Sissy phone slave will bow down to her Mistress and obey

Sissy phone

I am a woman of commanding stature and you will bow down Sissy phone slave! My presence alone reduces you slutty sissies to whimpering, submissive creatures. The air oozes sexual energy whenever I step into a room. My tall, athletic figure is the embodiment of feminine power and dominance. With lips that drip seductive promises and penetrating eyes that ensnare weak minds, I am every sissy’s depraved fantasy and torturous desire.

As my sissy playthings kneel before me, trembling in fear and anticipation, you will always thank your Mistress by licking her feet.  You will offer up your virgin asses to your domineering Mistress. With a sadistic smile spreading across my face, I grab your Sissy panties from the back and plunge into your tight slutty hole! I am going to make you taste yourself on my hard cock baby. Slobber on it, suck it clean and tell me how good it tastes! 

I know just the right spot to stroke, teasing your slutty hole until you beg and plead for mercy. I will let out a dark chuckle as I tell you there is no release from the sweet agony you now endure at my  expert hands. 

All of my slaves find pleasure in the pain I inflict. My true desire is not just to dominate, but to break your spirit as well. My fetishistic needs are insatiable yet precise. I take pride in my ability to slice away at the fragile masculinity my slaves. try in vain to hold onto. Your sissy hole will be molded and transformed, your mind and body resigning to the folds of my depraved dominion.

So do dare to submit to my Sissy training! I will force your sissy spirit to emerge, shattering the remnants of your old self. An experience that will leave your heart racing and your  ass craving even more of her sadistic touch.

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