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Sissy Shopping

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Aww baby I see you staring at my nice set of tits with total jealousy. You envy mine and want your own. In due time love but first we must sissify you. I took you to the spa for a total wax. Removing all of your hair. Your little clitty is smooth and so is your tight little man pussy. You cringed as they pulled the wax off, I secretly enjoyed it. Next was a mani/pedi because no sissy of mine will have unkept hands and feet. We even put on a perfect pussy shade of pink on them. Next, we went to the beautiful pink bag store that makes your clitty leak as we walk in.

We picked out panties and matching bras and even a few pair of thigh highs. Then I saw a hot slutty black lingerie number on a mannequin. My eyes lit and I smiled as I grabbed one for you. Into the dressing room we went. You tried to argue and that led to punishment. A click of my remote and your buttplug was whirling away, high speed. Your clitty was trying to grow but the cage captured it. Your face red, your wobbly legs and watery eyes made me laugh. I walked you into the dressing room to change. With your buttplug still vibrating I made you walk out and look in the mirror. Everyone stared and whispered about you. It was fabulous. I think you need a shopping trip too, don’t you sissy?

Watch me fuck so you can learn

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I know you want to watch me fuck!!!

you have this urge to be like me. I will let you in on my secrets and show you all the ways you can make men fuck the shit out of you. If you were wondering, you have to first look at the part. Now that’s where I come in. I show you how to dress up, look your best, and make sure you are wearing nothing but the hottest trends. I am so confident you will be turning heads, but the most important thing is to be able to fuck. As a sissy, you have a sissy pussy. Now that’s your asshole being turned into a pussy.

You have to seduce men and lower them because you know they “love pussies “ with men. You have to ease them into the sissy life. You can’t just go up to a man and be like, oh, I am a sissy, and I want your cock. It’s not that easy. If it were that easy, it would be safe. It’s not you have to take precautions and have to know all the rules and be able to track a man, an alpha man, to fuck your brains out.

I will break it down and easy steps. First things first, you have to look at the part. You have to look very feminine. You have to make the guy think he looks at a natural-born female. I’m going to walk you through all the steps it takes to achieve that. You will learn how to look your best. Next, I will teach you how to go to all the hottest places where all the alpha men are, and I know you’re going to want to see all those men.

After the search is over, I will make you regret even asking because I will show you how phone domination works. I will take the man right in front of you and laugh at you and be a little cruel. Silly sissy dicks are for chicks. It will feel backstabbing, but it will build character and make you a better sissy in the end.

I enjoy teaching sissies all the tips and tricks to be able to fuck real men with perfect cocks. I know you’re thriving in the sissy zone with me, but now it’s time for you to get a little jealous because you will be watching me get fucked by the eye candy you wanted.  A tall athlete with a big cock. He makes me feel fucking hot because I am hot, but another thing he makes me think is the best orgasm ever

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Sissy Trainer For Faggots

Forced Sissy TrainingGet in here and get on your knees! Already such a good faggot aren’t you? Were you practicing to be a good little cumslut for me and all of my bbc friends? Oh, how they are going to tear into your worthless faggot body! They do love fresh meat such as yourself! They’re all excited to see who is going to fuck that precious shit hole of yours first! They have cocks bigger than you can imagine ever pushing inside of yourself! For me, you’re going to enjoy every bit of it! You’ll take those big nigger cocks while dressed up like a fucking slutty faggot and make a cum mess all over yourself! Once you do, I expect you to lick it and clean it all!

