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Sissy hypno training listen to my voice you wanna be girl.

          Sissy hypno training listen to my voice you wanna be girl. Immediately upon answering listen to the soothing sounds of my voice. Now you want harsh and this is feasible however, before this happens you must first listen patiently and quietly. Trusting me to hypnotize you will only my voice.

          Before long you are under my spell. Shedding your men’s clothes, feeling the silky-smooth thigh high stockings. Pulling them on slowly. Running your hands down them smoothing them. Leaning back and kicking your feet out in front of you before putting on the low heels. Next, we will get you into lacey panties, thong, bikini, or full bodied. All colors. Matching bras.

          Keep listening to my voice. At the same time feeling yourself transforming working with me on your sissy girl training. Next step is the wig. We will be sure to have you in red, blonde, brunette, or black. They have rainbow but we are not looking to make you into a flaming faggot.

          A point often overlooked is that there is a difference between flaming faggot and a sissy girl. Your training is made easier with hypnosis, and we will continue with it. In fact, it is very important that you keep up with your regular sessions.Sissy hypno training

Sissy girl training is a lot of work but so much fun!

Sissy girl training

Sissy girl training is a lot of work but so much fun! I am an experienced dominatrix who loves sissies and their little clittys! As a femdom, I get a thrill from training sissies and watching them become more aware of their unique feminine side. Whether it’s in-person sissy training, online humiliation sessions, or a phone sex session, I take great joy in making sissy boys more aware of who they truly are. Sissy girl training is a lot of work but it is so much fun too – I have an excellent time watching my sissies discover parts of themselves they never knew existed or were ashamed of before.

All my sissies need to learn how to submit to a domme, and I enjoy watching them become more obedient to my commands. From wearing naughty lingerie to sitting through a full day of humiliation and teasing, I can turn any sissy into a willing example of femininity and submission. If you’re a sissy in need of a mentor or domme to take you under her wing, then you’ve come to the right person! I’m absolute in my want to help you become the sissy girl you’ve always known you could be. I also love sissy training audios, which can be a great way for sissy’s to brush up on their skills and work on areas they require more practice in.

For those of you who want to experience a little extra fun with a domme, then call me for hot Sissy phone sex. I can engage in full conversations as a sissy maid, teacher, or even just as a partner to help you explore and express your femininity.

Mistress Carmalita is auditioning Sissy Boy Trainees. Do you have what it takes?

Mistress phone sex

Mistress Carmalita here. I am auditioning for new Sissy Boy Trainees. Cause this current batch I have is trash! Completely useless. Beyond redemption. Pathetic! I need a Sissy Boy that’s going to obey my orders, be completely submissive and servile, no screaming like a banshee when I give their little ass cheeks the paddle, but definitely screaming when one of my big black studs from my personal stable fills their sweet little boy pussies with some big, stiff, black cock, then you can scream like a banshee all you want! You see there is a time and place for everything, my precious little Sissy Boy Slaves..I demand full obedience, don’t wanna hear no back talk, and thinking for yourself is totally out of the question. You think what Mistress Carmalita tells you to think! And that is thinking about pleasing Mistress Carmalita and thinking about a big black cock! You will be taught to dress like a good little Sissy Boy, beautiful skimpy outfits, halters, lace bras, dainty little panties, short, short skirts and pretty heels. You Sissy Boy sluts better know how to walk in their heels and look sexy doing it, or you will incur the wrath of Mistress Carmalita, and trust me, you do not want that! So if you think you have what it takes to be a Sissy Boy Trainee under the tutelage of the one and only

  Mistress Carmalita, call me. I’ll see if you have what it takes to be a Sissy Boy Slut. Until then, stay on point and keep practicing! Because hey, you never know, one day you too can join the stable of Mistress Carmalita’s Sissy Boy Sluts.

     Now get back to work!

BBC sissy trainer Emerson will make you cream your little Sissy panties!

BBC sissy trainerBBC sissy trainer Emerson is make you cream your little Sissy panties! I am a Big Black Cock Trainer. I get immense pleasure from training Sissies, making sure they’re properly dressed up in delicate lingerie, and then teaching them the art of taking thick black cock in their precious pussys. That alone brings immense joy and satisfaction, knowing that I have given them a skill and talent that will surely be cherished.

The ultimate kind of pleasure, however, is gained from watching the sissies do as I have instructed them. From the tender penetration of their tight pussys to the sloppy oral service I know they will provide, I get a feverish kind of joy watching them obey my commands and do as I say. I bet that made your sissy panties real creamy didn’t it, you little slut?

