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Forced Sissy Training With Sissy Panties And The Best Sissy Trainer

I got tired of my neighbor being an entitled bitch so I decided to teach him a lesson he would never forget. I invited him over and he got some Forced sissy training.

Forces sissy training

I spiked his drink to loosen him up a bit, that is when i was able to undress him and make him put some Sissy panties on. I laughed as I spanked his ass hard. I put my big black cock strap-on on and forced it in his mouth. I am the best sissy trainer out there, so I know how to use my tool to give any whore good Femboy training. I spread his ass and shoved my big black cock dildo in his ass. He tried to scream out, but I just shoved my panties in his mouth. I gave him the Sissy girl training he deserved. As i fucked him i called him a whore and told him from now on he would wear whatever Sissy panties i had for him and he would be doing Sissy girl training from now on. I stroked his cock while fucking him until he finally exploded in my hand and then like the Sissy maid training i give, he licked my hand clean. Being the Best sissy trainer is so easy and fun.

Best Sissy Trainer Gets Results

Best sissy trainer

The ultimate proof that I am the absolute best sissy trainer out there is my lusty lineup of sexy sissy sluts.  Take a long hard look and I guarantee you’ll want to give them the long hard dick.  My little clitty queens are caged up, stretched out and ready to fool around with any he-bitch loving butthole humper who cums their way.  I make certain of that!

I tell you what; take your pick of any one of my slinky pinkies, any size, any skill level, and have your way with her.  Do whatever you want to them, furiously fuck their prissy faces and really get up in that asspussy.  After you test that little tart’s gag reflex and the elasticity of her asshole, I know you’ll be hooked on my slutty he-whores.  You won’t want to go to any other debauchery manifesting sissy slave mistress, you’ll crave my unrivaled brand of boygirls over all of the other subpar sissy skanks out there.  

Want a naive femboy noob with a super tight asshole so she squeals and squirms every time you pound her poop chute?  I always have a fresh crop of cock cream lovers in need of having their sex holes seasoned.  If you like your guygirls to be a bit more experienced so you can really put their rectums through the ringer, I have plenty of pseudo-pussy pros who can totally handle whatever fisting or extreme anal insertions you have planned.  Ask any of my sluts, Mistress K takes sissy slave training seriously and gets serious results because of it.  Give them a try, you’ll be happy you did.


Sissy Panties And Reparations During Sissy Slave Training

Last night I got reparations for my favorite BBC bull. My sissy begged to please let him show off his new sissy panties.

Sissy panties

Since I am the Best sissy trainer, I enjoyed him begging me. I made him bend over so he could show off those sissy panties to my BBC bull friend as soon as he walked in. When he walked in and saw him bent over like a little bitch he laughed and told him how his ass looked good enough to sell. I spanked my sissies round as and told me to scream who he belongs to and who the superior breed is. He begged and screamed so well that it got my BBC bull excited. I grabbed him by his sissy ponytails and walked him out to the street. I have a bunch of BBC neighbors. I told them they could do whatever they wanted with my sissy whore. Right away they pulled their cocks out and slapped him with it. They called him a pale face whore who needed to be a fuck slave to pay back what they are owed. He got his little dick kicked while he was forced to suck cock, he even got a big cock in his pussy all at once. He gets enough Sissy girl training to know he needs to take it and not disappoint me. He was doing such a good job milking their big black cocks they started paying my BBC bull money and giving him party gifts for providing suck a perfect Sissy slave training session for the neighborhood.

Sissy Sluts Make Me Stacks

Adult phone chat lines

When hornballs call my adult phone chat lines for some filthy phone bone action, they get to hear me literally fucking the ass end out of my slutty little sissies.  It’s a pretty great way to train my tramps to take cock before I actually make them tackle the real thing.  They’re going to have to stuff so much dong into their sissy slut butts out in the real world, I might as well start them out a little bit easier, strap one on myself and stick it to them beforehand.  Then I let my cum loving callers hear it all happen and make bank on both ends!

