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Sissy Slave Training Can Make You More Feminine

So many guys call me and ask how they can become more girly. First off with some Sissy slave training that girly side of you will begin to emerge. Like a Butterfly out of its chrysalis emerging for the first time into it’s full glory.

Likewise speaking of glory, a glory hole is one great way for that training sissy to get a feel for sucking some real cocks. However that usually tends to come later. One step is to start wearing those pretty panties. And start to remove the hair from your body.

Once we get you comfortable and feeling feminine we can incorporate some toys. Sometimes the toys come into play before the feminism. All of my sissy faggots have their own style and speed and direction of how we start. It’s all in what is comfortable with you and where you wish to begin.

Finally, we should always have a session of getting to know each other to start. Nothing better than you telling me about who you are and how and when these sissy desires started. This is my invitation for you.

Sissy slave training

Sissy Humiliation Training, I Know All About You, Now Submit

One of my new clients was directed to call me by his own wife. It’s Sissy humiliation training that she excepted him to be subjected to. 

However the first thing I needed to know is why is his wife directing him to call me. After all  am black cock queen and sissy Mistress to assist black cock enslaved sissy girls. Well, he may not be a sissy yet. However he is seemingly black owned.

Later he did call me and he was certainly put in his place quickly. Obviously I knew the situation from his first few utterances. He was a small dicked cucked white man. His wife is younger and has a body that the young black landscape nigger really liked. 

Finally it all came to light that this black man with a big black dick was taking ownership of his wife. And soon enough him. So really, I am in the school of thinking that Mr. M. is not a man. Frankly speaking Mr. M. needs to put on those panties and be ready to call me for his next session come Sunday – Tuesday between 3am -1pm Central time. 

Sissy Humiliation Training

Sissy Hypno Training Makes You Worship Big Dick and Cum

What could be better than subjecting yourself to a little Sissy hypno training? I mean come on, here you are on a sissy blog site. Obviously you are piqued a little for embracing your feminine whiles.

Sissy Hypno Training

Let’s celebrate with Pride and enjoy some personal reflection. Many of my sissy girls are closeted older men that love dressing and crave dick. Maybe you love to dress up and watch big black dick porn as you finger your sissy cunt.

How about a little mind control. A subconcious exploration of the craving for a big dick in your mouth. Maybe imagine if you will that big meaty dick head passing between your lips. Use your tongue and take a lick of that wonderful fleshy texture. Slide it over the dick hole and lick.

Now how is it feeling? Are you beginning to throb in your panties? That is a great start to nudge your embarkment on some kinky phone hypnosis with a true Black cock sissy trainer.

BBC Sissy Trainer

Sissy Humiliation Training Was Needed For Big Loser Little Dick

There is nothing worse than an aggressive loser online. With a little Sissy humiliation training this young lost soul was quickly put in his place. Where his mother failed in disciplining him as a youngster really was obvious. Terry thought he could just waste my time.

Essentially, after his aggressive behavior in my chat system for my paid services I set him up. Just a little bit of tease and denial. Then a little getting his personal details. As a pro I manipulated it out of him.

Finally the day came. It was awesome. Showing up to his moms house I discussed his behavior and my plans with him. It was interesting that she was so relieved. Seems she gave up trying to discipline him. I had full access to the house and to her son.

It must be known that Terry is an adult male that lives in his mothers basement. Also, he is a virgin in his 30’s! This all made me laugh. So stereotypical.

Fast forward. I barged downstairs to his room where he had been harassing many women online. As he was shocked with his little pecker out. Honestly resisting to laugh was not an option. After a good laugh and pointing out how pathetic he is I took full control.

Sissy Humiliation Training

At this point I handed him pretty panties and demanded he put them on. I grabbed my strap-on and forced him down on all fours. First I made him suck, then I took that ass pussy. And soon enough he was moaning and shooting his squirts in those panties.

Sissy Humiliation Training doesn’t come Free

Now I have a little bitch to out as a total loser. However it must be mentioned, his mother paid me well to do this once I had gotten in contact with her. Nothing is free, not even being humiliated.

Best Sissy Trainer

Best Sissy Trainer Addilyn Will Make You Give In To Cock

What is a Sissy, and why do you need the Best Sissy Trainer? Well, if you are not aware of what a sissy is then I suggest you need a little education.

Essentially a sissy is a girly boy. A little effeminate man that desires to ultimately be a girl, or woman. And a sissy session can vary. One factor is discussing that you have great craving of being a woman and often to serve cock.

Now then, my specialty is big black cock. I love the black dick and making a sissy girl learn how to please the BBC is also part of being sissified.

Most of the Sissy gals I play with and train have that great love of being blacked. They want nothing more than to dress for that black daddy dick. And this is truly a great thing.

