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Sissy Panties Sale

sissy pantiesWho loves sissy panties? Who loves your mistress panties? Well your in for a treat! From now until Midnight Of the 31st Your Princess of panty play will be selling used panties for only $25. How much would you like to wear panties that I have worn? Now these run small, but you can still stoke you clitty with them on the phone with me. If you want to have me wear a specific kind of panty feel free to send me a little gift card in my email. Now these are my own personal stock, I am going to buy new panties for myself and as a sissy man or a horny man who loves women’s panties to stroke with you know about twice a year a girl can’t help herself! I Just MUST have new panties, Now I have nylon, cotton and a couple satin ones. As your online sissy training Brat, you know I get to pick or choose and of course worn panties are an extra surcharge, You don’t get to smell my pussy for that cheap! Now who’s up for some pretty panties and a little sissy fun? I don’t care if you buy them or not, I still want to hear all your panty adventures and to see pics sent to my email, which you can find on my page. Happy panty wearing! P.s. I sell Panties and socks all the time!online sissy  training

Best Sissy Trainer For Covid Fags

These coming months of Winter may be another trying period in the times of a pandemic. The stay home orders are likely to be coming around again. It’s safer to just stay home be comfortable and let yourself be free to express those desires. You can order all the toys and pretty things online and have them shipped discretely to your home. You can call me up and we can have all kinds of fun that doesn’t require crowds. I love the idea of playing dress up and driving somewhere where you can watch people and jerk off in your panties for me. Maybe you can be like one of my pissing princesses and pee your pretty panties and skirts. I love making naughty sissy girls humiliate themselves for me. You can tell me all about the process you have gone through so far in becoming the sissy you are.

Best sissy trainer

Sissy humiliation training fun!

sissy humiliation trainingMy rigorous sissy humiliation training course is not for just any sissy. Any slut who wishes to be trained by Mistress Remi must first prove why she wants to be a sissy slut. They must show me why they deserve to be called one of my sluts and be trained by me and my bulls. I’m not a forceful trainer who is rough with her sissy whores. Although strict discipline is part of our training routine, my sluts know their place and appreciate the title I’ve given them the opportunity to earn. If one of my sluts tells me no, I won’t get forceful at all. That’s not to say that one of my big, strong bull cocks won’t pound that slut’s little he-pussy and teach her a lesson for going against Mistress Remi. I’ll rub my wet pussy and watch as they force their massive cum cannons into that tiny sweet sissy hole. I get so fucking wet watching my bulls turn that slut into a stretched out cum hole. See, I don’t punish my sweet little whores, at all but they learn their lessons very well!


Rub Each Others Clitties For Mistress Violet

mistress phone sex

Aww look at you. Thinking you are going to join me in the bath. You know you are not worthy of even being in my bath water dear hubby. How silly of you. However, I do have big plans for you. Well small plans actually but fun for me regardless. Anyways, go pour me a nice glass of wine and put on the surprise I laid out on the bed. There you are standing in the doorway with my glass of wine wearing a slutty maid outfit with pretty silk panties underneath, fishnet hose and pretty black heals. Is that the doorbell? You better go answer it baby. Look at who came to see us. My favorite sissy dressed exactly like you. Now hand me my glass of wine and you two sit side by side. Spread those legs wide and lift up those skirts so I can see those itty-bitty tiny cocks. Oh, how little they are. Now reach your hands and start stroking the others little clitty. Yes, just like that. Keep looking at me though. I love to see your orgasm faces. Now lean over and lick each other clean. You sissies are so entertaining. You won’t believe what I have ready for you to do for me next.

Don’t Be Shy Sissy Boy

sissy phone sex You don’t have to be shy. I’m an expert when it comes to pegging perfect little sissy boy assholes like yours. Do you like my strap-on? It’s hard, black, and 12 inches for you. Aren’t you excited that I’m going to stretch out your little ass hole baby? Why don’t you start by worshiping it first. You had better get it nice and wet with that hot hungry mouth of yours, because the only lube that I’m going to use is whatever slobber comes from your fucking throat. Oh yes baby, choke on my fucking dildo. Show me how much you want me to fuck you in that little ass. I know you bitches love it when I peg you, so make sure it’s just wet enough so that I can slide all 12 in into your asshole. Oh you’re perfect, now bend over and spread those cheeks. Look at you! You’ve never even had anything in your ass have you? This is going to be a lot more than just the pinky sweetie. This is going to be 12 inches of hard black cock pounding away at your prostate. Are you ready to get pegged? Good. Let me line up with your little shit hole right here, and boom! I’ve shoved all 12 fucking inches right into you. Just give it a minute to stretch, but I’m not going to slow down. I’m going to fuck you at supersonic speed and show you exactly what a fucking little slut you are for me.

