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Sissy maid training breaking it down step by step.

          Sissy maid training breaking it down step by step. Day to day. The first thing to remember is that you are in training. You are not always going to like the training but to become a sissy in a French maid costume and pull it off then there is going to be some force. After all, the French are known for their Kissing, Feminization, and they have No inhibitions. Sissy maid training           Breaking it down step by step, the first step is to teach you to be proud. A maid is proud of her station. As shown above you can submit anywhere, in the kitchen or in the back yard. On your knees or on your back. As long as you have confidence. Being proud of being a sissy, forcing you into the outfit.

          Now you aren’t really ready for the outfit. The second step is stand straight. Let your legs slide smoothly together, swaying your hips. This way you draw attention to your ass. Next you do the bend and snap. Now this works on more than one level. Bending over in the French maid will draw attention to your panties, and pussy, but then when you snap up it snaps their attention up as well. Not only their attention but their cocks as well.

          With this in mind they are now the ones that will come to you. You have the upper hand, and the rest will be taught from you own Mistress phone sex trainer.  

Humiliation phone sex with Miss Remi

humiliation phone sex

I’m making my favorite sissy bitch, boy toy buy my panties so he has something to suck on when we’re on naughty, humiliation phone sex calls together. I know that faggy slut is going to love tasting the cum from random men that I have dried and caked on to my panties. I can’t wait to tease him and tell him how sad and pathetic it is that he’s so desperate to taste a load, he’s licking it out of my dirty lingerie. How embarrassing it must be to be such a cum loving bitch in the body of a man but with a cocklett the size of my pinkie finger. I’m also going to make that bitch buy my dirty socks that have little drips of cum dried all over them. He can smell and taste them while we talk. I had them on when I was getting gangbanged by a big group of guys at the bbq I went to last weekend. There were so many huge, fat dicks ramming into my pretty, little pussy. I was on my hands and knees with my tiny cunnie gripping so tight around those big cocks that it looked like my cum hole might prolapse! Cum was oozing out all over the place and my pussy was getting pounded so hard. Those stiff, girthy cocks reamed the fuck out of my cunnie, leaving me stretched beyond belief and dripping sticky nut butter all down my legs. I’m going to tease my cum craving sissy bitch and make him stroke his sad, mini dickie while I tell him about the way those men surrounded me and shoved me down to my knees to fuck my mouth and feed me big cum loads! If you’re a sissy fag slut that loves being teased and humiliated then I want to play with you the same way I do this little he whore!

Femboy Training Forces You to Cream Your Panties

It’s Time For More Femboy Training

Femboy training with me used to make you nervous, but now you get excited every time you hear my sexy voice. You got all pretty to become my submissive little whore and I can’t wait to see my slut soak her panties for me. You always start on your knees for your Mistress. The feminization is well underway. Your voice is softer than when we started, you’re growing your hair out longer, and now your closet is full of lace and pink. But I still have to teach you how to cum like a girl. 

femboy training

Today I want you on your back for me. Keep your panties on. Just push those sissy panties over to the side so I can see that cute cunny. You’re supposed to train this little fuckhole for me every night for 15 minutes. Let’s see if you’ve been doing your homework. I push a finger into that slut hole. You’re still so fucking tight. I push a second finger into you just to see your ass stretch open. I can see your girl cock getting in hard in those panties. Good girl. 

Cream Those Pretty Sissy Panties

I don’t punish you for getting excited. Instead, I give you a little kiss on that pretty clitty and finger fuck your ass harder. I want to hear the pretty moans. The louder and sluttier you sound the better I will make you feel. You’re about to squirt for me. The precum is flooding for your cute little girl cock. But I won’t touch that sensitive clitty. You’re going to cum from my fingers alone. I curl my fingers inside of that sissy pussy and watch that clitty jump. Beg to cum like a good whore. Tell me how good your pussy feels with my fingers deep inside of you. I watch the cream shoot into those sissy panties

Sissy hypno training do as I say…You are mine

          Sissy hypno training do as I say…You are mine to do as I tell you as soon as you have been put under my spell. Listen to my voice, feet flat on the floor. One hand resting on the table. The other in your lap. Now close your eyes. Your arm is getting lighter and lighter, light as feathers.  The other is getting heavier and heavier.

          Feel it bending at the elbow. Coming closer to your face. When you feel your fingers touch your face…bop you are now under my power, and you will remain under until I bring you out. Once you are out you will remember nothing of what I told you just the changes that I have given to you.

          You will not remember what I made you do while under hypnosis only that you like it very much. You may be wondering why you are in a skirt, a maid outfit, or the marks from claws, whips, among other marks covering your body. Using your Hypno training to turn you into the slave that I want you to be means that you are going to be begging me to give you the Sissy slave training that you so richly need and deserve.