Finally I look forward to helping you realize your place in the sissy world also. If it is to get that booty trained to taking the big black dick then I will guide you. If you need reassurance and to show yours cock sucking skills to me then we can get into that.

First thing is first, we must connect on and introductory session. I look forward to helping you realize your girly awesomeness.

Best sissy trainer

Sissy Training Needs Are Aroused When You See Big Black Cock

Now that I got your attention, sissy, I now exactly what you crave. A Sissy training session with Mistress Addilyn is the perfect way to confess. Give me the confession of all that you crave to please.

It’s the bigger blackest dick that makes you creamy your girly panties. Let me ensure you that you are a sexy little sissy that needs to give your pussy up to big black daddy.

Finally, you can get a Mistress of BBC loving to train that pretty sissy ass of yours. And of course get your lips trained on that black meat as well.

Most important right now is to present that sassy sissy girliness in a way that will beckon the BBC to your yard. Shimmy and shake that sissy ass on over to the trainer that awaits to set you on your sissy course.


Sissy training

My Phone Domination Will Introduce You To Sissification

Phone domination is a discreet treat for sissification. Once you realize you are more feminine than masculan your journey may begin.

One of the first signs of understanding you are meant to be a sissy, is your desire to wear panties. I have just been discussing with a young man that is in the process of being immasculated. First off he has been very naughty. This individual was caught stealing panties.

Next thing he knew he was being prosecuted for his thievery. Yes, by the neighborhood. The women who’s panties were stolen from wanted their revenge. I explained to him that panties are expensive and very personal.

Finally he has come to the realization that indeed, Balls do not belong in panties. This is clear to him. Now he is going around with his ball sack banded. These things are swollen and sticking straight out.

Obviously it is time for the women of the neighborhood to get him tied down and to finalize the process. Then we Remove those balls. Now we take all of his man pants away. Finally, understand this: Balls don’t belong in panties. So then sissy girls don’t need them anymore.

Phone domination

Phone Domination Is The Best Way To Submit To Being a Good Sissy

So you want to be a good sissy, do you? Well submitting to Mistress Addilyn on a Phone Domination call is a great first step. As I get to understand you and your desires we can build our relationship. This is an ideal situation for a sissy girl that really needs a strong, dominant and confident owner.

Once we get aquainted and I understand you, your desires, and what really triggers your sissy brain, we can have many great sessions. I would love the oportunity to get you into some great BBC hypnosis that will have your sissy clit squirting.

However, it is improtant to understand I have expectations of you, sissy. One is that you will follow through on assignments. And one of my first assignments is that you acquire some pretty sissy panties. These will be the thing that you will put on for our sessions.

Eventually I expect you to wear the pretty sissy panties all the time. So be prepared to go shopping for a wardrobe of pretty panties that make you feel girly.

After all a pretty pair of silky panties will make you feel feminine. Not only will you feel pretty in them, but your clitty will really start to leak all the time.

Phone Domination

Sissy Training Goddess Addilyn Has What You Need

What is it that drives you to a Sissy Training Goddess? Well, often it’s a craving to let out what your inner Bitch needs to let out. That is the immense craving for cock.

And when you look me up the fact of the matter is you want BBC. Let’s just face it, white boy. You are a little panty wearing bitch. Not to mention the fact you crave to suck off a big black cock.

Seeing that you are married, sometimes you just fantasize about your wife taking dick. All the while she enjoys a big black dick you are nearby wearing panties. After all your secret sissy comes out and all you want is a chance to suck that dick off.

With all of this in mind, back to why you need me. Notably it’s the fact that I am a BBC loving Goddess. Owing to this fact is that I am also a skilled Mistress ready to guide you into that journey.

Ultimately the journy to being a good little BBC loving sissy faggot. Whether it is through becoming cuckolded by your wife and a lover. Or perhaps secretly hooking up on grinder to suck off dick.

Whatever the circumstance involves, it will involve you dressing and servicing BBC.

Sissy training

Sissy Panties Are All You Are Allowed To Wear

Sissy Panties Are All You Are Allowed To Wear. This is especially so in my presence. Eventually it is the only kind of undergarments you are allowed to wear.

Domination phone sessions with Goddess Addilyn can be intense. But, of course that  is what a loser faggot like you needs.  And it is I, Mistress Addilyn that knows what is best for her little pussy boy. As the greatest sissy trainer I will help you serve BBC.

A proper little cock pleaser is a good sissy faggot. And a good sissy faggot is aware of her place. Also the good sissy faggots that I train understand the stance of a BBC.

What do I mean by the stance of a BBC? I am referring to how Big black cocks rule superior over your little white faggot clit. It is understanding this fact in the start to further train you well.

Sissy panties