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Sissy Slave Training Turns You into the Sissy You Need to be

sissy slave trainingDo you need sissy slave training? Many men do. That is why there are so many sissy sites around now. When I started training sissies, there were not many sites if any like this around. The birth of the Internet has done wonders for men realizing they are not like other men. Porn is so versatile. Sissies are a recognized category of submissive men now. Women are also empowered more to take on the role of the alpha man. Traditional gender roles are a thing of the past. Men can act like girls and girls can act like men. I am a dominant woman. I love having sissy slaves. Not all my sissies are the same. I have black cock sissies. I have sissy maids. I have femboys. I have panty wearing sissies. A phone dominatrix like me can make good use of any beta male. My latest sissy is a cock sucking wannabe. A normal married man who has long fantasied about sucking big cock. He had a normal schoolboy encounter with a slightly older boy in the locker room. He sucked cock once, and 30 some years later he is still obsessing over that encounter. He needs me, or a woman like me to force him to act on his obsession. He is married, like most of my sissies, but that is no excuse to not act on an obsession you have had for almost 30 years. He hired me to help him, to force him. I am mostly a sensual sissy trainer, but I will engage in forced sissy training when necessary. This guy had to suck cock. I took him to the glory hole. I had to hold his head down on a cock initially, but he started sucking like a $2 whore. I did not have to force him for long because he quickly started sucking those glory hole dicks like it was what he was born to do. I will make him the best cock sucking faggot around. This is who he is, but he been in denial for decades. Sometimes, beta boys just need to meet an alpha woman.

Femboy training is in full swing sissy slut!

Femboy trainingImagine your Femboy training allowing your feminine self to finally accept your fate. You know there is something different about you that you are so afraid to let out. The way you admire panties, craving the feeling of the fabric against you little cocky. Or the way that you get so turned on by the thought of a nice big veiny cock.

You are wondering why you keep having these reoccurring thoughts? That’s because you were born to be a little sissy slut! You are a little girl so let’s dress you up real nice! I know you like the feeling of wearing those panties you love to sniff. Here, ill take them off for you with me teeth and you can put them on baby and be a sexy girl like me! Oh, don’t forget your bra, and the pair of thigh highs too! Now go-ahead sissy slut you know what to do! Put on those 6-inch fuck me heals and strut around for me baby girl, tell me how it feels!

You are all dressed up and ready to seduce. Daddy is going to be happy babe you are all ready to be used! You don’t have to scared daddy won’t be too rough. But he is going to use so you better pucker up. Get down on your knees and beg daddy for that cock! You know your tiny little cocky is worthless and could never please a woman. That’s because it’s a clitty and you are nothing but a good little slut.

Open up wide and start bobbing your head, just like the whore you aspire to be. Suck that cock good baby, suck it as if you were me! Come on sissy slut I want to see you gag! Feel that massive cock slide down your throat going deeper and deeper until you choke! I know this is what you have been dying to do, so put on a show so daddy will want to keep using you!

Suck that big dick make him unload that massive nut! feel that creamy warm cum coat your mouth and your tongue.  Move it around enjoy the way that it feels. This is everything you wanted and you’re doing it in heals Now swallow it up we aren’t done with you yet! You know that little boy pussy needs to be pounded and breed!

Best Sissy Trainer in the World!

Best sissy trainer

All of my pretty, prissy, cum slurping sluts agree, Mistress K is the world’s best sissy trainer and can whip any wimpy boy into the slutty slave girl they dream of being.  I haven’t met a wannabe he-whore yet that I couldn’t craft into a fine, fuckable little fairy.  Think you’re too manly to be turned into a tranny tramp, too studly to be made to take every BBC that I tell you to stuff into your mouth and/or butt?  I’m not afraid to tell you, I’ll turn you into a freaky, jizz loving fairy fagboy before you even pick out your favorite shade of pink.

I don’t care what kind of life you lead, my specialized slutification schooling will work right into your routine until you fully embrace the fact that you’re nothing but a little sissy bitch who’s been living a total and utter lie.  The Mistress to end all Mistresses knows that your normal life is complete bullshit full of nothing more than monotony and general malaise.  I know you dream about getting all dolled up and turning yourself into a big bone taking beauty, but you don’t let yourself for some reason or another.  Work, wife, friends, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter.  My training will turn you into the trampy trollop you really want to be and you won’t care who knows about your penis loving proclivities. 

You’re in good hands, but you don’t have to take it from me.  I have tons of testimonials from my clitty queens that have reaped all of the big dick draining benefits from my sissy slave training.  You can see for yourself, my meat juicing methods get results and those results are raunchy as fuck and covered in cum.  I tell all of the unsure Andys and wishy washy Willys who call me up to go ahead and try out some other sissy trainers if my tutelage is a little too much for them.  If you can take it though, my goo guzzling, he-whore guidance will turn you into the sexy slut you’ve always wanted to be.  I guarantee it!


