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Phone Dominatrix Meadow Milks Your Girlcock with Fleshlight

Fleshlight Fun with Phone Dominatrix Meadow

A real phone dominatrix knows that domination isn’t just about rough pegging and humiliation. Some of my sissy boys like losing all control to their mistress. And that’s when I use a little fleshlight fun. I take a pretty piece of lace and wrap it around your wrists. Even when you feel like you can’t keep going, you won’t be able to stop me. I grab one of my vibrators and place it against your clit.

phone dominatrix

Your clitty is throbbing for me immediately. My heavy tits are in your face and the vibration on your sissy cock is making it so sensitive. I remind you that you aren’t allowed to cum until I allow you to. When I see that precum soaking those panties I pull it away. I pull those panties down and lean down to lick the tip of your girlcock. A reward from your phone dominatrix for being such a good girl. And to make sure you’re as sensitive as I need you.

Beg Your Mistress to Cum

You watch while I grab a fleshlight and start squirting lube inside of it. I bring that silicone cunt up to your pretty clitty. I ask you if you want to fuck this pussy for me. You start begging for it like a good little slut. I get behind you so you can feel my tits on your back. Then I slide that fleshlight down on your sissy cock. You moan so loud for me. I love when you whimper like a little slut for me.

phone dominatrix

I tease your girlcock with the slowest pumps. Each stroke sinking as deep as you can get inside of it. But when I feel like you’re too relaxed I pump your girl cock faster. I slide the fleshlight up until it’s just touching the tip of your sissy cock. I focus it on that sensitive tip and grip your cock with my hands. Your phone dominatrix knows when you’re close to cumming. Every throb and pulse of your girlcock warns me that you’re about to squirt. I whisper in your ear that I won’t let you cum until you’re panting like my pretty little pet.

Sissy panties need to be ripped off that sissy ass

As a mistress sometimes you get in the mood to just rip some Sissy panties off and ram your strap toy in. I give you lots of training and always use my favorite bbc to break you in. Therefore, I grab my biggest strap. “Get on your knees,” I instruct you to do. After I lube my toy up, I rip your panties off. Right away your clitty twitches. “You are such a pathetic little slut” I grunt as I push deep in your sissy cunt. I start humping away at you and I could feel my start rubbing on my clit.

Sissy panties

The harder I fuck you the better it feels rubbing on your mistress clitty. “Fuck back at me like I trained you to do with big black cock” I demand of you. Since I have trained you well, you fuck back my cock strap hard. “Your sissy ass was made to be used by anything, look how well every inch of my strapcock disappears inside you. As my clitty gets rubbed by my toy, yours leak from the abuse your mistress is giving your manhunt. “Mistress can I please cum” you beg as I fuck you. I love seeing you squirm. Stopping you from cumming is one of my favorite tortures.

So, I just keep pounding you harder. The best way is to put my foot on your back and just ram you like I have had many bbc bulls do to you. “Mistress please let me orgasm” you beg squealing like a fuckpig. As I laugh, I tell you how pathetic you are and how fun it is to have you flopping underneath me. “Let your pathetic clitty make a big mess for you to clean up” I instruct. I watch as you limp up and explode all over the floor. “Now clean up the mess you have made, mistress needs your mouth” I say as I lay back and expose my wet cunty.

Sissy Slave Training Can Make You More Feminine

So many guys call me and ask how they can become more girly. First off with some Sissy slave training that girly side of you will begin to emerge. Like a Butterfly out of its chrysalis emerging for the first time into it’s full glory.

Likewise speaking of glory, a glory hole is one great way for that training sissy to get a feel for sucking some real cocks. However that usually tends to come later. One step is to start wearing those pretty panties. And start to remove the hair from your body.

Once we get you comfortable and feeling feminine we can incorporate some toys. Sometimes the toys come into play before the feminism. All of my sissy faggots have their own style and speed and direction of how we start. It’s all in what is comfortable with you and where you wish to begin.

Finally, we should always have a session of getting to know each other to start. Nothing better than you telling me about who you are and how and when these sissy desires started. This is my invitation for you.

Sissy slave training

Sissy phone slave will bow down to her Mistress and obey

Sissy phone

I am a woman of commanding stature and you will bow down Sissy phone slave! My presence alone reduces you slutty sissies to whimpering, submissive creatures. The air oozes sexual energy whenever I step into a room. My tall, athletic figure is the embodiment of feminine power and dominance. With lips that drip seductive promises and penetrating eyes that ensnare weak minds, I am every sissy’s depraved fantasy and torturous desire.

As my sissy playthings kneel before me, trembling in fear and anticipation, you will always thank your Mistress by licking her feet.  You will offer up your virgin asses to your domineering Mistress. With a sadistic smile spreading across my face, I grab your Sissy panties from the back and plunge into your tight slutty hole! I am going to make you taste yourself on my hard cock baby. Slobber on it, suck it clean and tell me how good it tastes! 

I know just the right spot to stroke, teasing your slutty hole until you beg and plead for mercy. I will let out a dark chuckle as I tell you there is no release from the sweet agony you now endure at my  expert hands. 

