for nailing and submitting all of my girly little cakeboys just like they did to me.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Don’t worry, when you’re done you’ll get permission to have a black spade with a big Q in the middle tattooed on your ass as a badge of honor, just like all of my other BBC loving queenies.  Then you can show everyone that you’re a black guy banging he-bitch with pride!  Can you think of any better way to advertise to all of the buff black dudes around that you’re down to be taken to pound town?

My sissies need to take BBC and tons of it.  Not just for my entertainment, it makes them better little fairies.  You should see how they prance around after taking a mandingo load or two right up the poop chute.  Better yet, you should take a juicy load of your own and prance around with them.



Mistress Jackie Will Own You

mistress phone sex

If you’re here looking for Mistress phone sex, you’re in exactly the right place. Yes, I love sissies, but I also adore talking to and controlling other men, too. If you’re weak, then you’re automatically going to be so much fun for me. I’m into pretty much any kind of domination at times, but I do lean more toward the sensual side of things. But don’t worry – if you need something hardcore like cock and ball torture, I’ll see what I can do to work that into our call.

Humiliation, tease and denial, ruined orgasms…those are just a few of the things that I can and will do with you and to you. Oh, and I do love it when rich old losers spoil me. I’ve drained bank accounts many times before. Well, they drained it for me. I shouldn’t ever have to ask for anything. So, if you’re up for being dominated by the perfect Mistress, then look no further, loser. I hope you’re ready to be owned in every way possible, because that’s what will happen to you. As soon as you hear my voice, you’re going to be addicted to me forever and ever.


Time for Your Sissy Slave Training

What time is it? Well for you, little man it’s time for your transformation with a session of Sissy slave training. That’s right, you really are not a man and you should certainly not be treated like one. You are a peon, a bitch, a little sissy slut.

I’m Addilyn, and I am going to be in control of you from now on. That’s right, you will be my Bitch, crawl to me. How does it feel to be a worthless fuck slut that is about to be groomed for Big black cocks to own your holes, Slut? When you stare at yourself in the mirror what do you see? A loser? A wimp? It’s certainly not a man. Wouldn’t you agree? Of course you would. I’m more than you could ask for and I know what you need. Anything worth having is not free and that goes for me owning and training you. Nothing is for free, and my skills, beauty and your craving is definitely going to require dedication, gratuities, spoiling and of course my fee before you will even begin with me.

Sissy slave training

Femboy Trainer Jackie

femboy training

If you’re in dire need of femboy training, then I am just the Mistress for you. I love nothing more than helping boys just like you transform into the most gorgeous femboy slut you’ve ever seen in your life. Sure, you can be a sissy and just kind of do it haphazardly, but that’s not what you really want, is it? You want to be the very best version of yourself and if you stick with me, that’s exactly what you’ll be. Everyone will be in awe of your beauty and transformation, and that’s when you’re going to start getting cock.

So, until your training to be a femboy is complete, you don’t need to worry about dick. You will get it in due time, but that time is not right now. We’ll be talking about how to turn you into the prettiest sissy in your town. Hair appointments, waxing appointments (this one is super important), manicures and pedicures, lingerie, and shoe shopping – all of that and then some is in your future. Are you ready to be fully feminized by a woman who knows exactly what she’s doing? Then book a session now for your Cinderella moment!

Best Sissy Trainer Addilyn

When the Best sissy trainer is all that will do for your needs of being a cock sucking slut, then Goddess Addilyn is the owner for you. Forced into being a sissy maid, a cock sucker, or a creampie eating fluffer on the girly side, then I am the one you need. My dominance over you will start at the answering of your call.

Be aware that I am not here for a vanilla normal phone sex call. I am a dominant woman that specializes in slaves and sissy girls. Maybe I will have time to humiliate a cucky cum eater but don’t expect Me to suck you cock. I will bring a sissy girl in and make you enjoy her moist, warm and slobbery sissy mouth on your prick.

Now sissy girls, if you want a sensual sweet mommy, then I am also not the one for you. It’s not in my best interest, to be a nurturer. There are plenty around for that vanilla love. I am a size queen, dominant and controlling Sissy trainer.

Best sissy trainer

Forced Feminization Cum Showers

Forced feminization

Do I really have to tell you that part of the process of forced feminization is taking showers of cum from a bunch of femboy butt stretching, manwhore mouth craving cream spewing cocks?  Of course you do, you stupid boy-bitch!  What kind of fly by night sissification operation do you think I run here?!  I swear, sometimes you little clitty queens can be really fucking dumb.

