Sissy training one step, two, and be fucked.

          Sissy training one step, two, and be fucked.  Going to show you your place. To be sure you will be fucked. From time to time, you are going to scream as they rip you up. In the long run your training is a crash course is how to get that cock to fuck you nonstop. Online training is important. Don’t need competition. With this in mind you will go far. Don’t want none if you aren’t willing to sacrifice.  Sissy training

          By and large audio and online are the training tools that we will be using with you. All in all, the main goal is to get you the BBC cock. Being your trainer I will be the best. I don’t care what happens to your sissy fucking pussy. Given these points you will have a pussy filled with cum. Ripping you up. Dressing you up.

          From time to time even allows you to be off your knees. On your back. Being treated like a regular whore. Not some sissified faggot boy. An actual sissy. After all you are a sissy whore that needs to have some compassion some of the time. Making your sissy pussy cum for them.

          As shown above the ropes will dig in but in time you will like it. You will cum for them. Be treated like a sissy. Not just a wanna be. In summary be a good little bitch. Learning you Sissy training in the one step, two, and be fucked.

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