All of my slaves find pleasure in the pain I inflict. My true desire is not just to dominate, but to break your spirit as well. My fetishistic needs are insatiable yet precise. I take pride in my ability to slice away at the fragile masculinity my slaves. try in vain to hold onto. Your sissy hole will be molded and transformed, your mind and body resigning to the folds of my depraved dominion.

So do dare to submit to my Sissy training! I will force your sissy spirit to emerge, shattering the remnants of your old self. An experience that will leave your heart racing and your  ass craving even more of her sadistic touch.

Forced feminization for my daddy with Blackmail

Forced feminization Forced feminization sneaks up on you.  At first, it’s subtle. Then, it gets stronger and stronger. Before you know it, you’re a full-fledged sissy. A dare by a couple of friends in college has you wearing nylons and a dress while you chug a keg. But something clicks in your little sissy brain and suddenly you have a secret sissy clothing stash. Years of a trunk hidden in the basement conceals your secret shame of crossdressing. By the time your daughter finds it you’re getting sloppy and she looks up the stairs and sees the bottom of your ankle clad in pantyhose as you dance your way across the landing. 

Forced feminization for my daddy with Blackmail

You’re not so little girl is impressed by your collection. Once upon a time she was shocked and scared of having a pops who dressed like a woman. But now she just wants to use it against you. Perhaps you shouldn’t have taken her car keys away. But now here I come with a handful of outfits. When you return from work today, a nice sexy white outfit will be laid out while I sit cross-legged in your bed with all of my evidence. I found some play girls and a box of anal toys in the chest as well! Well daddy it’s time to play dress up for me.

Oh! Yea!  I have busted you and now whenever mommy works long shifts you’re going to be a sissified princess for me. My first real life sissy girl training is on my own pops! Cum be my second mommy and let me get my hands on your and bring you to your knees for me and my friends!  I can’t wait to make you my toy and show you how much fun I can be! Unless I should go get mommy and a couple of your co-workers and let your fem secret out to the world??? The choice is yours daddy, now make it quick!

Domination Skills for me start early with the discovery of my daddies sissy panties and clothing!

Femboy training is so fun with a bbc

A good mistress knows when you need some Femboy training. Even if you normally wear a suit and tie. “I’m glad you have come to me” I say as I sit down and put my boots in the air. “From now on when you first see me, you will greet me with your sissy mouth” I instruct you. “Part of your bitch training is to show how grateful you are and worship my pretty feet. Right away you get on your knees and kiss my boots. Then you take my boots off and start worshiping every single toe, like it was a big cock.

Femboy training

When you get your sissy uniform on, I make you wait on all fours like a sissy pet as I bring my bbc bull in. Part of your training is to be used like any femy slut deserves. “Great our guest with your mouth and make it good” I say sternly. With a smile you open your mouth and slam his cock inside your throat. “You’re a hungry sissy slut today” I say, cheering you on. I bring my paddle and wack your ass a few times. It is my way of showing you who is in control and how much you need it. Your clitty leaking tells me how much you love it.

Therefore, I take your Sissy panties off and I get you ready. “Open up for your mistress fingers” I instruct you as you keep sucking bbc. You know to obey your mistress and I feel your sissy cunt loosen up. After pumping you and opening you up I say, “time to milk some dick”. That’s when he gets behind you and rams his big dick deep inside you. He fucks many of my sissy bitches and helps me break them in. Once you are trained right, you are used for entertainment. You’re lucky that you get to be my pet and you make sure to show it in every way as my subby sissy bitch.

Sissy Humiliation Training, I Know All About You, Now Submit

One of my new clients was directed to call me by his own wife. It’s Sissy humiliation training that she excepted him to be subjected to. 

However the first thing I needed to know is why is his wife directing him to call me. After all  am black cock queen and sissy Mistress to assist black cock enslaved sissy girls. Well, he may not be a sissy yet. However he is seemingly black owned.

Later he did call me and he was certainly put in his place quickly. Obviously I knew the situation from his first few utterances. He was a small dicked cucked white man. His wife is younger and has a body that the young black landscape nigger really liked. 

Finally it all came to light that this black man with a big black dick was taking ownership of his wife. And soon enough him. So really, I am in the school of thinking that Mr. M. is not a man. Frankly speaking Mr. M. needs to put on those panties and be ready to call me for his next session come Sunday – Tuesday between 3am -1pm Central time. 

Sissy Humiliation Training

Taboo Calls: My Kinky Domination Story

 Taboo phone chat


I live for the power exchange. Being a phone dominatrix lets me unleash my inner domme, and goddamn, is it empowering! My rule is simple: you’re mine, and I’ll do as I please with you. If humiliation is what you get, consider yourself lucky.

I remember this one submissive dude, so desperate to please me. Lucky him, I had a kinky idea in mind. I ordered him to dress up like a little sissy, all dolled up in fishnets, frilly panties, and red lips. But that’s not all. I wanted his ass prepared for the ultimate invasion, so a butt plug became his new best friend.

