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Best Sissy Trainer Addilyn

You know you just stumbled across the Best Sissy Trainer, right? That is 100 % Truth subby slut sissy fag. I am the one that you crave to train and help you become owned. It’s true that most little sissy faggot white boys crave t have a BBC stud to own their pussy ass. How does that happen? Well we can discuss that all when we get into training you.

So you should understand that I am a size queen and BBC is my favorite cock. Most all of my callers are size queens too! I love a good sissy slut that knows what she wants and I want to help her/ You get the very thing you crave, big nigger dick.

If I am intriguing your little chapstick in the pretty panties to leak even a little then please set up a session so we can train you well!

Best Sissy Trainer

Domination Phone Sex Fantasy Mistress

Most sissy girls are very secretive and shy about their sissiness. Many need a little encouragement and guidance from a Domination Phone Sex Fantasy Mistress. That is essentially what I can be to you, sissy. I will understand the cravings you have. This is especially true when it comes to a craving for big black dick.

You, as a sissy, hold up a certain responsibility, and that is being pretty. Your essential existence as a black cock sissy is to look good and fuck even better. I Look amazing, and I am an amazing fuck. My men are many and bigger the better is my motto when it comes to dick. So, in pure essence I am going to assist you in being a good sissy slut for BBC.

Understand this though, I am a strict Mistress and can really enjoy some great fun humiliating a sissy like you.

Domination phone sex

Forced Sissy Training of a BBC Cock Whore

Your in the bathroom watching BBC porn and jerking your dick. I think this means that Forced sissy training is the way for you. You found your girlfriends dirty panties and put them on. She has no idea you are addicted to watching BBC. You crave that BBC for yourself.

I think you should help that girlfriend of yours take some BBC. She will be more pleased with it and you will get to watch closely as he fucks her. I know what about you? Well maybe you put on her panties and some lipstick and they will laugh at you and maybe let you suck that BBC. Especially suck your ladies juices off of it.

Now look at you! You sucked a big black cock and in a way you were forced to do it. Now we may commence with your training, cum dump.

Forced sissy training

Mistress Phone Sex Sissy Domination

Mistress Phone Sex domination is my forte when it comes to my kind of sissy control. I am an humilatrix of little sissy bitches. Making my sissy sluts good little cock teases for bbc is a perfect day for all.

You understand how pathetic you are already. That is truly the first step. Understanding you are inferior to any other man is the introduction to your training as a sissy slut slave.

As a good little white bitch assed sissy slave you will be ruled by BBC. Big beautiful Black dicks are your god. Crave the black beast cock. Dress for it and let them use you, slave. Show your appreciation for the black dick messiah and be ruled by it.

A good little dick bitch boy is all that you are and your mean black cock master is all you crave to service. You will train with your Goddess and Mistress of which both are Me, Mistress Addilyn. I too, am a size queen.

Mistress Phone Sex

Phone Domination Sissy Trainer

I’m your newest addiction Mistress Addilyn. The phone domination goddess of a sissy trainer for big black cock craving sissy faggots. I like to humiliate my slaves. Train you to learn and know your place. My main goal is for your transformation as a sissy cum slut willing to do anything for that BBC cum.

You are already with your foot in the door as they say in the fact that you have the craving. It will take a little work to get you truly ready to serve the Master cock, that big beautiful black dick.

With Mistress Addilyn at your side. Training and scolding you into the good submissive is part of the joys I have. It’s my pleasure to tease and deny you. To make you cage that clit stick and to plug your hole until you are willing to get that fuck hole stretched. A bbc slut is what you will be and dressing for that BBC is how you will start.

Phone Domination

BBC Sissy Trainer Addilyn

You are here seeking a sexy woman as your Mistress that is a BBC Sissy Trainer. Your cocklet leaks for that big magnificent black cock. It’s BBC that is all you think about.

My experience as a Mistress is what you crave. This will put you in that headspace to get into being the true sissy slut, As we both know this is what  you crave to become.

