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It’s goddess to you!

Best sissy trainerIt’s goddess to you, you stupid little sissy slut! Why do I even have to correct you at this point?! You say you want to be my sissy pet but have shown you are not even worthy of my time! Why do you have to be told to suck the beta’s massive cock? You should be eager to get the chance to wrap your warm wet sissy mouth around his beautiful veiny rock-hard cock!  You are lucky to even be in our presence! You know you don’t even deserve that! You are scum sissy! The only thing you are good for is to be fucked and for you to suck, and you can’t even do that right?! Crawl over to me like the fucking filthy sissy slut you are! Don’t you dare look at me! You look at the ground sissy! That same ground that you should be worshiping because I walk upon it sissy! Now I’m going to sit up my throne which is your dirty little sissy face, and you are going to eat my ass! Clean this goddess’ fucking fat ass femboy! No, I don’t care that you can’t breathe! What does that have to do with me?! You better fucking figure it out sissy before I suffocate you with my dirty ass! Now lift your legs and take this huge cock deep inside your sissy hole! I would say don’t make a sound, but your face is a little preoccupied being my seat! Its ok sissy by the end of this training session you will be thanking me and kissing my fucking feet!

I Love Femboy Training

femboy trainingI love femboy training. My daughter has a friend who when he turned 18 got a boob job. In high school he was like my sissy twins. He was a crossdresser and wanted cock. Lots of cock. I helped feminize Nathan when he was a schoolboy. I am good with hair and makeup, and wardrobe of course. I knew what Nathan was and I excepted him. I pretty much raised him when his folks kicked him out. I never will understand parents who do not accept their offspring for who they are. Everyone is welcome in my home. Nathan goes by Natalie now and she is just the cutest little T-girl. She has bigger boobs than my daughter. She has a good job. A good place to live. She is thriving despite being cut off from her family. My daughter, Natalie and I went to Pride Festival this morning before the heat became oppressive. We were all decked out in rainbows. I gave out free mom hugs. My little T-girl surrogate daughter was the belle of the pride festival. She picked up a straight black man who had no clue. All dolled up Natalie is as hot as my daughter. She has a beautiful little clit stick too. I suggested they come back to my place. My daughter and Natalie love big black cocks. They both have Queen of Spades tattoos. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I love black cock too. I was hoping Natalie my little fem queen would share. This dude thought he was going home with three hot chicks. He was but one of us had a tiny panty surprise. I do not even think this stud realized he was fucking a T-girl. That is how pretty Natalie is. And when I say she has a tiny clitty, I mean it is tiny. Like 3-inches hard max. If this guy knew, he never let on. He fucked Natalie’s tight little backdoor pussy, and me and my daughters’ cunts. He had enough to go around. He was not stingy with his bbc either. He pumped us all full of cum. Even the best sissy trainer needs some cock occasionally. Just never thought a little femgirl would be my wingman.

bbc sissy trainer

Sissy training audio

Best sissy trainer

Aw Sissy, How hard it must be to be you in this world… The feeling of being anxious, nervous and scared you must feel like the entire world is closing in on you. If you can only just look exactly like a woman to the point of no questions being asked… Well, you can! That’s what sissy training is all about. Shopping isn’t just about having the perfect hot lingerie. Nobody wants to see a hairy bird chest in lace. Haha! That’s why we need to go shopping for what truly matters. Lets get that clity tucked away in a full real body doll bodysuit. That includes a perfect pair of firm tits for all those men to look at. Having exactly what a woman has or at least appearing that way would have all the men haywire over you. A pair of tits to wrap around his juicy hard cock while you suck and drool all over his shaft. Ideal! He can flip you over and place his hard cock between those warm buns and fuck you senseless. With so much needed to fully transform it’s going to take a lot more than this blog. Give me a call so you can get the best sissy training out there!

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Femboy Training Begins Now!

