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Sissy Humiliation Training Isn’t Babysitting!

Sissy humiliation training


Do you faggots really expect me take your sissy humiliation training seriously if you’re wearing a fucking diaper?!  I’m a hardcore, no nonsense sissy slut trainer, not a fucking daycare provider!  I’m here to turn you into the best femboy cock pleaser you can possibly be and that’s it.  I’m not your stupid babysitter and I’m sure as fuck not your mommy!

If you want someone to wipe and powder your ass then you need to go somewhere else.  I don’t do diapers, that’s part of the reason I never wanted to have crotch goblins of my own.  I’m not cleaning up anybody’s shit!  I’m sure that the ammoniatic aroma of your hot piss that soaked into your Pampers alone would make me gag and toss my cookies everywhere and, I promise you, if you make me puke, I’m going to do it right in your hands then make you clap them right in front of your face.  You’re lucky if I don’t wrap that dirty diaper around your stupid fag face and make you sit there with it.  Dirty mother fuckers!

Plus, I don’t do babytalk, Pal!  You can take your “wittle cwitty” and cage it up yourself for all I care.  I’m not your big, your not my little and I’m not going to “wead you a booky” so you can go “nigh nigh” or whatever the fuck!  You walking cum dumpsters have been coddled and caressed by your caretakers for too long.  I’m going to yell at you, humiliate you and talk to you like the undeserving gutter slut you are.  The only binky you’ll get from me is a giant BBC plunged deep into your whore throat to shut you the fuck up!  What do you think of that, ass fuck?!

You want to play around like some pathetic, unevolved youngster then you can do it on your own time.  I’m here to sissify you, not babysit you.  Don’t show up to my place with a diaper bag full of toys and tushy cream unless you plan on all of them going directly up your ass.  I’m not kidding.  If you even mention diaper changes on the phone with me, I’ll make you wish you never had the balls to call my Sissy Slutline® for sissy humiliation training in the first place.


Suck the Cream out of my Cock

MIstress phone sex Sky


                I know my 9 inch pink strap on has always been your favorite so get on your knees sissy and open up! Oh I just love gripping the mouth open wide while I stroke this cock deep in your throat, gliding my hands on the back of your head. Now spit it out and bend over so I can glide that dress up on your back you beautiful sissy. Mmm, you are going to take this big 8 inch cock until your nice and stretched out for the double dildo baby. You are one of the best I have trained and I am so proud of wet you make my cunt. You eat me so deeply soaking me for the other dicks in the room to penetrate me as you gobble their balls. I need to take you shopping for more makeup since you have been so obedient. Make you look like a good young girl while you fuck me with that bit of cock you hold onto. I know you love wearing my panties sweetie- it is the sexiest thing I caught you doing this week up until now.

Summer Camp Sissy Training

Last summer I was a camp counselor and I enjoyed being the bossy bitch I am and keeping these little sluts in check gets my cunt wet. On the boy’s side of the camp, I noticed there was a really prissy boy slut.  I was hearing how he was watching the other boys in the shower. I decided I would break him in. I left a note on his bed with no name to meet me in the backwoods.

Sissy girl training

When he got there, I popped out. He thought he was in trouble, and I ran with it. I told him that he would be kicked out if he didn’t do some training with me. I made him undress and bent over, grabbing his head and shoving it in between my ass cheeks. I told him to lick my ass and show me how his tongue works. Then I tied him up to the tree. We spoke about how he loves looking at cock and how he was going to get some sissy training from me for the rest of the summer. I pulled my big dildo out strap-on out and shoved it down his mouth. I made him suck it like he was going to milk it. After I put it on, I got behind him and shoved it up his sissy pussy. He moaned out and I had his little cock clitty leaking cum down his legs. I fucked him over and over against that tree calling him a little bitch slut until sun came up. That was a good way to start our sissy girl training.

Sissy Slut Damnation

Domination phone sex


A lot of potential pussy boys hesitate to call me up for some sissy slut domination phone sex because of their misguided morals and twisted values.  They think that being dominated into becoming the little fag boy who loves to play with her creamy little clitty and takes tons of hard cock up her ass like she was meant to will land their souls in a lake of fire for the rest of eternity.  HA!  You’re not that dumb, are you?

Don’t you think that the torture and turmoil you put on yourself for not being the beautiful butt fucking slut bag you were meant to be in life is far worse than any fictitious fire that might be there when you die?  How many sissies do you know have passed over then come back to tell the tale of having their assholes reamed out by some demon in a putrid pool of filth and flames?  I’ve never heard of any and I know every fucked up femboy around.  

The real pain, the true torture comes from within.  Nothing I, or anyone else, can do to you will make you feel the agony and anguish you make yourself feel every single day.  The domination to which I plan on subjecting you won’t lead your soul to eternal damnation, it’ll set you free from now to infinity.  The misery, the grief, the pain is now.  You can be your own savior.  Besides, if we are all doomed to fester in fire forever, I’ll definitely be there putting every single sinning sissy through the eternal ringer.  Shit, the moment I set foot in hell, I’ll be the hottest fucking thing there!


Me & My Favorite Sissy Goldie!