Let me clear up any misconceptions for you; YOU WILL BE COVERED IN AS MUCH CUM AS I DEEM NECESSARY TO TURN YOU INTO A PROPER NANCY!  Is that clear, cockboy?  I hope so, I am speaking English and you’re not a total fuckwit, are you?  Your other sissy trainers might have let you get away with just throwing on a frilly little dress and wig and letting you just paint yourself up with a shit-ton of makeup like some kind of street whore then call your transformation good, but that doesn’t even come close to Mistress K’s masterful way of manhood manipulation.

I won’t even get into all of the mental shit I have to do to get you to fully give into me, or what kind of attire will be required of you to attend my training sessions.  I’m specifically talking about how much sperm you will have swimming around on, and in, you before I will be happy to show you off to the world as one of my perfect femboys.  You figure the average fertile male pumps out about 5 milliliters of jizz per ejaculation with around 100 million little swimmers in each ml, makes it about 500 million fuck pole tossed tadpoles per prick that penetrates you.  Multiply that by the hundreds of dirty dicks I’m going to make you please throughout this whole process and I figure I can have your donated sperm count up into the jillions in no time.  Month, month and a half, tops.

You get it, right?  I know a lot of people learn more by doing than any other method, so you’ll just have to swing by and let me show you.  I have a few cocks full of sperm packed spunk here waiting for you.  Let’s get started, shall we?

Sissy Panties for a Cock Sucker

sissy panties

If you really want to be feminized, I’d suggest that you put your sissy panties on and come play with me. You’re not going to get very far if all you do is sit there and think about what it would be like. Get all dressed up and really give it a shot. You might just find that one phone call with me will motivate you to change your life. By the time you hang up, you’re going to be ready to go out and pain the town pink. But first, you have to get your wardrobe in order, sissy!

What color do you look best in? If you don’t know, just pick black. Everyone looks good in black – even brand-new sissies who are a little rough around the edges. We’ll pick out the perfect makeup, hair, and the sexiest pair of shoes ever. By the time I’m finished with your sissy transformation, you’re going to look hot as fuck. So, what are you waiting for? It’s finally your time to shine and I know that you’re going to look SO amazing. And once you get the look down, there are other things to learn. 

Bright Purple Panties

Sissy PantiesSlippery and filled with cum was the best way to describe my heavenly cunt when I let my prime big dicked sissy have his way with me earlier today. It was a reward for truly understanding his place, and having a very massive man meat with which I could treat myself. He was the model Sissy, I had to reward him, he called me goddess every time he had to speak up, he waited until I allowed him to talk, he begged me to take his money and didn’t look up from his feet until I let him. Most importantly, he had such a long needy dick hidden behind his bright purple panties! I couldn’t resist, wouldn’t have resisted even if I could, and he never broke character even as he pumped heaving loads of cum right into my greedy slut slit. That I had another less fortunate sissy on hand to eat it all out was just more evidence that it had to happen. I wonder if he’ll call again soon, because I’m really looking forward to another training session, and hopefully the lessons stuck because I’m looking forward to a sloppy wet and sticky reward even more.

Mistress Craves Sissy Porn!

Best Sissy Trainer

I can’t believe how many sissy sluts need me to own them and tell them how much cock to take in a week! Lots of my sissies love sucking cock for fun and can’t wait to send me pictures as proof of what fucking whores they are. When I have a new sissy in my stable I have to see how many cocks they can take in a week, I like to challenge them to take a ridiculous amount of cock, especially Big Black Cock. Once I even told my sissy to get fucked in the ass 50 times that week and to send me proof, she sure did do it! It was so fucking hot clicking through all those pictures of cock and cum as I played with my cunt, smiling with pride, knowing my sissy was being a good little cum dump for Mistress.

Sissy Tiffy


Femboy trainingI met a sissy that may make your itty bitty clittys jealous! Tiffany is a new sissy that absolutely makes my cunt drip! She is the type of sissy that the all American type when she isn’t dressed up in pretty little outfits for her Goddess. Seeing her strong arms and chiseled legs in thigh highs and tanks tops really makes me want to fuck her all night long. If I could, I would cum deep in her belly just to show her how much she turns me on. The most i can do is fill her man pussy with my squirt.  She’s a size queen that isn’t afraid to take a big throbbing cock in her juicy tight man pussy so I know my strappy will make her very happy. What makes Tiffany different than you other little sissies the fact that she has a sizeable cock that can make a woman happy! None the less, she still won’t get a piece of this pussy. The most I can do is let her have fun with my prized possession, Tyrell. As you all may know, I keep this big dick buck for my own enjoyment. However, I would love to see Tiffany take every last inch of his pulsing cock until their balls clack together! Tyrell loves a little femboy that can take all 11 of his throbbing inches.  Tiffany might be my new favorite girl if she is able to take that dick and suck my strap at the same time! Let’s see how far I can stretch that size queen’s cunt.