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Domination phone sex Open Psyche

Domination phone sex

Sissy cunts need Domination phone sex in order to know their places. So many sissies running around here needing a proper mistress to fill their promiscuous cup.  Some men run around thinking they are capable of handling what they lack inside by pretending to be something they aren’t. Capable. They have no sense of direction and they will die lonely old men never knowing the satisfaction of submitting to a highly anointed mistress. The sub that can close his eyes and travel within to the darkest corners of his perverted sissy cunt. Realize he still have more within him that he could give over. Here in the beginning with Genesis the male sissy can carve out his space to blast open his psyche and realize what all can make his cock hard. What all can stimulate his pathetic mind into controlling or loosing control? What does a Femboy cunt feel to fill whole?

Calling All Sissy Girl Training Applicants!

Online Sissy Training

I don’t just train any curious faggot that comes into my chat, I train only the best sissy girl training applicants! I’m an exclusive online sissy trainer and I demand your utmost devotion to our training sessions. When you are mine, I will make you the best little sissy panties slut that you can be! I’ll have you strutting your stuff in high heels and kinky lingerie in no time! I’ll own all those perfect bimbo fuck holes so only the best cock will do when it comes to fucking my pretty sissies. You’ll have a great time shopping for clothes and cock with me and when we are out and about, you’ll be on display like my perfect little sissy cock tease! Mistress phone sex is just the beginning! We will find some hard BBC to please and make a game out of who can take that big dick the deepest! You will love having Mistress Raine as your best sissy trainer BFF!

Forced feminization for sissy whores

Forced feminization

Forced feminization is for sissy whores. You’ve never dressed up like a sissy whore before? Well, I’ll rebuild you from the concrete dust and up. I’m going to take away everything that you’ve ever stood for as a man. I undress you and force you onto the floor, my heels digging into your should blade. I’m your new phone dominatrix and whatever I say goes from now on. I’m going to force you into some extreme sissy girl training. I pull out my favorite pair of sexy lingerie see through, now sissy panties, and put them on you. I dress you up in a training bra, and some sexy 6-inch-high heels to go along with it. Those look so sexy on you! I force you to prance around in that sexy lingerie. I then put a frilly dress on you and tell you that you had better wear that outfit for my guests that are to arrive soon or else I will push you to the breaking point in this sissy humiliation training session. Sissy slave training is what I do best I tell you as I lay down a huge dildo on the bed, I inform you that my guests are coming equipped with strap ons and that we are all going to have so much fun with you. I hear the doorbell ring… Are you ready for what I have instore for you?

Sissy Maid: Follow My Instructions

Sissy maid training


A sissy maid that is employed by me has to do a lot more than wash dishes and do my laundry. Obviously, you will be doing any chores I assign to you, but I have a few extra activities that a regular maid will not do. You will require extensive training before you can really be called my maid. You have to take corporal punishment well, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Sometimes I just like to spank your ass. You also have to be in a chastity cage every minute you work for me. You are more of a sissy slave than a maid, and no slave needs to be getting off without my permission. In addition, a maid must be willing to vet all of my sexual partners thoroughly. That means you’ll have to be good at taking a hard fucking. None of the men that I have ever fucked (and they are few and far between) got to fuck me before showing how good of a lay they are. You don’t have to do anything but let them use you and rip your pussy apart. Once you have been sufficiently degraded, you need to report back to me how good he was. If he’s shit, he might need to practice on you until he gets it right. You’re okay with that, aren’t you, maid sex slave? 

Mistress Phone Sex Raine Brings The Pain!

Mistress Phone Sex

Mistress Phone Sex goddess Raine will own you today! You will be my sissy faggot cum dumpster whether you like it or not because I’m your Mistress and I demand absolute devotion! I know just what a disobedient little sex slave like you needs, the firm hand of a dominant goddess to put you in your place. Down on your knees little faggot! Don’t look up at me unless you’ve got two cocks in your mouth and one ramming that sissy pussy open. I will make you beg for cock as you get completely owned by my strong hard cocked friends who want to use you like a cock sleeve. I’ll stuff you to your limit and train you to take it like a good little cum dump. You will be a good little sissy faggot for me or you will feel my wrath of anal pain!