BBC Sissy Trainer

I’ve been feeling very generous towards my sissies this month! The summer time means the days are full of fun time by the pool for Mistress Raine and the nights are filled with sissy training and cock taking. Just this weekend I invited my favorite sissy over to help me take care of one of my BBC Stallions by draining his big black balls completely of cum. My stallion has a insatiable craving for sissy pussy and he knows I will always provide him with the sluttiest sissy whores to take his cock. Me and my favorite sissy Goldie got all dressed up in lovely pink lingerie and did some poppers before our stallion arrived. We were feeling nice and loose by the time the BBC was whipped out right in front of us. I sucked that BBC hard and guided the thick pink mushroom head into sissy Goldie’s tight little fuck hole. She went wild on that BBC when he started pounding her bussy. I was so proud to see my Goldie taking all 11 inches of that amazing black cock and juicing those balls for all the nut they were worth!


forced sissy trainingI love being a sexy ass dominatrix. I have a naughty little cunt here who needs to realize who is in fucking charge. I grab his hair and pull him down into the floor, slapping him in the face and making him kiss my fucking feet. I smack his bare ass and tell him to get up and put on that silky pink thong right fucking now. He does as he is told like the good little bitch he is and then I see him start rubbing his little clit through those panties. I grab his hair and bend him over the fucking bed and tell him he is only allowed to fucking touch his clit if I say he is. I grab his little balls and squeeze hard enough for him to apologize and tell me he wont do it again. I take my big black strap on and shove it into his asshole hard so that he screams in pain and pleasure. I fuck him like the dirty little slut he fucking is telling him that he is a sissy and no woman will ever want that tiny little cock. I laugh as I fuck him as hard as I can and tell him that he is my little fuck doll that only I can use. He cums in those tiny little panties and I make him lick them clean.

Sissy you don’t need your Wife

Sissy Panties sky

You came here because you know you want cock in your ass and you don’t know how to tell your wife. I got you to wear my favorite pair of sissy panties, and that beautiful set of pink fishnet stockings, along with that creamy lavender cocktail dress. Oh my sissy girl you came in worried that your wife found our photos of you in my favorite red dress and stiletto heels puckered up feeling like my mistress-now look at you strutting proudly in front of my men ready to be dominated. You got your ass poking out, your makeup done so well just to be dripping all over your face in seconds. You’re more than ready for your training session, I force you onto your knees and you already have your mouth wide open to get face fucked. Honey you already know what needs to be done with that  BBC- now show me what a good fucktoy you were born to be!

Online Sissy Training for Pride Month

online sissy trainingJune is Pride month. Cum out of the closet with online sissy training. No shame in being a sissy.  I love sissies. I train all kinds of men too. Men you would never guess had a closeted sissy life. Older men, younger men. Black men, white men. You might be surprised how many sissies are out there. My guess is that you know men just like you, but you do not realize it. I do not share your dirty little secret with anything, but I still feel you should not feel bad for whatever your sissy self wants from wearing panties to sucking cock. Not all men can be alpha males. This world would not function if everyone wore the pants. Some of you need to wear the panties, the sissy panties. I had a new client this week. I rarely take on new clients in my real life, but its June and I told myself I would help as many sissies come out of the closest as I could. Tyler is a 28-year-old single sissy. He is self-employed and really has no reason why he cannot be out. This world seems hostile to men who are not macho white guys with big guns and big wallets, but it is far more expecting than it once was. I worked with Tyler all week. Daily sessions. I told him screw his family if they could not handle the fact that their son likes to service cock and dress up in women’s lingerie. He owns his own home. He has zero debt. He does charitable work. Sissies are not bad people. I took him to the glory hole every day and got him a taste of all kinds of cocks. He is a different sissy now. Confident and cock addicted. He told his parents last night and he said they accepted me. Tyler had a happy ending coming out of the closet with me as his best sissy trainer. I know not everyone can come out of the closet, but you should at least come out to yourself. There is no shame in being a sissy.

Sissy Whore Treat

Best sissy trainer

I made my sissy little faggot dress up for me today in her prettiest lingerie! Her favorite is a lacy pink teddy. It’s like a body suit and she feels sexy in it! I am rewarding her with a dump load of cum straight out of my pussy as she is all dressed up for me. I spread my legs wide after she watches this think big black cock rail the shit out of me, and let her jerk off on her clitty to it. She listed to my moans and licked up any remaining mess. She stuck out her tongue and pushed her face in between my thighs and pressed her cute little tongue into my pussy hole! She sucked and licked all around and made sure to get as much cum as she could from my wet cunt!

Stop Fucking Texting Me, Femboy!

Sissy phone


Do you know how many sissy phone calls and texts I get from insecure little femi-men who aren’t sure of their sissified personas?  Way too fucking many!  Be proud of the priss you’re becoming, no matter what stage of boy slut you’re currently navigating.  Confidence is key in concocting your clitty craving candy doll self.  Always remember progress is success.  If you’re trying, you’re winning.  Just stop whining about it already, you dumb cunt.

Some guys keep their sissy side a secret and just talk with me about it on my Sissy Slutline® and never let the girly girl inside of them out into the real world.  All of my sissy students are leaps and bounds ahead of them the moment they walk through my door.  They’ve made the decision to bring the boy-bitch out of their pathetically ill fitting man bodies and are willing to let me guide them on their way toward wimpdom.  I just wish they would be secure in their decision making and my guidance and go with the clitty clamps and pink lady lingerie I force them to wear.

Yes, your garter belt looks great and your pretty wig really makes that mouth of yours look oh so fuckable.  You’ll have every big black cock in town lined up at your door to get a piece of that mouth pussy.  Is that what you want to hear?  Well, it’s true.  We cleaned you up, waxed you down and bleached the hell out of your impossibly dark asshole.  You’re ready to go, Nancy Boy.  Take a dick or two up that wussy ass pussy of yours, feel the confidence you can gain from taking a couple of mandingo dicks right up your butt.  Whatever, just stop fucking calling and texting me late at night with this shit!  I see enough of your asshole as it is!