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Sissy Trainer For Faggots

Forced Sissy TrainingGet in here and get on your knees! Already such a good faggot aren’t you? Were you practicing to be a good little cumslut for me and all of my bbc friends? Oh, how they are going to tear into your worthless faggot body! They do love fresh meat such as yourself! They’re all excited to see who is going to fuck that precious shit hole of yours first! They have cocks bigger than you can imagine ever pushing inside of yourself! For me, you’re going to enjoy every bit of it! You’ll take those big nigger cocks while dressed up like a fucking slutty faggot and make a cum mess all over yourself! Once you do, I expect you to lick it and clean it all!

Femboy Training

femboy trainingAre you in need of femboy training? Many men are but are afraid to admit it. Most femboys live in the closet. They wear panties when the wife is away or sleeping. They may even wear women’s panties under their business suit at work. I encourage that actually. Sure, there is always the risk you get into an accident and the EMTs and hospital staff discover you are in panties. Not like they are going to announce it to the world or stop giving you care because of it. In all the things that doctors, and nurses see, a man in panties is the least of it. Do not let fear prevent you from wearing sissy panties. I am here to guide you and help you be the best sissy you can be in or out of the closest. I love sissies. I have sissy sons and sissy clients. The first thing I do is strip any man of his boxers or boxer briefs. Sissies belong in panties. Little clits need to be protected and secured. Not sure if you are a sissy or just a panty boy? That is okay. I can help you navigate your true identity. Panty boys likely have been playing with panties since they were schoolboys. It began in mommy’s panty drawer and likely continues in a wife or daughter’s panty drawer. Panty boys like to jack off with dirty panties and wear them too. Sissy boys do too, but a sissy also thinks about cock and servicing his mistress. A sissy gets aroused at being dressed all girly and sucking dick in front of his mistress. Most sissies wear panties, but not all panty wearers are sissies. When you call me for sissy training, I help you determine if you are a sissy boy or just a panty boy! There is no shame in either.

A Trip To The Office

I showed up at my husband’s office today with my favorite sissy beside me. I let her dress in regular clothes but she a pretty pink G-string and jeweled butt plug on. The way she walked down the hall as that butt plug stretched out her little tight pussy was fabulous. We entered my sorry ass husband’s office and I had her prepare. She undressed me and then undressed herself. I sat on the desk with my tits out and pulled my panties over so she could look at my perfect pussy.

In her pink G-string and butt plug she crawled over to me and started lapping on my pussy, worshiping it like a good whore. Then the door opened, and my sissy ass husband appeared. He didn’t say a work. He knew why I was there. With his head bowed he undressed to his black G-string panties and pulled them down to show me his butt plug. I pointed for him to come and join in devouring my pussy. After I came all over their faces it was time for me to watch. Perform you pathetic faggots. They didn’t disappoint. Sissy pulled my husbands butt plug out and ate his ass as my husband stroked his little clitty. Want to hear what else they did? It was hot and so ridiculous.

Do You Belong in Sissy Panties?

sissy pantiesDo you belong in sissy panties? I am going to ask you a couple questions. Do you have a small dick? I am talking shrimp dick more like the size of a pinky. What sissy trainers like me call a clit stick. If you measure under 4 inches you need panties. You will be lost in boxer shorts or even boxer briefs. The second question is do you think of cock? I mean sucking cock or even getting it in your back door? Even if just a fleeting thought when high or drunk, you are likely a cock sucking wannabe faggot. That means you are not a man. Not in the traditional sense at least. If you think of cock like in servicing men, you might be a sissy. You just need some sissy training to see your true potential. I love sissies. I have made a career out of being a sissy trainer too. A very profitable career. I even train my twin boys. They are not manly men. Not only do they have small clit sticks, they also love to dress. It began with them raiding my closest. They would wear my panties. Then they would try on bras and garter belts. I would catch them in my makeup. Eventually, I put them in wigs and gave them the full femboy treatment. That includes cock training too. Now, they live their lives as fem gurls. They go to an arts school, so they fit in better. They can suck cock almost as good as me because I trained them. No one is as good as me, however. My middle name is Hoover, LOL. If I can train my boys to be perfect cock sucking sissies, imagine what I can do with you? Online sissy training needs to be on your list for 2022. This is the year to be a cock sucking sissy faggot.

Femboy training was best for him

Sometimes I tend to get a caller that needs a little coaching. This one needed Femboy training. It’s not surprising since I am a sissy mommy and a sissy slut hut site mistress.
This young man called me up in a complete mess of a situation. It seems his mother-in-law decided she was going to force him to wear pantyhose and a bra. But that was not all, he was forced to watch his wife get fucked by her daddy.

So when he called me he was in a dilemma. He couldn’t understand what was happening. One thing for sure though he was not getting that wife pussy anymore. He wasn’t even going to get a mother-in-law’s pussy to fuck either.

Situations like this is why I am here. I help train him to be the cucky  sissy serpent his wife needed.

