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Beg For My 10 Inch Cock Sissy Cock Slut

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Beg for more cock, you little slut. How can you handle a parade of big fat cocks fucking you, cumming on you and breeding your fuck hole if you can’t even take my strap-on dildo? I don’t care if your knees hurt or your back is weak from keeping it arched. The only thing that should be comfortable is my dick when it is fucking you hard in the ass. You are a sissy whore. All you think about is a mountain of cocks fucking you until you collapse, and fucking you as you are passed out so you can have cock 24/7. A weak sissy whore is a useless sissy whore. You need to be able to take a good fucking before they’ll use your body like a fuck doll. Go ahead and beg for more of my thick 10 inch dildo. Beg for me to go deeper inside you, to fuck you harder, to pull your hair and destroy your hole. That’s a good sissy cock slut!

Mistress Phone Sex with a Black Cock Sissy Trainer

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex is what some of you punk asses need. Seriously, some sissy boys are so annoying. No discipline. No manners. No concept of how this all works. I have a new sissy in my life. He is my daughter’s sissy. Now that she is 18, she is following in her mommy’s footsteps. She trains some sissies in real time, as well as through Fans Only for sissies not in our zip code area. I think this sissy thought he could dictate how sessions would go because my daughter is barely legal. He though she was a newbie, but she is my daughter. She has seen me work for a decade now. She has helped me when she became a teen girl too. She is not a novice. She is every bit the phone dominatrix that her mommy is. This one unruly sissy bit her. Not hard, but he still bit her. No acts of aggression are tolerated. Not by her, and not by me. She called in reinforcement. We had a sissy who needed broken in. I was her reinforcement. My posse of black bulls was my reinforcement. I walked into her studio apartment on campus with my bulls and all I had to say was, “Chopper, sic balls.” My bulls know that means destroy a sissy’s holes. Make him beg for mercy. Make him sing a different tune. This sissy had a panicked look on his face as 4 big black bulls with massive cocks pounced on his pathetic sissy ass. My bulls shoved their massive fuck meat  10-inches deep into that sissy’s ass and mouth. It looked like the sissy swallowed a sword. The sissy bitch was crying and pleading and begging for mercy. I laid into the irreverent sissy and told him this was his last warning. Shape up or ship out. Because the next time he is unruly with my daughter, I will triple the size of the black posse. I am a bbc sissy trainer. I have black bulls I use to train, punish and destroy a sissy. So, consider yourself warned. I will brutalize unruly sissies with the biggest and blackest cocks.

Just a Fuck Toy in Sissy Panties

First thing a sissy must understand, this is especially so once they put on their sissy panties, is that they do not have a cock. That thing in front is called a clitty. You have a sissy clitty and it is useless. Sissy clitty in pretty panties may, on occasions leak. Become clear that in fact, you do not have a cock and you do not cum.

Secondly, you are a slave. A sissy slave. All sissy girls are slaves. Your rightful place in the world is to be enslaved by cock. You fuck cock, you suck cock, and your place is to please cock. Masturbation is not an option for sissy slaves. I believe you should be allowed to hump your pillow, bed or stuffed animals. But to touch your sissy clit as though it is a cock is forbidden.

If you grasp and understand your place we can start training. I will expect you to learn the chant though. The chant of a sissy is as follows:

I am Sissy _insert sissy name_ and I serve Mistress Addilyn

My life is revolved around being a sissy slave to my Mistress

In fact I do not have a cock and I am not a man.

My Sissy clit stick is of no use and I am to never touch it.

I do not have a cock, dick nor a penis.

Worshipping and pleasing cock is my place as a Sissy slave.

Mistress Addilyn is my Goddess and the real woman that guides and trains me

I am Mistress Addilyns’ Slave and I must always obey my Goddess.

Understanding that I am a Fuck toy in panties is my first step to being a good sissy slave


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Femboy training is perfect for a yearning slut

I love it when an old bitch comes to me for some Femboy training. They have been yearning to be dressed up in sexy clothes like a good slut. I will bring every once of femininity out of you just like you have been needing all your life and I will break you all in. I will start with your spirit by telling you what a sissy slut is worth and how you belong to me and have no say so over anything. Then I will break your mouth in, you will be using it to clean up my messes. I want you to learn your place and have all your tasks completed, like cleaning my shoes and feet with your sissy mouth. When I’m ready you will lick my cunt clean from any leftover semen loads I have. The best part of your Sissy slave training  is when I use you to milk my friends’ big black dicks. I love watching you get stretched open and get fucked like a real slut woman.

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Panty Surprise Dreams, Oh My!

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I’ve often dreamed of waking up with a panty surprise instead of a hot creampie! So many times I’ve wondered what it would be like to fuck my sissy sluts with a hard dick of my very own. I’ve thought about how easy it would be to play with my sissies if I could just pop my cock out of my pink panties and make them slurp all over it. They would be eager to please my mistress cock and I’d be eager to cum in them. I’d watch as my little sissy swallowed me down her throat as I forced her head all the way down to my balls. My sissy would bend over and spread that pussy wide for my perfect pretty mistress cock to slide inside!

