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Sissy humiliation training with Miss Remi

sissy humiliation training

I had some kinky fun last night with a BBC loving whore. He’s my new neighbor and I invited him over to hang out with me and a few friends. As soon as I met him, I could tell how bad that little slut wanted to be dressed up and forced to take fat, hard cocks. All that cum thirsty bitch needed was some hot, sissy humiliation training from an encouraging Mistress. I embarrassed him when I asked him, in front of everyone, why he was staring at all of the guy’s dicks. My friends and I teased him and laughed at him while he turned red and tried to hide his face. I was getting turned on by this and I wanted to really embarrass him. I took him to my room and told him that we were going to play dress up. I knew he was too shy and embarrassed to say no. Plus I could see his tiny, sad dick sticking straight out. I opened my dresser drawers and started pulling out sexy lingerie. I put my new sissy, bitch neighbor in the cutest pink, satin panties with tiny bows on the sides. I made him pucker up those cock sucking lips so I could add some sparkly lip gloss. Parading my dressed up sissy whore into the room and showing him off to everyone made my cunnie so wet! The guys thought he was really cute. Cute enough to bend him over, rip those panties off and force fuck him, one by one. I’m getting turned on again, thinking of how cute he looked, with his face smeared with pink, sparkly lip gloss and cum.


I Love Humiliating You

mistress phone sex

Look at you reading my blogs and thinking about being trained by me. The thought of pretty nylon panties being laid out for you and a pretty shiny butt plug makes your little clitty perk up, doesn’t it? You want it but you are still leery. Don’t fret, I know you are a sissy faggot in need. Come to me, I have big plans for you. I hand you some pink panties to put on and I can see the little wet spot in your panties that you love how they feel against you. I smack your ass and tell you not to get too comfortable. This is for me, not you. You belong to me. I tell you to bend over and spread your legs. I pull your panties down and pull out your new jewel butt plug. I put it to your face and tell you to open your mouth. Now suck on it baby. We want it good and lubed before I shove it inside your tight pussy hole. You leak even more as your tongue swirls round and round. I pull it out and push it against your tight asshole. You start to moan as I push it slowly inside of you.

Online Sissy Training Slut Safari

Online Sissy Training

I hosted a special online sissy training session to celebrate National Wildlife Day, but it was such a success I decided to do this year’s session in person. With the help of my many sissy sluts, I changed my backyard garden into a little sissy safari. We were going to play predator and prey. Of course all of my fag bois were dressed up like some cute little wildlife; bunnies, kittens, ponies, and of course deer. I called up some of the biggest cocks I know, and had them come on over to celebrate with a bottle of champagne. I went and hid in the center of the maze, knowing my little sissies were roaming around between me and the big bad wolves who wanted to devour my cunt. I also knew that if the sissies got found, they were going to get the cock training of their lives – something online sissy training could never compare to.

It wasn’t long before I heard them, screaming and begging to be let go. It only fueled my desire deeper as I lay back and rubbed my precious pussy. I knew that those massive men were horny, and that their naked balls swung heavy with fresh cum loads for my sissy faggots to consume. They need to learn to eat cum, and take cock. There was one nearby, so close I could hear him gagging as that giant dick slammed into the back of his throat again and again. He was meowing in between breaths; so the canary had caught the cat it seemed.

Before long the men started marching the sissy wildlife into the center of the maze. Each and every one of my online sissy training femme bois were bent over, their hair being used as their reigns. They also each had a big fat cock buried deep inside those little ass pussies. What a sight it was to see. The makeup that made them out to look like little wildlife fairies was smeared all over their bodies, their slutty little costumes torn to shreds by bigger, wilder beasts. Those cocks throbbed inside tiny little fuck holes, and I laid back to masturbate as I watched my little sissy safari cum to a grand finale.

Online Sissy Training

Sissy Phone Sex – Give A Vet A Handjob

Sissy Phone Sex

It’s essential that we remember to treat our veterans with the utmost respect which is why all my little sissy phone sex sluts will be going out to give a special sort of thanks to those vets! Each and every one of my cutesy sissies will be required to thoroughly groom themselves! That means waxing every last strand of hair off of their pathetic bodies. Yes, even their heads! All my whores wear wigs. Their hair belongs to me, and I decide if my little faggy boy can have it or not. Then they have to moisturize like good girls and get dressed.

Let the true sissification begin! Every slut gets a pair of nylons, a garter belt, panties and of course a pretty bralette. Lingerie and handjobs are how we’re thanking the men who served this country today girls, so get that sissy phone sex voice on and put your best feminine foot forward. High heels are a must, and you have to wear a sexy dress. No man wants a hand job from a skanky looking whore when he could have a pretty faggot ladyboi jerk him off instead.

We both know this is what you wanted, to be used like one of my toys for my womanly wiles. You can’t fool me. Do your voice training, take your hormone replacement therapy, and get ready to shake your hand with America’s best boys. They have needs too, you know. No need to shy away when those lecherous old men grope you. In the end they’ll probably want some head along with those handies, but I know it’s nothing my little sissy phone sex bitches can’t handle.

I’m going to come along to supervise and make sure our veterans are given the absolute best sexual services they’ve had since Vietnam or Thailand. Don’t act like you don’t know what I mean. You have to compete with the memory of refined Korean whores, honey. You have to push yourself to that point where you can be the only sissy slut they remember. If you fail, and our vets don’t cum, I’ll be chopping those clitties off with a rusty saw blade do you hear me!? Pathetic.