Sissy Girl Training With Zoey The Hottie

sissy girl trainingSissy girl training makes me so hot! Like my sweet little pussy throbs so much! The act of you letting that sissy boi out of that closet. I know you hide your pretty dresses in the back in a garment bag. What are you going to do if your wife or daughter catches you? Come on now is the time to let her out and wear cute bras and panties. Embrace that beautiful sissy creature you want to be!
I desire a cute flirty sissy who can be sweet and play with me and my lovers. There is nothing wrong with male to female cross dressing and wondering what a dick might feel like to a girl like you.
I honestly think you will have greater pleasure than you ever have before. It’s only natural to learn about being a sissy and start to crave a man after you have played in feminine clothing. You see that attractive girl in the mirror? Men want her. I want you too! You need to love yourself enough to be able to play with a mistress and explore all the cock sucking and one day back door fucking you could ever desire. I am a sassy bitch, but if you come to me brand new we will walk through the mystery of becoming who you are. You just need a little young hottie who loves cum to be your Princess and make you wear those sissy panties and so much more. One sissy step at a time!
I will start gentle, but the more time you spend the more you will have to do, are you ready to really be a sissy slut?

Want To Be My Little Pet Like Brandie?

Mistress Phone Sex

As you know I have a soft spot for my sweet sissy Brandie. I remember picking out her first tiny little cock cage. Her teeny little clitty being so small we struggled to find one small enough. I also loved hearing her fuck her man pussy with a big thick dildo for the first time too. She is an absolute joy and is now an absolute cum slut and cock whore. I love it. She was telling me one of her latest adventures and it is just too good to not share with you.
Luckily for Brandie she not only has me, but she has a lady that also uses Brandie for the little sissy that she is. So recently Brandie was cleaning this lady’s house while the lady was getting her pretty pussy fucked by a real man. They were on the living room floor right in front of Brandie. Brandie’s little clitty was leaking as she listened. When he finally filled the ladies’ pussy up with his warm yummy goodness, she had Brandie crawl over and lick her cum filled pussy clean. As Brandie was cleaning up her pussy and beautiful asshole, she felt it….
Without any warning the real man had shoved his massive beautiful cock deep inside of Brandie’s man pussy. As Brandie was being used like a slut and eating that beautiful pussy, she started to moan, and she couldn’t control it. She came multiple times while they were laughing at her and calling her a whore.
“One of my best nights” is how Brandie described it. My little cum loving sissy slut sure makes me proud.
And you too can be one of my little pets, just pick up that phone and give Mistress Francis a call.

Sissy Threesome

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Fluff That Cock, Eat That Cum!

Sissy Phone Sex

It looks like you need some training my little sissy slut. Go get dressed pet, in your finest hosiery. Put on your lacy slut garter, and your high whore heels. Pull those panties up over your little clitty cage, and wear some short slutty dress for me.
Make sure your makeup is delicate, and delicious. Perfect brows, plump lips, lovely eyelashes. Today you’re going to meet a true Alpha, with a bull cock thicker than any you’ve ever seen. You’re going to get that cock nice and fucking hard for me, with your hands cuffed behind your back.
He’s going to face fuck your throat, the whole time he’s thinking of my tight little pussy. Then you’re going to eat my perfectly delicious cunt, and get me nice and dripping wet for this big fucking bull dick. Every time he cums in my tight velvet pussy, you’re going to clean him off, and suck him back hard. You’re going to clean out my slit with delicate fingers, and not spill a drop of that cum. Do you understand me you fucking fem bitch? Remember that I don’t like repeating myself. So get ready to serve Royalty.

Online Sissy Training

Cole’s Success Story

Sissy training ArabellaSo you want to be a woman? I am glad you finally admitted it to yourself!

We finally got you all dressed up. We put on the tightest skirt and the sexiest bra and sissy panties.

You looked like a total hottie in those stilettos and your hair and make up were perfect!

Then we sent you out into the world with all the skills that a nice lady should have!

All the men’s heads turned as you strut into the bar!

They were falling over themselves to buy you drinks!

All the other ladies were so jealous but you were a goddess!

Then you picked your man. Of course he was a nice big stud and if the bulge in his pants was any indication, someone was going to be a very happy sissy at the end of the night!

When you finally got home and he saw the pretty little package that was under your skirt,  his mouth dropped!Sissy phone sex

You slowly started to peel your clothes of, dropping them in a trail behind you!

He couldn’t take his eyes off you! He tried to make his rock hard fuck stick go down but it was no use!

And when you turned around and slide your panties down, with your tight pretty ass waving in the air, he knew there was no going back!

He was going to fuck that ass with every inch of his throbbing meat!

And as he grabbed you by the hips

and pulled your hair

as he plunged that cock

deep in your tiny little rosebud fuck hole,

you knew…

Yes that is when you knew…

You were finally a real woman!