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One-time Sissy maid training

Good morning my little bitches. I want to tell you about the time one of my favorite sissies came over for some sexy sissy maid training. He wanted to surprise his partner, so he went to the best trainer he knew of. When he knocked on my door, this is what happened.

                His partner was submissive, but he came to me to learn how to be submissive for the first time. I knew I needed to break him first, so he stripped his clothes off, feeling very vulnerable, and I made him get on his knees. I brought him a change of clothes, including white crotchless nylons and a sexy French maid outfit, and black four-inch chunky heels to finalize it. He told me that he felt so violated.

                Although he told me he was feeling ashamed, his hard cock told me something else, and that happened after he was already wearing the maid outfit. He was breaking, but I needed him more broken. I went into the other room and came back with my seven-inch strap-on. I bent him over the couch, after I stuffed his sissy panties in his mouth to shut him up. His eyes looked terrified as he knew what was about to happen.

                After he was in position, I stuck my huge dildo inside his asshole, and I heard his muffled screams. After two or three good, solid pumps, he came everywhere. His dick shot sperm over a foot away. I knew he was ready to surprise his partner after the only training session.

Sissy maid training

Sissy humiliation training need to thicken that skin.

          Sissy humiliation training need to thicken that skin. Before long, you are going to be begging to be humiliated in public. Dressed as a slave maid. Bowing your head. Watching your feet. Slow small steps. Six-inch heels. Pussy faggot stretched out. Pinks, purple, among other queer colors, always on the outside looking in. Never fitting in because you have a minute sized fucking penis. Shriveled little, short sissy boy faggot. No crown for you. Don’t deserve.

          Instead, smeared makeup. Making you look like the town trollop. That is what you aspire to be. A trollop a whore of the lowest order. Cry you fucking baby. You can only aspire to be a trollop. Nothing more than a lowly backwater nothing from nowhere wanting to be a girl. At the same time knowing you NEVER be a girl. Not now, not ever.

          You are just a stupid little queer, with a penis so small it amounts to nothing. You can’t even call it clit. It doesn’t have the one thousand nerves that a real woman has. No, you will never amount to anything.

          Sissy maid training you need to know you are less than us.

          All in all, you will wear the French style maid outfit. Stocking that are fishnet, a sure sign that you are trash. Ruffled ass. Hands and knees. No pads for you unless they are maxi, you going to be bleeding bitch. Make sure of it.

          To point out that you are a maid is just the beginning. You will continue to be humiliated daily. Hourly. Never leave what you are now. Just a slave that is in training to be the maid of the year. Aspire to be the trollop.

          It must be remembered you will never be a girl. Just a sissy bitch fucking queer whore.Sissy humiliation training

Phone Domination: A Slut’s Training

Mistress phone sex

As your mistress, I’ve got something extra dirty and horny planned for you tonight. Look at you, my little slut, all eager and wet. Let’s just say you’re about to become my latest plaything. But this time, I’ve got a special treat–a brand new bull-stud to break you in and turn you into my personal cum dumpster.

I’m gonna dress you up like the little bitch you are. Think frilly lace and silky stocking. Oh, and some crotchless panties too, ’cause we both know how much you love showing off your little pink slut bubble. While you’re at it, practice your gag reflexes ’cause you’ll be putting those to good use soon.

I’ll prime your slut hole with a thick plug while you slip into some sexy lingerie. And don’t forget the lipstick, gotta make those lips pretty for the main event.

Now, here’s the fun part. I’ll lead you by your leash to two BBC studs longing to tear your body apart. But first, you’re gonna earn your keep and suck them off. That’s right, get on your knees and show me what a little fluffer you are. While you’re sucking, I’ll be right there, soaking wet, watching those huge cocks piston in and out of my cunt.

And when those studs are good and hard, I’ll present you like the whore you are, bend you over, and let them loose on your tight little hole. They’ll pound you senseless, making you squeal like the bitch in heat you were born to be. And when they’re done stretching your pussy, they’ll prolapse that little cum star of yours.

You’re gonna love it, my nasty little slut. Now bend over and prepare for the ride of your life. Your mistress is in charge, and tonight, you’re gonna learn why I’m the phone sex trainer extraordinaire!

Zori will own you through Online sissy training! You will be her slut!

Online sissy training is so easy to do. I will have you doing whatever I say when I say.

Online sissy training

Look at my pretty black pussy and round ass and imagine how something as pathetic as you would never have the chance to touch something so beautiful.

Only time you will be allowed to touch me is when I’m using your tongue as my toy for my superior pussy and asshole. When you make me cum, only your tongue will be allowed to touch me to clean up my cum, occasionally I will give your face the honor of touching me when I want to sit on it and fuck it till your nose is all up in my pussy and I’ve came on it and all over your sissy face. You will stroke your cock until your close to cumming but I will stop your right before you do.

