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Best Sissy Trainer For Covid Fags

These coming months of Winter may be another trying period in the times of a pandemic. The stay home orders are likely to be coming around again. It’s safer to just stay home be comfortable and let yourself be free to express those desires. You can order all the toys and pretty things online and have them shipped discretely to your home. You can call me up and we can have all kinds of fun that doesn’t require crowds. I love the idea of playing dress up and driving somewhere where you can watch people and jerk off in your panties for me. Maybe you can be like one of my pissing princesses and pee your pretty panties and skirts. I love making naughty sissy girls humiliate themselves for me. You can tell me all about the process you have gone through so far in becoming the sissy you are.

Best sissy trainer

Sissy training a new slut!

sissy trainingMy sister is bringing her new boyfriend over to meet me this weekend. He thinks that he’s just coming over for dinner and to hang out around a bonfire. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he realizes that we are sissy training mistresses and he is going to be our newest sissy slut! As soon as he gets here, he’s going upstairs to my dressing room where I transform my sluts. I’m going to dress him in the usual frilly, silky pink panties that I love so much. I’ll do his makeup like a cheap slut and even put him in some sexy, strappy heels. I love watching a brand new sissy prance around in sexy lingerie for the first time. This time though, I’m not going to give him lessons on sucking and teasing cocks. He’s going to get a lesson in having his tight, little he-pussy stretched and pumped full of thick cream from a fat, hard BBC. I’ll teach her how to tease him and get that cock throbbing for her. I want to hear that sissy slut beg for that huge fuck rod to pound her little hole! The first time is always a little awkward but my sister and I know who we’re going to train, from the moment we meet them. Our whores are sissy sluts from the beginning, we just force them to live the truth!


Fluff That Cock, Eat That Cum!

Sissy Phone Sex

It looks like you need some training my little sissy slut. Go get dressed pet, in your finest hosiery. Put on your lacy slut garter, and your high whore heels. Pull those panties up over your little clitty cage, and wear some short slutty dress for me.
Make sure your makeup is delicate, and delicious. Perfect brows, plump lips, lovely eyelashes. Today you’re going to meet a true Alpha, with a bull cock thicker than any you’ve ever seen. You’re going to get that cock nice and fucking hard for me, with your hands cuffed behind your back.
He’s going to face fuck your throat, the whole time he’s thinking of my tight little pussy. Then you’re going to eat my perfectly delicious cunt, and get me nice and dripping wet for this big fucking bull dick. Every time he cums in my tight velvet pussy, you’re going to clean him off, and suck him back hard. You’re going to clean out my slit with delicate fingers, and not spill a drop of that cum. Do you understand me you fucking fem bitch? Remember that I don’t like repeating myself. So get ready to serve Royalty.

Online Sissy Training

Femboy Training Mistress Diana

Nothing makes me excited like Femboy Training a little prick for their first cock sucking session. Putting on a strap-on and fucking that little princess mouth is so damned hot. I start prepping the little cuckold with plenty of make-up and princess pink lipstick. The princess pink goes on last and is the final preparation for their first big cock. I will feed my big strap-on dick in their mouth until they gag and their sissy slut lipstick is all over that big black cock. It’s exciting for them and for me. The moment I feel they are ready for the real thing will constitute in a lovely little outing with my Femboy. My sissy will be dressed as the cock slut sissy faggot she aspired to be and taken into public her first time. She has never gone past mommy’s bedroom dressed up and it always makes them nervous and excited. I give them a little ice to smoke and help them relax and take that big step. We get in my car and I get to drive them to a private glory hole that some of my other guys have put together. I have a nice following of all kinds of men and the biker gang love initiating guys getting them sucked off by one of my sissy faggots. They never know who is sucking them off and that’s the best part.

Femboy training

The best sissy trainer makes you eat your cum!

Best sissy Trainer

Yes the best sissy trainer does make you eat your own cum. Just like I did for My own daddy slave a while back! He tried to tell me that I had a curfew and I told him he wasn’t even a man! I don’t get a curfew when I am out trying to get some vitamin D as in Dick! I would not be talked down to by a man who can’t even keep his wife happy. Mom has lots of lovers all over towns daddy is a closet sissy fag. I got an idea to make sure daddy never told his perfect princess she had a curfew anymore. I created a live stream with my grandparents and daddies colleagues. I told every one i had big news and to tune in in 2 hours. I had a secret about My own Daddy. Well, don’t you know that was why my own daddy is now sitting in the corner eating his own cum. Guess what? I  have the black AmEx at my disposal now. I love black mailing and humiliating my sissy sluts, I have my daddy and sweet little dicked boyfriend who give me plenty of practice for you! Jack off in your pretty panties and eat up your cum for this princess! 

