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Taking My Sissy Slut On A Walk

Sissy slave training

I took my sissy slut for a walk like my little puppy hoe she is. I dressed her up in a tight short pussy pink dress with pink stocking and a pink collar and leash. I made her walk on her hands and knees and of course she had no panties on. You could see the butt plug I had shoved up that man pussy of hers and how red her round ass was from the Spankings she got. My sissy slut knows I can do whatever I want to her. So, I made her play fetch with a big 10-inch black dildo I had brought with me. When she brought it back, I shoved it down her throat making her gag and her little clitty hard. When I saw it was hard, I pulled the butt plug out and started fucking her with the dildo right there in the park where everyone can see how much of a sissy slut she is. When everyone was looking, I kept going and didn’t stop until my sissy slut was begging for me to let her little clitty cum. I finally started pulling and tugging it and allowed her to cum all over my hand. After that she lapped my hand and made sure it was nice and clean. 

sissy phone sex and all its perks

Sissy phone sex

Sissy phone sex is the kind of phone sucks that puts me in charge of creating dolls. Yes, you heard me right. I love to make dolls. I love to dress up as a sissy; I need to dress up like a sissy. Sissy fun begins with the mistress that will put your needs above all else. Usually, it’s the other way around, but for my dolls, I can’t say no. You tell me you want a specific cock, and I will make sure you get that certain cock. You can bet that I will turn you into a fabulous feminine darling. I will show you how to use your sex appeal, take photos, and lower dirty fucking men. I know what men love, and I will show all my sissies how to work their stuff. Let’s go to Victoria’s Secret and get you some hot lingerie. You will find some cute wigs at some high-end boutique

Sensual sissy hypno training

sissy hypno trainingI love making a man my cuckold and bitch during sissy hypno training. See, there is a fine art to losing oneself under the hands of a woman who only wishes to see you enslave yourself. Soft, sweet and sensual seduction under my voice and hypno suggestion. As I go through making you into a panty wearing cock seeking sissy missile! All’s fun is a sissy world with me baby! There has never been a more perfect time to let yourself fall in the black hole of sissy love. I have all you need to create the perfect sissy-verse. Skills in helping pick out clothing, make-up tutorials, and cock sucking teaching. I need you to be my bitch. Under my hands you will know when a man has a big cock and be able to deliver him to your wife/mistress and watch as she gets the deep womb excavating that she has always needed. A little forced sissy training is all you need to get a jumpstart on living the true sissy life.
I understand what you need, I really do, I’m including a picture of my latest BULL so you can see what a man looks like and then you decide if you can hold a handle to a real man’s cock. If not your doomed to sissy life!forced sissy training

Using My Sissy Fuffler Slut

Sissy training is something I love. Dressing you up like a good slut and feminizing you turns me on and makes my pussy drip. Once I dress you up, I will use you as my fluffer. Have you get on your knees and suck my boyfriend’s big black cock. I love watching your ass in the air as he shoves his cock in your mouth. As he makes you gag on his BBC, I’ll finger my pussy and then rub my juices on your nose so you can smell my cunt. I’ll straddle you and then he can shove his big cock in my pussy.

Taboo phone sex

As his balls smack on your ass, I want you to beg for him to fuck you. I want you to ask for permission to get used like a slut. That will make me cum all over his big dick and lube it up so he can shove deep in that man pussy of yours. You will get what you begged for as I make you lick my pussy clean. My boyfriend will pound you hard showing you are just my bitch, and I will have you fucked whenever I want. As soon as he fills you up, I want you to clean his cock with your dirty slut mouth.

Enjoying A Perfect Sissy Slut

Mistress phone sex

Having the perfectly trained sissy is what I enjoy. My sissy knows that I will dress her up in whatever I want, and I rarely put panties on her. I love making sure she wears her butt plug so when she bends over, I can see the butt plug deep in her round ass. When I have a creampie filled cunt I make sure she is on her knees with her ass in the air cleaning my cunt up. I’ll even bend her over my knee and paddle her ass with my paddle that says sissy slut. That way the words stay on her ass, and anyone could see what she is. She knows she is my property and my sissy slut, so I do with her as I please. Even have my mistress friends join me when I want to show her off and how good she can take a strap on. My sissy slut doesn’t disappoint me and if she did, she would be spanked and disciplined to remind her she must do as I say and take any cock, I send her way. 

Adult Phone Dominatrix

phone dominatrix

I think it’s time for you to put on your frilly panties and give your adult phone dominatrix a ring. I know you’re craving cock right now, especially if it’s been a while since you had one in one of your slutty holes. But the question I have for you is this – which hole do you want that delicious cock in? I guess that ultimately, it’s up to you, but I really think you should get down on your knees and take that fatty down your throat. I want you to show him what a good cock sucker you are.

