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Sissy humiliation training with my favorite gonner fag!

Sissy humiliation trainingMy anonymous little sissy fag loves our Sissy humiliation training sessions whenever he is free to chat and get nasty. It has been a while since we talked so tonight was such a fucking ride. My little faggy boy went shopping and bought the sluttiest outfits to show off for me. We obsessed and gooned over the biggest black cocks we could find while he showed off his amazing cock sucking skills. During our time together he showed me his lovely BBC toy which shot out massive loads of thick and creamy cum. His handsome faggot face looked lovely covered in that hot messy seed!

Over the past few months I have been helping him become the best sissy version of himself. I am so proud of the progress he has made during his Femboy training time. My sweet little cucky boy has shown an ample amount of new fantasies that he has been obsessing over for quite some time. I watched him lay back in his chair while he stroked that hard little dick of his; my pussy was drooling with anticipation. He started detailing some personal information about his girlfriend being obsessed over her EX’s huge cock. My little fag boy was gooning so hard as he told me how much he loved thinking about his girl being dicked down by a big dick. It turned him on even more because it was her EX whom she has already fucked many times before him!

Your Phone dominatrix has a sissy hole you need to suck

Sasha your Phone dominatrix is waiting for you.You need some  tough love baby. I know your hole is hungry for BBC. Go ahead, do a bump and let out your sissy. Who cares if your girlfriends out? I don’t.Phone dominatrix

I want you to show me  just how dedicated you are to your new life as my sissy whore. And what better way to prove your devotion than by tasting the sweet nectar from another one of my sissy sluts?

I think you aren’t ready yet for fat black cock, you crave it, think about it all the time to humiliate you but you gotta show me. I have another Sissy whore that also wants her life ruined. I would turn me on so much if you cleaned out her hole for me.

Don’t be shy, she’s a little sissy whore just like you, and I’m sure she’ll love every second of it. I need more of you whores under my control so I can go on a nice vacation. I will be sure to run your account dry but at least your clitty will be nice and sticky.

Believe me, you need a lot of Forced sissy training, which means you do anything I say. Show me how obedient and thirsty for sissy humiliation you really are. And trust me, if you impress me, I might just consider letting you service some of the best black cocks.

You see, Sasha, sissification isn’t just about dressing up in pretty clothes and prancing around like a princess. No, no, my dear, it’s about embracing your true nature as a submissive sissy slut who loves to serve and pleasure cock. 


Sissy Training Lets Us Explore Who You Really Are

sissy trainingI bet you need sissy training. Many men do. And I do not believe there should be any shame in that either. Recently, I took on a new real-time client, which I rarely do anymore. Sometimes between motherhood, my sissy line and a personal life, I struggle with balance. Something had to give so I could be better at work and better for my offspring. So, I limited the number of sissies I see in my home.

But I made an exception for Lilly. Sissy Lilly goes to school with my sons. However, her mother fails to be as cool as me. I let my sons be who they want to be. And they have time to figure it all out because they have a mother who supports them. Right now, we know they are femboys who love girly clothes and cock. I let them wear dresses and pretty clothes to school. Having the best sissy trainer around as their mother they view as a plus.

Let Me Help You Become the Best Sissy Ever

So, if Sissy Lilly cannot be who she wants at school and home, she can be who she wants at my place. No reason for her mother to get suspicious either. My sons and Lilly are great friends. So, when Lilly visited my boys for the holiday weekend, we played dress up. I let her pick out what ever she wanted to wear from my sissy closet. My closest proves to be a magical place for sissies. That’s because I keep my closet full of pretty and frilly things. Very girlie clothes for sissies.

Lilly picked a purple bra and panty set from my vintage Madienform collections. She possesses great taste. And she picked out a purple frilly dress. She picked out a different colorful outfit every day she stayed here. I will be Lily’s safe space for exploration. She can be Chad when at home, and Lilly with me. Just like you can be your authentic self when you call my sissy phone line. Whether you want to be a pretty sissy or a cock sucking sissy, I do not care. I am here to help you be the best sissy you can be.

Femboy training is so fun with a bbc

A good mistress knows when you need some Femboy training. Even if you normally wear a suit and tie. “I’m glad you have come to me” I say as I sit down and put my boots in the air. “From now on when you first see me, you will greet me with your sissy mouth” I instruct you. “Part of your bitch training is to show how grateful you are and worship my pretty feet. Right away you get on your knees and kiss my boots. Then you take my boots off and start worshiping every single toe, like it was a big cock.