You’re not allowed to cum, your only allowed to be used. I’m going to have my big, dicked boyfriend come show you why he is worthy to use all of my holes and yours and use up all of your money. You’re going to get on your little hands and knees and open that mouth wide. He is going to fuck the shit out of your throat and make you gag and choke all on his big black manhood. Sucking his cock will make your sissy pocket wet.

This is good because when you least expect it my big dick king will take it out of your mouth and shove it right in that sweet shit hole. He is going to bend you over and fuck you until your screaming and crying for him to stop. Even then he won’t! Sissy phone sex can be so hot and nasty, just like you!

Sissy training weekend for Genesis

Sissy training

Sissy training can be extremely rewarding for men who don’t think that they are submissive. Or for men who are very dominant and want a change. Maybe even for some men who would think they’re completely against something like that altogether. Usually, most men don’t want to admit they it would turn them on, to have a woman completely diminish all masculinity within them. However, once they are shown just how satisfying it can feel to give over complete control to a woman…. mmmm that’s when it gets fun.

I prefer to just jump right in though. I’m not going to sit here and let you have any type of control over me. Once you make it into my bedroom, you’re my bitch, and you will be my little fucking cum whore. Everything you have is mine, and you will use it, to please me, take care of me, make me cum. And then, maybe then, I’ll let you get off. Preferably though, I’ll make you wait several days before you can cum. I’ll make you pleasure me very single day, and then leave your cock caged up, where you can’t even get hard.

I enjoy, no no, I get off on denying you the ability to cum for days, maybe even weeks. I will own you. You will obey me, you will call me Mistress Genesis. I will dress you up like the good little sissy boy that you are. I will cage your cock up nice and tight, and hide they key. Make you wear it to work, underneath your work clothes, and no one will know.

The only way your cock will be able to be unlocked is if you do everything that Mistress Genesis tells you to do. When you come home from work every day, you will take care of me in any way shape or form that I demand, got it? Good sissy boy, now call me, and let’s get started on your training. 

Sissy maid training will be harder than you expect!

Sissy maid training

Hey there, kinky little sissies! It’s me, your favorite Sissy dominatrix and you better get ready because Sissy maid training will be harder than you expect! As your dominant Mistress, I am pleased to inform you that you will be serving as my personal slave for the purpose of cleaning out my holes, which are currently full to the brim with cum.

I expect nothing less than complete and utter devotion to this task, as it is your duty to ensure that I am completely satisfied with the level of cleanliness you are able to achieve. Oh, how I love seeing you little sissies dressed up in your frilly French maid outfits, complete with stockings and high heels.

It’s such a turn-on seeing you try to be all feminine and dainty. But don’t think that just because you look cute in your little uniform that I’m going to go easy on you. No, my sissy slut I am going to make you sweat. You will get on your hands and knees and present yourself to me, ready to begin the process of cleaning out my ass and pussy.

You will use your tongue and fingers to carefully and thoroughly clean every inch of me, making sure to leave no trace of cum behind. I will be watching closely to ensure that you are putting in the necessary effort, and if I am not satisfied with your performance, you can be certain that there will be consequences.

Then we are going to get rid of  those pesky Sissy panties you’re wearing. I know you think they make you feel all sexy and girly, and baby you are but I want that hole exposed! Your sweet, soft, pink little hole of yours will be stretched to oblivion. Your throat will be crammed so hard with cock!

I will take my time getting your hole ready for a hard pounding, using my strap-on to stretch and train you to accommodate the massive size of my cock. You will cry out in pain and pleasure as I thrust into you, claiming you as my own and possessing you completely.

As my slave, you will learn to love and crave the feeling of being used and abused by me. You will come to see yourself as nothing more than a vessel for my pleasure, and you will do everything in your power to please me and fulfill my desires.

And in doing so, you will find a deep and abiding sense of satisfaction – the satisfaction of knowing that you are serving your Mistress to the best of your ability, and that you are truly and completely hers. So don’t be shy baby, call for Sissy phone fun!

Sissy Transformation:When Phone Sex Meets Total Domination


You’re about to enter a whole new world of kinky af domination, boy. I’m gonna turn you into the sissy whore you’ve always dreamed of being, and there’s no going back. Prepare to be humiliated, owned, and used – because that’s what you’re here for.

Your little penis is about to become my favorite toy. I’ll lock it up tight, leaving you helpless and at my mercy. And let’s talk about those fits you throw – yeah, we’re gonna turn them into knee-jerk reactions to my every command. Don’t like it? Too bad! Get on your knees, bitch!