Maybe you have desires, strong desires but they are only activated when you are super horny. That’s ok. You will crave that big black cock and I want you to submit fully to it. It’s a mind fuck we are going for here and it is up too you if you are willing to take it further. With many options for you to find that black cock to suck off, this is your starting point. Yes, even if it means breaking the law and ending up in a cell *wink, wink*. I am your Mistress phone sex goddess.

Life is an adventure. So if you become someone’s prison bitch to get the full handle on your desires, that is up to you. I am not condoning illegal activities this is a fantasy for you to go to in our roleplay.

A BBC Sissy Trainer Mindfuck

All I want is for you to be the best cock sucking BBC sissy whore you can be. We can explore so much. Essentially you should be willing to get a big black dildo preferably with a suction cup. You will need at least one butt plug..

I say at least as they do vary and you could buy a trainer set where they have a few sizes. Lots of lube and an open mind. I hope you are already wearing panties and or lingerie also…. A true sissy dresses for the part.

BBC sissy trainer

Forced Sissy Training for BBC

I’m a very dominant sissy Mistress that works with humiliation. With Forced sissy training and putting cock sucking panty wearing closeted faggots in their place. Best ones are the married ones with a wife that cuckolds them. I love a good powerful woman that knows how to treat her pets. Men are pets, period. Well, most anyway. I mean I am weak for that big throbbing black, tan and a few white cocks that are monstrous. Hahah. Yes a size queen like me loves to dominate and torment little men.

You understand that you are pathetic when you call me. Your wife may have even directed you to call me. This is because you are nothing more than a little cucked married bitch boi and now it’s time for you be become trained properly.

Forced Sissy trainer

BBC Sissy Trainer Mistress Addilyn

I’m Mistress Addilyn and I am the one to come to for BBC. A BBC Sissy Trainer by default and a very firm Mistress for sissy boys that crave dick. My style of training will rarely be sensual or kind. I am a strict control freak and a total size queen. I like my sissy sluts and Sissy slaves to also be interested in the bigger is better mantra of cock worshiping.

Be a good slut when you call me and have at least one Big black cock dildo to work with. I will hope it’s a suction cup type so that we can train you in so many ways. Having you on your knees sucking a big black cock is a great start. I would appreciate you even more if you had a full length mirror to attach that black dildo to and watch yourself suck. The mirror is important also to admire your new girly look and to see how that pussy gets gaped when you start backing up on that big black dick.

BBC Sissy Trainer

BBC Sissy Trainer Addilyn

I am the best BBC sissy trainer for your humiliation needs. My ideal man has a big black dick and there is no compromise for me, well other than I will take big cock of any breed, color, etc. Over nine inches is my main requirement.

So when I get sissy fags that crave BBC then I know what they need and how to get them trained. The good little sissy fags will follow through and get that ultimate fix. I think you just might be able to get that yourself if your really good at sucking cock.

We will work on your skills and on your attire. I will break you down to understanding what it is you truly are, a sissy slut bbc cock sucking faggot. Now don’t forget.

BBC sissy trainer

Femboy Training of a Bad Boy

I have a good friend that has married a complete loser, and I finally got my chance to blackmail him. I took to some Femdom training of this little dick man with an porn addiction. My friend is a little bit old fashioned and pretty tame in her sexual explorations. Her man is not very endowed and is a bit of a bitch.

The other day my friend was going away for a week and asked if I would check in on her husband. The afternoon I stopped by their place to check in and acted like I just needed to borrow something of Cynthia’s and I wouldn’t be long. He was obviously in the middle of something naughty. It did not take long for me to see that he was watching fag porn and was wearing panties and a bra.

Femboy training

I cornered him and asked him about the porn on his laptop. He tried denying and fidgeted a lot. I told him to drop his pants and take off his shirt. Now. He fumbled it all off and sure enough. I snapped a picture and told him I would be returning later for a little training of my new Bitch. I explained these pictures would go to his wife / my best friend if he did not do as I say from here on out.