Femboy training

Eat My Ass

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Look at you sissy. Walking in with your head hanging down. You look guilty. Don’t lie to me, I know what you did. You see I know everything. You can’t hide anything from me. You were watching your hot shemale porn on your phone weren’t you. Rubbing your little clitty and pushing your buttplug in deeper? You are forever my disobedient slut, but you must pay and be punished for your indiscretions. So today, you will be my femboy maid.

Come to me and eat my ass, I want you to dig deep inside and clean all that cum from last night out. I have a special visitor coming soon and I don’t want to be full of cum. Spread my cheeks and burry your face baby. Stick your fingers inside. Oh, that feels good love. Now sit there beside the bed on your knees. I see you have a wet spot in your panties. You are going to have an even bigger wet spot in a minute. But you know the rules. No playing with your clitty while Mistress Francis has fun. Oh, look baby, walking through the door. A magnificent hot beautiful shemale. All for me. Now sit and enjoy the show love.

Best Sissy Trainer for the New Year

best sissy trainerI was the best sissy trainer on New Year’s Eve. I got to have a marathon session with Margo, my favorite black cock sissy. She had some time alone and wanted to end the year on a positive by sucking some big black cocks for mommy. I have turned Margo into such a good black cock whore that she makes me money. I needed the money and Margo needed the cocks and the cum. In my eyes, it was a win win situation. I had a few dozen hung black men ready to gangbang my party sissy. I got Margo all dolled up before the gang bang. She is such a pretty sissy that some of the black bulls never realize Margo was not born a girl. Under my care and schooling, I can make any man look like pretty girl. Margo was in a blonde wig with her makeup done just right. She had on a sexy red negligee. She was dolled up and ready to ring the new year in properly. She was down on her knees sucking big black dicks and taking them in her back door fun hole. Margo does a little candy, and she turns into a sex machine. I told her whatever she does in her final day of the year will set the tone for the following year. If she wants to be the best BBC sissy, then she was with the right bbc sissy trainer. I got her a couple dozen black bulls with cum filled balls for her final sissy act of 2021. Margo sucked and fucked and swallowed her way into 2022 like a great sissy. I was so proud of her. She had a belly full of cum, a sissy pussy full of cum too. And I had a lot of money for her effort. Happy New Year to us both.

Ready for some sissy phone sex?

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Im ready to show you why I am the best sissy madame around. You can see that sissy phone sex with me is pretty popular. The guy loves to transform with this red-headed vixen. im going to show you why I am the best little slut who has acquired the likes of men all over. You will see what a girl like me will do. I’m going to be a fucking rockstar in your eyes because I can pull all the cock you wish you could. You will see how men practically beg for my attention.

I know you want to conquer cocks all over the world. The main cock that makes you weak is the chocolate one. Don’t you be surprised you will be attracting so many big black juicy cocks with my help.

Prissy Sissy Phone Sex For Faggots

Sissy Phone Sex
A little prissy, sissy phone sex for faggots is what you get. I’m tired of you misbehaving, so I’m going to put your ass in a pamper and you’ll thank me for it. I’ll spank you, and you’ll thank me for it. Sit with that diaper on, you tiny cock loser, and accept your fate.

If you’re lucky, I’ll dress you up in a cutesy little onesie and make you know the full wrath of my fury. We’ll find you a thick dick BBC Daddy to turn you into his little dress up doll fairy princess fuck toy.

Once that BBC Daddy buys you, it’s not online sissy training anymore; he owns the rights to you for life. And you will serve him as the perfect little sissy whore you are, won’t you? You’ll make sure big Daddy’s cock is sucked, that your little hole gets fucked, and filled, and even bred if that’s what he needs.

Daddy’s going to be greedy, little faggot, so get ready to really surrender everything and live the type of Alice in Wonderland fantasy life your pathetic, squirting clitty has only ever dreamed of. Everything you are is thanks to me, thanks to Daddy. I’m the very best of the BBC Sissy Trainer sluts around, and believe me when I say you’ll get yours, bitch.

Online Sissy Training

Start Sucking Sissy

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Hey baby, how was your Christmas? Did you have to go through the motions of being masculine for appearances while you secretly wore your pretty nylon pink panties underneath your pants? Don’t try to hide it, I can tell by the sparkle in your eyes and the half smile on your pathetic face. You don’t have to hide with me. I know exactly what you are. A ridiculous sissy cock loving sissy. Lucky for you I also had to put on appearances for the holiday and I am dying to take it out on you. This will be good for both of us.

Come on in and let’s get started. Your outfit is upstairs in the changing room. A beautifully tight and short made outfit, a bright and shiny new butt plug, fishnet thigh highs and heels. There will be no panties wore by you tonight. I will put on your pretty pink lacey panties and wear them. Hurry up and get in here, I am anxious and horny as hell babe. You scurry into my room so anxious and stop dead when you see what I have waiting for us on the bed. The biggest, darkest, thickest cock you have ever seen. Baby you better get to sucking so you can guide him into my pulsating dripping wet pussy.