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Training complete!

By this time I was on all fours, and my tongue was just about to part her lips. As my tongue
reached her hairs; there was a thrust from my backside pushing my face in her pussy. Paul had gotten
behind me and entered me from the back. When he entered my tongue and my face was submerged in
her pussy. Her wetness began to spread across my lips and cheeks. I began to lick her clit in every lick. 

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At this point I’m sucking on her clit and getting drilled from the back. All of a sudden, Paul
started pounding me harder and Amanda was pushing my head deeper into her pussy. Each thrust was
harder than the last. Amanda pussy was beginning to drip. “Eat this pussy bitch!” Amanda yelled at me.

“Shut up and eat that pussy while I lay this pipe.” Paul demanded. I have to be honest. I do not
know what the fuck was going on here. These two have fucking transformed into the sex crazed sluts I have trained them to be. “Oh Shit! I’m about to cum!” Amanda shouted. “Then cum in her face babe! Cum in her pretty little mouth!” Paul said as he unloaded 

Yup! Domination training complete

Stupid Sissy Gets Ass Pulverized by BBC

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Locking you in a room with 10 big black cocks was the best idea I have ever had! You cock addicted whores need to learn your place. When I train you, it’s so you can take it in the ass like a good little bitch and beg for more. That’s because you sluts only need to be asking for more cock. You are disgusting cum rags. You should be grateful that a cock has decided to use you when it could just as easily have cum on the ground and made you lick it up, you cum dumpster. Now, you can experience what’s it’s like to have 10 guys completely destroy your holes without any training. They’ll be able to stretch you out really good. I can hear you begging for them to stop, but they sure don’t, especially since one of them shoved his cock down your throat. You’re going to take it like a bitch. 2 cocks inside your ass? You won’t be able to rub your little clit while they truly tear you apart. You’d better worship those cocks.

Pussy hypnosis Sissy slave training, surrender and eat!

Sissy slave trainingMen are hypnotized by my pussy and that includes sissies! Whether its envying my vagina or wanting to lick me clean after watching me get barebacked by a girthy dick.. You want it! I love teasing you while dragging my finger up and down my freshly waxed pussy, watching you pout because your dreams of having one will never be.. A surgeon may be able to button you up down there but you will never be able to breed… I have you slip your finger inside of my pussy and address me as your goddess, while you feel my warm rigid walls wrap snug around your fingertips.. Worship my pussy as you fall under a trance.. I grab you by your blonde wig and pull you in closer..

You felt so lost until you found Online sissy training.. You feel my pussy pulse as I lead you closer to your destiny, a slave for my pleasure.. All of those gloomy thoughts and questions fade away.. You love my pussy, you want my pussy it’s everything you have ever dreamed of.. You want to please me and honor me as your goddess. Your mouth starts to water with the need to pucker your lips and lick my moist pussy.. I pull you closer and tell you to pucker up.. Press those plush lips up against my pussy lips and smell the sweet aroma of my pussy fill your nostrils.. Completely aroused! Grinding my cunt in a circular motion around your face.. Your little clit hardens, your eyes close you imagine your legs are spread and this pussy of mine that you are kissing and finger fucking is yours.

Your sissy panties get all wet from the sensation that fills your body, your little clit starts to let out your pre orgasmic bliss. You dig in deeper eager to finally feel the feeling of a pussy orgasm, something your unworthy dick has never experienced.. You have accepted your fate! Under a trance, you repeat after me.. “I am a sissy bitch and a slave for you, I surrender.” Squandering at my feet I lean back and moan loudly.. Orgasming, you are enticed by the walls of my pussy gripping and releasing your finger.. Fascinated and wishing you could experience the same. I have you tug your little weenie and smear my pussy juices on your nub. Reminding you that in fact this is the closest you will ever get to having a pussy, Sissy slave training for you has only just begun! 

