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Sissy slave training with Miss Remi


Everyone has heard about Miss Remi’s sissy slave training, but not many sluts make the cut. I have a long waiting list of sluts that want my guidance but I only take on the best cock suckers to train. Once they prove their worth as a dirty cum guzzling slut, it’s time for their next lesson. Time to transform these half fags into proper, cum addicted, sissy bitches! After I dress them up in the sluttiest outfits, I make those sissy men bend over, pull their sexy little panties to the side and beg to  get fucked like a real whore. I may look sweet and innocent but that’s not what you’ll be thinking while you’re getting rammed with my big, thick strap-on. If you whine and cry, I will only go harder, so don’t even start that shit. If you do, I’ll pull out my whip and really teach you. You’ll feel the sting of that leather across your little bitchboy buttcheeks right before I let my bull studs ream your tight pussy hole. If you’re ready and can obey like a good slut, hit up Miss Remi so your training can begin!

Dildo Sissy Training 101

sissy training

In the early morning or late in the night is when sissy training on the dildo is best. Some of you fags have wifes that have no clue what your are into. SHAME, shame, I would enjoy being married to a sissy fag hag who loved bouncing on a dildo for me! I love being a sissy trainer the mornings after my sissy bois wifes and girlfriends  go to work. I know my sweet sissy men love  having the place all to themselves,  I don’t want you to have to be quiet if you don’t want to be. I love it when I get past the fingers and insert the first dildo in…it’s amazing feeling myself twitch. Now it’s your turn, Slide fingers inside yourself with a bit of KY. No cheap lube here! Soon you will learn to use your sissy leaks to lubricate but for now KY is best! But then the fucking begins, enjoy girls! And of course you boys with small dicks who might not be a complete fag! That dildo is going to go inside your ass pussy. Be thankful I am not there. (I have my strap attached most calls, and love stroking it as I help that ass get fucked for me.) So I always want to dick you down. But for now you just pull down those sissy panties and let me help you get fucked the best way I can! Slow and steady until we pick up the tempo! Moan for me sissy Bitch! Please send pictures of big sissy dicks and I guess tiny sissy clits. I just want to see you fucked BITCH! 


PSA : Now accepting Appointments for sissy dildo and Sissy clothing shopping during the day. You need a hot bitch to push you to buy the right things. I am not one to ever miss out on a shopping spree with a sissy! While your shopping my favorite color is Amazon gift codes! 💋👌😊

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Gangbanged for Sissy Training

sissy training Why your cock must always be aching. Sissy training mistresses are so full of piss and vinegar for some hot fem bois! We’re flirty bitches who revel in dirty jokes, Humiliation, and small cock humiliations! And I guarantee that last night wasn’t an exception. I went out with my hot girls, and we always have a contest to see who can bring the most men home! (Hot Girl Shit!) This sexy bitch managed to coax us some hot and horny guys from the bar. I led them back to my place, and waited for my friends to arrive. Only, they never did. There were four, throbbing cocks quickly becoming tired of my sexy little minxy self. The Bulls started exchanging glances, and I was getting nervous. They moved on me like a pack of wolves, ripping my clothes away so they could finger and caress my young, naked slutty body. My sissy daddy busted in my bedroom door demanding what was going on! My pussy was starting to drip! It was so intense! I was so afraid as I realized my fucking whore friends had set me up for this! But daddy being here to witness my gangbang made me want it all the more, fear or not! Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to Black bulls to make a daddy sissy happy! That’s when the first cock was pushed into my mouth. After that, I didn’t have a ton of time to speak, or even think. I had a cock in at least one of my fuck holes at all times! Daddy was laughing and I was going to turn this gangbang on his ass soon! Sissy slave training payback’s a bitch!

Sissy humiliation training with Miss Remi

sissy humiliation training

I was so upset today when I had to cancel my sissy humiliation training class. My air conditioner was broken and I had to have a repair man come out to look at it. I left to go shopping and when I came home, I caught him in my room with a pair of my dirty panties in his hand. He knew he was in trouble and immediately started begging me not to call his boss and report him. I told him I wouldn’t report him if he obeyed Miss Remi, like a good little sissy bitch. He had no choice but to do whatever I wanted. I made my new bitch toy strip down and put those cum stained panties on. I told him to face the mirror and stroke his pathetic dick through those lacey panties while I call my three older brothers to come break in our new sissy fuck puppet. My brothers came right over and took turns ripping this little bitch’s he-pussy hole wide open! I just sat back and watched. I rubbed my wet kitty and giggled at that noesy little repairman getting what he deserved for snooping through my things!


Mistress Phone Sex For Sissy Girls

I know you are a budding sissy girl that is full of curiosity. You are considering maybe a Mistress phone sex mommy to assist you in your exploration. Taking that step to share those inner most feelings of wanting to be as girly as you can be is difficult for many.

Reaching out to me is a bold move. I am the nurturing dominant mommy to guide you. The best start for sessions with me is where you tell me all about this journey of yours. I need to get a feeling for who you are, inside. That inner feminine that is fighting to emerge. I want to support your cravings to be a good slut. A cock whore is what a good sissy wants to become. Well, mostly. Not all sissy girls necessarily want cock. I know many want to just be girly and share their life with a supportive woman in a bit of a lesbian like relationship.

Some of my sissy  girls are just panty or pantyhose loving straight men. They want to see their wives pleasured and they just can’t do it. These men will wear panties and stockings maybe even more lingerie. They will dress and help the bull cock please their wife. It’s a desire to be the supportive lover that isn’t allowed to even cum. He is a sissy that cleans the creampies from his wife or even his mommy.

