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Humiliation Phone Sex Gets Me Off

I get off on humiliating you! I will treat you like the little femboy bitch that you are. I will make you crawl to me and then dress you all up in some frilly panties and red lipstick. I will be your mistress and you will be my slave. I will teach you your pace. After I have dressed you all up,  I will force you to lick the bottoms of my feet.  I am going to force you to bend over the bed and I am going to stretch your ass out with a strap on.  After I stretch your ass adequately, I am going to call some friends with big cocks and they are going to run a train on your slutty little ass.  Then I am going to have some of that cock in my pussy and make you clean the cum out of it with your tongue. Got it bitch!

humiliation sex

Femboy training for my little sissy sluts


If your looking for some hardcore femboy training Im your girl! if your scary and not ready to be whipped into shape you chose the wrong blog. I am looking for Sissy sluts ready and willing to be trained by a true goddess. If your new to this thats okay Ill be as rough as I can be so you can learn your place easily.

Pink and purple are my top two favorite colors of choice for my sissy sluts. Ill choose your style of course, although you will be able to tell me what you like it still has to be in my favorite colors. If your a good little slut Ill let you choose the tights and heels you like to match your pretty outfit. You will perfect your posture and your walk. I love when my sissies are Mistress K’s Next top Model. If your any good i may keep you around. Never forget im always in charge and youll love it here. If you cant follow my rules you will be punished according and depending on the offense it can go from a level 1 to a level 5 quickly. I love spanking my misbehaved whores so be good!

Sissy Boy Trainer

I am a mistress and expect my slaves to give me unconditional obedience. My slaves all wear panties. Little pink ones to remind them they are little sissy boys that have to do what I say. My specialty is training little femboys. I make them dress up for me in a slutty outfit complete with heels and lingerie.

femboy training

Then I do their make-up with bright red lipstick and blue eye shadow. Then I find some cock for them to suck. A sissy boy looks best with a big black cock in their mouth or other ass. The bigger the cock the better. Sissy boys look so sexy with cum dripping out of their ass and all over their faces. Then after I decided they had enough cock I make them eat my pussy to thank me for training them.

Best Sissy Trainer Peace Tells You Why She’s The Best

Best sissy tranierI am the best sissy trainer because I know exactly how to push a man’s buttons and make him submit to his feminine side. I love seeing them squirm as they try to resist, but ultimately fail under my command. My techniques are designed to strip away their masculinity and replace it with an overwhelming sense of shame and humiliation.

Firstly, I start by dressing them up in lingerie, high heels, and other feminine clothing that accentuates their curves – or lack thereof. Then comes the makeup; heavy on the blush, eyeliner, mascara – anything that makes them look as ridiculous as possible. Once they’re all dolled up like little dolls ready for playtime, it’s time for some verbal abuse! Calling them names like “faggot,” “sissy slut,” “cocksucker,” or even referring to their pathetic cock size is just part of breaking down their ego. It might sting at first but trust me when I say this kind of degradation only serves one purpose: making sure these worthless cocks know who’s boss here!

Next step? Teaching them how to please a woman…or rather another man dressed as a woman since most men can never truly understand what we go through in bed anyway! This usually involves using dildos which always come handy in my purse (for practice sessions). Watching these big strong men struggle with something so small yet so powerful is quite satisfying indeed! And if things get too rough? Well then maybe some black friends could come over and help fuck their sissy asses. I love seeing the fear in their eyes as they realize there’s no escape from this new life of servitude and degradation. They’ll be trained to do our hair, makeup, cook for us – anything we desire!

But don’t worry about them enjoying it too much because that would defeat the purpose of turning them into obedient little sluts who can only think about pleasing others. Instead, focus on making sure they understand that being a sissy is all about serving those around you; whether it’s through sexual favors or simply looking pretty for your mistress. And if they ever forget? Well then maybe another round of verbal abuse will remind them where they stand in this twisted game called life…as my plaything

So there you have it! My methods might seem cruel but trust me when I say they work wonders in creating the perfect sissy slut. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love having someone completely devoted to their every whim and desire? Not only do these pathetic creatures provide endless entertainment but also an outlet for all my sexual frustrations. After all, not every man can satisfy a woman like me…but maybe one day my little sissy boy will try his hardest!