Femboy slave slut training is rewarding on so many levels.  Every last one of my bitch boys pays me well for my services and every last drop of cum that my pussy coveting progenies presence produces comes with a charge.  From the phone pervs that jerk their junk while they listen to me wailing away on one of my wannabe women to the fat BBC’s that come by to drill out my darling dollies and blow their buttholes wide open, to name a couple, everyone pays.  Everyone.

Why do you think they call my Mistress K?  It’s not because there’s a “K” in my name, that would be fucking stupid.  I got my sissy slut dom name by making a stack my very first day subjugating sissies on my own.  Stack and a half, really, but Mistress K.5 sounds like some sort of domination robot.  I’ve nurtured my slutty manchick pimp-ire for a long time now, I’m pulling in more loot than I’ve ever seen in my entire life and loving every minute of it! 

I’ve been raking in plenty of cash from exploiting my cuntboys and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon, on the bankrolls or the buttholes.  Give me a ring on my sissy phone, set up a chat session, make an appointment for my peep holes or, if you have a big ol’ dick, let me know if you need to blow off a little steam and a load or two inside of a clitty cream queen.  I got you covered if you got the funds.


Mistress Phone Sex Babes are Always in Control of You

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex babes are in control. You need to remember that. You call me knowing I am a sissy trainer, I do not care if you have a big cock, you are at my mercy. Not my fault some dipshit does not realize he is on sissy site. I mean duh. The name of my site is the Sissy Slut Hut. Sort of obvious that this is a sissy site. None of us are writing typical fuck tales. We are sharing our sissy trainer experiences. I assume no one is that stupid that they miss that I am on a sissy site. I do not really give guys the benefit of the doubt when something is this obvious, you know? He said he was not looking for sissy training, but he got it. Since I assume no one is that stupid to not realize who and what I am, I think they just want some forced training because they are way too weak to admit they want to suck cock. Peter said he had a big dick and was going to fuck my ass regardless if I wanted it or not. I shut that shit down immediately. No guy no matter how huge his dick is fucks me like a bitch. I put on my strapon and fucked him in the ass. Pegged some manners into that ass wipe. Honestly, what was he thinking? It is clear I am a dominant woman. I eat men for breakfast. I pegged his ass raw. He had it coming. Do not feel sorry for him. Either he deserved it for being so stupid to not realize I am a dominant sissy trainer, or he wanted it but was afraid to admit it. After about ten minutes of trying to fight me, he gave into the forced sissy training and started to moan. He came so hard. I knew he was not THAT stupid. If you want to act like you do not know I am a bad ass sissy trainer, I can play that game with you.

Learn to fluff

forced feminization

I’m for forced feminization. It truly makes a lot of sense to become a strict mistress. I’ve executed all my plans and made sure to have some fun. Oh boy, did I have some fun? I looked uber hot with my leather skirt and booby shirt. My slave sissy slut followed me around like a puppy and did as I said. I do love to have a personal sissy assistant. It’s an honor to go out with me, the best sissy preparer. I’m a trainer that gets the job done and shows you how to become the ultimate sissy. I create stars. My prodigies all become well-known socialites throughout sunny California, nationwide, and some globally. I’m so beyond happy to be able to use these sissies and show them their potential. As I got dressed up for the club, I made sure my sissy assistant understood that she would be the fluffer and also be made to swallow all the cum in my nightcap. A good sissy knows that a drained cock will leave a mess, and she shall enjoy the fruits of those labors.

Sissy Panties, Cock Cages, Cum Eating and Big Black Cocks, Oh My

sissy pantiesCami loves sissy panties, cock cages, cum eating and big black cocks. What about you? I am the perfect sissy trainer for Cami because I am found of big black cocks too. Cami is now pussy free for life with her pathetic little clitty caged up permanently. Cami is wise beyond her years. She came to accept a long time ago that she is not much of a man and could never compete with black men. Sadly, there are still so many loser white boys out there who have yet to come to the understanding that black cocks are superior cocks. I have long known this. She embraces the Black New World Order movement, as do I as a BBC sissy trainer.

bbc sissy trainerWhite boys should learn from Cami. I mean since white boys cannot compete with black men in the bedroom, they should just submit and accept their positions as beta bitches for black men. I am training sissy boys just like Cami to be prepared for the Black New World Order. Wake up losers. Women do not want little white nubs. Maybe at one point in time we did not know any better, but now that we know all about black cock superiority, why would we ever settle for average white dick or worthless tiny white nubs?

