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Phone dominatrix

Phone dominatrix


Phone dominatrix Tamike B.K.A Miss K will whip you sissy girls into shape! One thing I love the most to make my sissy sluts  do Is dress up! I love being a sissy stylist Ill do your make up and your hair as well! making my sissy’s look like the dirty little whores turns me on.  I keep my little sissys in bright pink lipstick so they can look pretty and slutty while they deep throat a big black cock!  Oh and dont be mistaken im gonna make your my little slut knows exactly how to drain those big black balls.

When your my little pet its not just about being a pretty girl for mama! Oh No its about doing as your told and serving MOTHER! I will always keep my harem of whores in order I will train you to be the perfect slave.  I will always have a cum filled pussy for you to suck clean. You must stay prepared to clean out every hole filled with cum that mommy has. Besides why would I have a slave that doesn’t keep me Clean? Just as you take care of me i will take care of you I will make sure you have all the training you need to serve your mommy!

Mistress phone sex

Sissy Humiliation Training Telling It Like It Is, Pathetic Loser!

Sissy Humiliation Training I love when we do sissy humiliation training, I can let you know what a loser you are and try my best to make you something worth anyone’s time.  It’s a task in itself. Oh, you pathetic little faggot. You think you can please a woman like me with that tiny, worthless cock of yours? Ha! You’re nothing but a sissy slut who will never measure up to the real men I’ve had.

Your cock is so small and soft, it might as well be made of rubber. It’s disgusting how eager you are to please me when all you’ll ever do is make me laugh at your expense. Why don’t you go lick some cum off the floor from one of my other conquests? Maybe that will teach you what it means to be truly dominated by a real woman.

You know what they say about big fish in small ponds – well, here comes the biggest catch yet: Daddy-o has arrived and he wants his little coco sucker ready for some action! But first things first – let’s see if there’s any chance of making something outta this sorry excuse for a man underneath all this makeup and lingerie.

Nahh… Not even close! Keep practicing on those dildos in your purse while I go out and find myself a real man who can satisfy my every desire. A man who knows how to treat his woman right – like the spoiled brat princess that I am! And trust me, there’s plenty of them out there just waiting for their chance with me… especially since word has spread about my new hobby: turning sissy boys into perfect little fucktoys.

But don’t worry about being jealous or anything; once you’ve been properly trained by yours truly, maybe one day you’ll be worthy enough to join in on the fun too! Until then though, just keep sucking on those dildos and dreaming about what could have been if only your pathetic excuse for a cock was worth keeping around.

Femboy training

Femboy training


If you’re going to call me today, you’d better be ready for some hardcore femboy training. If you’re not already, you will be whipped into shape by the end of this. If you have never done this before, you will be in a girly nightgown and panties by the end of the night.

                Black and red are my favorite colors of choice. You can pick out your own style, but it must be black or red. And if you’re really feeling brave, we can add stockings and your choice of regular heels or stiletto heels. I want to watch you practice walking in them as well. If you succeed the first time, I’ll give you a surprise taste. But if it takes longer, it takes longer.

                If you don’t listen to or follow my specific rules, there will be some punishments handed out. I haven’t fully decided what those will be yet, but the lightest punishment will be a hard spanking on bare skin. And I want to hear you scream when I do it.

Sissy Hypno Training Turns You Into a Girl

sissy hypno training

Sissy Hypno Training Will Let You Turn into The Girl You Always Wished You Were

Sissy hypno training is going to make you my cock hungry little pet. We both now that deep inside you are a slutty fucking whore. But you’re too scared to admit it. Lucky for you, your Mistress knows exactly what you need. You need to be put in a hypno state where you’re allowed to be the dirty little slut that you are. Listen to my soft, soothing voice. And close your eyes. I want you to feel everything around you. The chair underneath your ass. Listen for any sounds in the room and then I want you to scan your body. 

You Belong in Those Sissy Panties

I want you to start imagining the sissification happening to you. Your hair starts to grow longer until it’s brushing against your shoulders. Scan down from those shoulders to those sensitive sissy nipples. Feel your tits swelling underneath those sensitive nipples. They are getting bigger and bigger. Heavier. Rub those tits. Squeeze and massage them for me. Then I want you to continue the scan. Run your hands down you tummy to your cock. I want you to feel the blood running to the tip of it. Feel those sissy panties getting tighter around that pathetic little dicklet.

