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Sissy Whore Learns How to Suck and Please BBC

BBC sissy trainer


Your tiny, tight ass needs to learn how to take big black cocks. BBC is not for a beginner. A cock-hungry sissy faggot like you might be so desperate for the cock that you choke and gasp for air when he’s only a few inches in. But you are ready to take those big cocks in all the necessary ways. For big cocks like these, the sloppier the blowjob, the better it feels for him. So, lick him up and down, from the base of his cock to the tip. Tease his tip a little and take him inside your mouth little by little. When you’re halfway down his shaft, start bobbing your head up and down on his cock, still inching your way to the base of his cock. By now, you’re drooling all over his cock and you can feel the tip of his cock in the back of your throat. Gag for him and choke on his cock, but don’t take it out of your mouth. A good sissy slut never lets go of his cock for any reason. Now, keep bobbing your head up and down, licking and sucking his cock until he cums in your throat. You will swallow every drop of cum that drips from his cock and lick it clean.

Sissy Training Shopping Small

sissy trainingSissy Training on Small Business Saturday Shopping! Today you are to go out and support local! By the way our phone sex hotlines qualify for that! Spend with us sluts since we love small shopping too! I love shopping local for small wares. I find that the little dicked men are always out in the bars around here. So I put my money on the smallest loser I can. It only takes me a minute to spot the Small peen. He is touching my ass and asking what I am drinking! I snatch his hand and look into his eyes.sissy training
“I assure you don’t have the dick to please me.” The bar erupts in laughter and he gets so red and angry. He storms off. What a pity, I yell, I would have pity fucked you! I love when they start denying the obvious. If he would have just laughed and brushed me off I would have second guessed myself. His loss. On to the next loser. I have an itch for sissy training small cocks tonight. As the Jager bomb drops I see him. Target locked and loaded. He is sitting with a couple girls who are ignoring him. Shy, cute and small framed, has me thinking of satin and lace. This man is shopping small and dripping a lot of cash on these hotties. I have bigger plans for him. I grin and raise my glass at him. The look on his face as I slam my drink and lick my lips! My pussy aches. I need to feminize and use him up.
I have made contact. Now to wiggle him away from leeches who only want his money. I know how to give him a good time and take his cash for my own small business. Men who are shy and spend on hot women are perfect for what I do. I prefer to use sissy training to bring out the pleasures in a small cock. There is no other way than dressing up and submitting to my lusty wiles. One trip to the girls room later he is alone. “You know they ditched you, right?” I slid into the booth. They went home with the black bartender. He sighs and starts to get up. “Don’t leave, I have a soft spot for submissive men,” I coo. “You…You…do?” even his stutter is cute. Yes and I want to show you just how much fun having a small clitty can be!”  Be like Zoey shop small and Local!

Sissy training ZOey

Sissy Learns How to Take Multiple Cocks At Once

Phone dominatrix


Your tiny clit is no match for the big cocks you are so desperate to have. You are so desperate to have them, so have them you shall. All of these men, these 10 men I have in the room right now are horny and looking to you to relieve their cocks. Go ahead and take one cock in your mouth. That’s it. You love being a good sissy whore and taking nice big cocks into your mouth. You want to lick and suck on that big cock. While you’re sucking on that big cock, jerk one guy off. Good. Now Do the other one. Now you have three guys who are getting harder in your hands and mouth. Now one of the guys behind you wants to bury his cock deep in your ass. Don’t stop jerking and sucking. Bend over a bit and take that cock inside your ass. You are the perfect sissy slut. Jerk and suck and milk each cock until they cum. You won’t have a break as the next set of guys will want to have you get them off.

This Mistress Wants to Force You

Best Sissy Trainer

This best sissy trainer is here to force you to take that fat black cock! Are you going to behave for me? The consequences would be severe if you don’t! Now, slip on this pretty black dress so these cocks in the next room can rip it off of you!. That’s a good little faggot. And don’t forget your matching panties and those sexy black heels! There now show them your body. Do a little spin, blow them a kiss as a dancing girl would you fucking faggot! Get on your knees and offer them your mouth. Start sucking whore. Tonight, you are going to be there cum dumpster and their tight hole for a good fucking. Bend over and show us that hole!

Sissy hypno training is going to be fun sissy pet

Sissy hypno trainingHello sissy pet! Welcome to you first session of Sissy hypno training. We are going to have so much fun playing with and stretching out your tiny tight boy pussy. Now you know you have some rules to follow! Most important being you have to do as I say! That pretty little ass is mine and we are going to fuck it all day!

You mustn’t cum, so don’t think about touching that cocky! But if that pussy getting pounded feels too good, and your clitty does explode, you know what to do. Smack your cock and balls hard like I taught you to. You must punish yourself while I watch you suffer. You are a weak worthless excuse for a fuck toy! I don’t know why I even bother!

Now part two of the accidental explosion means you have to jerk your clittly till I say you can stop. Use that warm creamy cum as lube and rub it just right. Get yourself ready to pop! Oh, but remember there is absolutely no cumming. I’ll tell you when you can cum, and you better do so on command. However, I don’t mind if I have to take the punishments onto my own hands

Now look at this big dildo and your chastity cage. We are going have so much fun with the games I want to play. Your sissy panties look cute, and you are dressed up nice. I want you to be a good slut and I don’t want to ask you twice. Now put on the cage I know that its tight. It will stop your sissy urges to touch i.t You know you find that urge hard to fight. Now grab the big dildo and slide two fingers in that tight hole. Stretch it out a little, make it nice and wet. I ready to see that cock inside you my beautiful sissy pet!