Sissy Phone Sex

Mistress Loves Torturing Femboy Training

As your mistress, I take the femboy training very seriously. I’ll go as far as turning your tiny faggot cock into the perfect man pussy to be all used up by these monster black cocks surrounding me and my sexy new mistress apprentice. She’s here to find all the best ways to turn a sissy boy slut like you into the perfectly molded, cock sucking bitch! Come here and bend over for us, we love kicking the useless sack on a good-for-nothing pussy like you. Such a shame for those loads to go to waste. Why don’t you drink up all of your own baby batter and give us a show? Taste these hard black cocks, ten times the size you will ever be, and make them jizz all over your sissy bitch body. Be sure to show up dressed in your best panties for us faggot.Femboy Training

Now time for your black mini skirt and girly bralette to wrap around your chest and give us a dance. Show off your body and bend over for us to kick and jab at the worthless little clitty and full tiny ball sack. It’s really getting me and my cute apprentice off in the lower level of our faggot sex bar made for dick-sucking losers like you. Better hurry and put those dick-sucking tips to use to become the perfect sissy and be rewarded to be forced to swallow hundreds of loads of dripping, real daddy cum!

Do You Seek Sissy Training?

sissy trainingDo you need sissy training? Some men need it and do not even realize it yet.  Let me share a cautionary tale. Howard called me, so I assumed he was a sissy. This is a sissy site. It is a specialty site not an anything goes site. I will always assume you need a sissy trainer when you call me. Howard acted like he had no idea he was on a sissy site, and I called bullshit because what do you think Sissy Slut Hut means, LOL.  I am no stranger to reluctant sissies. Some play dumb so they can be forced. If forced sissy training makes you feel like less of a fag, I can deliver that. I have too much faith in people.  I assume they all know what a sissy is. Howard, I was positive was playing possum. He knew he was talking to a woman who would dress him up and make him suck cock. He protested the entire time, so it was a forced call. But you know what? If you really do not want to suck cock, you would hang up at the first suggestion of being a cock sucking faggot, right? I mean a manly man does not buy 30 minutes with a dominant sissy trainer and stay on the phone the entire time unless he is enjoying it, right? I think he was protesting just to make himself feel better about his kinky fetishes. I am not here to judge. Nor am I here to deliver a fuck call when this is clearly a sissy site. I do not fuck sissies.  I do not care if you are a big dicked sissy either. Only real men fuck me. And sissies who dress up, cum in their panties and suck cock are not real mean. If you call me playing dumb, you will get the same sissy treatment as an out of the closest sissy because being the best sissy trainer around is my specialty and I do not want for big cock ever. I am a sexy Alpha female.

Watch me suck


bbc sissy trainer

I love to be a BBC sissy training princess. It’s so hot that you want to be a cock sucking princess. It’s a privilege to have a nice big chocolate cock in your face. If you think you can enjoy a cock without some experience or training for a second, you are wrong. BBC kings love the best cock sucking whores. They don’t want you to be a sloppy loser. You have to squat and get on your knees. Bow down for the king. The king is giving you the best gift of life. Big juicy black cock, so you better be respectful and show that BBC some respect. Next, you have to kiss that head and make eye contact gently. The desire must be noticeable, and you must give that cock all the love and attention it deserves. Don’t think for a minute you can give a simple blowjob. You have to put work into it and make sure you are well aware you have the best gift ever.

Little sissy bitch takes it all like a good slut!

Sissy Girl Training


I love dressing up little sissy fags in panties like they fucking deserve to be! their cute little clittys just begging to be caged up and teased. Today my little bitch  David stopped by to pamper me before my cock appointment, He’s a good little sissy who knows I won’t let a cock any smaller than eight inches anywhere near my tight holes! Why should I? Anything small than that should be considered a pussy with how patheticly small it is! David made sure my cum holes were all cleaned out and ready to get stuffed! He did such a good job that I decided to dress him up to see how some new outfits would look on me! This little bitch was dressed in some black and red lacey panties with a matching push up bra, A very short pink frilly skirt with a cute little crop top with the word slut on the front of it! I also made him wear thigh high stockings with matching eight inch heels! I did his makeup and put a fucking wig on him to make him look like the little sissy fag he fucking is! He looked so hot I decided to cancel my cock appointment, but don’t worry that big BBC cock still got a hole to fuck and fill up with yummy cum it just wasn’t mine. David had his tight little sissy pussy stretched to the max while being made fun of and laughed at for his small little nub and being such a fucking fag!

Sissy phone sex with Miss Remi

sissy phone sex

   I was on the phone all day long but it wasn’t for the usual, kinky sissy phone sex that I’m always on the phone for. Today, I spent hours calling around to my little sissy slut’s jobs to check up on them. What kind of trainer would I be if I didn’t randomly check in from time to time? I have to make sure that they are obeying the rules that I have in place for them. I ask them if they are wearing their slut panties and sissy bras under their work clothes. I can always tell when one of my bitches isn’t being truthful so I make them send me pictures of them, at work and wearing their slutty lingerie to prove it. Obviously these pictures that my sissy bitches send me get my tight, hot pussy so wet! I’m sitting here, looking at pictures of my little whores now and my panties are drenched! I’m ready for some more hot fun with a little cum loving sissy whore!


Taking Turns On A Sissy Slut

Having my sissy dress up for me is part of the fun. I like to tell her how I love seeing his big clit hard when I dress her up.

Mistress phone sex

My sissies cock is so small I call it a big clit. I love having my friends over and her prancing around showing of that tiny big clit. My friends know what I like to see so they take turn whipping and spanking my sissy. Even put on a strap on and make him suck it. They get aggressive like I like and even fuck his tight boy pussy while pulling and pinching his balls and big clit. I love seeing him on all for with his skirt hiked up lipstick smeared while he is getting pounded so much that I make him eat my pussy and ass until I cum hard over and over on his face. My friends take turns riding his face and ass too. When we are done, we enjoy pissing all over him making sure he knows he is a sissy to be used in any way.