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Femboy Training Forces You to Cream Your Panties

It’s Time For More Femboy Training

Femboy training with me used to make you nervous, but now you get excited every time you hear my sexy voice. You got all pretty to become my submissive little whore and I can’t wait to see my slut soak her panties for me. You always start on your knees for your Mistress. The feminization is well underway. Your voice is softer than when we started, you’re growing your hair out longer, and now your closet is full of lace and pink. But I still have to teach you how to cum like a girl. 

femboy training

Today I want you on your back for me. Keep your panties on. Just push those sissy panties over to the side so I can see that cute cunny. You’re supposed to train this little fuckhole for me every night for 15 minutes. Let’s see if you’ve been doing your homework. I push a finger into that slut hole. You’re still so fucking tight. I push a second finger into you just to see your ass stretch open. I can see your girl cock getting in hard in those panties. Good girl. 

Cream Those Pretty Sissy Panties

I don’t punish you for getting excited. Instead, I give you a little kiss on that pretty clitty and finger fuck your ass harder. I want to hear the pretty moans. The louder and sluttier you sound the better I will make you feel. You’re about to squirt for me. The precum is flooding for your cute little girl cock. But I won’t touch that sensitive clitty. You’re going to cum from my fingers alone. I curl my fingers inside of that sissy pussy and watch that clitty jump. Beg to cum like a good whore. Tell me how good your pussy feels with my fingers deep inside of you. I watch the cream shoot into those sissy panties

Sissy Panties Get You in Trouble with Your Boss Meadow

Your Sissy Panties Caught Mistress Meadow’s Attention

I saw your sissy panties peeking out of your slacks at work. As your manager, I demand all my employees look presentable. sissy pantiesAnd that lacey pink is out of the question. It seems you need someone to remind you of your sissy principles of discipline. I call you into my office. I’m up from my desk and closing the door behind you. Then I lean against my desk and ask if you want everyone to know that you’re a feminized little sissy boy. Your face turns red and you try to argue with me. So I slide my fingers past your waistband and pull up your panties.

Forced Feminization or Get Exposed

Did you think I wouldn’t sniff out the little panty boy in my office? My hands drift down from those panties to your sissy clitty. I feel the hard plastic of the cock cage you’re wearing. And I hear the lock hitting against it too. I doubt your Mistress would be happy to know you were caught during your forced feminization. And I doubt you would report your failures. So I will be disciplining you instead. Get on your knees and get ready to use your tongue.

I sit on my desk and spread my legs apart. Then I push my panties to the side and tell you to start licking my cunt. You’re hesitant. But I remind you that I could very easily tell everyone about your sissification. I pull your tie forward and your tongue starts worshipping my clit. Licking and sucking that pretty pussy. I see you humping against the cage like a little animal in heat. My hands are behind your head, and I’m suffocating you with my cunt. The forced sissy training makes me cum all over your tongue. And I notice that wet stain in the front of your pants. I’ll be seeing you in my office again.

BBC Sissy Trainer Forces You to Serve Black Bull’s Monster Cock

Submit to Your BBC Sissy Trainer and Black Monster Cock

Your BBC sissy trainer forces you down on your knees. You know it’s your default possession whenever a big black bull walks into my playroom. I’ve dressed you in lacey crotchless panties and nothing else. Your cute cock is poking out of that hole and covered in precum. He still has his boxer briefs on. You can see the imprint of a fat cock pushing against them. More precum leaks from your tip. I make you look up and say your affirmations. A sissies place is on their knees for their superiors. Black cocks are my superiors. I worship those thick black cocks. bbc sissy trainer

When I’m satisfied with the pathetic begging, I approach or bull and massage his cock through his briefs. You see his dick growing and growing. It grows even bigger until you can see the first few inches of his cock poking out of his boxers. He’s a fucking monster. That black cock is more than twice the size of your little little dick in those sissy panties. He steps toward you and your face is cock level. Your mouth starts to water. That sexy black bull pulls his cock out. He slaps that heavy dick across your cheek. You feel humiliated, as you deserve to be. 

