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Sissy Training is My Specialty, and So is Being a Loving Mommy

sissy trainingSissy training is my specialty, but I get a lot of mommy calls too. I guess you could call me a sissy mom. I have two trans sons. When I first started this job, my boys were schoolboys. Just young boys who liked to play dress up in mommy’s clothes and play with make-up. I knew then that they were special. I mean boys their age played with cars, Legos and trucks. They wanted to wear jeans and t-shirts. I let them be who they were. I think it is harmful to stifle a young one’s natural exploration to find out who he or she is. Most women are not as enlightened as me, though. I get all sorts of sissy phone sex callers who talk to me about how they were shamed and ridiculed, even punished by their parents when they got caught wearing mommy’s pretty things. Some of these men are pretty fucked up because their parents just did not understand.

I like to recreate the mothering experience with callers. Be that nurturing, loving, encouraging mother that they should have had. The kind of mother my boys have. My twins are living their lives in that in-between world that scares so many people these days. They go to an arts school where their creativity  can blossom. They go to a school where they can wear dresses and makeup to school daily. They have friends. They have boyfriends. They thrive socially. Regular school was not so welcoming, but I recognized that immediately and switched their schools. What mother does not want her offspring to thrive? When they are 18, they can decide if they want to have sex reassignment surgery, or become trans girls. Whatever they choose, I will support because that it what a good parent does. They support their offspring. And the best sissy trainer supports you. Nurtures you, encourages you and only punishes you in order to train you properly.  Mommy is waiting for you boys.

OMG! You Just Woke Up as an Anime Girl!

Sissy training audio


In this listening session, all you need to do is sit back, relax and listen to the sound of my words. 

You slowly wake up and stretch, ready to get washed up and dressed. As you get up, you notice your body feels different than usual. You look down to see what is going on and you see a massive pair of tits on your chest. You run to the bathroom, desperate to see if someone has pulled a prank on you as your giant tits bounce up and down with each step. With one glance, you realize that you have been transformed into a beautiful anime girl. You have big bouncing boobs that jiggle when you breathe, a tight slim waist, and a nice round ass. You are ultimately feminine, beautiful and fuckable. You walk out of the house with your night clothes on, consisting of only a see-through white tank top and tiny shorts, and you capture the attention of all the men in the neighborhood. Seeing you in this outfit makes their cocks hard and they rush after you. You try to go back inside, but it’s too late. They have already grabbed you and started ripping your clothes off. 

You can’t fight back as they fuck you every which way. They stuff their cocks in your pussy and your ass, something you have not experienced before. Your new virginity does not matter to these men as they use you as a cock sleeve. One of the men starts playing with your tits, squeezing them and bouncing them up and down. No need for that as the men behind you are pounding you so hard your tits bounce on their own. Open wide! An army of big cocks are ready to force themselves down your tiny throat. 

Forced Sissy Training With A Goddess Will Show Your True Colors!

Forced Sissy Training

I love training my sissies and dressing them up in all sorts of sexy and slutty outfits. Making them wear slutty dresses and super slutty make-up and super high, high heels is only part of the joys of sissy training though. The rest is all about who we get to join in on our naughty fun together. I always have a ton of guy friends willing to break a new sissy in.

Or we could go to the club to break in the new sissy pussy. Knowing full well that your erect clit is only that, a clit not a cock. Maybe I’ll even put it in a little chastity cage so you won’t be able to touch it, just simply enjoy being fucked and squirt while that enormous cock pounds your pussy hard. Let me watch as it drips in excitement, and you get stuffed full of cocks.

I have both shemale friends and male friends who would both be open to popping your cherry my love. And you’ll love every fucking second of being used like the sex puppet you are. You’re my little sex doll that I get to make over and dress up then have fucked silly. I want you fucked so good that you call me for more, longing to be a better sissy than before.

My online sissy training will leave you drained and squirting like no tomorrow. So get in line and pick your favorite dress and we will have some naughty fucking fun.

Femboy training for pathetic sissy whores

Femboy trainingFemboy training really gets me off. I like turning my sissy sluts into complete whores. I want you to call me Goddess Meadow, I’m a phone dominatrix who will teach you a hard lesson. I will put you in a cage like a dog and take out my switch and smack your pathetic clitty with it. That’s right whore. Take it. I watch you wiggle your hips as I continue to smack you hard, watching you squirm. I go ahead and put a device on your small cock in order to shock it for my own pleasure. I give you your favorite pair of sissy panties to wear and make you put them on from inside the cage. You’re humiliated as I invite all of my guy friends over. They laugh at your humiliated face. They look at me, the BBC sissy trainer, and I instruct them to take out their cocks and to start stroking them in order to get them hard. They do so and your eyes widen from inside the cage as you see how huge their cocks are. Be prepared to take it slut. I electrocute your penis because of your terrified look. I tell you that you’ll take it no matter how huge their cocks are. You will be used, fucked, and humiliated. This is going to be the best forced sissy training session you’ve ever had. I want you to put on a show for these men. I want you to show them how you like forced feminization. I go ahead and open the door to the cage, and watch you crawl out. I give you a pink dress to put on along with some sexy lingerie and stocking to put on underneath. I watch you prance around and dance for them. They laugh at you knowing that this femboy training session is really going to be a tough one for you…

Let Me Show You Sissies How It’s Done

Femboy training

I am disappointed in all of you. Man after man have come here to run through all of my students and you still don’t know how to please a cock correctly. Come watch me and I will show you what a real sissy whore will do. Before I do so, however, I’m going to put you all in chastity. I don’t want you all to get distracted rubbing your clits while I am teaching you valuable skills. When you get down on all fours, look back at him while he’s fucking you. Even though you are a disposable cum rag, some guys like to see the cum rag’s fuck faces. Squeeze his cock when he is completely inside of you, so that he never wants to slide it out. Do your exercises so that you can hold onto that cock for as long as you can. Unless they ask for your gaping hole, no one wants a loose pussy. I see you’re all hard in chastity right now. You had better not touch your clits until I’m done getting fucked!  

