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Mistress Phone Sex Is For Cock Control

mistress phone sex

Have you been contemplating mistress phone sex? Do you need to be controlled or sissified or humiliated? Let me tell you how I can own you. For example, I often get clients that have a foot fetish. I can totally relate because feet are sexy, especially mine. I had Susie take a nice long bath, removing all that hair surrounding her sweet cunnie and tight little asshole. Then we put on some nice soft sweet-smelling lotion. Susie then laid down like an obedient little bitch and I attached the cock cage so we could work on a little cock control. Then just to make sure Susie knew how much it would hurt if that sweet little clitty of hers got excited I spread her soft legs and played with her clitty with my toes. I rubbed all around her, even tapping that cage a little hard. Susie was breathing heavy and I knew she was starting to enjoy this. I then put my feet right to her lips and she began sucking on my toes. This is one of her vices and sure enough that little clitty started to get excited only to be held down by the cage. Susie let out a little yelp but kept on sucking my toes. I even saw a little precum coming out of that little clitty. My goodness she must be in pain, but her love of feet has even won over the pain. She had made quite a little mess so I lifted her ass and put her cummies covered cage inside a pair of sissy panties so she could walk around in that mess all day long. I scolded her and paddled her panty covered ass. Hmmmm maybe we need a smaller cock cage so Susie can learn to control this fetish.

So You Want To Be A Dick Licker….

I know you love the taste of your own cum! Sissy Training

You listen to these sexy sluts having so much fun with all these giant hard cocks and you start to drip!

You want to be a cock licker, don’t you!?

That is why you dress up in those pretty panties!

You love the idea of a thick hard cock sliding down your throat and choking you, making your mascara run like a dirty slut!

You spend all your time hidden away in your room, dressed in silky panties and sucking on a dildo wishing it was real!

You force an itty bitty toy in your ass and pray that some day you can take a real cock!

Then your own tiny dick gets hard and you can’t wait to taste the sweet sticky cream that is starting to ooze from your less than average head!

So you have sucked a fake dick and fucked your own ass. You have even worn lacy thongs and gulped cum…so why don’t you feel like a real girl???

I will tell you why…it is because no one has made you their bitch yet!

That is why I am here!

Don’t be scared….it will only hurt for a second!

Sissification With Co-Ed Aimee And The Queen

Forced Sissy Training

When my slutty college room mate Aimee rang me this morning, she had excellent news. She’d found her sweet younger brother’s little diary, and found out exactly how badly he wanted to be sissified and feminized! Evidently he wanted to be dressed up just like a little girl; frills, lace, ruffles, ribbons, Mary Jane’s, curls, and some cute little lip gloss! He wanted to be shown off like the dirty cum dumpster he was. She knew sissy girl training is what I do, and offered to let me play with him.
I invited them both to the Palace. When they greeted me in front of my whole court, I proclaimed his secret sissy fetish to the court! He turned beet red, that tiny prick of his got rock hard, and he tried to run away. “Guards, seize him!” I, the Queen, proclaimed. I grinned sadistically, Aimee mirroring my expression. Life was over for him as he knew it. He was my sissy slave now. Aimee stripped him down for me, and started to stroke his tiny cock. He dripped a huge glob of precum, causing all the ladies of the court to giggle, and the men to shake their heads in sad understanding. Aimee and I were about to give him the cucking of a lifetime.

Sissy Girl Training

Princess BBC sissy Trainer

BBC Sissy TrainerClit cages, and cock sucking oh my! This BBC sissy trainer knows something about you, that you won’t even admit to yourself. You aren’t a straight man, don’t even try me! You’re a little faggot cocksucker, aren’t you? No straight man would call his favorite Sissy trainer and listen to me talk about how much I love BBC, and all of those huge, throbbing black monsters I’ve taken in my perfect princess pussy!

You can’t fool me, beta bitch. You’re my little femboi; my new little bottom toy for all these Alpha cocks to wipe off on. You already know how wet sissy training makes me. You came for a good cock training session, didn’t you? Come into my room honey while I get you a chastity cage for that tiny clit of yours. You know I own you. You only get to cum when Princess Z says so, do you hear me?

I come from a long line of Sissy Training Royalty! Put on your short little skirt so you can flash that little clit cage to all the big Bulls we pass. I’m going to force you to get double penetrated by big black cocks. Come here, now. The control is mine.

Mistress Gypsy

My favorite sissy slut lets me dress him up, after I do that, I like to take him over my knee and spank him until his little dick gets hard. I then squat over him and rides his face until my cunt is nice and wet. I spread my ass and make him lick it while I finger my wet cunt. I play with his little dick while I stick a finger in his ass and call him my good sissy slut! When I’m nice and ready I bend him over and slide my thick dildo in his ass. I fuck him hard while playing with his tiny dick, I don’t stop until I tell him that Mistress Gypsy is ready to see his load! When he shoots his cum I make him lick it up no matter where it landed. Then I lay back and spread my legs and have him lap me up like a bitch dog, I play with my clit while he likes my ass until I squirt all over his face.

