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Mistress Phone Sex

Mistress Phone Sex
Mistress phone sex is what I provide for my army of sissy slaves. If you’re lucky, I can add you to my collection of sexual pets. I am a powerful, dominating woman who knows what she wants in life. Sexual satisfaction at all times. Sissies like you don’t know how to satisfy a woman and that’s why you come to me. Be a good boy for Mistress Genesis and put on a pair of those satin panties while you watch me fuck my newest slave, Ella. As much as I love training sissies, there isn’t anything like the feel of a dripping, young pussy. Breaking her in was easy. She loved the feel of my strap-on pumping her twat. Tying her to the bedposts and torturing her with the vibrator was my favorite part of our training session. Teasing her close to climax and then removing the vibrator… I did this over and over until she was begging for release. Do you wish to be added to my army of sexual servants?

Best Sissy Trainer

Best Sissy Trainer

Welcome to your sexual training session, sissy. My name is Dominatrix Genesis and I am the best sissy trainer here to educate you in the art of sexual satisfaction. Everybody knows you’re just a puny, little limpdick excuse for a man. You have no idea what it takes to truly please a woman. For a small price – I will guide you towards a new world of pleasure and fucking like you have never experienced before. My assistant’s name is Lyla and she is going to help me since you require an eager, wet pussy to experiment on. Lyla is my submissive, young cumslut that does whatever I command. I’m going to train you how to fuck Lyla like the obedient sissy boy you are. You will follow my orders and I will have you fucking like a stallion in no time. First, we’ll make sure her tight, young cunt is wet enough for your insignificant cock to enter. I will be watching and guiding the entire time as you tease and fuck her cunt. Once I deem that you are even worth further training, we will continue.

Sissy phone sex catered to your needs

Sissy phone sex

It’s time you learn the flirting game. Most sissies have a hard time learning the tips and tricks and are often left down a rabbit hole of dominant mistresses. Don’t get me wrong, and I absolutely love to dominate. Still, some sissies are truly looking for a mentor who will help them explore their femininity and get into the world of dressing up and learning to flirt and find authentic with benefits relationships.

There is no shame in wanting to be wined and dined by a man if you are a sissy. You don’t have to be embarrassed by letting your intimate fantasies out for me to hear. Sissy phone sex is great because we can truly evolve in our roles together. I can show you what you have been missing and give you the best advice catered to your interest.

If you want to be a nasty cums slut then you got a great teacher in me. On the other hand, if you want to flirt your way into bed with a man, I can help there.

Sissy Slave Training Mistress

sissy slave training

It’s about time you landed here on my blog because you’re in desperate need of some sissy slave training. You clearly suck at being a sissy or you would have gone through the process of feminization completely. But here you are, wearing panties and red lipstick and thinking that makes you a true sissy slut. You haven’t even shaved your legs or fucked your pussy with a dildo, so how could you ever think that you’re a real sissy?! By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be properly feminized. I can totally guarantee you that.

But I also think that you need another skill besides sucking cock and getting fucked. I would be more than happy to turn you into a sissy maid so that you will make a Mistress very happy someday. You’ll do what I tell you when I tell you because you need to get used to that. No Mistress is going to put up with a sissy slave who doesn’t follow orders. And listen, we both know that you need this kind of structure and discipline, so don’t fight it. When you are ready to accept your fate, then get on the phone with me.

Do You Seek Sissy Training?

sissy trainingDo you need sissy training? Some men need it and do not even realize it yet.  Let me share a cautionary tale. Howard called me, so I assumed he was a sissy. This is a sissy site. It is a specialty site not an anything goes site. I will always assume you need a sissy trainer when you call me. Howard acted like he had no idea he was on a sissy site, and I called bullshit because what do you think Sissy Slut Hut means, LOL.  I am no stranger to reluctant sissies. Some play dumb so they can be forced. If forced sissy training makes you feel like less of a fag, I can deliver that. I have too much faith in people.  I assume they all know what a sissy is. Howard, I was positive was playing possum. He knew he was talking to a woman who would dress him up and make him suck cock. He protested the entire time, so it was a forced call. But you know what? If you really do not want to suck cock, you would hang up at the first suggestion of being a cock sucking faggot, right? I mean a manly man does not buy 30 minutes with a dominant sissy trainer and stay on the phone the entire time unless he is enjoying it, right? I think he was protesting just to make himself feel better about his kinky fetishes. I am not here to judge. Nor am I here to deliver a fuck call when this is clearly a sissy site. I do not fuck sissies.  I do not care if you are a big dicked sissy either. Only real men fuck me. And sissies who dress up, cum in their panties and suck cock are not real mean. If you call me playing dumb, you will get the same sissy treatment as an out of the closest sissy because being the best sissy trainer around is my specialty and I do not want for big cock ever. I am a sexy Alpha female.