Sissy Training With Mistress Carmalita, I’ll Make You A Good Sissy Slut Slave

Training these Sissy Slaves can be quite challenging these days. These little heffas want it all and they want it now. Game recognizes game, however, and if we could wake up and have it all, well, we would wake up and have it all. But you and I both know that’s just not how things work in the real world, do they?  You gotta put in the work to be successful and you gotta keep your eyes on the prize! Your appearance, is it up to snuff? Makeup on point? Clothes tight-fitting and sexy? Jewelry not too much just enough to accentuate your beauty. Can you handle a butt-plug?Cause trust me when you have to take some BBC if you’re not ready that BBC will destroy that boy pussy, I mean obliterate it. So you have to train and learn how to take at least 8 inches of BBC.Sissy Training

Are you docile, obedient and willing to learn? Are you willing to put in the time to learn how to take some Big cock in your sweet little boy pussies? This ain’t for the faint of heart you better understand that. I been in this game a long time and the studs in my stable go deep in that boy pussy, can you handle it?

You better.


Sissy Humiliation Assignment

Sissy humiliation training


I have some sissy humiliation training homework for all of you sluts, so listen up!  You aren’t done practicing your prissy, ass pussy packing, big prick pleasing skills when you leave my place.  There’s so much more that you need to do to be one of my phenomenal femboys.  The lessons you need to learn in life are ongoing so your clitty queen training is, as well.  If you don’t like it, you’re welcome to find another mistress.  I don’t tolerate insolence, especially out of my stupid sissy-boy sluts.

First thing’s first, I’m gonna need some pics.  I don’t give a fuck if you want to send them to me or not, I want them and you’re going to send them.  You need to show me just how dedicated you are to my daintification process with some embarrassing selfies.  I don’t just want you to dress up like a girl and pop off some shots of yourself in strategic poses, that’s fucking weak.  I want to see your best whore writing tribute to me or pics of you handcuffed to your bed.  Clamp down that little clitty and lock it the fuck up then show me how hot it looks.  Do your worst to yourself in the best way and email that shit directly to me.  Pretty easy.

Some of you might have a harder time with my homework assignments than others.  It’s cool. The rules are simple, though.  Show me how happy you are to be one of my he-bitch whores and send me some super slutty pics of yourself if you want to take part in my sissy slave training techniques.  If you don’t then you can find another mistress to try to make you into the lil’ miss not-a-man that you want to be, but good luck with that.  I know what you need, you just have to trust me.


Transforming You Into the Perfect Sissy Slut

Sissy Training

Your sissy ass is eager for some big fat cocks, and I know just how to entice men to make them want to fuck you. I get you a sexy, tight red bodycon dress with a plunging neckline. I make sure you fill out that dress with gigantic, H-cup breast forms in a sexy, lace red bra. I put you in a nice red thong that give easy access to your ass. For the final touches, I do your makeup in a way that emphasizes your big, dick sucking lips and let you borrow my 6-inch red stilettos. Now, it is time for you to go out on your own, to a bar late at night where the women are few and then men are horny. Sashay inside and let them ogle your body, from your big, beautiful tits to your nice, round ass. Let them objectify you and see you as the sissy fuck toy you really are. Rub your ass on their cocks, push your tits on their chest and make their cocks rock hard. When one of them wants to fuck you, act like the sissy slut you are and follow them into the bathroom. Let him bend you over the sink, and fuck you in your big, fat ass. Take every inch of him like a good little slut until he squirts his cum inside of you.

The Best sissy trainer set and auction full of sissies in Sissy panties

Best sissy trainer

Since i am the Best sissy trainer I have so many sissy slave training to do i decided to auction them off to some BBC sissy trainer bulls I know. They all came with money and big black dicks for my Sissy sluts. I got them ready with some Phone domination and Sissy training audio tapes before they came. They knew to arrive wearing Sissy panties and heels, plus lipstick. I love watching that lipstick smear when they suck a big black cock. When the auction started, they all had to come out one by one showing off their favorite skill they acquired from sissy training. One sucked dick until his mouth was full of cum, another sissy used his magical hands to milk a BBC. the last one showed how quick his Sissy pussy can make a BBC cum and he even cleaned up his cock with his mouth. I knew he would bring me lots of money at this auction. One by one they took turns getting bid on. At the end of the night any BBC sissy trainer who won his bid paid me and claimed his winnings. 

Forced Feminization Makes Sexy Sissy Slaves

Forced feminization

My tested, tried and true forced feminization process can turn any lanky, long necked nerd into the fine sex goddess he’s always wanted to be.  Most men don’t have the guts to go after what they really want in their sex lives and just stick to the norms that are expected of them.  The geeky guys who come to me to have their unused asses turned into gaping gashes are obviously ready to go on a completely different sexual journey.  I’m more than happy to be their guide into girlhood, I’m really good at making all of my femboys look and feel fan-fucking-tastic!