Phone Dominatrix Makes Sure You’re Covered in Cum

Open your mouth wide. I grab your chin and the back of your hair. That black bull pushes that cock into your mouth. You feel your cheeks straining to cram his cock in. The gagging and spitting sounds are perfect for a BBC sissy. You’re a mess. Spit leaking down your chin. I collect some of that spit and use it as lube to start rubbing that sissy clit. 

You moan for your phone dominatrix like the little whore you are. He forces you to deep-throat his dick. Then starts fucking your face so much harder. His dick jumps in your throat. My black bull dumps his load all over your face. His hose never stops spraying you with cum. That sticky cum drenches your face. You know you love getting treated like a whore. Your pathetic little dicky twitch in my hands. The cum spurts out of your clitty while you scream thank yous to that black cock.

Mommy Found Out About Your Sissy Phone Sex Sessions

sissy phone sex

Mommy’s found out about your sissy phone sex addiction. And I’m not too happy that you kept this a secret from me. No one would be better at turning you into a pretty little girl. When you come home a lacy pair of bra and panties are waiting on your bed. You’re confused at first. Your sissy clitty throbs when you see the soft satin. You want to feel them against your skin. You pick them up right when Mommy walks into the room.Your big titted mommy is behind you in matching lingerie and whispering for you to put them on. 

Sissy Phone Sex Makes You  Soak Your Panties For Mommy

“Be a good girl for Mommy and put on your uniform.” You’re shaking and nervous, but you do as I say. You’re dressed like the pretty, little slut that you are. Mommy looks you over and notices you’re already making a mess. That sissy clitty is leaking through those sissy panties. What a naughty little girl you are. If you want to fit in those panties properly, then that clit has to shrink back down. Mommy will take care of it. I slide my hands into those panties and wrap one around that ‘cock’ of yours.

The more I pump, the more that clitty leaks into those pretty panties. My big tits are pushed up in your face. Every time I stroke they jiggle. You can smell Mommy’s perfume. you wish you had big milky tiddies like Mommy. You sink your face into Mommy’s warm tiddies and start moaning like the pathetic little slut you are. I reach around that little body and slide my hands into the other side of those sissy panties. My finger finds that little asshole. Right when I slide it inside that clitty squirts out the rest of those cummies. From now on, I’ll be handling your sissy girl training.


Humiliation Phone Sex is What Losers Like You Beg For

Humiliation phone sexYour Pathetic Cock is Desperate for Humiliation Phone Sex

You come to a sissy trainer for proper humiliation phone sex. Other women might see some potential in a desperate horny loser like you, but I know that the best way you can serve a women is by submitting completely. You will become a slave to me. Doing anything you can to make your Mistress happy. No matter how humiliating the request is, you’re on your knees begging for more.

I start with something small. Just verbal humiliation at first. Hearing my sexy voice telling you how useless you are. I remind you that women like me find you more entertaining when your panting and begging. You love when I treat you like my little bitch. Forcing you on your knees so that you can get to worshiping my boots. Maybe one day you can work your way up those sexy legs to that fat ass. You daydream of me sitting on your face and smothering you with my ass. Then forcing you to clean my asshole with your tongue.

Your Phone Dominatrix Teases Your Clit and Makes You Cream

I can see your cock throbbing in your pants for your phone dominatrix. All the blood from your brain is rushing to that pathetic prick. I drag my finger across the tip of that sensitive cock and watch the way you buck your hips. You’re so desperate to feel my hands wrapped around you. But I’m going to make you wait until you’re about to cum hands free. Your cock will be so desperate for any kind of touch you’ll start fucking the fabric covering your dick. Then begging me to touch you with your tongue inside of my ass.

If I’m in a good mood I’ll start rubbing that throbbing clitty through your panties. Teasing your clit like you’re a bitch with a soaking wet pussy. And calling you every filthy and humiliating thing I can think of. Your dicklet is pulsating. You need to fucking cum, but you need to beg for it. I give you just enough room to hear you whine like a little bitch. Begging to shoot your load. Maybe I’ll let you cream those panties for me, or maybe I’ll keep torturing that cock until you’re addicted to phone domination.