Pretty In Pink (holes)

sissy pantiesDon’t you want to be pretty in pink sissy panties for a sweetheart like me? Oh I think every sissy slave whore should love the color pink! I love pink and sissies who wear it! 

Pink mouth for cock sucking, pink inside of that ass cavity for fucking. And dressed head to toe in pink. I mean, I have a cocksucker from Kansas who wants to be on his knees in a filthy glory hole sucking a big meaty cock. Humiliated in pink panties, having his ass reamed and one his his whore throat! Are you a dirty boy who can’t get enough of crossdressing and cock sucking. Cum see me it will be worth its weight in cum! I know what sissy men, cuckolds and BBC lovers need. Be a cock sucking, Cum eating faggot with me tonight! I’m to the point, blunt and get your overnight early morning sissy training!

sissy trainer

Calling all cock lovers. 

Cross dressers



Fierce Mistress Phone Sex

mistress phone sex

So, you’re online looking for a Mistress phone sex goddess to call. I don’t know if you have stopped to think about what that might mean for you, but maybe you should. When I answer the phone and you say “Hello Mistress” that automatically will change the dynamic between us. I am no longer going to be the sweet, loving sissy trainer that you might have gotten otherwise. I will order you to do more than just put on a pair of lacy panties. This is going to go far beyond that kind of training, so I hope that you’re ready for it.

I get calls from so many wannabe sissies who don’t want to get fucked. I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re not really a true sissy until you’ve bent over to have your pussy fucked by a big fat cock. You don’t have to do it all of the time, but you WILL do it if you’re going to be my sissy slut. Are you ready to submit to me and do what I tell you do to? I’m not really for the faint of heart, so you’d better make sure you can handle me before you call.

Forced sissy maid training

sissy maid trainingYou know you deserved every last second of the sissy maid training you received! How dare you go through my pretty things and decide you were going to wear my stuff! Oh, but you were so surprised when Your best friend’s sister caught you wearing her panty hose, and trying to stuff your feet in my expensive high heeled shoes! I loved how your whole entire body got, as you stammered, “when, when did you get home?” I was the one asking questions as I peeped a teenage sissy boi, enjoying a set of satin pantyhose and panties rubbing his nubbiet! It’s very rude to go through my things and let alone you are in my room, a woman’s sacred place. Now that you had violated me, it was time for your duties. I would blast these pictures all over campus, social media and make your senior year of highschool a living hell! I bet they didn’t want no sissy la-la on the football team either! I told you if you wanted to be a fairy then you had to act the part. The deal was I would dress you in some of my bigger clothing. I had lost weight and I had some pretty sexy things to dress you in. Then the chore list began. Watching you scrub my toilet and trying to keep your outfit clean was entertaining. But my favorite was putting you in a nice new chastity cage and stuffing your ass with my jeweled but plug. The house looked amazing and I have so many pictures of our fun times together! I wouldn’t be the best sissy trainer if I didn’t keep a little evidence for days when my piggy bank ran low! Speaking of, that little sportster would look so good with me in it. Hand over the keys were are going for a whole different kind of ride, one you will enjoy, Though!best sissy trainer

Taboo phone chat with Miss Remi

taboo phone chat

I’m Miss Remi and taboo phone chat calls are my favorite way to tease slutty, little sissy whores like you! I get so turned on when I’m rubbing my hot cunnie and talking them into doing what I want them to do. Telling a sissy bitch to dress up for me or to get on his knees and open his slutty mouth for my fat strap-on, makes my perfect, pink pussy so wet! I can’t help but to get a little carried away when I’m training a new bitch. I make my sluts gag on my thick fuck rod before I bend them over and let them show me how well they can take it. I love making my whores pull their pretty panties to the side and beg me to take that pussy hole. I always make them moan for me while I pound my 11 inch dildo into their sweet cunnies. If you’re looking for a new mistress who will put you in your place and train you to be a proper sissy bitch, let me know. I have plenty of time to train more little sluts!


Sissy phone sex leads you to me

sissy phone sex

How cute you thought you could enjoy some sissy phone sex and not endure all the effects that come from having some sissy fun, huh? Well, you are sadly mistaken. There’s no way you can do such a thing and not become hooked on the sissy lifestyle. It will thrust you into a world of events you never thought possible. It is so intriguing and misguided, but you are a junky for the sissy life for some reason. Hear my commands and watch as you get to be hypnotized by my every word. Every single term hooks you deeper. It is out of this world the satisfaction you get from sucking cock. I will let you watch me get pounded and make you wish it was you getting hammered with meat sticks.