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Worship the Heels of the Best Sissy Trainer

best sissy trainer


Your place as my worthless little sissy is at my feet. I am the best sissy trainer because I am strict and will not allow you to get confused about your place. For example, a worthless sissy gag like you should not be making eye contact with a goddess like me. Your eyes, just like the rest of you, should be at my feet. I love a tall black almost as much as I love a big black cock. And look at that. Just like a BBC, my stiletto is bigger than that worthless little clit in your sissy boy panties.

Sounds to me like you should be worshiping my heels the same way you would worship a bbc. Kiss my fucking shoe, you worthless little fag. Are you ready for the foced slave training? Stick out that pink piggy tongue and start licking my heel clean. I want to see my reflection in my shoe or you will be feeling every inch of my heel in that filthy sissy pussy of yours. If you are a good little bitch boy, I’ll let you cream your sissy boy panties while you worship my feet. Now be a good little fag and thank me for giving you the honor of tasting my boot.

Phone Dominatrix Pushes Sissy Panties to the Side

phone dominatrix

Every sissy hole deserves to be pumped full of cum. That includes yours, pet. It’s time to show how filthy you are for your favorite phone dominatrix. I want you dressed up in your sluttiest bimbo outfit. Pink and frilly and slutty. Something that shows off that cute little dicklet in a cute pink chastity cage. That tiny clit between your thighs is the reason you’re all dressed up for me. That tiny clitty is too cute. It has to be dressed up with pretty pink colors and sexy lace. Seeing a girly sissy like you just makes me want to bend you over. 

Get Bent Over for Your Phone Dominatrix! It’s Time for Sissy Girl Training!

That’s exactly what I’m going to do. Bend your slutty ass over and see exactly what I’m working with. I’ll have a seat right on that back of yours. Push those pretty sissy panties to the side and get a nice good look at that sissy slut hole. You could use a good load of spit and slide my fingers into the tight girly hole. Push them in deep and watching that sissy pussy suck my fingers in. You need something a lot bigger than just my fingers. I’ll grab one of my thick toys and press it against that nasty little shit hole. 

You want me to fill you don’t you. I love watching the way your ass gape open for me. When I pull that cock out, I can see how your ass begs to be filled again. You need a harder pounding. I’ll strap that cock on and push it in as deep as I can. Grabbing you buy your hips and pumping my cock in and out of you. Reaching around and teasing that caged up clitty. I’m going to make you shoot your cum all over your cage and those pretty panties. 

Phone Dominatrix Turns You Into her Ashtray

I heard you needed a big titted mommy phone dominatrix to train and humiliate your tiny sissy cock. But I’m not a nice dom, I’m going to break you down until you’re just a cock worshiping, panty wearing little faggot. You are going to be my sissy slave and you are going to live to serve me and my needs. And after a long day of work I need to relax. I need my cunt licked and I need an ash tray. And you’re going to take care of both of those needs you pathetic worm.

phone dominatrix

Phone Dominatrix is Going to Use Your Sissy Panties Like an Ashtray

This is the chance of a lifetime for a panty boy like you. You need to get me undressed, slave. This is going to be your sissy slave training yet. You get the opportunity to take off a pair of panties instead of putting them on. Grab a cigarette from my purse and light it for me. Good you pathetic little faggot. You know how to behave don’t you. Strip me down and then beg me to use your face like a pummel horse. This is all you’re fucking good for. Sissy whores like you are supposed to be used like filthy fuck toys.

I’m going to sit on that face and smother you with my cunt. Ride that filthy tongue and watch your tiny dicklet twitch in your sissy panties. You love this don’t you. All you can smell is smoke and pussy and you’re in fucking heaven. Drown in my pussy and then choke on the smoke when I blow it in my face. When I need to ash I’ll do it right on that cute little clitty. And you better thank me for it. I want you screaming thank you mistress into my pussy while I humiliate you and your tiny useless penis. You work so much better as an ashtray.

Sissy Hypno Training Will Make You My Little Bitch

I’m the best at sissy hypno training. I’m going to tease to with tantalizing, star gazing, and pretty pink frilly dresses with lacey panties. I know you want to be treated like a whore like that, you want it so bad. You are mesmerized by my shiny black dominatrix out fit and pantyhose, my whole out fit and the words that come out of my mouth hypnotize you and force you to abide by me while you’re under my spell.

sissy hypno training

Beg The Best Sissy Trainer For Sissy Hypno Training

If I tell you to sit on your knees like a dog, you do it like the filthy whore you are, understand? I’m the best sissy trainer and I deserve complete obedience, my pathetic little whore. Thats a good obedient whore. Now be a good boy and get the sexiest pair of panties you can find. I put those lacey panties on you, along with a sexy bra and 6-inch heels.