But if you REALLY need to get your pussy fucked, I think you should just get two cocks. One for each hole is fun. Trust me, I’ve done it more times than I can count and it’s always the best time. Being able to deepthroat a dick like my life depends on it while I get my cunt plowed is the ultimate turn-on. So, if you’ve never done it, I really fucking highly recommend it. Call me so I can hype you up. You will be getting double-teamed in no time, I promise you that.


Cheating women / Taboo phone chat

Let’s have a taboo phone chat about cheating women. Something that you can barely confess to yourself has your panties in a bunch. It goes a sexy little something like this.
taboo phone chat
You start kissing down her body, You tickle her navel with your tongue. Down more you go, thinking to yourself that she smells extra heavenly tonight. You must really have turned her on tonight. You notice a bruise on her hip, and as your tongue flicks her soft pubic hair you catch a small taste of something. You know her taste, you have been here every day for a year, kissing, sucking and getting her off. You know already that you must eat her, you love it, but there are other reasons. Her pussy must be plump to barely enjoy you rutting for 15 minutes on top of her. You have to have her sedated with pleasure to let you inside her. Don’t mind me darling, just speaking your truth. Let’s go on down deeper into that pussy you were enjoying. She tastes different, she smells musty and there are bruises where a mans thumbs would be if he was fucking her doggy style. She never lets you fuck her doggy style, though you both know you could get a better nut that way. Maybe even be a little less embarrassed of how much you’re trying to get off inside her.
Why don’t you stop and ask your woman if she fucked around on you?
Because your so fucking turned on right now. Your dick is hard as you smash your face into her cunt and eat her so deep and wild she is a wild cat under you. As she cries out again and again, you tell her how good she tastes. She gets off on you eating about another man’s cum. She knows you know! You know she knows you know! But you can’t admit it. The best sissy trainer knows that this is how it all starts sometimes. A man eating out his woman with the satin of another’s semen, begins a spiral of sissydom few talk about! I do, and I understand every stage of cuckolding and sissy life. You could say it’s a passion of mine!

Sissy Training for Christmas

sissy trainingSissy training is off the charts this week. I think the stress of holidays makes men want to submit to a powerful woman, and maybe a big black cock too. I am a dominatrix and a sissy trainer. I am also a BBC whore, so I know how to make men submit to me and big black cocks. This guy called me last night stressed to the gills over Christmas and this virus. I knew what to do. I called Marcus. He is this 32-year-old monster black cock lover who firmly believes any port in a storm. He is not gay. He is not even bisexual. He is just a daddy dom. He loves making white men and women submit to his huge cock. Black cock is superior cock. My caller was forced to his knees. He was unsure he wanted to suck a big black dick, but I did not care what he wanted. I know what a man needs even when he does not know himself. I cracked my riding crop down his back and forced his head on that monster cock. He was gagging, slobbering, spitting, but he was not resisting. A few minutes on that big black cock and he was submitting to the all powerful King Kong dong. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I know men often need to be forced to do what deep in their hearts they know they want to do. It does not make you gay. It does not make you bisexual either to submit to those big black dicks. It just makes you submissive and a good sissy bitch. Do you think you can handle my style of training sissies? Remember, I am in charge. Not you. You may be the head of the house or the top dog at work, but when you call me, you are nothing more than a sissy bitch.

Be My Little Sissy Baby Doll?

Best Sissy Trainer

When I get really bored I love playing dress up with my little doll baby sissies! Mistress Raine is the best at playing dress up, one of my favorite ways to sissy train is to talk outfits. Of course there is an endless combination of colors, fabrics, accessories, hairstyles and make up out there to be tried for each of my darlings. Only the best will do for my baby dolls, I make it easy to walk into a store and know what exactly will make your inner slut shimmer! When you are being trained by Mistress Raine, know that you are my beautiful little china doll with the most pretty clothes and accessories for me to play with. I’ll have you dolled up in no time ready to hunt for a big cock to fill your new confident sissy pussy!

Sissification Contest With My Perfect Sissy

Today I had the most fun with my Sissy Tj she was used for a good Sissification contest. I dressed her up in a pink chiffon rob with pink feather trimming her chastity belt, pink knee-high stocking and white heels. I wanted to show how well of a Sissy training TJ has had so I made her clean my nut filled cunt and I made her lick it all clean. While she licked and scooped the nut out of me with her tongue,

Sissy slave training

I had my BBC friend stick his throbbing in her tight little man pussy to show how well she can multitask and take cock. Oh boy! My sissy Tj did not let me down she cleaned me so well and fucked that Big Black cock like a good Cum Dump. We didn’t stop until we both came hard, and my sissy was all filed up and dripping with lots of cum. I know I won because sissy Tj is perfectly trained.