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It’s goddess to you!

Best sissy trainerIt’s goddess to you, you stupid little sissy slut! Why do I even have to correct you at this point?! You say you want to be my sissy pet but have shown you are not even worthy of my time! Why do you have to be told to suck the beta’s massive cock? You should be eager to get the chance to wrap your warm wet sissy mouth around his beautiful veiny rock-hard cock!  You are lucky to even be in our presence! You know you don’t even deserve that! You are scum sissy! The only thing you are good for is to be fucked and for you to suck, and you can’t even do that right?! Crawl over to me like the fucking filthy sissy slut you are! Don’t you dare look at me! You look at the ground sissy! That same ground that you should be worshiping because I walk upon it sissy! Now I’m going to sit up my throne which is your dirty little sissy face, and you are going to eat my ass! Clean this goddess’ fucking fat ass femboy! No, I don’t care that you can’t breathe! What does that have to do with me?! You better fucking figure it out sissy before I suffocate you with my dirty ass! Now lift your legs and take this huge cock deep inside your sissy hole! I would say don’t make a sound, but your face is a little preoccupied being my seat! Its ok sissy by the end of this training session you will be thanking me and kissing my fucking feet!

Sissy Slut Damnation

Domination phone sex


A lot of potential pussy boys hesitate to call me up for some sissy slut domination phone sex because of their misguided morals and twisted values.  They think that being dominated into becoming the little fag boy who loves to play with her creamy little clitty and takes tons of hard cock up her ass like she was meant to will land their souls in a lake of fire for the rest of eternity.  HA!  You’re not that dumb, are you?

Don’t you think that the torture and turmoil you put on yourself for not being the beautiful butt fucking slut bag you were meant to be in life is far worse than any fictitious fire that might be there when you die?  How many sissies do you know have passed over then come back to tell the tale of having their assholes reamed out by some demon in a putrid pool of filth and flames?  I’ve never heard of any and I know every fucked up femboy around.  

The real pain, the true torture comes from within.  Nothing I, or anyone else, can do to you will make you feel the agony and anguish you make yourself feel every single day.  The domination to which I plan on subjecting you won’t lead your soul to eternal damnation, it’ll set you free from now to infinity.  The misery, the grief, the pain is now.  You can be your own savior.  Besides, if we are all doomed to fester in fire forever, I’ll definitely be there putting every single sinning sissy through the eternal ringer.  Shit, the moment I set foot in hell, I’ll be the hottest fucking thing there!


Walking My Sissy Bitch

I took my sissy for a walk today. I put on her sissy collar and only sissy panties. I made sure to shove my favorite plug in her little man pussy. I made it clear my sissy slut had to crawl on all fours like a dog bitch she is, while at the park i made her sniff people’s asses just like bitches do. I even made her eat treats out of their hands before I was going to show off how good her mouth is. I pulled my dildo out my bag and my sissy slut opened her mouth wide open. I shoved it down her slutty mouth so everyone could see how far down her throat she could take it. She was putting on a good show, but it wasn’t enough for me. I pulled her panties down and pulled the butt plug out of his man pussy.

Sissy panties

I shoved the plug in her mouth and then took my dildo and started fucking her opened sissy cunt for everyone to see. Her clitty started leaking and I scooped anything with my fingers and made her lick it. I didn’t stop shoving my dildo in and out of her sissy cunt until she made a cummy mess. Just like any other messes my sissy whore cleaned up with her tongue. 

New Young Sissy Toy To Train

The prettiest teen sissy slut stumbled onto my feet recently. I saw her walking down the street like a lost puppy. I told her that I like her pretty pink shoes and that only a good little slut wears shoes like that. I invited her to my place for a good sissy slut training. By the looks of her I could tell her sweet boy pussy was trained well. I made her undress down to her cute pussy pink  Sissy panties and only heels on. I asked her about her training history but it sounded like she only had been fucked before. I told her how I am a strict mistress and I better have any mess I have made cleaned up right away. I told her she came at the right time I had just had a really good fuck session that made my cunt dripping and full of hot gooey jizz. He got on his knees and licked my dirty cunt. With every dig of his tongue in my gooey pussy he pulled cum and juices into his mouth being a good slut cleaning me up.

Sissy slave training

When she was done I have her give my house a spring cleaning before I would fuck her with my strap on toy.

Sissy Maid Training Mistress

sissy maid training

I have been getting a lot of calls lately for sissy maid training. There are job openings everywhere for personal maids for rich old men and sissies are perfect for the job. Do you want to be a maid who is also a fuck toy who gets to suck cock and get fucked all the time? That’s what you will get when you call me. I’ll show you exactly how to get that. With the proper training, you will be able to get a job as a maid in no time. 