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Your Collection Of Sissy Panties

Sissy pantiesYou can tell a lot about a sissy based off of their panty collection. A sissy with no panties oftentimes resorts in theft. The stealing of panties from their female partners or room-mates, and even family members. You are more put in the panty boy category for me then a dedicated sissy. Now a sissy who has a collection of thongs, G-strings, and anything flimsy that’s a sissy slut. You want more than anything to be on your knees or bent over, to be treated like a whore. Your secret wish is for that attractive coworker to spot those strings over your work pants and change your life forever. Now of course we can’t forget about the ruffle darlings, with the puffy panties filled with ruffles, and lace. You want to be pretty, you want attention, someone to tease you in a caring way. Sometimes you’re a sissy darling or little one needing a strong mommy to comfort you. Of course these are generic categories I’ve come to notice over the years, you could have a mix of panties. Or be a complete panty addict. So go on and open your panty drawer, tell me about it and let’s see what it has to say about you.

Sissy Maid Training Sessions

sissy maid trainingI smiled over the crowd, taking note of all the well-known sissy trainers present all looking for that perfect one for sissy maid training! “Welcome to Princess Z’s Sissy Slut Auction!”
I myself was looking for new sissy sluts to train as housemaids. This is where I would get to find real prized slaves trained by other mistresses and Madams of the craft! Mistresses to those femboy little queers who had been training well. Money talked here, and I would have my prized possession.

You see, My last purchase said s/he was already trained. I realized she was a stupid whore liar after she was permitted the honor of cleaning my office. First and foremost, her clothing was too modest. While dusting, the bitch had no form, and seemed terrified of the vacuum. This would not do! I needed the full experience and would not have my guest looking at this trashy whore! No breeding, no background. Just a pathetic fag in a costume! I grabbed her by the hair, threw her over my desk, and beat her black and blue for lying about her training. A few days later, I had the bitch in a proper uniform; pretty little trousers, a garter and stockings, and 7-inch stiletto heels. Yes, & inches, you wish your cock was as large as the heels you stand in! Titter, Totter Little faggot girl! She then put on a cute little maid dress. Her feather duster handle was a dildo, the vacuum had all sorts of special attachments for her pathetic clit. She was in for a world of Hell; a world of Sissy training.

On second thought, breaking a sissy is always good for a Sweet little Mistresses confidence!sissy maid training

Favorite Sissy slut

Tyler is my favorite sissy slut. I can do whatever I please with him. I dress him up in tuts and have him dance for me after I paddle his bare ass. I make him smell and lick my ass whenever I want. My favorite thing to do is to loan him out to my Dom, he uses him well makes him get on his knees and suck his hard cock as soon as he sees him. When he is in the mood, we run a train on him I strap it on and fuck his mouth while my Dom takes his ass hard and deep. I love watching my Dom shove his big fat dick in and out of his tight little ass. It turns me on so much I make him eat my wet cunt while he gets fucked. I shove his head on my wet pussy and rub it all over to get my juices all in his face. We don’t stop using him until my Dom fills his ass up with hot cum and until I squirt all on his face. 

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Best Sissy Trainer for the Job!

best sissy trainer

I don’t have the reputation of being the best sissy trainer around for no reason. I can take an ugly beast of a man and turn him into the most gorgeous sissy. Sure, it takes dedication and some patience, but if other so-called sissy trainers have given up on you or weren’t very nice or didn’t take the time to work with you, then fuck them. They clearly aren’t worth anything as sissy Goddesses. That’s why you need a woman like me to help you out. I am firm but loving and you might even say I’m a little bit motherly. 

That doesn’t mean I’m gonna be afraid to be tough other you when you need it, though. And I’m not going to shy away from teaching you more then just how to dress up like a woman. You gotta walk the walk, talk the talk, oh and you also need to learn how to suck and be fucked, baby girl.  I can turn you into the biggest slut in your town. I can and I will. I’m ready to give you all of the training you’re ever going to need. Just grab your panties and your dildo and give me a call.

Mistress Phone Sex Sissy Mommy

Your seeking something different and it’s something that a Mistress phone sex mommy is required for. Your pleasure is to be mollycoddled. You need a mommy that is over indulgent to you and pampers you like her little girl. You were born with a penis but that does not define you. You have been trained by a mommy that has raised you like a little girl. You are mommy’s little princess and mommy loves to dress you girly. I gave you a girly name and put pretty sundresses on you. You are only to wear girly panties and pretty girly clothes. My sweet boy is not a boy, you will never be a man. You are mommy’s sweet little girl and that is all you will ever be. I will train you to be a little cock whore even. Yes you will dress for the man’s pleasure. Men like pretty girls with bows and pastel colors. The men that your best sissy trainer mommy likes to bring around love little femboys and that is what mommy has made you out to be. You must never disappoint mommy’s man friends. If you are a naughty little sissy that doesn’t comply, you will be punished. I usually like my sissy girls to wear cages on their clit sticks as it makes them more disciplined. I will force you into chastity if you do not service the men as I intend you to. They pay mommy well and I will make your bottom red and sore with bare bottom spankings if you act up. If you have a dirty mouth I will make you suck a soapy cock. You will suck the soapy cock and swallow when he cums. You will get a belly ache and mommy will put you in diapers to make you understand that from that point on you will need to be a good girl and that will be the sissy girl training for you.

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