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BBC Sissy Trainer Pro

BBC sissy trainer

So many sissies always want to be fucked by a big black cock, but what they don’t realize is that it takes a little bit of time and effort to be able to do it. Black cocks are so fucking huge and unless you’ve been working with a giant dildo for a while now, you’re going to need a BBC sissy trainer before you’re ready to go all the way. I’ll help you work your pussy until it’s ready to be pounded by a thick chocolate fuck stick. Plus, I can give you tips and tricks to look your best for your new black lover boy.

It’s going to be so awesome to hear about your first time being fucked by a BBC. I wonder if he will pull out and shoot his load all over your face or if he’ll fill you up with his creamy load? He might ask you which one you prefer, but then again, he might just do what he wants to do to you. You’re going to be turned into such a big black cock slut and I can’t wait. Are you ready? It’s time we get started. Let’s not waste another precious minute.

Sissy Jay

Forced feminizationEvery Man with a small penis needs a little Forced feminization and Sissy Jay loves coming over to play with me and my boyfriends. See he is a bit shy when it comes to the ladies and I always know its him when he hits my cyber chat with.. “Is..Is this the way to the… small boys room?” It’s true my little sissy has a little pecker that makes him want to be a bonafide female. An easy target for a girl who loves to mess with men who have no dick and are so shy when it comes to talking with women. 

Little sissy Jay was at the bar scoping out women, but it’s not what you think. I knew from that look he didn’t just desire to get laid by a sexy bitch, but he wanted to be a sexy bitch. Now my girl who was helping me pick a guy or two for us to fuck while we were having some drinks elbowed me hard and said “Oh My fucking god, that’s my brother!”, as she pointed to him. I made a little pecker sign with my hands and said ”You don’t mean your “little” brother?”  

He saw me and  I could tell he was bright red and tried to make a quick exit, but we stopped him at the door and decided to walk him to his car. 

“I just think it’s so sexy when a man has a cute little cock Jay, why don’t you come to my place and we can play dress up?” The Fun part is during our Femboy training Jay the sissy fag loves getting all pretty and doing sexy twirls and admoring her new look. And is never one to turn down learning how to serve bull cock with me or his sister!femboy training

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Punished By BBC

bbc sissy trainerYou better be down on your knees like a good sissy slut and start begging to touch your mistresses pussy, and begging to get cock from my bbc boyfriends! I love seeing you in pain as hard cocks are shoved into your pussy sissy hole and straight down your gagging throat. Keep it up with your good sissy behavior and maybe you get to clean all the bbc cum straight out of my shit hole only after begging for it. don’t froget those heels that I love so much on you. The black ones and match it with your thigh highs and sexy panty set for your unforgiving mistress! Come play and get the punishment fuck you deserve from huge bbc’s!

Presley Dresses The Sissy Dollies

Forced Sissy Training

I love my sissy dollies almost as much as I love taking thick Alpha cock. My favorite thing to do with them is play a sweet game of dress up! My sissies thrive off of soft, feminine fashion since their goal is to be sweet sissy sluts. Not all sissies have to be thin little sticks, so I keep thicc bitch lingerie around too. Every sissy is required to dress a certain way to even think about playing in my presence.

We start by shaving the entire body except the brows and head hair, and slipping them into silky, skin tight stockings. They have to have smooth legs to spread while they take Bull Daddy cock. Sweet, crotchless panties to ensure easy anal access and a sweet garter come next. My favorite sissies get hormone replacement therapy to shrink down those useless clitties and grow in some hot tits.

I have plenty of dresses for my sweets to slip in to before giant BBC’s slip inside their throats and their anal fuck holes. Faggot holes I like to say, until my sissies become hot Tgirls. That will be the day! But they have to start somewhere, so my dollies love playing dress up with me.

Humiliation Phone Sex

Jackie’s Forced Feminization

forced feminization

I am so sick and tired of all of you pussies who say you want to be a sissy slut but chicken out when push comes to shove. The only thing that will fix you is forced feminization and that’s what I’m here to do. How dare you tell me that you are committed to becoming the woman you SAY you want to be and then chickening out when I tell you to do things that are more than putting on a pair of panties. That’s a good start, but sissies are more than just a hairy doofus wearing panties.

You need to really commit when you say you are going to. Wax the fucking hair off of your body. Get a manicure and pedicure – you can wear clear polish so don’t give me any excuses about not being able to do it because of the nail polish. And of course, you are going to need to get a dildo immediately and start training your cunt to take cock because that’s coming up sooner than you realize. If you’re ready to be an actual sissy, then you need to decide you’re really ready to do it and quit having doubts. 