          Before you know it, you will be completely under my control. Your pussy will be mine to use and abuse. Turning you into the sissy you were meant to be.Sissy hypno training

Mistress phone sex whore Remi

mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sex trainer Remi is ready to play with a fresh, young sissy bitch! I see you, little twink fag and I want to own you! Let me strip you of your manhood which, let’s be real here, you don’t deserve anyway. I don’t know why you try to play it off like you’re a man anyway, everyone can see what you are! I’m going to dress you up in a pair of crotchless panties and some fishnet slut stockings. You’re my little sissy whore now and I’m about to have you teasing your clittie to the sight of me slurping all over a huge bbc! I’ll make you watch me so that I can see how much you drool over a fat, girthy fuck rod throbbing and pulsing in front of you. The little clit sticking straight out in your panties gives you away as a cock loving faggot. You might as well get ready to serve those bbcs right alongside me! I want you on your knees so that I can show you how to put your lips around the head and work your tongue all around the ridge while you suck on it. Your girly hands need to be wrapped around the shaft, stroking it into your cum guzzling mouth! Do you feel it pulsing on your tongue while the head is beating into your throat? That means you’re about to catch a mouthful of cream! I’m going to shove your head down so that it pops down your throat and you have no choice but to swallow up every drop! Miss Remi isn’t going to let you stop until you have a belly full of jizz and you’re ready to have your slut pussy pimped out! 

Sissy Slave Training with Goddess Genesis

Sissy Slave Training
Sissy slave training with Goddess Genesis will become part of your nightly routine. You’ll become addicted to my voice. You will do as I say, because you’re my pathetic little sissy fem boy. I’m going to dress you up in a nice pretty pink dress. One that hugs all your luscious curves. Make sure to put a thong and lace bra underneath first.

I’m going to make you wear some shiny leather platform pink thigh high boots. Your leash and collar come next. I need that so I can take you out around town and parade you around like a good little sissy that you are. Your cute little jiggly ass pokes out underneath your short dress for everyone to see your sissy panties.

Out on the town with your Mistress Genesis

Once we’re out in the city, everyone will see that I own you. I own every last little bit of your pathic self. From the tip of your pathetic tiny little clitty that’s caged up. To the top of your beautifully curled long wing that I put on you before we left the house. Today we’re taking you shopping. You need more outfits to prance around in when I take you out and show you off.

Everyone knows that I’m the best sissy trainer in this town. Pathetic men call and email me all the time so I can teach them how to be a good little sissy. So, you’re lucky that you’re even getting time with me today to go shopping. I’m usually always booked up; my phones are always ringing when I’m doing my phone sex gig at night.

Never Say No to Mistress Genesis

So, if you see me online, you better message me fast before someone else does. You better thank me when I answer your call, like a good little sissy boy. Otherwise, you’ll be punished. My sissy girl training is an art in its own form. I will turn you into my own little barbie doll, dress you and teach you all the things you need to know how to do to pleasure your Goddess.

Now pick up your phone and call me. That’s a good little sissy barbie boy. Let Goddess Genesis transform you into the pathetic little bitch that you are. Maybe I’ll even let one of my enormous BBC friends come over to teach you how to deep throat a good cock. 

Best sissy trainer

I’m the best sissy trainer there is, and that’s why you keep coming back to me, isn’t it? I know you find me irresistible, and I can tell by the way you look at me. I can see in your eyes how bad you want me to make you my bitch. Come over to my office, and I’ll show you what I can do.

                As you walk inside, I tell you to strip off your clothes, and you do so immediately. I bend you over the couch and tie your hands up so you can’t leave; you can struggle, but not leave. I get a medium-sized strap on since this is your first time being dominated. I lube up my dildo, spread open your ass cheeks and line up the tip to your tiny hole.

                Before you realize what is happening, I feel you stiffen up and scream as I slide inside of you. I’m not gentle, but not as rough as I can be either. I force it in and out, over and over, until I see you cum everywhere. You think it’s over, but I repeat the process until you cum everywhere again. When I untie you, you are so weak, you fall to your knees, begging for even more.

Best sissy trainer

Phone dominatrix Emerson rules your slutty bussy!

Phone dominatrixAs I sit here, high on my Phone dominatrix throne of power and control, I can’t help but revel in the thought of you. My lowly sissy slave, quivering at the sound of my voice. You may imagine yourself to be strong, independent, and masculine, but when it comes to me, you are nothing but a weak-willed little slut. Always ready and willing to do my bidding.

I am a goddess, a sex symbol, a purveyor of filth and depravity. I am the one who can make your heart race with a simple word, who can make your clitty twitch and drip with anticipation! Who can make you beg for more. I am Emerson, the embodiment of your deepest, darkest desires.

