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Femboy training for my bitch boss

When I was younger I babysat for a couple who I ended up giving Femboy training to the husband.. The wife was always at work while the husband only worked nights. During the day he would follow me around asking about my life as a young lady and if I had boyfriends. I would give some stories, especially when I noticed how excited he was when he heard about me having one night stands. One day I walked in on him wearing his wife’s panties. I couldn’t help but laugh and when he saw me I called him a sissy bitch who needs some training. I was still young and had only a little bit of experience with training a sissy whore.

Femboy training

I did know a hot BBC sissy trainer, so I called him over. When he came over he pulled his big black cock out and grabbed my bosses head and pushed it towards his cock. Part of his sissy bitch training would be he would be milking his cock with his mouth whenever he wanted. That was the day my sissy bitch boss became my new sissy bitch to train and use. His wife still thought i was just their nanny but we both knew and he became the best sissy bitch i had.

phone dominatrix on girls night

Phone Dominatrix

I have the hottest friends ever, and sometimes they love to listen in on me and my phone dominatrix antics. Ever since I have taken calls here at sissy slut hut, I’ve gotten into my goddess mode. I’ve always garnered enough attention from others, but now I reap the benefits of making a sissy my slave. 

The girls and I love to talk for hours with you sissy sluts, and we love to make you all do all sorts of stuff for us. Sissy enslaved people that listen get rewarded. My favorite sissies are the ones that I get to drain financially. The more money you give me, the happier I am with you losers. Time is up trying to pretend to be a man. Pay up and listen to all my commands. Girls’ night in dominating you losers is how it goes.

You Will Wear the Dress You Sissy Slut

Forced Feminization


You are now a Grade A cocksucker and sissy extraordinaire, ready to gobble up cock after cock, but do you remember when you first wanted to become a sissy? I was training you in the sissy arts, including how to put on makeup and clothes. You loved wearing the panties and stockings that you stowed away in your drawer, but told me that you did not want to go any further than that. I knew that you needed that extra push. Remember when those strapping men broke into your house and put you in your best sissy outfit to date. Short pink dress, matching pink panties, stockings and heels are what makes you look so beautiful. They wolf whistled at you and told you to give them a sexy little show. You complied in the face of these men, showing them a sexy little dance. I remember you coming into my training the next day telling me how much you loved those men breaking in and forcing you into feminine clothes. I replied that the power of sissy clothing makes you look so submissive and fuckable, and that everyone should have their own outfit or outfits. After that night, you became my best student. 

Humiliation Phone Sex with Heaven

Humiliation Phone Sex

I’m looking for a new sissy bitch to humiliate and expose. I’m going to dress you up in the frilliest of lingerie, put your poor excuse for a dick (henceforth referred to as your overgrown clit) in permanent chastity and whore you out to all the mandingo dicks I know (and even the ones I don’t), all the while recording you and taking pictures of you in the act, being the sissy whore you are, gathering everything I can to expose you. If you don’t please me and do as you’re ordered, I’m going to ruin you. I’m going to show the images and videos to everyone you know– friends, family, colleagues, landlord etc.– and let them know what a worthless sissy bitch you are. Your life is going to implode and you’re not going to have anyone left but me! 

To keep me happy, you’ll need to drain your wallet, give me everything you have and when you have nothing left, you’re going to whore yourself out for my  profit. Your bussy and throat are going to be for rent and you better take every load like a good slut and not complain! You are nothing, you are worthless, you have no meaning and no value outside of serving me the way I tell you to. Do you understand? You are a waste of space, but I give your life meaning. I’m the one who is pushing you toward your destiny and helping you realize your deepest desires. You’d be an ever bigger nothing without me!

Panty Surprise Dreams, Oh My!

Domination Phone Sex

I’ve often dreamed of waking up with a panty surprise instead of a hot creampie! So many times I’ve wondered what it would be like to fuck my sissy sluts with a hard dick of my very own. I’ve thought about how easy it would be to play with my sissies if I could just pop my cock out of my pink panties and make them slurp all over it. They would be eager to please my mistress cock and I’d be eager to cum in them. I’d watch as my little sissy swallowed me down her throat as I forced her head all the way down to my balls. My sissy would bend over and spread that pussy wide for my perfect pretty mistress cock to slide inside!