This cock that you are going to fuck yourself with will have you ready to beg. You’re going to want mercy, but you will get none! This is my hole to train and stretch for daddy so he can use you to cum! You will shove that dildo deep in your pussy, ramming until I say you are done. Now take that big, long dido and position it at your ass. Shove it in deeply and I don’t want even as much as a gasp! But don’t worry this time ill let you use lube. Now spread your round ass open and begin to slide it in!  Oh, don’t wince femboy! This is level one; this cock is thin!

Sissy Training: It’s time for you to get dicked down by Big Daddy.

Sissy Training

“It’s time for your sissy training, Molly” I called out my heart racing with excitement as I waited for my pretty little sissy slut to skip down the stairs happily wearing her new pink dress. She was so proud of it, all of the ruffles surrounding it as she giggled seeing the black leather outfit I had chosen for our adventure. Seeing the deep red blush creeping across her face instantly aroused me. However, it got even better. There was a knock at the door. Her face instantly changed as I walked over opening the door, seeing her stare up at the big huge BBC man standing in the doorway was amazing. She was practically drooling with fear at the massive bulge in his pants.
The best part was when he popped it out and she instantly fell to her knees with a little hard-on of her own. Just waiting anxiously to be used like the dirty little whore she was.

Sissy Slave Needs to Be Properly Punished

Online Sissy Training


I caught you, you sneaky little thief. You were dressing up in my clothes, draping your body in my tight bodycon dress and adorning your feet with my 8-inch heels. You need to be punished for going through your Mistress’ things. Get on all fours now! I’m going to spank your ass until it’s red. Feel the cold, hard wood of my paddle smack your ass until it burns.  Oh, I see that you are enjoying this. Your cock is now in chastity, so you won’t be able to jerk off after your punishment. Now, it’s time for me to pull out my 11-inch dildo. It’s time to teach your ass a lesson. Feel every inch of this dildo as I slide it in slowly. Now keep taking this cock as I fit the entire thing in your ass, pounding you until you feel it in your stomach. You are getting so hard and you are about to cum when I stop and pull out of you. You are horny out of your mind and beg for me to make you feel good. It’s time for you to be my sissy maid and do some chores. If you’re good, I’ll let 5 guys that I know show you a good time.

I Love Humiliating Sissies In Front of Everyone

Sissy Humiliation Training


Your pathetic sissy ass is mine to humiliate. You have been sending me so many pictures during these last few months of you wearing girly clothes, putting on makeup and posing in your little girly poses. Now it is time to expose your feminine and girly side to the entire world. I created a website just for you and your sissy pictures, videos and message conversations. Now everyone will know how much of a sissy bitch that you are, how much you love wearing short skirts and begging men to pound your tight little ass and cum inside you. They’ll know everything about your cock addiction and how much you need each day to live your life each day. I love humiliating you in front of all your friends and family and showing them how much of a sissy fag you are. I want them to post their reactions to your sissy ass, how much they laughed at you and what they feel about you, embarrassing you more.

Best Sissy Trainer Marissa

Best Sissy Trainer

Your best sissy trainer is here to put you in your place. Bend over and spread your cheeks. Look at how tight that hole is. You have such cute red panties on for this big black cock. Open your mouth and get him wet with your throat. Mmm, such a good sissy faggot. Take him deeper and get ready to take it into that little shit hole of yours. Doesn’t he taste so good Hunny? He fucks your face like you are nothing but a useless toy to throw away. He finishes with your face and comes for your ass hole next. He spread you wide and thrusts deep into that fucking hole. He pumped and thrust against you and left a huge cumload forcing you to clean up!


Forced feminization is so fun even though you are scared

Forced feminizationForced feminization can be so fun, even though you are scared to admit you need sissy training. You fantasize about being the true whore you are; teasing and pleasing daddy. Your tiny, worthless, white cock jumps as your mind goes through it. you want to dress up and make daddy excited how cute this pretty femboy is. But then you dread it getting out and all the embarrassment that it can breed. Don’t worry I’m the Best trainer around and ill teach you how to meet daddy’s needs.

You will be so excited to be a good girl you won’t care who sees you get used. You will be proud to be daddy’s little slut and you know no matter what you will be used. A massive, big alpha cock throbbing just for you. Take it into you pretty mouth and milk it with your hand. Lick and suck that pre-cum up, that’s the nectar of a real man! Now you got a taste, you sissy whore, are we still scared like the little wimpy, sissy bitch you are?!

It’s not my concern that you are so soft you a pathetic excuse for a man. That is why you are my sissy slut, and you will do as I fucking say. You are weak and worthless and a waste of time, you’re lucky I’m even speaking to you, ok?! So, get on your knees and beg daddy please, rape my tight boy pussy. And when daddy does, I don’t want to hear a peep! You better only speak to thank us.

You are so blessed to have this sexy big black dick ripping through you pussy. You know daddy wants to breed you you whore, and the thought make your cocky want to cum. The feeling of that warm creamy cum filling you up to the rip. You are officially a dirty cum dumpster for him!