After he was nicely warmed up, I made him bend over and presented him with a 10-inch strap-on. I ravished his ass until he was begging for mercy. But mercy wasn’t on the menu, not until I was satisfied.

To make things even kinkier, I invited a real alpha male over. I mean, who needs wimps when you can have a proper man? I made my sub watch as I rode this stud, showing him what real passion looks like.

Then came his moment of truth. The guy I picked up penetrated his tiny ass, making him squeal like the little bitch he was. I made sure to remind him how fortunate he was, taking his ass for a wild ride.

Afterwards, clean-up duty awaited my sub. He licked my pussy clean, then turned his attention to his conqueror’s cock, polishing it to a shine.

This was his initiation into a world of kinky bliss. And he loved it, the little masochist.

Femboy Training with Me Turns You into a Pretty Bimbo

femboy trainingFemboy training, I enjoy so much. I have always enjoyed giving folks total makeovers. Turning them into a better version of themselves with the right clothes and make-up. Sometimes my subject looks like a man but inside feels like a girl. James told me he felt trapped in the wrong body. And I told James I could help. I’ve been making over people for years. Boys and girls.

So, I invited James over last night for a feminization session. But we had an audience. My two femboy sons and my daughter who just turned 18. Although she will go to college in the fall, she wants to do what I did in college. Well sort of what I did. In the late 90s and early 2000s, I supported myself and paid my tuition being a dominatrix. However, I morphed into sissy training after I got married and became a mother.

My daughter plans on being a sissy trainer while in college and I think it will work. Lots of sissies and subs share characteristics. And all sissies are subs to women just like me and my daughter. She helped me transform James into Jenna the cock sucking bimbo. We worked on her makeup, wardrobe and her hair. Even shaved her body hair off to give a smooth complexion look like females. And that meant shaving off James’s beard.

Let Me Make You a Pretty Girl Too

He told me he felt naked without it, but most men do not want to skull fuck a bearded bimbo. She agreed that I was in charge, so I could do what I wanted with her body. My boys love watching my transformations. I helped them expose their feminine look too. After several hours, James became Jenna. So, we had to test her out at that adult movie theater. In a dark theater most men do not know who is sucking their cock. We walked in together, sat in the middle and before long men swarmed us.

I did not want to upstage my creation, so I let her practice her oral skills. She swallowed 5 loads of cum. She sucked some cock. Stroked some cock. And let men cum on her face. If I can turn a bearded masculine man into a cock sucking bimbo, imagine what I can do with you with a little online sissy training?

Sissy maid training transforms a former boyfriend into my slave!

Sissy maid trainingSissy maid training provides you the skills necessary to please your mistress. You as a sissy are a male submissive that is exhibiting feminine behavior, and you love to obey your owner. And when you’re with me, I own you. Hell, I own a few sissy sluts that will obey me even when they’re away from me! But the art of training a sissy maid has many levels. Each exciting and sexy for me as you serve. 

Sissy maid training provides you the skills necessary to please your mistress.

Little Miss Edwina is patiently awaiting her text instructions, and she sits in my den listening to me train other sissy whores. “See, you will do absolutely anything I want just for some attention, won’t you, Edwina?” I sneer at her as she’s getting impatient. One thing I love about this sissy servant is that she will do anything to please and amuse me. I know the sissy maid has gotten her wish, even though she was really disgusted with the idea at first.  This is a vast improvement over her being a once cheating chauvinistic boyfriend.

That’s right, My very old man thought he could make me do the housework! And have me at his beck in call for sexy time. Edwina, formally Ed, has changed quite a bit in the last few months. Now her only purpose and the silly little sissy made life is to please her mistress. Sissy slut BF made must remain useful so that she is kept on good terms. She wouldn’t want me tossing her away for another, would she? 

Edwina, my new sissy maid whore, is in full Chasity.  I find no use in her sexually at all anymore. To be honest, she’s a little dumb! She must never have second thoughts so she has to keep Mistress happy. Under her cute little outfit she wears her chastity cage and a corset that I used to wear. Now it fits perfectly on Edwina’s figure since she’s been dieting to keep herself skinny for me.

Sissy panties are only the start 

A pair of sissy panties goes right up her crack and over that cock cage too. Then we have all kinds of adornments like leggings and aprons. And of course, size 12 heels for her cute little feet. It Will take a while for her to get used to walking in heels. Edwina’s hair started to grow out now. So I put the cutest big ribbons and headbands in her hair.

Even better, Mistress has her Sissy maids ears pierced! I find that all the clothes that my boyfriend wanted me to wear to please his pathetic self fit quite nicely on my new sissy maid. Oh and for the last ornamentation this week I put a cute pair of little bells right on her cock cage, so I can hear her all through the house as she performs all the housework and cleaning. Including taking the toothbrush to the toilet seat tonight just because I want to. She will be lucky if she doesn’t have to use her tongue to clean the toilet because that’s how much she disgusts me, and I’m never going to kiss her mouth!