The best sissy trainer ever!

best sissy trainerI have a very special method when it comes to training my sissy sluts. I try to be the best sissy trainer ever. My sluts are always training, even when no one can tell. Do you think I would let my sissy whores go right back to their rough, rugged and manly lives, once they are finished with a lesson? Hell no! I make sure those cum slurping sluts not only retain all of their training but also maintain their slutty appearances! I love to lock thier pathetic clittie cocks up in little cages and toss the keys! I take away all of their clothes and keep them dressed like filthy, kinky sluts all of the time. One of my cum sluts has even started taking hormones so that her little perky tits will start filling out more! She’s already a solid A cup and looks so cute in her little bra and panties! My sluts in training get weekly lessons in teasing, sucking and riding fat hard cocks. I make sure to find only the biggest and fattest cocks for my sluts. Only the best for Miss Remi’s cum queens!

They Cleaned My Beautiful Pussy

sissy training

My sissy gets really excited to come over and train with my sorry ass little dick husband. I don’t understand the appeal but it sure does make me happy. They both are my sissy cucks who will do nothing but please me. Just their happy faces as I hand them their pretty nylon panties is a joy. My husband was being a total prick today and actually tried to touch me this morning in bed. I quickly put a stop to that. He knows better and I was not going to let that slip by. So, I called sissy and she came right over. I directed my husband to come in and then they both stripped down. I greased up those butt plugs, had them bend over and I rammed them inside. I wasn’t particularly gently with my husband either. Then I handed them their panties and told them to crawl to me like the pets that they are. As they scurried my way, my gentleman friend arrived. I instructed them to undress him and get him ready for Ms. Violet’s beautiful pussy. They worked together, licking and sucking his cock and balls. Then they guided his big thick long dick inside my cunt. They watched as a real man pleased me. After me and my friend had explosive orgasms the little sissies had tiny little wet spots in their panties. I laughed and laughed at them. Then I had them come and clean all of that thick warm cum from my pussy, patted their heads and told them to draw me a warm bubble bath.

Femboy Training and Teasing My boyfriend

femboy training

My boyfriend tells me that he doesn’t need femboy training. I think he does and the woman is always right! I told him it was for me and my eyes only. I wanted him to be cute and girly just for 24 hours. It’s almost my birthday and I wanted to see how sexy he could get. I bought new makeup and panties and so much lingerie in his size. I can’t let them go to waste. And so what if i wanted pictures of him all dressed up sexy? If you’re reading this leave me a comment telling me to sissifiy my boyfriend to the extreme! I want to do so much more to him. Like last month I had him suck on my dildo and eat my ass.  He has watched me fuck a BBC but very shyly wouldn’t eat my pussy out in front of that bull cock.  He did eat my cream pie after my cock was done with my tight pussy and sent home, but still! I am determined to turn him into a sweet sissy girl who fucks right beside me! I need to have him submissive to big fat dick. I am a domme girl who loves to fuck hard and if you want to fuck me in front of him while he cries and pisses his little panties let me know, we can make that happen.  A strong Mistress needs domme guys fucking her on the phone so my boyfriend can see that I am much more than a sweet tease!

The Best Sissy Trainer is Online

best sissy trainerDo you need the best sissy trainer? I think we are all good sissy trainers on this site. We just have different specialties and approaches. I am a nurturing trainer. That is because I am a mother with twin sissies whom I love very much. I enjoy helping them on their sissy journey. Just like I enjoy helping you on your journey too. I do not care if you are a recreational sissy or a lifestyle sissy, I want to accompany you on your journey. I have helped my sons go from panty wearing sissies to cock sucking faggots. They are still young teen boys, but they embrace their sissy nature. No closets for them expect for storing their pretty dresses and things. They have long hair. They wear make-up. They dress feminine. And they take cock in their sissy holes. I was teaching them to suck cock when they were still playing with dolls. I always had a lover who wanted nothing more than to let them learn how to suck cock using his dick. I realize not every boy has a mom like me and not every man has a sissy trainer in his world. That is the beauty of online sissy training. We never have to meet. I can help you on your sissy journey regardless if we meet. You just must put in the work. Are you ready to begin your sissy journey?

Sissification For My Sluts

Sissy Phone Sex

I only live to rule this Kingdom, and give you the best sissy phone sex you’ve ever had. You need to be trained properly. You walk around during the day, a man. Everyone knows your name. But, when you come to me, I strip all that away. I force you into the femboy I need you to be. I will take away your suit, your tie, your boxers. Your “manhood” will be mine.
You’ll become addicted to the sway of my hips, the lure of my lips, and the intoxicating scent of my royal cunt. When you prove yourself to be truly devoted to me and your training, I’ll gift you a new name. Some beautiful name that is truly all femme with no trace of man left in you all in honor of your tru beginning to online sissy training; you will be my beautiful little princess with her clit in a cage, taking her hormones to be my perfect little slutty princess.
Stockings, and garters, and heels for my bitch. Dresses, and bralettes., and lacy little panties to cover your clitty cage. When you come into my castle, everything you are belongs to me. Every ounce of sleep, every time you cum (which you won’t until I say), every breath is for the Queen. Are you ready for submission to the ultimate servitude? Really darling, how many can say they served a true English Queen?

Online Sissy Training