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Forced Sissy Training With Sissy Panties And The Best Sissy Trainer

I got tired of my neighbor being an entitled bitch so I decided to teach him a lesson he would never forget. I invited him over and he got some Forced sissy training.

Forces sissy training

I spiked his drink to loosen him up a bit, that is when i was able to undress him and make him put some Sissy panties on. I laughed as I spanked his ass hard. I put my big black cock strap-on on and forced it in his mouth. I am the best sissy trainer out there, so I know how to use my tool to give any whore good Femboy training. I spread his ass and shoved my big black cock dildo in his ass. He tried to scream out, but I just shoved my panties in his mouth. I gave him the Sissy girl training he deserved. As i fucked him i called him a whore and told him from now on he would wear whatever Sissy panties i had for him and he would be doing Sissy girl training from now on. I stroked his cock while fucking him until he finally exploded in my hand and then like the Sissy maid training i give, he licked my hand clean. Being the Best sissy trainer is so easy and fun.

Best Sissy Trainer Addilyn

You know you just stumbled across the Best Sissy Trainer, right? That is 100 % Truth subby slut sissy fag. I am the one that you crave to train and help you become owned. It’s true that most little sissy faggot white boys crave t have a BBC stud to own their pussy ass. How does that happen? Well we can discuss that all when we get into training you.

So you should understand that I am a size queen and BBC is my favorite cock. Most all of my callers are size queens too! I love a good sissy slut that knows what she wants and I want to help her/ You get the very thing you crave, big nigger dick.

If I am intriguing your little chapstick in the pretty panties to leak even a little then please set up a session so we can train you well!

Best Sissy Trainer

Sissy Panties And Reparations During Sissy Slave Training

Last night I got reparations for my favorite BBC bull. My sissy begged to please let him show off his new sissy panties.

Sissy panties

Since I am the Best sissy trainer, I enjoyed him begging me. I made him bend over so he could show off those sissy panties to my BBC bull friend as soon as he walked in. When he walked in and saw him bent over like a little bitch he laughed and told him how his ass looked good enough to sell. I spanked my sissies round as and told me to scream who he belongs to and who the superior breed is. He begged and screamed so well that it got my BBC bull excited. I grabbed him by his sissy ponytails and walked him out to the street. I have a bunch of BBC neighbors. I told them they could do whatever they wanted with my sissy whore. Right away they pulled their cocks out and slapped him with it. They called him a pale face whore who needed to be a fuck slave to pay back what they are owed. He got his little dick kicked while he was forced to suck cock, he even got a big cock in his pussy all at once. He gets enough Sissy girl training to know he needs to take it and not disappoint me. He was doing such a good job milking their big black cocks they started paying my BBC bull money and giving him party gifts for providing suck a perfect Sissy slave training session for the neighborhood.

Sissy Phone Sex with Goddess Alessandra

sissy phone sex

I’m a knowledgable goddess that has spent many years teaching sissies the game. If you want sissy phone sex, you can have it with several girls! The difference between me and other “sissy developers” is that I have the actual crown. I’m a five-star chick who rubs shoulders with the elites. No one does it quite like me. I’m one of a kind, if I do say so myself. It’s no secret I’ve garnered several eager sissies to get on their knees and beg for my expertise. The knowledge I have not many will process. I’ve created a lifestyle out of this genuine gift. You know I am the only goddess that will be able to match the energy of a true dictator. I’m that extreme!

If you are going to be a good listener and follow the rules apply for a spot.

Mommy Raine’s New Sissy Baby doll!

Sissy Girl Training

I love when I get a brand-new sissy to play with! My new sissy is so eager to please me, she is the sweetest little slut I’ve ever played with. She loves being dolled up in all pink and I even get to put her in a diaper sometimes. If she is a bad sissy baby, I punish her by wearing all blue boys’ clothes, which I know she hates! If my sissy baby doll is good, I’ll reward her with a big tasty black cock in her tight little sissy fuck hole! My sissy baby Ash also likes being dressed up in big girl clothes too, when she is all dressed up like mommy, I love sharing a BBC with her. We ride those cocks on the bed, holding hands as we get our pussies fucked. Ash loves being filled up with cum before she gets a fresh diaper on, that way she can sit in daddy’s hot load all day! My new sissy slut Ash is a great little sissy with so much potential to be a cum slut just like mommy Raine!

Designing Your Femme Look

Sissy phone

Choosing a femme look can be a real struggle when exploring your sissy side. You see pictures all over the internet, in magazines, lingerie stores you visit of these cute outfits, and looks. But which one actually fits your girlie personality? First off nail down are you slut? Are you a glam princess, or are you two-cent hooker bimbo trash? Then think of the colors that suit you best, and be colorful. Don’t worry about your size or hiding masculine features all that can come later. When first buying new clothes, and make-up you want to get options that relate to you. So you can feel safe, and secure in your exploration into your new sissy lifestyle. Being daring, and experimenting. Don’t play safe and go strictly into pink cause it’s “girlie” play with neon, and pastels, feel satin and lace together on your skin.