Let Me Show You Sissies How It’s Done

Femboy training

I am disappointed in all of you. Man after man have come here to run through all of my students and you still don’t know how to please a cock correctly. Come watch me and I will show you what a real sissy whore will do. Before I do so, however, I’m going to put you all in chastity. I don’t want you all to get distracted rubbing your clits while I am teaching you valuable skills. When you get down on all fours, look back at him while he’s fucking you. Even though you are a disposable cum rag, some guys like to see the cum rag’s fuck faces. Squeeze his cock when he is completely inside of you, so that he never wants to slide it out. Do your exercises so that you can hold onto that cock for as long as you can. Unless they ask for your gaping hole, no one wants a loose pussy. I see you’re all hard in chastity right now. You had better not touch your clits until I’m done getting fucked!  

I Love A Soft Sissy In Panties!

Sissy Panties

Something about dressing up a delicate little sissy girl and playing with her like she is my baby doll makes my clit throb! I adore a soft sissy who loves her Mommy Raine, we’ll play dress up and dollies and use all of Mommy’s big girl toys. I know who needs a nice long shopping trip to that special dress shop, the one that sells silk panties, stockings and all the accessories you can dream of! We’ll try on only the prettiest of dresses and stockings all day long, I’ll paint that lovely face and curl your gorgeous hair for our special guest. Mommy Raine’s sweet sissy will entertain our friends by sucking a cock or spreading her tight little sissy pussy right next to me once we are all dolled up and ready to play!

Phone dominatrix will humiliate you

Phone dominatrix
If you haven’t heard my name is meadow, I’m a hot sexy phone dominatrix and I’m here to humiliate and degrade you. I bet you need the best sissy trainer there is. I’m your call girl. I will dress you up in frilly pink dresses, humiliate, and dominate you. Forced feminization is what I do best. I know how you like to be laughed at when it comes your your little clitty. I’ll invite all of my friends over so they can laugh with me. This sissy slave training session is going to be one that you’ll never forget. I want you ass up in the air so that everyone can use you for their pleasure. You do as I ask, and you feel those big cocks enter you. Your little clitty get hard and you start to stroke it. You moan and you love it. You’re so humiliated as the hot dominatrix and her friends stand behind you and laugh.

Femboy Training: Do you have what it takes to be my slut?

Femboy TrainingI know that femboy training you are craving from a hot young babe like me, and it is really starting to drive you nuts. You see hot barely legal babes like me every time you are out shopping. We look so sexy with our tight clothes and platform heals, giggling and laughing our perky tits bouncing under our shirts. It drives you wild and that is okay with me. Not wild because you wish that you could be with us, stuffing your throbbing hard cock deep into our dripping wet bald pussies. Instead, you wish you could be us. A feminized fuck boy willing to take a stiff hard cock just like a pretty bimbo slut. It is time you give over control of your pathetic life to a beautiful vixen with higher powers like me. Showing you the ropes of what it takes to be a femboy slut is what brings joy to my Superior life. Get ready to drop those man clothes at your feet and be adorned with the feminizing women’s clothes that your body has craved to wear. You will be my bimbo plaything. Get ready to have the most fun. 

Mistress Makes Sissy Fuck Her Own Brother

Phone dominatrix


Who better to pimp you out to than your own brother? He dominated you even when you both were younger, him being the more manly of you two. I bet you two have had a few wrestling matches that gave you a hard clit. You won’t be wrestling this time, you’ll be taking your brother’s long hard cock in your cunt. Suck your brother’s superior cock first. Take his cock into the back of your throat so your brother can know how good of a cock sucker you are. Then, get on the bed and spread your legs. You’ll want to watch your brother’s wet cock slowly slide inside your cunt and then start pounding you. Keep telling him how amazing it is to be fucked by him, how you’ve always wanted to be fucked like this by him. Tell him how you used to watch him jerk off in his room and play with your clit, wishing you could get on top and ride him. You’ve always wanted to be your brother’s bitch.