Mistress phone sex

Sissy Panties For My Husband

mistress phone sex

Tonight, I was feeling a little naughtier and a lot hornier than usual. I made a phone call to a hot ass man and had my sorry ass sissy husband come down the stairs. He knelt in front of me like he knows he is to do. Pathetic as always. I handed him some pink silk sissy panties, fishnets and some heels. I told him to quickly dress and meet me in my room. The doorbell rang and I let this gorgeous hunk in and escorted him back. I undressed him and sat him on the bed. I then instructed my cuckold sissy husband to come and get his dick nice and hard for me. He did exactly what I asked and started sucking that big thick beast like the cock whore he is. Once it was hard, I told my husband to watch me fuck a man with an actual dick and not a little clitty like he had. I even made my husband guide that beast inside my perfect pussy. I enjoyed that dick for hours. I took it in my juicy wet bald cunt, my mouth and my tight little ass, allowing him to unload in all my holes. When we were finished, I had my sissy husband come over and clean him up nicely. I then spread my legs and motioned for him to come and eat the other man’s cum from my pussy and ass. He always does what I tell him and when he was done, I patted his head like a puppy and told him good boy. He may not be a good fuck, but he really is quite a good sissy maid. I bet you would like me to put you in some panties and have some hot mistress phone sex too, wouldn’t you?

Forced Sissy Training Is What You Get When You Disobey

forced sissy trainingSometimes I have a little sissy come to me that requires forced sissy training. One sissy could not keep her hands off her little clitty. She was constantly sneaking around and hiding to watch shemale porn and searching the web to view the BBC. The only thing she wanted was cock, nothing else. She was my little clean up gal because she was such a cum whore until she started disobeying. She knew she needed to ask permission to play with her clitty, watch shemale porn or look at BBC images. So, what to do with a little sissy who is obsessed with cock? I could cage her little clit, butt plug her man pussy, turn off the internet or bind her hands, but that would be too easy. I was feeling a little more punishment was due. I brought her into the back bedroom and had her undress and put on a pretty pair of black heels. I attached a blindfold to her face and handcuffed her hands together. Next, I had her lay back on the bed, and I attached a spreader bar to her ankles. Her clitty was so hard and I laughed as I lifted her blindfold and gave her a little blue pill to take. We want to keep that clitty nice and hard. She was almost panting in the excitement as she thought I was going to use her to get some dicks nice and hard for Mistress Francis. But she was in for a shock when me and all my girlfriends came into the room for some drinks and fun. What this little sissy wants least in this world is pussy. For her punishment she was going to have to fuck pussy for as long and as many times as my friends wanted her too and with that little blue pill, we could keep this going all night. That is why I am the best sissy trainer you can find.

Online Sissy Training For Sissy Sluts

Online Sissy Training

Online sissy training done right produces top notch sluts for my own personal usage. Nothing makes me wetter than being able to take a little femboy bitch and turn him into a perfect princess fit for serving this Queen. I’m the filthiest Royal whore you’ll ever encounter. My castle is full of little sissy girls just like you, sweetheart.  Come on now, let’s get you dressed. Put on your pretty panties, that’s right, and your little stockings! A pretty lacy bra for my good girl, that’s right.

Here now baby. Let’s put on your slip, and then your beautiful princess gown. So pink and lacy. Here’s your wig, yes your favorite. You look so beautiful already honey, but now I’m going to do your face. A princess always wears her best make up. You need foundation, and blush, some highlighter, eye shadow, concealer, mascara, and eyeliner. Oh let’s not forget your beautiful lipstick! You must always have a perfect pout, or be ready to suck some fat Alpha cock. That’s the second part of your training, baby. Now that you’re all dressed, I need to teach you how to be my darling little cum dumpster.

Mistress Phone Sex For Cock Sucking Sissies

Mistress Phone Sex

I’m the woman you need for your Mistress Phone Sex experience. I’m a mommy and a sissy trainer. I love cock and I know you must crave it too! It’s ok to crave big cock. To want to take and feel that manly dick inside your mouth. You are menat to worship cock while you wear your sissy panties. That is how I train my sons. Wearing girly clothes and red lipstick. Dicklets tied with a ribbon. You know you crave to be a bitch. Get down on your knees before the superior cock, sissy slut. I am ready to train you and show you how to drain those big black dicks with your pretty mouth. Are you ready to take that BBC like a good faggot?

I Love Long Drug Fueled Online Sissy Training Calls

online sissy trainingI love long online sissy training calls. Since Covid, however, those longer calls have been far and few between. Most of my “party” sissies have had little to no alone time in the age of Covid. Plus, finding party supplies are harder to come by too. I have not talked to Margo in months. She is a married sissy.  She has a wife who knows all about her girly side even if she does not encourage it. Margo needs to be a sissy. When she parties, her freak flag flies. Sound like you? It was so great to talk to her again. She is my most obedient and loyal sissy. She gets coked up and will suck anything I dangle in front of her. She is quite the pretty sissy too. Pretty blonde locks. Loves to dress up and look her most feminine. We talk about pretty shemales and big dicked men. We talk about her making her phone dominatrix money too. I am a great trainer. I am a sissy mom which gives me a unique background in training sissies. I am a nurturer. I am sweet and loving, but I have a bad ass bitch side when you do not do as you are told. Margo only gets my sweet, loving side because she is a great sissy. She is always willing to take more and more cum at mommy’s encouragement. I love party sissies because the higher they get the kinkier they become. I can push limits and comfort levels without much fuss. I hope Margo coming back to her sissy mom is a sign of more good times to come for not just her, but for all my partying sissies. What ever your poison, coke, weed, booze, poppers…the best sissy trainer will still bring out the best sissy in you.