Femboy Training

It has become very clear that I need to teach you sissy white boys how to behave in the presence of a Supreme Cocoa Queen! Luckily, I am the best at cracker femboy training. Let’s start by getting you out of those clothes and into something more slutty. My sissy toys need to be dolled up in fuck me fits. I’m going to keep you in skirts and lingerie so that when I have you facedown begging for my veiny black strap I can pull on your lacey frills as I thrust deep inside of you. I’ll use your skirt as reigns to pull you back as I ride you like a pretty pony. You’re so good at taking a thick uncut carrot! I see that you’re not wearing make-up though. Tisk tisk. The only way to make my chocolate pussy drip syrup is to smear on some sexy purple lipstick for when I’m watching you slobber down the shaft of my dick. If you suck me good enough I’ll let you drink the juice that squirts out my fruit box. Your training isn’t going to be all sex and giggles though, peckerwood! You are going to be in chastity a majority of the time because I don’t you to even think of touching that pathetic little clitty! Any backtalk is going to get that bare bottom spanked with a thick wooden paddle. You better hope I don’t squash those baby berries in your sissy panties! When I’m done with you, you’re gonna know exactly how I expect my lily-white fuck meat to worship a superior black goddess.

Mother and Daughter Sissy Training

sissy trainingMy daughter loves sissy training too. She is 18 now and can legally join me. She has been joining me for about a year now anyway. I have plenty of sissy boys who love the idea of a mother daughter training session. Last night was the first time my baby girl could accompany me to the dirty bookstore with a client. My sissy Sally is a 55-year-old closested sissy. My daughter has pegged him with me. She has even dressed him up to look like a bimbo Barbie. She is very talented with hair and make-up. She is in cosmetology school. She does nails too. My daughter and I escorted Sissy Sally into the adult bookstore and into the back room where the glory holes are. She was going to practice her cock sucking skills on the real thing this time. She was ready for the real thing. Online sissy training involves dildos and garden veggies, but when you see me in real-time, you get to suck the real thing. Sissy Sally was so excited. We went into the room, knocked on the wall and cocks popped through the holes. Big cocks too. Many were black or brown, but there were a few average white dicks in attendance too. I encouraged my sissy to start slow. She started with the white dicks before she finished with the big black cocks. I knocked again on the wall to signal a few studs over to fuck Sally’s puckered back door pussy. The only thing to enter her tight hole has been my strapon. She was ready to graduate sissy school with the real thing in her sissy hole. I pulled her fluffer panties down and lubed up her hole. My daughter guided a big black dick in her technically virgin hole. The best sissy trainer always makes sure her sissies get the real thing after some practice. My daughter and I had so much fun seeing our tutelage played out in the real world.

Don’t fucking make me hurt you!

Sissy trainingYeah, you fucking sissy you like the way I bend you over and spread you ass cheeks wide open, don’t you? I am, after all, the Best sissy trainer, and you my sissy boy are now in training!  I take my face and shove it between your cherry red cheeks. Before slapping you hard again. I force my fingers, dry ,in your tight hole before I shove them deeper, fucking you hard and prepping my sissy hole to be destroyed. I love the way your ass opens for me. Good boy you know you want mistress to punish your boy pussy, don’t you? I spit on your ass letting drip down your balls before standing and forcing my strap on deep inside your ass. You’re my whore and I’m going to use you for my pleasure! You groan with the force that I pound your ass, and I grip your throat. And yank your head back. “Shut the fuck up and take this dick! You are nothing but my little fuck toy, and I am going to toy with you all night, so get ready!” I hiss while pounding you harder. Your cock is rock-hard, and I reach around stroking it slowly teasing you as I fuck my ass, hard and fast. Yeah, that’s right that’s my ass and I’m going to stretch and rip your faggot hole open!  You fucking better not cum! You know you have rules, and 100% chastity is a nonnegotiable one! Don’t fucking make me hurt you! You know how much I love that! “Now come make me happy! I say as I walk away and grab my whip from off the table. You crawl over to me before dropping your head waiting for my instructions. “Good boy!” I say as I remove my strap. The hissing of the whip as it smacks your ass makes my pussy wet.  “Now eat me like the filthy little dog that you are!”  Good sissy pet!

Walking My Sissy Bitch

I took my sissy for a walk today. I put on her sissy collar and only sissy panties. I made sure to shove my favorite plug in her little man pussy. I made it clear my sissy slut had to crawl on all fours like a dog bitch she is, while at the park i made her sniff people’s asses just like bitches do. I even made her eat treats out of their hands before I was going to show off how good her mouth is. I pulled my dildo out my bag and my sissy slut opened her mouth wide open. I shoved it down her slutty mouth so everyone could see how far down her throat she could take it. She was putting on a good show, but it wasn’t enough for me. I pulled her panties down and pulled the butt plug out of his man pussy.