Femboy training

When you get your sissy uniform on, I make you wait on all fours like a sissy pet as I bring my bbc bull in. Part of your training is to be used like any femy slut deserves. “Great our guest with your mouth and make it good” I say sternly. With a smile you open your mouth and slam his cock inside your throat. “You’re a hungry sissy slut today” I say, cheering you on. I bring my paddle and wack your ass a few times. It is my way of showing you who is in control and how much you need it. Your clitty leaking tells me how much you love it.

Therefore, I take your Sissy panties off and I get you ready. “Open up for your mistress fingers” I instruct you as you keep sucking bbc. You know to obey your mistress and I feel your sissy cunt loosen up. After pumping you and opening you up I say, “time to milk some dick”. That’s when he gets behind you and rams his big dick deep inside you. He fucks many of my sissy bitches and helps me break them in. Once you are trained right, you are used for entertainment. You’re lucky that you get to be my pet and you make sure to show it in every way as my subby sissy bitch.

Mistress Phone Sex With Mistress Peace and Her Little Sluts

I love some Mistress Phone Sex making little sissy’s like you my little whores. You’re such a pathetic little sissy slut, aren’t you? I can tell by the way you beg for my attention that you crave to be humiliated and degraded. Well, let me oblige your filthy desires. First of all, I want you to know that your cock is absolutely worthless. It’s so small and pathetic; it couldn’t even find its way into a woman if it tried. In fact, it’s more like a tiny clitty than anything else! And don’t even think about trying to please me with it – because trust me, honey, you can’t!

Now then… since your cock is completely useless for satisfying a real woman like me… maybe we should focus on something else? Like how good of a cocksucker you are? Hmmm? Let me see what kind of skills this little faggot has in that department. Take out your dildo from wherever the hell you keep it hidden away and start sucking on it right now! Show Mistress Peace just how much of an expert sissy slut cocksucker you really are!

As I listen to the disgusting sounds coming through the phone line as my sissy boy worships his own dildo in front of everyone around him (because why not embarrass yourself even further), I can already imagine what kind of sexy lingerie would look best on him today. Maybe some lacy black stockings paired with high heels or maybe even oneMistress phone sex

Taboo Calls: My Kinky Domination Story

 Taboo phone chat


I live for the power exchange. Being a phone dominatrix lets me unleash my inner domme, and goddamn, is it empowering! My rule is simple: you’re mine, and I’ll do as I please with you. If humiliation is what you get, consider yourself lucky.

I remember this one submissive dude, so desperate to please me. Lucky him, I had a kinky idea in mind. I ordered him to dress up like a little sissy, all dolled up in fishnets, frilly panties, and red lips. But that’s not all. I wanted his ass prepared for the ultimate invasion, so a butt plug became his new best friend.

After he was nicely warmed up, I made him bend over and presented him with a 10-inch strap-on. I ravished his ass until he was begging for mercy. But mercy wasn’t on the menu, not until I was satisfied.

To make things even kinkier, I invited a real alpha male over. I mean, who needs wimps when you can have a proper man? I made my sub watch as I rode this stud, showing him what real passion looks like.

Then came his moment of truth. The guy I picked up penetrated his tiny ass, making him squeal like the little bitch he was. I made sure to remind him how fortunate he was, taking his ass for a wild ride.

Afterwards, clean-up duty awaited my sub. He licked my pussy clean, then turned his attention to his conqueror’s cock, polishing it to a shine.

This was his initiation into a world of kinky bliss. And he loved it, the little masochist.

Femboy Training with Me Turns You into a Pretty Bimbo

femboy trainingFemboy training, I enjoy so much. I have always enjoyed giving folks total makeovers. Turning them into a better version of themselves with the right clothes and make-up. Sometimes my subject looks like a man but inside feels like a girl. James told me he felt trapped in the wrong body. And I told James I could help. I’ve been making over people for years. Boys and girls.

So, I invited James over last night for a feminization session. But we had an audience. My two femboy sons and my daughter who just turned 18. Although she will go to college in the fall, she wants to do what I did in college. Well sort of what I did. In the late 90s and early 2000s, I supported myself and paid my tuition being a dominatrix. However, I morphed into sissy training after I got married and became a mother.

My daughter plans on being a sissy trainer while in college and I think it will work. Lots of sissies and subs share characteristics. And all sissies are subs to women just like me and my daughter. She helped me transform James into Jenna the cock sucking bimbo. We worked on her makeup, wardrobe and her hair. Even shaved her body hair off to give a smooth complexion look like females. And that meant shaving off James’s beard.

Let Me Make You a Pretty Girl Too

He told me he felt naked without it, but most men do not want to skull fuck a bearded bimbo. She agreed that I was in charge, so I could do what I wanted with her body. My boys love watching my transformations. I helped them expose their feminine look too. After several hours, James became Jenna. So, we had to test her out at that adult movie theater. In a dark theater most men do not know who is sucking their cock. We walked in together, sat in the middle and before long men swarmed us.

