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I ripped those Sissy panties and put you in your place

I ripped your Sissy panties off and started to spank your ass. “You fucking, slut you aren’t supposed to be fuck anyone unless I say so. One after the other I give your sissy ass spankings. “Since you want to slut that pussy out while I’m not around now you will be punished” I say as my bbc bull friends walk in. “You will get used like a filthy whore since you want to act like one without my command”.

Sissy panties

“Open your sissy mouth and start fluffing some big black dick” I say as I force your mouth open. Therefore, you start sucking those big black dick bulls just like I taught you. “Keep going you sissy whore bitch” I say as I lube your sissy pussy up. “Come fuck this whore” I tell one of my bbc bulls as I spread your ass cheeks. Then he stuffs you with his fat cock. “Keep sucking the other dicks while you get stuffed like a worthless pig”.

This should remind you that I am your mistress, and you belong to me” is all I say while laughing. Your pussy is getting stretched out and I love it. I love watching you get used, especially as a punishment. Therefore, after you got filled up, you got another bbc pushed inside tour sissy cunt. That’s part of your Sissy slave training and sometimes you need to be reminded. After you get filled up by all the bbc bulls I grab your face and say, “Now you remember your place and who you belong to?”. You respond with “Yes mistress Gypsy, I am your sissy slave bitch”.

Sissy girl training is a lot of work but so much fun!

Sissy girl training

Sissy girl training is a lot of work but so much fun! I am an experienced dominatrix who loves sissies and their little clittys! As a femdom, I get a thrill from training sissies and watching them become more aware of their unique feminine side. Whether it’s in-person sissy training, online humiliation sessions, or a phone sex session, I take great joy in making sissy boys more aware of who they truly are. Sissy girl training is a lot of work but it is so much fun too – I have an excellent time watching my sissies discover parts of themselves they never knew existed or were ashamed of before.

All my sissies need to learn how to submit to a domme, and I enjoy watching them become more obedient to my commands. From wearing naughty lingerie to sitting through a full day of humiliation and teasing, I can turn any sissy into a willing example of femininity and submission. If you’re a sissy in need of a mentor or domme to take you under her wing, then you’ve come to the right person! I’m absolute in my want to help you become the sissy girl you’ve always known you could be. I also love sissy training audios, which can be a great way for sissy’s to brush up on their skills and work on areas they require more practice in.

For those of you who want to experience a little extra fun with a domme, then call me for hot Sissy phone sex. I can engage in full conversations as a sissy maid, teacher, or even just as a partner to help you explore and express your femininity.

Genesis is a Dominate woman hosting Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sex

The Mistress looked over her audience, a room full of eager sissies ready to take her orders. She was aware that she had a powerful position, one that she wouldn’t take lightly. Genesis was the premier host of phone sex for sissies, an activity that she enjoyed almost as much as the men did.

Today’s task was going to be a little bit more demanding. She had concocted a fantasy world of her own making, one that these sissies would soon be inhabiting. She began to speak, her sultry voice echoing around the room.

‘Welcome, boys. Today we will be entering a surreal, alternate universe in which I am your Mistress. You will obey my every command without hesitation, fear or regret. Your purpose in this world is to serve me and please me in whatever way I require. You will be my faithful sissies, to do my bidding.’

The sissies nodded in agreement. Genesis proceeded to lead them through the stages of her fantasy world, beginning with basic words of obedience and respect as she slowly increased the intensity, eventually introducing more explicit instructions. The Mistress knew exactly how far to push before the line was crossed, and from the gleaming eyes of her clients she could see they were enthralled and enjoying themselves immensely.

After a few hours, Genesis thanked her sissies for their service and brought them back to reality. As she watched them leave, she smiled to herself, pleased to be the one in control. For her, phone sex for sissies was an art form, and it was one she was exceptionally good at.

Sissy slave training will have you drippin with hot jizz

Sissy bitches come to me for Sissy slave training because they know they need to be put in their place. “You are made to be used and fucked by bbc”. “Yes mistress” you respond as you put on your sissy outfit. Part of your training consists of wearing whatever I want you to wear. First, I like making sure you look like the perfect sissy whore. If you don’t look fuckable enough for me, I’ll just sell your cunt to any old cock.

Sissy slave training

But if you look like a decent slut, I will bring my favorite bbc cock to pound you while you eat my cunt. I’m your master and you must do whatever I say. That includes licking my pussy whenever you want. “You are just a pathetic little whore that needs to be used” I say as I grab your head and push it towards my pussy.

