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Sissy maid training making you the best sissy bitch.

Sissy maid training         Sissy maid training making you the best sissy bitch. Without delay we get you into your skimpy maid training outfit. This means French maid with the ruffles. Now admit it, you love the tight corset pressing in on your sides. Giving you that to die for hourglass figure.

          Next, we get your padding in your bra. At the same time making sure that your nipples are seen. Fishnet black stockings. No nylons for you. All things considered you simply aren’t ready to deal with nylons. You’re still in training. Black garter belt will be used. Perhaps a red one to show what a whore you are at the same time.

          Lastly every time you bend over, we want to see that pink little sissy pussy on display so make sure you are sticking your behind up in the air like a good little whore.

          In summary you will be cleaning house, dressing correctly, and cleaning your master’s cock and balls after he fucks little sissy ass pussy without the sissy panties.

Best sissy trainer for Building up Glutes and sweating!

Best sissy trainer

Best Sissy trainer Zoey knows how much you obsess about your ass. November was a time of gluttony and some of you sissy sluts need to be hitting the gym to get that ass back in shape. Just because its the holiday season doesn’t mean you can relax on the squats.

Plump and tight ass is priceless in the sissy kingdom. A kingdom on which I rule. Does baby got back? Well, I recommend you get some fillers or doing intense zone workouts targeting that sexy caboose! I suppose I should help you get motivated to be the best goddamn lil whore in north America. Call me Coach Z and I have a workout plan just for you! 🍑🍑

Best sissy trainer for glute workouts!

Welcome to Femboy training camp day One! Fifty squats right now! Up, down, and over and over until you feel the burn baby!  How about if I bend over and let you lick my crack on every up bounce, and give you some sweet cream pie as a reward?  Don’t be afraid to take it to the limit. Push your body and your mind to the limit. You can do it for Coach Z!!! So, adorable how hard you trying!

How are those glutes feeling? Feel the burn as you pump up and down. Perhaps, you should get some mental stimulation and Imagine a daddy cock is down there waiting for you! Keep going, don’t give up! You can do it! I want you drenched in sweat and wanting more. Beauty is pain, bitch! A nice ass is worth the burn!

Feel your muscles clench as I do some gym Sissy training with you. All that man meat is distracting but we have a mission. Your pink pucker booty hole might be quivering but we have a mission. Your ass is what every man looks at first!  So keep training and keep sweating! I want your ass to be a work of art!

Sissy phone sex Mistress Remi

sissy phone sex

Miss Remi the sissy phone sex mistress is ready for a new slut to train and I think you’re the perfect bitch for me. You know you want to call and tell me all about your secret desires to be used and fucked so hard by a man with a big, pulsing dick. You’re just like every other “man” out there. Acting like you’re not a secret, cum craving faggot and secretly calling to jerk your dick to the idea of getting your mouth and slut hole fucked. You’ll make such a cute, little bitch by the time I’m finished with you! First, let’s strip you down and get you dressed up in something a little sluttier and more revealing. Don’t call yourself a man ever again you slutty piece of fuck meat! Miss Remi is going to make you ride on a big, thick dildo while I do your makeup and turn you into my ultimate sissy, fantasy whore! Those sexy, pouty lips were made to milk a fat cock! You’re Miss Remi’s little bbc cum rag from now on! You’ll spend every day dressed up like a girly sissy hoe, sucking huge fuck poles for me and swallowing big creamy loads! If your slutty mouth isn’t wrapped around a fat fuck rod, then your tight, sissy pussy will be! Miss Remi will be behind you, lifting your skirt up and pulling your panties to the side so that I can help guide a fat cock into you. You better not whimper and cry or I’ll go find an even bigger dick to ruin your sissy pussy hole with! Arch your back, look over your shoulder and beg my bbc stud to ram his massive pole into your tight, sissy hole! Don’t try to act tough baby, we both know why you’re here. You might as well give in, pick up that phone and dial my number so your training can start…

Femboy training is the beginning of our fun!

Femboy training

Femboy training is the beginning of our fun! The process of transforming my sweet sissy slut into a thing of beauty has begun. I already know my sweet sissy  wants this transformation to take place. The little clitty between that slut’s legs practically drools with anticipation as I dress you in the most feminized, delicate clothing. I make sure to slip on a pair of pink lacy panties and paint your lips a vivid red. You wear an elegant pink dress, perfectly tailored to stay wrapped around your body. The finishing touches include mascara, blush, nail polish, and high heels that gauntlets her height.

Now it’s time to really start the Forced sissy training. This is something you will not have the choice to deny, unfortunately. But this newfound power will be abused repeatedly, so you know who’s boss. I take numerous pictures and videos of your new sissy look, boasting of your transformation to the world. You will go out into the public eye as the sissy slut you were born to be.