New Sissy Came To Play

Best Sissy TrainerI had a new toy come for a visit to play recently! She was so sweet, gentle, and kind that I almost felt bad for letting my big black cocked daddy friends tear into her like a piece of meat! Just like me, she loved to dress up, she wore a black, shiny strapped garter belt, a matching pair of satin black panties, and a sexy, push-up bralette from my favorite sissy story! My daddy friends were instantly hard at the sight of her! She was bent over and had cock shoved down her throat to coat those black dicks and get them wet before they fucked her so hard she was screaming and cumming for them! I wonder who my next little slut toy will be?

become a doll like me

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Taboo phone chat can turn any sissy into a pro hoe. Let me show you how to be the perfect doll for BBC. I am the best little slut for chocolate cock. You can scroll thru my blogs and see how much I appreciate a lengthy thick dick that will ultimately deliver such pleasure and satisfaction to each of my holes. Sissies love BBC, and I have to say it is for sound reasoning. We all watch porn, and we can see who is the one packing the big meat. As a sissy, you will feel your man pussy clench looking at that dick. I will give you all the tools to attract that cock and make you a pro sissy doll. Dressing you up to head to toe and making you a twirling sissy that will get cream stuffed deep is fantastic, and I want to show you why.


Best Sissy Trainer for a Sissy Faggot

Best sissy trainer

Here I am for you, your sweet wife called me and my men with their huge, hung cocks over to take care of you while she is away getting cock from her hot, and also hung daddy! Now that I have you in my hands how about you strip down! Right haha! That little cock of yours, no wonder she needed to go out for a different dick, your is barely a couple of inches if that! No slide on these crotchless panties for you so we all have and easy access to that pathetic and sissy shit hole! Start sucking on my daddy’s cocks, I want to hear you gag, I want to hear you choke! Be a good faggot for us, sissy bitch!

Sissy Bitch Listens To Mistresses

Best Sissy TrainerI love treating little bitches like you as faggots and putting you I your place! How about you come here hun and let me show you where you belong! We can start with getting you all dressed up in a pretty pair of panties and white, lacy lingerie! I’ll show off all of my sex toys that can be used on your holes, like that faggot mouth and that tight shit hole that deserves to be stretched nice and wide. Here I have a black strap on, already attached and on while you’re on your hands and knees! Start sucking on the dildo stuck to the wall, I want to hear you choke and gag on it like the little faggot bitch that you are. 


Mistress Phone Sex For Training Sissy Fags

Training sissy fags is my favorite pass time. I am a Mistress phone sex mommy and I enjoy the sissy girls I train. Many come to me timid and just wearing panties. I am happy to help you realize your inner sissy. Or if you really just like wearing your mommy’s panties and bra while sucking cock that is fine as well.

My style of training is catered individually to ensure your needs and limits are met in a comfortable way. I will only push the envelope when that is your sole desire. You may not be interested in sucking dick,, maybe you just want a sensual mommy that will be nurturing of your secret needs for prostate milking, pegging and dressed like a sexy slut. This is all fantasy and pleasure.

Mistress Phone Sex

Sissy Christmas Spanking


                                                                                                                        Sissy phone sex

My Slutty sissy Tj came over for a Christmas spanking. She was wearing some sexy lingerie we had picked out. She knows as soon as soon as she walks in, she will greet me on all fours so I can see right up that cute man pussy of hers. I bent her over my knee and gave her a spanking with my special pink paddle. It is special because it says “sissy slut” on it and when I use it hard enough it leaves those words right on her round ass. I spanked her and seeing those words one her sissy tight ass turned me on. Getting my cunt wet made me put my strap-on on, I bent her over the chair. As I slid my cock in her tight man pussy. As she moaned, I span ked her. Feeling the sting on my hand after every slap to her round ass excited me. I fucked her hard and deep reminding her she is my property and I get to do as I want. When we were done, and I had came hard she licked me clean like the perfect sissy slut does.

Best Sissy Trainer Loves New Toys

Best Sissy TrainerI see I have a new brat to tame tonight don’t I? Your pretty girlfriend sent you in here right? Oh yes, she’s lovely indeed! I got to have some fun with her this afternoon and sucked her pussy as she told me all about you! hahaha! Quite the screamer too. She said you were nothing but a little pansy bitch just waiting to become who you really are. So, are you ready to become the sissy you deserve to be so you can stop disappointing that sexy girl of yours? Get on your knees! Crawl naked on the floor for me on all floors! Those pink panties are laid out just for you little faggot. Try them on and come out to meet some new friends!