Sissy Girl Training For Girlie cum eater Brandi

Sissy girl training

Cum whore in sissy girl training Sissy Brandi has been saving her sissy jizzy juice all week for our sissy cum slut call! Let’s not waste it, Over the last few days she has saved between 7 to 14 cummie shots. I love that she is saving them in the refrigerator in a pink glass with a purple top just because she is so fucking girlie. It’s so funny how most of your cum dumps are more girlie than I ever could be. But then again I’m a real girl, I dint have to try. A little waxing, makeup and shove my tits and ass into a tight outfit and I’m going to get laid. I could get laid in sweatpants and a tank, my curves are real! 🍭

When Friday Rolls around she will wear her vagina cage, sissy panties and bra. Don’t forget to put on your lipstick Brandi! With her suction cup dildo on the toilet seat lube that dildo with cum and ride it! Eat your cummies and then suck it for Me!  Sissy Brandi should have enough cum to fuck it and suck it maybe 10 times! She needs to get used to sucking cum from dicks that have been 8 inches deep in her sissy ass!  Mistress Z will send you to the glory hole and make you collect 10 cum bags That will be your breakfast for the new week. Deal My nasty sissy cum eater?? 💦

P.S. Brandi you are posted not just here…  I love showing sissy cum sluts off 👅

Sissy Becomes Sex Slave of Wrestling Team

Sissy slave trainingDid you have fun with the college wrestling team? I bet they had fun with you too. I learned that they won an important match and wanted to celebrate. I suggested to the coach that they should use some of their wrestling moves on you while they fuck you. You didn’t really think I sent you there to be a water girl, did you? Those strong men must have had fun with having their way with you. I bet they pinned you down and you had no choice but to give each and every one of those men head. You were the hired cock slut so you had better sucked those guys up like a vacuum. I bet they fucked the shit out of you too. Those guys don’t have any mercy. They fucked your tight hole until they stretched out permanently? Well, now no cock will ever be able to fit inside of you. You will have to be their sissy slave forever.

Sissy Phone Calls Can Be Whatever You Need with a Sissy Mom Like Me

sissy phoneSissy phone calls always bring a smile to my face. Honestly, I love being a sissy trainer, even if most of my clients are only speaking to me on the phone. Mother’s Day was a busy sissy day for a sissy mom. I am a mother to two boys who most likely will be trans girls when they are older. I know the world is going crazy about trans youth right now. No surgery. No puberty blockers. When they are 18, they can decide for themselves what is best for their bodies. In the meantime, however, I can help them dress, act and look like girls. Just like I do my callers. A sissy mom is a nurturer. I encourage you no matter what kind of sissy you want to be. There are all sorts of sissies. There are BBC sissies. There are cock sucking sissies. There are bottom beta bitch sissies. There are momma’s sissy boys. There are sissy maids. There are pretty little sissy girls. I am the best sissy trainer for many kinds of sissies.

Hal is a BBC sissy. She goes by Haley now. And when it comes to big black cocks, I know just what I am doing. I put Haley in something pink and pretty. Did her makeup and made her look so girly that I doubt anyone in the dark could tell she was not born a girl. I called up Tyrese and he brought two friends. Sissy Haley got her first induction into the Black New World Order where she will pay reparations with her sissy holes. I watched Tyrese and his two hung friends tear Sissy Haley’s holes up and fill them with cum. They showed no mercy. Do not feel badly for Sissy Haley. She begged for it all as a greedy BBC faggot. And, as a BBC sissy trainer, I delivered Sissy Haley exactly what she wanted. It does not matter what kind of sissy you are. As a sissy mom I will nurture and encourage you to reach your sissy goals.

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Sissy phone sexMy pathetic faggot little jizz mopper got his throat pounded today. I had him assume the Loser position as soon as his big juicy dick walked through the door. It was time for Sissy slave training and all I wanted to do was sit back and have my nails filed while watching him humiliate himself on my Onlyfans.. Before he got the excitement of getting his face fucked I had him stroke his teenie dick and imagine he was stroking my black friends big cock.. He dreams of actually having a cock the size that dangled in his face..

His worthless clit was helplessly precumming while being taunted with a mouth watering dick in his face.. I finally instructed him to latch on to the tip with no hands and swallow up every inch of that 13 inch cock.. Do it, Do it was all he heard as his eyes lit up and he drooled. I sat a shot glass on his peenie while it jumped for joy! I knew for certain just the feeling of that big black dick hitting his tonsils while I denied him a prostate milking would make him squirt. I drizzled his cum all over that big veiny glistening black cock and made him slurp his own nut up. All my OnlyFan subscribers acknowledge me as the Best sissy trainer. I have sluts lined up willing to pay any and everything just for a seat next to me.. Without even knowing what Mistress will have in mind.