When they’ve done as I’ve said, I love to reward them with that BBC shoved all the way down their tight sissy throats. I take immense pleasure in making sure they know exactly what to do, and to suck the sticky cum out of my dirty holes. And if a sissy ever disobeys me, or if they don’t live up to my expectations? Well, that’s my chance to dominate and abuse their little clittys with the tip of my tongue. That is my chance to really train them to be proper sissies. I will wax your fuck holes and make sure that skin is baby soft. You will need Forced feminization to be extreme, so I have this super strong tape to tuck you in nice and tight!

It’s because of my sissies that I can proudly claim my title as a Big Black Cock Trainer. I train them how to handle a big black cock and then they ultimately reward me for it, making sure my needs are always satisfied. In my experience, the combination of pleasure and pain makes for a much more intense experience. It’s a distinct power dynamic that can’t be replicated, no matter how hard one tries. I’ve devoted my entire life to perfecting the art of training sissies, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Phone Dominatrix Turns You Into her Ashtray

I heard you needed a big titted mommy phone dominatrix to train and humiliate your tiny sissy cock. But I’m not a nice dom, I’m going to break you down until you’re just a cock worshiping, panty wearing little faggot. You are going to be my sissy slave and you are going to live to serve me and my needs. And after a long day of work I need to relax. I need my cunt licked and I need an ash tray. And you’re going to take care of both of those needs you pathetic worm.

phone dominatrix

Phone Dominatrix is Going to Use Your Sissy Panties Like an Ashtray

This is the chance of a lifetime for a panty boy like you. You need to get me undressed, slave. This is going to be your sissy slave training yet. You get the opportunity to take off a pair of panties instead of putting them on. Grab a cigarette from my purse and light it for me. Good you pathetic little faggot. You know how to behave don’t you. Strip me down and then beg me to use your face like a pummel horse. This is all you’re fucking good for. Sissy whores like you are supposed to be used like filthy fuck toys.

I’m going to sit on that face and smother you with my cunt. Ride that filthy tongue and watch your tiny dicklet twitch in your sissy panties. You love this don’t you. All you can smell is smoke and pussy and you’re in fucking heaven. Drown in my pussy and then choke on the smoke when I blow it in my face. When I need to ash I’ll do it right on that cute little clitty. And you better thank me for it. I want you screaming thank you mistress into my pussy while I humiliate you and your tiny useless penis. You work so much better as an ashtray.

Best Sissy Trainer Let’s You Eat Her In Your Sissy Panties

sissy panties


Come here you pathetic little sissy faggot. Get on your fucking knees and crawl to me. I’ve got you all cute and dressed up in a your pretty little sissy panties. I sure know how to make you look cute. And that sexy pink collar that you’re wearing with my initials on it. You wear my name because you are my pet. My pathetic little fuck toy. And I get to use you however I want. You’re such a worthless little sissy you would never tell me know. The only things that should be coming out of your mouth are “Yes Mistress, Thank You Mistress, and Please Mistress”. Anything else would be as useless as that tiny little clit between your legs. 

I didn’t tell you to stop crawling. I need my cunt licked, and you get the honor of eating out the best sissy trainer in the world. You better be good with your mouth fag. You have to be, with such a pathetic little cock. That’s the only way you’d ever make a woman moan. I expect for you to make me cum all over your sissy face. I hope you aren’t as useless as you fucking look. Otherwise, I’ll use that other hole to entertain myself.

Sissy hypno training will mesmerize you into obeying command

Sissy hypno training          Sissy hypno training will mesmerize you into obeying my command. As soon as you walk into the room we will begin. It needs to be done immediately so that you don’t have a chance to change your mind. Not that I would let you go in the first place. Nope when you walk in the door you have become mine. Body, mind, and soul.

          Hypnotize you. Using my tits as the focusing object. They are front and center. They make the perfect focusing object. Especially since most sissy’s and all men love them. If you are a real man, well then you won’t be once I am done with you.

          I will have you at my side. Doing my every command. Just as long as you obey me, then you will be given certain freedoms. Such as begging for another pair of panties. You will of course need to behave. I may use my powers to make you misbehave just so that I may quickly correct you with a good hard swat to your behind. Ripe off those panties. Do as I please and peg the shit out of you.

          Never. Never. Never, will you get off of your knees without permission. Now, I must admit this form of training is one of the easiest forms, but it really does take the fun out. Which is why I would have little hidden tricks so that I will have my fun spanking, you are dressing up, turning you into a slave. Wear a pretty little pink maid outfit perhaps all of the above.

