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Forced feminization in public

forced feminization

I want to give you forced feminization in public because I think if you want to be a good sissy you have to commit. The sissy that can commit is one that will be able to test and pass any trial that comes their way. If you begin to complain about how you look too girly out in public then you’re not ready to be my little sissy. There has to be excitement and yeah sure there might be some hesitation and reservations over what the task at hand may be. Regardless that does not give you any reason to fight me on whatever I ask of you. One of my favorite training sessions is with panties and pink high heels and a hot pink boa you wrap that feather boa around you where the 6-in heels and strut. The pink panties must be shown so preferably, it has to be thongs. Shop away at the mall or at the grocery store. No matter what you have to stay in character and become well assimilated into sissy rules.

Mistress Phone Sex With A Goddess Will Change Your Life!

Mistress phone sex

Hi there and welcome to my pleasure palace of sissification, I’ll be your mistress for the day for your mistress phone sex. Yes, I am sexy and so very attractive, but that doesn’t mean that I am in any way dumb, or a push over. I am one of the strong, loving types of mistresses and you will soon find that out by taking my over the phone sissification training.

I am all about what’s shiny and new and pretty. Just like you and all of your yummy little holes. You are fresh meat and I am here to take all of your holes and use them up as much as I possibly can, with the help of my friends of course. My friends are these three big, beautiful black studs that you see before you.

Go ahead and start worshiping those delicious cocks, I’ll wait. I know you can’t resist them, you know you want a taste. To have your tongue trace along those yummy perky veins in the delicious man meat is ecstasy. So, no holding back, go full force on that dick and start sucking like your life depends on it. But, don’t forget there’s three of them one of you and one of me, so odds aren’t in your favor, my little dove.

I’ll watch as they tear open that pussy of yours and fuck the living daylight out of you all while stroking my strap on to be the next in line to fuck that pretty pussy of yours.

Best Sissy Trainer Coraline Does Not Let Sissies Control the Play

best sissy trainerThe best sissy trainer listens to you. I get a lot of sissies who want to suck cock, and plenty who do not. I am not opposed to pegging a sissy. In fact, I love it. You don’t want to worship any cock? You will worship me instead. Sissy Lilly found out what I meant the other day when I said “If you do not worship cock, you will worship me.”  A sissy must serve someone. It might as well be me, right? Sissy Lilly needed to come down off her high horse. I understand what a sissy wants, but sometimes we must meet in the middle. I do not do sissy phone calls for the money. Sure, the money is nice. It helps pay the bills, but I could have other jobs.  I could be a full-time dominatrix again, and never do phone sex. But I like helping sissies understand their wants and needs.  Sissy Lilly wanted no cock. She did not want to eat pussy or ass. And she did not want pegged. I am a dominant woman, so I could not let a sissy call the shots.  I listened to her and decided that the happy medium was me and my strapon apparatus. I dressed Sissy Lilly up in a pink frilly dress. I put her worthless clitty in a cock cage so she could not masturbate or cum. She was not happy about that. I would not be a good sissy trainer if I let a sissy cum whenever she wanted. Sissies are chronic masturbators. They have very little self-control over their flaccid peckers. They need my kind of sissy training. While her worthless clit stick was caged, I pegged her ass. She screamed at first, then started moaning. She also started leaking from her cage. Just means I hit her prostate. I milked that sissy dry. I ruined her orgasm, and I will ruin yours too.

Give some good head

sissy phone

I can give the best sissy phone advice ever. After all I have so much experience being a vixen I’ve had men beg me to give them some attention. College was a good time and I have some great stories. Oh boy did I have so much fun giving blowjobs all through college like I became obsessed with becoming the best at providing blowies. Now that I am the Goddess that trains you, sissies, I like to show you what I’ve learned. To be a good cock sucker, you have to want to be, and you have to make it fun. There’s a rule I swear that the more you deepthroat with the help of some numbing spray, the better reaction a guy will have; it will be the best for a sissy. Now if you do a good job and apply all of the tips and tricks I give you, there will be no doubt you will become the number one blowjob giver in his book. See, women typically don’t enjoy sucking cock much. If you get to follow the cheat sheet I give you, his girlfriend will never blow his mind like you.

First, spray, and second some yummy tasty candy. Make it fun and tease him. Show him you have a far better mouth game than any natural-born woman. Flirt a lot, wink, smile, and moan. Do it all doesn’t matter how sloppy you get as long as you do the work. Make him feel like he has the most delicious cock you have ever seen.

Sissy Phone Calls Can Be Whatever You Need with a Sissy Mom Like Me

sissy phoneSissy phone calls always bring a smile to my face. Honestly, I love being a sissy trainer, even if most of my clients are only speaking to me on the phone. Mother’s Day was a busy sissy day for a sissy mom. I am a mother to two boys who most likely will be trans girls when they are older. I know the world is going crazy about trans youth right now. No surgery. No puberty blockers. When they are 18, they can decide for themselves what is best for their bodies. In the meantime, however, I can help them dress, act and look like girls. Just like I do my callers. A sissy mom is a nurturer. I encourage you no matter what kind of sissy you want to be. There are all sorts of sissies. There are BBC sissies. There are cock sucking sissies. There are bottom beta bitch sissies. There are momma’s sissy boys. There are sissy maids. There are pretty little sissy girls. I am the best sissy trainer for many kinds of sissies.