Don’t you love the way I swallow cock? I am after all a natural beauty, brought into this world always looking this stunning and feminine. You on the other hand will need a lot of work. I will put your jaw to work, at the end of the day my sissy whore it will be locked. 

But you will have all that yummy cum down your throat and dripping down the sides of your mouth like the whore you are. I will make you embrace your feminine side when I stretch out your pussy with huge thick cock! How many cocks do you think your sissy hole can take? I say we don’t stop until we find out. Sure, maybe your hole will be prolapsed but at least there are plenty of cocks around to fuck it back into you.

Hold on to your Sissy panties, missy, you’re not just calling for a quick fix or a casual fling. No, you’re calling to submit yourself to me entirely, to become my sissy slave, my property, my plaything. You’re calling to be transformed into the prettiest slut on the block, to have your ass pounded into submission, and to learn how to choke on cock like a pro.

I will take you on a journey, a journey into the depths of your own sexuality, a journey that you will never forget. With my sharp tongue and sharp wit, I will tease and taunt you, pushing you to your limits, daring you to go further, to become the sissy slut that you were always meant to be.

I will make you wear the sluttiest outfits, the brightest colors, the highest heels. I will make you wear makeup, paint your nails, and style your hair. I will make you look in the mirror and see a beautiful, desirable, sexually irresistible creature, a creature that I have created, a creature that I own.

And when I am finished with you, you will be mine, completely and utterly. You will be my sissy slave whore, ready and willing to do anything I command, to fulfill any desire I have, to become the perfect little sissy slut that I know you can be. Are you ready to submit? Call now for Phone domination, whore!



Sissy girl training in diapers for little bitches who need it!

Sissy girl training Sissy girl training  in diapers for little bitches who need it! I’m Mistress Zoey and I love Girly sissies that enjoy dressing up and wearing adult diapers. Yes darling Diaper brat I will instill both discipline and a mommy type comfort for my little bitches, combining the girliest of outfits with the bondage of adult diapers.

The perfect sissy girl embraces both her femininity and a need for diapers, with or without shame! Diaper humiliation is definitely fun for the boys who are new to wearing padded leaky di-di’s!

Sissy girl training in diapers for little bitches who need it!

The scent of baby powder and floral perfume fill the air as the sissy girls prepare for their training. The diapers bulge under frilly bloomers!

“My pets, and Princesses, today you choose diapers over pussy!” I laugh and line up my baby doll sissykins! “Now we begin our Forced sissy training In diapers and frillies, obey me, and you might get a reward.” 

Next, this ABDL Mistress leads her sissy girls to a room filled with rows of frilly dresses in pastel colors and shelves stocked with an assortment of adult diapers. Each sissy girl picks out their outfit for the day, carefully selecting matching bloomers to go over their thick diapers.

The room is filled with giggles and soft rustling as they change into their chosen costumes!  Mommy Mistress then leads her girls out of the room, each one feeling the heavy weight of the diapers on their bottom and the feeling of being completely helpless. They giggle with excitement as they anticipate the day’s fun activities!

Forced sissy training In diapers and frillies

As they line up in front of me, I inspect each sissy girl with a critical eye. “Such pretty little diapered dolls you all make,” Giggling.  “Now, it’s time for your adult diaper Sissy slave training to begin.” 

Sissy slave training makes you want to be a girl in diapers and give up pussy

Clapping my hands twice, and a series of tasks appear on the screen in front of them. From walking delicately in heels to practicing proper curtsies, the sissy girls dive into their training with enthusiasm. The sound of crinkling diapers accompanied every movement, a constant reminder of their padded state. Frilly dresses swishing against their diapers with each movement making Mistress cackle. I have so much in store for my pretty diapered princesses, and it only begins here!

Creampies and one hot Sissy Panties Worn By Peace

You want the story about those hot sissy panties I kept catching you cum on them. Oh, that’s a good one! Let me tell you about the time I caught you wearing my panties and cumming in them before putting them back in my drawer. It was years ago when our relationship was still relatively new and naive little faggots like yourself didn’t know any better than to sneak into their partner’s underwear drawer for some kind of twisted thrill.

I remember coming home early from work one day only to find your pathetic face buried deep inside one of my favorite pairs of lacy panties – with your tiny dick hard as a rock and cum stains all over the place! You were so embarrassed but couldn’t deny it; there was evidence right there on your chin! And let me tell you something: seeing those huge wet spots on those delicate fabrics only turned me on more because I knew how much they belonged to ME.

From that moment on, I made sure to keep an eye on things… including YOU. And every time I caught you trying anything remotely “girly”, punishments would ensue until finally, after months of training (and plenty more humiliation), here we are today: with YOU fully submitting to being everything I want – a sissy slut who worships at my feet while dreaming about being dominated by big black cocks just like yours truly does!

You take me and make me your feminine little whore that will get down with you. Or shall I say for you since after all, I am here to please.Sissy panties