Now strut around in some heels like a filthy whore you slut. I made you wear those frilly pink dresses that you were so mesmerized by and had you prance around wearing all of this little outfits. I invited my friends over and under my hypnosis I made you deepthroat all of their cocks and swallow their big thick creamy loads while tasting cum too.

You are a nasty whore who I get to use whenever I like. And you thank me for abusing you.  I bend you over and a big, huge 12-inch cock is put deep into your ass. This forced sissy training session seems to be going well so far, I have them fuck all of you and leave your ass gaping open. Cum is just dripping out of it and I take you out of hypno spell, leaving you feeling used, degraded, and humiliated. I love playing with my pathetic sissy boy and his sissy panties!

Best Sissy Trainer Let’s You Eat Her In Your Sissy Panties

sissy panties


Come here you pathetic little sissy faggot. Get on your fucking knees and crawl to me. I’ve got you all cute and dressed up in a your pretty little sissy panties. I sure know how to make you look cute. And that sexy pink collar that you’re wearing with my initials on it. You wear my name because you are my pet. My pathetic little fuck toy. And I get to use you however I want. You’re such a worthless little sissy you would never tell me know. The only things that should be coming out of your mouth are “Yes Mistress, Thank You Mistress, and Please Mistress”. Anything else would be as useless as that tiny little clit between your legs. 

I didn’t tell you to stop crawling. I need my cunt licked, and you get the honor of eating out the best sissy trainer in the world. You better be good with your mouth fag. You have to be, with such a pathetic little cock. That’s the only way you’d ever make a woman moan. I expect for you to make me cum all over your sissy face. I hope you aren’t as useless as you fucking look. Otherwise, I’ll use that other hole to entertain myself.

Sissy Humiliation Training Forces You to Clean Up Cum

Beg For Sissy Humiliation Training

Pathetic sissy toilets like you should beg for me to turn you into my bitch. Paying me for sissy humiliation training isn’t enough. You should be a pathetic little pet kissing the ground I walk on. Beg me to use you. I don’t mean just using your sissy holes for my entertainment. You will do everything I want you to do. Don’t you want to serve me? You want me to care about a useless little sissy like you? Then you will do what I tell you to do no matter how humiliating and depraved it is. I’m going to break you in faggot.

Sissy Humiliation Training

Cream Your Sissy Panties for Cum Eating Sissy Slave Training

I already force cocks down that sissy boy throat. And that boy pussy has been pounded and destroyed over and over again. What else could I use a weak beta bitch for? Cleaning. Your tongue is mine now. Put on your cute little sissy panties and get on your knees for me. You’re going to sit there like the sissy cuck you are and watch cock after cock cum in and on me. When they finish, you are to crawl to them and suck the cock clean. Balls and cock should be cleaned up of all of that cum. Let them fuck and empty out the rest of their balls in your mouth. 

Then I want you to crawl to your mistress and open wide. I’m going to push their load into your mouth and you’re going to swallow every fucking drop. You’re my cum swallowing toilet. You are going to slurp any leftover drop of their cum off of me. Eat their cum out of my pussy you pathetic cum eating faggot. You should like a cum covered whore when you are done. Then crawl back to your pathetic corner and wait for the next load. This obedient sissy slave training will teach you your fucking place, pet.

Sissy Girl Training Means Licking Phone Dominatrix Cunt

Sissy Girl Training From The Best Sissy Trainer

Your sissy girl training isn’t just how to suck cock. You think I’m putting up with you girly boys out of the kindness of my heart? Of course not. You are to be my pets. I think you are all pathetic little fags. You aren’t real men. Your cocks are useless and no woman would ever touch you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t serve me. Your cocks may be useless, but your tongues still work. So you’re going to use it.

sissy girl training

The first thing I teach my obedient little sluts, is how to use their mouths and tongues properly. I teach them how to lick pussy, and then humiliate them by forcing them to eat a real mans cream out of my pussy until they are ready to suck it out of the source. So I expect my little play things to eat me properly. Whenever, and wherever I want. You will eat my pussy and the hot sticky loads leaking out of it every day until you get used to being on your knees.

