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Humiliation Phone Sex with Sissy Trainer Addilyn

I bet you are reading this blog debating if you should call me. The fact is, you are a filthy little pervert and need Humiliation Phone Sex. Devulge those naughty fascinations of yours of being a closet sissy.

Obviously, As a great Sissy Goddess that dominates men that wear panties, I love hearing about sissy girl fantasies. The craving you have for that big black cock is like music to my sissy owner ears.

Truth is that sometimes I get callers who just really love the feel of panties. Espceially of their wifes worn panties against their cocklet. This is when the truth comes out. The truth is that those panties are filled with cum. And the cum is of a big bull cocks.

So, It appears they have a big love for knowing that cum leaking from their wifes’ cunt was from a big black cock.

Understandably he is not getting any pussy from that wife of his. And it is due time he starts to wear those panties on a regular basis. This is the beginning of a beautiful sissification cucked reality.

Humiliation Phone Sex

Sissy Panties Make You Feel Girly and Crave BBC

You really just need to embrace that love of wearing your sissy panties and watching BBC porn. Come on sissy slut you are craving that big black cock. Admit to it! You are nothing but a little sissy faggot in panties and need to be owned.

Well, ironically I am here to assist in all of that. My great pleasure is to own sissy faggot panty waists like you. As I give the proverbial dangling of BBC in your face hole you will rub that cocklet. It’s ok though princess, you have a clit and not a dick.

Now then, as you sit wearing those panties and looking at all those big beautiful cocks, you know what you need. That’s right you need Mistress Addilyn’s control.

Sissy panties

Best Sissy Trainer for Your New Sissy Year

The new you this year is need of the Best sissy trainer Addilyn. With me the two of us will really bring out your best side. And with that being said you will be willing to submit to being a cock whore.

Ultimately the prize of the year will be that you completely embrace your sissy ness. By allowing those slutty nudges of your inner sissy to come out to play. I would be willling to bet that you struggle many days with whether to let your sissy desires out.

In fact many men like you hide behind being the toxic masculinity type to fully hide your inner sissy. You ave guns, big trucks and a little pecker clit in panties. Oh what a mess your life must be. Then you go so far as to be a redneck.

However I know. Of course when I see your type, I absolutely know. Finally Toss you in a jailhouse with big black fuck stick Alpha and your a little weak bitch. Just embrace it and submit to the alpha dominant Goddess that I am. Let me guide you into your new life.

Best sissy trainer

Sissy Panties On As You Wait for BBC Santa

There you are my pretty sissy panties wearing girly boy. You are all decked out and ready to get blacked. Big black dicked Santa is cumming to town.
On this occasition so special Mistress has you laying back and taking that big fat candy cane. That one so pepperminty and thick. That’s right just slide it right up in that sweet fuck hole with your panties pushed aside.
Like a good little sissy awaiting his Santa gift of BBC you will fuck that pussy. Let your clitty leak and your knees get weak. For Big black santi claus is coming to take his cookies treat.

Now understand that to be Santa’s good llittle elf, the elf on his shelf. Accordingly you need to shave and primp. And Immediately slide on your best pair of panties.  Finally like a good sissy slide in that butt plug and wait.

BBC Santa is coming to town.

Sissy panties

Best Sissy Trainer Brings Zoey for 2 Mistress Humiliation

As the Best Sissy Trainer always enjoys really humiliating her piggy’s I decided to bring in a second Mistress. Zoey and I are a team to be reconned with. Furthermore We will really humiliate and make you the weakest little pay piggy for our control.

Specifically one thing Good Sissy trainers are aware of is their control and power over little sissy faggots. Coincidentally This remains true with Mistress Zoey and Goddess Addilyn. In fact The two of us will destroy any threads of masculinity that remains.

In this case as you crave cock. And to serve a strong Mistress or two. Let’s face it sissy girls are whores, sluts and unable to serve just one Mistress. In this effect lets just make it easy.

Finally I command you to set up a two girl call with two Mistresses that know how to get inside your stupid bitch brain and fuck your world up. We will fuck up your world of trying to deny yourself. Stop pretending to be a man.

Best Sissy Trainer

Once you submit for your love of BBC then all else will fall out of context. Two goddesses controlling you and your wallet. This is your new reality as you get transformed for the cock craving fixations.

Unstand that you now dress for cock. And your future is certainly in the hands of Mistress Zoey and Goddess Addilyn. Accept it, and pay up, Sissy slave training is your New Years resolution for happiness.