best sissy trainerCami is pussy free and locked up for life. She embraces her new role as a BBC sissy faggot. She is there to drain black balls and take big black cocks in all her sissy holes. And I am here to guide her along the way. I can help sissies look the part of a sissy faggot. I can help them with self-affirmations like I am pussy free for life and her to service superior black cocks only. I can get a sissy all the practice on those superior BBCS she can handle because the best sissy trainer for BBC faggot sissies always has a posse of big black cocks around to help train the next generation of BNWO sissies. Be like Cami boys. Cage that worthless dick, put on your sissy outfits and get ready to submit to those superior big black cocks.

Insolent Sissy Slave Training Tactics

Sissy slave training


Sometimes I run across a really stubborn little bitchboy who thinks they have the option to resist my sissy slave training methods.  I don’t know why they think that, when they’re under my tutelage, they have the option to say no to me, but some of them do.  So I have no other choice but to get a little more heavy handed in my instruction and make those women wannabes listen to my every command.

It’s not hard, couldn’t be more simple, actually.  I just strip them down until they’re completely naked, shove them in front of a mirror and start berating the masculine shell my stupid slut sees before them.  I tell them all about how the mansuit they’re forced to show the world isn’t the real person they have on the inside and describe in full detail how every part of the body they were given is flawed, gross and just looks wrong when compared to the soul they have inside of them.  Then, we get to the harder stuff.

Those insolent sissy slut prospects have to be punished.  There’s really only one way to rip through that rotten male meat to release the femboy suffering inside and that’s through whipping, lashing and beating.  He-whores have to have respect for the sissy inside themselves and battering and bruising the bro on the outside is the only way to make that happen.  They get strapped in, tethered down and flogged until they agree to listen to every single one of my commands.

Eventually, all of my clitty queens do exactly as I tell them, otherwise they wouldn’t be in my lineup of sissy sluts.  They wouldn’t have the privilege of learning all the ways of prissy slutdom from the best sissy trainer around, they’d have to settle for some subpar she-man molding mentor.  And if they think they’ll ever get up to the level of cock and cum loving they’d like to achieve with a cutrate clitty counselor, well, good luck with that, girls!


Happy spooky season sissies

Okay, it is not quite Halloween yet, but a girl can prepare, right?! Well, I do that and much more! I’m the scream queen herself, the bonafide Halloween Queen turning sissies out.

I’m quite the spirit person when it comes to the spooky season. It’s one of the most acceptable times to wear girl outfits, so you know sissies love it. Why would you have to explain your cross-dressing ways at a Halloween theme party? You don’t think that’s why this season is one where many sissies experience and awaken, and I am happy to help you through those throughout your sissy phone sessions with me.

I’m looking forward to getting you all prepared for what’s to come. Every year from the first week of September till mid-November, I throw Halloween extravaganzas where I invite all the sissies I know and many I’ve trained firsthand and get them to enjoy the festivities.

There are plenty of cocks to go around, not to mention many home videos to be made. We live in an uber digital age, and whatever you do is caught on film! Momma here loves to blackmail, alright.

Can You Be Slutty Enough For A Real Man?

Best sissy trainer

So you want to be a sissy slut, eager to be that secret lover that’s got breasts and a tight little faggot pussy. However, it takes more than the idea to be a good slutty lover for a real man. You have to be willing to do it all. If he wants a good girl there are plenty of those in the sea, but not enough true faggot whores. He probably already has a girl that will spread her legs and just lay there. So you must have a spark an unquenchable need for cock 24/7, the need to be tasting it. To be feeling it. So much of a slut that you worship any cock large enough for your admiration. You must be skilled in the fine art of cocksucking, gang-bangs, and of course a strong stretchable faggot pussy to accommodate men of all sizes. This can all be very intimidating to learn and master but with the best sissy trainer at your side, I promise you can get there. You can become that bad bitch little slut that’s inside of you. Just requires you to really, really want it. So do you?