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Just a Fuck Toy in Sissy Panties

First thing a sissy must understand, this is especially so once they put on their sissy panties, is that they do not have a cock. That thing in front is called a clitty. You have a sissy clitty and it is useless. Sissy clitty in pretty panties may, on occasions leak. Become clear that in fact, you do not have a cock and you do not cum.

Secondly, you are a slave. A sissy slave. All sissy girls are slaves. Your rightful place in the world is to be enslaved by cock. You fuck cock, you suck cock, and your place is to please cock. Masturbation is not an option for sissy slaves. I believe you should be allowed to hump your pillow, bed or stuffed animals. But to touch your sissy clit as though it is a cock is forbidden.

If you grasp and understand your place we can start training. I will expect you to learn the chant though. The chant of a sissy is as follows:

I am Sissy _insert sissy name_ and I serve Mistress Addilyn

My life is revolved around being a sissy slave to my Mistress

In fact I do not have a cock and I am not a man.

My Sissy clit stick is of no use and I am to never touch it.

I do not have a cock, dick nor a penis.

Worshipping and pleasing cock is my place as a Sissy slave.

Mistress Addilyn is my Goddess and the real woman that guides and trains me

I am Mistress Addilyns’ Slave and I must always obey my Goddess.

Understanding that I am a Fuck toy in panties is my first step to being a good sissy slave


Sissy panties

Sissy Slave Training Phone Sex Mistress

Sissy slave training with Mistress Addilyn is all about the BBC. That big daddy black bull cock with your sexy sissy cock sucking lips wrapped around big dick. My sweet bunny sissy girl begs for that cum like a hungry mommy milk addicted slutlet. 

Your Addiction is for Cock and Sissy Slave Training

The cock that you will be trained to suck well and the balls that you will drain will be on your mind 24/7. But the best part of this addiction is that gooey strings of goodness that ejaculates from the hole. It’s the prize for a good sissy girl that does all of her tasks well. 

It’s often that I wonder if you really do have what it takes to be a good cum draining sissy cock slut that you wish your sweet little clitty cums could be. Let’s start your training sissy.

Sissy Slave Training

Sissy Panties For Santa Claus

Even Jolly Ole Saint Nick has his secrets and kinks and wears Sissy panties. We all know that Santa Claus is completely fictional and is all about a good time. So my local Mall Santa is really completely naughty in his love of a good time. I paid Santa a Visit and sat on his lap. And I whispered in Santa’s ear that I know what he has on under that red suit of his. With this little tease I made Santa turn red.

You see I caught a Glimpse of Santa getting into his Jolly red suit. I saw that Santa was sporting an extra sexy white lacey panties. When I sat on Santa’s lap to let him know what I knew, there was more to it still. I may have been dressed as Santa’s helper as I do for charity every year. In the back dressing room I caught a glimpse of Santa and his panties. But that wasn’t all Santa was also wearing pantyhose. 

I whispered that I knew my big man Santa Claus was really a little crossdressing sissy and if he didn’t come to me for proper training I would out Santa and make all the Elves pump in his bottom. The thing is, the Elves all had big black cocks. So training is underway on the Day after Christmas so Santa can be the best BBC cock sucker there is in his pretty lingerie playing the role of a Ho ho Hoe.

Sissy Panties

Phone Domination for a Cock Sucker

I get cock craving straight men all the time. These guys aren’t always going to be sissies…. well it may take some time for them to realize their true self. But they all want the same thing, dick, cock, cum, and jizz. So my Phone domination is about forcing these guys to suck dick. They crave it and need to let me know about that.

So, be my good cum craving cock sucker and I will get your sweet little ass fucked and mouth stuffed. You want it cock sucker. Travis sure did. He loves it hardcore and nasty. It’s always great knowing that guys like you exist and need a stern gorgeous goddess to give you that push. The push to go suck a real cock like a good sissy faggot. Don’t forget those panties under your pants, slut.

Phone domination

Best Sissy Trainer Addilyn

A sissy Mistress and the Best Sissy Trainer is part of what I am. It all started with finding out my husband was crossdressing in my lingerie and posting to suck tranny cock. He was a closet sissy, as most are. I was a dominant Mistress at a local club. He was loaded but surely wasn’t fuckable for me.