While you lick me, I say, “you passed the test and will be fucked hard”. After that my friend and his hard big cock walk in. “Spread your legs and give him full access to that pussy hole” I say as I continue fucking your sissy mouth. Then he rips your Sissy panties off and starts fucking you. Finally, I cum in your mouth and finish watching you get fucked. 

Phone dominatrix Zoey demands your worship

Phone dominatrix

Phone dominatrix Tales of men in submission are my sexual stimulation. While some of my cleints are on schedules, they must be the ones to pick up the phone and dutifully call me. Sometimes they have to wait, so they get up early and reach out. Perhaps they must wait, or miss me for the day. That’s okay because men like my Personal sissy Zavier have it much worse. 

 The alarm on his Zaviers phone sounded, waking him at the same time every morning. He rolled over to check the time and groaned. It was already late, he had forgotten to set his alarm and was running late again. He slid out of bed, hastily brushed his teeth, and grabbed his things to head out the door.

He had one morning obligation and it was not something he could ever miss. Sissy slave training is an ongoing commitment.

Repetition and therapeutic doses of humiliation remind him of what he really is. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it very far. As he was about to unlock the door, his phone rang. He glanced down at it, expecting it to be another reminder from his boss. He was wrong.

The display showed an unknown caller and a sultry voice on the other end. It was a His mistress. She said she wanted his obedience and worship of her sweet pussy. If he didn’t agree, she would call his boss and have him fired. 

After much pleading and begging, he eventually caved as she ordered and accepted her demands. She instructed him to talk dirty to her and tease her while bowing down to her, all while rubbing and caressing her sweet pussy with his tongue. Mistress always cumz first!

How will you obey me on the panty boy and sissy freak Adult phone chat lines?

BBC sissy trainer Emerson will make you cream your little Sissy panties!

BBC sissy trainerBBC sissy trainer Emerson is make you cream your little Sissy panties! I am a Big Black Cock Trainer. I get immense pleasure from training Sissies, making sure they’re properly dressed up in delicate lingerie, and then teaching them the art of taking thick black cock in their precious pussys. That alone brings immense joy and satisfaction, knowing that I have given them a skill and talent that will surely be cherished.

The ultimate kind of pleasure, however, is gained from watching the sissies do as I have instructed them. From the tender penetration of their tight pussys to the sloppy oral service I know they will provide, I get a feverish kind of joy watching them obey my commands and do as I say. I bet that made your sissy panties real creamy didn’t it, you little slut?

When they’ve done as I’ve said, I love to reward them with that BBC shoved all the way down their tight sissy throats. I take immense pleasure in making sure they know exactly what to do, and to suck the sticky cum out of my dirty holes. And if a sissy ever disobeys me, or if they don’t live up to my expectations? Well, that’s my chance to dominate and abuse their little clittys with the tip of my tongue. That is my chance to really train them to be proper sissies. I will wax your fuck holes and make sure that skin is baby soft. You will need Forced feminization to be extreme, so I have this super strong tape to tuck you in nice and tight!

It’s because of my sissies that I can proudly claim my title as a Big Black Cock Trainer. I train them how to handle a big black cock and then they ultimately reward me for it, making sure my needs are always satisfied. In my experience, the combination of pleasure and pain makes for a much more intense experience. It’s a distinct power dynamic that can’t be replicated, no matter how hard one tries. I’ve devoted my entire life to perfecting the art of training sissies, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Sissy panties are what father son sissy hoes wear

I love when I meet a father son sissy pair. “Daddy has been dressing you, hasn’t he?” I say while looking at every inch of you. “Look at your pretty Sissy panties”. “You will be getting used to horny bitches in heat”. First kiss my feet with your sissy mouths. Worship me like the goddess I am. After you both are on your knees kissing and sucking at my toes, I signal for my bbc friends to come in. once they see your sissy asses wiggling in the air, they get hard in attention.

Sissy panties

There is nothing better than sissy holes to milk bbc. “Spread your legs open and do what I have trained you to do” I say as I continue to stuff your mouth with my feet. Watching the training I have given you in action has made me so happy and turned my cunt on. With every pump my pussy gets wetter. I grab your sissy daddies head and make her lick my cunt while she is milking a bbc.

“You sissy sluts are making me very proud”. You can tell you have the Best sissy trainer as your master goddess. “Eat me until I feed you my juices” I moan. Finally, it happened my pussy started squirting into your sissy daddy’s mouth. As I feed your daddy, you moan out to get filled up by some hot thick semen. For the rest of the night, I show off the training I have given you sissy sluts and you didn’t disappoint. 

Neighbor Turned Into A Sissy Bitch !