My Brothers Obsession With Stealing My Sissy Panties

sissy pantiesMy brother, Justin, got off stealing his sissy panties because he got off on my dirty crusty panties He has always been fascinated by women’s underwear and loved the idea of wearing them himself. Whenever he found an opportunity to sneak into my room and steal a pair of my lacy thongs or silky panties, it would send him into a frenzy of excitement. The scent of my feminine sweat and body odor on those stolen garments would drive him wild with desire.

Justin is such a pathetic little faggot that he couldn’t even find satisfaction from masturbating without using one of my soiled panties as his “masturbation aid.” He would rub himself against the damp fabric until he came all over it,. savoring the musky smell that reminded him of his sister’s dirty sweaty cunt. It was sickening how much pleasure he derived from something so filthy and inappropriate.

The smell of dirty panties is unique; it carries with it traces of our bodies  and emotions. To Justin, it was intoxicating. He loved the idea of being close to me in that way, even if it was just through my used underwear. The scent of sweat mixed with feminine hygiene products and our natural odors created a potent aphrodisiac for him. It made his cock hard as steel every time he sniffed or rubbed himself against them.

As for what he did with them afterward, well… let’s just say he had quite the collection stashed away in his room. He would keep them hidden under his mattress or tucked away in drawers filled with other “treasures” like old magazines and pornography featuring transgender models wearing lingerie similar to mine. Sometimes he would even wear them himself when no one else was around – imagining what it would be like to have soft curves instead of his bony frame wrapped up in lacey fabric designed for women’s bodies.

It disgusts me how low my brother has sunk due to his perversions but also intrigues me because I know deep down inside there’s still some semblance of femininity within him begging to be released. Maybe one day I’ll take matters into my own hands (or rather, feet) and introduce him to the world of sissy training – forcing him to wear high heels, makeup, and lingerie until he learns his place as a worthless cocksucker at my feet. Until then though…I’ll continue hiding my panties better so this pathetic excuse for a man doesn’t get any ideas about stealing them again.

Sissy panties and sex toys make you my slave

Sissy pantiesSissy panties and sex toys make you my slave forever! Several panty boys have told me about their experiences wearing panties, but the stories about their first time playing with a sex toy are my favorites! 

Most often, they are stolen from the dresser drawers of a family member or friend’s wife or girlfriend. Something about the panties starts the fascination of sissy whoredom, though! 🦋

All it took was a sniff, a lick, a stroke, and then a pair of panties or a thong.  They expressed their curiosity about how they tasted and felt on their sissy cocks. It’s my job to help move my femboy freaks into buttfucking and cockteasing with adult novelties, a.k.a., sex toys or sexual enhancers! 

Sissy humiliation training needs some lesson tools to help seal the deal! Many little fag boys need some encouragement, mean words and fucked up mind fucking! Just a little help to wear panties and to use the dirty finds that have been uncovered.

Sissy panties and sex toys make you my slave forever!🦄

Being a toy whore myself there is no sex play toy I do not know how to operate, on myself or on your clitty/cock! Why not take it even further, so the anal play began.  This is when the fun begins so buy a butt plug, a bullet, or a vibrating dildo. Let me introduce you to the art of anal play, and become the best cock sucking, butt fucking sissy in town. Sissy phone sex makes you go gaga on some big fat dildos and vibes!

Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal

Femboy training

Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal for this bratty domme who loves to travel and make men her little bitches. Creating exotic beauties who know the love of crossdressing and exotic cock is the only thing on my mind today. I have my fair share of big dick lovers, but the flavor of the month should be something that we all achieve in our life. Imagine spending a week in a different country in order to wear their latest fashion and see if you passable. Our first stop should be Jamaica, and after that Thailand! 