Learn to fluff

forced feminization

I’m for forced feminization. It truly makes a lot of sense to become a strict mistress. I’ve executed all my plans and made sure to have some fun. Oh boy, did I have some fun? I looked uber hot with my leather skirt and booby shirt. My slave sissy slut followed me around like a puppy and did as I said. I do love to have a personal sissy assistant. It’s an honor to go out with me, the best sissy preparer. I’m a trainer that gets the job done and shows you how to become the ultimate sissy. I create stars. My prodigies all become well-known socialites throughout sunny California, nationwide, and some globally. I’m so beyond happy to be able to use these sissies and show them their potential. As I got dressed up for the club, I made sure my sissy assistant understood that she would be the fluffer and also be made to swallow all the cum in my nightcap. A good sissy knows that a drained cock will leave a mess, and she shall enjoy the fruits of those labors.

Sissy Panties, Cock Cages, Cum Eating and Big Black Cocks, Oh My

sissy pantiesCami loves sissy panties, cock cages, cum eating and big black cocks. What about you? I am the perfect sissy trainer for Cami because I am found of big black cocks too. Cami is now pussy free for life with her pathetic little clitty caged up permanently. Cami is wise beyond her years. She came to accept a long time ago that she is not much of a man and could never compete with black men. Sadly, there are still so many loser white boys out there who have yet to come to the understanding that black cocks are superior cocks. I have long known this. She embraces the Black New World Order movement, as do I as a BBC sissy trainer.

bbc sissy trainerWhite boys should learn from Cami. I mean since white boys cannot compete with black men in the bedroom, they should just submit and accept their positions as beta bitches for black men. I am training sissy boys just like Cami to be prepared for the Black New World Order. Wake up losers. Women do not want little white nubs. Maybe at one point in time we did not know any better, but now that we know all about black cock superiority, why would we ever settle for average white dick or worthless tiny white nubs?

best sissy trainerCami is pussy free and locked up for life. She embraces her new role as a BBC sissy faggot. She is there to drain black balls and take big black cocks in all her sissy holes. And I am here to guide her along the way. I can help sissies look the part of a sissy faggot. I can help them with self-affirmations like I am pussy free for life and her to service superior black cocks only. I can get a sissy all the practice on those superior BBCS she can handle because the best sissy trainer for BBC faggot sissies always has a posse of big black cocks around to help train the next generation of BNWO sissies. Be like Cami boys. Cage that worthless dick, put on your sissy outfits and get ready to submit to those superior big black cocks.

BBC Sissy Trainer Will Have You Addicted To Sissy Training

When I went out on a date last night, I didn’t know I would end up being a BBC sissy trainer for the night. While we had drinks, I could tell he was under cover and needed someone to show him the way. no one better to do that than the Best sissy trainer. He bent over and I could see he was wearing Sissy panties and he couldn’t keep his eyes off some BBC that was around. I texted my favorite bull to meet me at my place and I invited my “date “to come to my place. He agreed and when we got there, he saw my bull friend was over. I pulled out my favorite sissy dress and forced him to put it on.

BBC sissy trainer

I told him how I knew he was a sissy bitch, and he was going to finally get broken in and trained. He just nodded and fell to his knees. I pulled my bulls big black cock out and told my new bitch to come suck it. I could tell he had never sucked a cock before by the way he was just playing around teasing it with his mouth. So, I grabbed his head and used it to jack my BBC friend off. He started getting the hang of it and he continued on his own deep throating a big black cock like a pro. He didn’t stop until my friend busted a big nut in his mouth. I knew I had given him some good Sissy training he would never forget.

Happy spooky season sissies

Okay, it is not quite Halloween yet, but a girl can prepare, right?! Well, I do that and much more! I’m the scream queen herself, the bonafide Halloween Queen turning sissies out.

I’m quite the spirit person when it comes to the spooky season. It’s one of the most acceptable times to wear girl outfits, so you know sissies love it. Why would you have to explain your cross-dressing ways at a Halloween theme party? You don’t think that’s why this season is one where many sissies experience and awaken, and I am happy to help you through those throughout your sissy phone sessions with me.

I’m looking forward to getting you all prepared for what’s to come. Every year from the first week of September till mid-November, I throw Halloween extravaganzas where I invite all the sissies I know and many I’ve trained firsthand and get them to enjoy the festivities.

There are plenty of cocks to go around, not to mention many home videos to be made. We live in an uber digital age, and whatever you do is caught on film! Momma here loves to blackmail, alright.