Having denied him sex so often made him secretly dress up and try and be like me. Yes, he was a cuckolded husband to a BBC loving Mistress. I love that big black cock and he has come to love it too. He just wanted to be like me. We divorced and I got a settlement that has set me up well. I don’t need to work but I love being a humiliatrix to little cocked sissy faggots craving BBC.

Best Sissy Trainer

You Are Not a Man in Sissy Panties

There you sit in shame wearing sissy panties. You were caught by me playing in my panties and lipstick. I had no idea the Condo Maintenance man is really not a man! I am going to force you to wear panties and lingerie under that “man suit” of yours. I will even make you come help me with clearing some pipes in my bathroom.

I will make you undress and get on your knees. Keep the panties and pink babydoll on…and here wear this lipstick. A good cock sucker wears lipstick. I bring in the Maintenance guys from the crew you lead. You are about to be humiliated and outed by your own employees. I sure hope you suck their cocks well enough sissy. Obey your Mistress and get to work, Sissy Faggot.

Sissy panties

Best Sissy Trainer Addilyn Trains For BBC

As a Best sissy trainer my goal is to ensure my sissy girls reach their aspiration of being good ball drainers. A good ball drainer for BBC is a special twist I like to add to their kinky world. A few sissy girls get put off by the size and are more suitable for another sissy to have lesbian sex with.

Some girls come around slower than others. I find introducing a couple of sissy girls and guide them to please each other assists in a special kind of coming into their sissyness. Not all girls are meant to be BBC sissy sluts but if you have the craving and desire then you can certainly learn to be the best sissy for draining big beautiful black cocks.

Often times I hear of a sissy with a wife that discovers her. The wife had a black boss and boy did this husband learn to service the black dick. This, my dear was my bitch husband from years ago when I thought I needed a sugar daddy. Needless to say I found my calling.

Best Sissy Trainer

Sissy Panties for Sissy Slut Alice

Little sissy slut Alice has no more men’s shorts to wear, she is only allowed to wear sissy panties. That little clitty must be under nylon, silk, and lace. Girly panties are what my sissy get. She is a true beginner striving to be a good BBC sissy slut.

It’s always nice to get to know my sissy girls and teach them to be good sluts for the BBC they crave. I am a size queen hun, and big cocks are the only cocks I fuck. Sissy girls for my sessions and training are craving to be like me.

My sissy slut girls are interested in implants and having a sexy smooth body for their big man love. Let’s get you into some sissy slut clothes and start your training, cock sucker.

Sissy panties

Domination Phone Sex Mistress Addilyn

The very thought of making you into cock whore of a sissy brings out your craving for Domination Phone Sex from me. I know that you struggle every day as you work around big men that are real men. You don’t feel like a man and wish you could shed those constraints of manhood.

You were not blessed well, down there. Your penis is not much more than that of a little boys. You really can’t please a woman with that thing. You are lacking a fulfilling sexual relationship with women. It’s true you watch that BBC cock in porn and throb for one.

Let’s get you started with a few things, A BBC dildo, a butt plug, and a pretty pair of panties of your choice. Find a pair you wuld love to see me in and taking bbc while wearing. Those are the ones you will buy and wear for me. Go on now and get that stuff then get feeling kinky and craving the transformation.

This is when you should call me. I will be waiting to hear from you while you are in your pretty panties and a butt plug tucked in them like your clit.

Domination Phone Sex

Best Sissy Trainer Addilyn

You know you just stumbled across the Best Sissy Trainer, right? That is 100 % Truth subby slut sissy fag. I am the one that you crave to train and help you become owned. It’s true that most little sissy faggot white boys crave t have a BBC stud to own their pussy ass. How does that happen? Well we can discuss that all when we get into training you.

So you should understand that I am a size queen and BBC is my favorite cock. Most all of my callers are size queens too! I love a good sissy slut that knows what she wants and I want to help her/ You get the very thing you crave, big nigger dick.

If I am intriguing your little chapstick in the pretty panties to leak even a little then please set up a session so we can train you well!

Best Sissy Trainer