While out in public, I will make a show of you and parade you around in the sluttiest sissy outfit. You will be lead by a leash in the most public places I can think of. People will gawk at you, laugh and point and it will be so pleasing to see you humiliated. I will bring you to places I know there will be a lot of dirty men. I think a real sleazy strip club would be perfect. We will go right to the VIP room where I will force you to choke on cock. These men are going to rip open that sissy pussy and use you as their cum doll. You will cock down the throat, up your little sissy cunt and when you think you can’t take anymore you’ll get double dicked.  My sweet sissy slut, you are completely tarnished to the point where you now belong to me.

Online Sissy Training Helps Closeted Sissies

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training available for men like you. Consider me your Christmas present. I stayed busy yesterday. While wives shopped, their husbands fantasized about sucking cock. And one of my callers called me from a glory hole. He is a regular. And I could not have been prouder. I have worked with Sissy Chrissy for a year now.

When she first called me, she seemed so shy and nervous. She was not sure this would be what he wanted or needed. And a year later, we talk weekly. I give Sissy Chrissy little tasks and goals. You need to give homework to sissies and set goals so they can be a good sissy. Chrissy surprised me. We have talked about glory holes for months. This sissy has never sucked cock before. Just only fantasized about it.

As a Sissy Trainer, I Will Get You To Suck Cock

Sissy Chrissy bought a pair of my sissy panties early on in our relationship. So, she wore them yesterday while she sucked cock. I had joked with her last week that she should go to a glory hole on Black Friday. Wives go shopping and men call for phone sex, go to strip clubs and visit glory holes. And the glory hole seemed packed according to him. I knew it would be packed. Men need their cocks sucked. And if they go to a glory hole, they do not care who sucks their cock.

Sissy Chrissy knows proper glory hole etiquette. That is because I schooled her. I know how to teach sissies what they need to know to get cock. A glory hole offers an anonymous experience. I never force a sissy to do something that jeopardizes his standing with his spouse or job. So I suggest glory holes. I got to listen to my prized sissy suck a lot of cock. Big black cocks too. I am the best sissy trainer for closeted sissies. Hell, any sissy.

I can help you make your cock sucking dreams cum true too.

Sissy panties are Daddy’s cumrags after a Deepthroat blowjob

Sissy panties It’s time you submit to cocks, big black cocks during Sissy training! I know the truth, you cannot stop thinking about them, it’s time you bend over and redeem yourself.

We both know how bad you want them.. bend over and prepare your fuck hole for the huge compilation of cum the bulls are going to leave inside of your sissy hole. Spread your cheeks apart and feel his mushroomed shaft press up against your anus. There will be an electrifying sensation that will run through your body as your heart pounds. You can’t believe you are finally doing this? Well, believe it! Feel your body tense up as daddy digs his veiny chocolate dick deep inside of you… It feels so good, doesn’t it? His big dick thrusting in and out of you… There is no denying it after all; look how creamy you are making Daddy’s cock. Nobody has to know!

That’s what Online sissy training is for, it’s a place to bury those filthy cock craving secrets of yours.

You’ve spent so many nights in lace panties jerking your peenie with a butt plug buried inside of your bussy while watching Jacking off porn. Now, It’s time to twirl those hips and take a real cock deep inside of you. It feels so good taking it from behind while assumed in a doggystyle position.. doesn’t it? It is normal for you to be on all fours with a penis buried inside of your sissy hole just like a girl… What better way to end the evening than on your knees getting your tonsils coated in nice thick semen? Oh yes, Sissy right on your face! Yum, the cum it is so warm and sticky…

Be a good girl and admit your inferiority to Daddy while your face is covered in sperm. Your Sissy panties will be used as Daddy’s cumrag!

Sissy training led to being humiliated for having a peenie

Sissy trainingThe fairy faggot thought he could attend Sissy training without wearing the proper attire. I couldn’t bare to sit there and watch him stroke his fun-sized cock without at least putting a bow on it or something. Ya, it was nice to see the massive cocks he was drooling over in the background plastered all over the television screen… But that wasn’t enough flattery for me to allow him to orgasm.

He knows an orgasm is something men with small dicks have to earn!

That’s why I had him take us on a trip to the sex store. The cum hungry sissy that is in denial picked out a glamorous outfit while pretending I was his girlfriend on the phone… As if! He picked out a cute pair of yellow and orange polka-dotted sissy panties – Faggots love bright colors. He paired that with a pair of knee-high stockings that had big white satin bows on the thighs. It wasn’t so surprising to see the effeminate man yet again pick out a sexy outfit that was appealing.

I made him ask the cashier if they had extra small condoms while checking out… Online sissy training

She couldn’t hold back her laugh! She laughed so hard she forgot to answer the question… So I made him ask again to assure her that this was – not – a joke! Awee, they don’t make condoms small enough for his micro-peen. Not like he needs a condom anyway! After all the only thing wrapping around his peenie is the palm of his hand… We probably should have just asked for a female condom so he could shove it in his bussy lol. When we got back home he was so excited to dress up in his new outfit and satisfy his favorite Goddess during Online sissy training. After all, it had been a while since he had squirted… He was trying to hold his load for his so-called girlfriend.