Meet Your New Phone Dominatrix Meadow – Prepare to Be Broken

phone dominatrix

Are You Ready to Meet Your Phone Dominatrix

Behind every sissy slut is a phone dominatrix with a strap on cock. And now I’m yours. You are going to love being my pet. I know exactly how a worthless little cum hungry fag should be treated. You need to be degraded, humiliated and broken. I will make you understand just ho insignificant you were as a man, so that you will be ready to accept your fate a my cumdump little slut. Are you ready to worship me for the rest of your meaningless little existence?

Submit to Your Phone Domination Like a Good Little Bitch

I’m going to start with cock humiliation and torture. That penis, as small and useless as it is, belongs to me. I want you so sensitive to my touch that you could cum from a kiss. Pump your cock to my voice. With every stroke I will remind you how worthless that cock is to women. That the best thing you could do is submit to my phone domination. You will be happier being pinned down and milked. Squirting every drop of cum out of your sissy cum sack. No other woman would ever want to touch you if she knew the filthy things you say to me.

When you’re broken mentally and addicted to your Goddess, that’s when we get to the real fun. That’s when I get to turn you into my bitch. Say goodbye to your cock. That cute clitty is getting locked into a cage until I decide that it’s useful. I don’t think that’s very likely. Too hard to unlock that cage when it’s under layers and layers of lace and satin. Those pretty sissy panties look better filled by a clitty cage anyway. I can’t wait to hear my sissy cum slut squeal for me.

My Pathetic Pet Needs Sissy Maid Training

Sissy Maid Training Includes Cleaning Up Thick Cocks

I like to have my little faggots dressed up during their sissy maid training. You belong in a tiny frilly skirt to show off those legs of yours. I need to be able to see those pretty panties you’re wearing at all times pet. You have a lot of work cut out for you, pet. Your Mistress decided to throw a fun party for some of her horny, hung friends. They are still laying around the house. Your job is to make sure each and every one of their slut tamer cocks is completely drained.

sissy maid training

You’re a Cum Fag in Sissy Panties

I don’t care which hole you use or what you have to do to drain them. Just remember that your Mistress Meadow is always watching. I watched you wake up that first dick by wrapping your lips around it. That long horse cock made your tiny little clitty look like a tic-tac. You looked so excited to have such a hung bull in your mouth, you didn’t even notice one of my other guests coming up behind you and looking up that sissy skirt. He pushed those sissy panties aside and slid his tongue in your little shit hole.

He was getting you lubed up for the fucking of your life. Mistress got to watch him lay that heavy, sissy-breaker on your back. You shitbox was already gaped open from our stretch session earlier. But his dick still stretched you to an unbelievable size. What a good little whore. You weren’t even sucking when he buried his cock inside of you. You were just getting both of those slut holes fucked. Being used the way you were always meant to. They pumped their loads of cum into that thirsty sissy throat. That left you open to be pounded by the cock in that sissy cunt.

BBC Sissy Trainer Preps You for a Black Gang Fuck

bbc sissy trainer

As your BBC sissy trainer, my job is to make sure you’re getting you sissy pussy ruined by fat black dicks. That means pathetically filling your hole with a dildo isn’t enough to get that hole ready for the pounding of a life time. That sissy cunt needs to be used properly. That’s why I have you on your knees with your shithole lubed up. I sink one of my fingers inside that tight fuck hole. I can feel your walls squeezing around it. When I’m done with you I’ll be able to push my fist inside of your ass no problem.

BBC Sissy Trainer Pegs Your Slut Holes

I have a thick black cock hanging from my hips. I’m going to give you your forced sissy training and I’m not going to be easy on you. I pin your head to the ground and force you to arch into the air. Your ass is winking at me. That filthy slut hole is begging to be abused. I force my cock to stretch out that dirty sissy fuck hole and listen to you whine. Your ass looks like it’s close to ripping apart, but I force it inside until my hips are rubbing against your ass cheeks.