Pathetic Sissies Sell Themselves to Me In Exchange for Cock

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I enjoy having sissy slaves around the house to do my bidding. It’s so easy to control you when I tell you I know the names of three guys who would love to fuck one sissy at once. I won’t give up that juicy tidbit until I am satisfied. I can even make you do a little dance for my improvement. Come on, show Mistress Miracle what you are working with. I see, no cock and a tight round ass. The perfect sissy. Now, you tell me. Is it worth it to be my personal sissy slave for the chance to be double penetrated by two men? Is it worth it to feel their cocks inside of you as the order you to worship them. Is it worth it to be degraded and dominated by men with huge cocks? Then what better way to train your submission and ensure that you are the perfect little bitch than to be my personal slave? So, let’s go to the outfits, hun…

Learning to be the best slut ever wtih sissy hypno training

Sissy hypno trainingI know what you really want, Sissy hypno training. I know what you really need me to do. Invite you for a session. I will be your sex therapist for sissy hypno training. I promise it is a craving that you have had in the back of your mind. I assure you it is a craving that once fulfilled will blow your mind. Sit in my chair and follow my necklace and sissy charm. Back and forth, back and forth you will start to get very very sleepy. Your eyelids will get heavy and you will start to drift off. That is not sleep coming as the awakeness leaves your body. That is the fake manly urges that you have falling to the wayside for the sissy awakening that you need. 

As a hypnotized zombie, you will strip yourself of your fake man clothes, throwing them to the fireplace because never again will you need those. I will hand you a tight form-fitting pink dress and black thigh-high stockings and a thing. Put them on. Feel the stockings tight against your legs. As you look down at them you can see how tight and femme they now look. Pull the thong up your ass and tuck your tiny winky into them. It doesn’t take much work at all. The sensation of the silky pink dress hugging your body will top it all off. You are now a sissy princess, ready to take whatever I shove at or in you. 

Online Sissy Training Makes You the Pretty Girl You Were Born To Be

online sissy trainingDo you need online sissy training? No shame in admitting you do. You are not alone. Not at all. I found a new sissy on accident this week. My daughter had a male school friend over. She is a freshman in college and has this study buddy who sometimes comes over. He is a cute boy, but effeminate.  You can tell he is likely bisexual or gay. I do not judge. I have noticed his very pretty features though and thought what a beautiful girl he would make. I was supposed to be out of the house the last time he was over. I had a sissy client I was training at his house. His wife came home unexpectedly, and I had to duck out the back door as not to bust him. Sissy training is a man’s dirty secret from his wife. Charlie was in my bedroom when I came home dressed head to toe in my lingerie. He was so embarrassed, but I assured him it was fine. I kind thought he was a natural femboy. I asked him if my daughter had offered up any help. She is a sissy trainer too. He admitted she had no clue he was sneaking away to play in my pretty things.  He should have told her because he could have had two sexy sissy trainers helping soon than now. My daughter’s friend wants to be girl, just like my boys. My daughter and I are very close, and we think alike when it comes to sissies. I love dressing boys up as girls with her. She is great with hair and makeup, and I am good with style. We turned Charlie into Charlene. The next thing to do was get Charlene some cock because when you get femboy training with me, you learn to suck cock like a pro too. We will continue to work with Charlene and make her the best sissy she can be. Ready for your turn?

Pathetic Sissy Whore Needs More Training

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You are a pathetic faggot with your clit throbbing between your legs, begging for release as you are getting fucked from the back by a big black cock. Cock is what you think about when you wake up in the morning and what you dream about when you sleep. All you should ever be thinking about is how best to serve that cock. That oversized clit hanging between your legs does not matter. You are a fuck toy for men with big cocks to play with. That is why day after day I bring big cock after big cock to train you completely. The more cocks you suck, the better you can deepthroat. `The more that you take inside of you, the better you will be able to squeeze that cock and milk the cock for every drop. Your purpose is to make him cum. Your job is to be the cum receptacle. If he wants to cum on your face, you take it you faggot bitch. You belong to any man who wants to fuck you. Now get on your knees and beg for it. 

Sissy Scotty is A Porn Store Cum Whore!

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I took my new sissy to the porn store glory hole to get her sissy pussy pumped full of cum! Sissy Scotty is nasty little faggot whore who loves being used by lots of random hot cock. Scotty and I love getting all dolled up in our high heels, short shirts, lacy panties and crop tops. We do our makeup to look like bimbos before we go out on the town and strut our stuff. We knew we were going out to get fucked, no doubt about it! I had a brilliant idea to stop by the sex shop and Scotty was excited to find out they had a glory hole right in the back room! So, we waited for a hard cock to come right through the hole and when it did, I recorded Scotty sucking, she got cum all over her face! I couldn’t believe what a throat whore Scotty turned out to be, we stayed at the glory hole for hours swallowing big creamy loads until the store closed!