How many times have you sat at your work desk and wished that your ass was being worked over by a big fat cock or, at the very least, a massive strap-on dildo?  I know, you daydream about being turned into a dainty little fuck toy and having your rim wrecked on a daily basis but you tell yourself that you don’t have the balls to do anything about it.  That’s not the problem, Pal.  Would it blow your mind if I told you that it’s not your lack of balls that’s the problem, it’s your overwhelming abundance of them?  Boom.

I’m gonna shrink that sack and turn it into a sexy slut-slit that sits right below your perfectly positioned, perpetually wet little clitty.  Your ass will be shaped and shined and prepped to take on any and everything that I want to throw at it.  You’ll love it!  I won’t neglect your tiny sissy titties and those sensitive, puffy nips of yours.  Having them sucked on while you have a finger or two boring into your butthole, feeling out the flexibility of your sphincter feels amazing!  It’ll have your clit head slinging so much drool, it’ll blow your mind.

Hitting on the girls at work isn’t in your stars, your man self doesn’t have the balls for it.  You have all the testicular fortitude you need to become one of the girls at work that the other guys hit on, though.  Sure, you’ll have to ditch the dweeby image and learn how to properly take a massive anal insertion without completely blowing out your butthole.  Take it from me, you don’t want that drama.  Follow my simple sissy slave training techniques and you’ll go from the unfuckable office dork to the sexy cream queen of the company that everyone, guys and girls alike, will be dying to get their hands on.


Sissy Slave Training For Young Sissy Slut Puppy

Femboy training is what my new young sissy boy got.

Sissy slave training

He came to me begging me to give him some Sissy slave training and Femboy training. I made sure to have a new pair of Sissy panties for him and I got a collar and leash for my sissy to wear. We were going to go for a walk through the park today. As I walked my sissy bitch had to crawl on all fours like a sissy puppy bitch. Everyone watched as I pulled the leash and led my sissy bitch and every once in a while, I would kick him and show him what direction to go. As we walked a black bull came to me and asked how long I have been giving my bitch some Femboy training. While he chatted me up, he was petting my sissy puppy bitch and he mentioned he is a BBC sissy trainer, he could give me a hand with my puppy bitch. I love a helping hand from a BBC. he came over and right away had my young sissy on his knees sucking his big black cock. He didn’t let him breathe and my sissy passed out. He slapped him to wake up and bent my sissy over, ripping his Sissy panties off and stuffed him with his BBC. As he fucked my young sissy, he spanked him and told him Sissy training consists of cock sucking and he better learn to hold his breath longer. I was proud of the pounding my sissy got that night.

Sissy Halloween Fuckfest

Domination phone sex

I took some of my sissy sluts to a domination phone sex Halloween party and, I don’t have to tell you, they were the hit of the evening!  All kinds of hot whores were there dressed in their slinkiest getups looking to be objectified and subjugated, but my beauties with balls were the cum covered belles of the costume ball.  You already know, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

When we arrived, the party was already swinging.  There were dressed up dolls getting banged out all over the tables and whores bent over the bar so I decided to put my panty waist pussy boys up in some more compromising positions for pole pleasing.  It was a big club, I figured that we might as well utilize all of the space.  

I fastened my first femboy up the amps on stage and forced that he-bitch to get her butthole busted by every big bone that wanted a piece of ass while they enjoyed the music up close.  Of course the band got in on it and fucked my little clitty queen senseless like she was one of their groupies.

I posted a couple of sissy boys up in the bathrooms, handcuffed one to a toilet to be used as a human urinal for the men and tied the other up in one of the stalls for the women to do the same.  I don’t know if you’ve ever blown a piss filled load all over a golden shower loving fuckboy before, but the guys at the club seemed to love it.  The moans and groans coming out of the men’s restroom were crazy!  I’ve never heard louder male orgasms in my life.  Even the squeals and cackles coming out of the girl’s room couldn’t compare.

The photo booth needed a slut in it to jazz up everyone’s junk so I tied a sissy slave to the backdrop and told all of the party goers to do whatever they could to make her cry for their pictures.  There were some great shots and my prissy whore got tons of pictures of herself being hammered hard by tons of different characters, but my favorite was one of a couple dressed like Marge and Homer Simpson shoving a frightful rubber fist into my he-she’s ass.  It was hilarious!  

By the end of the night, everyone was saying how my sissy sluts really made the night.  We all had a blast, my gang of girly guys had several!  If they ever wondered whether or not the sissy slave training I put them through pays off, that Halloween party should’ve been all the proof they needed.