Special Lipgloss

best sissy trainer

Who doesn’t love a good lip gloss? I sure do, and I want to show you how I am the best sissy trainer who will have you begging for a real creamy shade. My special lip gloss is tasty and will have you licking your lips. I have a batch made for you, and it is handy in my purse. It’s all part of your training. Go ahead, reach out and grab it because you will thank me. I love to watch you smear it on you and see it gloss. There is no doubt you are instantly hooked on your sissy lipgloss. The incidents are all-natural and vegan. Cruelty-free, of course. The wear might not last because it tastes so good. You will be going thru the batch overnight. The incident is a secret concoction, and if you love it so much, you can bet you are a true sissy slut after all.

xo sissy maker Ember

Your Mistresses Surpise

mistress phone sexYour dirty mistress has been waiting for your return. While you were away I was out collecting. I was collect balls and cocks by the dozens. All different ages, colors and sizes for you to have fun with. I’ve stopped by parks, bars, and grocery stores! I hope you’ve been preparing for your special session. You’ve been such slut for us that I think you have finally earned a good fucking! Come and crawl over to your mistress and give my pussy a nice orgasm as your final task before your special treat! mistress phone sex

You’re doing such a good job eating this cunt! I think you’ve finally deserved to get all these all the hard daddy cocks in your holes. Take one in your mouth and this little shit hole nice and tight for all twelve dicks to share and pass you around. Start rubbing on your sissy clit for us so we can watch you bust all over while you’re all filled up!

Forced Feminization For Fags

Forced Feminization
Any of my filthy fag fucks know that they’re going to experience some fun forced feminization. it’s fun for me, anyway! I love tormenting my little cock slaves into submission.

I have to make sure every one of their nails is manicured perfectly, every eyelash is coated in the correct amount of mascara layers. Each slut I own must be inspected by me, and always pushed further. If he chooses a hot pink thong, he gets the soft frilly lavender panties instead. Thongs are only for hot girls, aren’t they sweetie? That’s right now. If you choose thigh high Egyptian cotton nylons, I’ll put you in sunset orange fish nets. You never pick the girliest option, so I have to force you into being my little cock whore.

Three inches on your sparkly silver pumps aren’t enough babe. You need at least five, seven if you really want to impress me. You belong to me now, so there’s no reason to still try and fight it. Get down, and put on these Hello Kitty panties made for little whores just like you. Now tell me, how well can you choke on a cock? Well of course sweetie. Once I perfect your appearance, you’re ready for cock training after all.

Sissy Maid Training

You’re My Sissy BBC Slut

bbc sissy trainerBeing a bbc slut trainer always gets me off! I love watching a man like you get his ass cheeks pulled apart and his sissy girl hole force fucked like you deserve! I’ve been going out behind your back to meet up with big black cocks because your 3 inch limp dick wasn’t enough for me. I’ll get out of work and go home with a big black cock and get fucked all night letting him fill me up with his hot white and sticky load of baby seed! When I get back I’m forcing you on your hands and knees to suck me clean. I have the perfect sissy girl outfit for you that’ll turn you into the pretty sissy faggot you deserve to be! When I’m ready I’m inviting 20 big blacks dicks over to train your tight shit hold to get full of cum over and over again! I and black cocks like this completely own and control you and your whole life now. Every where you go you will be dressed like a girl and into bars and clubs to be bent over and having dick after dick and load after load shoved inside all your holes. Skull fucked until you are completely full and can’t swallow cum any longer almost until you’re sick. The next day you are to do it all over again.

Inside My Panty Drawer

Forced Sissy Training
Being the Sissy Trainer of the family most certainly has its perks. Wouldn’t you know I caught my sweet young brother going through my panty drawer again? The family secret is that Mommy’s been making him dress like a little sissy faggot since he was a plump little angel. She had him in Disney Princess Pull-Ups with cute little bows in his long, curly hair. Mommy had enough boys. With only me and my sister Zoey, Mommy was going to make herself another daughter whether he liked it or not.

Mommy choked herself to death on a massive BBC cock before she could finish out her work, so she’s left it up to me to finish this little slut up. Lucky for me, catching him in my panty drawer warranted the perfect excuse to get the job done. I snatched him up by his cute little ponytail. “What do you think you’re doing, little slut?”

He was whimpering pathetically. Evidently he’d “had a little accident” while he was sleeping, and was out of clean panties. Naughty little boys get punished, don’t they? I made him pick out whatever pair of panties he wanted from my drawer, and put them on his soiled little body. Then, he had to go and wake up all of his brothers with his mouth by choking down their Alpha cocks, and beg them to let him change his disgusting little panties.
Humiliation Phone Sex