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Sissy Phone Sex with Goddess Alessandra

sissy phone sex

I’m a knowledgable goddess that has spent many years teaching sissies the game. If you want sissy phone sex, you can have it with several girls! The difference between me and other “sissy developers” is that I have the actual crown. I’m a five-star chick who rubs shoulders with the elites. No one does it quite like me. I’m one of a kind, if I do say so myself. It’s no secret I’ve garnered several eager sissies to get on their knees and beg for my expertise. The knowledge I have not many will process. I’ve created a lifestyle out of this genuine gift. You know I am the only goddess that will be able to match the energy of a true dictator. I’m that extreme!

If you are going to be a good listener and follow the rules apply for a spot.

Sissy Sluts Make Me Stacks

Adult phone chat lines

When hornballs call my adult phone chat lines for some filthy phone bone action, they get to hear me literally fucking the ass end out of my slutty little sissies.  It’s a pretty great way to train my tramps to take cock before I actually make them tackle the real thing.  They’re going to have to stuff so much dong into their sissy slut butts out in the real world, I might as well start them out a little bit easier, strap one on myself and stick it to them beforehand.  Then I let my cum loving callers hear it all happen and make bank on both ends!

Femboy slave slut training is rewarding on so many levels.  Every last one of my bitch boys pays me well for my services and every last drop of cum that my pussy coveting progenies presence produces comes with a charge.  From the phone pervs that jerk their junk while they listen to me wailing away on one of my wannabe women to the fat BBC’s that come by to drill out my darling dollies and blow their buttholes wide open, to name a couple, everyone pays.  Everyone.

Why do you think they call my Mistress K?  It’s not because there’s a “K” in my name, that would be fucking stupid.  I got my sissy slut dom name by making a stack my very first day subjugating sissies on my own.  Stack and a half, really, but Mistress K.5 sounds like some sort of domination robot.  I’ve nurtured my slutty manchick pimp-ire for a long time now, I’m pulling in more loot than I’ve ever seen in my entire life and loving every minute of it! 

I’ve been raking in plenty of cash from exploiting my cuntboys and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon, on the bankrolls or the buttholes.  Give me a ring on my sissy phone, set up a chat session, make an appointment for my peep holes or, if you have a big ol’ dick, let me know if you need to blow off a little steam and a load or two inside of a clitty cream queen.  I got you covered if you got the funds.


Designing Your Femme Look

Sissy phone

Choosing a femme look can be a real struggle when exploring your sissy side. You see pictures all over the internet, in magazines, lingerie stores you visit of these cute outfits, and looks. But which one actually fits your girlie personality? First off nail down are you slut? Are you a glam princess, or are you two-cent hooker bimbo trash? Then think of the colors that suit you best, and be colorful. Don’t worry about your size or hiding masculine features all that can come later. When first buying new clothes, and make-up you want to get options that relate to you. So you can feel safe, and secure in your exploration into your new sissy lifestyle. Being daring, and experimenting. Don’t play safe and go strictly into pink cause it’s “girlie” play with neon, and pastels, feel satin and lace together on your skin.

Finest Fuckable Femboys Ever!

Femboy training

I have an elite group of sissies that have taken their femboy training to the max and love living the hot little cock loving cum dumpster life.  They listened to the lessons and did the shadow work needed to rid themselves of the disgusting man suit they were born with and are living life high on the fat fuck hog!  They’re the finest bunch of fuckable fems you’ll ever meet!

What most sissy sluts don’t understand is that giving up all of their masculinity doesn’t mean that they’re giving up any power.  Quite the contrary.  Getting rid of their indoctrinated mindset and forcing them to go through the pain to find all of the pleasure helps them find who they really are.  Once someone discovers their true selves, there’s no limit to what they can achieve in life.