I pull the cock out and do it again. Your ass is ready to be split open and I get to slam that cock into you faster and faster. I want to here you moaning like a little bitch for me. Tell me how much you love being a phone domination gooner. Beg me to fuck you even harder. You want to be treated like a little faggot cum dump. Then, beg me to cum. Plead for your mistress to wrap one of my hands around that cute little clitty and drain your properly. You need to drain that sissy sack so I can watch you clean up the mess.

Sissy Panties and Clit Stroking for Your Pet Training

I Dress You in Sissy Panties and Make You My Bitch

Your sissy pussy looks ready to be bred every time I dress you up in those sissy panties. I dress you up as my doll and take pictures of how pretty you look. For today’s training, we’re putting my sissy online for the world to see. You’re blushing while I force you to pose for the camera and show off your sissification. I take closeups of your clitty peeking out the side of those panties. I laugh at your cute soft clitty. Let’s get that pathetic dicklet hard so everyone can see how tiny and pathetic you are all dressed up in pink and lace.

I could allow you to get your cock hard on your own, but I want to take care of my pet today. You always whimper and beg like a whore when I’m the one milking you. I get down on my knees in front of you. Something you have never seen before. The view of my huge tits is already making that sissy clitty throb. What a good little slut! Your sissy clit is almost rock solid when I first push those panties to the side. But when I lean down and spit on your cock I can see the precum splooging out of your tip.

sissy panties

Pathetic Pet Receives Proper Femboy Training

Why are you so nervous pet? Is your femboy training too much for you? I laugh at you when you moan like a whore. I smear my spit around your cock and watch you fidget. Aww, I see you trying your best not to fuck my hand. But you’re losing. I get the camera ready and start to record. Your hips get a mind of their own. You start fucking the palm of my hand like a little doggy in heat. You’re sweating, and pathetic. And pinching those sissy nipples.

I heard that girly little gasp and you begged me to let go. It’s so cute when you try to tell me what to do. I squeeze that pathetic little dicky and then you explode for me. A thick load covering my hand and all over the floor. I get back up to my feet and feed you the ropes of cum sticking to my hand. I look down at the load on the floor and point the camera at you again. “What are you waiting for? Don’t waste it.” I want to see you on your knees in those sissy panties.

Sissy Hypno Training Turns You Into a Girl

sissy hypno training

Sissy Hypno Training Will Let You Turn into The Girl You Always Wished You Were

Sissy hypno training is going to make you my cock hungry little pet. We both now that deep inside you are a slutty fucking whore. But you’re too scared to admit it. Lucky for you, your Mistress knows exactly what you need. You need to be put in a hypno state where you’re allowed to be the dirty little slut that you are. Listen to my soft, soothing voice. And close your eyes. I want you to feel everything around you. The chair underneath your ass. Listen for any sounds in the room and then I want you to scan your body. 

You Belong in Those Sissy Panties

I want you to start imagining the sissification happening to you. Your hair starts to grow longer until it’s brushing against your shoulders. Scan down from those shoulders to those sensitive sissy nipples. Feel your tits swelling underneath those sensitive nipples. They are getting bigger and bigger. Heavier. Rub those tits. Squeeze and massage them for me. Then I want you to continue the scan. Run your hands down you tummy to your cock. I want you to feel the blood running to the tip of it. Feel those sissy panties getting tighter around that pathetic little dicklet.

As we speak that clitty is getting smaller. So small that it’s the perfect little clit for you to rub while you tease that sissy pussy. Run your hands past that sissy clit and feel that sissy cunt tingling for me. You want to be filled don’t you. All of a sudden you feel so empty. Your pussy is pulsing. Begging for a thick cock to fill you. Imagine the cock you want to fuck you. Thick and long with a swollen mushroom tip. Covered in pulsing veins. You feel your pussy and clit throbbing and now your mouth is watering. Good little sissy. Now beg your mistress for your sissy girl training.