Hal is a BBC sissy. She goes by Haley now. And when it comes to big black cocks, I know just what I am doing. I put Haley in something pink and pretty. Did her makeup and made her look so girly that I doubt anyone in the dark could tell she was not born a girl. I called up Tyrese and he brought two friends. Sissy Haley got her first induction into the Black New World Order where she will pay reparations with her sissy holes. I watched Tyrese and his two hung friends tear Sissy Haley’s holes up and fill them with cum. They showed no mercy. Do not feel badly for Sissy Haley. She begged for it all as a greedy BBC faggot. And, as a BBC sissy trainer, I delivered Sissy Haley exactly what she wanted. It does not matter what kind of sissy you are. As a sissy mom I will nurture and encourage you to reach your sissy goals.

Sissy Training On and Off the Phone Gives Me Sissy Mom Pride

sissy trainingI love sissy training. In fact, I have a sissy’s dream closest. It is full of vintage and modern lingerie, pretty dresses, all kinds of underwear, stockings and high heels. My daughter and I are a sissy trainer duo. We share custody of a few sissies. One more recently, is a friend of hers from high school. He was born in the wrong body. I knew it before he did. She is living her best life as a sissy now thanks to my daughter and I. He works from home doing computer graphics, so no one cares if he looks like a pretty girl while he works. I know most of my sissies cannot be out about who they are. Sissy phone sex is the best they can aspire to. But when I get my hands on a sissy without a care in the world, I go all out. My daughter and I took our sissy to this road stop sex shop. They are all over the highways on the east coast. It was a Lion’s Den. Maybe you have heard of them, or even been inside one. Many of them have glory holes. They attract a lot of truckers who honestly do not give a fuck who is sucking their cock. My girl and I dressed up our shared sissy. She is only 19, like my daughter, so I knew she would be popular. Tight holes, soft skin and pretty lips. I dressed her up in a pretty pink dress. Not frilly, but slinkier. I was going for the lot lizard / hooker vibe. My daughter did her hair and makeup. I oversaw the wardrobe. We took our pretty girl to get some cock at the Lion’s Den where she was the belle of the ball. She sucked over 20 cocks. My girl and I had some femboy training pride because our girl swallowed every drop too. She even took cock in her back door sissy hole and made her clitty squirt. I was a proud sissy mom. Think you can make me that proud?


You want mistess phone sex

mistress phone sex

After a long night, my sissy completed the task at hand.  You know you have an excellent Sissy, and they actually do everything and go above and beyond to be the best. Last night involved a Gloryhole visit and a visit to Hustlers. It’s time we put up my sissy on internet Outlets all over. If you want us to see to submit and show that they can play, you must dismantle any part that makes them a man. Keeping up with images is one of the main things that is hard to stop.  Now that I have an excellent sissy focused on wanting to be the best, I want to ensure they are exposed to all the sissy cravings they can imagine. Time to suck plenty of cock and take that creamy Jizz  down those throats.

Femboy training sometimes requires a gentle touch.

Femboy trainingIt was raining out where this femboy training master lives, and while my pussy was in need of a good pumping and cumming, I felt the need to head around the back of my house and walk a little instead. I’d find a man soon after I got back, was what I thought. In fact, I called one while I walked, told him to show up at my house for a hot ride. Then I ran into a cute girl on the path, she was in torn clothing, drenched from the water, and her soft skin really stood out to me. I was gonna pass her by, she really wasn’t my problem even if I did feel sympathetic, that was until I noticed the cock. “Are you a guy?” I couldn’t help but ask, and at the shake of her head, I knew I’d found a sissy who would worship me very easily. “Come on.” I turned back. “Let’s get you cleaned up and clothed.”

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. That’s a loyal sissy, doesn’t ever question me, I’ve had her lick my toes in front of visitors dozens of times just to prove she’s obedient to a fault. And when I’m feeling froggy, I have someone ready to lick me to a messy orgasm on the spot!

Sissy Training With Goddess Emerson Will Leave You All Dolled Up!

Sissy Training Emerson

Online sissy training is my absolute favorite! Sissy training in general is amazing, but the fact that I can turn one man into his true self from hundreds of miles away makes my pussy sopping wet! Just thinking about all of the “men” out there who crave the touch of a Goddess like me makes me excited. You know who you are, and you know exactly what you crave.

Its only natural that you come crawling to me and call me up asking and begging for me to make you into your perfect slutty or princess self. I can either turn you into a big and beautiful princess of a woman, or I can break you down and make you into the whore you were born to be. Leaving all of your whore holes fucked and filled with that oh so creamy delicious cum you crave. This is all simply with my voice over that phone, of course.

So, what’s it going to be? Are you a pretty, pretty, pink princess? Do you long for me to dress you in the finest of finery and drag you to only the best places in the world? Or do you crave the rush of not knowing who is fucking you and filling all of your whore holes? Either way, I am the woman for the job, and I love making you into your true self. It gives me a rush and makes my pussy drip in excitement whenever I am able to turn my latest masterpiece into its truest form.

Keep Your Mouth Open for Cock

Humiliation phone sex


Brainless sluts like you need open mouth gags so you can always be ready to suck cock. In addition to wearing your tight little skirt that barely covers your ass and your sexy stockings with high heels, an open mouth gag is sure to let everyone know just how much of a cock-addicted whore you really are. I want you to wear it wherever you go, to work, at home and when you go to school. When someone on the street or at your job understand that you are a nasty sissy slut and demand that you get on your knees, you need to allow yourself to be used like a fuck doll. Your purpose in life is to be used. You are a cum rag to be soiled any chance you get. The pathetic part is that there is no way you can feel humiliated while doing this. You actually have cock on your brain so much that you are willing to take this chance in order to secure as many cocks as you can. You are a filthy! Nasty! Cock whore!