Sure, any ladyboy can find a prick or two that wants to turn out a tranny or fuck the shit out of a feminine man.  All kinds of guys are down to bang dainty dudes.  It takes a special sissy whore to be able to trick a straight guy into burying his bone in her.  She has to be hot, confident, seductive and have her little clitty tucked in nice and neatly so that the unsuspecting man doesn’t get wise that the woman he’s hitting on doesn’t have a pussy.  If they’re hot enough, once they’ve gotten to the point of fucking, the guy doesn’t even care when my sissies whip out their minuscule man parts.  Hell, if you were to meet up with one of them our on the town and decided to have a quickie with them, you’d probably never even know you weren’t fucking a naturally born woman!

Ass is ass, it doesn’t matter whose it is.  My top tier, second to none sissy girls will blow your notion of hetero norms out the window.  You can try to find a hotter slut who wants you to blow load after load in her butt, but I bet your search will come up about as short as my sexy slut’s little clitties.


Happy spooky season sissies

Okay, it is not quite Halloween yet, but a girl can prepare, right?! Well, I do that and much more! I’m the scream queen herself, the bonafide Halloween Queen turning sissies out.

I’m quite the spirit person when it comes to the spooky season. It’s one of the most acceptable times to wear girl outfits, so you know sissies love it. Why would you have to explain your cross-dressing ways at a Halloween theme party? You don’t think that’s why this season is one where many sissies experience and awaken, and I am happy to help you through those throughout your sissy phone sessions with me.

I’m looking forward to getting you all prepared for what’s to come. Every year from the first week of September till mid-November, I throw Halloween extravaganzas where I invite all the sissies I know and many I’ve trained firsthand and get them to enjoy the festivities.

There are plenty of cocks to go around, not to mention many home videos to be made. We live in an uber digital age, and whatever you do is caught on film! Momma here loves to blackmail, alright.

Cubicle sissy

sissy phone

Okay, so my latest prodigy loves to call for some sissy phone bone. I’m always ready to inspire in my hot lingerie outfits. Sissy Slut Saraphina loves to see pictures of the goddess Alessandra. I send her some after she books a call and tips me generously. My love for good tipping sissies goes deep. The more you spoil me, the more I will sissy spoil you. This means I will give you honest, brutal advice that may hurt or not. Either way, it’ll be for you beneficial only. You get expert commentary and insights into the hottest trends, and I will tell you what works well with your body type and style and what doesn’t. I’m not going to sugarcoat shit. If you want in on the sissy life, you have to be willing to go to the extremes to get your shit together with me.

Sissy Seraphina hates her big nose, and I taught her how to contour her nose. Now with some make-up tricks, she loves her face. Sissy Seraphina enjoys calling during work and learning all about the new sissy stories and tips me and gets me to give her the sissy life experience in her work cubicle. Once sissy Seraphina has her office to herself, she dresses up and enjoys her Nutt. Then she becomes Steven again and goes home to his bland wife and family. All the while, he’s still wishing to be sissy Seraphina.

Daddy Von meets Sissy Piper

Domination Phone Sex

Daddy Von called me and told me to bring over one of my most obedient slave sissies. I thought, who could handle daddy von?! I kept going through a mental Rolodex of all my sissy sluts and was stumped on who to pick. Daddy Von is particular. He loves shemales mainly but sometimes gets into the sissy mood.

I met Von back in my manhattan days. As a model for him, I got to shimmy with all the elites. Enjoying the modeling world on the east coast was fun, but the west coast sun wanted me back. After having a great time between NYC and South Beach, I decided to go to Santa Monica and plant some roots there versus returning to my hometown of Azusa.

Not only did I get to relinquish all the self-doubt I had once had as a domme, but I also came into my own as a vixen. My life has wholly upscaled. He was learning about sissy kinks truly up the ante. I said yes when Von asked me to have fun setting up his mood. It took some time, but I finally got the proper sissy to come away to NYC for the weekend.

Sissy Piper is unlike any sissy slut because not only is she obedient, but she is a sissy who is moldable with domination phone sex. Daddy von had fun making her his sissy slut by making her expose herself in the clubs.