He is left deprived for weeks on end which leaves him no other choice but to dress up like the epicene faggot he is and stroke his whittle cocky-wocky.

BBC sissy trainer Emerson will make you cream your little Sissy panties!

BBC sissy trainerBBC sissy trainer Emerson is make you cream your little Sissy panties! I am a Big Black Cock Trainer. I get immense pleasure from training Sissies, making sure they’re properly dressed up in delicate lingerie, and then teaching them the art of taking thick black cock in their precious pussys. That alone brings immense joy and satisfaction, knowing that I have given them a skill and talent that will surely be cherished.

The ultimate kind of pleasure, however, is gained from watching the sissies do as I have instructed them. From the tender penetration of their tight pussys to the sloppy oral service I know they will provide, I get a feverish kind of joy watching them obey my commands and do as I say. I bet that made your sissy panties real creamy didn’t it, you little slut?

When they’ve done as I’ve said, I love to reward them with that BBC shoved all the way down their tight sissy throats. I take immense pleasure in making sure they know exactly what to do, and to suck the sticky cum out of my dirty holes. And if a sissy ever disobeys me, or if they don’t live up to my expectations? Well, that’s my chance to dominate and abuse their little clittys with the tip of my tongue. That is my chance to really train them to be proper sissies. I will wax your fuck holes and make sure that skin is baby soft. You will need Forced feminization to be extreme, so I have this super strong tape to tuck you in nice and tight!

It’s because of my sissies that I can proudly claim my title as a Big Black Cock Trainer. I train them how to handle a big black cock and then they ultimately reward me for it, making sure my needs are always satisfied. In my experience, the combination of pleasure and pain makes for a much more intense experience. It’s a distinct power dynamic that can’t be replicated, no matter how hard one tries. I’ve devoted my entire life to perfecting the art of training sissies, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Sissy girl training be all the sissy bitch you can be.

Sissy girl training          Sissy girl training be all the sissy bitch you can be. Working at being a sissy girl is hard. Something you know nothing about. Now I know I can make you into a cock magnet. You will have big ass cocks from miles around coming to fuck your sissy pussy.

          First, we work out your pussy. Get it ready. A seven-inch dildo first. We want you to be ready but not completely stretched out. Besides among other things this is just to get you used to a cock and teach you how to grip it. Now, you flex your pussy muscles around it. Release and tighten around it again.

          On the positive side it will keep your pussy tight and flex your ass. Hence it will be even tighter. In the long run the goal is going to be that you can hold a big 12–15-inch cock tight, you will know how to pull them up inside of you or push them out.

          Before long you will have them from miles around coming for your talents. At the same time, you will be getting your clitty all wet with the pleasure of them fucking your sissy pussy. You will of course need much more training.

          Continuing online sissy training will help.

          From time to time having some courses in a chat will be beneficial. Pictures of your wardrobe. Knowing you are wearing the right clothes and being able to have chat online will keep you on track for your training.

          That is once we have gotten you to a place that you’re allowed to have a little more freedom. We’re not there yet. In other words, you need to be taken shopping for some new clothes, new toys, all around everything for your new life. Be good and keep your sissy schedule.

Taboo Phone Chat with a Sissy Mom and BBC Lover

taboo phone chatI love to engage sissy boys in taboo phone chat. Taboo subjects like mommy and son, and big black cocks, rank up there as my favorite taboo subjects. Often, I can mix the two taboo subjects. And that makes my day. One of my twin sissy boys loves big black cock. The other does not mind big black dick, but I would not classify him as a black cock faggot. He likes all big cock. So, he is an equal opportunity faggot boy, LOL.

But my other boy is all about those big black dicks. And my BBC faggot son wanted me to get him a black cock to play with. However, he did not want a schoolboy. He wanted a man sized, fully-grown big black cock. I knew just the guy too. Although my son is still a schoolboy, Tyrese does not care. He fucks pussy and ass of any age. His only requirement is that they are willing to choke and gag on his BBC. My son and I are more than willing to share his big black cock.

This Sissy Mom Can Make You a BBC Faggot Too

Even though I am a phone dominatrix, I will fall to my knees quickly to worship a big black cock. Sound familiar? I bet BBC makes you weak like my son and me. My son got more than he bargained for because Tyrese has a monster cock. I measured him once and his cock turned out to be close to 13 inches. That is a lot of cock meat for two to share, let alone for one to take.

But I am a sissy mom. If I can’t turn my son into a BBC faggot, no one can. I mean I am the best sissy mom around. And, perhaps I am also the best BBC sissy trainer too. I helped my son suck Tyrese’s big black cock. He struggled. I do too. But he managed to get more than half of that cock in his mouth. Although he got less in his boy pussy, he still showed up most of my sissy clients. He showed no fear when tackling that big black cock. Think you can be a good BBC sissy faggot like my son?