Sissy Panties For My Sissy Pansies

sissy pantiesOne thing all my sissy’s have in common is their love for sissy panties.  I’ve caught quite a few of them in my hamper, seeking out the dirtiest of ones. This happened with an ex of mine.  All the sudden I walked in on him one day with his face buried into my sily red panties that I took off after sweating my ass off at the gym earlier.  Shocked, my mouth didn’t have the words to speak, so I iddn’t.

The next time, I walked inside and he was wearing those same silky satin red bikini panties.  I also noticed him starting to put on my favorite thigh highs over his skinny chicken legs.  No one could’ve predicted dow turned on I would be by seeing his masculinity taken from him.

This big strong alpha male is dressed down to my panties and girlie stuff.  He tries hard to hide his cock in those panties and just rubs the outside to make his cock feel good. The very next time he stepped it up even more, with a new pair of my pink and white silky satine panties. He put on an outfit that I feel super sexy in and realized how good he looked, I decided not to be a creep and finally address him.

My pussy was super wet watching his perfect little ass and clitty bounce around in my dirty panties. I took control of his sissy ass that day and found a new love of sissys and controlling them in every way.

I always love that my sissy phone chat deal started with panties.  Dirty panties especially have a special place in my heart. I have gotten to know some of my sissy’s well enough that they get weekly packacges of my panties that they pay for.and I send them.  If they have special requests, we take care of them so my sissy’s pantie fetish needs.

I love giving back to them because they bring me oh so much joy.  I’ve worked out deals with every one that align with the rules of the company but it’s a fun part of getting closer to some of the callers.  I have an order of panties I’m sending out today so better get those dirty things wrapped up in the mail.

Love you sissy bitches, always

Online Sissy Training Field Report BBC Spotted

online sissy trainingSo recently, I had this awesome guy Skype with me who was looking for some online sissy training before a big night.  We’ve chatted before and I got to see how sexy he looked dressed in his thigh highs, tiny little skirt, thong that covered his cute little cock and crop top shirt.  Butt plug and all he was really buying into the sissy lifestyle and I was here for it.  I told him a few weeks ago when we talked, the next step was to get a black cock over there to really take his sissy to the next level.  The last we talked I told his faggot ass to get on a dating site and get him a black cock, pronto.

My poor little sissy slut was nervous but took the expert advise I gave her and found a big hot black cock. They had been texting back and forth and prepared to meet up the other night.  I loved seeing my hot little sissy dressed up for her date, just like if I was there dressing her up. We went on Skype so I could see every detail of the fishnets, layered stockings, tini little tutu, and more. I loved seeing the nice shaved pussy for our BBC friend.  The twerking into the video on Skype to see that smooth sissy ass, I know this black cock was going to be pleased.

Sissy said it was just going to be a blowjob to sart but I’m secretly hoping that sweet little pussy got some love too.  I am axiously awaiting to see if we get more of the deets.  I’m dying to know how the first cock was in my sissys little mouth.  How did the cum taste of this big stallion of a man? Did my sissy get a second date or was it mentioned? Ahh I hope it went well and our training paid off, I’ll keep y’all updated!

Lick BBC Sissy Trainer Pussy

I’m a BBC sissy trainer to pathetic sissies like you. Ones that would be lucky to lick my cunt after I’ve been stretched out by a thick black rod. Just look at it. Your cock will never look like that. His massive pole puts your pathetic clit to shame. I wouldn’t even be able to wrap my hand around your cock. 

That’s why you’re a cute little sissy in training. Any woman who has seen a big black dick is going to be severely disappointed by your tiny little prick. Honestly, she might even laugh at your face. I would. Tiny dicklets like yours should never be inside of a pussy. They look better in a pair of panties like every other clit.

bbc sissy trainer

Be A Good Slut For Your BBC Sissy Trainer!

That’s why you’re stroking off instead of fucking me. You’re lucky to be allowed to watch. You get to fuck your hand with your useless dicklet and try hard to last as long as he can. Cumming into your panties when he pumps me full of his cum. Crawl to me you pathetic little bitch. I know you want a taste. Slide his meaty cock out of my cunt and lick him clean. And then lay there like my pathetic sissy whore and let me pour his cum in to your mouth. I want to watch you drink a real man’s cum. It’s just one step of many on your forced feminization journey.

All that testosterone turns into estrogen in your mouth. Each load you swallow gets you closer to being a real girl. You’ve already failed as a man. You will always be a pathetic little sissy. Dedicate your life to being my feminine little fuck toy. And if you are a good toilet for me, I’ll reward you with what you really want. That fat hog rammed into your horny boy pussy. You want him to push those panties aside and spread your sissy ass. Show off that slut hole and ram his cock balls deep into you. Beg that big black cock to gape your fuck hole. I want to watch you beg.