We both had Sissy piper show off her dance moves and the sissy outfit she was sloshed after only a drink. She let loose and began stumbling on the dance floor for more fun. She got frisky and started to jerk dicks and suck them. Her red lipstick got all over several cocks. Daddy von and I loved torturing her a bit in all the best ways to build her up to become the best sissy possible.

After that, we had some fun of our own with piper. I sometimes love to fuck my sissies with strap-ons, and daddy von enjoys a sissy suck.

BBC Pleasing Works Of Art

BBC sissy trainer


I know I’m the best BBC sissy trainer around because every sissified sex session I set up looks like a fucking work of art!  My sissy sluts are so fine and fuckable that every ass-pussy posing pansy, every gaping mawed she-man model of mine look like a goddamn Norman Rockwell painting whether they’re taking on the biggest, blackest cock you’ve ever seen or just sleazing around playing with their itty bitty clitties like the slinky little cum sluts they are.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times; aesthetics are everything!  The difference between a great “sistress” and all of the rest of the sissy slave trainers out there is attention to detail.  The caliber of coal black cocks a sissy’s ass will collect is in direct correlation with the degree of decor in which you dress up your dickless little dollies.  Let me explain.  If you just throw any old wig and dress on a dude and slap a coat of whore paint on his face, all anyone is going to see is a guy who really wants to get his ass reamed out unconvincingly dressed like a girl.  There’s no mystery or illusion to it.  Most men, especially dark skinned kings with discerning taste, aren’t after that kind of thing, and the ones who are not very desirable.

What do you want your slutty buttboys to do, hang out in back alleys and give handy’s to homeless guys or something?  Those he-whores of yours are a direct reflection of you and how you live your life.  Remember that.  I adorn my fashionable femboys in the prettiest manner possible so they’ll score the thickest mandingo dicks their darling holes could ever ask for.  How long do you think your slaves will keep returning to you for guidance if you just half-ass your tutelage and let their ass-gash get bashed and blasted by an inferior, white guy sized black dick?  Make them look like just another dude in drag and that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

I’m going to have to start charging all of you mother fuckers for tips like these, Mistress K doesn’t hates to give anything away for free.  Know what I hate even more, though?  Sub-par, unpretty, BBC thirsting not-thot faggots who couldn’t pass themselves off as a woman if they had pussy shaped pricks.  Disgusting.  Get your shit together.  Get some real fancy slutbag training and you’ll take some real powerful black cock.  Period.


Smell your sissy panties

I want you to smell your sissy panties. Do you think you have what it takes to be a devoted sissy? Get on your knees and sniff your panties. I was hoping you could wear them all day long and inhale them when you get home. You know I don’t care if anyone sees you be a sissy whore. All I want is for you to listen to every command that comes from my pretty mouth. Prove to me that you have what it takes to be my whore. Show me how you can make your sissy clit throb by eating your sissy cummies.

A real sub knows how to please every command and makes sure to listen obediently. The ball is on your court, sweety. Show me you can hang out.

Sissy phone tag

sissy phone

My Sissy Veronica was suffering from social anxiety. Sissy V is a shy one who enjoys cartoons and wants to be mommy’s sissy. The only way this sissy doll could release a happy milky out of her peepee hole is if Mommy Alessandra says yes. We both were wearing ponytails and knee-high stockings. Sissy veronica begs mommy for some rubbing action. Mommy grabs her toys and lets Sissy V show her all the practice she’s gone thru. Sissy Veronica deep-throated that big black juicy dildo.

Plenty of giggles and tickles put this sissy girl at ease. After a couple of days without  Mommy, sissy v gets nervous because she needs all the guidance and sissy tasks from the goddess.

I was away for a trip, and we both kept playing sissy phone tag. I kept missing my sissy’s call.

I knew how much stress would put her, so I devised a plan to put my sissy at ease. A  quick task she has to do to become a good girl. Sissy Veronica loves when mommy Alessandra sings her praises.