As we speak that clitty is getting smaller. So small that it’s the perfect little clit for you to rub while you tease that sissy pussy. Run your hands past that sissy clit and feel that sissy cunt tingling for me. You want to be filled don’t you. All of a sudden you feel so empty. Your pussy is pulsing. Begging for a thick cock to fill you. Imagine the cock you want to fuck you. Thick and long with a swollen mushroom tip. Covered in pulsing veins. You feel your pussy and clit throbbing and now your mouth is watering. Good little sissy. Now beg your mistress for your sissy girl training.

Forced Feminization Turning Into Sisters Sissy Slut

Forced feminizationForced feminization, let me tell you about turning my brother into a little sissy slutty whore. I grabbed one of laciest bras from my dresser drawer and pushed it onto his chest, fastening it tightly behind his back. Then comes the matching thong which makes him squirm uncomfortably but doesn’t stop me from doing what I want. Finally, I help myself to picking out an outfit for him – a short black dress that hugs every curve on his body perfectly well despite being designed for women’s bodies only; paired with high heels that make even grown men wince when they try walking in them let alone someone who hasn’t worn them before!

As soon as he is fully dressed up as per my detailed  instructions. Makeup, accessories, etc. I  pull out a bright red lipstick and smears it across his lips roughly before forcing him to sit down in front of the mirror. What a pretty little slut, my little sissy slut whore.  A little bit of a faggot look but whatever, that’s the look we like.

“Now look at yourself,” I said with a sneer as I hands him a compact mirror. “You’re starting to look like the slut you really are.”

Now come over here and suck on this dildo as I pulled it out. “Suck on that pathetic excuse for a cock like the worthless cocksucker you are,” she commands before pulling out her phone and snapping pictures of him in disbelief at what has become of their once-normal brother/sister relationship dynamic.

“Now come here,” Daisy demands with an evil glint in her eye as she leads him towards the door where two of their black friends are waiting outside – both grinning widely at the sight of their prey dressed up so perfectly for them! They enter the room and begin undressing each other while Daisy watches on approvingly; soon enough they have positioned themselves behind your helpless form…and proceed to take turns fucking your ass without any regard for your feelings or consent whatsoever.

Sissy Phone Sex Callers Need a Sissy Mom to Feel Less Alone

sissy phone sexSissy phone sex calls remain my reason for doing this. I love helping a sissy find his sweet spot. Although I can be mean on a call, my preference is to be nurturing. You know, like a sissy mom. As a mother to two sissy / trans girls, I like to go shopping with sissies and help them pick out their outfits for special dates with men. Or outfits they just wear at home when talking to a mistress like me. Being a sissy can be lonely. And I understand that.

Being a sissy is isolating. If a sissy is married, likely his wife would never understand. Even single sissies feel alienated because who can they tell? The world is cruel when you do not know where you belong. My sons struggled. I knew something was amiss with my twins. We went through hell and back, but I was always on their side. I was always fighting for their happiness. Now, they did not need online sissy training because they had a sissy mom.

The World Can Be Lonely for Sissies with Someone Like Me Fighting for Them

After my divorce, I was free to let them be who they are. I think once they become legal adults they will be trans. They dress as girls. Long hair, long nails and makeup too. Most sissies are not lucky enough to have some one like me fighting for them and helping them transform. I pride myself in being the kind of sissy trainer any sissy needs. My boys appreciate the help I gave them. And they seem happy now. It is amazing what a little acceptance and support can do for a sissy.

Because I helped my sons, I want to help you too. Sissies are special creatures. I think sissies should be revered because they posses both feminine and masculine traits. And with some sissy training from me, I can help the feminine win out. Are you ready to be the best sissy you can be? Are you ready to feel less alone in this world? Let me help you discover who you really are and nurture you along the way.

Sissy girl training is what your slut ass desperately needs!

Sissy girl training

Sissy girl training is what your ass desperately needs! I can feel your eagerness, your hunger for fat cock. Your sissy hole is just begging to be filled with a warm, pulsing member. But before I give you what you want, there are a few things we need to take care of. First and foremost, you need to look the part. I want to see you in a sexy lace bra, matching panties, and slutty stockings. You need to be dressed like the perfect sissy slut that you are.

Once you are dressed to my liking, we can move on to the real fun. I am going to use you as my slutty fucking object. Your holes belong to me now and I will do with them as I please. I will rip you wide open and fill you up with hot, sticky cum. Oh, and don’t worry, my dear. I will make sure to make your divine sissy hole prolapse. I know how much you crave that feeling of being stretched to your limits.

Your ass is craving for that divine sissy training and I am here to give it to you. I will show you how to be the perfect filthy sissy girl, how to embrace your disgusting femininity and surrender to me completely. I will make you a filth queen choking on as much cock as I see fit. It will get even filthier when I force your tongue to be a slutty maid, cleaning up the mess. 