Forced sissy trainingThat’s it Gary eat up all that cum you fucking sissy bitch. This is Gary, my newest cucky boy that needs some training from his favorite Bitchy Mistress Presley. He is my neighbor and he is such a little pussy; I always watch his wife bitch him out and he just sits there and takes it. I have been planning for months to corrupt him and make him submit every last piece of himself to me. I took some convincing but he finally broke and came over to my house.

This is his 2nd day of training and he is really learning so quickly who is in charge. He has to make sure he comes over when his wife works so she won’t find out that his bitch ass likes to eat superior cum out of my cunt. She has no clue that this Bull has her pansy husband on his back eating his cum load out of my hole. He is grabbing Garry’s head and pushing his face into my pussy while we verbally degrade him. Garry is groaning and pretty disgusted with himself but his little cock is rock hard.

I started laughing and said “Wow Garry, look at that tiny dick of yours dribbling all that pre-cum as we use your faggot ass”. He moaned and said “Mistress Presley can you please rub this over sized clit of mine as I eat and swallow this bulls cum load”. I giggled and said “Oh, you want me to rub that pathetic clit; hmm I think I wanna put a little clit vibrator on you instead and watch you quiver like a good bitch”. I turned up that vibe and watched this sub human sissy boy go crazy!

Sissy training for the My Sissy sperm princess

Sissy trainingSissy training for the first time a man that goes by Sissy sperm princess! I have so much to tell you about!  Like the fact that he loves women who cuckold him. So much in fact that his ex-girl would bring him home used condoms from her dates. Now that is something remarkable to see I bet!

Fresh from fucking and carrying a couple or three used condoms home in her purse for her man. More than that sissy sprem eater princess loves licking cum off that ex gf feet! Dirty fucking cuckold AND SISSY putting huge butt plug in for me also enjoys humiliating sissy spermcicle. Thirty (30) loads of cum saved up for two weeks is frozen in a dildo that sissy sucks on for me.    

Sissy training  for S.S.P. ( Sissy sperm princess) who Is on all fours really big dildo for this Goddess 


He doesn’t need much Sissy humiliation training to break his ass with a 12-inch dildo! I mean he hurt that ass pussy for me a couple of different times last night! First I called him all kinds of names and he sucked spremcicile and fucked ass with a bejeweled butt plug before we moved on to that 12-inch and 3-inch circumference.

Second, Feeding piss out of my ass and pussy makes sissy sperm princess in panties is so fucking hot! My sexy sissy would do anything to have me piss out of my ass into a champagne glass. After my bull has pissed inside my ass during butt fucking it’s all my sluts cum eating faggots going to drink it up! The next thing sperm princess Sissy training needs is my giant ass strap in that back door pussy too! Let me break you too! 

So who is next to Pull down those sexy Sissy panties and bring that ass to me!

Fully Trained Sissy Cum Eater

BBC sissy trainerIt is nice and early and a perfect time to start this little bitch on the next level of his training. We had a nice mid afternoon session with one of my favorite BBC bulls Tyrone. As you can see my little cuck bitch Andrew is beneath me and accepting his place and the inferior bitch boy. His job is simple; today is all about learning how to love the taste of a superior mans load. I promise when Tyrone and I are finished with his sissy ass he will love the feeling  of nice warm seed dripping in his throat and filling up his tummy.

First, Andrew was instructed to fluff for me and get Tyrone’s cock nice and hard with his sweet little femboy mouth hole. I laid back and watched Andrew go to town as Tyrone played with my pussy. Andrew had trouble fitting his cock down his throat but we fixed that pretty fast. I slapped him in his face and shoved my fingers in his throat until he was gagging. I told that stupid fucking bitch that if he did not swallow his whole cock he would be dry ass fucked in his fag hole until he is a crying mess. He got the hint and immediately got better and took that dick in his pathetic throat. 

Next, we instructed the bitch to lay on his back underneath my sweet cunt and we lined Ty’s cock up to my hole perfectly. He slid inside me and his balls were dangling down to Andrews chin, it was so cute watching him struggle underneath me. Ty fucked me so hard so those balls would smack that fag boy in his face over and over again. I was dripping wet and all my juice and Ty’s pre-cum was dribbling down all over Andrews sweet face. He was tearing up because he knew it was almost time for his final task. Ty pumped my cunt hole just a little harder and blew his fat load inside me. 

There was so much cum I could not wait to see the look on bitch boys face. Ty pulled out and I dropped my pussy a little lower and began to push it out. We told that fag slut to open up his sissy mouth and beg for cum and he did. It dripped into his mouth and he took all of it right down his slutty throat. He held it in his mouth until I told him to swallow. We played this game for a few hours. Andrew, graciously swallowed about 5 more loads throughout the day. The sissy bitch is now a fully trained BBC fluffer and cum eater!