Femboy training in exotic places is the new goal

Are you going to take the challenge with me and see how many men cum running to a sexy fembot to have that ass and mouth used up? I know that no matter the culture there will always be a sexy dick who wants to get in some american fag boy’s Bussy and throat!  We can explore the country, get drunk, and party with the locals. We can also look for the hottest guys and give them a taste of our juicy lips and tight asses. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun!

Cum explore exotic cock with me! 

You can be the maid who carries our luggage and follows at my feet like the slave that you are. Once in our quarters I will call in a few cocks and spend your Amex on some fancy drinks and the easiest drug to obtain. You will enter the country dressed as a sissy maid and leave feeling like a universal tramp! 

Femboy training gets you full of sperm

Are you ready for your Femboy training? Since you are a dainty bitch, I will make you real pretty. “You will put on a show for my favorite bbc bulls” I instruct you to do. After a while and all the guests later, it is time for the show. You start with a slutty dance. “Shake that ass slut” I cheer on. All the bulls around get a chance to get a dance from you. They groped your sissy clitty as you grinded your ass on their big black cocks.

“Time to show our guests how I train you” I tease again and say as I push you down to your knees. Once your mouth opens up, I force it down on a dick. “Choke on it bitch” I laugh and say over and over. It is too fun to watch choke on these dicks that some of our bulls’ guests got too horny. Therefore, I pulled your panties down and spread you open. The screams you had were muffled by the big black cock in your sissy mouth.

Femboy training

“Show them what a good, trained whore” I instruct you to do as you get fucked. Finally, you milked the first bull dick. I could see your sissy pussy leaking sperm before the next bbc bull was pushed inside you. “Keep going hoe you have all night to milk these dicks” I play and cheer on. For the rest of the night, you mixed every cock insight. By the time we were done you looked like a femmy used up slut, just like I like from my sissy bitches. “Put your Sissy panties back on slut, time to clean up your mess,” I say sternly. It is part of your training to clean up.  

Sissy panties

Sissy panties


Sissy panties are one of my favorite fetishes when it comes to my sissies. They love wearing the most beautiful fabrics, colors and textures. And they always look so good too. I like to have my sissies turn around and show me that tight little ass in those panties. Maybe even give it a little smack or two. I love the way your bulge looks in those tight panties too.

                I would love to watch you take those sexy panties off and masturbate with them. I want to watch you rub them all over that fat cock and all over your face as you moan in pleasure. Every stroke of your dick needs to be covered by those panties.

                Let’s have a panty party. We can get a bunch of different kinds of panties and throw them on the bed. Then we get in the bed and roll around on all these panties and grab handfuls and throw them up in the air. We’d be in panty heaven!

Femboy training is reserved for the ultimate sissy slut!

Femboy training

Femboy training is reserved for the ultimate sissy slut! For the ultimate sissy sluts who are willing to do anything and everything to please their mistress. And that mistress just happens to be me. I demand complete and utter obedience from my sissies. You will do exactly as I say without hesitation or you will face severe punishments. And trust me, you do not want to fuck with me when I’m in a mood.

will teach you the ways of being a true sissy. You will learn how to dress in the hottest lingerie, do your makeup flawlessly, and walk in those high heels like a pro. And let’s not forget about that butt plug I will have you wearing. Trust me, that plug will be your best friend because I have a lot of hot cock that will be pounding away at that hole. You’ll be begging for more, you dirty little bitch.

I have a special talent for Forced feminization. I will make you get on all fours and beg for my cock. And when I’m done with you, you will have a bussy full of cum and begging for more. There’s nothing that turns me on more than a submissive sissy who is willing to do whatever it takes to please me.

But don’t worry my darlings, if you can’t be with me in person, we can still have some hot Sissy phone action. Just give me a call and let me hear you beg for my cock. I’ll be sure to make you moan and whimper like the little sissy slut you are.

If you’re ready to truly embrace your inner slut, then come to me. I am the queen of sissy training and I will mold you into the perfect little whore. Just remember, obedience and loyalty are key. And always be ready to serve and please your mistress in any way possible. See you soon, my little bitches.