So go ahead, my dear. Call for femboy training and let me guide you on this journey of sissy transformation. Let me rip that sissy hole open and show you your true purpose in life. To be my submissive, my plaything, my sissy. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Are you ready to submit to your hot mistress? I’ll be waiting for your call.

Domination phone sex

Domination Phone SexTamika is my name but you will call me Mistress K. I am a Naughty, Kinky Mistress that loves to keep her sissy sluts in line! One thing I must tell you, I am and will always be in control and there is nothing you can do about it. Every kinky nasty demand I make you better fulfill. A slut is what you are an OBEDIENT SLUT is what I’ll groom you to be. I love teaching my little pets as long as my pets aims to please. Never forget Mistress K owns you! When I choose you to be my Sissy Slut be ready to go outside and show the world who’s Sissy slut you are In your nice lace panty set and thigh high tights. Don’t worry my sissy sluts if you do as your asked you’ll have the time of your life your life. Be mindful I don’t play. If you break my rules there will be consequences. From mild to I wish I just obeyed Mistress, depending on how bad you fuck up. Be my good little sissy slut and come play with Mistress K

Mistress phone sex

Best sissy trainer Emerson is going to beat your sissy hole!


Best sissy trainer Best sissy trainer Emerson is going to beat your sissy hole! I am a merciless mistress to tell you all about the intense and transformative sissy training I offer. Now, I know some of you may be hesitant and scared to fully embrace your sissy side, but let me reassure you, once you enter my world, there is no going back.

I am going to open up that sissy pussy nice and wide for me. I will make you spread your legs and expose your feminized hole to me. Now, I know some of you may feel ashamed and embarrassed, but trust me, I will turn that shame into pleasure. My skilled hands will prepare you for the real challenge- taking huge, thick, hard cocks deep into that sissy hole.

Oh, I can see the fear in your eyes, my dear sissies. But don’t worry, I will guide you through every step of the way. With my strict and exacting instructions, you will learn how to take cock like a true sissy slut. And trust me, there will be no shortage of cocks for you to practice on. I will make sure of it.

As a true Mistress, I know that true transformation requires both physical and mental changes. This is where my signature forced sissy training comes in. I will push you to your limits, making you do things you never thought possible. You will submit to my every command and desire. And as a reward for your obedience, I promise you will experience levels of pleasure and degradation you never thought possible.

I will start you off slow and only make you take three big black cocks at a time. Your whore throat will be so sore as they fuck the shit out of your whore mouth. You will be sandwiched between huge fat throbbing cocks, two in that tight sissy hole and one in your throat. You will have cum dripping out of your nose you will be used so much.

Embrace your sissy side and submit to my Forced sissy training. Trust me, you will not regret it. And for those who are still hesitant, just remember, you are a cum slave and will do exactly what I tell you. Once you think you can’t anymore cock more will be filling that sissy hole.

Sissy panties and fishnets are not optional!!!

Sissy panties

Sissy panties and fishnets are no longer optional for one of my favorite sissy Sluts!!! On top of that pedicures and acrylic nails will be a permanent place in his life now. Thank goodness he works at home for some big IT firm. However, those Zoom meetings will be fun as he tries not to show off his pretty almond-shaped French tips! 

For the last couple of years, he has been wearing some sexy panties and nylons under his desk during face-to-face meetings with clients and potential clients. 🫦

Sissy panties make Jaden feel so girlie!

Jaden The jolly part time sissy has become a new pet in the last few months At first it was just a  confession of panties and feeling like he was in the wrong body.  He has been slowly embracing his feminine side and has started to go out in public wearing feminine clothing.

My new sissy has also started to explore his gender identity and has begun to accept himself as being a sissy slut.

My suggestions of fishnets and electrolysis have not gone deaf ears. Jaden decided that from now on he will be my office sissy slut and try to not get caught by his mean wife. Mornings he comes to me and asks what he should wear to work.

After a good ass reaming, we decide on clothes that he keeps in a trunk in his basement. His wife is chicken shit and won’t go down into the cold dark basement alone. We are talking about years of ex-girlfriends and his old wife’s clothes in this trunk. Along with items he has snuck to buy. I love having a sissy with a big sexy wardrobe. It is just like dressing up a baby doll!

This week He is to wear his fishnets and sexy cotton panties to work every day. His nails and eyebrows are perfect and he knows that the only thing he needs is my Sissy humiliation training to take him deeper. As in deeper like that dildo he bounces on during his stressful work day. 

Oh, I forgot, today he has a meeting dn is going to keep his dildo in his ass as he talks to big mean businessmen. I hope he gets the contract and doesn’t lose his shit! Hahahaha!