Just imagine that you’re in a room dusting and you feel your boss come up behind you and grab your ass. You might be a might be a little shocked at first, but you would get over it as he was pushing you down onto your knees. Would you be eager, or would nervousness take over and cause you to become shy? It doesn’t matter because either way, that cock is going down your throat whether you like it or not. If you’re ready for some of the best training you could ever receive to become a sissy maid, slip into your favorite pair of panties and call me. I will turn you into the best little cock sucking maid around. 

Mistress Jackie Will Own You

mistress phone sex

If you’re here looking for Mistress phone sex, you’re in exactly the right place. Yes, I love sissies, but I also adore talking to and controlling other men, too. If you’re weak, then you’re automatically going to be so much fun for me. I’m into pretty much any kind of domination at times, but I do lean more toward the sensual side of things. But don’t worry – if you need something hardcore like cock and ball torture, I’ll see what I can do to work that into our call.

Humiliation, tease and denial, ruined orgasms…those are just a few of the things that I can and will do with you and to you. Oh, and I do love it when rich old losers spoil me. I’ve drained bank accounts many times before. Well, they drained it for me. I shouldn’t ever have to ask for anything. So, if you’re up for being dominated by the perfect Mistress, then look no further, loser. I hope you’re ready to be owned in every way possible, because that’s what will happen to you. As soon as you hear my voice, you’re going to be addicted to me forever and ever.


Time for Your Sissy Slave Training

What time is it? Well for you, little man it’s time for your transformation with a session of Sissy slave training. That’s right, you really are not a man and you should certainly not be treated like one. You are a peon, a bitch, a little sissy slut.

I’m Addilyn, and I am going to be in control of you from now on. That’s right, you will be my Bitch, crawl to me. How does it feel to be a worthless fuck slut that is about to be groomed for Big black cocks to own your holes, Slut? When you stare at yourself in the mirror what do you see? A loser? A wimp? It’s certainly not a man. Wouldn’t you agree? Of course you would. I’m more than you could ask for and I know what you need. Anything worth having is not free and that goes for me owning and training you. Nothing is for free, and my skills, beauty and your craving is definitely going to require dedication, gratuities, spoiling and of course my fee before you will even begin with me.

Sissy slave training

Sissy Cums in Lockup

mistress phone sex

Spread that fucking as apart so mistress can get a good view while she fucks your sissy ass. I got you a new chastity so I can see your little clitty in cage while you penetrate that man pussy for me. Before I give you this big veiny strappy that I have I want to see you fuck your pink man pussy for me. Lay on your side like a slutty bitch and put this dildo all the way in until the balls hit your little grape nuts. “These are tiny and pathetic” I say in disgust as I flick your quivering nuts. Your tiny dickie is already dripping from the dildo plugging your pussy, so I snatch it out of your hand and shove it in your mouth! “You only cum for Mistress!” I remind you as I shove my thick 11 in cock inside you. I’m so deep in your twat I can feel your tummy rumbling! Youre such a size queen I should’ve known thrusting this big dick in your twat would make you squirt! Even in lockup you can’t control yourself from leaking cunt juice down your little berries and thighs!

Breaking In New Pretty Little Sissy Bitch

I have a new pretty little sissy bitch since my perfect sissy has strayed and I wanted to show my new one how to be.

Sissy slave training

I bought the biggest two-sided dildo I could find. I bought some new sissy panties and bralette set with matching stockings. When my sissy walked in, she got naked right away I love watching her little clitty in between her legs excited to see me. I turned her around and spanked her ass and made her tell me who she belongs to. She got dressed in 6-inch heels and crawled to me. I spread my legs so my sissy slut could lick my cunt and get it wet for the strap on dildo I had for us. She did as she was asked and when I put it on, she was bent over spread open showing me that man pussy. As I pushed my strap-on deep in my new pretty little sissy the other side went deeper in my cunt. I started fucking her hard and deep making sure I used her so I can cum hard. I didn’t stop until I felt my body tense up, I started cumming hard. I pulled out of her now gappy man pussy and told her to stay that way until I was ready for more.  

Do What I Say

Sissy girl training They love that I make them beg for more. They love that I make them get on their knees and beg for a taste of my wet cunt. I love to dress them up in bright pink panties like the fucking sissies they are. I love to humiliate them by telling them no woman will ever be satisfied by their tiny cock. The only thing that a sissy is for is taking a big fucking cock and shoving it right into their tight little shithole. These sissies know their place and they are all lined up waiting for the next big cock to assault their tight fucking ass. They know I love to hear them beg for that huge cock and if they don’t do it good enough, they get punished. They loved to be punished by me. They beg for my little fuck machine to come out while I whip them until they beg for me to let them cum. They know they have to make their mistress cum before they do so they beg to lick my pussy with their little faggot tongues. Then right after I cum I order them to cum all over my stomach and then clean up their fucking mess.