Sissy Panties: What color do you like wearing?

Sissy PantiesSissy panties always need to be worn when a pretty little plaything is in the presence of a hot young Princess like me. I can smell pathetic sissy losers in the air whenever a sissy faggot is well within range. Brainless sissys need to feel the silky panties against their little winky, it feels way better than fake men’s boxers. They can be so rough, a real puss needs panties after all. Catching a sissy wearing fake man clothes will result in caged punishment and withheld cum. There is nothing worse to a sissy bitch than knowing that he has to look and not touch. Why even push the envelope, put your panties on, and ring up the hot young mistress of your dreams? 

Femboy Training: Do you have what it takes to be my slut?

Femboy TrainingI know that femboy training you are craving from a hot young babe like me, and it is really starting to drive you nuts. You see hot barely legal babes like me every time you are out shopping. We look so sexy with our tight clothes and platform heals, giggling and laughing our perky tits bouncing under our shirts. It drives you wild and that is okay with me. Not wild because you wish that you could be with us, stuffing your throbbing hard cock deep into our dripping wet bald pussies. Instead, you wish you could be us. A feminized fuck boy willing to take a stiff hard cock just like a pretty bimbo slut. It is time you give over control of your pathetic life to a beautiful vixen with higher powers like me. Showing you the ropes of what it takes to be a femboy slut is what brings joy to my Superior life. Get ready to drop those man clothes at your feet and be adorned with the feminizing women’s clothes that your body has craved to wear. You will be my bimbo plaything. Get ready to have the most fun. 

Online Sissy Training for Sissies Who Cannot Get a Real Cock in Their Sissy Ass

online sissy trainingI love online sissy training men. Most of my regular phone sissies cannot really get cock, but they can pretend with this sissy mom. Yesterday, I got to talk with Margo. Been awhile since she had time to express herself. Margo is a party sissy. She loves her Tina, and she loves her mommy. Margo and I go back to the first week I worked as an online sissy trainer. Margo likes to please mommy. I pimp her out to all the black men I know, and even some I do not know. Mommy needs money. My sissies pay my bills. That is the way it should be too because mommy is in charge. I am a phone dominatrix. I am a real-life mistress too. Before I became a sissy trainer, I was a full-time mistress. I still have a dungeon in my basement, but it is part sissy room too. Now, some of the BDSM equipment has been replaced with sissy clothes and toys. When Margo first called me, she only had a few sissy items and a one dildo. Now, she can fill her own closet and has a variety of dildos. While we talked yesterday, she bounced on her suction cup dildo to simulate one of those big black cocks fucking her sissy holes. I let her do some Tina, and smoke because Tina helps open those sissy holes wide and black men love seeing a sissy bitch blow smoke rings on their big black cocks. Margo hustled for her sissy mom. She took one big black cock after another in her sissy ass. Cum was pouring out of her too. She made me so proud. It is not easy for most sissies to get those big black cocks, but calling a BBC sissy trainer like me can make it seem like you are really getting one big black cock after another up that sissy ass of yours.


Sissy slut needs sissy phone sex

sissy phone sex

I like when little sissies pretend they don’t want huge cocks. You can fake it all you want. You know you’re craving cock. Ever since I’ve begun sissy phone sex with specific clients, I have noticed that I am so into making a sissy like that come to their knees and begin to worship, wanting to be a sissy.

I like making sissies do poppers and talk to me all about their dirty fantasies. You know you have one too many of those naughty cock fantasies that make you want to succumb to a big dick. Open your mouth and take that jizz. It’s going to be a wild ride with a slut who can indeed teach you to swallow every load.

Now you will begin to admit that you are a sissy.

Femboy training is a fantasy come true!

Femboy trainingI have a big stable of femboy training sissies to play with all night and day. They follow the best training methods and are always willing to get on a nice hard cock and get riding for my pleasure at the nearest provocation. I barely even have to look at them while a nice rich thick cock is on display for them to get what needs to happen. I’ve trained them in the most amazing, hardcore, ass-bursting ways and when they need me it’s because they’re dry and out of lube, not because they need extra training. That’s the beauty of a stable, it’s self-sustaining, self-working, self fucking. I only need to get involved to whip out a powerful pegging dildo and get wrecking. There’s times when sissies get a little uppity. Forced feminization fun fuckfests are my favorite times, times when I get to go all out and treat them to a real reservoir of emotions instability and desire to take it out on a weak asshole ready to tear and become mine. I’m aggressive, infinitely endearing, and more than willing to get fucking hard enough to destroy any resistance and bring about a reckoning of sissy obedience. I’m always ferocious and furious and ready to wreck. 

The most important part about a ready stable is the restock. I spend a good portion of my nights going out of my way to try and stuff as many wimpy pussy sissy boys in my stock as possible. I turn normal men into toys, I turn weak men into fuckholes, and I turn fuckholes into obedient slaves that never wear, tire, or get weary. I love fucking the absolutely straightness out of a weak ass that really needs its play to reach its pitiful limits. It’s forced sissy training at its finest.