Forced sissy Training diaper chastity!

forced sissy trainingForced sissy Training with diaper chastity! I have a sweet and sassy man who is a big sissy baby. He says he loves how cute and girly he can be in adult baby gear. And since he has a tiny dick it only makes sense that he is a baby boy. I completely agree and the pictures I get sent are so adorable, I just can’t help but giggle each time he sends me a sissy baby pic. Now I have to tell my wittle boy is a queer and loves to suck cock and get fucked. For all the sweet giggles and small dick humiliation there’s another side of my dollbaby. The cute outfits and small penis make my big sissy la-la diaper slut! She is just a little girl who needs a daddy dick.sissy phone sex

Sissy baby girl says she shouldnt touch her clitty anymore and needs to be locked in her diaper and forbidden to be changed or uncaged. That is until a daddy dick appointment! And only then should she be allowed to be changed because daddies don’t like poopy butts unless they make a baby girl squit out her bussy! The cage will stay until I say so, and I better have proof that she got as much daddy dick as she says she has. I count her diapers and I am emailed a log of her eliminations. There’s no way around chastity diapers during sissy phone sex with me!

Learning to be the best slut ever wtih sissy hypno training

Sissy hypno trainingI know what you really want, Sissy hypno training. I know what you really need me to do. Invite you for a session. I will be your sex therapist for sissy hypno training. I promise it is a craving that you have had in the back of your mind. I assure you it is a craving that once fulfilled will blow your mind. Sit in my chair and follow my necklace and sissy charm. Back and forth, back and forth you will start to get very very sleepy. Your eyelids will get heavy and you will start to drift off. That is not sleep coming as the awakeness leaves your body. That is the fake manly urges that you have falling to the wayside for the sissy awakening that you need. 

As a hypnotized zombie, you will strip yourself of your fake man clothes, throwing them to the fireplace because never again will you need those. I will hand you a tight form-fitting pink dress and black thigh-high stockings and a thing. Put them on. Feel the stockings tight against your legs. As you look down at them you can see how tight and femme they now look. Pull the thong up your ass and tuck your tiny winky into them. It doesn’t take much work at all. The sensation of the silky pink dress hugging your body will top it all off. You are now a sissy princess, ready to take whatever I shove at or in you. 

Pathetic Sissy Whore Needs More Training

Sissy Training Audio


You are a pathetic faggot with your clit throbbing between your legs, begging for release as you are getting fucked from the back by a big black cock. Cock is what you think about when you wake up in the morning and what you dream about when you sleep. All you should ever be thinking about is how best to serve that cock. That oversized clit hanging between your legs does not matter. You are a fuck toy for men with big cocks to play with. That is why day after day I bring big cock after big cock to train you completely. The more cocks you suck, the better you can deepthroat. `The more that you take inside of you, the better you will be able to squeeze that cock and milk the cock for every drop. Your purpose is to make him cum. Your job is to be the cum receptacle. If he wants to cum on your face, you take it you faggot bitch. You belong to any man who wants to fuck you. Now get on your knees and beg for it. 

Sissy Scotty is A Porn Store Cum Whore!

Phone Domination

I took my new sissy to the porn store glory hole to get her sissy pussy pumped full of cum! Sissy Scotty is nasty little faggot whore who loves being used by lots of random hot cock. Scotty and I love getting all dolled up in our high heels, short shirts, lacy panties and crop tops. We do our makeup to look like bimbos before we go out on the town and strut our stuff. We knew we were going out to get fucked, no doubt about it! I had a brilliant idea to stop by the sex shop and Scotty was excited to find out they had a glory hole right in the back room! So, we waited for a hard cock to come right through the hole and when it did, I recorded Scotty sucking, she got cum all over her face! I couldn’t believe what a throat whore Scotty turned out to be, we stayed at the glory hole for hours swallowing big creamy loads until the store closed!

forcing a sissy slut

Let’s do a glamour shoot tonight. I want you to know that you will live as a sissy forever. Once you do sissy things, there’s no going back. It’s like your man card is ruined and busted for life. I will show you the way to redemption, and it’s nowhere * Giggles* Once you have a sissy second, you can’t go back to collect your manhood. Time to put on a show and show me you will forever be my sissy slave. Yes, you will wear chastity devices because you can please yourself. It would be best if you had this. It’s the forced feminization you’ve always dreamt about and have wanted—time to wear sissy outfits twenty-four-seven, baby. There’s no going back now.

 Forced feminization