They watch daily as I humiliate men with a micro peen for personal pleasure. It gets me so hot and my pussy so moist to chastise the weak. Men are mules; they feed off of my hypnotic energy! Anal stretching wasn’t an option for him; the only thing he was going to have up his ass was the frozen butt plug that I stuffed to melt in his ass. Goosebumps filled his body as he wiggled his ass, his version of pleading to allow access.. That was just too bad for my sissy fag, the only thing he was allowed to do was jerk it and eat it like a good slave boy. I whipped my clit on camera while he was in the background on all fours.. A thick creamy load filled his throat, a nice thick creamy treat for my naughty sissy boy. If I am not actively humiliating, I have sluts witnessing during Sissy phone sex where I humiliate and feminize all sorts of men. 

Sissy Slave Training With A Goddess!

Sissy Slave Training Emerson

Are you craving to be treated like the true sissy you are? Ready to be my slave, I knew you were. After all, only a true sissy would want to be recruited for sissy slave training. That’s right, you heard me right, training to become the best and utter most beautiful sissy in the world, says me of course. I will train you to become the best sissy you can be.

I only have one wish and that’s for you to become either the sluttiest version of yourself, or the most beautiful pretty, princess you can be. I will dress you up and I will flaunt you all around town while you watch me take all of this cock. But I’ll only start them out, these cocks are all for you, my loves. I want them to prob and stretch those perfect pussies of yours and to make that little clitty of your squirt all over the place.

Seeing how hard your clitty gets and how swollen with all that yummy cum is so satisfying. I absolutely lose my shit when I see you and hear you explode and squirt all over the place for me. It is so delicious I can’t help but clap for you and be proud of the slut you have become. But I can also clap for the sissies that love to dress up and be pampered and paraded around town, teasing all the men making them so jealous. Let me spoil you like you deserve, my love, I promise you will love every minute!

Sissies Get Used By Prisoners

Online sissy trainingI got a call from a friend saying that he’d pay me a bunch of money if I could lend him my sissy sluts for the day. I asked him what the job was and he told me he is a warden at a prison where the guys hadn’t had the touch of a woman in ages. Since I would not be caught dead in a men’s prison, he knew that my whores would love to have their holes ruined by them. I got a few of my sexiest, sluttiest and most eager whores and let them loose on the prison. Once they opened the cells in the morning, the cum whores could not escape their clutches. Cock after cock was shoved into every one of their holes. They barely had time to breathe before another cock was shoved into their throats. They loved getting abused by those prisoners, and the prisoners enjoyed fucking them so much they asked to use them again. Once my sluts can walk again (They got fucked so hard they can’t use their legs), they will be ready to take them on.

Full-fledged Sissy training means serving all of my desires!

Sissy trainingSissy boys are my favorite, I think I get off knowing I have control over a man wearing my panties! Bending you over and watching your lashes bat from the pressure of my 13 inch strap on makes Mistress so horny and wet… Especially when you beg me for the man that sits there watching me humiliate you while he’s stroking his big dick that you are drooling over. You know that big dick wants you gaping and easy to slip into. Your ass is under my control now! I have you post ads and set up dates where you and I have a mutual agreement.. I get 80 percent and your take home is 20 percent paired with a creamy load drooling out of your cock craving hole..

Your cum filled Sissy panties, I have you wear around town under your sexy outfit.. Doesn’t it make you feel so naughty knowing your undies are full of cream.. When we get back home I have you slip out of your panties and suck the crotch while you bare another round. If you are on your best behavior I may just rub your clit while you get mounted causing you to squirt and piss at the same time.. Those are the best orgasms aren’t they? A hard pegging and huge cumload from a glistening big black cock for you to clean when he is through is the perfect treat for you!

You love being a faggot for me and I love offering you Sissy slave training.. Fucking a sissy boy anally while you surrender is everything a mistress dreams of… I get down on my knees and teach you how to properly swallow up every inch of a big thick hard dick.. Teaching you how to be the best sissy slut you can be! If you don’t do well after training I will put you in chastity to enslave, humiliate, tease and deny you any sort of pleasure for weeks.. I will selfishly take his cock and make you watch as I drain his balls inside of my sweet pink hole..This can all be avoided as long as you know how to follow instructions! You and I both know Sissy training is to be taken seriously. Do not waste any of mistresses time or you will be paying in consequences.