I’ll have you crying and begging for more as you’re sandwiched between two monster cocks, stuffing your holes and tearing your panties to shreds. And those panties? Yeah, we’re swapping them for some fishnets and a slutty, pleated skirt. You’ll be the ultimate sissy slut, and I’ll make sure you look the part, too – all dolled up like a common street walker, but we both know you love it.

You’ll be on your knees, sucking cocks like a pro. And when your ass is pounded and filled, you’ll clean it up like a good little bitch. Don’t forget your place, because you’re nothing but a pretty little toy for these guys. And guess what? I’m the queen bee, keeping you in line and making sure you know your place.

So, are you ready to become the ultimate sissy whore? ‘Cause I’m definitely ready to dominate your ass and turn you into my personal cash cow. Let’s freakin’ go!

Adult phone chat lines

Adult phone chat lines

Adult phone chat lines are some serious, sexy business. Our clients always know exactly what they want and I make sure they get it. I have always loved a confident man. Don’t get me wrong though, I love being a phone dominatrix. I’m a very sexy woman and I always get my way! My way with femboys and sissies.

                I want you down on your pathetic knees so you can bow down before me and worship me like the queen I am. When you make me happy, I will turn around and please you in return. When you are down, I’ll unbutton your pants and take out your dick. I’ll grope it a few times and rub on it and then start sucking.

                I get on a sex swing, fully naked with my pussy hanging out. You come to me, put your hands on the swing, and lean in towards me and start fucking me. I want you to fuck me nice and hard baby! My lead leans back and my legs spread wider as my pussy swallows your cock, balls deep.

                I turn around in the swing so I’m lying on my belly. I grab the swing and brace myself, getting ready for a hard and fast pounding. I feel that dick go in my asshole slowly. I bite my lip to keep myself from screaming.

Phone dominatrix shows you what you are whore

One of my sissies loves when his Phone dominatrix shows him how worthless he is and how pathetic his little dicky is. That is why I make it a little clitty. I make you wear panties and walk around while I show you off. If I spank you, you know to thank me. Even make you do a little dance where you spread your ass apart and show off your sissy pussy. “Look at her sissy hole, it has been trained to take a big hard cock” I say as I show off her sissy hole. “Have you trained your sissy to take a monster cock like mine?” he asks as he pulls his big black cock out.

As I spank you I whisper, “don’t let me down”. Then I push you down on your knees and grab your head. “Suck his cock like I have taught you, worthless little slut” I demand of you. Since you know you are lucky to be in my presence, you do exactly as I say and suck his big black cock down your throat. I watch as you get face fucked like a nasty whore. “Keep going worthless cum slut” he says to you as you suck his cock.

Phone dominatrix

My cunt gets excited watching his bbc choke you. Therefore, I started playing with my pussy. Something about one of my sissy bitches getting used like a filthy whore just like I trained her to be is so hot. “Bend over, let’s show off your sissy cunt and how well it can drain a big black dick” I say to you. After you bend over and spread your ass. He rams his cock deep in your cunt. The purpose is to use you like a fuck doll and show you what a worthless sissy was made for.

“Bitch bounce your cunt faster” he moans out as he fucks you. So, I start pushing back on your shoulders and making sure you will milk his bbc right. You won’t be embarrassing me and not do what you were trained to do. Finally, I saw his big black balls start to tighten up and I knew you were getting filled up. After he is done giving you every drop of his thick nut. It is your job to clean him up. That is what you do. 

Sissy Boy’s Panty Adventure

Oh yeah, baby! Let me tell you about this wild incident with my neighbor. I’ll call him ‘Sissy’ for now—you’ll find out why in a sec.

So, I noticed this dude wearing the cutest pink panties under his work pants. I had to invite him over, and since he was such a good boy, I trapped him in my apartment. I mean, who wears lacy panties and thinks they can get away with it? Not on my watch!

I played hardball with him, threatening to expose his little sissy secret. The guy was so shy, but I knew exactly how to handle his type. I pulled those panties up and reminded him he was nothing but a feminized sissy.

Now, the real fun began. He was already in a cock cage—bless his little heart—so I made him get on his knees and worship my cunt. I suffocated him with my pussy, and the sight of his trapped clit in that cage had me dripping wet.

He tongued me good, and the way he humped the cage had me hot and bothered. I knew he was putty in my hands, so I told him to prepare for more sissy training—a personal invitation from me!

This sissy had no choice but to obey, and I bloody loved the power. There’s something about panties and a good old cock cage that gets me going. Add a bit of humiliation to the mix, and I was in heaven!”