Sissy panties

I shoved the plug in her mouth and then took my dildo and started fucking her opened sissy cunt for everyone to see. Her clitty started leaking and I scooped anything with my fingers and made her lick it. I didn’t stop shoving my dildo in and out of her sissy cunt until she made a cummy mess. Just like any other messes my sissy whore cleaned up with her tongue. 

Play Time With Tiffany

sissy phone sexSissy Tiffany loves to get all sexy for me whenever I tell her to. I put a cute little white dress with panties and a bra in the bathroom for when she comes. I love to have her go change and when she comes out I can see the bottom of her ass I fucking love it. I get down on my knees and lick tiffany’s cock through those pretty hot pink lace panties. I take her cock out and start to lick and suck every inch getting it all nice and wet not forgetting about those big balls. Just when her cock is wet enough I stand up and make tiffany suck on my big black 10inch thick veiny cock making it sopping wet before I make tiffany bend over and spread those pretty little ass cheeks revealing her tight little puckered asshole. I slowly spread tiffany’s asshole with my black cock making her moan but I stop halfway in. Tiffany stands up with my cock still in her little round fucking asshole while I bend down in front of her and let her fuck me. Tiffany loves to fuck me hard and fast, pounding into my tight fucking pussy until he cums deep inside of me. I go behind tiffany and slowly take my cock out making sure he feels every single inch. I can’t wait for our next playtime tiffany.

Stop Fucking Texting Me, Femboy!

Sissy phone


Do you know how many sissy phone calls and texts I get from insecure little femi-men who aren’t sure of their sissified personas?  Way too fucking many!  Be proud of the priss you’re becoming, no matter what stage of boy slut you’re currently navigating.  Confidence is key in concocting your clitty craving candy doll self.  Always remember progress is success.  If you’re trying, you’re winning.  Just stop whining about it already, you dumb cunt.

Some guys keep their sissy side a secret and just talk with me about it on my Sissy Slutline® and never let the girly girl inside of them out into the real world.  All of my sissy students are leaps and bounds ahead of them the moment they walk through my door.  They’ve made the decision to bring the boy-bitch out of their pathetically ill fitting man bodies and are willing to let me guide them on their way toward wimpdom.  I just wish they would be secure in their decision making and my guidance and go with the clitty clamps and pink lady lingerie I force them to wear.

Yes, your garter belt looks great and your pretty wig really makes that mouth of yours look oh so fuckable.  You’ll have every big black cock in town lined up at your door to get a piece of that mouth pussy.  Is that what you want to hear?  Well, it’s true.  We cleaned you up, waxed you down and bleached the hell out of your impossibly dark asshole.  You’re ready to go, Nancy Boy.  Take a dick or two up that wussy ass pussy of yours, feel the confidence you can gain from taking a couple of mandingo dicks right up your butt.  Whatever, just stop fucking calling and texting me late at night with this shit!  I see enough of your asshole as it is!


Femboy Training Emergency

femboy training   I am at my limit with macho men and their toxic masculinity. I have a solution for all of you guys who think you’re the universe’s gift to women. It’s called femboy training. Maybe no one has ever challenged you when you made crude comments about their bodies before. I am here to fix that right now. The first thing I’ll do to your chauvinistic ass is put a pink sparkly butt plug in it. I use lube mixed with body glitter for an extra femme experience. Is it makeup? Is it a unicorn’s jizz? Who knows. First, the plug.

  Oh, is it a bit uncomfortable having something constantly reminding you that you are a sexual creature with vulnerable fuck holes? You are. Everything I do will be about breaking you down and making you my walking doll. You’ll be waxed, pierced, styled and dressed to MY preferences. I do like my girls scantily clad, a lot of the time. The other times I might want to go overboard with pink ruffles and ankle socks, pink Mary Janes, and pigtails. It’s all about what I want, get it? Are you sure you’re ready to face me for feminization and domination?