You will eat my phone dominatrix cunt and think about all the cock that have been inside. Real cocks. Not the pathetic little pee pee that is shriveled up in your panties. Throbbing hard members that are capable of making a woman squirt all over them. You will accept that you will never be able to make a woman cum like that. While you’re on your knees, you will recognize that this is where you belong. This is the only way you could ever make a woman happy. Now stick out that tongue my pathetic whore. Start licking.

Forced Sissy Training For That Pathetic Sissy Pussy

forced sissy training

Your sissy pussy needs to be trained to take cocks.  Whether you like it or not. Forced sissy training is what that cunt needs and that’s what I’m going to stretch that whole out until you beg for mercy. Your pathetic clit is useless to me. Your sissy pussy will have to pleas me instead. That means I will force you onto your hands and knees.

I will lock you in place if you can’t take cock like a good, obedient little faggot. I’ll push your panties to the side and spit on that slut hole and slide my fingers inside first. I’m going to see how much I can stretch out that tight ass and find the perfect size cock to fuck you with. I don’t want to ruin you. A broken toy is no fun to play with. But I do want to hear that pathetic noise you make when you’re being stretched to your limits.

I want to listen to your moans while I force your head down and cram my cock into that ass. You will love every second of it too. I might even be nice and rub that pathetic slit through those sissy panties. It really doesn’t matter to me. Whether you scream for more, or beg for me to stop, I will gape out your slut holes and prepare you to take real cocks for me.

Sissy Slave Training for a Piss Boy Sissy Faggot

You are now my pathetic piss boy little bitch. And you better get ready for your sissy slave training, you faggot. On your knees. Now! You pathetic waste of space. Look at your tiny prick. It’s laughably tiny. Tuck that pricklet back into your panties. You’re going to have to make it up to me for reminding me that a cock that tiny exists. It’s depressing. The only hope is turning you into the sissy fag you were meant to be.

sissy slave training

Get on your knees gooner. I want you on all fours barking like the little bitch you are. Bark for your mistress mutt. I want to be entertained and you are going to beg for humiliation phone sex. That’s all you deserve. that and my piss soaking into your face. I’m going to mark you as my property and give you a whore’s shower. Open your mouth wide, pet. I want you to catch my piss in your mouth and swallow it up.

Look at you drenched in piss and shame. You’re disgusting. I can see the tic tac in your panties getting hard. You’re having too much fun faggot. I wonder if you will be just as horny when I slide my 12 inch stiletto up your ass and fuck you with it. That ass is begging for a brutal fucking.

Lick BBC Sissy Trainer Pussy

I’m a BBC sissy trainer to pathetic sissies like you. Ones that would be lucky to lick my cunt after I’ve been stretched out by a thick black rod. Just look at it. Your cock will never look like that. His massive pole puts your pathetic clit to shame. I wouldn’t even be able to wrap my hand around your cock. 

That’s why you’re a cute little sissy in training. Any woman who has seen a big black dick is going to be severely disappointed by your tiny little prick. Honestly, she might even laugh at your face. I would. Tiny dicklets like yours should never be inside of a pussy. They look better in a pair of panties like every other clit.

bbc sissy trainer

Be A Good Slut For Your BBC Sissy Trainer!

That’s why you’re stroking off instead of fucking me. You’re lucky to be allowed to watch. You get to fuck your hand with your useless dicklet and try hard to last as long as he can. Cumming into your panties when he pumps me full of his cum. Crawl to me you pathetic little bitch. I know you want a taste. Slide his meaty cock out of my cunt and lick him clean. And then lay there like my pathetic sissy whore and let me pour his cum in to your mouth. I want to watch you drink a real man’s cum. It’s just one step of many on your forced feminization journey.

All that testosterone turns into estrogen in your mouth. Each load you swallow gets you closer to being a real girl. You’ve already failed as a man. You will always be a pathetic little sissy. Dedicate your life to being my feminine little fuck toy. And if you are a good toilet for me, I’ll reward you with what you really want. That fat hog rammed into your horny boy pussy. You want him to push those panties aside and spread your sissy ass. Show off that slut hole and ram his cock balls deep into you. Beg that big black cock to gape your fuck hole. I want to watch you beg.