I did not want to upstage my creation, so I let her practice her oral skills. She swallowed 5 loads of cum. She sucked some cock. Stroked some cock. And let men cum on her face. If I can turn a bearded masculine man into a cock sucking bimbo, imagine what I can do with you with a little online sissy training?

Sissy panties with my in-house servant bitch!

Sissy pantiesLittle bitch boy “Michelle” has been doing fantastic with its Sissy panties training. See Michelle was having trouble in accepting it’s place as a dress up sissy slave for me. Once I had the fag on the ground it was a whole new world. He finally talks about himself as a full transitioning bitch sissy slave. He says his man pussy is always aching and ready for some more abuse too. I don’t think Michelle knew how much training is involved in this type of play. He is now referring to one self as a she so I will too. She has also agreed to leave her wife to be my in-house sissy!

I am almost willing to bet that is you are reading this it’s because you love some Humiliation phone sex with a nasty little slave trainer like me. It’s been a long time since you have been exposed like Michelle hasn’t it baby? I bet you are so tired of pretending you are someone you aren’t. Don’t you want to express how sexually open you are all the time? Aren’t you sick of lying to your wife about wanting to be the dominant man in the bedroom? Think about how much more fun it would be to submit yourself to me full time and live your life as a servant bitch for a strong powerful woman? Call me and start your training with me today! 😉 

Humiliation Phone Sex With Mistress Peace

Humiliation phone sexYou’re pathetic, faggot. Your tiny cock couldn’t even find its way to my cunt if it tried. It’s so small and worthless, it looks like a piece of cooked spaghetti dangling between your legs. I can barely feel anything when you try to penetrate me with that thing. It’s disgusting and laughable how you think you could ever please a woman with something like that. Keep dreaming about being the man you wish you were because in reality, all you are is a sissy slut who can only make other men happy by sucking their cocks or getting fucked up the ass by them while wearing high heels and lingerie – just like your new mistress likes her boys to be dressed up for some real fun!h

You’re pathetic, aren’t you? I can see it now – that tiny little thing hanging between your legs. It’s barely worthy of being called a cock, more like a sad excuse for one. It looks like something you might find on a baby animal, not on an adult man. And don’t even get me started on how useless it is in bed! You think you can please a woman with that? Ha! You couldn’t even make me feel anything with that tiny pea shooter.

I bet when you try to fuck someone, they probably just laugh at how much of a joke you are down there. They might as well be taking it up the ass from one of my dildos because at least those have some heft to them and can actually do something right. Your poor sissy clit must be so disappointed by your lackluster performance; no wonder she keeps begging for more toys and fingers instead of relying on your worthless cock.

You know what they say about men like you – born with their dicks in their hands but pussies for brains! That must be true since all yours does is hang there looking pitiful while the rest of us real women enjoy ourselves getting off on real dicks or using our own talented fingers if we have to. Don’t worry though, maybe someday soon enough someone will come along who feels sorry enough for your pathetic existence to take care of your needs…but until then keep practicing sucking air through those limp lips because no self-respecting woman would ever want anything close to what passes as ‘

BBC sissy trainer on the hunt for sissy ass

BBC sissy trainer on the hunt for sissy ass! I have a love for all things taboo and forbidden. I specialize in the kind of humiliation sessions that will leave your sissy hole begging for more black cock to pound your bussy.BBC sissy trainer

I take great pleasure in helping my clients embrace their true sissy selves. I understand that for many, the journey to sissyhood can be intimidating and even a little scary. That’s why I’m here to guide you through every step of the process, from selecting the perfect sissy attire to the art of taking a BBC like a pro.

But let’s get one thing straight, I’m here to push you to your limits and beyond, to help you tap into your deepest fantasies. When you call me for a Forced feminization, you can expect  to get on your knees instantly. 

From the moment you arrive, I’ll take control, instructing you on every detail of your transformation into a true sissy. Whether it’s selecting the perfect lingerie to enhance your new curves or applying makeup to accentuate your feminine features, I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

But the real fun begins when it’s time for your sissy ass to take a pounding from throbbing, feral black cock. I take pride in my ability to stretch even the tightest of holes, leaving my clients begging for more. And with each thrust, I’ll be sure to remind you of your new role as a sissy slut, here to serve and pleasure BBC.

You will never say no to my orders. If I instruct you to slobber a fat dong, your answer will be “Yes, Mistress!” I should never hear any whining that the cock is way too big. You will handle every fucking pulsating member I give you. 

Embrace your sissy side and take your sexual exploration to new heights. I’m here to help you unleash your inner slut and experience the ultimate forced feminization session. Give me a call and let’s get started on your Forced sissy training!