Sissy slave training

Forced Sissy Training Making You Serve BBC

Forced sissy training is what we need to do with you. Caught in my panties an even playing in my make-up. You were supposed to be staying out of my room. My roommate, and tenant. This was an infringement of our aggreement.

Obviously I needed to teach you a lesson. I texted a few of my big black bulls to come over. It did not take them long either. I had you tied up and dressed up. So you wish to wear my lingerie and do your make-up? Well it’s obvious to me you also want to be a blacked sissy.

Of course you pretend to put up a fight with me. But you are weak and a little bitch. Now you are my little bitch all dressed in panties, stockings a silky baby doll and heels. Now lets see how good a slave you are.

Forced sissy training

Finally three big black bulls come in and ready to own that little sissy cunt of yours. Oh don’t fight it sweetie. This is payback hun and you will truly enjoy it. Of course you will be paying me extra for the rest of the year.

Sissy panties

BBC Sissy Trainer for Faggot Sissy White Bitches

I am a BBC Sissy Trainer and little white faggot bitches need me. You need to be owned by a Mistress like that understands you. A desperate dependendant sissy slut that needs his Mistress.

Obviously White men that crave black cocks while wearing panties are truly lost without me. Accordingly we both know You need a Mistress that understands you. I am that Mistress.

Alternately, If it is sexy lingerie that makes you feel like a little faggot and crave BBC, then we should talk. Adversly if it is Big black cocks that make you excited, we should talk. Quite possibly you feel like you want to be like me. Dress sexy for that BBC.

Finally if any of this really speaks to you, then we should talk! I look forward to hearing all about your journey.

BBC Sissy Trainer

Put Your Sissy Panties on and Serve Big Nigger Cocks Faggot

Sissy Panties on & Serve Big Nigger Cocks Faggot Sissy Slut. Besides you are nothing but a blacked little sissy slut.  Just Understand that I am Goddess Addilyn knows what you need. Humiliated and destroyed. Your little bitch ass cunt will be wet, gaped and used to the stretched out whoreness.

First off I am your Mistress and you will obey. My skills will make you take that dick like a damned fucking princess. Just get on your knees and be a cock hungry fuck hole of a sissy. Faggot, fuck pig, and toilet. A humiliated cum whore for big black cocks.

Obviously trying to deny your craving for nigger dicks and taking it in the ass is not an option. Additionally you need to Just submit and be owned by black daddy.

Finally, understand that any other thoughts of being a man is going to be slammed down. After all there is No denying You are a sissy and you are owned by black daddy bull cocks.

Sissy panties

Sissy Humiliation Training For Bitch Boi Faggots Like You

Sissy Humiliation Training For Bitch Boi Faggots Like You. Let yourself be consumed by cock and the sissy life. Let me, Addilyn, your Goddess, Mistress and trainer control you. Primarily, You are controlled by your craving for cock.

Obviously, Some days you get confused and just really want to come out of the closet as the cum craving sissy. You live alone and can dress all you want. However you have yet to step out of the house dressed. In time it will over whelm you and you will start to try a meet up to finally take a cock. To suck a dick. Maybe even let that black man fuck your sissy ass. 

Ultimately the thing you need at this point is a little guidance. Above all else the best guidance is a Mistress and sissy trainer like me. In short, I am Addilyn, your Guidance counselor to cock. 

When you confide In me you can talk about all these things and confess your deep rooted needs. Let me be your girlfriend and confident. In time I will guide you and control you. 

Embrace being a sissy faggot w/ Sissy Humiliation Training

Sissy humiliation training

Sissy Panties A Secret You Can’t Resist Exposing to Mistress

Sissy panties have been a secret of yours for a while. In fact you enjoy sending pictures to phone sex sissy Mistresses. And you send these pictures to expose your sissy side and crave for exposure.

Not only do you crave exposure, but you really enjoy being exploited and humiliated. Letting Phone Sex Mistress Addilyn take your money. Obviously the humiliation your feeling when you pay this Mistress to look at your patheticness is real. But the best part part is the verbal humiliation of how worthless as a man you are.

Finally, the truth is exposed and you are not meant to be manly. No use for a little pathetic prick of yours for pleasing others. Just treat it like a clit and service cock from now on. And when you are lucky you can be a cleanup sissy for that creampie in Mistress’ cunt.

Obviously a cunt licker for BBC loving Mistress’ is the closest you will get to pleasing a woman. And that pleasure is solely based on humiliating you.

Sissy panties